The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, December 26, 1890, Image 1

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Kcal Estate!
...1 !!" AY, DKOHMliRi? or
atV Inthnvn n,-tl'""owlB real estate tfta-
saw tm? . S: "fB""lnB " Main street In
No m 15: COrn"lot nmrkM "umbered
210 fPi-f In ..... .. "10 mmo UtheaSt
8hlf,,O:h0 corner 01 t Of "ao K.
,rCOi,lh'n''olj' Btreet
andOuttratldtnKs. Terms cash.
oeo. k. klvveltj,
KviU Estate!
Tho undsrilirnoti
lesument ot Aaron Iloai, dweMol, will expose to
J' T m ruT'm Fiaainjfcroek township,
nt ten o'clock in the forenoon, tho following 'i '3
crlbed roil ejtato lato otwlJ Aaron Hess, deed.,
to-wlt !
Acertiln firm sltuato ;n Klsntnjcreek town-
ui aroresaia, coatrally located. Hounded on ti,n
north by lands ot Rimuel Thomas and Thomas
IUrtrnan, on the east atid south by otnoi lands
late ot tho estate ot slid Aaron Hess, deceased.
uUUU mo Cji D lall(j9 0( willlam Mgar
inraiis iiartmin and U. W. lies?, contalnlnz
ST perches ot land nt meisuro. The eastern line
ot and lan 1 ftunln? nortlno wl three-fourth de
grofseas', and cxtendlnff In lenirth one hundrerl
fitly two an 1 slt.fn th perches, on which Is crcct-
oi a iianK mm and two story
a gooa wall ot w iter at the house, anl other out
bulMlnjs. 7s acres of the land aro cleared and
tho balance well wooded.
Another! irmstuntolmmedutely south of the
above mentioned furiu, bounded, on tho east by
lan 1 ot Samuel Tbom n, 'eirs ot John sllegcr. do
eeased, and Wllllim a on mo south by Hun
tlnJ)acn k mil ou is nut by Undi ot John
WillLitn ' Sjicry, , -nos E. Jones deceased,
Himuol .1 r hoi ,nl villIamEd?ar, containing
Tlp'rCiosot Kit n 't mmuro, be the simo moro
or leas, upon wli n ' lo-ued a good spring ot
wat-r, ebon mm .a i3ot ti.iund being cleared
and In a good it ie or null Ivatlon and the balance
well timbered..
Bitr. jr-.wj f-.. . iroiojated within two and
on" t"l! tniu f th' i, 'Iron and abo it one mllo
jr." i .ronoiMwn. Jill n.o cleir lanl Is In a good
tat. ot cultivation, is divided Into convenient
fWlrts, with water comonlent, fruit trees, fruits ot
all klnls on the plico. I'cmnj deilrtng to view
tho premises will plows cm on the underslgnod
exooitora. Both farm) will bo ollerod for sale
separately and tojether anl sold to the best ad
vantage. Con lltlons mile known on d ly ot silo.
Libera terra) will bjoterod. All pjrsoial prop
erty on ma premises reserve 1 mid also all grain
and other crops In tho groun 1.
Atty. IRA D. HESS,
Executors ot Aaron Hess, deo'd,
"SheiilFs Sale.
By virtue ot a writ ot Alias Fl. Fa. Issued out of
the Court of Common Pleas ot Col Co., Pa., and
W me directed, there will be sold In tho Sheriff's
olTlce In the Court House, Blbomsburg, Pa., on
at 10 o'clock a. m., all that certain tract ot land
situate In Mitllln township, Columbia Co., Pa.,
bounded anl desci-Pwd as follows, to-wlt : North
ivardly by Hnds ot John Aten, Hiram Graver, EL
schweppnhelscr and public roid loading from
M&tnvllle to MllUlnvlllej eastwardly by lands of
tho heirs ot .Michael Fettcro.f, decotsel, south
wardly by lands formerly owned by John K. lobe
am Abraham uchweppenhelser, westwardly by
lands of Samuel Knecht and John Aten, contain
lid Forty.four Perches of Land stilct measuro
inoreor less, whereon aro erected a two-story
Prame Bank Barn and other outbuildings.
A well of water at tho house,
peied taken Into execution at tno suit ot D. B.
Fetterolt, Adm'r of Michael Fctterolf, deceased,
use, versus L. B. Kochler and to bo sold as the
property ot L. B. Koehler.
It. K. Uttle, JOHN B. CASEY,
Atty. blierirr.
fistale of Harriet Wiixrt late of the town of
The undrslsned. an auditor appointed by tho
Orphans' Court of Common county to mako dis
tnbution ot the fund In tno hinds Eva Hupert, ad.
mlnUtratrn. as appoirs by her Bnal account, will
sltathlsoniCDln liloomsbuig, Pa., on satuiday.
January 3rd, mil, at.u o'clock a. m, when and
where all parties interested must present and
prove their claims or bo debarred troin partlclpat.
Jog in tho distribution ot said tuna
Dec. U'. llfJO. ',
Kttate of Mary Wipert, late or the (oici of Blooms.
The undersigned an auditor appointed by the
Orphans' court ot colunibU County to mikodl
trtbutlonotthe'undlnthehanlsof Eva Itupert,
adinlnKrl"; as appears by her Bnal account
will sit it Ids offlcelu Bloomsburg, Pa-, on Sathr..
day January 31, 18S1, at w o'clock a. m., when
Sid where all persons havlngtclatins against sild
S mSt appear and prove the same or Do de
barred from coinlngtn upon bUIuiI
JWiite of reter Orots, df owd .
"aSi "SEt uty! "m D AVI li aitoss.
' .7,0 a ' Executor.
lMS-M. . .
-Vtitice Is hereby Rlvn that Samuel A. f, of
KSuril "smith all tho estate roilandpereonai
jrltuout delay. , wilSON,
tmat of Kuttli'mla ItMtni, laM of QremwoaX
" TOWlHtllD, ifrt'CIIfd. ....
Notice is Uercuyt'ivcn mat letters of admlnls
Mtionc t To. la tbo above estate have been
mntedM tue undersigned, anl all pirUes In.
Adia'x., Mlllvdle, l'a.
t of John Uerrtwlat of Orange Utp. d('d,
,Un,u.rcoi: W.. T., deed. have
iilrranu-d to A. U. llerrlDg, ot prang I
) tp. Col.
WnetMuvw?- ""-.'-,.,,,,, Tn .aid ei-
co. l'a ,
(.lAri renuestedtomako paymfMis and those
laWr.l'Sr demand, wllf mato knowa tuo
iiaine U noul delay to
a. li. HKititisa.
ueofJr'fta,laUofSug,irlo,if MP. Otcfi.
hereby Blven tint letters of admlnls
. N.?c 2 Mtaw of Jesse rrlti, late of tno
tri'lonooiheMtaie w , iiolumDU anrt
fF.PnnrVanli 'decead, have Seen Kraut
"fKi u ??fuandS. 8. VtllU ofbuifarloaf. Col.
name without delay 10 rKlT1!; aiiv. Admr'a.
A "
. .'.....i.r,,, . .i-IIIV VHTtfP
, r, r. nnviv. late of UtooMal'urg.
ltateotrennsyia""ii,u coj. co
W..wndf will h&e kuown. tno wue
ciauiMui -j- HANNAU B Jiiinisua,
without delay "a" Admtnlatrator.
iU J. U. to'? U'W t-
I thahmiw " ' "llx u.M.'l'Ut'riN, Caahlir.
j.'kTbittehbiJndee, Jrpritor'
The policy holders of the BrUrcrock Farmers'
Mutual Insurance Oimpany ot Li ne Itldje will
meet nt the llillof the Centre uranjo, P. ot II., In
centre township, Columbia county, Pa., in Mon
day. January l, 18il, botwoon the hour ot lp a.
and 5 p. m.. tir the purpose ot electing directors
forthe eniulng year, anl tor trinsicttoir auoh
other bmlncss as miy pnperlr como before said
cimpany. SAUUBt, NKYIIsBD,
v wk rotary.
By virtue ot sundry writs of Fl. Fn. Issued out
ot tho Court of Common 1'lc.w of Col. Co., Pa.,
and to me directed, thro will be sold on tho
premls"" ot the Flshlnfcreek Lumber Co., In
Jameson CltyvlM., on '
nt 10 o'clock a. m , the following 1 All that cer
tain plocos or parcels of lan 1 bounded and des
rlbid us follows, to-wlt: Inand contlguousto
sotdclivnf 'aineson, beginning at a point In
the imi 1 1 Hi ot tho Bloomsburg Sullivan rall
load right ot way, on the north side ot Market
street. 1 iwnce northwardly along slid railroad
ilneu'irn forty-nlno and one-h lit degrees, cast
llvr h'lii lrcd and seventy-three feet, thence a
right curve with a radius of nineteen hundred
anil ten feet for a distance ot two hundred
nild sixteen feet to a point on east side ot Broad
street, thenco along tho cist sldo of sild Broad
street north forty-nine nnd one-half degrees
east one hundred nnd tort-elght feet, thenco
along the lot of Peter J. Suit south forty nnd
one-hilt degrees cast fifty feet north titty and
one-fourth dgrees cast one hundred and slxty
ono ami one-half feet to a point in the south line
ot West Seventh street, thenco along same forty
and one-halt digrons east fourteen feot, thenco
ncross sild Wjst Seventh street and along the
cast line of lan lot Miry Hess, north fifty-five
and one-fourth degrees cost two hundred and
three feet to tho south side of Eighth street,
thence along tho slmi south forty and one-hilt
degrees east titty feet to the west lino ot tho
right ot way of the slid Bloomsburg Sullivan
railroad, thence along tho sild railroad right of
way north fifty-two degrees east seven hundred
nnd ten foot to a point on the north sldo ot
Bl.ickbirry Uun, thenco along tho north sldo of
Blackberry Kun south seventy-s3vcn anl three
fourths il3grejs east two hundred and twenty
three feet sjuth forty-nlno anl three-eighths
degrees oast ono hundre 1 nnd fifty-four and one
fourth feot ton point sixteen feet north ot a
ncich tree mirked for a corner, thence south
sixty-one anl three-fourths degrees east ono
hundred an 1 thirty feet more or less crossing
Big Flsllngcreok ton post corner on south sldo
ot nn alley, thence by lots laid out south titty
six anl one-half dsgrees west one hunlrel feet
to a post south twenty-ssven nnd five-tenths
degrees west one hundred anl thirteen feet to n,
.Maplo troa, thenco south forty-five degreos
twenty minutes west ninety-one feet to a small
Hemlock, thenco south forty-six degreos and
live minutes west three hunlred and eight feet
to a post on the south side ot cast Eighth street,
thenco south slxty-threo and three-fourths de
grees west two hunlrod nnl thirty feet to a
post, thenco north sixty-five and one-halt de
grees west eighty-two feet to a chestnut, south
eighty-two nnd a halt degrees west two hundred
and eight feet to a Cljestnut south slxty.ftvo de
grees and twenty minutes west one hundred
and sixty-six feet to ifsmill Apple tree, south
twenty-four degrees west ono hundred and sir-ty-nlno
feet to a Hemlock, south flfty-nlno nnd
one-halt degrees weit one hundred and soventy-
three feet to a Hemlock, south fllty-flve and
thrce-tourths degrees west one hundred nnd
twenty-nine feet to a post, south fltty-seven de
grees west four hundred feet to a post In the
north lino ot said Market street nnd thence
along tho north line of slid street north forty
nnd one-halt degrees west five hundred and
thirty-eight feet to a point twenty feet east ot
the west line ot Broad street, tho place of be
ginning, containing
and Sixteen Perches, and being a portion ot two
tracts of land which were conveyed to John
Jameson, James Corcoran and Andrew I FrtU
by tho heirs ot Daniel Hess and James Roberts
whereon aro erected a
Dwelling House, Blacksmith Shop, Oil House,
Trestllngs, Saw Mill Dain, and outbuildings.
Also, nil those two.certaln lots ot land sltuato
In Jameson city, col. Co., Pa., marked on the
general plan ot said placo as lots Number 21 and
SI, In tho southwest division and bounded on
the north by lot of L. B. Howell, on tho cast by
Broad street and on tho south and west by al
leys, each lot being forty feet In front on Broad
Btreet and one hundred and titty feet deep,
whereon aro erected on each of tho above lots a
and outbuildings.
Seized, taken Into execution at the suit of
William B. Olven, Atty., and William B. (liven,
Trustee, vs. Tho Flshlngcreek Lumber Co., and
to bo sold as the property of tho Flshlngcreek
Lumber Co. JOHN B. CASEY,
Oivks, Att Sheriff.
SstaW o,Cutfrfn! ftltter, dfceajcd.
The underslcned, appointed nn auditor by the
Omhans' oonrt of Columbia County, to distri
bute the estate ot Catharine Hitter, remaining
In the hands ot H. V. Zarr, Esq-, executor, will
meet the parties Interested at h!9 office In
Ulootnsburir, on Friday, tho lath day of January,
A. I), ltflll, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, tor the
purpose ot bis appointment, when and where all
claims must be made or parties tie forever de
barred troin coining In on aaln fund.
Dec. so, wao. JOHN u. khkezk,
Slain Strut Desirable building lot COt
314, price 12U0.
Fifth Strett House and lot, bouse rents
f r $0 per month, room to build several
moro houses. 110 feet frout on Fifth
Street, price $1050.
FiVft Strttt Frame house. 0 rooms, lot
B0x214, price $1050.
fouriA S;ff-Lire frame house, 8 rooms
lot 100 feet front on street, price $'.";u.
Fifth Sired Large frame dwelling house,
8 rooms, out-kltchca, barn, fine fruit, &c,
ot 79x200, price $4500.
Jiiin Sired Ltrfiu store building, with
dwt'lllni! house on same lot, corner lot
fronting on two streets, price uw.
' Tnnan, tmii... and a numhpr iif vacant
lots Iii other narts of the town, all of which
are for sale on eaBV terms. For further
particulars inquire of
First National Umk UuIUHdk,
liloomsburg, 1'k.
We want a few moro soot men to Bell our nur
scry Droducta. To energetto and reliable men we
will Buarantoa liberal Waeea and HOTaanent
Employment. Previous experlenco not required.
Terms and outfit tree. Ad Jreaa Btatlne at;e and
encloblnif stamp ....,,
StAHS, HbNhJ & UU.,
Capeaand Muffs of Seal, Uuaalan Sable, Mlnlc,
Heaver, wrslan, Alaska sable, Monkey, eto., etc.,
of finest Quality far below market value. An ex.
rerlenco ot 40 years has established for our bouse
the htsheut reputation. All goods warranted.
H West 11th Bt., New York I'lty,
is 5.
A11I5 l'OSlTni:i.Y CUlttD 1IY
MitcM's Cnre-all Cora & Bunion Plasters.
Oni TniAt, vein mako a cripple dance for Joy.
Bold Ly DropshU, cr tent hy maU for SOc, per box.
Nunlty l'luter AVorUn, Iwrll, Ma.
f eove.t0 a yr HLdlitf B4a ly Join H.
Uo du,'rijr.N ) ,it MiHk fur m. ILtatUr,
7"U im uwl ntaa as mucb.tut m
Uacli otiMltk)j btw lv ttra frvcaSlla
f IU ilav i tU tUrl, and tlx" ywi (
on, Uutu twit. aU st Ih aaj ri of
Amtrifa, yM can sutuaMMl swaua il? .
iu( all vwur lIinfl.Hr fr iuiwmu vl i
lb wujV All limw, tirtal j HKS fi
frj rvmkrt a tart yen. fuiulablac
iII.UiT. llAilLV.fct EVLIU UamrX.
I'AllrUU.AKS HIEK. IdJ.t.. at oaca,
fctlskus a to., rtiuiukv. inn,
isiSii Mmm & mm w vubhb.
Witli many years experience in buying and selling musical instruments
and sewing machines I can guarantee to my customers the best in the market.
Tianos and Organs purchased of me, can be relied upon. If anything gets
out of order, it can easily be corrected, and a great deal of annoyance saved.
Instructions given to all purchasers of Sewing Machines, how to operate them
The STECK PIA.NO is tho best made. Its tone is surpassed
bv none. You make no mistake if you buy a Stock.
We hao also the
E3TEY and the STA11R
And The
We sell Pianos from $250 to
$600, and Organs from $75 to $175.
In Sowing Machines we can
We sell the best Sewing Mach
ine made for $19.50.
We begin the
(fr'rfavr-, ((t C&n! Fvo'lr rA tj-.
Henry Maillard's Fine Candies. Fresh Every Week.
fptsts "Z" goods siPEOTAjrirsr.
F. F. Adams & Go's. Fine Cut Chewing Tobaoco.
Sole agents ef the (olkntine brants Cigmn i
Henry Clay, Londrea, Normal,
Any fin far TcitWal wUl b iufiMtl
OrMfes, Lemon;,
C. 6. ftOBBlS,
Foreign and Domestic
give you tho Celebrated
The best Machine in the world.
And the NEW HOME.
New Year
Down all
Indian Princooa, Samson, SQvar
irilk Om Uwt Matfcct rtloo, mmmm
ream Nlj. K
T.n iro fl vt An Infallible regulator
JjlOkttUOI. nf tho HurannBrstem.
Cures T r -wrn A n Cures Unions
Liver '
ATcct!oii9 &e.
5?B5dfeg5aa Evador
The Lending Perfume.
Fragrant I Lasting t
Salvation Oil
kW Prlct only IB cf. Sold by altdrugglltt.
Will relievo Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Headache, Toothache, Sores, Burns,
Wounds, Cuts, Scalds, Backache,
Gout, or any bodily pain or ailment.
fUCUlNOrS PLUOS, Till great Tobacco A n
bntlY tlitotrt Prlct 10 CU. At all druggtlU.
tick Headache
I S a complaint from which many suffer
1 end few aro entirely free. Its cause
Is Indigestion nnd a sluggish liver, tlio
curu for which is readily found In tho
use of Aycr's I'llls.
" I have found that for slch hcadnche,
caused by it disordered condition of tho
st aeh, Aycr's Pills aro the most re
liable, remedy." Samuol C. Uradhurn,
Worthlngtoni Mass.
"After tho use of Ayet's Tills for
tunny years, In my practice nnd family,
1 am liistiticd in snjliig that they nro an
I'Xi ollent cathartic and liver medicine
biiKiulnlngull tho claimsinade for them."
-W. A. Wc.stfall, M. V. P. Austin
i. N. W. Hallway Co., Uurnet, Texas.'
"Aycr's I'llls nro tho best medicine
Known to mo for regulating tho bowels,
and for nil diseases caused by a ills
onlcreil stomach and liver. I suffered
former tlnco years from headache, in
ill.Hsllim, nnd constipation. I had no
nniM'tito nnd was weak and nervous
mwt of the timo. By using three boxes
uf Aver's I'llls, nnd at the samo time
illi'tinu mvself, I was completely cured."
Philip Lockwood.Topcka, Kansas.
" I was troubled for years with Indi
gestion, constipation, and headache. A
fuw boxes of Aycr's I'llls, used In small
dally doses, restored me to health.
Thev arc prompt and effective." W. H.
Snout, Meadville, I'a.
Ayer's Pills,
riaipxKXD sr
Dr. J. C. Aycr It Co., Lowell, Mass,
Bo'd by all DrupctiU nd Dealers In Mfdicln-
Tho Mont Successful Kcmcdy crer dlscor.
crcd, as It Is certain In Its effects and does not
blister. Head proof below i
, T. BaooBXTir, Conn May 5, '9a
Dn. n. J. Kbsdaij. fiat
Mrs : Last Summer I cured a Curb upon my horsf
mm luuriDieuroicuAcnuaui spavin Liuro ana It
was the best Job I ever saw done. I hare a dozen
empty bottles, haring used It with ncrfect success,
curing erery thin I Tried It on. My neighbor had
n honw with a very bad Sparta tuat madeiilm lamo.
Ho asked me how to cure It. I rffommpmtmt
Kendall's Sparta Cure. lie cured the Spavin In
Yours respectfully,
Wolcott Witter.
, . CoLUitBCS, Ohio, April i, DO.
m Dt'Ar Sim i I have been sfllioz moro of Kendall's
Spavin Cure and Flint's Condition Powders than
ever before. Ono man said to me, It waa tlio bebt
rvwuer 7eritp(aaainu wsi no erer useu.
. CmTTMisoo, K. V., May 19, JUL
Dear sirs: I have used several bottles nt your
Kendall's Spavin Cure with perfect success, ou a
valuable and blooded mare that waa quite lame
with a bone Spavin. The mare Is now entirely frco
iivw lamenfu ana inowi no tuni nn tne joint.
KespoctXully, 1'. 1L HoTcuihS.
Uoitroe, La., May 8, 90.
DB. D. J. KEKDiU. CO.,
OentBi I think It mr dutv tn rnr1fr vnn m
thanks for your far famed UendaU'a Spavin Cure.
I had a four year old nily which 1 prized very
highly. She had a very severe swollen leg. 1 tried
about eight d I tie rent kinds of medicines which rtl 1
no Rood. I purchased a bottle of your Kendall's
canu irfiuu niucu cureu uvr in lour uays
j remain yours,
MlIUOK Dowdxh.
Price $1 per bottle, or six bottles for tt. All druz.
gists haveltorcaneetlt for you, or It will be sent
to any auoxess oa receiptor price by the propria
Wifc JJU. II, J, JtCNUAhh U19
KuokburttU Falls. Verinoat.
Htecl tacltle lllock
HALF TUB COST ot holtlng saved to
storekeepers, uutoners, rarmcrs, Aiacn
Inlsu, lluUders. oontractors and OTU.
Kits. Admitted to bo the ereatest lm.
Brovementa l'.VKlt mado In tacklo
locks. Ifrelght prepaid. Wrlto for
Fnltsn Iron & Enzlna Works
Eatab. 1K.2, lu Urush ftu, Detroit, Mlo
nr.sT ix tiii: would,
TtamftArlna actually
IOUUMUOff IWO DOZe. or nuromer urniiu.
s.ctad br not. i r u irr t 1 1 1: v i m:.
Cltsiuei and UsutlOs tht hstT.
l'ruinuiti a luxuriant erouth.
Wovcr Falls to llcstore Gray
Jiair to us louimui vv,'r
Lurv scalp oikimi n nsir iiiunj.
lit farker'a uinger Tonio. iirum
HINDERCORNO. Ths only mr cure for Oums.
Slum all Dam. lvu vnttiW, r iiiswu-v mu.n.
12. 5-1U d.
Any person, round or old, can read all the notes
I in music correctly wiiom o iwauit's aiurr uuiu
menctcg, oy using
llrppr'a .llonle I'liart,
without any other Instrullon, this we positively
1 guarantee, ror sale by tlrst-class Muuo D'al-
i vn tnrouituoui ine itj M.aitt or uiaiicu ui
I rrct to vour addn;a 'ecelDt of Drlce. It.o .
O. J. HEl'fE n bON .7 CbctQUt M., Pttlla., Pa.
nov, 111 yr.
Fine Cabinet portraita only
$3 doz. Life size Crayons
only $10.00. Viewing, copy-
I. i . i ; T..,.i....i
inc auu euiarciuui ahoiuih
procesa used. tf.
7 TOEhmus
Highest of all in Leavening Tower.
Out little Bess has been brought up
In a menago that's raodcftt;
And yH she dom Indulge In flights
Of fancy Just tho oddest.
H&mma, of course, has tasgbt tbe lot
Ideas economic;
lint I less ajipMm tbem In a way
That's ofttinvM truly comic.
Or summer ere when Venus shone
While still the daylight dal)il,
A queen altho' the sun's Ceroo kiss
Had left her slightly palld.
We saw that, tho th rest all gazed
Aloft in admiration,
Bess dainty little features wore
A look of deprecation.
'A penny for your thoughts," said L
Then grarely spoke our gitiyj
"I fink they're 'etwaragant lu heaven
To light a lamp so early I"
"Did you over btrnip np against an In
dividual who baffled yonr curiosity by
drawing n veil of secrecy over his past?'
queried tho young doctor, when it camo
his turn to contribute a story to tho gen
eral fund. "I used to think," ho con
tinued, "that such characters emanated
solely from tho fertilo brain of tho fiction
writer. Eut I was mistakon. Not many
years sinco I formed tho acquaintance of
a man who was harder to mako out than
the most ingenious creation of a novelist
could possibly bo. A rrgular humau
enigma in Bhort, and bo wasn't obliging
enough, you know, to clear up tho mys
tery before ho died either.
It was early in tho '80 s," began tho
doctor, lighting a cigar, "and I had just
finished my medical studies and was
trying to pick up a Uttlo practice in a
pleasant village, in tho southern part of
Wisconsin. Business diun t flourish by
any means, but as I bad friends there,
and was too poor, besides, to think of
establishing myself in a large city, I was
very weU content to remain there, for
a while at least.
"Thero were several churches in tho
town, but at the timo of which I speak
tho Congregational pulpit was empty.
Numerous applications for tho position
appeared, but none suited until at last
one of tho trustees arrived homo after a
short trip and anuounced that be bad
found tho very person. A Kev. Mr.
Ramsay it was whom ho had run across
quite accidentally, and who, though
traveling for his health, nan nnauy con
sented to como out and preach a trial
sermon and to remain indefinitely if his
hearers were pleased.
Weu, in dno timo Mr. Kamsay ar
rived and delivered a discourse which,
for eloquence and logic, I have never
heard excelled. You may be sure tho
church lost not a moment in engaging
him, and thoy marveled much at their
good luck, wondering that so talented a
man should wish to stay and bury his
gifts in such a small, obscuro town.
"Tlio now acquisition speedily arose
to the placo of first favorite in tho ranks
of tho ministers. His rennons fairly
scintillated with brilliancy, and wo soon
found that ho certainly possessed a re
markably fine education in tho bargain.
Though ho never spoke of tho past, his
conversation gavo evidenco of his having
traveled extensively in pretty much
every country on the face of the globe.
Moreover ho was young, and such
genial, warm hearted fellow that every.
body liked him at first sight. They
couldn t help it.
"But, as I said, ho never alluded to
his former life. For aught wo knew ho
might havo been a bishop or a highway
man, an American gambler, or the son
of an English duke, but the church
members were too proud of he prize
they uau captureu to uo very cu
rious about the previous record,
and tho tonch of mystery clinging to
him only rendered him his more at
tractive to us. For my part, I thought
tho strangest thing concerning him was
that he seemed never to hold communi
cation with anybody outsido tho town.
A fellow so engaging anil companion
able mnst havo mado friends wherover
ho went, and yot so long as wo knew
him ho didn't receive ono letter or tele
gram from abroad not n Binglo messaga
of any kind.
At least, that is what tho postmaster
and tho depot agent said, and these
officials keep track of such things in lit
tle towns, you had better beltovo.
llamsay and I got to be qnito inti
mate after a while, and many were tho
walks and talks we enjoyed together.
But ho wasn't any moro confidential
with mo than ho was with others, and
of course I asked uo questions. Only
onco did ho say something which might
bo construed as bearing upon the secret
I was convinced that ho had. It was in
this way:
"llamsay had dropped into my office,
and we fell to conversing about heredi
tary disease. It grew out of some cased
I waa treating then. I don't remember
what. Ramsay iu his brilliant, earnest
fashion began to inveigh against people
who married and brought into tho world
children cursed with the seeds of some
dreadful malady.
" 'Let mo tell you a story, ho said,
'and it will show yon how nuny lives
may bo mined by one such deed, The
facta camo to my knowledge years ngo,
Onco thero was a boy novcr mind his
namo who, his friends said, showed ex
ceeding great promise in Ids youth. Ills
mother, a widow, b cmed utterly wrapped
up in him, Hho traveled with him iu
foreign lands, sent him to tho finest
schools and spared neither pains nor ex
penso to improve tho talents nature hail
bestowed upou him. lie was hopeful
and happy, and ono thiug only troubled
him ho uied often to wonder abont his
father, whom ho couldn't romember, aud
his mother ?p reticent upon that point
and replied to all his questions scantily
and vaguely,
" 'They were living in England at tho
time, having como there from America
after the father's death, and tieing in
easy circumstances financially the future
looked very bright and glowing indeed.
" 'Iu due timo the young fellow grad
uated from the university with high
honors, and soon after became engaged
to a bcautif ul girl. IIo hod long been
destined to enter tho ministry a work
for which his taste and abilities best
fitted him and immediately upon his
marriage bo was to settle down in charge
of parish at some distance from Ids
home. Thero was but ono drawback to
jiapplness. Ills mother, although she
consented to the betrothal, did not seem
to fuel the pleasure in it that Ho could
have wished. But lw put it all TS own to
H "rial rti i'i'"'",t pf Bitting vJUH
. i T 1
Villi VfS i I I CyJ. I
U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
him, anil preparations for llio weeding
went on in tho merriest fashion.
But ono morning thero was nn
alarm. Tho mother was missing had
disappeared in n vcrynn.iccouut.iblo nnd
mysterious manner. All tlio day they
searched for her and just at night my
hero, passing through somo woods iu a
secluded part of tho grounds, found her
lying face downward in a shallow llttlo
pool of water there.
" ' "Drowned herself during tempo
rary aberration of tho mind" was tho
verdict, and then it was tho young man
learned that insanity had been for gen
erations back a hereditary trait in his
mother's family. Then, nluo, was ho
told tho real truth about his father, and
ho found that that father was not dead,
but was incarcerated In a private hospi
tal in Amcrita violently, hopolcasly
" 'Well, you can understand how ho
felt, or, rather, you can't comprehend it.
Tho girl Uia't ho loved wna truo to him,
but how could bo marry her knowing
what ho did? Even If tho lunacy slum
bered in ltla veins it would surely
awaken to curso their children. So ho
left her, nnd almost crazed with sorrow
himself ho sailed for America whero he
still remains. A little whilo ago ho
heard that hia betrothed was dead
killed by the donblo shock of his disap
pearance and his mother's fearful nnd
untimely end.
" 'Can you wonder,' continued Bam-
say in n tone of subdued passion, 'that a
species of bitterness often mingles, half
unconsciously, with his sorrow for his
parents? And i3 it strango that ho feels
almost as if thoy had committed a crimo
in bringing 1dm into existenco, knowing
as they did that ho must perforce lw
dowered with tho fatal, inovitablo fam
ily curse?
This talo mado a strong impression
in my mind," tho young doctor resumed.
"At first I seriously questioned if Ram
say wasn't ldmself tho hero of it, nnd
though his apparent gayety led mo to
dismiss that thought, still I couldn t
help feeling that tho events ho'd nar
rated had in somo way produced a last
ing effect in his life.
"Well, matters woro quite tranquilly
on for a year or so, and Mr. Ramsay
grew in tho popular favor nil tho while.
Ho was a liberal fellow, and his sermons
wero frequently rather unorthodox, but
his flock worshiped him to such an ex
tent that if ho had dosed them with
atheism they wouldn't havo grumbled a
bit. Tho girls were In lovo with him,
every ringle ono of them, but never did
they find the way to Ids heart. Ho reso
lutely declined to bo drawn into flirta
tion, though ho made himself agreeable
to all the damsels, taught them German,
played tennis and escorted them to pic
nics with a gay impartiality very pro
voking to tho sensibilities of the poor,
anxious young creatures.
"One morning as I sat in tho drug
store talking Ramsay happened in nnd
purchased a package of rat poison. He
mentioned casually that tho inico wero
bothering him, nnd stood a moment gos
siping with careless good humor and
then went out.
"That night tho deacon with whom ho
waa boarding came hurriedly to my office
to summon me. Rev, Mr. Ramsay wa
taken very suddenly ill. I put on my
hat and coat and went to him at onco,
nnd somehow before I'd reached his bed
sldo it flashed over mo that he liad swal
lowed the iison I saw him buy in tho
morning. Tho moment I entered tho
room I knew that it was eo.
"Ho lingered three days, suffering hor
ribly, but not a word would ho say as to
the motive of his deed. Before he died
he showed mo a photograph he woro
upon his bosom the picturo of a yonng
woman and a child, each very beantif ul
and vory liko tho other. And ho asked
that it bo buried with him, and so it
was. Tho church gavo him a most im
posing fnnernl and erected a fino monu
ment over his grave, and they havo never
ceased, I believo, to mourn their mys
terious but dearly beloved minister. For
a long whilo thoy sought to find out tho
secret of his life, but tho minutest in
quiries failed to roveal a single fact.
With cliaractcristlc forethought he had
destroyed his papers, leaving nothing
that would throw light upon his former
"I often recall him oven now," added
tho young doctor, "and I can't help won
dering if he was not tho hero of tho
strange talo ho told me. And in that
case was he insane when ho killed him
self, or did ho do it because of grief for
hia betrothed? Who thon was tho child
whoso portrait ho wore tqiou his breast?
"Sometimes I fancy that he lunl com
mitted an offense which made him a
fugitive from justico and led him at last
to take Ids own life in remorse. Tho re
ineinhranco of his open face and kindly,
sympathetic manner makiw this beeni
impossible, and yet in this strango world,
where peoplo nro such curious, contra
dictory mixtures of good and evil, who
can tell?' Buffalo Express.
i,y lie 111. mother.
riillosophcrs assert that no man Is wholly
bod, anil that tho Instincts of a gentleman
may linger even In tho breast of n cold
blooded assassin, The recent death in
Canadu ot Mrs. Sterling, mother of Charles
M. SUrllng, who waa executed at Youngs
town, O., somo timo ago for the murder of
Lizzie Gromhacher, has unveiled tho facts
concerning an Incident that occurred short
ly before tho hanging.
Mrs. Sterling visited Youngstown to nee
the condemned rrlviiual. Though ho had
left home when lut a lml, with a mutcriml
intuition she recognized him, When
brought to his cell, Sterling, without tho
quiver of a muscle, wild:
"You aro mistaken, madam; I am not
your son."
She Implored him to recognlzo her, but
he refused, and tho returned homo half
convinced that she was mistaken.
To his counsel Sterling said:
"She is my mother, but I could not
break her heart by telling her that her sou
would be hanged. Keep It becict uutll she
Her death caused his attorney, W. S, An
derson, to break the seal of silence.
"It wan the most dramatic scene I ever
witnessed," said Mr. Anderson. "1 have
seen all tho tragedians ot the iiast quarter
of a century, but nono could reproduce
tho scene on that ocauion. Tha mother,
every Hue In her face showing tho most In
tense, suffering and her heart nearly brok
en, whilo the son, knowing tha the truth
would kill her, stood liko a statue, his face
ihowtng tho pallor ot death, assuring her
(hat she was mistaken, Such Intensity of
action wo never produced ou any stage, It
could not be."
la Hickory Mountain township, N. C,
live a negro named Abnur Domett who
has a legitimate case of "big bead." UU
skull Utktrty-two lacnes In diameter.
Tbey bora hha on to liU gravo In Uia heart of tb
And with future footsteps following I watched .
tbomLiy hlmdofrn; '
The mourner, many and siul though they ttt
thfte onfl and nil,
Thotfnni (hat fell wero M naught to mine, thai
could not fall. (
Wo loved each uhtr dnarly, bin day Uiat
tAiit nnv.
Hut somelliinff (rot to his ear, and ho vndjfblf
chongnd sotnnhow
A sonKUilng sot to lilt ear, I novcr could eathor
Anl he kept away from thence, and hi Ioto for
me was not
I bid my grief In iny heart, and bore It as best I
ThwBwna never darkoos yetbuthad
tiering light,
And I found a balm la the thought tii&t, although
hli lora wns cono,
I could foUovr him eocrctl, and In ftocret BtQl
Ioto on.
And U.Li 116 dono through tho yean that liara
como and gono allien then
(Bo for tho love qf women surp&ftses the lore ot
X'ro hung on his track to tho hut, for I only
ceased today.
And t row hi graroln tha town I turned In my
woo away.
Earth now look lono In ray cyea. yet I am not all
cant down;
I hate firm faith that at hut I aliall aomewhera
grasp Loro'ii crown 1
Thai when the end shall have come, whatcrcr
Is cood and true
Will receive Its just reward, and a lovo HVo ralno
Its due.
Jamea Dawson.
A Man Yvlio Room, to Tta Able to Exist
Without Food.
Will Shrnor Sued succumbf Such has
been tho leading question among physiolo
gists In Now York dty for soma time as
tho famous faster has been making his test
of forty-flvo days without food. IIo did
forty days In Ixmdon, and nearly equal
terms In other foreign cities, but promised
forty-flvo days' olistlnenco in New York,
ns Dr. Tanner had already dono forty dnya.
Ills method, however, dlHera widely
from Tanner's, for ho takes considerable
excrct&o. Ou tue
fifteenth day of his
fast in Purls h
went up tho KlCtol
tower.and r.t Uruh
bcL afte; a weijlc
without food he
cllmbixi to the top
of the Coiomie de
Congrcs in w o
and a holt miu
utcs. He also fen
ces nnd walks,
ulars at slndo-
BioHon guccL stick, smokes, etc.
On the other hand, ho takes occasional
doACS of an elixir of his own invention,
which, tho attending physicians say, con
sists of opium, licorice and a slight Infu
sion of hasheesh. They insist that It con
tains no nourishment, but It soothes the
stomach and prevents that gnawing sen
sation which is so iuiinful in tho first days
of a fust.
Slgnor Succl'a theory is much tho same
as Tanner's, viz.! If you cannot get food,
and think you must havo It and yield to
tho longing for It, you will starve lu two
weeks or less, but If you resolutely mako
up your mind to do without It you can for
six or sovcu weeks. To this tho Bignor
adds: "An electric force generated by my
will keeps mo np. I absorb electricity
Just as you absorb oxygen. Whon fasting
I con tako any quantity of vegctablo poi
son, and It docs me no harm whatever.
My brain grows much clearer as I fast and
my will power stronger. It is a power
liko galvanism, nnd I discovered my pos
session of it first by accident. I havo in
creased It by practice."
Tha appointed physicians attest that
there is no doubt whatever of the reality
of his fast and that ho Is adding a valuable
contribution to science. Uo is by birth a
Neapolitan, a short, spare man of dark
complexion, with bright eyes and a nerv
ous manner, but with strength ot will ap
parent in every look and gesture.
S.nsatlonnl Salcldo of a Train llobber In
Another of tho Uubo Burrows gang has
gone suddenly to his peace. S. C. Brock,
better known as Joe Jackson, jumped
from tho highest gallery in tho peniten
tiary at Jackson, Miss., and dashed ont
his brains upon the brick floor somo fifty
feet below.
He left a written confession that ho and
Hubo Burrows committed the Duck hill
train robbery lu December, 18S3, nnd that
ho (Brock) shot Chester Hughes, who was
In pursuit of them.
Ho and Hubo Smith, in conjunction with
Burrows, also
committed tho
Bucatumna rob
bery. The confes
sion also contains
minute details of
many othor
crimes, tho wholo
making a very ex
citing chapter In
crlmlunl annals.
Ho mado this con
fession, ho said, in
tho hope that ho
would bo con
demned atonco In
the federal courts.
and thus get off JOE JACKSON,
with life Imprisonment, instead of being
tried in tho state court for the murder ot
Hughes and hanged, Later, however, ho
changed his mind nnd dccldod to dio.
The occurrence was a trying ono for tho
officials. Brock and Bubo Smith were be
ing taken out for trial when Brock sud
denly turned and ran up tho stairs to tho
highest point he could reach, crying ont to
Btand clear below, for he was coming. Two
officials seized n mattress and held It so
as to catch him thereon it possible, whilo
the others sought to reason with hlin.
They say this lasted an hour, but It was
probably much less. Ho shouted out bis
real namo and added, "I would mako a
statement It thero was a reporter hero,"
Ha threw down his new derby hat, saying)
"Give that to tho convict who keeps tho
white mice in his cell; ho Is a very clover
Tho officer on tho gallery now tried to
reach and seize him, but Brock evaded him
and mode tho leap. Ho turned over as ho
fell, and just missing tho mattress struck
on the back of his head. HU skull was
crushed to fragments and driven into his
brain, yet ho breathed occasionally for half
an hour. This leaves Bubo Smith the lust
of tho famous trio, and ho will doubtless
end his days In prison.
A 1'nriuer on llli-ycln?
Tlio Now England farmer of today U
much given to tho covered carriage and
horso that holds his head high. I sus
pect that tho reliable but somowhat de
liberate ox satisfied his ancestors. I met
ono farmer near Holyoko driving hiu
cow homo from tho pasture on a bloyclo
that is, tho man was on a bicyclo mid
tho cow was ahead of him on foot,
though sho looked as if Bho would appro
clato n bicyclo, too, as ho wan speeding
her along on a rather lively trot. I stop
ped him and asked him if thero waa any
show for a farmer to mako money in
that section, nnd whilo tho patient cow
leaned against a tree nnd caught her
breath ho replied that thero was nono
Ilia grandfather had mado money on
tho farm, ho said, but ho could not.
Then ho called to tho cow to "hump her
K'lf," and went spinning down tho road
with tho long suffering lioast making
desperate efforts to keep from being run
over. It occurred to mo that perhaps
his grandfather did not pick thn etouea
off the farm with u bicycle nnd a pair of
tongs, Cor, New York Tribuno,
Impuru It-o,
Tho Massachusetts board of health lias
examined TO samples of water and 830
samplea of ice from 58 localities, with
tho result of thawing that, contrary ,to
general belief, ice may bo nearly ns (ui.
pnro ns tho water from which it forms.
Tho crystallization of tho water foicos
out tho color, salt, aud most of tho mat
ter in solution, and clear Ico from pol
luted sourcos may lie comparatively freo
from impurities nnd tho probability of
hiding diseuso germs.
lint in snow ice and ico formed by
flooding tho impurities bvcomo entan
gled, so that freezing given no purifii a
tton. Tlio public U warned by the lmard.
there f oio, that ice is uusafe furdiuiti
purposes when obtained from nsnnni
Illuted by sowngo beyond that whirli
would bo allowable in driukiug v at.T,
and tliat iu general it U much sal' r to
nto for drinking water und for pi v org
in contact with food tliat portiuu of Uui
we tuat is clear. -Aruansaw Traveler.