Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, January 08, 1848, Image 1

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Palo County, Pa.
PP priefora and publishers.
City aubscribers Hen by thesrarrier) $l. 00
By mail, or at the oilier ,in tolstapce, , 150
far If not paid in atlvance,t or within three months
from the time of subscribing, two dollars will be charged.
No derlatiosin tts these terms. . .
•.'No paper discontinued until all arreareges are paid
except at the option of the publishers. -
IL,V"AII communications mtuit be post paid to secure
One square' one yenr, $S 00 Three Ku irem, I ipar, 810
'do d i mix months, 500 do do 8 ino, Ft
do do titre° do 300 do . do 0 do 0
Transient ativertisemeutm :di ern!. per *tiii.iin tor the first
insertion nod . , cent. fur eneh .iiiist (went trimertion.
rearly ads ert kera have the priviledgeori4Linaing
at pleasure, but at no limn urn ailloweel to occupy morn
than three squares, mind to be limited to (Amin sliniedia'c
b u tt n ell.
Advertisements not haring other ilireetione, will be in
rented till forliblonol elinrireil accordingly.
irV Cards, not exceeding 6 Nes, inAerteti at $.3 per
l'aiT.U'.il Z4l,l.'LTO:.:is-T
Sish. Blind and,Docrr?lantifacturer and Dealer in
Glass, we side of state st, between 7JI and
SI fist 4,
Dealer in Groceries, Proviainaa, Candicti, Fruit
Ste. No I. Perry Bloch, i titatc 'street, Eric. Pa
Attorney's at Law! (Mike up stairs in the Tani
many Hall build intr,nortkult lorProtlionotan
Office. - 9
Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, II ard
Queens Ware, Littio, troia, Nails &e. No. 121,
CloaNitie, Erie, Pa.
- -
County and florou t zli Sun e' or; office in Exchance
litfil fi • n !.fg„ :4! , Er -
E. N. 111111.umwr a.- cu.
uurrm.o, J. Y.
AND De:riffs in . Lehigh and Erie Coal,
, and Produee generally. Particular mien
tioa.paid io he sale of Produce and purehaQe of
N 0.3 tk 4 Coburn Square, South Wharf.
Buffalo. N. Y.
Anorney and Counsellor at Last• ; Cake No.
Stale .t.,rwposite the halo H 0; Erie. Pa.
Attorneys St.. Counsellors at Lau, ettiee on French
street, over S Jackson $ Co's. Store, Erie
April '21,1947. 19
Dealers in Foreiun Domestic Dry Goods,
Ready Nicole Clothino., Don S and Shoes, ke.
N. 1, Flemming_ Dioeli, State Stieet,
Erie, Pa, •
Attorneys anti Uoun-ellors at Law--etliee on
Sivh street, nest side of the Public. Square„
Erie, Pa.
Dealers in Watches, .lewelry, Silo r , Clerrnan Sil
ver, ['Wed and Britannia Ware, Cot
ilary and F.iney Goode, N 0.7 Ite . ed I loose, Erie
Pa. •
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Hry V.loods,Gro
cerie!9, Hardware, Crockery, Cilas,v%are, Iron,
Nails, Leather, /ils, etc. etc. corner of State
Jtreet and the Public: Squa,)phsite the Gale
Tavern, Erie, Pa.
Cabinet .Maker, Upholster and Undettaker,
State Street, Erie Pa
rhyqician and Start:eon, office on .t , eventit Street
n(qt gr the Nlathodi•rt Erie, P.i.
.eneral Forwardintz, Contriti;-sion, and Produce
Merchants; Red Ware House, east oflke Pitb•
lic mirtze, Erie. •
Manufacturers of. Ttn Cum' air Sheetctron
'Aare corner of Prenet; and s reets, Eric.
Iron Founders,lulesale and deale, sin
Stoves ' ['follow' sore fie. State street, Erie. P.
JOAN 11. BURTON & Co. .
vlalesilvandret.iildeafert in Dri.w.m,
Dye Groceries, &c. No. a, [iced t tease
F:rir, Pa.
' , tier in Dry Goods, Grum Ni:;.
theapside, Erie Pa. _
eaters irk Dry Goods, Groceries; N.c., No.
itunnit Mock, State :4.,Eric, ['a
- - -
eaters' in Dra!rs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye„ '
Glass, .S..c No. 13 geed (Innen,
orwarding and Coininis4ien .'lrc h;tnty; 109
French Street, Eric, and at. 6th Street Ca!llk "a
son, also dealer= in (;roterie9 kind
ealcr in Hardware, Dry Goods, Groceries, s4e.
cast stile of the Diamond, and one door cast of
the Eagle Hotel Eric , Pt
v'lliramL.Brown, tniner or 6iate street nnd
thoPublics(inare, Erie, Pn. Eastern, Weston,
and Southern :Sinae Wan.
ionatile Jlerchant TailorA, on the Public
uare,l a few doors west of State Street, El ie,
rin Theological, Miscellaneous, Sunday
Sehool Book; Stationary, etc. etc.
111 , French Street, Eric, Pa.
ney and CouKsellor atlaw, Piairie du Chien,
T 1• practices in the counticsi of Crawford,
mind lowa, W. T.and in Clayton county,
_Territory. • • ,
'(II7FFEILS' series of Books, I,
4 and 5. for able at No. 111, French St.
e, May 6, 1647. 51
lot Street, nearlyopposite the Eagle Hoot,
LOON4S 4;CO. are now receiving from
New York and openine at their new store
lAnsWe assortmenz of,Rich and Fashionable
EIAY, (ernbracinzihelatest style of work
Clocks,' toted and Briliania
vn..,,v Cutlery, Sled wings, Campliene
solar Lamps, Lartking GI sses, Gold Pens,
her with a general variety of Useful and Or
ntaf articles. Call and see what you will see.
ne 260847; - 6
Cash For Flax Seed. •
Sg willibopaid,ibr ono tit usand bushels of
I.l kSerd by CARTER Imo-mut..
11 Z- 47 . ISM ;Litio. 0, Reed House.
M IRS. , -Loal; Crushed, Pulvbrizerl, Clary
Pcuto Rico, Havana. Nets Orleans Su
or sale atiNo. 1, Perry Block.
u g•T. W: MOORE.
IN -'t I
•-.. • . • 1
I , '4 • ,
:,:l ''‘ To ~ --,1 -`,14 •
..N 11 t
:-. —. c -
..:''' -,,,
.r. .:4, ~--J, , ....# _•. ~
~.,. ~ , . , , • ..., •,
...„, ,-..„, 4.,
,: ~,,, ~.,
~ , ,•
i ...
. :,, . :.•,,, ~ .....,,f v g ,
e,.'i ....4 ~,, ~., , , 11,
44 ktf - - • ' ' . " i •- s4; 4
i i:,....i.: : : "
:ix Y., ‘ , 4 . , 1.„: ,:f tA- AA.,- , -.1 yi r ' - -,.. _ s 'F ' 7',
A '.l , ;7 \ ,•-f, ~,,, . .
`"r, t.
44 , e , . ...... . „....„ . 0 ..„,
ii . =-;' D i ~,,::. ~, i -t,, - 4, ~' "7 1. 'it; ' , 4 4 7 :e .4.
I .4
' ‘
'''., 4 ' ,t v .'". 1 ~ , - i 1 ",:t 4' '. , 7.i 1 , -...., '-;,' G
~. 44: . .
1., 's4; ' j . . , \ •L:
' .ri - .?-, . , I ' - , ...S 4 ' t '4
i.• ' ) .1:,,,,,
... . d
, I .
. . : i . ,
I •
At No. 1, Perry Block 1 "
TW. mOkAtli is now receiving his Fall
• and Winter stock 01Groceries which will
he sold 4litile cheaper for dash than at any other
establishment in ihe city. Among his stuck may
bo tumid: -•
Imperial,•Gunpoteder, and Young Hyson
Teas; Java, Rio, Laguiraland St. Domin
go Coffees; Loaf, Pulverised, Porto Rico,
and N. 0. Sugars ;,Pepper, Spice, Gin
ger, Cinamon, Nutmegs Mace, Clove. 4, Rice,,
Pearled barley, Candies, Pecan, Brazil,
Madeira and Pea nuts; :Ilmonds, Filberts,
etc.; Fruits—dpples, Raisins, English Cur
rants, and Figs; SpermandlTallow candles;
Sunnite , and Winter strained Lamp Oil, ,
superior article,
Salad oil, Fancy Shaving,"
rariegated and Bar soap. Dairy salt,
White Fish, Mackerel, Mackinac Trout,
Codfish and Herring.
'all and examineN Lioods and prices at 0., 1,
Perry Block.
Erie, Nov. 6, 1817 25
New Fall and Winter Goods.
THE sith, l cr!bers are now ryceiving their s ock
oof Nall Winkr Goods consistin. of
Al4o a. large assortuitur, of i aper Hanging and
WindOw Paper.
All of %filch were'pltrehas'ed in New York at
for lowest market price. They do not boast of
bat ing the largest sock of goods ever brought to
t hi, place, but will say they have as,good an as
, oitineut, and n ill be sold as cheap as the cheap
est, and in% Ile - the public to call and exanune
goods and prices. G. SELUEN & SON.
- Oct. 93. 1817. . 23
e- The Celestinls
HAVR arrived atid in all the taste of Oriental
Ciod tone are lococate I at rite store oldie 'Pe•
kin company's agooey,' to hold up a paper of
and in all their "Hem te.prniiice , tre to aci as tan•
ding witnesses to the fact of exclusive superiori
ty in the I lumbng they are designed to nod into
notice, l'he cifillotu4 nior he taken in by such
fancy images. hut intelligent persons will he - Moire
as , eel! gatislitoi by PHA tvivc some of nor limb
Teas Ind imbibing the delicious beverage as they
would be tvi h any 'lethal. of 'Vankee' invention
to decoy them amongst the various raps which
toe pu. in requi,itin t to gob the unsu.peeting
vicint of Pa eat 1l ed icines nr China IllttsiOns•
Nov. 13, 1917. , 26
Jus l' received at the New Store 'a fo e assort
morn or Ladies cloak and dress goor s, such as
all wool French "Teen, black. blue, crimson, and
dral Ihibets plain and embroidered; rich dress
and peli,se silks; black visite do., cashmere. plaid
alpaccas and lustres, plain do.; children's polka
coats and hoods, lacier WOOltql boa., childrens do
Math lace demi veils, rich Tartu Ion; shawls;
avai crewels, hosiery, 21oves, and
other rich roods ion ninnerou. In mention—which
thedadies (Or are !he only jod4es of rich goode)
are invi erl to call and see at
Dec. IS. • ALLYN Sr.
Great Reduction of Prices
ALLYN 111' will •sell aft,r this their en•
tire .trick of Dry good., at 22.5 per cent: less
than they are sold in Erie. Those pin - chasing
are invited to and prove the truth of state•
merit. T!ni ti•llciivinz are a lea of their !loods;
Fine Ginzhams, from 12 to 20 ens. per yd.
Chezon Plaids, richest style 25 " "
M. De Lai ne, " 25
Plaid_Alpaceas and Las•er 25 " "
Plain " at 50
Calico , : from Gto 12 c's per yd. ,
All Wool, Red, White, Yellow and Green
Flannels, Lin ns,
Diaperc; Bro. n and Bleached Cottons very low.
and all n:her' , .m.ds tonally kept in well art anged
li,ores very low prices ;o "us;oniA the na;ives"
Dec IS,
ri111e: c • p.titneisiiip hew ofbre • CNl.lillZ be
tweenthe subscribers, Roder the name of J.'
Zminierly 4: Co , is his day dissolved by mutual
eernsent. All the books. thstounts . and papers aro
in the hands of At U. I iiithemelt, at the old stand
where all those tut crested ore .ermested mean and
settle. •J. 7ANINI ERIS,
Erie, Nov. 2, 1537. A. 11. I-IITC!ICOCIC.
Lil. fIITCHrOCK" would s\y to hie old
friends and customers and tlw pub ic, that
he old l 1w happy to wait tot th mat t. cold stand;
and hell them thocerice, as , mid in cheap as
u , trat
- -
P!NTS, OILS AND GLASS By the small
or large quantities No I extra white lead, red
led, Veni ran red, chrome yelliw; lithrai!ti MIA
and turpentine, and assored sera 1 :.lass. bought
at the 1 . 1. m est pi ice.. and for i4.11t: a vortlin;:ly
Oct 29, '917. 21
COI L.,eg\•ird, JAVA a Ilf
very reduced pi ices, 'at:No.
Dec I I
6 Dairy Salt salt: b ;
lice. it.
TINNERS Uil aml Larliphhek fir sal.• by
Nov. 20
vurtiTEvisit, Nkekinae Troia. I riql) her.
vv ring. Nor , . I and 2 S,lnekerel. are
din e 9, and I larldock. just rcceived and 1)r sai
nt No. I; Perry Black by T. \V. NIOOII.E.
Erie, Noy. 6, 1317. 25
DENIN Company ottsoone! We* can show
I - and sell as fine fresh Tea and at as low pri
cos as any One who claims any connection with
flit Pelt in 'Compa ny
Oct. IG. 22
CAIIPV.TING. —lOOO yards parlor, hall and
stair carpetin, at prices varving from 3 and
6 viten to 5 sitillitws per yard. Also, Floor Oil
cloths,-at the usual lo'v rates of
Alf/i•IE-3 KO,CH,
No 2 Conuntrcial Exchange, French St.
Oct. 2U, 181' t 21
CA -LE eitains ofiiiirerent sizes, suitable for
dratighqchains or saw nuts, and will be cut
to any length to suit' purchasers.
EvOLvi NG wAFFLE i RONS.—This val.
uabfr article is offered fur &dojo' the Joie
price of one tollar,rby
Oct. id \ ' 22
FEU:Nett Nl' ktilNB.--43lack - :lid stone color
of the best cin..lity, for sale cheap by
s , pt. 25. ' - S...PIIICgO:g.
WIN I' :: - perm Oil, a pure uraele, for sale
at No. 1, Perry Black by
prie, Nov. 6, 1817. '25
ALAPACA —Silk and cotton warp, from twe
to eight altilkingi per yard, Bl.tck, Brown,
drab, plaid, plain and satin striped, tor at+ lC by
25. S.
GjAI PS AND FRINGES, in 4,yrest7 , variety, for
Nov. 13, 1817. - •. .. : 26
FOR SALE.-100 Tone Plaster, 200tbbi . Silt
cliepp at
AILS; - STEEL, &c. —Rtisain, S vedes
rcrican Irun,"flat, squaro and rou id, O.
xis„rotind and squuro rads, Ban Iron,
.. —.,glieli; American and Spring Steel.lslai4
Anvils, Vices, Eze., Eze. .
COFFEE, Tea, Sugar, together with a geheral
assortment GIG roceriee, for sale by '
Nov. 6. ' G,EO. SELDEN.4. SON.
Another Arrival of Groceries
FISH!t iisu !! FISII !!!
Something New.
TIIE subscriber takes ideamire in announcing.
to the public the arrival from New York of
on extensive assortment of Goods in their line,
Plated ..nd Britannia, Watc, tiirandoles, Solar
and Campltene Lamps, Looking glas,es.. Flohe
mi an glassware, speetacle- , , fancy goods and
,thousands of useful and "mat ten al article?. for
the llolydays, which 0r...1 - Erre at reduced pi ices.
Hoeing . selected Wit cites %lib IttMenal care
from late importations those wisttin2 a good
Tim e piece for li,tle Money v ill do w'-Ii to- buy.
Our thanks arc due our patron, for iityor% con
ferred in times past, especially litr pattimago re
ceived in our new store 011 State street, and hope
by attention to business to retain our old and
make many , ew f.t114011107f....
.N. H. Particular attention given to the repair
ing of all k inds ofWatches. Witt , h work, re •
quiriiig Engines, which ge'nerally i+ done in the
larger cites, attended to on short unit ice.
. Goods received by Express every tow clays
from New York during the winter.
G.' 1, 1 )(INI IS ..s. c o .
. .
State street, nearly opposite Eagle I lotel rind next
door to SpafEtld's Bookstore
Nov. 20. 1817 .
NEW CO(.;;. , :ii,N. ' .
HCO' )li. be2.'s leave to call the attention of
• the public to a large and well iselected
stock of
which have hich have been purchased for cash and ‘,%il
positively he sold lower than articles of the sat in
quality eau be puri.lia.cce in town as all can sari
isfy themselves hy callimz at No. 5 Bunnell Block
State State Street. 1
Erie, Dec. 11, 1817. 30
Wines and Liquprs.
JUST received at N. I. Pei ry It'ocic, a good
„ assorinieqt; of Wine, and Liquors, for \ fedi
ein, s, Sacramental, Meelianicat and .er
'ptirfiuses, among wllielt•iii,ky be Iniind the
Pale Brandy; Otani Brandy,
Co. , niac on, St. Di nix Icom
' Jamaica_ [tom, _ N. England do
Hell:mil Gin; Pine .11,1)43 Gin;
Port Wine, • Nl,okria
Scorch Whiskey. •-• Irish ‘Vl.isltey.
Monongahela do entrilaon ilo.
Dee. H , T. \V. Ut It IRE
167 0 7L85. Brooklyn, Buffalo and Pittsbur2h
White Lead, d.y and in oil, pure.
400 lbs. Red Lead, I 350 lbs Glue, ,
450 " French and yel 250 " Pap. Lampblack,
low Ochre. 40 " chrome
1000\" Spanish whitima 200 gal. sm. impentine
600 "` Venetian red,l 150 Linseed oil,
250 `l l LitharLfe ' 55" urniture and
ISO °• French Scelironiel coach varnish,
Green, I 200 p?int and vai nigh
72 " . -.American Ver
' For sale very low :it SO 0,11... ed House, by
_ _
N0V.27, 18.17
B.- CRA IN. would respectlblly inliirm the
cititens 'of Erie; and vicinity, that he has
opened a Store for the sale of
on French 7-{treet. hetWoen Steire4 and Obhorn's,
directly opposite the need I louse, wh,-re he of
leas for sale n larze and „superior Stock of tine a
b we articies a !Ole cheat - Ter - for Cash than ever
beim e o(ered in, this Market.
Por prool call .ind examine quality and prices.
Erie, Nov. 6, 1317
Fresh Groceries.
ius . r received by latest arrival, at the old stand
Zimmerly, a well seleemd
ot FRESH GilttWe:itl CS, of every des
cription for moldy - use such as t'els„, :sugars,
culne, ice. Pepper, Alsilice,Cinnaniaii, loves
Nutmegs. Ginger, %lulas,es, Uil3, Fis , Flour,
Cheese, robdeco, Fruit, Nut , , which are of
lined on icons that cannot tail to suit our Cusco
tiers Plea:e give ua a call,
N. B.—All I.iilds orcoubtry produce taken in
eichange lor groceries.
Dec. I I. A. I-1. IIITCTIC.7OCK.
3500 lbs. White nod 'ItE4I Lead andtitharge.
1500 " Whiting 300 Ind., Venition - lied,
" Izieneti VeHow, 150 " Puriti Green,
100 ' 'Clown's Yellow, Green 4. Vermillion.
Indian Red, Utica-Nlarine Blue, Pruqvian Blue
Drop Black, Virdig, is, Lampblack, enl
g Spirits T'urpen'tine, Linseed k.lll, Varid It, etc.,
for sale by BUR 'T'ON sL
Nov. 20. Old firm of .1. I lr llinton & Co.
4A BLS. Dye Wi)ods,
4- 1 1 B A) lbs.-uoppori.iii,
L+oo " Alum, 600 nadder, I
i f
bOO " Blu VI ti itl, 200. ttx. Loatvond,
700 " cat ‘tuoil, N 0 oil vitriol, ,
NO •` AI gape Acid.
30 ' Indri , o, Beligitl and Carnreae t
20 " tiol unit 011,10 coulicrieal, .
10 '• AA fg.CO, i C.
For :alu 14 y
CARTEL?. 4. 8110 CILIA.
N0v..27. ISI7. , 1.2`3
(,ROUND I). l .weod, fustic, cantwood and
l_31" Btuzil wood,' gladder, extract log
stood, salpileric acid, coclunti.d. cudbear,
1,,, %%Liter, etc., at Wholi - Palt: :111r1 rend!. by
Nev. 20. BUIL I'ON PEltkil
H‘,:„`t, bp'..ites,:i.'e-s, 4 .;).,' rv..air:ie, t,;,7, rt,.(,chpc'iioctiisic , :efellal:
, a 14 I 1 1 :: ,
,viisbV:9ertibbilig, blitelmitc, wlntlow,
heat th, coal to old bottle brushes for axle by
Nov. 20. ' ,„ VitittTON 4, PEAKINS. '
LIVE OLLF., 4 -A superior urtick; fur family use
T!...../ ier •ule vetilow by 1-I. 0( lthi.. 7
Q.JuiAlL—Pulvelizedi I.:rug-lied, Muscovado,
Porto taco and N. O. Sugar.i totter than ev•
.1, at No. 5 ItonuLll '
occ. 11. IL. TOOK.
- porAvs-.% good sussortmein or boggy, gate doorWats fur sole cheap by
oce; =1 )1 I. z Li. COOK.
• •N
On I land
Amdud, supply of Salt, vidgter, IVilite Fish,
Linde and Sole and Upper Leather, lor sale
as cheap is the cheapest by
Eve, Il WILLIA\IL& wfuotrr
, .
Cash! Cash!!
xx - p? wish to purchase the following articles
Vl. for which Mu highest muilse t price will
tie paid:
5'3 toed Pork -, 20
of Lard.
20 do 'fallow, delivered u‘ our stow or Oil
Factory. W. C. ..S.• it. P, WILMA F.
Dec. II , - , .
"'k J , 1 ARKINti —Um' Pay 114.11.03 and
iLdn's Indeliable Inks, for muriong
lur sale 'by. vt
Nov. 20. BUR ['ON tfr
AQuantity of b-d, 3-4 and I inch Whitil
Hoards—also, Cht ir and liellona Pianka,,
for which the highest market price will be paid
Deti.' I I.: GEO. SELIJEN az. SON.I
Toys! . Toy 4!
A NY quantity of fogy suitanle for Christmas
XI, and„,4ear presents, id s be had at No,
Perry !Meek, 'P. \W. A10013.1i, '
,brie, Dec. 11, 1817. - • 29
1,E4,1J1.1ED W hula and Sdkphunt till, bops
rior to Lard oil fora inner use, for piliA by
) Nov. 30 BUlt I'ON 4. PERKINS.
/11 . LASS AND-PU rem winnow
N.X Ghiss of various sizes and inantirucOire.
Nov. 20. , BURTO,N & PERKINS.
tioLI!::SAL.E ANL/ It E ['AIL
or Tun \ •
A strange old mewls father TOie,
For though hiclocks aro Win and gray,
Yet lithe as boyhood's glorious . prime,
No trembliugstiips his ego betriy.
Ile b•IIV the sun 131 St ope his eyes. '
The sun and motto begin their rule,
And e'en the 51oraing Stars arise
To start their infant singing school..
His rye uilluirqd tho earliest flower
• • In nature virgila lap that smiled;
Ms lend was lent in Babel's tower,
Ills foot its shaionful toms pdfd
Ile helped ulibliiger the "hundred gales",,
Of Theo, 'a old and rusty town; (
And where his hunger Ilatae
Ile oiled let-Turn and Carthago frown.
Ile led you, Water by the hand
Along Illis us' shady shore,
And at the blind old bard's cominand
Still lugs his fame the wide WOI o'er.
Long nun he itreil,.thus hard boa
Auld yet he steps as quick and light ' 1
- As ollen—tho plans of Chaos foiled—
lie got a. Earth ' divorced from Night,
A strong old man In father Time:l
What "dust" wheiever he han "swept:"
NVhere now broad mountains tower nubllnie,
"Crabs, long age. and Inlanters tcrept.'
There, too, the rea-nower ptily Gleamed
Beneath 'nine mermaid's eemeless care,
And fiat. of buxom cod perfumed
When visiting kin scaly .iltur." I ,-
NVlsere mackerel nhtue in rlans•ie hauls,4
And simple clams just learn Iti ;ett:
Where N11)10111: breNS his hasty quills,
And whales like politician,' Ito
Fur age, stood the fitter gray,
Ere birds were boric to warble there,
While Solitude kept Sabbath-Jay,
And D, avail Sllenee Ird jet prayer.
The hand of Time Les torn away
The ntrongent dam, by Folly 'buil!,
And neettus stint of kingly on ay
Like little cans of"enitaitte" spilt!
A wise old man id father Time;
1 lie h , •ll m Paradiie u scat,
And lie rd the ' , limy Snake of crime
can mug lies M Euve git out.
Aiiii wheiithe "pair," fur •in nccure '
T heir bower of impii.4 hli,.e furboult.
ThC r '•ctirtniu lecture*" (woman's 6.0
li e heard, which panel, t
1101/1131k the rich and copion% lore
Of Druidnglity and ancient metre,.
flora Socrates Ina wi . dam tour
Into tho lutht of Athoott' ears.
Ho oft convoraeil with "gran' air"
Ere Printer 7 lpavill yet hail been
Or “t! pc," the world 'a dhop "shad
Aud made Orin beatrifully thin:
Time, hand in hand, with adthe gre,i
Ma hurtle each learned I
No wonder, then, that his old pato
A heap of knowledge should conta,
A plod old 11)1111 is fAtile; Ville:
how LIVIA of his laughing 'll[nu!
Awl if our song with thoirr 'loth chit
No••miih of It uniutiVildnessi" soure
Ile teaches us that if we taste
4•Forliiilden fiulit" on Ple.miro'n ti
Ohr madcn joys rill! run to "waist"
- And_ all our thought, ill•shapott be!
That . ho thin watoil of tin ife wild rid
Will get hi* rigging ' , lolly rent,
ho who Ltd/. where l'Pace
Wth:havo s cargo of coutt4p.
TOOO holds of 1111rIllr the leu p,
,And steadies CI111(11101 I' s cureless
Conduct', the buy to 31. !hood upl,
And ylits :nehmen 's flaring bran
Them keep The lug Truth 'e 31cAllst to eint
51arlicd • uel. by 1 11.C.150106- "filler
1 1
Mitt bears, in Age, a pleasant 'lnat
Anil Midis, atitieuth. I bis hopes uull
A swift old man is (ether Time: .
I Though all the welhi for freight he carries,
111. I•ell keepS lip u merry chime,:
And "wooding" I ye, he never tarries. •
Ilia "car" to us m re rapid runs
• ,
A, burning yeathe steam Increase,,
And since with huge few more suit!
Our journey !Tim by roil will vete,
For cuakinned seats we 'II wrangle Mil
As f0. , 11.1, folks hare madly striven, '
Withlhonor fdrthe one we've got, ;
And .ttikr it ticket through.."—TO lIK , AVEN . •
*Mackerel, No. 1-2 etc, wore known lutforu f . furrier Boys
From lb° Journal of Con4motjan
In one of the pleasant rides we have had a
bout Saratoga, we found one day; a! cottage,
whose appearance, tinder a noble, qlm, and by
the side of altrook whose prattling was for
ever musical, led me instantly to suppose it
was Iworth visiting; more especially!as it was
veryLold, and had.ahout it the lookof the,llth
century. I took a couple of hours the other
day to visit it, and having made tip my mind
that it had a story connected with , it, I goes
tinned the old man whom I found in it so close
ly, that I at !Mgt!) gathered of the life
of man, that I thonglit worth repeating to the
Volcric aforesaid, and which may be worth
writilig here. •
The widow Johnson occupied that cottage
sixty-five years ago, and with her livbd a son,
a noble boy of fifteen, Who was the pride pf
the country around. None was so beloved as
he, except his adopted sister, Kate Harden.
She was indeed a 'fairy. Her golden hair
seemed to be akin to the winds on which cit
floated so freely, and her eyes had won their
deep hue from the sky into which she was so
often gazing. "Why gazed she thusl"
She had a 4nother beyond the blue above her.
A mother who, tlying,diad left her to the care
of Mrs. Johnson, and until her voice failed,
charged her to edt• her in heaven! Nay,
after she had cea l ed to speak, she hb l d her
daughter to her breast with heri ef t arm, an d
Pointing up with her thin, white finger, smiled'
'a' h/ily smile, and !sought her home. 4lrs:
Johnson was not rieit in this drorhts gooda.
The few acres which she rented oftorded a
mere subsistence,itt'd ICate and Edwin assisted
her in her labors: It was . not strange that
these two Children, when the one was 'sitteen
I:nd the other sever teen, should love ens an
other: Kate was a trange chid: ''hey seig
she talked with the whom others ceuld not
see—:and tdo not oubt it. I have no doubt
she held high Coninionion with het; Sainted
Mother. At all events her voice fell On her
ear in dreams of day as well as of nigh‘fintl I
she could no lcingerlresist in earnest call:
She faded.. One by one the bonds that hSld
her to her cot inn one by, one her
ish affections were Mastered and slippiessed,
until one only remained, nod then
, she was'
ready. That one, love. the mi ghtiest of
ally She did not rush that, for she wee I
w 8" crds 'd
1 — . ---- k Fi t
thoughtful enough to -now i t int t utt might
live when deatii hxd passed; lfor there are
fections strong ,enough to retch from earth to
heaven. ! - ~ l
The morning of her departtire, came. with
its sweet spring flowers, and atmosphere la
den with the odors of the country.' All things
seethed to be strangely solemn. .The sun
Steered curiously in at the lattice, 'and fell
across the fjot the bed on which the slender
form of the ding i girl lay. Iler bird sank
doubtfully in ' s cage, and the very cat by the
earth looked ; up and seemed to feel that' there
was something sad going on. , ;
,The moment of agony at length came. She
had parted with all but him, and now she held
Itislitind between her two, and smiled on his
face, (as \pale as here,) omit spiike in a low,
sweet ltone of all the past and the foture. l —'
" You will Miss me when yoit go after the
cow in the evening, Ned, and the lane will he
lonely will it,Mat ? And when you sit down
here by the hearth with mother, and my chair
is empty—you'll miss me brother. You'll sit
at the table with her, and have no one at the
side of it;" and her voice,,bruken andlaint its
it was, fell to a lower tone, as she continued
"go, in the twilight sometimes, Ned, and si
down under the tree by the spring, on the re
seat, come there if I can." " • '
A' moment pissed in silence as ho .leaned
over toward her,—then suddenly throwing her' ,
arms around his' neck, she said, "f love you,
love you, love you, brother No];" and draw
ing.his head 'down, pressed her,lips to his, in
the !alit long kiss of life, and laying his cheek
close against hers, smiled a smile of serene
and joyful hope, and—Kate was 'an angel !
Iskhat all our story? did you ask. • lot by
a considerable, 'my dear friend. There is
more love to come yet. "What! another love
affair after his promised trist with Kate on
the green bank brander by the'spring?" Yes;
another; but not such an one as'you imagine.
Don't you suppose at man can love, any thing
else but a woman a year or two his junior?—
Remember that Elward has a•motker, and
now be patient and I'll tell what beciime of her.
•, Mrs. Johnson timl Ned i had a lonely life. af
ter they had - taid their darling Kato in the
graveyard over by the church at Milton; and
as misfortunes are said to come in crowds, sot
in their case they were not exempt. That
very'yMir the crops failed, the cow died, and a
dozen other troubles followed; and the result
was that Mrs. J. gave up the cottage and ac
cepted the offer of a home with.a kind neigh
bor, while Edward was to go and seek hi§ for:
He; went to New York to a brother of his
father, who was a sca-lcaptain, and who took
him across the Atlantic After this voyage
and tivo years absence from home, he return
ed to his mother's side, "and," said the old
man, my informant, "1 saiv him the first night
he was at home, sitting under the elm tree,
out there where yon _see, that green bank, end
I heard that before dark that afternoon he had
been over to thechurch and the grave yar l d,
A few days only and he left hi-f hotne again
His mother, gladdened by his
nevertheless, much inure reluetan
go than when he first went. 'PE
increased as the day approached'
begged him, if it were possible,
het; but he had promised his and
not forfeit his'wordp . nor would sl
"I shall see you again soon—verl
er. Why tto you feel so badly?
ago is not to be a,.andfif my Miele
does all he prbmises, I will buy you the cot
tage when I come back. We I shall meet
gaita:very 'soon, mother." "We 53ha,11 meet a
aga in when your father: and Yon, lind Kate and
rmeetyonder, my son," saidl tip mother.—
"Why, mother, what makes you speak so?—
It will not be a year before I shall kiss yob
standing just here." "Never agitin, my son,
I know that this will he the last liiss your lips
will impress on mine until the Rtisurrectidu."
And,so'that mother and son parted. They
met live years ago in. Heaven: ti j it 'till then;
not till then. He was older tha)t she as we
count years here on earth, and I r is hair ‘Vas
silvered and thin, when i he lay 'lowa to die
among the sounds of The mighty i metropolis.
Every year a pilgrim came in the'arly spiing
When the first flowers bloomed, and sytyed in
the cottage 'here. - The afternoon he passed
it the grave-yard, but the twilig h lit always
fdimd him seated on a bank by asi ring - . He
grew rich until his
over owed. He
bought the cottage did not co oto li ve in
it. ;He seemed to have conceived an attach
ment for businessaMi The city.,is animal
pilgrimage was the only relielteh, dfroM his
counting room. He grow old, old r, until he
carried the weight of three scortriyeara and
ten. to keep the solemn tryst of liiii boyhood.
Ono winter day he had been too unwell to go
from his lordly mansion, and as eveliti,o; came
on t he lay on his bed and looked intA the grate
listening to the roar of carriages Thlthe street
without. A young man from his (A o entered
and conversed With !not in regard t the day's
Nusiness, and left hirelying Oils ttlinte . He
ail sent his house-keeper and sepfants out
liimself. r ? . ..
• 1 '
Who Sh l all say ti.duit Were the tlion t ghtS that
filed the mind of the,weary old nuttfti,at Right,
r What communion he had with the past
the far but unfortunate past? Did hd hear the
%vimd rustling the leaves of theold Out tree?
Did th's gurgli•ie l ok the spring; the fill tiT the
brook; the song of the birds fill his earittith o'd
nitisici Did' his *nfother's hand tire's coolly
do - iiii forehead, and her voice i wooi ,him to
sleep with one of her old Mountain ngs?--7.
What fairy (anti was A.hatl Did is angel
Kate hover around his bed, mid didliher lips
press his, and was her kiss new on, his brow?
Were those her arms around his aek once
more in the embrace of girlhO od, and vas that
melodious voice of hers again mum; ring fo
his oar "I love you, love you, brothr Ned?' t
And did her cheek, her velvet cheek, I o warm
ly close to his; and did she draw hi closer,
closer to him in that holy clasp. andrivns th 4
all a dreaM of earth,' or was it Heavib? --
It waif }feared, for he was there,: " 1
return, was
t have him
is reluctance
Then she
stay with
and wu'id
have hint.
soon, moth-
This voy-
i ;~~
From the Nov Orleans Delta
It was twenty years ago yesterday! The
golden gleams of the royal sun fell with rich
lustre on the yellow bosom of the Mississippi;
There were then not so many plantations in
the vicinity of New Qrleans, and where now
waves the long green leaves of the sugar-cane,
was then an almost uncultivated waste. The
banks of the river teemed with cottonwood
trees, and the long gray moss swung lazily in
the soft breeze of autumn. The "Dirch-
Woed" a noble ship from Amsterdam, slowly
made tier way up the river. She had on board
some forty or fifty immigrants. The old Ger
mans, in their/ long-tailed coats, decorated
itlynany g! brass buttons, smoked, their
ipe4 co M plucehtly, and every nut aml then
grunted, "p.m ! raw!" in I assent 'orN:rerly to
Some qUestipti. I'fit3, yoUng girls dill layMf
thentselVes in th
e ir brig*st kirt!e,Ciati I?ol
-11,1coi, ai/d IHlc4 theii• hair in or4r to l make
it Smooth and bright. There was not one on
hoard that vessel who did not have 'a thousand
thoughts melted into one as the ship reached,
the levee. One thought, and his meniory .
travelled like lightning, of the little cottage
on the banks of theßhine, around whOse porch
the honey-suckle grew and the bees hummed
,—sillgiti,g, as it were, an insect sung of praiSe
to Heaven for its bounty. Th en across the
mirror of the heart of the immigrants there
came the Shadow of a sweet, paW face; with
eyes moist with tears, and lips as soft and
crimsom as the leave's' of the mrs-rose.—
Dint stolid Switzer—he smoked his pipe in
lilence—no , one saw his tears, for they were
Wept inwardly, and the eyes of his soul look
ekt upon the green Murders of his own blue
Rhine, and the sweet face of the pale, tearful
girl he left behind him. Standing on thd
quarterdeck, there was a woman who seemed
to be almost lost in thought. She was poor
an frier Mess, and had come to the land of lib 7,
ert to eels a long lost brother. Ten years
of rwa s that poor Dutch maiden was the
wi i a member of Congress.
•I ,
Now let's to • the ste,erage cabin of the
"Dirch-:%Voed." In a miserable cot there lay
a man who was dying. His wife stcod by
him, and ever and anon bathe. his temples
with vinegar, and in her own language whis
pered to him some words of comfort. At the ,
fout•of the bed of the dying man a little girl,
with bright blue eyes and flaxen hair, was
playing with an apple that had been given to
her by one of the cabin passengers. [Meow
scious of the situation of her father, she toyed
with her little- present, and every now and
then a slight laugh would escape her lips.—
Just as the vessel touched the whlirf of the
First Municipality, the wife of the dying man
sat down by him. She thought that he had
sunk into a sweet slumber—that he would re
cover, and' that in the "new
,1 country" she
would have his stalwart arlh and able jUdg—
ment to protect her and the little child, the
oll;ipring- of their. love: His face was very
pale, and she thought for a element that the
dilation of his nostrils had ceased. Her heart
thrillilied wildlfr in tier boson), and going to a
little wooden Bhest; she took out a biloken bit
of looking glass. Placing it before his month,
for he was very still, she endeavored to 'find
- .
out if he-kt ‘ ill breathed. There was no mois
ture on the glass! There was a slight tremor
of the heart of the dead man, that, like a bird,
unwilling to leave its nest, gently heave d his
snow-white bosom, and then all was at rest!
The widowed woman clasped herhands be
fore her eyes, and thought, but dared not look
upon her poor little daughter, - who still sat
playing on the bed where her father died.—
It was all gene! The, home that,she had left
—the friends that sh; had seParated, from—
the vision of the blue wav{Os fringed with sil
ver laces that she had crossed over—:he hopes
of wealth and happiness in the land of Liber
ty—the pleasant thought of sending on, %%hen,
they had got rich, for her own aged mother
and the gray-haired lather of her husband!--L I
hler husband! She wildly withdrew the thin,
white fingers that werylasped over hereyes
and saw the placiffeatures of her husband
who was cold in death; and het daughter still
playing with her little apple! The tides of
her heart rose with such velocity that she fell
upon the planki rig, - and when sonic of her'com
panions picked her up they saw that the blood'
was gurgling Rom her mouth, that her fin
gers were clinched and thfit her Wan bosom
heaved with tumult.
A few moments more, and her pulse ceased
to qtiiver, and het glazed eyes looked upwards
as if to God! She was dead—he was dead,
w and -still the little, flaxen-headed, blue-eyed'
girl sat! smiling by those who were her parents.
There were two inquests that day, and two
rough coffins conveyed the dead wife and hus
band to the grave! The little orphan thought
it a gay thing to take them away, for some
one had told her that they. were asleep, and
then she laughed and clasped her tiny hands.
In a little however, she .commonced
crying for her:pother, and little tears as bright
as pearls trickled down her pure cheeks. A
bread-sliouldred man, at the time that he was
lifting a bos,tint of the saw the little girl
and naked Who she was. He learned her his
tory, tied with his horny hand•wipinge tear
from his eye, asked if he ceuhltake her: The
Captain and those around, glad to get rid of
what they considered a burden', assented. •He
took the orphan by the hand fled led her to his
horng. ,
/*Mary; dear," said he to his Wife initooes
that told hi had come from the Emerald
"it ' s no Chiller ey'otir own that we have, an'
since I've been out I'Ve gOt one for ye! Oh,
Mary, she's tin orphanshe's like the-To-btid
torn from the stem, an' lee me and your own
dear silf that will take Caro of her!",-....
. The godd wife of the Poor longshoreman
dirtalle care of the-little orphan and brought
it iip as her ov.911: Time made it forget who
its i s *Mitii were, and in a little while it loved
lie fester mother and father dearly. • Fortune
- NUMBER 41.
was prosperous to the kind couple, and in a
few years the long-shoreman had inoney one
ough to set himself up in business. • In a few
years more the neighbors whispered that - he
was getting rich, and it was true! By indite-,
try and economy he accumulated
wealth to live in splendor, and he now, if
wishes, might drive his coach and four,-1
What bedame of the little German girl? She k
grew up to he a beatitifill woman—a blessing
to her foster parents and an ornament to her
sex. A few nights ago a marriage took place
in this city, and after the ceremony vias'pet- -
fortneth a ta'l, handsome young than and , a
lovely worroß might hate been seen going oit
board a steamboat that was bound up tho riv
er. The young man wash Wealthy Merchant
of St. Louis, and the lady was no less n per:
sou than the little Gelman girl, who, nearly
twenty years ago, arrived in New Orleans is.
desola e firplmn!
We copy the following ° from Donnovan's .
Adventures in Mexico:
'On the evening of May 191 h, two American
uffiectrt4, helon l ging to some -of tke solimieer
corps,j attended the Cathedralviiere certain
servic'es were held appertaining to the nuns
the Convent of San-Francis, situated in the
Western part of the city. The Cathedral was
tilled, as usual, with a large crowd of the
faithful, and at the conclusion of the ceremo
nies, when they St ere•disper i si ng, the •thro 'of&
cers lingered is the church, gazing at the ex
pensive ornaments. As they were also in the
act of 'retiring, a nun; who remained behind
the rest of the sisterhood, made Amiga to the
officer whiiwas slowly following his cornratle,
tkat_shelle'sired to speak to'him. Returning
to the nun, a dialogue ensued, in subitance,
as follows:=
"You are an American?"
"I am, madam, and but recently front that
land of Yankees."'
, 61 presume, sir, you area manof iiOnor and
- •
discretion?" •
"'I hose qualities, aided to courage, make
up the composition of as American soldier.".
'•Are you willing to render me an irnportitnit
"You have but to command me."
•• "I will not conceal from you that the ser-.
vice I ask from your hands, requires not only
discretion, but extraordina'ry
linowrit this, are you still willing to assist
"Yes,., Data determined."
"Very well; wheh you heat, t
bell strilqi _twelve to-night, be at t
I shall bel there to open it, and'ait
in? three times, you shallilearo
I require of ydu. Will you be f ,
"1 shell be faithful if I jive."
"Well, I will depend upon you
They parted, and,- the otricer
companion; and as they pursued
the American quarters, related to
had transpired, and asked hirnif h
hi the appointment. The other
to do s• by all means, sack fur 'fear
;tiered to accompany him .t• the
uppointed hour. Supposing the
in one of those innocent'adventul,
man in Mexico, and taking it fur
the lady had been suddenly stru ,
personal appearance, the officer w•
panion, repaired to , the gate, a
agreement, and upon giving 'th
signal, the entrance was ppened
The chorea officer entered, with°
apprehension or fear, and was f
"You are truly a man of count e 'ftnti
or, and are entitled td my warritept ratitutle."
After conducting him to her ce I, where a
lamp was bOrning, the politely in ited him to
sit down, and producing two bott eo; reqUes
tell hint to take a glass of wine ith her-La.
request which a man and, a soldle , is not alit
to treat with indiference. Filling im a glass
out of ono bottle, she took a little herself out
of the other and after he had 'finis ed Ins, she
told him Co 'go tollie opposite cid of the bed
from herself. The officer, stil innocent;
obeyed, when the, nun addressed him
we'zi're pYI aloneis niy door itoleod
And at the same instant, to hit horror and
amazement, she discovered to . ,l+n the dead
boky of a Monk, %%hose clothes were stiffami
matted with blood while she continued: r.
"The favor I require is that you take Wit
body on your shoulders and conveY it beyOnd
the gatCs of the first court. Obey initantlyi;
or.youx life shill be in peril, for if you attempt
to escape I will shoot you though the head:
know," she added; "that my own life will .
be the forfeit, but after dispatching you, I hare
a poinard for Myself—the same with which I
stabbed that nkerable Monk. •
Seeing no other means of escape, the Qtly
cer took up the body, and accompanied by the
nun, who Carried a dark lantirn, prikeeded to
the gate by'which he had entered, and on is:-
suing from it, threw down his horrible burden
at:the feet of his comrade, Who was waiting ,
to enjoy a laugh, at what they both supposed
would terminate in 4 love intrigue.
After recounting' to his friend the almost
incredible adventure in which hehadlieen On-t -
gaged; they both resolved to communicate the
circumstances to Gen. I, y9rth in Orlon; but
they had proceeded only a short distance froth
the Convent; when the officer whO had brought
out the body, began to comPlain'of the midst
'violent and
_excruciating limn fell
upon the pavement and expired: j•
, .l
Cg° It ia noted, as iiingular coincidence,
that jusihirty-eight years ago; Massacku
setts - gave * Speaker to the • LT, S. House of
Representatives; and in thd Statue year, kr:
Winthrop, the present Speaker, was' born. -.
I or_7-The New Orleans - Picayune Says :the
olive brauch has beeti thrust into the face of
Mexico si often that all the . ledves are Sha
ken off. ' tim> '
he Convect
ho aide grad;
your Ir t npck t
ithful to the
l e•joined hie
heir way to
him all that
'should col:•
civised him
of accidenta
gate at the
flair to end
es se coin 7
ranted alai
k with hie
ith his corn=
cording to
y the nun:
t the least
tell by the