The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, January 04, 1889, Image 3

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    A., .
Absolutely Pure.
This nowder never tat1pi. a mat-vM nrnn
tren gth and wholcsomeness. More economic
han ordinary kinds, and cannot bo sold in compe
ltlo with the multitude of low tcst.short weight
alum or phosphate powders. Sold only In cans
UUTAb UAKIHU rUWDKH LU,. Wailttt.,r. X.
The Columbian
tTublfshcd every Friday. Subscription price,
fl.coajear. F
Entered at the Post Odlco at Dloomsburg, Fa.,
as Bcconu class matter, March 1, ltm.
Taking effect MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1833.
Ar. Ar. Ar. Lv. Lv. LT.
STATIONS, r. . r. .. A.M. a.m. p. u. r. M.
liloomsbure,. 6 !8 1 03 8 09 8 35 J ZS 6 40
Main btrcct 0 18 18 53 7 68 8 4 S 38 6 51
iromlalc (1 10 IS SO 7 68 8 48 8 4J 6 64
Paper Mill 6 08 12 40 7 48 8 66 ' 62 7 01
LlghtStrcet 6 05 12 31 7 45 9 00 8 67 7 08
Orangevllle 5 51 12 20 7 35 10 3 m T 10
Forks 8 45 12 00 7 20 9 25 3 30 7 81
Tubbs 5 4J 11 63 7 15 9 30 8 42 7 86
Stillwater 5 37 11 45 7 10 37 3 60 7 43
Henton, 6 28 11 30 7 00 V 47 4 15 7 63
Edsons 5 23 11 20 0 50 9 61 1 20 7 SO
coles Creek 5 20 11 15 52 9 6 4 24 H 00
HUgftrlOftf, 5 15 11 10 6 41 10 00 4 2S 8 05
LaubachS, 6 12 11 05 6 45 10 04 4 33 8 10
Central..; 6 08 10 17 0 88 10 13 4 40 8 15
Echo l'ark 6 03 10 63 a ll) 15 4 43 8 19
Jamison city.. 5 oo 10 45 o 39 10 20 4 to 8 25
Lv. Lv. Lv. Ar. Ar. Ar
r. u. a. M. A. m. a. u. r. u. r. u.
Trains on the P. It. U. It. leave imperils
follows :
NOJvrn. south.
T:22 a. m. n:l a. m,
3:12 p.m. 6:2i) p.m.
r o
Tratnsontho D. L. & W. 11. It.leavo Bloomaburg
as follows!
7:ua.m. 8:33 a.m.
10:51 a. m. 12:00 p. m.
2:21 p.m. 4:18 p.m.
6:36 p.m. 8:47 p.m.
Trains on the N.&W.I1. Hallway pass Bloom
Ferry as follows :
10:40 a. m. U:&5 a. m.
.2C p. m. 'M P-m-
10:16 am 6:39 p m
mmmmmmm, wmm p mm 99mmMm
A. O. Brown spent part of the past week
in New York City.
Miss Lou Hutchison, of Kingston, has
been visiting Miss ilnrthn Clark.
W. Clnrlt Sloan saw tho old year out at
ltov. Dr. Mitchell and daughter Rene,
were In town a short tlmo Tuesday
Col, mid Mrs. Freeze arc In Philadelphia
this week.
Mrs. II. Q Ort, who has been seriously
ill, is much improved, and her recovery la
Geo. M. Lockard haB been in poor health
for several weeks. He is conllncd to tho
house now, sulTeriug from blood poisoning.
Representative Fox and Krickbaum
went to Harrisburg on Monday to enter
upon their legislative duties.
Hon. C. It. Uuckalow spent tho holidays
nt home, and returned to Washington on
V. W. Drinker, who 13 employed as ft
book-keeper at Scranton, spent the holi
days at home.
T. F. Maloy, having sold out his lnteiest
In the firm of Stiff & Maloy to Air. Stiff, has
accepted a situation with a largo carrlago
firm at Scranton.
Simon Shive Is living In Franklin town
ship on his farm at the old Esther furnace,
with his daughter and son-ia-law, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Wolf. He has recently erected a
largo now ham, and put up a saw mill. His
address is Pcnsyl.
John W. Moore returned homo from
' Colorado a couple of weeks ago after an
absence of nine months. Ho was engaged
In building depots on tho Rock Island
Railroad, and became subject to chills and
wrs obliged to ccme homo on account of
his health. Ho has improved since Ms re
turn, and Is with his father N. P. Mooro
.Esq. at Buck Horn.
The Normal School will open next
Farmers read with interest of I. Maler
tho reliable clothier's advertisement. If
The public schools of this placo opened
Fine Cabinets in vignette or scroll,
tf M'Kllllp Bros.
James Men purchased a property trom
tho Illoomsburg Banking Co., on Iron
Street last week for $525.
Wo trust tho coming year may bo n
prosperous and happy one with all our
Railroads In New Yoik State are now
compelled to heat their cars by steam. Tho
law went Into effect January 1st.
A llttlo child of Henry Jones, ajed 3
mouths.died Wednesday ;.(teruooD. Inter,
ment will lake place tu Itosemont Ceme
tery, Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Stamping of all kinds done to order
Now Yotk's latest styles of pattern used.
Rock Street, 2nd door below Market St.,
Illoomsburg. If.
Tho property of Eli zabetu Ruckle de.
ceased in Llghtstreet .was soUl at public
sale last week Thursday .to h. M, Pcttll for
Mr. John Mastellcr, proprietor of tho
New York Variety Btoro, was married Tucs.
day at noon to Miss Ida Kistler, at tho
home of tho bride in Canby, Mt. Pleasant
Friend, are you in debt for tho paper
you aro readiug? If so, why? Btart in tho
new year by paying ud for back years,
and a year In advance, and sec how much
more you will enjoy your news when you
read it.
Henry Wolf, nn old resident of this
'place, died at his homo on Fifth street
Sunday aftcrnoou, ag.edjsovcntyulno years,
after a long illness. Tho funcrAl took
placo Wciiucsday afternoon at two o'clock.
Interment m Itoemont Cemetery.
We advise our lady readers to be on
their guard agalast a uew dodgo of swind
ling. This ono assumes tho business of a
oap agent, who will leave a sauiplo
lor you to try, after which bo will ugain
call and ask you to sign a lecommcml for
lils losp, Tho paper will finally turn up
In tho shape of nn order for $10 worth of
Ills new (?) soap. Look out for this old
W. 0. Hartiol of Mlfllln, lias been ap
pointed Mcrcantllo Appraiser by tho county
Wm. Ncal presented tho Woman's Christ
ian Tcmpemnco Union a load ot coal on
Christmas day,
Tho now officials of tho county will take
their scats on Monday. Judgo Ikclor and
Sheriff Casey will then bo sworn In.
White, Conner & Sloan, Orangcvlllo Pa.,
offer for salo a full lino of bob sleds, hand
and power corn slicllers, also the cele
brated Lion fodder cutter and crusher, tf
Tho Shattuck Protection Cuff Holder Is
now on sale at our stores. Those ladles
who have used them pronounce them per
fect and would not bo without them.
The B. & S. depot at Jameson City was
opened on Tuesday for telegraph and station
work. An express office has been opened
and packages can nov bo sent over tho
road to that point.
Mrs. Johanna Sulllvau died at tho resi
dence of her son nt Morgantown, on Sun
day last, and was burled on Wednesday
morning, Rev. Father McCann officiating.
Mrs. Sullivan was 89 years and 3 months
Judgo Edward Pcrrtne, father of Ernest
N. Perrine Esq., of New York, died at his
home In that city last week. He was for
many years clerk of tho Court of Appeals
of New York State. Mr. Ernest Perrine is
a son-in-law of F. P. Drinker, of this town.
When tho blood Is impure, thick, and
sluggish, or thin and impoverished, thcro
can bo no health. With theso conditions,
alt tho functions of tho body aro Impaired,
and tlm result Is a variety of dangerous
complications. Tho best remedy is Ayer'
Lconl Hicks died at tho homo of bis
brother, Mahlon Hicks, near Berwick, last
Friday morning. Ho was sick nearly a
year. His wlfo was buried only four weeks
beforo htm. Ho was a son-in-law of A. B.
Croop of Brlarcreck, nnd leaves two little
boys to eurvivo him. The luncrnl took
place on Monday at ono o'clock.
Tho Rupert & Bloomsburg Railroad Co.,
capital $100,000, was chartered at Harrls
burg Monday to build a lino two miles long
from n point on the P. & R. road near
Rupert to a point on tho 13. & S. road at
this place. Austin Corbln of Philadelphia,
Is president of tho company and holds
nearly all tho stock.
A young man who has a first-class selling
article, and manufacturer of same, desires
to meet with a gentleman who would be
willing to advance a small capital to put
same on market. Terms made known on
application. Address by letter only.
C. O. Cross,
Bloomsburg Pa.
List ot letters remaining In the Poet Of
fice at Bloomsburg for week ending Jan.
1. 1880.
Mr. A. II. Chamberlin, Mrs. Lizzie Gen.
sel, Mr. C. S. Mather, Philip Moust, Meade
Bros., John N. Snyder, Miss Cora Waters,
Mr. Benjamin Wise, Mrs. Ella Wiso.
Persons calling for these letters wil!
please say "advertised."
Gkoroe A. Clakk, P. M.
Last Monday evening a bright light ap
peared In the sky and continued for nearly
an hour. At first It was supposed to be a
fire In Catawissa, being in that direction,
but a telephone inquiring proved otherwise,
though where, no one could tell. Tho next
day It was found to have been caused by
the burning of a largo colliery at Shamo
kin, twenty miles or more distant
J. II. Wilson died of pneumonia, at the
home of Samuel Potter on Railroad street,
last Saturday evening, aged 27 years, 4
months and 24 days. His body wns remov
ed on Sunday to the Lowe farm, where his
sister, Mrs. Crawford, lives. Tho funeral
took placo Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
and the remains were interred in Yandcr.
slice's graveyard.
Seventy applications for licenses have
been filed in tho Prothonotary's ofllce.
This includes all tho places licensed last
year, and five additional ones, distributed
as follows ; Manor Rest Iun at Jameson
City, E. P. Albertsou, hotel, Sugarloaf, J.
S. Mann, hotel, Centre, J. Roncy, restau
rant, Centralis, nnd A. Rantz, restaurant
Charles Deichmlllcr, son of nenry
Dcichmillcr, of Hemlock township, met
with a serious accident on Friday after
noon. He was sawing wood wilh a port
able englno at Henry Sbraum's when the
band slipped off the wheel and In endea
voring to replace it his left band wa8
caught and torn completely off at tho
wrist joint. He was taken homo and the
wound was dressed by Dr. J. R. Mont
gomery of Buck Horn, under whoso care
the patient Is doing well.
Prof. Hurlburts' Hlppocymigon nnd tho
Mrs. Gen. Tom Thumb coirpauy nttracted
large audiences to the Opera House last
Friday afternoon and evening. .The Little
People, Count and Barou Magrl and
Countess Magrl, late Mrs. Gen. Tom
Thumb, appeared In a comedy entitled,
"TwoBtrlngsto lVrBow,"or "Which Shall
Win Hot?" In which they succeeded lu
pleasing their audiences. The horses and
dogs were very well trained, an J tho per
formance was a most entertaining one, ns
shown by tho frequent and hearty ap
planse. It was our intcnthn to reduce the bIzo
of tho Columbian to that of other $1.00 pap
ers on January 1st, 1880, but the demand on
ouradverttslng space laso great Unit weean-
not make tho paper smaller without en.
croachiog too much upon our reading mat
ter, and wo havo therefore determined to
continue It tho samo as heretofore, tho
largest paper In the county. It's not only
larger than any other paper nt $1.00 a
year, but larger than any paper printed In
the county at any price. Compare It with
others and sco for yourselves.
Now is a good tlmo to subscribe for
Tho Colombian and New York World
will be sent to any address in the county
for ono year for $1.00. lit
Aycr's Almanac for 18S0, published by
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., comes
to us In the shape of a nrat prctentatlon
book of about (Wo hundred pages, being
made up of numerous editions calculated
for the latitudes of many lands. A score
or more of nationalities aro addressed In
their own languages In this volume, and
could they all be heard clamoring together
for Aycr's Sarsaparilla and Ayer's Pills
what a Babel would break forlhl Ayer's
Almanac, in its familiar yellow cover, has
long been the most acurato and
rellablo of its kin J; and If any one Is Ig
norant of tho superior mi. of Ayer's
medicines, and sutlers In conaeqv.uce, It Is
not the fault of this euterprlslng tlrm, who
scatter their ''leaves" by tho million, "fcr
the healing of the nations." Ask your
druggist for Ayir'n Almanac.
Dr. Bhattuck's Hcllantuus for coughs
colds ami consumption, and his Rest Cure
Spcclfio for kidney complaints, Introduced
tn ttin smith last wlntpr. nrn mnitllnn mill.
ready tale and giving universal satisfaction, j
Ctiurcli ISovh.
(Under Hill had will bo Inserted, f m of chaw,
all matters connected with the churches ot tho
county. Hpo1almDelliis, change ot p.wtor, lm
provements or Injuries to properly, and any thing
of publlo interest about churches of all denomina
tions. Is Invited, rastors aro specially requested
to send In their reports.
Noxt week, beginning Monday, January
7th, will be tho annual Week of Prayer,
observed In several ot tho churches.
Rev, M. J. Cnrothcrs of Milton, will
preach tn tho Evangelical Church on next
Sabbath at 8 o'clock, and administer tho
Lord's Supper.
A chicken and flannel cako supper will
bo given by the Young People's Social
Club of tho Presbyterian church, on Friday
from 5 to 10 p. m., nt Dr. Wlllllts' on Mar
kct street. Supper 2oo. All aro cordially
Thero will bo ft publlo meeting of the
Woman's Christian Tcmpcranco Union,
held In the Lutheran Church at 3 o'clock In
the afternoon, of Sunday tho J3tli Inst. A
lady of Philadelphia Is expected to address
tho meeting. All aro cordially Invited.
Tho annual Christmas Festival of St
Paul's Sunday School took placo Thursday
evening of last week. The services, con
ducted by Rev. W. C. Lovcrett, crnslstcd
of carols, etc. A good Blzed Christmas
tree stood In tho chancel, an'1 underneath
It wcro boxes of candy and oranges which
were distributed to the children. Tho
church was handsomely trimmed.
Tlie KlKlttli -Winona llcccptlon.
Wliat are now known all through this
section of the state as "Winona Recep
tions," havo acquired a reputation among
social circles as being "tho event of tho
year. They were started eight years ago
by the Winona Fire Company, and have
been continued annually ever since. The
Eighth Reception was held at tho Ex
change Hotel on Friday night, December
28th. About eighty persons were present,
among whom were Miss 8. .Moody and
Miss J. Mann of Suiibury, Miss E. Smith
of Wllketbarrc, Miss Daisy Williams of
Scranton, Miss Evans of Berwick, Miss S.
Rothrock of Willinmsport, Miss May Mc
Hemy of Stillwater, Miss Mercer of Mt.
Vernon, Ohio, Miss L. Hutchison of King
ston, Miss Monroe and Miss Chamberlain
of Rupert, Dr. and Mrs. D. T. Jones, Dr.
II. L. Whituey, Mr W. E. Renshaw, Mr.
Geo. Chamberlin, of Plymouth, Mr. H.
Crocker, Mr. W. Bowman, Mr. A. E. Col
lamer of Wllkcsbarre, Dr. Meredith cf
Danville, Capt. J. B. Bunting, Mr. F. II.
Sloan of Prince Fredericktown, Md., Mr.
F. Williams of Hlnsharutoii, N. Y., Mr. W.
Haldcraan of lialobrldgc, Dr. J. W. licit
snyder of New Colnmbin, Sir. Thos. Han
ley of Berwick.
Among those from towu wcro Mr. and
Mrs: Amos Buckalew, Mr. and Mrs. P. E.
Wirt, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Neul, Mr. and
Mrs. 11. A. McKil.lp, Mr. and Mrs. Goo. E.
Elwell, Mr. and Mrs. 8. F Peacock, Miss
Leverett, MIS3 A. Jamison, Miss L. Jami
son, MiS3 C. Jamison, .Miss L. Barton, Miss
A. Miller, Miss V. Miller, Miss Eshleman,
Miss M. Eycr, Miss Hattie Sloan, Miss L.
Sloan, Miss Martha Clark, Miss M. Schoch,
Miss E. W. McKelvy, Miss K. Gardner.
Messrs. F. P. Purse!, J. M. Clark, O. A.
Clark, F. Wilson, Frank Ikelcr, W. Lever
ett, Fred Ikelcr, II. M. Rupert, J. G. Wells,
O. W. Funston, D. L. Brown, W. S. Rlsh
ton, O. V. McKelvy, S. H. llarman, 8.
McKlllip, W. O. fcloan, J. Vanbuskirk, I.
It was about 0:30 o'clock when Kline's
orchestra of Wllkesbarro struck up a
march and tho company entered tho large
dining hall. It was very nearly five
o'clock on Saturday morning when tho
last dance was finished nnd tho party se
parated. Every thing passed off satisfactorily.
The music was good, tho supper wus ex
cellent, and the ladles wcro attired in rich
apparel. All the arrangements at tho hotel
were perfect, the only drawback being tho
loss of tlmo occasioned by the necessity of
withdrawing from the dining room to
make way for the supper tables.
The reception was under the following
Master of ceremonies, Ceo. E. Elwell,
assistants, W. C. Sloan, S F Peacock, D.
L. Brown, F. P. Pursel. Committeo on
invltntlons and general arrangements: 0.
W. McKelvy, C. W. Funston, J. M. Clark,
II. A. McKlllip, F. II. Wilson, W. Lever
ett. Hilhl Ilciiton.
The Christmas anniversary at St. Jumea
on Christmas evo was a decided success.
The .entertainment wns grand, appropriate
anil harmonious. The exercises consisted
of devotion, responsive reading, Christmas
carols, "old time" hymns and tunes, re
sponsive speaking and address. The order
of exercises was a program prepared by
the "Reformed Church Publication House.
A great dea of merriment wus exhibited
during the distribution of gifts of which
ncaily all were recipients, young and old
alike. The house was crowded to its ut
most capacity.
Mr. John Dresher of Fishing Creek and
Miss Dolly Krickbaum of Bentou were
united in wedlock on Thursday after
Uhiistmaj. They wcro serenaded in the
Alonzo Albertson will soon bo through
sawing ou tho present site after which he
will remove on W'm. Ash's timber tract
near Stillwater.
If game continues to decrease for seve
ral years to come as it has for ii few years
past thero will bo no occasion for a game
law. Even tho crows are getting "thin
ucr." The prospects for sleighing parlies aro
uot very brilliant, and weddlug parties
must, most likely, cither drag through the
mud, or be shaken nearly to atoms over
tho rough, frozen ground.
We wero very much surprisid and very
glad to sco our operator make so speedy a
return from his visit home. Ho Buys ho
enjoyed the trip very much and would
like to havo stayed homo until New
Years', Hut fearing something might go
wrong he shortened his visit. Mr. Mann
is very strict lu keeping things in order and
making it pleasant for all traveling on tho
11 & S. It. 11. He had Mr. James Custer,
student irom the D. L. & W. R. It. per
forming his (Mr, Mann's) duties. Mr,
Custer was well liked and gained a host of
friends while on his short stay at Laubachs
Mr, C, II. Robcits mado a Hying visit to
our city on Wednesday.
Frank Masteller, formerly of Pcnnsyl.
vnuln, moved In from Michigan, and ex.
poets to purchase a farm somo dlstanco
from the II. & S. R. R whero ho will not
be disturbed,
CoiiNiuiiiHIoii burcly CurL'il,
To tub KniTOH l'louso inform your read
trs I hat I huvo a positive remedy for tho
above uamed disease. By its timely use
thousands of hopeless cases havn been per.
inaneully cured. I shall bo glud to sen'd
two botlles of my remedy niug to any of
your leudcrs vtho have consumption If ihcy
will i d me il clr rxpros and pott dllo
rt" Rifpicifully, T. A. 8LOCUM
M, v. IRi Pearl Bt., New York, sep!
Died Nov. 8, 1683, nt tho residence of her
son.m-law, Ell McIIcnry near Benton, Mt.
Ann Young, aged 00 years, 11 months and
11 days. Interment at Benton graveyard.
Tho subject of tho above notlco was bom
near Norrlstown, Montgomery county Pa.,
Nov. 25th 1791, and therefore was but 8
years and a few days short of a century old.
She was tho widow ot Abraham Young
Esq., who died a number of years ago. By
him she had seven children, threo ot whom
survivo her) A. P. Young of Millvlllo,
Aaron Young of lloundgtovo III., and Mrs.
Ell Mcilcnry ot Benton Sho was tho
daughter of James Pctcrman, one of the
earliest settlers ot Upper Fishlngcreck. Tho
exact year of their immigration Is difficult
to determine as tho dates of tho record arc
somewhat confused, but It must havo been
between 1702 and 1707. Tho settled along
the creek a short dlstauco above where
Benton now stands. Thcro are locks there
still called "Petcrman's Rocks," and were
known by the raftmcu of early times. Her
name Is the first of her Fathot's family ou
the baptismal record of tho old St, Gabriel
Church, though she was tho second child,
tho eldest having been probably baptised
beforo tho removal. Her father was ono of
tho first wardens ot the chinch .and his
name is second on a subscription list foi
the building of ft house of worship. When
they settled hero tho ccuntry wasan un
broken wilderness. She used to tell her
children how she assisted her father to set
his wolf nnd bear traps, and rodo on hotse
b ck to where Milton, Itloomsburg and
Suubury now aro, when bridle paths wero
the only roads leading to those places
Win. Peterman of Sugarloaf is her only
surviving brother. Though sho lived long
and her yeais wcro many, yet her health
was generally good and her mind well pre
served. She was active until a comparative
ly short time beforo heriliath. Though
the faces of the elderly people of her child
hood, the companions of her youth and the
associates of her earlier womanhood wcro
htil away in the grave, she lived on, and
lived to Bee wonderful changes In the face
of the country, and In the numbers and
habits of tho people. The wllderntss of
her childhood hud given place to beautiful
farms and fruitful fields. Flue residences
occupy the site of the log cabin, pretty
llttlo towns dot the valley in all directions,
and where once the bridle-paths were the
only highways, the locomotive on iron track
whistles his notes of progressive triumph
every day, from ono end of the valley to
tho other. Few lives have ruu parallel with
the progress of our valley, ns the life of tho
subject ol this sketch, yet we write her his
tory in u few brief words, and is it not the
history of us all 1 She wa3 born, she lived,
she died.
Stillwater, Dec. 24. John Sotton.
Heavy HoWiery lit iiluoitiHlMirK la.
(500 dollars), five hundred dollars re
ward foi: the oaptokk of the thief.
Sometime during last week the Piauo,
Organ and Sowiui Machine Btoro of J;
Saltzer, Main street below Market, Blooms,
burg Pa., w'as entered, six organs and bIx
sewing machines carried off and stored
away In different parts ot tlin town and
county. There Is a clue, and all the de
tectives In Bloomsburg are armed with
warrants nnd In hot hasto after the burglar,
and may run him down at any moment.
Ho is a short heavy set man with n Is rce
round face and red nose, wears an extreme
ly long beard, bis right nameisSantaClaus.
Everybody should be on tho lookout for
this bold adventurer as ho may this very
night crack his whip and prance around
your peaceful home, so look n little out and
giye the sly old fox a warm reception.
Light Street
Mr. Leoul Mellck of Philadelphia Is
visiting his aged mother.
Mr. Nesbct of Bloomsburg spent Sunday
in town.
Henry Smoyer moved from Mountain
Grove to Light Street, he now occupies
property formerly of M. C. Johnson, but
now A. I). White's.
A New YVai's ball was given nt A. F.
Tn rash's.
Clias Leo Jr. is now employed ou tho
I). & S. It. It. as brakeman.
Miss Matlic Buchman of hluimokln Is
visiting her sister Mrs. J, B Mellck.
Mrs. John Kclchner of Beaver Meadows
spent the Holidays with her parents.
Miss Mattie Mcllenry of Wullcr visited
Mrs. M. B. Mcllrido lust week.
Christmas festivities wero engaged in by
tho sabbath-schools in the usual way some
very small children declaiming to the do
light of the audience.
Ilealtlitul lircail.
Dr. E C. Goodrich, a prominent physi
cian of Augusta, Ga., writes the result of
his investigation of tho Naklng powder
question. "I regard Prof. Horsford'a
powder (Rumford Yeast Powder) as
healthful and nutritious, It being composed
of phosphatic acid and bt-enrbouatu of
soda. The excellence ot this combination
is so universally commended by physlchns
and chemists, that my indorsement Is
simply superfluous. Bread made from un
bolted or Grali-tm Hour. Is more hcalthtul
than that made from refined Hour, simply
because the latter has Wen deprived ot tho
nutritious phosphates. Horsford's powder
restores to the Hour tho phosphates remov
ed In tho bolting process and Increases tbo
food properties of tho bread by that
amount. Tho phosphates aid the diges
tion, and nourish and invigorate the bruin
nnd nervous systum, and Prof. Hereford's
method of supplying them with our dally
biead is certainly n wonderful tiiumph ot
scientific genius."
Hcliool Ileport.
The following Is tho report of the Davis
school, in Benton township, for tbo month
ending Dec. 11th, 1888. Number enrolled,
m iles, 10, females, 15 j total 31, Avcrago
attendance, males 12, females 13.
The following pupils wero examined In
their respective branches with the annexed
results :
Percy Lewis, 70, "Jennie Houseknecht, 05
Charlie Bellas, 00. Annie Cole, 75
Willio Smith, 75, 'Alma Houseknecht, 05
Olln Bellas, 85. Maud Houseknecht, 00
Harry Edwards, 05, Jennie Bellas, 88
Norton Cole, 88- CariIe Smith, 00
Win. Edwards, 80. Susie Ruckle, 80
Wm, Hess, 73. Jenule Ruckle, 05
Henderson Bellas, 87. Belle Edgar, 03
Torrenco Evans, 85. Nettle Evans, 80
May Evans, 89.
Those marked with a slur wcr not absent
during tho month.
J K. Vai Horn, Teacher.
To All Vlio Arts Concerned.
Wo hereby Btuto wo did not discharge
Elmer Mears from our employ on account
of dishonesty, uud that whatever may havo
been raid by us wag uot Intended to rellect
upon his reputation In any respect.
Wm. M. Weaver,
Witness present, J, II, Maize.
Illoonnburg Pa., Nov. 11), 1888. St.
Hood's Sarsaparilla cures catarrh by ex
pelling impurity from tho blood, which Is
the cause of tho complaint, Glvo It a
Tlilcven in Tfortliiitiiltertniiil Coun
ty. Tho post-offices at Sunbury and North
umberland wcro both broken Into by
thieves ono night last week. They got
but $t In both pltccs. Jacnbyt' clothing
store at Northumberland was robbed on
Monday night. A tramp and boy wcro ar
rested Thursday afternoon and gloves,
collar-buttons, silk handkerchiefs, etc,
were found on them.
Council 1'rocccdttiKR.
Thursday, Dec, 27, 1883.
Special meeting ot Council, Present P.
8. Harman, Pres. nud Cadow, Sterling,
Hasscrt, lltnglcr, Wolf nnd Wells, mem
bers Messrs. E. II. Little nnd A. Z.
Schoch, a commltloe from tho Bloomsburg
Water Co., appeared and produced letters
from Sollns Groyc, Milton, Luwlshurg,
Plymouth, Sunbury and rihamoktn, giv
ing the cost of water supply for flro hy
drants In tho respecttvo places. After
some discussion, council adjourned.
Colds, coughs, bronchitis, and all throat
and lung diseases aro effectively treated
with Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. To neglect
the use ot proper remedies for theso nil
merits. Is to inducn r.nnsiimntton. which is
said to cause one-sixth of tho mortality In
all civilized countries.
Tlie IlarrlHliurir Intrlot.
The Hariiisruro Daily. Patriot, con
taining full Associated Press news and at
tractive soccial matter, will bo sent by
mall to nny address at the following rates;
$5.00 per yearj $2.50 for six months j $1.25
for three months) or 45 cents per month,
cash with the order.
The Hahimbuurci Weekly Patriot, a
large double sheet, with latest news to
date of publication, literary, agricultural,
scientific and miscellaneous reading, will
be sent by mall to any subscriber at the
rato of $1.00 per annum, cash with the
Wanted. A resident salesman for Col
umbia and Luzcrno Counties. A man
with experience preferred.
Francis Jordan & Sons.,
Wholesale Grocers, 209 North 3rd Street,
Dec. 14 8t. Philadelphia.
Life size crayons in gold frames only
tf M'Kllllp Bros.
I'niLADiLrnu, .Monday, Dec 31, 1S83.
Last Annoincementr?niYear.
Just stopped long enough
after the great Holiday busi
ness to take breath. Now we
are prepared to tell you things
which perhaps you are waiting
to know ready to translate
type-told tales into business
An Occasion begins in the
store to day. It sliould com
mand your quick attention.
Its causes arc numerous.
We have been doing great
bargain buying.
Stocks have been overhauled
to discover all excessive
All things damaged by hand
ling or otherwise "oft" have
been hunted cut.
All stocks depleted by sales
have been replenished.
Many new things have been
prepared for attractive open
ings. Its effects arc many.
This store is thus to be filled
with bargains numerous and
The old year goes out leav
ing the store in joyful attract
iveness for her new born sister.
The life and movement are
to be kept tip by appeals to
your self-interest and taste.
You will be compelled to
profit by them.
The announcement of to-day
are but the start of many that
will follow. Therefore, read
more diligently than ever our
daily storv.
Dress Goods.
On Saturday we announced
150 distinct combinations in
Dress Patterns at $4 to $10.
The prices are off one-half, and
the goods mostly new and just
Here is a twin bargain, just
bought from one of the greatest
manufacturing concerns in New
England ; all the year round
fancy worsted dress goods. We
tell only prices:
$1.25 quality 75 cents
$1.50 quality 85 cents.
$1.75 quality $1.25
Columns of talk in them, but
only space for brief mention, as
they first come to the counters
Muslin Underwear.
December is ahead. The us
ual January exhibit is made to
day. Muslin Underwear is now on
the second floor in newly fur
nished quarters and vastly im
proved location. The year
which closes to-day shows by
far the greatest sales record
ever made in this department.
If we know anything about it,
tho year beginning to-morrow
will beat the record by a heavy
per cent.
The sale opened to-day has
been planned for months, Our
own factory and others under
contract have been busy in the
The materials, the finish and
the strength of all the garments
are right, even in tho lower
The prices are remarkably
low. in many cases you get
the garments for what the ma
terial would cost. How? The
difference between the mill price
and retail price of the cloth pays
lor tne maKing. you get them
wunout proiir. nnu tliere is
not a bit of benevolence in it
to you. Organizations must
live. Many a manufacturer
would prefer to sell at cost or
less to keep his factory going
through the dull time, 'litis is
our advantage. To increase
our buying power we will do
some business for nothing.
That is your advantage. And
so the January Underwear Sale
comes about. Better look
sharp if you would get the pick.
Consumers and not traders are
expected at this sale.
Mother Hubbard Gowns, heavy muslin, two
rows Hamburg Inserting between nno tucks
on yoke
Hamburg edging on neck, sleeves and yoke
front. Hade in our own factory, eo cents
each, would be cheap at tl.O'j, All tresu
goods. Just made
Heavy Muslin oown, wldo all-over Inserting
on yoke between tine tucks. Hamburg odg
leg on neck, sleeves and front, our own
make, usual J1.S5 quality, ?5 cents each.
Muslin down, Blmillur to above, but more ela
borate trimming, havo been 1 1.S5; now 80
cents each.
Cambrlouown, tuckod and feather-stitched
yoke, edging on neck and sleeves, reduced
Cambria down, prlnccns front, tucks In clust
ers, nno blind embroidery on neck, sloeves
and front, reduced from I2.SB to t:.s.
Cambrlo Oown, with fine tucked and Inserting
yoke, nne Hamburg odiflng on nock, sleeves
and front, reduced from s.1.15 to S3.
Muslin Chemise, square neck, Hamburg edg
lag on front, ucck and sieevcs, 50 centa each.
Tuo best we have ever been able to oner at
the pnte.
Heavy Muslin Chemise, corded yoke, with neat
Hamburg edging on neck, yoku and sleeves,
45 cents each.
Cambrlo Chemise, square neck, with Torchon
lace on front, neck and sleeves, 65 cents each
worth fully 1 1,
Fruit of the Loom Muslin Drawers, with threo
t'icks and betu, 23 centa each. This excels
all former efforts at chcipnem.
Thesame as the fongotng, with mora tucks,
85 cor, ts each.
Muslin Drawers, ruffles and double rows of
three nne tucks each, 45 cents.
Samo as tho above, with more tucks. 51 cents
Cambrlo drawers, fine quality, .fully tuckod,
cents each.
.Muslin Skirts, with neat Hamburg edging on
vumuiiu iuiih-,u,o iucu uuuvu iae ruuie,
Fruit of iho Loom Muslin Skirts, with Cambric
rume, to cents.
Musilu Sklrta, with four tucks and hem, 85
cents reduced from 41 cents.
-Muslin Skirts, with Hamburg ruffle and tucks,
"5 conu from f 1.
Muslin Skirts, very nne, np ver shown before,
with ruffle and blind embroidery, si.&o.
Corset Covers:
Only 100 dozen Muslin Corset Covers, with
Hamburg edging, at 15 cents each.
Sitranno Muslin uorsct covers, V front,
wide Hamburg edging and feotuer-jtltched
binding, CO cents each.
This entire offering is free
from trash. The muslins are not
loaded with clay or lime. The
work is honest. To get the ad
vantage of this sale early com
ing will be necessary.
Of the high grades in Muslin
Underwear the stock is greatly
In the same department we
show also a number of bargains
in Heavy Skirts.
Wool Skirts.
The assortment is large in
gray, cardinal, scarlet, blue,
pink, and black, also in various
combinations of the several col
ors. P'ttvtt itvre,
91 cents
fl .75
Prices are.
15 cents
f 1.7.1
Aprons and pillow
In the White Goods stock,
southwest, of centre, first floor.
900 Aprons, sheer embroidered, cambric tuck
ed, and cambric embroidered. Tho prices
havo ranged from 13 cents to 12.60 ech.
They aro now from lOcentstotl 25 each.
10s pairs Pillow Shams, rrlcea wero 12 to
II.2J a pair, are now from 11 to 12.13.
During the holiday trade
these goods are sold mostly by
sample, some are used for de
coration and display, and there
fore become soiled. The goods
thus offered at an average of
less than half are perfect except
The whole muster of them is
marching to the drum-beat of
sensational prices. Let there
be no doubt in your mind. Add
a quarter or a third to the cost
of each dollar's worth and you
get to the close retail price in
other stores. Add half and you
gel to the average retail price.
You needn't guess; bring in the
samples and compare. Or
when you come carry the other
thing in your mind. Put any
body else's Linens beside ours
and we know what the outcome
will be.
No dealers in America
( or the world for that matter )
can get closer to the Linen
makers than we are. No one
can handle the Linens for less.
We know of no one who handles
them for so little. Year in and
year out you are saying that we
lead in Linens. Just now you'll
say we are bettering our best.
See if you won't.
Table Linen:
Fine Doublo Pamask Table Unen, down from
11.25 to 11.00 a yard.
Cream I)umak, (W Inches wide, at 38o a yard.
Vq v """t? ' "UD "eauiuui patterns,
68lticbua v,lde, t6o. a yard.
mr Bounnisnea Hleached Table Linens. 63
inches Inches wide, too. a jard. NapTilna
to match. 22 Inches square, ll.M perdozen.
Fringed cloths, 8-1, 11.20, t-io. Vi.ta s-u.
I ): red borders or plain white.
tamo uuen, vt incnea wide, at 10a: 110 better
eoods ever sold at 11.00. Napkins to match.
rrincea ironies, oiuo borders, f5c. a dozrn.
12; from IA60 u,umy. plain wmto,
uyy uioina, jkc, 35c., 500. 10 11.60 each.
French Tray Cloths, flfa. in i isi ih
Cioodfcizod plain whlto Dollies, our usual
kind, tor 11.00 per dozen.
."iVKinsatjiuo, 11.25, 11.60, 11.75, and tj.oo;
extra sua and very line have boeu reduced
iiuiu j.ou wj n w, mou to it, 00, anil so on.
Bed Linen;
French Sheetiny, band woven, natural finish.
v incues who, a regular Housekeepers
Sheetlnt, Unen, isc. a yard match it at Bivi
UeaTi,,?D3"J"lcnt'' wide, at tsc. a yartL
L$Za t, 1fBOW "staiialaitl.OJ. Just ono
hundred pleceti to hell.
Ut1f M?nS?,.l'n,0W c,sf "ok!" and
the llko go the aamo gait.
Our bet Towel value will be found at iu.
13 , too., each, and at 11.00, H.20, and ll.iO a
iloz. (liana Towellng8, all linen, tw, a yard.
Iluck Towellnire, alt linen, I50? a yard!
25c. per yard. Jtuiala IHaptra all widths.
bomo of tho finest makes of
lablecloths, Boiled, tossed, or
rt l,n.tnr, . 4 r ' 1 1
uuiviiuou uui UI rJUUIIIUIg, Will
go tit condition prices. So will
everything that has suffered by
tingereu or cureless usage
Womcnu, Ovcrgar
You'll doubt your ovpg. JierJ
son to, but thoy won't bo de
ceiving .you. The pricc-tnga
nrojuat where they belong.
A buyer's carnival in Wraps,
Jackets, Ulsters, nnd Knglnns.
The money you expect to put in
to one will almost surely buy two
of the sort you have in mind.
No need to figure on whnt work
and trimming cost; weigh the
stuff alone in the pockctbook
scales You'll feel liko pitying
the work people. Don't. The
Iohs is uway this side of them.
Big loss to somebody. No mat
ter. The things are now with
in your rateh-itnd ns if a green
back, big or little, went with
ench. We only point out a few
of the styles here. Tho Thir
teenth nnd Chesnut streets part
of the second lloor h overflowing
with them.
Women's Kleh Braided Wraps, In colors and
I: lack, wrro 20; now Ho
Klch Kmuroldcrod and Hralded Wraps, latest
styles, were 125; now 115.
Hmne. better, were II) and $35; now M
Itlch l'ltish and Ilrorado Wrap", $16, l, fJ
and MO, from (30. 140, (50, t'b.
Women's Wraps that have been Bold at IS, 16,
and 17, are now 13 50.
Wraps that wcro H and 110, now 11.
Wraps that were ts, no ami tvi, now Jl.
raps Ui it wero tt and 115, now IS.
Ulsters and naglans at H, 15, f 17, II, were
Ulsters and llulans at 110, 112 and 115, from
lis, liOand 23.
Heaver Jackets at 1, It. 5, is, that were 0,
13,110, 112,
Ten uowns, Irom 9 to 15.50.
Fine All-wool Clotu cusiomes. IS. worth 112.
A great variety or Dresses at lln, I2, 115, 120
unu '); Huuut 11H.11 usmui price.
A tew rich I'arls Costumes at halt.
John Wanamaker.
Fine Cabinet portraits only
$3 doz. Life size Crayons only
$1000. Viewing, copying and
enlarging. Instant process
used. tt.
Bargains In remnants nf nil
kinds Ht
Clark & Son's,
Kalamazoo celery at "Jncoby's."
Flannels, blankets, wool hosiery, cloves.
Underwear. Ctn. nt proallv ri, Inr.rl
prices at the clearing salo of Clark Sr.
Oysters $1.10 Gal. nt "Jacoby's."
Muslins away flown Hill 8c Annlcton A
7c, good muslins Co yd. Cotton fl9nnels8o
vd , cheap at 10c. Columbian cheviots
7c at Clark & Son's.
Oysters always fresh at "Jncoby'e."
You will tlnd many lots of dress (roods
very low at the clenrlng salo of Clark &
Eneravcd business cards can bo obtained
at tho Columbian olllcc. Ladles having
plates can have cards printed. tf
Ladles Coats 08c, worlh 43.00: child.
rens' coats 98c: lackets S1.47. worth S3 .Ml
and lots of other coats equally cheap at
tho clearing sale of Clark & Hon. ,
Great reduction in prices of ladles nnd
misses' folt hats, ready trimmed hats nnd
bonnets, chlldrens caps and fancy feathers
for remainder ot tho season at E. Bark
ley's. CrII soon and secure bareains.
Main St, below Market.
Great cloarine Bala nt Clark ,t Son':
; for
15 duyfl only, commencing Jan. 5.
gains lor all.
Fou Sale Tho underslirned nlTiTa t
private salo tho property situated on Main
anil Iron streets, IHoomsbtirfi, known ns
Bhivcs' block. Tho property Is n valu
able oho, ns Iron street is the only cross
street in town that leads out in the coun
try. It Is one of the best business stands
In Woomsbure;, has n frontage of 214J feet
on Iron street and 07 or 08 feet 011 Main
streot, will be sold at a barsnln. If not
solil hy the 201U day of January, 1889, it
willjbo offered at publlo salo 011 that day.
e. V. Bhive,
I'ensyl I, O.
If you want to save moniv tn tlm
clearing salo cf Clark &, bon. Ilircalns
lor nil.
Exchange Hotel Building
Aro agent3 for Julius Kinsr's
celebrated spectacles. The best
in the world. Hundreds of pairs
to pelect from and a fit guaran
teed. During the Holiday's trade
we sold dozens of pairs of theso
celebrated goods.and as tar heard
from all are satisfactory. Any
purchaser not exactly suited
may leturn these goods and ex
change tor others, suited to
their eves.
A lot or best dark ca coph .Ho vd. nt
i;iarn x eon's.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
When Baby waa sick, we jare her Castoria.
When she was a Child, she cried for Caitoruk,
When the became Mlia, she clunj to OutorU,
When the bad Children, the gave them OutorU.
Mil. O'Conkob, 7ih Ht. Philadelphia,
writes. Dr. 't'lieel, 633 North Kourlli St. ,
Philadelphia, Bavcd my life unit mada mo
u nirunK ueaiiuv man aner suuering yeurs
wiiii nervous wcuiiity, aner i nan cranio
cd physicians of all kinds without benitlt.
i wouiu auvlsu all sullereis to consult him
IMlcHI IMlUttl ItcIilUK IMlCH.
BruiTOMS Moisture : Intense ltchl
Btlngliig j most nt night j worse by scratch,
ing. If allowed to continue tumors form,
which often bleed nnd ulcerate, becoming
very sore. Hwaynu's Ointment stops the
itching and tileeillne:, heals ulceration, and
In most cases removes tbo tumors. At
iiruggists, or uy man, for 00 cents. Dr.
owayno is on, l'liiiadelphla. may-4 ly,
Uczciiiii, ilcliy, Hcaly, Nklu
Tbo simple application of "Swayne's
uiiiiiiieui, wiiaoiu nny inieruai meiiiclno
win euro any caso ot Tetter, Bait Hlnum
Illngworm. Piles. Itch. Bores. I'lmnlim
Kczema, all rJcaly, Itchy Sklu KrtipUons,
no matter how obstinate or long standing
It Is potent, effective, und costs but utrlllo
r Jiuyi.'i-iy
Mits. II. llovKit, '.ot Chester writes that
ur. 1 heel. o;ta Kurt i Forth Street. Phi a
delphin. Pa., cured her of a horrible case
of Mood Poisoning after she bad been
treated lor more than four years by physl.
clans of different schools without benefit
and the now advises all sufferers to consult
the Doctor,
us well as tho handsomest, and others arolu.
vlted to call on any druggist and get free a
trial bottle of Kemp'H llalsam for the
throat und lungs, a reined) thut Is telling
entirely upon its meills und is guaranteed
to euro obi. icllcvo all chronic unit acute
cougus, minma, urocciuiis anu coaiumn.
4lttn, MuBnl Bt,l itll '
K. C. hurldgh, nf Matno, some tlmo ago wis
troubled with boils on his neck. Ito took throe hot
tie s Brown'sHarsopartlla and was completely cured.
Mr. Burleigh speak. In tho Ugliest term, ot this
inodlolne. ft will eradicate fromoutlhetystem
all forms ot Wool poison or blood disease, euro salt
rheum, scrofula, cancer or canker, and leae the
Interior ot the system puro and clean, an1 the ex
terior glowln with health. Nothing will so
thorouihly beautify iho complexion, by cleaning
the skin, as Brown's farssparllfa, which Is unlike
any other.
Tho business man who Is closely confined t who
wrks long hours j who Is restless at night 1 who
KJits hi. food i whoso energies day In and day out
aro bent In one direction, finds tho system thrown
out of order, while n train otitis nie In upon him.
Ills food sours upon his stomach ho has dyepeps
stas he becomes consthaud (his head aches, and
rinds ho can't do business with the vim ot tho old
en time. Just cleanse the walls of the stomach,
sweep the kidneys, revive tho liver and tone up
tho blood with a bottle of
Kot trennlnn nnlpM m.fte bv Ara Warren & Ca.
Danger, Mo. ma;25 d ly
Ask For Ayer's
Sarsaparilla, anil bo suro you get It,
when you wont tho best blood-purifier.
i wun its forty years
See ot unexampled suc
cess In the cure of
lllood Diseases, you
can mako no mis
tako In preferring
to any other. The
fore-runner of mod
ern blood medicines,
Aycr's Sarsanarllla
Is still tho most pop
ular, being In great
er demand than all
others combined.
" Ayer's Sarsaparilla Is selling faster
than ever before. I never hesitate to
rscommoiul It." Ocorgo Y, Whitman,
Druggist, Albany, Ind.
" I am safe In saying that my sales of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla far excel those of
nny other, and It civet thorough satisfac
tion." Jj. II. Hush, Des Jlolnes, Iowa.
"Aycr's S.irsaparllla and Aycr's Pills
are the best selling medicines In my
store. I can recommend them conscien
tiously." O. Biclthaus, Pharmacist,
Iloseland, 111.
"We have sold Ayer's Sarsaparilla
hero for over thirty years and always
recommend It when asked to name tho
best blood-purlfler." W. T. McLean,
Druggist, Augusta, Ohio.
I havo sold your medicines for tho
last seventeen years, nnit always keep
them in stock, ns they are staples.
' Thero Is nothing so good for tho youth
ful blood' ns Ayrra Snrsaparllla."
It. L. I'arkor, Fox Lake, Wis.
"Ayer's Sarsaparilla gives the best
satisfaction of any medlcino I have In
stock. I recommend it, or, as tho
Doctors say, ' I prescribe it over the
counter.' It never falls to meet tho
cases for which I recommend It, even
whero tho doctors' prescriptions havo
been of no avail." O, l Calhoun,
Monmouth, Kansas.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Dr. J. C. Ayer tc Co., Lowell, Mass.
Price It; ilx bottlti, 5. Worth (5 a bottle.
To Advertisers
. Hat nr.nm nn.onnnn... .,, .... c.m.n.n..
AND SECTIONS will bo sent on applicatlon-
w miw ..uu ruu, M1CU l!U Yl'1 115IIJK LU I'iiy, VO
can offer no better medium for thorough and ef.
.i...u iivin luun LUD villiUUS CH-"CL1UU3 UI UUT DIE-
lsct Local List. hko. p. kowklLo Co.,
newspaper Auveriisin oureau,
Dec 14-r-4t io spruce street. New York.
iisuiie ot Aornnam lAticuer. arawsea.
The Underalimed auditor. nnnnlntM hv tlm nr.
phana' t oui t of Columbia county, to nana unnn ex.
eeptions, and mako distribution ot the balance In
inu uiuiaa 01 nenry utwuer, administrator, to and
aniou? the parties entitled thereto, will sit at hla
omco In Uloomsburit, ou Thursday, January uh,
lBb9, at ten o'clock In the forenoon, to attend to
ma uunes ui ms appointment, wnen anu wnero
ull perbons having claims acnlnst said estate must
appear and nrove tliem. tr ha fnivvpr rtphnrnvi
from any share of said fund.
Dec 28 Audi. or.
F.ttate of Starv C. IWmWn, demised.
Tho Undersigned ninlltnr nnnnfnfed hv thn tie-
phans' court of Columbia county, to make dlstrl.
button ot the baianco In the hands of t-nrah A.
1'el'nnan administratrix to and among the n.inlea
entitled thereto, will sit at hli office I' looms,
burg ou Saturday, January 19th l'8'jnt n o'clock
In the forenoon to attend to iho duties -if U p.
pplntment, when and where nil pcrton having
claims against mid estate must appoar and piovo
them, or be forever debarred from any share of
said fund.
J. II. MAI7.K,
Deos Auditor.
umtok's notice.
f.giate of lionert Finney, defeased.
The UIlderslOTlMl fllldttnr nnnnlnteil hv tli. rr
Phans' Court uf the eountv of rninrniW in thn
Mate of Pennsylvania, to distribute tbe balance In
vug itduua ui .,uim t. rrcezu administrator, art
bonis nun cum tettameiilo aimexo In 6Id estate,
as appear by hu first, and ncal accouLt, to and
amoneiheparilescnUtledtnercto. will meet tbe
parties Luterci-ted at hU oillee in the town of
itloomsburg In said county on Tuesday the 15th
day of January A. I) ls-9 at 10 o'clock a m.vthen
and where all parties Interested aro required to
pietent their claims before the auditor, or bo
debarred from coming in for a share of the fund.
. . .IIAIIl..D II. UAllKLUY,
Deo si St. Auditor.
Estate of milp Crairura, aecmseil.
Tho underMtrneiL an auditor nnnntntnri hr th
Orphans' court of Columbia county to dlstilbuto
thofumUinthehindsof L. II. Kupert, adnilnls.
tratorof the estate of Philip crawlord, deceased,
as appears on his tlnal account to and among the
parties legally entitled thereto. Kill attend to the
duties or Ms uppomtmenl at hlsolllce In the town
ot Ulooinsburg on Friday Jan Iblh, 18iV nt 10
n'l-tru-lr tn tho inmnnrtn u (.An
- ... .w.v.,.ij, i, no nun ucio ui, uni
ties Interested are requested frescnt their
claims or be forever alter debarred from comlnj in
upon the said fund.
Dec Jl Auditor.
F.ttate QfliUranl aiiir.nnf, liuniml.
The undersigned audll or appointed by tho Or.
pha'js' t ourt ol Columbia couuty, to distribute the
tunas In the hanrts ot William chrlsman, adminis
trator, ts ihown by his rirst and final iccount
will meet tho p n ties interested for the purpose cf
his upp.lnltnent, on Friday tho Eleventh d'iy of
.lanuaiy ibmi, at tin o'eliek a in., atlhi onice of
O. w. Uioomsburg pa, when and
where all panus Intensted in said estate must
present oral ptove their claims or on debarred
from participating In thodlstilbutlonof s.ud mnd
. A. N. YOST,
Di St Auditor.
iho policy holders of tho Iirlarcreek Farmers'
.tiuium i uinp.iny oi umo uulgc, will
meet at mo nan oi ma centre (irange, p. ot ll. in
Pernio township, fu umbla county Pa., on Monday
the nth day ol January, ls-J, between Iho hours
ofioa. in. uuda p. tit., lor the purpose of electing
Directors for the ensuing j ear, und fur transact
Ing such other busluots as may properly come bo.
ton; said Company.
Dec Si. tccreuij.
An clec'ion for Directors ef tho ratawlssa De
posit Dank will bo held at tho outcn or the Uaulc,
In catan'lssa. jii Tuesday Jan. ". ittfj, between the
hours ot 10 u'clock u. in., and 1 e'clock p. in.
Deo 81 St Cashier,
ite of 0'ivrqe Miiertik; Utlr of Mifflin UntntMp,
Ciilxanbia counf", drmiM-d,
Notice Is hereby bItpu that letter of admlnls.
trat Ion on the est ate of Gcorgo Kinnlek, late nf the
townslilp ot Mimir, count; ol lolumbU. and state
ot Pennsylvania, dec-uted, ha o been granted to
Joseph A, Ytoodbuin ot Nenvlllf, Cumberland
count), Pa., tn whom all rerions Indebted to said
estate are requested to male pajmeuts, undlhom
havlug clonus er demands will mase known the
same without delay.
Kuorr & Wlntcistccu, Alt) a, Administrator
Deo Kl tt' Newuile, Cumberland Co Pa.
The Sunbury Electric Co.,
Are and Incandescent Isolated Plants. Motors,
Electrlo (las Lighting, Aunmiclators, Uurglar
Alarms, Speaking Tubes, Iteturn Call
Systems, &c
wg urn a trcmiTY or
1,1 2ix
11 ii
Wiring tor Motors, by battery or Dynamo Curreut.
ciuurantees furnished with etery Contract,
Correspondence liollclted. bi'Dscay, pa.
Jin 4 bw 1
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