Gettysburg compiler. (Gettysburg, Pa.) 1866-1961, May 15, 1868, Image 1

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    TU.E oLlilniStll6l COIPILER L
pvausion a-nawa
TKrIU4.—TIVO DOLLAA4 per =MU= to releaser—
Two DOLLARS ,t:ND PIPIT 01312,4 ii not paid
to sthatier. Yn outweriptlou diseontlimoi,
rink , . RI Mr option of the pUh leis, r, until all
at sedges are mid.
.‘ io burl orwria - r4 imerted
lam, reduction to Ho
the year.
Sit PhINTINU, of every d -from the
smallest label or annl to handbill
Or motar—done with niepotelt, in a workman-
like moaner, and at the towesit tryingr
Ovrify. on Baltimore Street, R few doors above
the Coiart-liouse, on the opposite aide, with
"blettyahurg eoirapiler °Moe" on the building.
Attornies, Physicians, &c.
II M. 4. DUNC7AI O 6
WIII promptly attend to all
. 8 101 h.odomot entraeted to Wm Ineladlnig the
pr ,o Penatona, Bounty, lark Puy, and all
ot 11, vIIIEIII4 ittmlnat the United titatm and state
era raLnia.
uuro In North-went corner of Dituttond, Elettys
bunt, Penn U.
.4•nl li , IdR. tf •
J. C. NE..eLY,
'I 114:SET AT LAW,
/ Particular attention paid to
lion of Pr•nnlmtn, Bounty, anti ➢ark-pay.
ttw Iu the H. K pawnor of t 62 Diamond.
0t t) ~I,.irg, A prd 6, 1 , 143. 11'
EDWARD 11. I;uliludar,
K'tlifulthfullYand (muffle"
li ~t ivu,l I‘, All business entrust." to bun. "le
N.- the ,:..1111,1/ °Mee at the h r .
P l,, 4• in soul O Baltimore street, near Forney's
antluctarly opposite itnuner & %f0g
.,,, Afnrcli
Uri Lifl, JOLIN ..M.llll,lurit,
i`.;, , 41. , Ci1.1Y has mtsoelitted JOHN M.
P. lc tl flI, In toe Pruct leo of thn I,on,
ni 1,1- ~O. 1.•,•, 4nlt• 1100 l 44, St. 01 lineltler's Drug
, 1. h.oliber4hurg street.
In I attention given to suit., collections and
4. I 11. !neat 01 ,stab.. All levl,l Whines. and
, !.o, In P1 , 11%14.11.4, ty, II ttk Pay, 141111,buni
-,,, I //znlngt United Sty] tes, St all time., WoMpLly
nii.t attendvd to,
• -
I op•t Worrunt. luLutt.4, and cliotee Furnts fur
ii In htea and other N e&tern states.
Dr, W. .1. Ater:l,l'llE,
131IVSICIAN, 131:11(iEtiN •
11111;r permanently Pleated In NeW °Word, will
puw fli.4 prnl,..lon In MI RN Manch.. HIM
fi It lid , and all 01 h. de•oril4.; him prof . ..lonia
s. •I s g , n v ole , t; dto t..• II and etm....m11. lamal.
1.47. tf
I , 11F.ItLIN,
ibp. 4 I/y Ittortel Ott...lab/II to h profe./.lottt
:le 1.11) gllellt hiltint el the public
I f \ ~ 111, 1 'N1171 111 N Prat live of lietlitlni• in
PWN, and ottl•nt 111 x mervl , ...a to
t poO.lO. .• at Itla ItOttntl, tinier of Low•
r011lt,b) 4441.1,: coal the Italtroad.
1.4, ;a' att. WI.. ch, 41 1 .. ..1,1t)
1., t 11,--tox n, Ntr.. It, !WM
TT ININ , Jll.l. t. um.l lion t.. l'illyrrsllv of
I. Al .1.1010 11.1.1 11' 131.111m..n.,hnr
.1 nt III:( mid 011.. rs Ills pro
tl .
oi : .1.)%t LIA,INI
A tow done', (rnt tile
\ Ireer Iteilltuneo :yet
11., I tn•hetel r.ltotell,C/ellyehtttlt.
f. I. HILL, M. D.,
I)1 'N r.
door a e.t of (lie
(I,u, .•h
I . 'UM glare, N hora Ft wt..1,71.g to
.‘m, I' , fin imiitirermpeet
-1 ..1.3 ato cut.. 1 kthltlVill.: DN.,
I, II ttigiter, 1 1 D., Ito,. Prot.
1. , r,
urn c, bt rg,
•:, ?MS t 7 It /1 NT, OLTTYHJ3I7IIO; VA
1V.41 1.•. MYERS, PRO-PRIN.-TOR.
v l e s: k t m l i onr e. li - t i % fltte . 4 , l pro .
Ivory It
arrangrineaL hos been
to pto.cuuit,ountrd
%LI" 1,• for 1.1 nevornmistation and comfort of
isti//,ts. The Table will always have the first of the
Oil, het. and the llar Lhebe,t of wines lequors.
fir rioniziodions with
an 'WV...mod:ding ostler always on 111110.
This 1161.4 Is now -open for the entertainment
of the pu is and patronage is solicited.
Neitet will he sparwl to tendert:444l.o.a.
.la-ri 11. 1011. ti
t r.
'Has I 1.1 a dlr.,: ILue between the
;dal tu.•rn U n tral and Itatti tw & Ohio Itsllruad
, - t r 1141*1 ?seen rent ted and ennyrortitlth , ur
'man tt to the tonvonlenee and the enterL•itn
wen I
IHK.. 1r 3-
11;11" 0N1 ., 01W, ADAMS COUNTY, PA
I lilt n , 1 , 1.1 , 01n1001 hay/ Ott ton 013.00,1 the Martin
I 1101, 1 property, In Sevrthclont, Adams eonn
ty 11'1 onatet it Ih ruimi , , whirr the n.ttne of
thr • . b .ate 110 pledges intaarlf to 'Dare
h ,iLnt Inr the ruin fort of hlO jzo.t , h. 1130 table
shall have thr hr.:l the notrhet ran htlord„ and
ht. b.rt the ehotrest Ilquorx. His chamber. am
Spltelollq, Mid 0.11111 , 4 Lill II) 101/0 Nltihfiletloll.
3k rotrono•llreat stabling atturlted to the
aa tarn Wilt to 11.133 Dated by areliable and
tat I fig oat ler. The proprietor hops to
tvr a liberal sitar, of pithily patronage, and
wdl M11.11.N el try to deserve It.. itrateutber the
• I In the northeastaorner 01 the Diamond,
UEITYaI:CRG, i'EN-1 - A.
1,14.1 illy, that be tatrelingel that lorgi.,ttab
•lehe I .Ind Wttl knOWit lintel, the "tliella Inn ,'
to y.,1!: • leect. nettymbUrg, an 4 will Iran , no
A qui L eotity.t It in a toanner LIA. will not de
tract hien Its fernier high retaltalnitt. 11. to table
%%Ail I, tee the heel the ratirket ettn.
• Inalithen, or,' Epactotis and comfortable—an d he
I b,c tits bar a fall stork of will. aid
hlft; , ihrte ix Lugo attaelled to the
will be attended by attentive oat-
It will b it etnienvor to mider
t. , e lest ...Oita/ceche. to lilt gildAilY, making hie
Hoot a 1101 re CO than poYAIi r ile, lie
, I. , ,A.Nhare of (Po rattlle'et patronage, deter/nin
el 0. he deeerve !ante lout ot It. Rentenb
hoe the "Globe I Itn" Ix in York street, tint near
the Diamond, no rublletignare. •
A pelt 4,146 t
_ .
ii_ xyLN . O p
.of rah= t tlez ten sl a y; V t. / b ri e r o u li n in i t , t r e :
Inti-hd to carry on the business, under the
Arm of H4tkam & Co., at the old stand, on
.the corner of Washluron and ItaLlroal strectii, on
a more extensive:len e than heretofore.
We are paying - the highest market prlres for
11 1.1., FIAOIIII., °RAIN ANJJ ALL EL`0.1.6 OF
FLOCE. and FEED, SALT nail all kinds 0
filltit'Eltlli kept constantly On hand and fe
sate, oh. atter than they call be had any where eLse.
TFlt, arid all kinds of RERTILILEII.4,
c v nhtninty on hand. or furnished to order.
-r.lll ove our Warehouse every TUESDAY
Id , t ll hi NU, and accommodation trains will be
run Ait,coion may efinire, fly this arrange'
00001 are prepared td convey Freight At ill
times to and from llallimore. Ail business of this
kind onti a,t,.1 !II be promptly attend
to. Our tie. run to the \Varehouse of Stevenson
015055, P , 5 X..)11) ffou d street, Italtimore.
t!, t. rnalned la par gorsl priers, sell cheap and
ty,'s e int fu) , ) ,, rybhds to
Wll. hi.
/Antal f3I(3IHAM.
Jan: 17, IRCI. tf _ _ _
I'L.9(11?, 0R.417f, GROCERIES, ,tc,
ISR undoraigned aro paying, nt their Warr
htmaba. in tUrlialo street, adjolulugjwouwes
IL~II, tho hlghe.4 Wel Let
• •
Ide.Alle, roTA.Tolea,
and In% jte producer, to elm Mem a mil Mime
Tboy have constantly on hand for sale,
4 A LARGE. SUPPLY r QF amicEaßo3,
lifelasses, Ryon., efilkniOkikint with 6hlll,
Fish, Oils, Tar, Swam 13aeon and Lam,
kw. Menthe best brands of FLOUR, wair.
of all lands. They likewise have
Sotablas:Plano Ossne, Rhodes! Phosphate and
A A Mostoast Pusan.
Whilst they pay Mg htsbest market primp for
all May bay, itLay sell at the IdwestllvhOS
SAE a abate Opaline patronage. retenere to
Rte artistactlon ha ovary east%
• etetlyannra, Jab , L 1801.
• kirfaSTuCLEK`33 l'Arda •
rung if eme in i theilMtL2,2n i the fla
;Tneula,..b u d, Wan lilhWtro a mnitirc;
gd mr 1 12 1,=.. renw j la
• It. •,, • - if' • Gettyabeire,a.
r ialak%u'u l. erelimlaisb
- • 'F
•••! . •
• • 4 1titft.,_ I *.
-^ k`PINV 41 i 1V0t. GE
„ e V .• ttk- ,
11 !bk..—
'..rtbo3 by
,Rane, Wooden and Willow Ware.
A general assortment of all Goods
usually kept ID ■
Oonfectionery and Ice Cream Saloon.
Chanibcrzbilrg Street, Gettlisburg,
next 1n or to Eagle hotel
busing eompleted hbi ;new building, hav opened
tho In rgelq a/mm[l,ler t o(Confeet lons ever offered
In lietbf üburg. lnclwting
Toys,ts_, ge., and everything belonging to a
11'nd-eines Confeetionerv, with Apeclal Recoluzuo
dattlonn for Ladies and bentleinen.
, supplled on shorten& notice.
F,1,11,180c. tf
Important Disonyery
Copyright Secured.]
Will prevent and cure C'HIC'KEN CHOLERA
and other Dlueuxes waiihon to Poultry,
and wi 11 prranote 11n increase FuL
Full Directions gteconloanv each Package.
PIIICEI {.2l;lti'l'd.
p a r. f .g „f tl t it.. b . e gr e Ll i N fl 'aZ t r „7.7
eillmey Of the roulterone Frl4:nu
Dent-miler 16t11, INJ7. f
Mr.otret. Clotu ort ley k Co.;
ntlrnt•n used your "Poulterers'
Fi lend upon a brood of 3 ouug chlekt ns that
had the gaper, and tin happy to say, that by the
.4 a trw 1/0/11,1 they wen, entirely rum'. It
will abolt I) Cure the gapes a hen used accord
ing nt directions,
• AN:vAeoLts, Md.. Feb. 7th, DIV.
Mistoy. notworty
tientlement—l lia‘e wad all the “Poulterers'
Friend" I rceeived from you but Augu.t. The
tKrultry In the surrounding eountry was dying
',re, fast with ”isholera.'• I recommended your
../'•,lllLA•lene Nn. ml," and as far as I eouhl learn,
It hag pro% ett it (•tire for the direalte.
tfull, W. 11. UCIODNIA.S.
1:ALT131011.N. I td,. 211, /W.
(pi Illie1111•11:—My iLtekena were dr In very
hunt with what iny neighbors called ''Chlt keu
Cholera." I was induced to try year “roulterers .
Frietul,” anal it worked like a charm. .1 gyre It
as ;Erected and It eUreil those that Were then
sick, and I ' have not seen any symptoms of tim
disease "anis,. Yours, dim.,
B. SI F.NeitEN, Cross At Warner Ste.
..lkerkmons, Frederick 00..
Shwas. Ciotworthy d 00., Baltimore:
Gentlemen: The 'wonderful curs which have
been made try your "Poulterers' Friend" can not
fall to Interest all also raise Poultry. A gentle
man of title village has been experimenting on
trocactis with the g.ipt.a. He tried your °Poul
terers' Friend," according to the ellmettonn, and
it had the desired effect In destroYing the worm,
erns:U.lly relies Mg the chicken at once. Mince
then I hour had many r, lls for it, and It hem been
used warns', My with the same result. Ills of
the:drillable %aloe to all who mine Poultry.
nespe‘ tfully, A. SPENCER.
For sale by D. KIER thAtysburg, and
B LINE, Einmittsburg, Md.
Menufactorod only by
CLOT WORTIIT A W., *I1:1 Baltimore St.,
tts•A liberal discount allowed when purchased
in lame quantities.
CAUTD iN.—Tito public are cautioned against
any similar preparations. Only Clotworthy
Co.'s are genuine.
Feb. :IS, iBiS. 3m,
fjSATIi st
are now building u variety of
of the latest and roost approved styles
and constructed of the best material, to which
they turtle the attention of boYem Having
built our work with great cure and of material
aeteeted with alpectal relbrence to beauty of tttYlo
and durablitty„we ran confidently recommend
tho work ea unsurposted by any, either W Pr out
of the cities.
All we oak le nn Inspection of our work to con
vince thaw in want of any kind of vehicle, that
thin be the place to buy them.
done at snort notice and on reasonable terms
Give um a eall, 01 our Ireetdry. near the earner
of 1171.1ologtou and C:youtbensbufg atreete, 6et
Nferch 10, 1&111. If
yANTrs, ADAMS s, v e .).,
e th tlNT, "4od bg ihßinno",:nt,F thl)Abolp.le
1 that
at Llttlestown, where %c are pr ind
epared to tua
facture to order all kinds of BUGGIES, CA
ItIAOFBI, SULKIES, du., on the shortest non
and most accommodating terms. Our hands
have been procured from Baltimore, and, as we
use none but choice material,
can put up
wurlc to compete with any shop In the State.
Old work repaired glad taken in exchange for
Attg• 10, MA. ti
MHE underelgued have rearmed the (arloge
inehlug bustnett,
Tttpui. cam MANI),
fit Ease lr.har area, oetusbwah
where they are Prepared to pOt up work In the
remelt fashionable, Auhstantisl Snit superior =n
um A Lot of new end sisiouttAeuld
CARRIAGES, D 1.1001138, .AC., lIAND,
which% *hey will d isprwe of at the lowest prices:
and au orders will be supplied es promptly auk
sottsfootorily as possible.
4631,1 ebeeieet red..
A hugs let of new owl epla gm:NE:I3S on band
and for rata.
Thankful for the liberal p4ronage heretofore
enjoyed, by Opensthey solkli and wUI endeever
tO downy a hirse ' alaare In Use ilukure.
10, 1816. tf
0 TES I • ,0 YES !
Andrew Pottord;
l e
PERS Ws services to the btic. , Wes Cried
9 r in any part of the eCilla r, treasonable rntes.
1 rising considerable ex In the business,
he tatters hlineelf that he *II be able to render
eatlatartion In all eases. Post aline address.
Grande Mit y Adama co., .PO.
NoV. 8, itta. jy _ ,
, .. ' .
Auditor's fleport.
In Common Newt of Adman otb, Pa.,
:Writ Term„
TN the matter of the 'Report of the Auditor ap
t pointed to dietrthate the balance In ktaptle of
it MefMedy, Esq., Seenextrator of the Gettysburg
Railroad, Company. on law eluth aolOturt—upoo
affidaeitttiled and hearing bed, it woe ordered 14.
the (leurt.thst the Report of Auditor be referred
back for tarthere tuutmedlugo. Notice I. hereby
gives to ea , Immo. lu Coy veylntereated, that
the undersigned, Auditor will nit In olteilleute
to this order of court, at his ropes , in Gegyetnit,
on EitIDAX, the 4111 of MAY, MUM,
J. C. Mlirt,
April 41, 1812,, Auditor.
.. Sale Crying.
=TAw. FLEMMING condones tub utuaueem of
Ms-It is bollol
M ta the MILILIAIied
o patala. s. ost=
o ° ems astatimass,
Baldoskt la West Maas stolot. :3ll tatraboat.
NoS.—age L aitom stmdtanear, motor tam
Tax loss Milts Ullttedetaista 0 . - • '
Nov. 24, 1842. „• • :
AlTrAmair bit r•sihred • IMIVW assortment ta
Ty Il c hiez m anvue,io eSllll•lls.Matottest,
tke 800 IT 6:11.
.Fl - incy Goods and Confectioxery Store.
IMF. undersigned, having bought ont J. M.
1 Warner's J. aney Goods and Confectionery
Store, on Baltimore Street, nearly opposite Fah.
nestocks Store, Gettysburg, invites the Pubib''.
patronage. Large and tasteful as the stock has
.Peen, no effort will be spared to render it still
more attractive and desirable. lle how offers
Writing IJosics, Plain Candy,
Work Bores, Fancy do.,
Porta:111os, Pickles,
Satchels, Sardines,
Pocket Books', Lobaters,
Chins Toys, Chow chow,
Pocket Cutlery, Fancy Cakes,
Jewelry, Forma Crackers,
Chess, Wine Biscuits,
Brushes, Mumronn do.,
Perfumery, Fire Works,
Soaps, Pena & Pencils,
Comb*, Writing Papers,
Fruits, Envelopes,
Nuts, Tobacco &Segue,
tlyrupe, . &c., ac., &c.,
Ire I ntendx to sell everythtng at the losreat pos
sible prices. believing that •'nrmtl protlts'• bring
••yoirk nut.," and are therefore bout for buyer
and sailer. Come ono—come all !
March T, 1.668. it
T JAYE removed their More to the Nelnatedt
xx property, on Citarrlbertlbtiri, tamer, Where
they propose to keep constantly on hand
Flour, Feed, Notions, (tr.
AL.°, VEGETABLES In season, Irmth from
the city and country. They no, determined to
sell cheap as the cheapest, and as they only ask
the lowest lb log profits, they hope to merit and
reficitte a liberal share of public bstronastc.
hiIiALS G 15110.
". April 10, 101 A. tf
HAS completed h new Store Rouse and Just
returned from th ity with a freshen,' well
scleaedtock of Good which he respectfully
Invitee his friends and t e public generally to
call and ezatulne.
Ills stock consists of
tit-The cash or trade will he given for FI r,
Corn, imts, Potatoes, Dotter, Eggs, Bacon , Lat.
Rum, ,te.
Mard. " InCR, tf
Shoulders and Sides •
THE anbaerthera reorpectfallT Inform the public
that they have ere, led a Norge In connectiO
.ith Owl r Steam Mill, and are now mannfaetrla
such as Plough, Hone-glue and ear Iran, and re
apectrolly Invite I:laclourtlths and Dealers kt give
them a cull, feeling satisflr,l that they will be able
to please us to quality, Antall awl prim,
N. El.—The tastiest market price paid for
wmught und scrap Iron. 11. & W.
Doc. 17.1.8611
Resister's Notices,
I. IVrOTICE Ls bcrehy given to all Legatees and
other pentium cronoerned, that the Adanaisr
tration Accounts hereinafter mentioned will be
presented at the Orphans' Court of Adams county,
fur confirmation and allowance, on TUFi4DAI',
the ,kth of 11.AY, labs, at In o'clock, A. AL, viz
1111. The second and final account of Samuel
Brown. Administrator of Eliza Freed, deceased.
l'At. The account of Virginia Riasheara, Ad
ministratrix de lainla non with the will annexed
of Margaret 11, posh. deceased.
121. The nrnt and final account of Jacob K Oy
ler, Administrator of estate of Valeetine Oyler,
deceased, setthel by Julian Oyler, Administra
te ll of estate of Jacob K. Oyler, deceased.
The account of Jacob Lady, Adrululstratur
Of the estate of Abraham Lady deceased,
1211. The and account of Abraham Hart, Ad.
fin n istra tor of Joseph Ilartzel,_deceased.
121. .teCollnt of Jacob Stock, Tre stf, fur the sale
of the Real I:state of Jacob Wolf, decd.
125. The fir.t and final account of Henry Myers.
Executor of Jacob March, deceased, nettled by
Henry J. Mreni, hxecutor of Henry Myers, dee'd. The first and final account of Henry Kapp
and John Kapp, Adlnlnletratont of the estate of
Sllaubeth Kann, deceased.
12.'. The nna and final lowan' of Josepheis S.
Roland, Administrator of the estate of Addison
S. Roland. decrac,,l.
L. First and Meal accont of John Harlem Esq.
Administrator of the estate of David liaurbaugh, ,
1•29. The first and final acpount of Peter Fehl,
Executor of the last will and testament of Val
entine Fehl, decease&
ISO. First and Hoot account of Jacob U. Merl
henny, Administrator of John Taagblabaugh,
131. First and Anal Ikea:and. of Peter Qnickel
and John s=, Ad Minh t rotors of John Slimly,
(of N.,) der
la Account Of Andrew Hykes, lizeentor of
Samuel Deanlorfr, deceased.
1:13. Second account of leaar F. Brinkerhoff;
Executor 01 the last wUI and Witamont of Barn
uel Herman, deceased.
•,•, • • .
ILI Find aotaunt of John Edward Plank, Ex
ecutor of the hod will pud testament of John 0.
Plank, deceased,'
Becond and finnlateonnt of Peter B. Neutr
on, surviving Executor of the Met will and
• stameut of Abraham Brown, deceased.
• , The as mod and final ifecount of Frederick
e/if . et. surviving Administrator of the estate
of • uel Gilitlead, deceased,
187. :t and final eecoust of Jan A. Swope,
Admini ,: rotor of Moreau HI Swope, deceased.
\V. D. HOLTZWORTII, itegister.
Aprll 24, to
mo the Court of ttuarter BaadOns of the Peace
J. In and for the cot of Adams:
The Grand Ingootd. ngulring within for
the raid county of Ad a, bog leave to report:
That they have visited Yhe Public Suildinea of
the county-Abet tem". rt:able to report (acorn
bly of the conditton of the Jll, finding it In good
That the Palf t o can be field olt..ic
camp as to the upartmente len& to the In
sane, the cells n Ifichwene heap tal Milne fLuIP
and unwholesome, c4gulated W. heart the e.
forts, and seMices of the Ili) melon and the 1-dcw
ant and Ws family in behalf of three nriflortu
nate., and we would earnestly raeomMend that
more suitable aCeOll.ll/ludilLiOnn be for
We would odd that we funnel one of the for
um.% to bad order—ln fact, worn out„and report
favorably with regard to the contemplated im
provement, viz., placing a new one In Ile plaee,
whenever may suit the convenience of the o
refs having the matter lu charge.
Adam Kinnetpuutd, Michael Levlostltte,
Cioo. Riugarman, J. W. Neely,
Jsunes Linn, ploo,__Stortealfer,
Isaac F. Tudor, W. W. Stewart,
Isaac J. Wrigh t,i Wm. 4. Martin,
kiPan Daniel Hac,
John McAll itlff ister, Samos Marah ker all,
John Cunningham. John B. Paxton.
May I, 1.204;k1
/ME first and final amount of Jere Frysinger,
1 Assignee under a deed of voluntary assign
ment of John Grove and Wife. of Union town
ship. Adams county, for the benefit of creditors,
has been filed in the Court of thulium HMI of
Adams connty, and will be confirmed by said
Court on TUIMDAY. the bath of MAY nail. Ca
tes* cause be shown to the contrary.
April St, Mee. OA
/ T HIE rteeount or Jeremiah Mee - Iy, Alsignee of
Lewis Snyder and Wife, of lino tl neon town
ship, county, to trust foe creditors, dee..
hag been tiled to the Oaurt. of I..thomon- Pleas of
Adanui 111.111kr, aria x3ll 40 out:tanned by said
Court ba 141.21 DAY, the MMe of MAYueit,on
je.a eamie be eholea to the O AMITY .p,
Aptil.2l,lBBB, J . . A, xinigT
rt=ti r to .P lerrfte trib4 t
of the Waned the bowie or PLOArY ht:
Hemlez AtIMMIZIstm or Um Asiate of Andrew J,
smith. .I , laii.a.aad, to and amongst the mtlea
tntified theireto, elect en
at for the Otltpolse of hticappiaintanent, at the
oreee kt. W, McClean, in Gettysburg, oa
WEDN l Certhajahh, ot xo:,10111..t :0 o '.
' ea1.P.1..: • MgdaMcCLEAN,
Apri 1 La
.;IWl4O7Pag ,ZAI ,Da.
- IL/aooso viarible =MRS
areart loan HIM tis
z The taadiscavrff...
~OM, April I, WS, tt
.12.E.110 7 'AL
Auditor's Notice.
Hoofiand's German, Tonic
Is composed of the pure) oleo. (or, as they are
Medically termed, /A owicfs)of Roots, Herbs, and
Barks, making a prepanat ion, hlglib conoentra,
teal, and ,eullrely free from alrohoitc ndssfsfurcs of
any kind.
Itt s combination of all the Ingredients of the
Intters, with the purl .t quality of &mkt (N.
Rom, Orange, &c., making one of the m0.,,t p. 1,11-
1.111 and agreeable remedies mr offer.' to the
Th., preferring a 'Medicine free from Alcohol
le tulmlxture, will uer
ilooftexid's German Bitters.
Those who hove no objection to the combing
t lon of the Bitter., es stated, Ns f it use ,
Hoofland's German Tonic.
They are both equally good, and contain the
seine Medical virtues. the tholes between the
two being a mem twitter of taate,l.lte Tonle be
ing the 01001 palatable.
The attanach, from a variety of causes, such as
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Nervous Debility, etc. is
very apt to hate its functions deranged. The
sympalbizine as It doro with the Stomach,
then becomes afi`ectt.‘l, Lite result of which is that
the pullout sutlers front several or more of the
following diseases:
Or 111.001, To THE
lIF:AD, At IDITI THE s l'OM.trll, .NAU
I. °tilt Ft 1.LNk.10% ON XVF.It,IIT IN TIIE
ST4 thi Alil, Si d• It Eltl'( - T.ITIONS,
OF' THE lIEAD, 110111{1ED 1,11 , 1-1-
COL.T Fl,ll7l7EitliSti , AT
THE IlEAlt'f, tilt WA
TINti SENS ViltiNs IN A J,yiN,A,
rt) , Tettr. DJ MN Or \ 'SION, 1/014 Olt
.1N TILE ILEA'', 1)E1 , 14.•11,NCY or
11ATIt IN, 1 F.1.1..0M 11/ , THE Sh.IN
L. 131110, ETO„ Si DI/EN
1 , 1,r5111,>1 OF HEAT, lII' IiNING ,
AOININ.7' or 1.V11,, .AND (IItLAT •
DE pp:F....1.4i0N fIP
The Fattener front these (11/41F4V should exer
cise the greatest caution In the selection of a
reined y for Ills CO , purchasing only that hi ,
he la matured front his Inveatig.ttiona and Woul
d°, p4x4nesqes true merit, is skillfully etunpound
ed, Pt free 60111 Infuriate , Ingredients, and hut
ehtahllslied for ltseLf a reputation for the cure 01
these 111. 4 1.1.17. In this connection we would
submit rt
REPARED BY DR. c. y..L1C1c. , .0,N,
ent. -two ) edr.l since they More first Intro
tl into TAOS ountry frotu German*, during
pule they Irate undoubtedly
tun' hem find State{ nig Ito:nand. to
•xtent, thou any other retnedlto Idn,wn
11.1e1 S tlettcYtuhlly cure Liver Com
( %route at Nen otic
Inurrlbro, Dim n , e ~f the Kit.
cw artsdut (roma a lbsordertd
Wont Wen.
to the
Timer nit
plaint, Jaunt'
1314,111ty. 'll
nr:k.,nnti nttllt , t,
Wald ling from any Cans,
VON tdr_TtlE SYHTE3t,
Labor, LlTudahlps, Expo\
There 14 no medicine ex MT,
remedies In such raAes. A tont
pnrted to the wirole system,
tdrengthened, food is cop) ed, th
goals promptly, the blmsl 14 porn,
pinion becomes sound and healthy,
tinge in eradicated from the ryes,
en to the cheeks, and the weak and nen
valid btxxanes a strung and healthy being.
whatever; rricArrt.t.
Induced by Severn
' Ire., Il•i ern, SC,
,t efill:11 to thrse
and wor ti lin
(E, appetite in
,111.0111 M if %It
- the emu
ki ti gt,
pas In-
Aud feeling the hand of Cane weighing !well*
upon them, with all Its attendant Ills, a 11l rind
in the use of this 111TTE.114, or the TONIC, on
elixir that wall Instil new life Into the veins, re-
store in a measure the energy and an.lor of more
youthful days, build up their shrunken forms,
and she health Rod harmineas M. their remain
ing years.
It is a a ell-established fact that folly
of the female portion of our popnlalloll are aid
dom In tim enjoyment of good health ; or, to use
their own expreation , "never feel wdii." Tiley
are languid, devoid of all energy, extremely ner
vous, and have no appetite.
To this clam of persol. the BITTERS, or tire
TONIC, la especially recommended.
Are made strong by the use of either of these
remedies. The; will cure every cave of MARAS
MIAs, without uqt t
Thousands of eertideates have aaeumniated In
the hands of the proprietors, but space will allow
of the publication of but few. Those, it will be
observed, are men of note and of such standing
that they must be beilovrd,
Hon. Geo, W. Woothiard,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ps, writes
Pfit/adetphtn, March 16, ISK.
"Sand 'HoolLanda (Airman Bitters' is a good
tonic,. useful In diseases of the digestive organs,
and of great bepent in Maw of debility and
want of nervous action In We system {'ou rs
truly, GEO. W. WMDWAR ."
Hon, James Thompson,
Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, April IS, 1a66.
.1 consider 'I fooliand s llerman Bitten,' a min
a& methane Ili case of attacks ol Indigestion or
Dyspepsia. I can certify this Mom my expert-
Anoe of Yours, with reapect,
Jc1311.1 , 4T110M1 N."
From Rev. Joseph H. Kennard, D. D.,
Pastor of the Tenth Baptist Church, Philadelphia.
Dr. Jackson—Dear : I have befit frequently
redto connect
r:" en-
Ztotof different kinds but
'carding re
the practice as out of my appropriate
sphere, I have in all owes declined; but with a
clef r proof in various instances and particularly
lny Own' family, of the umetulneee of Lir, Hoof
lead Gerraun uteri, depart for WWI/ from
my avoid course, to express my full conviction
that, fin' general debility clad. vale's. and esprcial
-1,00 Liver Cbuiptafist, tt Li a sofa and reiguakte ree.
paratton. In some lase. it may fail ; but usual
ly, I doubt not, It will be very beneficial to these
who suffer from the above causes. Your., very
respectfully, J. If. KENNAIM,
Eighth, below Coulee - St.
From Rev. E. D. Fendall,
Assistant Editor Christian Chronicle, Philade.
.1 have derived decided benefit from the nee of
Rootlet:la's German Bittere, and feel It my privi
lege to recommend the m as a moat valuable
ball Who are sullbring from genera( debility
or from deeeases arising from derangement of
the liver. Yours truly, E. D. FENDALL.
Ragland's Oerman hunted!ea ate counterfeit
ed, hoe that the signature of C. M. J ACKSON, is
on the wrapper of each bottle. All others are
poutupul alai and , Kantlieptory at the OCT.
man Medicine Store, No. 681 ARCH - Street, Phil
adelphia, Pa.
CHARLES Nt. EVANS, Proprietor,
Formerly C. M. JACKSON & Co.
aeluuinlent,per bottle, - $1 00
halfqM ' eq,64o
Hooltend's German TUnle. put ahr in quart hot
-1 60 per bottle, or a half tlosen for $7 00,
/6 - Do not forget to nicazoine well the article
you hey, in rretier to get the genuine,
*I - or eels by Druggiste generally.
Jou. 17,jetti. ly
max undersigned have hexed the Warehouse
.1. oak the carneroradrutton street and the Hall
road, Ih k, r3attysburg, where they will carry on the
Grin and Produce Business
~,,,,4 .4.1,
la an Its b chem. The highest prices will al-
WAY* ila paid lo Wheat, Rye, Gent, Oats, Clover
and Thriettly Ftairseed, Bantu; Pay and
Maw, Dried Fruit, 14 , 6 Soap, /ferns, Mottlders
&nthdes, Potato , * wltr. evetything else In the
country produce line,
Groceries, \ af all kinds
constantly on hand and tar sale—Colibei, Cu-
Fe, Mamma Byrum Tes s in, laititreg, Salt, thecae,
Tl r 2thA n to s ll ß
oil, Tar, de. Ms. of kinds: Linn; and
Nails t bknoking awl Chew's.*
- They are always able to au ppr4rate arti
cle afloat, with the different kinds o Feed.
Also, Ground Planer, with .Guarwm end other
fertilizers. CO.& Is, by the bushel, fon or oar load.
We will also run
Lines of Freight Cars
to 14:0.71 , North eareet, BALTIMORE, and 811 Novi
het etniet,THMADELPHIA. All foods Bent to
Other of ltie newrra places Nall be robetved and
forwarded protaplly. Goode should be marked
"Benners' Car,'
H, 8, strysEtt k trp.o.
April to, Hen ef
Mouth siVad#atten is.. aetersbaia. Pa.
Zabll 4 t -
giniaLs7l. rad
After all!
In the sleep that comes to nil,
When we are beyond remit.
Sleeping soundly and profound 4 ?
All the woeful weight of rare
- That our human Write bear
In a peat or leaser share,
After all, after all!
All the glory, till the gain
tio much chaff, so little grain, -
All llle's plooaure, all Its pain,
Matching sweetneea by Ha deetnesa ;
Only on the shining *lope
Of Gelb upland blooms the hope
That we cherlah am we grope,
Alter all, after all t
Aft, alll
There'll be pebbles on the Shore,
There'll be annshlne on the 1 1Onr.
There'll be exdatepa at the door
When our sadness and our gladness
Are as were the babies twain,
Co \ end by tho birds In vain.
Where the len% ea would not remain
After all, after all I
What a sad mistake It is to suppose
that a man should be gloomy because he
is devout, as if misery were acceptable
to God on its own account, and happi
ness an offence against his dignity. A
modern writer of much wisdom and pith
"Theis is a secret of unbelief amongst
some men that (hid in displeased with
wan's happiness, and so they slinkabout
creation, ashamed and afraid to enjoy
These are the people or whom Hood
"They think they're pioue when
they're only bilious!"
, A good man is almost always a cheer
ful one. It Is tit that bad men , scowl,
look blue and melancholy, but he who
has Doll's smile of approbation upon
him should show his radiance' in . his
countenance. Dr. Johnson said he
"never knew a. villain in his life that
was not, on the whole, an unhappy dog."
And well he may be. And an honest
man—the man with a good conscience
—let him enjoy his sleep, and his din
ner, and the love of hts wife and the
prattle of his children, and show a
beaming face to his neighbor. Surely
there is no work theology than that
which teache4 that Ile who has given
such fulluens of joy to beasts and birds
delight:, in the nanny of loci' ; or, that
having tilled 'l4 with gladness, we ought
to give the lie to Ms goodne4s by wear
ing faces beclouded with woe, and fur
rowed with pretended happiness.
Infidels have objected to the size of the
Ark; have asserted that it iliquite absurd
to suppose that ever there could be a ves
sel constructed, large enough to hold-all
the creatures Which must . have been
placed in it, with sufficient food, it may
be for six or twelve months—water for
he fish, corn and so on. Now we will
to o the dimensions of the ark from the
rec da of Moses, and calculate them
on kb lowest possible scale. There are
two de itiona given to' a cubit; one
that is 18 t • cites or a foot and a half, and
the other t; t is 30 ipcim, WV will
fake It only at he lowest. Moses states
that the ark war 300 cubits long; this
would make it 450 'et long, or about the
length of St. Paul's s' tbedral, London.
The'breadth he states t. be 50 cubits ; we
then have it 75feet ip brew th. llestates
it to be 80 cubits ,high ; so t at it was. 45
'feet high. 4 ln other words, it -as long
as St. Paul's Cathedral, nearly broad,
and half as high. ghe tonnage •I the
ark, according to.coMputation of m. • ern
carpenters, must have been 32,000 to •s.
The largest English ship, (of a size un
imaginable to those who have never seen
it,) is 3,500 tons burthen ; so that the
ark must have been equal to 26 first rate
ships of war, and if armed as such ships
are, it would have eon tained beyond 18,000
men, and provisions for them 18 months.
Button has asserted that all four-footed
animals may be reduced to 250 pairs, and
the birds to a still smaller number. On
calculating, therefore, we shall find that
the ark would have held more than five
times the necessary number of creatures,
and more than five times the required
quantity of food to maintain them twelve
Gm" do you want to get married;
and (ig you want good lutsbands? If so,
cease to act. like fools. Don't take pride
In saying yOu never did housework,
never cooked a pair of chicksias, never
made a bed, and so on. Don't turn up
your pretty noses at honest Industry;
never tell your Mends that you are not
obliged to work. When you go shopping,
don't take your mother aim with you
to carry the bundle.
responsibility is almost equivalent to
early sobriety. If a stick of timber
standing upright wavers, lay a beam on
it, and put A weight on that, and see how
stiff the stick becomes. And If young
men waver and Vaselllate, put responsi.
Willy on them, and how It straightens
them up! What power It gives theiu
How It holds all that Is bad in them
In restraint! note quietly it developes
and puts forward all that is good in
Siorts.—lt Is a good sign to see shish
do an set of charity—a bad sign to hear
bins boast of it.
It's a good sign to see a man wipe the
perspiration from his brow—bad to see
him wipe his Jiro as he comes out of a
It's a good sign to see a man advertise
to the papers—bad to see the sheriff
advertise for bins.
It's a good sign taxes a woman dressed
with taste and neatness—bad to see her
husband sued for finery. •
Sarnilsro.—How often do we sigh for
opportunities of doing good, whilst neg
lectingthe open trigs of Providence in little
things! Dr. Johnson heed' to say, "He
who w aits to do a great deal of good at
once, will never do . any." Good Is done
by degreerri flowerer 'thrall
tion the benefit which follows individu
al attempts to do good, a great deal may
thus be accomplished by perseverance,
even in' the midst of discouragements
itx \ Rl disappoiniroenta:
ittSKIN sA ye r "Wise men keep one
side ortheir life for play, and another for
work ; and can be brilliant, and nhatter
lug, and transparent, when they are at
easeliqd igt take deep counsel on the
o ther side w i n they set themselves to
their malts purpose:l
• Alt exettslite bus rilated tart tax-
WBl' wide', 10u/testi isronnts oi'pne
i titoussaia ildllare pot ate. • '
Many years since there lived In VlC
glnia • Baptist preacher, named B.
Though uneducated, he was a sound
thinker and eloquent speaker, and no
minister had a more devoted Buck. It
was the custom during the Inclement
season to hold meeting at the residences
of members, and once or twice during
the winter at the house of the preacher.
For many years It was observed that B.
neither preached nor conducted the
meeting when held at his house, but se
cured the services of some neighboring
minister. lie was often pressed fur an
explanation without success; but filially,
In response to the imFortuulties of some
of his Hoek, gave the following t
"When! wee much younger Chau now
tact, not lung after the coMmence
molt of my imnistratiou-1 held a
meeting at my own house. It being cus
tomary for many of the congregation to
remain for dinner, Mrs. B. sent our ne
gro boy, Tim, to neighbor Paul's Tor some
butter. Tim returned and located him
self, standing on one foot ut a time, pi
the outskirts of the congregation . : Being
well warinedbp lu sermon, thinking
neither of Tim nor his errand,-but only
of the most successful mode of pressing
upon my bearers one of my strongest ar
guments, I demanded, with all the
in my power, 'And what did foul
say ?".ruu ut the txp of his little squca k
ing voice as Tan only could
have done, 'lie thed pot couldn't pit say
more hullo WI you paid up for what
you'd go(" his brought dow u 'the
house, cud cut short one of the finest
efibrts of my early ministry. Sacco then
have kept my preaching disconnected
from my domestic affairs."
A WITNLiS.-A Yankee having told
an Enghehman that he shot, on one
particular occu a ion, nine hundred and
ninety-nine snipes, his interlocutor ask
ed him why her didn't make it a thou
sand at once.
" No, " 1131 , 1 he; "not likely I'm going
to tell a lie fur one snipe."
'hereupon the Englishman, rather
riled and determined not to be outdone,
began to tell a long ~tilry of a man hav
ing swain front 'Liverpool to Boston.
"Did you ,cc asked the 17311-
" Well, or course I did. I was coming
over, and our ve,4l passed him a mile
out of Boeton harbor."
" \VOL, Put glad ye .aw liiiu , Ktrangv
because yer a witue , ,t that I dill it. That
was me."
A FRENCHMAN in Milwaukee had his
nose bitten ideal' off by a vicious horse.
He carried it at ones to the nearest doc
tor, who said, "Let me bind It on in
stantly, and perhaps the flesh will unite."
It did unite, hut, in his hurry, the doctor
got the noes on wrong side up! It so
happened that Monsieur was a snuff
taker, and he congratulated Ii in' el( that,
thought his nasal organ 'a as sadly out of
plane, yet it was convenient, as he count
put the snuff in nt the top, instead of
wasting his Meath in snuffing. But
horrible! he soon found he could not
sneeze without standing on itia head!
I SAY, mother," said a regular street
loafer, the other night, after he had de
posited something In a rickety old cup
board, and laid himself down upon the
floor, "I want you to wake me when
get dry,"
"Etow. shall I know when you get
"0, just wake me,up at any time; I'm
always dry."
SOME Californian started the following:
A. noted trout fisher died ID Alabama
' lc
_Fishing was the,
His last words
say, Brown,
Pee flirted
tackle with
bite In Jor-
"We were
yesterday, in
of two extra
MA& Penttisiorms, whi
picture of Washington in a 14
the name of the artist, Mr. r.
the corner of it. After admirl .
some time, she at length renter •
"Well Mr. Green is not Buell a bad I
log chap after all."
.4. LOCAT.4 editor has Just seen a man
whom he thinks pretty well occupied.—
Be had his wife on one arm, a baby on
the other, a basket and cane in his
hands, a cigar in his mouth, and two lit
tle hopeful 'heirs attached to his coat
A WOMAN in Greene county, taking
advantage of Leap Year privileges,
" popped the question" to an unsuspec
ting young man, who accepted, but after
wards changed his mind, whereupon
the lady became obstreperous, and chal
lenged him to fight a duel.
A tiesnE.T., of new cider in A state of
fennantation exploded In a store in Par
is, 111., the other day, knocking one
Man eight or ten feet, bursting the bar
rel Into fragments, and scattering the
contents in every direction.
NONE are so food of secrets as those who
do not mean to keep them; such persons
covet secrets as a spendthrift covets
money, for the purpose of circulation.
MOSSY is first mentioned, as a medium
of commerce, in the 23d Chapter of Gen
esis, when Abraham purchased a geld as
&sepulchre for Sarah.
AMONG the liabylonians, all marriage
able females were assembled together, at
a certain time each year, and sold, by
public outcry, to the highest bidder.
AN illiterate fellow spells Tennessee
after this 'fashion: 103 c, and spells An
dreiv Jackson, Baru Jnxn. Ile signs his
name thus; Jo tJ. Hole.)
SWEET TULNOS.—A conscript being
told that It was sweet to die for his coon•
try, excused himself on the ground that
be never did like sweet things.
WHEN Haddox's wife kicked him out
of bed, said he, "look here, now, you'd
better not do that again; if you do It will
cause &coldness in the family." ,
Me Irishman received a challenge to
light a duel, but declined. On 'being
asked , the reason, "Och," said Pat,
"would you have me lave his mothei
orphan?" • ,
TIM and Lei lay woman's , ballot box.=
Vol; semi b r tutu' &POTS twq.baliohi at
once. Now, isn't that illegal
50TH YE.A.11.--NO. 32„
The famine in the French colony of
Algeria Is accompanied by the must hor
rible cases of the sacrifice of human be
ings to the ravenous hunger of the survi
vors. Ohe incident recalls vividly to
mind the account given in Scripture of
the siege of Samaria by the King of
Syria. Two women of the same Arab
tribe, having emit a child, mud being
unable to obtain food from any other
source, agreed to devour the two little
once. Lola were drawn, and the first
victim was duly consumed. When it
became the turn of the other mother to
surrehiltif her child, she refused to rui
lusher port of the conipaut, and the dis
putes which took place in consequence
brought the whole Mbar to light.
Again, there are pretty well authentica
ted instuuces In which French soldiers
have been murdered and eaten by Arabs,
who, in addition, are constantly attack
ing each other and the uegroes to pro
cure corpses for food. The French news
papers are filled with details of these
shocking atrocities, and they declare
that the two millions of francs recently
voted by the LlNtitilature is altogether
insufficient to relieve the famine, -
AN Intel e“ing and astonishing event
transpired on thud nit., at the house
of Mr. tleorge Chandler, it farmer, liv
beg, near the Lowell road, between Na
shua anti Tymr,horo, l!fik.s. A physi
cian, Dr. Stioinski, stopped On the lir
terminal of the day mentioned at Mr.
C house to feed his horse. On enter
ing the house, Mrs. Chandler informed
the doctor that her daughter, Susan,
died on Saturday, and that the body had
been placed. In a coffin for interment on
Sunday Thedoetor on looking into the
eoillu remarked that the girl Wils .not
dead, but only in nth. Ile ordered the
removal of the body and placed it in a
warm bath. After a long struggle the
girl was brought to life. After leaving
some medicine the doctor took his de
vastate. Ou Use following day—the one
assigned for the funeral—the resins toted
vomited a tape tturtu measuring twenty
eight feet In length, and Instead of bury
ing i,li,s •Su,ait Chandler, the parents
Interred the eause of all her troubles.
Mont: "Los's: von SobutEns."—The
Radical papers are now denouncing Gen
eral Steadman, because he is a friend of
President Johnson. Do they remollber
how they praised Mtn for Ins gallant
capture of a rebel fort at Petersburg, and
how they insisted that the cork should
be culled "Fort Steadmm 2" Tim peo
ple reineml ,, A• these thing~, though the
Radical leadeN may wish to have them
• They also remember whim Gen. llan
cocE was eulogized us "Pennsylvania's
heroic sun," Zan, by the anion Rad icals
who aro now slandering him.
They also remember when the same
Radicals could not find language to ex
press their detestation of the Rebel Gen
eral Longstieet, who is now one of their
greatrst saints, because he has swallow
ed their nauseous black dose of so-Crillq
"loyalty," test-oaths, nigger, and all.
The people remember these things,
and they will act accordingly.
PnEetDuvr.—The Impeacners have
been looking up precedents for their
prosecution of Andrew Johnson, Here
is the copy of a verdict found by a Con
federate court held In Knoxville, Ten
nessee, In December, 1662, which the
Radical majority in the Senate can adopt
in form:
That the Senators on their oath do say
that the said Andrew Johnson Is an alien
enemy to the Confederate States of Amer
ica: It Is, therefore, orderid by the court
that the said Johnson is so alien enemy,
and all the property, rights, and credits
belonging to him, either at law or in
equity, are sequestrated under the acts
of Congress, and the Receiver for this
District is directed to proceed to dispose
of the same as provided by law
The verdict of the Confederate Court
against Andrew Johnson was in conse
quence of hnidevotion to the Constitution
and the Union, and the verdict of the
Radical Court at Washington le to cou
damn him for the eatue cause.—Age,
hone wire had
us, and who,
led to neglect
the day 0-
Rims°lvo, Va., May 2—The bail
bond of Jefferson Davis was renewed to
day, the accused to appear on sueh day
during neat term as the court may Hz.
The Judge said Chief Justice Chase told
him he would be In Richmond to preside
at the Davis trial within two days after
the close of Impeachment. The new
bond given has Bortice Greely, Cornelius
Vanderbilt and Gerrit Smith on it for
$25,000 each, and the remaining $2.5,000
given by citizens of Richmond. ,'flats
done by Instruction from che-parties
Ex-Senator Bright, of Indiana,
,the court, and General Lee, ez-
Letclher and Mr. Seddon were
as witnesses: It is thought.
take place in the last of
king at a
Lw, eaw
in the el
the trial
—The oomil
agreed to thead
commencement of
NINS-TENTLIS et ih S . N fellows sent
the Bump to represeri the Southern
Africanized States are c.
und if prepared to represen antbing
beyond their nwn greedy in. !nets,
will be the Northern commun. es of
mongrels front which they orig .ally
sprung. Many of them don't know e
boundaries of the distriots for withr
they were elected, and some of them
have never set foot upon the territory
which they propose to represent. This
is theeort of republican government in
stituted)), the progressive lights of the
mongrel party.
ElEli/tY WARD BEECREH, said the oth
er day in New York, at a meeting held
for the purpose of raising funds for the
endowment of Washington College,
Virginia,..(Cien. Lee's) that had he
(Beecher) been in Lee's circumstances
and surroundings he would have done
as he (Lee) did. What think you of
that, ye bloody minded Radicals?
WIPER Radical politicians tell labor
ing men they pay no taxes, the latter
should ask in return, how much more
they pay for everything they eat, drink,
and wear, than they did In good old
Democratic times? If it costs you twelve
dollars a week to support and clothe
your family now, whore tt formerly cost
only six, di) you labt pay a tax of three
hundred Mid twelve dollars a year?
Tnn Memphis Avalanche lugs there
are teretiqUedida - staiving negroes in
&tempt& living let filth and rags, wha
are kept alive only by stealing. Deplor-
this may be, tt hr'the easer t •to a
greater tir )ems extent, hrevery Eleotherrt
town and city.
The Radicals emblazoned the picture
of timid, on their tickets lu New Barn ] ,
shire and Connecticut, and the restt:ts
were far frow encouraging. Then it WWI
el 111 med that the whole West would go
for hint with a whirlteind of euthU.l4lblll.
Yet when an important election took
place to the metropolis of his own State,
Chimera, which had been overwhelming
ly Radical (oz years, it repudiated the si
lent smoker. This basso shaken the be
lief of leading Radlesis do Oran Vs popu
larly, that It is said there is a attune
probability ho will be thrown overboard
by the politicians M. Chicago In May, as
unceremoniously as he was by the people
In April. All that can prevent that from
being done Is the fear that a change of
candidatee now will he construed Into
a confession that they have no hope of
success. It is immaterial to us what they
may do In the matter. We are confident
that the Democratic candidate will l s ,
elected, whether his opponent be Orilla
or nay oite else. All that Is needed to
render emcees cereal n is Jud I e itnte , tett loot
by the Demeeratio National Convention.
—Lane. Inteatgenate.
The solution of the tlnauelidirroblem
Is simple. It Is expressed ILL the single
word 1-1. t.Tak:Nut INI lIN/.
'Ashanti the Army.
Reduce the Navy to a peace footloy.
Cut down the Civil Expense* of Gov
Then Repeal am :111.ias. Abolish the
Income Tax, which laicl* five per cent.
otl the In tereat of every city, ciotporation
or railroad huml,,wheldielt the I , "ht"" b e
poor or rich: AbOliAl the Hommel* to
merchants, hotel and restaurant keuper4
and prole-siontil men. Abolish all taxes,
except excises on liquors and toloustio,
altil if neevalary stumps.
The inanufneturers eluidored for Ile,
repeal of their titxre4, Je
inoceil them.' !Cow let the Peoptc,
for the repeal of their taxed, , and regehe
Congress to remove them. I r Congress
refuses, the people should apply t h e pro,
pet , remedy and remove Congresa.—Lna
DIstIIMITED terra 131[APIT.—NO doubt.
there are plenty of politicians in the Re
phtilican party who are tall opposed to
the nomination or General Grant. Mt.
Halstead, of Ow Cincinnati Cuasnearciat,
writes trout Washington that &mutua' the
leading Radicals contemplate and urge
the dropping of Grant at the Chiang°
Convention, and the anustitutiolinf thm.
Watli as the candidate. Their. line of
argument 'sateen :
"Grant has been virtually nowhisted
fur• some Mouths. IL is plain that. his app
parent c.audiduey has nut been produc.
live of tile sihrlite,: popular elithU4tatit.
tie has not added a particle of strength
La llao Republican party fn any quartet.
On the cuntt.,i) the nut lint 110 kt:4W/hid
IlLahleli good tot sole• Tliti
Connecticut and Chicago elections aro
lint encouraging. The thing t du Is io
wake a timely uhange hut our leadership.
Itcujautin F. Wade is the only luau Who
can be that. eandldate. Let u 4 suite the
opportunity and nave the party."
JcnatE WOODWARD. of 'Pennsylvania,
'introduced a sensible propodtlon in the
Rohe recently, being a bill to provide
for the testing of acts whose constitu
finhality may be questioned by the Pres
ident and passed over his vote. The
Prwildent may file in the Supreme Coo rt
such a "feigned Issue" as wilt raw the
constitutional question to be decided, and
the -Speaker of the tionse is to be com
pelled to appear by rcoord or counsel, to
defend the enactments objected to by
the President; The Court's ophilon
against an set makes it null and void,
but until much w decision: is pronounced it
shall be deemed constitutional aud valid.
A Gump' s. paper charges that al/. the
misfortunes of the E4outhern people are
directly attributable to Northern adven
turers and vagabonds who have tloaed
thither for potitleat renown. The
whites, it says, "would never have op
pressed.the uegroes nor permitted then
to be oppressed, and t ,7- negroea.would
never have had confidence In the whites,
but for the Interested villainY of these
carpet-baggers and scelawags; and pri
marily they are responsible for every
serions difficulty between the room, for
all danger of difficulties of this donee
ter, in the South." . '
Tits. proceedings In the Impeachment
CUES° will be printed in two volumes of
1000 parts each. The first volume la
nearly ready. A very Urge. edition
ought to be.printed. will not
be long before the managers, and. Itadi
cal leaders generally will labor, 40;eup
preae the retort] of their
THE Pacific Railroad nag ontn,l.wod to
the summit of the Rocky Ifouleksine
end begun fnb decsent on the Peel& slope.
A dispatch from the Chiet Engineer of
the work 'announces the laying:of the
ralle upon the summit, with befitting
ceremonies, oh the 111th of April.
PITILADELPIITA was named after a City
in Asia Minor, and first laid out with a
view to rival ancient Baliylon In extent.
Its plan wee restricted to Int Preieut
limits by its charter of 1701. It was first
surveyed and regulated by the English
Colony In 1684. •
EVERY soldier now in the unitedlitates
Army costs the people $2,000 per annum,
and Grant wants to increase the army
40,000 more, Ida& would add 1680,000,ixi0
to the expense upon the people. Hoorah
for Grant and Reform !
on both aldee have
tine as the day for the
e Davi& triaL
"Macs," in sketching Senator lcrake,
of Miesouri, ones a Border Rallies, now
ayellitig Radical, aecounts tor tths tenden
cy to extremes from a disproportion be
tween large ambition and limited
rim Washington correepoudent_tic the
Y. Commercial Adverthier irittes:
le of the Radical etlitorilirtin 'need
(te about the 'crack of alivehoi-
Ip' in the Capitcil,,ehttild come
to w
here no'
THE New : ,
(Qs.) Tclegrai
pers, recom
Hancock t
for the Preside]
A Luramii
years been antis
leprost'lt is ass
Monti:eat deer
and uneteanliro
Tat: Radical
}net elected a
elpal State
the name in Pen
If We are to
Radical press,
tore was more
WENDELL PHILLIPS says theitlitlEhhuit
should be nominated - he be - badly
defeared.No disubt:Of IL L =
Ts tes Id ytkng lady , fti Meekly/I so
refined' thet - she neflit 'hi/4116e' Astord
" biltekgehrd,"list eithstliditki.." 4(6'Jc/in
sentinel." .•4 141 , 11 'IA
Tan Uotf allow -Which Vooktneivanta
now -KaMilo wool srantetfitry' /salmi II
to William Ponzaoleelt d 4"l=
Orleans Pierequae, Macon
and other Southern pa-