The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, September 13, 1889, Image 1

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Ofhce Front Hoom, over rostoffice,
Orrtcs Room No. 2, Columbian Building,
Office In lint's Iluildlng.'nesr Court House,
Office over Moyer llro's. Drug Store,
Office In Ilrowci's building, 2d floor, room No I.
Office cor. Centre & Main Sts.,CIrk's building,
CtTCan le consulted In German.
Office, Second floor, Columbian Building,
Office in Wirt's Building, 2nd floor, Main Sl
Office in First National Bank Building, 2d floor,
C-zT Pensions and bounties collected.
Office over Dentler's Shoe store, Front room,
Office, Columbian Building,2 floor.fronl room,
Office over Rawlings' Meat Market,
Office, corner of Third and Main Streets,
B. McKELVY, M. D.,
Office, North side Main Street, below Market,
Office, North Market Street,
Offite, corner of Rock and Market Streets,
Office and Residence, West First Street,
J. BROWN, M. D.,
Office and Residence, Third Street, West
of Market, near M. h. Church,
ttaTlfTicc hours every afternoon and evening.
Special the fitting
01 glasses, leicpnonc connection.
Treatmext or Citr.osic Diseases made a
Office and Residence, Th'rd St., below Market,
J. HESS, D. D. S.,
Gradiuteof the Philadelphia Dental ColleRe,
having opened a dental office in Lockard'i
Builpino, corner of Main and Centre streets,
I prepared to receive all patients requiring pro
fessional services.
Ether, Gas, and Local Anesthetics,
administered for the painless extraction of teeth
fret of charge when artificial teeth are inserted.
All Work Guaranteed as Represented.
Teas, Syrups, Cofkee, Sugar, Molasses,
Rice, Spices, Bicahd Soim, Etc., Etc.
N. E. Corner Second and Arch Sts.
aHTOrders will receive prompt attention.
Manufacturers or
Carriages, Buggies, Phaetons, Sleighs, Platform
wagons, ac .
First-class work always on hand. Repairing
neatly done.
C-rTPrlces reduced to suit the limes.
Office, Barton's Building, Main St., hel. Market,
All styles of wotk done In a superior manner,
and all work warranieu as rcpreeuicu.
Teeth Extracted Without Pain,
by the use o'f Gas, and free of charge when
arunciai lectn mc matdtw,
S3" To be open all hours duringthe day.
j. r.BTTEHB!NDi!a1;trJet,
A ktng once summoned his three sons,
And thus addressed the anxious ones:
" Go forth, my sons, through all the earth
And search for articles of worth ;
Then he who brings the choicest thing,
Shall in my stead be crowned as king."
In one year's time again they meet, 'Twas hard to choose between the two,
And kneel before the sovereign's feet : The monarch knew not what to do.
And as with gracious outstretched hand, The third is standing calmly there ;
He welcomed home the youthful band, Now, with a half triumphant air
He natural eagerness expressed, And smile of confidence and hope,
To see the objects of their quest. He shows a cake of Ivory Soap,
The first such lustrous pearls displays. So peerless in its puritv.
That every tongue is loud in praise.
So white, the snow-flakes on their way
Lomparcu to tnem arc uull-anu gray.
The next a diamond more pure,
miiu larger man uiu ivuu-i-uuor,
That shone with such a brilliant light, Subjects 1 my youngest son obey,
The sunbeams, shamed, withdrew from The Ivory Soap has won the day."
There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the 'Ivory;"
they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities
of the genuine. Ask Cor "Ivory" Soap and insist upon getting it.
Copyright, 1886, by Procter A Gamble.
25 CTS.
5 FOR $1.00
or mailed for price.
Neitl- IMilliiilelphln.
Srlidtil OpfitH m-ui. IKlll.
Ya'itrla- IIxim't,",!, S300.
Four i'niiiit'uiM,
Admits ol clitfics ountT i
I'ohit ur AunliMj't, l.railuai
(ttaduatiii classes. One of the brit
l anrl hov at anvtimni fit
Ii EviRYWHtnr 1"
I 25CTS.
tojrtl witli the 1 rtnn ,1 1 ciUieri all men an 1 irvlimes of hr&tttlass College, line liuildmicii single cr double
rrvitii L very r nit n i it It a ftt Am ndiatir anf ii completely furnished. Ground) (ten ictnl tut foot-Tall, bate-hall,
tlilelirs, etc Cuiiinasi .u SiK-rial oppominitlei fur pt ttJnt to -lvanc9 rapi-lly Private tutotw and special drill
f, r li kmrd I Mt- 1 ur n w itu'triits niiy ul t Buy studies, or a Itiistnn. College-1'rrp.iritory, Ftectrical, ot Civit
I liHiiiccnii,! t( ur l'lisi l i "I Clteuii if I-al tratory I'ractical Ifusines IX'pAntnent, bnort-hand. Tperltln(f, etc.,
etc Morn fully u oli I w tl ij t aratu tliin any other College fitting school. Media Academy afford every home com.
fnrt. the l"cst cdu iu i id On i tfitinnif, I ixed pric s cover eery evtiensu. No eiMmnvtlnn for admission. New
tl lust rued,. pise scm tree iu any a Idrs. (IWJTlllN C. SHOKTLlDOii, , A.M. (Harvard Graduate), frlncipal
and l'ropri''t r M,Jij I
.llfdln l'uM ninv IMiIln.
Tnorasiinau,bu. FOR GIRLS AND
C.n liiMlntr Cn
li ..i In... Anil I.
,n Cll1c, I lit nture. Science MlthcmJtics, Mutlr, Modern Launjaffet. Twelve accomplished
laAwinl pupils liMMilual attention! cUlbe. l'ui
tuf f Mtncr M laitat llciurttncut,
aaicty unj liaiiiuncti. new iiiuiijii;i t-ircunr nee.
SWII1I1S- c. SMOKTI.inr.r, A M (ItarvlrJGilduate,
North American, of Philadelphia,
Franklin, " . "
Pennsylvania, " "
York, of Pennsylvania,
Hanover, of New York,
Queens, of London, '
North British, of London.
Ofuce on Market Street, above Main, No. 5.
(Successor to Ftcas Drown,)
BLooMsnuRO Fmn & I.ifk Ins. Aor.:;cv,
(Established in lS6s.)
Etna Fire Ins. Co. of Harlford, 9,528, 38S.97
ir,lfnr,l of Harlford S.SSS COO.07
Pha-nix. of Hartford 4.778469-'3
Springfield, of Springfield ,1.t-99.903-oi
Fire Association, Philadelphia,. .. 4,512,782.29
Guardian, of Indon, 20,003,323.71
Phccuix, of London, l',92t.53-4o
.anca.liire ot i;iig.,(U.s.lirancn; 1,1142,195.1
Umal of Entdand. " " 4 ,53 5M-
Mut. Ben. Lf. Iii.Co.Neark,N J 41,379,2:8 33
losses promptly adjusted and raid at this office,
Office, Second Floor, Cni.UMUlAS Building,
Liverpool, London, ami Glol.c, largest in the
World, and pcifcLlly reliable.
Tmn.r!,l nl Tmiilon &o.(i?8.470.O0
Continental of New York 5.239,981.28
American of Philadelphia 2,401,950,11
Niagara, of New York, 2,200,479.86
Opposite Court House.
Large and convenient sample roomi. Bath
rooms, hot and told water i and all modern
Exchange Hotel
The undersigned has leased tun wen-known
house, and la prepared to actoinmodaU 1 tW 1 publlo
with ill tho couv enleneea ot a nret-class hotel.
LEMUEL DltAKE, Proprietor.
That dirt, alarmed, takes wings to fly.
J lie old king, as it meets his sight,
Grasps it, and cries in wild delight:
" No more confusion or dismay,
No more cold meal" on washing day.
Spread on white muslin.
Apply one now for
Sack&cho. Qldoaohe, Rheumatism,
Kidney We&kneaa, Tender Lunga
Bore Chest, Stiff Masoles. Female
rams, uncK oprauiB, era.
It cure every sort of Pain, Ache, or Weakness,
1 r
JmIJot tignolure of HOP PLASTER, CO.,
Proprietors, BOSTON, onlliegmuinteoodt.
equljpel aiil twst m&nactxl Stlrnol. Gnxi uble. All ktuilcnti
rsii-m for nut,K. in r.tiUrom. I'rJttev tin!,- Ca-hnnt . Wc
YOUNG LADIES. Min Eastman'i Celebrated School.
tiiluol hat att c.ran anl eleven pianoi, 1'rtvate tutom.i: for
! fcurrounueu t'y aucn restraint, a are essential la utclt
j rrincltttlt, Hedli, Pa
It gives a brilliant light.
It win not smotce lU'icnimneys.
11 win not tue wick.
It lias a high lira tost.
It will not explode.
Itu nro-eminently a family safety oil.
With any other Illuminating oil made.
We Stake Our Reputation,
As refiners, upon tho statement that it is
Ask your dealer (or
Trado for moomsburg and vicinity Supplied by
llloomsbtirg, Pa.
Sims mado to order at nhott notice
and n fit al wnvs truaruntned or no nalo.
(Jail and oxamlno tlio inrptm anu uobi
eeleoted stock of poods ever shown in
Columbia county.
bUoro noxt door to Flut fiatlonal Hank
Dlootngbm'K Pa.
. . 1 1 .
OnA KtlliMl nn,1 Ona TaUii to tlin Itcart'
Hon, Wliere Ho ITu Fnuml.
Along tlio fouIU bank of tho Wnrrlor
river, In Timcnloosa county, tlioro la a
tract of lnnd, boiiio 8,000 ncrcs In extent,
which is n BtruiiRo combination of
swamp, hillock and donso forest. Thcro
are llttlo patches of forost where tho fo
liage of tho oak and poplar trees shut out
tho sunlight at noonday; then thcro Is a
cluster of llttlo hillocks, somo of them
moro than thirty feet high, and then
comes n stretch of swamp, so denso and
so dUmnl that only tho most daring
hunters will penetrate It. This locality
Is tho hunters' paradise. In tho notches
of forest thcro are thousands of squir
rels, turkeys, coons, rabbits and a fow
deer. In tho swamp, bear, mink nnd
other animals aro found. Tho swamp is
covered with a denso growth of cane
brake, and In this black bears aro found
In largo numbers. They prey on tlio
young Btock of tho' farmers around the
Just below this swamp there aro sev
eral largo plantations cultivated entirely
by negro labor. Living lit llttlo cabins,
many of them very eloso to tho swamps
or forest, there aro probably 2Q0 families
of negroes. Tho llttlo children of these
negroes have no fear of tho dark canc
brako swamps or tho denso forest; as a
result they often get lost. Several times
children havo been lost in tho swamp toi
a day nnd night nt a time.
Ono day last week tho two boys of
Perry Taylor, colored, aged 4 and 0, left
homo early ono morning and wandered
off Into tho forest. They wcro not missed
until noon, and then their parents felt
no uneasiness about them. Night camo
on nnd still tho two boys had not re
turned. Taylor and his wife wcro alarm
ed, but they could do nothing until
morning. Next day they organized a
searching party and penetrated tho
swamp and forest Thcro wero some
fifty people In tho searching party, aud
thoy covered several miles of tho swamp
and forest without finding any trace of
tho missing children. Tho second day
tho search was continued, and probably
200 negroes joined tho searching party.
At alout noon of tho third day five
negroes, who had penetrated a mile
further into tho cancbrako than tho main
searching party, found the dead body of
tho oldest boy. Ho had, ovldently been
killed by a bear, and his flesh and cloth
ing wero badly torn. Tho main search
ing party came up and began to search
for tho youngest boy. A few hundred
yards from tho spot whero tho body of
tho oldest boy was found tho party ran
into a bears' den. There wero one male
and two femalo boars and flvo cubs. Tho
old bears showed light and wero shot
dead, several of tho negroes being armed.
At tho sound of tho shooting tho flvo
cubs had huddled closo together under
tho upturned roots of a fallen tree. They
were dragged -out, and ttiere, lion
smothered by the young bears, was the
4-year-old negro boy. Thero was not a
scratch on tho boy s body, but ho was
almost starved and was very weak.
Tlio child said they got lost in tho
woods and kept walking until thoy woro
tired, and then lay down and went to
sleep. Ho was awakened by hearing his
brother scream, and, looking up, saw
him In tho clutches of a bear. The lit
tle fellow was too badly frightened to
run or mako au outcry. Ho lay still and
saw his brother torn to pieces. Then tho
bear turned to him. Ho screamed and
closed his eyes, expecting to bo killed.
Tho bear put Its noso In his faco, and,
after smelling him a while, caught his
clothing in Its teeth and started away
with him. Tho bear carried him to tho
den and dropped him among the young
cubs, whero he remained until found by
tho searching party. Neither tlio old or
young bears mado any cHort to hurt tho
child. Birmingham (Ala.) Letter;
Uljrccr Thau a l'Uh Hawk.
Mahlon D. Turk, of Oley, six miles
from this city, is tho owner of flvo lnrRO
flsli dams. Of Into ho has been greatly
troubled by tho depredations 6f fish
hawks, which havo mado frequent de
scents upon his fish preserves, whero
swim somo ii.OOOor 4,000 German carp of
various sizes. Tho other day, intending
to tibato tho nuisance. somowhat if possi
ble; ho took down his shotgun, nnd with
a supply of buckshot secreted himself In
tho bushes beside one of tlio dams. Pres
ently an enormous bird soared overhead,
and after circling around slowly threo
times mado a rapid descent Into tho
pond. Just as it emerged from tho water
with a fish In Its talons Mr. Turk let
drlvo at It with a load of buckshot nnd
killed It instantly. Instead of being n
fish hawk, as ho supposed, It proved to
bo a bald eagle, and measured 5 feet 0
Inches from tip to tip. of its wings.
Heading Cor. Now York Sun.
A Suake Vomlous tt Chlckeu.
A farmer in tho upper portion of this
county was aroused ono night not long
slnco by tho squalling of a hen on her
roost In ncluster of vlucs near tho house.
Going out, the ben was apparently trans-
nxou Willi Uigur, anil neipiess in ner
movements. A largo snako was found
near by with oyes evidently set upon his
proy. Tho lien contlnueU lier wmaua
without moving, as if in a nightmare,
till tho snako was killed, when sho felt
from her perch, recovering and Hying
oway, but has slnco been in a droop.
LUlton (Ua.) Argus.
A Ilaclielur Until lis VTtui 103.
Tho grandfather of Mr. Walls, now
living near Atheus, nover married till
his 103d year. His wife was just 20.
Thoy lived happily together. "It was
no unusual tight," says Tlio Athens
Chronicle, "to seo tho old man, nt tho
ago of 130, plowing in tho field. But ho
was taken sick when In his lliStli year
and lived but n fow months." Atlanta
A well of water on a farm near Hnr-
monyville, Chester county, l'a., suddenly
"foil out while the farmer s wife was
drawing water 11 few days ago. Thon
tho walls of tho well abruptly collapsed,
It is suspected that an underground lake
pr river drew away tho water.
An IiiiuilcTtiut' Turtuue,
Thomas Moiuihaii, nn Irish million
aire, who lived in Melbourno for half a
ccnturv. died recently. Ho was ono of
tho 8130 xxr Irish Immigrants wliosalleu
for Australia In IBau, una me snip was
in such a terriblo sanitary condition that
ninety of them died on tlio voyage,
Monahau shrewdly Invested his llttla
earnings in land about Melbourno, with
tho result that blocks for which ho lld
500 lu those early dayB aro now worth
330,000 each. Ills aggregato wealth U
estimated at 2,000,000. Exchange.
A TmIh Watermelon.
Aleck West, colored, wo believe, Is en
titled to tlio ginger cake for tho greatest
curiosity this season tn the way or
watermelon. Ho exhibits two perfect
melons joined together, Both molons
were fully developi d and tho moat was
juicy and sweet jiiit llko an ordinary
melon, Aleck states that he first noticed
that tho ruuuers from tho vine grew
double. Thoy moved uldo by bldeiiml
tho result wua the duilblu melon. It was
certainly a curiosity, Greensboro (Oa.)
The IiiiIIhii l'mlilcm Not Vet Solved.
Wlillo wo congratulato tho pcoplo of
tho wholo northwest, and especlnlly tho
citizens of l).ikola,on tho consummation
of their long dcslro, tho opening of tho
reservation by no means puts nn end to
tho Indian problem ns fur as tho Sioux
aro concerned. On tlio contrary, It Is
scarcely mora than thelieglnning. Only
a part of tho rcservo Is acquired by tlio
government; and tlio samo questions will
doubtless arlso In futuro, as to that part,
which havo proved bo vexatious In rela
tion to tho wholo. No settlement can
over bo regarded as final which stopi
short of tho absoluto allotment of lands
In severalty and tho nddlng of all that
remains to tho public domain. Again,
It bcoius ns If tho government wcro mere
ly abandoning ono Kwturo of tho "guar
dian nnd ward" attltudo In order to as
sume another. Tho reservation system,
with Us issuo of rations and consequent
tendencies toward Idleness nnd vice, has
scarcely a friend remaining. Yet wo
havo only tho samo thing In another
form In tho practlcoof accumulating lm
mcuso cash funds for tho benefit of the
Indian, to bo held In trust by tho nation,
while Interest Is paid regularly to tho
beneficiary. Tho purchase of theso lands
by tho nation means a permanent Invest
ment In trust for tho Indian. And It is
not according to nature that a quarterly
payment to him of so many dollars lu
cash as Interest will bo nny les demoral
izing than tho Issuo of so many blankets
and co many pounds of flour, beef nnd
pork. St. Paul I'lonecr-Press.
Unrily Uird Up by llees.
Mr, Georgo Murray, a teacher at tho
Colliery board schools, Dlpton, with tho
assistance of ono or two other gentle
men, was preparing to carry somo half
dozen hives of bees from tho Colliery
farm to the fells nt Waskerley. During
the process of packing them In a cart
tho bottom fell oil pno of tho hives, and,
as n natural consequence, tho bees camo
buzzing out nnd stung Mr. Murray and
his companions, as well as stinging tho
horse attached to tho cart. Tho animal
bolted nway In fright. Hundreds of
bees found their way out of tho remain
der of tho hives, and not only stung the
occupants of the cart and tho horso In a
dreadful manner, but tho Insects also
fastened themselves upon a number of
school children who wcro having a rido
through tho villago on a hay cart. Mr.
Murray and his companion (Mr. Elliott)
wcro left lying on tho ground in an ex
hausted and almost unconscious state,
and tho horso was so badly Injured by
tho insects' stings that it fell down upon
tho road nnd Buccumbcd the samo night.
Mr. Murray was also confined to his bed
for somo time, but on Saturday ho was
reported to bo much better. Tho rest
npiear to bo vciy littlo worse. Fall
Mall Gazotto.
Tim Cotton Worms.
That ono drug house in Vicksburg
should receivo orders for fifteen tons, or
80,000 pounds, of purls green in ono day
demonstrates tho extent of tho appre
hension felt by cotton planters concern
ing tho cotton worms In tho largo area
of country tributary to or trading with
that city. With tho cotton worms ap
parently so formidahlo in their second
generation, tho third generation, which
forms a vast increase over its progeni
tors, may do very serious damage. It is
extremely unfortunate, if it bo true, that
tho available supply of parls green has
been already oxhausted. It is likely that
far moro than tho amount already used
will bo needed. Where theso pests aro
unchecked by poison, in their third gen
eration, they havo been known to rnv
ago cotton fields nnd lenvo tho stalks as
haro of foliago In tho latter part of Au
gust nnd September as they aro lu early
February beforo being pulled up nnd
burned, preparatory to tho planting of n
now crop. New Orleans Times-Democrat.
Military lalamUm. '
Thcro Is about modern Mohammedan
ism, at least of the military type, noth
ing of tho uncertainty and shillyshally
with which modern Christianity Is some
times reproached. Tho prophet under
stood tho natural man of Ablatio nnd
African races perfectly well, and his
modo of procedure is still fully justified
witli them. He did not, like somo un
wise fanatics, promise universal victor',
luvulnerableness, or anything of tho
kind. The followers of tho Khalifa aro
itiito awaro that thoy may bo collective
ly defeated and individually killed. But
that does not interfere either with their
certainty of tho ultimate success of their
cause, with their sense of tho duty of
offering conversion, trlWiteor tho sword,
or with their enjoyment of tho comfort
ablo prospects of tho martyred bellover.
Saturday Review.
Jeray Motuiultoes Astray 111 Jupan.
An extraordinary statement was mado
tho other day by a man from Mlyagal-
ken. Ho stated that in bendal, siuce
tho 11th and 12th ult., tho peoplo hare
been much troubled with a kind of poi
sonous butterfly. To touch one of them
causes the flesh to Itch, and If scratched
to swell and remain swollen for n very
long time. In daylight, ho says, thoy do
not mako their appcaranoo, but at twi
light thoy swarm into the houses. With
tho approval of tho authorities fires aro
now burned at tho entrances of houses
nnd yards to attract tho insects und de
stroy them. Malnlcm Shtmbun.
Tho American rago for baseball is af
ter all weak compared to tho" British
crazo for cricket. At tho last match be
tween the two greatest of tho county
elevens, Surrey and Nottingham, which
took three days to play, nearly 00,000
peoplo went to sco It and Surrey's vic
tory, Tho batting of Lockwood nnd
Abel, who together mado 1C9 In Surrey's
second inning, was to important toward
winning tho match that tho collection
taken up for their benefit amounted to
42, 5 of which was lu penny pieces.
Of tho 83,000 tons of wlro fencing an
nually Imported Into tho Argentine Re
public It Is said that Belgium furnishes
kalf, Great Britain about a quarter and
Franco eomewhat less.
Tho forty-third annual report of tho
commissioners in lunacy for Great Bri
tain contains Interesting figures. On
Now Year's day last there wero in the
kingdom &1.840 Insane persons. Vnrlom
causes of insanity aro set forth lu n table
covering 180,478 cuses. Of theso 0,600
persons lot their reason from domestic
trouble, 8,000 from "adverse circum
stances," 8,278 from overwork and
worry, 8,709 from religious excitement,
aud 18,200 from intemperance. The In
fluence of heredity was ascertained lu
23,003 cases, nnd congenital defect lu
And now tho superfluity of rain this
year Is given as n reason for tho jion
success of a largo dozen seaside hotels.
As a matter of fact, thero are too many
such establishments from Maluo to Cali
fornia, and by no means enough peoplo
to "go round,"
A brass ring was sent from Germany
to 11 Now Yorker tba other day which
was seized by tho customs officers. Tlio
tax duo to tho government was tlTreo
cents, and it cost tlio United State souie
Udng Uk 15 to collect that nun.
A tlfttlmK.1 TnivnlliiK Agent Tell
Itortpr Alrout ArknntiM Vallcr.
Every ono who comes to Kansas City
from Kansas theso days has his own par
ticular stock of stories to toll about tho
wonderful crops In that stnto. Among
tho Sunflower pilgrims who landed In tho
city Saturday was Charley Iiarrett, tho
goud looking nnd talkative traveling pas
sengcrngent of the Missouri Pacific. Ho
hail spent four or flvo days In southern
Kansas, and his mouth was going nt tho
rnto of 600 revolutions a mlimto about
crops when ho was flagged by a Times
iiinn on Main street.
"Whcatl" ho exclaimed. "You never
saw tho like! Tho farmers down in
southern Kansas had to rent tho publlo
roads to get room enough to stack tho
wheat. Wasn't room enough In tho fields
to hold tho stacks. I saw ono"
"How is tho fruit crop?"
"Fruit! You novcr saw tho likol Ap
ples as big ns cannon balls growing in
clusters as big us haystacks. I saw ono
npplo that"
"Don't tho trees break downy
"Trees! You never saw the likel The
furmcrs planted sorghum lu tho or
chards, and tho stalks grew up llko tele
graph poles and supported tho limbs. I
saw ono stalk of sorghum that was two
"How is the broom corn crop?"
"Iiroom corn! You never saw tho
like! Thcro hasn't been n cloudy day in
southern Kansas for a month. Can't
cloud up. Tho broom corn grow so high
tlmt It kept (lie clouds swept oil tho faco
of tlio sky ns clean ns n now floor. They
will havo to cut tho corn down if it gets
too dry. Some of tlio broom com stalks
1110 so high that"
"How is tho corn crop?"
"Corn! You nover saw tho like! Down
In tho Neosho nnd Full River and Arkan
sas bottoms tho corn is as high ns u
house. They uso stepladdcrs to gather
roasting ears."
"Aren't Btepladders pretty expensive?"
"Expensive! Well, I Bhould say so;
but that isn't the worst of it. The trouble
is that tho children climb up into the
cornstalks to hunt for eagles' nests, and
sometimes full out and kill themselves.
Fourteen funerals in one county last
week from that cause. I attended all of
them. That is why I um so sad. And,
mind you, tho corrUsnot moro thauhalf
giown. A niati tit Arkansas City has In
vented a raachiiio which ho calls 'The
Solar Corn Harvester and Child Pro
tector.' It is inflated with gas llko a bal
loon and floats oer tho corn tops, and
tho occupants reach down and cut ofT tho
ears of corn with a cavalrysabcr. Every
Kansas farmer has a cavalry saber,
"Do they make much cider In Kan
sas?" "Cider? You nover saw tho likel
Oceans of it! Most of tlio farmers in
Crowley county have filled their cisterns
w 1th cider. A proposition was mado a
fow days ago to tho water works com
pany of Arkansas City to supply tho
town with cider through tho mains,
but tho company was compelled to de
cline because they wcro afraid tho cider
would rust the pumps. They wero sorry,
but they said they would havo to con
tinue to furnish water, although It cost
more. I saw 0110 farmer who"
"How Is tho potato crop?"
"Potatoes! You never biw tho like!
A man in Sedgwick county dug a potato
the other day that was so big housed the
cavity It grew in for a cellar. I saw ono
potato that"
"Tho peoplo must bo happy over their
big crops?-'
"Happy! You nover saw tho like! I
know men in the Arkansas valley who
wero too poor this time last year to flag
a bread wagon, and now they havo pie
threo times a day. Ono fellow that"
Hut tho reporter just at this point had
a pressing engagement elsewhere. Kan
sas City Times.
To l'rraerio Detail ltodlea.
Thero is n man in Denver who has an
idea that tho country ought to gfvo up
tho present method of disposing of dead
bodies and ndopt ono which ho suggests.
Ho does not udvocato cremation, nor
anything else which, so far as is known,
appears to havo been suggested by any
Other person. His scheme is to freeze
the dead body in water, tako tho block
of ico in which tho body has been frozen
and carry it to tho north and deposit it
on tho shores of ono of tho Arctic bens,
He says that ho has already mado some
fa vorablo progress, and that an English
syudicato is considering tho establish
uient of an international cemetery on
tho Bliores of Baffin's bay, whero ho says
that futuro generations may go to find
tlio faces of their nncestors of tho Nine
teenth century ns natural as life. New
ork Sun.
Tho "lost Cablu."
On Aug. 4, 1830, Charles E. Burnes
and Nathan Fubbard left Linkville, Ore.,
on a prospecting tour to find tho "Lost
Cabin" in tho mountains. For years the
Lost Cablu has leen ono of tho tradi
tions of that section, and many a search
has been made for it and tho gold that is
supposed to bo waiting for the finder,
Nothing was again heard of the two
men until a fow weeks ago, when a cat.
tin beider found their camp nnd their
skeletons in a denso wilderness near Dia
mond lake, fifty miles from Fort Kla
math, Tho skeletons were found near
together, wrapped In their blankets and
clothed. Their guns stood against a tree
near by. A snioll sum of money was In
one of tho men's pockets, and a watch,
so that It seemed certain that they had
not been murdered nnd robbed, A diary
and a postal card addressed to Burnes'
mother served to Identify them. The
diary was carried to Aug. 21, 1880, so
tho men had been dead nearly three
years. But how thoy diod will probably
bo ono of the mysteries of tho Diamond
Lnko region. Chicago Herald.
American Womrii at the Imposition.
Tills is about tlio way that tho average
American woman dresses to spend the
uuy in tuo fans exposition. Tho fash
lonablo begin to go thero Immediately
after breakfast, and tako luncheon and
dinner there, nttend tho concerts and
siiectacles from hour to hour, taking in
all tho Oriental departments, seeing the
isastern dancers, ana getting a long rest
in tho afternoon by tuklug u wheeled
ghalr and hiring a small boy to roll thorn
about Sn a leisurely fashion among the
palms and flowers In tho horticultural
department. I'nrl3 Letter.
lives ami Golil.
Clinton A. Snowden, of Tacoma. Baw
bees going nnd coming from a hollow
true. Ho built a lire, smoked out tho
bees and cut down the tree to get tho
liouey. Ho found n great lot of It: but.
better still, a largo quantity of gold was
in tno noiiow trunk. It had ovldently
been deposited there by nature, and tho
wlso men out thero think that It was
"gradually washed up every year by tho
How 01 sap, and lu courso of tlmo accu
mulated Into a solid mass," Mr Snow
den got over $7,000 for tlio gold, Now
1 org nun.
Tlio American Iron mid Steel associa
tion report that tho production of pig
iron In tho first six months of 1880 win
larger than in uny preceding six months
In tho lustory of tho American iron
VOL. 23, NO. 37.
A Violent Mnn, nml Die Sudden Dentil
Tlirat Overtook Him tat L,ut.
A dramatic sequence of oventa lay bo
lilnd tho recent assassination of Gen.
Lopez Jordan In tho streets of Buenos
Ayres. Jordan was n violent, venture
somo, unscrupulous man, who had ox
lxirlonced all trro ups and downs of nn
adventurer's career. Ho was liorn In
Concopcion, Uruguay, In 1822. Ho was
educated In tho Jesuit college, In Buenos
Ayres, and In 1841 entered tho Argen
tlno nrmy ns n lieutenant. In tho revo
lutionary times of 1819 ho was command
ant of his nattvo town. Ho was unpop
ular, even nmong his own peoplo. llo
was quarrelsome, Imperious nnd inso
lent, nnd always ready to meet nny re
Bcntmcnt which his conduct excited with
n challcngo to a duol. In tho disturb
ances of 1851 ho took sides with tho
tyrant Uosas against tho rebellious Gen.
Under tho protection of his chief ho
committed nil sorts of misdeeds. His
most atrocious crimo was the murder of
Maj. Casas. In the shadow of this crimo
ho passed tho last years of his life, nnd
In consequenco of It ho met a violent
death. Casas was tho prefect of tho city
of l'almas. In tho province of Entroltios.
Ho was a landed proprietor and a cattla
man of great wealth. In 1878 llo mado
a trip through tho provinco for tho pur
pose of selling 1,000 sheep and n largo
strip of woodland. In returning homo
witli tho proceeds of the sales In his
pockets ho passed through tho region
held by Jordan's troops. Jordan heard
of his presence, and ordered that ho
should bo arrested. It was done. Jor
dan received Casas in his tent, questioned
him ns to his possessions, and then, with
out a word of accusation, complaint or
explanation, commanded that ho should
. bo executed. Casas was tied to n treo
and slaughtered llko a sheep. Jordan
sclzod all the money found on tho dead
man's body, and afterward stripped his
victim's family of all their property.
Justico Is pretty leaden footed In tho
Argeutlno Republic, especially when sho
Is after generals; nevertheless, sho be
gan to overhaul Jordan almost immedi
ately after tho despoliation of tho Ca
sases. Ono by 0110 his crimes wero
turned against htm until lit 1878 ho was
Imprisoned In Parana on tho chargo of
murdering Casas nnu Uen. Urqulza. By
bribing tho guards he mado ids escapo
from jail and left Parana in tho dlsgulso
of a beggar on tho arm of his daughter.
Ho concealed himself over tho border for
ten years. After tho amnesty of 1888 ho
returned to Buenos Ayres.
In tho mcantlmo tho young son of
Maj. Casas had become n man. no had
seen many black days since the despolia
tion of his family. His mother hod died
of a broken heart, in extreme poverty.
On her deathbed sho made him swear to
nvengo his father's murder. A keen
struggle with tho world to obtain food
and clothes for his sister and himself
kept this oath fresh in young Casas'
moinory. Ho know that Jordan would
como back to Buenos Ayres somo day,
and ho watched carefully for news of
his return. A fow weeks ago news of
Jordan s reappearnnco came to Monte
video, whero young Casas, as a reporter,
was making n fair living for his sister
and himself. Casas went at onco to
Buenos Ayres.
Ono Saturday noon Gen. Lopez Jordan
stopped from his houso into tho most
crowded street of Buenos Ayres for his
midday stroll. Somo hundred steps
from Ills door a young man sprang be
foro him and asked:
'Are you Gen. Lopez Jordan?"
'I am Aurelio Casas, son of Maj.
Casas, whom you murdered sixteen
years ngo. I am como to shoot you.
Uen. Jordan stood quito still and spoke
a few words of apology. Aurelio Casas
did not heed them, Ho motioned back
the gathering crowd, drew a revolver
and shot Gen. Jordan in tho throat. Gen.
Jordan did not move. Casas fired a sec
ond shot. It passed into Gen. Jordan's
heart, and ho fell dead to tho ground.
Somo ono shouted "Murder!
"I am no murderer!" shouted back
Casas, who remained besido his victim's
body. "I havo merely killed tho man
who killed my father." Then ho threw
down his revolver and walked away.
Subsequently ho surrendcxed himself to
tho police. Tho body of uen. Lopez Jor
dan was carried to his palace, which hud
been built and furnished with tho pro
ceeds of tho crimo just avenged. Now
iork bun.
Do Not llollovo In a ruttire I.l(o.
When a gypsy dies that Is tho cud.
Every member of tho raco has a horror
of death, bocauso no gypsy lives who
has faltn lu a hereafter. Thoy cannot
bo induced to contemplate It. No genu
Ino gypsy over accepted Christianity.
Borrow in his many years of Biblo and
missionary work among tlicm never
claimed to havo converted ono. In all
countries, as is truo of a goodly number
of othor folk, they occasionally profess
a sort of attachment to tho ruling creed.
For instanco, wo hear of a "gypsy ex
torter" In Ohio, and tho other day n
good bishop of Delaware was allowed to
christen a gypsy child in n camp.near
Wilmington. Hut theso littlo hypocri
sies aro all In tho way of gypsy thrift.
Springfield Republican.
The Foot o( tlio flrantl Canyon.
I went to tho bottom of tho Grand
canyon of tho Colorado lost winter and
am ono of tho few men who over at
tempted the descent. I went thero to
exaiulno n niino said to exist in tho 1-ot-
toin of the canyon. I havo been nil
through tho Rockies from Montana to
Central America and know what a
chasm is, but tho sight of that abyss
took my breath away, Irotn tho top to
tho bottom It Is full 0,000 feet. Over a
mllo below you can seo tho river tearing
through tho gorge, but not n sound can
bo heard, It is so far away. From ono
bank to tho other it is apparently not
over a quarter of n mile, but ns a matter
of fact It is fully nineteen miles. My
guide told mo I would nover Iw nblo to
reach the bottom, but I wns determined
to go and I went. It was a terriblo
climb nnd it took us eight hours to reach
tho bottom, It is certainly tho most
dosolato placo In tho world, Thero is no
living thing down there no Insects, rep
tiles nor animals of any kind, l-.vcry
thing Is nlteolutely dead. Tho mining
prospect was worthless. Beforo tho suu
was up tho next morning wo wcro on
our way out, and it took us until 10
o'clock that night to climb tlio wall of
the canyon. St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
Mti. Stephen Danforth, of Manchester-by-tho-Sea,
Is another victim of tho to
bacco habit. Sho learned to smoko in
Virginia, whero sho was iwn, and
though sho does her own work and looks
after her husband, who ii old and in
firm, sho Is rarely without n lighted plpo
In her mouth, Sho smokes twolvo plpo
fuh dally. Mrs. Danforth will bo 07
years old on her next birthday.
Grand Rapids, Mich., offered a bounty
for tho killing of English sparrows, mid
up to dato boys havo slaughtered over
10,000 ot tho pests. In addition, tho boys
havo filled a horso with bird shot, punc
tured tho leg of. ono of their number
witli tlio Kimo and nut out tlio evo of au-
JU other.
It Orrle.1 Iter Safely Tlirontlt n retiod
of Awfnl I'erll.
Fully 1,800 persons nssembled at Jack
son Mound park yesterday afternoon to
witness tho balloon ascension nnd para-
chuto lump by Miss Dessa Garrett. Miss
Garrett Is a small but compact nnd well
knit woman, and of light weight, and
this fact, as It proved later, saved lier
from a frightful fate.
At B o'clock tho monster balloon was
fully Inflated, and tho eager throng of
sightseers mounted benches and tables
to get n good vlow of tho start. Tlio
ropes wcro released nt a given signal,
Professor Itoblnson cried "All ready."
and up shot tho aerial ship, with its oc
cupant hanging to the trnpczo bar. Up
went tho balloon till tho aeronaut could
hardly bo distinguished, and n hush set-i
find nn (lira pmu-il liolmr njatlinnwfllll
consequenco of a fall from that dlzzyj
height presented itself to their minds.
Many of thoso present had opera nnd
field glasses through which they viewed 1
every movement of tho balloon and its '
A hoight of fully C.000 feet was at'
length attained and tho balloon com-!
mencod to slowly descend, nnd still Miss
Garrett did not mako tho leap. Sho was
seen to attempt to pull tho parachuto
toward her, but something was ovldently
wrong. As the balloon descended the ,
parachuto expanded, and when about
4,000 feet from terra firma Miss Garrett
let go of tho liar of tho balloon and in
trusted herself to the parachute. Tlio
latter, however, did not detach Itsolf
from tho balloon, and tho two continued
slowly to descend. A few woro heard
to remark when they saw tho apparently
easy and safo descent, that It was dono
by prearrangement, and that tho aero
naut did not intend to mako tho jump
when sho made tho nscent.
Such pooplo and the crowd generally
woro not awaro that Miss Garrett was,
by very reason of tho parachuto not de
taching Itself, In most deadly peril of
being dashed to atoms. Professor Rob
inson knew it, and his choek blanched
ns ho awaited tho threatened catastrophe.
Mr. J. J. Hogan was awaro of it, and
went into tho tickof office to avoid see
ing what ho thought was inevitable. So
also did afow others who knew enough
of tho relation tho paraohuto bore to the
balloon to bo awaro of what result might
bo expected.
Tho parachuto Is fastened with a cord
to tho sido of tho balloon. In ono placo
tho cord is almost cut in two, and when
tho noronaut places his or her weight in
tho parachuto tho cord Is broken nt tho
weak spot and tho parachuto is freed.
In yesterday's ascension tho cord boenmo
twisted, thus giving it doublo strength,
nnd when Miss Garrett swung out on tho
parachuto tho jerk was insufficient to
part tho lino. It wns at this juncturo
that tho danger was most Imminent.
Tho cord being nttnehed to tho sido of
tho balloon tho weight on it caused it to
careen, nnd a pull of smoko was seen to
issuo from it. It turned half over, but
no further. Had It turned a fow fej t
further, had tho lady's weight been a few
pounds greater, It would havo capsized.
It was immediately over the para
chuto; liad it capsized it would havo col
lapsed, and its weight of 800 riounds
would havo como down on tho para
chuto, nnd in a few seconds later Miss
Garrett would havobcen dashed to tho
earth. Tho danger was not over till tho
balloonist was in jumping distance of
tho ground, but sho made tho descent in
porfect safety about a inilo south of tho
Miss Garrett fully understood her aw
ful position as sho hung suspended in
midair, uncertain tt what moment sho
would bo dashed to pieces, but sho is
truo grit, and nover faltered. She knew
that all sho could do was to hang on nnd
hopo for tho best, and sho hung on and
was saved whero a weaker woman's
heart would havo failed her, and sho
would havo fainted and met an awful
death. Memphis Avalanche.
A Will with Qoeer Trorlglons.
Tho will of tho lato Thomns Ncsmith,
of San Diego, is a curious and interest
ing document. Among its provisions is
ono giving a fund of 3,000 to remain on
Interest for 160 years, the total at that
timo to bo mostly used in building and
equipping tho Nesmlth lyceuni; ono set
ting apart $G0 to run for tlio same tlmo,
tho proceeds to bo finally used in plant
ing trees, building water troughs and
picking up looso stone, and ono giving
Julian $3,000 for a library, this fund to
bo available at onco. Tlio result of tho
first named benefactions will lie that
San Diego, A. D. 2039, will havo a lyco
um with nn endowment equal to that of
many colleges and tho Improvement so
ciety an nvailablo fund which will lino
tho road between tho lyceuni and tho
Julian library with tho most approved
form of shade. Exchange.
A lltatttellcM Natlotital Turk.
It is proposed by tho Chickamauga
Memorial association that tlio ground on
which tho celebrated battlo of Chicka
mauga was fought bo bought by tho a&so
clntiou and converted for all tlmo Into n
national park, This project will lie
pushed nt tho annual reunion of tho
Army of tho Cumberland, when it is
held at Chattanooga on Sept. 10. Efforts
aro being mado to sccuro tho attendance
nt this reunion of members of the Con
federate army who fought In tho battlo
of Chickamauga. Exchange.
The CodiUli 1'auiW.
Wido publicity has been given lately
to tho reported discovery by thn United
States fish commissioner steamer Alba
tross of tho cxtenslvo codfishiug banks
oft San Diego. Tlio journals of tho
southern coast towns havo been much
Impressed with tho importance of tho
discovery, nnd havo had much to say
about it. Old fiohermcn, who know well
tho habits of tlio cod, have been loth to
believe that the fish could bo found in
any great numbers lu such warm water
and such an exposed iKwltlon as desig
nated, in tho region of St. Nicholas Isl
and, Evidently thero is something wrong
about tlio announcement. As far as tho
banks nnd shoals are concerned, thoso
"discoveries" havo lieen marked on
coast survey charts for tho past thirty-
tlvo years, lho coast survey vossels
havo often sounded in tho locality men
tioned, und there has been moro or less
fishing dono by them, but nover has
thero been uny cod found. Tho currents
thcro aro very strong, and any vessel of
slzo can rematu near tho batiks ouly
with much difficulty. That tho roportod
cod banks near Capo Lookout, on tho
upper coast, will provo of valuo is con
sidered very likely, for thero aro many
of tho surroundings that fishermen con
sider most favorable to tho coil. San
Francisco Bulletin.
Fruit (ironing Out or tho llocLs.
A hardy applo tree, loaded with ripo,
hiHoious fruit, grow iug from tho crevices
of a rock, Is a curiosity which has at
tracted tho attention of visitors to Fair-,
mount park through tho CullowhU.
street entrance this summer. Tlio tree,
which is very large, shoots up from tho
crovlco of tho rocks blasted to form the
pool for the pumping at tho Falrmount
water works,
Tho apples on tho treo aro tho beauti
ful rosy cheeked, yellow variety, and
from their quality and size it would ap
pear that there was somo rich source ot
sustenance, though nouo Is visible from
any point of view, tho roots being plain
ly beeu clinging to tho rocky walls,
shooting In on" cruvlco and out of an
other. Hundreds of small boys try, day
after day, to proouro specimen of the
fruit, but the Isolated position of the
treo has thus fur eavod it from tholt
raids. Philadelphia Times.
A Now York physician tried an experi
ment with Dr. Browii-Sequard'ii elixir
upou a cat with perfect Buocecai. Tho
doctor stupefied tlio cat with half tiutul
of ether and then applied tho elixir hypo
doxmlcally, and In n moment the cat was
dancing around tho room, tho stupor ot
tho ether having entirely disappeared.