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nutt.nnra...-..-. ■* IUT '
Hal), IV, N*v. 6.1873. '
TKRWS.—Th Rirow"
ba si,w rr JJJ
1BM) for three insertion. Advern** n- 1 *
for if, 0 and I'd month*, *1 reduced rnt*^_
Anv wer*"* ••ndin* u* th * *
now ~iubs<ribe*r, with the eadt *1 •
c®iv the RKTOHTKB on* vest fee.*
How prosperously the ct-unrty *
along under radical rule!
Wo U know what the proroiw* were,
and the item* below —and we rould
furnish * column of the same sort
tell what the results are:
The Brady's Bend iron works. of
Brady'* Bend, Armstrong rouuty,
which gave employment to 660
and which works wtnpr<*> four blast
Airnaco*. coal bsuks, etc., have sue
cumbed to the financial pwwurt and
have ceased ojxrstion*.
Tho rhcaaia iron company, 1 has
nixville, have been reducing wag**
Boilers will receive #6 per ton. pud
dlerass,so aud helpers' wags will be
reduced Ibur cent* per heat. All
other wages at the mill*, blast farna
c and thopa, aa well as other labor,
will be reduced tea per cent. where
the daily earnings or wage* are at
preacut over $1,50 or leas the deduc
tion will be tcu cenu per day, but
when less thau $1 the deduction will
be five cenu per day.
A dispatch from Pitubvrg says the
management of the Cambria irun
wroks at Johnstown have given un
tie* to the workman of the suspension
of payment of wages aotil such time
as money can be collected. The com
pauy will guarantee to the employees
all uecessary supplies to the extent ot
their ueeds.
Owing to the mouey stringency the
Newburgh steam mill* have stopped
far an indefinite period. About tour
hundred persons are thrown oat of
The World rays: A gentleman
recently returned " from Connoeiieut,
represent* manufacturing interest* in j
that state as in an unfortunate coudi-1
tion. From 15,000 to 20,000 opera
tives aud factory hand* have already
been thrown out of empioyui<nt.
Washington, October 2d. —Nearly
four hundred mechanics ami about
one thousand laborers have been dis
charged from the navy yard, owing to |
the money coming short in conse
quence of*a number of improvements
made in the yard during the sumtiur.
New York, October £8. —Serious
results of the panic are being fell
along tha Hudson. The extensive
brick yards mar Pougbkeepsie have
all stopped, and the employing car
neuters and manufacturer* are work
ing with half the usual force. The
extensive works of Garner A Co.. at
Little Falls, Caboes, Rochester. Pleas
ant Valley, Newburgh and Haver
straw, stopped on Saturday, and leu
thousand men are out of employment.
The firm paid five hundred thousand
dollars a month to their employees.
The factories in other places have eith
er stopped work or have reduced both
time and wages.
St Louis, October 28 —lt w stated
that the Atlantic and Pacific, and St
Louis aud Kansas City ami North
ern Railroad Companies will reduce
the salaries of all their employees fr-ni
the president-down, ten per ceuL from
November Ist.
■■■ ■ ■ ■ ♦ •*-■ ■ ■
From all the manufacturing dis
tricts of tbe country come tidings of t he
closing Of establishment*, and dis
charging of hand*. Thousand* upon
thousands of work men have already
been thrown out of employment since
the commencement of the financial
troubles, and those establishments
that have not discharged their hands,
have placed them upon short time
with a reduction of wages. This is a
gloomy outlook, ami the muse so, when
we behold tho dreadful state of af
fair* on the brink of a *lern winter,
with no prospect of relief for the
workingmeu who are on the verge of
destitution. How will the poor of the
cities and the manufacturing districts,
where there ii nothing but stagnation,
steer through this rough aea of want 1
We know, and they must feel, that
the promise* of good things to follow
the re-election of Grant and continu
ance of tbe radical party in power,
will not bring them work, nor meat,
nor bread, nor any funds whatever
wherewith to pay their reut and feed
and clothe their little ones. The pic
ture is a gloomy one, aud the worst is
yet to come, and wiii be felt as we
journey on through winter. Much
suffering is already felt by the work
ing classes, and the number thrown
out of employment is daily on the in
crease. The Spragues, which means
one half of Rhode Island, have failed,
and they are not the last Pro-idea u,
Congressmen and Governor* can bask
uuder double salaries and talk of
P'tying the poor, and argue of ifae<
necessity of keeping the radical jarty
in power, and make great promisee,
with the working classes starving all ,
the while in conseqaence of wi*uau- i
Bgemetit in the government which is i
run by these very demagogues. Will
the people now be wise when they are '
made to feel ? \
New York, October 24.—1t it said
that the price of gold having fallen so
low. Secretary Richardson feels justi
fied in placing currency on a silver
basis, and has determined to begin
next week paying out silver the same
as greenbacks, uud will, whau desired,
. pay off bills against the government
in silver and exchange silver for cur
rency, or vice versa. Instruction will
be issaed to the treasurers and assist
ant treasure!?.
Elections were held ou Tuesday
last in ten states of the Union name
ly: New York, New Jersey, Massachu
setts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Vir
ginia, Maryland, Arkansas, Wiscon
sin and Kansas.
The Constitutional Convention has now
finished its work, and appointed the
•econd Friday of December for a popular
vote thereon. Apparently ft entertains
suspicion of Philadelphia, having ordered
five commissioners to conduct the election
there, whereas in all other parts of thp
Stale it will be conducted by the regular
A MONO Til K Poo*.
Nr* Yoik, "I.
of charitable iwlitulioniMy llit pW -
ft clasrsr* *itf *|ply'Nfc iWicawd
numbers to lliriu lor relief. I IMP in
stitution* ar eveiy where crowded,
NI il every indication I* WII L * l*f*
libly M Vfi* wittier on the laboring
I'IAPMS. The institution* now pub
inly appal lor aid to help thfiu re
it vo tb wants •! iht tuU'vnttif.titfv
m£ p<>ph\ win. have been thrown out
of employment in usetjueuee 1,1 Ihe
lartiey stringency. lheii own fuid
and tpproprwti'ona are exhausted.
TV CbiMreu'* hul society report* au
uniuunl witiouul of *uflWing among
familo*. The Working \Yaureus
protective union *y* that ih* PP ,i
cation* for help have fallen olf since
Ibe panic, and applications lor situa
lion* I'ttVt luorcaatd four fold. All
bnuevoWpt *oeletl 00|P|U> *■
iug harder pressed then they nv"f
• exi-erieuccd bfrv. " 'care
thai untata aobalanual help i x
tended some wuat clow iheir d>r
fbi is the darkest lde of the panic.
THKCOAI. and Ft iwmutK TUADK
.ire ouly bejjining to feel the depress
lug flints in the situation, and no*
aie* are falling otT very largely, and
the wtu-king force# are coiMvquentty
Urgeiv reduced.
The jewelry and ailvei ware ira Jew
almost at a'itandstrll. Laces and
tuilliuere good* hare alao experienced
, a considerable diminutiou in the vol
uine of trade, but there i# a hopeful
prospect for spring.
The haiUre complain of being em
barrassed. In all branches of
try workmen and workwomen will *uf
ferduring thacoming winter. Wage*
i and force mui* be reduced, or mauu*
factorim and ahupa will be cloaaJ.
' Dnorgeuxatiom i* reported to ex-j
1 iatamong the tmde* uuion*. Many.
uf theiu which mouths ago numbered
' thousand* do uot now uuiubar a kuu
' drod. From inquiries auung car
penters' ami joiner*' societies il i*|
" learned that the oply society work-*
ing the eight boui*' basti a the!
r amalgamated order of car pouters and 1
joineis. The uuited order of carpen
tera and jointtt ha* broken up the
1 committee of conference which was;
1 appointed some time ago to discuas
1 the right hour movemeut, which was
" a faSUre, The German carpenter*
and cabinetmakers #nd piauotuakers
r have all been obliged to mtyfV to the.
tea hour *y*tem. lne bricklayer* •
1 society, which wa* one of the uroet
1 formidable in the state, ba* become
disorganized, aud U now reported
a without fund*. A hard winter is ex
pected for the working classes. It ha>
1 been determined to call a mass meet
ing of citixen* at Cooper institute to
* ask thesa to aid the mechanics and
' working people through the winter.
Lloyd, Uamilton k' Co . who failed
. yesterday, hae Itahililie* on con
e tracts in ihe stock excimoge. They;
t represented fully thirty iive large
i banking institution*ef Pennsylvania,
„ al! of which are more or lt*§ intiuiate
u ly couuected with the now embarram
etl manufacturing iuteresUi of the
j oouaUy.
A LIST or Fail, putt.
Rumors of uiany failures we#* in
circulation yesterday. Among the
list were the following: Hoyt,
Sprague A Co., Lloyd Hamilton A
Co., T. AW. H. Daly, of 4t New
street. C. Mattmann Schmid A Co..
and Kirnber, Vivian A Co- *f Lon
don, T. A W. H. Daly were shipping
merchants, engaged in lb* southern
trade, but the head of the firm it i*
said ha* become involved with ihe
capitalists in the ereetiou of the new
Windsor hotel, aud they have been
obliged to suspend.
LAIVHE. —According to the returns
at liarrisburg the next Legislature
of this State will consist of 20 Re-
SbJieans, 12 Democrats and 1 Liberal
-publican in tbe Senate and 60 Re
publicans, 38 Democrats ami 2 Inde
pendent Democrats iu Urn House.
This gives the Republican* majorities
of 7in tbe Senate, 24 in the House
and 31 on joint ballot. In ihe last
Legislature the Rei übiican majorities
were 3. in tbe Senate, 20 in the House
and 23 on joint ballot. 9.
e What Constitutes a Uankraptf
The question of what constitute#
a bankrupt has just been settled by
® Judge Drummoud, of the Uuit.ti
• States Circuit Court of Illiuois. In
it a case just concluded, Judge Drain-
K osood decided that .any roan who'
f without any legal reason refuses pay- 1
' aieut on hi# paper for two weeks, may
r be under the law adjudged a bank
rupL He must satisfy the court that.
r be is justified in withholding payment. 1
j His mere caprice or unwillingness to
pay will not prevent his being adjudg
ed insolvent, if the refuMi to honor;
• his promise to redeem extends over
e fourteen da vs. This decision, if con- j
, curred in by other authorities, ujji
have the effect of hastening settle
meots in time to come. — Ex
i. .
• Chicago, October —The Com
merrirt Jlerietr publishes this evening'
a table of replies by Milward A Co.,j
' provision dealers from correspodeuts
' in Illinois, lowa, Missouri, Kansas,
f Ohio and Indiana, to inquiries ad-'
' diVaaed to them in regard to the num- 1
l*r of hogs likely to be rent to market
frt.m their sections, their praenl poudi '
' tioii, probable time of mark -tin* and
condition of the corn crop. Of nine- 1
> tjr seven points to Illinois, fiftv-eight
i rejrt § iesa number of hogs than
i last year, twenty seven about the '
sme number, arid twelve uitsrc. The,
corn crop is universally reported! 1
short in Illinois from one third to one- '
half. Of fifty-eight places in lowa,*'
twenty-seven report fewer hogs than '
last year, twenty about the same, elev
en morn- '/"he couditiou of the coro !
crop is about the *an* 4# in Illinois.
Of rweuty-one points in Imliapu sl*v- '
en report fewer hogs, seven about the *
same nuoilier, three more. The corn "
crop is reported better in several lo
calities, hut generally short. In Mis 1
soprj twelve point* report fewer h*gs, "
eight aboqt flip same number, three 1
more. The Coyu cynn iy phprt one- '
third to one half. Ohio ma/ies tbel
best showing, four points reporting UII! H
increase iu the number of hogs, fit 0
teen about the anw number and eight n
report a decrease, whila tfje average! .
of the corn crop reports shows the
crop equal to last year, several point* *
reporting a better crop than last year.
Except ip Illinois the condition of ''
hogs appears to hp ab°f{t (he same w
tone last year, but mapy poinjj jn yI/- : report them not so fur advm.c-.
The grand jury of (bo United
Stales district court for Western
Pennsylvania, has returned bills of!
indictment ujniint ex postmaster'
Hu-wart of Pittsburg, for finery nj|
Stokes' Obliging IVIIiHM' 1 *
We if (litre ha* It. HI any j
more motiving criminal before the
I mlilic I.>l a ilitiiilo itr mi tIi AII tU 1
young malt Htukfi. In Gteal ltil '
t.iiu thev have their Tk hbnrue claim- '
ant, iu Viatic# ihcir Datable, uml iu
tbi* I'nln-d Stali-a wa have Hi.ikat wli>
ha* been fortunate knongh to root- '
niaml not only iiAtioiial lull I ike his
dkiugnhhed col#ti|.irariiii named,
iptet national attention.
The cn<e of our r | r tentative
murderer t* now drawing tapidly
toward a close anil the lather it |ro
grew* I lie more a|i|>aienl dot* the
tail become that the shadow of the
shall never again daikeu the
prisoner 'a existence, utiles* it lie for
the killing of muir other man than
Kik A part from the sympathy
which a laige eiess n New \ork
extend Stoki*, the lalimony this lime
Im* been wouderfbfly in hi* favor *0
surprisingly strong indeed in hi be-
Im'f a* lo occasion doubt of its truth
fulucaa. Tltrc* witneasee huve lmu
{called aiio deimae to (lie fact of h ik
having a piatol diuwn toady to lite
when he was himself slwl down and
also to hi* having made frequent
threnU of murdering St- kea. All this
it. veiy tine, it i* just the thing that
ha* IA.U needed tv give tiie jury an
opportunity of acquitting upon the
ground ot elf defense.
To Iw sure, it mav occur lo the
inquisitive mind: why did n>>t these
people CoguiMlit of filch material fact*
come forward at the previous ilia's
and wcnr to tlituiNeverlhch fs
potently though ibis consideration
might weigh at any other lime, or iu
atiT other ease, it will not have in
fluence agaitiit the defendant here.
The jury s generally et down tveu
lung before thi* stage of the trial, to
have daUrtwined lavoiabty to the
harraaacd young man. A* l" r these
! witneawe* the late appearauiv of foroe
'of them at Irast i* easily accounted
'lor. Had they come forward on the
nrallrial aud sworn t a lie, they
! would run serious risk ot detection
•mi in dktmcut for petjary not hav
ing sufficient knowledge ot the facts in
of the Commonwealth to]
[guide them into safe misstatement*—
Uwd basides their testimony would be
[ tpore liable t-i attract attention
iant be accurareig tCtgh*d wheu the
sensation wo fresher llian now.
They have eioce learned what the
j proaeculion know* of the ease aud all
that it is prepared to disprove; so
that it becomes au easy ma ter for
them to sup iuto the box and swear
many Ihiuge that cauuol be contra
dicted. A* this is the plnu upon
' which the pretent trial is being am
'ducted therv can'be littie how
| it will result.
. ... - • •
Four Yours in Sing Sing.
At 11:20 W.dneadajf eveuing the
jury iu thej Stokes case rendered a
'verdict of ''Guilty of manslaughter
in the thjrd drgrer." The announce
' luent was greeted \viih cheer* from
jsouie portions of the house while hisses
obtruded thgmsajves iu others-
Stokes was directed lo rise aud was
asked what he had to say why judg
ment should not be pronounced against
'him according to law. He humldy
I and iu a voice that was scarcely audi
ble replied. "1 hare nothing to
Judge l)avia iu a tone as haoh and
stem * h|9 dignity would permit,
addressed him with yard; of stem
regret at the inadequacy of the punish
ment. The uiument the prisoner
noticed the tone aud expression which
i indicated idaiuie the opinion
of Judgy I)nvis o! the fajrjic&s of.he
Verdict snd that no such clemency
was to be rjtpfttcd in the {■• licen
cing of the sotiU-nee a surprising and
instantaneous change was noticed in
Stokes. His form was suddenly
straightened, and the bowed bead was
rained with a defiant gase, which he
bent as steadily on the judge as he
had Jy{ previously on the floor. The
sentence wr.s then delivered in Judge
Davis usual impress ire manner, and
was as follows:
"In rendering thi* vcidict ihe Jury
hare exhausted and mole than a
bsu-trd, all the merry that should be
1 extrude,! appeal to this court
can diminish the genumpp bfluw the
highest penally fixed by statute to the
degree in which you are convicted;
and that i* apparently alight when
compared with the great crime you
'have committed. I don't desire to
'make any further remarki in this case
|but shall impute upon yog all the
punishment that the law authorics,
uuly regrettiug that lb* sentence can
mot be more adequate to the awful
jcrinia (hat rests ujw>n your guilty
head The sentence nf the Courtis,
'that you he imprisoued in the state
prison at Sifug Sing alhard labor for
i the term of four years."
A great deal of comment was excited
Iby tha verdict which even at the late
Ihour of recojitiitn crept about some
'of the adjacent hotel* of the city, and
|wa* wondered and talked over by the
'loungers aud any who might not yet
have retired. The most popular
opinion was that Stokes' counsel
would act trouble the court of appes's
A Sanctimonious Shoemaker.
The Jersey Shore Herald say*: A
shoemaker giving his name as Wil
-1 liarn Jones camelo this place last win
, U*r and procured work with Mr. A.
iW. Bruwit. After working for Mr.
jB. N few days he presented a certifi
jeste from the M. K Churchfßuffalo
N. Y. as a local preacher and was ra
jcejvod into the M. K.Church here. He
; seemed to bp y0/ in the
, cause of christianily and madeinaay
friends incur community. Mr. Joa.
Huff had taken an interest in the
j man—and his wife who accompanied
him—sent to the city for a fine assort
i ineni of Boots and Shoes and led the
J <'Mubli|piient go iff jij? uame, Mr.
■ Jones receiving a share oi the pro/its.
He preached oorasiounlly—once iu
| the M. K. Church. A vacancy
| occurring in the Evangelical Associa
tion of christums, some weeks ago, by
thf ri'tircmerit of Bev, Kighlmire, Mr.
Jop< B withdrew from the M. E. Church
ami connected himself wi|h that de
n iminaiion, und filled the appoint
ment of Mr. Hightmire.
i { T iifortuiiattdy tor Mr. Jones and
fortunate for I lie ursociatiop, while be
was filling an appointment at Wayne
>St til ion, on Tuesday last, a young lady
from Troy, J idler sou Co , PH., who
was visiting Mr Dies at that place,
i wiif joy i'ed p> go to church to which
I she consented. When ihey gifjyed
at the church the services were com
menced, Mr. Jones petitioning the
| throne of grace iu his usual happy
style. They stood outside as they uid
not wirh to disturb the congregation,
After listening a moment orltro this
yoiino lady 'remarked that if that
preacher vu# u iame man otie would
he willing t<> lie otialified that hi*
projn r name wa ItokiiiMn,
irm Tmv, .Ml .n n •,, IV, u
liot'iioue rbirm ltr, who hl\ t l itt
phuo uii<e vc-um atp-, loftving ft wile
and four children in deamule ftlmim*
ettH*i c*.''Hl.e, ui<| the Went Ilia voice
p4hat IM tvg* her clar+hudef." Mte
dcaeiilml *oaivufftitlv without
iwiag Iti in the nteiitlter* <>l the ci urch
conclude I to mml for H v. Mi.
lie* rick, the preacher in charge. A ft* r
Mr. Itearick ariived In* told Jon*
what on# Miid ahout him hv I hie yntu y
lady and that he had better call •••
Iter mid tdeai litui*vll of o aeriou* a
charge. lie turned pale and refute I
to d> <> at (lint ll.lte tilll protliiaed
meet lor the urxt tuoruiog. I hot
elt<n>< n lie lett fr lan k tlavou and
that ia the lt een of Wm. Inner,
alia* Haute Hohiuaoii,
It ia raid lie has another wife at
Carry, I'a , making three in all.
lie ; uithaatd a Itotee from a
gentleman near thia place t r the auiu
of t'23o, iwftnty llvft of which he pot I
dnwit.n httggy and hariieea from nn
othcr gentleman on whiult he paid a
email eutn taking the hoi *c ami bugt;)'
uwui with kirn. )ii* lt wife remain*
in Haven with kotne tf her
tftlativre. 1 hat be haa been baaeljf
deoetved l>y Itobinaoii we liave no
Ho U about five (hi high. l>!*< k
hair, tliui k t\ l Ul.ll llul k C.'lU|>losiuU.
ill* lilt Ig • |ulll JLni ul ii kllullM
than lite illlirf. |1 i m (juliii *oouu*
iiit-1 and tl> |rf througtiout the
eouutiy will confer tt favor on 11***
own no of chtirtiauitv ly giving liiro a
Wutcrtuwn, N, Y. OMnUr 26
Hoboit Setbury illnl in October 23,
in the |uwu u| JcfTorioii coun
ty, aged one litiiolnil Mini liii year*
ami rv< li lituutli*, H* l>a>i aitjwieil
a great reputation a* a hunter on
John horiion'a tract in ni|th*ru New '
York, miter* ne had kil.ed ovir two
thouaiul tiitr, When pu*l eighty,
voare o| *g ; ; It* met with ail accident
which iimKiutol ilio uiu|uitatioU l
ou ol hi* log*, ami beuMiUii a ooun
try doctor to perforin the opriaihn
without flinching. lit* fimrrul *m
attended by several of hi* cluldrcu
aged bit wciii tig iity aml uiuity
Paria, October Sl.—lt it tcported
that in coutequeuce of" thw position
maintained by the Count tic (.'ha u
burl w hi* Idler to M tie (Jhesueloiig
all hope* of tu* restwatioii of the
monarchy have been ahan.bmed.
It tt probable that oon--rvat : ve
deputie* tu the *eeiblj *i}| Vol? ID
favor of the prolonging of the urui
of office of I'resid lit MacMahuii.
it t* uu-Jttalootl ibat lutßiceiial
modification* under the presidency of
M. Alngnc are impending.
The leA centre i* now killing
permanently. In unmbir* demand
proclaipaiidu <) a noun"! >4U** i*-
I public.
The il u tiou for (lie tu.iuarclii
* ! liecuiw* nun* ami unr- critkwl atl
JThe Oihit|>it jrin-e
* having been 'I ft' •!' l ' ,r
uiwiMtrpluiMi Jmlrr, }m>c absolutely
declined | btcoipu p[||t(Klrf,
* cfrni ihuUffe fiiwtmd >|' |MiVTfrfu
" The royaist* *re greatly discoti
. eerie < t the rvfuaw!,' while lit*
llonapar tit ate corrtspondiugly
* elated. The picaeut turn of atlaw*
11 b entirely changed the political
aspect itr mi ti.>w*fcli gU ptj in
' spired renewed confidence In repub'i
can circle*.
11 7*l'? I°?*' l - * 4 hy tha fire at Iteno, Se
' rali,ii new ci down *t ,.'*j,U*l. in
j turaiire,
> Letter IVOIII i leatrllfltl To.
Baiv Lick. Oct. 'JHth, l;i
1 Mi! Kt'kTZ:—l fin Jby the return* of
f the late election in old Centre county that
L " the 'etnocratic vote ti- not out, nr the
i regular democratic majority would hare
9 been considerably targar. It seems the
I deiootrat'c vole here in Clearfield ant not
mt by ti or 7 hundred, or the democratic
R itali' ticket would hare had it* uUai Ml
* jority , and nearly *oi it in every county
* of tlc State, a large decrease of the denx
t cralir vote clcwrly ahoaing, if the whole
* Vote had been out, Ibe democratic Stair
j ticket would have hern eiootad, not with
; standing the large republican vota
Philadelphia. It would, f think, be well
for cur politician* to ccnidcr the reatan
( and why it u, that the democratic votar*
, of the parly no longer attend the election*.
, Thi r* i* a cauac, certainly, for all thia
dereliction. The old dgmocracy are tired
of voting and ding no good, and *0 have
concluded not to vote at all. The loader*
of the democratic party hare through shift
and policy to obtain the acendancy of
, the party and the rule of public aflair*.
brought it into bad repute, and the people
bare considered under tho suspicious
character* of many of the leading democrat
ic politician* that the party would net be
honored if it we in power. The safety of
the party in going forward and adopting
many of thy wide departure* front tho
good old principle* of the party ba* endan
gered it very much; and with many of it*
voter* at the prevent time, it i* thought we
have no longer a democratic party in prin
ciple. It i true we have a corrupt ting
in (hp Stale and al*o in almost every coun
ty, that have ruleij tho party U>o jntich for
their own purposes, and it hashed the effect
to dishearten and dl*gu*t the bonet por
tion of tho party. Democrat* who think
inure of principle than submit to wrong
doing, should resist and oppuacilon every
occasion aa was done bore, in thif county
democratic ticket, in Clearfield. The par
ly should gu back to it* principle* and
maintain them at all cost, and when itstuc
cess comes, it will be a triumph of princi
ple. <-f honor, and manhood. The move
ment in pUarficid county wa* eutirely a
moral one. and a like movement, politi
cally, in Centre county, I think, wou d be
attended with the same good efft-ct. A
well written lender, inthi* regard, publish
ed in all the honest Democratic paper* of
the State, in the.c times of political cor
ruption, woult} be a jiroper thing and have
iv good effect. - Touta,
Henry Ward licecher Opens tho Mer ,
egllfile library Lecture Course.
Tho first l*ctur of the Mercantile Li
brary (yourso was delivered last avening 1
bj tlie Uet. Henry Ward Bcecher at Con- '
vent ion Hall, thesubjert being "Manhood '
and Money." The audience was a large I
one, every parf of the ball tjaiitg veil (ill- '
*d. At eight o'clock provltely Mr. Peter <
Voorhis, the President of the Library As- •
soclation, introduced Mr. Beocher, who v
spoke as follows : I
4P] 0 1J1U% which
are til work iu modern *oomty there i* no
other (but Ml prrmmUima li •tronjr, and
J iway iay iu fVrvent •> tiia deaire for
nioiioy. Ai it i* the tnmiter-key which
unlock* almost evory dour ol hupp, po*-
•<> ion, or enjoyment, to it j* .uijxU of all
manner ui m*p hop, all manner oflflotlvo*
—from ambition, from lovaofpii*, from
doincatlcand soda) taaaun*. from lora of
powar, Mhd from avarice Itielf, the laat
and 1 think tha loait, of the motive* that
arc t work, Nun-lucrative profession*
tCefO never so much -hunned as to-day.
Ortico* of honor may be plenty, bi|t (he
occupant* are not many. All those pro
f*aloii*, <>n fle other liamt, are erowd d
wliore iliitf end i mmey-making
Thox' prf<>,alalia which bringeonipenaa
tioii are (.untied with interne in dor, ninl
In the direction of gain. Now, we are a
Chrtellati t|eo|d al|er a amain r. We
hold ouiirleet tHo liable In a item -at wa.V
In t'l r. tpu |. ihe |>l. At any rat* it n
I lie eritieUm nftd it the g. i ■ ral ft rat
eanoli, and it I* >ti|.|><<d ilmt two thing*
aie r> ilain in the light of Chrntiaii trulli
the one, that men ouglil tot to ***k tit-It*
• HI tliia wnt id if I hey want to inherit
■ lei lint fit lie* j and, tlmiifthey
do *e< l> i leli> they ewioiot gain riehea, n
ll.e world t, wltliout ihu lat iitli'* of il.r
tulotanliel liloral *leinetiU wlt tli go to
< olotitutft (In Ollnli i.i ho. ii If lit It bo
■u, there ia and ha* been from the
beginning hi work in sociaty h tep
ilvnc> tshltli can be called nothing lets
lhali | r.iv idcntial, along lio linn of which
nil lIUnIMIII llMiil iuu been uluitittl mill the*
i* liit|i> World lui bwli forced largely by
tin - direct and Indirect commercial spirit
tbo productive ipiril of the world, the
*.'a I th-producing spirit of the world. It
Wi'A|n Us, therufere, to ask whether it
lie true that ('bri.liahily disallow* ridim,
all tlm more ItccsU v lltett urn ulllivcmtli
ly insincere, because mail hava a kind ofj
policy on llit* subject, While they hold
olt the one >td til their deeper and relict- |
an* mood* llmt they iiia t deny them-,
klvn and not to seek or covet wealth, yet
drawn on hy the necessity of rireutnstaii
tea they utt seeking it. They are trying to
ntfipnmint thtii cun*oletuo* without
daman* to |n ir theological scruples. The;
thurt'll lUelt, 1 lilt'lk, Iliac Ilea (to Ucllj
doi trifte he-amc thvg.iod men in the church j
have 100 many churches to ha endowed,
too many i haritiea to he up|iortad, too!
Inanj tfliginp* opcr||t.r.*!t> he carried on; J
and Mure t# the money to coma fiottt it!
they die*o|*r*ge lb getting of wealth?
\'rl im n talk about tlm wolld i tbey go
into i hut> bon .Sunday and try to forget
the world, and go out with mtiult fear and
trembling on Moitday and through the
week Ut what I* called the world, *UVpo*-
itig It |u be distinctively tdtnething Vastly
I worse than the church Now 1 hold that
| tar all |nir|-ote* of check* the world i a
i great deal better than the church, and the
world for all that it i* constituted for.
W hat uiari get on Sunday in the church is
•>f very little use to them unlma they car
ry it out Into the world'with lhui upon
tna other day* of the week. Chrit'.ian if compatible with the puruit
of money, hut ChrUtiaii manhuoJ ought
to be the retult of all the processes by
which it i* w'* l. We iuul taka a large
vfew 11 tpe sufqsct {<* the best place
i wo are mat with the general statement of
i a life at aolf-deaial that man ought to be
t cafeftil l deny themselve* ; and m they
ought m ionic it lid' It i ii:y dut> i.i
J man to dtny myself as an animal; it u
! necessary that I fhuuld deny rnyaelf t
>irarcetne pride or vanity or telfUhneos .
, but luilherlhali tberi >• no special go
I m aalf-danial. It i* simply the assertion
1 of tne higher way a* sgsiu.i the low way
I i.d *ulf'd*nial I* simply the aaeondaney,
' of acntetlilng better* over something w orae.
| There ere two prevalent notion* ef mora
. purpose* for lhi World and,it* *ocielv
There U one habit of ihiuking of turn he-
I tog one stupendous wreck ujmn whict
> idinj genereti 'he, Ugl lb..<• p. nu •* -
' try log* io*av the w reek j' h I# unk |a<
j redemption, bulywu may perhtpt pick of
with the life boat a few and save thcui
] and that therefore the w hole buiiov** til
mm in tbi world i* to get.f*!y out of It;
I any thgl e juafl thai itmM a* hot to l>
! swamped—the men that can • ling to any,
thing-jilapk, |pat, boat, urtjrtbiljg—atl.
G.i #(tri> Iplhp thoir, bae dupf a'l th*
iiw inquired uf theto A meaner idee
I life than thi* can scarcoly b poutwivad
j for 1 apprehend that it i* lilila abutl o
; blasphemy t up|M** that of all the my
rlado, gei.i-ration u|*>n grnemtion. onli
one here and there l clutched and car
rtof to the shore in aafetv The wrorSt
mean* something more tpau' tbl*. I
mean* that men nrc put to school here: ti
u a ttupctidoua seadcWV. an.! ''•*•
atriving P-gether to lift mo'i higher ant
higher in the successive generation*, unti
the garth bai| be populated by a perfect
ed race, lie that it buay iiclualvaly |r
getting biiutelf ready for another world n
not in the path of duty, 1 hold, therefor*
I Uiat it i* both right aud often the duty o;
Chriiltan turn to create wealth. If a mar
ho* a calling in that direction it I* ju*t a
truly a Christian ealllbg a* if he had beet
called to preach. It it poraible for men ti
win money and manhood at oar ami thi
aanie 'itne. To be auto it Un t the eaaie*
thriig. Well, it it nut cay to lino at all
there >• nothing eay that i* worth having
\lo are born with pain, both in the moth
er and the child and there i* nolh
| ing that abide* with men but that which i
burned in the furnace or beaten on the an
vil. jf jit* hard jnf e wan to be n man I:
the great <ouil|it* of th wnrld, #o it i
bard for a man to be a man anywhere #lc
We cannot afford to nt*ign poverty toon
cla** and wealth to another. If there i
much that i* wicked in wealth, * there i
much lhgt I* wicked lq poverty, ant) no; u
lion ever >• to any considerable heigh
in c vilioation that did not fitc in wealh
and no nation can unfold iUclt, oxi ipt h,
tboc method* by which wealth it devrl
oped. Hen think that the pliitHiplie
that ha* hi* daily bread and hit daily col
coffee and hi* daily ateak and hi
daily wine only, all of them in iitoder
ntinn, ha* enough to wear, enough to e*t
book* enough, and yet i* quite n poo
man. Uod help ruch poverty u> that
lie think* hecau*e hi* deaiaa* are ntoder
ate that be i* not wUhy ; but he t* th
child of wealth, and In* very ieiture ha
been bought through tome one elae ; f o
if the philosopher had *o earn every pout
that he ato ; if lie wn to take care of th
everlasting animal which ever;
man lire* in, would he have time to b<
tuch a pbiloeopher? So, when a mei
any*, "I cannot indulge in wealth ; I mua
found churcbe*; 1 mut aend abr<uo
! preacher*," let him do that; hut under
*liid that when spending money to mak
j a .household tipautlfui {<6 if -pclidii.;
I money for the community. Thi* heini
| my conception of a true Christian man,
•ay that th* pursuit* of wealth, the pursui
ofait, any pursuit that ha for it* end thi
strengthening of society and th* uclferi
' <>f tiiiui, aro perfectly copipatihle Will
Christian manhood. Thi dlstru't o
wealth leads to docepliun. People nruut
tciuptirig to produce the imprtvaion or
thciuaclve* that they arc not rich; they
say they haven competence, but they are
not rich ; yet there is a practical worldly
ien*e that takcy hold of and Js plipl uf it
On Sunday they thank God thai theydc
not care lor the world ami that, they
think, is piety , and when ou Holiday the
rent* coiua in and everything flourishes,
they look through the day and they
•ay, "Ob, my poor heart, how it has gone
out *i\cf U, j Uggaily ulouiunis of this
world I" as if that was not their steward
ship, their very trado and profession ;
a* if they had md a right to those things
a-if this attention to business was not a
part of perfect manhood UiCmi* to
ligiop Is designed to produoe in man. In
coiioiuslon Mr. Uoccher said that men
should understand that going out into the
world and achieving wOallli was a part of
Christian character- thaf pursuit
thay pi|id develop and skrvugtken all the
Christian virtues, He wurnod them
againlt haslu In the iicquistion of wealth,
and that there was an unvarying law that
no wealth could bo gained without f
equivalent being given. The tuv, uf "quid
P r " "bsojufc, ant) not to be viola
ted. Tbp tpap in business bvtmipo Imln
'd in the Uw at honesty, and
was ~o ferniar ou U :[g Vfend that was as
. as the honest man on YVall Stroet.
because the latter had been triad and
tempted and hnd -tood Arm, and "tliero
fore I say," he continued, "that the h<wi
, et New Yorker is the b'inetest im.u liv
- ing on the globe.'
ITATK It'll, if Cl* I
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( A.Uii. 5,1(4 y,4M 4,148 2,487-
Allegheny I .',Ol a K.,Vt| 12,237 K.Ol'.ri
Vriu-trohg 3.UMS 2.M7 2 125 2,B>*>
■ lli-in er 'J Mil li.lM-,1 2,782 '2,1071
i Bedford 2,570 -.'.mii 2,n 2,71*
,'Hi'iki, 3.MJ2 7,'jmi mm I 7,W|
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' lira.l for. I 4,47 8.005} 4.7<ni '2,1'1l
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Cambria '2.H57 <1,59 Im 2,741 .1,222'
4|M HM7 4<u 37*
-jCarbon 1 ri7 I/O, ;',();'. 1.48.V
. Centre '2,5.57 "i'.U'.i 2,5)2 2.5 V
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' Clarion I 778 Jtiffii I,M>l '2,550
'l' ••ariiulil 1 ii*.*7 1,74*. 2,6 >
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ColuttihU I,ld 2.5*il 1,115 2,6*4)
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.! Knil.<ii (114 <414 M Ml
Greene 1.20 2.45)4 1,2 m 2.512
Huntingdon S.!** I .' 2,511 *2,011 2,21*2
Indiana 2,0K1 I ">4 2,'06 I (MM
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' Lvroiiitng r, 171 8 ISO 0,174 3,5 m
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NorthuroWr 3.173 .1 474 3,107 4,41?
• Per* 2.0 M 2,0 M 2.241
i Phil a 3(1.077 1)1.*250 51,437 42,732
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SchujlkiU T.h'7 MM 7,011
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Somewet 3U15 1,184 2,305 1,464
. Sull■ van I'll 784 mo ru
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We.tmnwpd 0,(60 4.757 .I.fCS 4.712
Wyoming 11.51 1,4-V.l 1,15'J 1,451
; York 0,71(1 A,t® 0.742 5,236
l Tumi .').', •H- 21. 4-1
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itialorllv 18.551.
_ - .. . . .
CKNTI'K COUNTY (official) 187u
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jTaylur 37 22 36 21
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Walker 151 ** !,* M
W'Vfth. (ti *8 43
Total— sfcm II s " Jrjo 2512
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( W Ward 4( 68 .*! U>
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: hp on* 122 157 144 181
, • Taylor 47 22 26 22
1 Union 54 8 05 •*"■
'Walker 145 7(S 158 1
f Worth .6 50 (VI 61 ill
. Total 2047 41316*66
■Vlajuriliea WaroaiQ 2X2; Orvia 7C7.
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1 niunrlllo - 23 S7 i 27
' i >lowar<) born
• Philijiaburg— *) j:l W 120
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. Itcnncr 145 m 153 M
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•iflurtln H*4 37 .80 27
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. Mai net 14.1 MM 121 ill
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Ixlierly 40 107 m pr,
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Howard Barn 20 3.) S3 84
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Liberty SO -* 107 10;
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tnwn 53 54 88 86
1\ Hiker 155 155 14) 00
Wrlh 40 50 C(] (57
..Total 2972 2W>B Xm si<n fl
Mttjoriihi— Frank 82; Oreist 874. "
A large iiuinbrr of workuicn were dis- 11
charged from innnufHcturingand other cu
tublinliuienM in Bangor, Maine, last even- ''
ing. tl
Ihndu ;u< Store.
* J. 11. IK|N I N'CJKf i
A h4W,icti.|-h i *lij ba*
Ittl'ti M Out UlflppKllml il) C>!-
tre lltil. fli'f# he p iI" 'Si nil
|kind 41 nuiffiftK m I lIK-f L *>iriiMoig
i I it r tu are, Xntb, At
Circular and lluti.l Shu <, Ten-tun Haw*.
' WrbbSnw, Clothe* Knelt*, n fbll ntrt
iiiuiii uf IIUm mi l Mirror )"! Picture
Kri nit-*, Spoke* KvllnM, ail<l link*, table
Cutlery, Hbo* eh, Spade* *d K'rk,
' I .neb*, Hinge*, f*urW, Ma*ll Spring*.
Shoe, Knit#, N<>rw.y Hods, Oil*,
Tllulli, Carpenter Tool/, i'uitil, Vnrn*
I'lfturw ft Pi tht< fine, t ,(y la
e#-Any thing in ike Hardware tine
ordi red upon *hurtr*t untie#
At*.# n lull itoeU oi ri'KNITIHtK a1,14-u.**
,14-u.** tn ban I.
I fc Ki'iiU'tllbcr, all nod* offered t lti-i|n
il or than i-lu-whr'r
il "" "" """
|f- , - n < .■ -
it ■ t ft:: *# ■ - * 1
ll* ,
at lite
WO. 5. itt SII S 4 lit 1 OK.
•Pnrej J/m ilmii at U /iy Other Shoe
Store in Cvtitre County.
I v
Cull and See Us !
No. 5, Bhtnh'n Areale, IMltifoute.
jfttl* Itef.
l -I
NEW 1*001)8!
' Ha* Jil*l rn-fhrcl a Irry r iktuwr of
) Spring Goods !
I (°.t:t>M4i't|( of it#* Ik-4 a-orlJnef,*, *f
II , f*w brought (.* I'uUvrlwp.
t Al*<i, a large a**<rtment of
j C A Ii P K T 8!
iftT Pr.. dor*taken i htghel
New ClothinsStore
|j •
; engaged U- lunna.-jc for 1 L. Rciten* 1.,
H|. the corner building. MMflii Holler'*
'• lore, llrllcfonte, bat ortablbhed a i,.w
'l Clothing mwc whre the bet bargains la
J (be e.tunty N ..ffinmal
i $7.50 to sls for suits of the fln-
M - ,
ost Cassiraera.
,'and a fuHand cms pitta twortmcnt of ev
il try thin'jr m tlie line of Clothing.
(•vntN FiirniwtilMg
all liiraotly froat lhair own manufactory.
I AUu.
Jfttflr), Watflic, Ac.
1 They hare their old cUrk, Mr
f A. Sternberg. t> well known to thcneuplr.
Hand who will Im pleaned to nh old
friend*. af&f.
l*iet>e i"tij| uf . very <li<oripti"n. *) ii
. Ina iu n*bU every lottly t have hi* elotb
iqsmt!i> Ut iwdM.
' j ■" ;
t j r. H. WIUMtK. T. A. ttlcsa.
j Ilurdunrc ;uifl Mf#c Utolt r*.
' Rtiililrrs lliirdware
>i • T
hi -h will heat one or two room* dt>wn '
rtair,. and nnn- number above Cost
very littlo more tlmw *iugle t*vr Th#*e
are the bol parlor tove, made.
• '
Thl* stove ha* large oven*,, will l;rni
lined or aoft eo#l and wood. w v ery 'nne
warranttul to give oerftsi •afLfaclion.
Imarl3 if BelUfonte, pg,
tlij; Stock of Cinthiiifr,
Shoes, Hots,
niul Nolious.
/ Jl. Krino <Si Bie,, ni>li toe people of
i oiinavslley to know that tiny haveiui
packed a Uego took of Clothing. *uch it*
voaU. suit* fonnen and b..y*, and a big
.took of B ,
for men and woman, whieh they boaat td "
sulling cheaper tbiin anv other e.~tblH>i
lil Ut
Or. and try them, tlu-y off-r the bovt "
bmgaiii* outside the city. itciueinber, .
their motto is, CHEAP. octlti tf
• | 1
i I. Guggenheimer.
* 1 '
e jturfliw-<l tin* cm ire stock of|he Isle
firm of HUSKOIMII & Guggeiiiu'imor.ex
,'iCjt the leather and Bhoe-findioga,
'.|ha fill.H up hia shelve* with a 10l of
• j • *
Ni'f.KNMI) NKW uoorn.
■ j IltlJdt OOOOft,
Huenx A mom,
haw dt can,
amli* now prepared In ftooomodftlt-all
bit old customers, and to welcome all
j uow oitaa who may favor bin with
their patronage. He feelt safe in say
ing thai he eau plea** the moat fastidi
ous Call and *ee.
I", B—Mr, huatuiao still continues
to deal in
in the old room, where he may alway
I* found.
*• ___ *
No 6 Rrockerhi-f Row,
UMdemia l>rat,<%eMlmla,
IVr Clustery, Fancy Uesds
i'ar* WISH nd Liquor* for medio*l
f alwsys kupt. may SI. 72-
1 two* HU.OW llorraa'a
. (/BORON (7 BUY AN,
• Dueler in
fuMi v un i
ok AM. KWL
Parlor and Chamber
WA iu)iu, xtnu: a i,
Particular Mleau-a te ordered Work.
xti'Aihisv rnoMPTL r.
In All Its Bmnchea,, WALNUT, ROSEWOOD, A*l>
Always on Hand, and Funerals Attended
Will ao Elegant Hearse aphU.
Stoves! Fire! Stov's!
• At Andy Reestitau'a, Centre Hall, are
4 la tort and beat store* out, km bat jurt
received a lance Let of
(Cook Stoves, the Pioneer Cook,
the Eclipse Cook,
the Reliance Cook.
• I* A KLORS—The Radiant LighL #elf-f*a
der, tie Burn or. National Keg,
A. Jewell, Ac
-3; HtU tell* rtove* a* LOW a* any a bare
in Mifflin or Centre co.
', The undersigned hereby iefones the
.iiUent of Pennavalley that ae ha* pur
chased the Tinakup heretofore carried on
'• by the C. I! Mfg Co.. and wll. continue
a I IRQ same, at the old stand. In all iu branch
• ♦ea, in the manufacture of
Allkiad* of repairing done. Be has
i- FrnitCana, of all Sieee,
017 PS, v
f All work warranted and obarges reason
able. A bar of the public patronage ao
.lHritod. AND. HEKSMAH,
JsepTOv Centre Hal!
A new and tootupleU Hardware Store
; ha* been opened by the undersigned In
j Brockcrbofft new building—where they
J are prepared to soil all kind* f Building
j and House Furnishing Hardware, Iron.
d Steel, Nail*.
. Buggy wheel* ia setts, Champion
Clothes TV ringer, Mill Saw*. Circular and
Hand Saw*. Tennou Saw. Webb Sear*,
Ice Cream F recent. Bath Tub* Clothe*
Rack*, a full a**ortmcnt of Glast and
. Mirror Plate ol all ise*. Picture Frame*,
i Wheelbarrow*. Lamp*. Coal OB Lamp*,
, Belling, tiled,?*, Felloe., and Bub*.
.Plow*, Cultivators, Cora Plow*. Plow
j Points Shear Mold Board* and Cultiva
g j lor Teeth, table Cutlery, Shovfkh Spades
and Fork*. Lock*. Hinge* Screw*. Satb
Spring*, iioisedihoet, Wall*, Norway
Rod*. CUlt, Lard, Lubricatine (M
Tanners, Anvils, Vices. Belkiwa
Borew Plate*, Blacksmith* lool*. Factory
• 5* I*' ? Gr:udrtones. Carpenter
Toola Fruit Jam and Can*, Fatah Oil*,
yarm.he; received and far **le at
I -
1 Next door lo Wiiaou & Hicks' Hard
ware store, Allegheny St.,
R* F. Rankin & Co.,
(Successor* to Linn A Wilson. |
STt'V FS. \ ARNLSiiEs BkUSU- s
for modioli. pur^Kxea.
Also, Choice
and all other article* usually hopt in firrt
clau Drug Store.
tf.Uune R. F.RANKIN A CO.
• .
Bkllekonte, PA.
J. B. BUTTS, ProiPr.
Has first class actumiitodatioo ; charg
er reaaoiw* *we t tf
JAS. M MAN US, Attorney .at Law,
Bellefonte, urotnptly attends to all
buiiae** entrusted to Mm. jui2,'Mtx >
Shorllidge & Co..
Bellefonte Lime Quarries,
The only Manufacturers of Luna, burnt
ei*lu*he!y with Wood, in CWatml
gAt.XM nr
Anthracite Coal,
While Lime,
Da Pbnt'a Powder,
Sporting and lllaatitig Tuwder >n
band, *
Fuse tor Blasting,
Fire Brick,
Grouod Fire Clay,
lan.Hl 73
Offlre ard yard near South rad of the
Bald Eagle V alley Railroad Depot, Belle
fante. Fa. JanlO T"
YOUNG'S HOTEL. Comer of Third
and Chestnut Street, Mifflinhurg, Pa.
John Showerr, Proprietor.
It* Central Location makes It particularly
desirable to person* visiting Town on
business or pleas era
H. A. Tajrlor'a Lieery Attached,
uwgt ly ...
C. Fl lierlacher N. Crooniiller.
f* I2SW A J YA L
Wish to in to* to the eilisou* of Potter
that they have opened en entire new
stock of goods in their old quarters, and
will keep constantly on band * toil and
good assortment of
ixtftiiktific of
and all other kinds mt
i * I f ff&t Mlmi of ?
Bonu rilun
etc., etc, etc..
All of whldt we ofhr at greatty reduced
litgh-rt prices peid far enewtrypewgner.
By strict atumu-.i, to bttkiness we hepe to
asm and receive the tmUfnage of the,
td Ms < at Oatr* Halt, keeps
oa haio*. and lor sale, at the ntort M>
ble rates.
At Spring Wagons,
and vebkles of every dc*<riptioa euads to
order, and warranted to be made of the
best seasoned materia), and by the yaoet
skilled and competent workmen. Perron,
wanting auythmg ia his line are requested
to call and examine Ms work, th<-y will
fad it net to be excelled for dur> tolay end
" uu, fe^T n AND
Will attend to adminhering Oath*, Ae
h!f* VP Bwm ° f *• Ar
Deles of Agreement. Deeds, Ac. may 16
Gift fc Ilory's
New Shoe Store !
pey have now opened, end will coaaUnt
mew, women end children, from thf best
many factories ia tbq coeatrf, and new of
fered at the ,
Lowest Prices.
BOOTS and SHOES made to order, %o \
•hort notice. They ierite the poop!- of i
this vicinity to give them a call as they V
erill strive to merit a aha re of their pat- *
roc. age. mst&f
Steam Tannery,
Harticton, Union Cottnty. Pa.
This Tannery Mm wow aeqgnred *},„
reputation of tuMMifheturing met r'< <he
ia the State. 1 h *
Celf9kh. and Home mnde - ad C itv
DOLE leather, ALWAYS <u\ hand. •
1 ~#l rver*s . €\ T. AtKXANgg. y
pf 00 Caurt
•• A Alexander, aticnd*. to col--
lection, , n j practice in the Orphan"
\f ILLER'O HOTEL, Woodward, "p.
AHL Stage* arrive and depart daily.
Th* favorite hotel ia now in every respect
one of the net pleasant hotel* in Cent ml
Pennsylvania. The traveling aommonity
will aiWHVh find lh Wt iCfvimniMiiitb'
Drover* can at all time* he accumoMde .j
oiUi stables and pactum tor any aiv
f Cattle or honea
GEO. MILT. ,er.
Jld Fort, I 1 *~ whore h, . u
dY to make uceTT a-
o order, uni *ke loiiung',
jld most respecttolly inform the cit
- of tbia vtrinity, that he has started a
V o Boot and Shoe Shop, and would be
.faaakful for a share of the public patron
age. Boot* and Shoe* made to order and
according to style, and warrant* hi* work
(to equal any made elsewhere. All kin Ji
of repairing done, and charge* reasonable -
Give fab IS ly.
Dentist, MUlbeim.
Offer* Ms professional services to the
public. He to prepared to perform all
jperationa in the dental profession.
M*He ia now fuffy prepared to extract
ioeth nbnlmtmiy witkomt pan a. myg.T3-tf.
York, Pa.
**"Cat*logins Mailed to Applicant*"*?:
Refer (by permUtum) to
lon. J. H, Black, Washington, D. C.,
iVetoer, Bon & Carl, Bankers, York, Pa.
Pmf- S. I. WRIGHT has opened* Ear-.
M Centre Hall, where be to ready
nd willing to do any thing in the art Ton
orial In the best possible manner.
If you wish to nave* pleasant shave,
As good a* barber* ever gave,
Jurt call on me in my saloon,
At inorniag, eve, or b*y noon.
For I con move as true a hand
As any barber in the land.
And the very best that 1 can do,
Just call ou me I'll do for you.
ip2otf; S, H. WRIGHT.