Cameron County press. (Emporium, Cameron County, Pa.) 1866-1922, June 16, 1898, Page 4, Image 4

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€l<arr)epor) Gour)ly jfVess.
Editor and Manager.
Per year |2 00
If paid in.idvance fl K0
For Governor,
Wm .A. STONE, of Allegany.
For Lieutenant-Governor,
J. P. S. GOBIN, of Lebanon.
For Secretary of Internal A Hairs,
JOSEPH W. LATTA, of Philadelphia.
For Jndge of Superior Court,
WILLIAM M. PORTER, of Phiadelphia.
For Congress-at- Large,
(SALUBHA A. GROW, of Susquehanna,
For President Judge,
B. \V. GREEN, of Cameron,
Subject to the decision of the Republican
District Convention.]
The committee appointed by the
last Republican county convention
to examine into and report upon
the adoption of the "Crawford
County System" of conducting
primary elections, met at the War
ner House yesterday and organized
by electing (.'apt. ('. F. Barclay
President and A. ('. Blum. Secre
tary. The committee adjourned
to some future date, in tin- mean
time a committee consisting of J.
E. Rhodes, A. C. Blum and C. E.
Barclay were selected to ascertain
the views of the Republicans upon
the question and report at the next
Those who are predicting a re
volt against the Republican party
this fall, will do well to read the
following from State Senator Win.
Flynn, of Pittsburg, who has been
an active member of the anti
<iuay faction. I'pon accepting the
renomination for senator he said:
"1 fully appreciate the task that is
before me, and I trust that you
will help elect the Republican tick
et. It is needless to say that in
this county we have had factional
differences, but now they are heal
ed over. \\ e have a candidate for
(J over nor from this county, and I
desire to ask you to vote for Win.
A Stone and help bring the regu
larly chosen candidates for State
and county ollicers to a successful
The l'u;.— fully agrees with Mr.
W. 11. Baker, editor of the Ridg
way Advocate, who says, in speak
ing of the nomination of Hon. W.
A. Stone:
"Elk county Republicans had a
decided preference for Hon. C. W.
Stone as a candidate for the Repub
lican nomination for Governor.
This preference was due not only
to the clean record and line ability
of Mr. Stone as a statesman, but
also because of local pride in the
northwest and the further fact that
Hon. C. \\. Stone has done
many official favors during his ca
reer in Congress for Hlk county
Republicans. We had our choice
and it was emphatically expressed,
but our man lacked a few votes of
winning the great honor. Col. W.
A. Stone of Allegany county, an
other Congressman, was made the
Republican nominee. Col. Stone
was a gallant soldier as well as a
clean statesman, and is personally
popular. He is thoroughly com
petent to lill the oflice of Gover
nor especially in a time of war.
He is our candidate now, and the
editor 01 the Advocate will take
pleasure in doing all he can for the
whole ticket. Contests within
party lines are perfectly proper and
commendable, but when the ticket
has been named —and especially
when tiie nominees are all good
men—let us be loyal Republicans,
and do all we can for the success
af the ticket. The Advocate has
no respect for "sore heads" who
act the traitor because they cannot
have everything their own way.
Let us be loyal to the Grand Old
Party and our patriotic President
—let us support the Republican
ticket with vigor and enthusiasm."
No Republican felt more disap
pointed over the defeat of our pop
ular Congressman than the editor
of this journrl, yet we, as all good
Republicans should do. accepted
the situation and shall labor zeal
ously to elect the ticket headed by
the gallant Col. W. A. Stone.
Why should not every Republican
in this good old state support the
ticket? Surely every name upon
the banner are reputable gentlemen
and lighters in the ranks of the
party. Steady, old guard,, all
along the line !
A Great Republican Year.
The contest over the Democratic
nomination for Governnorin Penn
sylvania is decidedly amusing, says
the Philadelphia Inquirer. If the
Democrats nominate Guffey he will
be cut by his own party l>ecause he
represents all the Bryan heresies.
If Judge Gordon is nominated be
cannot begin to hold his party vote,
because he represents a faction
I that is held in abhorrence by an
i other faction. It makes no differ-
I ence what the Democrats do. They
can take Guffey or Gordon or any
I Democrat under the face of the
| sun, and they can put him <»n any
; platform they see lit to build, and
! the result will be nothing but dis
| aster for Democracy. Those who
| expect the Democrats to cut any
j figure in the coming campaign will
be disappointed.
Nor can a 113' personal-re vengo
! independent movement hope for
any greater success, even with the
j Swallow party in the held. This
is a great Republican year. 1 'at -
i riotism is beyond all personal ani
| bition, and the Republican ticket,
i so squarely and fairly nominated
j at Ifarrisburg, will be elected by a
I sweeping majority. For proof of
| public sentiment we have only to
look at Oregon. In INSKi McKinley
carried Oregon by 2,100 majority.
' On Monday last Oregon supported
| the McKinley administration by a
majority of upwards of 10,000 in a
! total vote of about To,ooo. This
!is something tremendous. Two
' years ago the two Republican COll
- gressmen barely pulled through.
1 In the First distinct the Republi
i can vote was and the Pop
ulist vote lO.'J'.Mi, giving a Repub-
I lican majority of but •">!). But this
j was merely a plurality, not a
, majority, for the Democratic can
i didate polled 7,i»14 and the Pro
j liibitionist candidate I,.">s<>, leaving
J the Republican candidate in a
! minority of ( J,211. This year the
I Republicans have carried the dis
j trict by upwards of 2,200 plurality,
i In the Second district the Republi-
I can plurality two years ago was
j but 878. This year it is more than
I 2,600.
Confidence in the Republican
administration at Washington has
brought about this overwhelming
victory. In times of war petty
strife is eliminated and the great
Republican vote stands by its
President and the policy of the
administration. The Republican
people understand that McKinley
must not only be endorsed,but that
Republicans must be sent to the
Fnited States Senate and House of
Representatives in order to support
him fully. Pennsylvania will take
Ino backward step She was the
j banner State in 1.89<>, and she must
i be the banner State in ISDS.
England anil America.
11' England is unpopular 011 the
j continent, it is partly because she
j is strong ami partly because she is
i not only free, but the friend of
j freedom in other lands. America
| is disliked among the despotisms
: for the same reasons. Continental
powers know that the organized
armed strength of the I'nited States
at the end of this war, let it end
when it may, will make America a
match for the great powers, whether
in the Atlantic or in the Pacific.
Foreigners perceive that the rescue
of Cuba from Spanish brutalitv will
introduce the United States into
the circle of the great 'European
powers. To her will fall the dis
position of the Philippine Islands
and perhaps of Morocco—sweet
morsels hankered after by Ger
many, by Japan and by France.
With the direct entry of the I'nited
States into the territorial interests
of the wide world her role in the
drama of the next century will be
a leading one. Furthermore, the
policy of Spain may be to make the
war a. succession of slow campaigns
and thus to render the capture of
Cuba but one incident in a long
struggle. European nations, other
than Great Britain, regard the ap
proach to the shores of Spain of the
great western influence with a feel- 1
ing of abhorrence, dismay and sur- J
prise. They are beginning to see i
that while for Spain there are two '
ways out of ths trouble that besets j
her, for the United States there is :
but one. Whatever the cost and !
whatever the sacrifice, the Ameri- !
can Republic cannot stay her hand j
until Spain has been driven out of \
her colonial empire in East and i
West. And, lastly, they know j
that whatever suffering may be J
caused to the Spaniards, and what- !
ever steps are taken by the United
States to insure victory, and bow
ever needless the war may have
been, America will command the
firm friendship of England,—Eon
don Correspondent of Harper's I
The soldier boys on a hard-tack J
diet are not remembering the Maine
exclusively. They also remem
ber the bread their mothers baked.
Kansas City Journal.
The State Ticket.
The ticket iB one that every Republi
can can support with a clear conscience.
—Punxsutawney Spirit.
Republican all over the State are
rallying around the banner borne
: aloft by Colonel W. A. Stone. The
usual majority may be expected.—
Williamsport Gazette and Bulletin.
Speaker Reed and Colonel W. A.
1 Stono are warm personal friends and
news comes from Washington that the
Speaker will take tho stump in Penn
sylvania in behalf of Colonel Stone and
the Republican ticket —Bradford Star.
Col. Stone is the kind of a man people
! delight to honor There is no better
I Republican and no cleaner man in
; Pennsylvania than our candidate, and
I there is no reason why every true
Republican should not support liiin.—
1 Indiana Progress.
Colonel Stone's nomination was made
by the people. They spoke before
j Senator Quay. Like the true Republi
can he is, he simply got in line with
I the Stono procession, which is march
ing 011 to victory.—Mt. Carmel News
It should bo remembered that the
present national administration has a
just right to demand continued and
hearty support in carrying out its
policy and Pennsylvania should lead in
this respect.—llazleton Sentinel.
| In the battle for tho nomination for
Governor, vigorous and at times bitter,
not a word lias been said reflecting
: upon the integrity and high character
lof Col. Stone. He will make an ex
cellent Governor, and will be elected
by a rousing majority—Franklin Press.
His many years in public life have
given him a wide knowledge of public
men. Physically and intellectually
j Col. Stone is a man of large dimensions,
! and a candidate behind whom the Re
i publican hosts of Pennsylvania will
gladly goto battle.—Towanda Journal.
Colonel William A. Stone was nom
inated by one of the most respectable
and harmonious conventions ever held
in this State lie had made an open
and manly fight for the nomination
and was the undoubted choice of a
majority of tho voters.—Bryn Mawr
We have nailed to the masthead the
j Republican ticket named at Harris
burg last week, and propose to keep it
there until victory crowns the fight on
j the second of November next. Every
patriot and Republican who is desirous
of upholding President McKinley will
I vote for it.—Bloomsburg Republican.
The political enemies of Senator
Quay have sought to show that he
i used his influence in an arbitrary
degree in the interests of Colonel Stone
but they are utterly unable to show
anything of the kind, for the very
obvious reason that there is no thing
1 of the kind to show.—New Castle
! Guardian.
The belief is unquestionably gaining
ground among thoughtful and well-in
formed Republicans that the State
j ticket nominated at Harrisburg last
j week will be elected by a big majority.
I It is not in the power of the enemies
j of the Republican party to defeat the
I strong, clean-handed ticket which the
name of William A. Stone heads.—
! Scran ton Republican.
I Charles W. Stone, while defeated,
comes out of the contest clean-handed
and wit h the respect of all. He made
his canvass without a word of attack
i upon his rival. He has assailed no one
! and occupies a most favorable position
for future advancement and usefulness,
j He is a Republican and no word of
i complaint will fall from his lips. His
full support will be given, as it always
is, to the Republican party.—Lewisburg
; News.
Every Republican in Adams owes it
to himself as well as his partv to stand
by the ticket, State and county, re
gardless of what were his preferences
as to the Gubernatorial nomination.
Those who were opposed to W. A.
Stone would have expected his friends
to support their favorite had the latter
won Thursday, and it is but consistent,
to say the least, that they should now
follow a similar course.—Gettysburg
Star and Sentinel.
Charles W. Stone was not defeated
Thursday. He is not dead by any
means. His usefulness to Pennsylvania
has not been lessened. The people of
his district will not submit to his re
tirement and they will yet see him
occupy the position of chief executive
of the State. But no victory could be
more complete than the one which he
won at Harrisburg Thursday, when, in
spite of Quay, Andrews and the politi
cal machine he secured 104 against 198
votes for his Allegheny opponent.—
Bradford Star.
Jefferson Republicans will be grati- i
lied over the nomination of Colonel W.
A. Stone, he having been their choice
by a decided majority at the primary
election last February. The conven
tion having appro%'ed their choice it
will be in order for every Republican
to stand shoulder to shoulder with his
neighbor in maintaining the organiza
tion and showing by a rousing major
ity in November their loyalty to party
candidates as well as party principles.
—Brookville Republican.
By the setting up of its ticket the
Republican party is brought face to
face with its common enemy, and it
should meet this enemy with a united
and determined front, regardless of
the disunity that has resulted from
internal factional strife; just as by the
declaration of war this country was I
brought face to face with a foreign foe, i
and the disunited North and South j
wisely and promptly locked hands and i
hearts to repel their common enemy. I
—Somerset Standard.
It is the boast of our free institutions j
that the people rule by a majority vote, j
A majority vote has made tho Republi- 1
can State ticket, and certainly no j
genuine Republican, no matter what 1
his disappointment maybe, can, in a
year when it is so essential that the j
Republican party of McKinley should ;
carry the country, be led into any path i
that would promote strife within tho
party's lines.
Independent movements, whether
against general candidates or in legis- I
lativo districts, must of necessity be
nothing more than assistant Democratic j
movements, and great and loyal Penn
sylvania will have none of them. Let
this State lead the Republican hosts as i
it lead them in 1896.—Philadelphia
The Cuban question and political is
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Trav«leri* Guide.
In effect May 29, 1898.
8 20 A. M.—Train 8 week days for Sunbury,
Wilkesbarre, Scranton, Hazleton, Pottsvilie,
Harrisburg anil intermediate stations, arriving
at Philadelphia 6.23 P. M., New York9.3oP. M.,
I Baltimore 6.00 P. M., Washington 7.15 P. M.
Pullman Parlor car from Williamsport to
Philadelphia andpassengercoaches from Kane
i to Philadelphia and Williamsport to Haiti
more and Washington.
: 3 20 P. M.—Train 6 week days for Harris
burg and intermediate stations, arriving
at Philadelphia, 4.30 A. M., New Y0rk7.33 A.M.
j Pullman sleeping cars from HarrisburgtoPhil
i adelplnr. and New York. Philadelphia pas
sengerscan remain in sleeper undisturbed un.
! til 7:30 A.M.
j 9 37 P. M. Train 4 Daily for Sunbury, Harriß
burg and intermediate stations arriving at
Philadelphia 6.52 A. M„ New York 9.33 A. M.,
weekdays, (10.38 A. M. Sunday;) Baltimore 6.25
A. M.. Washington 7.10 A. W. Pulhnan Bleep
ing cars from Erie and Williamsport to Phila
delphia and Williamsport to Washington.
Passengers in sleeper fur Baltimore and Wash
ington will be transferred into Washington
sleeper at Williamsport. Passenger cars from
Erie to Philadelphia and Williams port to
Baltimore (
5:10 A. M. Emporium Junction—Train 9 week
('.ays for Erie, Ridgway, Dußois, Clermont and
intermediate stations.
10 30 A. M. Train 3 Daily for Erie and
week days for Dußois and intermediate
i stations.
0 P. M. Train 15. weekdays lor Kane
t and intermediate stations.
I Train » leaves Now York 5:50 p. iu., Philadelphia
8:50 p. m., Washington 7:20 p. m., Baltimore
8:10 p. nr., arriving at Emporium Junction 5:10
a. nj., week days', with Pullman Sleepers and
j passenger coaches, from Philadelphia to Krie
and from Washington and Baltimore to Wiil
| iamsport.
Train 3 leaves New Y0rk7.40 p. m,, Philadel
phia 11.20 p. in., Washington 10.10 J). in, Balti
more 11.50 p, m ; , daily, arriving at Emporium
10.30 a. in., with Pullman Palace Sleeping
Cars from Philadelphia to Williamsport, and
passenger coaches from Philadelphia to Krie
j and Baltimore to Wjlliamsp: rt- on Sundays
only Pullman Sleepers from Philadelphia to
j Train loleaves Philadelphiaß.3o a. m., Washing
j ton 7.50 a.m., Baltimoreß.so a.m., Wilkesbarre
| 10:15 A.M., weekdays, arriving at Emporium
| 6.28 P.M., with Parlor car from Philadelphia
j to Williamsport. and passenger coaches from
Philadelphia to Kane.
11 Connections.
(Week days.)
I UTHWAap . Stations. Nobthwabd
jA. M.| A. M.l I'. M. P. H
1 8 551 400 —Renovo.... 500 .. .. 1J ; 05
I 947 441 ...Driftwood... 103 ..... 10 12
10 25 • 5 10 Emporium June 325 ..... 9 10
11 08| •5 52 ... St. Marys... 210 901
11 15 | Kane 112 20 9 05
jll 34 .. ..Wilcox 111l 58 842
jll 49 ..Johnsonburg.. ju 43 £?•?<:
12 10 620 ...Ridgway,... 850 805
12 17 627 ..Island Run... 813 j7 55
12 22 632 Carman Tr'nfer 8 38| I 749
12 31' | c4l .. Croyland 829 740
12 35 645 ..Shorts Mills.. 8 2(ii 736
! 12 39 ! 648 .. Blue Rock... 822 I7 33
I 12 43 6 53 Carrier 8 17 [ j 7 28
12 53 702 .Brockwayville. 8 08! ' 718
I 12 57 7 06 . ..Lanes Mills.. 8 02: ; 7 13
| 1 40, i7 35 Dußois 7 40! I 640
1 201 1 7 251. .Falls Creek... 7 00! |6 55
135 740 Reynoldsville.. 645 640
211 816 ..Brookville .. 609 604
I 3 051 ]9 10 New Bethlehem 520 510
i 350 955 .. Red Bank 425
630 12 40 ...Pittsburg | ] 40
P.M P.M. |A. M.l I P.M.
General Manager. Gen'l Passenger Agt.
Iyfc' Time Table
muffflWnPr® In Effect April
Eft.jtff "Wmfrljj 189;
PESK V> flp f/WMi Trains leave Em
porium for Keating
| Port Allegany, Coudersport, Smetliport, Kid red.
j Bradford, Olean and Buffalo,connecting at Buf
falo for points East and West.
I Buffalo Express, dailv except Sunday 8.30 A. M.
I Mail, (103, daily except Sunday 1.45 P. M.
! Train No. 103 (mail) will connect at Olean with
1 River Division for Allegany,Bradford, Salamanca
| Warren, Oil City and Pittsburg.
I Call on E. C. DAVISON, Agent, Emporium, for
1 time tables or other information
R. BELL, Gen'l Supt.
I J. A. FELLOWS, Gen'l Pass'ngr & Ticket Agt.
I Mooney Brisbane Building, Cor. Main and
( Clinton Streets, Buffalo, N. Y.
Taking elfect June 15tli, 1897.
] 10 i 4 I 6 j 2~
P. M. P. M. A. M. P. M.
! Port Allegany Lv. 3 15 7 18 12 10
Coleman °° 00 .... *l2 15
Burtville, *3 30 7 29 12 22
! Roulette 3 10 7 36 12 29
i Knowlton's, *3 45 00 *l2 34
j Mina 3 55 7 46 12 41
Olmsted *4 00 *7 50 *l2 46
! Hammonds, 00 oc .... *l2 51
I Coudersport. 1 15 7 57 'l 00
I North Coudersport, 00 *1 05
i Frtnk'i *6 10 *i 14
Colesburg, *6 46, 120
Seven Bridges, *6 50 *1 24
Raymonds's, 1 *7 01; 136
Gold, 1 7 06' 142
Newfield *7 10 1 15
B. &S. Junction, 713 150
Perkins *7 16 *1 53
Carpenter's, j 1 00 *1 56
Crowell's, I *7 21 '2 90
J Ulysses, Ar j 7 30, 210
I 1 I 5 I a - j
A. M. P. M. A. M
Ulysses Lv. 7 42 2 30 10 05 ....
I Crowell's, *7 51 *2 40 *lO 17
1 Carpenter's, 00 *2 42 *lO 20
Perkins, *7 51*2 45 *lO 25
I). .V S. Junction 757 2 50 10 30
Newfield, *8 00 2 54 *lO 35
Gold 801 2 56 10 42
! Raymond's *8 07 2 59 *lO 47
j Seven Bridges *8 19*3 U *ll 05
j Colesburg *8 21 3 15 *ll 10
Frink's *8 28 *3 22 *ll 17
i North Coudersport 00 *3 30 *ll 27
( Ar. 8 43 3 35' 11 35,
i Coudersport, < r. M
{ Lv. 845 600 130
Hammonds 00 00 *1 34
Olmsted, *8 51 *0 06 *1 40
Mina 855 610 1 45 1
Knowlton's, 100 *6 18 00
Roulette, 905 622 157
Burtville 913 630 210
Coleman 03 *6 36 co
Port Allegany I 9 24| 6 401 2 35l
(*) Flag stations. (°°) Trains do not stop.
Connections—At Ulysses with Fall Brook R'y.
for points north and south. At Newfield Junc
tion with Buffalo & Susquehanna R. R., north of
Wellsville, south of Galeton and Ansonia. At
Port Allegany with W. N. Y. & P. R. R., north
tor Buffalo, Olean, Bradford and Smethport;
south for Keating Summit, Austin, Emporium
and Penn'a R. R., points.
B. A. McCLURE, Gen'l Supt.
Coudersport, Pa.
On and after Feb. 20,1898, passenger trains will
depart from Johnsonburg daily, except Sunday,
as follows:
8:52 a. 111., from P. & E. station for Ridgway,
Brockwayville, Dußois, Ptinxsntawney and
11:52 a. m., from P. & E. station, mail for Mt.
Jewett, Bradford and Rochester.
2.-35 p. m., from P. & E. station, mail for Ridg
way, Brockwayville, Dußois, Punxsutawnev.
and Clearfield.
Sfflp.m. fYom B. R. & P. station, Buffalo Ex
press for Bradford, Salamanca, Springville and
Thousand mile tickets good for passage be
weenall stations at two cents per mile.
HOWARD C. LAPEY, Gen. Pass.Ag't.,
Rochester. N v