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olitical and-General
I '
Flom the Peuusyl• action. -
This body melt yesterday morning in tileSansom
S?reet Hall, and organized temporarily by calling
Nayor Gilpin to the chair.
Upon assuming the duties of temporary chairman,
Mayor Gilpin made a brief speech, in orbicii he thank
edthe Conventtou for the honor, conferred on him,
and spoke of the importance of the enterprise that
had called that 1)04 together, and ainin,ed the citi
zens of the north west of the- cordial c4-operatlUTl
of those on the eastern seaboard. The ayor clos
ed br swing abet he.had heard of the presence of
the Mayor of Et te in the Convention, and hoped he
it,;ulJ come fore ard, and take a seat upon the &A
ram. His honor, the Mayor t.if. Erie, thereupon
c.are forward, and took a scat at the MLitt of the
chOtrimin. '
On motion, C. Biddle, and P. C. Etl
Philadelplox County, and- W. A. Galbrai
Nero appointed temporary Secretaries.
On motion, the folio% tng named gentlt
spliipinted to select officer,* for I! permad
'Liii-in of the Convent ton 4 Joseph T. Bait
adelphia; J. L. Gill's, of Eik; John G.l
Er n .; Wm. A..lrvirterePAVarren, aad 3
son. of Lc coating.,
On motion, the following named genii!
spn o lyted u committee on revolutions: II
li :{wdrard, Hun. Wm. D. Kelley, John
T. i ) , Struthers, J. r. Cowen, Wm. B:R
slli2lianibilF, and Hugh Bellows.
On motion, the following were anpoin , ,,
Mit ee on finance': J. S. Wallace, D. L.
Itul f rt Wm.+, Joseph T. Bailey, and V
•mottoti was adopted to allow all t
pre' era, without regard to place; a seat i
%el i in.
. ~ kit - T.. was read from the lion. 'MRS
t li IR Lich he expressed Ins regret at his •
b e present, aid spoke in strong terms oil
tare Of the work tor Iwitich the Cony..
a-4mb ed. 1.
lietter of a similar character was re.
E. atiks. These letters were ordered
Janie"? L. Gillis,.of Elk, was then call.
ad tie-s tile Consent non, but lie excuse I
Rawl! of indisposition. Hugh Bellua
N,4titumberlaltd, being called to addpessl
iamb' t u - nbard and proceeded to urge upoi
triton the importance and necessity 0 1
e „ iitio Ise in c ibtetatplatiost. in the co
o marks he reads portion of the address
z,i.itA.Pliiladetpltia by the delegation fro
to tfie.Williamsport Convention in 18351
,roiled that all the reasons which exist,
cooltrimrion of the roav! in question, Cuti';
NO) double f o rce at this time. The t.'
in favor of:the Elmira branch, and prncee
vieadvantage to be derived from it.
, Sfr Biddle, of New York, was' call
make a statement of the New Yoik and
r, sa. 'lle said that during the month of
0,, Dunkirk snit Piermont Railroad ha
r..t.4.i1e id viC3011,000; during the month
.i 0 2 ,13 ,1 ,10; 111 July it.2:25,000. In the ft'
. poet, the n hole re%eoue would be a t lea
if ciol:ar , . The'gentleman then went n
fio., tiiiicli the citizens of Penitlylvania
led lobe success of the contemplatielret
Tl.erc must be outlets for the icningnse ~
of tie We.l, turd if Pennsylvania doe 1
(Lem', Newl'ark" n ill reap the advantig.,
evidence that the contemplated road woo
Biddle allowed that the Dunkirk and Pie
read, already incomple,ie in its details ii 4
an 1111CreSt of 6 per cent., or 'had done M.
months that it has been in operation. I
E ro % ito,sesses ativa•dages in its harbor,
ror to Dunkirk and liumln.
A lette.rl was read front Edward Miller
g'‘, of the Wei-tern Division of the P•
:tn'road, tee•mmanying- two reports min
, f 1 the B'unbury and Erie Surveys, -with
do region traversed. fie sneaks of the
itp;tly ..fthe protect, and of the great 84
thr route over all ulthers. Tne progrevi
.egipeeting science Linea the reports vi
te•A a remain), to believe that the route 01
t ,r , lier unproved. 11 r. Miller regretti
ergagenient lauuld prevent his attendal
1 Strut 'ierP, Eq., of Warren c
cP.11..41 to Dhow that if at, eq , urt bu;.iness
cu the' new• road, its had been done on t
end l' , eitnont road, in the four mooting
, uhl pay 9 percent. upon the estituaited
1, a minion and a Itall . of dollars.
Mr. Gnarls.* B. renro4e also addresse
•ingt in a very interesting speech.
• The Convelition was orgaruzettby,app
following officers;—
Val: Ptratnnrours,
City—R. D. Wood, J. T. Bailer, T.
i;t.orge Abbott, Robert Ketton f S. C. M
Ilatl‘Oaell. E. A. Pronothan, A. M.' J .,
Wailice, F. N. Buck. S. V .-MerricierSa
ham, John Tacker, J. M. Ogden, A. Ir,
Morton M'Alichtiel, P. A. Keyper. J.
R .ttert Morn., T. S. Penton, T, P. Ilia
F.1:labll, John Rubbing. Jr., A. II
.- , '.1 Slim p!3,4, J. It. Chandler, C. E.
•It d'qtrd Vssui„ Cul. A. Cutsintineft.
F. I.;:—JaQ. 1,. (Whs. Geo. Diejtimmn, Al , fin E-chbrittgh, Geo. 8V riel., Pone
Laricseter Coign, w—Titos; Buingar,lisor,
' N r. Jr., H. B. Gardner.
Potter—Tt.rbilllV I%ell.
Berk s—II: A. Muldenberg, G. A. Nir
l'ffinn,Major John Cuinminze. relics—Wm. Meckliti7lllr. Richer
F.-lit—Thos. G. Colt. Jas. Miles, Hem.,
iFzr.A Jackson, J. H. Willianr, l John Mc,
IV Norton, B. B. Vincent, /Am Galbrait
X ^zi Wm. Kelly, Anson Rodgers.
4 ar`ren.-1)r. W. A. Irvine, A. Tan
leri, John Judson. 11 P. Kinnear.
Nieliean—Hiram Payne, A, S. Arlin
H- a6nn.J, 3. R. Clarke. Soitimo j t Sanwig!
I,vcolng-4tobert Fisriosi--- Pm Hub ;
Jo!in Green, J. B. Hall, T. W. Llny
t"c.a rfield—Benjamin tiartiboThe, Wln
W. Smith..
•rthumberland=—Hugh &414‘.
crnwford—..l. P. Brawley, Gon. K. I
i.A . ng...4oeorire Hu►et.
, r,ton—R. L. Fleming, H. T.-Beards
te. Mayer Browne, J. Storer.
,lercer—Joh,p/A. Nangle, .
,11untottr—Tfioa. Chambers, Peter Rai
1 1,• in. S. P. Keese, Valentine Best, En
..1., Rhodes, A. W. Comly, John Luntit
: , .---. - T. :Vex. Best. - ,
'Si- cittiTAßlFs.—P. C. Eilmaaer. Ph;i4i.lelphia
T•ri. , A. Galbraith, Erie; Ignatius Clarnisr, Elk; Al
..n Wilite,'Clint ,4 ; Craig Iliddle, ritya :elptim:
t `.o'rt Crane, Lycoming; L. F. %V atann,l Warren;
: 1 . .• Cosier, Philadelphia; M. R. LOw je, Erif't
I) Tat lt;r, Philadelphia; J. W. Wetra re, Erie.
The afternoon session was quite an i teresting
.)..reic4 were male. by the
.Hon. Joseph R.
1 - 1 5 ril Cr, E: A. Penniman, and Judge Parsons and
(1 k, after which the Convention idjiturned to
:T. •‘ at l'i o'clock, P. M.
T:, C..rv.entton met again at 7i .o'clock in the
d'' -lg. Mr. J. R. Myers, upon takingithe Chair,
..• a neat and pertinent speech, in whichlhe thank -
` 'Fie Convention for the tumor conferred.
Tate Chairman then introduced Judge iti
`I, zerne, who, as Chairman of the Cow
:-:•. alone. read the following: -
: I. &par e d, That Penn-ylvania, endov
" '.''.‘ varied and unbounded . mineral i
"s . t a ^as she now does with the Ilea •
i't s of ;he Union, and possessing, in
.' t‘ry to the trade of the Valleypf the
• Et e, ibe best and safest harbor on the
I :.itaitelphis, the secona commercial
: ,,, ..fdrtimn g City in the country, it if 4 , "
1 ; , tliori in the front rank of commeti
'-'• ifesulrrd, That the present wants m
' '' . 1 ILe immediate crmnection of Ph Notice,
' • Er,e by a continuous lvhieh ' ATOTICE Is
. hereby riven to all persons lir have otwettled ae
' .k , e row neilected Aid/artless, but ri .LII camases' the books of Plt R.. Fettle Abet It has heeoppe
heeeertary AN mew Owe up their seeitehttiihihrihrilety. *titter
[writ' retyhTus of the State. . by lasts or Note., I grunt mower and wort have It. and desire - to
, 1 iter , fred, That' subseriptiona;to titi amount Katie with every one persostatiy.and to der logivfilll II "lac*
-he Ni&toti of Dollars to the stock of the Bun- I win ahead each day tt my sake. %LIAR the Ile itt4 of Otstutiet
nezi. for the parpore of stallia4 said aetaahate. I leapt a satlie
::y INI Elie Railroad, having already beim pledged meet whit all. weather they pay or two.
- to People of the counties through which tL• I ' Ent . Be P g • ""'"' S. TACLIEWEIL.
road will peas, it is hoped that thi cilisena of Phila
delphia will make such midi ions thereto }..will se
cure the immediate comme clement and early com
pletion of the work.
4. Resolved. That the extensive system of Reit
man!' constructed or about being completed by the
States of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. on
I /
Which a sum of user forty m Mims is being expen
ded, verging too anis the un ivalleti harbor of E ie
demands—that al.'s State sh old be prepared at the
very earliest practical 'eminent In ',pelf , for public ;
u-e this, the shortest add moat direct aq. - tianie through ,
.the !wawa( l'ennorkaida, fiLtn that Al to the city
of Philadelphia. ,
ti & Resolved, That we believe that he prosperity
of the agricultural, ma nos factnring, rin nig and corn.
mercial interests ocithe State will immedir.tely.
promoted by the early cinnpletiiia of the Sunbury
and Erie Railroad. the most direct tate from the
lakes to the seaboard ci , iestatid 'hit we therefore
urgeour citizens to clib-crdte prompty and liberal
ly to the 81ill'illry ai.d Erte aftilroad'Xtock. -
6. Resolved, Tr o tt the - commerce , . and rapidly
grott in hte.ille.,l' 1 these% eral lifO's of
. Rsilmad and
Canal, by w hicl k N. , w Yolk and Boston are con
nected with the Lakes. is a sufficient, guar nice of
the pl.n6:ableness of this road as an investment.
' 7. Resolved, That no pottlic work conk' now be
projected that would increase so vastly in value of
the hatable property of our wizens, sod the reve
nue; of the Sate, as the 8 abut? and Erie Rail
8. Resolved, That a com ittee of ..-- be sp.
pointed by the Chairman of ihe ConreM ion, to pre
pare and publish an address to the public in 514 of
the enterprise in which we are engaged.
Judge Woodward accompanied that reading of the
"reh-olutionti with some able remark* in , favur of the
, gri at enterprise.. .
. .
. _
maker. of
b,. of Erie,
men . were
ht Mealli•
y, of Phil-
Ibreith, of
me. 'N il-
.men were
n. G. W.
ed, Thom •
ti a ci.m
I ilier, Jr.,
. A. !r-
Judge Golie, 'of E'k County„ falloireJ with a
spirited and convincing speech In favor of the road.-
Hon. W. D. Kelley, of Philadelphia, was the
next speaker. lie said he ws not there because he.,
had any considerable amount of capital to bring to
the werk we had met to consider: But he held to
the d ctrixici that every citizeiV ahohlti promote the
welfare of the coy said State 0 which ;pe belonged
—and if he had not a dollar to aubsCri , yet, if he
could persuade others to do aro-L-why, h felt that, he
aliiitrld do the city and State route sem , (Cheers.)
The Suriloiry and Erie R tilritsid was en inetitly cat
cu:ateJ to limonite the weifare both of ennsyivania
and Phtlairdpitia. Philadelphia wag d (ermined tii
become one of the 6- at cities of the Uni ina-yerhaps
of the Wurbi. But she cannot .acconc, tall her pn-'
dation 0 about the Sunbury aritYLoe lishlroad. Let
it then be but Ltl—Penterylotnia is de rued to be-.
come one of the greatest, agricultural, Mineral, man
utacturing and trading States in the would. - Where
were her minerals surpassed?l ‘)
Judge K. enlarged emphirically 11 the great
and msnif •.•. ad%iortages to but city 4id State.—
While ne had peen paying crib to to rival cities and
rival Staies--liiiiiscleidila was Ftill Om ...mind city
in the Cilium. The capicklista of Phil4elphia may
be too road of bonds and ni-Oig-iges Which yield
them 6 per cent.-tun fund of MO lands and
waiting until they or theiX decenda tai could sell
them as town, lot All !put nigh be true. Stilt
the trading and active citizens of ' hilaitelphia, aid-
ed by the capitatists, had really 'achieved wonders.
And here Judge K. enumerated the radroatle and
canals built by Philadelphians--the thcaearie orpop-
Oat: ,ti---atorthe building of sea do atOrs fur alit
Smitten] and E ;nowt trades. Ay e—iiild Are asks
no Goternment roil to sustain te i rDirrpeilm steamers.'
Philadelphia should bti proud of her self-snow lung
line. The citizens of Plithdelphia lot' advanced
#9,000,000 of capital to 'Hake the Cellar:al Railroad.
Judge Kelley was satisfied that at no distant Jay
the triode of the West, the South and the Sou thikiebt
is - until give to the Central Rathdad and the Suahts ,
ry and Erie Railroad, and ill other rciarfs of the
kind, all that du y can' carry. - The magnitude of
our lakes—t hey should have been callid seam—as
compared with rattier lakes of the world, was finely
contrasted—arid theteionneitte and incfeitsurg, trade,
any the 1114).4911We or connecting that Immense
c.tminerce with the - Atlantic at Philadelphia—were
all' duly displi yed. „Also, the Great ' %Vest—the
%Vest id Pennsylvania—the wealth of Pittsburgh—
the coat fields— were grouped and blended together
by the orator with etrect.s-aod to promote and irr
-prove all these interests, eras the obj •ct of the San•
bury amid Erie Ratlroad.• 1 7• Jude •K. eluded his warm appeal and, lurfid
e co items
the Cu-
,nbitity to
the ouvr
° ru
Pli from
I , be I,pub•
d upon to
, of
the tinily,
the ,•on
ott i
to tile
lie Fol
d for , the
be ukge.l
twaker II was
ed to ihow
d tipoin
Erie gad,
I)1 Antos!.
it Orio lhs
It a riod;i•oi
10 Show
roduct ons
'tit for ish
I r. 'A an
id pay. Ir.
It Iti„ pays
in the four
e held that
• c., supe•
Ercj ,
'nil-% I ran'a
• -
• by him
`a' map of.
.nt ire feat.-
eri , brePY "f
ir mode if'
lere *sae
ey tr 6 Fto
_that fig. ,
ca at the
silage h. conclu.e his warm appea an.
address in language of affection for both State and
city—a/el:jog his hearers to respond to the liberality
and enterprise of the yeomanry of the . interior.—
They had putrup/a million, and they said to niolit
up as freely as ate do, and if we,cannot beg, we can
borrow the balance. We were told that the cat%
and county of Erie would subscribelltsoo,ooo. The
city subsc iptiun was ir/U0,006 of that sum, equal
to CA a head for everyman, woman and child in the
city. Warren !mild kive 15300,009. 14 Igel4i4A
pledged himself to c r lect $3 1.000 iu Er:e c,iunt y.
Lyc..ruing #lOO,OOO to 150,000. E k has now a
subscription of over *loo,ooo.lStreiv,vvits the spirit
of what was known as the W Cat region of Peon
sy/vania. But oe are compelled to ebt4dge our re•
port. J sage Kelley. like Judge Woodsiaad, sat
down argil thunders of applause. '
Charles B Penrose, E-q., and• other gentternan
addressed the Convention.. ' -
only. pr--
was! doll..
l et 13),Inkirk
oist that it
oat, which
he Teel-
uting the
lit. D.l%iA,
ttni, M. L.
tee, J. S.
ael Bisp-
. Forney.
•e, J. H.
h, Toirn-
An additional Rrsuitttion was ofr:red and adopted
as follows:
Resolved, -that the Lrgitiattire or this Common •
wealth iirpissing aki.iiint at the Not res.:ital. regair.
Iry the trilage of the initroads concentrating in the
harbor on Like- Erie, in ba of the width of
fair feet ten )"..tiel for iiitue c•tnnecting with the
State of Ohuo, and the - width of- •ii feet, an I feet
etuet and a-ha If inches far thotte ctinnecttug t ith the
State of New York. has evinced its sseacity and fort .
sight in thus protecting - andfn.tetiniz the natural
adritotag.. poseesed by our unrivaled harbor of Erie,
nit Wet Erie..
.1. Gard•
011, J. F
There *as no other bu-inesa of impo rtance, and
Je Convention adjourned at a late hoAtr,
nu. --
lore E.
, W;laun
gURSOSIT:I3I Or TIIR CoNsus.—The last census 's
miths shows some curious facts relatiie to the COT
pirstire, idiocy artd in-anity of the free blacks in the
Called States. In Maine. every fourteenth colored
persons is an id;ot or lunatic. ' fn Ohio there are
pi.t ten colored persons who ,are idiits or lunatics, ,
where there is one in kentiteky. .And in I . n '
where a lar ge , maiwity of the colortid, "population ,
are slave..., there itt but one of tiSeite unfortun
ates 'to 4'309 who are sane; in Maiseichiteette- 1
in 43; Cunneticut. I in 185; New y. rk# I in 257;
Penttrwicitsit. I in 256; Maryland, I n 1,074 . V 11...
gotia: ( l 'in 1,309; North Carolina, 1 i 1,440; Ohio,
i ii
1 in 105; ,Kentucky. 1 in 1,053. ?hie is cettain
ly a veryteurions,calculation, and indcates that dis
eases of the brain are far more sore ambng the gloves
than among the free of the colored race: '
Is hot the cause very easily tracell Is it not in
the broad difference that rpirks the Arlen/ condi
tion of the two kiwi of people! 'Thel slaves being
well fed, well clothed, well housed,,-01aSing no anx
iety fur the, wants of the rn ,, rrnw; wiethe free col
ored peop'e are badly fed, badly lathed, badly
honsed, thousand. 4 them not kt ()Wing to-day
where they can obtain as much fi or' the morrotv
as will keep life in the body: Urigit tit °nobly this
ae•nal cor.d...i. nof the two claret. resentit the
real and on'y canee—Cis. Eng. I ,
' orturz - ne: 010ITIMIII:
TE wire of 1./v.4m this Fait an; Whiner at, the Merchant's
A. E.tchlrJge,%n; he—
One dozen rpm. ed, . ' 4 1 Mts.
HA( .. .. !
tine &nem NH. tt " i
tine thrren rm.
1141( "
el., J. Y
•. J. B.
A. Wal
ine, Benj.
.y, Wm
Vl .011 c
v • Sarni
frlo”.ten. by the Kezar Can on hand at all Cline. &Ariel; the
Fan and %V.nier. i W. UARRlEl,SuperiKeuda..t.
Sept. 2n, 1 4 41.
VALL,ABLiI. - Nit - Atitt rfiWkit - A ~ D. SA W
t rainee on
,•rd as site
11 VALI:AMY. Water Lower and Rem at tile North 'elope
of the ri eta einintymn the Erie PUri.kni t s e.-
nal. irirrousidert by therno,4 timber in the taint; . load g.X.rt so
eattoulp aGf n .11 he sold at Al great ' , Orlin. LUM
BER or OA N ti.ONIa will be takee in payment.
Pept. 0. &it. . , LOBBY.
rico Ittiral
likes, and
and 004
DI SOL /ON.' • '
T MEeolttnerehlp herrtoltiee eahti me in the ',tares utile ho•
.Letweest the subeeerbetv. Ititdet the thr, limp. Brown &Co dinglived son the it is hfr l., Mahn' eon
pent. Alt delta due to the late tight eel° pato W Sennett &
Co.. tiho are to gen& all clams *aim* it-
SEX el ETT b.tit ;
Erje.,Be , ; M. B. LOWRY
iced naw
al coin-
the State
Pt pent.-
h, ambit
Iftattig Tried It o We and ft wed Well.
Iphrlatirtoo the C4 pe o)inem the onlyltrue iyetem or dotal
Li butanes*. the undersiyi, led oar adopted ft. end tin& ii wort •
Liven both fbr himmelfandeustofitcrs, as at has enabled
tom to purchase his
at flimsily tow rates, consequently he will be able to
tuteith bit eu.toutert and the public at eozreenondime
price& All in slant of an e thine in hi. fine toe reve.-
bitty invited to filmsee dos cruent aworitteetttof
'-. Clothing! Clotheand Cassintereil
f`on.i.totr of Black. Rine Mack, Brown. Greet§ and Drab Broad
cloths, nittleasonnerer of various puma Alto: - .
Silk. Stain, 'Worsted fit Welles Vests & Vest44l
AU of - Which were puma el In Neu• York for VASIL awl are
now olited as cheap, at le-at, an at any other establislunent to
Ile i ;es sot deem a m
neeary to tell those who hose ibr futons
awe of years pat:waded ui n that he COttlittlait4 to
taaaatac -
URe as
Glruients as esn be found in this inAirtril:' bat to new commuters
he has nobesitation to saiyitat that it they will
They will not go away diwtahrilect with either
Cl•ode.lllrorkreirinship or Prie•s.
Ctiatoat work always done at reasonable proem and war ratite&
Also cutting likAfralfted. if properly Made up. CUP Sind wr
thi.agivaate Not become oew" at the off Amid of die wit.-
writer J.►Mi2l LYTLE.
Erie. ikert.llll.
- 1.4 F.:AV %V I AI.
Hardware Store
ITOIITIIi 2. oz.van.
-Va. Fit Maus AS - tee dears ha Ise Calvet Itradre. Itssfak
Amman thie,ds;are Caniatiwuna Aleramorts. lop•rt.r• owl 1
Wh.leagle Dealers is Eztlask wail:eras. Ihilr.lociarit. 4.. r.
ti A rre V i l
t lieee urn t i C l i a n n otrai . : ( l 7 .i l i a ii r ife ' tu ""ek r. of ait S .l e a u- ( . "4 ....i. d .:: - i
poriation from England nod Gcruinil. pretesting a well assorted
and in: l u ng stuck of gouda , at close peters.,
The) hate. of Aiucrican it ud.—a large stack of Ruler. and
Pattie. Camera. Swels„ an( Pocket Collet) 111 all the towel! Of
handle.; rile. arid Rains; Buichert Wend and Cooke Ktiltelli
Slueke andliltn: -Howland'.' ni3.l • W. ninon is" Will. Maley.
Crow-cut. and Tenon Saws; Hand Pa ~.ei :. ai d finch Sawa; CM*
liaitinucrai u r Lit t hurls: Aogers .and Ainirt Rini; Inroad %tett 1
rdrpeillera' AU: ••Sitninti'a • aw l "0„,-,..,,.,,ppiRa A.s
Axe Dandier; ''Wellinotra" liiriong Weld, and V.-1%.. litwkl.
I.lllt, Shingling, Vita, and Broad kiliteli. tat 1112.... and In tvirog
Rooter and l'oiigai Iron and 0F;)... ii..u.., itual and Mu
Screws; Table Duna: Aired Sqiiam,. Grid Irons. Coerce 311.11 AC '
11,1nd Snoareat linage*: dcrew Oilier.: pint Levels. DK 1 -
tare ('astor.o rieutetteolia: naliteziii) Kinks: Sind twirl; i rt . ;
Till. Cheat, Cupbuird
- aail Ciibtriet Lark.: IVite Rai and
Mini; Wrench.'.; aright and Annealed Wire; Carina Sawa:,
Itlaelonuttlis' t 1, nv,l li•lnd and -k 1..4 log Ilainnwr-,' !indult
Mena. spoke $t....e.. Jock. and Entelst • with and in Mid-
:eral or l'e irl %Viiiic II: ii itir.; Door 'Vander; Nonni, vig swine*.
Bolrr. I 'lit iii Iloilo; itriliinnia and Imo Table and en Speinon
1•1.11cd Spoons., Furlintind Ilion., Kline,: Chalk A Flrh i........
Curry c. 0.; 1.11094 tapir.; P."l Curds: Clue Lows. rta,h
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cliches; II iudow sp g.
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,keens: nettle knot.; paste ji.nters; Frame nitil iron plumb tins;
iron pokers: bona. ahoeiwn ante f Who; • tiV 1 . 0.1 o; Whet prea•ro;
nail and spike gitubletin cruw banal shoe thread mid to ow.:
hind saw. mill and Bastard Fires. bor... and •Ikle rat,..: trittiti
'het-, lark• and brads; ehoe and fdiedusig natl..; lode aim.,
pail.'-; iron Inds and noalii rat like, chisel 41.4 aujer h..n lig•s;
carpeniera' rile.; ti rah Salt-:.a-it roller,: oil tone: et I ill *lows:
sluicing bower; awl liana; Line ts; wire .neirii ..aiiitlll2 Italie',
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dour tr.) era ; grlotlllil Viral, Sara, at rut nails and rpikes, ate,
ChiAtlilid gourl: lor4j.theil 41..1re1e and loot.: books and
hinges; spring tram!: a guar-. bra.. and iron candle "WAN:
anvils,. vice., an.; aledges: tinned ladles and meat •oraa.
melting ladles; iwpales nut unmet's; iron squares.; braces and
bits: 'brava and Iron pad and trunk toe ka; 1611Uirerg and tray.; IC..
socket castors; till;cupbuird. cheat and cabinet leeks; brick and
pointinj 'rowel.; Masa cock,: trace. cud. of and jaelt Chains:
halter chains; racer belies: knives and forkru. armors. shears.
,titicep shears; horse shears: ragirro: curtain pins and band,; Per
ging. brad ati , l Pea tog Awls: clout nails; tenter books; strap bin
ges; cape; pistols: tea bills; ply era; cutting nipper.;
ponder Plaaks: Etianimletlsauce pans and kettle-: brass kettles;
round slam/ rode: title drawn wear nail .: compasses: brawl
a; 'Watcher.' steel.; hand and ncli ',Wm; roopers' rota.
Isaoco; spring pinches: thlutbiti; Lamp Pogrom; iabli
er.; B ass Union,' curtain ring.; Brass-bead and picture nada:
daub ring.; unwell *KAP; brass ' , crew pulite.; basting spoons;
tobacco buico; Praw,r till and cupboard locks; tool cheat locks.
motets Bolts; eguaredwarl and welded-brad bed server; •Wright's.
Los vices. CS crusts-cul aaws;•4„: N blued Bark and lock.
swain, truWels; pincers; and sipper„ Dividers; Pollee 'Cuts;
Jcwaharps; clearer.; butter ?e'er.; cork screws: key rings; ger
twin ..bate.; measuring tapes: reek pulite" sad roller c.aLs:
IT The advenli.ery have uivdertaken lon the whdesnle Hard
ware Biwiue , , , flour .1u„ atfnuat4 luw {owe. , u Near
York Pearl ?Went Denterp—lroh poe.rtilv the difference of trans
portation on a very few twat 4 s puudo—and t h ey tee nti manta
,why it cannot to door, pod eten at Imo p ieM. ina.murh As the
Paitent , es - of eond•iennk a innifnea. at Buffalo, are nut one-half
ttio,e of Netv York City. Thry invite b lent to can their
at.aorustent and priers , . STOUT &
tituvi 16.-4arli.; P'S Vara street.
on !WE 00 On ONE DOWAIIki
Deltolris PRIVATE Mew
1.0, TRUATIPt. entitled. 4 ?tom
-INotteal Vine* of 114arrime—a popular
lti.e on the scentWl/1117E0MM of
co and 11111[Ufitt. nNstnß WWI den.
tl db.etiaea to t.otn, with up.
d. of 125 colored and pl4in.littvo
litho and VOlrtalVairp, illurtraling the
ipton.y. l'hy.lolony. and Diarai.e• of
IVexual nrgana. their structures.
4 and Itlnelt r i'ons.atili trsb vat ton/tin:
ries tw minced in them by solitary
It,. crest.. and infeetem.entWei.
• plOno, end hanetul effeets of Vette
, • etttela re.. to . w Lewd nerriorr.
0 .it.e prieilealoh....rifalitill.oll ,2 02-
, 11 , tonal: lettiitial Catloololl.. or eon
etittilsonal weaktwei. nod sae tombola rt,nlpallitee. The whole
teen-triled hy i 61111,1112 e. 114, tr at lif 1.0 I 'foit . o pi ivite prnettee.
The reproilueuve orzlite tit ';' :1 111 : 3 4: the il . l t : Pe sir k a i t i r l e . linin :l ii 7t ol i .r a i l l r nY • P' A ih t i o ll: .
irrottilarov. or MC PDIAte rap er....011 of the %tenet...nod their re
no,lom by H. ft Li I, oir. N. 0 . (Ira Lion of th e Me Kral De
partment of the :ioriberit I*, rosily Meother of the Itoepital
des "etwilennes , resin —rorr r; ()talent of the Reformed Reboot
of. ieine, and member of / Ntedieal Roe tett.. Ste. &e.
4 } 1.1
ea PION.
In thieb..v3k O, nai.ate )fer y p• 1711.• dketl.te if Minutely de I. wdh their ly nyom . n I tow 10 1,4601114 h one froth
row ter,-irith receipt. fir the essie.Les. th-tr manneentent. ete..
in 051111111 Op/ tie It e'vlate• ' , eery 0111.1.141•,•••••Cittv and pti.
v•ilely irent his e Ise. Chem.. nvou hal the illiaa*lturow, ifatlr
praegeeti by troche on the ten rins.l‘ or to John. if p , c. Orly trr..t.
rd. Y./um:mem whl hare pr a 11,11srl'etale so .q111?1f1111t d.s.
ease. previon. In plaerta then !Wei under Ow rare of any lbetor
tin to l iter se!‘ n hp , Pr/Neil./ /9 /9 I V t •l a e of Mrs iroly
ugefut work tir01.11• It elrjrnm , 4 the iriekory and in, o•tnre prar
tireJ bbg4 , ek•, wh) It rare private di•l•a•es in ter•
public oewompers zlol,l by to author: who may be Collollltell
uM•t tiny of ate. of 'telt Em it troll. Any person omt.ibil
YS rentee ylc da loiter 4,P0. 1 .11.1) , wili ter• ell I . one ropy of thus
b•tak ht :a ti 4 or fire eames Gr 31 \ -A,l.lrer •Dr M. ILIA Vora,
or h) I'W Y. 41,, 11 , 42ta10, . {lr<t ft. 140 •tuthlr,
Heaver at; P. I. alheri umlNti 1t i dui. Alb or. N
, Falling of the Moab. 4:oitorrti.iraor t 1 tryte,. n•simeied. &cgs-
Imre. irreg ilar or p Dropsy IVouth.
Pr I.n too:lea rnikvl itgant by younx ,tn4l innocent female"
'who have htJ their he itch in Jared for ear. D i pllbe and tortrnuo.
from relefir Jr. I frinate two tater., 'under the (.ter pre
itenee of effeeitrat en're.—ihnv inethesties in nineteen ;ease. of
(twenty have an itipt run. e.fee yapott incr./amnion - In. withottt pro
doe ing the etti•ei.or a•ty ~ 11:011 of it I.a..lbeir who nigh fur
!MOdie,m4. ;he calvary of VI inch has tarn teased in,thousln.h, of
;corn, writ never filed to +keit) eurna witholikany bad re
sults. wit stir none but•
Dr: Laaoy's Petndi:o Periodical I\lls,
which are the matt of the roil,' rn.d kit .v.'s. Lie an 1 iu,,
of some of the al.fest 10 ne!'i 41,4 pliipiei.insa
rope. and hare been used by Pnital,t .nost n(
ttlity and nobilii) Of rraner fi.r the tart tt years. To math;
their virtu a would not add to th-ir inerivi. The only preeaut.,.
tieeep.try to he ob.i.erved 1.. tidies .hoold not take Ilona if the)
have repoon to believe that thei are in e , rtaill the par
tte.tiar. or it 11101 will hr mentioned in the wrapper. aeconiiiiii•
ingeurli Doi.) though always pa:e aid healthy. so gently.: et PO
active _re thei,
ijr Pr. , : 11 ncr hoz. they can be transmitted by mail loony
patio( the lenimi,
Dr, In Vroir invites all - the Mllleted. however hopeless their
ears. way ..pPear. or *hairier their dewily ;nay be. or ili./Vlos cr
many ph)sir 1.311. Of trIDINHOI, 1110% h Ire tried. to wit Ihip knowl
edge and skill to the test in ate 'egaini nation of the care=-l( will
cost them nothing He pronnoes to every care be Mar a I.erina
nen! :Ina r.iilteal cure fir hi,
If 'rise itt.t.enmiry p• no arranged that the person w eathoe
*ill see tin the doctor tismself.l4ltO In In cooshrtmatten
d Mite in Ili; me mono, Widy and willing in wilder relief in
all who may . ! . c hint a raft. Ilninhents of certificates voluntati_
ly given of emirtato
some of ninth are l apioni-ding eases on
record. /trefoil, Inspection mil* Divensm, all which ate by ms
Remember St Lloyd street. up stilts. sign of Ohl Galen.. 'lead.
Buffalo. N. Y.
Bult,lo. March la. 1141. 1413
18 CURTIA is now opening a large and splesul,,i ... f t.
went of Millinery (kind's. n lien will he sold wlndevale and
~ , .I,d ni OW insees. Het Hock ctsibraerK
d iro
the rusi 110 ing• ,
11111110) 1 101—R len plaid, newest ogle. scarf, ronin
and velvet Rslons„.ln 'non etery ogle Inst can hec ailed fur.
t l ll' I NM.—All colors and ;s ores
Sli.lid--Oletery desrzepifteo, fur snaking annels. lining , Fel
"'tilt:lir:lV i'
S Y ET:l—iirock. brown. blue. green, gentle . for 044
Felons Regalia'. Ike. • ..
,Fias.VEltst—Hunies.Talls„ ii rhea. Lace*.
EIiCINGS--glock Lace Veils,
EMBRICIPIEBY—CiaIIara. a eery lame tarovadent. cue,. un
derrieetev ebridirett.. baddkeirebiers. erubrvidered ppd Saar.
vigils** purl Insertions.
ntterneree white, Ladies a bite dad edkored.
drat quality. %es. lon Pad etym. swat variety.
lit aditalY . Alt cue*, beat rpoility.
Irk Erato Titl:4lyzlmuts—Nctted Fr sage. Duliforts, Flu
ted Ribbon.. tr.
trIEESS CArd.-;-11( every style.
BUNSrTx!—tit{mig. Sag Malin and retwit. of the latest nos.
constantly on hand.. nue w tiounett cleaved sad ahaped on the
'honest notice.
I Cloak Trimmings. testily wade ("kinky. Velvet Soeks. Nano!.
za ex,. FMK.). Baskets, Combs. Crotchet Needles Tidy Needles.
T i dy coinin Tapes. Nooks and El) es, NW. Netts. Ninnies, with
utany other articles too numerous to itterako. Alt orders fur
Gast," snd BOIMPUI promptly atteuJed to. ,
er lc. Rept. 17,
:raw *ALL Doom '
TouN. C. BRUM having just returned from Sim; limit with a
large. splendid and clieap nworunent of honest Goods. . trash
h au g vit co wed awl frahinuable. !Verb (min the loon* of
the manufacturers. in every clime. Campo. Asia. Africa and
America. bought at a groat sac slite r for rash. and (tiered to the
public Sir newly their own price. Call and see. 12. r d. damn
wins wound:kw so all, and none °Muted gu bay Alt Mart suited.
Among hi. *sock will he lbund silk. wool, cotton atol Ilneu, silt
and anus Urea. Goads of every variciy.;UVild Cloths sad Clew
metes. plain and watertd Poplins. Mp P. inianinr.,
unmesstarees, tea, silk and satin Ifeattags. Fringes. blue, Mack,
wok, white and trarlagated. Canton. netted. *.c.
Sale. Sept. le, SW Sol!
, ,
. -
Tg stibwriber having teased the Store Na 7. Bonnet' Blink.
ANnserly oeetapre4 br Lob4.-r, theunra iii chewi e r, Is receiv
ing direct from New York. • large and welt 'selected sine ft or
Groeerien, to which be wow cordially invites iliesatention of the
trade in this and the adjoining Colitities. Ile damn himself that
from Ms experience iu the Grue.ei kuwintss.aud his superiot fa
cilities for obtaining Coda. di Wel. (emu hit itilioneteril and Man^
niacin rerr. thereby paving the JuiMetw' pridfiw. that he can Oaf so
the Merehaniti Wiwi's: mitts n tili On it puirmaier. Gonda
At (They as tea es riurrAnstil /nit sf - Drs- lark. '
And as C heap as can be twiti,firt in New Yolk. with the add' , ,
ofiexnease offended in getting g'oils to Dm city. Nein; . -
mined in mike hi. business Eaggigligilglay Wkolollllll4. ill
eon tttttt liiinoelf waetlin„ h • Iti , t; ege.ii be eau be su ne t d
1311 , i/ Ann Ile Ile will be /moil .1. all tithes 4.le.lll/bii nit to
Mose who way awn; Min with a call. In addition ro z blii beck"
of NCelie. , he has added a e Wire *dock of i i
' I
Whiz/ and Inspattod and riosnoaltic send •
to an easattuattott or witch he would espeeiwty i ithe the allido '
1103 01 Ron I /imperil awl others ``u llw Dade. T cawing wail '
etornprim• a portion of hirstoek, il ix . _ ~.
* few Orleans. l'otto , ltieo it Cni
uhateugai, wdered.Cruidied.
Grotfolaterl. White and Vetiow Coffee do. Porto Rica. Itl • •
%w/o, a co,' Meta.ves. K. IL,ayrato, In 1, or khd i llb4 it tea
Gunpowder and rlack Teas. in chests. 11-chem n and eantil ; •
iiiJ J 4 t a. g.. mut 14 1 :uit a tui err V giiiia 1111111111014.111 t To
bacco.ilittereut Ira ndiwi; . A iidetwou'V etieleiii. and Irk.
,1 5 ,
alto lona. an I mowed sire pip. 0 king ; Black and A' ow
' bung'. Dolomite and imported lin • nil Serfs; Rabin.. its krinide
hail mil loaner ;dotes; I rutraint Fie'. Pimento'assia.
"c" . ". 3 illoheits. Indigo. init. tii mei; ripper .111/CP.Gdosind Pep
per; P1 1 0n4•10. 1:00•14 and Col in It.. and 1-t lii. poerot now
Off. ill whole. half. awl Oar Pi.. Sin I. Lead. Nuts of dal:eilea
kinds Ku. I tale. Excels&Mt/ rnisny Soap; Relined Elephant
and Windt. Oil i dperw. .r Oil and Olive do i Mackerel. Ofo 's
1 . 4 . 3 . in whole. bait winner litils., l'odtwili, lierridg rind
While tt.b; Paint. acd Min resent! erodes Brandies. Ruin. if in.
, 31. "'holtlikela Whisk • i Old Pool. Mailleird. I laral and Champaign
Wows: Lmi.kin and lidadeltdda Porter: ionetner With WON kiwis
and stiles or lewd ept in lb. Om. erw I tlit. au I hot enumerate&
i ii. thm Ism. In We .Cretin,' et le Melt i r m. would nwspecitullf in ir ite
the autumn. of : rehaarts bid af' 1.11 ing die here.
,nPaieiddr ientiou lent lo filling .rdere. and all 'nods war
ranted as fr 'eland or she money refunded. ' •
Erie. . 110.-111. . J. %I. SMITH. , i
bushreV Notiat. .
'veto that I have 'oohed to the Conk of
/lie courtly. lie the heneth ur the liop4l.
Aanowealth of Petoorylvahoo awl the OW
load ti the Shit ;ley of fktuler next for'lite
'rethicrra. at tte4 Churl Dom, to the city of
I Ware they sally :mewl owl *how eagle.
Shollll.l eta to doerha,reed
WILL 1•1111ill/LI.X1.
Till. witeerthet thirt• Ow sale hie titestw Saw Mdl. and oboist
i•or afre. of Laid allachtak 111. iChl. Othsale oillatbe tow nabi to
0 Vl' alibi orbs . rite elowaty. two miles nom th e Mtn
,t ... , .....0.,.. of P. fifty twda "too tbe bite
•,, 0 , Etre ..a , l Mentor Marlk Road., 1
1 hi. ''. l .'m ow!' tTeat ttaturetertste to Oarettaarts at thabi
Wt. to' , i.. , time. tate clank itnesdhd.oyant barn lei mud frtwer the , 4-
'0(4 64 ' r... , ..* of the mob it 1.41.1 ow Water , tie wtere.salwity
r... 1,, ,.. •il I ....r a.e mgil 13'1 e eulasty Far Nriti.b , nr. 1
nidnk fdr Ore roi.l. TI. ran la li. frivol rate tttttt met or.b . r.bavit
no , 1 , e , 1e , t engl4l , . Pa JAW in a Itch and Ikon e tuna coma r) .arkd
Inn .orr, a nbia a abort dratance Oa almost malamute.% gortobly 'te
rteelb:r.tto.,l4.. t .
h n:11 hs wit,: .11.11 Titre iin s and on swig forms in W.:northing?.
et. t ..r I.tirro i lato Juoissie or J. H. Vanipbe:t. of E.leignsvo, a t /,
the wslwersher in Eris. C. As CULBERT:Q.I,a.,
Kruisints-r tn. 5-at. , ' tr.P4 t.
___•._ ___ . _ ______ i
110VIIR •S I•N K hi A N U}ACTOltr..,
Itomovia to Ito. Mk* Iltacalltimot.
I.t.ree. Fourth sedfdlit.epporile Cr... Sired. Ptaltarlikiiire,
'will:RE the rll4pfkriOT in enalitti.i. by ineseased faestitie4., io
V V . supnt) the growing ihmand kwks
, iloser's ink, whlehl
II I .frstirei•l .etitit..ltion has ereate.l. - Y.
:this Ink i. , now iki writ estahlishrid p. the g wni ritlinion >.0.1
einikletise of the American Pantie, that it is searerlr nerminny
In Pas anything in its favor, and the itiatnikteturer takes this h
issrywitty tom) that the ennAdertee thus secured shall floc be
In addition to the various kinds n( Wraing Ink. he also ?Dahil
-1 ictures .idessidiais finical tor mending , taaas and China. , as
Vl • II as a euperior flair Ilge: a trial is only necessar , .. to insure
it- future lute. and a Seartar War. well adapted for Itraggi.t...igid
Bottle., at a very low price, in large or suialfitontititim ,
orders eddremed to JrnIF.PII E IlttV ER,
Manufacture,. Pio. tit ilacmat. Between 4th It Sth, annotate
Philadelptua. Sept .10. 1...51
We Savo Pound It! ?maga What 3 1
. ,
W"V.111,1 I. ROSENZAVI:III, k Co. are "ening all 6001.1
in 'heir Irne cheaper th.tii any body. Je rt , or timaile, Oa
aide of New York. Vail in _ - 1
lip Wo. 44 Wright's Mock!
and emmiae their great ammoniating of
Coats, Pants and 'posts, ,
of the finer! materralp. of the best flt. and of the Mogt
superior tvorklUalibhi 1., which are paid at that e+utlittlitt
rnent an cheap that a man will make morn by buying
than going a ilium. In +lion their artietea are'
that hereafter there'eaa be no etc tape for pertly Coat...oiled Yeats
or dilaind tel rant.. But their mock of Ready Made Clothing
10 not the the only Ind .ceinent held out to a .rat. Ragged cind
Haney Publse" to cite thew a cull, ha their stock of , .
is unsurpassed for variety, Fashion anti. aboie all. Chen Paws;
and as they have in their employ .
CIA. *Saks Best Clatters Its Taws.
They will be nearly at all tilltre to mak. Garment, to Ofdfr. dr d
watrant them when dune. They have Goods from the linem fa
brics to the eneroest, an that every• oae can be tuned. The)
have a Mike amortment of
math as the !inert Ittiality to the Coarr , e,rt llielarrY•
handaerch sets. cwt r., • eh... Scarf,. under ea 111111Pie(P. col
lars. Hosotils.toartlyer ith et cry Onus iu out line. We have
a general asoorunent of '
Ladies Pashionable Goods
for the Fall and IVintei trade. We have neither room eel
time I.) ellllllltraW ofnuality, but St all jolt say to
Lad tee to e“Il and examine fur tht•tuselves.
and i f ihe prier. don't pun we'll endeavor to make ihtni. for Fe
14 loh 10 aril and are detcrnsiiird not tote wide-gold. Don't forret
the location. No. 4. Wright'• !dock.
Ircic. Scot, It, 1.4.101. Id
dernirdstrator's Bale.
BY'nue of an order of lee t Vphan't Coon of the roatitty
Erie. wall le 1114.1 %'etoltie on the preanirer.' r i
day the aunt - find day oft 'cutlet neat, , onaleencina at ten o'clock
A. %I the followitte de.-rtbed pice. and of around. siortut
in rrartenvine. in 'dom..% 14011 ii. of 1..1k Creech. in the 101111 y or
Erie, and deeerabed at follow.: A certain lot of ground. bounded
north by the Ratan, Earl br lot of I.eorge I onieruy. tough Ay :he
hirhn ay„ and went tq, the crual, and has in; therron t ratore_a 4 e.
(*ordain, not - about tinny sodb of ittoundntore or trim. Alno a cer
tain lot hound d north ' 84/111. egad by land of trnlly, and
loath by the nighty ay, and wen by the land of William' b Otter.
containing reit rod. , r eland wore or tete and a War bon.e thrts•
on; also n certain othei piece of land. boandot north and emit b 1
the other lands of said William ANttlfOr. died, •011itl by the land,
of ilur .re 11414 On.! weft by 11w %lea tvilk• told, eontaanote Mimit
two-tlstrtla of an CCM of hit I. and havinj thereon a thwellang
TERm4.--nne (mirth on confirmation anti... and the balance
iir three rn sal annoni • wstb ettletelo on the ehttpte
punt ann inky t, be initi ith etteh lobe reedited
Js Iguteut Ikttt.l and 3ionzar• on Ille prirtial+es.
Ht IRACC 11.%Ll...A.troinioramt of the rytate o
veer en --Min 11 illiarn Wince. dee J.
A. DS. kiLAAK3I3
NlTOral mitneetfitlly intim the ,t.niliet and Genthen,ol
V Ette and atlyontitgetoiatts that he has (inci t e! a Stm Ow
- ifinutaetutring Aiterted. Repairing. I:leashing and Finish
jotg twir awl Late lionn.l N , II I'l us. and elentlettien•s
llnt4. Haring had a log ex N't ;. ti&e•in the largest ‘llatitifatiu
nog establishinents in afattita,:• assure his customers
that t t i hawser leas/. his tr. It \i11! be is•rtret in Texture and
Fetish. IlaP,n made •It•• • _et tents t t reg.' ve the latest
New York aid Philadeli..t.t style*. they utay derend on a rash ,
,nibk Ilan tither Ina& tir repaired.
lit tllittefr linitithed with iwprorr,l films of new Pyle,
motiaMl y on opening.
A. W. BLA got ten a sharp of patronage and will DWI* ow
by eloi.e attention to tioaineva. prontmaen. of time. outwore
orlty Of work. /kr. Alt knots of nook kept. Call alai No. s
Brick Mock. Ftate street. neatly•olyesite We Custom howl'.
Ette, Sept. 04 1631. 314
tem ,
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T. 1112 321W 0 6 114112,101 r
In T.lte's lair CitYilit the Store of the Jew.
I. kept every/him:cheap. prettyJnor ne w; ' i
To he zotivitteed what ne ray i s really Arne ,
t;ive us a call. then (/...ell never ..ay nu{. - • I
eat , . flamed. plain and Sarin dectieues.
Aimless.; Venoms and Misfit, de
udd erth idu e tv,, ,
Mull*. (Mier and splendidly rroid Pfl M 11,4,
Wrought in figures thy most bearititul. dr
ioiis in' modes.
fare Cape*, Understimyes, delta, Collars .l nd Cuffs.
Together with a large assortment of th ,_y stuffs.
4t large and splendid lot of hay fitlte fikursyls— . , .
ladies we're happy to receive ado( your eatts.
We lett e Ilress d coods of all eoldral. blue. starlet pad brown.
A,. pretty In chew a.leals lid had in the town;
A.. am oilmen; o ruplins. Wain, changeable. watered and plaid
Far prettier and ebeaptr than any wheie else in the city Can
be to id. . , i '
ll'e litre a
,fine lot 0 osiery aid ittores-t-rigu in.
We hate LIWW. WI ,I.nre.4. liiwb Mute& andmialn,
tir oil I toertilitts and Polkitiks. Cambric'. Cotton and 1.n.110: tfityle.
Which [annul be Cleated in beauty of p•herns, cheapness and
%We would also notice our tipportniton et% Ines Mae.
The pure Jules. of the gra pi 6, glown on the /tinny banks of the
Free from all drugs and poisompta dreg—
None eau its eteelleoce know:until it be tries.
W. would advise our friends railliearefievee to partake, ~ .
Nut merely as a beverage. liiititbr the "stomach's sake„",
rir n lurk rake it Is Rood and eds.:tidy can do you miliaria.
lii it. purity Colle•iMli ns chief itua .. 4\ ,, Charm. .
To wake quick sales for small plofits Wit erfUlinq are willing.
Unit/tenth . neighbors weiiiait;tiot tor big profits and the slow
' slaitreug• . •
The nllithle risperree principle I; ours—lir it we abide—
II) it out goods we sell and Intim:in slide.
?km , I do not want this community to he token by 'unwise,
ur to think 1 nut trytun to, pull nvoot °ter their eye,.;
or that I am at all inclined to be fount'.
In so) tut I yell goody very cheep ter the . motley.
F.rie. *Ts.'" 15531. $. KOCH
--, ,
Mita- litilib • cowl
ED Rob' iho anweaber In Mb , ,eily, on
L: balarday load. a Yellow Cow. four Of lire yrnt.
d, a lathe -tripe on lac hark awl a a bile io,l--.4t
Wit Are await not Nur largo. Any pawn netornin,i
clot stray, or prang tokamak , '" where it way be Awed thall
Pinably rewouted by the witocaber. au Preach !street moiler ti
rertraceGEOCit HART.
Cite. Sept. 113 I€4l.- 3" if
trail Iron!! iron it 1
1" ant maw receisina q lmre and %ell aimortsd stork of Iron is
I. eon he found vest of Alban!. It iris board entirety ay
Cask and mitt be sold ihr the KROle at prices that defy competi
tion. Mao, a t late stock of Walla and Spikes. at trousnaile
tigures. aurusi
Et.e. la • Ito. I—teed Howe
ihnst s !I
1 Am *ow teeeirlplit a large stock of imam which Tarr jam
ton pourebased at rely km agora is New Yeirt for task sod
will he wild protafrisonably low for leash Of ready pay.
I aia aloe *eoliths* a 411110 supply of Tao. Caldera. Idolessea,
Spier*. die.. &a. I Wylie she a fiension of dome wishing* , pelf
chose and say I %lasi' 1 tan oft; as ywpd Inderegaente as any
Now* in Ole atty. JOON C. pIiINZ.
grit., eclat.'"
AND all oh dont becalm they were UV." la swam the Ca:
!I boas so . is UwW,latiependeseet awl as usual tome see
Beamed w others we dispicased. 0 , 17 wsy 'must
it tO
And ciente hi. large nad well selected sleek of
-- make up turilet on the slowest no** awl In e
I ape. nthaien leaving their nw,Rtntore Ine
-t depend 00 Ma a hen wombed. atal If nut
r I oil be skied w 1..1te nway.
sly Slide Clothing.
.n 1141 eontinue to Amite, a ~-ry sal eti.x lot of ,
•tt w let tee cltt reconaornol to itt.)••• ,11
•1 ' r Mends nry,t thri nltlic to call and •S
-i att.; end to i brae not ludo" 'ne wy
I kW you; and we know you tt ill be
nisi I
ct 6.,
- -
any garoneut t.
waimied thee I',
We have on hank
rten.l) 1.1.1 e. Clothing,
want, an i would Innen,
noon,. rtices
Wang along sone one tq
tati.tied that we hare the
zit Goot.
Thia we boast pt and ti He eoos.l.
IN hoe awl 'Panty elsin*. {Mtwara
Pioeks and Stet Orratata t alsseh
sell a. eheap as the ehettplvt.
. We w qua Muni our tiroultA to Or 11'
kot pleased 10 rice 111 our old euworrwrikiam.
tan make it coureoleut to rite U. a roll 011,
JOIE% m..n:.1.1141...
trio Pep.. no Poll.
-V -
Tsuttee Hier wishes to puretlw aord\
KAI w.sart delivered at iris A.bert 111$1 ,
runt.? of Freeith and Lib Streets. i S. JAL
Park sow. a-few doors West oft
SCHER:WAN is happy in int in! all lathe wi.ti DAICILT ERRE.).
TV Pi: LIKKY Le.rtll , 4 l . who are at ¢II panie.ilsr that kind ot
picture. they &Up.. Cr him thtve hers haat t-'
pressly fur the Art Matti' is the t agent /aril* 'Arit t. and
it ha. bees the eori.tast 'fads r al: wonky of the Muse sitice
Cie Art was diterot red. Wein' and control lt its the manner
be 4 adapted tr) produce the nitWt fisurst4e terte.w. 11te reyiat•
of (hie .41.4 and of rhourarada 41 es penintent. is that there is not
a rettletlah e tutripanent Gaiter) in the 11l to where the pie.
(tree are made I.y a cousistai a inttow..ina he wig/ rays be can
produce superior !ottani. by such a a the ow prove. hi. ignnrabee
ut ilw Art. Thelattnte titter therefore hilt. trove utast!. that b. tit,
stringier LIG I IT. and *soh an apparruun times Suit-ab
et is Was city. he isenal.l,lb, pw6liwcipiciures a huh camel be
entwile4 in tht.pakot time country . and otter. to etcehi any tlotta
which can be produced ilk other manilla Erie. or toriht oor hun
dred duoar7i. Or Ito al.o a epletttlid butch Wor•lting Um:nem
with which 1w taken cltibtren at any aye! Let it be didti nctli
1k . f. , 1901 ins pitiares tt ill not fade if prioper!y kept.
N. 11.—The ”recentiwitruyrusenta"rty ne .ern at the above
IMPOlit., ; , W. 111 81142.1tki..1%.
I:rw,trept. la, If:M. 1, 14
-- -.-. —
Ai NEW IgAT Azi;xl asp
Tin: Ftl; Oerlt.T. haring ffnli4l the'
re ato on Park Ron. Inn
dog. n cri Oat% dnan..• ar. Wrigher. Eicharer titer. liar')
oceolord ani a .bin elf% Mort lA' 111 r. slnrkton. 'll4l Wli to call dip
*nen/ i(JI1 at,the no 114 . 1/ CO Pale SY 4110,401'k of /r a s a tk C a p s
which la. IM now opening. Ilircrt from raitern Mintitacto n” , .
Being a pram eal !Inner 'delimit', and basing taken the atincno
%Say. in the wlection or atene Gnala..dhe canassunsty way rent
As"Ufird UN" are made or finis 10 lteru al*. and by the bent work
an n. and n ill be nalfralllPll ruin?! in hnc.b. bty le and dural.dity
wan} that tan be had In the EaNtrro elm-v.
Crutleaneti fan at all linter and here ere latent todsios a Win.
11. nrebelkCO'll celebrated Ilan ak Neill' , York priern. nn4 . ran.
ut ahno. l rscry ..tylc, quality and price. Also, a sood :dock of
Wad. Robe.,
The suh.eriber hopes by boncrable. fah' dealing. to huilJ up his
riess, m hi. aim Is hot ia.)lkeee Ihuie who patrobize hlPb Ma
in3ke eel ialoe ensinniehi. K. J. MPG LBS.
rail Campaign Comm:net:l in Reality.
Comnierchti EA ch.Nitei Cinikiitzr Store ()pelt!!
( . .../144/...> C:karer tiara Erer:•—Greal Mph 4 ess'ont gore 1
Laree aikas and a.lllll prof*. the 7dultot
TlIti104": wish i tilt to purela.we 'tie hereby notified that they can
witch:v.. ‘II:N and ktl /Yls4 CL(l'r1IINII mid rill a imln of
Filflionths.a timid* at atnnit Intl price at lt'lti,:m , .ile or Remit at
the telehrated Clothing e-tatilialistiesit. No a. rournert ml FA
change,' t.rte. v lane,' w Wain the last tit in 'nth. by Up% nada of
1„y• ~..,, y..irn i t em,. oimi ail pato. in the now,' Stater. to 1 , 11) DO.
IIM:g olthope from Lifter commie* lam now in tree.; tof lie
mo,t • ell is. the I ir, 2 e-i :it... a 01 41..th0 et er brought
to the, stenket. w hith I. iintiort direct from 'Wrote. therthy co
llie MC ilohber'n profit which enables me to Pell filly Inn' tem.
thenoet, thin any other inidividaar in then city cal, on dare nen. In
Coq I am prepared Wadi? Fall and Wilder llo• hing at :web ra nET.
as vt ilLike oheions. are the greatest 'mumble itidatements lei
prate. Wile and goality Ittiinarkset laniards. My stock Whig ao
tafft.Utta the ay 64 60 yawning, II ventsrlr tits issenion that none
will lentre ummited Or dieentirlied I din in the ri teem of She
latent Paris: New York and IthatalelphlePashions. and employ
ohne Mit good workmen and will dier fore he able. not wily so
manufattore what I alway• hove mann at ured.a.mmlitta. hut al
so, to mitnurieture them ice the moat ft imiable and workman
like enahner. t;entlemen iiri.htuit to linletnoor clu•ni. And good
goods 101..t0 well to roll nisi (Ism ine , my rain * of I triiiia nod
' , wick:rat, Biomes, and Odiret'alani.t. ever moot.. Patna, Chun,
Broad I tuilin. Camtinetra. V, at Mg.. chin.. Fancy Toes. linsav la.
Cr..); a he. sin we cahoot runnier-no 1111.e:111nm! iire, and we
will.ndidw you more gooita. falter good.. nint lard--.hush not
lemit —Oita per goo& than all themliet tiatribliahment• of the kind
sit this :tee.- For tbe liberal intro:marl heretoGne be...towed on
tne. I old respe c t ( ill) beg leave to return my larinkv. 111 al
ways k sill* a large and r 04,.
4..rt.e it, mud dealing honestly.
fits.)),a id faithfully, I hope to tetaus all my old cuatuntera , and
obtains Many new mien no UPI Cliff! twills their tans
Elle. .• la. 11141.-18
, M01 4 1:8 KfliCIL
' :i
S:lr.. 'l'
a l ei*,
..,nr i p 'Hit
4.0, hy_ , ~
_ .
'I Natiatnl 'bird og..l4enetied no _n
benwn, Tick
, Marine Atli**, imuwer spa.. cocoa yarns. GU pil
id II irking. all or a Inch will hei pol 4 elleap mi Ilic
18 Alt HI &
Olaserr-are sat' Crockery.
4 4 4. L
• ref,
7. Perry
• CE iltAtinrimeni of Crwker) am/ rhreow are. pm rreriv
' whirls s'il; he sold as ebrap or any in 1'.24 !Ai I rkci, at \v.
Murk —Erkl. Sept. 11,—:8
! . Wiest. Groceri• i.
_ ..
AGE. 110F4111114411 jilt artit tag. ellawirlltilt Of e641141`. teas ,
.. r+ of velour kind', tuol4.s.n. PI rotp;rie , rie.. nt 50.3.
E yck by Id A,11110•K LE & KEPLER.
11 IRDWA a' :. —.A god atoontodot pot rm . , riViaa at
[ rerry Block. by 1r Alt 111"rli 1.1, 4. KEri.cit.
A -
o . lln.
0 No.
3:1311123 GOODS.
Iv] I int,' plain awl fizirerl Poplin. !Wigan, plain ani
I ikLatiat, Cabtitoeftir of the latent Mt Icy ory , the e.imit
' , yet. tu.
D Wit
it Rd.
lauldla Black r 1 Pc ; atro.a erent vacirty
of laical sty W. plc( f CC.' I Ved
—l3 A R 4 K
Executioft of Goa. Lopes I I I -
r AIR ) & REeT are now ree,ti Mg' ". law and...0(4141d stack
IL I of I. II roods consisting of Dem,. ~ I . ..A. mete.. Glivicaiiiv.
"alieueii,fituivil.„ llre.a Ailko. i' oniiiiieves.&C . or nets and Plc.•
cant sty 1.. never ierfolr brougt:t to 1! , IA till t ket. Ina aoud- were
oneen hip." and wilt Ir sold as low as can .1 litrt.:eAli) any house
an this Cily . d , serintinating inthlte is insiteil to call and .e.l
- roilheinselie. ' , ha test pnetir,ltl the 'nab of auras...tints'.
1/ont forget to call at No. 11.VtialtroWyck corner 4J . ..13111.2mi tiftll
sown'.l.lllllllk REST.
I _ _ —. •
- i t:l.tiVE.l4 fiie one shrill.: a yari/--eitst .1.11 . r. et to 61.4 11..1
0 lanes kw a /11111111 g a ler I Si yo. 1 IVri;lits Meek
Er,e. Sint,_l3. I..tIRD At. REST. _
t iNe; 1 ilii. -- :: l ;ieriiiine 7 ;leoiell,l:ll — ane 7 ‘4lllll.l' timid at N - 0.
‘.. 1. 1 11 t
rryther Mock for out .hUirrig a y.trd.
Erie.' lc U
1 i. I..ti&D & RST.
ItAA N T F.; o oo ,:,...i. , L J.M.%Vt.
, ou . hopeourir weds
$:3. 0 11,. ..I AV
will take dint hint .intosetio , ismnsiderntiot, a m !
, 44 iv• I 1..141110 &RE 7 ST.
1 r tto ~. ;.; ExTie , t i- n 4 of Lei - tine) ic Vanilla. (.0 i
i 1 1e..0. J, Ihn.. cowards, ra,try.ft‘ nips &e. Par vale nI -
Esse.Serti 13._ , MollAir.'S litorery Ansel.
nil, ft crA a I 44,3 to:Wasson:n.44 kw ;tile at' ._ _.1.....
13 I:rie Sent 13. " • • All(1011E. - S Gower,' SlOre.
ifii;47:; lit Pll4ettarrort --' eallia;k7.l4;4 ferric rdtartdk;e 7 cl - liiir .
tine Sela U. ' MOORE'S Grorety Store,
cz noi t:: tV.klll: (rota the Erse inanuravtory (ornate at
1 / 4 / , Erie. Sept. 13.- , , !410,01117S Grocery Stott , .
1) L stlrK Tr 1 a .senor article of ftlaek Tea
.j.rst received and
A) for steel's, MI 8 tR E'S Grocery Store.
1?1.01"R.—Eloui (tow c/W %Valuta rreek ttn;ls tlw Creelß/4Q
so te• had at 4,ltAtlte.'S i;rneevy *IOTC.
TIRE srri el" 0. nwl C.. Miller II rd eon.ant.
The bo.owas will be continued by C. Millet list the obi timid
Po..r People.' &alai omen lie Empire Store. 4, MILI•Eft.
.Nug at. 13C. MILLER.
All nor.on• knowing theineetiee Fite Ilene firm oil
to Pettifog the Pa um as eosin 6f.
tamp day it ithout any misitnke. The looks nod 111101.1. eau be
room, at lli 01 1 . .t.t0d at tweselit. O k MILLER
roil irzazionc
9 lir $: proprietor, W. K. KNOWLTON. has ins' tviornell Oman
a 4 . the Clattdre fttY. with the large 4 cheapest and hest assort.
e'Ver 1,4. re impnwed Patti that city west of think irk. all of which
are ready *Jr Inspection. on the first that. No. lowly he
krupi a large n•mortinria of Gall and iiilres tVat , fwa. Gold iflJl?rd
and iv , Kt. - found Seats. Finset Rine. of even de.efin.
litea-t pins of all Mit. and sizes. Cult plus anal h . raeris is.
Gold. Silver. and German silver•thienbles.euld muesli. and pens;
tied fof , anq vista chains. Keys. ie. II avant made amuse=
merit. with thwitittaifietsweri Sit the east to thrtis.h p aura!) ev
er), he.h froto the :slat. hoe p i:1 be able to furnish those
article. cheaper than any other estaidtahm• it west of the tread -
tun of the N , w York and Erie Banton-' Also„ on hand. at
wholesale °Trefoil. ail quantity of Lookinz Classes, Brawillorks
suit other thswoleeer.
MLawar. I twilir ler enr.—Sue h alkyl IMO ante.. rnetodecm.. bass
igoolttep. yrlmr, lonjoea, otioltroutinet. elatiomir.
Alarcon.... tiny, rierordernt. *Olaf Litl4lClll:Uphror bung*, and
geroink.d.. extra gkiier. eh unneta and With+. site f and German
silver table and teaspoon*, wear and Batt me:mm.l iltrt knives.
Cerkia T.—A ray fine art tele of Peiskii leer . of i Millet retetira
tednnakerr4 Raton. and Rau* *tram: reiasora and ears. Cold.
tier. and Gennats Alert and "WO INperlacler,
, 8 rrratenx Pettis.-e Tea tied, canny.. and enn
MloClLLl.Vitortra.-13)is* Caret. Vane:, litotes P. tedantl Brass
noire,. 471.1 trot., steel I ate. and sat•se elnors, hai eowba. ito.
. 40 -• wren P , fit.cPttpl Cases,* inning cardy and enteiopet.gabiini-u
hor rt.. &Haute.. the,. wen, walk t, and rocket kook,, krirea
dint adka. , lea eft err. dr.
All of winch wilt be idtorin to ht. ritivert at any titer between
/Ile h ors Al, d‘• M. audit r al., and a anion fee on.
ly t ill be taken from thoue abo tuay,s lab to take nore Cl said
ortieles'llonte a ith thew. -
,t - r Said ralare Is Mantled on t h e ground fbraterly occupied**
Mai I Knott Wm, one door sett of the A eed House.
Eete. Fell. 11.-11 • '
A rut. that I orliA to haws Zagora. '
CITOCETWI has an:nosed to his new wore. (on *4%lft low."
0 two dolts cowl of Itrown's toemet.) wbieb is noir being Mien
with as theta a setee.ted stock of
Watchef. Jewelry;. Siker Wm..
lave" Plated and Genuine Nitres Ware. Piney Ccaid Maskal
ins elements. map. hooking Chores. ate.. Jae assess he dated
westot New York. (no aii•take Go this poirti,) Ladles and Cea
ra/alum. I him. indeed.* betandial assoktarent. who or you' will
not rail and see Owlet No doe his week to ronseentte What
is not on the **ant hake," asap be !Quad in the wooed and third
17 I fa" m111)41 414 is the keei•irtritter. Put 'cress man
t ion a 111 he Oyes loWateher tor an experienced waalnean.
At the sign attar Maestsosh iNatea. irIrOCKTION.
"Erie( Sept SIP, ISM • ii.
WNTRD— Lis* *tarsi n. Dueler and Chewer. Port, r. 3 , -
Timed'? foul /tai sect.. M wiliels der Mt Mal
kin peke Will be pad bf 4 JOAN C. stalk.
Erie. tept.3lk P3l. • arta
131 40 City!
\ wolin Ab.n, a nice lot ur
.4 en4Probbno. £(4Apende.+, ,
...uu,on %wry 1 - ow, and i
'se fur past favors, and
a• sway new IMPS as
Yu 0. Re 41 Home.
Praeutal Ta
til Kau
Ich Ikmel
rer Coe
CO cxs , coLris,
noaitswiEss. BMONCII
11017110 OP/ NO-00110/3, OA
The annals , am( Jleol .c;Ptii.e,nelir ao tb."
of the pug erauJ t:ilueof inlay •1ie..1
aO cviitiplee to compare with the valotazy eft., e
AT ales/ 1:111ERST
The remarkable cure,. of Ji.eames of Oa. 1,t01.4
belt realize! by Ile aiteeted a they ate by
prufessfirs and plir-ioisins in this and fe;rPtris Is
e:ter.sins Ole selleted to 'persevere, ss ids 'the. pcortvi
the urn of the CX,7 as t f (141111- VI ul tt l,t to and
Itx 1.1.
IVe 1 re.enl to the ratahtie,ittitGlielte , l.le.tiv,ol,i
for fit-t men to our littou h
t ;re ritutlie 11 c. tilde not . be 14acc.t.
rcuct.o., Presidelnt of Vermont Medical t!,,,1
ka t he.l ao.I tormi4nbie {LC Chi:
It ucrhSe extetteuee it/C. CtitC
_ tint t#
eerwof the Ctit p sqsP.l., enr,ing eain
*hen they will feel leeu ' re from theye:lnibirrs. wl
Melly can be Al.ln
Prepared by,J. C. CZraret Lntnll
Fikl in Erse by J.U. Button. and by Dingai‘to!
CORN SNARL:U.:Z - 4 , 41er *mete fu• Pll.l 'inv.
Aug 21 11 5104 JR E's GKOCG
WINES ttil.l Liquorp.—The I.e.i at•ornnenr
July 11.
ix July It,
I3 RE„bm.,—Brotaus (Jr uue tofu:ling enelint
lv - 11.
, • lit in E. r:
i 41. - 1 Ci.f/7 — • —Jo/noAW:7N ..:015'.. -7 . - , Is/511 . ; i — ini - h — lii//'
• .%f, kr', cia. ‘t 114 4 ti4l hiiMA, tII4 Ttja.rer;fGrt , itle ,
J•ity It i . 3140 .s
, :{1: - Gicte ;
01.‘R i:fi% 1": E. lit Llotte mad draught fix ogtle at 1
July It, ..,, Slo , ilt t'...14 tituret
.16 DE IS d. WWI 16, fo'i the Iii;l Cod ;: 1i in Ow i sly
%_1 Jut) it , , . • Mt /t)111? .5 4;Trote
NI At'KEßl.L.—hu. I lhluctrurel, in 4. - Jr , elt. lu?ti h/
• lam. j.lrt freeliTa at _ :MOtati: 5 Ur , e•et
17r. c ETA III:ES of all ' ,ktio.h. tnuyhe h.. lla I.
July /1.. MO4I.R . V.'S ( nice e
8R,,, , m5.-131)du.a.iiii - v rt.i7lrumncon fir xltoo
and Oar tale a t 4 ,vichifiVS GROCrorff .
.UPS and Mop riiiimm r;:. be fll
o uj
Julys. • , r. ; MOORE s' G/I(lOERi' ..
. . .
Br .
I.—iA nru article. for ..air-t'
July 3.: AI()ORES' G ROCERY :
8,,.,,5s I'
111.1113.1ND5, a •,1. - .....d aorenolent :,i the sin
July It, I.II,VVILY. 111101,'‘"
A Yes. A x v..... 4 " —E. 4eatre'.. Airs. a ion .0r.e.11 - ati
IL .1 , 41 4 . ' ',' I.OWR V I.IIRgAV i
aim .is a - of all ~ , ,f .t041011, , for 'ale SI
July 5. ... : MOORES" GR(7CI:RV I
c'son.4 vt.scrrr—,,t thvi , .upot c . . 4 ; •'.petetf.' , ! A, 1
-, ju.4 rec',l a. :... i 11/00/1/.5 GROC I.RI
18a j '7A,
_ ..
1 , 01211 • 417D4}G .4 vt) 60.1,11//5.5/O.V MERC/IA N
nmaLtus :xacoaLs
- t
Also, Fi , Flour. JAI arid Plaster; At Out large %V •
W , •vtuf tire (lodge. Public litic lc, Erie. Pa.
11 B. tA VIII', WM.
NEW TOME AND nate stArmo'
J. Sears Co:. Agartk..
'prialc DOCK, Ellil . _
A prepatclito contract Bottrr. n
ty from line to New Vork—thooigh in :tuft) hour
tiJr Lain , on Ene *anal—no
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