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nuts WET* Idtter.
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Centre Hall, Pa., !>•. 15, '7l. !
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money hasbeeu received
Impeachment of tirmt
The New York Herald'* Washing
ton correspondent, of Satunlay last,
communicate* the startling report <f
a movement on foot for the emj*ach-
Nteot of the rresideut, for hi* many
highhanded and uncon*tilutional act*.
t"h auli-fraut republican* and the
democrat* are said to be in tbi*
riltaburg, a* we noticed la*l week,
cl ted a democratic mayor, by ovar
I'itH) majority. This i* rvfrcahiug
front tktc old radical stronghold, and
tbe t tdical defeat waa brought about
by the eiiormoua plundering* of the
smoky city, bv iu radical official*—
the stealiugs were to euarunwi*. tbe
peop'e could no longer *tand it, and
lurued around and elected Black wore,
deui., for mayor.
President G raut* meaaagv please* the
English aristocracy. Of course it doe*,
for Grant Ita* been aping an aristo
cratic government a* much a* possible,
and if he thought it M!*, would pro
claim the empire to-morrow, with biw
self, a* lily*** 1., at iu head head-
He is uow playing the tyrant with hi#
havouett* a* much a* any mouatch in
Europe, and they are hi* only hope
for re-election.
Greeley Given Ike f old Khun birr.
At a ineetiug of the regular Kepub
can Central Committee lite other even
ing iu New York, a resolution was
adopted thai no more proposition* w!
affiliation be made to the Greeiy wing.
(ireriejr, of late, has been opposing
rascality among radical office holders,
ami pro.eating against the rwiudliugs
practie d by the Grant ring, which ac
count.- f..r his getting the cold shoul
der. No man can be honest and fiud
favur 9.til the radical organization.
Tin Deifjju True Ileiuocrat
Tin. tension of lb* hliffiio and
(Viilrc C- uuty Kailroad froiu Milruy,
to intersect the Lewisburg and Spruce
reek iwiilroad., is seriously under
t-oo>jdc. ..liou in high quarter*. The
n*us* r. Lite proposed leads through
J*Atli V| gy, north-west of Nlilruy,
ami iht U'-e over the Seven Mountain*,
ue- the and uf Niwauy
is >.101*1..' This would make a di
taucvol ii .t over 23 miles, and aou.d
J)rnig 1} . luute and the whole Snow
5..-W \ with its immense produc
tion* and lumber, at least 20
rune, ur.i ,r to ilarrisburg or I'hila
d>.>ph—, >-* Deaistown, thau any oth
ii nK. ft would also secure to
Tewi*M>wo agaiu the pejin's Valley
trioin. It*, repeat, the feasibility !
the routi i- lieing inquired into by re
apouso<|i p rlits, and • shall not be
surprint! t sou the construction ot
the r>>Mi f iomeoced as soon as next
spring dull open.
( ui* for Cancer.
There being several serious cases of
cam.. , lVnns valley we copy the fol
lowing unr*, seot to the Pittsburg Post,
by ong win, ■ays be has tried it, aud
hope it amy prow beneficial to others:
TV tkt Editor of the /W I
I wish to make known through your
widely circulated paper to the many
nowr sillier>tig with cancer. In 186-1 a
cancer caiue on my left hand after
much suffering, all remedies failing
me. 1 i.o it burned out with costics.
It made lis appearance again in my
right arm, being more troublesome
tliNii Im i >r. ; I suffered almost death
aga ii win. costic buruiug; this seemed
po check It for a while. It next broke
out iu in) right hand. In the spring
Of IMJi ,l grew very fast until the
hand lc..iu helpless and I carried
jt in a siiog ; all remedies and csdics
failing Hi.- this time i (tared my baud
must L<- lakeu off. Ou bearing'of sev
eral cured by drinking wild
tea and pt.ulticiug the cancer with the
tea grouuds I commenced using wild
tea it>.a.uest. I abstained tfi-ni using
coffee and other lea and iu four weeks
was a well as it ever was. I
Bin a\ mil ltd with two citiuu* ut
Pitist a that have keen cured of can*
S*f "> iking wild tea within the last
few Mini Fur ike the sake ofsuti-
H'f/t i tn/lUiiity I make known these
fat U VS iJd Ua gruwa iu most at the
fctui.e -liii wail kiiuwu. Tbia rnu
*'/ mi .1 iiuve the wideal pub)idly.
Yours respectfully,
J. B. Williamu,
HUi. Orticcr, Allegheny City Pa.
A1- dd >|iecial from Washington
aavN ii.,.1 Senator Suiuuar U for an c
--livi ilgi.t to abuliah the luterual Rev
tun- I ..luinwatouensbip, aud that he
wit. U sustained by inauy leatliug
>!*• York, December B. —Four
huinir. il and fifty cauat boats are still
ft -s ;i ill ou the Hudson river arid
Jf '< t itual,
.<lia, December B.— Five paaaeu
trr lining from the went are allow
oui d at Laramie Station.
Tlwi prince of Wales is in a dying condi
tion hiving taken a relapse. The greatest
•JAbtaient prevails in England. The la
test dr patch says;
Pi hue of Wales putted an unquiet night,
Tin Wains on the Sunhury A Lewis town
Bit are-now making connectiou with the
Waiiis en the Northern Central road at
jSeI,n#grove Suition
I ovcrnor (Jumpbell, of Wyoming TerrL
Jwi. has signed the b II repealing female
age. and thus the ballot has slipped
through the fair fingers of thu ladies of this
portion of the West.
Tito Ni*xl Prml<lwy.
The Two /WftV*.
In the argument* *>' hav %••*!
.1, inniixirxlf the atlvatvUyps t.i th,.!
eoiihtrv Hi* l l Iti lite iliMtftiewtttt* |ntrt\.
which would follow tin* withdrawal ol
the latter from the l'revblculial ficid !
in 17'2, thus allowing the peopWbotli
democrat* *ml republicans, lo deal ut
rwtly with tla present administration
ti|xui the question glowing oul wl il
own policy, we have intimated thul
the democracy are not wholly irr*
jk>niblfl for the admitted crime* *n.l j
(nulls of ll.eir antagonist*. The muti
ny b not yet restored to It* norm*'
condition ; it* politic* arc Mill disturb
ttl ml distempered; it* cuiiiroveren*
are constitution*!, involving m l meie
i|Ue*lioii of ex jtetlieiiey and advan
tage, hut the greater nuealiuu ot pot
*oll* I right*, I new I fhttloin, httU**tfor-1
pur, trial by jury, lb* reUlioii botwueit
civil law aud military power, the pow
er* of iKe •Kteulitr# nl the authority
..f congress. The draper*!* spirit of
the late civil w*r till iiugct* In our
diacuMious ami election* are niort*l
com ha U —or, at least. the |*rty in
|>OWer insist* en regarding them in
that light, and it deliberately resolve*
to carry them at all haxard*, and by
nav mcau*. because it esteem* them
mortal iu their nature. It uol only
argttea, hut it boldly declare* that the
tmiiipb of Ihe democracy would par
tially uudo the rc*u)| Pf the war. au
nul the hardly wo# ad anally vie I ",v
of the uorth, revive the spirit, if not
the condition, of •laverv, imperil tha
newly "acquired IVancuUee ot ibe ne
groes, pace tire federal power at the
mercy of the state*. subject unionists
to the vengeance of the confederate
element, jeopard the national debt,
disintegrate our nationality and, in
one word, ruin the country. We do not
overstate the argument* of our oppo
ucnu ; neither do weprupo** to reply
lo theiu. The expert#nce uf the part
six ycmrt ha* abourn (hat raphe* Kttd
refutation* make uo impression-
When a party assume* that the coutevl
which ila anUgouiaU wage agaiuat a
mortal one, by that very assumption
it place* itself above the reach ol rea
son and argument. It deciiue* even
to entertain a propoeition for die
euaaiou. It answers a plea
fur tbe constitutional rights of a state
with the Ku-Klux bill; iu reply to
a democratic affirmation of the right
of habeaa corpus, it iaaue* a crisp proc
lamation of twenty line*, placing a state
uuder martial law ;it rewpouda to a
myriad of columns of unanswerable
argument* io behalf of the constitu
tional right of trial by jury, by tbruM
tug 2,tXK) pr.suiters in jail iu a single
slate. It assume* the existence of a
condition of thing* wfiirji Jwnislt all
argurueut and j untitles an action. It
proclaim* a peril to tbe country which
warrant* it iu catting aside all right,
and usurping all power. It make*
tha election of four democratic cou
gremuiep io Texas au emergency ; it
make* the Ku K'ux disorders in
South Carulina, which it* own paty
otfiicai* neglect ta suppress. an emer
gency ;it make* a great fire at Chic
ago an emergency ; and it make* each
of these em< rgencie* an occasion fur
military rule.
VVe may mv that all this Uunconsti
tutional, arbitrary, tyranical usurpa
tive; but what do we accomplish by
uying *o f W# have said it every
day, lor tpe last sic year* or longer ;
but it make* uo imprejsivn on
the northern muid, for the northern!
republican slates continue republican;
and the northeiu democratic Malt*
show sign* of becoming republicau.
If we ask ourselves why the north
should bp flips impervious to demo
cratic afguwimU, >hy it should
•turbbornly refuse to apprtpleie ihr
perils to coustitutioual right* which
fill as with alarm, perhaps we shall
find the anvwer to be something like
the follawiuy frumtheCiucinnati Com
mercial, a paper which, while being
neither democratic nor strictly repub
lican, t# H fair reflector of uortheru
feeling t
"The stink uf *lase/jr t* Mill to b*
discoverable in tbe democratic organs,
and the idiotic incoheiencv of jabtier
almut the sacred and inviolable sover
eignty of states is still tbe favorite:
theme of hundred* of democratic;
country paper*. Wby don't the mem
bers of (he democratic party, nbo
havw good Mnte aud are patriotic, sup
press these fellows of evil noises aud
viilaiuous smell*? The .country j
growing sway from theiu, of course.
Not one day posse* but ihst the ad
vance of the ificryeaaa fhe
difficulty, already insurmountable, ol
the return of the democratic part) to
power. The old democratic party
will never more rule America. It is
impoasible. There is enough of it
left to prevent the proper atU-utioii
to administrative reforms. Incapable
of good, the democratic! organization
is formidable (of eyil by. perpetuating
power ip the hand# of republican dem
agogue*. Tbe party has perifhpd in
a malignant vitality, in spite of alt the
lessons of history, aud every demand
of patriotism. The true paitie* are
net tire republican and the democrat
ic, Imt the administration and the op
These are rough aud uncoropitaieut
ary words, but they are valuable as
beings revelation of the northern
sentiment which we have to deal with
in the uext presidential contest. It
thejderuocralic opposition and the poai
bility of a democratic triumph iu a
fair election provokes tbe |>arty iu
power (o the ue of lawless measures
to save itself, under (he pretense of
saving the couutiy ; and if it may re:
.sort to such lawless measures witu the
approval, or, at least without the sub
stantial disapproval of the northern
people, is it uot tbe part of wisdom
and of patriotism for the democracy
to avert its own inevitable defeat, aud
at tbe same time avert the danger to
die country of n radical victory, ac
complished by lawless measures, by
tai.ding aloof from the contest, and
leaving the dissentient republicans to
assail and overthrow the Grant party,
in their own **y, and with tbojr own
weapons? A democratic contest of
the presidency would influence the
northern sentiment which the Com
mercial's paragraph is an expression
of, or, rather, it would enable the ad
ministration party to inflame it and
call it to its aid | while on Mm other
hand, a formal yielding of the field by
the democracy to their opponents
would disarm the fears which the
northern people associate with the
election of a democratic president, and
it would deprive the administration
party of all pretext for .he vio.ent
stem which it would, almost without
a doubt, take to prevent the election,
or the instalment of a democratic
prcsuieut. An election held under
circumstancea, with opposition repub
licans leading the fight iu their own
way,and supported, not by the demo
crate party, but by all honest demo
crats, would evoke an opposition
to President Grant, whose magnitude
aud power few persons suspect, aud
rteult in that overthrow of lus puli< y,
which the democracy de±ire above all
things to t-ee arcomplhhed, but which
the democracy, as a party, i-annoi
acoomplb-h. Whether, then, it is liot
the high duty of the democracy to
1 otM-n the way for the clilvnnmi f
this result, • \• by • apparent,
tllltUgh Hot m*l Mt'tilit) "I it-elt
ikliitw'r it It** right I" pev • t a
new wttv thill ndvetwi it x till, wl.nli II
i iri4 able to a veil ill tin- ni l way. are
|ull*it|iull which WV submit ll * •-
IlllvrntUlM 11l 111 l tlll-IIISt'IVC*
Democrat*.— St, /.tun* HtfitiMit+iu
lion Joint inline) Vtlmiis tilt the
St. leUUts, Ntivcllib. I 2B, — Jt'ltU
Qitiui-v Ad*nt, til Mn-.-nt int.. tt, has
wrills it a letter whtcti will Np|tent in
tbe Mtssuuri lb puhkt hi. T.i uittiiitw, iu
sslnch In wartnls udots tin "|axtvc
|ilitv" lot the I K iif . int. ii- tin ual
l't sideutial election.
In tlie course ul the Klll he *\* •
I aiu satisfied that uh a cutiist
would lw wise and patitotic, ami 1
should IK- glad to see the |h'mucrat
concur in such a resolution. 1 regattl
the prsstftil admlttistntllutt u a uatioti
a! calamity, u rotdittuaiit'e of wltii h
should Iwavvtltal *t almost m y so rt
ficr, uut Iwvause it w lU'publicaii in
politic*, but bci'tuw >t a mean it'
character, s.-tlii in lone, cortupt siul
arbitrary ; because, more than any w
haw hail, it ha*disap|miutcd the ho|H
ami death to d the gvturoU* aspirations
.f the giHl men of all parliua ; Istcaiis.
it i* doing ito'te lo permanently disu
title- lite Slates tbiui the goVtrtiinenl ol
JeHers- u Davis ever did; because its
chief can coucieve of u.< mean* of free
guveruinrnl| but military force and uo
motive of pobMu Rctiop but private
profit, KMt ymm wmp*uftt'ud
ufttliuu tu family |oiiroii*gc and uiar
lial law, will *o bluut 'be keen aeusi
bililie* of popular liberty that our ig
noble incubus might * well rrwiniu a
No* I heiieva ihe Democratic jMtrly
is * powffirM uiit> to relieve iw. ami
think it is *itliout hope of carrying iho
Wpy of the State, lately in rebellion
were lUtVw:ry toflect tlie 1 li'tiiwriiiu
caudidate, they would he thrown t *1
iu the couuliug. Ann-re majority
eveu if it couhl I*- mustered will not
be permitted to elect a Ihfioocrat to la
the uext President. Nothing will then
remaiu but civil war or uhuii*iu to
a superior, ami it i* difficult to decide
wh'cb lltfftlltjVll would inflict the
mora irreparable injury n|-U il>
it of free government,
To dismiss au incompetent official
and avoid a guvernn enlul crisis the
Missouri policy otter* the onlv reason
able |Hwnihi lily. Hut while i frankly
avow my jiartiality for the project, I
do not shut my cy-s to I lie very *cri
oua obataelea to ita adoption. It must
subdue the pride of iwrty and break
the band, of |arty discipline.
Now, there an- few ntorv ulistiuatt
passion* tbpp J}?? sentimental devotion
which menotter to mat ** c a. r tWe'i'ii
partv glory —and not many of the
creed* of theology are a deaimtic a* a
"platfarm." It will he a difficult task
to bring a party yet glowing with the
recollection of a mighty past, and but
nujy burning in anticipations of a
great fuluto'to yji-M
column and the command ot tin- Held,
to allien, who were yesterday enemies.
Nor i* there any strong guaranty that
these allies will Hut flinch at the last.
Parlv leader* are seldom famous for
the high moral courage wliicL can
abide unshaken under the stern pres
sure that forbids ibe rupture of part)
ties. Hut if fhev dure fling down the
guantlet for a due] to ilie death ilh
the President, it might l>e possible for
the Democracy to ri*e to the height
where humiliation of the |>ariisaii is
lost in the satisfaction of the patriot.
Hut, it is charged, that the saciifu-u
will be to win, or worse, will lie to stir
render fhe whole scheme of Democrat'
ic liberty and hp jiopnd fo it* locmjea.
Ido not so iurjju the event. | eaniml
believe that the protest against a die
tatorial can le weakened
by gaining a band which diserts it.
because it is hostile to civil liberty.
Will the enemies of corruption in of
fice disband, because they unite with
those plio liuf'C rngciud sin I turned
away from the sight of corruption *
(.'an fri ml* of the Constitution pre
serve and protect it more strenuously
by refuting to hold up the r hand*,
who have forsaken their nwu friend*,
raiher than deface it fnther?
ft fee ins to pie, on the contrary, thai
the strength or the support,' which
this movement <>uM biiog to the res
cue of the principle* of Democracy,
would be in exact proportion to the se
verity of tlie blow. The pride of llie
f>epi|ifniiic |>*rty for there principles
uiust bo drar, jpdgpd, who j aban
don for them, an ancient and honored
iiums. and not Its* precious to those
who dare to follow them, even through
the scorn, conte.iipt aud obloquy,
which await political treason.
Mexico in Anarchy as Usual.
.Voxmi'sli of tkt Gortt am• nt ami it (f]>-
PHr frit**! !f 0 v &*! . ?'* Ha
vana. Nov. 28. —A state of anarchy
prevails throughout the entire repub
lic. The journals are filled with ac
counts of prouuuciauicntc*. and the
troops are growing revolutionary.
General Porfirio Diaz has formally
pronounced, apd js bucked by the
Legislature oi the oUl <* of fJau(.a,
which has decreed to return to its
own sovreignty. The greater part of
the army is distrusted. The Siglo, ot
the 18th, says that Juarez was closet
ed with the Amerieau Minister on the
night of the 18th, who advised the
President to change his Cabinet. The
Itporl caused great sedation, The
pcoplg upe ''jfPrcssipj bars f Ameri
can intervention, positive insurances!
are given of Cabinet cbuuges in. the;
brgiuuing of Drcember. It is rumor
ed that Seuor M. Kotnero will soon go
to Washington, Lul wether officially oi
no( jy unknown, It is again reported!
that Mexico will try to lube a loan in
the United .States, The military situa
tion remains unchanged, lioth pur
ties are preparing for an advance, hut
neither has commerced to do so as vrt
General Terau was urrested at Vera
("ru* by onlpr pt'd Mures, aud went t"
Uuxaca. Palacio is spoken of as Pro
visional Governor of Nuevo Leon,
where the Juaristsaregaining strength
Vidul Castoneda announced on the 15,
insl., in Congress thul was authorized
to state by the parly thai
tjiey do Mot sympathise with either
Did* or the gogeippipt, hid Vf'" T e '
main neutral iu tbe nght between the
goveriucut and the revolutionist*.
General Negrete has abandoned Diaz
and gone to Sierra deZatapoaxsllu. A
ii.uiiit.flo issued by Diaz meets with
a |>oor response, it is re|>orted that
the brothers Diaz disagree—Porfir-.
■pd his srmv favoring jWilcg for!
Governor instead of PcMy | >iuy.
T biers'* Revenge.
Jfoeetl, the HHQ of the Commune, Mur
acrcd by the Hold let* of the j")t>wh
tiepubhc —Jietuiled sfcrgniif uf the
Paris, Novi Jidier 28.—Up to a late
hour last uighl (lima was mih'ii ffgjta
tion over the e*j wiled f.tio of It.nscl
and the nfhrr l.*sL-is . f .hat'oipipiinc
Pxtruordinaiy infio. •... had I.vp
brought to Imar <m the ii of
Pardons; the newt affecting apppal?
wrrv nindc to tlt** f tin* ro-
I ulilic. 'I lx' <>l tin* lormfi
WW* N M'l'li'l, mill ll W;ts Will ktloWII
iI.KI M, Thicr* WIII> vuilily <tll- c■I u
iln' iiili i\it w Willi ItiMwi'a I'ulln r, •>
it.i it wtt* dill dm I
lUim-i I would iitul. i'jjo tin- i-xlti'nu' jh'ii
idly, utiil In. liit lot* wiii* IIO|hTuI ul u
l oli.llilllllti. il. I>l|| 111 l (lulllll Wtt MMlll
ili'|H-ilii| l.\ u ili-|uiti li Iron Vi-muill**
Illlil-luliX Hlll.l'lll.t III)' I till* 111 l u
loll llltd li.l.tlt iilol ll.wl'l wild
I Wl. ot 111- t ..||t|l<tl>l>illA loot Ihw-M HIII.I
ft 11. lit relit e| 1111. I VI. I lie.s.
l"llli, NoVVllllwl 'i-l 10 11. 111.
11..- lolUiw itij* mi- tiit |*itindii* "I
(III' llt.H.liltjj of U'OH.'I 11..1 I.'* 11.111
I .iitii.>n*:
AI (I ilVhi'll till" UlolliillW ill*' I'll"*
tools,, IY| |v, otnl llotll Jjcuia.
were luhi ti from their cell* and brought
ii. to the iiiiiip o| Salon I'liencc they
WCtO i ol till h) it lui'gc t'lfcc to ill
jilnct' lixcl i jaaair for the execution tit
'he ou i a kilt* of the cm tit p. tin nriviujf
thctc u h.lluvt square wn fur met! by
the troops, ul one eiul of which llic
I'tiaoticm were placet!. Tim behavior
lot the three men tvaa tin art couraifrooa ,
i When the *-.l.!ier approach*! to h imi
filial lilt 111, IVrif I fillet ll 111 allow till
iNtlttlage lo lie |.ln• -• I over hie eye*,
.Itt ihnl he *hotilit look hi* rxw !
Ill:ore in the face. When all the
|irt'|MirHliolir were cuiiiplelcrl, at 7 j
o'clock the ctimpaliy detailed for the
tlutv advanced, ami lev* ling their
iim-kcl*, at the won! uf command'
llretl. Korea I tell ul the firal *lf
i|uil|Jt' jhe u. iliti)iilly killed. I lie
'i(ht:ia ufie ;it o i'oriinuttii i tliu huh
let.- iliil not tukw I.iniiflia'tc • llt*ct, ami:
us liny were wr.thing ou lh*grtiuud
aollie gtihiicla of the shooting pally, tu'
jobttlieuee I*' instrut todis. came up
with pistols, ami gave 'he coop ile
cr to put them out of their agony.*
The Imtlic* were then place*! iri
pluin tidiios uiitl iiiiin*iliult ly rviuov*
ctl. The executiou lHik pluee ill iliej
|iix**ctift efthrt-o liiouawritl tr<i|e of the
A jiMfouml sem-atlop * iihjilucru
throughout the city by the oelaiU of j
the execution. Tire death o| young
Ko.-m-I i* iuinelilet! even !V thoa# who'
.fell it an* d* inainltd hy justice and
vltr btsl interests o( the ci.uutry.
Miint. Nakkow CtAl'4il> - Over ut
Jtumifvti uiyrc|janlx of tS{. (auifia, Mu ,
have eigiietl ul iinlnrcincpl of the pro
ject for u narrow gauge, ilouhle-trjtk
'ruilroud fioiu that city lo New York.
Boatou, am! otltcr K vaterti jkiiiil*.
They suggest the lulling of a meet
ing of busiu* as-uu-u for riir purjsc of
urgunixii g urn! inaugurating the cu-
UI prise wilt the least Jewslblo tlclay.
Tl.c elinid of lVrry couuty was rv
cculty anvxhal by the S*i urt con
stable lur ewcnritig —!ii,c nhd coat*
llevev oiall, b.,| t*li,J Wulllgll
ultciii.g oalli* was arrvett*! tid liniil,
I ilitvutu lulnl woubi pay i-H'llic U4tio
.ii debt in oneyeai.
Tile s|k*c* It recently dalivervti l.y
KdVpliiy J.'bpfi it v..lHIU>t | V liw rlukt:-
ly jMiitticr*! over it trutlia
which cannot lie gaitisuid, ntnl i 'O
sound iu its re* niiiig, that we repro
duce it here, in order to couvincu the
i jj.iibliciiti riadv-r* of lit** llKHullTKll
of the gyi-at ttswrjuitioiMi practised by
I'f£>it|tfll (jrant- Sfty* A!r Johnson :
, Thili' i> u i.'iiiji ration, however, of
it (rnml nature whn h should persuade
|lhr |Nut>lii that ikr i>>rt]r in power. !•*•
| lain e and ((Wtttivp, liair lull. linrti the
( termination of the war, windy administered
tlii< g iv. riiiin iit Thi' war ended in April,
litis. Since tin it hu bmly of men. nr, **
far a- 1 know, aitw individual man. ha*
'hired hi* arm againt the authority oflht
United State* 1 In-judiciary oflbe I'niiil
Stain >i utiu' ii il V|it 11'jtwMiid ip Mwli
oftfie Static which k*i) been In rebellion
and they have rv. r since administered
their lundin*. Rut nly witm-ut raai--
liner, hut without the ihow resistance.
All the fort* in tln-e State* haw re
mained in the '|uii-t |> ••*li"tt of the !<>*■
eminent. Our (commercial marine visit*
ever* Southern prl without opposition,
and i. a* afe there a* ih any of the other
1 air's rf the country, The (awsoftbe I ni
ted Stall'' l<at i> p- to mluili'iili rial it ithi'Ut
,iftpixiti-*i, and pie goni-raf hrkU'Wrlcdg.
liient of 'lie authority of the I'liited Slate
and of the duty of alle|(ianee ha- every
where |>ret ailed. Kai'li of those State* I
now repre-eiited in b-'lh branches of Con
gress. Kai h hat it* (ovrrimr, legislature,
and judii'iarv. and ha* martini and admin
ten-d it* own law*. rec-.gtii*iitg throughout
the ItnhuiiMij.l (ihllnit'iy "I Uli? Unhid,
N'otwllh-tai. jlng all th * they arein-w sub
jected. not oiily to oppressive law*. hut lo
law* which I think are in direet conflict
with the Contitution of the United
State*, alnl in their nature de-lruc
tive to the libcrtiw* of the |-eopte So far
from tin* i-ondtiet haling brought about a
rvrtoratiiin of good ii-iilirjf, w! could
jiii-. c lin'i . .ii..}diT.' il >y rrfrndlV ghtf
Constitutional hIWuVV'. the to-opl* of one
of those State* ate turn -nhj.'i ted to the
snUd tainpoivalile oppression, and are
filled rtghl- ahull. I.■ tile llow' eipru**
and unambiguous term*, are ■
hy the Constitution. And the State* them
selves nre practically treated a* if thev
wi re not Stele* of the Union arid a* such
entitled to all the |H>wer not conferred up
-011 the gcnernl government— Iwiwers be
long to them by fort fof the (. -institution
itelf —the Contitution expressly provid
ing that Ijii, liojyor* Ul delegated to the
UnittJ st#T' i py i<i pistil ijjlnii, iiorpvti
hibiicd by II t< the 'State*, are feairfVetl lit
the State* ri'ipefltvolj 1 , or b> the people '
Now a word or two more to -bow that the
particular inenaiira that I have in view,
and the manner in which the President i*
carrying it out. are at war with the Con
stitution, nnd inconsistent with every idea
ol civil and political liberty. The measure
i* tliw act ul I'l.iigrew, '4Jlfi uf Apfjj, 1371,
called the .vu-Klii* Ihif. ' ll* frlto Is 'Ah
actio enforce the pruvlaitln* of the four
teenth amendment to the Constitution of
ol the U. S. and for other purposM." It
will be teen that the only authority assert
ed for this law is the fourteenth amend
ment. Of the meaning of that amendment
I shall her'-after speak. But let me first
show vuu what the provision i;. thi) in a i*
whirii i imgr heijiji'i plo'r.-cd |>V the Presi
dent In certain portion- of'South Carolina.
After tiling to' Individuals whose rights
! umler (Tli ; f®irji;eJ|tji ''ibilMllftlH tny | !{ -
violated a civil action against the Wrong
\ doer for the recovery of damage*, and
making such wrong doer liable to a crimi
nal prosecution, it provide* that in certain
ruses mentioned in the section the alleged
.itfi-li-i-a "hall beellted a rebellion ngain-l
the r*i|ed Stat-'-." and durinir theesU;
t• |ii u '| .-usli supposed relic 11-in%hii with
' ip tlie liloits where it may o\Wt. "the Pres.
idelit, when in hi- judgement tne public
■afety shall require it," i- authorized "to
sllspfiol the privilege, of the Writ of Habeas
corpus, to the end thai uch rebellion may
he overthrown." It will be seen from the
title of pic n* t that t||euiiiy warrant
ed for It fn it ft ecu ti| fdinnqinrat Tflfp
1 Inference (Vow thl* i*. that ill the JudK"-
ineitt of Congress, Independent ol that
Miiicudiiiout. mi such authority could be
found Now, thi* being conceded, let me
for a moment examine Into the meaning ol
that part of the foilrlM-iith auioiidincnt re
lied upon. It,v it clause in the flrst section,
in connection with the flftb section, Cam
grcss has assumed the power to pas* the
Hvt. By that part of the first section it i
imviilid In a I ' a-filiiiP'piill iifKki! Or-en
force any law unioh shall abridge ti,.
orivilegi'- or Ini in unities of eltiaeiis of the
Unitea Stales; nor shall any Statu deprive
any pc son of life, liberty, or projierty,
without due process of '* ; nor deli) to
auy per-oii within it* jurisdielion the ■ qua!
protection ol the law*," by the filth section,
"Congress shall have power to enforce. In
appropriate legislation tin? provison* of tin*
article." It will thus bu seep tjial I*
pMdtjhilpd jii thu portion pi the hrl *'uVWop
I|noted Is t|iut |l< Stale shall do the act*
prohibited. Before 1 proceed to consider
the meaning of thl* section, I call your at
tention to the term* of the fourth /ection of
the net. By the ninth section of the first
nrtjple of the Constitution it i* declared
: !!>>• hfifdcim uf M'K tfli >t r
! corpu* -riitfl not lie niispehded i|ii[cs* WJifß
; in en*e* i'if rebellion or inVadori the public
! sifcty limy roqiiiro it.'* In cofifiinenti|ig
!upon thl* elnu-e, Story says: "|t would
-eem, a* the jmsur i* given to jt'niigre* to
•ii I'ind ifi' .urfl"! Imld-'i* fiTi'ii* Tr ilic
Pi 4 '"# firM ll'Sii "f 'iffi;i"p. t||kt jhp jlgfit
p.jM-ige Whetlp r Ihe ;T|genby h H .| H|U^l.
i';"T "V'%'T'U', !."••"' V 1 *' '""fy -
fl-.w, wfietnyf tfii< be nbioiptejy Irup, and
lliat Cifipioj Copier the ppu'er uponj
lifts Ufesjdcnt, yet it is obvious that id t|o|
... iii M measure defeat* the object of the
timhlMUon. M ii practically wavgg to tin l-i ducide u|Ntn tbv etl.lenn of
ibu egigwncy. Il ii. in ullh'i *rJli, l de
termine 80. "ill> wbethar a rebellion or an
IIIIMIIIH |ir*ik. lull whether the | übllr
safety n quires the iu>|it>niluu of lU mil,
ll.iw formidable this power I*. and Imw
daugerou- o ilo< liberty of the ilt Urn it
iii.v I"- win n 11 .li'il in one loan, tiow.-v
--• i i IK||IHI lit* ulMvial |ui.tiUiii, in IT* T b- OLI.
*i.>ii*. Million. however, denying tliHi
tin' power may lie delegated lo tbe l*re*i
ili-iil, one l)iiti K Would MM In lo be pvifcctly
i li'Mr, tliat tin- privilege i-l lln' aril raiiliol
1., ili-un-il lo tin- i ii. • II uiili-o 110-n- In- in
tart M u-lii liii.n in an in* M.ioii Mini lln- |IIl
lii- - nfel\ ill malul* lln- il"liial. Can II for
it in-on nl liu I i anhall> liialnlalln-il llial
tin- fuel "fllit- existence "I either rebellion
nr I* In depend U|M.|l the Uti le will
oi Coitai"-. or ilio will oi lln- I'ri-.itli-iaT
'lln- i* alo i-hrlain, I teat Congis-**. ii il In*
III" Hllllmrill IN delegate *! power lulhe
I'II .i.l. iii. . in .-nil authorise liiii. lo .ne
lt- ii J il.v writ wli"M there •, in lit" sense
..I ilm prohibitory olau-e ol tli Coii.tttu
lion, • rt-lirllion or an invasion. The
lilt-allina of tliw." two Irrme now i* w lial il
Hid wttrli lb" Coiittilulioii wa. eil.'|i(ed
Nrlllu-f til at clause tmr any other 111 lb"
('•iii.liiulioii a l * l * bi Congip.e ib right lo
■I. tinr w Ii at ivbcllioii l, and by aurh drli.
lilt lull to make il what II i lol a. curding to
it* ordinary and wll-utidcr*!ia.d meaning.
A .lilfrrri.t ilnetriw would give to Con
(r*.. lb" power to "*>epe -iitii"ly from tb
|ir-.bibilioli. It they tan dv. layi (bat tb*
tel. p. < ibi-.l in lb ibird M-vtmli of Ilia
statute "on.l Hull- "a rt-bt-llion acainat the
government uf lb" I'llileii Stat"* lb rv i*
no limit In lli"ir power to defeat
lb.- obvlou* deign of lbs t-lau*". I hava
to*( lim In tjuolr ll.r arte specifled In lb"
■■-"lioM* referred to. bul many of lliam ere
clearl v imt w itliin lit* no ailing of the ivrm
rebellion at uev.l in lla constitution. Ke
be II toll, ill lb* et*ii*t* of iii*,
ui"atie reruli, rising, insurrection, or, in
otbi-r word., lii.urrp"tt..n against lewlul
authority. Now. thrra le lint tli# b-at ,-vl
ileuie to .boa certainly noti* ha* been
laid Ineftira ill" • ounlry —lbl ibrrawa.anv
of revolt agaiml t|n- authority
of tba gaiu-ral or hlaU n*evr ntiMlil ii* Couth
Carolina tlu<ragr> bavr. perhaps. barn
l"i |-tralwd uto.ii individual* in lb*
■Hal*, a* lli wy hava been and will
ba upon individual* in awry Malt. K<-f
thair"** ihr taw* of tbv Stale and of
fiulrd Stale* afford a remedy. Thie very
statute giv..* guch a remedy lb* parti**
who niay be agr.aved and subject* (he of.
fi-nd'-r lo a "timiiial proaeuulion. Tbt-r- i*
not "Illy nothing lo *boW that ilia Slot"
court* of the United Stata* haw iml lit*
ower lo anforre these raiurdlaa. but, uB
Int- contrary, no proc*-** of miliar ot lhe*
court* ba* been r.tiled by auui, orre.uted
at all. |n-laed. *• i* - w evgfi. there ba*
bean l o ditfly-ully lp inching e(f*wl So
far IV-no tin i v b.lng Interftram-e by force
with thi* authority, the etateno-nt it that
hundred* are flying from the Slate to avoid
thr illegal capture* which are now making,
and the int|.roouiirnl con*ejueiit thereup
on an imprisonment from which they
cannot be raleated by virtue of any legal
remedy. The arre*t* are made without
any warrant coming from any judical of.
fleer known lo the constitution, and the
Rfiepßgr I* |iol ibftirnwd *f ih carfe* °[ hi*
arrtft i* not afford. J he .ecurity which
jlba Constitution provide* of a presentment
or iiidicliuetlt of a Grand Jury, bul he ia
• übla. ted e"tlraly t<- the will and ples*ure
■•f the l*rridant and hi* oflrei*.
And one thing more would *ein l>> be
perfectly evident, that to authorize the
('resident to interfere by force in any ot
the Slate*, another prut itioii ol Ihr C.u.• to
jtution inu.t be complied witb. The mem
ber* •>( th<- convention by whom it a*
fVanied, and the member* of tbv aeveral
State rumentioß* by which it wa* ajopted,
| were mo*t ...Ili. it.<u to <i*mptStaie*frota
tbe power ot thu United Slala* in all caea
..tar which the Slala* had jurisdiction.
TTjc* were, therefora, to orohibii
the k"t"lMUi-l .'Jrttig I'h'ted from
I interfering by for.-a of arm* witb rt* legal
lurixliction el the State*, and permitted
it only in one condition of thing*—the eg.
' t.U-tice ot iuva*ion or dometic violence,
fhe language ot the provision i* that tha
( lilted state* ".ba I protect each of thetu''
juh" state*) ' against invasion, and. on ap
plioatjun of thv Legj*latkre, ui uf the lit*
p.-ulit aI w hen life l.agblatura taniiol be
ruavrgidl, again*! dumretlc violence. 1
Under tb-* latter authority, Cougre** pa.*-
cl the act of 'JNIi Kcbuary. I7W, b* which
it l* provided (the restriction of the Con
•ttuwoii being reserved) that in ca>e of an
iti.urrection in any Stat" againl tbe gov
ernment tb.-r.-of, it hall be lawful for tbe
l*r*ident, when called upon by Ibe Slate
Legislature, when lu iuin, or by the eg
arutigr during the re.-r* to ie u;h
ilia huilMVclion.' tlie tlatt-i-loi I. of Wu were
careful to ob*ei ve all the limilalioii* on
tin- power* uf tbe general gewrnuienl, and
not to iiitertere w itb any of tbe |--wrri be
longing to the Stale*. In the act
: uriT.-r which the President i now pr.a eed
ing iti .South Carolina thi* con-titutional
•c. urity alfordrd the Slate* of *>■( bating
the armed power ol the general govern
ment to Up| re* domealic t iolrneq - iJj-.U
iG OMIPI ffi'iv** lof by'g.'irfrb'
Blent of thr Stale I* t-iUliy disregarded.
Ctoirre*-, 111 llirOrst place, by the eel, de
cide* I.*r it*ell when the force of the Uni
ted State* I* lo be U*ed. and the Pre*iJrnt
I* P> decide to* Uinieeif whether it i tube
go- or not- He may. therefore, u* it.
and t'oiig.-r** may aulborige liiu. lo u*e It.
, not only without the uf tha Stat",
but against it* protest. Can my one fail
I .ore that thi* i* not unlv at - Igjiii,. id
lb. *o|.*pi.iipib. '-|1 i|eOVw*gTllt Wrl" to
MlgiSr Hie I Ulied Slap* a con-oiidaled giid
central lied go*t-riiuient' and. if acquimd
ui by the people, will ve.l in Congre** and
ihr I're-idrnt every political power, and
thu* defeat tared purptwe of tbe con
stitution, and sootier or later lie fatal Pi lib
erty ip• If? It *eem* to me lUCulU|irhn
• ibie that Congre** vbopld La*p *gppfiectl
i li,ay pan auihbffty f- pftn tfialaw lh i(ur*|.
I"ti übder thv lifth cctlon uflke fourterlitb
ainrndmenl. That, certaiuly. duee ind. in
eg pre** word*, give *ucb a power, and 1
tbink it may ba uoli*idere.| as certain that
if it had. in term*, given it. the auirnd
mctit never would have be*-n raliflvd
The word* used are, "Cotiere** *.ml 1 ! *.*
trrairtlalhed that tha mean* 'whichCongrw**
I* gtitborirrd to adopt are to beany every
infatl* without any con*litutional re*tric
tiop ? t oDgrri*'. iliidvr l)ata pruvGion. van.
it I* trua, legislate, but can Mivj* legislate
j in utu<r di*-cgard of every coii*tititutiorial
limitation upon it* power 1 Tin* can hart
ly be preLndrd. Indeed, the provition
| clothe* Coagreae, with no (Hi**r which il
would not have |Mi*e*ked without it ; but
thi* |Kiwer, whether implied or granted ielo
betaken in subordination to tbe espre**
limitation* upon its authority, and these
gitwrwiiiiit'd rights of the citiaens are nut
to h- violated' and a* one of the accurate*
of these rights that the privilige >d the
writ of hsbefes corpus is notlo be denied l>
him in lime of peace, and w lie n there is no
armed resistance on his part, in conjunc
tion with others and in hi* State, which,
ty rtijhlreglo ba by force of
a*rms. The vflecl of the suspension of thr
writ of habca* corpus and declaration of
martial law la P> place the Stateand its citi
aens without any security, constitut ion a)
or Oilierwi". fur, a> wo correctly •talc
ed bv the Duke of Wellington,
;Vv is .... Urr fsl ttH-'d U U tnvn) s "will
iiflbc robitutnidrr and during ib roalin
riHtiot- Is aii'tinrhitcd; despotism. Uan tbe
people oftliv United States be ro blind
am! so forgt-lfnj of dutjn llitll Lllfff
owe to ibe nun who gohUved our freedom
a* any longor P> permit a contiouancv it,
i power of the party by which such a law
Ii as been ell hirced. It has been said by an
Knglishman that our people are more ill
different to tbe importance' and value of
the writ of habeas ccrfius *lu.i his euuiitry
jorii, Sir ours did not, a* lIW ulu, obtain it
bv force; iu other words, /gkf far it.
'L'lie right* ecured by our Constitution are
in -übstanre, but a transcript of the consti
tutional rights of Kngland. and especially
-is that thr casv with regard to (be -w. a of
ItabcN* corpu* Jlatiy
liu pt.glaiui'if grvklfirarlef. Which Wa* ob
tisinVa, aWtfrfl Hf jigfifl,' from Jojip ;
to the wilt In ipieiiuii l* taken almost In
wurtl*. frutu habeas corpus lf |, of t'bar
i li-s 11. I I'oel sallsfled that if *ucli a law as
the one 1 hare ezsiuined. aii(| *uch gn vga
uuthiti of II as Is now going ~u In ttouib
Carolina, was pa-'"d by the Xnglbli Par
liament, and was t-uforci-d by the govern
incut, the people of the country Would
with one vob e drlra fropi piiwrr' urt init
HHrUN' ft'bb-'krpop "'b 'U.' .\ rr
ii-ssjiolcd tu ilburity than the mhji'rts
of her majesty t Can we who often Ima-l.
and heretofore with truth, that we are
amongst the freest, if not the frwpt, people
on earth, submit to such legislation, or
w ill we not, when thr proper time comes to
speak tb rough the ballot-bog, with one
voire discard from power thor who have
abused and arw abusing tha tn;, t .j, red
pi,.visions of m.r pmp.llCUtlJh Jn* the
DINIE*| ilghls OT freemen 1 Is not the
right which L now being denied in
Sou tli Carolina one of the most vital to
political and civil freedom ? Doe* Ii vrty
exist anywhere whero sucha right is de
nied ? It must be very clear to the com
prehension of g W .pan t„.t it
j self tiie advocate of strong government
and thi-warm and ahl* supporlvV of the
lif-erngallVHi ofcfowlll, ip'refeiiing to the
! Value of the writ. *'lf it were onoc left in
the power Of any, the" highest magistrate to
iooii be all end of anothef tight* 'abWl in,
fminlilW. lire Vari'otjs otbJPptii b
'l}" T |'ny aincumiSsf
might f>L- pruvcfitcd and eiifohv-l i.nt j
hv ni.l thi< lime U> lay them l>#f..r.> yon. ,
I believe that I have said enough tffl con
vince any rufi. .-ting and Impartial mind
llmlllii' m'l "I ('iMi||i April !#•. |H*l
in the particular* In with h I liar* rrfrrnal
and lb) 1 President'* rminr under It, have
uii warrant in tire constitution, and are d
atructive of the right* of the Mates and <>f
individual rtHtru,
1872. THE WORLD. 1872.
In the \ ear iNi'i Uenrral Grant • sucohs
tur la to lie chosen; the Kjrt)f>tlllrd Con-I
great to hi • leeted.
lire people'a Viatea, white and hlaek |
North and Smith, will lliu- deetda the fu-j
lure destiny u| the Kilubllc. aelei til fu
lei>, prescribe their eourae
Itou to Influence the people a Vote* 7
lly the ui-wtpaper for it ineludea even
other atom y. It maker known rvent* and |
tart* among all influences the chief !l
aaaro.hlea the Vaatvl outride auilinlieer
slii.ii i aI. not gather to the I*l. te-hoii'i*.
Ike pulpit, or the stump It ia the eollatalil
interpreter ul 110.11 affair*, and of error or
tiuth la lire dad) aee.J-a.iwrr
Natl November ta our political harvaat
lim. A* we aom we shall reap.
Tlie v\ urtd' • a.ed-aowlng (.ill he fruitful
to tlie eitelil that IU circulation i* wide y
pu.hrJ hy lll.we who anprove U* aim.
The \Vorld will aim P> rwntrhl and
coinhilie the labor* and the votaw of
I.—All thoae who Bud heal inaurali.-e of
the people a prosperity, peace, and pro
greaa In a g.*eminent edminiatered on the
principle* and in the pure practice of
JrflVraoii and Jark*n, and who deacrv the
fount and origin of the preavn'. corruption*, i
extrgv apaiioe, liilsgoverninrlit. auhvarvion
of puhln liberties, and inaecurily of pri
a ale right* in our ruler*' tawle** usurps
lioM ol 'nlerdicled and uiiderdicted and!
undelegated power* —Uaurpalioti that to
day mart-ha* deliberately on to the auh
jligation of |nipular rule bud the possession!
of dictatorial p. wur—for by acta of (don
grra* General liraiil may even now deatroy I
the freedom of Stale election*, invade the'
State* at bw pleasure, and declare martial
law of hi* u mere will.
2- All tloaee who w- uld maintain the!
honor of republic*, and would preserve
puhlir credit by punctual payment ot pub
lie debt*
S.—All those who would rut dowiu to!
fewer and fit object* all appropriations of
ih* proplo'a money (to-day mure than Jou-j
hie. Nearly treble tbe appropriation* of a
Drtmx rat'c Congresa elrvrii year*ago, not,
cvmnting stinuitir* to Indian*, peii*toti* to'
•oidier*. and mlernwl on debt), and who
Would ullige all 'pending uf the people .
money got hy late* : be with hoiiogty and
tbrifl; likrwtfc all IhoM. who would *parc
• little of thcteople'* landed estate for tho |
laudlv** miiiiunr heftniKc tt 1 t'p l!
•ifuandyrma duuntimn* >n a day upon,
lb.we who already own 100 mueb
4.-Ail those who would reduce the
number of cotiiimidtir* taied by our taritl
from tbouaaiid* t" a few doaen*. and *o
ea.iUy our cusloiu-buu>o* of half th.-ir ■ tfl
eial*, rid the statute-book* of half their
udt*m alien-* lor honesty or 'iribe* (y ffaud,
and unfetter >c..r** of pjjf ..ativv inuu*
6.- Aii (c*r wb" Would lower tbe rate*
also of our latin late* to tbe point of uto*l
easily yielding tbe largest revenue—who
would abandon tbe protectionist •liu uf
reducing the public reteuue whilst in.
creasing the etort.nat proflt* of a few at
the espeiiav uf all oilier industries
b. All those who would abolish evtry
unlawful isi, like that on iavune*; every
Ut)j U*t tax like that which gives banks llo
propie * pr.-iits on a national currency ; et -
•ry unequal and indeterminate tax. like]
that levied most cruelly upon tbe poor
the tal of our irredeemable |xiper-money.
1 mi Woai.n will aim— a* tbe recognixed
an.l leading organ of tbe Dem.icratir party
in (be great fucui t.f national commerce
and intelligence—to fulfill this it's miasion
and duly with steadfast boldnpsx end Xdul
iiy ; p> m>pini tn thv tanai Cf tH.i.. Vho
llilnk'thtT *me fbitlgs cAitcerning tlie Re
public ah unhed. otganigrd, determined,
and persialmt aeai; to win new recruit*
from among those who have been enemies
to the Dciuorrary in tbe cunlict* ufa dead
pa*l; and to marshal an unbroken phalsl'
lo the triumph at the 1;,,1i.4-hx 'Due haL
tie field of Liheily, k-ptaltiy, and l*aw.
As a Vrhielv of New*.
Tux Woilk will |oire no expatri..-, no
energy, to maintain and advance it* |*tace
IB the firat rank of mrliupoliU" jourual*
Its freab, almndant, varied, and atx-urate
ii* a*, eouiprisiug the who e circle uf cur
rent intelligence and literature, will be di**
t uaasxl, •* to-collio*
A Trustwortbv uf,
wi'-U vaod.'f. a lilt steady devotion to sound
nubile and nrivale ntotaW. with ape. ial
Lhowledgc |.if special theme*, and With
variou* and w idwrearhing xpprebe ision
ot the manifold interest* of men and wo
men in their home*, their market-place*,
their work -shop#, and their farm*.
• X*.
A targe a.*..*, pyii.tgu throngh
out jc 1i V f'd pCihl Uhmi every
wdtrv4gy'UiurnlnF. Among iu promi
nent text nr.-. ere:
I. It. vxkt Kill xxuAcvi rsti Ma
KSI Rxe-.sra. ewbraeing the Ltvg Stock
markrU of New York Albany, llrig .t in.
Uambridge, end l'kiladtpbia; the New
Yoag Cofarar Faotu-ct Mxbkxt.
•ad UixixvL l*a. iti'cc Mtaviis u f d
couatry ; end lull report* f ,i v ie W'n
YoE MoVgvr ' KfcJh of these
r*.p..(V* v V.Hhpflv/ aUb great tare, anil
CXihletn* the latest guotati.o.* tb*t caa be
obtained up p. tbe lime of (Hitting tbe pa
lr to pre**,
2 It- AuatctTiaxr DxrxETug.vr,
wbicb contain* each week articlw* on uric ,
licet and M-ienlific IsrtniKg thst |-, Jt W H*
value to the A meritgu ipLrjl,
I A t*tj> f#ft|'fetkirt of the Farmer-']
Club oi lirv Aiu*rtceii ln*titute i* prime,l
in each l-ue ut tbe Weekly WoBLD. tkr\
day aft*r tkt mr. fiy uf tJu (Jot. |ly this
arrangement th* report *p|-ar | u lb.
Weekly WoBP one week in advance af iu
publication ia any uthar w-ekly i.aper
4. A portion of tbe Week t*- tYopi.n l*|
reserved for 'r*(itu leautbg drihteT. I lie I u,I
its'llhd Igtlscted aturies, |>oern*. i
wgtf* of imnior, and extract* from b<*-h>
and period teal*. Particular attantmn wv til j
be givt-a to this drpaniuenl during lb< .
r A ti'Vtifil Lrt'nre of tba Weekly j
H ukev U a Carefully complied *uiai*r< -
of the uvw* uf each weak It is mada *o|
coa.plelr that ••• *ne who r>ad* it ran fail:
of beiug well Imwlihl on all the Important i
new* ol the day.
To* Sciniuacekly World,
published Tuesday and Friday, i* a lirnr
quarto sheet, containing all the put
luhrd in th Ijejty tV' * vatt^l*tL**- <"**•
i upl|uil UftutH. "Wial iapirru a* may he uf
lib inWrfc.t (o h<>a fa*itfnu tf New Yuii
City. It> market arc a* full a>
ihutc uf the daily rdititiu, and it contain*,
be*id•* intere-ting literary matter, on Fri
day of each week, a full report ol the
Fanner*' Club.
The I)ilv World
siMiiUti", 't*4 l*r nV uf the day Ibat can
be by hiilf aba telegraph from
all part* bf the world, and thorough dis
cussion* ol all topic* of interest
'1 he \N orlti Almanac,
rcmnirr t d in IbrtK. hat bee- - A.tuned 1
about tba let Of t'ijt.-Ufy IWht tWA'ahd
Tm V nfti.ti ALMANAC contain* a great,
•juantity ot invaluable political InfUrtng-J
Uuu .f y<* !• *vrry
c fee Uuu*tiiH| in no uihvr
publication, tu It arc printed the full olfi.
cial return- of every im|>rtant election
lii-lil tluriiix the year proceeding the i*ue
of the Alinnhae; the vote of Si-w Yorlr
Stale by election district*. enrj Y a w -fvr
ey by town*- Jt t ,ui 'and vote for
ylr'ntcKt ot hnUiLrain-liet of the New York
Legislature; the return* of the New York
Ci y municipal eleclion ; ii*t of member*
of the C lilted Slate* Government yf
grct*. and of the several Ntu;,. ouKfchiUU'Uts.
...d other tm.Luc.l
Al.u*k*c itlr 1577 will ha neec*ary tu uv*i
•rflMlmehit kho llt-siro* to kyyu hlnitcll' 1
Illorl.ligl.l v po*|yfl iy faeU ud figure*.
Wrahly World.
One Copy, 1 year t|,Ql
Fiv* Cwple*, 1 year, separately uu
drwtil ....... t,00
T.-, J T**r, t M.aratrly ai|-
''' rffwnft ".I'd nil vtlrk pwfiy tu
gvttrr-viu of Uluh lA.uo
Twi llty Cuj.let, I year, tejiarately ad
dretied, and an extra Copy toget
ter-up ofClub ......... ~ 'do,OU
Fifty Copies, 1 year, separately Id
dressed, and thvSenu- Weakly. I
year, to getler-up of Club f<) (|i
Oae Hundred Copies, 1 year, &*uaff
atelv *U. a *h/Oaiiy, I
Infill tfiWtip uf Club 100,00
Stiui-Weekly Wurld.
One Copy, 1 year .. sl,llO
Two Copies, I year, separately address
ed „ |LOO
Five Copies, 1 year
drmj-j •yp.u'V"
Ivp f'ujilcs, T i'daf, *eparately. and an
extra Copy to getter-up of C1ub...20.00
Daily World.
Oua Copy, I year.! s|r.ol)
fine Copy, 0 nioiith* A Op
}{(! few. 8 . WtwM •.••uitr 4; *s*
One C opy, 0 moiithf, wltii SuinUy
Edition ....y.',.. o.fii
One 3 molit|is, vviib SuimJ
i,oq ,
The World Alumnae.
(Ft* ltMiH. >ll4.l •. Ifi.ti. IN* I, 1*72.1
Price, Single l%ipt>'-, of either year,
po-tp,,i,j -90,'Jr
Srv.-ll t.'opil ~ dfallh 'r yr'*', |et|wll . 1,1)1
I .r.vm tt.
Addition* W Club* mav he in de at any
lime In ibatnir ut the t'luli rale*
Chang. •'U ('lull List# no.l* i.nly <.n r.-
civ lug tlllli p* ksg.-a, Mating d ile of i|lo
M-riptlun, edillon, |vt ••Itlee, alul Slate t*.
! alliell it ha* prcvDualf liel-.l Wilt
Tkmm* -l/Vli in H.l ranee, Send l'.t ■
.fllee Money Order. Hank lirnft, or K.-gi
lered le-tl.r Hill* •vol by Mull will l- a;
| the risk i.f the aciider.
Wo have no travelling aj|i-iib. Sparl
luea copies, po-tcr*. ate., edit flee o|
charge, wlitrever t.n l whuwrtr desired
Address alt order* and letter to
rax wom.n % )••< / ■.. \ i
(' ti i' ring e
Centre Hull. I'u.
laK*>. It IIAItI'STKIt
lis* un hsd snd for ash- at the mo*t na.
aonahlt- rsl.*a a aplcu.Md bu k of
gild every .l. -criplion of Wagon* bth
warrsutasl to he msdc "I the bai*l and most
durahla' iii", and by the mod expe
rienced workmen Ail work sent out from
thejwlehliah'iieiil will he found tal be iaf
els— wnd Hire fa gilla' period
*ati*faeiton. lie w.ll also have a five as
sortment of
S I. K 1 (i H S
of all the newest mid moat faahionahle
•ly lo* well an I carefully made and of the
hot material*
An iutfoH-ti n of hi* work i* a*ku4 -> it
i* believed th it none rmurior can be found
in thy tmnntiy. sug'ii if.
J.E. Caldwell &Co.
Nu. ihii ciiKsrNur sr..
Desire to env ile tlio .-special attention <f
purt-liaaer- alol utkara veiling tbe city, to
their unusually large and varied assort
ment of
pt Most eatixnLE i(XKKI*.
nut MBimi. axu uritKM rh^H-krA'
ok Kt*i>cr qf
Receive! DIRECT FHOiJ |> \fll>
during the I'frgpKf <jw*iu
' Do*irV>,(i' hu'l p i'oc alpml -iW 1* extend
loj ulkil win. may in* Induc-d t • *.-cept a
cordial invltnlbm to visit their beautiful
toiriiKvnii rw.
IJoiix B Lis*. P. Ua.x lii.K A ILw>
1.1 W A WIL<M)\,
I) It 1? <■ (i ISTS.
SutXVWiR 1( F I*. Will*Mt, lit'l It-flUtf
| lt o->ir.-,l i!i H'rvim ufJ>int'> 11.
. Slot'D. of Philadelphia, a druggist of thir
|lM JTMh ('(JwrinHf, who will hV the
II lurjfc f their |'rp<cri|>Uiii lmniiPt.
A night !•!i i> iLUi bill Ui ibi*ir Hnrr
door. ami lboi<iu|i|iiym>liv|iill( |ko
building. will attend to t'<n 'Wai'.r the
public hi all h < vd f *,■ night
Li*n WiiW kw(i constantly on
lit*lf<l *' large "t'sck of
Orug-. I'tiult, Oil*, Perluuierr, Tru<-
aii<l Mcdi-al A|i|iiiuc f all bin>),
Ui<Btbw wilh n very large-lock uf
Patent XaiiciMv "U"'! b*
Vinegar Itatwt-s, nnl alio
pil*t> \V ll.ft NtltJ ll
<jur*. •: all km lit
fur medical
July 14. Sui "TINX J* WILSON.
Ttns ur-'.-iti.'d 4t private
: aaIdCIBPU rtitry itwelfing house and
jUIhM. on > uin street. 0.-ntra Hall,
with *tahlca!i.l all nttoeaaary outbuildings,
'and choice fruit on the premise*, and wa
iter in the yard Tin-house i* Xi good a*
new. For tuthcr part**-ular* to
! oqilKT PkOul.v M.vlos.-
Wi ercav the ll m. Charles A Uy ir,
l'rcaidcnt of the court of
in the 2Rh luiln-iil District, consisting of
the '"tiUhViHS of Celt re. Clinton and Cb-ar
i Held, ah,l Honorable Win. W. Lov\; and
the Hnhorable Henry Doiip t A*** bde
Judge* hi Centre coutvC( k hnviwg issued
their proccpt, bnn| the Uth day of
I)H-'br A U, C to me directed for
! holding a v-.iurt "f (Jyor and Terminer and
ftchbral Jail Delivery and kfuartvr Mo.-
aioii- of the Peace iu Itettefontc, for the
county of Ceutru. and to commence on the
ftli Monday of J unitary next, being the
2ftli day ot Jan. 15."2 and to continue on,,
Notice i* therefore hereby given to the
Coroner, Justice of the Peace, Aldcrmctv
and Constable* of thu wij ontnty id Ven
tre, tbat thev La then and there In their
promif pu>ou*. at 10 o'rloclt in the fore-;
mtrilt of aid day, with ther rooorda, in
[qubitioa-, exantoiatlun*. and ttieir own ro
inembrßTtima, to do those thing* which to
it}olr one-., appci tnll.a to he done, and
ithoae who are hound in recognisance* to'
prosecute against the prisoner* that are or
• hall be in the Jail of Centre county be
there and to prosecute against them a* xuall
be luxl.
Given under my hand, g\ lb>Uvf"ntn, the
12th day of Dec in {hp yutr or our Lord,
1471 and in 4h<t btpety-fiiurih year of the
liidepend l uiv.O of the United State*,
A book That Will Selll
glf TM; HksowsKO
*lU\Olt BLITZ.
This i an original, interesting, and in
structive work, lull of rare fun and humor
Winn an account of the AUYUOH'O V
KKSSION AL LIFF k his g underfill nicks
and feats, with laughable incidents and
• dvoKtt{t*a a® # Magiciau, Neoromaitcer.
ji\Ud \ cnfriloipiut. Illustrated with
10 Full Page Engravings,
besides the Author'* I'otrait on steel, and
numerous small cuts
The volume is free from iinjr objectiona
ble matter, being hiljhV'Ued and moral in
its r cu with iuter
t, bo,in bV old ami >ottjJ. )l give- the
most grn|j(iir gnd ll|rillini( account* of the
•ITorU of his wonderful regis gnd magical
tricks, the n|ot mp(t^d'tbJc
merrig\eut ain| IftWtMtf.
vUr*Mt, 1Vu". f ■ wb tun lufdrtuft
" _ -cr,
big, - •iiladclphiu.
; Till' Clu-pasl.
(Ml IN S(. besti
J <ii Allegheny 4trrrl.
''(iiflW, Tr i. Sugar, Hyrup, Fruil.
Cuhhiil Fruit llimiip, |>iii-<| lieaf.
•Salt. l*n kin. Duller, Floor,
: iC<rn Mnl, iliirkwril Flour,
J and everything u*u!y kept in a well r*gu
. laletl (1 ret iia* (irwcfv Store
iiiarft.fim HClll,* UAULT.
anil POWDER!
CO AI. H'ilknebarre Coal, Ctieataut
***, Kjfg, lttraa<-ean<i fouadry,
Coal of I, -mi i|ualily. at Iba low
t prtowa. fu •looter. wilt pleat,
note liial <tr ,*>al t. b .u., J UM .
urr euititii.alooit ltrtl.
LI M K WuuJ <>f • ■•ai-t.uriii Lime for !*
at our kiln., 0, 4 Um pik, i„^i ng Ut
l'o'.v lKit. -Harm**d lk tMry
f* • I r
Wll'ikKsALlC. £.Elill
|>letttniu> rj vr order* fr jr ,
the trade. •"*'
Offloe d yrj .oulk end o| |Uld
Kaffir \ alley K It Hnp.< Hellrfonte. |'..
STK It N It li It 0
Ha b to IbrritrMßreiul oftk
market K..r I'd JUT* A i
to bttatuM.
Kr liRY (iiKUS lo Nv* t'urk.
|taf CIaOTMIXU U* Philadelphia.
Ka. li article buO(kl diroctly j
Iruiu the Jianufacttirar, witk a da
tire t. ►uit thin iiixiiuUAf
1 1 A K A Li'AC'AS fruut Wc U> <*.- tl\q
lilioal—t to I,*ii alpaca*.
-fhiiii sWti sflH, bttl ali
W'wl OnuiwelM.
l lf|<ttt at old rate*, I rum A) tt'Btl to 7i
rent* I r yard, for :ue W*t-
\ad lliajr from I2| •- |t; H-nt*. the ho
i alitor*. and i* untiportiun, at
W'tlwou'* mutlll'Mt to Wea
| all >VWMr at |-r pair
Kin<* Hunt* from to for
at thelr*l nu**. and -old kt 1N&; an re
S V I T S,
Hm JlO.B'tullftfnrtbi' liml.
and if it ainttrue, Strrtilierf will treat.
Tlirv only a-k people to coma and art
.•ran if thev d not thb to buy.
'IN.IK VS VI I, i> now
L • lav*** n I well nurtrd Stock U
Hardware, Stove*, Nail*. lfor*r SUue, Sad
dlery, lib-, I'iinu, Bar and Hoop
I rou hU.| Uu^Si 1 *'* l Waffuu Stuck oi
oviuy ikvirimi'iii. -Call *ud -apply your
'telve* attbe Wm iiowihi# rate- at
*tl'K. I K WIN to W1 LSOJf
Ik VHOMETEnS a>td Thormimeter, at]
1) lUWIN* WfclOMH.
<tkw very haat nualily Jut received*
Wolf "Id aland
I * 1
i.lira Trwww. ;
ThiinYi,iiii.t.l. uiii^'Jv,for female*, taw
.to kiyl at lieidat Jiir'a -info, aitd a>. uther i
||iU vu (Vntr* county. Lmpc*inuuuiWi.
•that thc* TRUVE* CRH WE had AT CENTRE,
Hall If, |
Ch*T~H. Held.
Cluck. lVttlt'ltwaWcr <U i*cwrln
Milltioim. Centre cu, T enna.
, Ito'iicctfully inform, fH , n j t l„
public in general. that h* ,a iut opened
at hi* now wuhlithwMMi; ,bove Ale*an
d*raHtuw and kc*p* <y. n *tantly on hand
till kin<i* if (. I'dAs n iitchw And Jpvpln
!fthc latent na M | o the M*rnnviHt
Patent t ilnanrt Cl*, idea, provided with t
complete, htdex of tho month, and dav o,
thuui. e4h and w ....j, t .n )t* face, which it
\immII * a *.orfoot tinio-kcijM-r. k*, Watche* and Jewelry re
(iaire.l on *h ~r { n <>tioo and warranted
; between Market and Arch, formerly 104.
Carpet*. Oil Cloth*. Oil Shade*. Wick
i am, Cotton 1 nrn, Carpet Chain*, Orain
Window Paper, lialtine, Ac. Al*o,
Hru*ho*. Look inn Olawe*, Ac. dec9-ly
1> (\ ynv. N* G? Ah t" PU B
and Conveyancer. Deed*, Bond*, Mort-
Kajro*, and all in*trument* of writing faith
fully attondod to, Hpoyial attention ffiven
to tho 00l lection of Huunly aud Pen don
claim*. OitW nearly oppo*ite tho Court
lloue, two qoor. above Me*r*. Buh A
\ inomu'ii Law tidloo Bollcfonte, Pa.
inuseat it; wis a VViuMji'e.s
1 fvrM. Ac. "**
BOoTS, large stock, all styles, size' :
prices, for men and boys, just arrived
at Wolf well known old Stand.
I 4
Ureal Drstroclion
I W'' r * *
lOf high priiTs!
Hutl tli Old
at ft Mr* Hall,
HaU, Capt, Root*. Hbrt-
K.. A N^. < U,!Ar LW "
Ml'H. .KB,
cai*k of;.
alao a large io. i o| '
I* IHH. lit# Im>i, all kind*,
the beat and rkeajwat in the marie*
•p'- 1 vv. tod.
'f ' ■
Furniture Kooms!
vaapnouutly inform* Ik* clltmn of CrttK
riHittjr, tbat lie kMfuanuMly ua bul, tht*
main* to ordar, all kind* of
HOMC MASK CHAIE* Alwatb O*. mA m%
lli**:cck of ready-made Fu'aiture i-iat
and warrnntod of **od wo:itan*hip m -
all made nnier kf* > wo'.tti&>edinteuper< a
■Urn, and I* offered at rate* a* rbeap a*el.
! wktr#- Tkankful for pact favor*, ke
| it* a eontinitnare oftke aame.
Call and *#e hi* stock Wf*re yt. km'
t#wtire rfl vi
/ i v
(y If
Pavanvan pTt aa"ia yvn. tto# •
"j_ tw'wnjaiciata eSo7l*"CwTVa Cj
§ xtFfczr ,CK7 —a
M—fcueer* t)oti. IV
AUorßcjntl Ia, oltefßKtw,
< > •, on Ik* Diamond, BfXt door m (iu>
man * hotel. CViflutlutkiiM tB Herman m
K*ltl k. fcbH* Otf
CoUtwtioßtpron ruly luanio and
kit* atlon aivoa to tli.u* bavin* land* |R
l.raprrtT for Mile. Wilt draw ut nil k'
BCIIHIIMI|I DM. M.'rif jjt*. &r ;T*
Bee in I lie diamond, 9W k vide * f .!
court bourn, Ito'.UA>wl*K ortri*f *
V* r i ir . JPMCIbI.
4*w* Milliken, Hoover A Co.)
u ,.r JKIYE i)Eru6iTs,
.w latere
DUcount Note*.
I' Buy and S
government Socuritie*, Cold and
i Coupon*.
AH.* M'M ANUS, Attorney at Law
Bellefonte, promptly attend* lu alt bu
entrusted to hini. __ juia.BSif
DP. FOKTNKY, Attorney at Law
• Bellefonte, Pa. Office ur Kry
iold' hank. inayl4'Kf
Itellefotite, Centre Co., Penn'a. P *|<GB;f
IB A C. MITCHELL. Attorney *7l. v
Bellefonte, Pa. tlflke in Cat uiati,*
now building °PI o*itethe Court 11. uie.
Seitmet ON tke At/carter.
C. H. Guleltus,
Snrpeon and Mechanical Dentist
who if pcrmineiitl; located) in Aarnnibure
in the office formerly occupied by I>r. Xtlf,
and who has Wn practicing with entire
aoccee*—having the experience of a numWi
of years in the profession, he would cordi
ally invite all who have at yet not givei
htro a call, to do to, and teal the truthfulnee,
ofthitaaeertlon. Teeth extracted
without nain mayffeStf
1 ~ ■■■ • ■*.
with Orris 4 to collet -
7J^St? Ct,<H?,ntbo
rm '?•* over inadr, j u t „t
celved, cheap at Wolf a old stand-try It
P A R I L 9 R C ° Q K 4 T O VMS
Parlor Stoves, ami four sires of Gas
h JSSLT mUaa ' "i i, * ,ld wuJ w "■!
aulO-68. I*W]\ A WltJtOM'a
,T". uliiN, at low prices, at
Ik win * Wiiaox'
HASl'gf & and Doei Pells, ail
ir . hinds at
U'lt' lav ta #lt ii -(jv ,
LOCALES, at wholesale and retniL cheat.