The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, October 15, 1908, Image 1

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VOL 42.
1 1 i
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Open a Bank Account Have a Check Cashed
Borrow Money, or Make an Investment
The Farmers National Bank
Capital, 860.000 Surplus 3100,000
0 M. CKFjVEMNG, Pres. M. MILLEISEN. Cashier.
W. L. Whitk
N. U. Fcnk
C. W. Runyon
3 Per Cent. Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
The following deeds have recent
ly been entered on record by Re
corder of Deeds Frank V. Miller:
Berwick Savings and Trust Co.,
guardian of William S. Neal, of
town to Louisa McPherson, part of
lot No. 23 on the north side of East
Third street.
Louise McFherson to Warren B.
Johnson and Beulah II. Johnson,
hif wife, lot on north side of East
Third street.
John M. Clark, receiver, to John
T. Tracy and A. W. Sharpless, re
ceivers' deed for the property of
the Steam Heating Co., on Sixth
Berwick Land and Improvement
Co. to C. W. Cadwallader, lot No.
142 in borough of West Berwick.
John M. Fairchild to George W.
Cadwallader lot No. 137 in Fair
child's addition to the borough of
West Berwick.
J. M. Buckalew, executor of
Perry Buckalew, to J. M. Bucka
lew, Jr., property in Fishing Creek
township, containing 43 acres.
J. M. Buckalew, executor of es
tate of Perry M. Buckalew, Jr.,
property in Fishing Creek township
containing 47 acres.
John Jameson and Sarah E.
Jameson, his wife, in right of said
wife, Andrew L. Fritz and Dora,
his wife, Miles B. Weed and Mary
E., his wife to B. I). Cole, small
strip of land in the southeast por
tion of Jamison City.
Kenstauty Kiusel et al. to Peter
Bednarcyky for 38 acres and 64
perches of land in Franklin town
ship. Wm, B. Hess and wife to Robert
Ernest for 15 acres and 6 perches
of land situate in Jackson township.
J. B. McIIenry and wife to Ern
est C. Hartmau for 68 acres and
137 perches of laud situate in Ben
ton township.
Frank Ikeler and wife, Fred Ike
ler and wife, Alvin S. Ikeler and
wife, Elijah Ikeler and wife and
Harvey I. Giugles and wife to
George L. Johnson for 14 acres and
2 perches of land situate in Mt.
Pleasant township.
C. W. Miller and wife to M. T.
Ohl for lot No. 2 situate on Ninth
street West of Dieffenbach's private
road in the town of Bloomsburg.
M. T. Ohl and wife to C. W.
Miller for a lot of ground in the
town of Bloomsburg.
C. W. Miller and wife to M. T.
Ohl for a house and lot of ground
on Ninth street, in ttie, town 01
Elmira Everett, executrix of II.
F. Everett, deceased, to Anna R.
Kramer for a lot of ground in the
borough of Benton.
Elmira Everett, executrix of II.
F. Everett, deceased, to Jennie M.
McHenry for a let of ground in the
borough of Benton.
George Hess and wife to Rolan
dus Conner for lots of ground in
Center township.
W. E. Dieterick and wife to The
School District of Scott township
for a lot of ground in Espy.
To the Endeavorers of Colombia and
Montour Counties.
You are herewith tendered a
hearty invitation to attend the com
ing C. E. convention at Benton, Pa.,
October 22 and 23, 1908.
It is a great deal of pleasure to
annnnnpo that Mr. A. I. Shartle.
of Reading, Pa., the newly appoint
ed Field Secretary, of Pennsylvania
will be in attendance and take some
part on the program. His wide
practical experience, his fire, en-
UllUi , nut ft
deavor work, will stimulate all to 1
greater effort who come in touch 1
with him at the convention.
C. M. Crkvkuno C. A. Klkim
Dr. J. J. Brown M. MitucisHN
On Friday last, October oth,
1908, it was one huudred years
since Judge William F.lwell was
On July 31st, 1888, he resigned
from the Bench after a service of
nearly twenty six years.
Thirteen years ago todav, Oct
ober 15th, 1895, he died, after an
illness of nearly eight years.
Though more than twenty years
have passed since he left the Bench,
the memory of his admirable quali
ties as a jurist and as a man, are
still green and it is a source of
much gratification to his living re
lativesto hear him still so frequent
ly mentioned 111 terms of admira
tion and respect. Truly, iu his
case there is a contradiction of
Shakespeare's statement that
"The evil that men do lives after
The good is oft interred with
their bones."
A. W. Tyson, of Mainville, and
Miss Anna M. Bradley, of Eyers-
.Ralph Knouse, ot Benton, and
Miss Anna Dewald, of Fairmount
Homer Beaver and Miss Clara
Hoffman, of Roaring Creek.
Miles Lucas, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
and Miss Violet Sivitts, of Blooms
Charles Barnes and Mrs. Cather
ine Behuey Smith, both of Centra-
William Clinton Rauch, of Fow
lerville, and Benton Elizabeth Mil
ler, of Berwick.
Josiah T. and Miss
Ruth Spear, both of Center town
Lloyd Gensil and Mrs. Elmira
Whitenight, both of Lime Ridge
The Bryan and Kern Club will
hold a Democratic meeting in the
Court House on Saturday evening
at 8 o'clock, when addresses will
be made bv Hon. Charles T. Reilly
of Williamsport, one of the best
campaign speakers in the state, and
Hon. W. T. Creasy, our candidate
for Assembly. A eeneral invita
tion is extended to all, and ladies
are esoeciallv ldvited.
Another meeting will be held
next week, Thursday.
Theta Castle, Knights of the
Golden Eagle, was represented by
one hundred and twenty-five mem
bers who attended service at the
Reformed church la?t Sunday morn-
intr. Thev listened to an excellent
sermon by Rev. J. D. Thomas, the
The annual meeting of the Col
umbia Countv Veterans' Associa
tion will be held at ' the time of the
dedication of the monument, when
ever that will be.
A Democratic meeting will be
held at Jamison City next Tuesday,
and will be addressediby promiuent
Home from Abroad.
Dr. and Mrs. D. J. Waller and
daughter reached home last Satur
day night, having landed In New
York that morning. The Doctor
is fully recovered, and has resumed
his duties as puncipai 01 me .nor
mal School.
0e QBfoomsBurg
Is dircctlv identified with the
ufacturing interests of this community, and with its ample Capi
tal and Surplus, Conservative Directorate, Progressive Manage
ment and convenient location, is equipped to Satisfactorily Han
dle New Accounts and to accord them that same courteous
attention which has been a vital factor in its Steadfast and Con
tinuous Growth.
3 Per Cent. Interest Allowed on Time Deposits.
Wm. II. IIidlay, Cashier.
Market Square is again a scene
of activity. A New York firm is
on hand to erect the Soldiers Mon
ument, and the derrick is in place.
A tool shanty adorns the corner
near the post office, and guy ropes
run iu every direction.
When any work of that kind is
going on, it is astonishing to see
how many men there are in town
who have nothing else to do but
watch it.'
The monument is expected any
time now, and when it arrives its
erection will be rapidly pushed.
Alfred Kisnerof Orangsville died
at his home 011 Sunday, aged 66
Mrs. Martha Crawford died at
her home on West Third street on
Monday evening, aged 87 years.
Surviving her are the following
children: Mrs. Henry Cotterman,
Mrs. William Giger, Mrs. Franklin
Rhodomoyer and Miss Rozetta
Crawford, all of Bloomsburg. Her
brothers and sisters have all preced
ed her to the grave.
Commander E. E. Bittenbender
of Eut Post called a meeting of all
veterans of Columbia county at
their hall, October 8th, at which
time officers were elected. J. C.
Eves of Millville Post was elected
president, M. P. Lutz, secretary,
and William Thomas, treasurer.
A motion was made to call the
committee Columbia County Sol
diers' and Sailors' Monument As
sociation, with power to arrange a
program and do other business that
may come before them, to promote
the success of the exercises at the
unveiling of the monument.
A large crowd witnessed the
game of base ball between the
Athletics of Philadelphia and the
Brooklyn team, on Athletic Field
at the Normal last Monday after
noon. It took but an hour to play the
game, and was devoid of excite
ment. The score was 4 to 1, in
favor of the Athletics.
Ex-Judge Joseph C. Bucher, of
Lewisburg, has been in declining
health for several years, although
able to be around until a couple of
weeks ago, since which time he has
been confined to bed. He is suffer
ing from a complication of diseases,
which at his age, seventy-five
years, precludes hope of his recov
Rev. Dr. Thomas of the Reform
ed Church is in Lock Haven attend
ing the Easteru Synod of that
church. He is a delegate from the
Wyoming Classis. The Synod
meets annually.
While assisting in handling a
part of a slate vault at Rosemout
Cemetery, W. R. Ringrose had his
leg iujured by the piece falling on
it. He is compelled to use crutches.
Democratic Meeting.
A Democratic meeting was held
at Bendertown last Saturday even
ing. A large audience listened to
good speeches by Hon. John G.
McIIenry and Hon. W. T. Creasy,
Qtaftonaf (ganft
Farming. Mercantile and Man
A. Z. Sciiocn, President.
A meeting of the ministers of
this town and vicinity was held
Monday and the following resolu
tions in relation to the attractions
at the Fair were adopted:
Whereas, The ohicers ot tue
Columbia Couuty Agricultural So
ciety made earnest attempts to con
duct a morally, clean and educat
ional exhibition at their annual
fair recently held in Bloomsburg,
Whereas, Notwithstanding
their vigilance some exhibitions
crept in that bordered on the in
delicate, not to suy indecent, be it
Resolved, That we the members
of the Ministerium of Bloomsburg
and vicinity, beg leave to commend
the action of the association in clos
ing some disreputable exhibitions,
and we would respectfully suggest
that at all future annual exhibitions
no shows known as "Dancing
Girls" shall be exhibited from the
grounds, and that in accordance
with Rule 15 of the association, no
gambling or game of chance of any
kind be admitted upon or in the
vicinity of the fair ground.
Resolved that a copy of these re
solutions be sent to the Secretary
of the association.
The ministers present at the
meeting were: Rev. G. H. Hem
ingway, Revs. E. R. Heckman, J.
E. Byers, G. R. Smith, M. S. Jon
es, J. D. Thomas, E. B. Bailey,
W. R. Whitney, of town, and the
Revs. Biggs and Fox of Espy.
The nine hundred thousandth
patent from the United States pat
ent office was issued Saturday, and
to it was attached the name of Pat
ent Commissioner Moore. The
patent was an improvement on
traveling stairs, such as are used in
hotels and other large buildings,
and while Mr. Moore ordinarily
attaches his last name with his in
itials, he signalized the attainment
of the nine hundred thousandth by
using his full name of Edward
Bruce Moore.
5&In the early history of the nation
the law required that patents
should be signed by the president
and as the first one was issued dur
ing the first presidential adminis
tration, it was signed by President
Washington. It covered a device
for making pearl ashes, and the
document itself is said to be now
owned by a Chicago collector.
Mr. Moore estimates that the
one millionth patent will be reach
ed in the year 191 1. As going to
show the inventive tendency of the
American mind as compared with
other countries, Mr. Moore calls
attention to the fact that notwith
standing this is among the newest
nations, and is one among many,
the total of patents issued by the
United States is not very far below
the total for all other countries for
all time. The issuance of foreign
patents up to the date of the last
report was 1,135,000 or only 235,
000 in excess of the total for this
There will be two sessions of the
couuty teachers' meeting in the
Court House ou Saturday. Ad
dresses will be made by Superin
tendent David A. Harman of Haz
leton, and Supt. W. W. Evans.
"What is a well governed school"
will be discussed by the teachers.
John Sherman of Jamison City
captured a black bear in a trap last
Thursday night.
There arc some of
the Most Beautiful
styles and patterns
this season that we
have ever seen.
Come in and look
over the models.
This store is full
of the season's styles
and you will be sur
prised how cheap you
can buy here.
Grange Inaugurating Campaign of Educa
tion. Tf.vtmrt from an address bv ex-
Governor Bachelder, delivered be
fore the National Grange: "At
the last annual meeting you en
dorsed the recommendation made
iu my address that the Grange in
augurate a campaign of education,
having for its object the enactment
of legislation by Congress provid
ing for a federal appropriation of
$50,000,000, to be divided into five
annual appropriations of $10,000,
000 each, to be expended for the
improvement of the public high
ways. These recommendations not
only received your endorsement,
but you instructed your legislative
committee to take the necessary
steps to inaugurate such a cam
paign. Since the last meeting,
your executive and the legislative
committee have given close atten
tion to the work of preparing for
this campaign, and we are confident
that the ;ime has now arrived when
the movement should be prosecut
ed vigorously, with the view of se
curing the necesary legislation at
the present session of Congress, if
possible. This your legislative
committee has made every prepar
ation to do, and I recommend that
you take such action before you
adjourn as will show that it has
the united support of the order in
this important matter. The de
mauds of the Grange are both rea
sonable and just, and we may ex
pect prompt action on the part of
Congress if members of the order
generally impress their senators and
representatives with the fact that
they are in earnest. The roads of
the United States have too long
been a reproach and byword among
the nations. The Grange is deter
mined that this must be elided , and
we should not cease in our efforts
until the federal, state and munici
pal governments are cooperating in
the work of making the American
roads the finest in the world.
It is said that the purchasers of
the Catawissa Paper Mill property
have decided not to dismantle it,
hut will rrnt it in ooeration. This
will give employment to quite a
number ot people.
fit i Xjj flf
Hon. W. T. Creasy Delivers Address
Beloro tho Bryan and Kern Club Last Night -Discussed
th Issues.
Hon. William T. Creasy deliver
ed an address before the Bryan and
Kern Club of Danville last Friday
night. The club room was well
filled on the occasion.
The address was one of Mr.
Creasy 's characteristic efforts, earn
est and forceful, one that held the
close attention of those present.
He kept the floor for about an
hour, discussing the issues of the
campaign as viewed from the Dem
ocratic standpoint.
The Bryan aud Kern Club of
Danville is iucreasiug very rapidly
in membership. A banner has been
stretched across Mill street in front
of the rooms, containing the por
traits of the candidates for presi
dent and vice president.
Queer Way of Joking.
There have been .several reports
of alleged attempts by burglars to
enter nouses in town. Some of
the cases have proved to be only
"jokes" played by friends of the
parties. When somebody gets shot
while playing one of these very
funny "jokes", it will not be so ex
quisitely amusing.
Illustrated Lecture.
Rev. Dr. S. U. Mitmau of South
Bethlehem, will give an illustrated
lecture on his recent tour in Eu
rope, at the Normal School on No
vember 4th, for the benefit of the
two Christian Associations. Dr.
Mitman is chaplain of Lehigh Uni
versity. Led the Singing.
Rev. E. B. Bailey had charge of
the music at the meeting of the
Christian Endeavor of the East
Pennsylvania Conference held at
Sunbury this week.
Attended First Fair.
Col. John G. Freeze is among
those of our residents who attend
ed the first fair ever held in
Bloomsburg in 1858.