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FEED. EUBTI. ..Mitsr
Centre Hall, Pa., Feb. 23., ' < 2-
We hava just bee" inf>riel (Vowi lUr
riiburg what oar member i* "dein* r
the rwngrcisional apportioantf nt :
Potter, Tioga, Cameron, Clinton, Ou
tre and Union. Thi. I* bad. terribly bad.
ifirue, and a'e call u|Ka deuiocral. to en
ter an immediate protest, r the democra
cy ofthi* district are *old out body and
breech e*.
From the legielativa proceeding*,
of 15th iost., we notice that auolher
smuggled bill has been untarthvd.
The iunUr was referred for investi
gation. Those aro nice chap* at liar
WI xdow Shades
Mr. Muatma afferod f romluliin
diroctiug the clerk to furnish the win
dow# of tha senate chamber with
The above wt dip front the senau
proceedings at Harrisburg, 15th
iost. We thought the recent "fitting
up" of the wiudews, at aa euoraaus
oost, was about the end of that string.
We think the soeucr some of those
scamps are put in the shade by their
constituents, the batter for the tax
The democracy of Jeflerson county,
iu their convention hut aeek, instruct
ed far Thomas A. Scott lor President,
aud Gau. Cass, of Pittsburg, for Gov
ernur. Scott to make it hot, aud l'**
to make it pose.
Our SrktMlh.
In the legislature af this t*te sev
vial bills have been presented, abieb
are of geueral interest, and of which
we here ftirttish a synopsis.
Oae bill, we believe, makes the
minimum school term five mouth*, in
stead of four as now.
The Senate has under consideration
a bill intended to regulate and make
uniform the salariee ef Sthoel Super
intendents. The hill provide#, that
oue dollar per square wile shall be
paid each schoel Superintendent for
eervices ; but the salary iu the aggro
ate shall not be less than me thous
and dollar#, except, in cases where
there are Iron than oue hundred school*
in which case the salary shall be eight
hundred dollars. There was a good
deal ef opposition manifested to the
bill, although from the debate there
appeared to be a geueral belief antuug
Senators, that some regulation -ook
iug to uuiformity should be enact*d.
It is probable that the effort will re
sult iu some substantial goed when
tho proposition is again considered.
Another act provides, that from
the passage of this act the morn
ing session of tbe primary, secondary
and grammar scbeeli shall be devoted
to recitation* by the pupils and ex
planation by the teachers; the afternoon
sessions shall be given entirely to the
preparation of lessen* by tbe pupils,
under the care and supervision of the
principal aud assistant teachers.
Home study may be optional with
pupils, but (hall not iu any case be re
quired by teachers. When text books
are taken home by pupils, it shall be
those only each day in which recita
tions have been prepared in tbe after
noon for the ensuing day, and no ad
dition snail be made to tbe leeaons as
signed on account ef tbe hooks being
taken home. The true principle in
education being "notjhow much, but
hew well," short lessons are enjoined
iu all enses. It shall be the duly of
the State and county superintendents
to see that the proviaions of this act
are properly enforced.
The Lewistowu GairtU, radical,
takes exceptions to our charging the
radical party fer the huge job of fit
ting up the two legislative chambers
at Harrisburg, at a cost of nearly
(40,000. The Gazette would like to
•addle the thing upon Jacob Ziegirr,
late democratic clerk. That won't do.
The clerk of the house is a radical,
and the balance of the machinery be
longing to the state government, is in
the hands of the radicals, aud of course
this and all other extravagance in the
affairs of the state, rightfully rests up
on the shoulders of the radical slate
government. Col. Ziegler bad noth
ing whatever to do with making out
those exorbitant bills. They were
made out by the parties who did tbe
work, aud preseuted by ibcui to Audi
tor Geueral Hartrauft, a radical, who
accepted aud settled tbem, without a
protest. Col. Ziegler, wo will vonture
to say, never saw these extraordinary
bills until they were held up to the
public gaze by the newspapers. We
do not think it Lonest, in a radical pa
per, te attempt to screen its parly,
when guilty of such abuses. Let it
take a lesson from tbe democracy, who
are as ready te punish the guilty in
its own rauks as those so often found
in the radical rauks.
"In a few weeks," that's ominous.
We consulted the Delphic oracle as
tride its tri-pod, and its answer of
eourse, was, that somebody would be
annihilated, for
It taw a crow,
Mount a hoe,
Pick iu toe,
And swear a row.
"la a few weeks,"—well, Suyder
may as well now lank out for a sub
Wtitute, while all the rest are advised
"to take the first steamer and depart
for South America." "The ablest,"
Io a few weeks," we like that, com
ing from our substitute broker. As
• put ourselves "iuto our little bed,"
we saw visions of lines before us, such
•a, "He who fights and runs away,
may live to fight another day," "He
marched up the hill, then down
•gain," we saw the farm of pollution
gargling its putrid throat, aud then ,
•pit up, "la a few weeks.*' I
Hon. Henry Sberwuod and Hun.
Win. M'Clslland, have our thanks for
Jfcvora from Washington.
Fraudulent Medical Diplomas
liogu* doctors, as well ll* bogus
statesmen aud politicians, are now 1
manufactured at so much per head.
Any man who knows how to prepare a
toddy for the belly-ache, can got a di
ploma as a doctor, il'hc has tl stamp*.
The Patriot hrittg* the result l a re
cent investigation of this
The senate conituitlcoii irregularly
or fraudulently issued medical di
plomas held their fifth melt
ing at the Jones house last evening.
Senators Randall, (.'rawlord, Hilling
fell Weakley, Nagle and Humphreys
were in attendance, Senator Strong
alone living absent. Four witnesses
were examined which hrittg* the nuno
Iter up to itluitii twenty five since the
organisation of the Committee.
The first witness examined last
evening * I. Davis, of Mahan.y,
Schuylkill county. H* testified t*
having received a diploma from the
American University, Philadelphia,
fur a coiiidertiou of ninety dollar*,
lie had gone through four lectuie
courses iu Loudon hut had never at
tend*! tha college from which he re
ceived the diploma.
John Stevenson, a colored Method
ist miuiater of Wilkesharte, *tted
that hu had received a diploma fruui
the same university. He had never
been regularly under the iustructiuii
of a physician. He bad been exam
ined by two professors. His diploma
had cost him nothing. He had prac
ticed medicine since receiving it.
John B. Nicholas, of this city, free
jiy gave what information he JKWM-**-
ed. He had attended a couneof lect
ores nt the Kclectic college, Philadel
phia, where he was examined by oue
professor and received a diploma,
lie had came to the coiicluiMin while
at college that thing* were conducted
loosely aud became thoroughly di*
gusted. He hao not practiced med
iciueand never intended after receiv
ing the diploma.
\V. W. Browu, af Bellefoute, stat
ed that he was a lawyer and editor.
' He had received the honorary degree
of LL. 1)., from the American Uni
versity, Philadelphia, unasked and
; unsolicited. The parchmeut haii
come to hint verv carefully wrapped
up. He had no idea what it wra* be
fore opening it aud expected nothing
of the kind. He had never attended
a course of lectures at the university
and had given or done nothing a* au
; equivalent for the diploma. ile
j thought he was entitled to the bailor,
as he wa* thoroughly competent. He
had been to the Allegheny college
four years and six months. The di
ploma might have conte through the
i influence of Dr. Hissell, one ef the
professor* of the Kclectic college, with
whom he was well acquainted. He
hod given tbe uuiventity a eompli
meutary newspaper notice after the
reception of the diploma--nunc lc
After the examination uf Mr.
Browu tho committee adjourned to
meet at Uia Girartl house, Philadel
phia, on Saturday morning at ten o'-
clock, when the professors and other*
of the two colleges in question will be
! examined.
We mentioned in our column* !al
week the sentence of the radical de
faulters in Philadelphia, who had
been tried and found guilty. Iu pro
nouncing the sentence upon Marcer,
the Judge used the following laiiguge,
which should be applied to some more
scouudrelsofthe same kind, but whogo
Joseph F. Marccr —Tbe rule for a
new trial in your case having beeu
refused, aud the motiuu in arrest af
judgement overruled, it remains for
the Court to impose such sentence **
the nature of your offense requires. I
do not desire to add to the pain of
your position by auy ex tended remarks.
I cannot let the occasion pat-*, how
ever, without expressing au erophatic
condamnation of your offense. The
misapplication of public money has
become the great crime of the age.
If not promptly aud fiually checked it
will ultimately destroy our Institu
tions. Whau a Republic liecomcs
liaueycombed by corruption its vitali
ty is gone. It must crumble upon
the first pressure. In my opiniou tbe
public are much to blame for your
offenee and others of similar charact
er. Heretofore official fraud ha*
been regarded with tao much indiffer
ence. What we uced is a higher and
purer political morality, a state of
public opinion which would make the
improper use of public money a thing
to he execrated. It was the lack of
this which made your offense pub
Beyond this we see nothing of ex
uuuation iu your case. The public
had confided to you the custody of
their money. It was a high and sac
red trust. You should have guarded
the doorl of the treasury even as u
Cherubim protected the Garden ef
Edtn,and should have turned the flam
ing sword against every one who ap
proached it improperly. Your posi
tion as a member at the bar, and for
some years as chairman of the Finance
Committee of Councils, gave you am
ple opportunities of knowing the law. j
You have sinned against the light.
In view of the facts ef your case, we
can do no less than impose the full
penally of tbe law.
Fraudulent Legislation-
We last week made reference t*
fraudulent legislation at Harrisburg,
by which bills, that never passed
either house, are paliueJ off as law*.
This is about tbe boldest species ut
villaiay of modem time*, au<i goes
ahsad of the plans of the devil him
self. But when forgers and other
political villains are elected to ike
legislature, what better can the people
expect, and wbo else are to blame for
this demoralized stale affairs hut the
people who claim to be honest and up
right, aud yet favor the election of such
characters as lawmakers. Upon this
matter we copy further from the last
Clinton Democrat:
It Minis as though rascality in legis
lation at Harrishurg cannot raach a
climax. What laws are really passed
contain enough wrong to tuake many
intolerable to the people, but it ap
pears that we suffer not only the evils
of these but also those that have not
jan-aed. The Patriot of tho Bth inst.,
informs us that "Mr. Dill read a bill
to repeal a certain act relating to
railroad corporations which was air
proved by Governor Geary on the
Ibili June, 1871. As soon thereafter
as resolutions were iu order Mr. Pet
rikcu introduced a resolution iu re
gard to this act," which asked for an
investigation. The resolution declares
that privute investigation shows "that
said bill was not considers! or pissed
by cither the Senate or House of Rep
resentatives, and that the records re
lating thereto were falsely and fraud
ulently made and entered."
Tha Patriot says further that, an
Juno /ith. llto "attention t Governor 1
Geary xv im called to this pNUmbtl
art l*v 4 prominent Senator, who as
urvd him thai it wa* *•*•*1 |*l •
had never rvceivd the Mwlin ofl
| tlwf legislature, *i*d that it had not i
! i'voii been enii*idere<l in the Svnati j!
The Governor ts|Htndd that ha
would ho in tin lutsU to *ig tho hill/,
having until 110*1 M'w.ioii to consider
: it." Vol ho dul f i^ II it mi lhi> lUlh ol'l
J ouo.
On tho i>th instant, through tin J
I'ilUhurg lhv-t, wo hutn thai
Mr. Ifcchort ilnu ait. uiioii t" the Im'l
that MII important Senate amendment
to tho bill lolativo to tho |ay 1 "liiita
dolplua |ulicvmii, nil" omitted la
the tranacrila r* helotv luillj: M-ut l
tho Governor, who signed the hill
Mithout it.
UctllMlka fbllliWol lYolrt M*l
Davis, Buck a low. Gtuv, Brook# and
While, in which tacts HI |atl loeula
(ion ware cited, showing that biil* tie-
CMIIIO law* without tver ha vino |uis*i-d
either II oust, or wore deliberately
luulilaltal before reaching tho ox ecu
It thia is uol "piling oil tho agwliV.'j
fellow-t-ilitens, wo would like to know
what will do it l'nt it uniragtoiia?
Wo aro not only the victim* of |ecial
law a corruptly |>axed, but wo art- un
der the yoke id those that lover have
passed. If this i not the climax el
audacity among the racial* who |we- j
ulalo iu legislation, what can it bo
that wi'l eomo next ?
A special investigation committee —
Messrs. Decbcrt. IVtrikcu and Gray—
ha* brOU appointed, aud it is to be
hoped they will prolor the inallir
thoroughly and bring the guilty to de
served punishment.
Tl • Nation g vet tho following
| beautiful picture of carpat-bagistu :
I It is certain that none of the carpet
bag governments at the South, uol
even the South Carolina ring, i* more
corrupt and debasscd than that l
Loiusiaua. Under it the taxes have
risen front thirty-seven aud a-half cents
on the alio hundred dollars in 181>G. to
' two dollars in 18i 1, aud it has raised
the Stale debt front fourteen thousand
I live hundred iu 18l>8, to nearly forty
l nine million* in 1871. ltefore the war,
I a sixty days' session of the legislature
cost from one hundred thousand dnl
; lars to two huudred thousand dol-
I lars ; the regular aud extra se-iiuti of
• the legislature cost seven hundred and
i fifty thousand dollars in 1870, anil the
regular session alone of 1871 cost over
, niue hundred thousand dollars. The
) modes of stealing, too, adopted by
• these rascal* bear the most striking re
• semblance to the operations of the New
i York ring, front which they have
• doubtless Well copied. We hare he
i fore us the report on the accounts of
of the legislature 1871, made by order
■ of the district court of New Orleans,
> iu proceedings instituted against the
- State auditor. The cointui.-etotter on
ly got hold of the books with great
. difficulty, and hp found etioriuous
, frauds of five kinds; alteration and
• erasure of warrauts ; forgery of names
- an warrants; Usue of warrant* by uti
i authorized persons, for purpose* for*
• bidden by law, or in paviui-iit of s-r
--vices uor reudcred. The legislature
appropriated fur the ex|enac of the
I Getteral Assembly six hundred
- aud forly-tfcven lltousaud four
| hundred and fsrty dollar* for IH7I.
Under this ike thieve* foithw ith issued
warrants for eighty-eight thousand one
• huudred aud twenty-eight dollar*; and
, when inquiry is made, it t* found that
, the book* sf tbe warrant clerk and of
j the rhitirinan of the committee ou cott
liugeut expenses have been lost' Ihe
committee on charitable institution*
t stole seven thousand four hundred aud
• twenty dollar* by drawing mileage for
I lours of inspection which they never
r made. The committee on railroad*
i stole thirteen thousand three hundred
I aud fifty six dollar* in a similar man
r ner. I*he committee ott hanks stole
. six thousand two hundred dollars in
- the tame way, ami the committee on
: canals aud drainage followed their ex
> ample,
• ♦ •
Governor Reed Impeached.
1 I Tallahassee, February 12. —The rv
' oluliol) iiupcachiug Governor Harri
-1 son B. Reed tailed t|ie |iop.- of rep
' resentatives by the necessary two
1 thirds vote, and was sent to the senate
aud officially received by that body.
Lieutenant Governor Samuel C. Day,
an honest republican, will take the
1 oath of office as acting governor to
night or to morrow morning.
The fight is entirely in the radical
ranks, between the carpet-bag ring
from the uorth —which has plundered
tho state already of millions, and is
now scheming to iquccxe the last do'-j
lar front the state before it goes into
bankruptcy —aud the republicans per
manently settled here and identified
with the interests of the slate. The
passage of the impeachment resolution
is looked upon as a stunning blow to
the "riug" and as a victory which will
probably result in the complete over
throw of the corruption ist*.
There is hut little doubt of convic
tion. Of cuursw the acts complained
of catt be clearly proved, and are suffi
cient to send Heed to the sUto peniten
tiary, much less oust him from the gov
ernorship; but the facts have little in
fluence on the question like this, while
money and politics have much. The
senate is composed of eleven demo
crats and thirtoeii republicans, making
seventeen votes necessary for convic
The democracy of Bedford in their re
cent county convention unanimously pau
*d the following :
"Remlred, That it i* the earnest desire
of the democrat* of llt-drord county, a* it
should be of all patriotic citizint, that the
evvrnl political uleuienta whose common
creed is tho preservation of our liberal
from of government and resistance to the
centralizing influence* and corrupt prnc.
lice* which under the present nond-script
administration are so rapidly undermining
the foundations of our republican system,
niay unite upon candidates and a platform
uif principle* at the impending presiden
tial election, and that mutual concussion,
looking to such a union may he freely and 1
cheerfully made."
This rcsciulion is of the truo patriotic
temper, slid will be endorsed by every
democrat who sincerely desire* the over
threw of the present dominant party.
Activity of tha Bona pari lata.
Paris, February 16.—The Uonaparlisl
adherents are exerting themselves to cre
ate a feeling among the workmen of cer
tain cities in favor of the ex-Kuiperor.
The Alabama Claims.
Paris, February 16. —It is re|>orted on
good authority that the United States will
not waive their claims on Kngland for in
direct damages, but may be induced to
moderate them.
Hon. Cbas Francis Adams, American
member of the Geneva Tribunal, will re
turn to Kurope iu May.
Three Children Ruined Alive.
Winona, Minn., February |:j.—ln Jef-j
fersou, in this county, early on Tuesday
morninr, the residence of Julius Hans, to
gether with his live stock, were burned.
The wind was blowing a Kale, and before the
inmates could be awakened the entire (
upper portion of the house was a mass of <
Haines. Three thildu-n were LumeJ to I
death. ■
\Vliut the Hrllfoli I'ivhh B*>m On
(In' llnbamu I'liiliuM
lFrom III# Loudon Time*, January HI, I
Tf*f 7 / rulif <Vii .lyrn inful ot .( //.
In tbr conference oil the IHtli 'l April.
IWI, tin- part -f the treaty relating
!• the Alabama clallli* wb agri ed to
Thf nri' described the worn* "I lin
President, in I In' original li tier >'l tlir '• Hli i
of Jmimt) , a- "tb( • a inn Mil •!
net* committed by I •> Alabama bihl nil > <
j Vessel* escaped Item 111 ltlll tlonps, ului
U-.icn.lly k now nn tin- Alabama cliiU"* |
i I'lit teriu may orin vague, ">ut I will be
lob-art ed that the United Stale* cominls
• loner* had bound ihutnsrlve* by ..n •>-
trod littery statement tltal tin > pr. Med
Inn estimate >l "indirect losses (ill m|n|
:of the pro ongatior. tin' will and Im nl
j shipping trad*), but n.ivd tlmr ngbt
to mak* such a elaim ill the event <•! a#
ainieabla aellli mi nt lint bring inaili It
H|i|i<ur> now thai they lat# that tln-y mily
meant tin* M'rtiWil ibeir c aim to ops
late in care of the ilo|itioli of ibr ('artii u
lar "amivablv settlement then prop..-. ■!
by tliein namely, by ike Joint It >K'*
jt'otuuinsiciirr* agreeing tqmli a gr.or tout
In be |iaul by the United kingdom 'I but
uiiiile ot n'Uleliielil seems In have In en lit
elite declined by tbr British t'oiiliiliaaioliera
but tbr deltnitloll ol Ibe i latin w> not
withdrawn. Front tbat luomeiit tbe two
contracting parties do not appear to bate
meant the auie tiling by tbu words wbii b
they Used, alui with all the signing and
[scaling, tliere Wa* liu real agreement come
AH l>#|K'iii* Upon W till llie f 'mil•
in issir. tiers Bny—Probably "the
Moil Trent#mltiua Bluwlet Kvet
Peru irateil."
(front the I'all Mall Gaxettr, Jan., 30.]
If we new 'ook le the language of the
'treaty for >upport f our u n vie# of tlie
agreement we flu J no poaitiv# support in
it at all It i> sufficiently negative for our
argument, and that i* tbe ket we nan
make of it It i* per ft-. 11 * compatible Willi
tbe American iletntiiid, but it does not
di countenance the a> rtion that tbe v bole
iof that demand, > ttuwr lirMUlrit, was
not included in the understanding on
' which the treaty was based ; it leave* u*
free to maintain that the admurion of
claim* for indirect lo* a* matter for i rbi
tration w> uo part of the undemanding
We >hall he lucky if we have ai ything I
i how tbe real *cope ol the argument, and
that it w a* by implication limited to direct
!oii. Oftfikwcthe public cannot yet
judge; but there i too much reason to
I fear that no documentary or other tnrigi
, ble evidence to that effect exist*. l'roka
bly, therefore everything turn* upon the
' question wlo-ther a* a matter of fact, of
. which there i> aliil can be no doubt ill the
t mind* of tbe llriti-h commissioner*and ihe
' British government, tb# good faith of the
' understanding i#violated by tbe Anicri-
I can demand.; whether they can as.crt in
. j perfect confidence that to the know ledge
of the American commissioner* no uch
• demand* were meant to he admitted for
arbitration or would bate been admitted ;
and that to u-e tile language of the treaty
in support of the claim for such admi**ion
" i* to force on it a significance it wa* ue* er
fj intended to bear. Of course, if our gov
| eminent cannot .iv tin* with absolute cer
tainty of being in tlie right there is an end
' of the matter. In that case, we mutt lake
I the ConcuueilCe* r.f one of the tin>t trc
, mendous blunders ever perpetrated
To the Tribunal All Must Go,
[From the London Morning Post.]
We have no right to con plain of tlia
cou-tructiou which the Atuciican govern
ment socks to put on the treaty. This
f rase tland* on all-four* with the *pee<-h of
a idaintilTs counsel when submitting Im
r client s caue to the jury The proper
, course for her Majc-ty s government to
. lake it to prepare in due course a reply (•>
the American government, leaving in the
" i latter the opportunity, to which it i* un
t'llouktrdly entitled ill equity, to reply, af
. ter the lap** of two mouth*. Wo have no
I right to call upon the tribunal to reject
peremptorily on (potion any claims, ho*.
ever prvp.i.terpui, ahuli may bap"' f"r
. ward by the American govcrnnmul The
construction of tbe treaty, and f every
thing cnnect>d with it, nas been referred
" by tl*. as by the gov orniueul of lliv I ul
t ted Stats*, to a peciai tribunal, and we, our opponent*, muvl be content to
j;leave everything unr.rvJly in>u band*.
r Mr. i'ulleraou, frutu l-ivcrjovol. A*-
totnilicil —The Prcsidctil Did Not
I Tell Him Any tiling Almut tlic
t "C'nac."
I [To t c Editor of ths London Timet ]
I Sir; 1 hav# read with #m# concern, ud
[' I niu-t add, coii*iderabto surprise, your ar
tide upon the Alabama claim*, from
which 1 learn that "the case" Upon behalf
■ of the United Slate* tugged* Knland's
,! liability for an enormous spin, in the hapc
II of indirect (Jni'iag''* for the pfoloi. gallon of
tbe war or. in other word*, rim. w
r quetilial damages 1 beg tp vsy that no
r such view of the Washington Treaty cams
under my observation in tbe la*t four
| months, which 1 hats mainly .pent in the
I United State*, hav ing only leflJvvvv A ork
- sixteen days ago It i* true tiencrwl liut
. ler some three m#nth* ago endeavored to
fatten odium nyHiii the I mted Stale* gov
-1 eminent by alleging lhat the treaty sur
i rendered American (Idling privileges ; and
also that foreign diplomatist, who i
probably now hi England, en route for a
colder climate, did at a social party in my
presence "nag'' some American gentlemen,
including a United Stales Senator, with
tugge.tion* of it* iuvolvtng claim* for all
■ the cotton, Ac . burnt at the South owned
by Bntith subjects. Another Brititb gni
llviuan and mycll were informed that
' we had surrendered fifty mile* of coast in
thv Pacific, which did not appear to u*.
. however unhappy, to involve national de
cadence. There wa*. however, no uggc
■; lion of liability for consequential datnagi-*,
.even I rum that lvnx-eyed critic who was
. conspicuously anxious to find "a hole in
•ur coals," aud had tbo will I" "nrent it,
nor in any other company or place, pri
vate or public, in America, in s|>eeob.
writing, or print, did the suggestion reach
me; nay, I imy add, I am pursuaded lhat
to the mercantile communities it will come
a* a ji-MMicvahlg surprise when they read
iin tic Tmhc sol" this morning of England's
liability for fI.ttO.OOO (<* indirect damages
i occasioned by the Alabama. 1 have en
'joyed frequent opportunities of conversa
tion upon international topica with ti ir
chants, hankers, lawyers and even states
jnien. such as Mr. Sumner and others, in
jeluding an interview with the President
at Chri*tmas : and notably from Aim, but
Ijny add universally, 1 met expression*
pr satisfaction at the treaty, a* asuringtbe
permanent reunion of goud feeling and
Tasting friendship between the ocean-di
vided English speaking peoples. Your
obediviit servant,
JoHX I'iTriXSitX.
Liverpool, January I*.'
A Kentucky member stirring up
the l T nclcan blood.
; ,4 Scathing I'ersonal Explanation —
Masterly Uuliny of Speaker Blaine |
The Thieves of the South Stripped !
to the Buff, and Exhibited to the
Wailiiiiftnii, Feb. |G.~In lli House to
day, Mr. Bv'k(D*m., Ky.) asked leave to
' make a prnunul explanation.
Mr Stevenson (Rep.. Ohio) inqui-td
whether Mr. Hcck intended to say anything
personal t<> a Senator. Dawes, Hunk*. W. H. BoborU,
and otbur member* sii'tained the rijrht of
Mr. Deck t<> make a peritonei explanation,
even (hough ho did reflect o|j Senator.
The Speaker put the question a* to
whether there wait objection, and none >•
i made.
Mr. Beck then proceeded with hit re
uiarki. lie did not intend, ho mid, to use
any billingsgate or slang, or to degrade
the House ny any allusion* wliich member*
would lay were not eminently proper. It
wat more iinimrlaiit to him that he should
he right, and that the Houte thou hi say
that no wut right in the remark* for w hicli
Ihe Imd been arraigned tn the Donate. In
j that ■ perch he had naid that Gov. Hrown-
I low, of Tcnnaaaee, had
Made A I'endcniunium
of thut Stall'. Ho (Mr. liccki liu.l been 01
'tln committee to investigate the conditioi
lof the South, HIH] when he conic t<
[ look over the condition of things in Ten.
nuec. from the clone oi the ivi.r for f#ui
year*, lie HW kuch n ktntn of tiling* HX
ikied now hare Ue on tlie Atncrican con
lincnt; and it wn bt-cHUsft he found that
Unto of tliiiiK l * "" exUting that he hml
iimilc the remarks to which exception hiiil
been taken If thoae facta did not exists
then he win jf 11 iltv of aluiidcr; liut il
they did exist, and if ha should prove to
the lloiikii tlint StHte hint been by mix
rule NIHILE H paiidctuoiiiuin for four your,
after the wur closed, then lie MUX not guil
ty of HIIV nUiiiler. lie xliould either stand
before the Houxc HX a wilful uml malicious
libeller, or lie xliould xtHlld confirmed by
the facta. HX ho would show tlieui. Before
lie woulu my H word ux to the perHonnl nt-
Luek upon hlinxelf, lie wanted to show to
Jiu House that lie WHS right in suying Unit
i'ennexaec hud been u pHiidemoniurn for
our your*,
Ruining tt l'niiil of order.
p If r. Stevenson (Kcp., Ohio) asked the
.'hair, HX u <|ue -tion of order, whether in n
ivinonul expluiiulion u number hud u
ight to proceed in a general discussion on j
the Slate of Tennessee, I
The Speaker replied t lust it bail I.■n re j'
j penteilly ruled that when a ilieiuher w a '
periiiiltud to make a personal explanation '
lie wa* Hot limited ml l what bo sli<itlld ( '
m , i vcept tbat h mul he wiibm tlm J
: nil ■ of tbe llntl-1'
Mr tln U *ald bu di'.ired to *ltow tin- 1
. • iltiliti.sli of thing* 111 I i Hln"*-' c a* thai
'*it - the great p fiit in tl •• id itti i He da |'
' i led tin- light ol 1 ml" i to ttuiku ti*" 1
■i| the priv ib-gi of illvi t 00l to miiSigii or
In list •-1, it li V nlie otll-lde ol it and w hat
ill I hi bail .aid lis* l*H*l ■a "I oil hi* I eilHill •
.il.iiilv a- a man, ami In* was prepared to
prove It* iMlth. lie I hell pi. ni-r i|i ij In
• how
Ike ( itsslsti**ll ol tllill.-* ill ' rtiliriMV
flnm lM .to In,* how tin l.i gfslalure. hv
a i*rte.* Ulipaiatliitlwl In ~tnerii'ali
lii*|olV. eiin-litiil. I itselt a body H"t rep
re* en 11 ng nue-ii'iit h purtnt liu- population;
liou .lillli. il* law- were pa* etl how per
• on* W ele arret tl f"C spettklug iliri espet I
folly of the t invel Ilor; how there wa* an
outlawry of persons, an outlawry of the;
pre**, an outlawry of the franchise, ait
outlaw ty ..I in ill long w bie h did nut bt>w
to tbe Mi*"mll' of the men In power, lie
showed how >t feuty thousand citisen* of
the Stale bad been dLfraiteliLcJ by law
ho wr the lii'verimr hail tlislraiiehised
t w i lily -eig lit eoiiiitie- ill Ten nr * *ee because
thev hail el vet etl to llie Legislature men
w lot were inolile to I*tin , how he liatl re
; tim ed the vote ot the .Hte front Itgl.UiS) to
a'.t.HXl; how he hail only alltiwetl nim-tei li
IIU II to 111) registered ill the wliftfo couilty
ot Henry, und how n man w*a* allowed
to vote who wa* not known to he In favor
of the Legislature ami the tiovernor, and
of everything that they ilij.
Kenviving llie [Kiint oforder.
Messrs tiartield ami HleVelioll t Itap ,
Ohio] renewed the point ul order that the
remark* of Mr. Ibi k ware not in the na
ture of a pert>na! explanation.
The Speak er overruled the point of ol
der, and WII" sustained til hi* position by
Mr. Hank*, wbo *aitl that the Speaker wa*
entirely eorreel, and that Mi JIS. - k wain
accord with the prut tit eof lliitJlltMiro.
Mr. tiartield nt to the Speaker a writ
ten question —"AN hether, w lien a member
gvt- permission to make h personal expla
nation, II is on the implied ph dgc that lie
. a ill confine himself to the personal expla
nation, and not make a yciivral political,
-pet. ch ?"
The Speaker replied that that till loft
the original question open a- to whether j
lb# gentlviuan hiiu.elt regarded hi* own
remark* a* n personal etpl nation. Ihi
pieseiil aeeupant of the chair had alwy
' ! endaavortn! to e(rcuuicribe and confine,
personal explanation-Miiiicw hat more with
| lit bound* than bail been tbe usage, lie re
| called on one distinct occasion Hie ruling
of Ills immediate predecessor, Mr. Coifs x,
ami a similar ruling of hi* other predeces
sor, Mr. Bank*, who bad so kindly gixen
bim tin* aid of bt> x |*crieiue to-day— tbat
where the con .till it the llou*e is given
1 i for a personal explanation, it i within the
discretion of the geiitlrman hiiu*lf to say
1 what he t h*a**c within tne lules of the
r ! House
Mr Hank'* (Rep., Mas*.)— That i* the
! practice
r A Third Inlt rruption.
Mr Beck resumed hi* remark*, ha! wa*
j toon interrupted again lor a |ntint tif or
der made by Mr. Ilale . ftep , Me )similar
L ' to (bo*-- already made ami overruled,
j The Si eaker in "ii-rru'iiig it ri-tmirked
that in hi* jiidgeliu lit neither the geiitlv
man from Maine (Hal#) nor iwitlu r ul the
gentlemen fhsu Ohio (Stevenson alui tiar-
I field * could di< tale to thu gentleman from
•Kt nlui ky the line at arguuietit.
" After further interruption* Mr It. ek rt
' •timed hi* remark- and rejH-aled lli il liu
\ great point which he di ired to make w .i*
' that he had not falsely charge J any mail
' : when he -aid that a pandemonium had
r ' been ill Tennessee II he had *aul that
the i oinlilion of thing* in Tennessee wa.- •
[ In 11, he would have been i. cater the trulb.
1 Mr S'CV t tisoti txt Ite.lly —-And made
•o by li- (Lntighter ]
Itriiwulotr'n Ki;!c in Tcnmiwc,
1 Mr, Ip-ck !wj now that no man ,;>i,
read uv< r lip-' ret old t.f Tcnr.v.-M C gnd ei
" : bow, *tep by te|t tb.i( , opdiljeli uf tlliugs
e *w a* product,!, hew llU'li We ft disfran
: ehl.lHi ; bow a tiulilia wa- orgal.iat d and
1 ] pul over tbe people; bow military orders
" j were exiT Uled ; lotw proclainaliolis were
■ : issued; how marital luu wa* declared ami
' t-xtn UleJ, wilh.-ul *• . lug tbat w hat I -aid
of tbu Stat*- in that t .ill;,-eli,UJ * strict
| ly true, alui that it wa* tbo w -r*t govern
- ! . -I State on the American continent,
t lie prtei ednl tt> read (Voiu the testimony
Jof witnesses who, he t:iid, uvr.* strictly
loyal no ii. and *aid that lie would print
the re*t of it in the lilobt.
Mr. Stevenson objected to ibe printing
. of anvthing that wa-tu-t reatl,
1 Mr Beet Then I w ill read the whole
, o| it ; and 1 give IttUiee that nothing *iiall
' go in the liVtAr in the future that i* n-4
read. ll* then weilt on to quote from the
• te-tiiiiuny ot witne-M-*, and *i|ii|;
f; })i'in>pnriiig Jiruutiluw'r Slgmicr.
tin that 1 wa* aitailcd. I wa* charged
' ! with being the xile.t of men, with having
• left a lit c'.v stabb and taken up the slave
r drivers lash, and de-erving the seirn aud
r contempt of all decent men. 1 would not
' til-lice it. hut for the fot t that what ha*
be, ii -aid uyainst me will ga to all tbe
world. lam witting to lvm! on my re
" j roril betore my |x*opla at home. Thev
' | kite a me, they have trusted rue. hut they
' ' cannot -peak to tbe (I hole Ameriean prwt
• pie a* I call *pia k I o-tiny from this place;
" and whin geiitb-men n-i in their plae**-
f ! any wrbcrv- Ido not care w ho#, ami char
ge that I am a man who i* m l to be tru*
' ted ur believed because 1 am vile, and
j j mine from to vile quarters, and am guilty
' of tut h vile practice*, 1 denounce it hen
" and deiiwuttce it everywhere. 1 know why
1 all these charge* were made. NYhat I ai*d
' about a pandemonium in Tciiiir*cc wa*
• j said about all the other Sputherp State*.
alui a gth 'tl deal more about some of them.
' j One man. Ifavi- • f Texa-. wn* 4<H>king me
•i in the face when I -aid it. I said uiun
1 again*! (iisv. Ilulloi kof Georgia, who rat
| by my side, and thev are not all cripples,
not all cmbccilrs, 1 have
Never Told u Lie,
i and I am prepared to prove every fact I
. i have tatod here *r elsewhere They
; thought thet would tut a man to speak
, I against ll|o of whom rhey could av that
, 1 he i a cripp.e, that he cannot write, that
I he cannot read, that he cannot walk, and
they shield themselves behind him. They
are not all cripple*. All the re*l of thorn
can walk. I will prove what I naid again*!
every one ol tinm. and it i bccau*e they
know that 1 will do it ; it i* because Heed
of Florida, Scott ot South Carlinn, and
Davi* of Texas, and all of them kns\v that
I will proye it, because they know that I
have been prominent in getting up a r.~
port which will lie before the country in
la** than a week, that they are trying to
blacken me> thai when people lake up the
report and read it they may *ay : • "X>l, it'*
j that fellaw Heck, who wa a negro driver
that My* tbi*!'' That i* their game, that
i* the reason why they selected a poor uld
| Imbt ob to atta. kno
Hr. Stovenon again, made a point of
order again*! Mr. Heck, and wn- again
j overruled by the Speaker, w ho mid he Imd
been listening very attontivelv and the
i gentlemen from Kentucky had not viola
ted any parliamentary rule.
The charge pre.erred (hat he had been a
j *lave driver w* a lie, and |je hurled it
back oil all th.we men with the orn it dc
terved. He felt humiliated at having to
I tell all thi*, and he would not have done <o
I had the attempt merely been to injure him
| per*oiially ; hut the object to W n* to destroy
the power and eflert ot what he h <d said, i
ami of what he would continue to *nvi
against the carpet-hug government* of the
South, and all their fraud*, all their cor
ruption*. all their rascalities. He knew
what it was all done for; he knew why a
feeble old iijiiii had been .-elected to attack
him by other* who were more deeply iin
plirat. d than he. In order to exhibit Mt
Hrownlow*' con*itency in ntt ieking any
man a* a slave- Iriycr, ho rend oiiio ex
tract* from ihii dehnte hut ween Mcssr-
Hrownlow and l'ruyn, twelve r fifteen
year* ago, in Philadelphia, in which Mr.
Hrownlow took thepositionthat American
•lavcry ought to he perpetuated ; that •la
very was the inevitable condition of hu
man society, and that God always intend
ed the relation of ma*ter and slave to exit.
lie (Mr. Iteck) commended there extract*
to the other sine of the House. I Lnughter.]
He a*ked them to read Mr. Hrownlow"*
speeches made in lieill, in which he tie
Hollared the Abolitionists, ami spoke of
Vii-c-l'icaiilcnt Uumliti a* a Flee Nv
A* to Mr. Hrownlow'slaying thela-li on
his (Mr. Heck's) back, if lie were tron- '
ger, than lie was, be *ai<l, No man ever laid >
a lali on hi* back or struck him a blow, '
and no man should and live. Mi. Hrown-1<
low could not *ay so much for himself, a* 1
Fayette McMullcii knew, lie (Mr. Heck)'!
no braggart, and no blackguard ; any '
lltliwoinaii could beat lilm at abuse; hut i
lie repelled with honest indignation the
charge made against him that fie had ever
! been guilty of anything unworthy either
jof himself, his family, or hi* people, lie (|
represented the proudest di-tricl in Atner- p
] km, a district w liich hud more capacity to w
produce all that was requisite for human i
; life than many of the stale*. It had sent
! men to Congress who were worthy of their t |
position*, however unworthy ho" himselt
might be. He was following men whosei i,
inline* it wa* unneee*sary to mention, audi,,'
who recalled ! {'
The Time-Honored Ashland District
of Kentucky. Thqy had seen lit to and!
him lu-re three consecutive time*. ll< had
come among them poor, friend I •-*, ami T
so far from feeling that he disgraeeil tin in ' il
because he had been poor, and bad labored j )i
for i living, his exainjilo had been held up
t.i the > tiling inon uf the district. Ho know
I lint In- It ml been denounced bacauso h#|
liml always been the advocat# and ft'lend
1.1 111. I Itl wlltl l len Solilliorn Slnli .
Il< tin.l married a Virginia wuman, and
bis children were the . rent great grand
t liiblri n of tin foil brtrther * tjeorge
Wiih Hgtoli He lowd thu South, and
would -land by it a* lung a* he hati a video
|to -peak Win ii be iihalitlollt'd her be
i MU * lie WNS maligned, slandered, or rid
unlet! Ny any combination of men. might
'id* right hand wilier and his tongue
cleave to the roof uf his mouth. He bad
m nl no di*rv*pcct to tbe Senate in any
allilsioii he bail made tti it. He regarded
llie Senate of the United Stales u* ihc
liighest ami most hoiinrab! htely on earth.
1 lo re was not a loan in thv lit.use who
tlld tiol want to go to the Senate. [Laugli
ler | lie knew II WUs
l lie Must //oiioittblt' Butly un Lnrtlt,
ami when he s|obo ufoin#nflli"*e South
.in (i.ivornors wbo were eaudi<latc* lor
the .* • iihlc he "X* not refieeting 01. the
Senate If anything hx said looked like a
refit t lioll oil the Sena lit he upoiogixed for
it flay hatl been there, Webster bad
l.t ei| there, W right had been there, Ual
li.iun bad been there, 'l'beir memories
made it a sacred place. He bad not said
IIII> thing to rellui't oil the Senate; but lie
IJ* * ultiile* sitting lu tin- nasi of the rugle
ami baboons taking the plaeu of the limit,
he protested aguilol tlm oulruge He
wauted lo keep lit# Seuata pure and high
uiimled lie wanted lu *ee the Slates rep
reieutod by liouorable men, not by men
who fureed Iheiuselve* iu there at the
point of the bayonet, or by fraud, yorrup
lion, clittanery or mlracutu. That Wa*
I the wuy be looked at it ; that Wa* tlie way
lie felt like apeaking about it. In con
clusion, lie taaliki-tl the l|oU*e for the
courtesy it bail extended to him.
Mr. fieck was li*leiu-d to wilh tbe great
est interest and attention by the members
of the Huuse and by the'erowded galleria*.
lie -poke with great rapidity and force,
ami warmly Congratulated by his political
friends when liw concluded.
The House soon afterward adjourned.
W AMlikurON, February IS.
Sale of (•oVvTiiiiirnt Ann* to France
Mr. Suiuner called up hi* resolution for
ati investigation into the alleged toatiufac
sure of arm* for the French in workshop*
of the United Stales
Mr Conkling was anxious to have the
' the resolution disposed of
Mr Sherman aid that the resolution
' would lead to a political debate, and ap
pealed to the >cnale Hot to lit* diverted
from practical bouite**. If Mr, Suionei
hatl berll content to omit his lung praam
' j biu aud offer a simple resolution of iuqui
-1! r>- it might be pa*ed without debate.
' Mr. Anthony objected to taking up tin
resolution until the appropriation bill wai
' * di -posed of.
-'j Mr Conkling said it wa* not for llie im
portance of ibe resolution thai he wished
1 Ui have it taken up at once, but ou
of it* peculiar character, which the ruin
would not permit him properly to describe.
He would, however, suppose a rase— ths
' introduction ola resolution casting gri*i
aud hateful a*|x-rsioiis, even on tbeSetiale,
: and not at this one did U|*oii the Amrri
, - an Gov erntuaul and the American nam*
: He would say l*u tbo Senator ft*um Khodt
Island (Mr Anthony] that is such case b*
wnutd insist un the liuinvdiate considera
tion of the re-<dulion. ev#n if one hundred
' appropriation hill* were Waiting. So hi
* niiU'd thi* resolution dts|Med of because
of the imputation* aud statements accom
panying 11, grotiu-lless, a* be believed
them to be.
After further dlt-li**ion the resolution
' was taken up aud Mr Suiuner addressed
' the Senate. The he said, was in
' tcresting and ini|Hirtalit in two a*|serts, ai
it coin eriit-tl foreigit power*. All tutisl
unite in a desire to redeem our country
I rout the suspicion uf
Moral Obliquity.
He would *pimk gut of men. hut of fact*,
and if any Italy should t>u pointed at, by .
thu slati-iio-nt be wa* about to make, it
would lo- the fault of fart* and not hit
He bad brought forward this subject ■
vt ith great relllt lanee, and after lollg delay j
The main fact* had been brought to hi*
know ledge before Christ ma*, but he bad
postponed brilig'.ng litem into tbe Senate, it
I.ft suit' he kit w they had been laid bt
fore tb, I'rt sidt-nt au<iSecretary of War,
and be bad reason lo believe thai they
would institute an inquiry. They had not
doM# so, however, but "the Secretary of
War bad made to the House of Kaprcscn
tattves a report upon this subject. The,
character .if that report would judge!
whullu-r it did m 4 fall under some of the
suspicion w!iuii attached to the whole!
Vraiisat lion. In setting forth focU |tv j
| IllU-t
| liitiMlitoe Ts t Piiraclcr u|Kitt the
Mr |*iacc, late l'tn*ul-(Jcm-ral of Frani-e
at New York, atul Samuel lb mington. op
llbut, New York
l'iasu had livt-a u oitul of fraud, ami
ujaiu his second trial had been convicted,
mainly u|*on the lestimoiiy ol Kemiugtou.
who tn aulhi utii ate I a* a witne** in Ibe
French court* by certificate from our Sec
retary of War.
,\l the *-tpir*P<*n **f thu morning hour
|tbe Legislative Appropriation Bill came
up a* unfinished bu-iiics*.
Mr. Trumbull inuv cd toiMMtpon# it, and ,
continue the diru**h*n of Mr. Sumner'*;
Mr. Sherman appealed to tbe majority j
of tbe Senate not to allow tbcinselve* l"
be drawn into a political debate by taking
up thU resolution. If they did he wouiq,
not be present. Me warn.l the uigjoriu
that it wa* U'lfigp fqf tfjersj thuTi.
'• Drive Them into Wrangling l'olifica
it, everylimc thev liom> to wave a red flag i
s, I their face*. Everybody knew that then
wn* no objection to niiy proper inquiry
into tin* matter, but the Senate out t • <>b
jo. t to thi* atteiu|>t to get up a political de.
• Pate in adv. nce u|a>n al'eged fact* nut ye
inv c.ti*-atd
1 Mr rwmiudci Mr. Sherman ol
, the torm which gn-v'ed the tactic* oflbosi
j who oppo*t d th* re*o!ution for inquiry al
'j New York, and mid liie real motive lot
. op|Mi*ing thi* one t> not Iwcauso it had
* a prvalitblc, but becau.e it prop.M>ed a
thorough. bold and manly investigation
* He Jid not wonder at it. because
i The Majority bad £u( J!uoigh of hi
ll vcstigPtiott.
j but I hey tniet laka a little more, and could
not escenti it hv any political subterfuge
,* Mr. \S ilsnn favored an immediate and
~ full investigation of thi* subject, and did
~ not icar that it would injure the admini*-
. tration or the Republican party.
r Mr. Morton wa* r.-ady to vote qpou the
( i resolution without Jcbnlg. lie had no
| power to i,void the debute, and if bo had
he would tint do it. Here was a rendu
I tioit, involving the most enormou* *u
, jiicion* again-t memlx r of thi* Govern-
I mi nt, and reaching even to g member of
. the Cabinet, even if pot higher. Hp by
. lieved there wn* nothing in it, that it WW
A Mere IJlattk t'urliidgv,
] hut h. know very well that If the Senate
_ • should rofu-o t* consider it now, no mat
' ter for good reason, the refn-al would he
made the basi* tor the most infamous cal
, Utnnie*. The Senate had better let the
cartridge be exploded al once.
Mr. Trumbull thought Mr. Sherman'*
speech remarkable, and wondered what he
. meant by speaking of
"Our Adversaries, and h Red Flag."
Mr. Sherman *i.i 1 he had alluded to the|
Senator from Massachusetts ( Mr. Sumnnrlj
who had introduced thi* ureulnblo nd|
resolution, and he appealed to Mr. Trutn*
hull to *ay whether ne hud ever know n a
• Senator moving an in* e*tigation to in*i*tj
lon putting Into the prcmble the fact* to be
j inve*tigiiti d.
Mr Trumbull replied that the ba*is of;
the proposed examination must be act out]
ia some way, and it w* a mere mattei of
taste whether they should be slated ia
writing, in a preamble, or orally in the
Senate. 11l either case they Would go bo
fore the public.
Hut what did the Senator (Mr. Sherman)
mean by talking of advormrie* ? Surely
the Senator from Massachusetts (Mr. Sum
ner) wa* not politically an adversary of
the Senator from Ohio (Mr. Sherman.)
And why lid the Senator expect a |>olitl
cal debate on thi* question? Surely thi*
wa* not h political question.
Mr. Sherman —My honorable friend i*
very innoeen. [Laughter.) Can there be
any motive under heaven in pressing thi*
re olution now, except t" invite a |aditi
cut discussion. My friend* from New-
York and Indiana ( Me**r. Conkling and
Morion) are eager for the fray, and my
friend from Ma**achuetta (Mr. Sumner)
Kigrr for the Fray.
Mr. Sumner —I am not. 1 give nolio* to!
it.y friend that lam not going into h po
litical di*tu*iun 1 leave that to those
whom the Senator call* adversaries
[ Laughter.)
Mr. Carpenter said the country wa* on
the eve of a political campaign. It wu*
well understood that the President was to
be renominated, and itavas also generally
understood that three or four Senator* had
long been preparing n bombshell which
at the proper lime was to be exploded and
Blow (i't. (inuit and llia Friend* nut
of Water '
That bombshell had been introduced into
the Senate. The Senator (Mr. Sumner)
had just lighted the I'uee and he (Carpen- 1
lorN was in favor of haling the xplo*h n
at once | Laughter. ]
Mr. Scott welcomed Ihw nsolulbm a* an
indication that we wen- to have, in thi*
country, genuine civil scrvie** reform A
I few inon tils sine# the Country' hail I •• n
startled by aft nxp 'surf of the corrupthm
- and fraud- of an organiz-atUm in Saw
• York, which controlled tha U-iu*w-ratic
• party.
Ever since, the Heiio-i rallc leader* bail
been sveking uialerlals for counter char
-1 go*. In that search they had been coqiict
ling with persons, wiio w t-re supposed l
I : b
I I i-:t Ir tctl To ward tin- Ailiiiiuialrn
. lintt,
alui thi* it-solution wn one o| the results,
•j He lii-pcd the resolution Would l-e passed
; and the matter thriHighly Investigated
Tb# r stdulloii wa* taken up by n vote
uf to yea* to 7 nay*.
• Mr. Sumner resumed. Tbe Senator*,
. opptoad to tbi* resolution, bad prufe*ed
r | to be afraid of a political ditt u>*ion, and
i, bad proceeded to discus* politic* Thry
, were afraid of an attai'k on tb ail in in is
r j tration. So ll.ey had proceedad t** defend
| ! it, One of them,
Fearing an AlUt k oil (icii. (Jraut,
j ■ had undertaken to defonil him. He
t (Sumner| was m 4 g tiag to make a politi
,. eal sperch at all. lie would simply sm alt
uf the public serv ice with a view of retire
,];ing hi* country fruti suspicion lie
, 1 would neillier introduce the name of Grli.
Grant, nor make any allusion to bim. lie
, Would leave that for hi adversarie*.
, [Laughter ]
Hiiisii )• Dtt'UTiKd.—Here i* a
row of ordinary capital letters ami fig
urea —8 8 S H X X X X I f 7* Z 3 8
388 8 8 They nro xiich a are
tuaile up uf two part* of ejual shape*.
.Look rarcfully at thvee and you will!
[icrceive thai the upper halve* oflhe
characteia arc a very lilllc smaller
than the lower halves—ao little that
an ordinary eye will declare them to
lie of equal ize Now turn (he page
upside down, aud, without anv care
ful looking, you w ill are that tftia dif
lervitce in aizv i* very much exagger
ated —that the real top half ol the
|letter i# vt-rv much arualler than the
Inittoni half. It will Ite aren front
thi* that there i a tendency in the
eye to enlarge the upper part ot any
object U|mii which it hnika. We
itnighl draw two circle* of unequal
site, and o place ihein lhat I hey
alniuld ap|aiir e<|Ual. — Once a Week.
—The Ilatrtahurg l'atriot *ay ; "Au
important railway deciaioii baa u#t
rrct-ivfil aiiii uiaUoii bv the Nm \urk
( ourt of A|i|M at. lKiratliv lUwaon
Mini the IVtiiu-ylvania mil road com*
pany to t*wver $4,000 for loot f bag
gage. On behalf af (he defence it was
undated that a (here wan a condition
|nintul on tL<* ticket upon which the
plaintiff-wan riding at the time of the
in**, the company would not be liable
( oju tul SIOO and she could not re
cover uiwre than that miiu. (In trial
lie low the plaintiff obtained judge
incut lor $4,0(10, and the Court of Ap
peal* have alb lined that judgement,
ftii- drcbian maintain# a* law that
the rlaoMH on railroad tickets limit
ing the 10-> to SIOO tnr baggage doe#
not limit rtich lor#. Thia iaa decuiou
lof a loug-mooted and frequently con
CIAI'TION —Notice it hen-bv iflvcii.'
J tliat all the |>erot)al ami moveable 1
property, lx-I..aging t<- (t.-orge B. llmrp.ter,
ttf iVmre Hall was, the Igtli of Kcbru-|
ary, 187*4. pwrcbaaed by the undesigned, |
at* vheritJ a!e, namely, all blacktmilh
Uwli, machinery. woodwork, flniahed and
anlnitlitil rehiiln, dec., belonging to the 1
m-vera I hop heretofore occupied hy *aid
tieo. It llarpler, together with the horeea,
harne, and all the hou-< hold and kitchen
furniture of the Kauo-, The value w ill bu
left in tbe of vaid tieo, B. Ilarp
ter, at the nlearurv of tbe utide vtgned.
and all peraofu are hereby cautioned 1
again*! medling with the vain propMtV in
anv tanner whatever
V. K li Kltl. U'HKK,
<• Ko. DURST.
The public art- hereby notified that lb#
t.larkvu.ilhing and coarhtjiahing hereto
fore carried <-n at Centre llajl ' j tieo. B
Harp. tor, will bu continued at tbe old
tlaPd by tbe un J.-rvigtud All onnlrncU
for work, in -aid vhopv muat In- made with
the undesigned C. V. UKB I.At'll KK.
fet.lC.St K Dl'lWT.
< irand Opening
fOR 1872,
whew ha ha cliUtwO wnh a vary large
4ck Vhv latest style*, both faa'c.v and
I ooiumon
Parlor, Chamber and Kitchen Furni
of all kinds.
All kind* of repairing done with neat
nes* and dispatch having f>ur (<** l wor -
men at the bench. I am prepared to do
all kind* of custom work, fine r common. |
Thankful for past favor*, I hope by strict
| attention jo bu*lne*s you and everybody
,Jw will *huw smiling face* at my new
ware rooms.
Reliance Wringer,
Have had unusual opportunities of ascer
taining precisely what i wanted, and
of producing a perfect machine.
They have brought out an en
tirely X*w Whimhk,
which tbey call the
Now 1871. Perfect
qp -
.• , i-
x cia* p y x
h ur * *
It Wring* Faster Than by Hand.
We consider the Pro viden 0# superior to
all other*, for the following reasost;
I*l. The ROLLKKS, ot Urge sixo and]
be*t quality of While Rubber, are all se
cured to their Shalt* in the most perma
nent manner, the Moultcn Process, mak
ing the best roller in the world.
NAL CASINGS prevent any wear upon]
the journal*.
[The wooden journals in which the iron!
shafU of other machines run. soon wear,]
land the efficiency of the Wringer is
bv greatly reduced.l
used on this Wringer give the utmost ease
and steadiness in working, while the doub
le stop prevents them from bottoming or
being thrown out of gear We furnish
either single or double gear Providence,
as desired.
CLA M P readily adjust* this Machine to
tub* of any size or thickness, making a
perfect fastening. _No wooden peg* or
rubber straps on thi* Clump.
BEAUTY, arc combined in this Machine,
with all the requisites of a Ursulas* Wring
Providence, R. I.
11 Warren Street New York.
Ktid of the Tetb r.
The senator* of the ring jy* the Patriot, i
li *'H to the end of their tether by thci'
debut of their attempt* to amoud ih law
of elcetioa•, Tbrjr are now brought face
to face willi tho naked <|uc*t!lt Will;
Ihev deny the *on*tiliti<iiial and Irani j
rig lil of the (dalnllßt t • prove the fraud*j 1
by which ha wa* deprived of hi* *et?
Such I* the quo<llon, which rein •tin* be-;
I we. n ilo'to and the clliirni of the com-!
111011 wealth, errry one of whom i concern
el 'n tho t-rrat f#ue that ha* ari**n. At ]
flr*t tlc*n senator* were quite dim runt ra i
tive In Iheir i>*prr.!.,n of a determination
to permit a conte*t. Tha vague charge
.that a caucus had hen hold tn which ft war!
resolved to prevont the drawing of a nine j
j mitlce wa* deemed audi, lent tojii-tify per- |
! tonal explanation* in the annate fn which j
vehement denial* of li t truth were made.
Nothing farther wa* from the purpme oil
iluoe honorable *enalor* than t*i |irevcnt a!
eoutet There wa* however a little ontU- j
null In the act of ItSSP which it wa* better j
to correct before the drawiiiK of a commit- i
j lee. 11l vain it wa* urged that ny the eon-1
! .liUllioU and the palllano Hilary law, and;
by the act of IWD itself, under a fair and!
liberal con*truction the contestant waen-i
{titled to hearing. Itut it wa* bettor, in Ibt!
view of thee stickler* for law. that the con-!
•*titutioii and the (treat right* which it'
guarantee* tbould |.eri*h than thai tbi*t
trilling ilefeat in the law *hould not be
cured. Tbv Judiciary committee invert!-
eatod the question, and when their report
i appeared, it wa* discovered that the dtffl- /
I < ulty wa* not much in that portion of the !
i law which th*y elaiuied to he defective,
hut in the section which provide* for the [
drawing of committee Titat wa* what
wa* in the way of these honest senator*
Under that provUiou ol the law, a* the,
senate now stands, there wa* an even
chance that the democrat* would obtain a
[majority the committee, and thu* be
able to decide impartially and jurtly be-'
l ween two member* of their own part v. J
Itut. like the Hibernian In the doclt, Ju*-
[tice wa* the lal thing Gray and hi* at tie*
wanted. Could they alter that portion ofi
the taw which provide* for the committee
! in *uch away •• t" give them a partiaan |
advantage they wore willing to overlook'
{the pretended omission in the act of 1839
Tne manoeuver* for a partisan commit-j
tee have already Um sußcieotly d*crib :
ed. The clumsy trick under which the
! speaker U t*< appoint a committee ef ive
1 Ui BSpdilßl Ufihcf eotsttttiU*# of f!rr?II to
' ►elect a *eventb member of the election
!wimmittee ha* been ftilly exposed. The
i lart amendment ha- been v.4j down, and j
the question recur*, Will the radical •ena
ctor* continue to oppo*a the selection at a]
committee T They have *hwwn that their
j objection* are sorely to the provision* of the
jlaw concerning the mode of drawing a
{committee, ad then seek Pi repeal that
Saw U* meet their partisan r* mat in the j
cmae. Will the puuple of the common
, wealth u*tein ihi cff.t U trample down 1
a wise election law. which roan with the;
, reformed conrtitution of 1838, merely to,
'enable Henry W . I*ray to obtain a parti-!
•an rommiltee to stifle the investigation ofi
fraud on their most veered political right.♦
Public abasement ba* lw<u low indeed'
if the ritbrtu of Pennsylvania can witness,
without deep indignation, the artifice, and
chicanery which the ring in the senate
, have employed ever tine* the representa
tion of Urn |H-titiii in thi* fourth district
To the |Hillv art* of the radical senator*
the democrat* in the senate u|>po*e the
, constitution and the lan *of the land. The
uu invalvcd i* whether there i* law
enough in Pennsylvania to enable thi*
I contestant to prevent hi* claim* to a Mat in
the senate for bearing and determination.
This, stripped of all the trivialitie* which
have obkeured it, > the confiiet now pro
. greasing in the senate. It is a new phase
> Tu the struggle for the right* f |<opul*r
representation In Colonel M'Clu:e the
'(democrat* have no interest Between him
• and the sitting tnemb r tUt> dm**crat* can;
[judge with entire *partiali!y, and deckle
j witu eultie (Wlrncs*. But the radical sena
tor* deefly dread that an investigatiug
' committee will lift the lid of the traue*
which have been iwartised in the interest*
i of their orgauiulioii in that senatorial dis
trict in Philadelphia liencv the petty ar
lificet to create delay and prevent the *e
! lection of a committee. To the democrats
('••lonel M'Clure I* no more that wa* John 1
Wilkes to the friend* of popular represen
tation iu a former generaliot. They tuay
not admire his cbarat let or approve of his
1 |M*litical opinion-, but he is the exponent of,
a great ixditical right, lli* political opiu
'ion* anu personal chararter are nut sub
ject* for examination or review in the tri
bunal before which he ba* brought hi* pe
tition. Iti a narrow paHtsaa view it will be
[<>f ln-fold advantage to the democrat*
1 should the radical senator* in their blind
ness and folly refuse to let this contest go
on. They will evoke such a lempert atm
dignatloti ia Pennsylvania bis* But often
Ihvi witnessed within it* border*, and
wbicb, a bile (Imtng out of power the •>
rupt prtLau* who have not discernment
k4 *.nhsts cuough to knew their owa in
terest*, will uh*r in great bcuificcnl poli
tical reform*. But with those c.iasidrra
jtions the democraU have nothing to do
here The petition of the contestant i* be
to re them, and he demand* ihe-invesliga
tion which the Uourtitulion and the law
• guaranty to every eiuacn The senate is
the Judge of tb qualification* of its mem
bers, and the law defines the mode in
which the inquiry shall be prosecuted.
Nothing I'ulher remains. Neither it, (he
interest of the contestant n<>r at |b demand
*if hi* partisan foe*. Uw be per
verted or annul!**! T*'* law was made
foi tl;t (.yijilc >MWtihS and nat for any
accidental contestant. When the right* of
the contestant in thi* ca-c cr<> denied hi*
cau*e become* that '*f the pcepk* at the
Great Destruction
of prices!
SINCE THE ARRIVAL OF the Old Stand^pit
at Centre Hall.
I lata, Cap*, Boots, Shoes.
also a large stock of
FISH, the best, all kinds,
the best and cheapest in the market.
aprTl WM. WOLF
The Chepast,
purest, best.
On Allegheny Street.
Coflee, Tea, Sugar, Syrup, Dried Fruit,
Canned Fruit, Hama, Dried Beef,
Salt, Pick It a, Butter, Flour,
Corn Meal, Buekweitt Flour,
and everything usualy kept in a well regu
lated tlrst class Grocery Store
marß.6u RUHL a GAULT, |
A now ami complete Hardware more ha*
been opened by the umlorrigmHi in Brock
erhoir • new building-- *her* they art pre
pared to soil all kind* of Building and I Ht*
Furnishing Hardware, Iron, MM Nail*.
Buggy wncci* in sett*. Champion Chjtnci
Wringer, Mill Saw*. Circular and Hm
Haw*, Taw son Saw*, W ebb Saw*, lew Crwau
; Prwexer*. Bath Tubs, Clothe* Rack*, a fti .
' nM'<rtmni (ifulAw and Mirrof nalr of
{•iaw*. Picture Frames, Whe lbarrvw -
, Lamp*, Coal Oil Lamp*, Belting, Spoke*
Pulloe*. and Hub*, Plow*, Cultivator*. Corr
i Plow*. Plow Points, Shear Mold Board#
ami Cultivator Teeth, Tabic Cutlery, Shoe
c|, Spade* and Fork*. Lock*. Hinge*,
iScrow*. Hash Spring*, Har *, Nail*,
Norway K>d. (Ml*. Lard, I-tiHrirating,
Coal, Linoed,Tanner*. Anvil*, Vice*. B# l*
[low*, Screw Plate*, Blacksmith* Timls.
j Factory Ib ll*. Hou*e Bell*. Dinner Bel's,
! (long Bell*. Tea Belle.Orindatonea, Cart en
ter Tool#, Fruit Jar* and Can*. Paint*, Ollt,
Varni*he* rcelved and for *ale at
i JuneA'fiM,|y. J. it J. HA Mttlß.
'Furniture Rooms!
vcjiectlully inform* the ctliaen* ot C,"en..
county, that he haconstantly on band, a~
make* to order, eii kind* el
TABLES, A., &c
Howa M*pk Cm AIM Alwat# on urn,
Hi* tuck of ready-maJe Furniture I*lar e
and warranted of good workmanship oh .*
ail made under hi* own immcdiateupcr (•
.ion, and i* offered at rate* at cheap a* eta
| where. Thankfhl for part favor*, he oi v
it* a cntlnuanceef the ame.
Call and *ee hi* rtock before purebm r
••leewhere ndfl^l' ■
! w m. U. ai.Aia, BTitltm
Attorney* at Lgw, Bellcfente,
i OtCc •. on the Diamond, next door to Car
iimn'* hotel. Consultation* In German u
Engl #h fcbiytanf
JOII N > POTTER. Anerwey at lew.
Odlection* promptly made and apeeht
attention given to ib<**e having laud* r
liroperty l<r tele. Will draw up and hav*
acknowledged Mortgage*. Ac. Ot
jfice in the diamond, north tide of tb
■ourt house, Beliefoate. oeCCfflktf
'hkiit itw'Ktiaorr, joanncsT.
i president Partner
(Late Milltken. Hoover A Co.)
I knd Allow Interval,
Discount If MM,
Buy and Sell
i Government Securities, tjedd and
FAS. MM ANUS, Attorney at I-aw
<1 Bcllefoiite, prou.ptly eUend# to all bw
net* i-ritrusts-d to him. JuW.Cfetf
DF. FORTNEY, Attorney at Lawt
. Bellcfonte, Pa. ORce over Bey
|cold's baiik. inayK CPtf
H. y. M'ALLtaTKa. (AMI* *. WEAVg*
llellefonte. Centre Co.. Penn'a. epfihff
I' KA C. MITCHELL, Auorney et Lew
Bellcfonte, Pa, rtflirw in Carman,*
new building oppmite the Court Bona*.
Setenet om iSEejBSSSS
C. H. Guteliun,
Surgettn and Mechanical I>nlikt
: who I* p< rmanentlv located tn Aaron*bur*
in the offlce formerly occupied by Dr. Nt B,
and who ha* been practkiug with entir*
• ucrcee—having U* experience of a numbet
of year* in the profewtoa, he would cordt
ally invite all who have a* yet .not giver
. him a call, to do *o, and teat the truthroiae**
'ofthi* t***rtk>n. Teeth extracted
without naln. maygyawf
Iran. n. oavt*. c. T. utxtyaxt
• Attomey*-at-law. ORce iniVmtad Mouao
ij Bellcfonte, Pa.
' with Orvl* A Alexander, attend* to cullec •
; t ion* and practice in the Orphan's C'eurt
II Tjan'llHf
Parlor Stove*, and fourinc*of Gaa
[ L rncr* con*tantly on hand and for sale
nulO'6B. Uwir* Wtirov'r
BELI.V, at low price*, at
pH'.- IKW_IX A WtUeit'
fW ABDgR" £ and poorltell*. all ~
FX r* v kind# at
*t*ltV ItWIK
, [ OCAtIW. *> * holemlo and retniL cheep
. ■ t.u iv.. u 11
| TJtIN E TA BLK CTTLKEY. includtn
!JL plated ftirks usmiex Ac, at
i| ap 10.08 ikWIK AV ILS<>\.
I>"iiT> !arg* ttaektll at] n 5551581
f! XJpricc*. for men and boys, tart arrived
at Wolrweli known obi Stand.
9t •
> A HTM A N. DILL! NOEr* A Ctl* PA Y
between Market and Arch. fUrwerlv KM.
CarjcU, OH Cloth*, Oil Shade*. Wick
Yarn, Cotton Yarn*. Carpet Chain*, Grain
i Bag*. Window Paper. Batting, Ac. Also,
Brusbe*, Lviking (, Ac. dsft-ly
UlirToN PATENT CBITRN, thi" bet
in u*eat Ikwiw a WiLaox'a.a
Chas. H. Held,
Clark, \1 uleiimaker A icvrln
Millheini. Centre eo., I't uNt.
Respectfully inform* his friend* and th
public in general. thai h ha* just ottcaec
at hi* new establishment, above AU uu
der's Store. and keen* constantly on head
all kind* of Clocks. AVatche* and Jewelr*
f the latest stylo*. a* also the MaranviU.
Patent Calender Clock*, provided with ■
complete index of the month, and day 04
the month and week on its face, which i>
warranted a* a perfect time-kcejMT
ItßuCloek*. Watches and Jewelry
paired on short notice and warranted *
Stage* arrive and depart daily.
This favorite hotel is now in every respect
one of the moat pleasant country hotel* in
central Pennsylvania. The traveling com
munity will always Ond the best accoiumo
i dation. Drover* can at all times be accom
modated with stables and pasture'{or any
numberof cattle or horaes.
julyS'6Btf GEO. MILLER.
ABAUM, BKYXOLO'* K&V ussiit.t
* moKT, ntallOf St., Uellefonte.
The subscriber respectfully calls the at
tention of the public to his eslablUhiu ut,.
where he is nrvpaiad to furnish all kinds of
Foreign and Domestic Liquor*' wholesale:
at the lowest cash price', which are warran
ted a to be the best qualities according to.
their respective prices. Ilis stock consist*
of Rye, Monougahela, Irish and other
Whiskies, all kinds of Brandies, Holland
Gin, Port, Maderia, Cherry, Blackberry
and other Wines—the best articles—at us
reasonable rates as can be had in the city.
Champagne, Cherry. Blackberry, Ginger
and Carraway Brandies, Pure Jamaica and
New England Rum, Cordial of all kind*.
He would particularly invite Fanners, iio- *
tei keepers and others to call and examine
his large supply, to judge for themselves
and be certain of procuring what they buy,
which can seldom be done when purcha*-
ng in the city.
jfS#~Phyiicianare respectfully request) d
o give his liquors a trial. aplO
Tole had at lierlacher & Cromiller's
A lot of good new Furniture on band,
such as one Bureau, Bcd.tcsdr, Wok
stands, Ac.
G I o v e s.
A splendid lot of Buckskin- Gloves,
driving Gloves, dress Gloves.
Tan lard.
The undersigned would respectfully in
form the citizens of Centre county, that
the above Tan Yard will again be put in
full operation, in all its branches, by them.
Toe highest market price will be paid
for slides of nil kind*. The highest urnr
£et price will also he paid for Tanner's
Bark. The public patronage it solicited
Salisfactior guaranteed.
fowling pieces at