Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, August 28, 1868, Image 2

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F - 1111)Ar , .IUII. s , iszN
He u. lloratio Seymour,
Gun, F. P. Blair. Jr.,
Hon, Charles E, Buie, Fayette co
SL It \ 1:Y011 ur:si:nAi
;en. Wellington H. Ent, Columbia Co.
Io.N. K. M. 1: IMMELL, of Frunklin manly.
I. DUNCAN, Eq., of Franklin co.
Bt. A. B. DILL, of Petersburg, (York Springs.,
Atlll ;Rs, 1.1Aq., of Mountpleagtalt
JOhlt3'll J, li.U11:4„ of EARL Berlin
VII. f, f tNt A. DUNCAN. 1....1..0r LiOttYoo4,4
0 , 1,' , U4Rf V:IS, 14q., or Mount Joy tsvp
I.lltl I'l,M or rill: 101,11,
I .N.I 111 IN 11:1)01t.FT, 01 Franl.ll_o lwp
(0114:TY AVI.ITlilt,
tvr 11. (I. lIRAfFY, of `4trutntit towtinhip.
; 11. X 1.1,1,1.1 t, 01 onmvogo twit.
The Democratic Senatorial Con
el-yes of this district met at ()mayo.
yrg Skings on Monday, and, utter
wenty raid bultots, nominated Cal vin
- 11. Duncan, of Frankliwrounty
though the session ,was a protracted
- therti WllB no Ill•feeling—and when
decision was - reached, all cordially
' ,aned in the determination to give the
now ore the largest majority posAble.
Whilst recognizing the merit and
billy of Ile AluDivit, the Conferees
th,mglit it proper to giro Mr. Duncan
tn.,ther opportunity to go before the
twople of the district, in outer tints to
lelailte the ,wrong perpetrated upon
;Idol by Mereuangliy and the equally
unprinclplll Radicals of the Senate
three yeamago.
It now betamtes the duty of every
Democratic and Col ft, voter In
Adams and Franklin to prepare for a
rigorous Crib V 1 1 ,0;, and rescue these
counties from longer iniarepresentatitm
D iu the Hennte of the stale. it ran 60
rinne. LET IT If E.L2. nor E!
dewateh,from Bedford, received
last evening. 'announces the nomina
k/on of Hon. FraMlis Kimmel), of
ichamberriburg, as the Democratic can
, klidate Mr Congress in this district.
Ceama cliallengil him to the
I , !timp rf ne thire':: lie will find Judge
a t.,0‘,.1 heavy "team," a ith
i ery "crovs dog Wider the wagon."
Last year Montana elected James
4 .11. Cavanaugh, Democrat, to Com
gres,s., by a majority of 1,106. This
'year 'the Democratic majority in ,the
' 'rerrltory is about 2,50()—a clear, Dem
4ocratic gain Of about 1,400 in a single
year. This marked and"empbatic
.change is attributed Afloat' wholly to
41 1 -h e fact that many Republicans, be
/coming disgusted with the excesses of
their party leaders, have forsaken that
organization and given their votes
and influence to the cause of the De
All the Territories to say nothing
lot the States—in which elections have
1 . recently been held, have declared em
phatically mtairist Grant and Colfax,
and for Seymour and Blair. Idaho,
1 the 'iltost recent, has elected Judge
hactlbr, the Democratic candidate,
I to Congree., by a mnjerlty of from
our hundred to six hundred. The
people are demanding n MUNCIE—aid
win have It.
The New York lirratd, Villa, six
;weeks ago, piedieteil the election of
- 'Grant and Colfax, now takes that
o bark, and declares that Seymour and
:Blair will sweep the country. The
u ti ninety thousand Democratio majority
■ in Kentucky has brought the Armed
a to its softiies.
The Democratic party, be It under--
C. stood, is -not on the defence In this
campaign. We are the attacking pur
-1 ty, We meau to drive the enemy
- from pillar to post, from post to the
Er last ditch, and above all, we mean to
lE drive them from the Treasury, *Which
it they are plundering. In such a cam
paign we have no time to stop and
tO bandy words, or to reply to epithets.
Concession is everything, and at the
start let to concede that Deineerata are
"eopperbeads," "rebels," "traitors,"
"disloil," anything that ) they may be
called, and that Radicalism l 9 every
thing itclaima to be, "loll," "moral,"
andsoon. Only "loilty" and "moral
ideas". are too expensive luxuries;
tney cost too much money ; the coun
try_ einiiot afford them ; "copperhead-
Lim" is cheaper, and will leave a mar
gin for food,. Coal, clothes, house-rent,
shoes - for ttleattdieti, and ether things
whlett are as i.ssential as "loilty,"
si t ieviSst Itsti money'. This cam
miliii.l4:o4,l* of - times, , sfstes, and
biitskkidiit 'bake, 4 xlioral Ideas."
• :-
inv Offer
n I(4W dna hint' 'Endo give
:YeizOot an 4 insii 0461*0* 'or t
nd no tikes.
The attempts of the Radios] weal; to
ecreen their party from the ;`Barge of
eNtl:l V11:43 n el. and Wllll4lO are vain, and
the fame, n her •ver power has
been in their hand-. li nth to the wan
eget-nen( of t he n'trir. of the nation and
of Stlte., their authority, in every de
letrtnntint, is marked' by the moat
ri-tom , hing inere.t-e of e pe eB.
T. 11.6 II in IIou•r of Itepiesetitattyet, at
NVit.lLlngton n. 4 an example, tia ex iti
Rol 3it the annexed tatilo,- - Anade up
from official records:
manitnent ertenving ftvnevi.t.
Repo st•htttlivr, 10.1 u.,• so •t , i' , /-1-
1111.1111. - .1 , ., 141 , 1199. Illy, 1b Mid INA,
"/ t 30, P 4/, .1.1,1,d/N) (M) " .910,,t4
l t str " '• I , cot, 71, 5 t555 OU
,Id.litloned onlreilsallott, L , • 111111,00)W
The ratio of Increase here is unpre•
cedented ; and when we look luto the
Item., there Is no explanation to be
mundamting them that does not aeon
maize the House nod tint party that
tills It with profligate For in
stance: for the second session of tiro %
Fortieth Congress the whole amount
of "stationery" would equal an allow
ance of 5626 to each member ;_ theft._
were $ : 5,056 worth of pens for the
House; the penknives: artiout4l to
$1,620, equal to fifteen knives, at :...1!.5.450
for each member.
Of the Ramecharacter nrethe exram
'Mures of our State Legialuture. The
Ilarrkburg l'utriol has compiled irom
the piddle - ricords. the :following ta
of Ihe I.agi lit ”rr. r Ullll,lll'l till rilll,
1110 11l lie f e 111• jor, eVINIoII Of
ilepllblk.lll.l 111 rto" el
1 esa.
- inkt,TCJI tis
, r;,951 17
• -
- 117,192 to
- t:e2
• .1,.Z.11 • 274 40
4:x10 1014.00 f the pr Itntmin during
771.0 111111` > u urn of :
Venr. A mount.
1 , 40, ';177,2 , 1*1.5
10(11, I.l, , ifiru 31
1N1,1.11 rtt
141, • - - -
2W,t11.1 20
rt 11,402 27
EXCe2ln of Radlce4 expenses,
These tables embrace only the cur
rent expenses of the Legislature, pay
of the membets, eMployees, light, fuel,
Ahliiololl/, &e., and present a most
scandalous commentary upon the pro
ellvitlea of the R a dical leaders to a an
toti extravagance, waste, pillage, and
their inevitable rouseimenees—lncreas
ed taxation. Le t them boast of dint I m
ng he debt—"wi ;It such facts before
them voters will be iota edulous
- One of our exchanges gives a report'
of at cenvosatfon between Gov. Curtin
and a personal and political friend of
his, which recently occurred in the
Union League Club House in Phila
delphia. The inquiry was made,:
"Well, Governor, what is your opin
ion of the Democratic Convention?"
"I think," said the Governor, "that
a stronger (Nice( might have been se
lected, such a s Hendricks and Han
cock, for example." "But," contin
ued the questioner, "wheys your
opinion of Governor Seynumei:"' Mr.
Curtin replied: "Well, sir,
asked to mention a man who, in my
estimation, possessed the attributes of
a perfect gentleman, a cultivated
seholar, is thorough statesman and a
sincere eiristiati, I could, without
hesitation, name Horatio.S,lymour, of
New York." "How about Seymour's
loyalty?"_ -"After the dispatches that
I sent Seymour utthe time of the reb
el raid into Peonsylvania," replied
the Governor, "it would hardly he ,
come me-to impugn his loyalty; the
fact is, I have never -doubted It. I
understand that Belmont is having all
the dispatches sent by Stanton and'
myself printed. and I have no doubt
they will be in the hands of every
Democratic stump speaker through
the campaign. We had better give
up attacking
_6cymour'b loy4lty, for
the opposition bold the trump card in
that nynter."
The , rneuth-piece of the Radicals,
Tont Marshall, at their meeting on
Saturday night of last week, declared
that his party is in favor of cominpell
log the people of eleven States to have
Negro Suffrage, and that it must also
be established in the Northern States.
Now, Republicans, you can sea what
your leaders are driving att They
have riveted their odious policy upon
the Southern States, and now, with
Grant as an instrument to deceive pine;
they want to fasten it upon, you!
They are getting bolder. They im
agine the people will tolerate any
thing thtgehoose to do. They think
Grant's military cloak will cover their
infamous purposes from your sight.
Even now, there is snugly tiled away
in one of the eourmittee rooms of Con•
gress, Suinuer's bill to Legislate \e
art Suffrage into all the Slates. Elect
men like John Cessna, or, in Not, any
Radical, to Congress, and they will
pass this bill at once. Should Grant
be elected and veto It, they will pass
it over 'his veto. If they carry the
election, they witi-say the people en
dorsed Negro Suffrage at th'e polls and
demand such a lam from Congress:
This is plainly foreshadowed in the
speech of Tom. Marshall The Radi
cal party Is openly committed to this
purpose. Grant stands upon their
platform and accepts their doctrines.
lie 'ill - tarred with the same stick as.
Sumner, Kelly, Wade and the rest.
let every Republican. who is opposed
to Universal Negro Suffrage net out
his principles, and either not - vote at
all, or vote for Seymour and Blair.—
Brd/ord Gazrfle.
-------- -
Seventy-seven white soldiers, be
longing to the 12th Infantry, residing
in the Fifth Ward in Washington
city, whose votes in the_ Last election
were not counted because they were
cast for the Democratic candidate,
have petitioned Congress, predilng for
the same rights as are granted to ne
groes. Grant's keeper, Waelibtirne,
and the rest of those wonderful Radi
cal friends of the soldier, are keeping
very quiet about this petition. Why
don't somebody howl about this dis
franchisement or the soldier ?
TUE Wrtite Boys in Blue are all
aglow wRh enthusia-n. Tpey declare
that they will have the rnlon for
whieh they fought, and no.hing less.
Tins they say they can secure only by
the election of Seymour and Blair, I4nd
they are going to elect him. "Let us
hare peace."
"Tut Chicago Times, which hitherto
has reckoned Illinoislor Grant, begins
to believe it is going for Seymour and
Blair. Meseta. Radicals, your rake is
dough. - • -
iieports of t hamze , from Radicalism
to - Dertmeraev h us from all tfuar.
tem. We con 'lot find room for a tenth
of them. 2ople of the many, ue
give the folli,u
it 1 , 1 .1. rAI'ION .11,,r;• 4 Man
Lral, the up( Party—Don't
(p) IThn al. from Sari& a
.gouty, F• publa at at Dix.
fentntt In'n j (710402—T11e fOi
'OW ilig tin li U 'Ali/heath/1i
SPeetb , for it,tit, NIVIWS untill:ta
laibly bow tic uiui 14 Howl Dein this
Sit the Irgobtitej Do"-
ocrat : I iavii,g let n nominated by
the late Republicin convention SA RS
candidate for the Alice of treasurer of
Niiyouitni; county, I desire to tender
toy thanks to-e.ito convention for this
token of Its esteem, but most respect
fully deenuc the acceptance of a nom-
Imatitto at the hands of at party with
which I have no longer any sympa
thy, and with which I have therefore
Ceased to act. FLEtcHER DlirtZ,,uSr.
9t. 116 lxl
1' 0,0.41 U 0
runs F , uvatot it --John Lichelberger,
Esq., the Bailie.] nominee for County
Surveyor of York county, not only de
clines to run on that ticket, but comes
out openly in denunciation of the foul
pitrty and declarca his intention to
vote for Seymour and Blair. This Is
ail evidence of the way the tide is
running Br Pennsylvania Look ot.t
for thunder in October, and still loud•
er peals iu Noveinber.
Azkrritut "Trivvron."—Atiam Hoy,
Esq., one of the leading attor
neys of_ Bellefonte and law partner of
the Hon. Ja.. 'l', Hale, has become
disgusted a cit the dirty dogmas and
thieving principles of theltintical par
ty, nod on ti , ,itorday evening last at
the Deurocratic elute rooms. made a
telling - speech in favor of Seymour
and Blair.
MORE CH A ' , MP., —Among, the polit
ical rhanges ;lug ughout Penneyha
nia, the sm,:, mim m comity papers state George sconure, Req., Pre ids
of the First National Bank, at Selina.
grove, and Judge Middleawarth, RCM
of the late lion. Ner. ItliddieNwarth,
who have Ii retocote acted with the
Republican party, are now working
energetically for Seymour and Blair.
So we go over time whole country.
At:Mimi, N. Y.—The Democrats of
Auburn., N. Y., held a meeting Inst
Monday night. Many Democrats
and every Republican present' were
surprised to hear a speech from Gen
eral George D. Robinson. The Gen
eral has heretofore been an extreme-
Radical, and 1111.4 stumped Cayuga
county In behalf of the Republican
cause. General B. is an educated
man, of strong reasoning powers, fear
-101111 ill the expre,sion of lila B(.4d
r/with; a».l arw.o 4 ready to give a rea
son for his bath. Ito entered the
Seventy-tifili tegument of New York
tr‘tate eolunlecis 'as a private ; and
woi ked Id: , way to the rank of Bievet
Brigadier (hm,ral. He is lame now,
(roan the effects nt u °mitts received in
the war. II oils a delegate to the
Radical Soldier,' Convention at Pitts
burg, and 1,, :cloture bee fawned
upon by the Iteimbheans ;v but now
they turn their backs upon him, as
they find he is of no use to them.
The I:ener.,l vex, made a convert to
Democracy by living In Florida,
where he has been for the past eigh
teen months, and has had the acts of
the carpet-baggers daily helots his
eyes:—Albany Argus.
- STEPHEN J. ME.INY, the victim of a
British dungeon, who spoke at Wash
ington a few evenings since In denUn
elution of the refusal of Congress . to
protect American eittzens abroad, and
at the same time declared fur Sey
mour and Blair, has heretofore been O.
Repllblieflil 111111 u,ed to edit, a Repub
lican paper al Toledo, Ohio.
GENERAL. A. S. PIATT, of West Lib=
erty, Ohio, a brother of Col. Don Pratt,
ins left the I„nlical party, and, in an
able speech, sinnounces his deb rutin.
:Won to support Seymour and Blair.,
lie has hitherto been an active Re
publican. The true soldiers every
where-are tearing, themselves front
the foul einbi ACC of Radicalism.
$2,1151,744 14
1,Z11,174 40
$1,1A4111) 74
FROM Missouri-we learn that Rich-
ard Dalton, a young and talented law.
yer of Rails county, and a prominent
Radical, in a speech deavered before
the Democratic convention at New
Loudon, formally announced his
abandonment of the old Radical hulk,
and united his fortunes with the
white man's parly.
erte d. MOrrit•on, Esq.,
a young and
brilliant lawyer, son of ex-Mayor Mor
rison, of Allegheny City, addressed
Democratic meeting in that city on.
Tuesday evening last. Mr. Morrison
stated that it sr. , his first appearance
in what he had always suppo.e4l was
the camp of the enemy, but he could
think so no lonaer. lie was now
with .the Ik•owriucy heart and Sou 1 ,
as he could not i.t.ind idly by aud see
the country ruined by the party that
had gained its-ascendency by deceiv
ing tile people.
Among the last written words of
the late Gen. El alpine were his opin
ions of Blair and Seymour, as follows:
On the whole muster roll of our
army no name shone more conspleu
oualy for personal gallantry than that
of Frank Blair; few officers have been
more desperately wounded, and no of
ficer has been more gloriously con
spicuous for never saying 'go' to his
men, bublollow " "Know
ing Seymour well, and having had
opportunities to know him thorough
ly, officially and personally during
the war, we reluctantly but firmly ap
•ply to whomsoever shall question his
active and practical loyalty the fa
mous cords of the great Radical chief
who answers every charge which he
deem unfounded by th.s striking
plirafte of the. pure Si-'con dialect,
You lie, you viltiin, you lie;' and—
'shat the gi eat Hadleal philosopher
doe not do-•-tNe are willing to be held
'responsible for these words."
have been industriously circulating
the repotttett President Johnson will
not support Se,yrnour and Blair.. The
Lettgees a,hialgtott donespolideut:
says :
"The reports sent hence relative to
the feeling of the Administration to
ward the Democratic nominees for
President and Vice President nre,er
roueops. There has been no formal
consideration of this subject in Cabinet.
So far as Mr. Johnson is concerned,
it is certain he will support Seymour
Mid Blair; and several members of the
Cabinet are us glecidedly in favor of
those candidates."
Nobody of beu , ,c ever supposed that
the President o ould or could consist
ently do anything else.
No election in Virginia,
No election in Mississippi,
No election in Texas,
No election in Florida.
ESCAPED.—The Rev. Henry Wendt,
formerly superintendent of the Lu
theran Orphans'ilome at Germantown
and who, about two years ago, - was
arrested, convicted and sentenced to a
term of tlftesn years in the Eastern
Penitentiary for having' outraged a
number of little girls under his care in
the Home, we e e has succeeded In ef
fecting Ins escape from prism, and it
Is said has gone to Europe.
DEXTER, a few days ago, at 'New
York, trotted a tiiiie in two minutes
and fourteen seconds—tile fastest time
on record. Otte quarter Was made in
thirty seconde, or at the rate of a mile
in two minutes. - _
Is the Uluion restored? Not accord
ing to the Grant Reconstruction plat:
At a meeting of the Conferees ap
pointed by the t-everal Democratic
Conventions of the fieventeentit a
tom! Di-tiict, composed of the coon
tics a Adam , and Franklin, held at
tirtetfenbcrg Springs, August 24th,
It,CS, Dr. M.txwell Kenned 3, of Frank
lin, say cho,en President, and S. H.
Eitoholtz, of Adams, Secretary. The
following ways the Coufereeet
A dams —Hun, ,)loses MeCi an, Adam
Rebert, Esq., and S. H Eicholtz.
Franklin—Capt. G. W. Skinner, GI ,
\V. Welsh, , and Dr. IlaxwellKen
Nominations for a cardidate for the
State Senate were then made, Mr. Mc-
Clean naming Joseph P. McDivit,
Esq., of Adams, and Capt. Skinner
naming Calvin M. Duncan, Esq., of
Twenty-two bat lots were had without
a choice—each rebutting 3 for bleDivit
and 3 for Duncan. On the 23d ballot,
(Tuesday,) C. M. Duncan received
Pinajority of the votes, and was there
upon unanimously declared the nomi
Capt. Skinner•then offered the fol
lowing preamble and resolution, which
were adopted, also unanimously :
WHEREAS C. M. Duncan, Esq., of
Franklin county, was, three years ago,
chosen by a majority of the people of
the Senatorial District composed of
Franklin and Adams to represent
them In the Senate of Pennsylvania;
and whereas a partisan committee of
that body did, in defiance of every
sense of right and justice, deprive him
of his seat—therefore,
L',.u/t<i/, That while we recvnize
in the candidate offered by Adams,
Mr. Meth.vit, a gentleman of neknowl
edged merit and ability, cud one who
would ;nuke a faithful renie,eutailve,
.Lent it but just, and a tilting ie
blike- to R.tdu • ttl lint,Orliul.4, to nomi
nate, as the unanntioub choice of the
(on let ence, for re-election, the candi
date of three yenta ago, C. M. Duncan.
On . (notion, the Conference adjourn
ed site die.
S. H..FICHOLTZ, Sec'y.
The Radical National committee
had a meeting at Washington recent
ly—called to devise some plan for the
guidance of their party In the Presi
dential campaign. The elections in
Oregon, Kentucky and Montana have
completely terrified them, and they
are in a strait as to how they care ex
tricate themselves. It was in this
frame of mind they met. Horace
Gleely was in favor of concentrating
all 'their power on the three great
States of New York, Pennsylvania,
and Ohid, but the other members of
the Committee overruled Ltut. It nn us
agreed that no power could take New
York from Seymour and Blair, and
that labor and money used in that
State would only be thrown away.
They therefore resolved to devote all
their energy and money to Pennsyl
vania cud Ohio iu the October election,
and cat ry them if possible. Here, then,
Democrats, is the Radical plan of cam
paign. This and the adjoining State of
Ohio are to be made the battle giound,
.and there and here they will spare no
ed:ort to beat ea. They well know
that as these great States go
her, so will they go in November—And
that they will nettle the Preahleirttal
Contest 10 advance of the election for
Electors. Democrats of Adams coun
tire you ready for the content?
Your enemy has thrown down to you
the gage of battle, and ally that here,
on your own soil, the great battle is to
he fought. Are you prepared to meet
Ithem? .Remember that no amount, of
thus ' or money, or energy will be
I spared to compass your defeat. With
them defeat is death, and they know it
—hence the desperation wits which
they will contest every inch of ground.
Your and our cause, Democrats, is just,
and can and will lead to certain victo
ry if properly pressed, while theirs is
the cause of tyrants and despotism, ne
gro supremacy and grinding taxes.
He is thrice armed whose cause is just
—but we most not rely entirely on the
'justice of our cause to give us victory.
Much work is required—work early
Mid Work late, from now until the day
of the election, anti the closing of the
polls. They are already half bCaten
by fear, and united etTort will abeam
plih their entire overthrow.
• How long will the patience of the,
American people endure? How long
will they consent to bear the enormous
burthen of taxation, Imposed upon
Them because beceisiary to the continu
ation of Radical misrule; and oppress
ing them, that their oppressors may
retain power? During the war
the people bore their burthen
without complaint, that the life of the
nation mfght be preserved. In this
they were faithful to duty. But the
war Is over, has been over for three
years, and yet we are compelled to pay
the enormoua sum of four hundred and
sixty millionsoYdollars a year in axes!
No nation on the face of the earth lev
ies and collects euelitaxes as-does our
own. We are taxed•from the cradle to
• fhe grave. Fully one half,if not more,
of our earnings are absorbed by the
great cancer of Radicalism which Is
eating away the -very heart of the na
tion. We are told that a reduction of
our taxes has been made, to the extent
say of one hundred millions of dollars.
Who among us has been relieved of
any part of that burthen? Not one.
The -manufacturers of the Eastern
States have, we suppose on account of
their superior loyalty, been relieved.
They make money, and we pay the pi
per! Thank Heaven, the working
people, the Mechanic, Farmer, and
Laborer are becoming awake to their
interests; to the peril of further faith
in Radicalism, and the result of the
next election will prove that they have
not studied the situation In vain. The
voice of the people will declare against
feeding the lazy and worthless nerves
of the South, and keeping under pay a
standing army, useless and unneces
sary. We need no Freedmen's Bu
reau, we require no standing army.
' Away with both these excrescences—
I away with the idle herd fed by them.
And, as Radicalism cannot exist with
out the support of these and kindred
causes-and Impositions, we pray fer
vently that it may be wiped out and
be no longer a. plague and torment to
the people.—Herald
GES. WM. a. IR WIN, Of MefilitlCOMl—
ty, an influential Republican soldier,
will make a Seymour and Biairtmeech
at Altoona to-morrow m.entui. The
Radicals cannot afford to lose many
such "traitors."
WlLLLt.ras, the Impeacher, has been
defeated for a re-nomination in the
Pittsburg district. Thus is ".traitor
Andy" endorsed even by Itadieak
Mn. PENDLETIM addressed a [nest
ing of 25,000 people at Portland, Maine,
a few days ago. Extraordinary en
local t spartment.
Parade.—The Cikty.burg Zotiaves
will meet at their Armory, Tor parade
and d ri 11, an i3aturday, August thel.l/tb,
at 1 o'clock, P. M.
Pic Nic.—A Grand Jubilee and Bait
/Lei Pio Nie-iti •nmmneed to come oft'
in }he grove near Mummasburg, on
Saturday, September PAIL
Eagle Rhot.—Mr. Wm, Forney, on
Wednesday, near the head of liorner's
dam, shot a large Bald Rigle, measur
ing five feet five inches from Up to tip
of the wings.
Sickness at is reported that
a malurious fever, •of a malignant
type, has broken out'at York—espeel
allyin that section east of Main street
bridge—and that hundreds of persons
are down with It. Dr. John Hay, a
leading physiclati,ldied of the disease
on WeducaDday. We have no doubt,
however, that many of the reports are
Cankleatp.9.—Wo are indebted to
Mr. Jades Mcßride, the clever gar
dener at Mt. St. Mary's, near Emmitts
berg, for the present of several mam
moth canteleups, a lot of okra, dtc.
One of the - canteleups measured 2 feet
one way and 2 feet 8 inches the other,
and weighed 10 pounds ! In quality
they were.all first:rate. Mr. Mcßride
has the thanks of the editor and his
household. -
Camp ifeeting. T -The eolured Camp
Meeting, at wolf Spring, near .this
place, commenced on' 'Wednesday.
Quite a number of tents are up, and
seats are provided for twelve or thir
teen hundred people. - The attendance
is expe. Led to he very large td morrow
Mid Sunday., A train from town to
the Camp and pack, Is now running
every hour.
Mon BoreeiStolen.—Two fine horse
were stolen from Mr. Emanuel Welk:
ert, in Cumberland township, oil sun
any night. Two stragglers seen in the
neighborhood the day previous, no
doubt committed the theft. •
We hear It reported that the parties
supposed to have stolen Col. John
NVaugh's horses, several weeks ago,
have been arrested in Baltimore. if
guilty, too severe an example cannot
be made of them. In the West they
hang horse thieves.
Railroad Meefing.—A meeting of
all interested in the building of the
Ernmittsburg Railroad, will be held
at the Western Idaryland Railroad
Hotel, irk Emmittsburg, on Saturday,
September sth, at 2 o'clock, P. M. It
will be addressed by Capt. Robert
Irwin, Augustus Schneer, Esq., Mr.
Wills, of Baltimore, and others.
Mayor Bunke and President liollman
will also be present. We are request
ed to urge upon the friends of the en
terprise a full attendance at the meet
(Aal Doings—The following eases
were disposed of in Court after our re
port for last week nod 'been made . up:
Jam iipaulding vs. Litti A.
easkey.—Action oh a' sealed note.—
Verdict for the pintail( for $143.87.
Commonwealth Vg. Margaret Pal iu.
—Assault and battery on James Green.
Defendant plead guilty, and was sen
tenced to pay the costs.
Corn 'vs. George W. Slonaker.—Lar
ceny of $l3 and a pocket book rrom
Henry Monfort. Verdict guilty, and•
defendant sent to the House of Refuge
at Philadelphia.
Com. vs. John Smith.-I:zreeny of
$lO and a pocket book from-Hobert S.
P4xton. Verdict not guilty.
COM. vd. James Green.,Assaalt and
battery on Alfred Palm. Verdict
guilty, and defendantsentenced to pay
a fine of $5 and the costs. .
Com. t - s. Mary Zelner..--Assai)lt and
battery on Lena Betzel. Bill ignored
by Grand Jury, and prosecutrix to reiy
the costs. -
Coin. vs2Mary Betzel and Lena Bet
zel —Assault and battery on Mary Zel-,
nor. Bill ignored by Wand Jury, and
prosecutr4 to jury the costa.
Phifomothman Ro-Union.--Tiie Phi
loinatliman Society of the College hail
a Re-Union ofThiirsday of Corn men ce
•ment week, Hon. John H. Smith pre
kiding. An address of welcome was
delivered by the President of the So
ciety, and interestittg letters were read
from former members. A sketch of
the organization, progress and present
condition of the Society was read by
Edward T. Horn, one of the present
members. It was organized in 1831
with 16 members, and has now on its
roll over 00. The Library contains 4,-
600 volumes, which is annually replen
ished by the interest of the "$lOOO
Library Fund," besides a Reading
Room for the use of the members,
where the leading journals of the coon=
try may be found. The Society has
sive MO invested, to be applied to the
refitting, of the Hall in future. Ad•
dresses were made by anumber of hon
orary members, formerly in active
connection with the Society, detailing
iiiteresting reminiscences of its past
Selling Off —lt n ilf be seen by their
advertisement in another eolumn , that
D u pimp &Hoffman, ensues of - Carlisle
'street and the Dia - mend, are selling off
their large stock at east, with a view
to changing their business. They in
vite the public generally to call, and
promise most astonishing bargains. 7t,
A Full Assortment.—The attention
of Farmers, Builders, _ Coutiactors,
and others is invited to the large
assortment of LUMBER of all kinds
suitable for building purposes, to be
found at Col. C. H. BITKIILER'S Lum
ber Yard, at corner of Carlisle and
Railroad streets, including Boards,
Planks, Flooring, Siding, Laths,
Pickets, Shingles, dm. Also Pasta.
hewed and sawed, with prime Fen
cing Boards, White Pine and Hem
luck. His stock is not only large,
but his arrangements are such that he
can sell at the very lowest cash rates.
Also, constantly on hand, Black
smtth, Lime-burners' and Stove
,9peer's "Standard Wine Bittern."—
The undeniable hot that these Bitters
are composed In the main of Speer's
pure wine analysed, and recommend
ed to Invalids and the Medical Pro
fession, by the best Chemists in the
United States, cannot fail in inspiring
confidence In the public-, in the use of
the "Wine Bitters."
Sold by Fred. Brown, corner of 3111
and Che.tnut Ms., and other Drug
g lets.
AY exchange says With great truth
that in good old Democratic times the
poor man might go to market with his
money in his pocket and bring back
his purchase In a basket. Now the
order of things is reversed. He may
take money to market in a basket and
bring bask she purchase in his pocket.
Seymour and B/air Meeting- is the
Court-housc.—A wee‘lng of tha
friends of Sej•moar and Blair was
held in the Gotta-house, In this place,
on Thurmlay evening of last week.
IL J. Stahle called the meeting to or
der, and proposed the following list of
°dicers, which, was unanimously
President, ('apt. Robert MeCuidy.
Vice Preddents, Daniel
Miselthati, J'a,ebh 'Run, Num Light=
vier, William Duttera, Wal t Mainz
er, S. $. Bishop, Lewis Will,
Gardner, Thomas N. Dicks, Peter
Orudorf, Edward 7qenelly, Philip A.
Myers, Jacob, Troxel, and Jacob Ben
iSeer 4 4 res , Capt. S. 11. Eicholtz,
Capt.. Henry ChriLanan, J. W. Lou,
and John A. Atwell.
• \Vin. A. Duncan, Win. McClean
and E, B. Buehler, Esqs , successively
addressed the meeting—all dealing: in
telling facts and convincing argu
ments, which elicited frequent and
heat ty applause.
Though held on short notice, the
meeting was largely attended. When
the last speaker closed, cheers were
proposed far the Democratic standard
bearers, and responded to with a will
that gave earnest, of the determination
of the masses to rid the country of
Radical misrule and extravagance.
Club Iketings.—The Seymour and
Blair Club µill meet next Monday
evening, at o'clock, in the Arbitra
tion Room—when beveral speeches
may be expected. All friends , of the
good cause are cordially invited to at
The Club will meet every Monday
evening during the campaign at .the
same place.
Lives of Seymour and Blair.—Elbe
where we publish an advertisement
fur Agents to take subscriptions for
the Lives of Horatio Seymour and
Francis P. Blair, Democratic candi
dates for President' and Vice Presi
dent of the United States: The work
Is Written by James 13. McCabe, Jr.,
and is published by the United States
Publishing Company, New York.
The publishers say that "Agents In
all parts of the country are finding
this great standard work the best op
portunity to make money ever offered,
as its large size,. low price, and great
popularity have made a positive de
mand which canvassers only have to
- supply."
Thomas 0. Lee requests us to men
tion that he has secured an agency for
this work, and will canvass the coun
Radical JActieri.—The Radicals had
a meeting in the Court-house on Fri
day evening. Notwithstanding their
majority In the borough, the gathering
was slim. McPherson and McCon
aughy made speeches. The former Is
the holder of a very "fat" Office, and
wants to keep it; the latter is after
something of "the same sort," but
would jump at any bone thrown to
him. Patriotic chaps, both!
Radical Candidate for Stale Senator.
—The Radical Conferees of this dis
trict met at Grtelfenherg on Wednes
day. As both counties had Instructed
for W. 1). Dixon, of Franklin county,
be was unanimously nominated. The
Radicals do not manifest any enthusi
asm over this choice, but are glad that
McConaughy has been shelved.
Surveyor Appointed.—Capt. Henry
Chtilzglan, of this place, has been ap
pointed United States Surveyor of
Distilleries for the 16th district. This
is a meritorious appointment—one
which gives us genuine pleasure to
housekeepers and others wanting
gond Cooking Skives, the best 'ln the
market, warranted to hake and give
satisfaction, or any thing In the Hue of
Tin Ware, japan Ware, follow
Ware, Chamber Sets, Bread and Spice
Boxes, Ice Cream Freezers, Water
Coolers, Coffee Mills, Bird Cages,
Fruit Jars. and Cans, Waiters, &c.,
, will find jinn what they want at
the Ware-room of Col. C. H. Buehler,
corner of Railroad and Carlisle street,
opposite the Paistenger Depot and at
prices which defy cotnpetition. tf
More Econothical, Remarkable Cer
tainly of prompt action, lu (net, every
good quality is guaranteed forlSlrs. S.
A, ALLEN'S IMPROVED (neui style)
bottle.) Every Druggist sells it :
Price One Dollar. Aug 7.
If our friends will use preparations
for restoring gray hair they should
use the best in the market. Our at
tention has lately been call to an arti
cle which has an easentive sale and a
very high reputation, known as
Ring's Vegetdble Ambrosia, and we
are luclined to think that, itposseeses
more desirable and less objectionable
qualities tbau any other ih the mar
ket. It restores gray or faded hair to
its original color In a most remarkable
manner, and by its Invigorating and
soothing properties removes all dand
ruff and humors from the scalp. Give
it a fair trial and you cannot fail to
like it. Aug 7. 41.
"Tile next election will tarn upon this gees
tion : Can the Congressional party succeed in
their efforts-to excite and array theta:ha:trial
sad mortcry torrea agalniteschother,por
these unite and tern out the anthors 'of the
mischief under which they are all suffering."
THE Cattle Disease is creating con
sternation in different parts of the
country. It first broke out among a
lot o C Texas cattle at Chicago; spread
ing rapidly, it soon affected other
herds there. By transportation, it
has reached Philadelphia and New ,
York ; several cases are also reported
at Baltimore. Farmers around the
two former cities ate losing large num
bers of mill and other cattle. In . the
West i t is spreading from State to State,
and is dreaded as much as is the Rind
erpest in Europe. Farmers ..every
where are beginning to manifest deep
concern In regard to this, thus far, un-
controllable disease
WHEN the pretended Ltgielature of
Florida was about to take from the
people the right to vote for Presider
tie) electors. slot! Floridian from Kan
sas thus gave the grounds and reasons
for the law:
"The Republicans," said he, ."have
the power, and they are going to keep
it as long as there lea bayonet to back
them. They will not go before the
people on an issue, the result of which
may deprive them of power."
MrrcAt alarm is felt. in Louisiana.
The negroes are drilling in country
districts, and threatening to rise
ag , dnet the whites. They say they
were promised /and and mules, and
mean to have them. This is a result
of Radicellsrb.
A CORRESPONDENT has been at the
vain task of pumping Seward. He
asked him whether he should support
Grant. 'Seward replied, "I don't
know how you can ask such a ques
Wlscoleszst fa gottik for Seymour
and Blair--sure. It, is probable even
that it will go Democrat*, by a auf
tioest melortty to overcome a gerry
mandered Legislature, and send Des••
little back to the Renate.
The Appratoement of Damages.—
We copy the following from the
Fi'araMn -Rop,oBitory, {Radical,) pub
lished atChatubersburg,-as a matter of
interest to the people of this county :
The Commission appointed under
the act of the Legislature of last win
ter, to appraise the damages suffered
by the cittLens of Franklin, Fulton.
Bedford, ~datm, York, and Cumber
land counties, eat in Chambetsburg,
on Thursday of last week, [6th inst.] ,
'We are loth to say anything unfaeora
: ble toward., any movement which
moinisee in the slightest degree to
lord compensation Irr the great losses
nor people sustained by the war.
Many of them were seriously crippled
in their means, and some rendered al
-1 bolutely pennyless, a n d we hold that a
great and prosperous State like the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. no
mean empire In Itself, should lint fall
I to make lull compensation to the buf
feters. -
But this Is not contemplated in the
action of the Legislature. The law
"When suo claims have been fully
adjudicated, reported and tiled, it
shall then be the duty of the proper
officer of the Commonwealth, to be
designated by the Goveinor, to pin
ceesi to recover compensation for said
losses from the general goveinment,
and when so collected, and not till
then, shall the amount so recovered
be paid, pro rata, to the sutlerers of
said counties iu accordance with the
report of the said comtnissioners ut
their claims, and their receipting in
full to the Commonwealth of Pennsyl
We know that this Commission has
been rendered popular by means of
the impression having Leen spread
abroad that the State proposes to pay
these losses. It is entirely without
foundation. The law contemplates
nothing more than the making of an
estimate of the losses and submitting
it to the General Government, and
even then does. our people the injus
tire to provide that they must receipt
in full to the State, no matter w hat
proportion of the losses be paid. The
action of the Commission itself, while
performing the duty "intrusted to It by
His Excellency Gov. Geaty, was such
as to discourage and disgust appli
cants, but whether this arose limn
eircumstances against which they
could nut provide or was the result of
their own complicity with bad men,
we do not pretend to say. It was im
possible to prepare and examine with
any care and correctness the state
ments of losses of a:thousand men in
one day, even if the beat opportunity
had been given, but the Commission
sat in a hotel and were surrounded by
Justices of the Peace and cross-road
iuwyers from other counties, like
scavengers in the wake of an Rimy,
who plundered without stint the t u n
fortunate victim who had silently suf
fered greater losses than he could
bear. We still recollect with pride
the dignified and manly body w Itch
Kann the Court House in the spring of
1866 to adjudicate the losses of the itt
laens of Chamber burg occasomed by
the burning of the town by rebels.
No one could say aught against them.
No breath of suspicion was ever whis
pered against the purity and integrity
of their action. It was in the power
of the present Commission W have
done as well.
We would not be willing to any one
word to discourage any one from ma
king every effort to recover a claim, so
just as these we have mentioned, irons
the Commonwealth or the General
Government, but we do not hesitate
to say twat the General Government
will never pay a cent upon the pres
ent appraisement. If Congress ever
does, and we sincerely hope she will,
Conclude to compensate us, an esti
mate of the losses will be inade'in a
careful and judicious manner; the
best testimony will be had, an abun
dance of time will be taken, and a just
and impartial 'decision will be made.
The labor of tias Commission will be
thrown aside as so much waste paper,
and the expenses incident to its exe
eution will lie so much lost to the
State, while that filched from our cit
izens, in the shape of fees, will go to
make an apex to the monument erect
ed to our futiner loses.
Wu() boasted that they would not
vote a man nor a dollar to put down
the Rebellion? The Democratic Par
ty. —New York Tribune..
"You lie, you villain, you lie!"
Had It not been for Democratic sol
diers and Democratic con ributlons of
money, the rebellion could not have
been subdued, and you know It, you
white faced hypocrite. But who de
clared that if the Cotton States chose
to secede, lt would be criminal to co
erce them into the Union? Horace
Greely, who dares not deny
HON. Wm. A. WALLACE hail been
nominated (or a third term In the
State Senate, and will be elected by a
larger majority than ever:
THE Democraus at the Cumbria dis
trict have humiliated Col. Johu P.
Linton for Congress. Au excellent
Vesetable Rtelttaa
ri,ull RENEWER.
The Wahl Mite remedial properties is a veg
etable cOmpstud.
It will keep the hair from falling °tit.
It demises the scalp and makes the hair
soft, lustrous and silken.
t In a splendid hair dressing.
R. P. HALL & 00., Nreiltua,,N. H., Proprie
} f or sale by all druggists.
July 21, let tsepl
Dcafareas, Blindness antrientarrb,
Treated, with the utmost suceews, by lir.
J. ISAAC'S, Oculist and Aarlst, (formerly of
Leyden, Hollnud,) Nu. elYi AltOlt Street,
Philadelphia. Testimonials from the most re
liable salmi in the City and Omuta y can be
seen at his °race. The nadleal faculty ale
ihvipst to accompany their patients, as 'he
has no secrets In hh practice. 4.rtifleial eyes
inserted Without pain. 'No charges made for
May I, 1888. ly
A New Remedy for Consumption.
A Physician who had Llenteatoption for se,
drat years, with frequent bleedings of the
lungs, cured himself with a medicine un
known-to the profession, when his ease ap
peared hopeless. Ile it the only physician
who has used it in his own - person, or who
has any knowledge of its virtues, and be can
ascribe the degree of health he now enjoys to
nothing hut the use of Ids medicine; and
nothing but utter despair and entire extinc
tion of all hope of roeovery, together with a
want of confidence In all others, induced him
to hazard the experiment. To those suffer
ing with any disease of the Lungs he prof
fer; a treatment he confidently believes will
eradicate tile disease. Medicine sent by ex
press. Send for a circular or call on
No. 250 North Tenth street, Phila.
May 8, ISM. ly
PILLS FOR FEMALE& Infallible lu cor
recting Irregulmillea, Removing Obstruc
tions of the Monthly Turns, from whatever
Cause, and always successful as a Preven
Pomalespeeullarly alto ted,or those somas
lig themselves m, are cautioned against os-
Inisthose Pills while In that oondltiOn lest
they "Invite miscarriage," after which O•
salon. the Proprietor assumes no responsi
bility, although thelx.middriess will prevent
any mischief to
Price It per Box. SIX Boxes Si.
Sold by JOEIN M. ,HU,Brat, Druggist, Son
Agent for Gettysburg, Po.
Ladies, by sanding him $1 through the Post
°Moe, can have the Pills sent, (confidential
ly,) by Mall, to any pert of the country, "free
of postage..
]fay 1,1888. ly
New Nawrilase Guide
logical Errors, Abases and Disessea inci
dent to Yodth and Early Maahoood, which
create Impediments to MARRIAGE, with
sure means of Tenet Sent In sealed letter
davalopec grad of ciwire. Address, Dr. .1.
SKILLiNHOUGHTON, Howard Associatton,
Shall Gettyoburit Retain the Control
_of lite own Deotiny or !Surrender
it to tit "
The Greateet, Plirreeolotion ht the
rikilf4 Melee!
A movement is being inaugurated in
our little town which promises vastly
beneficial results to its citizens, and
most agreeable consequences to the
citizens of every other part of the coun
try. 1 refer to the revival of the Chet
tysburg 1 4 pring Motel project.
This enterprise, started a few years
ago, was abandoned as nientatuze by
its originators. The merits of the
Spring upon which it was predicated
had nut then been Puffleieutly demon
strated to justify the Investment of
capital for the erection of a Hotel in
its vicinity, and the capital tats not
forthcoming. But since that time the
surpassing medicinal virtues of this
Sp' 'fig have not only been conclusive
ly demonstrated to the satisfaction of
everybody whose opinion Is worth
considering, but its water is being car
ried to every part ‘ of the country, and
used as a priceless naesti ins at distan•
yes 01 hundreds anti thousands of miles
ituin its source. It is being prescribed
by eminent Phyttylans of all the
schools of medicine evelyw here, and
consumed by a huger number of inva
lids than ale the whams of hilly Miter
or all the other mineral springs on
this eon tinent.
It rs uLoOttracllag to Gettysburg the
summer army. of health and pleasure
seekers. The van-guard of this Mighty
host, reached our little town this sea
von, and it would have been Vastly
tome numerous ' but for the informa
tion so a 'deb. i t by the leading
public journals, that the great Spring
near the town was without a Su al pier
Hotel. This is proven by the number
of letters of loqulry as to acconimuda
tions,.addressed to the liettyaburg
Spring Company and to the persons
a hose names have been used in con
nection with the Spring. In other
words, it has been made abundantly
manifest to the dullest apprehension
that a large Summer Hotel at this
Spring is an urgent public need.
investigation has also corrected
many erioneous impressions among
our citizens as to the paying character
of investments in Suninier,resorts. It
has been ascertained that it single
Hotel at Cape May, which 11CC01131110-
dates only live hundred guests, net,
ted the proprietors forty thousand
dollars per season, for .sevcral years
vast; also - that a Hotel at kiaraloga,
accommodating only two hundred
guests, netted the parties interested
twenty-rive thousand dollars per bled
The forinereould not have cost , fur
nituie and all) touch over one han
dled thousand dollars; the latter must
have cost much less. /41 both instan
ces the stock must represent three or
tour times its par value.
Much useful information has also
been attained in regard to the influ
ence exerted by watering places on the
surrounding conntr3. 'flinty years
ago and Saratoga town lots were not
rated much higher than the adjoining
farm lands, while the latter were sell
ing at about the attune, rates as the
farm lands around Gettysburg. - The
Hotel winch was tine nucleus of the
present Saratoga watering place was
erected by a Mr. Putnam, near one of
the springs; yet instead of destroying
and preventing the erection of other
Hotels there, an effect wiikh wale ig
norant people suppose a Spring Hotel
will produce here, it actually caused the
erection of *score of them at that place;
all of which are now and have been
for years in a flourishing condition.
All of them, with the exception of the
one referred to, are kept by their own
ers; only one of them is rented. Sar
atoga town lots are now selling at fab
ulous figures, and adjoining lam lands
at one thousand dollars per acre. All
this material prosperity of the people
of Saratoga is directly or indirectly
trace:llde to the erection there of Mr.
Putnam's! Spi ins Hate/.
The observation of thedtvelopnents
In regard to the Gettysburg Spring
and the Inquiries. and I LlVeMtigllLlo4ll4
Into the feasibility of investments in
Summer resorts, and into the etlect of
The latter upon the material and social
condition of the people where they are
situated, has caused the revival of the
Summer Hotel project among our cit
izens. It has produced the conviction
that the stock in a Spring Hotel which
would make Gettysburg a watering
place would be the best paying invest-
tuent of the times—would be even a
safer one than Back stocks, Govern
ment and Railroad howls. That
holders of it might readily pledge it
for Ilitrinoney neeessary to pay the In
stallments on , their subscriptions in
any or the motley tow kets of the coun
try, th - e - Moinent that it was Issued tor
such, has become the national charac
ter and popularity of the enterprise.
That by their subscription of the tie
cr s,ary stock for the erection of a Hotel
they would In elfeet immediately
'double or thribble the value of their
personal property or real estate, thus
virtually giving them their stock free
or cost.
But another consideration has influ-
Cored the revival of this Hotel project.
Tlie great Influence exerted by water
ing places over the aurrounding coun
try Is one which like all others may be
abused. - It Inures to the proprietors
of medicinal springs which are the
objects of attraction. The proprietors
of the Congress Spring at Saratoga
could by an order excluding the guests
of a particular Hotel, ruin its proprie
tors and keepers ; they could and have
ruined other business establishments
in that town which have incurred
their displeasure. The proprietors of
the Ratalysine Spring will exert an
equally great influence over the town
of Gettyriburg and surrounding coot.-
try, and some of our far seeing citizens
perceive the importance of protecting
their interests in - the premises by ob
taining the control of the Spring Hotel
and such other privileges as are ne
cessary fo their general security.
Already New York tripttaikts have
obtained the supply of eater of this
medicinal Spring; (bah e pur
chased four or live hundred acres of
laud around it, and we are informed
that another company of New York
capitalists are negotiating for the lin
tel rights of this Spring. Should the
purchase lie consummated, the lair-
Chasers will become the masters of the
destiny of this town and surrounding
country. They will be able to discrim
inate against it, to ignore it, and even
to build up a rival town around
the Springs, where they own all tne
It Is to prevent these possible calam
ities to Gettysburg, as well as secure
the great advantages arising flow the
control of the watering place hotel
and Spring rights, that young Gettys
burg has decided to immediately sub•
scribe the stock necessary fur that put
pose. Fortunately, the proprietor of
the Gettysburg Spring is interested or
inclined to favor this pioject, and if
the stock is at once subscribed the dan
ger will be averted. This young Get
tysburg has undertaken to have effect
ed, as well as to silence the old fogies
and croakers who Lave so long hin
dered the prosperity and progress of
the town. The ladies of Gettysburg
are also forming the determination
that they will nut be left out in the
cold" where pleasure end the graces
resort, through the neglect of mune of
the men of Gettysburg. The spiritless,
doloss, male creatures, who would sur
render all their rights and privileges
to strangers, the ladies are deciding to
weed out of the community, to drive
to more congenial abodes lu some lit
tle towns in the interior, some titty
years behind the age, or to make them
submit to the requirements of citi
zens of the now historic mid celebra
ted too nof Gettysburg. Willie young
Gettysburg will make it anything but
comfortable for tile men who will
stand in the way of public prosperity,
the ladies will make it dangerous.
THE death of Thaddeus Stevens
leaves the Radicals without a' leader.
Who succeeds—Butler, Ureeiey or
Phillips? Let us know whom we
haVe to fight. Whether the beast,
the hypocrite or the fanatic.
NEARLY every Conservative meet
ing in the South has been interrupted
by riegroen, instigated by the cowardly
Yankee carpetbaggers. "Lit, nitave
Beal and Personal Property
IN pursuance of an tinier of the Orphan's
Court or Adam. county, the Athiantstrutor
of the estate 01 John Itltnhattalt,dereased,wril
oftTr at Public Pale, on tile premises, on
TI/1311240AY. the Ist dad oi o .otollEit next,
the Heal Estate. of bald lkl et'it'lli, situate In
Monutpleasant 100 uglily, A , 1.0.0. eount‘ , N It •
No. I. Tilli !I.\ NAION T1t11,11% twar the
Hum, flood bet W 14,11 Haim, et rand tiet,l,3 OW lir,
6 Wise trout the Curator and N tall. , hum the
latter place, tont '2 mules trite Ntoontt I toot
lime raelorles,atliottilog lauds of Pet,
timith, Jacob .Nool, John Mx) en. and °then,
and eolittalitlag 6:3 AVIt !I 11l 101.1 Intl ,II
i f
Whet! all it Pr. The buildings lire it 1
lull lame Tao truly 11W FLI.INti Iltilitir; .:,
outtlait lag ri room.. 0 It!. , [OlO , Kittle. 11 1
en attached and a good Dellet antler the ',
h0a,,,, , lar,. I buil, r u t, it, it fill Wltgliik rNi.l , t
/11111 t urn I rib. There are '2 wells tit n.-r. 1.
tailing it titer heir the lallltllngs, and it iced
On land of 1111111111 111111.
No. '2. A riim-ruy I.‘ ND, tolJolnlng Ituads
Of John Dlohl, I,o‘ I sf \Vm. Dom.!,
unil Otto a, tnd ontalnlnii II AVIV,. and Io
Poacher of NI endow slut M 1 ,0111111.1, MI oat°
milt. Trite( NO, 3.
n. 3..\ Wtn )1, Ur' 017 Acrtmatitl 5 Pervhem,
situate Ili at tli, 117nt Tract, n41).1111141 lands 01
71tuntwln•r and (Ahern.
Sale to commence at 10 U dock, A. Jl. , tat
bald dui, whin 11111 . 1/1111111 . 1.1 Will In. e.n 111/II
terms made ktimi n In
the l_Niarl—A. W. Mts. rite, I!,, k,
Abs.,, 11l the wane Onte and will bit
sold, the fulloattni Pertional Proper! y :
1:0W, 2 Hi KIS, I tall lair and
I.aoo Oak shingle., 10 $l,lll l'oata, 3 A Cos,
NV Mind, Mavis,Tatii.'l4,llll,l,4,
lot 1 , 1 arPettne. CM. St., 0 load
Flittirea, len-plate NM% o and Vila', trill Ket
tle, Stnlc, lot ot Itanketii and Bag., Tula,
!laird', Mott Vetaiel, Dried Appleo, and
other which*.
J.itiEl . ll. 1. 1.111101111, Atlnt'r
Aug. 21, 122' , . ti
Public Sale
ON SATI'IMAY, tla. 12th .lily of SEI . TEM-
IiER next, at I a ola, lc, P. M, pi intr.-
~ a al rk (lectee 111 . I he (1,1,1,,,,, it ~,,,,,I .4 Ad-
Illuk mnaliN, VIII 1.-§. olleri II 111 i I /04/4 , hilly, oil
the prIIIIIIII.N, the Hen! I till.. ~t Jolty Hart
lllll li, del . ..limed, et.ttne.lllll4 of rwo Tit ‘i•rs
(q• LAN 0, No. I nan.,l,. In haul taw, t,,a,.
nltlp, adJatalaw Infulv of Vlllll 'I null., .1,t.,,11
NI) erv, l', ler hull. I, and Ilae polaii. mad It na
kw nom Lunt 11, JIM to 114 I litiltl, , l.llly, t 1 , 11-
(Rifling s Arr., lama , 1e...,1,01,,,,,rd
with a Tlti/..04/r,I . Frame 11 ‘ miler- 0 ..f
ly , an dell 114)1'4E. Fran,e ltat•IslIell, a, g !th
II go(l4lFitan.• Amu, fill a\\ agoo Slut ...I.
atlavla4l, 11‘44 1 . ,1, a goad a .•11 of mat. luau
the lioliKe UIIII 111111111,11 • , lotItIro•layrtl, xllll,l
kintlit of choke null 'I hexllole Is liiiiierguoil
lellelllg, and 1 , 1.114 ~..,,,I State of .IIIIII•itI loft,
The. 11,0113 I, In 41 11, Imilles,llle,iiii.l iili.,,
neat the. Hi I IiI(1.11,ill l lail,1).
No. 2, A TltAk "I' ttr LAND, an unto
ton 1,1111,, 114f...trig :"
Peter 11. KnolLuwt,l to, td Look r and
, ontaining.) A, Ice, nod eI.V.VII will. a vat 101 l
at good l'lnan.t.
Atuentlnneo wlll 6e Arn and terms mink
kr.nwn on dais Oh
rETI•Jt . K.A.UFF3T.N.N, Efr
Ig the ('curt—A. W. :t11".11,1t, Clerk.
Aug, ttl, ts
.1 Desirable Farm,
owlerulgnotl, totemthug to irthigtibb
1. fanning, ortetuut toivitte Nate, Ina
ln Huntington ton indi
ounty, on the Public rodito It, Irmo 'at.
Hole to Now Oxford and from unteratmi
York Springti, anti Ono nit:Soloing the Slate
road leading loon lit tt”iliute to Illirrlotiorg,
to log itbout 2 zollis madam k AI of
and 12 11111e$ Pilot of (4ell)illiutir, adjoining
the \V ,•riono pp,ln•riY 1 hoe uteILIKIIII
111 ACRI*4 In the toirai, of wldell about
aereo are lo Thither ; lh,• baloney liming nee.
lit 114,10,1 In in Oil l'Xl,lll tit Ntale of cultiva
tion, 1,111, tale UOodown. I'lle !mail
ings toe a 'f‘co-Fitor3 STONE lllll'n F.
m lilt 1. Darn. 11l
gaol log and u.tri (1111110 Wlll,l/11 Shea; It
114,14*,, \ll.ll 14,11, 111111 1,410,
11l lldlllgn, mid a toi,i -lading mill iit mot,
nu., the litiooe.
Itortnutll-.1 pt, , ,t14 111",,,t U. %amt.,.
uud hum .It,,for MlllKetits .11 tu--
It Is in Ili, rteigliborhooti of 1,1..
Fichonl Roue., l hu rcura, Rr. The miomi..
of Oils farm awl Its nu, ruuu , llnun make I 1 on
of the most 11. strattle propertit s In Adam..
county. wishing Lu , low It, are re—
quested to cull on the UudertilLzued; rt•Kitling
thereon. The (arm would be sold Wlll/10. Of
divided, Ws pUrelnisent might desire.
Aug. 7, ISU. tf
Titillate Real Estate
, On 14.1TURDAY, the 12th of mi.:mi.:s4l*AL
unit, thn sulreerlyer will offer et Public Kirin,
On the prtlllliNeb, the fug vulunble 44%1
Estate, :
AIIbUSE AND LOT, ulcer llonut
Mouutplesaunt, Lownslilp, Adams etitintY Pa.
The hubs° is tall a half story
Franke Weinharboardi d ; also 4)11 g
lot a new Friuli., ritable, gisai well of
N'afr•r, boll tress, sissies, 41.1. 1k ser)
desirable honia.
Alno, A 1.0"1 OF 54 ACIWA, In Nlmint Knelt.
adjoining J. Pl. Multh's atom. Thin lot In non
of the moat. Aillta)10 in the county It has at.
large body of the best I,lMEit/TOS upon It,
and would be u capital locution for I.lme
Hilny. It a 11l he tittered whole or In lota,
rant Intl aulL
Perm/nit desiring infomation in regard to
there lot, are requert44l to apply to Letl Law -
rente, Itt lug In the. ricighborlimal.
Sate tot Lionacnce at / o clock,P, IL, on sald
day, whin E‘tt.nklanee %111 gl uod Mew
made known by DANIEL LAWRENCE.
Aug. 14, Mg. tn.
Real and Personal Property
ON 'rHITHSI)AY, the 27th of HITTEMIIP.It
next, the xubseel bens, Exotutorn of the loct
and testament of Itflrhael 'turbo Id. de
ceased, In puroutwee of an order of the Or
phan'o Court of Adams et-only, trill offer at
Public Hale, on the prein 'me., the Itcal Vlotate
of said deeedent, via:
- -
A 'II2.VT Ut LAND.ellunte In Lath - Imre
townnhip, Adams count.
landn of Jenne heren •
u rn,> Chruienter, Washington Pon ern, Siine
kis Hedges, and Pettit Pent,,iintal n Ing 1011,01.11.
1111111 M Derelew, nosh are
erected It Twientory lilt IMP: lint Ic
LIAO 1101!4E, Frame Barn, Hug h•tt,
W,nronninker Shop, awl r out.. ",.
hulidingn, with i I Wing 11 ell 111 1.
eiteelleat wafer near the in , ling; /1/ , , .t
thrlt 'tug young fin hard nl ihole, trait
The land hat In en 1 I nevi part 1r , 1. ander 1
fencing, and in in n it nvl 'lint. of eillth at ten
Any pernon demi ing to troll Ile profit tit
Will MR on the within. residing Ile t eon
Sale to confrineuee ift. 11 Wel°. k, 11.. on
day, when aUerainnett nlll he given and tonne
made known, by , .
Aug. 21, Ihloi. Is
ALSO, at the same !Anno and place, Leah
liarhold the widow 01 said deer& at. will st II
at Public bale, the following Personal Prop
"rl.iA RE, 3 Cows, :Born, I Rockaway Bugg),
and Harness, I Two•liorse Wagon, Threshing
tduchine and Horse Power and strap, Win•
11011riflg 311/1, Wheel-harrow, Rolling Screen,
1 Long Plough, I torn Fork, I narrow Grain
Cradle, Cloverseed Cradle, DoubeAree,
Breerhbands. Orindshine, shovels, Lfiging
Iran, , I Cook Stole, I Ten-plate Stove and
Pipe, Corner Cu
Tables, Tuba, Barrels,
Clock, net of Chairs, Beds anti Bedding, 2
Chests, Kitchen Inwewer, Iron Kettle, Pleat
Stand, and other articles, too numerous to.
mention. II II A Rig 'LH.
-Real and Personal'-Property
On THUR....W.IY, the 1714 day of KEPTE3r-
BLit next, the undersigned, Adininistratxl2:
with the will annexed of 1)=1101 licttler.dr-
Ceased, will otter at Public hale, oAU l Iltrtiti
ises, the real estate of said detedeaz. vie -
situate In Butler too ruddy, Adams count) ,
tear the Non ravel, and hail a toile cc's*:
of M Iddlutown, adjoining lauds 01 Israel Liar-
T0W11 , 4 tiny (Jew ge Hollelat ugh, Ja
cob Itillensperger, and <abets, anti cont.tliiing
W 3 tt It ES, mot e at,illiolitilneren Meado,
and 3 acret. Tllll Ixr. The farm In under gloat
cultivation. Part of it having het% limed, and
tile fencer are good. 'rite lin proveinents art
largo Two story BRICK 1101.78 E. with
two Kitchens attached, a Brick Houk. oe
Barn, Wagon lilted, Corn Crib. Hug Feu, 111
Wood House, with two flue wells of 11
water, one at the house and the other u,
burn. There Is ou the preuilsru a large ANA.
Orchard, besides peaches. pears, cherries, at.;
two streams of water through the place, one
This Is a must desirable property and loca
ted In a pleasant neighborhood.,
a ltllahl to View the Farm are reoutstivi to
axll ori the Undersigned, residing then on.
Also. at the sante dole and p see, whl Ise
add the personal property 01 awl,' decedent,
2 MII,CII COW:3, - 2 Devon Bulls,kons weigh
ing between twelve and thine. liadrNi,, I
Rockaway Buggy, Harness, land Koller, Corn
Fork, Crowbar, Mattock, shot els, 1ta1..,
Forks, Axes, Maul and Wedges, :1 I-Blr'un , ,
Tables, 5 Bedsteads and lidding, Carps lingo
Settee., Mira Kitchen Cupboard, CoOk Sloe,
and rlxtures, Sink. Looking Glasses, Clock,
Stand., Churn, Glimes.ware, queensware, t op
per an t Iron Keith*, Tubs, Barrels, Benet. s.
and a variety Of other articles, too numerona
to mention.
Mule to commence at 10 o'clock, A. M.
said day, when attendance will be givcn
hernia Wade know u by
A dm'x. with the will anneXed.
/AMU CALL , WKLI., AuctiOncer.
Aug. 21, lots. to
Gettysburg, Pa.
THE PALL SESSION of Pennsyls onto Col
lege will begin on THUBesDA Y, the *Mtli of
SEMEMLIEK, and continue thirteen weeks.
With a Large corps of Professors, the Institu
tion Is furnished with extensis e Philcardthi
cal and Chemical Apparatus, mad Geolo
gieal (Xlsinet..
The new Preparatory Building will he ready
for occupancy. The rooms in thistlietistrtmen
will be birrilsbed. Espouses, eaditialve of
Books and Stationery, trot:aft% to Ma par ses
sion. Music on Plano extra,
For further partioulars, address
M. VALENTINE, D. U, Pros t., or
Rev. C. J. EBILEMART, Principal.
Aug. 21, IStai. to
Auditor's Notice.
IrttlE un.lerslgned, having been appointed
J„ au Auditor by the Ilrphan's Court of Ad
ams county, to make dharltatbm of the bal
ance reported on the &stand that amend of
Henry J. Blyerer,Esq., Administrator of the
estate of Andres( Wolf deceased. to and
among the parties legally entitled tnereto,
hereby grille notlee that he will dlseharge the
duties of said appointment, at the office of if
dW. McClean In Gettysburg, on TH llttaDAY.
the 10th day of BEFTEMBIft nes f 4 at 10oWtoeit
in the forencion of Sold day, when and where
all parties Interested ale rcquestad to at
ht YOCf
-- Atilt b, M. lit
IBKOMW2fs sad B
s A t
SKET'S, tor ladlai a
*iho, a - GILLi tdral