Erie observer. (Erie, Pa.) 1830-1853, May 15, 1847, Image 1

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p, Dual' 6L,.8. F: s AN;
' , ....,t•
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T 1: - It Ms .
4 .nts n .01%.111C0, ...14•50
' .."--..-•••••• . : ( ' I,
.., ',..:. , - i o;:,;1.1,'. a year ‘i iii incur; tidy be •
i '
. i ,,,.., r,_ ;11 Ti ill be strictly add tired to
•.,„,,,, ~,,.• ted :At 50 cents pc square
•,,) . ~,,, ,, ,,a, :ad 25 cents for e.Cli soh.
..,,,. % ,..,,f,II v;trietie.. erteli a . Books
4 ~.)1,, ~ ,n ,-, 1 .0..v 1.1,t14, t;aids steam _ ,
• •:,. , 1 ,,
~„k , ~., Nntes, I,vveiv.s. ';..C. O.XC.
.le ,11111 on short notice. '
. 2,- - -,, ,-='•-=..
b .
‘l.eit '4
1 i W
„•, 1,,0,114, 111)1A CON liarthCf+d ' t
.. e
r , . I.a ; . 0n .li.
, Nails CC. ,\O. 1:11, •
': .' ~. l'ri.•, la. r , .
.. .
'''Yry'• •
.1 i 111 N 1 . MILLAR, , .1
; .r. , ~,,:i, t•- ork•.)1; 00 . 1Ct..10 Exchantre 1'
10.- , f 1: ,'. i• , •,.., ..' ,'F'.l ie. ,
- , •'. ; ,,,1.,„ 1 , 1 . ,)1iN-Z, IN,
• ~
' ri olt N :1 A'••• LAW
1 ilt , i I 1111 e 'Lin the Piddle ' I lidding,
1., I -F,e c. I:tip s :lir.. iq tt' MGM ,
'.' 4 ;,,' '' .. j , pir Olid dirt cly ' •er the
r!• , )'.ii , : - • 0
...„ - ~ e l ' ,l t, 4itet, Ili IlilblCli iolis en b,
.. i 0,- -. . 1 5) C
k. V. nu .“),E.BT oc co. tl
„,,, 1 4 Fr Ar.ri. :v, T.
:d - , 1 1 ,1::. I'l lit VABI)INt; AN PRO- °
” '
j :, i kI NI NI 1, SION i i)!ERCII , I NTS, m
~ . i., ~•;01-fti aro, Erie ( oat, salt
, • rl,+,.iiily. Partici' , r att'en• c ,
, •, „.. •,,1.. ~ I"l.o,lace and pa clia , a,t of, 0
...,, 1 ,„ , ~,,, :•;•ilia . ,e, South Wha f. t e
I ; ; Ha 1.1.- 1 . U. D IGGS/
i p_ . T
- - ' • . •
.„., .., !' .11., at Law ; Otlit t n No.i 2 .
~ , ~ , _ , ~.
•'...1•3 :1 ,,. mart. CI C. r:i. e
%•10.11.k 1 ~..... Til()111'80, ~, r
-...;, f -,:'-• I•,t 'Bleu o i French
t y; -" id..n.en ..S. Cols. Store, 3.rie. ;
; :1."-17 49 B
;ELI.' wn . S 1 •RGE9N DENTIST.
. .... , ~..,% i.•a, d in Erie. (fait e, at his P
' , ..-1,1,. : .., truer of S. tenth al d Peach ,
--. . 49 S
7 ' I. !tus ..NZW FAG II.r: Co. .
~., , i 0„ , L ,, . 0 .1 Dontet.tio Dry Goods, v ,
-".. '.., \': ..1 . 1 .•111a , z, Pores and :Ades, tke".
. k , t 1,1 nninn2 Mott., Slat,, Street, 1
C .
Jdr,l, ti A t,t,A'PiN. -
~ r. ~ ..,•.,... lit 1.:,... , .--nfticc in see. '
..„, • • r, am my 11;111, Erie. :
3.1 ;If: 'e. Al.ll . ALL , ' '
- •••.; -, 4., i 'trice up stairs in he Tarns
..: r..1'..,. , , , id. ',.1!. n.)1111 , 311114. Protl onotar)'s g
I„ -
t, \IX 1A1T , 115 ,);... LANE' A
•.. .' 1 ...w. t N , ,Nt at Law-- )Rice on 71 ,
. t .. • s i• • ,, :e of the l'uldi . ..(ltrare„ A
•,, -•.• 1 ~ ... tIIIIIAITII. 1 W
R. LANE. 1.4
_ 1
IL 1,1A).1118 &. CO ,
~ . .
4t. :11,,, •.,I, It itrviStlvcr,6 rman S'd tl
:; , ',tr. i
U. calla Ware, en Ivry, Milt ,
.t. I-' ~. i' ',',.) ,1•, Ne. 7 !teed II ouse,Erie 't”
'is f ,,e e V 1 • 2 n
-- - - • 1 I
1111.1:‘ A IS',l'.‹ WRY:arr.. n,
'•• • ••• t t,,,1 I ir - ,1,A4-rs in Dry Goods,Gro a
~ . il,vo.or, rrorthery, Glass 'tire, Iron,
1 ! 'L. i', , ". 0 .r.„( It .• < te:• - nor er of State 1
..1.. 1 , .! . l i. ....,..iiiia, oppi.a, lie ihe Ea2le,
: 7 -, r•,,,,, r n , ' —..
11 . M Ritu.ET. "
- ,-: ~t,t r, l'i , !..ds;er and Undertaker, b
c . S. PICK INSON,. M. D.
i: •:. ...1 .1. d •li,L..m,clVlCe on Sc Clllll Street,
.., iq t ',, "dr , clirrii. Eri ." Pa. i d
II .11. t & COOK,
- '• - r' , ,+., 6• ,•••• Connoi , iion, nil Produce t
; I '• l. 1 • .111 o: me i lunge, eas, oldie Pub• t
3 I:i‘,,l'll KVIL:4I:Y, i,
, 1,
..2, , 1
• = • ~. .., T,, corr r aril cet•irori
. • •• ,1 , .0 ri. aril nail Filth s.rects, Eric:
l'I'.!; SEN N Err tr. — CHESTER, ,
• '.% . ~l i.le+,tle and ret3iil deters in
..• . , 'I. . , i •u• ire kr. State ci rect. Eric:, p:
J. ii.N 11. BuittoN & co. .
.: t••• .., t.. t ,i I dcaler'. l in Dru s \ ledicines
• ' , 'r- , l'• , ~ .iles, ,S.c. No. el ,1 t •ed lioness,
;‘ "• - y t
•' CI * ' , ,c fivails, Airovelics, 4-e. No. I 11,
' •, - ''••• Et ie Pa.
• 1;1) 4AM I./.7: VINE NT: ,
• •.• , , lin tinutlit, Groceri , &c., No. 1,
• '' I: ~ '.., State st.,Eritt, P i
".! ih , , al ! , M e dicines, p., tits, Oils, Dye,
•„";-, 0,.. -,,, ~, , ,:e , No. 6 Flee I Donee, Brie= '
:•,,.: and I;otnititt.sion • lurch:Hale; 100
..!!. • ' , :- I sit, Rile, and at 6th .h , tree! Canal Ba
'• •.'''‘) 1. al. r.t lii Groceries i rid ! LT :Ligon!.
• .... la 111rdware, pry. (lunar' Groceries; &e.
-•', rule if the Diamond, and me dour east of
Erie, '1: .. lintel. Pa
-. ' ..1, __
';11.• Ito ~ 1310%%n, corner of State street and
i .. i . ohlte square, Et ie, Pa. F astern, Western,
A soatrrn staie office. -- .
- -
' I' ' YTLE tc lIA3III TON.
• i
~.. -.0 , 00! Merchant Tailor.. on the Public
:',lllTl', a few doors west of _tate ftreet, Erie,
' '
' .'• t c, 'l - 115,•1;wie.11, I Nliseolluneous, Sunday
I ir•'`• ( ' t-wal School Botth;Stationary, etc., etc.
. , 1I t k'reneltStreet, Erie Pa. •"
. _
i•-•' -, ,--.
P. A. It. BRACE, '1
i ' '?nt v Ind Counsellor atlan 4 , Prairie du Chic
W.l . I/ .1121irei in the con4ti es of era tyllir ,
• 'it ...11 lowa, W. T. and In Clayton count ,
flt.4 . lirri•ore.
'•''.l , r it Dry Goode, Groveri'9,,Cro' kery, Hard
''',', 'l., No. 3, Perry Hoch, ,i,State street
P.rr I'a.
ar AN I KO in exchanae for Goods, Wool, But
' i -.,l'r, Chcc.c, and all kin 5 of Colintry PO
:a.e. I. C./DSVP..I.".-'
Jain ,• 19th. ',.'-'
••-; - -----,
H",it ) w A 1tr...-- Shelf Il • dware and' r tionue
, ;''''''"'l'llina's iian always be hae.yery cheup at
- 1, 1:ur I , , tore of. S. ilteflS - AON lc. co.
• Q . , , ler 21, 'WA. t 2 ,
I , L. 27
----- i - - ---
1. , ,gw00d, - ilndie,
- ;rustic, I Cochineal, ;
1 -.'•tniwood, . Annatto, 'I
- Niewood,. ' . CreaM Tartar,
Ll:atil Wood, Red Tartar,
Ned Sanders,. Blue Vitriol,
Copperas, Alum, etc,
- I . :Madder, • for sale by
3. 11. BURTON & Co. _
Nor. 23; 1516.-2+2 No' r . 5, Reed ilorre.
;SEED.—The I sub
f Itbers will pay cash fdr rzirod clean Timo
r'it fol. ' I 13.T074ILINSONtt CO.'
rip APTS: 0'.%•: lIEW -,Y O K
• Ptiabi
LI bn New York for western fundiTor sale by
/ 1 3 1e11 4 .17, ' C. M. TIBBALS,
• .
i 1
•. ' •
, .
.... . . .
:',-- -•-•: 1
• - , ' : .
1. •
.. .
. -
. :-
1 , , , . . s 1, ' • . -;
-- f
i , 4
, '':.
.2',.. - . 11 1111 -
,•":,',,' r '.
_:- - . s
. 1, _.'...'; ....;_
„r i r
~ :
' -'
- . •
1.. -, "",..
•-• ',._
r f •I :
-7 ':.4.: :::•, ' , .', - ; •.
;': ''';•-•
• . - ; • . .
, •...-
' ' -.
' - • ' - 'i'" . .
, , •..
',' 1.7;',1'r. ' ' - ...' ' -
--:::, '.-•• •-•,',-,‘ -., ,', _ .
• • ~ i' . 1., . , . . .
. -
. . , .... .
•, • ,
?" • t
'-- ' , . - •
rr _ , - 'l': t . .... -'-• .., - . -
. . .
, ,-,, -.•-",„ .
i •: .
. _ . • t ,
. . . . .
From the Erie Observer, Extra; May 16, ad.
Nye received last night b the 'southern
mail; (in the Pittsburgh Ch nicle) ;the fol
PluLADELmrt.i, May 7-7 P. M.
' News has been received that another great
battle has been foegbt near Cerro Gard° be
'teen Gehl Scott and Santa Anna.
_ .
The Americans are again triumphant, the
Mexicans having suffered a complete defeat.
Five Mexieati Geller is have- been taken
prisoners. .
' We receiyed the following diSpatch ntl2
o'clock last; night. The battle must hare
been ono of the most tremendous on record.
Certainly nothing equal to it occurred &ding
the Mexican war. , The - furtber particulars i
of the fight will be looked for with the vti,
most interest. 't •
The American army took SIX
The loss to our army in killed and wound- ,
ed islestintated as- high as Ave hundred.—;.,
The )letiattri hiss is unknown, but I. la's,
been intmense. '1! • I. ' 1
• ,
_ Hopes are elitertnine4 that Brigadier Gen
eral Shields who was badly wounded may
• i I
Fifty men' were killed and wourided in Col.
Baker's Regiment of 111 mild.
' Out.wunt of 1..);agoo isrto fullciW up the
pursuit', save!' Saiqa A na's life. ,
ThelCentucky and nnessee troops hive
antlered much.
`me,ntion is made t'anyof the Pennsyl
vaniktroaps. ' Coicjinel skell's Regiment of
Tennesseeans a lost en.• Capt. Naylor's
company from rhilndel lila belonged to this
The battle commenced on *the 17th of April
betweenthe Mexicans i l and the advance of
Ged.Twigg's commanp
, . A very severe en
gag 'ment ensued. Ontllie next day General
Sco tame up with the main body of the
Am t l t.
rican army, when the battle was re
newed. Tha engagement was'a bloody and
desperate one, but the Mexicans were corn
',lately routed. - • .
Santa Anna Amide Ilia earana ark.s. rruslo
'through the chapparal. His flight must have
effeen a hasty one, for he left his coach, papers,.
money and wooden leg behind him. His di -
net iuurcamp equipage were also deserted,
and h left all his munitions of war, which fell
into tie hands of the victorious Americans.
Ge . La Vega was againtahen prisoner, as
abro rere five other Mexican Generals, and a
lard number of Otherrcers. They will all
be s lit to the. UnitaStates as :prisoners of
war. •
Tie Mexicans were slaughtered by, bun;
dreds. Our loss has been very severe.
Brigadier General Shields is said to be mor—
tally wounded, although there are slight hopes
that he may, ,reCover.
Major Sumner was- shot in the head, but
I. his wound ii said not to be mortal. ,
Brig. General Pillow was slightly wounded.
All the Field Officers of Col. Haskell's Re
giment were mounded. .
Ca'pt. Mason lost a leg. Lieut. Ewell fell
badly' wolinded. Lieut. AFLane was 'slightly
Limits. Derby, Dana and Davis are slightly
wounded. !Capt. Pottoti was Slightly wound
Lientsl elkon and Gill et NremplAc
N enn.
were both killed. ,r
- Gen. La \regrets brother and several Mexi
can Colonels were killed..
. 1 , Gen. Twiggs pursued the retreating Alex
' icons to near Jalapa.
On th&l9th Gen. Wo th marched forthe
city of Mexico, and Gen. 'cott was to follow
the same day (
The Alegi n prisoners -will be diSCharged
upon theiP parple, not to serve again during
the war with the led States. • •
The officers who will be sent to the United
States have:ar ived at Vera Cruz.
A BIT or 16'3w:co.—The McCo tellsville
(O.) Herald of the 14th inst.., chronicles the
marriage ofrtwo - brotherti to two sisters, all
lately from ItitchieeOunt34a. The ceremo:.
ny was performed in the vi.oods about a half
mile east of the town. The brothers, it ap
pears, left their native hills to try their for
tunes in Ohio. Their sweet Marts, unwil
ling to remain behind, deterinine t il, come weal
or wo l e,"to follow them and share their for-
I 'wei r Oo their journey, they luid touched the
point above mentioned and encamped for the
night their mother, had accoMpanied them,
forbade any further progress until the nuptial
knot vas tied. A messenger was accordingly
Aespticed to town "for a license and a square;"
i, in due time, the twain were doubly made
flesh, in the forest, before tiieir camp fire,
Mrs for i sentinels f and the trees for wit
. lif l EXrCO AND Il.tvarrs.—By the arrival of
the schooner Philenus, Capt; Sparks, the N. Y.
conhas received advices from,Havana to the
lit inst., and Vera Cruz to 'the 6th. ' The
England steamship Tay, Capt. Shait, arrived
at Havna On the 9th bringing the news of the
surrender ofVera Cruz to the United States.
Site' had on hoard $50,000 In Specie. Three
email boats arrived at Havana on the Bth, con
taining the passengers and crew of the Eng
lish ship Catherine, which was totally lost on
the rocks 2.5 miles north-east of Cape Sap
,Antonio. She was bound from - Jamaica to
-;Glisgow, and bad a cargo of sugar and rum.
Fo4llllsllll ADO" so the Olney ef War.
et I. Yaur rseellency, wee won the day,
My . 'themes" conglit amid the; Cray,. .
And wl; l ppid the Yankees without
; And r.ktf—lWet Wheeled and tea
• - . r .
From th e Roston (diva Broach. I
I wouldn't ilea much for sitgirl Witt n prattle
From morning tilt nightther'es too much of the shrews
She amuses as triages n twopenny youth
Amuses a chilli—Just, as
, tong us it's new:
wouldn't give meals foist prattler,Llwould yout •
wouldn't Coemuch for 41,e women who wear them,
Smith slippers-the gaiters—l mean 'Minket two;
pt all the; , know, if perchance thei.dnu't tear
. .
them, ' .
• . ,
. ,
Say, "husband! they're on. and Just et me, they del"
I wouldu't give much fur these wurden—woup lout
I wouldn't give much far a girl with a bonnet
• That coat fifty tiokars etbert-Bret it way Hew,
Who sports a large muff With a h,airy tali on it,
That , hongs,down in fvoOt of it, jail as it grow;
Fwoulda t givo inuch / foilhis Col:nuts—would youl
I woutdu't give much fir Elhe woman Rho prances,
Promenading till night 'llOl the thoroughfares ehrol
Giving winks to the'clerki, or else amorous glances,
Emoughton to turn both her eyes all _show;
i wouldn't hive much fur this woman—would youl
I wouldn't give much fur . * girl who is spending
Bcr day* aE rho glass, libt to work or to sew,
While her rather is over his weary toll b rling,
To earn to support her herd dollars a tow;
I troUlthet give much for this rain one—would you?
tyc uldn't give much ndria girl with a lover
Of dandy bud air, with his soft "barley vow," •
Ifis lips all mustachios—taco whiskers all over,
Who calls Itiiiisale foreign, and *path the ' , rouse'
I wouldn't give much fur this fetnale—would
I wouldn't give much for a girl when noycle,
From Choever'lllo illr,10h11111 . 11,..113201" apd Sue,
That aoo I the Iv holi , country in mansion+ and liovelei
Before 'W has lee ned bow to bake, beih,vitid stew,
1 wouldn't give in 01 tlir,this being—wolldpul
0 give - um no finer►, ma, vain one, no prancer,
But ono Who's a heart 'that is loving and
felAndaonie or limurly,,tu sure elan would answer,
' And proud of the chance would Ihe her to woo,-
1 wouldn't, ohject, my dear fellour—woiild vote
From druham's Magazine.
[Contin . ued.]
41ArtER Vt
f.Who thundering cntnn'iu hleckest sieed."—Birnotr.
While Mnj. Lin'dtay was galloping from Blako f
ley Da% Captain Preston, by the same road, was
advancing toward, it. He / had been out OTi
elotiting expedition, and' hearing that Kate was
still wi i tit her aunt, 'determinCd, in , a moment of
relenting, to visit her. Ho had not yciiheard of
14r father's capture— of course belWits ignt rant
of her own peril; and Kate determined that he
The rapidity of Major Linitiay's pace Was in
union with the tutntjt of his thoughts. Now that.
all, was settled, coiscience wa stilled; and he Mt
Only the wild exultation of success. Exposure
wa.,the only thing he had io dryad; bUt of that he
or tug secrecy as well as ithinity.
He had no doubt Kate Would soon love him. - 2
itb other women he had generally been success
ful; he attr ibuted his failure in her case to,her re
ineinbratice o( Picston as her old playttiall.• But
once finding herself the husband of another, duty
world soon teach her to forget the past. Oecu.
pied with these iellections, Mnjor Lindsay's spirit
rose. Tritimpluint guilt is rarely given to re.
"But one thing only is wanting," he said "If I
could meet this Preston—this braggadocia—l
would at,Onco have my revenge, and get rid of all
po@sibility of future r;.vair."
As Win answer to this half emaressed wish,there
*cis at that moment seen, en the crest,of a slight
elevation in front, a single horseman, who even at
that distance, w i ns recognized as wearing the uni
form of Marion s brigade.
"Wheel to the ri4ht," said
. IrjorLintlstty sharo
and suddenly to his dragoons, "into this old wood
road.' Hal 0. We wilt lie in ambush here until
we know something of the strength of the enemy.
They do not yet see us."
' flisordero were immediately executed,' The
troops dashed into die pine barred, %here they
w.c l / 4
re eae le concealed behind eOnie high , hvish.—
Nlajo i r L dEtly alirrlded and eteaclilY LtdAtICCII to
reconnoite ~' I
firstli s
e saw, a, trooper idly descending the
then another immediately cut the clear utctiVity
with his figure; and soon &third, fourth and fifth
appeared in rapid succession. The last corner .
was eta galloP and thished by the others uittil,hd
reached their heid. Even at that distance ILlobi
Lindsay thou2llt there was sornethine familiar in
thatperson, Re could not believe, However, that
he had seen the whole of the enemy's force, until
the five horsenien had nearly descended the„hill,
when ho concluded that they" Were merely a scout
ing party of fhb foe. tie beckoned to him his or.
derly. •
"Do you know those fellows?" lie said. .
The approaching horsemen were still at a con
siderable rliNytnce, so the man shading his eyes
with ono hand, while with the other he held back
the brurhweod to get on opening for his face, peer
cd long and eagerly. ;Then he •diew back, nod
ding his head.
"1 kno b 'em," he said, "least ways on o' cm,
who is that Captain Preston that used to plague
us so, uti at the, hall xonder," and be jerked his
finger ove r t his shoulder in
- the direction of Mrs.
filakeley's which they had left about an hour be
"Are you sure?,' said Major
. LinNey eagerly..
I, would ratheriose a dozen guineas than that you
'should be mistaken."
"Then you'lll keep your guineas, air," said the
orderly, •tthat's Capt. Preston and nobody else."
ols•that. fellow, Macdonald, with him? lie I. I ,
worth two men, and it would boa lu4ky hit to get
both." ' , I', I ' • '
"No, sir, I . knewhis tut well— itut he's mot
, And that's odd tot', for he and Capt. Res
ton always ere togethe. like • deg hunting, in
"Then die have him" , laid Major Lindsay,
ultingly, "Ele cannot escape its" 1 -
. -0, .1 .
"Shall we blow t h e trumpet, an d enrage stolen,
then?" said the orderly; HOur men ill go at 'em
like hungry wolves.. They've a lim score to set=lie."
"Not yet," said Major• Lindsay, 'we_tvill wait
till those falews ; corne itjr; then, boitt and saddle,
and upon them. ' , would not bay *them escape
us for my life." '' ' !,,
The dragoons, informed . wheithe, enemy wad,'
eluded impatiently to begin the . attttek-:--for they
had a hundred insults to avenge, ea, the bold par
, risans,beforothern. Meanwhile, of Otero, far, the
orderly . had -heettiigitt - in::sayirm , Capt. presion
hid the , troop, appieaehe4 qp,,a t Of, conplot.tly,
unconeetnua'offfieretencepl,hie idden,inenty,
fie wee .engagied In a 'scent tiapia
Won`, Of lime
, • ; ;, _ . , ' d_ ,
a THE SNORED IS ,o vEnsED TpO , 31:1I " -C
.ii.T . UI? ! ,Jii,A.V; MAY, 15,:.184''x. ~
. .
extent, and had no idea an armed royalist Wei
within twenty Mike. .Beddenlv however, ho
drew in hie rein,. for he thought 'he heard a horn
inxim ing in the esi; brit it was too late; Ntej
Linde "y ester they"_'ere discovered, and immedi•
ate! gave the long wisheri Ibrywitrd.
Charrief." he.aairf4tuneing his, rowels into the
sides of his home, anti clearing at-one bound the
apace between him and the road.
'With a loud !Myra, the dragoons shouling,"no
quarter," Ai/lowed his "e,Mmplo, horse and man
suddenly lifiing the read like di - triathlons. Pres
ton saw' hi was surrounded. Their cries told
him, Moreover, that it was to be a lifts and death
struggle. Five against fifteen was (pried odds,
yet he cried, • •
"Marion fernier:" an•i drawing hie sabre, he
dashed at Lindsay ; whoa) he recognized. "Ha!
ha' e we met?" he Med.
"Yes—and I have :veil!" `was the reply hissed
between his adversary's teeth.
As Major Lindsay thus spoke, he raised himself
its his stirrups, and throwing. all his strength into
one gigantic blow, be brought hie heavy sabre
down, right on the almost unprotected head of
Preston. Fora women: it seemed as if, the . tren
chant blade would cut through cap and skull, even
to the shoulder—and, had it ntrutA fair, it would;
but with a dexterous movement, ottr.horo evaded
the stroke, and . in reta l rn. dealt a side cut flat,
Major Lindsay's horse bad not fortunately swerv
ed, would have ended his West once.
• But though foile4 in thisfirst attempt, each was
eager to return the charge, and wheeling
horses, they rushed again upon. each other. ,It
was Preston's turn now to deal the that blow,—
:He rode with very short stirrups, of which he took
advantage to throw hiMself baeltivard, and then
projecting him4ll forward, at Arensting ::11 hi/
strength , into tiuk b low, he brought his sahke doWn
on the helmet of i tsilajor Lindsay with a foice that
was irresistible: Cutting clear through $e crept
as if it had been a sninkewreath, the welliproved
blade descended with Atli violence on the steel cap,
through which it crashed like an egg - shell; but
herd it stopped—broken into fragniebts by the Ise:
mendotts stroke and the , j fesistancti Of the iron
casque combined: Nothinebut that well temper
ed steel head piece could Ititve saved Major Lind
say's life. As it was, stunned andlewildered he
reeled in liis•saddie.
"Hew him down!" "I:lse' "the cold lead!"— -
"Have at-him them, ose and all!"
Such were the exclatnations :hat met our hero's
ear, as he recovered himself from that blow, and_
found only the 'and a fragment of id's broken
blade left In hi land— He looked round hastily.
His four followers had - already been put: • hors du
combat, and the dragoons were now, like dogs
around a wild hoar, waiting a chance to rush in
on him, encouraging each other by shouts . ; for
such Wail the terror of Preston's name, and so ter
rific was the blow they had just'Aeo dealt their
leader diet each than hung back an instabtipre
f.".rint t .4I.I!ARNA I /Winill a rfliligr.Cir to
himself of it, for ;as pistols Were already drawn,
he krieW his chance would last scarcely a moment.
*-tio,"Thuntlerer!" ho said, addressing his'steed
-- r a powerful animal, jet black all over-land turn ,
ing hie head toward-that part of tiro circle of his
fifes which seemed the thinest, ho added, "Stand,
by me now, and we escape them yet."
As he spoke, he dashed his spurs to the,
animal's sides till the blood spurted, fron beneath.
,the sharp steel, and With a pistol in his right',
hand, sprang fiercely forward • Right anti left
the dragoons, panic-struck, gave way, as dock
of sheep fly before the onset of an angry wolf—
only ono man attempting to stop his progress.—
'But, without so, much us being wounded, the
trooper went down headlong—overthrown by
Preston's•powerful charger; ands hero, yield
lag to an uncontrollable Impulse, as he' saw the
way thud cleared before him, rose in his stirrups;
andwaving his arts on high, looked back, and
, rave utterance to a shout that long after he had
vanished, like a bolt shot firm, some huge cata-
pult, echoed entire-echoed in the startled woods.
"He is oil', be GoVsaid the orderly; "saw you
• i
ever the like?" -
Frit a second the dragoons stood stupidly look
ing, at ciach other; then, all at once, a dozen pis
tols were snapped at tho fugitive, 'and a dozen
steeds - put to the pursuit. Moreoier, Major
Lindsay, though hie head .still swam from that
tremendous blow, bad 'recoered sufficiently to
undentand what was passing, and he nbw lent
his voice to encourage the chase, and himself Pas
sed forward among the first.
All this had occupied time than it Mistaken.
.us to relate ht. 'The attack the fight, the escape,
succeeded each other like fleshes of slimmer
lightning; and when Pirfeton, adroitly , turning
his horse into the narrow and winding road where
his foes had•lain in ambush, passed momentarily
out of sight, unharmed by the slio,:s that , •
,past, it seetnedtolim almost as if he we a Pi a
drecirn. But the shouti of pursuers, and t rapid
treA 4 l
of hoofs; speedily convinced him of the 're
ality And pitying voice and spur , he went on
war at a slashing patio, now and then looking
behind to see if, the dragoons gaineJ on him.
i There is something inexpressibly still b and re
freshingin an 'old, deserted road, windirix through
a cool pine forest. 'I ho tall trees lapping over
head, the thick carpet of splattering leaves be
low, and the delicious fragrance all around, 'have
always had a charm fur us; and Preston left it so,
especially atter the fierce excitement 01 that life
and death struggle; so that when ho canto to a
little dark stream, gliding. solkly,uorossipte road,
he longed to Stop and bathe his throbbing temples
and take ono icing, sweet draught, as he had often
done upon het-day 'in the :retest, when a boy.
But the red foe was behind him and ha elicit .on
like an arrow..
presently ho came Man old clearing, which had
had.been long abandoned.. Here for :about a
quarter of a mile, was art open space' - where
ploughed fields had once, been, hut the fp rroWs of
which Were overgnen by a drys stunted grass,--
I-lo would have preferred the winding forest road,
but there was no alterdative, 'widen ho ,dusiteth—
He had nearly regained the shelter of the forest
on the other side,' when ho heitd a wild burst
hearing, and looking baek ho
, saw the dragoons,
wadi:W.lM L4ndsay and one otter in advance
entering on tho'opcn
. space. They bad caugh
sight of hint Or the first time since ho entered the
old toad, and their shouts - betokened renewed
hope end determinatiek on their part • •• •
Breathlessly Prdston kept" n, but with leis aro
mance than.beibrei for, i hts horse was idrOdy
hard.worlibil, and 'soon he saw' ith.dismay that
blood wria flawing trorri his fore-Shoulder freely
front a wound. -A half Iniie thriller en, the, poor"
aniraahbegsn- to flag itenaiPly; pat ethel,"aa it
-React); dud much to 11;.,VaMiut. hie. awn genet ,
ous hamm, - Preston wa:ltffirceem urgrcuritiqy
ittc4l lic Istipw tha t
, ,
and a hell be ii; .;rviti a energy into the. recesses
1h coul i i
of:which - 0d but once plunge, ho would
be safe, But ow he heard, behind hint a . rapid ,
hoof. It cam neitier though still out of eght.:—
One if not mere of bis pursuers! was gaining up
°Whim • Ag l in he spurred his steed, and en
couraged him with words. The noble animal
answered wit a feeble cry and staggered en.—
Scarcely him mil? now remained to gain. the
swamp. If could only reach it, Preston knew
all danger w uld be part, But this was impos
) .
i That rapii gallop came nearer an steam , like
the clock ilia ticka the hoar of the criminal*. fete.
He heard a s out behind him, and' looking, over
his shouldel-, aw tto trooper, whom lag had . last
noticed side y Ili e with Major Lin say, come
thuridering i . 114 cheered lihJilYingisteed to a
last e ff ort, h t it' was in vain— die drag oon made
two strides t hiso e. ~ A. few paces only, now
separated th in; t e sverupp lay thrice the dis
tance before ,Al eady the trooper luid raised in
his rtirups, road- word' in hand.. Preston had
mai ) such 1w . open recollected 1 , the
pistol in his other holster, and Mewing it with
the velocity .11.+1», he turned half around) in
his saddle a'd tired. With unerring aim the
ball meted the , fain of the dragoon, who 101
dered to the ant). ' • .
It 'was th wor of a moment to leap to . 1... be
ground and eatch l the fallen so!dier':‘ - horse, on
which Pea on sprang. Poor Thunderer*was al
''ready doihr; ho had sunk to the earth as his'master.
fired the la. t shot. • , i t -'1
, Thus fat , interposedllet prevent tin/ intervit w
hetweenp,estowla n d our heroine, eta time When
it would li• en been of incalculable advantige to
both, and It, ve circumvented a plot as base and
cruel as it , as nOw certain of amcess.
, r . At the
very hour A lieri Preston, after having riddetiover
thirty mile frotrl the spot where he was attacked,
, threw him elf wearied - froutitis horse,,in ono of
the most a cret rfeeneit of the forest, 'UM° and
her aunt w re setig forth for GeorgetOwn, where
lthey arrived on th succeeding day; r ,
Neverv ri t as human creaturo in a .more isolated
and moor ful - situation iltan Fate now found her ,
self. lad lOng n, what ;the 'Nought a hopeless
passion, e cry motive, of delicacy folliatie her re
vealing i o tho 4 who allow could befriend her.
She well k ew that ill her father became 'aware
- t how mud -her marriage wi.h Major Lindsay was
against It r inclinations, he would inter Pose even
at the very altar, and ascend the se&tfold to save
her. Yeitlisr Would it do to Idt her aunt guess
her ablmr unee'at this union. Both her father
and Mrs. Ilakciey had, indeed, at onetime hoped
that a matrimonial connection would he formed
between her amt, Preston, but the mutual coldness
of the parties l i rd long since dissipated th is ex•
ketationl It v 'as no time now to reveal her se
cret prefeence; Mit a confessimi koala Only ha v,O
sealed he fatler's , fate; • without renderini.'her
happy ' - Kat e."?•,- 05 .
its M jor Llndeiny was competed lo be at , .,,.__;_
-den in-s x days, Ms leave •r4f absence closing at
that peri d, the marriage ivas 'fixed for the eve,
nirig bet re lint departure. This was an earlier
day that Kato l ikid looked for, but she could' not
object v qtliout expoiing her secret. - She sub
mitted t ietef+i in silence.
.But w to can tell the agony of her spirit When
in compbny With her aunt - .and parent, she was
forced t wear a guiding - aspeet! yet when alone,
she gave free vent to her sorrow. The image of
Preston' often)
on those bitter mornelits.=
Alas! that one so young should he so miserable.
She cotdd ha l ve prayed for death, but that would
haver bone -iMpious. •
Oh the heart—the hearti that a mystery it is,
Therere blitwe worse than 'thoso on tit l e wheel:
w ten a
it is ' g ay heart is broken with anguish.
1 vu. *
Otlr l fortrees Ir the gond grrenwe4l, ,
_Our tent the evpross tree.
We know , the feirest round us.
the toomeo k plias the *oa f
We know its woks of thorny viner;
ILA glades of reedy mos.
Ito safe And silent islands
Within thi dark morns...;. ;
amiroj Iforines men.
it W I O several dayinelerthe events of the, last
chapter, antolle scene was dale cif wild and wood.
land, beauty. Belie cypresses 'rose ,o-1 every
hand, festooned with parasite plants, broad glades
opened hereand there in all direetions; and vast
arcades stretched off at a distance, groined and
vaulted like a Gothic minister. It Was just inch
a spot ad Robin tided might have chosen in old
SherWoixt. Here were gnarled monarchs of the
forest - which had braved the lightnings and the
storm," ofa thousand years; here were natural bow
ers, formed by the. interlacing branblies of trete,
suchnsfait Rosamot?d,might have been shifter.'
ed irtyliere were vines drooping' train the huge
brandhes, like curtains, dr hangini 'in &stains
acroi,it the way, like! the draped banditti df a
mighty host.' The wholneene Wat,full of pie-
Unclip() beauty. And the effect wits heightened
by fires, which, glimmering here , t and there. be
tween the trees, cast wild and flickering. shades
,alokg The swarti,,and gale the prospect the air of
an enchanted forest. Fragrant plants filled the
evening. atmosphere with delicious perfmno—the
the shrub, and, more excittisite than all. the .
sweitn-scented jessamine..! '
This, as the reader may hive initigincil, was
It4rion'a celebrated camp at Snow Island. • it was
a piece of high river swamp, nearly or altogether
enclosed by water, and defended tiy its natural
position from ettrprise and siege alike. Here of
tdr his famous expedition's, he was u red
to te: ire and recruit hit men, exhausted by long
and rapid marches, often lfxly miles a day, which '
they had been called ea to endure. rerhapa the
great secret of this renowned pardian's success;
next to his indoutitable'courage, which reminds
ut of a 4. night of chivalry, -was the care which
ho look o give his followers sufficient- rest be
tween his enterpaises. His maxim was to lie low
and feed high until the hour carne (to strike; but
then his motions were as rapid, and the blew he
struck as decided as the thunderbolt.
' The present occasion wus one of those' on
which his men, having returned front a ettece. , ,a ,
lot ettiedition, was resigning themselves, like
true soldiers, to the pleasure of the motile M. The
sentinels wore indeed posted at the crinikirts; but
inside the camp Itself was universal lacer/sail and
sinie. 'The reigns ofdiacipline seemed, for tire
t me, to have been . relastd.. The different mess:
,t 1
a were gatheredOver' their meal's; the cheerful
up circulated from hand to, hand; god many a
errylist was ttild;er:tyrie of war or'lo'iti . wee
ung by thtwo jovial Orion companions,
• ciao of ilmso,gieoni . ,seeniediveo more uteri"
bin the rest.. It r at composed of about, a dozen
en; prominent amoqz•whoia was Preston'a ler.'
cant,-Macdonald,-who acted air the director of
Ice,reitiegleit'ilir the timafoing s - .and.aa'si• especially
itO ihti'ciyeulatioil'ileiltt WO. ''' - -
- .l"Keep kt tip,•boys," he said, banding "Mond
dr tiottitO`it. Isn't often we get such real ofd
sir as this, for ire not every day we bale tire
.ri ing of irieli Tery*a cellars, as ire %ad last
Week. A short Oland a Airy one, is my riot
tm, mu my excellent friend, Jacob, why don't
you drink? You needn'tisit shoWing us your
teeth all the time, astbough they were handsome.
cbmrades here lathe health eijlacob Snoir--that's
4 ou my ,old chap, I supposezbe *en ea as pretty a
Mien* as there Is'in the thirteen- colonies; and
boasts shin bone that' cutves like a reaping
hook. acob Snow, standing, egad'^ ,
• "L'or Musa Macdonald, l'm deep obligated for
die bon r." sahOhici old butler, for it was indeed
he. "I m diseunifoundel for wards to diitress my
fr•filings.". Hero he laid his hand on his heart,
"Thit's it-bjazo away old felifive a said the
acriettit slapping him on,da.) back,
."I knew yr
could talk is glib' as la parsed. Se you Were at
Mra t lakelera when v. ewereNbefore that Plies;
werriy ul i You rememlrer my sending for my
baggy oil"' 1 1 I
- •
"Gor, atnightyl yea," said oIJ Jacob, full of
revereoll adm iration,' ."And you's to grotto
man too dat shot Lieutenant TorrianO at three
liuncl44l yards.' , Yaw(:)arr! yaw! dat made 'cm
furiou•r• Major Limlsair aued you-were en Injun,
and no better thin n cannon ball -be, yaw!"
"Ha! hal.. Acannibal you mean, my old brave
I suppose. But th hitting of the lieutenant tais
a trilie to the way 1 served Major iGainey.-
Wasn't it, lads?" • •
"Ay, it was?"lieedlirktf a doted voices.-
"Tell , km, him-t e ll it!'"•• ''
[ "Shall I." raid the set jean?, addressing Jacob
With something of drunken gravity; for the whole
part' by this time, had dune ample justice to l their
dagons. . -, I • i
l 'ell, then, must know, my jelly old
bade ' - , but fi ll your cup win, and drink pertli•-
Lion to the E nglishmen-that it party of us had a
e.. . • 1 -
brush down by GeorgetoWn, pot lung age, with
'soinef the Brill:b regulars, wlie ercee killing
beev it at White pridge. ; 'We semi whipped ilia
red eats; and ilteit Cliesecl i them teward the test;.
Brit heir friends here, liearini the Ilring. Came
awe ing out Ult. bees, and so - went at it again,
hip nd thigh as he good 1"ok says,'enil for a
it was the :se of a six pence which would
win. We fought a pretty smart bit of the day;
but at last the re. co.a.s gave ground 'again.. 1
bad notit ammo g them an ollicer whom l took
for Majir wine • a felicity that had the inipT
knee to boast th t he'd carry `Marion a! piisoror
nn hiseaddh: int. ( Georgetown; 'and se I singled
him out, reaolvin • to try his iduelc, and comb
him' down a spell 13dt no sooner-did be sec me
coining down on Black Bess, titan' he elspried
spare to Ilia hors -and a etc:Eerily mood Ono it
was-and made .traight for the town, like' an old
i;fAinan who iee• a marl dot. 100%0i - the
rind we
went . ... .. ~ inl__, A ult devil_ alf
or along wii c con d gain on the mijor. I
\ might have cut d win he 'a
i oxen crap:dug fel
ioiefrarr. rdailied , n••, buil had made u•• a i; • .
__.. 1 9 havc,_i.--r- N ~.: r *. h . i ;...,54 "CA'd
151a' It Sees di/1 4 i: ride& il=!.'!•„ l ,_ --cti etrece an d
fen' es shot - past aif rtinnifig a race. The ma-.
Jot' Idd hors• went is I never saw a, beast go
before; t I we- close behind, and beginning to
[ gain on h t. e were now almost at tiro en
of orgatown, Still I held on, lumping
to old Dere likei,a marl devil, as I reaelied•Rich:
mond (eke, 1 lapped the guatter,=.3.e.- the _tnajor's
horse, and will a lunge, ran niy briyonetanterhis
back . The in ••r had turned amend, frightened ,
half to death, I fling up his hands beseechingly;
and I tholight had him sure, till the cursed bay-,
nd left me only the gun. I woe
ihaving bolt hitri r yet I . ceiti not
, 7 I saw him F,o down the stieeta
, : the bayonet stilltstiekingi n him,
into a trussed laid. I hauled up,
s afe, and , ,‘, there the last
`,. we've heard
ey ,.
, • ;
onet came el,
mad enough a
help laughing
of Geortzetow
like a skewer
and came 6i' -1
of Major Gal
Witlrn r.r. titres like these, the night passed,
the old limier listening with open Month, endears.
AC length, toward Midnight, t tread "
la horse's
feet',wat he rd, and directly clear, eommand
ingvoice c Iled Macdonald b y name.
'. , Thh td Min, by tile LOrdl" op:filmed . ilth
serjeint, j hp as If Ay bk by an electric
shock.. lt Jo. is here et last, aliye and sound,
which I I egan tof ar for—ht.tall, But stop,—
Now Jacob Snow , ., deliver yipiir Misson.—
i sq
lailti up like a m , as 1 dih and dent ' sway
atmitt like a pine tree in a liturleane 4. Oat:Olin,
this gentleman," continued tie speaker, hie voice
getting thicker std thicker,',"has a mr te cursedly sage for
you from Miss' Mowhray; but h
(1 14
. i
drunk to kndw - it.!'
I ' '
At these wortta, our hero, who was d regirdirm
the group with a look of siteht.elmke, tnrricd sod
denly on:the oki.blitler i who was, it the i truill nano.
be told; the only sober one of the_ parry: •A flesh
of joy lit tip dept. Preston's fate as hel extended
hie hand for the supposed letter. Old ineob;wlto
had no missive of that character to deliver, but
with !WI cotrie %Orally on his own responeibililt,
hesitlited what to say. 'White the Iwo parties arc
thus regarding each other, we will explain the in
eitlenpt et Welt had brought thturtiltes unexpected.
ly together. 1.1 1 ,1 il ' ' 1
Capt. Proutooluid fothid difficulty iit'regnihi g
%v ng
the camp, in eh licluene of Maj Lindray lavini p
lett word of the, I4e where 'he hail sought refuge
With some l'ilti es id the neighbothoOd, l These
men, enxietts to secure so rOloubtable,,icader, had
immediately stationed' patrols al; all the hankl
oat-lets of the swan*, and thus twice had our he.
ro been dtiven batik into its reecssess, once nar
rowly escaping death: At length, frosievbr, in
1 the dead uf night, he had succeeded In eludinghis
enemies, and gaining -the high road. Ills dight,
however; had led him into a district full of To
rieriandtwas forced to travel with great caution,
and Make- a long, circuit ih older to i own to
camp. Meantime , his absence there I ati.occa
eioned Much alarm, especially among his troops;
and. Macdonald` had intended, if he did not appear
by the ensuing morning, settog forth to make linquiries1 in
quiries respecting hint, fear ug he was dead. i.
Thu old butler bad been inithe coup too days,
he had attended hia mirtresi a
to Georgelown,nd
was the only atm tsho snap& ed the true - state,of
Kates heart ,,, Ele lotetithati fair creature with
the plind devtition a ,'re- shot's to Its Master; and
he llati long been fully, satisfied that her affections
• L ,
' were gleenlit Preston., Of hero be bad 115. e .
stab an idea as the old romancers had of a Pa a-,
din °flamer slaye,looking on him as eapoldii of
tieing 'a ni deed f , no‘ how -impossibl‘; o
old' Incotolt )t coned only necessary that Prim on'
;Wahl knoisr oTitittes'dprig'er, in .order to roe ro
,her, AitOrilfriily;4lton ho (Wind th man) go
actually resolved on, and the `day site d , ho a 010
out of Georgetown , Mid Made the hest ofhie ay
. ,
to Marion's ramp:,
Ifert tic Pews - of rreetotfs IA +midi»
.74V1 Itigit '52.
like a thunderbolt. But he knew no ens Ow
coitliirewlist him, and moreover I,c held Katt:Yeses
trct iioiaered to he/ Isetpatied to otherti. ' blenn•
time, be found . amusement in listening to the
Weis* the Soldiers, end was never happier thas
when .with mouth Viltre i open, ho saiNdaVouting ,
some 'Cory gf Hb implicitly believed
eirerY thlhg.hel beard; end thought, with husible
vanity, What k ilijsatiht 'he . 'would •ciesto it
Bialitief Haft When he rehearsed there that* •
tales; for Jacob, n hit tartly way, was 'a
eon of ,
FHisart; and Witli the 4natious Old ;trinkets, •
thought nothing io "honSrable end glorleuti ii
galient felts cifitrms'.r "
Preston no* drinv the old butler aside,/ and
skid, . •
"Have youths letier here'
•'Please masa." said thg . old feliew,rdelewnlito
ed to blunt. thaugh the, business with a round
falsehood, since he could think of nothing, elda
just then, that woUld Serve his turn; pleas. mat.,
sa,dat was a curs ed in Sergeant Madmicuudd-r•
I nebber had it lettilt Iron Miss Kate; but hair
one lily message from her: .Sho • lis in George.'
town in a pole,mccielther she mug marry Major,
Lindsay, or Mr. Mowbray be hung."
"Good God:" e.clauned . Proton, "what is It
you amyl Trifle noiWith too," he said -sti,;ty,
seizing the old shire by the toner.
"As true sis dare is a fleiVen above." said the •
ea-hinter, treratiling and Miff frightened oil of his. .
wits ; "%fliot I sky ii Ale G ospel truth" , ,
Ho thed proceeded to give Preston a mare d e.
tailed actoiuit of aittir's, so far as they were known
to hirn—adhettring . 4encralty to the truth. except: .
its roundly asserting that liate , had sent him.
Preston's hear: throbbed when 'he heard this.--+
Kite loved him, then, after all. ' Hope whispared
to him a bewildering dream; for if she codicils* res. - -
cued what happiness would be his, • But then came -
tile thought how was this to lie t Meted? Kallswas
at Georgetown; it Vost of e ofiSiderakle strength.
andno succor'coulii reach her Unless by stratagem
ye( with time, this Might be effected. 'But in
whist snanneri could the Vigilance:of guards be
•ra ?
mounted, and ilielni \carried o ff —tor it was no
cesarY• to rescue her fa her "ns. well as herself.
Suddenly the voice oft) d Jacob aroused him hens
the train of thought into which he was plunged?
41 Pere is lily tithe left, ear," Ira said, "for I hab
Waned tiro day/,,' To-moro* night it will be too
la.c—for den de`wedding is to take place.'
' 4 1'.a.morrow night," said Preston t agbast—ot
now he heard far the ghat time, of the tied fixed
for the tharr , kge.: 'God of Heavens! Ala already
too late-- - -she is ~ . )st farmer!' , , • 1
He turntd hisfate totitired With anguish,up to
the Moon, r hiclt smiling full and bright through
the'bltie dep th s f air. Hew calm ,and ethrufged
was that silvpry planet! Ages ego it had ahem 6 -
thus, equally cold and unsimpathiaing. It had.
seen the sacrifice ofJcPthal daughter; it , Itad
hetd the fugitive Porcipeyi it hru ,
esisin f Zen...
big, - iviieritibrovintess queen; it had looker do
__ ~....
e , v,
n pestilence A.. 1 ‘ ~...t.n-r,:s Course, the 4
m etth
tx.olthnteetinzirh: king at matt and his ng
-IA 1 1„ ;
ony. Priston thined a q, and groaned. Bear.
ea as well as earth seemed without hope. ',
. [Concluded next week.]
' 1
The '. o at without boilers ( :i _
During the opposition between the two ateaWH
boat lines, gunning from the Kennebec to Beata •
last summer; any just as the tivet beats Were i •
making reedy to start; a isogon hots in sight: .
irr Which was an old lady, with an neentnPanl•-
ment of band boxes and bundles, evidOntly ef luip.
ped for a journey. The respectite agents of the 1
two lines spring towards her. "Take the j&liiii,-
shall, rnarm?—fine boat." "Try dui Pentifint s -
new boat, built last !rummer, commanded by.'
favorite of everyboiri—paprain - -z:-- - - - 7 '
- ”Ar e g
The boys pd !Wafers around of hoed the 44at •
their favoir es in concert, •illurndi for till t" nobs
scot," "Hu rah for the John MarshalL" 'T • old
lady; Ifflri I id probabij never fieen. a 'tea treat
b'efire, When thief notion of tali t arrant .itio
their boiler tin:sling propensities, teas almos two
side•herself with terror at the hirbbnin • (,- - _ ,
." Oh, Lady ! t wish I'd never, stirred aate
if I'd a known, there was tote such en aWfal rim
as Ode, I'M titre I Wonldb't. ''The pesky biter' I '
I know theVll:_bustrevery body's looking afte '
means nobody's attending to 'cm. There, go
right away, elf of ,yOu, I'm going straight heck,.
I couldn't rest a yeir& for feat of the Peelty hie
lent." - .
• "YOU heed giro )oUrselfho arotiel on accountt
:of the boilers in Ow Marshall",-(saili the. agent = -
of M.)" they are new and sound, and couldn't he
- rirille - to htirst." , % - ,
• 1 ' • . I ' - ' '
"Arc you sum Of st," sal the ol dlady,evincing
sytnptoms of a favorable disposition', towards the ,-••
Marshall—"you ain't a tryin' to! practice , ors the ‘,-_,
(gentility of a poor lone Wehrle, I 'lupe.? 1 .
l• "No fear of meLaa sound a 8 a teaketo," wai
the reply. •
4 \- . I. •
the old teontan WAS amet descendir from the•,,
wagon to' embark . in the' 'Marshall, When agen t
1 No. 2 stepped up, ,
‘. "Iklatiam;' snit he, in a awriotuittine,'ino doubt' -.
i the Marshall's boilers arc sound enough, lint the
i best boilers are dangerous things. WO dracw C
1 that a great many peeple,lntd be , n killed bythent
—especially of late—and took: the boilers osl, or ,
' cur boat three weeks ago." 1
"Yoi did," said the, '!that' the bent tut Ivor
. then—Ydinett (to the wagon boy} P . arl i ernli the hie- :
l ' et hoe, and the Umbrella, and the parasol-44-
ora forget the new „shoes and dutighnOts finder,. -
the 4tat. Tell Sally I vrent' in the (West without
any biters, and - the need have net rem sdi tie! ,' • •
And giving her ann to the I i a:curabe hutiiett:
. lbottrd the Penobscot- 7 i c mark trig that; l theykard ,'
better hurry oat of the wa of the tillers °Mel ,:..I
ether boat, es,,iff tley were tulhuit, he 01141- 1 . !
get hurt at that dirance. 1 ' . • •
.. 1 - , .
tonmimENTAnyi , —An Abuditior4o of An•
burn nominates the negro • Freeman, who
committed the revolting Murders et a OWASCCia
:and forwhom Gov. Seward his so - wairnly
Pym pit hi ied; as &proper tandidate tbr Vica4:
Piesident i on the ticket with Gen.,' Tanioth
Useait.i*-It eb !onset
denitti by our Whig Opp!iirebts that
iff ',46, is the best We Bard ever had; they;
are all otAt inlayer of the 'Medea!) 141111 afid
hks green said against the SetA i feirt.: -
ary New Avhy inap
,no!.-#6C - paftyf,l,l
support the iitlininistrationJ sineefik , to(
ed to deals ihOstilitietC cite
• -
Thfi.sta rival of a Gs; roxsei trt . l3uftaietlitio`!"- ,
season, was the 23 of int