The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, November 03, 1871, Image 3

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Fill DAY, NOV- > *'*■
I.OvJii WKW. -Our friends will oblige
h !<v sending ill any items of local inter
st, including deaths, Ac., a*
Mich are eagarly read l>y .V'ur I ' lend* <
he west, many of whom got the Report' r.
Vv" • w >aid esteem its favor ifwur kind pa
• w .ald oceasioaally nimU copy •
■ - Ranortor to relative- ami ac<piaintn
---U who formerly lived in Centre county
, l removed to other paits, which wonti,
idnce many to become subscriber*.
flic circulation of the RtcroitTKß, on
• his sid* of the county, is now greater
than that of any two pajars in the
~„„ntv, hence business wen who wish
to reach the l\>mwv*lly ttrude, wih
ivi'i v their own interests, by ad veil
tV-i,u ill Uic lii-diUTKU. Our suhscrif-j
lioa list is open to the inspection ot nl
who wish to advertise.
tJcLUKX KeVNT-VIN T*> Something j
w and novo! Ho w and rwl thc ad
[..vm-nt la ou r paper, hoxded <reat-
Invonli-vn of the V-re We believe i
• - tfc.hlm Fountain IVn is unsurpassed, j
V *vl wen i* a necessity to every man,
woman and child. Agent here is a
, Voice to make twon.-v in introducing: a
,nd saleable article. j* -> X- |
- 0
VV.v TKR s ,V S i's Manu
i ~-tory. Mitroy. Pa mayvYOun. j
- 1 ■0 * -
rix \ \ NOTICK In accordance with
1 ai of A— amb'v. notice U hctvbv
. 0 nto the eiiisen* of Potte*. 0w whom
tax.-s for school for the present
vc*r are due, ibat on all such taxe
".. . 1 to the undersigned Treasurer. l hi*
i - lonce on or In-fore t-Mh oi November
Mth >n will be a de luclion of |ve per
. -Itaitt. On all taxes paid within one j
. , - .th after said date no deduction will ''
11 ule. and that upon all eehool taxes r.--
l-. lining unpaid after December loth n. vt j
i i >re a ill W an addition of five per een
lly order of the Boar-f r
nttgSxStw T ivA*urer. i
, % •
Our young friends. Jack W i son and |
Jack Van Yalaab, of Spring Mil's,
lave bought out a store at Tyrone, |
and intend to "carry on" then-. Sue* j
cos to thrill.
There will be a meeting >f the Potter
school board, at Centre Hall, on &t
--unlay 4th in*:., when all teachers who
have been engaged by the same, wi"
appear to enter into articles of agree
The sclsool* c mmeuce first Monday
i.i November, 6th inst.
♦ ♦ 0
Wc were in teceipt of some choice
slices of venison. la*t week, tnmi
Thomas Hartcr, of Aaron>bwg, who
has beru very fortunate at deer hunt
ing this season ;he must lie a crack
marksman as he always seems to returu
from his hunt, loaded with venison.
Thanks for the veniaon seut.
Co. Svp'T. —Candidati * for Co
Superintendent are already on the,
move, with an eye to the election to
conic ofi in May, next. I lie nanus |
nentioocii iu this connection are Prt. j
rhomas, of Pine Grove; Prot. Hast-j
ing* of Bellefontc, and Prof. Henry
Meymr, of Miles, and some think the j
I rt-ci:t incumbent. Supt. Magec.
fdwmld be re ejected.
Hew Groh v. ill atlnnutr the
l.ortl** i[>|>eriu the lleformesl Church,
at Bsutkhurg, next Sahhalh. in the
Rev. J. K. Miller will edminisltr
the Lord"? Supj er in the Luth. church
i:t this pittce, next Sabhth forenuon.
w.(ave voa ever tries! N" VTIKK'K
deliglifed with it. Clean, safe, and ejpi
eienL It is driving all the |K>isomnts
contpountis out of the markel. It is
as clear as crystal. Bee advertisement.
Wo reported the burnii.g of th barn
and mill of Mr. Way, in our last >.
sue. The Tyrone Herald says: On
Friday night last, the Flouring Mill
■ i'T. Af. Way. valued at 110,000. ;.r:d
1 am of Win. Way. value! at 8-l.OOtl.
v ere consumed in Half Moon, Centre
couutv. On the ham there was no in
surance. On the grist mill were^insu
rance in the Farmers, York; Wyom
ing; Lancaster, and Alps, of Erie,
. mounting to $7,000.
The Pcnnsvalley trade always being
anxious to reach "the store at Belle
fonte which offers the best goods at
the most reasonable prices, it becomes
our duty to say, that the handsome
store of Young & Devling stands fore
most in this respect. A most goiitle
manlr and accommodating set of pro
prietors there wait upon customer*, ai
vrav? ready and willing to show you
an thing in their welle'ocked estab
lishment. Lad its and pnthmtii will
fin 1 there the finest and latest styla? of
drjss-good*, as one of the firm was
long connected with the merchants of
Philadelphia, and hence has advan
tages of knowing what iseuited aiid*in
season, possessed by no other merchant
inthecounty. TheykcepofaC wop e e
assortment of every thing dry-go d*.
groceries, queenswaro, clothing, hats,
can?, hoots, shoes, &?., all fresh and
of the latest styles. They are in con
stant receipt of new goods, and keep
up their store with the times. try
them, and vou'l find that money is to
be saved by making purchases can
store of Young <£ Dcvling •
The "Juneauta Chub," of Tyrone
will accept the thanks of the Editor of
this paper, for a complimentary to the
course of lectures to be delivered under
its aupices the coming season.
Goto Hoffer, Bros IGUefonte, for
your dry-good?.
Go <b llofTer'a for your groceries.
Go to Hollers for your clothing, and
why t
Because thero is the place for farm
ers to buy cheapest.
For the Rejiorter.
DKDICATIOS. —Divine Providence
permitting the newly ercetnd church
ot the Ev. Association ntCurtiu'? Iron
Work?, Ilald Eag'e Valley, will lie
dedicated to the service? of tho Triune
God. on Saturday tnurning at 10 o
clock, Nov. 12tli. The public are in
vited to til tend-
Harmtwp., litis sent $.18") to the
Chicago relief fund. All honor to our
neighbors up there.
Auotwit. —Mr. J. C. Kemp, who
always carries the nicest ami best fac
tory goods that can l>e seen, is a round
again with his wagon, loaded down
with the best of Halfpenny's manufac
ture. Mr. Kemp, as all who have done
business with hiin will testify, is one of
the fairest men to deal with, that has
vet traveled this part of the state.
Wait until his wagon comes around, if
you want nice goods.
I'of the Reporter.
lioalsburg, Oct. 30th 1871.
From Iht <luiclc Slrp B. B. Club oj
Boahburg, to (he Active B. B. C'ub
of Yeagertown;
'i'lie members ot the Active B. B.
Club will see through the column * of
the Reporter, that' the game of ba9e
ball was called on them at 2 o'clock,
Saturday. Oct. 28th 1811.
We, "the Quick Steps, receiving a
j challenge front the Active for :i game
J :•> h blavetl ul Potters Mills, (Vt 28th
t otw o'clock. accepted tlm challenge,
atnl procuring team at a high price,
anivnl lit Potters Mills ul 12 o'clock.
We went ell the ground at the ap
poiohd liuor, ami held it until 2o'
clock and there agreed U|KII calling
the game on said Active U. It. Club,
under the rul s of lt \s,< Hall associa
tT! sv . would he '• to 0, So it
tint i* n g it'emnnol the Activ<
B It. C. he wi:i plea- m :uia our lal!
which liny Wen etl'o- part of our clul-j
on Saitinlax Oct TiSi, !>\ a scorti of l v i
to 26 : anil w. tibl !>o vcrv thankful i !
itin y would nturn the other hall thn:
! they appMpi ated to their own •><•
We <K not say th< y are not an active i
uluh, hut oml thing wo d > know, thai
they wefo not active enough to gel to I
Potters Mills on the 28th. If you do
not want to play our full nine don't
tool us to the hank quite so often ; our
advice to yon. box*. i* to turn your
bats into pick 1 audio and come over
and wo w 1 1 v and help vou ?<t a joh
on the 1.. C. A* S. C, K.l{ Stop ai j
the hank as you c- ;n<* over and pat j
your dinner you ouler-tl to Sat. 28lh I
Quick SICJ*S Ha*E fi.iil Club, j
I VSi Xt)TICK ' N ; i* hereby
1* given to i 1 c.vll.vt,ra of county anl
State taxc. n C< t.tre iunty, vvh.vliave not
r.tied up their duplicate (or the year* pr
viout to ISTI. to c<v e in ami .< ttle -aid
duplicate- -*ml i . ,ke payment of balance*
Joe, on or befbre the t wonty -MtHtli lav
of Nov nil-, next or said balance- vv ill U
placed in the band, ol" an attorney, w.t
instruction* toe -Ibw-t the same without dh
lay a* no longer indulgence can b • given ;
nor, after that date, will any percentage.
or ex ration* bo k!'\v-<.I lly order of
S~ 11KK1PF SAI.Ks By v||two tf taw
dry wriv. of Jicrt facia*, levari facia*
venditior.i cx(i. .*, out of the Court
of Common • lea* of Centre count v, ami to
me directed, there wil bo ex po.ed to pub*
li, .ale. at the court-house in liellel'orite,
. u Thursday the gsird day of November,
ISTI. a* follow-, to vv u .
I The. following rv*l of defendant,
; situate in Potter tu Centre county,
Pennsylvania. 1 • wit: Bounded on north
1 lY land- of Frederick-, east !>v 'and ot 11.
FOTTIT, t !., m'.i'.li l)J- land of William
M.tye- and • the west hv land late of
jOaorge Fou-t. div'd, containing oue bun
| ilrnl ami twelve acres more or init, ihcre
<• creeled a dw tliag h'uc, ham and saw
Seized, Uk.nj into xocutioii, uud to be
-old a- the prop< rtv of Stephen (iarratv.
All the right title and interest of the de
fendant in and to ail that certain lot of
<round situate inSlabtown, Kuh township
t'entrv > ountv. Pennsylvania, hounded on
the north-ea-t ly Calhoun street, on the
-outh-e--: by Grant street, tin the south
west by Sherman -treet ami on the north
*f4t by lot of liarr, being lot No. 7
in the plot of -aid tillage, I hereon erected
a two story frame dwelling home and out
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
a> the property of B •ujatiiin S Crain.
All the right title and interest of defen
dant in and to all that certain lot ot ground
situate in Kush tow nship. Centre county,
Pennsylvania, bounded n the north east
by land of Morgan, Hale ,V Co., -<>uth by
lot of Jerry Keirdan anion the West by
land of Morgan, Hale Jc Co., containing
one half acre, more or le--, thereon erec
ted a two -lory plunk frame dwelling house
and out-buildings.
S. .zed, taken it: execution gmJ to be sold
as the profertv of John Donahue.
Ail the ri. L:. title and interest of defen
dant in and t • all that <■ rtain tract of land
• ituate in Mil •- St : -hip, C ntre county,
Pennsylvania, 1 in.led on the north bv
hind of Thomas Woifand J .-hit Sholl, east
by Inn 1 • 11 \\ \\ and John Sholl,
-oiish by laud of J. K. itei-h and Jonath
an and t :i the v.. -t by land of Pe
ter, containing fort* two acres,
more or le--, thcr. m erected a dwelling
hou-e. b • and :ha outbuilding, audi
rvhard' and having about twenty live'
acre- cleared.
Seized. taken in execution and tube sold
•i. the projx rtv el David Wolf, executor I
' ALM:
Tii • an-liv detl one |.>urtU interest of all !
that certain mc-uage ami lot of ground I
situate in the borough ... Belief >nti, begin- !
nine at n jn-t u public r.wd leading frohi I
iteiletonte to K • lire. the .ee aui'li if.
i, perches to poet, Ihlim
- 68 d. grte west '.MO perches to
I* >U In -aid road, lltencc alo : ( -aid road
north '-•! degr< . - east UK- d itervlics,
thence along ;i r qal n irth J degr.-es
eastS 10 were .e> hi the place of begin
ning. containing two acres be the same
m>re or les-. ha 1 , ng there >u cr.-<-'*d a pla
ning mill, dry bouse ami other outbuil
Seized, lak ii i.i seeut.-oi and t >be sold
i. the property : \t dli.-.tu 11. .Saiiili.
Ail the tindh siud half interest in all
that cert.i'li Tannery pr lp-rty and mW- I
-uage or pire of situate it. Millheim, j
Cntre county. Pennsylvania, beginning)
at corner near Kik creek and corner ot j
John V.-rker- !..:.*! - Utli til degree*
west 1 1-8 perche- l> corner, thence along
an alley north 88 degrees wet 17 3-10 pr
ehe. to corner.'hence partly in road lead-!
ing from Millhe.iato I'tiin* creek north i
13 degree* we-t '< pen-hes to corner in said
road thence north j degrees west 8 perche-,
to corner, then, along Rebecca tinkle's I
mil!race south KS degr.-- cn-' 19 8-10 per- i
ches to corner of said John Yorker's land. |
thence along same south •" degrees cast
124 perches t • place of beginning, contain
ing one acre and eighty seven perches net.
Thereon erected a large brick hou*e, bunk
barn, tannery, burl* house and other out
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold
-as the property ol George M. Swart* and
Martha G. Swartz.
All that cert*lt; me-suugi. tenement and
tract of land, situat# in tho tqwnabip of
Ferguson. Centre county, Pennsylvania,
bounded and described a* follows, to wit:
beginning at a white oak corner on land of
Sauitul M William-, thence north :9i de
gree? west 186 perches to white oak, thence
south 3~> degrees we-t It-fJ! perches to stone
th<-?ice -<uth ft ilegr. c- eat 141 perches to
*tone. north 4'.i degree- eat 32}
perches In a stone, ti,once south .'li degree
cast .V 3-10 perches tq a -tone, thence north
44 degrees e a*t tkt per. - he- t*• place of be
ginning eontair.ii g ninety acres and al
lowance. bo the same morn or le., togeth
er with the appurtenances. ■
Seined, taken in execution nnd to be sold
as the property of Julian 1> Williams and
link. L. William*-
A two st'rie<l frame building, twenty
five feel front and sixteen feet deep situate
on a certain lot of ground in Boggs town
ship, Centre county, Pennsylvania, boun
ded on the north by l"t of James Aston,
on the south bv a lot • }" 1.-wi* Fulton and
.•li the we-t ">y land ofJo-eph Green, and
on the east by the railroad, fifty feet in
width on Mi !rad and running hack one
hundred and -ixtyfeet.
Seized taken In ex. cution and to he sold
as the property of William Kcllcrman.
The r.-ri 1 e.tatc f the R.-llcfoiite Gla*-
Mnnufa'-tur'ng Company. Isounded and
de-cribed a- follows, viz: beginning at a
IN>4 on bind of M. Maekall ami Win. A.
Thomas, dee d, thence -ouih 'ill degrees
cart to a post on road, thence hy
-aid road north'i-i degree'east 72 feet to
a post, thence north 2*i degrees >-at SfcSO
feet i" i p"t. thence north 241 degrees,
we-t 184 feet to a pot, tlisnco north (►>}
degrees east 130} f'.ct to a post, th'-noe
north 32: d'-gria— c.i-t b.i f■ * yt to n piist,
thence north rl 2-10 dcgiees west W> foet,
thence - uitli 241 degree* .-rt-t 4 f.-et, thence
south tV>) degrees west 119 feet ton post,
thence north 215 degree, wed 83 feat to a
post, thence hy land- of said Thomas A
Martha Maekall, south to place of he .'in
ning: thereon erected a t*!ass Factory with
the nec.--:iry outbuildings, including four
dwelling house- and a hoarding house,
with a branch of mil-road running through
or under a part of said factory.
Seized, taken in execution, and to he
sold as tliu property of Tin Bcllefontc
Ola** Manufacturing Company.
Sle to commence at I o'clock of -aid day.
|> W WOtJDRING, Mh'tf.
Sh'lTs Office, iuilefoiite Oct. 81, '7l. -
ITLKCi'IoX VOTBJK.—Tliaatnck hold-
A i c-Mofthe Centre Hal! Mf g Coiup.,
arc lierehv notified that the annual election
for live director*, to nianngc tlie affairs of
-aid company f'r the ensuing year, will be
hold at Centre llail, at the office of K#.
.Shannon, on Saturday November 4th, 18,1.
at 2 o'clock, p. m.
By order of the board
J so. SHANNON', See'y. Praad.t.
The undersigned has a tract of timber
laic 1 |. cat<'d between the ltru-ti and
Thick Mountains, nnrly duo south of Re
bersbiir" containing 17* serfs, winch h.
I offer J I'or ale. It is well timbered, and
i ca-v of nc< ess front Brush Valley.
Kr all desired information tall on the
undersigned. c H Aarousburg, fa-
The luidiaut Light, a now stove,
lately patented, ROW uhoad of all
others now: it is a self-feeder, has
j a ih?w ami gm>d idea for throwing
out heat, that is |oaese<l by no
1 other Stoves, can lie raked without a
particle of dust escaping, and has in
addition, nil the other good points, of
the most approved stoves ami is there
fore the cleanliest stove now made.
It is sold bv \udy Heesman of this
place, ami no one should buy a stove
before calling at h * shop, ami examin
ing the Ibniiaut Light. Andy also
keeps all the 'ate-t and most improv
ed oo k • i ves in market. He sells
11 cap, :rid li.i* a qiK ntbil b>l <>l all
; >,. nd* nl v.. t> lutiitl, aiitl richly
deserve. ( c jMtrio.ago of mir |H-<iple.
"•l I' llvk'l'l . 11|.*||t .
fwo ears of com democratic corn
ia o-lup 'ii a tlemocrutic farm--wore
scat us b\ tiur obi frieiitl, I rialtSlack,
on ol which in-aoirv. Id llic other 12
inches in length,und Inith well lillcvl
with grains fin *e arc the tin -t cars
w have seen thi-% <,>•. m.
| > Kti ISTK It 1 * XoTli K-* The follow-
It U'g -• wi low b>'-'i exaiiiitied
, b> iii- H I remain Bled "I ro
.l in Ui.. i- ill. 1 , i-'i ibu i|ei-lmii>ithiri
I. -aU->- l'te>lllor Hint all oilier* ill Hliy
v iNlorts-nl iiiiii will be presented |o
It tic' Orphan - ('curt >•: IVntre couaty to be
d at Bvlte .-iite for allowaliev and eou
naliou mi W'dne day, th# 'Jfitli day ot
N \ ember A 0 I'm I
\ TbaltMWl <-f William U Metigla,
h .inUtral-ir >l all uiol >iuaular the gu-ai*
I i listll- right- and cr-slil- which were
John Kraiik, late of the lown.hip of
li . in-* ill ttie o-iuntv >f Centre dee d.
The ae-xiuut of dame* NV Sarikev one
.•! the Kxcutor* of th# la*t wn'l ami lu-la
t of John Sail key late of Centre couti
in the Stale of Pennsylvania, dec'tl.
The account >f tiaorjfe Jack Kxecutor
iml of W illiaui W agucr late of llarro
township dec it,
I The ACC-'Uiil of Henry Zeigler tJuar*
.1 ■:i •' K Pioiua llov, (now intermarried
w hJ. K. Tibblu.) Miuor child of tieorga
it-.y, lata of Marion town.hip dee d.
>. tiuurdiau.hip av-eouut of Jacob C.
Walker ttuardiuii >-f Coutan, Sauiuel
M chaet and Sarah Jane Minor children of
J n Walker late of Hogg* township
dec ,1.
' • The tauardian.hip account of NVilliaio
I'.M.raialj tiuarxliali of t,e*>rge \\ . tiar
b ck and Kli&abelh A. tiarbrick Minor
c'.iidren of llctiry ttarbrick late of the
to v n.hip of ltenuer ilec'J.
T. The account of John 0. Ziuimeriiiau
• lardiaa •! Naacy Klten fiiiMt aud
Francis 1..-lura Segtur Minor chlhlrcti of
>:cion Segner late of Centra county doe'd.
■ s The adiiiiui.lralion account ol Henry
Kt-llcrand Kobert Uotieou administrator*
ot and of Jauic* T Johtutou late of llarri*
township dee'd.
The account ot John P. llarri. Kvecu
>r in the la.t will and Te-tamentof Klira*
b. h Carcv late of th • Borough of Bellc
fonte vice J.
it*. The account of Jauie* li. Liuu und
U ui. P. Wil*ou acting au,i .urviving
Extcut-Ts of the la.t will and Teataiuent
of the l.ev James Linn DD late of the
i> -rough of Bellcfunt-- dec,d.
11. The account of William It. Hay, ad-
m .uiatrator of and ofCatharrn Human late
of Haines township dee d.
J. 11 MoHiaaoK,
List of Jurors.
1 :of D.*u.t Jurtn drawn fur .N'oieialwt T*rtu l
i si A- U hCI, vottpucu. llh UtNiJajuf
S, in>* liv lJuicA. X i jpr
N, .tig Juo A J* Ifon. Jnu lUfol A MliWr,
>1 uttrf, H Uogeti
i r '.-fjr > J
Dip. -u K Kuthsrd
Pr And t.r Hl rn I> 1. Krff
H*ld* Jm> VftiaJt. N \h ts iatii
ti< . rlo!tU- Jno Hußcr
|V*.:t S. Wcff. II
H V llnct
V ..via- J it 'rb*.*tugweuu.
t: -;i j AIL- r
Waiktff AtUtu Hninii
Mi • j M D(eo.
ih os'i it Juv i draw a if NutrmUr Tf mi
.rt A U I ATI. CU.UIO u i t it Mwda| .Nat
li at Vh** II -a'rraitii, 11 A MugU
I, -*rt> J lXianlßft. i li ilttr, U ollur
r II I. Mnry. M M •*•. J J William*
.ikr A C liwry. f >Uidji
l"ti'*n I fi HUck
M sxrd K u-r. .1 V KnatgiUMVf
• arUa J brwktjf. U lW\b>! i
L: Wn Wior, II Kruturlnr
llan • !***.- W oiarr. H (•lliUand.
I'a.'ea A lla-Is*, ii
t Mil* M ItaakiJ. M IUkW. W I* l*unc.a. I
I: -*ilr.
\l Msilrr. V* m iLw.l .1 " lUml. J too iWwu.
H. ibn.. It Mto'n l Khius-wmlia. J I
M II Y-*ru k. J*v II z. jr . J l' K>a*lun. li N lluy
etlpavitt* W 11 Ntnilh.
t PUncd.Lin. M * KU*-tier*of,
It w** .1 C 'nn, J I j cum. M TrU*U-
Mi .corf J M Cirntm.
g A,, Hal*
M-. * Jvafpi) litoily.
LM of PlHit tut r* tiftog f .r KufntHiar tan of ,
> . .yt:uiiM.t .nd M utilt) "I-- Sthof |b < A 1> Kl
} ati- J \ W Isaibralth, K Lr'#. S
\ 1 ill
I' 'i ll k"r*L*tL r, Wm A :n>anUr.
. yLr J * ujuw iA*r
. \ iar l|-i,"tr
It -rd ji; Izmi, II Ihyp II i
Hs! •'imam T
iH.jf. r \L> Kloicl, im K atnucvl.
I* t <tMirgr %M< ifafu—o- . I' I. Ma)
r t. as tu.-w. rr •
r .-v, D 'Am •-rao'i. W ll Kn>|Mi
V. tfe. J G Jen***.
!U- :>*. ia
Ha. i t. Adam V J S riumiiom. II W ll.dl
W ij lt*r; Jno lh* n.
I .v-rtjr. IM ifwalir
M>: w; Joiulti kfatner. S K I'uOtl.
I Ite(g{|kw JaNIMsM)
Sisrmtc; li* MtJlcr, J |l l||l)?r.
M "ttrf . I I 'lfi-j
t n <A*kor, H I* IIiI.too
M r a.d II tl% #
WAIt! Wilt!
On High Prices.
11. 11. SMITH.
of Potters Mills.
N E >V (i 0 OILS !
We would most tbspoctftjlly I'ifnm his
friends, customers, and the public geuer
illy, that lie has taken posse,,ion of
Thompson's old .piarter*, which have been
remodeled and improved, and is now pre
pared to accommodate all who may favor
him by calling.
ilha*just rm-iyed one of the largest
stocks "f all kili.l- of Merchandise ever
brought to Centre county, which he inlands
to sell at sculi figures . will make it an ob
ject lor all p< r*uii> to purchase. Families
laving in winter -applies of (jroccriea,
Dry t.0.a1,, ski-., h >uld not fail to give
lorn a call. It- he feels confide,it his prices
mid superior ,|uality of go<ls will amply
satisfy all. Ilis stock of
(i It (> t: K K I E 8
consist* of Offer, of the hot quality, Tea*,
> , _ :nr , uf nil kind*, Fish, Salt,
Clnese, I>ri<-d Fruit, Spices, Pmvii ru.
l'lour mi l Feed, Ac. Our -lock **l
1) U Y I. OO D
i- hirge and varied, nud we will just say
,i) supply any article in that line, with
out < numerating.
, la,-,-!- -lock of randy-made Clothing for
Al. n and boys' w ear, which Wo will dispose
... .t a very mimll mdvanco on cui.
B">U iiml IUU l Hl ,4 i llnrtl-
Wltff*, Ulli'i IHWItrU, Wood itlitl Willow
W:ir\ Noiiond, I'mirv • <l#, 1 Sirfmt*, Oil
W nil I*H|M r W indow Hhsdri l , JkiC .
0,r28 If.
— m. i's™"rviKD
A Book That Will Soli!
iv rnr. ifKNowxrn
SKi .N Olt II I.ITX.
'i'hi* i* an original, intere-ting, and in
-I i (ictive work, full of rare fun and humor
Icing nil account of the AUTHOR'S PRO
FESSIONAL LIFK, his wonderful trick*
and feats, with laughable incidents and
adventure- a* a Magician, Necroniancer.
and Ventriloquist. lllu-trat'd with
If. Full Page Engravings,
beside# the Author's Potrait on steel, and
numerous small out*.
The volume i- free from any objeetiona
|,l.> mutter, being high-toned and moral ill
it* character, ana will he read with inter
.•■t, both by old and voting. It gives the
graphic and thrilling accounts of the
ctfects of hi* wonderful feats and magical
trick*, causing tbc most uncontrollable
merriment and laughter.
<"iri-tilar-, Terms, A'c., with lull in orma
iion. sent fineuii application to
711 Sansom Street, Philadelphia.
? l\ i I |
I * s | ? P R ■ * 2
IRJ ; W }
C ;| Mj l
•• • w IOA I*' lit.' to lit! U
II Vt T'J I• ■ 7 fi'i illj I "
Mil...burg, D? 71 I; 17 71 <V
Cnionville. I.N I*l |l Itl ;* :*
lloa.iril lo >0 IN I? .it H.
Philip*big, 11 10. lit 111 |;h ttf
Itogg. 11l I I T:I I .IN O. . 71'
Iteiilier, I' O N1 till 1 .VI N7 > 4
Hum id- ' II J; *J7 II 8*
t 'iirtiii. IS "N 1. OL .11 '.'J
Fergu >n 7*l' ;I,| o|| YTO ltd IW
TJREGG. _S.I .1. '.v,t *JFT ;T 711
II hi. 11 NIL j PA MI H; NT
llallinoii, 0 NO T;, 4;, NN NN
II am I 178 1711
j Itowsrd, t i In* tW 71 Nl M, 11, |'l ol lltl 111!
I I liberty, 1 I )'.*•• o 47 } |.H M*J
Marion, hi* II S( 7tl II il
Mull- .VI 007 VJ7 .1 M
'l' lU.Ui, . t *l .1 HI NI NO
Penn ■ I .;t SH MI : ' :U
Poti , 1 1 .s uvi pji pjt;
itu.ll. *1 •*.' •*; •
) SI. HO , lit ni I.'T IIYI NI ni
; Spring, I Ini I 111 lit |m.
fa v lor, I- ... II II
j Union, 00 '.* l 11N tIN 0", ',IJ
I \\ ilk. I.U 0! 17.. 174 07 04
Worth BI NT IN In N
14.0 FT: j BCO 1 1 I S HDT V'.CI
(Villrc T rtlllllj iHliciai is* 1.
PUR coin .-U .-nce it >UA ING EOUIJIUI*on
with the return* of IN7I we fnrni H la*T
year* eb-I tion return. :
Artiltv**tg ibrtauiij lU8 W >k
Uellcfontc W .1 ] ol I 4* ; 00
,S W NN 117 | NS II .
N. W. LLOI NI tin NL
M ilc*hurg LN>r. 00 j 1 IU 1
I'TI ion villi hot ■*'; '.T'! *' IS
Howard L??>r .. L> Y< J -J
Philip. burg B | 111 I.V* I 1 I'J I 111
Hogg, twp .... 100 IP* £l7 L'T"
Heim. r | HI IT'4 , NI TIL
lluni.ide. Hti i I'N , ! 'J'
Curtiu j .15 J 4)
Kcrgtuun lot 1>" IV I>*
(•ri-gg (*7 If -7 7 , IF!
Haiti.* 77 1 I**4 j N>! , 117
Half MEON ... 70 I ! *V> ! 4N
SOtrri* "JO4 171 JIB LIB*
Howard 78 '•* 71 .-
Mu-toii UD | IJ 'i j '
Liberty ......... Ill] ID 1 IHi j flu
Marion ID N* ol | N
Mile 17 171 TJ"
Paitoii I 7TI; VI! 72 ! 11
Pcnn I II U4N I 21
Potter I IFL HI TH
ltu|, J <M NN 1 ("* ; N>
Sm>w Shoo 70 1" 72 j lit'
SPRING IV. ll* IV. 11.
Tayb.r II j 4'-' 41 f-'
Union ! NI ..41 NO J
Walker I 08 1 INI j 00 1
Worth I 78 . 1 7.1 I 4'
TOTAL I 2C-VI ,8411 | 2*' A* 88'.;
MAJORITIKN | J 7N4 i I 714
Died OIL the 2oth nil. in Haino twp .
after a lingering illne--< of about one anil 1
half y enr, of heart di,cn- . Mii had K reui
er, ag -J 05 years, 10 month*, and 24 day-
In Fergu .ON twp., on the 2LT U'T., of
Cancer, Mr William HIo.NU, aged 80 y ear*
(IN 21.H ult ,in llainmtwp., AU lro*
Stutir, aged about 70 yenf*.
At ti -ILE. burg. 'I th • IMLLI ult. by HE\
M ti. Karbar: Mr. SOLE'iion (ial- and
I|IT. KUl.'lilie Kii"ubet..>r, I- t 1* (iati-.-
tin the 17th ult .by p. Robert lUmii
XFR .lone* |T Mat*"-, TO MI.. Mary I*.
Hr.'Wn, B >lb *•! llarri* twp.,
Correct.-d by John M 11. well
White when-. I. IV 11..1 . .1 1.4* ,ty.
70 Corn 70 4* .. Barley
Clove". ee l V,'l ... TfUlOtb| ■•'.■.!, BD :
Salt 2 .Viper .... k
Haeoit Ilk 11 -tt)i I'. ...ll,liter'.U , Kgg>
AL Pla.U-r iO
Per - I tby Keller *
White IV N•• T 1-1 ' !J II !" It-
TTL Corn 5". ... ''at* .4" BARLEY
70 Clover- .-! V*l —. Potat> . • 87 par pott - I I- r PNILLTT
liuttei 2-V Kgg Pla'ler per L
floTallo*' LT P Ham 18.
Good News for the Lauics.
I 11.1. OPLMM. or
Hint lit*! S, TrimniintP 4 MllliiM*R.V, at
In Ctmlri- Hal..
MR* M K SHOIP , HI. JU.L reltitiieil
from Philad.-lplita, with tin- LA IKBI
FASH ItINS, AND a "I| --te *lock OF
New lloliiielt-, NCV* lloi*, J-. EJAUT
I'nutittittg*, AC.,
which will be -old or made n|*. A* UMTUL!
at reasonable price*. AI old idle
lire.. L'a{l,
The nuw ,ty !e. are 1 cry pretty. 1. idio
t-all and *EO Ihe IN early, r ir-T come, tir'
wrtlnl. not 3 4L
Fanners Head!
Keui|>'S New Wagon,
with N splendid A.-ortmeii, of FONIL* will
Al VO 111' DOUNT)
loaded with a great variety oft, OUT.. *uel.
a- Plain and ralley CatMinere* of the LA-^
Fall and Winter Styles.
Beaver Cloth, Tri> >l, lloe.kili. Satinet..
Twei-.l*, .lean*, waterproof I'laid*.
ami an altuo.l endlc-* vari
ety of
Kittf, Metlitiiit atnl t'onraf. Stocking
Yaitii uf nil kiiul-, lilankcta, white
gruy. nit*! Imrw lllntiki-l#.
Stripud Carriage Blankets.
The ino-t be mtifiil .triped earriagi- blan
ket., made in the mo*t *U|erior order, and
for *alc at U RI nnoiiublt! ligure.
• C.AKI'KTs,
heavy T)NIIIA*k, Flowered, Ingniiu and
Striped, PARLOR and Stair (7ar|M-t-, all u
--perior, bright fu*t eolor..
Wool., LARD, andSOAPtaken in ex
change lor GOOD-. GOIMIN, of every \arie
ty, always on hand at hi- residence.
JOHN C. Kemp,
Centre Hill, Pa. Agont fu* Halfpe .ny'
p u ri w rr 3J a £ i
Fiiriiitiire SLURE!
On Allegheny Str- * t. NELLEFONTE, Pen 11 a.
| ADOPT thin method of inlurioing my
1 friemD that I have |iu."clin*ei| th
iiilere-t of lleury P. II irri- in th-- almvi
nniiied etahli*bment. Mr. llarri- haviiu
retired from the IF rut.
Will Conllnue tlio Business
of Manufacturing all kind* of Furii'tun a
hi* old -til to I MI Howard SI. lie ill
make- a *pwi!ty of
In all it- hrnltche* The het ol ColHii-. 1
(■•aid llear-e at all time 011 hand. F.M-r;
funeral will he ntti-rideil lo hy him ill per
-on. I|ia many year* of expi-rieiiee WIL
recoiiimend hint 11- one of the Y
in tin- State. AH orders
Orders for Cofflmcati B- left at my tore O
Allegheny Street,
iiclleloiite PH
1 0ct27.1y.
a run* of Dry (ion <iromioe, Nu
lioti*, I litfilwurc, lveuily-iuitilc
~ ('lotlnng, nml tlimt ninli uf
other urticlca
|J| KIT the Cheap Store .if IX7
•: Herlachor & Cronmiller,
UITIL now ULLVRC'L IT price* lower than
15) the lowest.
N Dry Go.)*, Notion- HI eii,-*, Hard
w are, T^lteeii- ware, \\ 0 dm I willow waro
*' Iron, Salt, Full AMI "1 I >"T. M UL 'gllifleant
2 auortmenl ofov ryihin
1 Drew Goods
A nio-T b> "toilful varely,' -n* tingof all
the hot. Ute* ol the eaoli,
wlnli' 0.i.h1- eiithroi'lcric.-. Ipaip *k irta.
All we :t-k tltni you will
A 1.1. KIN D- OF LL.V It.N KSS,
, tilx'.-r plated DYUIILT. lUrie * doubl*
*ml -INGLE, br ■ and Hr- apr
Pro.-pecU of
'• The under*'-. Ili .ie taken P uinulm
• ftlin Wat In •• ( ('* Mill. "J Milroy
formerly VE up .-L b > REED A 1 imiiuon,
I -ml are now prepared '"buy all klnd*Cl
' Grain and Seed-, HI the highe-t mark el
pri'., for CVNII COXL PI.ATK an.
■ -RI r, con*tantly ON band, for -ale, a- LOW
i *1 the I"WR-!
• FARMER* ol C.-ur - cunty arc re- Iwet
' ftillt invite I TO givi 0* 1 Mil.
1 WE guarante. t ,-i\ 01-t . . on In all
" 4,,.. MCM X SKi AL & lIItOWN.
*' epl7?J.3llt. _____
A lot of la I. lying in GreggL'Wiwbip.
■ on tli< bank* of P. UT 4 ir<w-k,
" Pcnn llall AND Spring Mill*, i* utTored al
'•PRIVATE -ALE It el). .in. land* of Geo
' Uuch IIIAII uud I. IT XI 1 nlire, T-uitaiuilig
~ more or le About N ,'iere* e.INIt ol
, fr.t'ln-- white pine li>nb*r, the babtUCi
elearwl and under cultivation—a acre* art
'': For ftirthor particu *r- ajiply to
J! LB.H-t.TF Gregg twp
The under-igM'-d offer* at privat*
■ !*abi*hi hou*C and lot, -itiiat. .11 Cburcl
triet, Centre llall Ihe iiotm* t a new
two -lory frame building, Klin of the LLMWL
4! IU the TU-ighb>o 'uood. ulid 111 one of tin
- bel location* IN th- town. There i a new
I .table upon the lot. F-r futhar particu.
! epl22 tf
I Tho und-rigne.| offer* l< - valuabb
farm, about 21 mil. ea*t of C<-uUo Hall,
at prixale -ale, it contain*
101 Acre- <d" Ltit'l
all clear, in additioa T-- nb..ut 17 ACRE- at
i the b. 1 whit - OAK ItuJ rlauj. The im
- | rui enialtl* are a
V V* T. . 'f.. ti \ in - duel*
!, , ~ , . a. r *1 TLI- triniii
; farm BI I.e. al' A W.-II F water at tenant
|b"U-A, and a ttrani 4 f ru;iniG vitn
through the LAND IM! N -t.-W upon the
■ land. A •-•-! * ■1- - . -lon the PRE
miE AND tit k-.n.L- ... C> ■ fruit U at
. the hIU E Thi- T.iroi ml Ja- M CHn-
ITICK, Widow Gregg, T'.IIII* Dura, and
1 J farm oecupe-d '■> Pn.dp Dur-T,
Vl>• al ; ; 1 f>'-< ''<> •> a '-he Hor
ner farm on N - Vll -tnlaiii, about 1
mile front Cei r- Hid I. e>ii|t aiding 2.7
XCRKN, of wlii. h alv'Uf 12 • 11 CR - • roii-wt >u
giM-d young c!N -riul tittiK.-rl .<! i'to. mi
;<rOX etllelll* art- a IW" -I )' 'I telling hotlM.
ind barn, aiuluiii a tenant loiu.e It ha*
1 large i iv-h ird ud all 1 L of fruit, and
,V,r ,1 e ...d ri- of • tier. Thl ftrm
• • w< I! ..lit' I bit dividing into two farm
p.<r furt'ier i-rt . 1 t• appty t>>
1. P (im Centre llall.
The First
TI ml the Rest!
The Lil'grst
• In .Sr. . <:F 1110 •!*. LLI.h Street,
Hellefonte, where
have ju*t open. I the hc-t, eh<-aj"-t Urge*
a* well :. tile l.e.t 11 -orted '.o. k oft.o.Kl*
j it llellefiinle.
ij lIEHi: LAMES,
I* the LILAC* - buy your Silk*, Mohair*
Moy.ainl.NllH—, Rep-, Alpaca*.
LRIIS, lirtlliaiitff. Mihiius rick
' ing*. Flatitda, OP.-ra Fianel*, L idie* Coat
• ing, Gent* Cloth*, Ladie* SW.-ijue*, XX II it*
Pekay, Linen TableClotb*, C .unterpane*
" ("rib Counterpane-, While UML C.doret
' fnrlton. Napkin*, lnsertings audKdgiiig-
Wliit'-L ie- Curtiu*. Xepltyr & Zctilivr Pal
tern-. Tidy Cotton, Shaw 1-, WorkßaakH
Thread IL i >rv. Fan*. Head*, -(earing
toil a EXTREMES.
RTTClym<lc CLOTLTIIS'4 01 Kvcry I>i-
Ki-ription, for .Men ami!toys.
Their *!... k . "H' KKNS \\- ARK AG IK
CKRIKS ENNIK'T bccxeeib I in 'jujility or
' Call in at the Philadelplii iSt.'. e and con
L. vine. - votir- dv.-- that Ii I'.T.I.HH .V XI US.
SKI* llave any thing you w ml, and do HU
*itie m the |irii|.'iple >('"(ptii k SALE- OLD
Small Prolll-." aps-OL'
till \ I N A \ K \ U F TNKKN
\ •
ill IS AT
uug26.3ut Bvllefuute, P.
Sloven! Fire! Sloven!
• I
' At Andy Het-inuii'r, Cdiltu HMII, arts
I Ute*l mid be-t ||IVI nut. he litV- jul
i rtwivvd a large lot of
Cnok Ktovea, the lMoiiecr Cook,
the Krlijup Cook,
the Reliance Cook.
I' PARLORS The Radiant Light M'lf fi'p ;
* .lor, Ga* Horner, National Egg
Jewell, 1%
mill itiHwi • t"W a* anywhere
it MUBiii or IVnirr ea, -*/
Tlit< under-igm-.l hereby inform* the
cltiaent of fi>iintvlly lie ha* loir
i the Tli.-V.|i heretofore . arricil on
by that'. M. MI'K CO., and nil. continue)
the ••ma, at the old l.uid, in all it* Oram h
*, in the manufacture of
vrou: I*IIK A *•► ri*u.
All kind* of i.pairing dune. He ha*,
alw ay* on hand
Fruit Cniin, of nil Hi'iea,
All work warranted and charge- ri N*OIO
ihi • A *hare of toe pohlii -patronage u.
Itiited AND ItKkSMA.V,
2*ep7oy Centre llall
Y .N-RRP *
4 f!1 iOn I. ,'• ,j• |. tVniri
and S|lfoee Creek It It. Co
I'hil.i lel|dii i ll •• I 'lh, 71.
N oticc t* hereby given that the ltrt in*
•taluient of live doliai- li.-r •hare, to the
■aiotal -lock of the L"Wt-burg, ('eiitreand
■xpruee t 'reek Huil It md Co, mO-.tiOni
n do* tnwn-llip* ut llarri-, Potter, Gregg
Penii mid llaitie*. Centre t'nuuty, a ill In
{lovable on the fir-t day o| duly I*7l, and
.'lieeiJUellt lll.' illlloll*.* of live Jollrliel
• hare, will lie due and payable on the Brat
1 lay id each Mirci-i-dlng moiitb until the
abide i> |iald Payment- of the above in
.Utiilelif- are hereby feipiired to bo luadi
i to the treasurer of the Company, at tin
1 otliee ..f flie Centre County Hanking Coin
panv Hellefonte Pa.
N. R. Any peron tearing ran pay the;
a hob-off at onee. If pavuient> are not!
I puuetually made the Inw allow, one per)
Cent pel luoiitb to he diargcd in ndditi n
Attention Farmers of
tt having lea-ed the Ware.
h.ui-t- ofCoplin ,V Strunk in Milroy. i* now
prepared to pay the highe-t mh price* for
atl kind, ol Grain Coal, Pl*lrr and Sail,
, cou-lantly on hand. iiiay'JOOni
(' KNT II K II A I- I.
L R v i M II r r it V,
t hi- c-taMi-huieiii at Centre Hal!. Pa.,
keep* on hand, and for .ale, at the mot
re*, mahle rat.* 4 , a large .took of
& Spring Wagons,
„ 1
PI *L\ and FXXI V,!
and vehicirtofavpry lerrripliott made tuj
•r.l-r, and Warrant ■l,to be made of thai
bi*l r**ottcd material, and by the mo*t
•kiPml and caiii|H'teTit workuit" . Perron* J 1
Wanting any thing In hi- line are reijuorted 1
.o call and examine hi. u ok, they will Snd ■
| i nut to b exedhd for durability audi
•wear __ •P r ? fl r
I ttAltfi XK. FOLWI
J. A .1. HAKItIS.
A new snd coin pi'He Herd ware Store ha i
been opened by'the uaderigti.-d in Brnck
erholf . new building hete they are pre-
, | . .. Hall kind- of Buildingand HOUM )
urni-hing llar*lware, Ii • . *: -1 Nail*.
H ,ggv w heel- In wett*. < ha itpion (I.*le.
W. .Mill Saw*. *r.--_i; .r and Ham
->■-. TettnonSaw , W>d.h - iw. leeCrextt !.
r—l-r. Rath Tub., Olthu* IU. k>, a At! '
of Gl.a- and Mtri r Plate of al.,
!•*, Picture Frame*, Wheelbarrow*
Lamp*. Coal Oil La up-. Rolling, Spoke, j
Felloe.,and Hub*. Pl>wCultnalor*. Con
Plow-. Plow Poitil*. Shear Mold Hoard*
nd Cultivator Teeth. Table Cutlery, ShoV-
U, spade- and Fork-. leak-, llinge*.
Screw*. Sa-b Spring-. Ilore-Shoo, Natl-,
Norway Rmi- Uf* Lard, Lubricating. .
Lui-'-ed. Tatini'r*. Anvil*. X il-*'-. H'-l- '
'ow*. Screw Plate*. Wackatuilh* Teil*,i
Factory Bell*. 11-.u-e Bell*. Dinner Bell*,
(long Rell*. Ten H< ll*,Grindtone.. Carp.-n
ter Tmd*. Fruit Jar* an I Can-. Paint*, Oil*,
Yami-he* received and for *ale at
l„ne.V< .1 AJ. HARRIS
denier* in
1 1
al o all the
A v#ry large a*-
ortlllelll of TOl
Soap*, . X>'~,
The ftae-l iplal
ity of RA/. oit
KM vita. Set--on*
ami H xr.ou*.
W A 1.1 PxCKItIN
PRESCRIPTIONS, eonipoiutded hy coin >
p..lent druggi-t- at all hour*, day or night.
Night eiutoiuer- pu I night htdl
Hi-hop St., Hellefonte Pa.
iitn 1S 1
Ta) a rd.
The uttder*igtied would re*|wetf.i'.l/ in
form the citiaen- of Centre county, that
the above Tan Yjtr.l will again be put in
full operation, in all il* branche*. by them
The bigbe-t market price will be paid
for llide* of all kind Hie highed mar
ket price will al-o be paid for Tanner'*
Hark. Tho public patronage i* oiicite]
Sati*faction guaranteed.
.1. XIII. 1.1 Ii ,V It XItGKIJ
Hrnacninma to PKTOK 4 ' M I>*IV;AI.
Mom Nil gel hH (be 1 111 -t mm! be-t Mu-I.
I at one and two cent- a pieco. Kveiy num
ber eoitlain- from Sit" *'• worth .-f new
XI u<i,'; and it ean holt id for sW cent-, _ Tin
July and Augu-t number* eon ain Thirty
Piece* of Xlu-I.'. .! page*, -lieel uni.ii
-ire, l mid Will be mail'* I lor o.l-eiit*. Ad
dre*- J. 1*- PETERS, .V.' t Hrotdway, N.-w
York. 28img8m.
All 'otioaey Si reel, IL'Hcfuute, I'a
I), JOHN'SON A *-ONS, IV |tri-Kro
\ vtuaTci.Asa uontt., 1 \trout XBI.K aimxt*
The proprietor* offer to the traveling
public, and to their country ft lend*, ti rat
da** accommodation* and careful atten
tion to tho want* of gile-U lit all time*, at
fair rate*. Curofulho*tlor* and good -table
ling for Imr-e*. All excellent table well
anrved. A liar -upji'ied with line liiyuor*.
Servant* well trained and everything re
•pii-ite in a lir-t da-- Hotel, Our I.H'ation
i, in the bit *4 lie-* pari of the town, near the
p.i-l Ottlee, the C.iurt ll.Kl-e, tile Ciiur j
die*, the Bank*, and the p im-ipal place-!
ol.bu-ine-*, the iuo*t eligible)
place for tb'WC who x'i-it Hellcfoetc on liii*i-j
or plea-ure
AII Oiiiinltii- will tviri'v | t s 'Uget-!
ianJ to ami IVuui all Haiti
■ free of charge.
Young and Devling*
'lite largest atnl l *t a- 'Ollll nl of
Urv (*<HMIS,
I toot s.
& Shoe#,
Notions &<•.
in tin* courtly, give 1- n ti al ur d tyr 1
from )>' to 2H i*r<ini,. i your .rr- '
' ' l
chaam. julviiS •
(vraliam k Son ?
Bootd&Shoo V-■ LAKERS
Next do If id| Ug'HlCf tk S l laSiflf* J
\\ e laar.ufaeture t orOer.
Our work i> n ml and iJur.h. ',
Our t*ri<i-. are very trio ! rate.
We warrant to give aatiafu* i.-rtr.
We have t:e I.Alliib a *. ! IIKH ]
•tiwk of I,.die'* and Children'l shot-* i* j
We are rwet*iog good* cv ry a■ >.
Wo villi aa enmliuti a of our jj'wii.j
The Pemuvail.. tr.l • • , ia'i. in-j
vile,l lo rail and stH? Mr . f v*tliifti j
we can pleaae till who rail • t 1 -tyJi • I
i|ii%lity, and price*. W'e : ly to r ml,*
ati-faction, and although We liavc bad si. j
extended trade for year*, we ho * n<Hi I
a customer cnj'-i lo enip!iun
M pUo tf. J
AHA IM, i.kvxuli. > . ■- '
• rnxr, irUHoi* ri . ii ... finale
IV I N I: S A X 1) C1 11 V C 11."
Tn .übucribc r inijira tfuiiy call* thJat-j
lenthna oftbe pubt!< to hi. -u).i..h<M nt,
ahwre he i tirc|>ated to ail kindwui I
Forv ign and I kunriiic Li-, 1 w!i i- di j
at the low est ea.-h prii- ■, vrni.'h arc a .irrme j
Uti to be the beat |ti*. iii. .0 . • rdliir ;• j
their re pective free.. Hi, i*m,iai I
01 Uyi. Moiiottg ili, !'i, 11 •'i al.*- utilet j
Whi.kie,, I! kind* o! i;. • • , , Ilolinlicj
(Jill, port, -II * ;: 5. .-r , i .0 kle rr* I
and other Wmtv :b-• l> 1 .■ - -.ii a.)
FP RWL^ FC II- PJTN }>S- j, { I*.' city
Chmnpsyne, Ch-rry. • fifrv. tiiagei
and Cat! 1a ay Ht m. ii' - I
New Knglsnd ICu i, C -.1 .1 ali . md*
He would p.irtii'uiai . t'..riicr. Il.e
lei ki**|o r. wtid oth. r i • ■ til .*n i cvutiiim
hi* large TO Judge i.-r tbpntelre<
and be certain ..fjlf... tiring c i.-.i they buv,
which caS celdoni bed tie when {.'.rehi. j
11 g in the city.
<1 fflrr h > ii-|tjor- I rial,
Wall Papt r, r!i; % ap
fruuipj to cent* per 5. i I Hetir.l.r'l
nriK\i.' ■
t) on It: if - <
apKTCb. I*, WIN v Wi <
for.ale by : ,V,t.,N. .
apltTiiH. I,
(~tuo>H.ccr Xmi i.ii.L .saiv*. .i I s
y make at 1., am a U ILWII,
Wooden I'Tl.iips,
The tin ler*ign-l would t p tfully call )
the attention luthecUiAcar etc • n'.ri . .uinly,. ,
and Pentiivallcy tn parti, lar, |o the fact,.
that he i* matiufav'turing
~rZ 3EST flliUP,
made al home or e!-i u here. He u-e- .none
but the b *t material, BK WA:;UKK"T- TIIKM T
to give Mlbfulkin, n* being the m.*-t Uat
ing and durable, MT'ttutou in ntx ott'
wooden pump, being arranged to jet tin :
water off ami prevent t: 7 ir. winter.'
I'inc, poplar UTCII.MI<I oer pump* alway-l
on baud, ill- matiriai fur putnpa I* nl'j
-awed front Urge, tni are thu-! (
Scrum! agniii.-t l'heckiti.2 or Cracking
All order* by titaJ promptly Bile*]. •
PI PING, uia>iot of she lu-t nigleriiiL <0
live inch M antling, joiucii together w tli
coupling block-,!y l .-ndcd, anu .
wat rallied to-Land any j r ire re.jtiirt?.;
for ordinary u<\ Pro of ).i ing rang'
IVom 12 to Iff cento |er foot. oul ..rdera l * .1 I.'.LLKK.
vliic-iiurg. Pa j
It uri a f (! as e s
Pmterling and the Dead
The under-igtHal tnk -- pl.- i-urc in an
nouncing thnt he ha* -. eUtrd the *ole agist
cy in llit* county fur
METAE 1. 11 ANl>(11, -I Si
llttrlnl CMW* NUTL (.IAKRI-.
which arc -u widdy kr .v-ni 4>l > iu.iv
-peeiul commomlati T'. MKT ALLD
lU' RIAL CASK. with 8- |u>—ent Itu J
proved -ty !e nnd 111.1- • it* eutil I: :
with the idelingt ol the her. 1 veil, tl- pet
footed aa!}n-U*m and ■; ' ■ 'U.e. 'il* ti
whatever re 1 at* 10 to the 1 ervuli .1 tail
(irol'- lioii ol th, I "ly .lie r .1 ■ , coUlirtt
it* utility an I < uftre < Ltpt -to the pur
p<ee for which it . 1. • 1.
IH>FF!NSof all fc.miahw.|
al the -tiorbrat notiec; at. " H 0.t1.c it Ila > ;
promptly night or day F 'i. kiitlua .
with i .r.', and tanet'i.l- tod e-'..: t* -ujw-r j
intended in permit. IIL.X >.l UAlUilx
IIOV 41 |I • 1 . ei.l . I'a.
\ j 1 LLKIPS HOTEL. W- p.
t* | Slasy. itrrixean.! j.. . d.uiy.
I hi* favorite hotel 1* now in ev iy Wtj**"
one of the in >-! pieaeant ■ xun'.ry it ud- n
■inilrnl Penit-ylvnain. The tmveii'tg emu
munity xvill al way-Hull tW. be-t aicoiumo
diition. D rover-can at a! I lion - At** nia.Mii I
niodntcd with -table.- and pi tore Ixtr any
number of cattle or hor . -.
julyTiWtf GEO. MILLER.
S PI N DLE SKEINS for u-,.; oi*, all to
no*, at the nigu of tho Anvil.
apllftW. litxx t.N A XVn.sosi.
i kind at
aplff.oß IP-WIN A WILSON S.
CLOTH 1 NO—^Overcoat-, Pant*, Vo-U i
and Dre** C.mU, cheap, ut Wolf *.
nrice* at IRWIN -V WlliHC*
j for-ale hy lltxvtx v W |j.aux.
|a 1 10" OS,
♦ I other Japanned ware, at the Anvil Store,
jl, plff 08. IRxv tx .x Wll.coy.
I* tOFFIN TRIMMINGS, a large aaaurt
ACAHD.— We hava removed
tu tk II<tIt Ilotue hnd are elllng out our
• •u.t-k lift front the Arc at bargain*. Wa
■ ate -tiling it|i our book* account* and
wit! !>• inutii obliged to una ami all In rail
and .utile their account*. W mi Id nay
la on numeral** frirmi ami vu-buuer*, Uj
pica*. wpvapt >ur alno tv iliauka fr
If'-nar u- piilronap* tiny hava alway* b-fi
Sowed mi u*.
burhbide * thomas. j
iiruut Attraction uml Ureal Bargain*!
r JAlffc under-igficd, ilcu-riuiiid tiiuellb*
1 iK'j'tilar demand fr I-ower Price*. re*
IM i'tfailr call* the attention of this put.lie
to 111* of
•jaw ii red ill the old -find. Designed r i
■<•■ <*li forthnj opUniidtbellnv#,t briar-!
/•■Hand ni*t varied and complete **ort-j
i'< llnrurw*, Collar*, Rridlw, i
if every detoription and quality ; Whip*,
J,j i everything ci.nipli-fr to a flfwt
. !** ••-laldUlinu oi, he now offer* at price,
villi h will *uit the tittle*,
\ biii'T variety, better quality or ffner
ty! of ••iiddlory ha* nof brfora Wrn of
•n d i.i lit* public. Call ami ciamine <mr
I -k mid !••• sti*C4 before pnrchatlnga
Determine! to pinnae my patron* and
tliviikftil for tin* liter i.i har of tottronagaj
In!.-! Ilia* mjiijfw!. Ir. sportfully solicit*
continuance of the umr
4Ai'<H DINUKS, Centre Ball.
P mic Prices.
'laving 1..'. 11l ill tU ftlfiwir* lofr ol
liv 'lt, fiiiipai. IA Co., ami .d-li-dlo then,
■t |iiir primo l qj* a**uttmrnt f
new noons,
("hey are i-nabU-d to oil at
V imr<> variety f
Em ilea liroa (iw*o
ir .tf Bargain* in
Mualid* ami ('nltn**.
dead*- Made <'lulling
Warranted U Suit.
)(ir Cloth* and CM mi mew, .
Cant be excelled
';<• every one in aaw-rtnirnt and low
Syi up. Sugar, Tea. Coffee, Canned I!nil*.
Jeliu*, Domestic and Foreign Frnh*.
Cbmwe and imitrin of ail kinda,
sad every other tilb-le be
longing to the Grocery
Thry IFWc-a it at PhilaJrJftkiu Huh*
■ Partner*, Mechanic. ami Laborer*
<*•1; to your iukriuL One dollar avdi
• In packet. Then r.ll and •-e at
what astonishingly low price*
liing iheir Dry C ood* and Groeerie*.
; -CrXo trouble to bow tiwdr "dt
If they iff Out a- represented, we will
•ty u for your trouble. Don t forget the
rarfCRNKR HlTlLDlNOt**
i;CUf Ailegheny St., B.d!efont I'a.
|UWiN dc IVll>S<N' ar? con*iantly r
cei i iitg new good* in their Una
II A R I) W A It K
I s ! . riptioc at price*- ne*
10-'ig -.eftcd every day ipKri*
\\r J It. KTTKLK'S
n ft LRSALM WINK A l.lyt U:
[ti a.ip -iruct, IJeliefonte, in the Stonabuil
! .ii - tormcrly wet upibd by the key.
rt.ine Bakery
fr.t - pleasure in iufortniug the public tbat
S< kit p O'iiitiftth on band a supply to
ibofee i'-'Pfigil mil Domestic Liquor*.
AH v. AVy* amd 'oil nirr*/nf
.fn. , fi,i F .jHnnUtf rrprrmttitoL
T< aif. utiwn >f practicing physician* i>
iHc l to hi* -lock of
■uiuhlf for wtedlcnl purjoVio. Bottle*.
!),; . and demUohn* coti-tantly on hand,
ft. i i. <NLY Ft RR NKCTARj
W il IsS Y iu town.
All Cquor* am warrunt*i togivetati*-
lion, Li juor* iril) la -old by the quart. ]
'Brr. ', or •lerce He h;i* a large lot ol
RDTTLKD l,ltdl'<lls
! <lf the *'tu t grade* on hand.
Confident fhat h • can tdea*e eu*toiuetv
| e respectfully olicit-a-nareof puMir pa (
r . -ure i*i 14*1
* 1' II IS manufacturing establishment at
i\. Y eagerwww, <n the Lcwntowi
<n<i lleih font* i'urapike, ha* now on hunt
■ I?in -P* k■! Carriages, Buggies Sg|kt>
.inj Spring ft agon*, tltirli l< now offer*
for -*le as ipenor in | i*iity and tjrlr U
<flv n<anu(a<lured in the cimntrr. Thcv
rv in i 4 I*l the very InM seasoned attack bj
.r*t class practical workmen, and finished
HI n *tyle thai chalienee* comparison a itl
ia> v. irk out of or in the Ka.tern Htin
trnl.jr.ui W*ld it lower prices than tbiai
iiaiititactured in large town* and eitiea,
amide high r nt and ruinous price* of liv
isf Being wair of hi* own situation,
in vion* li excel in hi* artislical professioi
rt'.i free from any annoyance* in hi* busi
*-, he ha* time and ability to devote hi*
entire attention to hi* profession and hit
customer*, rendering *.ttifaction alike W
ill patron*, operative*, hi* country, anc
Call and examine hi* stock and learn hit
price*, and jrwu cannot fail to be *att*fed.
it i: r a i it i n <i
.fall kind* done neatly, pmmptlv, iM
reasonably. .
Ycagertown. June 12. 18G8 —ljr.
fowling piece* at
V J mix Sr ixoLxa. Proprietor.
Stage* arrive nnd de|art daily, for all
points, north. *onth. cart and we*t.
This favorite Hotel ha* been refitted and
r urnud?ed by it* new proprietor, and i now
r. every respect one of the most pleasant
mntry Hotel* in ountral Pennsylvania.
The 'ravelling community and drover* will
tl* v find the best accommodation*. Per
sons trom the < ity wishing to spend a faw
weeks during the summer in tne country,
will find Centre Hall one ( the most beau
tiful location* nnd the Centre Hall Hotel
•ill tliev cojild desire for comfort and con
venlence. aplofiß.tr
Hair Restorative
'oiu .ti,m im LAC SULPHUR—No
VER, tpi M entirely free from the
Poisonous ami Health-destroying
I frogs oacsi in other Uuir i'rejMtra
| Transparent and clear as crystal, it a ill
' i..t soil tt c finest fabric,--perfectlv SAKK
CLKAN nnd KFKIOI hXT,— desidera
„:i's lA*Mi rOPUHT FOR AND
Pol! Nil AT LAST!
It restore* nnd prevent* the Hair from
becoming Cray, imparts a soft, glo**y *p-
M apuwje. remove* Dandruff, ** refreshing
nilii' head, check* the llair from falling
tT, and restores it to a great extent when
prematurely bust, prevent* Heailarhea,
cure* nil humor*, cutaneou* eruption!,
in I uiinntural henL AS A DRKsSING
Dtt. (I. SMITH, Patentee, Ay or. Mat*.
Prepuied only by PJUKTKK ItltoTll
i Kit*', ffloitce-ter, Mass. The genuine is
put up in n panel l*>ttle, nindc expressly
for it. with the nnnie of the . licit- blown
in the gin--. Ak your Drugal-t for Xa-
Ttißk'e H.VIK KVSTOKA.IVK, and take no
1 •- Send two three cent stamp* to l'roe
ter Hi other* for a "Treatise on the Human
llwir." The information if contain* is
~ i\ ortli to auy per*on.
For sale at Ceutie Hall by Win. Wolf
Sjaud Ucrlacher ISE Croumilier.
Impoxrtant Noiii
To tla I'liklla—Th Wilson New V
ler ft*wl KliutllcHewinp* Mnchii *■.
Bear in mind thU thct, th*t tha Wi!i*>
•.wing ina< Nine • oinfwny are the )rfo:o
--ln introducing a tlrvt-cl*** SluUfle *•*)•■
machine at a rcaonabk and tow pro
Tlii* machine combine* all the eh**
•bwidk-lty, durability and *irt nglh |no. S
fto any -ewiug nine hi ne to attain, and ttn
arc the ISr-t and nkii Br*t-ci* lw-p-j<
• mnchiM* put in flo* market, MrHmi
without rover $45 It it abo adapted t
iary variety of family *wing and .
HMUiufaeturing. It embrav - all >f 11■
pwrtai:' ami * i a nil a f element* end id
mnefiine* pateidad wifhio the po.i !*•
fear- iwkaiellt* for doing niiu "
•ml am- made lor the machine.
The Fiddo have believed for a li l.p !*.<
that a jrd reliatile Htwing machine <
he niai nfaiHiev d and *ola eta ri-*-e
price which, we have found the Wil
li *w t ad-1 f ad -owing n.achwo-1 \
All W< a*k til C*n%"ince the "—t iU| ,
ea* • hut we have the be*t Rearing Ilia
ha critical I'liwinitim of the nw W !<-•
Machine will be delivered anywhere
lliAm u> ( cut• eountie*. All uun hu
warranwd for five year*.
Zrui't oa | Kntae A A Lxmo
aur?o.-tt> Agct't*. Miltvjf I'
On Mftrriage.
F*ar* at Teaiif Van. on IIIIAT ffl
tnLf 'uud ABVxif which -
Varrlage. and rain the happ'.ne** of iV i
and*.- wiflt *r np* of relief f *
Erring and L'nfortunate, di-aaml a-< fi*
biliuu-d Sent In cenled letter env I .
Vo 2South Ninth St., Philadelphia i a
oett.q.ty. l
TiriiTs wmmm s m c w. t
l\ ter* of aduiitii-trnte-n U>th*e'
Mo-b.el Wo-iaiid. tale of llnrri* tw
Outre county, dee d , having Imew gi
b> the uwdcr-lgued, au prfoui* Iml. }
the *ad e*tate are requmted to taifcr
mediate -dltvuicnt. and thow I>=.
claim* U-proei t them duly anthem ■<
for payment D- T. Wittiir s
D. Mmu.,
r>e,.U Admlnhdrato
|.V\Kt l*TB S NOTK"K I- :•
Ju tamantaiy to the mint # * f
Kerr, late of potter townaint*.tt -
ty, der'd , haying hern gr> >4 to t
arraigned, all pewon# ii*<M.if o*t! •
a*tate arc riqunhd to u.k- iwu
mttteicmeat, and Umw* ku; >t* ...
prci-nt them duly authenti- *iol (h:
went iacvn Scaxoi t
ert 22. Car. Kieci*
t>.A i.TS tor ituggiet and CarH
I)> tw in om; Plra Bolt*, ditto, at
Pit/or law iv awit
Moathty tiift Kntorprie
I 150,000 Caah and Valuable 1%
December IS, WTI C-p la 1 pi*<
■ ...sf,ttt)fiold. Tkhef. $1 *i* i >
Send for cirectar*. A. It W. TA Yld
., P. O. hoi IIW. Cin'ti. t). STc.'
/NBVTBAL HOTEL, torn r... 1
I Vd and OBcaumtßlrimt, it .tH.
-lobti Sbowert", Pt-qri. t- i
it* Cenlrnl leoCaliow make it ;<*r: p 1
] datirablc in prraon* vieiung T-m it
bunaM or plea are
H. A. Taylar'a livm Altai I
Dr. Crook's WIKLCF' •
Thraat tad Luajt 1 4 •
Dr. Crook's Wlf£ Of't.
Cexfbi k Connsptica (a-<Mp(drlh ttdw i
Dr. Crook's WISE OF
Wr '
Dttai Brmehitia. -
*i.U.4,>. i
Dr. Crook's WISE OF T.
bw-ue* - •
**rra inn* 4 t*
Dr. Crook's WIN'OF 1-
. *;#fr* li*r <1 r i
Appatit*. SwbcV. ttn
T.:r* Mel (wo
it— , the IWKi o. •
Dr. Crook's WINE OF Ti
It- Miw* a* ft
•* *•* Imlti i .*■ tg'
______ Ml liwt-1. . *l-i, Sf. |
DI'dUTIC. iqo-laii v r-s>'sß
•O -'-CM WW
er p-w-ehtl d i .*-:
Dr. Crook's WINE OF T£:
I- rtefc a the ne
m ■ •I**! I—* rf Tft,
sroxaa M*l ww-i eo .*<•■
rt—lieet* mt Miio<::v.
Snftitttixi. "tw . wbe-h m*e* .
ter the
r*-oti* n.neiktt :
Dr. Crook's WINE OF TAE
K*tti.OFe* paw in
DYS?l?ttk --V..r
M**r al ihd Mm.
"Dr. Crook's WINE OF TAE
ii • wi i> aurnv aaf 1 '
< fHwg *n t healft T' higflj
•. .i i*m oa.l v i
:vraa f lu aai Kaaltk
viiti Mb lifp-c t!
Tl** "hNUtV i
Jfjjtz; I>K* CUVOit
nW-S *r the |nv
flkyh the I** *ir* •
iwuM kauwa ■
lewlhlh. flcrsf.
HDaues of th.
All luffarin-
kea-4osr& CCL. .
tio&s, er raquir..
aaricb'tJta S&& : -
WQfflmihV /findDr.CSOOII
- ipeuadSYKJPt:!
iBOCT to ba carl:
tad raliaWa la Its r
Far "Owe Van Fir.
An |lln*lried Paper. • '
Ihheit Hnalhlr. Knte... •••
s!..'>. I irrr nl*tert. • • %
wattle • lli wutu A >. t
mill* lor US. fcet ft r <>i
nample MU*l Prenuuiii 1...
W.E.UMN Pulditbtt - U>}