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    Farm, Birdrt and Household.
PKTPFIW.— Start in hot bed; the Sqna*h
variety for pickles, and Sweat Mountain
far stuffing,
PAfcsirrm. —The? those left in the
ground. Sow Hollow Crown in drills 15
inches apart, eariw.
M ELO\-S. - -Trout tho same as cucum
bers. Ward's Nwctitf, Ski llman's Netted
ami Caasaba are l>est.
K ALR sowed last Fall should have the
soil well worked around tho pioutw. to
prevent the growth of weeds.
l,vTr\ia|BfawMd last Full should l*> un
covered, snlt (he soil loosened between
the rows, t nrled Silesia and Tennis-hall
ai e valuable aotto.
ONION®. in drills 15 inchea apArt,
as snryj'as thiv ground oau he prepared.
Eirlv R.>d ana Yellow Danvera are good
for thw gfijjvjhl crop.
SI-OAR C'Attßt. —Ooe jyund of sugar,
six egg*. threo-qtttrh>tA 'or a pntiini of
butter, one nutmeg, two teaapoonfnl*
of so cupful of cream. To be
baked fn ft quick oven.
FRIED HAUIU-T —Have tlio slices sea
soned si me hours Ivefore frying, as it
will lie lesn hable to break in turning.
When roiylv to fry dip it in eggs beateu
up, aud roll in bread crumbs : fry in hot
HAW* (TiHtUUiffWUD.— o# q*iart of
molasseaf I<M rtiofuis of sncar. three
qnarters of a pound of butter and lard ;
one cupful of ginger, a teaspoonful of
Mack pepper, ami a tnlvleapoonful of
•loves, ciuusmon ami allspice.
PEAS. —Plant in double rows Carter's
First Crop aad Duaiel O'lionrke for
early. Champion of England for main
crop. And for dwarfs McLean s Little
Gem is beet; tlie dwarfa should be sown
in single row*, one foot ajvvrt, aud do not
require any brush.
Fur IE CJMUMS. -Dissolve half an ounce
of ismgha* in warm water, enough to
cover it ; add to this a pint of cream,
sweetened with fonr spoonfuls of sugar,
and boilritea Wtxtets cool, lay some apri
cot, ra-frciry or pncli preserves in a
glass dish, and pour the cream over it
PrmfraanA— Take eighteen ogsr*.
eighteen tables poouafiil of fionr nod I
eighioet tablespoonsful of sweet milk
Separate the whites and yolks of the
eggs, heat them to a froth, then avid the ■
luilk and flour to the eggs mix well to-,
gether. pfcf to small wioJds sed Nike to '
a Serve hot with sugar aud
PssmoxiA.—'The sudden termination
of pneumonia aeems to invite au advanc
ed preparation. An eminent M. D. gives
ns tlie olio wing as a sure remedv : Take
Pond's extract (witob hotel lfi drops in
a vriue-alaaa of water, and in extreme
oases, gte every 20 inicntes or halfj
an hour. Ih ordinary cases giTe it once {
in 4 hours.
CHOCOLATE CAKHS. —One pound of i
su;ar. half a pound of grated chocolate,
the whites of eight egg* ; mix these in
gre ients together, and stir them fo:
half an hour, then mix in cinnamon,
cloves, or vanilla, and add six quuees of
flour. Btxtgar t jn, a-iff drop saudl i
cakes uoAR it, baling them in a cool
oven. It is well to add to the above in
gredient*, two pounds, of ai anemia wbieli
have been beaten flue in a mortar.
Crane, of New Jersey, spoke of the
••moraluftnre of cooking (food fur cat
tle." Ho said it demoralised both par
ties. The cdtrs were forced unnaturally,
and became unhealthy, and pork that
hail been ma le in this way was soft and
unfit for food. Mr. Hanser s&id, in
Germany the general lelief was opposed
to the practice, except for hogs, which
seemed benefited by cooked food.
Srcsrso Cows.—Theodore Mershon,
Jereeyville, (k, wanteil to know- how to
prevent cows frofh sucking ea<-h other
and themselves. A Rhode Island farmer
said a'cetoffl- made of two strips held
eighteen inches apart, with stont sticks:
fasten ad to luem and put rronnd their
neck*, would do it Mr. Stewart said
this would hot prevent one cow sucking
anothi* A spiked n.xae-ring of sole
leather, wiotki do that; the spikes should }
not be sharp enough to cause injury. 1
Mr. Crlmvnad known cows severely in
jured hy the* spikes.
Cordwfimrps.—We give n couple of
recipe*for oough syrups, said to be "ex
cellent." 1. Take one tea-cupful of
flax-seed and loak it ail night. In the
morning put into a kettle two quarts of
water,.a haadfjriof licorice root, split up,
and a quarter of a pound of raisins,
broken in half. Let them boil until the
strength is thoroughly exhausted ; then
add the flax-seed which has hern pre
viously, soaked. Let all boil half an hour
or more, pad Mir ring thai, the
mixture may UM tThen str in/aftd
add lemon juice and sugar. 2. Boil one
ounce offl.ix-ved,in a quart of water for
half mi yatraiu, and add to, the
liquid thejuiod of two fom.Tae*i<l half a
pound <rf r. ek caudy. If thaoough is
accompanied by weakuos *nd Jo-s of
appetitHbiild laif an oaoce of powdered
gum a rite c,-,. Set thia to simmer for
half u "bi.Br, stiirfug it "conkmallv
Take a wuietpfewful wtecn the cough is
■ "T
WOECIs. • ; IE- gives. —To each
grM-.n f ripe tomafbee washed and
cut up, take three quarts of water and
let it boil downjhalf. stir occasional!v,
to preitent the tomatoes, from sticking-
A double vessel. by the way, is valuable i
in prepfripg all sauces. After boiling
thus *§b3ia the tomatoes through a;
sieve, and add two tablespoonsful of;
gingery "he same of black pepper, the,
same df Mf£ ofcp of clover, and one of
red pepper. Boil all down to a quart,
and ;idrt a tumbler of vinegar. Strain,
bottletm) cork tight. A still better;
imitatirtQ} wt* think, is the following:'
To evety pllloti of ripe tomatoes waa Tied <
and add five tablespoon ful of
salt, tm ( csyeuao pepper, two of*
one teaspoon fa] f
mace, one of akpire, one of cinnamon,
half a WO'of clover, two large onions
sliced, dbe'tmßblerof good brown sugar, !
one qoart qj good apple vinegar, one
and, if yon like it, a tittle garlic. Mix
all aixlnafcthexn into a etewpan. Sim
mer gefWf *ur hours, nt bring frequent
ly to bireveut scorching. Strain, and
when (Sold, bottle. Be sure to use new
eorks - cw. ~,. ..
w tfinT.
PnospH')Gßß Dt THE Bodt.— Of phos- ]
phonis every a !ult person carries enough
(1 3-4 Votjnasj about with him in ni
body to make at least four thousand of
the ordinary tsrw-cent packages of match
es, but he does not have quite sulpher I
enough to complete that quantity of the '
little incendiary combustible*. This
phosphorop&.exists in the hones and in !
the bruin, ran is one df the &et impor
tent constituents in the bodr. Every
school-boj la acquainted with (hose:
t nieials, e. di ;m and potusei im.
for he tMF tnem" flffth intCi bril
liant flame when thrown upon water. The;
bodv contains Awe and a quarter ounces
of the.Aorpjnr fud a half ounce of the |
latter mwtuL; enongh for all needed ex- j
perimcwfSl' ariteKwes in the schools of a
large rig. The twelve grains of mag-
be ample in quantity to
form ttfs "**sTJyer rain" for a aoz< n rock
ets. or cßougli to create a light which,
nnder fuvoaaWe conditions, cculd be
see" IgW l disti nee of twenty miles.—
From rvrQirtr Science.
II ■ mff 1 ? :
paper whose subscription Hat bu suffer
ed frfts .ft* -evil it deprecates, aays:
" Reateje! if yon have borrowed the
paper jfan axe reading, don't do it again.
Subscribe. II isn't sufp to borrow pa
pers. once knew a poor, but honest
man, wlfo borrowed a paper, innocently
and inadvertently, from a hitherto
wholesome neighbor. Fatal act. That
terrible contagion, the small-pox, was
convewed-inaidiouiily in the fibres of tlrnt
sheet. Of that intensive and interest
ing family A doting father, a fond wife,
severe intellectual And heroic sons,
thirteen lovely daughters, two popular
mothftsd n-faw, and three beautiful
auntS*W* one remained to tell the tale."
■msw ■
A advertised for a run
away.tuft, and oaliwl particular attention
to tluftftmn—q of bar desertion just as
the eemiug au, after be
had of Wintering her.
am an m * .*,n ,
women belong to the
Hems of Interest.
HRDNORHORIA is prevalent in Great
CHLORAL tipplers are quit# common,
it is mid.
TROT. N. Y., smite 48,000,000 paper
collate in a year.
A SHORT shock of an earthquake was
felt at Padncah, Ky
TRR tallest man in Maine died last
week. Ho was tux feet seven inches.
TEE men were badly burned by an ex
plosion of sulphur at Locuatdale, l'cun.
Ckum ASt last voar guillotined two,
hanged six and bcMaJsd eleven malefac
Botrott has 7U lawyers, or about one
lawyer to arcry four huudred inhabi
A RELuitooa sect is announced in fit
Louis which compels wouieu to cut off
their hair.
TW**TT thousand women gaiu a living
in Hwitserlaud by working iu the watch
F.KUIT persons were killed aud many
injured in a boiler explosion in Brus
ftds. Belgium.
NoIwmWTARDiNO the printers' strike
in Toronto, Oufctcjo, all the psjxsv ap
pearetl as usullt.
BAKE WARD has retired from the
Ward Brother's erew, aud Joah will re*>
stroke this season.
It is reported, on good authority, that
Jav Gould's net profits on the Erie
"fiiirrv" were two millions of dollars.
Thk motiou to remove the capital from
Humsburg to PbihuMphi-a was lost in
the Pennsylvania tlouae, by a vote of &f>
against to 37 for it.
! Tift Tichbowe estate will have to pay
1 £l-20,000 in lauyers's fees, and this fact
♦alk attention to a grievous blol in the
Saplish legal system.
Tu* Tiehborne claimant, now in New
gate, has app.Wed to Uie public for aid
14 make his defence against the charges
i# perjurv sua forger v.
A Yw;*ixxa paper advocates s tu* of
sixteen cents per pound en tobacco,
i liquors, dogs, old tehelors, and uteiu
: ben of the Legislature.
I* tlie Ohio Senate, the bill to provide
j for monuments to Ex-President Harri
1 son Oeu. Thomas L. ll.uui.ui and Si
f uon Keillor was defeated.
• ON* hundred and twelve boxes filled
i with the bone* of deecus.-d Chinwr have
Keen received at Port l'ownseud, from
: British Columbia, for Cliitm.
Thz amount of U. S. ISCJ Bot-ds
redeemed to date is as follows: Fust
.*ll, ®1,860.850 ; second call, 810,497,.
•250; third call. $!1,557,500.
Gzokoi: N. Kxapf. Postmaster at Or
; lt&us, Ind., has diaapfa arel v Be is
charged with hiving swindled the Gov
eminent out of $5,000 through fraudu
lent money orders.
Th* trial of Mrs. Josephine MeCarty,
for the murder of Hcuiy U. H ill ui a
street cpfr-, in Iftien, has been put over t#
the £9th of April, to enable the defense
t ti> tneure the testimony of distant wit
A Bostonias calls the attention of the
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals to the storekeeper* who neglect
to provide seats for the female clerks
while not engaged in waiting upon eus
i tomers.
Th* five eheeee factories of Jefferson
County. Wisconsin,manufactured'23l,2fJ
pounds of cheese in 1871, which Hold at
un average of ten cents per pound. 'Hie
business becomes more extensive every
Gex o jsoox Has suspended the cam
paign against the Apache Indiana in
Arizona, on being informed of Geo
H.>words's mission. The Indians arc
now masters almost of the entire Anion a
One Waltz, a German, w;is aliot at six
times at Ehzahethport, by a German
girl whom he had refused to marry, and
who had tailed to get redress by au ap
peal to the legal tribunals. One ball
took effect in the thigh of the obdurate
Major Gen. Hancock, commanding
the J>?partment of Dakota, has addresa
eJ a letter to The Siou.e City Times, for
publication, announcing that a the
ill uk HCi fieri.* -8 an I' djfcn, Kcner
vation, nc shall prevent by the us& of
troops, if neees-ayy, any prospecting
parties entering. He odJa that an official
letter front Gen. Stanley, tu command of
that region-, states that no gold baa been
found in the Black Hiila.
A Little Romance.
A case somewhat res. rutimg the fa
, moos Tichoone trial, and, m one respect
|at least, rvniudiug one of Charles
Rcade'a " A Terrible Temptation," ia
I soon to be tried at C< qu> tun tin up le. The
I story is romantic enough for a noTel or
j play, aud runs thus : There ia now in
! London a Turk aged about 25 years, call
• iog himarlf Mnstopha Djehad Iter, and
r claiming to be the lawful son of the late
I Kibrisli Mehejui t Pacha, ex-Grand Viz
ier, .md uliHofa the BaltnuV <tefuy to
j the Court of St. James. In IM7—secli
is the claimautV atorr—Kiiirndi'a Me,
I the widow of a European physician; foirc
to him a aon, the present Mustapha
l Djehad Bey. On the following y.-ar the
Pacha went to reside at the" British <
i Court, and during Ids nbaeoce the child
| became so seriously ill that the mother,
fearing that should it die her husband;
1 would take another wife, feigned to give j
I birth to another child, which, in the i
knowledge of a eunuch and a woman in >
ihe herein named Fatmah, was merely a
suppositious child, bought or borrowed.
But the first-born recovered, Paehu
having already been told that heaven •
had bhwaed him with another son. Tb>-'
mother was caught in the toila she her- J
self had woven, for Fatmah and the cn
nucb used their knowledge of her deceit
to override and rule her. The mother.
Melek Khairum, became wtury of this j
a'ate of affairs and confided her troubled
to Bcshid Effendi, the Pacha's man of t
business. Fatmah was soon dismissed, j
and the eunuch was smothered in his bath, i
Madam Kibrir.h waa tried for murder, but
♦he charge was not substantiated. The
I'acba came to Constaotiuople dnring
the progress of the trial, anl finding
things in such a state of imbroglio di-l
vorccd bis wife. The queation of the,
legitimacy of the first born then arose,
and Melek Kahnnm, actuated, as* be now
says, by a feeling of revenge for the di '
vorce and the Pncha's vtfltsequent mar
riage, averred that Mustopha Djehed 1
Bey bad been borrowed uleo. Then the
boy Djcbcd became a wanderer, served
as a menial in Egypt, joined the Papal I
Zouaves, became a lay iomnto at the
Convent of SL Lazarrc, and when liis
father died last September went to Eng
l*wi and there proposed to defend Lis
claims to Kibrisli Pasha's p. operty.
first zeal business which General Wash
ington undertook when romwenciug life
was a snnrey of the possession of Thomas
Lord Fairfax. He entered upon this
work when he had just completed his
sixteenth year, and continned it for three
years, as it was rery profitable employ
ment, receiving, when actively employed,
a doubloon, and sometimes six pistoles
a day (a pistole is $3.60). While thus
employed surveying lands beyond th*
Blue Ridge, ho was often an inmate of
Greenway Court, the residence of Lord
Fairfax. * The house of Lord Fairfax
is still to IMS seen near the village of
Millwood, in the Shenandoah Valley.
In standsgreen knoll, ovcr-l>a<lnwed
by trrei, and is a In vr stone building, one
story in height, with dormer windows,
two wooden belfries, chimneys studded
with swallow and martin coops, and a
roof sloping down in the old Virginia
fashion into low projecting eaves, that
formed a verandah the whole length of
the house.
FoKETHOtroHT.-Mammi -"Well, John
ny, I shall forgive you this lime, and it's
very pretty of you to write a 1-tter to
say you're eotry." Johrny—" Yes, ma.
Don't tear it up plcare." Mamma—
" Why, J.-hony ?" Johnny—" Because
it will do for next time."
PBIXCF Frederick Charles of Prussia,
while io Italy,recommended the reorgan
ization of the army of Victor Emmanuel
on the Prussian system.
The Esquimaux Curiam.
Nothing in the revelations of ih# condi
tions of existence among the Esquimaux
l* so terrible as their treatmval of the
dying. When death is near, ths snflhrer
is lett alone within the low-hut; thw Utn|
is supplied for the last time—tf there is
an* blubber to spare Just then; if not,
tho end must he awaited in cold and dark
ness the aperture is elosed hy lea blocks
and the death-chant her Itooomea the toifth.
The nnhnppv creatures believe that it the*
remained with tlie dying, the fur-clothee
worn on the occasion taud, of course, their
most valuable |>oeecssiott) never could be
worn again; also, that any they might
then l>e making, hy the aid of dsli-boni
needle* and reindeer-sinews, would be use
less. So the sole notion of the supernat
ural they entertain distorts their usually
gentle naturae, and serve* to leeu the
interval of their removal from the brutes
by establishing tlie trait of desertion of
the dying tn common between them. No
wonder Captain Hall was aeixed with
horror when be learned the existence oT
this custom; learned it from his favorite
Tisudtroolit*, too an KequiiuauA woman,
who, with her husband, bad been In Eng
land, and had seen men and cities, but
who had just abandoned a dying woman,
and gave Iter ren-ons #Vr doing so with
perfect good faith ami enrneabtcss. No
wonder he rushed to the igloo, and tore
away the ice-blocks, and remained with
the dying woman, even at Uto,vi>k of his
life from the fearful cold. He induced
one man, a relative of the woman, to bold
a light for him while he reverently laid
mil the dead body ou its snow-lmd, with
an ice-block under the head, the hands,
already beginning to freere upon the
bosom, and lumps of frocon auow u|H)it
the eyelids. Then be carefully sealed up
the aperture, that the dogs might not ea'.
the remains, and left her to the rest,
which one thinks must be most welcome
to these people, of all toiiiug, suffering j
—At the last mooting of the Hiatono-
Gf|aloginil Boolsty in Boston, Mr
Samuel Ci. Drake read a paper UJKIU
"Sir Samuel Cuuiuing among the
Cberokes, or Facta in tie Early Histo
ry of Georgia." n>r paper he was
about to preseut, said Mr. Drake, eviue
into his possession by purchase in Lou
don, and was written !>v Kir Aloiaidur
Cnnnnng in tle \*ar ITfJ. Sir Alel
wilder Ihiuiuiing was one of an expedi
tion aent by the English g >verumeut
•bant that year. He seemed to have
been au honewt, thongl) vhienary tusn.
inasmuch as he usoerlcd that tbci cuniary
results of a settlement in the CMierekee
country would pay the national debt of
England in, twenty J ear* Failing
in sererAl iitUnnpti to seeuiosonse royal
appointment, on the accession of
George 111. he tnude a diree* appeal to
that monarch, and succeeded at Isst iu
obtaining the appointment of Aiuba*sa
dor to the Clnrokets
The exuot year of lua departure from
England WAS not definitely known, tint
it wa shortly before the breaking ont of
the troubles but ween the English and
French, who were fighting hard to ol
taiu a foothold in the new country, to
the exclusion of the other. The docu
ment gave an account of the adventure*
of Sir Alexander and hia company
among the Cherokee*. interwporwed with
cxplanatii ns and remark* by the reader
As a fragment of American history from
the direct hand of a prominent aitor iti
the scenes described, the paper is a valu
blo acquisition.
The Liqcob Qr*sTi<>*. —If the expense
of drinking spirituous liquors ever had
. power to deter * toper from possible en*
joyment of the cup. or if the bibulou*
man thought or eared much for the future
when hi* pa**on was on him. there might
J be tome hope of lessening hi* drunkeßeae
I by imposing heavy fine* on those who
drink. Bv.t *l*' the recent action of the
Liverpool magistrate*. * hereby they
thought to stay the fiery tide by fining
the swimmer* heavily, ha* proved a fail
, ure. They gave dne warning to all whom
it might concern not only that they *honld
be mulcted in heavy sum*, hut that their
name* and addre*es should be published
l in local newspaper*. The dreadful day
came, aud on it ISO persona were convict
ed and fined in the aggregate amount of
SI3P; afterward* on one day 115 person*
were fined, and then 14*. The terrible
threat of exposure and lo* of in"tie* had
' not the slightest effect; and the Pall Mall
, GmeUe hope* that the mnpi*tmtes will
I not persi-r in their experiment if they are
not convinced that it is not a success,
which, apparently, it decidedly is not.
In New York the fine i* $lO, and the al
ternative ten days on the Island, yet
•' BntoraarV Hall 1 ' at the Tomb* is crowd*
'ed every Sunday morning. Levi.abau is
not so tamed.
The Rorrauv—The Fan Francisco
Pott sa*s; ' Soma experiments bare
been tried in crowing buffaloes with tL*
mestlc cattle, awl the result is highly sat
isfactory. a brew! of animals being pro
duced which retains many of thevaaahb'
properties of both breeds. The animals
are large and strong, ths chief objection
to them being that no ordinary fence atopa,
: them for a moment, and that they lore
the water so mneh that they will swim in
•<i>r>rt in when it is full of fl nffhr
ice. Wo have heard of a cow and calf
whose love of athletic exercises was so
.Treat that they would jump from a hank
ten feet lijgh jitao doep water, when thi*
J was an easy path close at hand. These
j personal peculiarities are drawbacks to
' the Introduction of buffalo blood into the
: veins of family peta; bat on the ottier
■ hand, when properly cacnl for. those ani
mals make most excellent beef, and their j
tildes, when sott-tanned are as mnrh sn- 1
j perior to the buffalo robe of commerce as
wo#l Is to shoddy. The writer saw the
I pelt of the cow mentioned above. It is
inneh larger than any buffalo robe which
he ever se.w before. It was covered with
mat of soft, short, curly brown hair
there being none of the long, shaggy bait
ordinarily seen."
Win Impi.evevts.—The Ix>ohai tribe*
have a fashion of fisrhtirg which reminds
one of a story in Livy, A Roman Conn
snl at the head of an army was penetra
ting a forest in Gaol, when the forest fell
on him. and he and his iren per
ished. The barbnrinns had previously
cnt the trees nearly tlrongh on one
side, and at a preennrerted signal, gave
the final to thoe on the nntk?rt of
the forest, tbns involving the fall of the
whole. The Looshia pile huge stones by
the roadside to let down on the troops,
holding them up with a jnngle ereeper
AS A aort of stringer. They also cnt the
roots of treea at their stockades, hav
ing previously fastened them with jungle
creepers so that they may stand till the
right moment, ths main ereeper holding
them, all being taken a tar as the stock
ade. On one occasion, on the enttlng of
this creeper, a tree fell on one of the men.
wounding him severely: hnt. on the whole
the Looshiaa have not been so snrressfnl
in working the plan aa the Ganls of old
FISB GKOWITSA. —A Washington corres
pondent reports a hearing of * committee
of gentlemen interested in fish growing,
who desire the National Government to
aid in the distribution of salmon, shad
and other fish in the wntera of American
rivers. They base their application mainly
on the fact that the rivera of greatest im
portance pass between or through differ
ent States. The magnitude of the busi
ness <f providing for stocking waters with
fish is much larger than is generally snp
ixfecd. and It wrntfd seem to he one enti
tled to reasonable consideration on the
! part of* the Government, which poeessea
exclnsrvely certuin important if not indis
pensible powers with reterence to it.
The encouragement of the work would
i cheapen food, stimulate and extend indns
; try, and tax no one to any appreciable ex-
I tent. Gen. Gurfield r a Coramlttoe have
' the matter before them.
THE introduction of the question of
woman's suffrage disturbed a member of
the Oregon State Temperance Conven
tion, and >-pringing to his feet he made a
long speech, beginning : "I think that
this woman auflrage question is au out
rage. One woman has ccme into this
Convention and kioked up more fuss
than all fh e other delegates, and I don't
go a o#nt on letting her talk m much."
TV fklifeinln Fprthqnpke.
Petaila ef the great esrtbqnaVe in
Onliforoia make it appear one of the
tn<*t gigPttio tihea*ula of modern
aesra. Aa ia ttatiul st the ernurreuoe of
aurh onteatropbes, the ahoekn were oon
tinuoua ever ainoo tlu llrat crash ; and
although each euocoaatve one was loss
violent that) its piedeoesaor, they wore
enough bicrente great plartn uuto'ng th
liihtthitnnta for miles around. Ou ae
eonnt of the myelertoua cutneidenooe of
three fearful aliorka, Kt'iu-rully with vol
oattio oruptiona aa trrrible aa their of
f< eta, a neiiae of trngue terror jtervadee
the wtiolr ItiriydmliAgegtSttrr, npim the
loaa nncontfot tahlti ftotn the oontiimftv
of the ahorka ami the uuoertainty aa to
I w hut wilt hapyieti neat.
Vnljkn many cartUquidipP wbu'h have
taken pi toe in Kirtper yeprf and In ipois
tn |neul dliuu'e, tlu-ro ap bttla warping
given of the disaster. No uuttaual np
pvanincn of the MUI or ptmo*pheric huee
had been noticed, and no stiauga anil
uuaiHxninUihle action of brutes rcinat ked;
neitber did startling stillness of the air
rUCeertp immerttntetT the Rmt shoctr.
liM'igCtfci frutil thu llijo distriot any the
terrible rpylt rulipyitth pcarclj • "*•
mcut'a warning.
An awful)plosion suddeulv occurred,
aecoinpauiud by a lowl rmnlAag, whifh
was heard huudrrds of miles distant ;
tho grouud was shaken violently, lifted
upward, and thrown forward, the sur
face rent in chasms of great length aud
varied width.
Houses were crumbled into rnina, In
the midst of which the inhabitants were
buried ; us I tie and Mißtehniea btiuiau
Wings were hurled into ti satires of itu
meaaurciible depth; loeka*wero torn
from their places and thrown violently
into the chits tits, carrying death and de
struction to every tlimg animal- aud vu
auimate liefore them.
Whole \ ilhige* Aisd miniag c-unps
instinct with life a uiomeut before, and
tenanted by uusuapectiug denizens, lay
iu oue chaotic mats of roina, while from
the mountainous pile of debris on every
aide arose the screams of the wounded,
the tvrritied shrieks of those wild with
fear, aud the agonized groans of the dy
in €- .
ih scene at this time dcfini any at
tempt at ita description. Those who
escaped unhurt, by souse niuaottloua
means, instantly thought of the fate of
i their friemla and relatives. Children
were running about at their wits' end,
torn from their parents by the convul
sion, and seeking them with loud cries
for assistant*. Parents half tund with
| fear and half wdd with grief were over
hauling the shapeless rum* of what an
instant before were thru dwellings, iu
st-areh of their ofiapriug. A geulleniau
whi'-c life wassavctt, he knew not how,
and wrbo has at last reached terra lirma
.u earnest, relates that he noticed one
old woniuu, with white hair dying about
tier head, sitting on a broken piece of
furniture and guxiog absently into the
chasm, at the bottom of which lay her
giantism. a boy uf ten \esus ur more,
with his face uppermost, having fallen
< n his back and evidently breaking u
uaumtly. "Why don't you get up,
H ury ?" said the crone in a low mourn
ful ti>ae. " Why d n't sua come and ta'l
me w hat this horrible noise ia all aUait ?"
The awful explosion and the sickening
aeusc of utter lielpleaanew, the rambling
and the diakiug of the earth had eruxed
ber. This, said the eye-witness, **'
hardly an exaggerated example of hurt
dre tin of similar case*. The shrieks of
mother* aa the mutilated remains of
some child or husband was drawn from
benesth the debris, the teais rolling
down the checka of wauiher-beaten
miner* at discovering some drad com
rade lying will) a beam serosa his face,
were be ir.-rending. What added not a
little to the general confusion and awe
was the continuance of tlie shocks The
first, which sounded like a itark of artil
lery fired directly beneath Uie town, was
immediately followed by three other* in
quick •accession.
Over three hundred distinct shocks
were felt Iwtwt-t-n half-past two o'clock
and fmari*c. For more than thr.n l onr*
indeed the earth in all the neighboring
region in a constant tremble. The
terrified inhabitant* knew uot which
vr&y to fly. Death act-mod to stare tlu.lll
in Uie lav on every side.
An iiumens® chasm ynwnrd at their
feet, extanding some thirty-five miles
down the valley, and ranging from three
inches to forty fee! in width, into whicli,
.-hallow in MUM pLacsa and oimoat bot
tortile* iu others, enormous quanti
ties of duhria were buried. A* soon an
the enow disappears sufficiently to allow
uy exploration it is expected that bugs
fissures will be found in the mountains,
which indeed hardly admits of a reason
able question. Although Uie rumor ha*
not vet been authenticated, it is reported
that" a volcano in active operation has
[ been aeen from theaummit of Manhood
Mountain, sixty miles south of Vitulia.
tin- Indiana la the vicinity have all fled,
> tarror-idrioken, and imagining the cataa
traphe to bo a ncurrence of the general
convulsion of nature, which, according
to their traditions, occurred in this re
gies) hundreds of year* ago, and which
crated w lint is known as Owen's River
valhy, the bed of the latter being liefore
a chain of mountains. The ton sequences
which might have resulted had tlie dia-
| tri<B Ixt-'U densely populated are beyond j
unagininp. Aa it was they ore dreadful
fntuigh, 10 a country but inhab
ited,; miiulr IIT poopfp encnged m work
ing th* MlTpr hettring lfWil tninrs.
Odb TPry rrmnrkiihl# riroimatmirih i
that only n aliglit shock was felt in Cra
trnl aud Northern California. Ccrioj
(ford" WAN 1' idly damagt'd, several build
inga l>c:ng thrown down and one ran
killed. A few name*of those killed have
been ascertained, although as yet the
greater port remain noknown of course.
Lone I'itio appear* lo have been directly
over the centre of the upheaval, and
imong the killed of it* inhabitant* war a
Mr. (iiey, aged 4" year*, and a native of
Texan. The remainder wtre all Spanidi
Americana. Colonel Whipple, who wr
iu the second story of an aidolte house nt
the time of the shock aayi he had hard'y
irae to jump from bed and get to Ins
doorway when the whole bonne, from toi>
to bottom, neemt-d to crumble beneath
him. 110 wait inUantly buriad in the
ruins, from which, with great difficulty
and almost superhuman exertions, he fi
nally extricated himaelf, after having sus
tained several aevwre and painful, hut not
dangerous wounds. At Rwanr.ea Colonel
Tregniloß, of the smelting works, wasin
-lantly killed. Great desolation prevails
imong the inhabitants of that phice.
The teetiuiony of several jtersons goes hi
r.hqw that the enses similar to that of the
Ws!et famfiy, in the White Mountain
side, were not iinfrequent, .everal persons
heing overwhelmed l>y falling buildings
und roiling rooks, who would in all prob
ability have escaped unhurt had they re
mained within thoir buildings instead of
rualiing forth in terror.
Htill further despatches from Invo
County place the number of killed by the
earthquake nt thirty, besides one hundred
wounded. In the desert country, stretch
ing from Owen's Lake hi the Mexican
line, are innumerable craters net long
extinct, besides several mud volcanoes,
and it is supposed that some of the old
volcanoes may he in eruption again. A
gentleman frnm Tndepandenea asserts that
moke and ashes from a volcano were
distinctly seen southward from that plaee.
rod word has been brought theie that
lava was seen flowing down a mountain.
Although not ooqtraduitftd, the report
has not yet been confirmed. The shocks
oontinued decreasing in force. At Tib
liett's rsnche, fifteen milca fiom Indepen
dence, forty acre* of ground sank seven
leet below the surface oif rite surrounding
country. Ibg Owen's Lake ha* risen
four feet since the first ahook. Owen's
River ran over its banks,depositing shoals
ol fish on the shore, after which it receded
for a distanoe of threo or four miles.
Through Long Pint the earth cracked ;
one aide remained stnl ion sty, while thw
other sunk ncvcu or eight feet, having a
wall of earth extending over three muaa
in length, where formerly there waa a
level plain. Inmuncrabfa cracks were
made throughout the valley. Kern and
Owen'a Rivers turned and ran up stream
for sew ral minutes, loavinc their beds
dry, and finally returned with largely in
creased volume.
Since the famous earthquake of INI2,
when the Missions of San Juan Capistrovo
and La Purianma, in Southern Ualiior
; nia, were overwhelmed, there has bees
'no parallel to this tremendous oataetro
phe in California, tt haa, of oonrae, erm
ated an intenaa eiritement thronghont
the whole State. Evervbody ia talking
about it, and every telegram hringafreah
accounts uf new horror* and fatal ditae
tera. No apprtiheustoD, however, jg ev
utod outside of tbo district affected.
Mr. Morton oflcreda resolution direct
ing tho Recretaiy of War to ascertain
how the Ei|ht-b"ur A.vat. in worked in
the Prtnorwn at tfifringtMil upd Rack
The debate on the caae of J. C. Ab
bolt claiming a actit aa MeuaUir from
North CaroHtia was j>outpotted.
The Indian Aitpmpriation hill was
read, and Mr. Cole riplnioed it. T*be
entire eiou r*juued by tiie ItiU wowhl
be W,T76,(0(k The Bit>ut worn to re
ceive half of thai sum. and the Ap*oh< e
were alao (0 receive a large auto.
Iu lh Hcitnte. after the genejfwl buai
ne*a of the morning hour. tli hill giving
aasrut of Qongrena for the District of
Columbia to mlppHbs to the atock of
ibe PiwtlmiUit and l'otguac Railroa<l
Company, waa token up and diaouaaed.
A bill to promote the Lip-building and
coraitiisariat iiitciuslnof Ui UnitedKtatw
waa reported hvnH the l>otnmittie on
Commnrcf. The If; car b!U for tho ap
(•■iutiucnt of n lalv>r coiunUasioii sua
taken tip. The Railruiul bul waadiaousa
ed, atucudcd and passed.
Mr. Sargent presented n petition Rn
en by nearly five tiw>neand cttlteui of
California in favor ef woman suffrage.
A bill repealing all lawa giving por
tions of fines aud penalties to informers
in internal ruvomw csa>. VSMX yuaaeil
Mr. o>* tnide >u ineffectual nttenffit to
have it eteud-l to Ctwtom-boaM eases.
A bill granting amnesty to several
persona in Louisiana was passed ; meui
ioUti proposed several lialues. which, ou
flic ground that they wer i.bicUutublck
*ere autxM<|uenl)y excluded.
▲ resolution was adonteil in the House
of Representatives declaring the Senate
amendment to the House bill repealing
the duties <iu tea and coffee unconstitu
tional. The (act waa aiiuoutiord in the
Suate, whan Mr. Morrill, characterizing
the resolution aa uu extraordinary one,
moved that it lie over and l> printed,
which was agreed to.
In the fTouac Severn! bills were passed
giving ocrhuti railroad* in Utah and
Oregon the right of way through the
public lamia. A bill waa alao reporUnl
frnm the Committee i* Public Land* sc
curiiig the. public domain to actual set
Tbe Ilouao of Representatives passes!
the steandxiat bill subatantudly as it left
the committee. The bill rejiorlrd from
the Committee on P rblic Land*. rewrv- ]
iug the public lands for actual settler*
unit, weul over. The Horse took up the
report on the Alabamacentwlotl alooUon
t-aae, declaring I ladle*, the sitting mem
ber, ent.tied to hi* seat, and allowing the
contestant hi* ex|xi>ses. A long delicto ,
i sarael o i the bill for the appoiutaiept
' of shipping romml*si<mef* in tire interest
of sailors and of commerce.
The Committee on Ft of-office* and
Post-road* submitted to the Honse their
i report on "*traw bins "in mail con tracts,
fhe oommittee admit that the Poat-mks
ter-Oeueral might in mo: t caae* have
i node eon tracts at lower ralaa, and thua
have reduced Uie exfrniKlitu roof thegn*
erument. but couelade that he was justi
fied by oxcumatancee and by law. ,
Ilrlgbam's Wive*.
Verv extravagant statement* have been
Published of Uie number of II rig him
oung's wive* anJ children. How many
he has bad front the time he courted '
Mia* Martha Rmtherrini mrtfl; ft'
would be difficult to astimaic. Some of
1 hi i wives are d-a l ; other* have left him.
*nd many probably haw beeu sealed lo
him who strayed away like tlmse of
Brother Heber. ami he knew not whrthor
j they went. Of itngham'rumcnt family
; 1 am ]>ei>< nailr acquainted wiflr nineteen
f hi* Wives. JbefoTO !• wa* a Mormon
he had a wifo sad family, but of tkat
lady 1 know nothing. Two of her daugh
ters are iu Utah. Hia Mormon family
1 tregins with hi* first legal wife, who i*
still living— Mr*. Mury Aim AnH
Young, rilie is probably about hi* own
age. but ia plivrhaMy lev* preserved, and
bark* mild) older. She is a most excel -
leotand amiable lady, and bears trace*
of having had bee mil share of earthly
troubles. (She is the mother •/ tlirusv
prominent son*, Joseph A ; llrigham,
Jr. ; John W . and two daughters—Alice
anil Luna. Each of the fou* has tlinss
wives. The first daughter i* |h thirst i
of four wives in a polygamic household, i
The other dan git Mr is tiw> find Wife of a
young malt, and hag for a eolbpanioo
wife her father's daughter by another
mother. The eldest daughter, Ahee.
has also her tialf-siater as an associate '
wife in her husband'* household.
Tire legal wtfs at fiOKliam u ;
I. Mrs Mary ain Angel
Hi* poh gauac wivis wo :
IL Mrs. Clara Deck.r, I
lit. Mrs. Lucy Ik-cWr, }
IV. Mr*. Emetine fW ...
V. Mr*. Harriet Cook
VI. Mrs. T:w
VII. Mrs. Klirv Burg"*
Till. Mrs. Susan fylivelT
IX. Mrs. Ur> hut*': aw,. .. r
X Mrs. IfarnelTiaras* fcwgww . 1
XI. Mrs M sit lis Iloskcw _
XII. Mrs. Manrsrct rw-v Yorw.
XIII. Mrs. Ameha Fotoom.
Xrv. Mrs, Mary Vsa Cotl 04>t... .
XV. Mrs f.iaa Awe J*.V Webb
Hi* " oroay" wives srs :
XVI. Mrs. F.miJ* Partridge
XVII. Mr* Fans I>. llnndaßUjnJscot's
XVIII. Mo* Fhaalh Enow
[ were fbrmrriy "aesled"
to Juaepb bmitl). sod are
now •' proxy" wivoa to Brig*
XIX. Mrs. August* Cohtw
[who ass •• s-aletl" to Jnaepb
sums hi* death.] 1
Reside* theao there may very likely be
other lailiea "aenleil" to llrighr.m, but It
my*lf know peraonnlly no more than t
the above named.— Mr*. StmUoust,
Hew Coal Originated.
By far tbo most valuable of all the
gifui bidden by Nature beneath our feet,
and yet always moat generously offered
to us whenever they have been needed
moat urgently, are the vast supplies of
fixed light and heat stered up below for
thousands of vents. Perhaps long be
fore man himself existed, in daya of
which no other records remain but the
silent testimony of the rocks, forests of
luxurious growth covered every lowly
valley, crowned every inland lake, and
fringed the low shores of the great
oceans. TLoy sprang up, they grew and
flourished, and no baud gathered their
fruit, no axe threatened their mighty
trunks ; bnt storms cnmc and tempests,
volcanic eruptionH and violent uphenv
ings, and they were laid low in an ins
tant, and covered with ashes and sand-
Then new generations rose upon them
and their race ; others followed, and
thus the work of incessant destruction
and as persevering regeneration went on
through countless ages. Hence, in some
places 150 successive forests, each sepa
rated from the lower by n few feet of
sand and clav. hava bren found to have
grown and fallen in turn, one lying
above the other. They did not vnniah,
they did not even decay ; but, beneath
them the red, glowing heat of our globe,
above them a burning atmosphere and
a thick canopy of clouds pouring end
less rains upon the surface, they changed
gradually into vast deposits of coal.
And when the fuel became scarce upon
the surface, and men cast anxious glances
about them for new means to create
the heat without which existence waa
impossible on one-half of the globe,
ana to procure the light that is inde
spensable to the enjoyment and the use
fulness of life, these immense treasure*,
stored up since time immemorial, were
R'vcsled to them, and ample supplies of
hoth heat and light gnarranteed for
The San Antonio (Texas) Ahprss*
thinks that largo fortunes can be made
in that city, but it ia very decided In
the following warning: "We don't
want any more lawyers, doctors, or can
didates for office, just at present, in this
city, unless it be a man of remarkable
genius and learning, combined with an
extraordinary taste for several of thft
lost virtues."
The PuMle Debt <* j
The fallewing 1* a recapitulation ef
the atatemsnt of the pnldfr debt of the
United Htnteg:
Ikm.ta at ail pf *nt t AMJOO
Hunda at St* p*r r*ul aia.ii.:.*i tw
Navy Hwim Pane St Utr* H>
PRINCIPAL |O,L" *.'* *0
Istniwet 'JOc.ytt-ts
luiaraat W.MUt
ithl ItpgfUU Ufi LUUFFAL
TOTU C*IHT.SI** r--m "EM"*
FriiMtpal. M A.* itvaaoaim
RUTS... pMnxalßicti
PUYRAEV - 10,441,.-
* - ■ t, TTT
lirbl L*ae CSab IN the Traeaur*.
A I*lll. HOI :......"...S.RTO,L.RT M
Marat V laid l ija.ets.em *1
TUP A ... 4 ,.>
liits;**t pstd by t*uftSl Sraiea ......... ll,(lt.sttLU
MATES....* RT.... lI.UB.WUI
fill lens.
If you fool dull, drowsy, debilitated,
despondent, have frequent Hewdacbee,
mouth tastee badly in the tnorning, ir
regular apjxsfite and tongv coated, you
are auflV'rins from TorjuJ Ltnr qr "Jill
lounuu." in many iwaen of "JUver
CompUiut" only a ]>art ef theee AJTA
ull aueb can*. Dr. I'rtcn'a Golden Motli
cat Diacovstry has no oqual. ae it oSaetu
(terfeot curtws leaving (he pUength
eutnl aud hoailhj- Hold by all ftiaWiasa
druggiaU. 6 Wil
y* . .
Hteed UieMaea.
IC D NEIFA.H. II V. F.L K MLI.A M. P.. < BSN, M~4i-
Our r*drr rrtit r<ro*>!♦ tht leDiMrtatc <M<! ur H, Istfl#
kj •*cumg u4# 14
EniaircnA*, SAI.T HIIBVM, A<. AI.I> HEAD.
I NTOH*. lfrrPug Hiur, RCIUT, I'ALTLTTT*-
CI.KB. Hcitorrut, ItvEit SOKH, WHITE
hwiiLiwoh, kiMuntt. Otn Hoiuai on
H ncrna. . a , . ...
" The BToVsl it ff\h lite. TliTa 'ia aa
irue *a a mathematical or on* other aci
entitle prcpmiMaH, and one that elmuid
, iuflnence fvory phyaieian. F/pm the
blood we derkv ear ftrpgtlf atn^T^iitul
ca|mt>iliiie* tvj.en tot'source HI corrupted,
the i*duftd and a>rrow-nru>b.airig effect* ate
si rang Ui of itieia and hx|vt
' of eu lunuice, and wilh*iai)ilin| di*ra*e-prw
' d icitiT *frncirifwltb fmpuwiti, W]sffid* Mtge
ly upon (be coudithai in which ctri hlrkyf is 1
, kept It it hold* U auspe avian <* Motuiiou
j vjl# fsatering peteeMl'eU vr*wk ♦ibcti n*
arc wo*keu<l Uorhjr CeiUiag upon vital
sod important organ* as lbs tarda, luaga.
! liver and kidneys. U<* cfiact of Uaa- |siat*r
in (b* bio d ia aiMiy ttiam SK*i >nsastw<na
Hrnoa. it behuov** wry otic to keep their
Mood in a |*rfc-ctly healthy qonitition. For]
whru you purify your blood mcare bolt Uhcxra j
or ao Kryaipcla* humor, you not only euro
these dtseoeoa, lux you put your m Mors ru j
• ouc'a *n iuijw. *cd iamdi:loti that you arc uoi
•oo liable to any other djaoaor la other
i ward*, y au tbeiirhr fortify your system, agslns,
\ the eairoachtnenU at disease at all Mud*
o*n*rvh*vt<v h# mrtrr-rttiui*or* IWse'
aroporiiou or *ll chronic or liogorit\g dipmses
. ishwl blood IJ* WUllilwiousfcrurtin Which
|II nwuiUab itaslt. would torm sukjeeu p i
•which 1 in-ghl write rulumrs But a*all Un
varied foru.S of disrasr which driicnd upi-n ,
td blood are cured, or boat U aled by such
tacficinea a* lake up from this fluid and,
cxcrclo from iiu-sy ttcai tha chnoetya 1
it ia n<H of pmulsl lutportauoe that 1 should ,
dcsrritw ewtU uuauuly For iw*i *(.ce u.adt
oa! authors ihwcrsU- about fifty variatses of
ik.n diMSftc, hut a* thov aU nwpfitt tor the**
cum very m mdar tre*'.meat, it t* of ao pram
n.aJ ali ity to kaow est what uaaie to apply
t a certain form of *kio disesae. *o you know 1
bow best ts> cure it Then I might
iai and dmvit<c various kino* of trvofulou* j
P<re, fever na, wlutc swellings, euiargsxi 1
glvrulf, and uiocr* uf varying ap;*-ami. j, <
i but a* all thdw- vaiiou* ar>i*osr tog maahesta
tiv*o(U*>l btossi af*earod by unskirtu arsons. |
I dsesa soch a cwurw* aonroovary. i bur- {
oughly cleanse tnc blood, which ia the grtal
fountain uf fit*, and good dweMioit. a Uir:
• skin, buovanl sjurit* vital strength, and
' s niudoMs of cxmstrtulioo srlll all return to l
us - I
The liver i* the gttsal depurating or blood
banking organ cf the srviem M the frHit
i housekeeper eg our health at work, ami Hit •
| foul corruption* which gender In the Mood, _
rot out. m It were, the machinery of life, are!
gradually expelled froui the eyttctn. For
this purpn** Dr. H*tr'* RMdrn kledical
j rwvery I* pra-emlneatly the article nrcdefi. ,
• It cure* every kind of humor, from tjie wool J
scrofula to tl.s cotuurou pimp!*. Hvh h or ,
eruption, lb-at rating uJ.vrs kindly hy-vl ,
under it* mighty ciualir* int:*r:< Viru-,
| l< nt putssui* that larit In tlie *tshwi am by. it
of their terror*, and by a |-r*cveo*r
. and soman hat protracted use <* is, tha tuaal 1
ulniot otismi may t ooaijdawly raoovwted
and built up anew
i Enlarged, tumor* ami awclliiw*. <
, dwindle away and disappear under the iumi-l
ioooe of this' great rrwolvent The tywictn ]
(•ring rui under Its mHiicnc* lor a few *c<-ica.'
U*c iiin Ivxvnnf* smooth, dear <*t and rt!-
vefv. ant! bring iflumlnaie<l with th glow of
l-rrfeet helth Irem within, true bewutv utaivii '
f >rth in *ll Its giyrjr. The effects of all modi-1
l inn which operate upon the system through J
the medium of the blood are noCcm-uily,
•Otuewhat slow, up matter how Rood the
rrmody employed. While one to three hot- j
ties will first "the akin of pimple*, a disco,
or even a dozen and a half mar he laiviiel -
to cure aotnc mx* whara the aystem rotlou
with scrofulous or other poisons The cttte (
of all Uiine tiitoaa . bowwer. from the cm-1
men pimple to the worst scrofula. a*. with I
the use of this moat potent agent, only a i
matter of time. ••
l>it. l , nmri'GrtME!tMri>tcAt.T>twvtv-
flow to Ornament the Hair.
All tkat art c* araomplith in heanti- '
(ring, strengthening, thickening, and
perpetuating the human hair, is efleetod j
by the uae ol Burkbtx's COCOAIW*. Thora
is a stimulating property in this prepa
ration, which literally competa a rapid j
growth of the fibre*, while it* emollient
action render* them silky and elastic. j
It it thf bent nnd thtajmU luur-drrtfiny j
and inriffnriilar m tk* xfiorid. Ho say the
masses whouse it. Tour drnggist has It.,
.... i - "'t.. i-U
The Market*.
mtw reaa.
Sttrfanu-Mmt u> Tito I .IS • -UK
nmeWv "*<• -"hi
Medlura II Va tllti
Inferior • .!•)* -tt j
Mite* Oewa WW •a I .SO
Boaa—Lira * ft •
Sntvr •£'.
Corros Mlddllnt . 2's' •!
Flora— Kstra Wretart. S.7S a 7 00
M.wrttm AM etl# |
Wawit-Bel .;• M |
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Bcrrsa—State,....... .SB a .IS
Ohio W. B M a .34 >
•• Fancy M • M
Western ordinary IS a .IS
rennsrleanJa flue.. SI a .17
Cram*—Stat# Paesery Its* .1*
•• Skimmed ,rs a .04
0hi0... •* a .11
Enoe—State SI a .IS
SnrCiTtu SIS
Ritrr.r AW I 6.78
Lira *.* a 806
AW a I.U
THUT-No. 1 Spring ISO a LIS
Ooaa RS a -WH
w a .ts
8TK.... 1" a .W
Banutt 70 a .80
LAUD... >OB e .to
WiuT...>„*.*v a s>ee i iu I.H S I*W
Bra—State * •..BO
Ooan—MllM 73 a .73
BaUAT —Stale. #a>*• • .80 a LOS
Oats—State SO a .83
Fiom— SIS a 788
Wa**r—Waatera lied. I*> a
White 1.80 a 1 SS
CLOTSBBKHI T8 0 a 8.80
Ttsteiay . 8.81
Bawmoae. * '
Owrrtß-bow MH M*
Pumebta-a 8-3*. aio.^o
WatajuOjaher 2.91-s I'*
Oob* i- 7W -a .86
Oiia.— .81 a >RS
Tk* Meiicnn fbuolntioniM* in the
nut nf Tala*e bars been defeated sf
tr aMI htmra' hwttl*. P*eflrto DU*
i* wid to lav* kit lor Nov York.
II i railroad director were la* bad to arafy
locoin tiio, there would bu fewer rilr..u
i orridfuli. awl if doctor* bad to tako tbslr
own physio IwLM adiutaMlamiK it tothoir
Gitieuta, fewer POO PIC Would b* poiwitMMf
r. Joseph Walker, of California, took tbia
ronrae w hen be tint compounded tbo ta
| moua Vineirar Wttera whtrb nowr r*ttk a*
an inestimable hpuaabold remedy in all
| part* of the UnitedKtataa. He healed bim
, eel I wilii tbia apecilif •flora be offerod it to
| ibe world. ItriotfMikirfn with a simple
1 r.tafemeui ot the manner m wrfcleh be bad
i discovered its evfnmMe ingredients and
; bran cured, while waudavinfwff, aiek ami
pcor, MnomaioJif<*nia mlat lie at at
' •< what the prciMjrntlpa bad dooelor bim
' #lf and a fpw sullcmni trum J.T apepsio, td \
i idutnewa. rheumatism, lung diseases, and ,
I many other nrrralcpY disorder*, men be
i jifredltim, tided tie new nwtoratlve and
warrc more than aatiaflrd with the reaulta.
; 'ls this wnv tlienilepf Vmegarlbttcrvhefwn
1 tad we mention the fart a* a aetdeooathat
I I li| thi# a|r pf ial< I b 1 enee end i wp* rv, nolb•
, nip that ia really valuable t"> mankind ran
i pfoee a |*-< unlaw |a|hMM~etrr i hough it
1 1 may lark the ki-Tp of rlpital, and have to
fight its wavacanastpnwerfol opposing io
ta <UL Within two c tin an mouths alter
itt tut rods*l*;*, the artipi* becun* aekf.
•! supporting. and it now yields, a magaitl
11 nut annual iwnuuc.— £vm.
littmchtti Trvkm" an in trainable bo
| tlx am lixjwwod do sttdAaa cbangnt, af
fording prompt relief ia coughs, Odds,
l ETC. —Own.
Tun ftoiMpno ia lnaa lutbi* to break
thread than wj other machine.—Cte.
j A lav liuartmn fevrj, by Edward BrpU- 1
1 atou, amiwr pi th* inputs* AMY. "'ike tUo
-1 ait* School Slaet.-r." laauMuacxl to begin ia
n at*r JJO Jlunan*!' •**- Ib* HEW *U"v (
( i to be I*W of uuususi mwuasi, iitaw (
lr*ti't of iifriu theWeet thirty Jfeira ago. IV
■ssi* number uf Hs.bth aso BONA wnJ *]*
,eoatah a report oft l.nn Heir, which will in
> On at tdwjora rtrtWifian, Druggists, and til
WBT.eaB or useWedtcfne: Ho Adrartiaethcflla,
J ' '*
& *■■ WE. ..
1 For Dnpapata. dnpraan -a #.
spfc-ita a .T gefierki flcvuuv In tbetr vari>>n
((CM i alen, a* yaw ewe L*• ag warw# and
ai i ne l nu4 o< verw faw>r iko " rerro-
• ell Iftrtfcri# Ce . fH W Y"rtt,Nlß7a<.M n* .M
•lrr.*rta ia th" boat uajia.aixl ae aaouie far
paliocu n< aumiif from ho ar or other Mek
nepa R ! *
The History of * Kauopai Hemedr.—Uu*
\ r.riudlll.ini Vamlli t til I m Hae I
be . Jwwsr -a lMTrl} VrrUU* (kUw
; (w and t< ' PoaflPpatiaa. TVhuuv.
j a. * llahtarb. tsUnu nsprts seastl t ■■aas sinan
Cf fjver, htoinscb and Howtla Aakyoar lsaa|g>at
fur U. Mrwsrr sfSarflarrfwr
**tr rnr t>l,r'l 8111.-WW* IV WnSsr'a
Bdws el Wa* i WwV **t'pmi" Ltwbae'
~ 'jdslzszL C scattn
", r y,i' 1 T *■
riy WIW igfend fsTTwßft'ffWa, jnvnmt,
bILUVuk ssacmAkia*. Oarsaaowv g a
-—• ■ 1 • r
Sneclal Natiews.
!• bgforif. „I
I lltrs'r Inn* Haiaaat eaa *fW*a war* arsMsasn t f
1 red afrit ikaa t*) alter artirie fur lh* 1
ystryewv ll Is seM errs, wln-re t>y Prwt- J
tr*aa4 rear's*"are Sriysrs.
Be** Sks tsSrwtsw aasrarl fram a baiar nwrtea* laoai 1
Mr 6 F. (tarsal', a wsU-kapwa ssrrsLss. at O.Ura ,i
' **.. hraer * a-.*,-
, |Mil—a 1 we*saSrvtsc rws ainw I
- astd WMb >:U-4 > wo (.sua, nC arorueel si
, * . ewaS aw arhis* I r W .rwl Sn s wsoOweeT <V.e*h I
(la ru-.. 'WW allele rwIMC. ea* |'WIWW*C a |
, perfect Srs issrwxwt ml
Ywarstrstr. , j
t K Britwru. 1
r.ersll. Oat. Msrrh S. t*ri •
Or. a. L KXtTIU. V Jlaiwlwel tmel aee4>esl j
* fssmrsljoo* apirS have twgwae 1 epeer uu ler, •
he*-' l.bers't) V*4 SsMl Oe* sr* "fiat: e [
• ilel. e:r fur the tear." soC "Ueerwatt esSTV " For
eat tpa f tea J**C •iU-(l<-r ta< reassdy kse Use ogcrwt
last the a*' nr Its!! tie foihrwiM let lot tr— Da 800-
B riu. rslamiw 'O It: r TA V
'ksm./ ft iirlKte4 On
t trtsq aaveew >y<a ttsswlH'S ■**!* FWtsae- '
' a,r Oowscwrn a: r imi n sterwesifa
-1 fwair red Ui# eld. sad 1 ess trait at test it br Isr
, IhstteM urr- wruii r—rOf B.Ui etwrk I
t FwlVtw sai sMrtle SsnVsraces at LaQ(*<wS..n'Jk ,
I:■ bss tl *e !We nstldtaewre. e*tfce^l—e eeaM
j law law aw at Istsl soseawaliss ■ 11 rtw tbe i*bsw •
i sr-s auMar b> raw wttlrwt rm>U| drtwala
] *|MWr fstege- k4 ertti*e peafiSaa eaaerija-lea i
1 nlllwleiSW ltS .jh a a salt lets- tra-w. 'w I
1 k".tgt&r7®wF^r;
11 Geaeml Agczts fbr Saw Eogk&d Butm. |
For Sale hgr . |
GEO. C. 600DW15 fk Co.. Borten.
No* rwry .M m be P.. >i Ist all aaa Way SI L- I
f | VRHTIPPKB aaeoa tor Skew skUSraa mm* Clerebr
i leeera tbair Shea hula Mrs tkirSa
So* al hy all praters.
J * TresTiir.
T7 si al artm a< lw rartu ■ —ll sarttiee a* '
| tasreotot du 111 by fwityHia tks MHi rartana# tkr
Ueer aaS a k i alt hy an >aa. aaS ipsttsratlaa the
t aifirasm Slia. ■', * • '
False IVartn Orrnkmra.
| V. lire snAer a arw medical iSrpraMtma. mj dit-r
--rnl from Ihl under which sc mear at ear 8 rWaUier. ,
j mL The *Wk are so loafer bled Utt they hurt, ear
forced altk msraarr. aar scoffrtSeS eilk eialaMaalh
a>*ce. scr bltetered en tWrfrahaeee hesde. Revraiaee 1
j the fsonSseU >n t BasMarfsßtcmseh Bitters, taeatr
yetrr afc. renc.atlcn and restnratisa. act Ssptetisßaad |
1 preusUoa. bar* beea Uie waudipord.of Iks fodxaofl.
pdiwea st Um prafssrtaa. The rsmarkaUs iwna of
l Uita fazasas ..cetahis prssaim iesWnsazS aaS aar> i
( rehire has rrork-d a coin pi ess reeehiboo la shs fe tiers' 1
IrSklmrt.t cf disease. At on 4 l£e (icif-n.t r member.of
■ th* faealty weald net tIWIW is It- ' ■'Wh.l they e.
IWa rned. ' ears hees'eompi.ins eitkaat nmreiiy. ehreatr
rhsnmat Ism wfttisat eelefcieass. feesr and aae withaat 11
| f nSniss! tmpoiwlhle '** Bat the meet cbrt mats incrrd- { ,
, adty aul ytsld in the end to prssnssl demoemistioa. \
rwm thai tizss to the prrsat, lul.immes..
! tßteruutteot (ersrs. masealar Smsa-Wt asreaas oaas
' i . sss —a s—wpnoa kin laaaww 811111 taeepsr
ytten of the freat epsctSe. ta at team ninety per sent af,
the nancy is which |t has been need as a remedy for thnal ■
aitiursU, while pi prseeaties ef aE maHiieefeneraled
I by Chan OS sf rlHMts, sadden reralncat of tetapsrsiors,
I epidemic pel-CD IB the Siangan re. and aawbaXKaae
1 w.ter. its hemeftrtal eflerla ham been stehetcoe ard
Isn tnrm aa te wears Ike laoaa perfes. e. aßi*ar- ta its
piwpassmsasaa sandms, ssh-amasd aad oafs. (
rteu. iha AU.Btio to tha ps*e tie r*o'stlon df t(s
trfltLlt ttrttßW wrftf Borne and Bhoo. la sprsadin#
i T"h-y never rip, Irak or fall te pisess. Try them.' I<ek
awl tor the Pareot stamp, sjl ethers are imftohrm* • •
To Consumptives.
The advert lew. kariaf b-sa psaaaasutly esred sf that
dread disease. CasupUoa. Hp a tttsplr remedy. Is
esiraoa to Stoke karwrs to hiffeUow eolsrsre the mm
ft care. To all who desire It. he will .end a sopy stjco |
tosH-rpii. Q used, if res ol share*!, with the BltSStlMls
U prepartaf oil uelno the sua which thsf will' Bad a
runs Pes* lor (xixsmsmow AZTKMA. Baoimiaxu. he.
trdSss. -4 "- y
Frnm Maine is (talMomla milllass of rhDdrsa are I
wrarto* BII.WHI TIPPED Wtoee-Why ost, they are 1
tits ohaapml aad a.ess wsat therwyb a* UtstoS. Try 1
'h-m ■ 1
, srTiSSi;
w'isiavASJs." !
>im. aad esealar. H.A. Bj ftmis wSaa fw it. |L 1
We oor for I S the Ur*w tmd Iff* assortment of
is he Toon 1 In thAVnlked Bute*. Our mod. aw of oar
! Mrs yrmiar er fmyswaasei *"f uunnct tm rzoelled. an
'^'• v JOSEPH SPEck 4i SON,
tldtl Sorth Market St., Baalm, MM*.
•j j g g gj gl gjjgg
Look out i
IIP * ' >' mm
im. fu* ni joc
142 m*t AitmacAM Tur.
ill! _
135" * I* * ■KM m
222" TH® End of tti® World,"£
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22 "1* aa|>leaa Kafar.ftja kr iba boat aruata. 22
..<M AalW of •• BoflaMr .Vb#>l AUalar," aw!
I tt#4 MM
•M lit# mo-i pupatar Aurmaa Itor/ rvwatif |*k- oat
222 Übadi Mat jar •aUad bf Uioßatarf.abJ*b *•*
2*. atl) <*o>a I* >V., No I*. el Iba 22
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aj* (ttrf Wooklf ntamtmi af Urn A m-U Am m
222 wal-MM * !•*• wtiaa, ollh a* tw> of |W JJJ
A aorlli W af'audid Ko(ia*iaa. aad la TVU af aw
222 00OU THtBfM tot aaa? taaU. af lb. 2!
ton, HmuaboU fount aatfOM
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®g ti |t tbailaA by aba f obktalaaaa taraatf $1 a raar, aaa
Ot H* 'aana< Ayr*arrlf *. *2
J2 Ml**— rahoarfbara faoataaA la Ayr* aaa baaa 22
a# *a f ami MtmtlmA tbe badaaiat af Bdmart ma
Mbl ifkM'a aar a*f la. Iba aa! af Mfl aar
2m l*bt ■■!<! li fl
a* OBAJf'iB JfJOO * OO , faWMbaaa. aw
a| |b. mpat ma . If ®P®®
4 Imm fHflm
!§ Look out I
J*" mm
S2 ■.fVeilY I.AWTEM. 1
IS h 22
j -JJ JgVKBT mvifeusi.
}S2 fcaVKiT DMI'IrQCTT. 222
W\r aa
jrta, mj aaa
<•22 W? VKUV UUMiUXiUtJD JKHbU*. 222
i aaa la aoa
T aaa aaa
iw far tba crati LIHJU. SOTT abaat Haa- aaa
'Z* *•*• faMa* Maaiitaaa. Jodga t.tb> 222
*aoa . ai UKAKm *4 UOIf R tVai. aaa
|TJ Af- Ma M>. raad; Aamt 14b Braaa M
, mi —in,. *at4 tar ait Maaabatkaia. •) aiaa aaa
'"4 m*.m-pnd laf•*■*,bfibefwbHabem, aaa
OMAJUMf JL'itlt A <K>. 222
laa* I*l MaaaAtwv. Na* Taafc. aaa
i aaaoo aovMnawa* auaaaaaaaaaaaaaaraaow
i naaoaana.oaann*t--MM laan. aaaaa
| * i r^rgrt-r!y ,i * i ■ xrv \xrrtf' Tryiaffr
, fr Samartf •avimg LaMr, Clam*
' fiaama.DmfWfrtf BCaaapa—.Wnaantal
*"M fW IblfanML mfm <mm
i mm**, bat romoii. t,ta w ai—fA ut tUw of awarr
f l.k. aai 1
TB *>Mk • i MHMJIII MA far awnAaatta
-1 aaa. at fartr aM ixr ywnA lawlf Ira aUIAf
I if-aui OfM*. twu. a#> tAaar Wi faoab lo#
I ■ t bbAMaf*. *4 ***■• taam wppi <IA To aim
I ktbrinca •'! IX '.n L*** tir !".wV.nfaaeU
waua. >%,t: xik umaatAaaau mala. Tr**.
•OftM QyJpfop*., Cuum, Man.
Startling But True.
j *A.TtM.L t* Ultra!aaa aar fur mrtiaa
! soma* |t w • r# <*a b md# >7 mm.
I 'UWi ><• * wunt f u. hubi-wrt re.
| a v 1: -jrrb 1 1
i>rti Wl (A faaraaf Ow ami 4Mb Ciaoar, MM la
'Maiea.Ji-*, t. ..j wrt<r> lAfiaam
I M■W M A oa. Wbwt wa. tiSa ro.. !■
AlaliiCI Aau*ufbvbr " k. I I j
I Tb* Orri Mlin.ii-, IHut>hockr MM
; awcr
, *kl rt|TwfrTkrt ttaUan I( • <Mt
* od. aStawn e* -Auaa ih***jn *W*Ri l .R' MM
i riinii ni y, c fat fVf
f®*7F**Tn i** rm;jiirr.
) j_ •' * **• W"nklaca* <K.. Bweee.
Irctenkal EmyMj!
IF TOP WAIT Toorr 111 TU*
♦- ,0W*II
I *i' liW i'liß *A"ifMikl" H
in R:p o
i JMnsborgto, Ta. Uj • p*c, • coum
weekly. taitlßNlteM trtal (Mr M
,r*a. WortiilU. CotUiUcmt. Ttylk
T Ik* OnaUlM>*.-M U*o— fco :■■!,* nMh
: !.* ;t>* Imal •OM! ct BUT r> imßir IMukwnl-
H| ni. r fßtm tkma mfm ■> ii dill
, -vEhhbv'i. tij n tc*flß>*-pr. JWi u ft)i4
[ put* ■MR• H HmJ. m| roc wWImT * •■■*- f
stsuntt >•
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i allWl''* i i*% nmdfc* ft* .l don' tr cS<-ici.* Fw
' ukui k wa,mWUf>*o ■*.tyiAwriKl., ti I>a.
I off are na h> *2l r>M *M. Ut< —-
. HMMI MHOa, flood *'*. .*>d rVr. m*rV.t*o
' Miblp. atnaat* BMHMt rd, **##* kr -'WB.
I partner oorumonhy. rharcbo* uh arhoria off,
I atitai m bamneiaed- tar MUnlt, f(tj trmepiiir
■ tatkm, waabrr-l ip Ira until, no nit-or ■■■ mi I"
I tanm rami* r erunc : aanty at • a.
1 WBQsV"
, I
Wanted This Spring 1
10000 Farmers
To Improa* <b* '.and* f (k> loan Rnilre*d Land trun
m). ka Aw mi* far mt or aa W> r UatM pirirai
•alar, It* am prr aral laterwt on deferred puaaib.
TMkHHMßiraa taar >lliaai.< naliaaj trull
on br I,nr . f br *** Ott£ •-*! ra aft.- and ih* leva
4 r.airMa! I :>••• %ao and V.bum<r:> and 111. tW
ar* not moi-tpacrd, 00l railed, and arr
la thi Middle of Wstwn lowa,
Viirl for Ita udahrtno* rilmatr. irwthaoufblr anil—a
or* aaiarrd yai imoci>r druuad dite at (baa lnaa
frrar and a'. "••<' >o m b#*t pari of tha boat ayrt
rallarel *ut* ta U C *a
la lb* beautiful and lutoHent rVal either the Borer
U * MepWUr .Vdrttar. tka UtttaXiouk. at (Head II
acare ata tor dtaaaaa* ta Marl* ■ ore farm
1 *dU arrtu or mar* a* Oral rod h
<hr !•* ■ r aad noct mean.
local at- o'a at nationa bar* prior t aaarj tract pad
at* laaaflad nU- team. to abra land* freaeo pamhamru.
a raafa-u |I1 daacnruona, poor* tar ma limtinai,
ami Va to 1-rarh tha landt Couaty map* or naaeld
laad formal ■*-' fca*. Addrem
dOllt B. A I.llOt'T, lumd (Vtumatwr,
f vdar Baad*. Inarm.
I m CHEAT Bunpfawnta^^
A reluahla Indian compound.' tar rearbnaff tha haalth,
tad for tha partotticirt edft at IB do mam arialnc tram
ay pur tt He of fh# Mood, audi aa
aero rata, hnafklmr ffffttaeer. Cktaoar, Aa*.
corona Ibtaaor. tryllmlHb Ca|mr, Halt.
Rheum. I'laplat ard Hasan oa tha
Fare, fleers, Conpba. Catarrh,
Bmaahltta, XraralKa, Hhta.
mail—. Palat ta Iha M*
* Dyaprpaln. Canal lpat lon.
Coallararaa. Piles.
Hradarka, lilutnees, lertamtin, Palat.
aaaa at tha ataaaaoh. Polar la tha Bart,
Kldarj Complatala, Fomnia Wtak
araa, aal Gene rati Bablllty.
This praparatlna a tciantafteallj and chemically oom.
tlaad. tod M ttrontfy concentrated (ram root*, hart*
aed baits, tftist Ha toodaftaotaaraniimtl immediately
after cammanoiacta lake it. There *no direem of tha
human rjateia for which tha" Vflomra eannat ha tual
*ith pewter um, at la float not contain toy metallic
i.tapr—d Fhr eradaattne the ryalae at all letmriUae
of tha Wood, it haa no equal. It has aeetr failed to edect
a cons fleinc ton* ud rtrecyth to tharyatem debilitated
by dtMMh IM wonderful effiwta upon tbaaa eomplatnu
ara oirprt*in( to aU. Many bare been cured by UM
Vapttix* that hare triad many other raaaadma. Itean
Priea 9tM. Bald by all drasftth
j! Pam— • I.M. IMaaa
m I, Mb Mart, IMm ilMrtM J23
!• | Saw. JMbatai.o T >* If-j*. J* ""J™™*???
S < ..a .na'r.ta M A M>bf lll"W>-
wairtwabf r eiWg£d** a< •
ibwr t',. bt Ifcaata -f '"'* ,
mgrAft ntoolwrs^
Hr . "
ft Mb m r.M. rtrtafisf ffr.£'^— fc
15 • ^
a|A baooiAfa#af IMI 11 *Mmrti**fci rt
i *Tff. Ajo—Md&ArtMfc
''ftirtinilpi. Mrtc—rtl
A GREAT OrgEßl >
1M a 1 <*>aimaaatAAav fl IMb flllhak Mflajwfcabb aa
|^?5 e t^^^s i 2stSvsir
I :
Sani—ii. im . | ,
sii 4 onn
ssi|ps ; i
a fc irptufc jr * -
ft a* for |l tfitl t raaad'ttae a$ AmM
•inA iwNi'- A'*aak .
xiTiitsiet MiTHn, > ■ ■ >
J-B *
a iMA 3^23!fc* l: *teri**ssl ■
T" * TjL Ji <"'• FlMi-n t > i
r "U6ht nr| atA
, •ll^fTiiroai
"DOICBTIC- 8, K. Oa.WaiabwMitt '
Tb* D*b.abWt.*ai.—B, Solvit OaktOm-. 'fnir'
k! Ut -4 Sid w ft riStiik A mi
r-.v ** at.
- •
IH .1 a.a a jHi * a iE MM. f 1 *ht IJE R2 ■,, A. d. BMb
HAU IM< MMT.-A ■ 111 I<■ , kNk,i. 1.4.: *
Art af I'oryht* lie*—A **n YRlnabV 'nai. 1C
Tb* Art* oi ***4.h -erl f> llllia. MA
'•• Ti* bnokt an AO KsmUtuUc pri*ll. and twvaod
la b*arr alh amn, a4lkaflif mkll. ttj •
ii. IT rAii|JHaoArO.thit*M.lhw Tart.
Soißiii New for Agents.
ilrSi '**
IlkUn flbMt *: jee- c**tnnilkt aim.*******
nStp KintusHixo co..B*rtrti< < m t •,,...>
KfflGenlae LKma,
Cheap Farms ! Free Homes!
cm not tat bw TKt
12,000,000 ACRES
OF ***
But Ftrwittf MMA llltfml I*m4s Ii AlMorlm*
3,000,000 Acres in Nebraska,
. to : . . • ~•*
Now Tor Solo t
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