Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, October 18, 1851, Image 1

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    A. P. D1114.71P1r &Va., l!ropeletors.
brie Withl4 tilittntr.
111. 2 1 . ILO N. X di } or.
City subscribers by the eamer, at
By wall, or at 'Moltke, in advance, . -...„
'V' If not paid in advatice,or within three moliths
of subscribirilt, two dollars will be e barged.
LIAR communications *nue be post paid.
Cards not exceeding 4 lines, one year. 111,00
One square " " 1 - . 10,00
do. do. six months, 6,00
do. do. three ;months, IMO
Thanseent advertnenienis.34l cents Fero/manei of fifteen lines or
less, for the first insertion: IS cenu for each nut 4 ,eq
nent insertion.
Lr Yearly advertisers have the prii.iiegeorc 'mos in pleasure,
li it at no taut are alkiweri to occupy wore Wan , ifro iquarcsosal to
be hailed le tear liarassibste linsisses.
Advertise:Deo moat bar ins other directkins. Will be inserted till
orbid ant clusegied#eordin.qty. I
Watehinaker and Repairer, Dealer in Watt hea.lelocka. Jewelry.
Musical Marisa:tents. looking Meares and other Fancy Gouda.
ewe.r one door went of the Reed noose. 17
NALini In Dry Goods. Graffiti. Hardware . Crockery, llce. No
3, Perry Bkek.l3tate wed, Erie: Pa.
A. M. JUDSON. ' i
Armin= arl...alr.—Office at F. reeeat I a the elln,nlele (ace: la
Wright's Block.
Avroam Law.--01fice over Wallimns' I WrisitiesPlankiog
Eaddrahroent; entrance tint door west. on tile Public dgoare
Dr.unts In Dry Goode, &work.. ILLioors orn kind. . ereckel7
Ilre..ooe door north' of Serirti J 's atom. Preneb
Siren. Erie, P.
1. Gourrox. Eli B. HAtmerracis
Agent of J. Aadre Offenbach—Depot of Pore i
meal Nerettandize, whote.ale and neuil, N
att. Malaita% *met. Stotadet
- ---
llit. C. LIRANDES.
PIITIICIA , I and Srancoit--Ottee eoruer of
&nem; Residence on Eighth duvet, bet
Midland. Erie. Ps.
T. W. MOOSE. "
lilt :AK in Grocerieg, Privits ions, Wines. Liquo
&e.. One "Poor below Laxubs lc Co's Bowe
&I. SANFoRE6si CO !
Deafens in Geld . Silver . Katlic Roles. Prang. (len, ideates of Die.
pcmit. disc. eight Exchange on the pri ne 'pal I c conitantly
for sale. Office in Reauys Ptitilic '64/are. Este.
Et/ WM3II •ND Fitystrisl—Otrice. corner F
streets. over Moses Koch's store. Residence
UDC dnnr east of the old Apot hecary N all
corn/tangy on hand a full cupply of Grocer'
chandlery, Prot ic.ons. Produce. tc . Are.; a •
or Retail oa cheap aa the cheapect. No
Attorney and Cionnepllor at taw.
Revolutionary, army and Navy Pennants. Bounty Land. and
era's. for extra-pay. and alt other bum nes rift:tallied to me shall
receive prompt and faithful 1111P1/liOH.
otf,ice in Wright's Block on state street. over. J. If. Futlennn'o
to re. Erie Oct. le.
Wlif/LCSALt sind RttinJ DenitfleiU Dry Goods.Grnsect franc.
Liquor.. Flour. Fish. Fait doe.. No. I. WOght . s. Block coi
ner of Fit!' and Slain Streets.
a 11.W11 Li.llllD. f L0C1.611 OMIT.
Futoona Taiior.ruouuoVer the -tore ofdatailJacluon.Cheap
Side. CUTTING dtme on hart notice.
Iluds.i.elk.r and Stationer. and Manufacturer of Wank Bouka and
Writing Ink, corner of the Diastiond and dia id•ret.
krocuL and general Arsey and Glum... Woo
tut, Pa.
DLitt' in Englir.h. German and .4111CW:ill liar j
Alpo. Nails, Anvils, VIVLII. Iron and Steel .
Erte. Pa.
W. 3. F. LI AMC& Co
It PACIMPIIMIES, Cam Nr and Warm Butlderv,
tween 11,4•01111 k EittfAh. Erie.
L. ertiQSG. M. D.
unn of C. B. Wrieie. More. Main
O►rscs with Dort. A. these. seventh near As
■tdenee, on Sns.atras, one door north of get
Wanteratr and Retail dealer 111 Groceries, P
Liquors. Feint. ke.. ke Corner or French
°wooly tl F.,rrners' llotel..Erte.
WnothALE and Retail Dealer in Fannly Gitoeei; v, Crlekery
Claiiawave, Iron, Naito, ate.. Cbeit9 Aide, Erse,
The mews' priev paid for Country nee. 411
Idgicauorr TAILOR. and Habit Mafter.--tatore, S Reestraßloek.
(appr.wite the Bonnell Block) StatElitteei.
_ —ln Walker's Dike, ou seventh Street. !Erie. Pa
rs. Jobber, and Retail Dealer in Dry Goodo4 Groceries.
croe Glawiwane, Carpeting. Hardware. Steel, Nail..
WNW,. Re. Randle litotes elate &rect. dwr doors, Wow
Brown's Hotel. Erie, Pa. •
A Ivo—,Anv Viers, Beth:ow r. Azle Arm, 84, and a general
..I..orUuent of Waddle and Carriage .
atiatortri ay Law and invitee of the Pewee!! and Ageat for
;the Key Stone Mutual Life Insaranee CrauiPaar — Odlee 3 door.
treat udWrighta wore. Erie. Pa.
ATIVIINET AT Law, Girard. Erie County. Yieolleetiona and
other Moslems attended to laical prompotear diteateh.
• - -
Forwardlna a Counnissson Merchant, on the Public lioelt, east of
slan t . Area.
Coal, Salt. Plaster and Wlno Fish. constantly for sale.
WiloL/RIMA RCTAIL DEILZEI in Foreign a d Domestic Dry
Dooda, ready mane gotAiuß. Boras and Imam No.
Wnatide Block, Stair street, Erie.
; II
Banker and Exchange Broker. Dealer in Id 116 or EachaHer.
Drafts. COTlllieate, , Of Deposit... Gold and sit rew n. &
_(Mee. Wino:or.' iliock. i corner of Mate-n., ad Public mor,
MARSHALL at — Vl:4ti,:i T. •
A Tironares as Liw--Odice up NAM li3 T y Hall bnilding
north of the Prothonecary's °nice. Erie.
Prove, entrance one door west of State stree t , I ns the Diamond,
1.3 e.
Demme in Dry Goods, Dry Groceries. Crockery, Hardware, he..
No. 111.Cheapaide. Erie.
fixates Dry xates in Goods. amanita, Hard ware. (4 os Ware, UAW.
In" %ear, Ike., HI. Chcaiwide, Erie. Pa. -
I, ,
v.lllare Manna lUolaier, and Undertaker, corner of I slam and
hieventb wenn. Erie. I .
OvnrliaL Forwarding, ',iodate and Curnouson Serehanta :deafen
in coarse and dot salt, Coal, Plaster, elhiateles,lce. Public dock,
west side of the bridge. Die.
GENERAL !Forwarding. 041/11111111i010 and Produce Merekauza:dec•
°ad Wase-bowe east oldie Publse Bridge. Er
Duteas to Watches. Jesrelry. rtilver. GMllll4tl Eilver. Pleteti aW
Bnumia Warr Cutlery, Military and Fancy Uttntlir eltatestreirt.
nearly citposbe the Eagle Helsel, Erie.
G. Loomis.i T . IN . AMA,/
• CARTER & nito HE '
Ictiouri•ca and Retail dealers in Muir, medic r . /*hip, oils,
Dre-oredb, Glam. sic • No. I. Reed HOUleto • ,
JAMES Li'llE, , J
I , ..ratost.hue Witham Tailor. an the public pilaw, a Ihredoore
west of State meet. Erte.
1). S. CLARK,
Wstouesmut an urrAn. Moder la Quarries. rrorisiOos. Ship
Chandlery. Stour-ware, ate. tr..; No. S. Bawl{ Block; kkie.
Dealer in Law, Medical, servo( Miscellaneous boots stationary
Ink. Mut. Rune st.. tbur doors below the Muhl re square.
letident Dentist; Nike and dwelling in We Eerie Bkxki OR Ole
Fuss aide of the Public famine. Ene. Teeth inserted on Gold
haw, trots anew as rotor feu. Carson. tomb Ailed walla pare
Gold. and restored to health and urefulneor. Teeth cleaned
with instrument.' sod Deatiticeao as to Ware diem or a pellucid
cleaners. All work warranted.
PRTIPFI4 If • ID **Regan-06u as bon tegieuce on fignesti mum.
onteeee the Illetigoden Clegub. Ens.
wooLtu,44 lirreat. deem,' n Drugs. 11fediejoes. Dire Sinik
Gmeenes. &e. No. 3. Reed Howie. Erie. •
DOW—lSl Kegs Rifle. Deer WIVIS4 I 4 rower. ) 10
reteiv e g and fix aide Ly the keg or quaiiity.
P.4.11,11y 7. Unsirrr %font
Me t
MUSIC ood mu
. 111, So. Sth Si.
r ate and &vent&
teen Irrench and
Ca 11.1ies, Fruil.
. Erie.
tieh and Fifth
o Fourth sum%
, MT:ors: Shit ,
sells Villol,lok
wtde Enc.
Ibusimear, Frank-
are a H./ entlery.
o. 3 Reed Boost,;
tate Iftreet, be-
rimons, Wises.
ud Fifth StfOGLIN
. 7 • . cis:rea r „I
. Oh s bear one bite to dab dbideal leek .
And die ammo Orbs deplore,-
The midnight blaze, the incendiary's brand
Shalt ravage tiC - world no more.
Where your burning palaces light the vies
Like a Agent of doom and death,
The bane that run mutton strength dello.
I'll quench with a airtgln hi : eat/ 1 / 4
No sera shall as in ashes lay,
(Jr the walls of Alone * gliivr3, 4 l / 4 •
Where captive emit" Sre led away,
Or buried in Polar suie.
By the power that dwells in my vita lent arm,
ril render your race +ewe
From this wild ilestraction and wild slam
While the universe 0410 endue&
Bow oft Amu my holuehit the silent delp.
Where the sun no miler= limp,
. Where the grim and sent* earthquakes sleep
In the night of my as hie wings,
Hare I marked the elruirn sc vainly alLe •
tuna the horns of the Ore-dead ,
With his snarsballed e4umns of smoke arrayed.
And hts button* of feting
Bow oft have I sees yrlr peaceful -
Wile die hires of the esiesting
The toornkig mune. and a hundred do
With the dreams of the night were
The blackened ruins retrained to tell.
Where your costly belie had stood.
And Ush piereiaestoromi of eke winter II
• Oa • shelterless multinede. -
A ship I saw on the b;ring wale,
the had ballad the r lsevidlag atom.
She had 'seeped the knifed hurricane
That grappled her orible Rom ;
With a tranquil sea and, a favoring
With her helm la a :duly
Mee bore away 'aesith a •of sell. I I
For the shores of her li re land.
But slinks a dark and L lkintlit wreath
Geer hie dying talfend curled. . -
And the dames leaped from the hisitOrneeth.
Like dead.; from the penal world.,• •
Her glowing cant as: crewed the blast; '
Like the trail of malignant SAM
Arid the light; far over Oil ocean emit. I ;
Was the blaze of her *Meg
lint the day of that trluMpli., at last, is here,
Which so long I hall lighted to hail
And nesor again on thin to sphere.
Shull the blight of ttaii AMill prevail.
The breath of my powel the world 11;1111 frse- 1,
The dairies shall destiny no more ;
For 1 wilt bemaso r of deer) , sea.
And the gu a rdian of every shore. .
The band of &leave, 41 eel al at bath,
Itly seepue phati sow;o4ey
Prow the tune of this Ma I'll shirld the earth.
• Till tipe planets thinnstivei decay ;
Till the solemn evil of thal . final day,
When the stars how heaven *ball All, V
And I wysqlf shall be *Tot away
lu the are th.o email/meth all. 1
Then hear me kirth to each dha(asit
I" And the semen that yfeno Ailikore—,
The midnight blase--* ‘Jaceudary Wood—
'bball rivnge tho-srh . rhi hd more.
When tour impliuggniacon light the Allah • -
Like • rignal'of dmir4 ic ai iv td dead.
The Amine that your sailarradi threes.
I'll quench with a vinare breath.. Nem Teri
eljoirt 311itellan
Fromm was rioting in the Streets of Paris. All industry
was at an end. The poor. 'itiernployetl, were perishing.
The rich were gathering the wrecks of their estates, and
flying from France. ThrieiVras no law bat such as was
proclaimed by
. the thtindatc of ?lapoleon's batteries. The
1 1.1
Nation sl Guard be loosed' ely reorganized. and soon
efficient order was estaMlS ed. Ntithiiiiria was inces=
sandy occupied in visiting afi parts of thlicity.l*l words
of kindness and sympathy • with souring he Ainabised
with the Aran, and inexorelde arm of military tax More
than a hundred families, /aye the Diabase of Ainslie'.
were slimed from perishing bi histpeisosal exertions. He
mself climbed to the Excrete of petiary. and penetrated
th cellars f want end wee' ' , and, with a moistened eye.
gaze a the scene of fearful wretchedoese with which
Paris was filled. He caneed wood and bread to bit die
tribated to the poor. mid. 'Wally re/pram of ease or
self-Indolgenne, did everything in his power to alleviate
suffering. '
One day when alighthig from his carriage to dine at
Madame Penmen's, he weir addressed by a woman who
lisklo dead infant in he'll irons. Grief and hunger had
dried up the fountains of 'life in her bosom. and her um
weaned child Iso perished of starration. fler husband
dead. and ire chidene were• mourning for food at
home. *. If I cannot ottirga itiliiit," said the famished
mother. " I mast take nifr .remAining flee children. and
drown myself with them," loiefitileou questioaed her
very minutely. ascertained her knee' of residence. and
giving her some money to weer bovionnsediate *sets,
entered the house and at; down with the peso at the
brilliant entertainment. Ile wan i 'however. so deeply
impressed with the scene of wretcledbeas which be had
just witnessed. that he could not obliterate it from his
,mind. and all were week' with his absent meaner and the
sadness of his coontenanetr. Iruneteliately after dinner
he took. measures to ascertain the truth of the statements
whieh the poor woman hid Nude tir him. and finding ell
her assertions verified, he took the family immediately
under his protection. Ho obtained employment for the
girls in needlework among his friends. and the family ev
er expressed the most profound gratitudi to their preserv
er. „It wit by the ameestieg exhibirioo of such traits of
character. Mat Nopoleen etitwised around him the hearts
of theirreseb people. • i ''.';. i
There was at this that hi Paris. it lids erlieweirea.
doted quits prominent io society by bisrcial attractions.
h e r personal loveliness. add her elevate rank.' She was
a widow. twenty-eight )eirs of age. hei husband. the
Visoeuet &subs/aim. bad recently Perished Os the scaf
fold. as jihestrions Medal:at MOV•i1111:101/6/0 fart. •Joso
pisies.lllWber Siesbersids. wbo•subseqsestly hecamis
the world-rolieweed bride of Nepelees, was bog es lb.
island of Martinique. in the West Indies. Whet almost
a child she wiie married to the Vi.easiit Beasharnais.
who bad visited the ielso r d,on, business. and was captive
-14 by the loveliness oVtlie taw young Creel a Upon
entering Parisians was habiodateliiativilimeil to all the
spleoders of doe court of Muria Asteiaitte. The rem.
latiodaryutorisi aims borst•upos leer dwelling with met.
cams fury. Elbe esperieoied the mina 'ditties reverses
of Mindlessness. bereave ripest. imprisooment. sod pen
ury. Tbe storm had. however. pasted over bar, sod she
was left • widow. with two children. Ewa, sad Her.
From the wreck sr hoe (anima she old saved
as-ample serapeteese. and was surrounded by bolliseada/
sad adaiirieg Mesa.
Napoleob. is obedience to the ordersof the Convert.
boa. to prevent the possibility of another ootbrealt of law.
lees viols ace, bad proceeded to the disarming of the pep.
algae el Paris. la the periermosee of tl4e duty do, sword
of : 1 1 , 1449g0nW0 INF Wm. •41 by dery siterreito
Engage. a very intelligent and graceful ehilil.twelre yearn
of err. obtained access to Napoleon. and. with moat ho"
prime artlessness sod depth or emotion. implored tbst
the award of his Caber might be restored to him. N spa ,
hos had AO heart to deny sada a request. Ho rest for
the ewer& end, speaking with Weil weeds of ammo-
asthma. fireessiod it with his own hand to Eugene. The
Viderslboi burst into tears. sod. suable to articulate ■
word. premed the sword to his bosons, bowed• in silence
sod retired. • Nemleen was interested is title ea•
hibifirni of filial love, ending' thoeghts wept immediately
directed to the mother who had formed the character .(
mach a child. Josephine. whose whole pool was absorb-
ad iu hire fir her children. Woe ea grateful for the kind
sow with which the dhdorsiobod mug general bed
treated her fatherkos Eaten*. that she called. is her ear-
flag% the next day, to exreas to him a inotherl thanks.
She Wm dressed is deep moanalos. H6r peculiarly me-
sisal raise was tremulous with emotion. The hoer and
the thliesiey of her maternal, love. and the perfect grece
of maser and of language with which she discharied
lies missies. exerted the admiration of Holmium. lie
men ealiestispon her. The &equidistance soon riposid
'saran nananally strowg and ardent affection.
t hreophiser trao s two Ider than Napoleon , but' r
(nitsrs' had noel roacitmesta Of time, and r
ebeerfeleese awl vivacity invested her with ail the chose
/dearly yeitb. Berm, Dow owe of the lbw Director.
who had heed( eatabliahed in power by the gone of No
poke,. was a very ardent friend ofJoaephine. Ile warts-
iy agyeeittood, tit" eouteisplated coanfttioe, deemiai it
moteally advaatageorw. Napoleon- wookl greatly ineraitte
loileinice by an alliance iritb ono occupying so hip
a positiCe it society. sod normunded by Meads so AU-
aerial Acrd Berrie clearly &fetal that the energetic
young geseral possuced genies which would insure din
Unction. Josephine thus speaks in a letter to a friend.
offes* Wings in view of the proposed marriage:
I sin stied to merry again. My Mends counsel the
messare. isq aunt almost lays her injnectioe to the same
effect, and my children entreat my compliance. a
hate met "serif Bonaparte at my house. H. it • +/So
would sap* a father's place to the oiphens ofAlexan
der Beanhetesis. and a husband to lab wide . I Win**
the general' - 'ls formation. for
on all sobjeei
of his joifr
of others
lift 1 Aril
his seautbl
41,1111 spa
ic" the depend. hies lied trampled the oppressed millions into the float.
1111 .„,,
he winfieetst- ...-_ ippoiL wan d of the Bat oar there millions hid risen in their majesty. and
yof holy. Ye s t er d a y B oom p a n e . spea ki ng of s ist a . driving the king from hie throne and the nobles from
aver. ea p to me. • Think they. then, that / have mak their wide dominos. bed tikes their own interests into
of Mar settee to arrive at power 1 Egregriesse their eta hands. They were inexperienced and wan
take i Therwill all be bat too happy, one day, she. I ligiu•sed in `,be science or covetement. sod they made
coadoMend to gtaitt them %toe' many tied lainenteble mietekes., They were terrified in
"Whet think Toe of this self-coldMence ?'" Is it seat view of the powerful combinatioo of all the monarchs mid
proof of entree of vanity ? A general of brigade protect nobles of Europe. to overwhelm them with invading ar
the heads of government : That truly is as event high. miss, Mal. in their ParoeY(iins of fear, when doetruetien
ly probable : I know sot how it is, but sometimes litho Minted to be coming hits ' so avalanche open them. they
raywareneas gains upon mu to such a degree. that xi- Perpetritedxnette deeds oratrociees cruelly: They 'ta
mest I babe*e possible whatever this singular man may Ply chinned the right of sj , lf-goverenteet. and when we
take into his head to attempt. And with his ima g ism. sailed. All upon their assistants with blind sad merciless
lion, wha eau calculate what he wilt not undertake." 4.' fop •
Though th• seaman with which JoseiptUatsltad insflrrei The Moen of me... Pei emmerreitaeoll this Nameless I
Napoleen was ardent and lopetoolts in the highest do- chaste with inexpressible alarm. In tosetentation'they
gree, it interfered not in the east with hie pl.u. 41' tow- , witnessed 111. upristag of the inaseesin Fresco. sod sew
ming ambition.' Dane( the 'day be wee vigorously e tz. i one of their brother aottai , ehe dragged from his palace
played in hie professional duties: and in persevering s t d . I and beheaded wtsu the glillotine. The successful es.
dv. Bat each evening found him at the mansion of tablishaseat of the Fronebit-pubtie would very probably
sephine, where he met. end dialed by bifeematandiog I have drive. roll Jiang in Enron* from his throne- &g
-genies and brilliant cenvereatioaal poorem. the most die• land was tated throughoot all her' countries. From
unguished, and most influential men of the metropolis. the mud cabins of t rele a d t fro m the dark and Mir). mine.,
In th ese social materiel...nem,. Josephine testi fi e d that from the thronged streets, of the city, Mal the crowded
Napoleou possessed usulimited powers of fascivatiou, workshop% all over the kingdom, there was a clamorous
whenever be saw fit to employ them. His sego si titmice, I cry ascending for liberty lud ego:lslay. The sprit of de
and his influence was the. esmoded anmed 'those , who race/icy, radiating from ifs soul is Perin. was assailing
would be most available in the furtherance of his plans. ever,' throne in Europe. IThore was no alternative fur
On the 6th of March. 1116." Napoleon and Josephine thine mantras but to crush this sew purer, or to per
wore married. Napoleon being then twenty-five years oft ish Infant it. There caWbe so mouarehlsts whose syte
age. It was a un i on of very sincere affection on b ot h patlfrio will sot beet high with the allied hinge ia the
aides. It easing be doubted, that next to ambition, Jo- fearful walla which eared. There can be op triable
sephine was to !lapeleon the dearest object of hie admi- eau who will sot Prof thrt "God speed tbs Eagles of
Franco." b parties, believed that they were fighting
ration and homage. Marriage had then ceased to be re.
In self deft . Theikiqgs wen shocked by principles
carded in infidel France as • religiou rats. It ware MOM
triumphant x's Prone., flunk were undermining their
parteteship. welch any parietal could form or dissolve at
thrones. The French leers attacked by bayonets and
pleasure. The revolutionary tribunals had closed the
batteries-4 combined inane invading' their territories,
churches.' baeished the clergy. and dethroned Ood. The
parties contemplating marriage simply recorded theit i s . hombatdingabeir cities. And endeavoring by force of
arme• to compel a primal nation of thirty millions of in
tention in the State register of rank with two or three
Picea: to 'ice the record as witaesses. By this simple h a bit a nt s t o reinstate. at i kforeign dictation, the rejected
Bourbons upon the throne.. The allies called upon all the
ceremony Napoleon was united to Josephine. But aei.
ther of the parties approved of this mercantile aspect of loyalists scattered over trance. to grasp tilt. ulna. to
a transaction so sacred. They we." both, in uateral die. rally beueitAt the banner ` of Moods coming to tbele res
cue. and to Imbrue their poultry in the blood of 0 civil
position, serious, thoughtful, and prone to look to the
guidance of a power higher then that of man. Surround-
war. The Freed). in trumpet lone,, summoned the
ed by infidelity, and by that vice with which public infi
people of all lands to haif the tricolored flag. as the her
delity is invariably- accompanied, they both instinctively binger of their delivoranie from the servitude of ages.'
From ivory Fay i Europe which Napoleon approached
reverenced all that is grand and imposing is the revels;
Cons of Christianity. with his conqderi g aritties. uhti loyalist, fled, while the
republicans wele ed hilt with an adulation ismoioting
Weer Napolerm war crowned Emperor. he was pri
vately married again by Cardinal Fetch.. in accordance almost to , tehilthet. homage . fled the troupe of the alit "
with the forms of the church, which the Emperor bad re-
Wtre Vielefallea is eve. City of France which they eta
established. .. j ose phi oer •• said Napoleon, s• we, truly tered, with teats of gratifude from the eyes of thou who
longed for ttf restoratioe of monarchy. It Was 01e00•
a most lovely stomas ; refined, &liable mud charming.
Suet betel*, the *pint at cepiblidenteut on die one aide,
She was the goddess of the toilet. All the faahions °rig
and of mostatehial and ealeeiastical domination epee the
Mated rub her. Every - thing she pat on' appeared de
pot. She was so kind. so humane—eh' wia the most other. 1
England. with her Mviocible fleet, was hovering a
graceful lade, and the best woman in France. I never
saw her act inelegantly during the whole !IMO we lived round the en'ute of t he ttPublie. assailing every exposed
t oget h er . Sh e tme „, mmo I a perfect knowledge of the dit .. Pact. landirr l f troop/ spout the French territory, stud ar,
ruing tiled In eirisg the loyalists to civil war. / t ante
fewest shades of my character. and evinced the most ex
quisite tact Is laming thisbeited any favor for Emigre. knowledge is the best iccount he6lnerched as ,arene l/f smarty two hundred thousand
For exempl s ale sever lo
men upon the heels* of the Rhine. to attack Fraser upon
the north. Sholhad calhid into requisition all her Italian
or thanked me for any I conferred open him. She aev
posseadoes; and, in alliance with the British navy.'atid
Sr showed say additional complaisance it assiduity when
he wae rwmiaieg from eta the greatest honor.. Her , the armies of the king of Barden's. sad the fauatie legi.
my afrair.that
grand aim wasone of Naples and Sicily. had gathered eighty theasaud
to &dame tint all this was
&lase was ear son, ant liars. mintittese
enter. MOO upon the Alpine fre n etic,. This host was nailer the
tinned the idea that I would adopt Ergot's as my emcees. mime" of elPtetemel generals.
provided with all the surisitioue of war. Them wens the
Again• he said
ni. Josephine, " we lived r like invading foes whom Nepoleon was to eaconater 'in the
honest citizens, in our muted relations. and always re-
fields *1 blood It was Purely a war of self-defence on
the pert . 1 the rmiteh lieePhl ' They
tired together till MS, a period is sottish political events
ageism the ballets and the bayonets of the armies of me
obliged me to change, my babies, and to add titi labors of
the sight to those of the day. This regulatire is the beet Duellist Europe, assaitieg them at every point The al
(swam,. for a gene eatahliehiwant. It
snore, the
re- lied kings felt that they Were engaged in a war or self
dahlias—that they were struttglieg against principles
tractability of the wife. the dependance of the husband,
an d m m ete i m , intimacy et . feelings nod
morals. It which threatened to enttr aline their throttles. Strange
this is net the ease. the smallest eitenotst ..... make pro- " th. dednretien to ierie may appear. kis ea're n tefr
diMealt fora candid and , impartial man severely to sea.
pie forget each other. A eon by Josephine would have
mo d e t. m t me h appyi . eed would hey ,
mum the
reign . sure either side. It is net strange. contemplating frail
heatati eaters as it is. thltthe monerche of Earope. bora
of m dynasty. 'roe French would have loved him very'
to a /Utley hibiltrilanCe, siboadd have made evetyMteekin
mock better than they could love the son of Maria Lott
to retain their throats. acid umlauts their kingdoms from
ills i sod I sever would have pat my feet on that *bye'
covered with Gowen. which was my Ma. Let se one the
that i rs ee poblie eeim s er eiess ee r r h: r i n erli nes. Pei be e m i t g h el. bar i e t t ie th eilll e the stril m e ng e e f
after this rely urn thiewiadem of homes combinations. I
Let no one e a uto m to proamme, haws its
ekes. epe e 1 intek•rable despotism, sheuld have resolved to brave all
the happiness or misery of life. 'deep/its war , rather than ser-
Instinct of t h e f e: „,, w h en she became terrified at h ti e 'e r l i i esi th. n e d h e i 7Th it m e e d r:ed f
till:a:, mea t
e t iii:rgcniecte
of il, g , : i r l e a r r o on ntent.
own 'terribly. She knew well that a marriage iff only en the pert of allied Earepe , only s ite the wide barrier
real when there Is °Mitring t lied irt i propiirtiou ',fanner)! of the come. And had the riontbilted armies of menet
smiled her satiety increased. 1 was die obj e ct of hee l ehird Enrol:we/eased that limner. sad invaded oar shore,.
d espot umm
w a et. If I west tete my marriage at
ohs. I th o r = e as , ao ri,„rhissomave Geer thm .l Iti
Neepeil en , n hie Aaron:it-
Mght. there, to my sonnet. 1 Mood bee. bested' helots' haat tar mitt. who . rioatebding for t h e liberties let hi!
me. aralt l y SI? mint P I attempted to . tlitiveade hap; aorsattp. la Ativeas IWO bra MN the OM
from accompanying me. Oa had so many good ante:-
fectionahr reasons, to tergea'• that it was almost always S
cenery' to tilts. la a ertivd she &ways proved to wax
happy and affectionate eiife. and 1 have preserved- tins
tenderest reeellectioaa of liar.
"Political motives indlerd Ole la Meese* '.lcrepliine.,
whom I meet tenderly lotlbd. She. prier wombs* form'
nately for herself, died haiku/ to prevent her from wit
nemillllf doe bait .f my nifsfortusebi• After her' forcible
separation from me, 'she 11rowed. is Most feeling tenni.,
her ardent desire to share With me my ezile.end extolled.
with many teamboth mytiilf and my condom to her. The
EngluM have rsi r presentediMe as • monster of cruelty. Is
this the tench of the evividect of a Imprensa,: unfeeling
tyrant ? A man is keowi by his treatment of his wife.
of hie family. and of thomPluder him" •
Jest before his earrriain. Napoleon received the *P-
Pollstowid. to him mewl 'gratifying. of Clmsmasider-in-
Chief of the arm jof hell. His predeeressit. had beds
displaeed in eenmequenele of excessive intempera4e.
Napoleon win bet twenty4bve pant old when placed'in
this responsible • it. •' ,1r liter yeting."
one of I
either of
mood of
I 'tit be
in Per:
the la Ul!
M migb
ever eh,
27th of l!&411 Alpe.
whe dejected troop! of Franco ware enduring army
ha • ship. They were mirroonded by namerasa fon.
ho had drives* thaw from the fertile plains of Italy jaw
the barna and dreary fastommea of the Alpo. The Ami
trims armies. quariarad fps opulent cities. or asealopad
open etaamanny and viscid/4 hill sides. wets living ia
I the enjoyment of DeClifity lad abundance. while the troops
of the distracted and insps:forioisupd repablic were literally
freezing and starving. But hero let as pain for a mo
ment to consider the cassis of the war. sad the :motives
which animated the coolsoding armies.
Frante. iu tli exercise of a right which low in *mer
les wilt question. hid, is limitation of the United fil/tates.
it quickness
the thosilita
Bet I eel
desirous of ot
•chieg glees
and indited by their example. renounced the monatthiel
kb inIPOOS
form of goverainaat. sod : establisbed a republic. For
t iati middle
esato,ri4ps ■neosstsd, volmrsoss kiapasd lieestiose se.
Paossauv since thefall of fhb Raines empire the world
her sever seen a year so eventful and distracting as 1848.
It seemed like a century com Premed sato a Instrunt.:---
Neves , was there a year so dialinguishad beyond all pro-f
vain* example by the magnitstde and the mekipiicity of
its politiCal charges—by tbeltj i iolence of the shock which I
it give to the framework of Eordirass sessiety—by the 1
mediations of opinion and miaow bumper the two great
parties in the continential stru'Fgle. Never was there a I
year pregnant with iustruchon and with warning--so
rich in the materials of wisiloito both for sovereign sad
for people--eo crowded with Siecks and reins. with the
ruins of anciestgrandeur, and; the wrecks of gloriosa a*•
ticipations—rie filled .with splendid promisee and paltry
realizatioss; : with hopes brilliabt and fantastic as fairy
land, wi disappointments disessl and bitter as the grave.
Thro . _which bat yestardityl had seemed based upon
th verlasting hills, shattered in A day; sovereigns. whose
Ladino had become • prevent'. amid sovereigns whpse
imbecility had become noloritiSs. iihke Dying from their
capitals. and ibdiesting eritheitt a natural murmur or a
gallant struggle; rulers. who had long been the emboli
molt of obstinate resistance tin all popular demands. vy
ing with each other is the Prinmptitude and the extent of
their einem/ions; statesmen Of the longest •e*peeienee.
the deepest insight, the acut'est talent--etateitinen like
Alotteraieh sad Gnizot—balisd. beaten, and chased
Tway. and reaching their foreign banishment may to turn
and gale with a melancholy stud bewildered air
. on the
scrorlinadia of schemes and 'totems of policy. the con;
atnactioa of which had been the labor of lifetime; cosi.
sent men sinking into °blearily. and going wet lake snail;
obscure men rising at one Wand into eminence and pew.
er; ambitions men finding the objects of their wildest
hopes suddenly placed within iheirgresp; utopias dream
ers staggered sad intoileatml by 'seeing their mast gor
geous visions on the point of to/fixation; patriots behold
ing the sudden and miracalitas adveat of that liberty
which they had Prayed !ay.! fought for. suffered foe.
through , Team*, inspiesammitt, poverty. and exile; na
tions which had long pined iht darkness. Mailed and be
wildered by the blaze of Mittelman* light; the power
ful unities with impotence; t • peasant and the bonds
man endowed with freedom Sod suresisted might: the
tint last and the last first;--sich were the strange ph.-
soniena of that marvellous. alra. which took away the
bresth of i the beholds:F, whieln the journalist wait unable
to keep pace with, and "which panting Time toiled at
tach' vela."
The yeer missed with grail trasquility. In two quar
ters only of Lampe hid there bees airy indietstioas of
the cornisg earthqsake; and So both of these the eyes of
ell friends of freedom tensed iwith hopeful interest mod
sassed sympathy. The first riewa of a new day had
mist ia•Cestantry where leapt of all it seed have been
looked for—rii Roam. There. in a state loot renowned
for the most corrupt.mischievous adiniaistra
tion of the western world.. 4ew pope. in the prime of
life. full of rchpoeLfor his inse'red office. and deeply' im
pressed with the solemn respensibilitim of his high posi
lion, set himself, wil!teeriossrirpos• and a sine+ mind.
though with limited Times and suedequate capacities. to
the task of cleansing these "rikitogeen'sishiesfreak the ac
cumulated filth of centuries. commeneed retorts—
where refe-m. though need rare. is always the most safe
—from ab7ve; he petrified thei grosser parts or the old ad
uslestrative system/It - he sheeted as active determination
to put dOwn all abuse, and td glee his People the benefit
of a really honest government; be ventured on Ole hold
innovation. in itself I mighty lioote sad a strange progress,
of appointing laymen le offie4. of State; and, finally, he
convoked a representative aseerahly, and gam; the Ra
mses • esestitatiou—the first they had sera sive the
days of Rienzi. ills people were as might have been
anticipated. warmly grateful for the gifts, sad enthesie•-
tiesthr attached to the personior their exceileut pontiff; all
Earths, looked on with delight; Pio None was the hero
of the day; and evert thing .4ented so safe. so wise. so'
happy, that we felt justified in hoping thee' new day
had really dawned upon the ancient capital of the world
Sicily, too, bad about the amine time .entered upon a
struggle to recovertsome portion of her promised freedom
and her stolen rights. Her irrolgs had been so %grant.
so manifold. so monstrous; the deapotism ander, which
she groaned was at once so itteapsWe, so mean. se tow.
so Wend; her condition was so wretched. and her caps
bifida,e so yam, that the sympathies of the world went
with her in her struggle With her fatatund bad oppressor.
Ad ranks of her citizens were a:moistens is their reso
lution of resistance; even Owl priests, elsewhere the ready
tool* octyranny, here fought on the side if the people.
and blessed dm arms and 'banners of the reformers; and
what was still Mart mutaikitble, and of more hopeful
twiny, all classes seemed to pat mutual jealousies aside,
and to be actuated by the stare spirit of slicers, self-do
nt ing, saltesterifficing pat. 4 ntistri. Their demands weep
itoderatv. but firm end to reasonable that the mere fact
of such demands having: to be mad*. was an indelible
disgrace to Nsples. So for.itoo, their coarse had been
singularly cautions; they had committed no blonder. they
had displayed no sanguinary, passion, and no violent:ex
citement, amid it was isnposiibis net to hops everything
from a contest elp wisely conducted, sod so uniulPeeel;e"
lily just. At length, on theikh of February. the Skil
liens having bee. everywhere victorious. the prelimina
ries of as arrangsnient • with; the King of Naples, were
anted to, en the basis of tht constitution of 1912. So
far *west well I
In the meantime. excited 1 r warned by the example
of the pope, and the maths' earn of the Romans, other
Italian princes began tome • in the path of improve
ment. The Leg of Hardin a. the Grand Duke of Tea
catty, and the King of Naples, promised a constitution to
their sobjects. and actually Itook measures ter caring
these promises into effect. The excitement sees reach
ed Lonibardy; popular movements took place at Milan.
but were repressed by the I .Anstrian government with
even more than wooled promptitude and severity. Hu n
ray had for some years beep molung great efforts taw
aids national firmament and seise relaxation of the old
feudal privileges, as well as towards a roman of their
old caustitetiooal liberties. But Anstria had steadily re
pressed all such exertions . l
and a long Calm a peek
,dy and oppression had at le gth so esseperated the Hen
garimmesed'united all patties smear them against the
comets* suestly. that it in ba wi letireviehtut that the contest
was appmeeirieg is e• rupture. i
Such was the position dittoing when the French rev
olution of Febratary came Me an earthquake, astound
ink siatleaS. 7 ••arrd. with Aisii or thence, perplexing mon
whs." ' The events which ensued are fresh' i in the
memerryof ail men; The democratic party throughout
the *hedger central Europe ibanted to follow the exam
ple of a movement the acme+ of which had been so signal
and se prompt. The effect Was electric; Mt not every
where. nor altogether. wholdeetne. The trisects of free
dom Mt (bat the time was chute to emelt their canoe.
and to claim. without fearot Formal, the rights so long
withheld; while those audio* which had already takes
some step• tewardethe attainment of free limitation',
and had hitherto deemed their progress rapid and brilliant
beyond their most sanguine anticipations, low began to
regard it sa l tartly jortroC44llloegoate. They look
ed askance on constitutional' monarchy. andbegan to
sigh for a republic. The inn . egintent between the Si
cilians mid their sovereign. Which had Mosul! Mt eton•
eluded. was broken or, is eilibegeolieil of s aegmen-
Ms. dub. pepoi• 41..01600 lob% Topeur. 11.4104
$1 50 4 1TZ1A72., is eat
aid Rome began to think their liberal tale
earth. 'At Berlin. Where come tardy
leogth beep taken lower& the advent of a
govermest, the people were anxious to got i
the fear or the dyinioas of the monarch
them; an isettneetios.brolte out. sad a
teat of two days thirties desolated the
led in the aturcely riled defeat of the mow
on the 16th of *arch. Os the 6th. anise
pleas at hisdich. Which resulted is the e
sive reforms. and was shortly aftiwerariel
abdication of the king. On the 14th. •re
out at Vienna. which ended is the Ilight I
ternich. and the pr4clamation of a'rept
meat. On the 16th, the Austrians were{
Milan. and's proviacial 'government wail 1
Lombardy, Thus, in a month from thew •
Preach revolution, the whole of central
volutionlsed. • I .
Such is a suutnary of these eatesisdl
like of which werettseuredly never crowd.;
a portion of time. The popular party—
free institutions and constitutional to
mooed and every4ore triumphant. Gehl.
ease aid rapidity whiclipaitook of the
roost decisive victories over-the oldest. still
administrative epistles of Esrope--were
lowed by the sympathy. the adnairat; n a ,
of all boors of humanity. and seeg
strength that itucicrympathy mast always
Where now are all those bright prospic
which of all those-mighty changes hare
sent?—whst has been the enduring frsit o
knot rtetoriesl—where now are to be found
young, sanguine constitutional With
ceptior„ everything has falters back into
lo nearly every ststarthe old demon sides,
tweed. kinglet with it wone devil' tibia i 'it noulliq
and Hesse are crashed; Ilavarii bas bee , degraded iate '
the brutal tool of 4 more brutal tyrant; tb Prussia* peo
ple are wiles. desponding. 'and disarmed. sad the Prim
-014111 goversatent mealtimes terrible abysie degradation:
Austria has a ilea emperor, more inso oily despotic
than any Ohio predecessors for many s sg. i year; sad
throughout Germany constitutional Jibed hail. beim ef
fectually trampled out. la Italy. Venice oil poinbledy
bate bee. misquoted. sad are seer espa , imisg the se
Maio; Testae, is i worso. bemuse more gateau has
bekies, and alarearid at tits peril she bee -: • di the
small deebies areas bad as over--they ld net be
worse: the pope. !eroded est ef his . sad his
petrimism, km been Festered by foreign J./ - • ; sad the
old seelestastical alleatiaations ate TOil
i r 04 in their old
supremacy; orbits Naphismad Sicily- , iiii prostrate
at the feet of the most imbecile and tirade! of She incura
ble raise of the Ilearbons. Two s;irt yea hkve paasell
away Nine Europe presented to t lover • r liberty and
human progress the most smiling rimier. he had ever
woe; sad in this brief space of tins. ad i imitable des
!lay has gathered together sA''the far reit - in anticipa•
Bess. all the noble- prospe all the ratiiil emiquests. all
the rich achiever/sesta of at inemoralt em. and me
tered them over with th -two larrowl • rO—Hie ja
att.—North British Rae • . , : '
Tobacroo-V, U Bed-Fslo
Na tcdtactio , nytev in fit for • bed map
giving forth pastitinttial vapars front all
Ain. lie tit as •abodflowt•of pitepototd
intattitititt• atrantah••• oannandiog bins is
prognatod aid iitifinted with the coastattt•
0E63.111104 fro, biel whole • trines. Ue
feet wolkingsitstilory of ibis deadly esgeops!
its formes atid vapors filth, the gerrotindis
Hit inontli is the mill which trnods omit,
his *hole body; the distillery for its isogonic
or or *Molter luto a vapor bath, with no I to ,
that emanated fawn his body. Pet hint in I
and Est op petyporation: than pet that ors;
or the vermin of plants, toil it will instantl.. ,
7 .'Beauties ofd D.form'a..s. of Tobacco 47
A ilarrr Maros:rids. —I was marl for my mos
nay. That was Mu years ago. Sad they limes berm tog
years of pergatery. I hue bad bad lick es a Wife. toe ,
my hosband and I have 'mealy one I is easamen.
11. wishes me to live is the country, Wh h 1 bane. I
likes the thermometer at 75 degries. ! ch he bate& .
lie likes to have the children brueett ' • at hem. In
stead Of school, which I bate. I like in sit. and want
to go tp concerts, which ho hates. 11. li es roast pork.
-which I hate; and . , like minced veal. w ich he bates.
There Is but one thing which we both ,li o, amid that is
what wet cannot both hails. though we mil ' are trying
for it t —she lest word. I have had bad
for two such halm. passionate, sielftilt; ainaaagemble
boys. sever tormented a feeble woman s; boys began.
I wish I hod called them both Cain. A this segment
they have quarrelled over their marbles. • Mortimer has*
torn off Orville's' collar. and Orville has a lied his colt
like heel to Mortimer's ribs; while the lie Zettetae, is
my lap, who never sleeps mere the, hal an hoar at a
i l so
time, and cries all the time she is awake, as boon re
their din to scream in chorus. 1 'awe had bad
lack se a housekeeper. for, I have neve kept , even a
chambermaid more thaw three week,. A das to peeks.
I - look back bewildered on the long pha tun:aerie of
faces flitting stormily through my kitehe -- as a mariner
remembers a rapid succession of thunder • is and hur
riming* in lb* 0 if of Me
xico. , My new haintionnaid
bummed out of, he, room yesterday flint . tier duster,
and muttering, lite', old maid. after all l'l jot, Aseirserr
I showed her a *Moms which I could write *else' with
•my fingei, in dui dust. I never fee My Olamp happy
sisters, and' then &nee in the mirror at ul , ow. Ws-
Terms. long. doleful visage, without milking myself an
old mid. Ido it every day ofmy life; Ifet half of my
sex marry es I did—not for lore. bat for fast—for fear of
dying old maids. • ,
117 Perna woe warn LAinancan —There le a largo
class of people. who deem the besinesis of life far too
weighty and sairesentoos to be WI& light of, wise would
leave sterissaut tocliWreis. sad laughter to idiots; sad
who bild that a joke washi be as mocitent of plies es
their lips. as on a gravestone; or in a leSigoc. Wit and
Wisdom Joeing asters. not only are theyciftaid of beim
indicted for bigamy were they te 'wed thesii both; bet
! they .bidder at each • union is incestoue. !So. to keep'
'elver ottempittlen. ani to preserve tbeir !faith where
they brie plighted it. that-tura the yirmagetiont of domes
1 mad if they bear of anybotiy taking her in. they are peri
tire that he can knew nothing of the4lder. ! They wenhi
not be witty for the world. Pliny to ample's( so le
not very &Smolt for these whom Nature his so favored
i that Wit with them I. always at ism, or below it. And
) as to their Wisdom. since they are careful sever I. ever
I feed her, she jogs leisurely along the 'armlike road. with
lank and meagre caroms. displaying all her hoses, and
newer getting est of Iter awn dust. She feel. im incline
! lien lobe (risky. nut. if a coach or wagon_tuates tier. is
I glad. like her rider, le ran beatifii - tliliig so lig. 'llitiew
all these people take reirisse ofrense. if 'ivy one iC6111.2
_ meal them better maned; end they ars is a tropistic
! lest the neighing. snorting, and prancing/Up:mkt he ewes
Tiaeusa--3aany. cga you ten We wb
wade of? .
Hoy—Clay. I sappew. 64., - i
Tracinza—thvi a MIMI fir ye& N.
By—Well. sir. I bawd General Draper
w 664 rigida, ski beieli. sad of *Mai gal
abr. . •a • i
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