Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, November 06, 1847, Image 1

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3T4TE: STREET, ERrg, '... •
• -••••••••••-•-. • ~ .
T 1 t . It 111 S .
One copy, one year, imadvance, . 8 1 50
Otherwise, two ddllars a year o ill Invariably be
charg•ed. T hese terms wilt be stri tlyjaclhereAl ro
in all cases.
Advertisements inserted 'at 50 ce ts'per square
or the first insertion, and :45 cents for each sub. .
scquent insertion.
Job Printinir, of all varieties, • rich as Books
Pamphlets, Handbills,Show Bills, :lards,Steam•
boat Bills, planks for Notes,
Recei i terl &c..c.5e-
cuted In the best style and On short r of Ce.'
T. W. MOORE. - . ~
Dealer in Groceries. Provisions, C ndies, Fruit,
&c. No. I. Perry Block, State ate. et,•Erie, Pa,
, _
Attorneys at Law. Office up stair in the' Tam
many Hall building,north oftheP othonoturo's
Office. . 9 •
g Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries hardware,
[ Queens Ware, Lime, Iron, Nails N 17, :c 'Fil
.l. p. , ,
t Cho upside, Eric, Pa.
.- JOIIN 11. MILLA''R,
t, 1
i . ountv and Burltozh Surveyor; office n Exchane
t 4 Bothltit ! , s, Freinit st ; Eriet •
. ----I.__
E. N. HULBERT ac C I .
... ---
; 11,41FFA LO, N.Y. .
.. i NI) Dealers in Lehigh and Er a Coal, Salt '"„
and Produce generaillv. Part elder alien- 41
• ion paid to the sale of Prodoce and purchase el 8 ,
j- terell.oulize.
No. '3 & 4 Coburn Square, South half. ti
I:, x. nut.nEtur„ tt pateen. fi'.
i, Biado, N. Y.
-- ' . 49 . in
t , - to
' . ttorncy and Counsellor tit Law ; OlTiee , No. 2 th
slate ..t., omm.ito the Vogler lintel Erie. Pa. ' to
' ttorneys &Counsellors iit l e afy, OFF n.t-on French ra
ru g . t , over S Jackson 4- Co's. Sto e;.F.rie ' - *
Aptil 21,1917. ' 40 br
• , , ,___ _ .._____ .__
I. I ROSENZWEIG gc. I .O. • re
beiderg in Foreign and Domentie Dry Goods, _de
? !ready Made I lothin , •, Boos an . Shoo', &e. n i
&c., No. I, Flemming Block, ' tate Street,
Erie, Pa,
.. .i• GALDRAITIIS & LAI E, ga
uranbysnd Cotini.ellors at Las --Office on to
civ'ili sir et, west side of the Pit lie Square„ i
Eric, P .
c ‘4. , 1a ..ITII. OW. A. , 13 ALTITIAITIt. W. S. nave . in
• , G. LOOMIS & CO. er
aim; in Watches, Jewelry, Silver, German Sil Ter
. r.
v'r, Plated and DI ii.tatinia Ware, !uilery, Mi 1,...
,... itary and F.incy Good,s, No.'7 need House, Erie
o- ba .
. ~.
WILLI/1411S & WRIGI T. cat
lioletutlti and Retail Dealers in Dry Goods, Oro Lit
eerics, Tilardwaie Cruchcry, Gla. •snore, 'iron, ure
Nails, Leather, Oils , etc. etc. ci rner of - State;„
ftrect and the Public Squa, opposi c the Ea trle J .--
Tavern, Erie.-Pa. - 1 3 °
abinet Mal,er, Upholsiel• elocl Undertaker, the
state Street, Fe ie Pa i , • . , ,-.. k .
I 43. MO/ LIZI. , ,a}, se e
hysician and Sip ;Non; office on St •entli . Street i
u t‘t of the Meattotli.t Clout It. Eri t. Pit.
WALKER &z., GOOK ' of
eneral Forwat dint , . ComotiAsion, unl Produce , ,
Merehatos; Itet3 Ware Donee, ca tof the Pub• 'ci
lie Bo idge, Erie,, Irl
J OSE PI 1 - K ELSEY • me
annfacturcrs of Ti,., Copper at d Sheet-Iron po
ware corner of French and Fifths reefs, Erie:'
,n Founders - , wholesale and ret it dealers in „„
Y ~tares, I tallow-ware ke. State , rect., Erie. P. I'"
holesale a lid reta i I dea le r- i n Dru •t , s, Medic:in es 0
• rive :,totTs, Groceries, &c. No. , Reed Hou l se if,
Effie, Pa. -- _ re ,
C. M. TIBBALS, ' th
, ealrr in Dry clooik, Groceries, ..S.c. No. HI, b‘
Uheapside, Erie Va. •
. •
IcAiirs in Dry. Goods, Geocetic , &e. , No. 1,
r Bunnell Block, State st.,Erie, P:.
. e•
.CARTER sz. BROTH 'R: , s
eaters in t)ruus, Medicines, Pat ts,, Oils, Dye,
441.1,11 . 4, Gla,s, St.e., No, 6 Pee 1-louse, 1'.4 le. t
. 'on% urdia” and Corninksion A erehalll•; Itto
Freta Street, Et ie, and nt 6th S rest Canal Ba 0
sun, al,o dea lers in Groceries a d Provisions, c
eater in Hardware, Dry Goods, Orneeriss, ice. t ,
cast side of the Diamond, and oto door cast of 8
the Eagle Hotel, Erie, Pa. ...-
' -- -.- -:--- - - .
, EAGLE 1101'E ,
ty Iltram L. Brown, corner of S ate street and u
••. the Piddle mlare, Erie, Pa. Ea tern, Westrrn,
• and ••outhern Stage. (nee. t
' ashionable Alerchant Tailors, on the Public t
• ;Square, a fen doors west of Sate (.treat, Et ie,
1 , _______
1 '''l" in Therdo• Alioca !teens, Sunday
and Clatte.tical School Book; Stet ionary, etc. P.L. C .
No. 11 1, French Street, Erie, .
P. A. It. -BRAG ,
Attorney, and Counsellor at law, I rairie du Chien,
W. T. practioes in the count it s of Crawford,
, Grant and lowa, W. T. and in Clayton county, I
lowa Territory. . •
ICt UPFEES` series of ;eh of Bool,s, 1,2, .
i ,-1 and 5, for sale at No. 11,
.French Si. i
Erie, May 6, 1417. 5I
In Stale Sittri, neaply opposite • lie Eagle Bold,
1 . 1) 0MIS ~S• CO. are not receiving from
• •New York and openint , , t their new store
~. n even-INC as.ortment of Rich and Fashionable
, JEWELRY, (enthra j cing the la 'est style of work
'iin market,) wateltes,(Clotks; PI-led and Britranin
Warr. rine Cutlery, Sled . Trim Wags, Campherte
. sad Solar Lumps, Looking Gla.4t4, Gold Pens,
.1 together with a general variety of Useful and Or
namental ankles. Call and se what you will see.
June 26, 1917,' • 6
Cash For Fla. , Seed. -
/Vigil . will be paid for one t tousand huShels of
V Flax Seed by CARTER & BROTHER..
Aug, 21, 1817. No 6, Reed House:
Q UGARS.- 7 Loaf; Crushed, Pulverized, Cloni•
ti fled, Porto Rico, 'Havana. New Orleans Su
:: ear, for sale at No. lPerry 111 cit. •
Aug, es: - , .W, MOORE.
. .
' TOIIN GRAHAM, Proprietor. :.Tho
irs al subscriber, world- espectfully inform
is his friends and the tr'yeling . public gen-
;-. crafty, that he has leased for • term of ;nail' this
new and, commodious Maus , sittAjterl it the
„. Eighth Street Canal Basin. 'Ellis location Fen
- ders-the ',' l WESTEittsi " pre eminently the most
„-• convenient and, desirable at. pping place for all
either doino,husiness or •navelins, on the Canal.
There is, also, attached to , i his establishment&
-r i large and convenient Stable for the use of Met
- men and others having horses.
No pains or expense has b cn .srarcd inlitting
".. np this house for the conve inc;e eptinftitt.. and
pleasure of guests, and. the Proprietor ,trusts,.by
strict attention to business - to merit &lid recel*e a
, share of public patronage.
. ~ -
Erie, Aril 24, (817. ' - --- - -..- 4,
•,i . .
1 . .
~., i,, ..
~ .:,....; ..:,, 1 1 14 .,. .;;A : - I t i : ''.2.* .t ... t .1. t ~ •. .. ,,, 1 ...,-,, , i ,
, .
- .t.
, .
• -
, , •
.. •• . .
r ,
',I ' . . .'
! t
i .
_ .
. _ .
. .
. ' . • • ..
. .
I - ' -1
, .. .•
. , .
_... , • ,
. . .. . _., ~, ..
...•,..,,,,.....„.....„.„_;-„,..,-..,-.,-,;uaci.tT •....._
. ,
1 .
• I ..• _ .
. - •
. 4 . 'r ' S . - 1 . ` ~ i. , 1 1 . 1
~ '.) TA ti 1 .C...... , " ?. _ . - •.t.. -. • ... t 1 ‘.
. • r. ,
Person - An#ei§tiif ppid !?fil
OR., TiatiCIIIN P*4!ipTf
It teas a deer, : frosty Thatilisefiting s
The cloel'Opoicti certaiii
ed eleven',ii tlieltati: hines
Anderionglansd intd a:ocket to'rt4-
aurechimSelf that his person atid'faCe'wete in
ti prayerful trim—slowly'elevatitig bie portly
figure from behind the criniSOn'ietVet ;hang
ings of n high and soMewhilt . aritiriepulpit:=.
took one solemn annd deliberate of the
thinly scattered congregationdreWout.hii
long f.harp features to tt still .g reatei'lerigth4-L
raised'his eyes imploringly tolletiven-=;Apretid
out his - tbin,•soft white hands;'al3 -If
brad° in'the•armS of his paternal - 10*P the'few
representatives of his nutrioronszfog
deep and thrilling tone, uttered the • words,
"Lel us Pray." ' ~‘ -
' With a siinultanecus movement the citiegre:-
gation arose and bent tluir. heads reverently
to unite with their pastor in that prayer which
immedithely precedes. thb Sermon:2a i6trricin
in which it 'was ej.e
ert the utmost power 9t eidclifece,
"fervent pleading withti;e Almighty.
Parzon Anderson commenced; his deep
base voice resounded through his almost iya
cant church like the subdued pekils of distant
thunder. In long accusto et] and well tueRE-
ured terms he described th ;
.liigh and,hulk ob
ject of their, adoration; expressed the , most up-
. .
pounded gratitude for,the priyilegentagain
offering up-their.heares devotions—imploring
the +di, rine blessing open ehrirliuna thioughout, but especially. upon, Ahose
for the rulers of "our' beloved and rti ghly en
lightened Jand"—Aesi red that the gospel news
of salvation might he, spread among the
`chives of this free and noble countret--and
most earnestly be - sought the,Lord Co visit with
mercy and retributive justice the haunts of
poverty, degradation, and vice,, with which
°yr citivs abound
„.Mere tho Reverend gentletuan paused from
pure necessity) his 'voice, in• the excitement
of the hour, had forgotten its solemn and le
triiimate bass, and ,ascended step by step, as
if, during the prayer,, the Almighty ear bad
receded farther and farther from the mouth of
the pleader—he had at length terminated a
beaut:fully rounded sentence in a sharp shrill
scream. Here, as we remarked, he painted,
Whaled one long, full breath, and, a
cambric of sputless,purity, removed the per
siAration-froni his brow; and he proceeded:—
"We bless thy name, Q, Lord, that, amid
the numerous bounties of thy Providence, we
are not forgotten; tipoli this• day, especially,
we'opep our hearts to feel for" the - sufferings
of the poor, the sick, and the forsaken—iM:
cline us to seek them in their own homes, to. I
relieve their distress, to'console the mourner;
to clothe the naked, to feed- the hungry, to
smile upon the objects , of thy compassion, 0,
Lord, and to share wally talk, them the' lux;
twist which this day - afords."'
At this period of the servioe,- a bonnet in
the front pew was slightly elevated,' and 4.
pair of -bloat eyes peeped cautiously rcaind to
the Words emphatically pronounced! , Those
eyed belonged to the, parsOn's bonfire& 130,
who was noted-far and -wide for the u peculiar
and far-reaching shrewdness with which she
Contrived to .01te the two ends of her husband's
mciderate,salary: 3 , _ - •
As usual on'Thinksgiving day; only a siral
ple:and ordinary •dinner had beep,, prepared,
the•fire.g extinguished, and the goad lady with
her son anddaughter had followed the devout
preacher. to church , at'ast•iarly hour; ..While
inhaling spiritual food'• so abundantly, • she
neverrhelesi reserves a thought' fOr the - 4tro're
worldly luxuries.with which she had reason
to know that their wealthy Pnrishionerswere
supplied, and oil which experience had taught
her to',anticipate 'an ample lehre; it
therefore, a very natural , thing
,tliet . ti pleSSlnt,
though, soinewhcit sanctified smile' ShOUld
creep over her Votilid dimpled face, as ihemet
kfew glaiCes giiicklyi thrown (mit . siirretiod
ing eyes- r as'surandee that as not duodi
ed tolisappeintment. .
Among this boive'd and' worshipful congre
gation, one Chine, a. young Orin or twenty, the
Only son of the Rey. Jacob Anderson,
proudly erect, his arms; gracefullY . folded
across'his broad chest; his pair
slightly curling, brushed eatefesslY back [torn
us noble . hriNi ! , rt.his large - ef;
brillinacy,, bent 0 6 111 s.
failler''s lace) 'His taling,enlh}r
. , • I.
;w l 9 l a Vaud of dark 'stilt' his frocic is I
hoots, were of #/at'degrne . .4 polish that ! iadt
cated self-resrect
t4t •
kr 7:-
ty for the world's opinion. •
. 7 1 aurenb:A'nderiini' hid bec:4 l , foi' years,
,deemed niciynrarktind ungnilly" son by`" its
of whose study' iverild have borne•
uniny'acts; of iiiiiolp , llite,'Voth: . teinliciral 'and
spiritual; 'designed in' guldihrs' tOstelidY : fe:lt
into the narrow'srd 'betitett
14 CHAR LEOSVI,tiii.
There is R friend. a arm% frared,.
lo Every grief,
To cheor, tO'couOrcl; rud defeed,—
Of all we ever had the chleft "
A friend, who watching frirtl ahoy..
4 1Y1teneer i in error!s path, we trod, .„
still !ought us with reproving tore—
; Titat'friatid,iltat !teeter friend, isdo'gt!
/3"?rei , a Cric4 .l , u f.4lthfal friend.
In every chance end change ofiate;.
,When other friendshipstotne ito:olitrer,
A friend, that witen,the. world
,deceives o _
Anti wrerily we onward plod, ,
Still comfort, every h'en'rt that grieves;
' Thit true, that faithful frieud,lS Gobi
How hiest the years of life might now,
our n'Aitnged,
If man ihis - tiuth Would only knoir, ':
And iovo his Mgker, and ite just! .
Ye., there's a friend, aconstent friend,
AVM:intim; fdrsAltes the lowlitret sod,"`
But in etch need, lilt hated iloth loud; :
That. friendohat !Next &lend, it gPV,
ulitr orthcidity. yet; thbsenfrints
had proved iinsbeteisful; 'and latiremi had
reached the age' arid 'sititueint inankoiW
float-purply a child of
, sa . gabious,, independent df
Meade; cainliaa . WbOni'he pleased .or diipleas.
ed,' but tiolitei'genetOns, anr . iffeetinnate,' he
faired to 'What he entisideied to be
1 1 the numerous* inconsistenc ies.' bitwe'en — his
fatbei'ilereed and lifehis
lib and hii - ddmeitie - sh : Ort/eninings: It was a
fiiiitfu' I 'inurcn 'gen-
Aleinan'to' thn's Coinntented . Cib to his faCe;
butielther brut 'Mice nor persdasi've - elci-'
Omni had aecompliihed an iota in checking
this leading charaet'eiiitie of his son, and,-reii
inifensibleae he might brive'be'en in' the" lit
te4 it was, riefettlieleas, ''fregYientlY efrective
Of gded ieSultte
At the 'dose Of the lOn4 elcniuent peti
tion, a "peCuliat expression curled thp features
of thy' young tii'aii,"drid lie sat - down with i a
promptitude that indicated some neiv and sud
den resolvii. , . -`••?.. ' •
•: - •:Ati length ' the' eonirOaiioif 'diipersed to,
their various heilieS; and'iicien . the - - fables of
. PitrhatiAnderotihedini to 4rodn beneath the
Tich'presents icmred in front' &Very'
•The Divine was in his at Anderidn''
'busy with the kiteliewinald,.her - daughtei ati
tertainingn guest In the parlbi, end it fall io•
!the lat•'of taittaiA to receive andarrange these
Without eny 'hesitation he' thre*Open,
the deer- of iv large laupbOitrd,' titmbled Con
tents! Into the atindlest•:txiasible 'tipiiee,' and,
witb,a sharp' knifel - qiiieklyilevered- eachlitrti
ale brou'gh't, ha'; qtriti• the j 'center : tih 4poisitile,
ofacigg , 'cupb'otiid 'and cith
bt- at the's dapnSatiif mother' when! the
proper time should arrive. •
No sonnet' had' iese pr e sents ceased to!flow,
in, ihali Latirens: 41 led basket to
everfioWibg•witli hie reserved halves, tindl'set
foilb on' his•henaiiilant Manf:ri lune,
! .• • -
and sorrowful heart, many a deserted and
. dp
I graded outcast was that day : cheered by a mar
-1 Eel - from' his:basket; asj with un wearied' pii
tiOtae, timdsirk alleys;, tine s.
'and corOete,,w We're - llved ( Afiltipe sons anddititglt
iereUf Xl:less(ogs, sincere Ault sou,t-'
begotten blessings, 'were profusely showered
upon his heard, and' his dirk, luStrous eye's
beamed , jo y as he turno 1 his stein
hoinewtird; where the annual dinner was,wait.-
ing return. 1 •
'Mrs. Anderson,' 0 sat, lhe parson, as,: with
Solemn he raiSed• • •the first',co'v'er,,
, civhat is this! Turkiwt it poi
_ •
Ohio-that-my prayer;and•-;sertnon to-day - have
been less acceptable formerly, and, that
hit If thn ,isnnl crifts. rP rein; nA37
"It is equally a mystery to me,"Teplted the
. .
'disappointed and somewhit angry lady. - \"Be
ing quite busy, I deputed Laurens to reeelviel
the gi ftS and thank our friends. k lle went 64 1
immediately after,semang me Word that ali•
had,arrive4. ou may judge of my surprise to
find every th ing inlalves. - 1 ,
"Every Mire' echoes the divine, 'hastily ,
rising from his seat and - catching '
Willie vari
ous covers and napkins. . f
A quiet and intelligent smile sat upon the
features of the son, and when the disconcerted
father had resumed his arni-chair at the foot
ed' the table, Laurens slowly clasped his hands
slightly raised his handsome face and with a
subdued emphasp repeated the words of the
morning prayers 4 lneline us to Seek them in•
their horses—lo feed the hungry—and to
equally share with them the luxuries which this
day affords." , •
"1 do not often pray as you understand it,"
continued their reprobate son, "but I some
times assist in Procuring answers to the pray
ers I hear. You sir, believe 'in the prayers
of the'mouth—it may be in that'of the heait
7 —lbelieve only in that which followed by im
mediate and corresponding action. You have
prayed for the hungry—l have fed them. •
'The parson felt the justice of the act, and
smothering his vexation beneath a look of ex
treme gravity, reptied; t
"The poor minister is one to 'whom, it is
commanded to (give."
' 4• But. the servant of the Lord ceases to mer
itisuch gifts when the table is lade with sil- 1
ver and china ,", pnrsued the iocor igible son,
bestowing a deliberate glance up n the well
appointed dinner set. " Say
, no more, I 'be
seech you sit' you - will centique to Pray, and
'so often as it lies within MY '
power,. your I.
prayers shall bo Suitably answered. A slice
of that turkey, sir, if you
,please; my Walk has
given 'ft . shii,rp' . a ppetite," ', , ' ) .
With a fiery scowl;the father seized the,
carving knife, while the scheming Mrs. An
derson bit: her lips :and! bent• her eyes upon
her son -with a' sharp look-which , plainly said
f NIV hat was tho use of giving away those nice
1 tbiegsV ;•'',.' . .:-,. . ' •
- ' But.the - damestic.elouds at lasvilisappeared
beneath the cheering influencq of a . Thanks
ziving s dinner, ,nnd „the, conversation turned
upon 4 ge!ect:p l ait, v;,w,hi4ll they were. to re
reeive thatevenine and which for the fi rst
time s
,was permitted to displace, the , accns 7
tooled meeting for prayer and exhortation.,
Shortly, after'dinner, the rooms were prcip-,
erlylighted, the evening refreshments. in or
der, .fresh fuel, heaped upon the glowing,miats,
!idgispies, erßilfog face yiree every
~ yliere.viailqe;Witqe:i t he parson „oce
Chait in stately dignity, seire:tlYenimlnfr' ,
the Scene far more than he thought proper to,
alltitiv: t :tifittlerisc hid 'not been lieen'silite;
"iiatify:departere'froiti'the'dinner'" title
! \,"
The scere was becontid4laidiebrilliartt
:Pram bpister,ous'
rPtitrainetla:4Lit OW:
: parishonerwho elono,,wnpottfoct ‘tterinqtY,
that rendered ii-auffioiently attractilaAeldli
"Where is -your soar inqukregi 4 1 49 Pt:
of hiii.seCiety the *hole
, • r," . 1 • "trtrr!,' ; ?,..,
r • 15.
. .
~ .
‘‘l .., ll , E:,wlfrri it. l'it - l' - 'ciii I V: 1 •iv li'E t• ''T 0 0 ate oil :',
SA,. .kaNOVEMBER 6 . 1847;
. • •.
' Sarre
ed titesifttal,,gttple.,llewayardneas wjll
mY- I • l4 '.!tr!."'. 4;1
this ,mentent ; theclergymate,s daughter
„enterettenti w!t.isporstlsomething in his ear
,whic4eaused,att angry Aty ‘ r to overspread his
sharp, pele-teaturetr ) andi l without delay, he
Ithetened ;from the Amin,. • . •
• •Arriving,trt the Irithen, , ho was surprised,
and, fur a moment, lisina.yed, to find that Lau
rens had returned 0049n : rev/hat more than.a
dozen persons, who t moving in the humbler
wnilts of life, had been i ctiesidered,unworthy
of invitatiees,to the n;i,in,inteollparty.
friends, my, derfriende, air," explaitu.'
ed the young..umn, without; giving his father
an opportunity of speaking;let me introducei
them;" and, quickly preseutirig each by name,
they proved, without exception, to be members
of that.society which he was wont so fondly
to term hid flock. "I„have,been gathering
the lambs, the long-neglected lambs of yOur
fold, sir,',' continued:the .eon, "and I have_
brought them here that for once they may
feast upon the goods of this; fife and be met-,
The parson" was desperatel—the bidy was
beside herself; to admit. , theae - persons among
,theiF aristocratic gusts was not to be thought.
or, and yet the nhatleterAf "goad shepherd"
.must be, sustained.
sun,". gravely porrtmoheed the latter,
drawing him one pifi t never do to in
troducn, ,thesin people among tour visitors—:
they would consider it 'a perional insult; stilt,
As i f
.recognise them aS my hearers, I have no
,wish to. treat them
.6140 y. Give theni,a sup
per in" the,kitplien, and disnii!ss them, 'Tray
you--Ixonnneadyou, he added, with a flash
ing eye, as he read the :
.refusal on Laurens'
ingenious countenance."
",o,fiettettties 77 eo cornn ands will be of
arty avail' to alter my_ plan,":,rephed the son;
lir'iy,,., "cOme, tnYfriends4' he added, sud
deoly,and ' sinilinglji, ePpering to' them, "we
,will nowentertheparlon r :dO not be jiscon-'
certeddepend upon nte tO friends."
, i'resentlYA4nirerts .Andersun entered the
kil,rilijantly,l4;lited;roeMs . ith a bloorning_girl
„on, reoh` arm; one, thoidaughterLefa_lWaslier
wimp% who Offieiitted in the oe"mosi
or :pie persons present; the other a young
,mpliner's, , apprenticei : l:loCate" and beittiful
as,thesilks ; and flowers which,she daily wove
foto, sueh exquiiite,forres, -With elegant and
,condescensiort, r j e a ure s presented iris
friends to his fetter's guests and, despite the
freezing i coldneis,, , the'distant end dignified
bows, the smothered stieers,; pud half-uttered
,ridicule,, he continued !to Introduce his little
yert7, ,, apd ; in half an„hptirokey, were i merrityt
acted . enty c g,q)ll,Rpms s , ! ‘ol,9l4.,;ott r r heattop, z
ceedingobe parson had selzedan opportunity
'towithdraW to his study,, a few-moments, to
4tidi gain ta
n t dt lia gy t e t b r oe s ef ri n q hi u 4d i l ia i: bt y ; , r o rtn f i ru d;, i . n : di an y ,s l l i tr i tie c ti l il i tsi l y : , twice:l ttah keir.liitaking
his' friends into a brickparlorl ; closed the fold
,ins doors; led his sister to tit piauo, and,with
a feW s who chirsented to join them, were soo'
whirligig in the mazes of a., merry deuce.
'Gradually the voices in the front Parlor were
mere subdued, till silence "reigned supreme"
—little by Atte the folding doors unclosed,
with. anxiously \ syinpathizing (aces peep i ng
through the aperture . ; then siddenly they flew
_and in rushed a 't'aulttude, to join the
revelers, leaving thUse only who w i de pro
hibited from dancing liychttireh,nternbership.
4 .A.h, this is real enjoyment!", exclaimed
Laurens, as, after exerting his sister to play
-With spirit and without fearof ,
he 841 the hand of the milliner and With he •
led'off the (limed.'
The unwonted noise at last 'reached the elf
,- •
of Parson Anderson, and completely Overthrew
all his late attempts 'at egnittirnity'oettOrit.
Starting suddenly from his easy chilli be
'descended the stairs With hasty and'ninist
ial stePs, and, passing nneerimonieusly, the
wondering, spectators; intruded , his solemn
phiz among the wild 'dancers. With art im
perious geiture he commanded his :da,ughter
to cease playing, .and in an instant all stand
silent and awe-struck 'bet+ hint, Laurens
—the brave but unchristian Laurens-alone
confronted the
,rage of-the pious parson.
"Only a, little, harmless amusement, sir,"
said he, as carelessly as tltonglt no angry word
rested with liiiri: '"Theßible, you know,
&Ives us time for dancing as wel as, preying ,
-.come, sir, he as good as to , join us—nit 10111
cheer you. Go on, Mary go on," he added,
with a meaning glance of hiis black eye, 'and,
if father chooses to join us, we will, make t-oorit
for him;*l dare say he cad qnd a , partner
among these elderly , ladies—go on, Mary;"
and, in the twirikiinn : of an;eye, the parsonage
again shook beneatri'the tread of merry feet.
Pareon;Anderson' twice es eyed toSpeak, but
his voice was drowned - in the ,wild bouts of
i i Meiriment;'and,tiumning ,twaY,'he said; in
1 Melancholy tone, of ioiqe ,to those\ a'rotind
him, - ,"That bog, will bring,mfkiiij , hiiiiinith
sorrow 'in' the grave.-oston'Clertitiotkpe.
An old coat's advantages, are,ninnerons..r,-
People will _not winkAv
.tlije T to ; pick
'your, pacjists- r tho ladies •kotlier yuu
ith .tbeic insatiate, love"aillgn willpot tOP take tea4witii yourAcfmintances.
• r "•
7 1 ft
it: it'd
;sllll4'fi;dWerien, docr~Bhnn T had, ip 18-
41, i . 'iit'ajOiiiid"?tcY
,4 4I f 4., 1 it. jYrr .'
P. 8 !) 1 0,1 ' Sra4f!Ll.k hr.!!! MtP
jy t dp,pkole: tior: be.~ntluen~eesof the
ek; eriiitit A eoff at: tioiqe —4144. -tTnifn.
Plinth' shpit-It t ritylbe i pmpoitolaste - , , iliat ,
fife diitinguithed (*liked knownietntrog 'the
Ohiiehtfrby Cupfd hniVreoently
atini6l6 tie
, .
' Rondoll, in nn flu! Wier. niter the bade ofCbaru.
n...y.: • nattier lacer came :out ivau 14a1uall,110
16113 h l. 101 n R osa that he thuupt A' her when bath
' ; wcira ayliug, apt' run."
'Dcarest Ron; dearc.t Rota,
"list thy lover greets thee •
From the hone Of Moutczeini i l
km imperial Mexico; F,‘
!Infix the bulling at n UIIaU,
'Mitt the mime% breath,
Love preserved, thy tree bldatgo , I
From the jaws of bloody
• ri
Fiercely charged the northqn foetnati,
' With his gliterithg beyond, H I
Firious rush.--1 04. mighty Y,trir - ildPCi
Every hoof with blood watt wet—
All around were dead antrri,e,g.
Blang led heaps coi every 4,lde,
Told, like wreeks l the hot* r'grage
Of the battles' gory tide,
'Twas of thco Ilttrught my:it.ns;,
Even in thot dreadful hout,
Yce', of theo.forlo'en end teerf4ll,
Stiont In t'iy Timely bowei-E
"1(1 perish—if I perish—
t3ho will ne*.er survive the:day!"
Thus 1 tlinnght. my deare,tilkOlo,
And ittirned nod —NAN e wer!
, r
The revolutionary histert of Now York,
and of adjacent ground; resol S itself into the
doings of one long , yettr—,ne t , a calendar year
—which comprises the peri : during which
i i
this city was under bondage 4
Many brave then, While this bondage en
dured, did all that could be tune to destroy the
'power and comfort of theing's lepreseitta
'Lives; andiof these brave in n, firm old \Vebt
chester furnished the majt rity, Their sys
tem of warfare partook of the characteristics
of the guerrilla habit, such ds, l was exhibited
throughout the factimial diSturhances of old
Spairr; We have furnshe sketches descrip
tive of these bands, which were' organized fur
all species of patfiotic duty ' bat more panic
tilarly fur the discomfiture of the tory "skin=
ners and refugees.!' .Th
these bantls was called Ni'
• N ick, as he was, fatnili. rly denominated,
was entirely unlettered; but. ho was, netwithh
standing one of the shrewdest men in the
country. • Nature had dune what ethication
had not, towards making him', a formidable
and trupgerous enemy in th branch of the ser
vice he had chosen.. Ho. fad en instinctive
scent of the foe, and seems to tell the where
above of an ambush, with as much certainty
as, hound ,breaks the cov l er of the fax.—
Faithful to his purpose of intercepting the
Fe° t ing and foragingpartir of the Eriglish,
-Nick wits constantly hi f e et. and comin
men composed Nicks army, / ;mettle force wds
sometimes cut up into 'five sections, and des
patched, by, tens, towards
i varions points in
order to'learn iii what •direction there • might
be rikopportunity for the exprcife of %e prow
ess of the eoncentrated band.
The line 'Of the•llioUx river Was' the lroute
always kept in view by Nicit and his met . .., and
held, at six several points l places of rendez
vous, at wh'cli they wet. , generally to be
found when off duty, which
the case. One of these pl'
was the banks of about thel
tion of the'stream. The
here, to an extent that rend
any' btit a swimmer; It bei
feet, from the surface to th
always pladid with a sort
looked 'like the' above dan
The banks were covered
underbrush—hazel, ‘Vinte
vines ingenious to watery soil, - , besides tap-
Hugs bud trees (more especial l iy the willow)
innumerable-- so that autumn • did not, by ta
king away the leaves, de rive the screen of
imperviotuiness - to the op les.' The episode
in the 'stream Nie.k had named, for a good and
sufficicen rson, "Dead lan',s Lake." We'l
\ - il
must eicplein; 1
One evening RI the :de th of winter, Nick ,
liad \ gone a lung distancebove White Plains'
to int*ept a bodybctdri s who wer e on their
way fro )rk Connecticbt toi the city with con
siaerablebit\y in 'the shae of,
uables take from the money and
inhabitants in the vi
cinity of the ound. Ni It had obtained in
telligence of Weir mcive l ents, and had con
trived to gai4ac , s to the party (about eigh
ty in number, unde the control of a minor
English officer,' nam , l t l'Jhertion) by means
of a John Valentine, - tili was . ri minute man.
John, as'it was afterwaril ascertained, he'd
met and joined the tori s with a specious tale,
and *Weed to lead ti am through the cotin
tiy so securely that no e ofthe)krowling reli
els would encounter 11 em. ' 1 "\ -'
By way of nec6s ry digression\we muck
inform the reader that` he "Dead lilantiq.ake"
!endezvoits . was' model co?nj)lete by a boird
shanty, knocked bpi a huiry, and used to
' helter the mei, ' from the intense • cold of the
winter nights.
•1 Previous
•• to starting, John had• extorted a
I 'Promise from• Nick that ho would remain, •the
whole of,t he night in tjuestion, in concealment
' biker-without 'entering the hut, •in his
turn pledging his gor e d te bring the foe to that
spot in such a manner that they would prove 1
. '
an easy , con9tiest. . - 1
' h Weg, ' biCatii I" ' tribd isTioN'ai,hQblew
- fp
n .• ; F.-. 0 V..t' • 1 , I - iv , , ~.
Aia,P gO.O, t ..tigicl,tep 1ef , i ,. . 91 .p4I 6 N , . 5 a 1 ?? ( IY
must eadure.a' great deal for,tbo!ooke,of, his
country., 'lt's v,t roogh , job, JohnJbtit!'we'll'clui
.i. l 7 iiitly`lOyinileeep itliesbitilif the Piaui
, ~
1 ,
,«l ever., me,',
~repkied ION • 1.',11 hying
fem : down tli dm spot, and Thep you'll consid
fr:eM en, Your ..han4 t •&about where you ,
can hear me, and when 11114 , ,,;',1,1urrab for
Gla-ml Washington' mid downwith the red
6004 shwa is-Your t ine."' ',°` • •,' ,7. : •,, - '
~,fial4ng reached th lake at_,niqa o'cloth in
,thavev,e.rtiog, l Niolti proceeded, to dovia.o hia
i plan of 05tofoalmoot.1 Thecold was, intense:
1 Itlrasidi s litAhoklahatititala of Abet patt„of the
, ~ 1, ;,. , ~,.. - •
country called a still cold—for, Although ev
erything vOiti hard'frozen, and the breath con.'
gealed as fast as emitted, !notthe slightest
show' Of air .was to be.experienced. It was a
dead land.:calm.. No plan could be devised
with satiefadtiol-ta' the' majority. To go
away was iiniiassible, for although the'expeh
ted' victims were 'not cure before two or.three
hours after. mid 7 night, yet they 4104 arrive
much soon e r; and besides t ' Nick ha;cl gii•en hi
'word not t leat4thepltit i e: , Likel all , ,tleser;
ants °ph 'Criagress here, Nick , neh l ismerl i
yore pcior.. Ea'li had a misers to Tagged
lanket; bu notliug else, as a prot ation frot '
he hitter a satils of ,Tac. Frost,
‘ , FII tell ' On ybat,"'gro`Wled Ail ald 'ellOW.
'lye shill be froied without doubt: My (id
- vita is to fix a - slow match to a keg of powder
there in the hovel, and blow 'etri all to the
devil. Meanwhile, we can find accommoda
tirms among the neighbors."'
This novel suggestion waereceived, much
to the astonishment of its author, with a gen
eral laugh.' ' The debate proceeded. It was
still in progress wheif heavy flakes of snow_
began to descend briekly llti
"Good!" said Nick,• If in soliloquy, as he
scanned the heavens with the air'of an as
trologer; '"iiiis will comedown at least twelve
hours. 1 hays it at. last. Boys, i ne'skulking
or grumbling how, for I won't have it: you
must do as I ahn going to order; if you don't
we part companj , ." •
"Speak out. Nick, we'll slick to you while
you've n flint to your gus."
Nick did speak out. Behind the shanty
was a swamp moadoW. The weather, hat]
made it hard and porous. To this spot tile
whole body were move, there to
spread,their blankets, itild lie down upon them
with the locks-of their muskets between their
knees, and their muzzles protected by a Wood-,
eu stopper kept fur the purpose. Nick en
fureed this command,bli a logical explanation I
of the advantages of a compliance' with'it I
He contended that the, snow, " being dry and
not subject to drifl o yould cover them as sat
isfactorily as a tick of feathers, and keep them
quite as warm and comfdtable. lt yould al
so effeettmlly conceal them at their ease.—
The porous' quality a,- the ground would,-h.
lender of one of
also informed them, enable them to distinguish'
the approach of any marching party at a dis
tance, and therefore they could snatch a few
moments of test. • Withont more ado the ar
rangern/ent was made, Nick lying down near
est the hut.
Four long hours elapsed, by which time the ,
hardy patriots were completely snowed under,
being covered with eight inches; or therea. I
b v ms ‘l .r3fthe_elesnental emblem of purity : l,-1 .
had made each man, previous to retiring, drink
freely of rye whiskey. I
'kiw i keenestteye, or acutest cunning, could I
not have detected in those undulating hillocks 1
aught but, theatirral irregularities of swampy !
ground. - At 'about two o'clock in the morn.l
ing7John arrived, no — he had said he would,'
with hi devoted followers. They were right
thankful for the shelter Of, the shanty, 'and i
* il
Pherson swore that when they had re cited l'
the eitrhe wont(' report.John'sgener,pus: con- I
duct to Howe of Knyphausen and him
a deserved-rew a rd. , I
"Wait," said John; "I have not (lege the
half that I intend-to do fr 4 you." •
Nick now arose and placed himself against
the'hovel so as to be able to hear the signal.'
In the meantime he had awakened his! inen, '
without permitting them to rise, by a piocess
as summary as it was novel. He had fell for
the softest part at each carcass with the 'point
of a very sharp bayonet.. ,
The tories,! stowed like siiieep in the small
art covered by the.hut, began tn drink.
W had scarcely done' this ere they became
arc co vered'
'us and beautiful. )11,Pherson, singu
larly ; mmonicative-to John, detailed his atro-
I eitie an the route with the savagest /mita:
Lion. Before he hat! met John they had rob
' he& a farrdhoese;..the Mistress of whielii hav
ing .refused fodeixiet' up her husband's money,
had been "stripped -and flogged until she
fainted." Nick, hearing this, could notsup
opress'an exclamation of mingled rage and hor
ror• - Before John could interpose, M'Pherson
had gone without to ascertain whether he had
- really heatd - a human voice or, not. ' But he
saw nothing bat snore, (although he stood
within 'twenty rods of ffty , mOrtal enemies;)
' and so.returned. , .. '„
.. ' .
indeed was sehli?rn
ces of rendezvous
I(then) widest por
yater had deepened
ered it
_perilous to
no at least twgive
ie bottom. It was
f oily surface, and
of a mill' pond
witii a very thick
r-green, alder, and
Resuming his drinking and his conversa 7
tion, the depredator 'continued , lo detail the
the monstrous' v , illaiiieS he had pbipetrated,
and to speak' or yirbiit be 'inteiided , " \ tutlo on the
downward route. Ile-feared ti assault--snot
het He - was stronp* enough' to repel any hand
furof'half-itarVed; 'skulking outlaws.,`; ' if he
caught any of the fellows, he would hang them
-their own trees, and manure . the aPil, with
the blood tif i thir Wonien: : , ,
il :-- •• , 1
John had crept to tledoor,by degrees; and
now Stood "With hi's , left handinpon the raised
latcher, ~,tle,,,apPloMied the 'ilfri4er's . story, and
'was willing, ~be Antki,„to aid him in the, pey
forMancee of the deetis , he then Contemplated.
Itaiiir,:pitijbze,il:- if tAtist,; and tilling, a 'tin cup
, With liquor,';ndlit, iil'Ond voice, ',Hurrah for GeneralWashington, iind down, with, the'red
en&tthr f iTiquor Was dash in he 111'ithep
pen`iface, and :jolit'Venished ret*the hut.
I simultaneous' with his, departete, Nick som
mooed his , men by' & repetition of the toast,
iiiul the fifty: hillocks of snow were changed,
hi by th viana 'of Harlequin, I r ..into tett Many
Arrnedand furititid "rebels." - : ',. ' : :,
Before •thotories could retotter from the, me
mentary surprise into which these curious in-'
chilenti had ihrowtt them, a , volley of p o wder
and ahnt hidlieity,fired through the apertures,
liashing;like'a:frighteried: hire into Oa open .
eti4,llll"heraon height his sasailanis... His
t ea k itumn in e diheir numbers, and conceiving
,tlieriWitsnoThOlie in fight, he suinmifne4 hi s
f rienta. toilei',,lthr in flight: ; .- rhey; Madly,
„ .
- rushed i after him; arid fo'reingthetniefves thre
- the dry/ limbs or briiili that stuck u. the f i
t skeletons of vegefatiOnn the banks o the
I gen/en the frozen surfaeet More t. art
. one.half the fellows had taken this eo u . Be,
while tlle test had either fallen victims t ; the
- 'first fir , or Wien to their heels toward' tio ,
• main rad at the other le. -)
"Ft;r on 'ern! Lied us jest as yofile n I
In • le thunder ," .shouted Nick, as h fel-
lowed is own advice. • f . ,
Budd rtli there vi;zs a' report louder! than '
that ofkt musket; it was -
accompanied by, a
splash! fiend p concord of, unearthly SC . ma.
. ile had broken! and "Diedd Man's itri
Was afeomplishing a victory for the ha • Hui
of Ameridan patrioti • Who atticsd upon the
The result was that over twenty of • to
ries were taken and sent to head quarts .--
OnlY half a dozen were killed by fire. ..s.
"Dead Man's Lake" was examined di. sun
rise, an)d fifteen bodies were draft fro• its
remorseless bosom. ' The restiaindet, Id" her
son among them, had esdaped; .
• pia: had named the water as above in ^.a
,setpten e of•finding the body of one etan, mu
tilated said murdered by the loyalists. , fter
this( event we hare rudely sketdhed, lie til lik
ed the title to "dead Metis Lake.;'.. It is tin*
called "Willow Hole"—and no man i . the
vicinityl knows aught of its former deal : ea.
1 tion, so far as we can judge, we having ived
I near It nearly two years without hearin : any
I one else speak Of it. , . . •
II As these little epesodes in the drama o tha
revolution 'mer l e frequent, they have rt. i it,
seems, been considered of suffieietit I per
; taupe to be generally , preserved, evetri the
Indian style—by tradition.
1 Nick died in the Jersey prison ship.
iUndet this head; The N. O. belt% r- ates
Ithe following:— ` • "
"Doctor," said the dying Mtn, tiptsnin hfa
I languid eyes) "ho* long do you think will
1 "ltl),Lpoor friend," answerd4 the phys', ian,
wiping the tears front tilt Spectacles, • I do
: not think that you tan lire more than t* aty
' four hoers." L ., '
"01),1 doctor!" exclaimed the dying . ti,
don't say that! But, still; if I can't lie, •I
suppose I must bend to the will of Ili
- .
dencelit ;
'he dying Man Covered over his race rvitli
the bedclothes, and the physician ritit .eing
able to endure the scene was just abotit 1. de
part) When hjs latient called bit - to hide
!Tel:nor '... what do_you think it will cc t for .
cost much—probably nothittrelltirfra — ,- -
The dying, man started up in is bed and
railirig his handaa's though he was gointh
exorcise a ghost, exclaithed, in &Most ,itia
hie tons, , o, no, Doctor, don't say lit 1. 7 -,
I can't aprd to payllo to be buried. It's
higher Ilan other people pay, and I tan' _ af
ford 0 1 1 1 :
So s yiug,the young gentletari blank •peti,
and wet like Niobe. Although worth come
four or Ifive thousand dollars in solid cash; he
( couldn't i a ff ord to die, because his f neral '
would Cost him eati. •The meanness .i . his
dispositon striking into his it •stete•-droV the
fever o i tit, and he recovered; ,
1.,.„.„ I
LTAT;tiIIING , Fi Tali PULVlT,,..—said M . C.,
1 a Presyteriai) minister of some notorky, i ”
'never aughed in the pulpit only on one er- -
t l
aim), a il that came tear , prottering My dismis
sal fro . the ministryi
Ahot one of the first cliscourTa I was cal- -
led to sliver ; subsequently to my ordlnatior.f
lafter r tiding my tekt and opening my subject,
my it onion was directed to a 4 yennritnan
With a v ery fo'ppiph dreiS, bud ahead of es
red 110..1 •In a slip immediately be=
hind this young gentleman eaten Urchin who
must. have been urged on in . hisnevility by
o I
eke ev I one himself, f 0 r I Ido n ot n wee ut the
youngster thought of the jest ho *as plying
offon the sprred dandy is front of him. / .The
buy held hia forefinger in• the red , hair of the
young man, about us long ns a blacksmith
would a nailerod in the fire to heat a 0 died
i on 'hiEf knee commenced pounding his finger
in imantin,g of a smith in making a nail.--;-
, The Whole thing was so ludlettihs that I
Janet d,'the only time • I °Vet dis'graced the
palpi -with any thing like . hilt,
MAnabtah.—Man and wifeare equally eon.:
eerned to avoid all offenies of each Other in
the besinnitig, of ,their conversation; evety
little thing'ean i l blast an infant:bit:ssoh; and
the breath of the South can shake the littld
fingd of the vine When' first they begin to '
curl Tike the lucks of, a new Weaned. h'nyi.hut
whenl by flge and consolation they stiffen into
thelrdnese of watem, and have by the waves
cea of the Wm and kisses Of bettiert
hrou lit forth their,e'lustela, they can endure'
the s arms of the-north:3i and -the loud noises
of a erripest, and yet never break: so are the
early nniens otan unfixed malrriagi; watchful
• J
Ohl oliservantittlthis add inity; ingnisittea
~----;----- - • _
and useful, ari, apt 'to take alarm, - at , every
kinki d Word.. - . ; -- • • . . -.•
After th e hearts of the Man and wife an:: fir:- -
aeatfld tint! hardenti Ify it Mutual confideift
and - experience, longer than artificial pretened
can i'at i there area great many .iemembran- -
new .nd some things plesent; that- Wit' elf
1 i
MO- tinkitanesses in piedes.'.iertinty link:
Ii • . ' - : -.• : •.:1 ~ , . . .
toe: . • '.•, ,
' • C imr.. - - - -A lady b'alled itt'ontrof OUratorea
7, .
a do i Or tyro' slince; add invUiredof la young
der (Or '!croliOt: —_ „: , -,. ,‘ ,9. 1 , -
NOtAvillittg..bionear ignorant not eitt i etty
"Optilpftiteliding her, he handy' doiiiti ii tilts
)ii. i, l .4l'afea:C.o!iltiil; "I,Vhp;'-says the lady,
"dui!: is. n s
iiii:fillt-tAn.". t . : • .-; , -_
4, We11," replied the boy, "that is - ito ern&
iat thing:t know lif: 1- , .-:'° =; . :-. z....