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BY A. P. D RUN & B. F. 'SLOAN,
1; STREET, MIR, P.+.
One copy,',one year, advance, $.l 50
OtherwiseJtwo dollars a year a dl invariably be
chanted. These terms will be strictly adhered to
in all cases.
AdvertiseMents inserted at 50.eents per square
or the first tesertion, and 25 cents for each sub
sequent insertion.
Job Printintr, of all varieties, such as Books
Pamphlets, J andbills, Show Bills, Cards,Steam
boat 13i115,13 anks for Notes, Receipts. &c. exe
cuted in the • est style and on short notice.
Dealer in'gry Goods, 'Groceries, Tlardware - ;
Queens Warn, Limo, Iron, Nails &e, No. 121,
Clicipsi(l4 Erie,. I'a.
County and borough Surveyor; utlive in Exchange
Buildings, French st , Erie.
Has removed his 011ie° to, the PI
near the C i purt { louse, up stair!
occupied by the Sheriff and directly over the
Commissiinter's Office.
PioniptattC'nt ion will be given to all busineus en
trusted labia Care.
AND Dealers in,. Lebigli and Erie Coal. salt
I.nd Ptioduce \generally. Partiettkr atten•
lion paid to k he sale of Produce and putleliase of
N 0.3 & 4 Coburn Square, South Whai f.
Buffalo. S , 49
I I Counsellor at Law ; Clap No.• 2
purism:the En2le Howl. Erie, Pa.
„ • ti
Stare 4.,
Counsellors at Law, Otr:ce on French
r S Jackson g• CO's. , Store, Erie •
947. 49
Attorneys &
street; ov
Aril 24,
O. L. gf.
Has permin
ntly located in Erie. ()file° at his
lon the conroer of Sc:venth 'and Pc4kcl
• Dealers in
Ready NI
se., No.
Erie, Pa,
, 'oreign and Domestic Dry Goods ,
de Clothinn., Bows and Slices, tke
Flemming Block, State Street
Law.. Unice up stairs in the Tarn
building, north oldie P,rothonotar).
ly at
id CounFellprs at Law--OiTi •
I t ' %MC sideof he Public :3(
Attorneys an
Sis , ll stre4l
Erie, Pa.
1. W. A. GA-LTIRAITII. w. a
Dealers in atehee, Jewelry, Silver, Gerrit'
ver, Plated and Briouniiia Wafe, Cutler'
• itary and 'dney Goods, No. 7 Itcfal l
• Oh
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Dry Good,
cosies, Hardware , Crockery, Glassw are;
L4ther, Oils, etc. etc. turner of
street and the Publ idSqua, opposite the
Tvern. Erie, Pa.
Cabinet Maker, Upholster and Undertaker
State Str' et, Erie Pa
Physician and Surgeon, nilice on S , eventh Strec
wept of tt e Nlethodi.o einirrh. Erie. Pa
General FO wardiroz, Commission, and
Merehan s; Red Ware !louse, cast of 11 1
lk li id= , Erie.
ALanufactoreis of Tin
ware cor cr of French)
Iron Fikunders, whotegki re and retail dcalers in
Stove, tibilow-ware kn. State, rile. Ph
JOHN H. BURTON & CO. , • .
'Wholesale and retai I deater• i n gruga,Medicitrs
Dye Stuti,Groceries, &e. N0,..5, Reed 'House
Erie, Pa.!
1, C. M. TIM ALS,
Oealer in Pry Goods, Grocerids, .i.c. %:o. 111,
_ ,
Cheapaide; Erie Pa.
- 4.
Dealers inrry Goods, Groceries, Sze., No. 1,
iiopnei Lock, State st.,Erie, Pa
Mt.'s Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye,
ism!, &c., No: 6 Reed House, Erie.
kuff.4, GI
Forwardinz' and Conithission Merchant.; 109
French Bt, cet, Brie, and at 6th Street Canal Ba
son, also caters in G °caries and Provisions.
Dealer in Ild i rdil , are;`Diy Goods, Groceries, i Etc
east sidep the Diamond, and one dour ca.4t o
the Eagle Bad, Erie, Pa.
Brown; corner of State sheet and
square, Erie, Pn. Eastern, Western,
rn.:qa.tie office.
13y Hiram L
the Public
and South i
&lease, a
Merchant Tailors, on the Ptildie
d ew doors west of State strett, Erie,
beological, S4inday
ital School Rook; Stationary, etc. etc.
ench Street, Erie, Pa.
! pcalcr in T
and Clusi
No. 111, F.
Conanlior at law, Prairie du Chien,
I:aces is thecounties, of Crawford,
,lowa, %V. T t and in Clayton county,
Attornfy an
W, T, pra
()rant and
lowa Ten
N TV i !
June G, V
. 1 )
'D in exeltatiffe for Goods, Wool, hut.
ceso, and all kinds of Country/ Pro
l ,D. CADWFLL. . • I \
..RE.— Shelf Hardware and house
Trimmings can always be hat Very} eheaput
the cheap stem of S. JAC eo. — '
Novettiberl2l, 1916. ' 27
C ---•
scribers, will pay cash for good clean Tirno
/thy aced. ' B. TOM LINSO 1& Co.
lJ /vale at ,
May I. 18 171
M GUPFEES' series of School Books, I, 2,
Erie, 3, 4 a y
6,51817. , for sale at No. 111,. French St.
11s4. Co . have removed their stock
CKS, %V sictics,..lEwELny, Faster
c., No. 5, People's ICON, State street,
a te the Eagle Hotel, where they will
have their 11 lends cull as usual.
arge addition to their stock in trade
in a short:Jinx.
19, 1'47. , -
%J. of CL
Oootrs, etc. e
nearly opposi,
ue pleised to
N. 13. Al
will be made
Erie, May
I—We l have the best assortintlq
n this market !dial kinds, includi
•f• imp:died-black and limey : Kid:
ieated Silks and China Linei4, -
1' LOVES.,
%a will be
, Stew art's se
fancy and va'
April 26.
••• ;
• I . - ' ! I .
. • ,
- '
_ t•
1, 1
, Erie
1 2oiipel and Sheet-Ron
and Fifth streets` Erie.
COMPANY, of Stamford ; Con necticut, have
made arrangements w hit thn subscriber to seem,
to any ftreentite Insuranea who may be desk
ous ot pfocut ing the same. This institution acts
upon the mutual principle and affords induce
ments (to persons to secure competrnee to their
families against contingencies and uneertaimie,
,oklite, that none other in thfcoontly can. Poli
cies granted. in curry instance,, oak -he insur
ed a stock holder in the co Ronny, oan amount
equal to the premium paid, With, 1.11 almost posi
tive certainty of a rerun' of forty p rent. t A
gain it is only nece-carp that to small amount. e
quatto half the premium, should be paid in cash
Balance is paid by the note of the person insured,
thereby malting actual cepital out of the individ
nal's - twr, liability.
,These are soma of t)te ad
vania,7es of this comPany over most others.. Any
Pers n by calling upon the subscriber can be
mhdy S fully acquainted •with all the operations of
the i sti;tition, who has made such arrangements
that he will forward to the company all premium
notes and -obtain policies free:Of postai - go-to—any
one, wishin.r - to — in — ittre. — Ai the business' of the
company increases and nothing tnore than ordi
nary, mortality prevails, the premium to be paid
annually will diminish, and in time ivill be extin
guished by dividends of profits. This is ti pecu
liar advantage in Life Insurances—unlike fire in•
stuances,oinvestments are made all over a country
orvaried cliaracLermtidi healthfulness, and the life
of ono person is not dependant on that of another,
as one piece of propel ty in a eityor town may be on
the safety or destruction of another. A small sa
ving annually oily en .ble any man to secure a'
handsome provison for his family. Indeed-in
most cases the slim tints expended would never be
felt, w bite' if sudden death should ensue before a
competence by other means is acquired, the fonds
for future support and comfort is thus realized; •
The following, are some of the numerous in--
stances of terminate insurances;
"The Equitable Society of London commenced
the business of Lift , : Insurance in Enolard in 17
62, without capital,' and ulthongh the 1)011611 sat
that time were biTelittle known or appreciated.
yet it now havnver 8,000 members, with a capital
plover fitly millions ofdollars, and that in a coun
try where the investment of their surplus fund
dove not average three per cent. Whereas ,in
this country six per cent can generally be ob
tained, so that the nrincipal of accumulation
would be much greater here than in England.
The report of AMerican companies also strength
en and confute his position, and a striking il
Ins, ration of the value °fan - old policy, we here
give, by citing an example from the transactions
of the said Society. I,s nly capital was that of
themcereing premiums, it, however, in process
of time, became one of the most successful and
prosperous companies in great Britain. Mr.
,t !organ. the . Me actuary of this Society, in his
address to the general court, in th e year ISOML
says: "Supposo a life 01 . 35 to have been insured
in the year 1765, in the sun of ..f.:l ,000, at the an
neat premium OLL:30; in ,he course of thirty:one
ye:trs,this sum being laidrn a totally to he inn
proveat the same rate of ante .8t at which the
met - 1014s are computed, voult now hetve accu'
nuda,cd to - J:1,500. If, howet et, this policy were
now surrendered, the sum of XI 527 would be
paid for the value of it; so that the person will
have been assured Ito thirty one yenta in the sllllll
(11 . 1 . 1,000, (exeleskely of the,addi, ion) 'not only
wallow expense, tio eve n with trio advantage of
teceiving ..C27 as a gra oily at the end of the
term.' ''
Very near - Sr practical 'examples- of the blessings
of Life Insurance are continually occurring ,among
all classes ot - onr M. melts.— We have Indy • room
fur the follo-A ino.. which occurred in the city of
New York and its vicinity in the course of one
"A tn.-reliant in Scptemlwr insured his life tot
the hen ti of his family It 55,000. He died in
Dectimber fllotvino, when his atrairq were found
in an embarrassed ,stat e. ,The 85,000 which was
lumen ly paid t.. his widow, left her in comfOrui
lII , ' eueutnstances. ,I
“ f •uo, her zzeott,Ohin, who bad been unfortun
ate in business. took a policrin laver of iiii4jwire
lin 85,000. Ile diet) shortly aster paying the sec
ond annual premium, and saved his lirmily from
"A gentleman. residing in the State of Indiana
on the 19. h of August last, took out a policy on
his life for *3,ooo—put one pa) moot was made of
$lO2. tie lied on thu 19th of September, and
his widow received the sum insured. $3,000.
She was so Mrcibly lit pre-sed with the advan
taffies of Lilo Insurance, being a recipient of its.
bencil 5, t at she inintadiately effected an insnr
once in the Num of 000 on her own life, ('or the
protection of her faintly of young children.
'"A book-keeper in a hiltly respectable mer
can: ile house in this city, through the persuasion
of his employe:l., was induced to take out a Policy
on his hie, for benefit of his wife and children
in the sum , of 'l,OOO, at the annual premium of
$25,70; a sudden Illne,s from scat let lever carried
hint of in ten days;i two annual payments had
been made, and Mc: widow in a few days after his
death, received $1,000; had it not been for this
provident provision, she would have been left in
des flute circumstances.
yonn ,, married man in the city of Roches
ter, in this mate, on the 7th of•Au_rust, 1845, of
fec'ed an insurance on his lite, in the sum of•
$l,OO, hut one payment had been made Of $23
10, and he died of a short illness on the 21st of
February, 1816. Flit' widow, in ten days -there
after, received $l.OOO, the suin insured.
"A former of.Dutchess county, State of New
York, took out a policy on his life foe :31,000, on.
the Ist of July, 1815, for the benefit of his family.,
The f its( payment of 821,70 was' made, and he
died very suddenly, from an attack of apoplexy.
on the 20111 of the following January. His fami
ly repcivcd 81,000 in a lbw days after.
icigentleman of this city being in the receipt of
an income from; his u ife's estate,
to continue du
rine.lier life, but would cease at' her death, „very
pttufently took out a policy upon her life, in the
r.ttm10i,95,000, at the annual premium of 8102; in
this ease two annuarpayments trad been made; his
wit 4, died and he received $5,000 the sum insured.
"A Imerchant in one of he Southern States had
a diiht due him of 5,600. KnOwitta that its ulti •
Ilia, ie payment d pended on the continuance of
l)te nf 11;s debtor, he took out a_ policy on it forthat
s mi; one year's premium had been paid of SIG I,
B ' l. --f -Sonn after he was' at tacked with a seveto ill
, -
nes.4, which terminated hip life in September last.
The Company on press:ninth-in of the requisite
roofs of hist' death, paid the sum hisured, and by
i lift precautionary measure, he unexpectedly and
. uddenly realized a thiubtful claim. '
"A gentleman of Net/ York became sccurfly
fbr his friend in the sum of $3,000, by endorice
aent on Ma papers. He ad the prudence to ef
fect insurance on Maitre f r that amount only; one
payment ($36) was made. This was donee!) the
3d of July last, and he die the 18th or September.
The Company,paid him the 83,000, which he ap
plied to the payAtent of his endorsement tints by
this insurance he was released from his liability,
which otherwise might have put him to serious in
convenience." '
Instiranca made by a hu , ,band for the' benefit
and use ot itis Wife, where the annual premium is
tinder 8100, will riot he 'inflect , tolhe claim* of
creditors upon his estate at It;s decease;.oo too if
made for the benefit of any child or children.—
Thus the extravagance and indebtedness of the
husband will not, be allowed to sweep away Ala
provision for the benefit of his wife and children.
I,....7 o lnsuranee for life, or from year to year, or
for a single year may be matte.-
Erie. Juno 12, 1917. in
SKW AR' T'S edebrated rup, fur table use.
Just' the ohingyou read of; at the "New
Stole," No. a, Cheapbide MORTON & Co.
EciaMay 22;1617. 1
( ROCERIE' , .S.--Tire,subse, ribers have just re
l. coived a rre4h supply or Groceries, consist.
ing . of Tea, Coffee,' Sulara, Spices, etc., etc.,
which will be sold at their usual low Oen*:
No, I Fleming Block,
- May 20,
ARIS Kid' GloVes—A beautiful assortment,
Whim and Colored, selling cheap et No. 4,
Clietil?side; by • MORTON & Co. •
Mile, May 22, l°l7.
SAT'OR AY, UIN 17, 1847.
They shall hunger no morn ,"—Rerelalions vii 16
BY WET. 11 C. H
I imam the lament of a poor Irish 'nether,
As wutch by the forms of the famished she kept;
The wan; wasted features of sister and brother
Were bathed by the drops she had usrle•aly wnd;
Oh' sweet was her lay for the burden it bore
!!They shall hunger on more."
%Min Winter's rude wind throug h
cinch cranny was sight
The lust, blackent crumb to my jirst-born I gave:
lopened my veins w en my youngest was dying,
Aroused by a mother's wild instinct to save— -
The lipiof my darling are wet with the gore—
She will hunger no More.
, "tiod Rung by the fox-hunting lords of the nation.
With prodigal hands, to their hounds, 'would subdue
In many a hovel tli pangs of etarvatinn,
K - p 7 .1 thankfulness woken, that omp never knoti:
Poor babes!! regret not that ang iish is oer :
Ye will hunger no In re ', ,
While Famine the flesh on their Lanes was mmmining,
It crazed me to bear their low moans 'night and day=
No brand on the deeolote'hearth•etone aiming
Their couches of cola, musty straw, with its ray;
Now calmly they rest,' side by side, on the floor—
" They shall hu..ger no morel"
Oh! dnrk is the cloud that impends over Britain!
The wrongs of the wretchedpake barren her soil;
That country with curses nhould ever be smitten
Where perishing Want is forbidden to toil—
Whore Hunger kills snore than disease or the sword,
And whim-banded Muth finds a plentiful board.
The Camp and the Battle-Field.
The Deserter, his Wife, and the Patriot Boy.
One seldom feels cold in- Mexico, except
when on the highest points of land, ot', at any
rate, some distance above the valleys. Once
in a while we experience a blast or two of the
wind that remind us of anthracite and flan
nels, 'and make us sigh for a more substantial
covering than canvass; but, as a 'general
thing, we enjoy spring without: intermission.
Hqweyer, I have carried a blue nose on more
than one occasion, and been expossed, to the'
mercies of a clever snow storm once.. A fall
ofsnow here is a grand novelty. You can
scarcely be anywhere at all without seeing
mountains near at hand. All the land below
the emine..ces is covered by, verdure the
year round, but the mountains, if worthy of
the name, are snow-clad at the top. With
tough, strong griss beneath their feet, and
here and there an elegant 'flower, this pro
duces a strange effect, inasmuch as the view
presents a paradox of nature; but When snow
falls and cover's the green livered earth,, one
is wonder stricken.** Some days htfore the
battle of Buena Vista, a few of us, mounted,
started beyond the pickets for Encikrnacion,
which is thirty miles from the ground where
the - desperate action was fought. We,
welt to reconnoitre, on a sort of liberty duty
which allowed us to do pretty much as 'wel
pleased, provided the aim of our mission is
_accomplished. We were under the command'
of Major M'Cullough,`and all my comrades,
but' two, were Texans. We only numbered
thirty-five, but-were a match for four times
that number of Mexicans or any other foe.—
It Was on the first day of our moving that I
saw a slight snow storm. The wind chop
ped clown from the north and was as sharp as
a rtizot(---if the simile holds good—so that,
altogether, the prospects of seeing sport or
doing good service •to our cause was very
.slender. None of our clothing was in the
happiest condition, but republics, we' know,
are ungrateful, and the men who fight their
battles must be content with any fare.thatfis
- offered. Accompanying us was,:a young lad
of bright intellect.ta . 7 11estizim—wjko rejoiced
in the purely Spanish cognometi of Miguel.
We had taken him from his mother's catfage
at Ague Nueva, with her consent, to net par
tially as a guide, as he `professed, truly, to
know the ulay for fifty ware miles ; around.,
When he started with us, the poor Imother,
taking the few shillings we proffered her,
raised her eyes to heaven, and, with elevated
crucifix, prayed for the safety and return of
her darling olily son—,..then, weeping, drew
her mantle over her head and entered her
dwelling to count the minutes that elapsed
during his absence. By rubbing two pieces
of dry wood together, fire can be produced—
but neither that nor warmth a£ owed the
frictional association of a couple of begrimed
hands or Edson-like pedals. We - therefore
were impelled to , provide against Mr. Frost by
fitting up a couple of huts, owned, or at least
'tenanted, by several peasant leperos whom
we ejected for the time by paying with a small
quantity of provisions for the luiu - Vy—and,
by the way, a Mexican leper o is a thrilling
sight. I have seen Milesian beggari, and
heard of Italian lazzaroni. I have also wit
nessed the holiday pursuits of a free negro,.
and beheld the reckless indifference of the
half-breed Indian to:work; but none 'of these,
by any means approach the leper() of this
country. He never hy any'pessibility thinks;
he scarcely 'eats or drinks; I'm certain he know
nothing Of the kind except-by instinct. He
moves like a locomotive building:_lboks from
his eyes like, an owl in -daylight, or a chi
nese' opium chewer, and evidently considers
life a Confounded piece of trouble and 'vexation.
Allow him to dream and bask in the sun like
a rattle snake, and be,is supremely happy and
content. The wives of these men are slayes
—utter slaves. I have' seen them, with
scarcely any clothing on, bear burthens" that
a New York cerium would be
,ashanied to
task his horse withr r These poor women en
dere their hard fate with the utmost 1
cently,—toiling, drudging, rising health and
rest with devoted resignation' perfectly as
tonishing. ' I had rather be anorrerie's mule
than a lepero's wife.. Some , of theite vaga
bonds, when not too lazy, cuff and kick their
Whetter halves most' energetically'. Seine' of
the women object to ;Inch_ demonatrationa of
l'agection, and With all the fervency of a de;
vout spirit curse; and the strength, of well ex
ercised muscles return. the favor with, Com
pound interest., ,
In one of ti=
ed as compaetl
just finished l a
course to my
has followed 'm
on the right
were scanning
the' light of
'voices from it 1
They were ma
in spanish..l ' l l
de Dols" and
ed without
thing but conii - A
ed in uttering i
"What 'the .
dollough 'of in
little Miguel.
"Oh!" rerilies
about a real !th]
ceived somew
shriek, whiA
the half blank,
entronce of it
face and the ,d
was not strim..
face did moil i
The man, %id
a vagabond, di
of which wer‘
"Miguel, te'
'Mon," 'said M
terpreted, an
sationed was
"lie accu,se
him," said il.
"No! no s!
ing with tear:
he is my bits
rush upon 4.
saul by seekit
says that eau
"So, Mi l go
would halt, d.
at. it, eh? Si./
has passed, a
spoken as We
rode. "This
to MeCullcM!
buiscuit atid
wore a sotabr.
for comfor
peasant. 4,1
“What a
"A de s sert ,
States of No
with a g ra ce
- 4 ;11o! hi!"
ly; “perhaps
tor. Youle4
Ail do nut 1
the man w'he'
was made a
geance for l
i in l
locomotion 1.
"Where a
rogatory pull
"I am a l
I ha:e often
My wife wa
and now
'etrotte A i m
a resting ph.
would have .
buried her )
firing Da.qi , —)r, w
Ice in the boughs of
ne turn bacl;:l'-' The
ce in her fla n and s
the man, t+ioi the most ferocious •
that ever c
both armes
defeat ands
Son, and I
Santa Anna
when vo
leave my
tain with:
lough '!.oim
people, and
adopting i th
hangs upon
ored him.
woman wet
retreat W i ns
that we 767
we desired
forces if WI
Santa Annr
nineteen; thousand rand;'
to be PlaC ed between q,
and, by o well concerted'
mense powers, cut us to
the entire body of, /110
was to be shown; the ck,i
of TaylOF. That Santa!
had before heard, and i . I
Over ,twenty thousand Was also .rumoni, but
that ho intended to give battle ‘iras what had
not been told ero this ' l. When and how be
was to do 80 remind tO / be ascertained :nore
clearly. I I shall never forget the expression
of t h e lit t le m es ti z i t oihofti +nominee as
Valdes told his stay. ' It was, a mixture of
courage, conic: pt,
il l
shame, tuu/ . ,1 lofty patriot
ism. . The . woman did not - seem to care so
:much foc the national o political consequence
of her husband's defectiou, as for the disgrace'
that Wetildattach to Idat personlly. But the
buy:looked livild with Urigoialh. whilcieverland
anon helchnched tit a small kitife he. wore in
hi s b r e a St es it he Would be delighted- to
plunge it to the hilt,hi, the deserter ' s heart,
"realm° but to rid ficemiles to convince
yourseOes of the trut 19f what I -have, told
you," said Valdes,' 'euddeoly, , when, ho had
vainly Waited for an intimation that- our,
coapnaider, placed coq deuce in him. • .
"Up and away ther4 , boys," cried MeCul-
lough l "Place Miguel . Valdes, and the. we.:
In,att on two caules,whi h must be . fouhd here.
i • re n it , r 7
aus, a te l e o us w
as bees in't hive.
. Ir e a a i l, d ( i al to u s r , i t u e • t i c y . h , ile * lt i
owaler-horn o f musts
1 from the time I fir
nk of the Gral
ea- others otherai illeasant
rush fire, when . the 1
e outside slnqte l im' !
e and foinnli yoke l s 'a
'he usual n um ber k
t, and the dialogu e
) 1 imentary to the p4th
J, !
it. {
.1 i r..-
levil is that'?" hiliai
I repeate{i thiskia
I he, naivety, 'coal;
lt, one of the woM i ei,,
lore." i
," 'Waif; the cue for a teri . filh
was followeid ' by a'rush against
r door of m/r 1 Shelter; aril the
'omen, ‘ . yho c iikgs pur i l sned by . a
, litheleper l , with rage in his
amoi in his eye. 1 he woman
, but delica4., and tl r e• lines, in
dicato coarseness o dehLvitY.
stood with] his arkis folded,
lid not suaitin the character of
:spite his r Irs and beard, both'
redundant 1
I us them s i ningMf tiiis intr u-
Collough t I a comrade who in
by .
the aid whoin the conver
arrie-d on.
ti j
herm Miguel,
re7bng hastily. , i t . ti '
itlihe Worriin, her e ,
; "he has inine l i b ) 1
and. NoWl' setidres
th and destruction, a
g you. Itis not wl
es our dispnte., 1
, '11;... , : ,
lel, you u%o (Ace, .e., its, 'or
ne so hate tvo au ‘i.inke . ..l
i; forgot'tlit I kit W all that
d uuderAo4 nearly ovary word
las , yourself," sa il my coin
person," continued ,he, turning
11, who had,paased Over al tough
t slice of rat , i, fatpork, and who
pro ,and a Mexican otliccr's cloak
"This persO . , is a soldier knd no
, 1
4is a friend' r a spyt' .
e your ing l tiirel Mr. M'Cul
r, and a friend 'to the United
th Americreplie'.l the man
ul inelinatiU , 'A. i
replied Mepullougi knoi'ving
on play the spy and auble trak
wish to deceive ytht,,r' responded
u this remark of our' commander
,pparent to 1 tim "I ,Iclaint vett
isult,\and wil give yon. valuable
.n order to a C hieve it r '
re you from?' was the next inter
to him.'i 1
tative-of pa title. My name is
'aides. Miguel kitws 'me, for
slept in hiS mother' cottage.—
• wronged of my officers,
at I have riSked ex 'cution—the
a pairn—ihe .
pnci.• woman
obbei, witiVe
aion, raise]
)1 "rather,'
e. armies or
(regiment 91
l ies upon that
-pressei hu
hove his h
ly Ghost"
ran pa'
tied and
he curb,
, )ort. th
I 4 the
a rn
r batter
l iferate I
illy or 0
"I am fr
Turn ally° ,
eel," he Ve.
"and I will
n the moun-
nes in the
a fill. stork•
' mutt
r' these l
this fe
"but I re
dare not ti
ion. He is a scotin:
would not lay vio!ent
on if she hat clisliOn
, of himnd treat the
utmost eau
clear, or he
l 'a female. ev
'Take charg.
that is, all chance of
r and then informed
car destination was
teen miles off; that
mber of'ata Anna's
and learn his inten
ithout h'esitation, that
1 ; that h 3 had
is securel
denied him ;
re scouts; OM
some eigh
to get the itti
'were there,
des replied, $l,,
was at iyiela
• .1
that h i'
s fore:,s were
nn l
ent of his ha
-1 ni annihilate
I‘la mercy
the total rout
was there we
r, own
ect was
en, numbered
abot?ts, and watch thcm ' like lynx. Ifitl4re
is a 'sitigle movement made which .looks like •
either showing a clean pair of heels, er a face
under that now worn, don with the culpit,"
. The air, raw and cold, I was all the clearer;
an:l i the starlight (it was new moon, conse
quently we had but little moonlight) spread
about a apecies of visible gloom that had the
effeCtofigiving a mysterious tone to every ob
ject! The scenery in this quarter is wild and
rugged; there are more ravines than hushes,
alMast; more 'passes . and angles; gorges and
slopes, titan speure of grass. At one moment
we 'were plunging into what appeared a dark
abyss, completely severed by croated, gnarl
ed, Idwarfelitrees; at another :we totted along
uptlin a fine level bit iof table land, the ground
as easy to the tread of our animals as a car
mule has fallen ,"
, cried the boy, as
the so-called sure-footed creature upon which
he)and the woman was mounted stumbled tor
wa[rd upon its knees. It was up again in an
inatant, and journeyed on. In about ten min
utes the mule slipped and fell again.
k know, his foot is injured;'. said 111 iguel,
ati l d our necks will be broken if v,b remain on
him. Let us dismount and ride behind some
on i e.",
"Very well," my comrade replied, who, with'
myself, had special charge of the Mexican
trio; "we must wait until we get upon a de
cent spot." I
We were then entering one of those infer
nal passes which ran up to a sort of corduroy
table land, , arriving at which we fotind'out
.• ' — es pretty neat Santa Anna's advance.
guard, of whose presence there were uninis
takable evidences. ' Prom the platform of the
pass, down each side, were a series of shelves
or slaty projections, as near as we could per
ceive, and it Was over forty, yards distance
'to any spot that looked like a bottom. Scarce
ly had we gained the top when the mule slip
ped the third'time, and the boy fell lupon the
ground like a sack Of wheat, while the female
kept her seat, it amiciared, easily . I thought
the boy was stunned, and jumped down to the
ground to render him assistance, when he
rolled away like a cloud ot. mist before the
anti, and slid directly over the' precipice. •
"Mr. G—! a determined Suicide!" called
out one of the men, as we all peered over to
see the result of a piece of daring as finexpecti
ed as, it was frightful. The boy bounced
from .projection to projection, using his legs
' an I.,arms to break thefall, and struck beloW,
as he took good cafe tol inform us, utilnitit. '
re stow-
We had
I had re
-1 rd which
set foot
de,) and
faces by
sound of
en rs.—
4 0fadre
re lavish-
l es eilgarr . -
ired Mc
onion to
a dispute
1129 re-
'es stream '
t r us
he woithl
nd peril his
tat the boy
.'•II4-3 made the mule stumble by galling his
knee,* said Valdesovith a tone of cOnt rept,
as if Ite thought we pugt to have kno n!it,
lnd is OW to inform ill pickets of r tr)
p oach. , MI , cmdo it in five minufes, oe,—
lou should have shot the young villitin i stead
of bringing him along. Ile could haVe been
of no service, ivith me here as a gold ; and
had we both been inimical to your interests,
one would not, as you may have supposed,
been an antidote to the other's poison."
i The fellow spoke tire trut. We; did not
like the idea of backing oft'
,through the last
pass we had traSeled w
,b'ecause i t , as the very
longeNand worst we had encountered on the
route; and the Texans Were taught,_ by eighth
or ten years experience in fighting these peo
'plc, that we diolifil fare fiery 41enderly in case
of a skirmish while defiling in such a rascally
position. "Information and a trifle in - the
way of fighting," is the scenting precept of
.McCtillon,gles men, so that after the proprie
ty of, either going back or forwitrd had been
debated ab6ut: five minutes, it was decided to
"go OM " . .
"Buono!" exelainyal the ornart, in ad- ,
l ig htful tone, as we rec'ommen i ced the journey
towards Encarnaciim. c..
— The man grated nis teeth and commanded L
. 9er to be silent. She called kine"tht Domi.
no!" (a devil,) in a,voiEe almost pitched to'a
scream, so intence was the excitement under
which she labored, and I fan Ciel I could hear
the tongue smack with a glue 'sound against
the dry roof of her mouth. :We got into the
read, and in a very - tolerable position, cps 'we
heard the peculiarsuunds of horse's hoofs up
on the earth. We formed in the road
in the I shapeA of a shape of a V., the two
points lin the direction of the eneMy,,Yhe wo
man behind the bottom. The Texan's knives
were lo'psened in their loathes, and fire-arras
were ail' readY. - We were completely prepar
ed when: the guard came in view.) We might
have been mince-meated for, all we knew at
that' mpinent, for we were entirely ignorant
of the strength of the oppOsinparty. . It
m e I A
aright have been 200 o butt proved to
be only abett 6 wellAppoirited, gaily-dress
ed cavalry. They raised a shout / When- they
behold us, and dashed on, waving their weep . -
ons, raising in their stirrupti, ant) '-'taking on
airs," as McCullough said, like so many em
bryo heroes. Their officer gave the word
"hallo!" and they suddenly drew up.- "Fue
go!" he bellowed, and the lead from their car
bines rattled about our heads like water from
a shower bath. ' ,
re.l , ;McCul-
serpants of
low without
"Now boys, at them:" cried McCullough,
and (to Speak plainly) - we "let idriVe."
But they-were not to be frightened- of.—
Down they came upon, us, and, as they arriv
ed chock up, our V closed pretty well to and I,
and we were into it hand-te.diand, or, ifyou
like it bettor, horse-to-horse. Cuts andicon
tusdons were fre%ly'exch:anged, and two of , .l)ur
men had dropped all weapons and actually
seized their adversaries by their hair and
lar, bringing then off their horses with a ler -
that must have dislocated Foino of their Small
'er joints. During all this sCrimmage, Valdes
might have:escaped,'e did not; en the'
contrary,he took particular pains to keep'his'
wife a. prisoner While she 'sereadied'eneour
agement toiler countrymen.
' '
. •
After fighting ten tnipate's—and! fightidike
that el ten minutes seems in hour--'our brave
adversaries'drew %f , leaving • 7 !Minded' and
tAlro, stark - cold; and the field to us.' II
"Whew!" said ray co i tnia4e, w.lio had a liesh
. 1 , I
wound i the shOulder, "I'm done.,'• for a fort
: 1
a !e a st .
inoht t But let us lofi l kahout andste
to the c udition of the vanqUislted. I heard
that d 4 doi's vice durilig'the fray, I'm
certaih ---
." d i ' '' I ' • 'll,'
"What Miguel'sT' ' .. ' •
"Yes, and ho was lighting Eke an American
This was; to me, startling information.—
The boPs mother had placed him, midi many
instructions, in charge of myself And another
'and if he were not on the spot when we again
sought' the camp, what would be her pains
and reproaches. I called mr commander
aside, and begged of him to permit me to
search for Miguel's body. That perniission
was accorded, and I commenced my task with
a heavy heart. My search did not last long.
The brave boy—for such I must call him—had
really fallen, and.his body lay in the very cep-,
tre of the road, so mutilated that I scarcely
knew it except by the - size. The l Teat i ures,
what could be seen of them, wore a look of
stern defiance, and the 'eye, which was not
closed, was even in death, indicative of hatred
and revenge. A ball had entered the brain by
pierbing just in the' ce / itt,Te of the Morehead,
and he mustimve died instantly on the receipt
of it. With shudder I placed the body across
my horse, and mounted to ride back to where
we had started from. Val Jes was delighted
by the' result of the skirmish, and &blared,
again' and again, that he had told us the exact
truth concerning *Santa Anna's contemplated
Suffice it to` say, we reached Agna Nueva
and cnrrie3 the mangled body of Miguel to his
mother's tenement. I had anticipated a great
outcry, yrldespair • of the noisiest kind, but
was diippointed. I shelf , never forget the
w6man's look as, after listening to our story
of her son's death, and kissing his mu
tilate brow, she directed a glance of sat
isfaction and pride towards heaven, and cried
in n voice clear ds a,seraplis--" Thank God,
he died for Mexico!" Ne . ed I say that I hon
ored her for that? 1
Valdes and his wife were taken to head
quarters. nisuinforination did mach towards,
giving us the battle of Buena Vista.°
- His wife frantically rushed into the midst
of the fray nt that eventful action, and was
never heard'of after. 2
ontu Anna's ilexpntelin. say ;,,F,03.
• ) -•
A Nalst.iN
/ Mini - BED.—In our last,
"Neal's Saturday EVeniog; Gazette,"' we gave
some account of the niitnerous luxurious er-
fects' of a young, Parisian fianne,?effvred for
salelby auction. The death of vie youn,g‘per
son l exalSed great interest among - the luxuri-;
oust and frivolous Parisians. The drench
eor es r polent of the Ada& says, that she wfs
thii rigi i ttal of! - ;:urrene Su f cur 46 41kfrie,
Fn the oLtysterirs de Puri ,an belon o olin Fs to
a CiilBB of beings who can ltave l existenCe not
1 .1
I where bUt'in Pars: for nOWbere else 'could
they obtain the same influence and,enjoy the
same opportunities of bringing out the talents
with which nature may have eniowe'l theta.
She was a fit and worthy successor to Marion
Delorme and to the Sophie Arnold, resembling
them in her wondrous beauty and ready wit,
in her generosity and extraordinary mind!--
resembling them in all things save in her bit
ter rcpentcnce and her early death.
linopon:lns.---I have seen the little pearls
of a spring sweat through the ho!toMs of a
bank, an I penetrate the stubborn pavement,
till it has made it fit for the impression-of a'
child's loot; aa.l it was dispersed, like descend
ing dews of a misty morning, till it had open
ed its way, and male, a stream large enough
to carry away the ruins of. an tin lerminb.l
strand, and to invade the neighboring garden;'
but then'the dispised &tips were growing W-
I to•an . artificial river, nal' an intolerable mis,
chief. So are the first entrances of sin Stop-1
pet{ wit h the antidotes of a hearty prayer, find!
checked into - sobriety' by the eyes Of a rever
l-erend man, or the cnunsel of a singlAermon,
but when such beginnings are neglected, rind
religion has not in it so long as It'e can en-,
&ire:l4oe): grow' up to ulcers and peAilen
tial evil l s; they destroy the soul by their abode
which at heir first entry might lias:m been
killed by t to pressure of a little finger.--Jei--
env Ti!ylor.
STRANGE PUNI r.—A Southerner; with 8 ne
gro servant, arrived at the Broadway Hotel a
day or two ago and on yesterday morning
sent the servant dawn into ,the yard for some
water. Sambo,-with pitcher in hand, inquir
ed for "de pump" and on being shown the hy
drant, sat the pitcher down and commenced
working the few: hack Ward. and for Ward,
drop falling at wife ry jerk. l!e pumped away
until the perspiration .on his .face amounted to
more than the water in t* pitcher; -and et
la giving it up in despair, Ise addrelied • a
gentleman near by, who hal bean watching
his movements in silent delight.
"Vat ail dis dam ole Flat?, am& Wy
tun not run alt de timer
"It's all right boy, pump;away."
"Nosir, I'll fowl] um from the river fuss."
As sard)o was abaft to'carry his threat in
to immediate execution, the gentleman went
forward and explained the Mystery by start
ing the hydrant; and when the streara gtished
put, filling the, pitcher in a -second or two,
Rambo felt back, with ail his whites display . -
' I
ed in wonder.:,
IF , What you 4all tlatl Pum moat when you
ho tech 'ern. flat ?e to nee."
e SameJaihrobbloi °rah" his pitchoi,
'mg, brani
over the my dthis. - 1
D AND is s .—N more hateful than
pifted dandies stepping like a Wax doll ott
wire, antting as if tle English lanmmge
1 3
was t v I r tube. spelteCt. .We heard, says
theNe v urg T6legrapb .'on' - of them thus
, • h is , , , i ~- ,• ,
ad*etts s cornuanion:,, .
- fTO4IO meatball this ] ma ning - Woder
hosts the thh'rrinunittalv stahclii ta4ar. . Stich' a
voluptuous utmost/hes:ld ;nest delicious. ' I
say, Petal), firing me a m4at,fiatoigiatrul punch
an chi sitt i ate k willy Co?"'
•I • .
A young tin& beautiful women . l ost,, after
~hreo years marriage, a busbanil !whom she
dseply loved„.- Contriving to evade the law,
she kept by her the body of him whose prema
ture decease she .was resolved to deplore as
!dawns she lived. (Tile hearse bore away an'
empty colin, while 'the remaines of the belov
ed obiact, properly . ntlyalm,7d, was laid out on
a bed of state. The room was- hung with'
black; a lamp burned in it night and day.—
The widow alone had a key of this sanctuary,
and there she daily Cherished her sorrow.
AN went well fora while. Daring a whole
year, nu day passed that she did not visit tho
chatribbr of the dead. - jßut the widow • was
yobng,,and the warld, l still had charities for
her. The visits to -.the sanctuary. became
rarer !rind shorter, and the dead soian became au
annoyance. In renewing the furuture of her .
house, the widow was induced to appropriate
thr, room she converted into a chappel for the
dead, :to another, use.. Stilt full 'of respect, ,
howevii, furniemory of the de?unet, she placed,:_
him in a box of ceder wood covered with vet.:
vet, of which she always carried, the key With
the intention of visiting liiin daily as bei l iwe. i
Fora few months she was faithfu l to her - Vow.
She daily opened, he box, knelt," and prayed.
The time came-when she did so no more.--.-- I
The following year an advanfageouti mhteli
presented' itself. The character and 'social
.positipn of her' 4iiitor were suitable, an I be
sides !it may be that she would now have pre
ferred a living liegga.i to a dead emperoe • — •
But %that was to be done with the preciouCi .
box, 6 nioistened with 'so twiny tears, sneiti
tied by so many prayers? Her Marriage (ince -
decided on, where was she to hide an object
that would be 'tittle to offend the sight of the!
ne‘. corner? After some reflection She had it
I ' • • " 1 '
put away in t le, garret.. ,
The honey-thorn was not yet over, awl the
bright sun shone on the month of May. Pre
parations were made for a pee,ly deprbrturr;
and a cmg, the tranki selecteiTtif the joitrney
was t - 0 once sacred and - now forgotten I.m.
'Afterl t searching in vain for the key, the hos
band Calle I his wife and inquirelWhat arilefes,
of toilet that box so carefullraeciwed, contain
ed. The gitestien confitsed.,lier, an] she was ,
unable to nnstVer. 'The greenfreyed waster-.
was roused an I imagining that the
. tios: wont!
be Cm' to c tain perhaps.aersing Paper;i,
the hiishan I, vitlyrit,more adoil l )roke it open
and fourid,h mself, face to face , l tcith his pee
deces'sor, hg, when liking, kali bee bis'par
#ctilar I friend. Irnagine ,hi's ;amizement!4"- - 7
!Imagine. the Confusion, aid shame -of Ow
widow !I rortnnately, the new husban ] was r f,
a cheerful disposition, and so he took
I- •
fair in good L part. si
"Allow me, my dear," said
his wife, "tot make one reques ts
fore y u, do not think of
in treati(
sae ashion. Embalm
but I t my boiy rest in the gra'
* .:
it.RIST., AND ins G);:1
e foliowing scene between
generals, actually took place;
wns derived from a gentlema
confidence and esteem of the
whose name we are notTper:
'.After the battles of the Bth
when the 11lexic l an army in the
reached Linare. Gen. Ari'
Generals Amptidia, Torrejon,
Canales to his quarters, and t
"Gentlemeti:t—l an about
command of the army of the
have sent for yob that you ma)
sons which have influrn7.2.l -11
simply these: I ' cannot comma
s with honor tOMyself or Count
it numbers so 'many cowards n
mends in its - ranks: Von; $1
base coward; I trosted :you, wit
best troops; yoti betrayed your
recreant to the interests of - yo
terror-stricken, fief trembling
:without being Within halfa, lea
"To r n , Torreion, have sine
eavalr3'r officer; God knows' tin
obtained:it; I am only aston
should haverthe effrontery to
maul' -
"Yon," R 'quoit*, ; call yOurstrt , //artillery
OffiCerli yam have been 4izossteat thiongla
life only in one thing., your cpwardice; l you
ate brave, like all 'Fasconader,,, when dangers
ate at a distance; but %%lien the hour of battle
arrives,•yen are either not to be found or your
terror renders yourspresence not only useless
but injurious, I ,
't , '"And yon,Canriles, , to be called acnell(t!
What a satire! ittcitt bittery irnatt l _ General!
!laugh! a robber, a cow-driter,'ni.vagabonc4
skulker from rancho' to rancho, a cowardly
pauper, whose very, presence is loathed ,by
every honorable man, and whose claim to the
title of acitero producei the most profound
contempt. As for you, Colowl-Carisco, be
gone and mena's!,your breoches,; l von'dirty dog.';
"GentleroenL I am done with you; ohr cow,
notion is at an col. Woold that sour ctin•
nexionwith ou i r nufort urtute country' was also
at an moll."
- . 1 • ' '
, • ,
- A huporouS 'iyontig- man i ,wtta - *icing tr
horse,' w hich ‘as in the habit of ;stopping at
every hotise, o i , the roadside: l .ll;4in a coun
try tavern, where was • collected together
some doubt,. conntrvmeni the beaSty aird'muirt,
ran opposite t h e door and stopped, in skite : D i r
the 'yettng tntl4, who applying the whiff tvit!
all his might' to 'drive the !tore C`Or tht 17 C'el l
oath') porch commenced a 1 arty Onek, ant
'some•inquired if he would ti 1 that btirse.4
'"Yes,” veld the young man "but I 'anattt
recommend him) as ,he has beTengad to'
butcher, and stops witenevii totearslcalife'
'bleat." The crowd retired the her Ow I,i
knee. ' . . . 1 ,
lie, turning In
If I die be
rg alter tio
plir- mei ?IT,
Atisti and his
he Oeireription
high in the
ItietaCtor, but
ittel to men-
nJ ptli of May
it retreat Ihaa
` - ta summonel
Riquenck and
hus addreisel
to resign -the
'North, and
know'the rea
e.'They are
the - army
y, as'.long as
yithjiigh com-7
Upudia, are a
[ lt 3000 of my
trust, proved:
country, and
and 'ilismayeil,l
gue of a hostile
reputation as a
v or where you
hod that yaw
' retend to cont-