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    The Columbian
CoaSLCT StlLIUin Till T1B11.
Vinson tho Philadelphia It 11 loaTftltnpcrt
ii (allows I
hortb. . sooth.
:IUH 11:27 a. rn.
8:10 p. m. 0:80 p. m.
Tralnson the D. L. ft W. It. H. leaie Binomstrarg
(allows I
Till a. m. 8:3s a. m.
tl:0T a. m. 13:05 p. m.
2.24 p. m. 4:18 p. m.
C:M p. m. 8:47 p. m.
Trains on tha S.tW.ll,
crry an follows !
lo:4 a. rn.
3:49 p. m, p. u.
NOiirn. a m
Railway pass Bloom
11:14 a. to.
419 p. m.
t:30 p. m.
8:89 p m
John A. Funston, administrator of the
estate of Samuel Melllck, deceased, will sell
vAluablo real estate on the premises In
Orange township. Saturday, September
34th at 1 o'clock p. m.
A Fine Rcntacucc For Male.
Tho executors of Mary N. Harman, de
ceased, offer at private sale a handsome
residence on Market street above Main,
Uloomsburji. Tho houso Is of brick, large
pleasant rooms, steam heat, gas, water,
cewcrago, and all modern Improvements.
Tl'cro Is a large frame barn, ice house and
outbuildings. One of the most desirable
locatlouB In the town. Terms easy.
They alio offer for sale thirty-seven acres
of land on Normal hill, adjoining P. Dil
lon's and tho Hoyt estate. Ca be
divided into desirable building lots. For
terms and particulars apply to I. W. Mo
Kelvy, one of the executors, or Geo. E.
Klwell, attorney, Bloomsburg, Pa. tf
Fob Balk or Hint. Tho Music Ball,
formerly Eureka Rink, Is offered for sale
or rent on reasonable terms by the new
manager. Parties wishing to hold festi
val! will do well to tee tho manager.
J. D. BrurFKB, Manager.
Farmer 'Wanted.
A. farmer of experience and character
may obtain a five-years' lease of a small
farm (111 acres) upon advantageous terms
on tno uirara jsstate lianas in ine vata
wissa Vallcv between Brandonvllle and
Olrard Manor. The farm Is provided with
a new. uandsome and convenient House,
new barn and outbuildings, and Is well
tUDDlied with good water.
A man Is wanted who can furnish his
own stock andcqulpment,and may become
a permanent tenant Also, a farmer wanted
to occupy liouso on larm at wages, ucicr.
enecs requested.
Address, Uehki! 8. Tuompbon,
Engineer Qirard Estate,
12aug8U Pottsville, Pa.
A Rare clinnco for a Lively Stun,
The Centralla Hbtel is ottered for sale
cheap and on easy terms. It is well locat
ed, large and commodious and affords tho
right man a eood opportunity to make
money. Apply or address to
Mna Wm. Pfmpfbh,
Centralla, Penna.
WANTED I Two Apprentices to
learn paiiWmakme. Apply at Low
enberx'a. augss
To close out certain Hoes of wedding in
vitations a number of bargains arc offered
at this office. Thoso wanting small lots,
from 10 to 25, will save money by ordering
at the Columbian office. tf
Mrs. Nusa will start for Wichlta,Kansas,
Monday next.
Miss Jennie Taylor of Nowark, N. J., Is
visiting Miss Annio Beckley.
Miss Itunyon, of Plainflcld; N. J., Is
vUItlng at Mr. Layton Ilunyon's.
Hon. Jas. T. Fox and P. H. Fisher were
In town on Tuesday on legal business.
Miss Jennie Bailey, of UughcBvllle, Ly
coming county, is visiting Mrs. Elnney
Mies Sallio Schoch, of Seliusgrove was
the guest of Miss Eliza Kuhn during tho
past week.
O. C. Marr is much Improved In health,
and Is ablo to bo in tho store, but not to
attend to business yet.
Mr. C. Mears started Tuesday morning
for the Grangers picnic at Williams Grove.
He expects to exhibit bis "Perfect Wash
er" there.
Rev. Dr. Mitchell returned from Chau
tauqua last week. Ills little daughter,
Margaret, has been very sick, but is now
much improved.
Mr. Davis Brooks returned from Georgia
last Monday evening. Ho brought with
him twenty young mocking-birds, which
he caught tbero himself.
E. M. Tewksbuiy, 0. B. Jackson, F. M.
Parker and J. F. Caldwell attended tho
Democratic State convention at Allentown
on Wednesday, the latter going as a substi
tute for E. It Ikeler.
Squirrel hunting is now in vogue.
The coal trade Is beginning to boom.
Lakeside dwellers aro returning to their
Quails and partridges will bo plentiful
this year.
Jacoby opened with shell and tub oysters
this week.
To icmoye egg stain on silverware, rub
with damp salt.
Tho hand organ and ba?-plpc men wcro
in town last week.
A handsome line of Fall Overcoats just
received at Lowenberg's.
A largo crowd was present at the Chau
tauqua picnic last Friday.
Merchants are beginning to lay In their
Btock of fall and winter goods.
The pear crop this year Is abundant and
the fruit of an excellent quality.
ltemnants of Casslmercs just tho thing
for boys' pants at Lowenberg's.
0. E. Rico has had his meat market
painted io bright, attractive style.
E. Jacoby opened his "Oyster Bay" -and
fish market on Thursday, September 1.
W. B. Allen has a trio of pug docs about
as flno ones as can be found anywhere.
Tbo yield of potatoes is better this year
than It has been for a number of years.
Students who attend schools and colleges
at a distance will soon be leaving town.
Mrs. M. H. Clark is Introducing steam
heat Into her residence on Market street.
An elegant line of FALL HATS,
Just received at Lowenberg's.
The stack at tho eneine house of tho
lteam heating company has been repaint.
50 dozen more of the Wonderful
nnite b'njrt at fbc, each at Lowen
A number of people, mostly picnickers,
were In town last Saturday afternoon and
The farmer who reads the newspaper)
regularly doesn't often get fooled by con
Underclothing-great uargalns-rmisl bo I
iu. uaii and see. At Lowenbcrg's.
The Normal school m .. m.... I
nay. Ilicro aro good prospects for a largo
. oiuucms mis year.
Mrs. Hiram Broaili tm. i ,
resiucnco on Blxth street by building
It Is eald that a weak solution of ii
.1,1 i ,0l.".ll0a 01 catboll
"v p 'iivu ua urnn t. v hrtn.i .n....
Nearly every department of business has
us own Journal. Tho Grocery HVW Is a
impcr now puuiisiioj In Philadelphia.
An Interesting article by a correspondent
unaY&iaauiy crowded nni 11,1.
but will bo published In our next Issuo.
As wo go to press wo learn of tho death
ui air. jonn uruber of this town. Ho died
av naniicoko on Wednesday at midnight.
Tho monthly meeting of tho Gospel
Temperance Union will bo held In ine
Uaptlst church on next Tuesday evening.
W. L. Fornwald has seeurod ,h
"eirert, of Heodlng.ln hlsshavln
.... w" lives
parlors. Will is bound to keep up with tho
Phillip Foust bought tho undivided In-
tcrest of Ellas Baylor, deceased. In real cs.
tato In Montour township on Tuesday for
.uM-raunvj surveyors aro all
worn cslabllsuing the boundary lino be-
tween Wayne, Busquehann and Lacko-
wanna counties.
A full line of FALL AND WINTER
SUITINUS. Call and sec tho new styles
nt .Lowenbcrg's. Perfect fit and perfect
satisfaction always guaranteed.
jir. i. jv. Miner moved bis family on
Monday last, from his father-in-law, L. B.
Kupert's, to tho rcsldenco lately occupied
by John Qruber on First street.
The business men of Bcranton nro Jubl-
mm over me announcement that tho Penn.
syivania ranroaa win soon cllect an en.
tranco to tho city by building a lino from
Tho fall trotting meeting at the Lee
Driving Park, Wllkcs-Barrc, Pa., will take
place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
of next week, September 6th, 7th and 8th,
1837. 1000 In premiums are offered.
Miss Besslo Monroe gave a largo party
last Friday evening at her homo at ltupcrt.
Tho guests from hero went down on the
8.47 train and returned about three o'clock
In omnibuses. Everybody had a good tlmo.
If the kind of weather that we havo been
having tho last fow weeks continues,
things will bo evened up pretty well. Borne
of the evenings have been bo cool, that
overcoat wus yery acceptable.
Mr. J. It. Townsend, the popular cutter
for Lowenberg, went to Philadelphia yes
terday (Thursday) where he expects to buy
new stock for the fall trade. Look out for
the latest Btylcs on his return.
1. W. McKelvy Is making somo repairs
at his store. Tho book-keeper's olllcc will
bo fitted up for a coat room, and the books
will be kept In tbo prlvato office. New
paper and paint Improve the appfaranco of
both rooms.
The Willlamsport bicycle club held their
annual meet there tho latter part of last
week. C. W. Funston rode over to Williams-
port, a distance of nearly fifty miles, on Fri-
day and returned Saturday afternoon, Ho
reports a good time.
James H. Mercer has given his store
room a thorough cleaning and has all In
readiness for the opening of tbo schools.
Ho has received a full stock of blank booko,
pencils, tablets and everything necessary
for the school children.
Col. Ent Post G. A. R. will go to Shen-
nndoah on Sept. 8th to attend Grand Army
Day. The Bloom Band will accompany
them. Train leaves Rupert at 7.14 n. m.,
returning will leave Shenandoah at 10.30 p.
. Faro for round trip $1.09.
Mr. John Klechncr moved his family to
Nantlcoko Monday morning. Mr. Lloyd
White of Hughcsvlllo moved his family to
Bloomsburg tho same day, and occupied
the house made vacant by Mr. Kelchner,
corner of Centre and Third streets.
Boyd Cadman, tho young and expert
bicyclist or our place, went to Willlamsport
with his father last Saturday to attend the
blcyrlo meet there. They returned the fore
part of tho week. Boyd received a fine
cold medal whllo there for his skillful
Improvements still continue about Phil
lips' Domestic Bakery. The last one is,
tearing down the old barn and rcplaclne It
with a largo and moro convenient new ono.
The old one was removed last week and
the carpenters commenced on tho new one
It is a very careless thing to let a horse
stand In the public streets untied. No mat
ter how centlo a horso may bo, ho is liable
to be scared almost at any time, and a ser
ious runaway may result, endangering
other peonlo's property and lives, as well
as your own.
An entertainment was given at Miss An
nio Ent's last Tuesday evening and attend
ed by a large number of young folks. Tab
leaux were presented in the beginning of
the evening, and the remainder of tbe tlmo
was spent in dancing. A very pleasant
evening was spent.
A spclmen of fine penmanship can be
seen at the United States express office. It
was dono by a professor at tho Wilkes-
Barro Business College and left thereby
him last Saturday. It is certainly a beau-
llful piece of work and shows that ho Is a
master of tho art of writing.
A festival will bo held In tho yard of tho
Ifpfnrmeil church, corner of Third and
Iron streets, next Saturday evening, Sept.
3rd. Tho ladles of tho congregation will
welcomo all callers, and servo them In tho
best style, with Ico cream and other 6eason-
ablo delicacies and refreshments.
Tho members of St. Columba's church
will plcnio at Oak Grove on Saturday,
Rent. 3rd. An Invitation is cxten-jeu vo
their friends to loin wuu mem in spenuing
tha dav pleasantly. Metherell's orchestra
has been engaged. Refreshments on the
crmmils. Frie admission to the grove.
The P. O. b. of A. of Berwick held aplo-
nn ri Oak Grovo last Saturday. iuo
majority of them came down three ex.
curslou cars on the first train In the morn
ing, and a large number camo down on the
noon train. 'i6 oiy wm ikui,iu u.UWus
and other amusemcm. uu..
orchestra furnished tho music.
Mrs. M. A. Smith Is ready to begin her
fall term In mus e. Pup Is can begin at
tan term in luuou,. 4 ...,
any time, ami can tuo
a week, either at their homes, or nt tno
teacher's residence, as It suits their conven.
fence The prices aro tho samo as charged
, Jt.JZl For reticulars call at
by other teachers, for particulars tuu
residence, Mrs. Ent's house, next door to
flood cheap Casslmercs sold at great
bargains, by tho yard, at
Q. V. Ilcrtsch has received the finest lot
of hats ovor brought to this place Ho
arranged his windows In a very tasteful
w...... "
uv' " lmaa-.
A brilliant irnmn of 1ml I nui,i .
1,10 Pfttk on Thursday afternoon between
tho Lawyers and Merr.hanU nf lnn. Arm-
desnerato pnmn .Intlnrr n
brllllant nlms wnrn mn.ln. nn.l .nmn i,nr,i
ballln8 dono, tho scoro upon being count-
cd up was found to stand U0 to 87 In favor
of tho Merchants. Quito a number of spec,
tutors ylowcd tho gamo.
II. IJ. Clark and F. T Ikelcr started on
their bicycles last Saturday rooming for
Eaglcsmcrc, tho beautiful summer rciort In
Hulllvan county, wlicro they remained
several days. Eaglcsmerc has been
booming this summer, and It has been al.
m08t 'mPoasib'0 10 obtain rooms thero dur-
MD8 the season, although It has largo hotel
CttPaclllc9 - They returned on Tuesday,
Tho slcara hcatln8 company had a forco
of men at work tho past week laying tho
steam pipes from Main street to tho Opera
Houso. The pipes had already been put
In the building and connection with tho
street plpo was madu on Monday. During
tho digging of tho trench, tho men struck
tho foundation of Phillip Unangst's old
residence, which used to stand at that point.
Dlctrlck Lamade, business manager of
ni , .onions,! u.i
afternoon by Judge Furst, nt ficllcfonte, to
pay a fine of fivo hundred dollars. This
ends tho famous Lamadc-Rlanhard libel
cae. Hcports from Bcllcfonto are to tho
cllect that there wasmucb surprlso ex
pressed In that place, by tho people, at
the scycrlty of tho flno Imposed by the
Tho lawn tennis tournament of the
Bonlta club, held at their grounds last
Tuesday and Wednesday, was the first ono
they have had, and was a success. Playing
continued throughout both days, single
and doublo sets being played, between
ladles and gentleman. A number of spec
tators wcro present at the games. We
havo not yet learned by whom tho prizes
were won.
Tho country is experiencing a super-
abundant run of railroad accidents this
summer. Destiny or bad management Is
giving death a strong support in theso af
fairs. Tho most horrible were tho break
ing down of tho brldgo near Boston under
an excursion train, which occurred this
spring and the burning bridge at Chats-
worth, 111., In both of which upwards of
ono hundred lives wcro lost.
There Is a queer phenomenon to be seen
in Llghtstrect, at the old McDowell property
In tho upper end of town. It was discov
ered only recently that a sunflower stalk
was growing out of a maple tree in front
of tbe building and It blossomed only a
few days ago. Tho seed was probably tak.
en there by n bird, or it may have been car
ried by the wind and lodged In the tree.
It Is certainly a strange freak of nature.
As a young son of Jacob Keller's was
ploughing on Mr. Keller's (arm near Light-
street last Saturday, a serious accident oc
curred, which resulted In the necessity of
killing ono of the horses that he was using.
A check rein broke, and the horse sudden
ly started up, giving tho plough a sudden
jerk. It Btruck a stone, and flying up
struck tho horse in tho leg, breaking tho
bone aboyo tho joint in tho fleshy part of
lee. It was only kindness to tho animal
that it should be shot.
It is feared that another epidemic is about
to visit Plymouth. When tho last victim
of the great epidemic of two years ago had
been burled, the public demanded that tbo
town bo sewered and other improvements
I in the sanitary condition should bo made.
But this was not done, and tho streets re
malned In the same filthy condition. Sever.
al have already died of fever, probably re
suiting from the unucaiiuy conuiuon ui
tho town, and more cases aro reported.
Great apprehension exists among the citi
zens of the borough.
Tho Btato Normal School, at Blooms-
hurir. will beein Its nineteenth year on
Tuesday, September 0, 1887.
Candidates for the Senior ClaBS will pre-
sent themselves before tho t acuity on
Monday, Aug. 22, and tho State cxamlna-
Hon will begin on tho 23d. Tbo class al
ready promises to bo the largest ever en.
rolled here. Many prepared hero have
taken hlch standing In college. The
I school gives thorough training in tho com.
mon branches.
Bend fnr catalogue. 4tal0
List of letters remaining in the Post Of.
flee at Bloomsburg for week ending Aug.
30, 1887i
Wm. F. Andrews. J. Bates, Mlsa Cora
Crawford. Frank Clark, Roderick M. Don.
achy, D. OroseppI Fuscco (foreign), J. W.
Gordner, Nettie Mears, Harvey Miller, O.
U. Remlev. Gcorco Trump, Miss M. Van,
Bertha Chrisman, Phillip ilawley.
Mrs. Martha O. Kustcr.
Persons calling for theso letters will
please say "advertised."
Ueobqk A. Clare, 1 . M.
Hiram Hess, proprietor of tho Exchange
Hotel at Benton, died last Saturday morn.
ing,agcd about 00 years, and was buried on
Tuesday. Ho had been ill for sovcral
months and his death was not unexpected.
Ho was a sou of John Hess, and was born
In Brlarcreek township but lived most of
his life In Fishlnccreck and Benton. For
fifteen years or moro ho has kept hotel at
the latter place. B Industry and economy
bo accumulated considerable property.
Mr. Hess was a quiet and unassuming man,
and a good citizen. His widow, a Bister of
the Hon. E. J. McHcnry, and two sons.
F. M. Hess and W. W. Hess, survive him,
Tho latter are prosperous farmers at Btlll-
water. Tho funeral was largely attended
and tho services wero conducted by Rev.
D. 3. Waller Jr.
George Uarman, a grand child of Doug.
las Hughes, died Saturday evening from In-
iurles received by tho kick ol a pony, un
Thursday of last week he was leading one
of Mr, Hughes' ponies to tho pump at tho
head of East street. After drinking water
lue pony turned and commenced grazing,
The child holding to the end of the halter,
tue p0ny playfully kicked up behind, strlk.
taa him In the abdomen. A scream was
. -
uitnrnil and tno pony ran up tuo m iuwru
thfl chUj(oUowlng. Boon after
,,. ,vn in hi.
of grat An
nxamlnatiou RIIOWCU mat mero wero un
outwiml bruUea Bml luat the Injuries wero
. A physician was sent for, and
Uvnrvihlnf done to relieve tho little surfer-
er but t0 n0 BVBii. Ho lingered In great
pain during 7 and Saturday ana died
eaiuruay uvu.uK ..... ,
, .rirpa wero held at the bouse of Doug.
jM Hughes Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
. J . CaUwls8a burlai
and interment in tuo ivbwwimo uunai
grounu. no w v - -6v,
and had been living with bis grand parents
,.,. ,ia
ior a u -j j.
Many peoplo llvlne right In this town
. i i,i..i.C.i r..i
nuuw yury uvtiu ui uiu ui-nuwiiui ei'uvo imv
beautiful sccnory wo havo around us, and
many who do know It don't realize that it
as beautiful as It really Is, and that lllooms.
burs Is ono of tho prettiest towns and Is
.i,.,,i .,i, i.,., .. i
.n...imuiim ...u ,....1..........
this section of tho coulry. We havo pretty
and well mtcd.up picnic grounas at Uiner.
- Po'nt " k Orovobclr.c a remark.
able pretty piece of woods, and well adapt-
cu to nil tlio wants ami pleasures oi pic-
. . .
nickers. Tho Susquehanna rlyor, altuougu
80 Dc lu0 town u vcrV" 8oldom vllllod by
town people, although nt this point it Is
surrounded with beautiful scenery) it is
rather far to walk, but tho delightful boat-
Ine and scenery to bo seen from tho river
Bftcr the arrlvnl thero aro well worth tbo
long walk. Fishlngcrook, our other neigh-
boring stream Is beautiful from Its origin Is
the point whero It flows Into thoSusnuohan.
Ina below ltupcrt. The. view from tho top of
tho river hill li really nrnnd. tho whole
valley being spread out before tho vlow of
the beholder. Thero aro other high points
from which beautiful views may be seen.
From tho Normal School tho whole town
can bo distinctly defined by tho observer.
On a moonlight night It is particularly
beautiful, tho furnaco's red glaro adding
much to tho scenery. Far In tho distance
Is seen tho Catawlssa railroad bridge
crossing tho river. Tho Normal School
and Its surroundings picscnt beauties in
themselves. There are pleasant drives all
about tho town, uotably tho drlvo up tho
Espy road and tho ono along tho rivor and
homo by Hupert grove along tho banks of
There are many others, al-
so, which all have to bo seen to bo appre
ciated. It Is hard to find within a radius of
many miles a town that has Buch surround
ings and as pleasantly situated as ours.
lllooniHtMtrK vh. Nniitlcoltc.
The second came of tho Bloom and
Nantlcoko scries was played Saturday after.
noon last at Atblcttc Park, Bloom winning
for tho second tlmo to tho tuno of 14 to 0.
The attendance was below what was ex
pected, the price of admission keeping
great many lovers of tho sport away. Let
tho managers of tho club consider tno fol
lowing prices of admission, gents 15c.
ladles 10c, and report their decision on
their next posters. If tho above prices are
adopted they will have twico tho attend-
anco they had at last Saturday's game, pro.
vldlng they continue to play good clubs,
Why can't we have prices within the reach
of all and havo good attendance, rather than
high prices and poor crowds.
Our boys won tho game in tho second
Inning through their opponents' errors.
Bloom played as good a game ns has been
played here this summer. Uays, tho new
catcher, won much applause and many
friends by his good catching and magnifl.
cent throwing to bases; with the stick ho
pounded the sphero wbencver at the bat,
lifting It each timo far out Into tbo field
Tho work of Heist in the box was as usual
admirable, striking out four men; tho hits
made on him wero nearly all of the
"scratch" kind. Sylvls at short stop did
noble work, covering a great deal of
ground and making only one error, muff.
Ing a dew drop. Tho basemen, Ent, Shaf.
for and Hagenbuch,, played to win wltu a
vim which has heretofore characterized
their playinir. The out fielders had little
to do, but when called upon to act, did so
n a creditable manner, Winner) and
Boice gathering in flics, while Housel throw
in his "canton balls."
For the visitors nothing much can be
said. McCoy was a llttlo wild but ho did
well in his pitching; his 'support by Gib.
tons was poor; if better supported ho
could havo been moro effective. The play
lnc all around was rather loose. The
Bloom club has been playing good ball so
far this sumroor and It takes a good strong
team to down them.
it In r.o. A
Hays, c 2 3 5 1
Ent, lb 2 3 0 1
Hairenbucb. 8b 12 2 1
Sylvls, ss 2 4 2 1
Siiaffer,2b 2 4 4 2 1
Heist, p a a l u
Housel. 1 f 1 1
Bolce, r f 12 11
Winner, of 3 2 1
Totals 14 22 27 14
1! ID l'.O. A E
Kennedy, s s 3 1 0 1
llort'ells. oh i o
Gibbons, c, 1 f 15 15
McCoy, p 118
GUday, 1 f,' c 4
Clark, lb 110 1
Donouue, 2b , l 4 i
Absalom, c f
McElwcc, r f 2 1
Totals 0 8 23 12 15
Bloomsbure 1 5 0 2 0 1 4 1 x 14
Nantlcoko 00000202 20
Threo base hits Shaffer 1, Doublo
plays Sylvls and bhiller 1. liaso on balls
Kennedy 1. Hit by pitched ball Winner
1, Jtiebiwee i. intcriering wuu uaueu uau
-Hays l. BirucK out uy neisw. iiyjic-
Coy 2. Wild pitches McCoy 1. Umpire
Bloan. B. E. F.
The Masonic Hall In J. B. Harman's new
building Is ticarly completed, and will soon
bo ready for occupancy. It Is a fine k large
room with banqueting hall adjoining.
M. L. Kline keeps on hand a good stock
of light and heavy harness, whips, rugs,
saddles, and everything else In his line.
Thoso purchasing from him uro sure to be
satisfied, both as to quality and price.
The Orangevlllo shoo factoy Is now in
full operation. It employs about fifty
hands, and makes COO pairs of shoes a day,
Each workman has but one particular thing
to do, and each shoo passes through many
hands beforo It Is completed. Mr. Pitts,
the Superintendent, understands his bust.
ncss thoroughly. This enterprise Is a fine
thing for our town.
Tho railroad thus far has not dono tho
business mon much good, as tho freight
rates aro too high.
Deltcato children, nursing mothers, over
worked men and for all diseases where the
tissues ore wasting away from the Inability
to digest food, or from overwork; should
tako Ecott's Emulsion of Pure Cod Liver
Oil with Hypophosphttes. "I used tho
Emulsion on a lady who was delicate. I
put her In such good health and flesh, that
I must say it is tho best Emulsion." P,
Wappsll, M. D., Hugh's Mills, S. O.
MIclilKUii XtciiiH.
Tho many relatives nnd friends In Blooms
burg of Claud O. Chapln, son of Dr. nnd
Mrs. J, F. Chapln, of Bchoolcraff, Mich.,
will be sorry to learn that ho has been dan.
gorously 111 tho past fow days. At this
writing it Is thought he Is slightly on the
i imnrove.
Mr. A. It. Cbapin, of Schoolcraft, (for.
raerly ol Columbia county; anu miss nor.
1 - . f lfll. mom
estimable "Join, . uple
have the best wishes of a host of friends,
Tim llttlo daughter of Mr. and Mrs Ram
sey Arthur, of Schoolcraft, died recently
or dinntnoria, aeeu j years nuu u luumuo,
August UU, itxii. i.
mm i I
I had kldnov disorder and say for tho
. . . . Tr ..t. II.
firt r.n.iltf rwroA mo. Hov. H. O. Chandler,
T.Mmnnn Hnrlnira. N. Y. 1 bad stono In tho
bladder and gravel in the kidneys. I used
Dr. Kennedy's Favorite Remedy and am
. well. E. D, Parsons, Rochester, N.
y irce 1. Send B-ccnt stamp to
Kennedy, Rondout, N. Y.. for a book
ki,n i vr ami hinnrt dUnrdors. v
1 Hon this Paper. sepSdit.
uuumujuni v J m. u.
Tho RtjmlUcan of last week states "on
rcllablo authority that tho returns of Sugar
loaf wcro detained in Orangevlllo on Tues
day morning of tho convention for thrco
or four hours, and that there tho truo re
turn papers wcro abstracted and that a
fraudulent onn was made up and substi
tuted and tho wbolo result of tho conven-
.tlon chnn8cd thereby! that this was secured
by tho payment of two hundred dollars."
Wo oro ablo to say from our own knowl
edge tli ft this story bears strong marks of
Improbability upon Its face. The return
sheets wcro all printed at this office, and
no onejrom Sugarloaf or Orangcvlllc had
a duplicate sheet that could bo filled up
and substituted In tho manner alleged.
Tho allegation that tho whole result of
tho convention was changed thereby Is cal.
culated to shako confldenco In tho "rcllabll
ity" of tho IUpvhlicaWt Informant. It did
not chango tho result of a single nomina
tion, and tho only ono that It was thought
might bo effected by It was that of Hcgtstcr
& Recorder. Tho convention voto for Camp
bell wns 33 and Sterner had 84. It the
Sugarloaf voto wns reversed, giving Btcrner
two delegates Instead of Campbell tho con
vention voto would havo stood Campbell
87, Sterner, 85. Under the facts a suc
cessful effort could not havo been mado
to throw out tho south Conyngham vote,
which gave Campbell two delegates, but
granting It could havo been dono, it would
havo mado a tio vote of 85, and under the
rules Campbell would havo been nornl
natcd, having received a majority of tho
popular vote. Moore's two votes, wo are
Informed, would havo been equally divided.
Wo print below several cards from the
persona interested, and from all tho evi
dence, direct or circumstantial, the chargb
of corruption Is entirely annihilated. The
"Republican" now must either substantiate
Its charge, or admit that Its article was en
tlrely false.
Mess. Eds: Tho rumor printed in tho
Revvltican of last week, that tho voto of
Sugarloaf had been changed In my favor,
by the payment of two hundred dollars, Is
I nwium.ciY .(.lav. au .a. a aiu buuuiucu.
absolutely iaise, so tar as i am concerned.
No chatge in tho return was mado by me, I
nor by any ono for me, nor was any money
or other valunblo thing offered or paid or
MrtnTan4 lt win nm anir Ann Alan vtritli
promised by me, nor by any ono clso with
my knowledge or consent, to any delegate
or delegates or olhcr person from Sugar
loaf or elsewhere, for such a purpose. This
malicious falsehood, no doubt, originated
n tbe fertile brain of a defeated candidate.
who, I am Informed, has been conferrlne
lately with tho editor of the Rpt$ i'w,and
who would not hcsltato to do all in his
power to disintegrate tho party and defeat
tho wholo Democratic ticket, in order to
Batisiy nis inirst ior revenge.
xours, &C-,
Con's Crkbk-, Aug. 81. 1887.
The chareo of the Bloomsbur? "Repub.
llcan" of, last wcck against the delegates of
Sugarloaf townshp to tbe late Democratic
convention is utterly untrue. It was with
reluctance that I accepted the position of
juugeoi Elections, alter being chosen by
tno .Democratic citizens, who wcro present
at tue delegate meeting. Alter me election
board waa organized somo of my friends
proposed to use my name for delegate. I
consented, and was elected. When tbe
polls closed and the tickets were all counted
tho sums total were carried out by the
clerk and 0. U. Campbell received thirty
eight votes and G. W. Sterner received
thirty-six votes. Tho return naner was
then handed to me and I out it In mv pocket.
and it was in my possession, and no one
saw it from Saturday evening of tho dele
gate meeting, until It was taken from my
pocket on tbo morning of tho convention
and handed to F. P. Billmcyer, at his office
in liioomsnurc. The result or tho election
was announced to tho bystanders on Satur
day evening as soon as the tickets were all
counted, and it was understood by all that
u ji. uampocu naa two more votes than
G. W. Sterner. The return paper never
was enanged or altered by any one, and It
uuuuvu hi .uv willlAlfl VI IUS LV11IGU-
lion as written out by tho clerk at the dele-
oS the1 morning obconcntionl did nt
stop at Orangevlllo. Thu wholo article In
tue "iiupuuncan," wnicn nuuoes to tue
Snirarloaf retnrna. In n mnllnin,,. fnl.-lmml
of the deepest dye. jatoh ii. fkitz.
I was elected delecato to tho Democratic
VfUlll O ViliUlln, aUU UI. IDOli
rnnrmilnn. W w ni oi . , n.
ihnTi.ti rnR
of tbe htto dclegato. meeting; had left for
homo about lour o'clock, f rom the inior -
mation that I received, tho Sugarloaf re -
turns were made out correctly and an
nounced on the evening of tho delegate
meeting that O. H. Campbell had tbirtv-
elght votes, and G. W. Bterner, thirty-stx
votes, 'lhat tho returns wero never chanced
or altered, and wero handed to officers of
tho convention as mado out at the delegate
meeting. On my wny to tho convention I
did not see tbe other delegates until I was In
Bloomsburg. Tho article published in the
"Republican" of last week. In reference to
tbo Sugarloaf returns, is a malicious libel,
and tho people of a township lhat has al
ways conducted their elections, perhaps,
more honestly than any other in tbo county,
win not rest unucr sucn a charge.
J. Ju. LAHisn.
Colo's Creek. Aue. 81. 1887.
Tbo charge in the Bloomsbure "Renubll
can" of last week that the Sugarloaf dele.
(rates to tuo Licmocratic convention were
detained at Orangeville for thrco or four
hours and that thero tbo truo return pap.
era were abstracted and lhat a fraudulent
one was made up and substituted, is a base
falsehood. I he wuoie article which allud
ed to the Sugarloaf returns Is a malicious
lie made out of the wholo cloth. I was
elected by tho citizens as clerk at tbo dele.
gate meeting and In tho evening after tho
tickets wero counted nnd tho sums total
for each candldato wero carried out It was
found that 0. H. Campbell had tbirtv-elzht
votes and G. W. Sterner had thirty-six
votes. The returns wero true and correct
wcro never changed or altered at Orange.
ville or any other place and were handed
to tho officers of tho convention as mado
out at tho delegate meeting. I did not see
tho return paper at Orangeville neither did
I see tbe other delegates at that place. Let
tho "Republican" name his "reliable
authority" and have Aim answer for Au wll.
ful and deliberate falsehood. Is It true
that the strong Imagination of a defeated
candidate conceived tho Idea of fraud
which was nursed and matured by an op
posite party uni ii it crew into a uaso rabri.
cation? Can a Democrat afford to Join with
tho opposite ranks in tbo diversion and
overthrow of his own party?
& Ll. KILE.
We the underslcned citizens of Bucar
loaf township wcro present at tbe lato
Democratic dclegato meeting and saw the
return papers during tho counting of the
nonets anu alter tuo sums total carried out
tor each candidate and wo took a copy of
the result from tho return paper after tho
sums total nau uecn carried nut. u. ii.
Campbell bad thirty-eight votes and G. W.
Sterner had thirty-six votes.
'Iho article in tho "llcpubllcan" of last
week In refcrenco to chancing of the re.
turns is a baso lie. Tho returns as handed
In at tho convention wcro the samo as we
saw at the tlmo tho count was completed
anu tuo pons cioseu.
Aug. 81 , 1867. Noiiman Cole.
Mess. Eos: The Republican of last week
surprised everybody by endeavoring to
create tho Impression that at the lato Dem
ocratic delegate election in Sugarloaf town
shp thero was a fraudulent return.
The RcDublitan should endeavor to get at
the tacts before it publishes the imaginations
or dercatcd candidates. Tho voto ol hu-
garloaf was honestly counted and honestly
returned by honeit Democrats, which the
editor of tho Republican could have easily
learned, If ho wished to. But ho grasps at
groudless rumors with a great relish and
I gnnnla nf tlin A Ml 111 ('nntinnlinm fnlni-n oa
This assertion Is falso and this same edl.
tor who evinces so much concern
Democratlo politics (even though ho
prominent factor In tho dlsgracefu
was a
Esq., that tho south Conyngham yote was
Ur.lueeuingsoiinoiaioitepuoiicauconTenuon; ,...,.. ' wrtand wliU P. ;fc. Dty. l'. llarrlsburg,
on oojld havo learned from sucb citizens as I JOHN) VVANAMAKEK, 1 LiTilaven, Broporlura, Warren, cony and Krle.
r n. I Hon. O. Q. Murnhv and John I. Uannon. I nheatnnt. Thirteenth and ilarket streets. I w. v. iiaithad. lien. Van..
counted fine by tbo election board In tho I
fircsenco oi witnesses ami twin limes toi
led tho same, to.wlti 21 for Sterner and
68 for Campbell. But tho Republican does I
not snow any desiro to get nt wo exact I
facts'ln regard to Democratic primaries.
If it would do so. not only thu Democrats,
but Hcpubllrans as well, would place tnoro I
rciianco in us columns. f air i lat.
Mess. Eds: It Is alleged that while tho
delegates from Sugarloaf were In Orange-1
vino on Tuesday morning, mo day oi uic
Democratic Convention, the original return
Bhcct of tho primary election was abstracted I
and anoincr return suusiuuicu in us place,
giving two delegates to Campbell and ono
to Btcrner. How absurd this charge Is f
Tho abstraction of tho original and subtil-1
union oi a iraudulcnt return, in llio man
ner alleged, could only liavo been success
fully accomplished by the collusion of tho
thrco delegates and thu Judgo and Clerk of
tho primary election, and then with the
risk of detection from having given out tho
returns on tno Saturday, Bunday or Mon
day previous. Odskiiver.
Republican of August 25, Is an article under
the caption of "Is It True," (and right
horn lnt tin rniv vn rln not linllnvn Iha rrlltnr
of tho Republican thinks It true) charging
the delegates of Sugarloaf township with
falsifying the returns of Sugarloaf town
ship. The article charges that tho returns
irom Buganoai wcro detained at urangc
vlllc for threo or four hours and then and
thero tho truo returns were abstracted and
falso ones substituted, and this was dono
by the payment of two hundred dollars.
rri.n I, II: A1U. I. I. -All.Kln ntl.nv
IUV A.rj'UVlHUr. -iailUO lit UliaiUI.UlU Ull.llV- I
ltyasa bans lor mcBO allegations, wny
do they not say who paid tho two hundred
.Inllor. nml rJUl.,,,,1 II? Wn thlnlr I
beforo they aro through with this matter I
mey win nnu tiieir authority mo reverse or i
reliable. There is no foundation at all for
mo report. The truth is no ono in urange
knew then that the result of the primaries
depended upon Sugarloaf township, and
so no one In particular interested them
selves in the returns from that township.
The dclegato from Sugarloaf, carrying the
returns irom mat townsmp.tmsscu tnrougu
our town about, but did not stop at
urangevilio at an.
Tho article is falso and untrue, from be.
ginning to end, and tho only marvel is why
a rcputauie paper, sucn as mo llcpvMican
claims to be, would publish such a sense
less and ridiculous article. For they must
not suppose the voters and their represent
atives iom ouganoai are 1001s and do not
know the law in the case and the penalties.
Erovided tho article Ib a reflection on tho
oncsty and. character of tho delegates
irom uugarioai and mo menus oi uamp
bcll from Orange, and as ono of the latter,
wo pronounce the charge n malicious lie.
no iuiuh nuun nuvio L .1 . icihiu
we minK we Know wucre m report
originated and have only this to say, that
jPethns, "if such wero possible," only low-
ered himself, In tho estimation ol tho vot-
I .a tt HrsnffA lin tVin miKllnntlnn r9 iVitd
era of Orange, by tho publication of this
article, alter oeing lairiy dercatcd in me
convention. A SoBsomnxit.
Orangevlllc, Pa., Aug. 29, 18S7.
Pacta Abont Oysters.
Tho oyster season, which opened Thurs
day, promises to be tho most successful In
the history of oyster culture. Reports
from tho oyster beds Indicate a supply
never beforo equalled and planters expect
a rich harvest
Tho best kind of oysters to mako their
appcaranco within the week are the Shrew
burys, fat, plump, and delicious; Uocka.
ways and Frceports. The season for Blue
points does not open until September 15,
as there is a local law prohibiting the gath
crlng of oysters from Great South bay be
fore that date. It may be remarked that
the namo "Bluepolnt" Is used by dealers
for convenience as a term for any small
oysters to bo eaten on tho half Bhell; but
tho real genuine Bluepolnts from Great
South bay, when In good condition, aro
considered tho finest for eating on tho half
Prices for oysters will remain about the
same as for tho last few years. The esti
mated number of oysters used last year
was 4,000,000,000. Of theso 05 percent,
was from tho Maryland and Virginia oys
ter beds, the remainder from New York.
The Southern oysterB are not as good as
,i,oao lhat ow in Nor,hem water It la
thoso that grow in Northern waters. It Is
customary every year to transplant yourrg
oysters from Virginia to Princo's bay, but
tuo improvement is scarcely perceptible.
Ll... ,f ....j. . , .' .
1 ' '! "
tnu J ,iwii ""H"
allv in tho Pacific, but ovat trnnsnlnntr.,1
" ...7 7 .. . .f
mrivo as well asou
e Atlantic.
1 uespito tne large incrcaso or oysters
1 within tho last few vears.duo to tho method
of planting oyster beds, tho supply is
steadily decreasing In proportion to the
demand. This is one of the problems at
present engaging tho attention of planters.
North Carolina promlsco to bo tho great
oyster producing centre of tho future The
legislature of that stato has adopted laws
bearing upon their culturo similar to those
of New York. The climato and natural
advantages derived from tha large number
of Inlets, bays and sounds, which Indent
that coast, aro regarded as very favorable
for oyster culture.
A new association, called Tho Oyster
Dealers' and Planters' association, has been
Incorporated, its object being tho protec-
tion of oyster dealers and oyster beds, as
well as to decide and arbitrate difficulties
between planters regarding the boundaries
of their respective beds a subject about
which they are always quarrelling. It is a
stato association and Its province extends
over tbo oyster beds of New York.
Its membership numbers about 8,000
dealers and planters interested in oystrr
The association will seek also to regulato
tho market price of oysters, and the size of
oyster baskets, making a uniform scale for
all. In the last competition has been
sharp, and dealers have cut prices right
and left, thus making the profits from tho
business very small as a rule.
A CIcnr Complexion,
How can you expect a clear complexion
when the blood is full of impurities and
tho stomach clogged ? Tho blood becomes
Impure becauso tho liver does not act prop.
crly and work off tho poison from the sys
tem, and tho certain results aro blotches,
pimples and eruptions. Purify the blood
with Simmons Liver Regulator, and regu
late the liver, stomach and bowels, and
then tho skin will becomo clear.
day, August 37. 1887, at tbe Reformed par-
sonapeiu Orangeville, by Rev. A. Houtz,
Air. w. a. encinammcr to juiss jane roils,
bom oi Jfowiersvillc.
MAHTZ. In Orancevllle, Sunday, Au.
gust 23, 1887, Mrs. Mary Martz, aged 70
I'uiucEP'nu, Monaajr, August 89,1587,
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maker's ? More than you
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rain." .Will
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flwplliig--, utm fleet. It
Ilurns, Bfidm Cut I,
I JimKA.1
kx, m innniJi rem
iM'tmche, Sptntj, Bon Tbroat, I
utiit-im iioumis. innapnii.Bi
Wet bwtle. gbW by kill
fdnifrrlptn. Ouitvtru Tb (rtv
flmtl rirnittnro. A. d.Mricr A (t floki
I'roprletorfl. Jbiitlmora, U(L, U. tC A.
nR-.RUII'fi finilflH fiVQUP
For the enre of Contrhs, Colds, Hoarse
ncss, Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis,
Whooping; Cough, Incipient Con
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f'i ju ruueivcu i. ujuuucr ior uu-
Ishlng silks and cloths, I am prepared to
Having Just received a cylinder for fln-
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"J , . , ""'-""s
FillO Cabinet Portraits, Only $3
1 -
a dozen.
Instantaneous Process
preparation when vou call for Hood's Rar.
sapnr na. ua sure to get uooa's, which is
vnnr lnnira. Aln nil vmir hnthlns. ml
chincry. Very wonderful machlncrv It is.
: . J r
Not only the larger ait -passages, but tbe I
thousands oi mite tuuea and cavities lead
ing from them.
When theso ara clogged and chocked
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your lungs cannot half do tbelr v ork. And
what thev lo. thev nnnnot rln writ.
Call It cold, cough, croup, pneumonia,
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oi mrcai anu nusu unu iieuu ana lung od-
structions. ail are bad. aii oueht to be
got rid of. There is just one sure way to
German Syrup, which any druggist will
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pend upon this for certain.
men Baby na ilek, w gTa her Cutorta,
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When she became ehe clone to Cutori,
Wbea tbe hod Children, she gare them Cutorla,
1181. , , , .
t. vl . . .V . .. . E "PJ"
has. Dreydoppel's Borax Soap is as near
perfection as it is possible to attain, and
I "
" "S'E" JF
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Drunkenness on Liouon Habit Positively
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nf rnfTon nr Inn wlthnnt thn Cnnlmln
tea wltnout tho knowlcdgo
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cure, whether tbo patient Is a moderate!" n
drinker or an alcohoho wreck. Thousands
their coffee without their knowledge, and
to-day bellevo they quit drink'ng of tbelr
own free will. IT NEVER FAILS. Tuo
system ooco Impregnated with tho Specific
becomes nn utter impossibility ior
habit to exist. For full particulars
auuress uoiucri opecmc w.t 10a uace &t
Cincinnati, Ohio. deo8 861y.
1 K
1. K. 1
Cameron. .... 5 63
Cliulasty ,., s oo
Danville s OS
Catawlssa 23
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10 S3
10 TO
10 SS
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11 07
11 15
11 SB
11 III
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11 37
11 44
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11 63
IS 08
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13 !
13 80
li 87
13 41
13 45
li 60
13 65
1 CI
1 11
1 1U
1 S5
1 30
r u
1 63
2 14
1 19
8 21
2 W
Huert.. a si)
utoomsburt; 6 3S
Kapjr. s 42
Lime llldge, 6 60
wiuow itrovu-. , dm ....
llrlarercel: s 64
Her wick 7 03 S 4S
ueacn navel 7 ii s w
Hick's Verrv 7 19 S 63
Hlilckshiany 1 HO 3 on
1IUDIOCK s ym i
Nanticcko 7 60 8 SO
Avokvlale. 7 M
1'lymouth 7W 8 35
nymouiu junction,,... i" o
Kingston B 01 3 43
Bennett H la ....
.Malay 8 17
Wyoming 8 l
3 63
3 54
4 01
west iiitsum b s,
l'lttston .... 8 S3
Lackawanna ... s u
Taylo-Hlle...... 8
liellevue 8 64
BCKIA'TON . . V oo
4 S3
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3 03
2 21
11 13
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8 30
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3 19
lielloYue s 16
Taylorvllle. e so
8 60
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11 63
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. 12 05
12 10
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VI 30
19 65
Y 11
Ijiccawanna. "
l'lttston 6 an
west ltltsto i 8 ii
Wyomlui: o "
Maltby . J fl
neanf a
Kingston 8 ts
l'lTuioutn Junction..... 7 ufi
l'lyrnoutb 7 10
Avoudale 7 14
NanUcoke 7 is
bblckablany J
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3 57
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4 05
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4 18
4 21
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4 64
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6 15
r u
iuck-b l'erry
lieacli Haven, 8 01
nerwicK ,,,,,
Unarcreclc..., 8 13
Willow orovo, ........ 8 l
IJuiollWge. 8 20
lipy. 8
Hloomsburs ; j
ltupcrt S;
catawlssa , ? '
Danville 8 67
Chutaaky .. 03
camerua w
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, Xn,1a AVn nvo
provided with implements for
- ,ryl ,,n llr
removing pegs, and lor reoCttlllg
I luiffnna crv t int mir onnr r nrfi
, ' . . , V i
made COnitortaulC, ami maUO tO
f t nnv thnt
nl .
Among the special IlllCS aro
tuo Wi Douglas Bhoe ior sen-
tlcnien. Curtis & Wheeler's La
dies' Fine Shoes, the celebrated
I Tnwnmin Rnnt fnr mon find bnvs.
J-OWantia UOOt, 10r men anu UO a.
F. D. Dentler,
Just the thinff for picnics and
PNVate parties, neat clean and
cneap; avoids tlie annoyance or
IIL1A UJiAjU UUVL IKJOV W l.J 11 t ! 11 11 1111 1 1
1.: i.j. i mi.
I n-IIJb, UU WUtlTUl, LU tail IV. illltoU
i . . -
paper plates are largely used for
pie . baking, and overcome the
objection some people have to
pies because the under crust is
I SOSCVI the Crcatest decree of heat
I StPJ ' .
Will not SCOrcll
I greasinc them a
them and by
pie may be
I r -i j ,i . , ,i
baked on them better than on
tin or earthen ware; the under
Crust Will be found perfectly
uard and crisp similar to the top.
Napkins are soft and pliable as
linen and will not fade unless
We carry the most complete
line of Builders' materials in the
Country. Iron, Steel and Wire
I f. . ,
BUS, --OCKS in eilUieSS Variety,
Door Butts, plain Or Ornamental,
Catches and Latclies.WllitO Lead
I ATivpil Pninta ntwl P,rlrvrc
I J.U1XCU JTlliniS SII1U VOlOrS, ijUl'
seed Oil, Turpentine, Varnish,
be Ull JniUSll. 1' reiicll and Allien
- cau Window Glass. Piittv.Build-
. ',.,"
Hie; 1'uper, all 01 WHICH we Can
- gell at iccs tlmt wiU umke jt
cul1 a l'La llm "lu v11, KO il iv
I your interest to deal With US.
. . . ..l. !. . .. . I I -. . . I . 1. . n
- I
Bite' Hardware;
We have taken the agency for
J. A. Sheppard's Paragon Coach
Varnish, patented in 1884 and
wish to call the attention of con
sumers to its merits. It is mado
ii.. e ... i i i
R(,MV from W,l o-m
of I
f B"11V "UI" K"'", U
very heavy body and dries hard
oa l.,, ...,.. w:..
ter, one gallon covers 4o0 80.
fcet of new work first coat and
GOO ft. Second COat. it is warrant-
I ,i ni. tn i. r, ' i . ,
I not tO CrttCfc, Spot, blister Or
turn white, and to Outwear any
tuo I ... t ! 1
or -tviiiuricaii YUllusn, is
especially suitaDlo lor carnages
I ,i , .u , 1
to the weather, it is warranted to
rub clown in oil or water, and
pumice stone in from 3G to 48
hours without sweating out and
'nn can bo brought to a dead finish.
S 30
8 31
b or tho interior hnish ot lino
s 5 residences,
public buildings,
ns bath-rooms, it has no ea unit hot
7s? or cold water, soap or grease will
7 si not affect its lustre or spot or
? " stain its surface; wiping with a
1 w sponge or damp towel will keep
8M it looking fresh and new. If you
s 33 are especially desirous of a hand
s' some and permanent finish,
s S specify Sheppards Paragon Coach
9 w varnish to your painter and tako
9 17 no other; put up in i and one
9 S3 n , An tr ii
9 so gauon cans at ; per gauon.
9 35 I 1 T "1 1
ami very xvusu.
J. K. Schuyler & Co.,
Bloomsburg, Pa.
AGENTS WANTED to sell tho New Book,
r m
8 25
6 30
8 37
S 41
C 60
6 53
e 59
7 03
7 07
7 11
7 IS
7 21
7 85
7 43
7 61
8 07
8 13
8 20
8 ST
8 31
One agent made In threo weeks Iisx cno in t days
194.50; 1 In 10 days 1145; I In 3 days l.'iMi: 1 In 3
weeks ttui.50-l5i0 In 1 weeks I
IL fakes orr Rara.
toga lollk-s Ulrtatlom
etc.. In the author's
s. 1
low nects, Quuts,puu aogs.
In the author's inimitable uilrth-,,iovkUig
8 31
style. The 100 comic cuts aro "Just killing
8 41
Mo erazr io ret it- Trice (by mall or acoutl 13.1,0.
8 47
B 62
Apply lor sgviioy (and make f 50 to 175 a w rekj to
UUliliAUU DUOS., f hlladelnhta, l"tt.
6 67
9 19
9 23
9 28
9 13
r u
r.ri.T-'j-.rnT.-. I . u : i -
3 IcktAntitf h1mtivi ili.i mint oVnt ut't-k .nil
5 Ingres CfimfjrttW'i fclii ftulTfTiKi i. pi
hlLKslUilnt u.HtyiQlulitijii it. t i.t I?i
Iruault Id i carotJe .. A chuW irUi oou
tiqmm ttiiuottk(lUcAl, Mow fria. luxd $1.00
ol tuiy arattyUt, or f mlt, hAiuitlj l-'rini fur
Urop. i lr. IL Vt'lll MSI A.N N. U J U Miw.
oaenoe men.
n. Wll ills' nffloo. " .u,v v - -