Cameron County press. (Emporium, Cameron County, Pa.) 1866-1922, January 12, 1911, Image 12

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    * ; oley's Kidney Remedy An Appre
L MeConnell, Catherine St.. Klmirn,
N. Y., writes: 1 wish to express ray
appreciation of the _:r<'at pi mil I derived
from F<>ley'> Kidney Remedy, which I
used tor .1 bad case of kiducy trouble.
Five bottles did the work most effectively
and proved to me beyond doubt 11 i.-> the
most reliable kidney medicine I have
takeu," Sold by Emporium Drug Co.
Saves Two Lives.
•'Neither my sister nor myself might
be living to-day, il it had not been for
l>r. King's New Discovery writes A.
D. McDonald, ot Fayetteville, N C., It.
F. D. No. 8, "For we both had fright
ful conghs that no other remedy could
help. We were told my sister had con
sumption. She was very weak and had
night sweats aut your wonderful medi
cine completely cured us both. It's the
best I ever used or heard of." For sore
lungs, 'ouL'hs, colds, hemorrhage, la
grippe, asthma, hay fever, croup, whoop
ing couuh, —all bronchial troubles, —its
supreme. Trial bottle tree. 50c and
sl-00. Guaranteed by all druggists.
For either acute or chronic kidney dis
orders, for annoying and painful urinary
irregulariti -s take Foley Kidney Pills.
Ai) honest and effective medicine for
kidney and bladder disorders. Sold by
Emporium Drug Co.
Holey Kidney Pills. N
Are tonic in actioD, ijuick in results.
A special medicine for all kidney and
bladder disorders. Mr. James Cantwell,
Williamsport, Pa., say-: For twenty
years or more I had kidney trouble and
suffered a severe bark ache with annoying
urinary irregularities. At times 1 fV'.t
miserable and ali played out. 1 finally
j;ot some of Foley Kidney Pills and after
taking them a -liort time my backache
left me and my kidney action became
free and natural aud without more pain.
I take pleasure in recommending Foley
Kidney Kidney Pills to all suffering with
kindey trouble. Sold by Emporium
Drug Co.
Mountain Park
Green House.
Hidg way, Pa,
We have the largest and most up-to
<<afe GREEN in Western
Ail • rders left at Geo. J. Laßai 's,
Erup rinm, P.i., will e, . prom) :
and euro f'nl attention. Satisfaction
guaranteed. 52-1 v.
H. S. LI OYD j
The First Requisite
jin letter writing is that tho paper
JI ipr] TT used be above criticism.
1 ■ l)iil Your stationary should reflect
I / ffiV jMMB your taste, character and reflne
'y ment, and convey your personal
tr tr jtfiji The Eaton, Crane Pike Writing
L>y Paper are always the flrat choice
Jn discriminating people. They
IBH are by far the finest social corres
L are first in quality, and absolutely
correct in style. Thsir artistic
Hnd painfc y boxi »g adds much to
their general attractiveness.
Come in ana iet us snow you our line of the justly popular EATON
CRANEJ& PIKE papers.
H. S. LLOYD, Masonic Block
m - -■ mimriimi iiiimnir-nrTiiraiT^w^
Autumn Announcement
A Fine Line of Coats, Suits, Skirts
and Shirtwaists, just received
com ; jnnunt o; new furs that are now open for
A (special lisconnt of iu per cent on regular price will
*' week. A small
cash deposit will -.ecure the vs. Call early.
1 „ - _ •
Property for Sale.
A property on West Fourth nt reef '
; for sale. Inquire of
38-tf. GEO. BARK SR. J
For Sale.
Good six room house; gas and city j
water, West Allegany Avenue, Em
porium, Pa., lot .30x160. A bargain.
Apply to Mrs. John lleunessy, Em
porium, Pa. I. r »-4t.
j All persons are hereby forbidden from
trespassing upon the property of this
Company without a permit from this j
; office, or the Manager at the works' j
Emporium, Pa.. August Ist 11103
Cedar Shingles $1.50 per thousand at j
; C. B. Howard & CO'H.
A Reliable Cough Hedicine.
Is a valuable family friend. Foley's
I Honey and Tar fulfills this condition ex- t
actly. Mrs. Charles Kline. N. Sth St., j
Kaston Pa., states: "Several members
i of my family have been cured of bad
coughs and colds by the use of Foley's
Honey and 'far and I am never without
a bottle in the house. It soothes and re
j lieves the irritation iu the throat ami
! loosens up the cold. I have always
i found it a reliable cough cure." Sold
by Emporium Drug Co.
| ■■■■■■■■■■ ■ ■■
We are busy tak
ing inventory and
assisting our new
manager Mr. Robt.
H. Winkett to be-
Icome acquainted
with you. Call
:| a j
'A i-j ■
i u
* %
I p §
I Emporium Drug Co. |
SEBts«R3 •j'wiiir-wjaK •'
Making a Major.
John Eat i> 1 «Mil<i», who wont Into '
tlio war as :,u <-ullMti-<l 111:111 in a lllcli
iiiuiul bmtpr.v, was mhui afterward ap
j |)i'.uU'(l an •..lit er na I lie si..ll' of (Jon
! era! J. 10. It. Stuart. On Stuart's stall'.
.Mr. (Joni'Kf t'nr.v sa.v.s in
"ltpcollections of a Varied 1.1fe," lie
disiiiu uislii'd liiiugclf by a certain
laughing iionchiiluiicu under lire and
> by his wiger readiness t<» undertake
[ Stuart's inosi perilous missions.
It was in recognition of some spe
I ciully daring service of I bat kind that
I Stuart gave iiini bis promotion. The
! delightful way in which the great boj
| isii southerner did it is best told in
I Mr. Egglestoil's own words.
"You're about in.v size, Cooke," Slu
| art said, "but you're not so broad in
! the chest."
"Yes, 1 am," answered Cooke.
"Let's see if you are," said Stuart,
i taking off iiis coat as if for a boxing
I match. "Try that on."
Cooke donned the coat, with its three
, tftnrs on the collar and found it a fit.
"Cut off two of the stars," Stuart
roinmanded, "and wear the coat to
Uicbmond. Tell the people in the war
department to make you a major and
send you back to me iu a hurry. I'll
need you tomorrow."
How It Feels to Be Run Over.
"When 1 was run over," writes a
j correspondent, "1 had not seen the car
approaching. The lirst thing I knew
1 was that I was on the ground, kicking
upward with my legs in an effort to
get from under the car. Then I felt a
wheel going over my chest, which
bent as it passed over. In the inter
vening second or two 1 went through
several minutes' worth of feelings. 1
had the sensations of astonishment at
being on the ground, of wanting to roll
aside and away, of bracing myself—
and my chest especially—stiff to resist
! something, whatever it might be, while
| a lightning tlasli of fear was dimly
I there and a subconscious query, 'What
on earth next?' Yet it was hardly
fear, because there was no time for
such a durable sensation. It was rath
er a sense of being suddenly confront
ed with a grave reality, of doubtful,
obscurely terrible import." London
Origin of Coal.
Coal is of vegetable origin. When
j vegetable matter accumulates under
j water it undergoes a slow process of
j decomposition, giving off its nitrogen,
i hydrogen, oxygen and some carbon,
j the result of which if carried far
i enough is the formation of a mass of
j carbon. Peat, found often in swampy i
j tracts, is the first stage iu the coal j
! forming process, and the further j
I stages are formed by the burial of I
these vegetable «! its under great
loads of sediment. \\ ere they be ;ome
subject to pre- sure and sometimes to ,
beat. Til's effects a series of changes, |
i consolidation ami I ss of oxygen and I
gives a series of products whose na- I
i tnre depends on i! e degree to which |
; the original vegelabl • matter has been |
! changed. The pr <lr I are known as
j lignite, bituminous oal and anthracite j
j coal.
Mixin;j his Dates.
There is a story of a man who was
| so transported with joy as he stood
up at the altar rail to be married that
his thoughts reverted to a day when
he stood up at the prisoner's bar in a
court of justice to plead "guilty" or
"not guilty" to a criminal charge. So
powerfully did that, the most painful
event of his life, obtrude itself upon
his mind that when the clergyman put
the question, "Wilt thou have this wo
man to be thy wedded wife?" and so
on, the poor distracted bridegroom an
swered with startling distinctness,
"Not guilty, so help me!"— From Tuck
erman's "Personal Recollections."
A Stubborn Opening.
The head of the household was go-
I ing through her husband's pockets the
next morning.
"What kept you out so late last
night?" she suddenly demanded.
"it was tlie opening of the cam
paign. my dear," the lesser half re
"Well, it didn't take three cork
screws to open It, did it?"
And she drew the offending articles
j from his side pocket and waved them
| before him. —Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Riot of Ink.
Canon Nieholl used to tell how on
one occasion he had visited the famous
house of the Thrales in that suburb
i of London where Dr. Johnson was at
home. "Johnson," said the canon in
recalling his visit, "had occupied two
rooms, and these were left as he last
used them. The sight was an extraor
j dinary one, for ink was splashed all
j over the floor and even on the walls.
I It was one of the doctor's habits to
I dip his pen iu ink and then shake it."
Teaching the Teacher.
Teacher—Johnny, what part of speech
. is 'nose?' Johnny—'Tlsn't any. Teach
| er—Ah, but it must be. .Johnny May-*
j i-e yours is, because you talk through
j it, but the only part of speech I've
j got is my mouth.
Same Old Story.
"Does he pay bis alimony promptly?"
"No. Tie has to in- and threat- |
! ened every pay day; but, then, of |
; course, I got used to that when we ■
were living togetli r." < 'leveland Plain I
Masculine Perversity.
Men are ftinti; • twr to cater |
for. A woman wl'il buy lb" thin::' die j
wants, but ,i milt. v. ill oiilj buy the !
| thlntrs be need ' nu:e.
When the tl ' l>. w'thin himself |
i a man's worth Honiethlntr. Mrownliig.
Why He Wanted Reference*.
' At a eriMil i *ti' - i.inn r one of the
Veterans loiil this s|or\ ; - in the rcc< a
Ktruction days a man from a Missis
sippi valley to vn > ame I > our w• .j|« .
house one day. We had sold him be
fore iu a small way, and he alwayi
paid, lie bad enlaruid bis business
be told lis, and wanted a idgg ! ::
than usual, but before making his s«
lections be w.inte I us to give liiiu :ef
erences. We expr a urpn.-e
such an unheard of de .mad, but !le
said, 'My two brotia rs in law ii. >e
gone in with . and :he. 't\> \ ; tr
ticular as to wiiotii i <■ > I osih *hs
with.' So we sent bi..i in c l.i i:s.
and lie caiiie back, sain e . cu- ill
right, picked out a be. line • . •. .
and in sixty days he in; ..i„ We
couldn't colh-ct a 'i \>o years
later 1 met the man in I'i.i- '.in ;i . .d
told iiini we had be. o; i.- r o icne l to
our loss. iSut will you please tell me,'
1 asked, 'why did you want references
iis to our credit?' 'Weil, you see," lie
answered, 'I wanted to know if you
could stand it. " Kxcbatige.
No Law's Delay Here.
In Perak, in the .Malay peninsula,
lawyers find no business, for a modi
lied form of trial by ordeal decides all
disputes. In place of the legal practi
tioner the pleader is a native boy who
is assigned (o one or the other of the
sides and is given a bamboo tube in
which is sealed the pleading of the
person or party v hom lie represents.
Wlan all is ready two stake.; are
driven into the bed of a stream, and
by aid of a bamboo pole the heads of
the two boys are submerged at the
same time. Ity grasping the stakes
they are enabled to remain undoi wa
ter for quite awhile after their natural
Inclination would bring tliem to the
surface, but at last one of them gives
in and, releasing bis hold of the stake,
comes to the air. He is Immediately
seized, and the tube he holds is cast
aside. The other lad is led ashore, his
tube opened, and the document con
tained therein stands as the decision in
the case.
Scott. Relics at Abbotsford.
The present estate of Abbotsford was
formed during the years 1811 to 1817
from various small farms, the lirst
one purchased bearing the "inharmo
nious designation" Clarty Mole. After
Sir Walter Scott's death in ISDI a com
mit lee of friends collected £B,OOO to
ward the redemption of the estate, and
Mr. Cadell, the publisher, contributed
tile rest on receiving the rights over
Scott's works. The library and mu
| scum bad been given some years be
| fore by the creditors. As his son,
j Lieutenant Colonel W. Scott, died on
I his way home from India, the prop
erty d< fended to J. U. Lockhart, his
son-in-law, and thence to his daugli
i tor's husband, J. 11. Hope-Scott, whose
j daughter held the estate for some
! ye r.»:. Many Scott relics are preserv-
I ed in the house, notably his chair and
I writing table In the study and his hat
j and gloves in the hall. —London Staud
j ar<L
Hard For the Eskimos.
One of the diilicuities of the Mora
vian missionaries in Labrador is to
make the Old Testament, with its
wealth of pastoral detail, intelligible
to the Eskimos, not one of whom has
ever seen a horse. "Sheep and cattle,"
says Ilesketh Pritchard in "Hunting
Camps in Wood and Wilderness,"
"they cannot realize or conceive of,
for there are no domesticated animals
save dogs in that portion of the penin
sula. They comprehend the story of
Esau, the hunter, and that of Samson
and the lion, which animal can be
translated as polar bear, but of Abra
ham in the land of Mesopotamia they
can form no picture. The nearest ap
proach to these ideas is drawn from
the harvest of the sea, seals and fish
taking the place of docks and herds."
Mistletoe a Menace.
Few people who know mistletoe only
as a desirable feature of Christmas
decorations understand that the plant
is a parasite dangerous to the life of
trees in the regions in which it grows.
It is only a question of time after
mistletoe once begins to grow upon a
tree before the tree Itself will be
killed. The parasite saps the life of
the infected branches. Fortunately it
is of slow growth, taking years to de
velop to large proportions, but when
neglected it Invariably ruins all trees
It reaches. The only method of exter
mination is the cutting down of dis
eased trees.—Exchange.
Two of a Kind.
"I told dat feller I was so flat broke
I had to sleep outdoors," said Plod
ding Pete.
"Did it touch his heart?" asked Me
andering Mike.
"No. He said he was doing the same
tiling an' bad to pay de doctor for
tellin' him what a blessiu' it was."—
Washington Star.
His Kind.
"I hoard of a man once who was
going to make money baud over fist
when In; was carried off."
"Ity death?"
"No: by the police. He was porch
climbing." Baltimore American.
He Was Slow.
"I had not talked to him more than
fifteen minutes when ho called me an
j Idiot."
i "Ceo! lie di.ln't violate any speed
( limit In getting next, did he?" Huston
Drying Her Trnrs.
"What do you do when your wife
"l'ies?'• naked the ynmnrer man. "Do
j yon have to 'jive into her?"
j "No." said ■>; 'c, m n "<s;•••.♦ hoi
|so tub money " Kuffulo Ex pre <.
I 1 Square Deal
E. J. Rogers, Prop"
Honest Weight and Honest j
Have you tried our Buckwheat.
Flour. 100 per cent. pure. Put up
in 5, 10 and 25 pound packages.
A trial is all we ask.
Call, phone or write. Out of
town orders filled same day re
A share of the trade respect
fully solicited.
I 1
I Reduction in I
A bijr reduction of 20
per cent, will be made
!on all enamel and tin
ware and in fact all !
articles in the hardware
line. Save a dollar
here 011 every five dollar 0
purchase. A trial will 1
convince you.
£ I
I P 111 E"» a 8
t.W. Dimnnyl
• 6 ■
I MHMftrff-t;'»2umtitoUHSZiiqgg
I fBOL . 1111^
Canary Birds«
If you wish a Canary
I for Xmas, consult us. We
are on the job with a fine
imported stock.
Drug Store
Anyone sending a sketch and description may (
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention id probably patentable, t'ommunira*
lions strictly conUUontlal. HANDBOOK 011 Patents
sent. free. « Mdest agency foe securing; patents.
Patents taken through Mutin & Co. receive
tpecitil notice , without charge, lu the t
Scientific American, j
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. T.areest ctr
! ciilallon nt any HelontlUc journal. Terms, s:i n »
year; four manttis,sl. Bold byall newsdealers.
MUNN & Co. 3G,Broadiv "* New Work i
Branch Of9ce. 625 F Ht., Washington, I). ('.
Nnw York. N. V. '
The Iti-Mt Alwavft
Fall and
Winter Goods
Now In
If you desire a <rood fit
ting awl stylish made
Suit that is stylish, give
i John Edelmau a call at once
! and don't wait until the
season is here and have to
wait. Call at once.
! Fall Goods now in
Suits made to Order
Prices from $25 to $45
We guarantee our work
j and if you fail to get a good
fit you do not have to take
the suit. Remember, we
! guarantee to give you a good
! fit, for we employ none but
| the best workmen. They
all reside here, spend
their money here, pay taxes
| and help to keep up our
j county. Encourage home
Jno. Edelraan
r • in (
j! Last Emporium, ra. ||
TPTX "C 3 «
BH P /*»>,, T
» "E "52
What They Will Do fcr You
They will cure your backache,
Btrengthen your kidneys, cor
-1 -ect urinary irregularities, build
p the worn out tissues, and
liminate the excess uric acid
hat causes rheumatism. Pre
sent Bright's Disease and Dia
bates, and restore health and
strength. Refuse substitutes.
Emporium Drug Company
Foley's Honey and Tar
for children,safe,sure. No opiates.
Taking effect Aug. 22. 1909.
6 10 2 4 18
P.M. A.M. P.M. A.M.
'ort Allegany,. Lv. 233 11 37 7 12 900
'hemicttl Works.... •'2 36 °° °° °
jurtville, 2 14 11 48 7 22 9 11
Uoulette 2 56 11 57 7 30 9 23
Knowlton's, *3 00 12 01 00 °
Miua 306 12 07 7 40 9 C 33
Olmsted, »3 10 12 11 »7 14 9 37
, ... ' 3 18 12 20 7 52 9 45
Coudersport. • . A.M
' 6 10 12 37
North Coudersporl, J ° ... *l2 41
(•'rink's, »5 50 *l2 19
Colesburg, 5 57 12 57
Seven Bridges, »6 02 *1 02
Raymonds, 6 12 1 13
Hold, 6 17 llfl
Newfleld, 1 23
NewtialdJunction,.. 6 27 1 32
Perkins *6 30 "1 35
Carpenter's OJ »l 39
Crowell's, »fi 36 *1 42
Ulysses 7 20 1 52
J A. M. P. M. ■ I
Ji 1 5
I*. M. A. M. p. M.
Port Allegany, 2 lo 8 50 5 10
Chemical works 00 °°
Brrtvllle 1 57 8 37 4 57
Roulette 1 f,o A 11 4 50
Knowlton's, 1 45 00 *4 45
Mina 1 10 S 21 4 40
Olmsted '*lßs 435
I Lv. 1 :<o 8 12 4 30
Coudersport, < P.M.
(Ar 8 50 .....
North Coudersport 00 i?!
Kriok-. »7 57:::::: i g
Colesburg «7 50 3 08
Seven Bridges, »7 4rt 3 04
Raymond's *7 :*7 *2 54
v°''n Vi 7:13 *' 2 r, °
Newfleld OO *2 4*5
NewtleldJunction, 755 ]**.. 2 42
Perkins, .... *7ll ...
Carpenter's, J0 ; ]]] | ] tj 30
G rowel Is, B 7 07 27
Ulysrea ..Lv 7&J 2 20
112 ruins 1 and 2 run daily between Couders
port and I ort Allegany, all oth*r trains run
week days only.
•Flaur stations. °°) Trains do not stop
r leieKrapb offices.
Trains run on Eastern Standard Tim. .
t ' liint ctious—At rijrsseN w uii l- all Itrook ti'y
r points north and south. At B. A S. Juru
,t!»w.iV A Biif*c|tieliannaß. R. north • -
A Y», ' to,,th ' ; Uetoa sad tddison. > t
»rt V'u i'an\ *vith IvntisvlvaDia ii. Ft., north
nalo, O • ta. Bradford aid Sin6th]
»ati. for K«-.tiiu|f Summit, Au*tin, Kmporiui t
vnd Penn'a !?.. R. t poiuu.
•JH. A. MeCLI KK.C u'l«tint
< oti«lertf» »rt. 1,1.