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One copy, one year, in 'advance, • it r 0
Otherwise, two dollars a ':vear will invaria! ly be
charged. These terms will be strictly ildheicd to
in all cases. ,
Advertisements inserted at 50 cents per "sgitare
the first insertion, and 25 'Cents for eaelt sub
sequent insertion. • I
Job Paucit!, of all varieties, such as;Books
Pamphlets, Ilandbills,Show Bills, Cards,St4earn
beat Bills, Blanks for Notes, Receipts, 64. el.xe
,7tited in the best style and on short notice.
pcaler iri Groceries, PrO , 4sions, Candies,:Freit,
&e. No. I, Perry Block, State street, Erie, Pu,
Heys ,al Law. Office up stairs in the Tam
many Ilall building,north ulthe,ZrOthunotury's
rt _ 9
Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hard%vaTe,
'Queens 'Ware, Lime, Iron, Nails Sze. No. 121,
Ch( apside, Erie, Pa.
ounty and Borough Surveyor; office in Exchanue
Ifinlditig.", Prima at , Erie.
as removed his Office to the Public Building
near the Court House, tip stairs. in the room
occupied by the Sheriff and directly over the
Conunksioner's °dice.
routpt attention will be given to all busirips
trusted to his care. t 50
NI) Draler3 in Lehi , rh and Erie Coal, Salt
' and Produce generilly. Particular attee
ni paid to the sale of I? oduce and purchase of
N 0.3 & 4 Coburn Square, South Ahart.
non N. Y. 99
uoinoy and Counsellor at Law ; Mee No. ,2
State st., pposite taule 11o;e1, Erie, Pa.
norneys 6: counsellors at Lail, Office on French
etrect. over S.,lackson \ 4- Co's. Store, Erie. -
April 21, 1817.. I 49
'3lers in.Foreiun and \Domestic Dry Goods,
Reddy Made Clothinz, Bogs and :AIOCF, &e.
&V., O. I, Fleninning Bloci:, Slate Strect,
Eric, Pa,
turner+ and Coun.ellors at on
,treet, west side of the Public Stittare„
Erie, Pa.
G. Loomis c CO. -
ealers in Watches, Jewelry, Silver, Cl erman Sit
ler, Plated and Briounnia ‘V are, Cutlery, Mil
itary arid Fancy Goods, N 0.7 need noose, Erie
Pa. 2
'ale and Retail Dealers in Dry Goods, 0 ro•
Hardware, Crockery', Glassware, Iron,
, Leather, Oils,
etc. etc. corner of State
and the Public Squa, opposite. the Eagle
Tavern, Eric, Pa. •
abinet Maker, Upholster and Undertaker,
State Street, Erie Pa
S. DICKINS(II\ - ;-.n. 1).
ipieian,and Sorueon, oftic ) c on t.zet enth Street
nest or the Isiethqi.t Cliurth, Erie.
nendFnrwardin ,, , Commission, and Produce
Mereltapts; lied Ware House, east' of the ,Pub
lie ll' idec, Erie.
onifaeturers 01 Tin, Coate' and Sheet-Iron
%are corner of French and 'Fifth streets, Erie.
m El:minders, wholesale ali‘ti retail dealers in
'tones, Hollow-ware ke. site street, Erie. Pa.
JOHN H. 11URT(zi: R:.. co.
holesaleand retail dealers i n Thugs, Medicines
Dye Stalls, Groceries, 6.:c.N0..3,1teed House,
Erie, Pa. t
_ _ _ _
:tiler in Dry Goode, Groceries, • No. 1 11,
l'hcapside, Eric Pa.
ealers in Dry Goods, 'Cirrieeries, se., No. 1,
Bonin 11 Mock, State st„Erie, Pa
valets in Druus, Medieincs, r..ints, Oils, Dye,
tnits, Glass, &e., No. 6 Reed House, Erie-
Iruanliri 2 and Couninibsion :Merchants; 109
French Btreet, Erie, and ut 6th Street Canalki3a
,ett, also •dealeri in Groceries and Provision's.
cater in I lardwaro f Dry Gpods, Groceries,- &c.
east "itte of the 'Diamo nd, and one door cast o
the Eagle Had, Eric, Pa.
Hiram L. Brown, corner of Stile street and
the Public storm:, Erie, Pa. Eastern, Western,
and Southern Statte otike.
ashionable Meri•hant Tailors, on the Public
Squarb,! a few doors; west of State etreet, Erie,
. '
, caler in Theo :Miscellaneous, Sunday
and Chwical School Book; Stationary; etc. etc.
No. 111, French Street, Eric,Pa.
r. A. R. BRACE,
norney and Cononnor atlaw, Prairie do Chien,
W. T r practices in the counties (A ... Crawford,
Gtt, and lowa, W: T. and in Clayton county,
lei a Territory.
VAT ANTED innxellanze ror Goods, Wool, But-
Y V ter, Cheese, and( all kinds of Country Pro-
'_Joan 6,'IS4G. . .#
HIII.DW A4E.—Strull tlardwune and Iloti#
Trimmings can always he hae very cheap at
he cheap store of S. JACIiiRON t¢ co.
NOVPMber 21, 1916. . •. ~. 27
scribers will pay cash for good dean Timo
Ow eced. B.TOMLINSON & CO.
M5O U FigE S' series ul Schoolßooks, l
Erie, May 6,-1817. 51
Ott state Street, nearly opposite the Eagle Hotel.
LOOMIS .. CO. are now receiving from
vt • New York and openint at their new store
an extensive assortment of Mel and Fashionable
JEWELRY, (embracing the latest style of work
in marltet,) icatekes, Clocks, Plated and Brittasia
IVarr, line Cutlery, Steel Trimmings, Cal/whew
cud Solar Lamps,' Looking Glasses, Gold Pens,
togethur with a general variety of Useful and Or
namental articles.' Cog and see what you will see.
June 26,1947. i 6
Cash For Flax Seed. -
fIASH will be paid for one thousand bushels o
Flax Seed by CARTER & 13ROTI1ER.
Au„ 27 :1847. - No. 6, Reed House.
S ---— itt . i.-Loal; Crushed, Pulverized, Clari ,
fled, Porto Rico, Havana, Now. Orleans Su•
gar, for sale at No. Perry Block..
Aug. 28.
T. W 00 RE.
ni EMAINING in the Post Office at Erie, Penn's. Oct. 1,
/.10 184 - .. Persons enquiring for letters In this list will
please say they are advertised. Two cents is charged on
every letter in addition to the regular postage.
Arnold Justion 2 Landau Amos
Appleby Mr Leonard AG
A glad War • , Lockwood Mrs J P .
Ackriat George , Lane Mrs Mary E
Akorly Philip Lee Lawrence
Anderson James M Loomis Nancy
- Anderson Isaac Layer Henry ' ,
Adams Pcrsis E Lowry' Samuel
Archer Beejamin ',mg Christiau 1
Brown William • Loomis J B .
Bran Thes Se: ' Lich Peter '
Braddock Bunton W Lynch James
Bran Thomas ' Lewis Iles , Almond
Drown James 2 . Lytle Samuel '
Bradi.h Catharine I . Leib & Lang
Brubeckeif Levi LannonJuley
Breed Mrs Sarah M Lladon .Miss Mary
Blake James McCoy Win
Blake Elisha MeKitteritk Win
Bartlett 1111sa Clarissa _McFarland John 2 '
Bainbridge Mrs C M McGuire Patrick
Batchelder Rufus 2 Alellird J M -
Bates Iris W 2'illeCa troy John
Barry Thos J bleCarron James
Ballard Rev Jos Mcflride•John
Pates Mrs M J McAdams John
• ilailoypr Gilbert , McNulty Hugh
Baldwin Mies Abagall 2 Meradyen Capt John"
Barr 111 It IlleMann Mary
. Bartholomnii WII - McClure Miss Margaret
Baker William I, - McComb John
Barton & Slorehonse Bleltride Ruoger
' Barton Duet Al - kleGloclin James'
Bewley F W S Miles Miss Teaclia
Merry David Mills John
Ilelluap Joseph ' Megonin Catharine
Beach tut id Minigee Robert
Bell Mrs Illaek. Michael 2
'Seinig Alanson Maxwell 83 '• •
L'irchard Delia ' ' !Hardin J
ilishop C'J Mahouy Mehl '
Bishop Wtu 11 • Munn Philip •
Booth Mrs Maria Messick Win •
BuYle John Martin C I)
Reverie Richard II • !Waviness James
Bush Wil i liiiin 2 • Marshall Washington
Chandler Abel Mullin John
Chui ch D 2.1 Marlin Miss lluldah 2
Chipman lion John S Mil:lmm Augustus
Church Isaac Mead A J
'Clark Patrick ' kleietiess James
Clo . rk Thomas t' Mills Mrs
. Cleveland Bev Geo W Milner Margaret
Clinhulibroinnet Exaverus Marry Michael
Clary N It Mellhorn John
Cork %Villiiii It. Miller David .
Caner Isaili Montfort Abram
Cameron El More John
Cass John Morris John
Carr William Monagan Patrick
Caldwell John IS Noohr T111.1111:1J1
Carter Julie Manisa Mrs Phellb
Card Lortnizo ' Meese John '
Card Ileuryit Mu lue Isaac It,
Cook Myron Ni , s Mrs
Colli' JelLrstin • Ni cretin Mrs Phila
Cole II 0., ley Win B
I orbon Smith " Olds I. W tr
Colt Arigeliee (Hiss) 2 O'Shea Michael IS
Cornell NVillium - Pinny 11
ColerJacoli or Geolfelmer Parkhurst Ziba
Cahoon Charles W Parker 'fluainas
Cadet* , Beajamini Preston Christopher
Commiligs William 2 Patten' %V
Curtis 11.11.1116 J Parker Capt C E
Curtis E H 1 enfold Thomas
Drake Professor • Phi ips Morgan
Drake Rev A.l or Bev Patter John
K Penfield Quirk James
Drury Feter quick James
Dempsey Mrs ' lane Riley S C ,
Day Se imolai Rankin Samuel
Dat id Elllll R.lll l / b Oll Julio 2
Day William F Bice John
•I'bigio Mks Susan Joseph Round
Dilloo Julia it ani.tly Damel
Decker Miss Far) Allll It uhl Philip
D.clomn Willi 1111 Item c John
Duna William '2 • itiro It, airy A
..,1 'nun Miss Harriet C ' ItiosellC T
Donal lioness lt) n.. 11 Theodore
Dulles .1 W Robb ElibCrt
P11111011(1 John Boxers Juba I.
Dunbar Henry 31 L.A . Miss Samantha.
Evaus E 111 ' Begers Aby A
Eniersoaaelsree. 41.........J6.1.-.....•11A---_
Encino- Siey , Ual Joseph
Elliett )Ilse itS Catharine 2 ' g irt Amin'
si ink St- . -
Etner.un I. M Mrsl3blt , ~
' tla Abel II
Ellis Sol ~,,,, ol 2 Fintth John T
Eta wood Dank! ll' Sha•lduck Chauncey
Fullerton 'Flionias B Smith Chauncey R.
Fint.ll Joseph II . Slucula Lewis
Fre.olly Andrew is 'Spencer C 2
I - winen Thomas , • Shafts Miss Nancy M
Fos.tei- jir, - Swank William
C ozier (tooth C A i Saf er Gco S
Cul-oln Ch ale, or NVIII- Sweeney James 3
taut WW;ewc Spe.wh John
Crl. deity Andrew Sloan Honico L
Cm, wr 'Revel-end Doctor Sadder Henry
riles Plume ' , Shipman S
roster .1 I. Stapleton Patrick
Fro... Elir. i M Steel John
Gtogrich Henry Starks Benjamin
Graves 1.314 II Stone I •
G.itT ()11.1ii Steveuhaugh Charles
Gatlielii George Strang James J
(liars Willman 2 Stewart Miss Eliza
Urn OM, Staples C
Gray Janie% W , 1 Stewart Miss Margaret
(Horatio "Nebion Santee Michael
Glass M(-is Martha Swirls & 11111
Ilooolonow M &earls Albert G
Gallo lkintirub , Set ly 31 try
ti diem Item y Thompson Thomas
Gorton Urea Tiffany C apt
Green ell Thas'er I Jr or II Philo
lieu ninon E I) Teal Norman
Ilarri , Mrs Love Tart DeWitt Clinton
Hand 'I F . Tanner Joseph J
limey 31ichacl Thompson Henry
I'un cs Jll 2 , TraWbrielg Michigan
/lickox Julie A . Tall Truman J ,
Hestia Hubert • Turbell A M
Ilialiblerick I easels Townsend Ii C
Hill Mr (Tanner) Thornton &Co Wieners -
Brasier Susanna Tuttle Joseph 'l'
Heron Mrs Polly Tilthits Seib B
Hav, ltev Philip 4.1 Terry' Lizy
Hartwell Charles Talmage II O
Ilersliy•Mrs Salome Vedder Aber
Herr John , Vealitet Vanblack 3
Harris hiss Cordelia . Van Brocklin James
Hall J.unes Van-Curcu Firdinand
!lemon Griffith • Vail 'retake' John T
Hank Miss Lucludia Wright II 11
11, gerty Gubeu Wright Frederick
Harper J Wheeler Bonaparte
Hull Hiram WiICOSCI G N
Hyland John , White Mrs Lucy
Hull John 111 • White Saint •
Holt.3liss May C White Mr
llortoeOrviWS White Arthur W
Hornier A • • - ... • Whitley Mrs LeuisaC
Howell CG• . Warrota John 1 - ---
Hurst 31iss Elan Warren II
Huffily Davis Warren N F 1
!sham Charles Waterm - an Ssnthwick S
Israel Mud T . Wagner John 1 _
Jones & Constable 2 Wakefield Dexter
Jones John E -Waters Alamo'
Jones Mis Rhoda Walsh James
Jones George Walls Jesse ,
Jackson Nathan Weston James
Jackson Andrew Webster John
Jackson 31ra Mary A - Webster Mary'
James Abel Williams Samuel •
Johnson S C Willson Genl. E C
Jenkins Isaac r Wilson Mrs F.
1 6`enny Seth Wickershun L
Judd Edwin Willis William
Kynaston William 2 ' Winegar William
Kelly Edward Willson John •
' Kendig George 2 Woodward Joshua B
Kenninton William Wood 31
Kviiraton Mrs Irene Wynkeep II A •
Kelly Jaws P" - a.Woyd Orison
Kohn Messrs Inane & Co C Woodin Itushrod
Kelleher Michael Zimmerman D
Kellogg Oscar . Zimmerman Miss .liia -
Kuchler Charles
G v.rot A:4 LPTl'mts •
Gottfried Bricard Jacob Satinet
August Pape Id Scharrer
Joseph ier . Clvistian Selinekenburger
Carl Sehopfer Christian Wagner 9.
Geoi ge Snider Karolinn Scharer
dole. Hines . Carl Needh rue Schurnacrk 2
Andrea, Seifert Joseph Kist
Ernest Moth or Frederick Mr Ileminerlin
Gerlach C P Kramer
Mary t alum( /lichee! Knipp
Adam Wild Georg Jo-tue Fredericks
Andreas Eraylc Zimmerman/ Weigand
Lewis Dornte , Frans Mieltaa Kaufman
thorn Schlaudecker George Taber
It ~hare Renter Johannes Valentin Yochum
/Mentos Strazinger _Mr Zeeman
Philip Zama . Fredk Down
Franz. Sandoskl J relater
Hourich Knobloch
ra - 1 138L5.. and half Ws: White Fish , rind
v...JILF Mackinac Trout, this day received and
for sale at Na 1, Perry Block. b
'1;)N. MOORE.
Eric, Sept., 25, 1843. 19
CASTINGS, stoves, stove pipe, copper furni
ture, air. tight sheet iron stoves, arc now sell
ing rapidly by the subscribers at less than ever,
and our design is that no prices at Buffalo or else-
Pere, for cash. -
It. 25, 1817.
Erie, Sep
OA KITS No. I Mockercl, put up for family
4 . 0 "= use,l6t received and for bale at Igo. 1,
Perry Block. .
Erie, Sept. 25, ; 18c7. 19
R AGS wanted in exchange fur tin warn by,
tier; 25, 1817.
"The World is Governed to 6 Much."
R R 1 E, P k.
-- —
1 Satiardos Mornin', October 9. 1947.
O'Tuoa. H. ELLISON is a duly authorized
agent to procure subscribers for this paper.
A Double Withdrawal.
Mr. Jas. Hagerty announces' that he has
withdrawn from the field as an independent
candidate for Congress in the'third district of
Maryland, and from the whig party itself.
07'C. B. Langdon, Esq., of Lock Haven,
has cut loose from federalism. Ile could not
sanction the treasonable course of those who
oppose their own country on all occasions,
and take sides with the public enemy. He
says; "Since the beginning of the war, the
whig party seems to have substituted folly for
policy, and desperation for principle."
' The following letter was sent to the editor
of the Bedford Gazette a few days tigt; for pub
lication. The Gazette says: "Mr. Karns is
a gentleman of great respectability, 'and has
heretofore occupied a prominent position in
the Federal Mexican party. We hail his en
trance into the great Republican party with
great pleasure—who comes next? Listen to
the sound•and logical reasons adduced for !lie
decided step:" ,
GeN. BOW3IAN:-4 have' always voted the
\vhig ticket, but
,I cannot at present go with
that party—l cannot go against my country,
the land that g4ve me birth? lam a friend of,
the eiisting war, and cannot see, on due re
flection, that it could have been honorably
avoided—and as the Democratic party appear
to be the exclusive friends of the war I enroll
my name under their banner. •
Formerly a,citizen of :Monroe township, but
at present of South Woodberry tp, Bedford
co nty.
Forgdy and Dec l eption.
.1s in .1838 the federal whi,g - pttrty, despair
ing of carrying the state by fair and honorable
means, have resorted to pass Fortreru .and .
"Peg Beatty'' affidavit makers been called in
to requisition, and although but a few days
remain before the, election, yet the disgrace-,
fail scenes of '3B, when Whig politicians trav
eled the entire sate promulgating their infa
mous falsehoods and false depositions, are 'a
gain to be re-enacted. Drowning men catch
at straws, and the federal party knowing well
that the billows of Democracy will assuredly,
on Tuesday next, overwhelin'them and their
ca+lidates, have resorted to the , falehood and
calumny so effectually and completely rein
tedlin the statements and depositions copied
into our columns to-day from tho Democratic
Under the hypocritical guise of conducting
the canvass on fair and hostorableterms-with
their presses daily a`nd weekly teeming with
articles denounci l ng all personalities, and de
precating the a lu / ions or+ the democratic
press to the .co nection of their candidates,
Irvin and Patton with the : iniquitous Bank—
rupt Law, the one as its father and the other
as having availed himself of its provisions in
the snug little sum of s22,ooo—they ; have
been secretly organizing their forcN) and now,
just upon the eve of the election, as a last and
final effort have resorted to the• basest, fraud
and forgery! in order to withdraw a portion
of the Democratic ,party from the support of
SIIUNK and LoNosTanTrr. But they will not
succeed!—the trick is to shallow!—the fraud
to glaring to deceive any.
This is no new gime with federal whigery.
All who resided in the state in 1838 know full
well that the leaders of this infamous Pie -bald
party will stoop to any and every thing to
carry their point. The Federal press was
then the vehilde of slander against the char
acter of the Democratic candidate for Gov
rnor. Wind wonder that it should bo so
ow: It then abounded with "Peg Beatty"
affidavits, base frilsehoods & glaring forgeries:
Could we reasonably expect anything better
now' Again, just on the eve of the election
the Federal editors of Pittsburgh concocted
the notorious islanders againat , Gov. SHIM{
in regard to "I/IJ, Bible," -4
'the Catholic proces
sion",and "trampling on the anteriean Flag."
miserabie inventions of Federalism
were proved tobe false, Governor Situtqls was
triumphantly elbeted, and the authors of the
falsehoods branded with such a load of infamy
that they have ne since been able to look
on honest maniahe eye, but sneak off when
the subject is broa he'd in,their presence like
sheep killing hounds. The Erie Gazette was'
among the first! to promulgate this infamous
falsehood. What wonder then that it should
now join wiih the North American in an en
deavor, by the same base,means, to defeat the
re-election of Gov. Shunk. . .
•And what think you, reader, is the great
and • horrible cme which .they now charge
against Gov. Slunk, in the-hopes - of defeating
hiii election. A simple relation of facts. and
the proof which we append, will enable the
readei to see.te whole plot of federalism as
clear as the light.of day. •
, SethT,Salisbury, whase . yemeity is on a par
with, his
,intel ige&e, and capacity, has hired
himself as an underatrapper ,to the Mexican
whigs, to get n i p an atrocrioul calumny on the
lion. Jesse Miller and H. Petriken, Esq.—
He accuses - them of having been instrumen
tal in the publiCation of the many slanders
which were heaped by the "Champion" upon
the late lamented Muhlenberg after he had re
ceived the Democratic nomination for Govern-
Or in '44. The "Cli
ral got up the Mexi.
the special purpose
Mublenberg, and pr
ion in the Democrat
to effect its purpos
been quietly laid In
three years, its putr I
are to be raked up,
poses. We congrat i
ing found a tool, mei',
answer their dirty
them that the true fr
in "old Berke," and
awake to be caught
They plainly percei v
of this vile publicati
tiles publisherm tha i
best and purest men
Democratic party, fo 1
Governor Shenk.*
The DetnOcratic Union says it feels pretty
well convinced, from acts which have recent
ly come to the know edge of the editor, that
the Champion was edited by a notorious'whig
of Berks county, who,e infamous slanders up
on Mr. Mulilenberg in his min'paper, were
believed to be the exciting causes which led
to the sudden death of that great and good .
man. It comes ther fore, within , exceeding
had grace from a Fe era( editor topeal to
the friends of Mr. I\ üblenberg, in reference
to the slanders again t that pi ,
able statesman, in tie Clam
pecially does it coin with ai
-the• Erie Gazette,,a paper that
the State were more violent i 1
of the lamented Mull.mbPrg.
But we think the Niloiving
if lav'tst ial
I willCle I
enough Morgan till t
of fede'ralisin. Read
and see to what base
will resort to carry th
the pulls and o r rice 'no!
approbation upon the
ours if we hut exert o
at home, thinking a
sure and disastrous,
Arouse, then one and
To the Editors of thi
.from the "llarrisbur.
unqualified denial of'
'articlee; which have
''North American," s
fed from a 'paper colic
The trio' pufiiTicntio
seen the North Ante
cles attempted to be
and myself. I consi
Miller to state—,
I st. That it is an
that he wrote, and th I
tion, to the publishe:
one of the articles or 1
that or any other pa p j
character,, moral or pi
A. Mu'hlenbcrg, or o
2d. it is an unmiti
hood that Mr. Miller
the Nonth Americas
thought of writing,
ting, any one of the
North American, sl
the Champion. Ih.
I expressive, without rl
fit to be used, to elm I
this, and the charge
ficient to say, that
to injure the charact
Oman, so well kno
of it, as Mr.
never been made.
Another Refutation;
,P RACY! .[ -1 1
I will here notice remark (made, edit Hal, .
by 'the Editor of the Inrrisburg Argus, ii hi s • lir. Giest, the Editor of the late I
rid- ,
1 " From the I.7 "— cmocr.i ' tic I_lnior
at of #e Champion, who swears so b w
paper of to day. Ihe Edit° says, in efer- Yto,nan, published by Mr. Morgan
/ I
veterday's North American, Make
mice to this subject: ..
' "The Colonel (Sa isbury)
loving statement on the of
the idea of these per one havi rt aided or abet-: ' i -
littler will see that the Federal car
Gvernor„has ha
Led the promulgatio i of the slanders v hich
were ushered forth t rough th columns Of that, edcliarges against Messrs. Miller
sheet, and said he w old have the matter thor- Ito. Morgan is thoroughly expos
()uglily investigated, and refe r ed to write-any
James Irvin
more for the Argo , in favor of Governor
tip unworthy business. a l s o TWho
Shuck, until he she ild discover whether the ,
charges in the Intelligencer could be ain-
Mined:" . , •of that has already resulted .disgr
is effectual and triumphant vind
Now, I would re pectfully enquire o Mr. o f
Federalists, and We predict! w
Cantine,_ whether h did not know that 'alts- 1.
t! gentlefnen assailed—if that lii
bury had in his pos ession, ar early as tie sth • 1
ndy been satisfactorily done. 1 ,
of March last, some if not.all the identi al or
!, tides now attempts to be fixed on Mr Mil
ler and myself ? I he did not know it, he PHILADELPHIA, SePt. 2
was sadly behind the times. - I will sta e my Alessre. Hamilton and Forney
knowledge of the fact: . On the morning oi l Innsylvanian of this morning,l o
the sth of March, .: edge La forte hand dme fury Pctriken, Esq., has brought
I r ad it
one of the manuscri Its in question - . , sore the public,in connect ion x)
and then enquired N here he procured it. He; yho were engaged all spring and i
said it had beeu has Jed him by Dr. Soli kleavoring to Lind a market" ft!
I then asked perini skin to take it to M.. Mil--; tnuscrpt editorials of a paper t
ler for his perusal. I did so,, and found Dr.l tampion. lam sorry that Mr. I
Salisbury with Mr. Miller in his front room. inecessarily referred to iny late mi
I banded it to him 'n the
. presence of Salisbu- -Indeed, I confess that my 'feeiii
ry. Ile, read it a d remarked 4 that aiy one q ply wounded; but as he has cert.
who pretended that ho. wrote it, or that t was I 'Ate error in regard to the eats,
in his hand-writin , wa'r governed by mali- Ilticipation in this matter, I Will,
dons motives. I I avc other proof, that Sails- trnysell, as well as others,• gi%M a
bury saw and rca the whole of - the anti- ty of the whole transaction. -
scripts, as early a the date I have st toil!— t bout a year ago, Mr.:Geo H Morgan
As the matter will probably undergo j dicial ded on me and informed me that he was about
investigation, I wjl net now name th gen- teounnence the publicatioti of a , emocratic
tleinalf by whom I Mend to prove the - act.— per, to be called the Yeoman, tii il diet - it
It is sufficient to s y that he is one oft ë most s,the desire of the prOjectors' of the enter
distinguished gent omen of , Harrisbur i:, 'wlio km, that I should file the eiliter. ;He inen
is well known th ughout ' Pennsylv Ma, for tied too names of several promi lent men
his many high qu lities. . io lie said had obligated theuisei es to fur
• Again, Salisbur says he has-the w tole of di the means, both for type end` ress, and
.manusoripts i 1 his -possession. deny 'sustain the paper. I told him hat if he
that. I have ten f them in ;my pos-ession, tught me \ some tangible evid'enc that Ate
any one art genu- nr . ,temenire earned would be o ill ng to aus
all of which Lean satisfy
Me. They are pen for the inspec ioni of nlitu in the enterprise, I wind have; no
friends and foes. They were handed 'vet to lections to writing for him. In few days
me to give to Jud e Laporte, whp wit abSent ;produced a note for'iitr,ooo, Puy ble to . L.
(and is now -absent) sometime last s tamer, hum) and Co., at six,mouths, aid signed
by a man by the name'of Geist, who h.s since four prominent. Deinocrats,l wh se nettles
been convicted of forgery. He He was on , o the I liad romitioned to me-before._ ji his dote
three who were,en aged all spring an. sum- ts - afterwards shown to other pa sons„ and
mer in endeavorin to find a market fit them.. ever doubted iti,genuinenesit u tit after I
This fact ii, well nown to la great nu her Of id edited the third number, oflll , Y esm i a m
people. -As thos who were,unjustl 441i:called upon tine of the suppeSed• 'endorsers,
, cated with their athorship, refused to bid, heel was' astonished to find that ' delta dote
some two or thre Whigk oin this pia e club. never been signed or erulorEied y hitrill—w
bed purses for la purpose It is un.erstoodem loath to refer to this deeept on,' but 1
that a suit of clo hest wee part of t e Pur4pe it will be a useful lesson to him •in I fu
chase money , e shell see, by and y, howtre, as well as to myself. A ref4renco io it
that is. • ,
I have ionic re soil to believe that o arti lien he properly understood. I
de I showed Mr. Miller•in the, pie eke o It was during my cohnection, as
Salisbury, on the th of Atwell, Was writtee Yeoman, that Morgan profloset
by a diatinguishe Whig.l It as p blike e renomination of Ni. S,hunlry b!
in the "Champion '' with others of all e char g the "Champion editorials.? I
actor, after the a mination of Mr. lulilen
l As, I knew nothing of the exiOtey
i I '
CTOBER 9, 1847.
ampion" was an ephente
an whigs themselves, for'
!f villifying and defaming
!clueing discord and divia
c ranks. It was unable
, but now, after having
der the sod for two or
d and offensive remains
or the same - unholy' pur
date the whigs on htt`y
n and senile enough to
• • nds, but we can assure
ends of Mr. Muldenberg
elsewhere, are too wide
by any' such stories.--
that the principal object
n is to revive the calun
paper against one of the
hat ever belonged te the
the purpose of injuring
ire patriot, and
'pion. And ea
rl ill gracCfrom
which tioe in
pesonal abuse
statements and
ily use u >this last "'Food
fter election" Reorback
them, then, Democrats,
tricks the federal party
leir s Onds, and then ;.To to
re place the mark of dis
:iv acts. The State is
itselves—but if wo stay
II will be well, defeat,
will snryly be ouri t f:ate.
all, thelenemy is a, the
I, Dentde:Wic Unto)
esire you to repo
Argus" of this day
having, written ce
since appeared Ai
id to hard been ex
thel‘De no6atic CI
denial I
L,d read , the
lon Mr. -t1
I owe to
l 'Of
;can, an
,er a dut,
$ rti-
ted falsel
in fpr publ
le whitieve
etinz upon
the late I
r man lieii
-1 any
t I hand
of the
ny artic
,er, rell
lineal, 0
any, oth
g or
elf, as suit,
wrote, or
ted aCoutt
uhlished i
trtls stiffici'
o laaguag
the basett•
uve. h i
famous att .
ndin of a
State an
my judges,
lit has no ,1
ated and
land mys
vi a r de r l c i nt n c o : u
e s be s l 1 1
( , sorting
(diced a
more il l
l 'r and st
I vn in t .1
ha.,, ii
berg. I know it was not in t • .
Of Mr. Miller, and no one p etc i
many who examined it, that l it %!
,The whole of the papers in questi I
bibited to many delegates of ti el
March Convention. Mr. John C
place, was despached for them, t.
la,Perry county, on Wednesday
'of March. ,They were in te li
• tine of those, who have been ng
t g a : bidder. Those who I
I pro ure
in fixinglthe authorship o It
jOyself. At that time Salisbu y ti ,
ti lii
diem—Tat.least I am ao inforrd
hi, therefore, nurse his "in ign i
'that day until recently? One 4t ma
Was for the charitable pof
mi,arm," to answer ulterior perp.
tlyi he 'not then exhibit his 44 i 1
against Mr. Miller and myslf,
100 e known as well then, a b.
the manuscripts were in the tan
either oflusl Why did he fo ml
f t
wards, continue to write and 1 übl;
i# the "Argus" in favor of Slitinkl
stfoth? I should rather suppose)
Statement of the facts, the public w
ily f believe that his recent "in ig
tlie most VIRTUOUS charac er.
- tin conclusion, I now declar , as
fekinly declared, that it, is a foul
tlttt. I wrote, and handed to :en s
publication in the "Chatnpio ,"
deiignated in the "North America'
TO.this declaration I appoint Gi
voluntary statement. ,
H. 'PET,
Harrisburg, Sept. 21, 1847. 1
-2---- . 1
Te ,z
the Aditorsof the Democratic
OENTLaMEN—I' have just seen
American of this day and'ooexa,
the articles published therein p,e',
be extracts, taken from the "Ctain'
tidied in this place during the vin, l
44, that I received certain desinal
nicatiocs froM Jesse Miller, at d e
riketh and handed them, to tl4 E
"Champion" for publication: pr
charge to be a base lie. I nev rrt
communications from either o th,
men to be handed to tie Editor of
1 ,
pion," or any other aper for pu 1
otherwise. Those w o haves ate;
have done so at random, and they !
and mulicioue liars. I am,&c .
Harrisburg, Sept. 23, 1817
The following, from Hon. jowl
Surveyor General, confirms the's
Colonel PETRIKEN, and effectnall!
SAttsnuay's story - about not 11116
offensive manuscripts until A•itli
i I
few weeks: 1
Col. H. PKrattius-Dear Sir:
from Bradford county last evenitil
morning I read, in the Democratic'
.tra',.your letter to the editors oritha,
transactions alluded to in that corn
you are correct, except where y,
manuscript had been handed to me!
isbury. He was not the person fr.
received it, and you must have mis t
me when 'llanded it to you. The
ever, told me he had seen and read
script, together with others of .1 sit
before, it caine into tny_hands, and
Mewing to you that information,
misled pin as to the fact of itsldelil
by him. After you returned it' to
takes it to Mr. Miller, as you 4ve
Dr: had it from me for a short time
that'he wanted to write an article I
Mr. Miller from the charge of be,in,
or el the manuscript. • As to the pl
on chick I banded you the manus
not pow recollect, but it seems' to
beef later than the sth of MarCh, I
no means certain; it may have be I ;
four days subsequent to that tiine.l
lam yours, &C., JOHN LA
. .
. ~
manuscripts. Morgan; hog ever, stated that.
certain articles against Mr.kMuletiberg had
been written by Messrs. filler, Petriken,,
&c., and that the original Manuscripts were
still in the possession of Augustus Sprigman.
I was astonished at such a charge; and I ,at
once determined, if it could be - sustained, to
lay the whole matter before the public Prior
to the 4th of March Convention. I called on
Sprigman who informed me that he had such
manuscripts, and upon. giving him a certain
sum of money, he placed them in my posses
sion in the presence of Morgan. I refused to
make use of the manuscripts until the hand-,
writing could be identified; but Morgan in
tared upon going ahead, alleging that ivheth
er true or not, the friends of Mr.. Muhlenberg
would lailieve the charge, and thus defeat the
noininzumn of Mr. Shunk.
I must admit, that from the 'statements of:
others % I - was led to believe that tiro or thre
of the manuscripts %%ere genuine, and accor
' dingly referred to them in are editorial article.
As soon, however, as Sprigman saw the arti
cle I had written, he called upon me and said
he was sorry he had deceived ine4but he
solemnly declared that the articles he had sold
me were not genuine—oil, in other words,
that 'Messrs. Miller andl t 'etriken had nut
written them—but that mos of them were in
gentleman hand-writing of a certain gentleon of
Harrisburg, in nu manner connected with - the
administration. When I remonstrated with
him for deceiving me, he urged in ex:tenuat ion '
that he was intoxicated when , he ;furnisli, - 2d
me- with the mainiseripts. ,
On' the morn
g of the .sth of March, a cer
tain Whig of Harrisburgcalled me to' one
side, and told me that heiwas authorized to
give me 950 if I would agree to furnish them
(the Whigs) with a certain article, supposed
to be in my possessiod, headed "The Blooded
Parson." k I promptly declined his offer. He
then raised to $lOO. I told him he wus mis
taken in his man—that I would sell myself to ;
no man, nor toany party. ,On the same, day;
I placed the article alluded to In the hands of '
Judge Laporte, telling hitnlat the same pme,-
that the Whigs wished to obtain it frthn me.
but that I was disposed'to s upport the regular •
nominees of the Democratic party, and that
other articles were in the Possessioa :of Mor
gan and myself, which I'wOuld place at hiS
disposal, as soon us I could see Morgan; who
was then in Bloomfield. Sometime after that_
I handed ten or twelve of t h e articles over to
Mr. Petriken, requesting him to hand' them
to Mr. Laporte. These were all that I had
in my possession at that time or since. I ,
When in Harrisburg lhst August, -Morgan
called upon me and state,l,that he had receiv
ed several letters froth Gen. James Irvin'', in
answer to, pi-opo4itions that he • had I, lade
touchinglhe publ t ratioa of 'these uars, ripts '
1 I I
that sever I le ding
,Whigs of f tirriburg i
li id cinifi , rre with him on the suledt!- 7 antl
tl at be waS o publish the'l manusc ► ipt.-1, pre'-
faced' by his Wit ' affidavit, addressed lin the '
one-term Democrats, &c. He also asked cm
for the manuscripts in my possession, (as he
s_u_ppli - iPA.) kudiitsdsla_ulikpic kilning hind ,
Mr, Shonk,' we would receive clerkships. un
der the new administration. I told him- I
could nut hiiten to, such propositiods—and ild
% iseq him iq a friendly manner, to abandon so
disgraceful if. project, as he would be linable
to sustain the charges he intended preferring
in his affidavit.
l and-writing
dell, of the
as in ' mine.
n, were ex
!last 4th of
ark, of this
i i
lght, the 3d
issession of
god in find
-1 1 them, fail
r Miller or
w and read
1 Why did
rtion" 'from
stippose it
"keeping it
see: Why
or he must
v whether
writing of
.nth 4 after
sh articles 1
and Long
under this
II not read
lation" is of
haye uni
Seiler, for
le articles
as mine.
the North
ninat ion ;of
porting to
ion," i'mb
er of 1843-
od coinniu
ol. H. Pet
itor of the
t nounee the
ceived any
ose gentle-
I he "Chatin
tlication lot.
I that I d d,
, re wanton
lament of
disivov, s
ur seen -t ie
in, the Iss4
5, 1847.
I return , c 1
fr, and this
Union Ex
.0 say the
by Dr Stil
,itn when! I
Dr., how
the menu
tiler kind,
n COM Mil
t probably
very to ine
e, having
'stated, the
The foregoing, gentlemen, is a_correci,
tory of these•mnanuscripts, so far as my 'per
sonal knowledgeii.xtends.
o ' Very reaketfolly, yours, •
• - - - - •
In support of the al iove statement of IMF.
Geist, we may say that on yesterday we had
a conversation with a Igentlemen of our 'bor
ough, of character any} respectability, who in
formed usihat the note referred to in Geist'o
statement; was exhibited to him by Morgan,
with . a view of obtaining credit upon
He said
I ecise date
Iript I can
)e to baiv
b ut Tam by
n three or
The folio dug correspondence between Mr.
Petriken an' Henry S. Alegre w, of Pittsburg,
is in corrob ration of Mi 4. Petriken's state:
meat, publi bed above, and show's, vffee con
clusively, that that gentlen4n had nothing to
do with thenrticles of the Champion, or the
circulation of them:
HARRISBURG. S ept. ' t 22, 1817.
• 11. S. MAGRAW, Es I.—Dear Sir. Soon af
ter the commencement of,the publication of
a paper, iu this place, calla the "Democratic
Champion," you addressed a letter to me, de
siring to know whether it was established by
persons friendly to , the nomination of Mr.
Sinink.„l answered-your letter, and return ,
ed the money you enclosed to m'e.
‘Vi:l you be good enough to send me the
original letter, if in your possetision? it' not,
give your recollection of its contents.
1 1 ()RTE:
, former y
Fllingly n
.s the Gl
the alleg
ed Petri
id, and the
didate fur
a hand in
Iv affair is
cefully ,to
'1( end in
cation of
s not al-
H. Poottitiox, Esq.—Deai Sir: Yours of
the 2,21 instant was received this Morning.•
. 1i
have searched my papers to find your letter in'
relation to the "I),emorraticChampion," ttitl
out success. Kome of my papers were miss
sing , after the lire of the 10th of April, 1845,
and your letter may have been lost at that
I will, however, give my recollection of its
contents, &el. We 'fad got, perhaps, the two
"first numberS of the paper here, when I wrote
to you, or sent word by a friend, to hate me
supplied with an extra nuinber of copies, (I
think fifty,) until the nomination. I either
sent you the money or an. order,. which was
returned by you, with the reply‘that the impel/
was not only calculated to injure Mr. ghunk l ,
hut the party—that Mr. Shunk's friends in
Harrisburg had no confidence in it, and did not
countenance it. Yours, g.t.c., -
• --
Another Federal Lie &Med..
—By. the
serve that
my name
•Ith those
L r certain
, ailed ithe
. has: (so
isfurtMi ng es
l s y bceli
it of my
1 Frcim ilie Democraticarnion.
The North American of the 27th inst., came
to us charged to the muzzle with several Col
?inns of libelious statements, and forged dß
:davits. The whole hurlhen of their proof
seems \to re , t on what purports to bean Enda=
vit of G. I 1 Alorgan,. and Augustus Sprig
man. What will the honest voters Of Penn
sylvalia say or these, i infatnoas Federal slap
derere, when we prove to them that this Icel..
oh ted affidavit till a base forgery. Air'
ill SPrignrini l Wltose Mime is app 'Ode to
I th' . ' t- - I-4-
thle:a4idaVit p r ' bqfercilWin
11C1ine,'1134.,1 iistice of the Peae df I oiiiibor7
ough, and made the statement h reto append-.
ed, proving , conclusively that t o statement
of the North Atnericrn it n:forg, ry. We al
so append the statement of David Barris, the'
Justice of the Peace! before whom the affida
vit of the North. American, is said te• have'
been taken, pronouncing .the said affidavit a
forgery. What more do the,peopleof•Penri-
.ditor with
to defeat
rovious to
o of! such
1 um yours, &c.
Pirrsutnto, Sept. 25, 1847.
sylvania4ant to satisfy them of &it, I
of the';Federcil leaders. -
Gnx,rxxstsx:—l have segn, in th.
American of this, morning, a.statem • r
the signature of OilH. Morgan, hes iec
dress to the One Term Ileinocrits, anti
of the late Henry A. Mublenberg," to I
appended the following l t: - Viords, •"I ctir
the above sauterne's:, Augustus Spr g
Now I I beg leave to say thatiFnever a
Address:of G. 11. Morgan's until 1.8a,‘ i
fished in 'the North 'American of this
ing and I never-gaye it 'mk, concurrei
The whole thing" Vcerefore, 'so far as
•oncerned, is alprgery. •In regard
tildavit Purporting to be signed by m
inublished in the North American of this
g, I desire to say, it is entirely ditTeieii
~ hc,. one sworn to by me before David I.
lEsq: The affidavit made-by me before
. it
Harris ,was merely, in regard to the til
of two papers, andhad no refereriCe w
'to the lion. Jesse biller mid Lleiliry P
Esq.; as Mr. Harris will well *mem'
Further the - it this, I desire to any, that
best'ef My knowledge anclbelief, Wear.
;ler and Petriken never wrote any of th
kdes for the Champion referred to by the
ttinerican of the 2.3 d inst.' -
AUGUSTUS Seßldl4l.
I Sept. 27,.18.47.
sat the foregoing statemer
de and signed . in my pii
I certify, th
oluntarily in
y Augustus
A Ilariisimrg
ITo the Mito
I have seen
h orth 4 American of -this date; signed
.r ~ Morgan - and Augustus Sprigman, pt,
ne: to have been taken before me on t i
I August, 1817, - and desire to say,tint
ntirely different from the one sworn t 4
pie; additions have been made to it s
i - as sworn to. . - 1 1 -
Sept, 27, 1847
~e . ,
Anothet RefittatioM
, -
Since the above was in type, we find
ennsylvitnian; of the'2sth instant, l
1 1 . wing letter from'EmANEYEL GEttplAN, a,
law an'of charac 'er and ability, well
arrisburg, wlt cli is so clear and tineqtit
(contradiction f the slanders against M
-. 11.1.1.:11. andxfq rark - s, that we publish)
1! _
a Iditiona! testi any -if 'any were wanti
‘.l.or;tradict the landerous publications
i&orth America I. _ -, .
( 11 111 1 America ,
,T, STIMO * iI OF Ili; E. 5.1L31.1:i Or Mb- ,
t l : I 1 1 1
' ' lo the fiditors of ihe P - onsylvanian: -
' Gentlemen—My attention was called Oitti
' rticle in ,the _North Ainerican and Hinted'
States Gazette, 'or the tl'ild hist; tater thesizz
ititture of Seth Salisbury charging Hon.4s- ,
tii J
fhin: 3111.14 i 4an , - Pe.rnuitot_wi 1 _thei
peocratic Champion, of Harrisburg, du ine
tr campaign of, 1843-'44. I !ta'ppettedio be
4 mimed with' the paper directly after it was
first started, till its discontinuance f and k ow`
the authors of all the articles publistreor4int
that time forward; and ;I am ready nti 'to
testify that ko my certain knowledgeklsae •
t ;r
,tiller and Henry 'Petriken,
,in their le gerti
üblishedOn this day's Pennsylvanian, aied
ttse truth:
e l - I was net the author of those it
ter articl againsf Mr. Multlenberg and th=
era—but I know who was. The'author, as
aPerson who is in no way connected Mt
tie administration, ner`has be been at 'ny
tme since it carps into power. I self dr.;
tier, that there was no such endorsemen 'ail
the manuscripts as is alleged by the N nit
4tnerican, at the time they were handed in
thn= publication, or at any , subsequent tim by
ose who were connected with the paper' 'rid
ow the author' or authors. . They are s a:
riche, even if They hart been' made. , All the
articles passed through my hands write, to
Pnblication. The assertionrof Sulisburg hat
liller and Petriken are the authors of thear
les in question, is a base , falsehood; al '
'stand ready to pro ve him a bar before any Ie- •
dell tribunal. 1 tours, respectfully, _ j
yhiladelphia, Sept. 24, 1847. - •
- The i'Skulking ,Cowardg,,,
~., The Editors of the North American -w
c. lied upon yesterday by Hon. JESSE; Mud
to produce the Celebrated "Champion Ma,
seripts" refused to do so. knowing that '
i i•
v•ould not' be able to prove them to be In
h ind writing of Mr. Micrani. We havdd
debt Mr. Itlitgsa will forthwith comme
lilgal proceedings against these libeller
Tmt. Lreioa, f ,
1 To the Puline.
I,ecitain articles having, hppeared him dull
nunthers of. \the North -American and U Si
gazette, charging me . with having write ar-. -
tnles for a nelspaper ong;ei published in I ar ,
rshurg, calleq..T ie Derhofratic Champi n," .
d larnatdry oftle . latii Hoti. Ilearyj A. oh ,
lenberg, the manuscripts of some of whic ~it.
Was stated' in one- c f the said papers, had eerr
transmitted to the editors, to ,he shown a ev ,
idence of the truth of their statements; I all
cilia the office of the Nerd) American thilt
day; in company with llenry Welsh, frit *
and Henry Buehler, 1e.1., both well acquaint- ,
sti ai} my hand-writing, fur the ptifpo6 of
eeing said tnandscripts, and proving that
they were not in my hand. We found in'thef
()lbw. Morten WM ichael one of the proprietor.,
an editors of said paper, ptr, to whom .I; Men.
',jetted the object of my visit. Hereptied :hat
1M had learned the night before that I he'd :ar. ,
red intim City for the purpose of iustito ins
a prosecutiOn,4ll that 'the manuscripts' : ad
e sent to aresburg to \ he authentica ed f
7) 111 assuretlihisu that everything that had n
-said in relation to myself - in his paper, in re- -
gard to my Writing articles for the'Chanip on f
or my connection vitt' i l l •n any manner, °or
oflever having written a y article defaluatort
01'1 the chbraXter o Mr-uhlenberg , . v'askin
(Mantled thlke in he Ma de, raid in eve ys par. ,
tieutar; and; requ sted t tat he,' as a e Ve
inal', should retract everytt ing he It d ',aid'
in'his paper; on that subje qi in Taint .to
myself. Me replied that be ore he con d ire'
~ph answer lie' must consult Mr. Grahams k
Wei thenlaOreed that he -nould meet as
'Clock in the. vex
the Merchattfillotel, ati)
nine, and give an answer., At the appri Awl
It l ,our 1. received froin hint l verhat mess gef
through Mre -Walloceostati g t hat, on gmnul-r.
tionf mY requt' was decl de
.. d
, .
1 The coarse I have moon . has afforde the
editors of
,theNortli Ameri an 84 . Ga e td
the opportunity to do' them elver : just' e, by ,
full retraction of a colorant -1 -ant suet et
ile net believe: ' This, hot eper , the h
ie tt
dbliheratety declined, and Iftme to ur
.lieh redress as the laws of the land may f-2,,
against the wanton alto !fie; of viicked, ucl.
, alicious libellers,
1 ,
In!ccinclusioni - tagain tub
of ; thp publication in the No
azette, on the subject in qt:
t myself,-unqualified
Plglaticli)hia,. Sept
Dauphin Cou
Sept. 2-1, 1817.
of the DeMocratic Uni
lie affidavit as publishedl
.T. I
icktnifo they wh ,
rth- AdieuFan'
e:..tiono in irogl
by G.
nto it
. 1 1
in the
e fol.;
i 3
3 'as
ng td
I the
"the ,