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    Farm, Garden and Household.
Profit* of Farming.
We believe that there are many farm
ers who take an incorrect view' of the
business of farming, so far as ita profits
are concernoJ. They seem to suppose
that what is sold from the farm is alone
to be accounted profit, while no account
is taken of what goes to support the
family or is invested in the improve
ment of the farm. To give an instance,
we will refer te a conversation we hail
with a farmer a few dav* ainee--a man
wish some five or nix thousand dollars,
industrious and thriving, who com
plained that he was only sble to raise
in cash acme seven or eight hundred
dollars annually.
As a contrast he mentioned one who
had about the same amount in funds as
he himself had in real estate, and he
seemed to consider the intoreat which
liis friend received aa clear profit on his
capital, and that the money so invested
gave a greater income than the farm
would. We knew that our farmer
friend bad a large family to provide for,
ami suspecting that he had overlooked
the cost of providing for them iu his es
timate of what he had received from his
farm, we inquired how much he thought
he should have left in caali after main
taining such a family aa his, from the
sum which his friend received as in
terest ? He hesitated a moment and
answered—not anything ; his receipts
would barely foot "my bill of family ex
pense for one year; in truth, he lias
little or nothing left to support his own.
B*. we donbt not, it often ia with the
farmer; that which his family eat,
drink, and wear—that which goes to
make them comfortable and respecta
ble, (the gift of a kind Providence and
the result of his own toil.) ia frequently
over-looked by him in the estimate of
the profits and loss iu farmiug, and
nothing is counted but the cash which
. remains after expanses and outgoes are
provided for.
In one case the farm is cafMtal, and in
the other the capital ia in ths funds.
That which goes to support the family
is as much the produce of the capital iu
one case as in the other, and iu both
cases should be considered as the profit.
And if the farmer, after the mainten
ance of his family and defraying the ex
penses of his labor, improving his farm.
Ac., has some SSOO or S6OO left, it can
not be inferred that tha farmer*' profits
are the least.— .Practical farmer.
llau.rbol.l Jtsctps*.
SPONGE COKE.— Three eggs, one and
a-baif enp of water, one tableapoonful
of cream tartar, one-half teaapoonfnl
soda, and two cups flour. Flavor with
extract of lemon.
MOUSSES CANDT. —Two enpa molas
ses, one cap sugar, one tableapoonful
vinegar, butter size of a hickory hat.
B®il briskly twenty minutes, starring
all the time. When cool, pull until
of sugar, one enp of soar milk, three
teaspoons of soda; two eggs, one tea
spoon of cloves, one teaspoon of eiuna
mon. Stir very thick and drop on but
tered tins.
Cnrm-Ess.—Four eggs, four, table
spoons of brown sugar, and one of flour,
well beaten together; add four table
spoons malted butter; mix hard; roll
thin; ent in two-inch squares; set in
bars; fry in very hot lard.
TEA.— Water for making tea ahonld
be used the moment it boils. The
reason assigned is, thst if it is boiling
for some time, all the gas that ia in it
escapes with the steam, and it will not
then make tea of the best flavor.
forate the bottom of a wooden box with
a number of small boles; place inside a
piece of flannel, cover with coarsely
powdered charcoal, over this coarse
river sand, and on this small pieces of
BREAD OMI LET. —Pnt into a stew-pan
one teacnpful of bread crnmbs, one
tablespoonfnl of hotter, with salt, pep
per and nutmeg; when the bread has
absorbed the cream work in two beaten
eggs; beat them np a little with the
mixture; fry i n an omelet-pan and roil
FABRICS. —A solution of pyro-phoaphate
oi soda, it is said, will quickly remove
fresh ink stains (old ones less so) with
out affecting the colors of the fabric, as
is the result when oxalic acid, chloride
of li me, or chlorine water are made use
Sail for Ho|*.
An English agricultural paper, the
Gardeners * Chronicle, relates the
death of one sow in pig, another with a
litter, and of eleven small pigs, of what
was called "strike on the brain." The
Eigs were taken with what seemed to
e epileptic fits; they suffered great
pain, uttering occasional shrieks, and
constantly throwing back their heads
conTulsively. They died in a few boars
after the first seizure. On examining
these pigs, the brain was fonnd ail
right; the stomach and intestines were
inflamed in large patches, showing that
death waa caused by irritant poison
taken in the swill. €>n making inquir
ies, it was found that a quantity of
waste salt had been cast into the swill
barrels to get rid of it The lesson to
be learned is, that while dry salt is
wholesome for pigs when taken volun
tarily, when it is given in in excess in
such away that they are obliged to
take it, it ia* a deadly poison.
Wreck on Lake Xiekigan.
The schooner W. J. Whiting went
ashore near Grand Haven, Mich., dur
ing the night, and until daylight the
wind was blowing a terrible gale from
the west. The vessel waa heavily load
ed with salt and her deck even with the
water. About 9 o'clock in the morning
the captain and one man leaped into the
water, and to the amazement of the
assembled crowd succeeded in reaching
the beach. Boon after this one of the
Ironsides' life-boats, manned by a crew
of five men, pnt off from the shore, but
before reaching the schooner filled and
capsized, and one of the crew eras
drowned. The tag Miranda then start
ed with one life-boat and one vawl
towed astern, and succeeded in. drop
ping the yawl alongside the schooner.
The four men jumped from the rigging
into the boat and were greeted by the
cheers of a thousand spectators. The
next moment the yawl plunged nnder
the schooner"* bobstay and rolled over.
Three of the sailors again succeeded in
reaching the rigging. The other waa
seen for a moment, when an immense
breaker swept the poor fellow out of
sight. The tag came into port, righted
the boats, and again started for the re
lief of the men. Again the boat got to
the vessel's side, bnt swamped before
the men could leave the rigging. At
last the tug Miranda succeeded in get
ting alongside the schooner Whiting,
and took off the three men. The bodiea
of two men who were drowned have not
yet been recovered. The body of a man
supposed to have been drowned from
the steamer Ironsides was fonnd on the
beach, nine miles north of Grand Ha
His Salary.
Ministers' salaries in some sections
oftener are less than SSOO than more.
Old Dr. A , in the town of ,
prior to the war, only received S3OO, on
which ho had to support his family and
keeps horse. The war increased the
cost of living so much his parishioners
had a sadden fit of liberality, sod voted
to increase his salary to S4OO, of which
he was informed by old Deacon C
one evening, who was amaaed because
Dr. A did not seem overjoyed.
Next Sandsy, after his sermon, old Dr.
A laid asiee his glasses and sur
veyed the congregation with tears in
his eyes. He thanked them in touch
ing language for their great generosity,
etc., but said he had slept on it, and
had thought of it night and day, and
had come finally to the conclusion to
decline it, for three reasons: First, he
was not worthy of any more salary;
second, they could not afford to pay
any more; but third, and mainly, it
was as much as he could possibly do to
collect S3OO, and if he had to collect
SIOO more, it would be too hard work,
and more than he coold possibly do
and preach.
The Export Trade Crippled-
ItesadsinfCi Held Kd I" llotwOwlsl
to h* l.a< k of Vortl|W ICultM|.
The embrrg© oil the aliijunent of
gram to Enroj>e, save a New York paper,
eooflnnea in as rigid enforcement s
ever, except in the cave of n few small
lots that wen' sent off by ltiekv dealers
who were able to negotiate n little for
eign exchange. Franklin Edaon, l'nai
dout of the Produce Kxohange, stated
to ft reporter that tlu> produce arriving
fnnn Uie West was stopped hen* com
pletely, and a million or a million and
a quarter bushels of w heel ate locked
up in tha harbor for wont of foreigu ex
change, Bottoms had all been en
gaged some time ago to carry it.
" Have Tinir efforts to aeeure tlie aid
of Secretary Richardson succeeded ?"
"Up to this hour I have uot even re
ceived a reply to our telegram."
"What other means remain of break
ing the deadlock ?*' " None but reato
ratiou of confidence and case tii green
back a. We seem to Ix* some steps
nearer these than wre wen< several day*
ago. Everything seems to be easier,
and the matter will probably adjust
itself tiefore long. Heaven only knows
how ! It will come out all right some
how. The produce men are all hope
ful. and the Exchange i* standing up
under the infliction manfully."
" What ia the effect on your cuato
mera out West?" "It has brought
trade to s. complete standstill out Weak
One merehanr* here cannot advance
anything to farmer* out there until the
block ia broken."
One ef the moat prominent members
and atatisticians of the Produce Ex
| change was also celled upou by Uie re
i porter, and questioned relative to the
figures of the grain supply and inove
' wont, He said there are now 2".],1td,000
bnahela of grain, iueludiug wheat,
J corn, oata, barley, and rye, IU atore at
j the principal points of accumulation,
, at lake and seaboard porta, in transit
iby lake, rail, and, and iu the .
granaries. Of this amount, there were
i 7,500,000 bushels of wheat alone, and
half of that agutu was passing through
; the canals. The railroads cannot carry
j grain because they require gn-cnbacks
in payment for transportation, cash
down. These supplies will come next
week and the week after, and New York
will have to meet ttiem in great part
' with foreign exchange. They can do
. nothing in Milwaukee, Chicago, and
Western cities in foreigu exchange, be
cause they never have banking capital
s enough to rnn three days when New
York fails them. There is in atore
here, in New York and Brooklyu ware
houses, nearly 3,120,000 bushels of the
same grain, and (was and malt. This
cannot t*e moved from the lack of for- i
eigu exchange.
" Will the arrival of the heavy ship
ments of bullion recently rejiorteJ help
you ?" "It may and it may not. It
| will depend upon the demand* for gold
; ten days hence. But observe that the
; rate of gold rose one per cent to-day.
; That looks to me as if English capital
ists were combining to lock np gold
while this cargo is on the way, to run it
inp To a big price, and make a heavy
; percentage."
" Is it likely that a lock-up iu gold
will take place with such a scarcity in
currency ?" "It seems to be a des
perate venture, but it can succeed.
: These men are sharp enough to aee
right through a financial matter on the
instant, and they will not make the
venture without comprehending all the
"Currency still remains tight?"
j " Yes, and it will always remain tight,
unless the ordinary laws of trade ar
range the matter otherwise. You can
not make it cheap by throwing it upon
the market now, for the reason that
spectators seize it The men who
hold bonds soil to tha Government for
greenbacks, but then Ihej sell their
greenbacks at high rates. They com
mand 105 in the street to-day. The
savings banks that sell their bonds get
the greenbacks and put them away for
a run, and in fact, of the $10,000,000
put out by the Government very little
of it has "gone into any channels that
benefit general business. If the United
States Treasury had pnt $40,000,000 on
the street, it would have gone just the
same way."
" How is the feeling now among the
produce men ?" "There ia a much better
" Is the scarcity of foreign exchange
the only difficulty in the way of maviug
the grain ?" " The only very pressing
one. But we are short of ships. There
baa been a loss of a million and a qnar
j Ur of tonnage within two years, with
out any observable increase by building.
There* is an nnusmd demand for our
crops of all sorts in Europe. Two hun
dred and ten ships are now
with petroleum. Of the 5,000 available
ships we ought to deduct these 210, as
well as 1,000 more used exclnsivelv in
| the Pacific and Eastern seas. And of
this small margin, ships will be needes
for the movement of pork and cottou a
well as grain. Yon will see at once
that freights are likely to be very high.
The lack of foreign exchange will hold
onr grain fast here until freights are too
high to allow it to be shiped, although
the continent of Enrope clamera for
our breadstuff's."
The Kelsej Case.
The following is a synopsis of the ev
idence given by Mrs. Sammis, nee Miss
Julia Smith, in the Huntington, L. 1.,
Kelsey case:
I reside at Huntington; I was at
home on the 4th of November last;
there were present in the house Mrs.
Oakley, Mrs. Ketchum, Miss Merritt,
and Royal Sammis; Wrn. J. Wood and
his wife came in in the latter part of
the evening with Mr. and Mrs. John
McKay; I do not know that Mr. Hurd
came in; I do not remember to have
heard any noise in the back premises
that evening; I was informed about 9
, o'clock that Kelsey had been caught;
i don't remember by whom; was in the
parlor at the time with Mr. Samtnis;
don't remember how I ascertained that
. there were men in the back yard; I
' noticed an odor likp that of tar, but
could not teli where it came from; I
went out soon afterward and saw some
Eersons, not a great many; can't tell
ow many, perhaps from five to ten; did
not notice that they were doing any
thing; saw a queer-looking object in !
the yard that I supposed to be Kelsey;
I spoke to him, but he made no reply; I
hiard the breaking of glass and the
light went out; I was aware before that
j parties were watching for Kelsey; Dr.
i Banks was one; don't know the others;
; had never requested any one to do so;
i some persons on the street were dis
guised, bnt I couldn't tell how; two of
j them stepped into tli* hall, but I was in
! the other end, and could not distin
guish theoi; I never stated that I knew
i some of the masked persons; I did not
1 order them ont, and did not feel
j alarmed; they soon went out again; Mr.
Sammis left the house a little before 10
Buckner and Burnside.
The Mobile Register notes that some
thing of a romance is connected with
the recent returtT to Mrs. Buckner, the
wife of General 8. B. Buckner, the ex-
Confederate General, of Kentucky, of a
certain large property, which, when the
war broke out, she had conveyed to
her brother. When General Buckner
entered the Confederate service, and 1
before Mrs. Buckner joined him there,
•he conveyed thepropertv to her brother
under a deed of trust. The young man
afterwards married, became a father, and
entered the Union service. The ques- ,
tion now waa what would become of the
property. If be should die or be killed -
without making a will rcconveying to
his sister the property she had deeded
to him his child would inherit the for
tune. On the eve of the battle of Sharps
bnrg, however, he made a will of this
character, and at the battle named was
killed. General Bnrnside, who com
manded the corps in which the yonog
man served, knew that this will had been
made. He kept the Becret, and, after
the war, informed General Buckner of
it, and the latter by his aid was enabled
to reoover the will. The testamentary
S roofs having been obtained, Mrs.
iuckner's title was fully proved, and
the fortune, which seemed at one time
to hang upon a slender thread, was
returned to her.
The Romance or a Itleh Young Girl.
Then* ia ft young girl employed in the
faot®rv at Ottawa, Canada, where the
Hank Not® Company tnrna out Canadian
{rreenlmeka hr tne cord, whoa® life from
n<r very cradle h heeu romance well
worth telling. During the "cholera
veftr"—about 1 85ft, nnlees mv memory
i* at fault there canto to Ottawa, then
Hytown, a young American couple,
traveling, t would aeein for pleasure,
or seeking a home in Canada. Hardly
had they arrived hen* than Kith were
smitten by the fatal disease and died
with that terrible rapidity which umrka
the most aggravated cases. They tiled
at a hotel, leaving behind them a baby
•laughter but a few weeks old, and
nsthing whatever to indicate their iden
tity beyond the fact that they came
fhiltt New York. The proprietor of the
hotel vr is about to semi the chihl to the
Foundliu- Hospital wlieu a childless
woman of middle age, whom he had
employed to wash the infected clothing
of the sick, offered to take charge of it
and, if it lived, adopt it a her own.
The nild lived and thrived and grew
u handsome and clever girl, unaware
nai any one but the wouiau ahe called
mother had given her birth.
It wa- not uutil some four or five years
since, 'hat a gentleman from New York
inter -ted in the publication of a weekly
journal, happened to be passing through
Ottawa and heard the girl's queer his
tory. A little investigation sufficed to
show that she was hia meoe, the son of
his brother who had died here so many
years before, and the manner of whose
death the surviror had heeu unable to
trace. The result of his conference
with the girl and her foster parent* waa
her departure with him for Mi* York,
where she remained until la-l summer,
enjoyiug every advantage of education
and position which wealth and affec
tion could confer upou her. Then she
came to Ottawa to pay her foster mother
a visit. She found things with the old
wouiau changed for the worse. Her
husband, who hail been in bis lifetime
a #a tof crier or tip-staff in on® of the
courts, was dead, and ah® had been
compelled in her old age to take to the
tub and mangle again to earn a liveli
hood. What put it into the girl's head
—devotion, fancy, or what not—l can
not say, Wut oertaiu ft ia that *he vowed
not to leave her old " mother " while
she lived, but to stay with her and work
for her. Her uncle eauie from New
York so soon as she had apprised him of
iter intention and endeavored to induce
her to alter her determination, but she
was inflexible. She gave up her easy
home in Njw York with all the accessor
ies of society, Ureas, and prospects,
doffed her silks and put on humbler
but quite as becoming prints, obtained
employment ill the Bank Note Printing
Company's office, and is there still,
living with her old foster-mother, to
all appearances as happy when iu
New York ahe was a buddin n oeile and
probable heiress. Who. after this true
recital, shall say that there are no ro
mances uow-a-daya?
Editorial Association Addresses.
We have read carefully the addresses
delivered before the different editorial
associations ia the United State* tins
season, and must say, that as a whole,
they do not come up to the standard
point. As to the poems, they have been,
taken as a whole, bad.
Taken generally, the effort of the
committees has apj>eared to be, to secure
somebody whose reputation warranted
an interesting discourse. This is laud
able, jarhaps, but editors and pub
liahera do not care much about listen
ing to a speaker, however intelligent he
may be, when he talks about a subject
witli which he is not familiar. We
claim that no man not a thorough, prac
tical printer and editor, can deliver an
address that will interest or claim the
attention of an editorial association.
On this occasion something connected
with the printing office is expected—
something practical—something that
will benefit.
Of the many addresses we have seen
this year, a few by printers have con
tained this information; but we regret
to say that many of thsm, so far as the
printing and publishing ef newspapers coucerneu, have as much to do with
the subject as a dime novel. Theoreti
cal newspapers will do to talk to the
outside world, but to newspaper meu
something a little more tangible is
needed. We trust that the experiments
tried by association committees have
l*en sufficient to satisfy them, and that
hereafter when an address is wanted, a
veteran out of the rauks w ill be taken—
some mau who went into a printing
office determined to learn his trade, re
mained there until it was learned, and
wben he sat down into the editorial
chair, assnmed a position that he had
earned. Bach a man will never fail to
tell editors and publisher* something
that will interest and benefit them. —IV.
1". Unum.
A Had Buy.
Tire spirit of malicious mischief
which has given no respite to the
tortured spirit of George Russ, of
Jonesvilie, found an aperture for whole
sale exit in the numerously attended
party at the Harris Works, says a local
paper. After long and patient watch
ing, his expectant vision took in the
grand opportunity to relieve himself at
one fell swoop "of the overburdened
desire to inflict his mischievous in
genuity upon his fellow creatures and
achieve that sudden distinction which
oome* to those who enter with the true
spirit of energy upon the consummation
of well-laid plans. George purchased
a quarter of a pound of cayenne pepper
and placed it safely in his outside
pocket. That night he attended the
party. Ho had no invitation, bnt
George stands not upon the conven
tionalities of that society which refuses
him recognition. He had business
there and he went. Cautiously he
entered the crowded room, threading
his way here aud there, meandering to
the right, to the left, forwards, back
wards, and as he progressed in his
travels the quarter of a pound of
cayenne pepper which lie had Iwiight
iu* tho afternoon, spread itself in ser
pentine shapes upon the floor of the
room. Then George withdrew to a
retired corner and enjoyed the sneezing
and excited remarks of his two thou
sand victims. He went home happy
that night, and doubtless would have
been so still had not Marshal Crotzen
bcrg palled him from under the side
walz on North Main street the next
morning and taken him to jail. He
was brought into the presence of
Justice Smith to answer to a criminal
charge, and the upshot of the nfTair is
that he was sentenced to forty days in
jail and a fine of $14.90.
snm Marshall'* Dnei.
Tom Marshall.waß captain of a com
pany in Col. Humphrey Marshall's regi
ment of cavalry in the Mexican war.
One evening, when very much under the
influence of liquor, he went to the quar
termaster with whom he mas intimate,
and behaved in so ontrageons a manner
that the latter was compelled to kick
him out. Next morning, of course, the
quartermaster was the recipient of a
cartel from Captain Marshall. The
challenged offlcodeclined to fight a duel
for the several reasons that lie held a
profitable position, from which he de
rived a comfortable support for his fam
ily, who depended u]>ou his exertions
for a living; that he was constitutionally
opposed to dueling anyhow; that he had
taken an oath when sworn to his com
mission not to engage in a duel so long
as he was an officer in the United States
army, and he did not desire or intend
>to forfeit that commission and suffer ig
nominious dismissal from the service by
sratifying5 ratifying Captain Marshall's very evi
ent mania for tho duello. "But,"
wrote the quartermaster in conclusion,
"as Captain Marshall is dissatisfied
with one kicking, I will pledge myself
to give him a kicking every time ho
comes abont my quarters and misbe
haves himself an he'did on the occasion
complained of,"
"Gentlemen," Tom would say, in that
peculiar serio-droll way of his, "I
would rather the rancul had shot me
dead than decline my challengo in that
Persian ladies call a European lady's
dress " trousers with one leg."
China and the Panthaj*.
The Rangoon correspondent of the
I<ondon 7YMIC gives some particulars of
the capture by the Chinese .f the Pan
tiisv cities, Taleefoo and Mouiien. Ta
leefoo, he says, appears to have suo
ctimhed in February last to an army of
200,000 Chinese, wuo invested it for
some months lieforo it fiually fell. The
treachery of a I'anthav officer at length
enabled the Chinese Army to enter be
tween the outer fortiflcalions ami the
town itself, ami from this tune the in
vestment became complete, and the days
of Taleefoo were numbered. The Clti
iieio (Seiieral is aiUil to have led Holei
man to behove that if he surrendered
himself, the town and population would
be spared. At any rate, Holsuuail poia
onei his three wives and alt bis ehil
dren, and then having entered his pa-
Ismpuu, ordered Ida bearers to convey
him to the Chinese camp. Hut Iwuiuat
have taken poison tudore he started,
for, upon arrival at the camp, his dead
lauly was found iu the palanquin. The
Chinese tleuerul decapitated the body,
ami sent the head preserved in honey to
I'ekiu. All his attendants who had
Corns out with him, l>o*idcsanother em
bassy that appeared later to treat for
surrender, were beheaded, and eventu
ally the city was etitered st the end of
February last, ami ever* Mahouituedau
niuii, woman, and child remorselessly
muvtaered. A l'authay'a idea of num
bers u hardly trustworthy, but there is
every reason to believe that lwtwecu
■III.(SHI and 80,000 people were killed.
After the taking of fsleefoo the vietori
ons armv marched for Mouuen, and
taking all the smaller towna 011 their
war, finally atormed Mouueiion May 25,
and massacred those who were not for
tunate enough to get away, Mouiieu is
the town visited by Major Sladeu arid his
party in PVW, and which he wa* so well
received by Tah-as-Koue, the (Kivernor
It is believed that Tali-sa-Koue and
some of his garrison escaped from
Mouien at the time of the capture, and
that he has retreated to the nilly tract
iu the uwrth of Y'uuau, where the Chi
nese will find a difficulty in following
ium. The fall of Momien and the re
establishment of Chinese sovereignty in
Yumui are, the writer says, matters of
much importance, and the numerous
chambers of commerce iu England who
have an long pressed for the develop
ment of the through trade to Western
China, may indulge some hope of their
expectations being realised. There ex
ists no difficulty in reaching Momien,
which is OUIT ltd miles from lthsmo,
and as the Burmese Mission lately in
England assured the mercantile bodies
by whom they were entertained that it
was the sincere desire of the King of
llurtuali to reestablish ths trade rout*'
to Western China, it may be expected
that he will join cordially in resuscitat
ing and developing a route which is cal
culated to produce such important com
mercial results.
A Chapter of Calamities.
The other day Charles E. Sumner, a
worthy farmer and merchant near Suf
folk, Vs.. kissed his wife and children
and rode over into Gates County, N.C.,
to look up a stock of chicken* and egg*
About noonday a severe storm came up,
and Mrs. Sumner had jut laid the
table-cloth and fixed (he knives and
forks for dinner. Her t*n boys, nine
or ten years old, and one of them deaf,
came to the house as Mr*. Sumner sat
in her chair, after some nails, to go out
and nail up the fence. Just as they pot
to the door going out, the lightning
Collaterals." The. excess of collaterals
upon these loans has been estimated
and included in the assets. The firm
expects soon to submit a proposition
for a settlement with its creditor* which,
it believes, will lie acceptable to the
latter. .
I>led of Starvation.
A man named llvan died, the other
day, in a London workhouse, whither
he had been carried in a state of utter
starvation. He had !>een editor of a
French newspaper, which, being sup
pressed, ho had come to London and
endeavored to get a living by translat
ing manuscripts ; but, as this did not
prove a lucrative employment, he left
his ladging* suddenly, and had since
been walking the city streets day and
uight. He had had, he snid, 110 food,
for days, except pieces of bread which
he fouinj on walls, fences, etc., during
the day. He at times slept on the grass
in the* parks, bat at night " it was one
continued ' movo on, move on !from
the polioo. We can well understand
that poor UTAH'S nerves must have boon
unstrung by this kind of life, more es
pecially ns he was suffering from con
sumption—his death being accelerated
by that disease, though immediately
caused by " exhaustion and neglect. '
The jury found a verdict in accordance
with the facts, and Hyatt has " moved
on " to a world where no policeman's
voice can disturb him.
Sunshine as a Force.
A good illustration of mnn's inability
for self support, independent of sun
shine, is afforded by the following cal
culation :
The mechanical equivalent of the ver
tical sunshine upon a square mile of
the earth's surface ia computed to be
.1,32.1,000,000 pounds raised a foot high
in a second, lender the most favorable
circumstances, a square mile of terres
trial soil receiving this amount of sun
shine, if planted with bananas, would
yield, according to the estimate of Baron
llumboldt, 50,000 tons of nutritions
food yearly. This is the greatest amouut
of food-producing power of which the
earth appenrs to bo capable. But this
quantity of food would suffice only
100,000 men, whose united mechanical
force would not raiso more than 10,-
000,000 pounds a foot high in a second.
It would, therefore, not be possible for
any number of men, by their mechan
ical force, to procure anything like a
sufficient light and heat in the absence
of sunshine to raise from the soil the
food which is needful for their own
support. • .
A STORT. —The Record of Chico, Cal.,
furnishes one of those quiet, unvar
nished short stories which seem to verify
the Shakespearian adage. Two sisters
were sleeping together in an apartment.
One of them awoke during the night
and beheld, to her amazement, a little
Sirl dressed in white standing a shoit
istange from her. She nwoke her sis
ter, who also saw the little girl. In
stead of screaming they struck a light
and as the light increased the object
faded. The description corresponded
with that of a little girl who had died
in the same room a few months previous
The family were afraid of the apparent
ly liarmleas visitor and moved fr*m the
house the aezt day.
!*r Yark Nuirl Hctlcw.
The market in all kinds of Grocery
goods has been undisturbed by the
crash iu Wall atreet, much to the dia
gust of speculators in staple goods, who
expected to reap a rich harvest had the
excitement reached commercial circles
aud affected values.
Coffees.— Prices remain firm for all
grades. The market is quiet, sales hav
ing fallen off considerably, but not suf
ficleut to ufleet values. The stock of
Itio ill the priucipul msrkets of tho
United Htstes amounts to less than 85,-
(KM) sucks, about one-third the usual
supply at this season. Tho decrease in
demand was not anticipated by jobbers,
and they have, in cuuartjueiice, liberal
stocks oil baud.
Hugaiw. lieww arc selling slowly, re
finers evidently holding off. Prices are
unchanged ami steady, with no immedi
ate prospect of a decline.
Molasses. -Hales have been unusually
light, and should they oontintie so
stocks will have an opportunity to accu
Rico.— No activity is noticed.
Teas. —The trade iu lines has bseii at
a stand still, but the distributive de
mand is very active, and full prices aro
Hide s. Prices of all kinds remain
unchanged, but firm.
Mackerel. Prices for all grades,
especially for Hhore Noa. 1 aud 2, are
very strong, which are selling at out
side figures. The supply ia limited aud
the demand fully equal to previous
years at this season. Hays are also
firmer at slt>ussl? for No. i, and sEt(g>
sl4 for No. 2. Full stocks of Hay are in
market, and arrivals are largo and of
good quality.
Herring.— Large stocks of Bcsled are
iu market, and farther large arrivals are
expected. They sell readily at 3Uq£3sc.
V boX.
Flour.— Prices are iu some instances
lower aud unsettled. Tnule has been
moderate, au<l tho shipping demand
very light. We quote Hiate No. 2, s4y.B
$8.25; do. Extra, $d 600Ct7 28. Western
Extra, $).80q557 40; do. sti. 80<&$11.70.
Family, s7.7stt£sf* 25; Bt. Louis Extra,
sfi.7lHu9slU.7B, These embrace all the
brunds that hare suffered a decline, the
others remaining unchanged and dull.
H|ieculation, which has of late inter
fared with legitimate trade, is at s stand
Rye Flour.—A fair demand continues,
but stocks are small and little is offered,
it I though prices have advanced to $4.75
tfS6 V barrel. The market is firm at
the advance.
t i>VimiC—Quotation# arc Uw-r than
last seek oil several grades: Amber
White, we quote at 81.tkh(£$l.t>8; Ohio
White, M 5; Western Winter
Red, i1.60ft51.65; Milwaukee Spring
No. '2, $1.42vi£51.50. The other* remain
Domestic Dried Fruita.—Apple* have
advanced about jo. lb, and are firm.
We i)note Southern i'vit 12c\ ; State tht£
10c. Western, IVeled Peaches are
in fair request at full pricea. Pitted
plum* have advanced to "i"2n£'2so,and are
ID but banted supply. Cherrte* arc alao
scarce and firm. Blackberries arc
quoted lta*plerries at 40(&4A).
Foreign Fruits, Ac.—Prices of all
kinds of Nuts are stiffening some, hav
ing already advanced. Almonds are in
steady request from confectioners and
Others, au.l selling at outside figures.
Soft have advanced to 21vit23e. Wal
nuts hare advanced to 1 Out2sc, with but
little inquiry, as yet UrazilnuU are
demand at 9u£loc. Filbert*
■feans remain unchanged. Cocoa
in better request at s7ii£sß 'f
Hi advance of 82 V l^ l Peanuts
KIKHI demand at steady prices.
K no change except for ttufisquc,
■ have declined 10a V bushel.
Prune* we quote at 13((i£
do, Figs are in fair
and are steady. Raisins are
Hriu at present quotations. Layer*
at outside figures, ana in
an advance has been ob-
H. Loose Muscatels are not in
■ supply, and prices are strong.
fair request on account
comparative cheapnes*, and the
is Bnt few Valenciaa, in
Hcondition, are to be had in this
Ht. lufetior fruit may be bad at 7|*
I A few new crop Layers have ar-
Hper steamer, whichare held for $3.-
■w loose Muscatels,*!lo. New Val-
H are held at 12<(£l.H. Only 5,000
in all were brought by the steam-
sufficient to establish prices for
H(a Leghorn Citron is strong at
for Prime. Dates have ad-
a fraction, and are firm at pres-
Huotations— S<tfcßfe. lb. Oranges
begun to arrive in fair quantities,
we have thns far seen ia really
fruit, selling qnickly at 810 y bbl.
are in twtter supply, and have
to \\e notes change
Hrice of boneless Sardines, for which
Hrg*. A scarcity of eggs has pre
in tliia market the naat week, and
shipments from tne West and
Wmih have beeu solicited in conse
quence. Long Island are scarce nt 28
yi2oc; State, 26<i6 27c; Western, 25
2t>c; Southern 22u(24c. Since the cool
weather ha* made it possible to ship
Southern eggs to this market in good
eondition, consignments have leen so
licited ; with what result may be seen
from the pricea they bring.
The Age of the Farth.
The new method of ascertaining the
age of the earth, which is a present
topic in German scientific circles, at
tempts to determine approximate!* the
time at which tha fiery liquid eartliball
for the first time covered itself with a
crust. This ia done by means of the
difference of the longest and the shorost
diameter of the earth. According to
the calculations of Newton and Hay
gens this would be iu 1578, if the rota
tion of the earth had always been com
pleted in twenty-four hours, while, in
fact, it amounts to 1298, which is equiv
alent to n rotation time of seventeen
hoars and sixteen minntes, which must
have once l>eon the time of the earth's
rotation. It is, however, probable, for
reasons which need, not be gone into,
that at the time the earth was covering
itself with a firm crust the time of rota
tion was also a mean between the origi
nal and the present time. That a re
tardation of tiie rotation of time has ta
ken and is still taking place is now as
good as proved, although formerly it
was stiongly doubted. Of all heavenly
bodies it is the moon whom astronomer*
know best, and have most exactly calcu
lated from her movements. Now, the
co-efficients of the secular acceleration
of the moon's course, as found on the
one hand from the oldest observations
of eclipses, on the other frsm the
theory, aro at variance, and there are
differences which ought not to exist in
the calculations of so well observed n
body. Agreement can only be obtained
when it is supposed that during the
1,0(10 yenra which have passed since the
Greeks first calculated the eclipses, the
rotation of the earth has leen retarded
0.01197 seconds. There exists no diffi
culty alwint the causes of this retarda
tion, which IR |>erfectly well explained
ly the tides. From the cipher thus
found, it is easily calculated how much
time will be required to cause a retarda
tion of nearly four hours, and the re
sult is that since the firm crust of the
earth formed itself, more than 2,000,-
000,000 of years must have elapsed.
A ClAMnuxo BTORT.—It was some
timo ago that a man at one of the gamb
ling tables in New York city, after play
ing a time, got up "broke." He felt
in his pocket for any stray money that
might remain there, lint there was none,
and he drew forth only a eongh lozenge.
He was abont putting it into his mouth
when he was struck with the similarity
of its appearance to a " split," and part
ly in jest threw it upon the table. It
won and was paid by the dealer, who
did not notice tho deception, and with
this amount he continued to play until
he left the table a winner of more than
810,000, and with this sum he estab
lished himself in business as a druggist
and apothecary. Never after could he
be induced to bet on a card.
The largest blacksmith shop in Ihe
world is at Reek Island. It is 210 feet
long with two winga each 250 feet long.
Three Paragraphs of Hold.
A good advertisement in a good news
paper is the best of all |>ossible sales
men. It is a salesman who never
sleeps, and is never weary; who goes
after business early and late; who ae
costs the merchant in his shop, the
scholar in his study, the lawyer in his
office, the lady at her tea-table; who
can be iu a thousand places at once,
and ap-uk to a million |>ooplo every
day, saying to each one the best thing
iu the best manner.
A good advertisement in a uewspa|>er
pays no fare on railroads; costs noth
ing for hotel bills; give* away no boxes
of cigars to customers, or ruerino dres
ses to customers' wives; drinks no
whisky under the head of trsveling ex
penses; but goes st ouoe and all the
time about its business free of ex*
A good advertisement insures s bnsi
liens connection of the most ftcrmaueut
and independent basis, and is in s cer
tain sense a guaruutec to the customer
of fair and moderate prices. Experi
ence has shown that the dealer whose
wares have obtained a public celebrity
is uot only enubled to sell, but is forced
to sell at reasonable rates, and to fur
nish a good article.
WNIHKET IM> TUB WEEO. —lntelligent
physioltigtsla ami pathologists admit
that all st (culled medicines containing
alcohol—whether they emanate from the
regular phariuacopu-in and are called
tinctures, or from the Empirical Rtuu
Mills, and are labeled " Tunics," —are
essentially dangerous aud destructive.
The only way iu winch drunkenness
eau lo arrested is by restoring the in
tegrity of tlis nerves (s|eeislly the
nerves of tsste and the great sympathet
ic nerve), and purifying the animal
fluids ; and these objects sre more cer
tainly and Nwiftly accomplished by the
uee of DN. WALX-EB'S VISEOAK liirrEits
than by any other means. Hence,
urobahly, the opinion now so general
ly expressed, that this pure preparation
is a sovereign remedy for the evila re
ferred to. HbouM it be clearly ascer
tained that YtKBOAB llirrfctui is not only
a specific for indigestion, liver disease,
nervousness, scrofulous ulcers and
eruptions, and a host of other dis
orders, but also for inebriety, thousands
will rise up and call the discovery
The National Life Insurance Com
pany of the United State* of America
u in no rcsjK-ct afieoted by the recent
suspension of the large banking house
of Jar Cooke A Co. Its securities are
such as are proper to a conservatively
conducted Life Insurance Company,
all being of the moat substantial de
scription. It holds, invested in mort
gages and in Government bonds, a
much larger amount thuu its total
liabilities, and all of its other assets arc
worth all that they arc claimed to bo.
It haa not, and never had, a dollar of its
funds invested or secured by the
Northern Pacific Railroad bonds or
stock. It did not even have deposits
with the banking house of Jay Cooke A
Co., or any other private banking
house. The policy holders and friends
of the company aeed entertain no
shadow of apprehension as to its
permanent stability, and of its future
1 prosperity and success.—CVm.
Cramps and paius in tue stomach are
tbo result of imjorfsrt dv< mion. and way
LW uutaetbslelv RELIEVED BY s IIJSO of Ji-Htuon >
tkoiynr /.unionif. A teas(>oouful U1 S lilUs
sweetened aster is s dose —('can.
Flachi'S INSTANT Itturr haa stood
twenty ysars' lest Is warranted to gtv* *•*-
iwlwir rritrf to all lUietuosuc, Nrnralgw.
Bead. Ku arid Hack acbee. or iaotiv refunded.
The missing schooner Three Brothers,
of Petite ltiver, Lunenburg county,
was picked up and towed into Little
River, Newfoundland, on the 23d tilt.
She is a complete wreck, with spars,
sails, and rigging all gone. Seven
bodies were found in the cabin. Ths
remainder of the fourteen are supposed
to hsvs been washed overboard. Right
of tbe crew were married and leave
large families at Petite ltiver.
Can be build La ISsl srsat sad rabab'e family
■BSdlct MS
Rf fk* ua# of w> hirh iutp)NMii it rrU. ris)
in th. tr airtf4 Willi t'7 L*ng *r f**r<M*€
• Uik fel
Caught, Odd*. Aslkmm, Br—vktt i, C*n*mmtm.
kffAß rai roixovtvo
Dt A. L rcoTiLL LA the IUWC - IGT cf i*r*rtl
■tediral ff. psia l'M wki.h h*f* h* til* T#tf
pi'i u'sr, ud b*e btew ItAortH? to*d AW<x> bla
Utf.ujM At* •• H&•••<i for time t.w< ?•.*' ml
•• ! ttvf •orih *4 T*l ** r r Ifc* Rat l* yvsfi •
totter rewfdf bet Wen o>#r*d '> the |k)lr Re*4
tlefolluvinf Istter f.ota Pi. ICUfILL r*l*irltiß
, Ui It
MKMM 1 N lUimiro , •
(feals t tn •k* lb* f.i 1 aliif tr*m A
I Retfrrl AmeictPHi ar-4 kMl f* <*f ho WnRt of
ALIH> Lrio RamaS in rtiii g lit# ttoti deep-
Iv*le4 /SilaisWdt y OwntAffma ' I bar* vtinrMH
IIA tffef'l •> the > '• A. 4 lbe • 11. And I can ti *ly
• sytbattli* tffs<bw b •t*lo*rmraßt y
• Itl l<rh I *m A' Ait Alb lest T >r ottffbi. AA<S All
lb* tirlf Inn* Ctxnrlsieti 1 Wll*t It
} (.. W i rwriAlst Ctirr. And >f ereff fttni.y w< Bid
! ilfcjrltoia ready m ndfrp uur tt|a<u
l>e*r*ti.e fdiisAe*b.til tbt tb*r aoU
i W t*rt few eimi f f*t| rcniuntd on If fat in
] He pblevm i4tnitGf UtU Mhi>ot Inilsti g
. lb ** D*LIRAT (tbe Ltttfs), AND afibt^t
i Rrrsdtirltßfo'miMiito ofibe We i It *lP||Te
Itientih to th eyelet* tt *• tbo t l(bt tr*t,
•nd rhatifei A'l the A >Ud • ""1 M to A feewlfhy
•Ut* Tomr, frtpAcifttlljr.
* A. L ftCGTILL.
COLCNBI a. ALA-, March , itfl
J N lltn'l A Co
iMr S.r Im lakln As.) ■' tnrn f„r
t ( lb- of ii,l l-n jnara ,
I baa* mm (j icm-'if (■•<. auk Ih'i |i lh
Italy liaimt hat hat jlraa la at t r-l tt. 1 ban*
II ■•ird HI llf- Ual annua At taal l.tna I cow
afi.rr.l 1.-ln u. at A I rrcairaA lamalniar.l.a',
ll ato|>p— on mjr 10-a l In boar* I noil
Mrf rt t bally to juM'ah tbia lMtr. f >t lh bana
it of auffi*ri"tf bumai I jr. and attb trapect,
1 rwalu, Yoora truly,
inrb. Ny •uNarlns filraSa aa Iba l-llat* racala
ai'tfai a. and do * a drni Hl bran mo Uh rffira
c* of Ibta valuatila HI- lilaa P- In ll"♦ and lata
la y.<ni h ma a H 111 —* r ALIA* a Lt'ibßtuall
T •!, *ll Dad In II a (I rli ua piUa, and • l.air
ratling tnaud la Uma < f pari
Ba ital drralaad. Cal' br ALWXT tCRO SAL
• AM.aodlaba ..other
Piraclioua aocx.mpar. y aarb bottla.
J X. HARRIS A CO.. Cincinnati, 0.,
tot iala by (II Maaliina Dal. ra
Pit* aat.i wttotJaALß BT
ORO. C. OiaipwlN. Boa mo.
JOHNSON. HOI.OW av A cn . rbiladalrhl a, B.
THIKTh bKJblts* I \i -1 I, I I MI . OF
A!* OLD Nt RiE.
(Ira. Wlmlaw'i (amblng Syrup la la
praarrlptlaM of on a of Iba la at Frmala rbyat
rtasa and (grim In Iba UnltaA ttatea, and baa
baan naad for tblrly yaatt vllb nun falling tafaly
and tuooaaa by mllllnna of nolbat* and rblldran,
r,om Iba feabla Infant of mi wark old to tba adult.
It rorracta aridity of Iba alnmarb, rallrraa ind
colic, ragulalaa tba l>nwal. and girt a real, health
and comfort to motbar and rblld. *'i ball-va It to
ba tba Naal and Snraat R-mi*<ijr in lb- *o,ld I- all
PREN, wbalhar It anaaa fo nt Taalb'iig or fiom
any oibar < nine Full dlrarllona ft ual- g will ac
mapaiiy aach bottla. Nona <;•>. ulna unlraa iba
fao-aimlla of CP Rllß A FRRKINSy on tba ouiaida
wrapper. /
Nolil lr all Slaillrliaa Daalwra.
from no otbar aauta than baring worma IA tba
rrtll dattroy worma without Injuiy to tba rbNd,
balng parfrrlly It HITR. and fraa from all coloring
or otbar lnjurlua ingradlanla naually naad In
wvim praparaltona.
No. 819 Pulton Street, Raw Tork.
Jbfif bp flrwogieft and rbemiafa. no f dtaSort in
JMaifirtnea. of Twaair Fira Cgara a Hi*
ta tba brat ramrdy <n tha woil,lßr>e lha IPtlnwliig
onmplaliita. Til.: Crampa In the Ltmba and Btorn
acta. Palo ta tba Biomach. Bowel* or Rlda. Rfciu
mallam In all 111 firm a, Bi lion a CoMr, Neuralgia
Cholera, Dysentery, Cold*, Plrab Wrnudi, Burnt,
Bara Tbroat, Spinal Complaint*, Bpralui and
Braiaaa, Chilli and Fever. For Internal and Kx
tarnal at*.
IU nparation la not only to rallar* lha palUnt,
but entirely rcmovrt tba cauae < f lha complaint.
II panatralra md i*tii>i the wbola ayatrm, re
storing baalthy action to alltu pails, and quick
ening tha blood.
Tha Household Panacea la pnrvljr Vrg
alabln and All Healing.
Prepared by
80. WIS Pillion Btraet, Saw York.
For la!* by all Druggists. __
To Lit a Coi.d hat* It* own way !• to aiaiit In
laying lha foundation of Conanmptlon. To cure tha
m-at etubborn Cough ar Cold, poo hate only to uta
Judiciously Dr Jsyne's Expectorant.
I)a. Bi,AU.*nnaaoKß'a I' Ha ara not a pnrgatiaa.
Thay ,nrn srtry roils of Fever and Ague ir-rnrrf.-
„(•<. without alrk'ioia '-r diacowpirt.
Ural and Oldest Fauili) Medtelnr.-Ai
I ird'i fiitir /net porn (or purely Vegetable iVifhur
.i, and Tunic lur Dyapepala.Conatlpatlon,Debility
•■ok Headache, Bilious Attacka. and all derange
as Uta of ClTcr, Stomach and Bowela. Alb yoar
Dr if gut fur It. JTairurf ot imitations.
The superiority of the aloek towl in
making the Elmwood and Warwick ool
lara, and the edges folded all aroond,
arc the reasons why they are liked bet
ter than any others.—(torn.
The Emperor Francis Joseph of Aus
tria vtsttad ilia Alumirw 11 Agricultural Hill, si
Vlauus, August TAI, and was much Interested
in ll>a display. Tba fccliuss dual Usug Plows,
sililldtml ly Colli us A Co.. of New York, par-
Uculsrlv attracted Us attention. Pointing to
tba seal for Ilia driver, ha said, smiling: "Tits
Amariran farmar Is s bs|ipy lichvldusis ba
knows boa to got ilia moat labor manylialail
g Hie least i|M>nsa uf money sod
power. We bsva much to laarn." The blgbsst
prise st Vlauus, tba Medal of Merit, ass award
ed to Collins A Co., for tbsir Gang Plows -A'.
)'. UrraM, Stfit, 17.
Tar nvar|>oaarm iba laaal troublaarsna rough
within fortv <-1,-i,i botira.
Pike a lootbsebs Props curs hi ons mlnuts.
Heavy oata are good forhorsos ; none
; will dsn* tlist | but osla ran t ma k* a boras'*
! coat took smooth and glossy wliau he la out of
cuudlUon SAsHttmit'l 'atalry ConiUhtm Pw
j Art will do Una wbsu all else fails. - Gum.
CIIAI-I-EK HAXOS, face, rough skin,
ptrapls*. rut*-worm, aslt-rheum, and o'hw
culaneeua alt Uona cured, and ths shin madr
soft and smooth, by UMUR ihs Ji sirea Tas
Hoar, ruade by I'aswatx, liars an A Co., New
Vcrk. lis certain to gsl the Juniper Tar Hoap.
uuuls by us, as tbeio are many luitiotiona mad*
with Common lor which are worthless Cor*.
stands unnvalad and alone lu merits hav*
been so universally acknuwlsdasd that It would
be a aujwrerogaUnu to discsut on thea any
further—nothing can beat 11. Stows
Wlvraa's UALSAM for Itruwebltts. Com.
.Netoral tiersy— -I'rol.el the System.
Tba huwan bogy U a marbles.*** ibenfsreeao
'Hl rridura (•• , bulla, a wslrb era iseiel
tsar his*. II will last Bid lobgsr if yreyerly
U1.4 a4 4ulr i.ysir.4, lbas If sa yaiaa war.
iUk tats kaey Ula erSar. Ta. graat I'M art offvary
<ma who Sa.lrse a le> a aud kaaltby lit. IXMM ha
' 10 yet hit hotly la tntliliM te resist the life
tbtsataalt g Ibßutatti by ehirhw. aia avers er
j latt turruundad , and so ta*t(.raal er oerrwrMee
( at yraaarx hcows ee rSseliealr astwart thto at
-1 1. at !h. viul .itb sttßir, ssdtr in. sa
yitltsdlbS Btmt of ■u.i.nar't SteaiarO Bnirri,
aat btau lor wore ibta iwasiy yaart lha ttaedard
toslc of ats.rlrt Is rrowdsS ciitsi, wOtra tha
atuoabOart la coo lam (salad wilk Oat .Sttvla la
toft) a bit frc zs laigt p psUliobt, la marshy
irg.oot, where tat soggy tetl 1 with ■laasta;
ae IS* piattiaa and Is lit forsau, stary tail
iba air la taiutst wita .tkalatiott fro si reiusf
stsdi sad gitttrt. at lwosyNlt| lsarrs-a
• every lersltly where malaria cmldU, (hit
yostiral e.g.labia aeiidol# Id srgeelly saadaS.
Vtver and agut. bit.oat fevdtt., cot Jet
ties of tbt Itvar, jtuudnt, rbesststlim, aid aU
dltnt.t Wbtrh art g.nvratsS by Ibtaried air. tm
byett walar. or osddsa tbaagoa if ismperawra,
may bt attrltt by itrabgihaslag tha aytlrm lb
advasco with Hoalsttar'a Bntaro. Aslsaut la at
wtyt a t.ttu of peril, a.ptrially 10 w.ab. taartpl
ibl. Oisas Ittton. Ktaa tba mare elgortat are
t I to b. ■ a tat tssaacie dtcetted by the bemtd
altaoarbrr., beted with drlet-rlest gtttt pro
duredly rgetsbla Tba fall ia a period • f
tb* )<ar ebtn Iht rewovtt.os and regalstioe f ths
' I'Tiig marboe it penltarly important and tba th u!d tbtrtb it bt übss Solly at this
crtt ral aeaaoe
Tbe Mai Beta.
raw roso.
beef OsttlA— ma lat Uli
rus.uiHi Ji|(* -Uk
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Or<iitt*rjr uus OstU* . At m .lj*
lnTencor iowwM|T*ds . a ,ifc
Mllrb Oows - s*- 1 *
Ul>— Ijrs Wk
itmii m s .ma
Holies—Mxldliis* UDj
noor—Ettr* WMtors. #*e <W
Slot* Kiln ... Ske sIM
WbtaA— Bed W Mrtern 1* S I*B
so. t Berts* un # La
By* ••* * ■"
n2W->uii - • Lea
(BTO-MIU* WELW .811 (S S
(Vra-lliod f * M
Har, tru ia,o# stl.OO
AN*, P* MI 11-oa
Uot rr utmu—vr*. a e M
hork~ * * lTja
rrtroirajt. -i"rodf. B\**S "■*"■* !•*
kauw-Stau M s .
utuo, n* aa a ji
~ Vollow M a.
Wasters ordissry OS * .11
haiajlTUlt Sue.... .SI s J1
Cans, out* UMorj. -Us .UK
BklttßMd .M * .•
Ohio ie s .1K
Ks-uu J* # 2
m<oattis *.aa a IJ*
sh-p *-i * a.aa
*** * a.ia
WTxwi— go. lSprtus I.S* s lJi
00ra.... -8* a *a
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Bp* a.
nL >r ™ • •
Lord J • <*H
Wheal l.S* S l.
iiw. -m.i- v .. s Jt
Ooro— Ml I'd M m M
Bariajr - Bt*l .1 M til*
CMla-aieW a e JM
Lao s iso
WheB-WMtra Hod L l.a
Oers—VnUow •*• • *•
Mixed - • • •
IVtrolaiim—Crsd W-.Beaced.M
CIOTM Seed *•** Slt'.iJO
TuaeUiT - . a LTI
Cotton—Lew HlddlUK a AT
r^otir—Baits. - * TJIB
Wheat - l.tu #1.71
Corn .** S *8
<WL. .Bl e .8
unurv Mde nh Shd Kev chert Out-
Itlunic I pte. C*a;af ami *•*. Catelatw shd
aanptea/ra* EI)W M DOfOL*B. Irertlaheiw. Vt.
Tha as* hnt telllßg tel e. putlliM.
II tell* sl< l el U< freel ' util lfiMio SrasSel,
•c aa<trrieeC.'esroorn.Bit v.L>tle.
sad rhe Wonderful S ehia • f the Sorl'.n.l Capttel
ti oelia ydlrt n' fjr apenmea psfr one cirrw ■ u ore oar term I . Urol, dddn •• i
ii<ix*L ri Bi-ismxo co, shtisdeii*.r*
nU VIM east itnprtiri for lor t<* joer orrrr
• ! ike Mil H.p or iit Cettrr. (ItolN.w
..he ten Tarels reller.Blß.
.V t to W frodo* It* /arm
WABBge OA LB. care-pee Vslls.Mest.
-.1 Addreoa rerdA. prleled la heet arple. aeal h
•>U m'l >r 38 rente Cllmee A Co., ll Wtnlej
Mff*'. B'UIOR ---——a.-
the f. e' rI Suiphne of l.imr, •• prepared b_BiL-
Llso* rtlPPrro Ko.i....rrerl J B X*cß
.Mii ro.,k-ep Cinvs IWKIT ALL THE TEAS
Bur BP hew York olHce. Cl)e* Vlore
Ivi I! I V the Greet tlleatrAled Agrleulte-
I H l I rel sod FamllT Wert 1.
111 1 Mandard Anthorlljrspo" Pr e*V
• •••*• •* • rel *u I*l me and a H<sh-Tosoß
Lltararp Joer net. O-lr HWeToe.-lrtA toflrM
ilraal Pramrami -r I ••* rnsrnlarlose to Afrolr
Tk'rtmm .Vnmtarr lOrt lojon )On Trie! hr oslf
P.f t Casta I rrewilear Llola.dr. oeat free to *ll
Trial Sl>ritee.a Addreaa PTVT Moo* X T.City.
I ire Men Wanted to sell * IM1 kdUcle.
t wanted In arer* faierlf. warranted to aelL lead
Utria for n pie end r ban re to naka ronr fertwse.
W Ve AuaM't. loemror * ST Mudaoo. X T
/ Ih. Hsrfallw
Polirls, or Su-ar v Root
end Herbal Jiooa, Ano-BuW Cranulea-i:M
" Little Giant Cathartic, or \n.7r re
Pltruc, scarcely ItrffrlUsß IMUS
turd seed, yet uproaraung A muck cathaitie
power at largr rrpulaire pilk, tqAf wrarf **•
omj fteeenx*. frt Ctntly oofkimdff tfrrmhnf
lie!tig entirely aogviabls, sopsrue
ular ran i< waist thc W
Jiiumllec, licadnehc, Impur
mood. Conifipailon, Psln ft
shoulders, Tlglttncas • Chee||
Dtrzlitrse, llAnr.Jßrnetations. Ba*
taste In TloXtlt, Hllloas attarko_
Internal I'fAr, Hrtnh of Blood
to Head, BloaVcd Mtomaeh, Mlfk
Colored I r rlne|\looinT rorched
lugs, lake Or. PleiV* Pfllfli. ,
(h dt iww bV*n dailXf 1 * * uc, *iß curt
Pimples, Ernpilons,
llalla, MrrOfulOMS SIVcS end J'lrW
leul Affcctlous of kln. Throat
and I I'M ton. No cheap wt.l or paoa beard
h.-rn. but freth and reldlda in rula tie
rente, Vjr dui--;tt, or It eßiv Mamrtac
luml at the O orld'e 01/ pc usary. No*
New School for the Parlor Orp,
I liihirn. Ihr i.abnr of Tmwbfr and
1 J Scholar. Tn b hil at ell Bock bud Music
ttcm. Sent by mail Ptlca,flßo
hv the I'mfruloii oath* heat.
j m"i l|n>iafl, marl aitractlv*, and irarbra
In the meat direct Banner, an Had to pupil* of every
grade or i'itdj>, prrp*<; ig the mora advanced R>t
Thorough Ban. Bant by mall. Frio*, 18.75.
II The I.teat and best Cbotr Buck,
i ontama lha rood old atandard tunae tar Churcb
Caoira. ,f all da< omiiia'inna, ani prrtty malodiaa
'•y rnnnai t aniborf. Piica, tl 30. Banl by mall.
Sample ropy. •! 'O.
T A Wtlkfr'l Mntiotl.Alßmc, froi to uy
fcchtml, but looaana It, rieanaec th Intgt and aCarc
Irritation liua removing thocauae of the compact
by a timely resort to thla atandydl mnady. atito
prowl by of taatlnnmlaid It baa received.
Vbo pernio.* Is elgned"/. Autumn the arama,
bi:rfl W. >\>W I.K A BOSS, l**oammoB, Boa-
Tu, Mam. boU by Jaalort Bda—%.
oior \ WKKH. Watrhfraeto Agent*. Addr's
Qlt:3 PiTTsni'auit Sui-r-L* Co., Pmaburgh, P.
IfUTKY Mad* rwpwßp wltb Standi AKey Cbsck
jjJL Outtne. Catalogues, samplss and full parttr
lacs Free. B. M. Bpsuear 117 Bane*** St., Boston
inr inttnt ftrt o purely Vegetable
preparation. Rinde chiefly from toe M-
Uro berl* found on the lower ranges of
tbe Sierra Nevada mountains of Csllfor
iiia, tbe medicinal properties of which
are extracted therefrom without tbe uee
of Alcohol. The ouestlou la almoat
daily naked. '• What U tbe cauae of the
unparalleled success of Vimeoaß Brr-
Tr.Ka V Our answer ia, that tbey remove
the cauae of disease, nnd the patient re
cover* bia health Tbey are tbe great
blood purifier atiu n li.-glving principle,
a perfect Reoovotor nnd Inrigorutor
of tbo ayatem. Never before in the
birtory f the world ban a medio ae Uea
componndnd poaaoaaiog tha rrtiiarkallo
qaanora of Vi*m.jji Uirr*M ia beaiiugtßs
wsk of every dieeam man ia heir to. Thvy
are a ge&Ue I'argstiva a* well aa a Tyata,
rebeuug umeeaitata <* JMJwawMlok of
tha Liver and Viaoaml Orjaoa, In JiQioaa
The properties of Da. Walk***
rtaaoaa Itirrtaa are Aperient, IHaphwcrue,
Carminative, K uinucnu, Loaetive. undiq j
hedeuve, Coeuterlrntaat, hudonfic, Aftere- j
live, aad Anti Bilioaa.
(intleftil Thousand* proclaim Vis
sua* Birrßjta the moat w underfill In
vtguract that ever eueUinad tha aiakiaf
No Hereon can take tbv*e Bitters
according to direction*. and remain long
unwell, provided their bunes are not de
stroyed by mineral poiaou or other
meana, ana vital organ* wanted beyond
Bilious. Remittent and Inter
mittent Fever*, which are ao preva
lent in the valleys of our great rlvera
throughout tbe United States, especially
iboee of the Mississippi. Ohio, Missouri.
Illinois, TeoMMttt, Cumberland, Arkan
sas. Bed. Colorado, Brasue, Bio Grande,
Pteri, Alabama. Mobile. Savannah, Ro
anoke, James, and manr other*, with
their vast t nbytarx*. throughout our
entire country during the Summer and
Autumn and "remarkably so during ee.
sons of unusual beat and dryneaa, are
invariably accompanied by extensive de
rangtrtuenu of tiie stomach and liver,
and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow- j
erful influence noon these various or- *
gaits, is essentially necessary. There j
is no cathartic for the purpoee equal to
Da. J. Walk em's Vivkoab Birmt,
aa tbev wilj speedily remove tbe dark- ,
colored viscid mutter with which the
bowel* are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver, J
and generally restoring the healthy '
functions of the digestive organs.
Fortify* the body against diswu*
by purifying alt its fluids with Vixeuab
Brims. No epidemic can take hold
of a ayatem thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head- ■
ache, Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Cheat. Dirtiness, Sour
Eructations of tbe Stomach, Bad Taste
In the Mouth, Bilioaa Attacks, Pal pi ta
ut ion of tbe Heart, inflammation of tbe
Lungs, Pain in tbe region of tbe Kid
neys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
One beetle will prove a better guarantee
of its menu than a lengthy advertise- >
Scrofula, or King'ft ETH, White
Swelling*. I Irer*, Kry sprU*. Swelled Keck,
Goiut ScrnfaUMW lalliuiiw*Unt, 1 ndolent
ItnUmmatKin*. Mercurial Aflection*. Old
Sore*. Krupti<n of the Skin, Sore Eye*. tic.
la theec, a> in all other coc*titotionai DU
Man, WALKBK'S \ iawi*i Jlrmraa have
thovn tii.-u great connive power* in the
tuutt obrtma.e and laltecuble cmm.
For Inflammatory and C hronic
Rheumatism, tjoo?. Bilious. Kemlt
unt and Intermittent Fevers, Dieraaee of
the Blood. Li tree. Kidney* and Bladder,
tbaae lister* nan noMual. Snob Diaaaaa#
are aa-.tsed by V mated Blood.
Mnrtianioal UiewuifiK.-Persona en
gaged in Faints and Minerals. euch aa
Y'l umber*. Trpe-aetter*. Gold beater*, and
Miner*. a* they advance is life, an auhject
to par*;™* of tha Bowel*. To guard
against thi*. take a dot, rf Waiuun'e Tin
kx.AU Buret* ocwwhmallr.
For Skin Diwrn**, Eruptions, Tet
ter. Salt-Kbeuni, Blotches. Spots. Fmple*.
Pu*tuls. Boil*, Carbuncle*. King worm*.
Scald-head. S<>m Eye*. Ertndpelas, Itch.
Scurf*. Diacokirationa of the Skin, liun><<ri
and Diaease* of the Skin of whatever name
:tr nature, are literally do# up and carried
out of the ayntcst in a abort time by the DM
of the*e Bitter*.
Pin, Tape, and olher Worms,
lurking in the v*tem of eo many thousand*,
are el/ociually tWroyed and removed. No
cyatem of medicine, no vermifuge*, no aa
thelm initio* will free the ryttetn man worma
like these Bitter*.
For Female Complaints, in vcung
or did. married or single, at the dawn wo
manhood. or the torn of life, theee Tonic
Bitter* diiplav no decided aa influence that
improvement i* aonn perceptible.
Cleans*' the Vitiated Blood when
ever rou find it* imparities burning through
the likia in Piuiplea, Eruption*. or Sore*;
cleanse it whea you find it obstructed and
alugf!*b in the reina: clcan*e it when it a
foul; vour feeling* will tell too when. Keep
the wood pure, and the health of tha y*tem
will follow.
It. It. MtDOItLD * CO..
DrawgiaiaacdGee. Art*-San rr.nrtoon
ltd v. >if Vf lulißitua Md Cbartmr It*. X T.
Sold h) all l)r*(flaU and Ctalrn.
I~ HIM * W U \KRIHKA COTUL-lb wo*a*r
f, i Jimni'n ,rm*oy *et* alnoit loyUl.
fault tiklt an* pemctlf harmless. lHe*e
•ra tjr a * n.*er™tr fovths
utWoilolbo •n r, eeipt of *Bct* IMrtn
It B. WOLFS. Will*. *l*o Hod*.
Steam Engines.
The Best k Most Complete Assortment
in the Market. —■ H
TSfIM Kflfciiww hav* alway* maintained the retry
hlghwit .uindard of excrtWa. We make tha
manufacture of F.ngtaca. Boiler* Mtd Sew Miltoe
■peetaltT. We have the Uigvet end mod complete
worke of the kind in the country, with machinery
encoallr adapted to the work. 1
We keep eonnantiy in proeeee luf numb*** Of
Emm,,., which we fUTtiiah et the eery lowest pnoee
•nT on the ihorteet notice. We brnld Bnpnes
of manufacturing. _ , _ *
We era now building the oelebrnled Lane Cheu
lar dew Mill, the beet end mat complete eaw mill
ever invented. . _ ___ ... S
We make the manufortoTe of Saw Mill outAta a
rfccial feature of our buaiSem, and ean funnel*
complete on the abort eat notice. i
Our aim in all cneee to to furniah the best me
ehlnery in the market, and work absolutely un
equlrd for Wflty of dM&rn, powooy
Bend for Circular and Prise List. d
rnci, nr. T, _ *
Wimooin, ii UIITUXPT Br., Nrw To**.
QM E S T"^%
Agents Wmntoci.
Pom eg tic Seeing Machine Co** K. Y*
Peerless Clothes Wringer.
L HIT 111 OBS A CO.. 18 Faltee street. M. T.
mutsm ** *9 + gm\
S2SVW tS ;
Or MfiMSMMI. CoßrtW4 IM
•aid Herbal JUIM, AnU-Mlllene
OranilM- TBE M Ira A'XUSGIA.N1 11
CATtf AirriC, er MwUmm ta arvf
The aovrtty of modern toedkaL CVmleal *ed
FWwroii *1 !<■ laser Ho of mj taw*
taktos Ih. iff*.wjuoavj eei.iiiiiiiiiii pafr
bi* root. aad i,*vb, sod tmmmmu tha* lew
by thnra of the m.l eenaaitra Main*-*'
ikhMWM. SachUlUaPwrgeMllve Pellet
tii>nwnu lot t, , t ooMPBtnM forth, as ewl
caUtofltc power • "r V?
Urcr pliu ftmed fw[rata l the dray
their wotidrrfnl cathartic peww, lo proportion!*
their alae who hwe not Utod lb*tosra*pt
pricior of three Felteta. W aoy eh' tn t "he.
wtaiyata, wtfl Sod ta than any Catora*! or
Kern* of mmtmry or ay other mineral
entirely veweUißle, nojnrtka
lor cave te repaired Wflto Being Mwab Ivwyopj
rnu wlthooi dtatnrtwwe t (So *an*ttattow
diet, or iirropnlyo. for JsMdir*, llead*
fhr.u Blulajos MrlmiiMw
Of Ike SMMSrh, Bed twlr tt OWBtb.
SI I lone attack*. Pain* In r*fL\-n t
id or- va. Internal Pawev Oloaiwi
ellnt a boot kiannrh, Bnk of
Inch, lhitn lh. Pierce** Pl'-aannt I*l r
cnilve Pellet*. 1* ipUtwtt'*. of the naM
•HU t K,wer of my Rw.-stive Mk * ever eo awt
* vortVrtv of dWoM, I Mt M nj Unt tbclr
•el lon apon the aulntel eeononsr
!• nnlverael.. nod a Jflnnd ortlhooe
eaeaplu* Ikelr aenatAr ImprfO. m
doa wit iinpite lh.; U • r'.itioc and.
betas eoctaetd ia <taw uJ wewrie Itadr rir
th< t fee eay tenets tf thw la aoy
ta iKT-wa'ayrsxa
artnrrr e l.a *tt r, Alterative or Pnrya
DSSIS: rffe U.t?. ear***"
Do wh *ttoo ear 4rhtt to tadam yoe to
ulw aarthtad tae that he awr wjr ta )t a* rood
umr IVlewbeowae he Cikheh• tavvwpoetoa
that heh be iwawnk. It jnr dnuarUt
ww tkrto. endow emu and i^ve
them bf vnnm nali taw
\ JB. r. riKMCB, M. B. Prep'r,
■- pt'rrMu ■ Y.
n \ w'ii-8.. ■
BCMKNCMta MLAMDRAIOS PBUA*. rtlle we eonp eed enelawvelj of voceuUe
iMNflMii aad ilthep th. oitt'.lv niwnle
the twe efhMveai r. Se net k*v wV Of 1 1* Mto'tooe
eCeru Tt .f ect •' aeon the hv.r. w>h are
• eatohMe rewehv ta all tee** of eera*cmaeat #-
eu>.. Kvn e eteerdored etateef h*i * U.ev
ConpUmt. Mkw Bieevaava, S*tt*tea. huh
B.e.*ehe. VvpW tf a*4 oUtey Peveve. Aa..At., ag
ueteilt tV. free aaeef kinret t Bo*u
Ptixa. tat e*le h all Braenwta aad Pealeva.
Good for fan. ldutodoi f all
fciade Dipktherta, Wecsd*. Urtueea. Bono,
6am Tbteei, l-c!?iie£ ot
•be OUnd*. InSetamaftoti of the Bye.
Utoul I*i net jii'-f. Hiaa, Bee IKtap.
aad all hare*.
Good for Bewt. Trrmb WamtA*. <Mk.
I Soil B>jl, ?■ priuti*. Bntier*. tracked UnrM.Btaf
Awe, Wind OaUa, hpavtoe. boMory. yotuaSer.
lwiai't. haad cracks, fecratfta*. er ttrraec.
| UonM
Tkle tmly wonderfkl Llnlneowtwee
dieeoverad by lIoMLJI it, late
In (wear of dndttetry aad MeUweoaUre ta the
111atoo Liberal leetitate,ef OoetdaOaaty. N.T.
is .xpenmenmj far the porpora of wekrac
ivcwc Add. hy nciunf tbe ladependeatcaeeaaa
bodie* of vukb It w ouoipoaed, a netdosa w
left, vrtodu oa brui* applied to hrciM* aad la
flawed paru. by tb, atadeoteof th* laantat*. en
fooad tr> naaoaaa tbe maorkahta propotv of coot
toe doe* and rai-i i£ off ibe taSaatmatloa aad
aoraoaw at oaee. aod rratortaf the iiartateaoead
•eaa aad health too f*w boun hoat paw or
It le not a boating Untaaent. kt
new by lu peeaHar apanbe < r ebrmwai; aatltMe
la dtoaatvtaa aod ecai'er i * tbe auraoaav aod ta
flawouittac of tha taja-ed part By a free ap
pHoaUaa. tbe red nthet aoaa beeewe* oao'.
motet aad aaMnd.aad to leeto-wt to naraal
health trttboat aappcrartcas ordearrarfloa.
As n Ltntatont for Horn rkwh.for
tha rara of ao Urn ani;e oamed Shore, we
cbaltoage the wwfd to Sod Its apod.
Price aa 4k go ccsstt per bodUe.
D. BAHBOM, SOW & 001, Pnn\
Bee OBttee latacel tibma
BE In £9(l r*r hay < aeet we ted I an rtoeea
1Q to etw cfertiMswp.a-i<torMi pwt
or ot*. wake awn wo#y at te Mb tofh
■owe im at ****** *H the tna* thee at are thtn* eta*
NitntLrt ftao. ad drew • STIStUS A CO..
rortland. M*. S
It is net a quack norfrnm.
Tl.s ir crcdicnU ore published
on eech bottle of mcdicio*. It
la u*rd end recommended by
Physicians wbeievrr it baa
been introduced. It will
positively cure £TffC#T£i
fa UM tariott* K/CO**, JiIIEV
■ Ijyc,, GOVT, GOITRE,
COESIHPTION, end all die
esses arising from sn impure
condition of tbe bleed. Bend
for our Bosaxxaue Autaxao, in
v hicb you will find certificates
(rem reliable and trustworthy
Physicians, Ministers of the
Gospel end others.
Br. B- Wflfsn Cur. *f tbittawra
nptalaiHlltiiiiMncf Srrofok
aad other fltatawa with Bswch rattatae
jLT ifgiftasaays
dtoraeed Blood, raytostt *r-tor ta
err yecraraOoabel aacverWMd.
trv. Bstosy Bon. oftto iMmm
to. k. fwlmVv tooth, t i be baa
leea so work bravßUrd tyl to*, tail
be rtvevfWfy rareamradatt to ail hi*
I rlmda aad M^MtOnra.
Cwvtß*Ck, rmrewwj
v::>. v*., ray it sever baa tailed to glra
Sant'l O. *edw. JPwftw*""*.
Teroraeee, je It corvd htm of Bhaa-
Biativa obeaaUakefltikd.
Win ir CkllH ul ?mr, Llw CowpUtnt, Dya
! tie. W# niruilH louiiiii #iarlt>r t#
*ll other nVood hruton. Ind (or SwaifUTl
' Circular or Almautc.
Add rut rLKXIWTI A CO.,
• . Cmatm EL, Eeltomcrt, Mi
Ban an bar to uk jvm Snntit tor loi*stu*_
w HIT;" ferXlt'***■- i i
. Jf't\ V em u4 naltw II tat
\i■lr wt & ■Hll' nntlflit m4Mm Imt
W liar Mr daaahtw waa ta la*
tufcHiO. taaaMtat takta Eartaf to*
atfht a** Cwara Market, tad la hat* toaawjaw Brrtwi
: atotr aaatual aIA lltleeaaia watrtoßt tataa Bleed. aad l*ae
: aurtflee tha he "tot fit* It ta Ike Bleat.- 1 toerahre
> Kartllruiitoawtllte*a****iiimtri Paul; etetlelntak*h
It at til Uata rtadjr to tea Bat. MUX ft. FBITfHET,
raiter a*lß* Otataa ltd ail Ota a*. ttauM*. A*
Wt atta tot aht* at a* artteaaa af to* HOME BEFCTATIOS
I at BttMlJCXti MKKB BiTTKMK It It *<**)]'tttM ta ataaa*
! atarr Ikmllr. tat atata tat ta toatltor att* tie awta*. leeeanr
I ■* 111 It ta Ik* f.tady UttaMv at tat* aalkd latara*t
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