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    The Columbian.
0, B. Elwoll, It-ju...
J. K.BlUontoniar.J E4lt6"'
FRIDAY, SBl'TKMHEH 18, 1885.
Senator Shcrimn continues to ravo anil
rail against tho South for provctitttig
tlio nefroo3-from exercising tbo right
ot voting oy mui'cionng tliom when
ever thoy attempt to go to tho polls,
According to Mr. Sherman. Blaino Was
defeated bocatiso the colored voters of
tho Southern States were dotorrcd from
voting for him by throats of violenco
and by actual assasinatlon.
If tlio negrooj had really been thus
outraged in tho Southern States no ono
but tho Republican Administration
would bo to blame. Tho Republicans
have passed a law giving United Stales
officials extraordinary powers in all
(.'lections at which President or Con
gressmen aro to bo elected. Thoy havo
had Republican United States Judges,
Ucpublcan Supervisors and Republi
can united states .aiarsiiais to cntorco
this law. If such criminal acts as Mr.
Sherman alleges had been practised at
tho tiolls in tho South, it could only bo
because tho Republican United States
authorities havo been indifferent about
their duties or too corrupt or cowardly
to eutorco tlio laws.
Mr. Sherman's tirado is, in fact, an
arraignment of tho Republican party,
which has been charged with' the
forccment of tho laws for tho past
twenty-four years, and is a proof that
cither from incapacity, mdiirercnco or
corruption thoy aro unfit to govern.
How could restoring tho Republicans
to powor correct tho ovil practices
which Mr. Sherman alleges, when,
according to his own Btatemont, thoy
havo existed and been successfully car
ried out under long years ot Kcpubli
can rnlo T World
The iJible in Schools-
judob mehard, of Mimcun, decides
Murceh, Sept. 12. Judge Mohard
to-dav meet his decision in tho cole
brated Sharpsvillo sohool case, a suit
brought by certain Roman Catholic
citizens of Sharpsvillo to restrain tho
school directors ot tiiat placo irom
further authorizing and permitting tho
reading ot tho King James liiblo in
pnblio schools. Tlio plaintiffs alleged
that such exercises violate Arliclo 1,
Section HI, and Articlo 10, Sections I
and II of tho State Constitution, the
only correct English version of tho
Scriptures being tho Douay Bible, and
all others being unauthorised and sec
tarian in character.
In an cxhaustivo opinion Judrro
Mehard decided in favor of tho bchool
directors. Ho holds that public schools
were established, not out of regard tor
tho children or individuals, but as
part of an organized community. Thoy
are not tho outgrowth ot tho tstato poi
icy for thcencouragemcnt of virtue and
tho prevention ot vico and immorality,
Tho instruction to bo imparted includes
tho cultivation ot morality as won ai
tho attainment of knowlcdsjo and in
tellectual culture. The morality which
tho State dooms it important thus to
cultivate must be tho morality whioh
is regarded necessary for tho support
of tho laws and institutions of tho
State. This must bo tho morality on
which they aro based, and this is tho
morality ot the liiblo. it loilows.
tlioreforc, that tho sourco of that mor
ality is not excluded, but that tho
Uiblo may be used for tho moral cult
ure ot tho pupils ot tho pnblio schools.
With regard to the plaintiff's asser
tion that tbo highest ecclesiastical tri
bunal ot tbo Koman (Jatholtc Uhnrcli
has declared tho King James vemion
to bo sectarian, incorrect and incom
plete, Judgo Mehard holds that tho
decision of ecolesiastical courts do not
bind tho State, and that, as no prefer
ence is given by our laws to any par
ticular version, all versions stand equal
betoro tho law and that school direct'
ors havo power to authorizo tho uso' of
any version in tho schools.
Tho decision quotes many author
ities, both of this and other stato courts.
Tho caso will doubtless bo taken to the
Supremo Court.
Bourbon Sherman and tho New South
A (juarter of a century ago, John
Sherman was ono of tho ablest and
broadest progressive leaders of tho
country against effete Democratic
Bourbons of that day. They learned
nothing, forgot nothing, and Sherman,
with all tho firo of youth to inspiro his
groat ability, was one of tho boldest
and best teachers of liberal and patrio
tic advancement. Progress camo j it
carao in tho tempest of battle ; it
brought emancipation ; it gavo the
nation half a century of progress in a
aiuglo decado, and thoro can bo no halt
in tho growth of liberal ideas that'
Sherman so largely aided in swelling
to a Hood tide. Tho Democratic lioiir
bonR who confronted him, higgled
about tho war, bayed emancipation as
I no poodio bays tho moon, and havo
snarled at tho grandest nchiovementd
ot tho worlds history until thoy drop
1 . t ... , i , t t -
peu oni oi mo and laiica irom mem
The Bourbons of Democracy aro
dead j or tho tow who livo aro unfelt In
Democratic authority. Democracy won
all its battles in Stato and nation only
by an absoluto and visiblo severance
from its liourbou loaders ot 1800,
Hero and there ono turns up and sheds
his shroud t'i tako anjfollico, but there
aro gust enough ot tnora to prove ttiat
tho raco enco lived and is now no more,
But Bourbonism is, liko history, re
peating itself, and it logically comes
trom tho tetid lountatns ot long con
tinued and greatly abused partisan
power, Tuo aggressive, patriotic lie-
publican leaders against Democratic
Boiiiboinem a quarter pf a century pgo
haverso long nestled in. the old Jjour
bon channels of authority and enjoyed
their power and plunder,- that they
now oomo shivering to thu froiit of tho
progress they onco championed and
bent up their pitiful wails against tlio
logical sequel ot thoir own good work
ot their bettor days, rower and spoils
bred Democratic Bourbons, and now
Sherman, Blaine, Logan, Boutwell,
Hoar, Dawos, Cameron and their fel
lows aro tottering along- in tho old
thorny Bourbon path in which Buch
anan ar.d Thompson and uouu and
Vallanulgham and their lollowers stub
bed and prickod thoir toes when Re
publican revolutionary progress began
twnty-fivo years ago.
Of nil tho pitiable Republican Bour
bons of to day, John Sherman is tho
most pitiable Ilia brother fought
from Belmont by Vicksburg and tho
inarch to tho sea to Raleigh, whero tho
insurgent ting win lurloJ, but ho knows
that tho war is over, that peace has
como, that tlio laws nro supremo in
ooulli and .Norlli, and that tho humb
lest clllzen, black or white, is protect
ed in all tho prerogatives of citizen
ship i but John Sherman, who nover
laced tho perils of battle, and who,
os Grant said in his last admonition to
tho country, did not fully wnrm up to
tho war until tho conllet was over, is
now fighting tho war over again, ill
Ohio in tho fronzy of dotage. When
iiii'ru is universal pi-ucu nnu uuii'iuiij'i
when tho South is vastly morn success
ful and. harmonious with its labor than
is Ohio innd when tho industry pf tho
South presents inoreascd products, up
in tho hundred millions, John gticrinun
rises up from his Bourbon tomb nnd
chokes tho people with tho dust of his
tattered Bourbon spoilsman's .shroud
by declaring that thero is only lawiem-:
.. I .... 1 . 1..
ncsa nnu anarciiy in me wmuiu ouuiu,
and that tho North must return to tho
dead issues of tho war to renew tho
incalciiablo evils of aeolioiial strife.
Ten vears ago thero might havo
been divided sentiment as to tho truth.
fulness of John Sherman's .senseless
Bourbon tirade; against tho South,
whether truo or untrue ; but to-day
there can bo no divided sentiment
among intelligent citizens of any seo
tion or paity. His statement accusing
tho Southern States of denying ns frco
and independent suffrage to tho blacks
as is accorded them in tho North, nro
not only false, but Sherman mint know
them to bo faUo if he is not bereft of
memory and teason, Tho oolosfiil
fraud of 187G, in which John Sherman
was ono of tho chief criminals in tho
Louisiana electoral burglary, was the
last groat wrong perpetrated agaiust
tho integrity pf tbo ballot in, tho. South,
and since then, tens of thousands of
tho most intelligent colored voters
havo openly voted the Democratic tic!?
et and other hundreds of thousands of
colored voters havo refused to Vota bo
causo their party leaders, largely ap
pointed by Sherman wore notorious
and shamoies thiovcs. it joim aucr-,
man would go to tho Southern States,
visit tho centres of politics, confer free
ly with the intelligent colored voters
of each State, ho would learn in detail
what ho must know as a general truth,
that Sherman's plundering oarpet-bag
Treasury agonts and their lollow cir-pct-bag
adventurers, .forced every col
ored man who wanted honest govern
ment to separato from tho Republican
parly or retire from all participation iti
politics. Tho vvritor hereof hcanl,lhcso
facts irom intelligent laud trustworthy
colored men in nearly every Southern
btato in 1881 and again in 1885, and
thoy aro now as well known to every
citizen of averago information as that
two and two make four. Such ming
led Jslupidity and falsehood oomingi
from one of" the Republican Bourbon
spoilsmen, must grato harshly upon tho
intelligence of tho pcoplo of Ohio, and
outside of Ohio, both in North and
South, 'they simply toll tho story that
Republican Bourhoriism- is repeating'
tho history of Democratic Bourbou
ism of 18G0. Phila. 'limes.
Thero were very few editors, left in
Columbia County last week, Monday.
At C o'clock in ,tht- morning a party
consisting of J. C. Brown of tho Re
publican, G. A. rotter pf tho Journal,
J. IS. (Jasoy, Uommissioncrs Ulcrk, and
the senior edito'r'of tlio Coi.wintAN, all
subpoenaed as witnesses in a' suit be
fore tho United States Court at
Williamspprtand Cdl. S. Knorr, coun
sel in tbtSoaso and Joshua Fcttcrman,
n party to tbo suit, boarded Bnckalow's
little bus, en route' for Rupert. Having
reached that point, ono of tlio party
lit a fresh cigar, an oxpensivo ono ot'
couse, as editors smoko no other kind,'
and, as ho was watching a passing train,
tho. smoko of the cigar curled up about
his nostril and gavo tho smoker tho
impression that his fino Havana emit
ted a 'very .d'Hfigrc'criblo odor. Taking
another puff with tho same result, ho
was about to cast tho offensive weed
from him, when somo bpdy suggested
that tho passing train was loaded with
phosphate, which discovery saved tho
Vyilliamsport was reached in due
time, and rooms nt cured at the City
Hotel, an e'xecl'.bnt house, kept by Col.
'r. II ... ...... 1 . .
oauaac. uaring mcuay mo party was
augmented by tho arrival of' Messrs
Randall of tho Arcuw Items, Marge-rum
of tho Gazette, and 0. M. Vanderslico
formerly of tho Sentinel.
The (Joint convened at, 'i p. m.
Judges MoKennou and Atchison on
tho Bench'. Tho former is a very ven
orablo gentleman with white hair and
full beard. Judgq Atchison ,is n much
youger man, and ha? a black mons
tacho. Tho writer was excused from attend
ing oourti by agreement of counsel on
both sidoj. mid started on a busine&s
trip to Ohio, on Tupsday morning.,
Taking thb rhlladelphia en ioaa,
a scat in tho smokimj car was obtained
for tho purpose of finishing another
cigar of tlio "PhpHpbatq" brand. Wo
had not, proceeded far before eonn? nm,3
icbroko luosttir. the back end pf.thc car,
and on')nokinK,fvound I observed that
it, proceeded. jroiu'P Gjnuau.accprdupn
in thu hands oLthoumblq Roman with
liair lied inji,kiiot, b.ebiml with a very dlr
tv Kink ribbon, wliohiM been seen about
Bloomsburg for porno tiuio past. His
hat wna decorated with various ribbons,
thu original colors, pf which could not
bo (distinguished,, After protracted
struggles on tho part of tlio'Romau to
get an Italian tuuo out of his Toutooio
instrument and a vain epdenvor on his
part to sing a pong that was neither
Italian nor Qermnu, thu uixc&sity pf
doing SQmt thing to bileuce such a dii
cord of liaiah sounds hvoamu apparent
to ,n young Euglibh einigimit who
had just conio trom uouniv jJurnain,
England, ard who was oi) tlm car. with
his parent? and-brother and sister, -and
so ho produced a il'Vcuch ncoordy-on
upon which ho playp,d remarkably well.
This, wjw too, tho Uonun,
who soon,came,.tQ j.ho ppii.tru qf, tho par
and, endeavored. ,to lrku, a bargain
with htyrivnl by ufTrnng t,Q tradj;nstru
nients. Ho did noj, succeed, ,m thin,
however, uif).j".a, few, niotuonW ,,when
the yoipig einigtant rattled off a lively
air. the R-jmaii danced i ui) and down
tho tho ainuncmwl pf tho
other passcngeifl. Hero was a peculiar
combination, nrade up pf an Italian
with n insviuniput in his hands
dancing ail Jriidi jig v musiu made by
Au Englishman on a French accord
eon., i .
This outoitainuieuL lasted for' about
an hour, and was endad by tho Jtahitn
leaving tuo iram sa a way simum uo
yond Lock Haven,
At Look Haven a gang of six mon
hand-cuffed together in palis with their
hraeekU connected by n long chain
which hung over tho bircks of tho seats
wiiuthoy sat dofii, boardyd tho train,
ilio.w of two oMeers.' They Wcro
piisiouoip from Cainoi'on comity, and,
thoy had buui in tho Look Haven Jail.'
ihojMrisou-dt Emporium was
lire' &Thnfflnfiro on their rhr
not secure.
to tho latltoriPlnco.ldrlrial. f. w
Tho!'.. A' ';. road runs through u
very wild, Hntl plotutesqlio section of
tho stateV Much of tho rOadHri nlong,
th6 sldfl of n strcatn, and on nil sides
high mountains lower up to tho skies,
most of tliom covered with trees of
stunted growth" Ah you gol- towards
thfl western end of tho stato derricks
arc seen all around, Kohili of which
appear to bo diimantlcd and dbahdon
TdTVv'hilo'mhord clbso" by iirff lioW, fttld
in full operation, Hero and therp aro
groat oil tanks marked "Union l'lpo
linos," and in these tho crude petroleum
is stored. Warren hm tho greatest
riiimbur of dorricks near .by,and appears
to, be thq chiof oentra pf Ilia oil. ,bini
licss nlong thi road. ' through, this
section aro pipes landing 0 or, 12,
feot high, from flames
burn day .and ,uight .nlong tho roads,
and aboul tnauy farjn, .hoinos, , Tho
dames nro fed by natural gas.
The 1', ,& E. roid, being a bianoh of
thp l'euiia. is rjip in such a way as to
foroe all through -western travel over
tho main lino by way of PittBburg.
Thero is no direct thiougb train. Ono
can leave WiHiatnsport at 7.15 in tho
morning nnd reach Kria at O p. m., but
theuiho.must wait, until ll p. m. and
then can go no further than Cleveland.
IIo must then wait until 3 a. m. boforo
ho can go strnight through. By leav
ing Willinmsport at 2 p. m. one can
get as far ai Ivane, and must remain
there over night. So it scorns, to bo
purposely arranged .solhat travellers
going farther viAt than Erio will not
,o this way. Tho reason i$ obvious j
tho I'enna. controls lines to points
wpst of Pittsburg which cau bo roacb
o;d that way, while from Erio out tlio
lines aro controlled by oilier colupan,
Passing on from Erio the writer
spent a few hours in Toledo, which is
ngt,a very attractivo city. Tho tri
stato Fair was in progress, embracing
thuiStatcs of Ohio, Indiana and Michi
gan, apd 1 to.ok advan,tago of this op
portunity to witness a western Agri
cultural exhibition. It, had been ,rain
ing tlio day boforo, and tho grounds
and raco cqurso wore wot and muddy,
and thcro wero only about 1000 people
in attendance. As to thq .display the
thrco states, .combined iriado, about
three times ns big a show as our county
fair does cyqry ,ycar. It was about
thq sanip .tiling, only ,moro of it. Tbo
fat Bteci-, the snako charmer, tho ring
tosser, tho ball thrower, all wero there,
just, as (thoy arc everywhere on similiar
occasions. Thq, bad weather lasted
most of tho week, so that financially tbo
fair, failure:
I spent, twp, days at Buwling Green,
a very nice littlo, town, tho capital of
Wood county. Tho most etrikiug feat
tura of this plaqo is tho natural gas
that gus)ies from thrco wells, and fur
nishes light and fuel to tho villagers at
very low rates. Among tlio prominent
citizens is Joseph II. Sand-j,Ma 3011 ,of
tho late ox-cominisiqner Sands, of oqr
county. Ho wont wpst, somo years
ago, nnd is now engaged in tho hard
ware business, and is interested in most
of tbo enterprises of tho tovn.
,Manypcoplo in our county will re
member Captain Silvers, who was dep
uty provost marshal of tho district dur
tbo war. . A few, years later ho camo
to Ohio, and died at Weston where ho
kept a saloon. IIo left a wife and sev
eral children. An administrator was
appointed and his cstato settled np,
leaving about liv.e hundred dollars for
distribution to his heirs. But before
nay of thc moijoy waSjpaid out, .no'tico
wai served on the administrator by M10,
rtttornoys of a woman in Eugland who
claim-! to bo his first and only lawful
,wifo. She says that thoy wero married
-"r- nr.-J.-.T-- - .
in, England when quito young, and
lived together but a fow years, when
ho .desorted her and her children,
and who never saw him again. Tbo
caso has not yet boon tried, but it is
alleged by thp attorneys of tho claim
ant that tbo evidence in her favor is
conchmvo I receivd this informa
tion direct from tho administrator
against whom suit has boon instituted.
On my way homo I passed a very
pleasant day in Cleveland and nmoug
other interesting plaqes tho tomb of
Garfield .was visited, in Lake View
Cemeteiy. The bronze casket con
taining tho, remains is exposed to viow
in a private vault. Tbo interior of tlio
vault is decorated with (lags and floral
.offerings. Jt is four yejirs since Gar-
hpld, died, and all this timo tho vault
has been guarded by a detail of United
States troops. I)iy and .night a soli
tary sentry passes, up and, down beforu
'tho vfiult,through winter and summer.
The guard is relieved every two hours.
Tho vault is snrroundod by a low wiro
fence to preveut viskois front pressing
too closo to the entrance, as thq casket
can be touched through the bars of the
gate. Whilo we stood gazing at tho
bronzQ casket of the murdered Presi
dent, and perhaps pressing a littlo too
closo upon tho wiry screen, the sontry
marched past, and in accents thai wu
at onco recognized nstlio-m of a French
man, ho exclaimed, "Piano don't lanu
011 the fiuce, Its ferninat tho orders."
As ho had a gun in. his hand and de
termination in his oyc, wo ,at onco re
moved' ,our lien,
Cleveland is a beautiful city of near
ly, a quarter of a million inhabitants
In tho cen tit) near tho park are two
efeclriq lights at, aiijjlqyaticu of U70
feet, and their bright rays" cast a t-had-ow
a quarter of a milo away. In tbo
park is a slatuo in memory of Com
mander Perry, and tho batllo of Liko
Erio fought September 10th, 1813.
Several old cannon that did eervioo, in
this batllo aro stationed through tho
park. Thcsu guns would not 'amount
to much 011 a war ship of to-day, but
iney made .sad havoa on that mouior
able occasion. But I havo nlfcaly oo
upied too much spacq with what may
prove of little interest to your readers,
though H was greatly onjuyed me. As
1 pavo hoiiio moro travelling betoro 1
reach home, I must closo. E.
Sfong Praise for Mr. D.vy.
From Hiai'hllcUclphUTolegi'apli, Rep.
It is not tooijm'ucli to say of Mr,
Conrad B. Day that ho is nfflr6t-rato
candidate, and othorwiso pretty niuoh
everything whioh tho Ropiiblicau. can
didal U not. Ho is.a busiooss'nian of
nxqellent crqdit and largo oxpciiouce,
whp has nqver beon conuectcd ju any
way with machine politics, .and,, w jo, if
ejected, will bring lo tho ndinimstra
.tion of, the stnto treasurcrahip a tried
integrity and careful business habits
and methods, Hjs party will ha.vo no
apologies, explanation, or defences to
nakq with regard to him in auswor to
charges of bavipg.dcvQted a (ong car
,ccr tp political wirepulling, tQ abuso
qf thp prprpgativo of tho pardqn board,
and to schemes to lovy pi) tho pockets
pf tho trades pconlo of a great city
Under cqvor of the law' nnd tho liko,
and woro tho question of cntiro fitness
botwoen tho rival candidate.! tho only
one to bo considered by tho volers-as
it should b? the only ono it would bpi
ns easy to predict tho election of Mr.
Day as it is, under existing circum
slliices, daw, lb predict thu electing ot
Mr. an 0IH60 for which Mt.
Day haVovory qualification nhd for
whioh Air. yuny nns no qtianticaiion
whatever that ho lias permitted tho
publto'to ccomo acquainted, with.
Tbo If'utir is thftfiivo Years ago tlio
idea of Mr. Quay standing ns a candi
date for nny eleotivc ollico would havo
been regarded as entirely preposterous,
but tho 81,000 majority wliloh was
Sfvoil for tl)o Republican Presidential
ekct last 'year lias inspired him and
his political co-workers willi tho notion
that thoy cau afford to tako risks that
a few, years ago thoy would not havo
dared' to take. Of com so tho notion
that .8,1,000 majority last year is any
tueasuro of a probable or possible Re
publican majority this year is n pre
posterous ono. Uccent political hist
ory sliows that by acting upon this
presumption tho Republican candidate
might corao to grief. Thu?, in 187G,
Hayes carried tlio stato by 17,G-M plur
ality, but Schell, tbo Democratic can
didate for Auditor-General, was elect
od in 1877 by 8,903 plurality, and
Noycs, tho Democratic candidate for
Stato Troasuror, by 9,901 plurality and
this happened in spito of tho prcsoneo
of a Greenback party in tho field which
drew its support largely, if not chiefly,
from tho Diinocratio ranks and polled
over TiO.OOO votes. Agnins in 1880,
Gai field carried tlio Statu by 07,270
plurality, but in 1881, Bally, tho Re
publican caudidato for Treasurer, had
a margin of only G,82l votes. This
was, of course, lio year of tho Inde
pendent movement headed by Wolfe,
who drew ncarlv fiO.000 voles from the
regular Hcpublioan ticket, but it should
not bo forgotten thatthosamoiiilluonco
are still at work there is a Prohibi
tion cnndidnlo in tho field for whom
dissatisfied itepublicans will cast their
votes, while many others will not hesi
tato lo volo .outright for a mail witli
tho singularly ptiro character and un
assailable record of Mr. Day. Tbero
wero mauy influences which noiitribut-
cd Blaine's 81,000 majority which have
almost no bearing at tho present time.
The Democrats last voar let Pennsyl
vania go by default, and very wisely,
concentrated their efforts whoru they
would tell with postiveness on tbo ul
timata result : and tho Republican
majority of last yoar meant Demoenii
tic negligence, excitement concerning
disaster to the industries of tho Stato
through tho possible unfriendliness to
tho Protectivo poboy of a. Democratic
administration , and many ollioi' things
which will inllucncq tlio volo .of this
year littlo or nothing. As for the
Democrats, thoy did a thoroughly
piece of work in nominating a business
man of tho best credit for what is
essentially a business office, and in
placing him on a platform which is at
onco an effectivo arraignment on Re
publican shortcomings, and a direct
appeal to interests which aio quito ns
pressing and impoitant to n very largo
number of people of tho Stale ns the
tariff issue was or ever can be. With
such , a caudidato anil huch a platform,
and with the aid of a campaign con
ducted with a view to foicing the Re
publicans to act upon tho defensive,
tlio Democrats should bo able to reduce
that 81,000 majority to a nju'o shadow
of itself.
Absolutely Pure.,
Ttate Bowaornovnrvailns. A marvoi omnritv
streatftliand wliileaomonesa. Moro economical
tlmntbe ordinary Hinds, una cannot liosoldtn
competlon wltn tlio multitude of low test, short
nuit;uL, utumur puosnnaio powaors. worn only
In c.ius, llovAL UKiNa Powder 00 , 100 Wa!l-bt
N. y. auirll-ly.
This reedlclno, combining Iron with pure
Yc-iretawo tonics, quickly and completely
Cuimlljapcpaln, Imliui'Dtlnu, YVrnltnma,
and Nonrnlfflu.
1 1 Is an unfallltip remedy for plscnses of tho
KMiipyn unl I.lvrr.
II 11 lnraluablo for Dlirasca peculiar to
Women, and all who lead tcdentary lives.
1 1 iloca not injuro tho teeth, cause hcadachcor
rroduoo coiutiuition vlhr Iron nellcinct do.
ItcnrlchM and rurillcs tboblood.ttlmulates
tho appetite, nidi tbo assimilation of food, rH
llcvc8 llearthurn and Jicltlilutr, and strength.
ens tho muscles and nerves.
For Intermittent fevers. Lassitude, Lack of
Kiiergy, c., it has no equal.
5 Tho genuine has abovo trado mark nnd
crossed red lines on wrapper, lako no other.
!..! out, l,r nU01'(IIIIIClL-tOL'll.TlllOUE,XD.
T.oga of Appetlto, HendncliP, Dcprcx
slon, Indigestion oml Const I put Ion t llll
1ou8uppb n fialloir 1'aco, Dull Kyes, ainl
a lllotchcd hkhi.aro among tho eyinploma
vhith iudlcata that tbo Liver li crjlng for
Ayer's Pills
will Btlmnlato tho Hver to proper action,
and correct all theso troubles. Ono or moro
of theso rilU should bo taken dally, until
health Is tally established. Thousands tes
tify to their great merit.
Ko family can afford to bo without Avcu'a
DrJ.C.Aycr&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all DrueglsU.
caunsEN, CLEMONS & CO.
pnporterj and Wholesale pcateri in
Crockery, Olasswaro, Tablo and rookef Cutlery,
Window tllas3, nnd l'lated-wuro,
Tho 50 oandlo-power marbli clcctrlo lamp.
Tli oelebratod I'laatoro Jturner.
lilrd Caifcs, Fruit Jars.
Ki Lackawanna Avcnuo, bCUANTOK, i'a.
may My
" tt;'J1llAlt.MANUl''AC'T'l'HKltbI
Uutchcis to buy tho
Star Meat Cutter.
Cigar Manufacturers to buy tho
ThCbOAlachlnftani-o warrunted to bo tho bet la
tUo marU-t, Kuui for circulars to T
w. wan N Kit, Mug nail, rcnu'ft.
UroacnUiat lVhoor'ns Couph, jnclptcnt CPtiump
ho dlA3( rrlro C5 rt CVtt
tort, lho Gt'Dtilao IT, PuU't
Vovah fiyrvp U BoVl only in I
H7HI0 iiTt77'n"i mm in.wir vur
Altuli'eltecul In a CYrr.n. I
btrip CUvHon-Ixihct, tint tho I
l'rcp'i, IialtLmoro, Hd.
",Tho Oreatest Cure on Earth for Pain,''
Will relieve moro quickly than ar.7
other known remedy. Rheumatism,
Neuralgia, Swellings, Bruises, Burns,
Scalds, Cuts, Lumbago, Sores, Frost
bites, Backache, Wounds, Headache,
Toothache, Sprains, &c. Sold by all
DrufTKists. Price 23 Cents o Bottle.
Stairbuildine in All its Branchos,
Mr. Matthew Teufel, ot Catawlssa, Vx, wishes
to Inform tho public thnt he la prepared to nil all
orders in tho stntrbulldlntr lino on the shortest no
tice. Hand-ralllnc. newel posts. c. mado to or
der nnd shipped to any point. Mr. Teurel being n
practical workman lnhljllno nna does his own
work, enables him to bcII at reasonablo rates.
Shop rear or Grango hall, orders by mall prompt
ly attended to. bcp-ll-U.
W -tA.rV A AlfiLtf. our good-t A mil lino
ot rrult and ornamental Trees, NUrubs (irano
Vines, ltose3, &c. noveral hundred varieties In
stock. Aljo introducer nnd solo proprietor of
MOOllirs DIAMOND drape. Liberal terms to
agents, j. r. i.kclahe, iingiuon, . v.
1885. State Pair. 1885.
Broad St. & Lohigh Avo.,
Septembor ll to October H, li.
$50,000 in Proruiums.
IJxcuraion Tickets on All ltrtilroads.
A. WILIICLM, rrcstdent.
liccordlnj sec'y. corresponding Scc'y.
Cor. Chestnut nnd Eighth fit.
Kccelvo Adri-rtlseincnts for this Taper.
COIIHIAICOat Lowest Cash Rates rnr.C
This noted Specialist of Soranton, is the
only specialist this side of New York, Phil
ndclpliia nnrt Buffalo who makes un exclu
slvo specialty of treating chronic, long
sianuing ami lingering uiscascs to wiueli
man niul wonianUind aro subject, such ns
Consumption. Bronclnnl niToctions. Serofu.
la, Salt-IiUcum, Loss of Hanhoftd.Skln dis
eases, Hhcuinntism, Ulcers, Old Sores, Kpl-
icpsy, ftypuiiis, uearncss, ioss ot voice,
Chronic Dlnrrliiea.Chllls and Foyer, Worms,
Liver complaint, Cancers, Tumors, Paraly
sis, Tape worm, Heart disease, &c, &e,
C-iTFemalo diseases a specialty.
No matter how long you havo been suf
fcring nor how many Doctors you liaye em
ployed iu vain, you should npply to Dn.
-MoTaooaut at once, when ho will toll di
rectly without holding out false hopes
whether your disease is strictly curable or
can oiuy uo rciiovcu.
He owes his wide rcnutntiou for the sue
cessful treatment of nil lingering or chronic
diseases to experience and closo annllca-
tlon for over 20 years, and to no miraculous
What the Papkks Bay :
"Ho is skillful lioncit, enicient, upright and ro
llablo and well worthy ot tho people's contldence
nndehtcein. no always sajs exactly what ho
iiit-ain mm means exactly wnai no says." aeran
ton iteimbltam.
"lie is too usehil a man to lose," Lackawanna
Ccrnor LaeJtawanna and Washington Avenues.
Sept 11-ly
AGENTS WANTEDtnotloo'u0!'
Nursery Mock Uncqualed (acuities. Ono ot the
tarKcst nnu omest esiaoii3nea .Nursreies in me
states. 1'or terms aildrrss, W. ST. SSIIT1I, lleno
va, X. Y. nug2l-4w-o.o.w. a
posed to tho citizens oi UiH commonwealth
tor their approval or relectlon bv tho (leneral As
sembly of tho Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Published by order of tho Becrctaiy of tho com- pursuance oi tno nrst. section oi Ar
ticle XVIII of tho constitution.
Joint resolution pioposlng an nmendment to the
uuusiuuuuu oi iuu Lommonweniui oi i-ennsyivu-nla
110 it resolved by the Senate nnd Houso of Itepro
sentatlves of the Commonwealth ot Pennsylvania
In General Assembly met, that tho following la
proposed as an amendment ot tho Constitution of
iuu uuiiuuuncuiin ul i L-nns) ivuuia, in uucur-
danco with tho provisions of tho eighteenth arti
cle theieof.
Tiiat section tlva or nrtlclo nva of tha CnnRtltu.
tion of the Commomvoalth of Pennsylvanla.whlch
reads as follows i "Wheneer a countv sliall con
tain forty thousand inhabitants It bhall constitute
nseparato juuiciaiuistnct, nna snail elect ono
iungo learneu in uie law; anu me ucnerai Assem
ly shall provide tor additional ludnes.os tho busl.
nessoftho said districts maj' require, counties
containing a population less than Is suniclcnt to
constitute separato districts shall bo formed Into
convenient single districts, or, Itnocessary, may
bo attached to contiguous districts as tho tioneral
Assembly may proMde. Tho office of associate
Judgo, not learned la tho law. Is abolished In coun
tries forming separato districts: but tho several
assoclato ludiresln oltlce w hen this Constitution
shall bo adopted shall servo for their unexpired
terms," bo nnd tho samo Is hereby amended, bo as
to read as follows i Whenever a county shall con
tain sixty thousand Inhabitants It may constltuto
a separato Judicial district, and may elect ono
luugu icorneiiininoiaw nnu ino uenerai Assem.
l.U- ..lift 1 1 nrm Mi, fnf n il.tlf Inn .1 tiwT.rn na t., t.i.
slnoss of said districts may require, countlos not
forming beparnto districts, shall bo formed Into
convenient slnglo districts, as tho (leneral Assem
bly may pro lde. The ollico ot assoclato Judgo,
not learned In tho law, is abolished In counties
forming ceparuto districts and having moro than
ono law Judges every other county shall elect
two assoclato Judges, wild shall not bo required to
bo learnod In tha law s but tlio soveral assoclato
Judgos In ollico, when this amendment shall bo
udoptod, bhall servo for their unexpired term,
A truo copy of tho Joint Ucsoiutlon.
July 81-3 luos. YV. s. STsxdKK,
Secretary ot the Commonwealth.
EyvirtuoofawrItotFl.l'.i. Usuod out ot tho
court of common Pleas ot Columbia county nnd
to mo directed wilt bo exposed topubllo salo at
tno court liousj in juoo'nsborg, on
Saturday, Oct. 3rd, 1885, ,
at 8 o'clock, p. At, nil that certain lotot'
ground bltuatoln Uloomshurg, Columbia county,
Pennsylvania, bounded and described' as follows,
to-wlts Northwardly by Seventh btreet, east
wardly by lot of Jas. c. Brown, southwardly by'
an alley, and wcttwardly by lot of. . ..Dclbler,
fronting on said sc enth street about nfty fa-t,,
and extending In depth ono hundred and seventy,
nhie feet bo tho same moro or loss, whereon Is
oi'CCtod a two btory frame dwelling house, and out,
Belied, taken In oxocutlon at tlio suit ot U. M,
3, K. Lockard vs Hoary C Naglo and to uo sold as
tho property of Tieury C. Nagle.
Littles' atty 'a. Sheriff.
Tho Magic Insect Exterminator
We oDer ono thousand dollars for Its equal. Bend
lor circulars.
BALLADE A CO., 8 East 18th St., New York.
scp-18-Jw d
Lf inn OAiramar
Hood salary or commission nald. Outfits free.
H. J. B0WDEN & CO., tiSffiffi
HAHUHH A handsomo VAHB LAMP Riven
5 RllPPRR wlthftl.'iordorforTea and Colt-aUUiiiiU00-
An Iron mono CHAMDGH
a "" HKT. inrlecea. or TEA HIST. 41
pieces, or a handsomo IlltON.k HANdlNii LAMP
given with a lioonlcr. A CMAMIlBlt HET otto
iileces,wtth blue, maroon or pink band or an lltoN
HTONI5 CHINA TEA BET Ot M pieces, or ft ObABS
NET ofw pieces glvonwlth a 119 order, HAND
some PltEMlltMS, consisting ot Decorated China
Wnro In Tea Bets, also' Dinner and Tea Nets com
bined, nnd Chamber Beta, etc., etc., given with
orders for Us, 20, JSB, ss nnd 150. Send for circu
lar, wnicn win givo you run particulars, uiiaiw
UNION TEA COMPANY, 25 Bouth Jlaln St.,
MHKoa iiaric, la. neauquar
ters ho Front Btreet, New
York City.
may 10-iy
Hrvlrtuo of sundry writs lssuod out of tho
couft tit Common Hoas ot Columbia county nnd
to mo directed will bo exposed to public salo at tho
Court House, in Uloomshurg, on
Monday, cit, 28th, 1885,
at J o'clock, p. in.. All that certain messuairoand
lot of ground Bltuatoln tho vUlagoOt Centrovillo
Columbia county, .and Btato ot Pennsylvania,
bounded and described .as follows, to-wlt i On tho
north by a publlo road running -trom liloomsburg
toUerwIck, ontheca3tby a ptibllo roait loading
to a ferry across tho Susquehanna river, oh the
west ay lot oi wesiey moo ooing lot No.7 in tho
plot of said village and on tho south by nu alloy.
Tho Bald lot being marked on tho plot of Bald vil-
lago No. 8, being soventy-nlno feot and six Inches
In front, and ono hundred and Bevonty-ntno foct
and six inches In depth. Whoreon nro erected a
largo two-story frame building used as a hotoi.lnn
or tavern, with out buildings, stable or barn, a
wen ot water with pump.
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit of II. D.
Lowvs John S. Mann, and to bo sold as tho prop
crty ot John s. Mann.
lkcicr A Herring, atty's. vend Ex.
AU.that certain messuago or tract of land situate
In tho township ot lienton, county ot Columbia
and stato Of Pennsylvania, bounded and described
as follows, to-wlt i on tho nortli by lands of Val
entine Meyers on tho cost and south by lands of
Alfred Itantz and on tlio west by publio road lend-
Ing from Stillwater to Benton, containing threo
ana onc-tnira acres wncrcoa aro erected a two
story plank house and other outbuildings.
SeUcd, taken Into execution at tho eulta ot D.
Mollcnry's uso, nndB, F. Kinney's uso vs Wm. A,
Coleman and to bo sold as the property ot Wm, A.
Lltt'c's Atty's.
Knorr 4; Wlntcrstecn atty's. AL Fh Fo.
1 1 application will bo mado by Williamson
Iiowell. Charles C. Adams. William McMullen,
Edward C. ltatt and David B. Davidson, on tho
S3d day of September, 18S5, at is M., to tho Gov
ernor ot tho Stato of Pennsylvania, under tho Act
of Assembly ot tho Commonwealth of Pennsylva
nia, nnt.ltlivl "An npt tn nrnvldn fnr thn inMnu...
Hon and regulation of certain corporations," np.
aDnrov cd April !?J. 1871. and the sunDlements thnm.
to, for tho charter of an intended corporation to
bo called tho "Postal Telegraph and cablo Com
pany Number Three." Tho charter and object Is
to construct, maintain and opcrato lines of tele
graph, commencing in Lackawanna county, at or
near Carbondale, and running thence through tha
counties of LackawannvLuzerno.Columbla, Mon
tour, Northumberland and DaUphln to a point at
or near Harrlsburg In said last named county, and
for theso purposes to have, possess and enjoy all
tlio rights, bcncllts and privileges ot tho said Act
ui AHscinuiy nnu us supplements.
Philadelphia. Aug. 24, 1885.
Sept 4-'4t d
- '.
Letters of administration In tho estate otsarah
Colo lato ot Jackson .township,' deceased, havo
been cranted bv tbo Kceistcr ot Hald countv in
tho undersigned Administrator. All persons hav-
ineiuiuis uKaiusv iuu ustaio ot tno aeceascu
nro requestcu to present mem tor settlement
nndthoso Indebted to tho cstaf o Ito mnkn nnv.
ment to tho undoitlgned Administrator without
ueiuy. AL.11WAH UULK,
nug Si-tf Dcrrs P. p.
Letters testamentary on tho estate of Jnwnh
Kline, lalootMt. Pleasant. township Columbia
uuuuij, i t-jiusjfivuuio, uouoasou navu ucen grant
ed b v the llee-lster of salil count v to unrlpr-
slgncd executor. All persons having claims against
iuu esLutu ul iuuu uovuuub aro requcstca to pro
Bent them for sottloraent. and those indebted to
tno estate to maxo payment to tho undersigned
H liuuui. utri.i) .
Joseph citAWFOiiD, orangovillo, Pa.
(1. M. KLINE, Canby.Pa.
Sept, ll Executors.
Notice Is hereby elven that tho following nn.
count has been tiled In tho court ot Common Pleas
of Columbia county, and will ho presented to tho
Buiu uuuri. un tuo iuun.ii juonuay oi Bonicmoer, A.
D. 18S5. and conilrmedBlsl. nnd after tho fnurth
day ot said Term confirmed absoluto unless excep-
UUIU U1V 111CU nibiuu iniib lime.
1st, First and final account of Andrew Fowler
committee of tho person and estate ot Elizabeth
jicucricu a lunatic.
Prothonotary's ofllce, Bloomsburg, Pa., Sept. 1, '85.
Notlco is hereby given that an application will
bo made to tho said court on Monday, tho MtU day
of September, A. 1). 1885, at thrco o'clock In tho
afternoon, under tho "corporation act ot one
thousand eight hundred nnd Beventv-four," and
the supplements thereto, by James Dyke, Oeorgo
11, Cope, John Lamnct, Kobert 1. Jones and John
E. Davis, for tho charter ot an Intended corpora
tion to bo called "Tho odd Follows Cemetery As
sociation ot tho borough of centralla, Columbia
county. Pa.," tho character and object ot which
Is establishing and maintaining a cemetery or
burial placo for deceased boaies,ln or upon grounds
on tho Locust Mountain, east ot tho borough of
centralla, in said Columbia county, and for theso
Eurposos to have, possess nnd enjoy all tho rights,
enetlts and privileges conferred by tho said act
andlts supplements.
Atlg.-ll-tf. Solicitor.
rAiNWiuaux & CO.,
fEAij. SYltOr.i, UOITFBK, SUUAll, MOLV l lhb
N. E. Corner Second and Arch streets,
rworderjwlll rocolve prompt at tentln
Read and Save Money,
Now is tlio timo to Build.
Not German PlnoSldln; 5 or il In.
nldo l7 0ii perm.
No 1 M Inch siding planod, il oo "
" Homlock Herman siding, 6 Inch it nil "
" " flooring, 14 no "
" whlto plno " 17 to "
" yellow " " jo oo "
" surfaced plno boards, 17 00 "
" sawed plno shingles, .1 no "
No 2 " " " s m
NO 8 " " " 1 75 "
NolBapsawalplnoBhlnglea, 175 "
" hemlock Bawod " 201 't
" heart shavedplno " from fi 00 to 7 011 -
" Bap " " " 11 ooto4 &o
" hemlock " " " " 1 00 to 1 50 "
" shingle lath, 2 75 "
' plastorlng lath, 2 00 "
Hemlock fencing, u mi "
" guageif fencing 8 Inch wldo, 10 00 "
" boards 10 to 12 inch wide, 10 Ml "
" bills anyslzo from tlOOOtollOO "
I keoi) a full stock of the
abovo kinds of Lumber always
on hand, and will sell at these
prices during year of 1885.
Si. B. JLQW,
Oriingeville, Columbia Co., Pa.
niir 3.0m
Uvury Ounco of Adulteration
IN the
New Process Soap
Govans & Stover,
Buffalo, N. Y.
For salo by all firBt-clasa grocers.
April io-1-yr r
on cars at Quarry,
No. l Mate i.M.outoH.oo
J.O. 1 lllb BtatO 4(10 to 8.25
hecondj ., a.00
No. 2 lllb slate 2.60
ItedbUto , 1060
lliociimto , ,, 1.60
J. 1,. IIUI.I,,
M Lackawanna .Avenue, scrantc o, p
Myny j
UiMit listen i
Tlio underslgneil will offer nt publlo salo on
Friday, Sep. 25, 18S5,
fttllo'clocfe n.m., on tho premises, all that cer
tain piece, parcel nnd tract of land situate In tho
township ot Jackson, county Of Columbia and
Htnto of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
follows, to-wlt: Beginning nt n post, thonco by.
land now or lato ot Matthew McIIcnry, north fifty.
fleven; degrees west two hundred and thirty-ono
perches to a whlto oak; thonco by land ot tho
heirs of Wesley Snyder doo'd north thlrty-ono anil
Ono-half degrees cast ono hundred andslxty-two
perches and eight-tenths to a post; thenco by land
ot Joshua Savage south sixty degrees east soven
ty-nlno perches to a post; thenco by land now or
lato of Epurlam McIIinry south elovcp 'and ono
half degrees west, thlrty-thre6 petchos'-nnd rive
tenths to a post; thonco by lind of iamb south fit
teen degrees east thlrty-OBo pereiiorf and four
tcnths to a post j Ihcnco by land ot tho stimo south
torty-ono degroos west thirty-two perOhos to a
P03t; thence by land ot tho samo south flfty-sovcn
degrees cast, ono hundred and twenty.thrco
perches and "nlno-tcnths to a P03t; thenco by land
now or lato of Daniel a McIIcnry uouth thirty
two nnd one-fourth degrees W03t ciglity.lhrco
pcrclics to tho placo ot beginning, containing
nna lit porches, strict measure, on whlclUs
Tho abovo described tract is a timber tract well
covered with good growing timber. As tho prop.
crty must bo sold this Is a raro chanco for securing
a good tract ot timber land.
TERMS OP SALEi-Samo as tho tnual Orphans'
Court terms, to-wlt! Ten per cent, of one-fourth
ot tho purchase money to bo paid at the strik
ing down of tho property, tho ono-fourth less tho
ten per cent, at the confirmation absoluto and tho
remntnlar three-fourths In ono yoar thereafter
with interest from confirmation nisi. Purchaser
to give approved security for tho faithful payment
of purchaso money, according to tho abovo term?.
Executors ot John Kclclincr, deed.
In pursuance of nn order ot tho Orphans' Com t
ui lummoia county, ra., tno unticrsigncu execu
tors ot tho cstato of John Kelchncr dee'd will ex
poso to public salo on tho promises on
Saturday, September 26 '85.
commencing at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of said
day tho following described valuablo real estate,
to-wit$ ono farm situated in Jit. Pleasant town
ship, Columbia county, Pa.
of land lying near tho vlUago of Llghtstreet, ad
Joining Flshlngcreek on tho south and east, and
tana or a, c. vanLlew on tho north and
Grimes on tno west, about 120 acres cleared and in
n good state of cultivation, tho balanco In timber,
& largo
and a good well ot water at tho door, largo bank
nam ana well of water, all In good condition,
wagon nouso nnu out buildings on tho preinUog.
at tho same timo a largo
and farm In Scott township, In tho vlllago ot Light
orai, lumuiuia county, ra., over
of land, 75 ncrcs of farm land nn.1 in ji mwi atmn
of cultivation, tho balance Roeuriiie iim wg
2 Dwelling Houses
and a bank barn and out. huiidinr-a nn ..t
ses, four pair of burrs and all ot tho necessary
machinery In mill, nil in good condition nnd work-
ins ui"i-r, goou water powor and plenty of water
at all times, fed by Flshlngcrcek.
Surveys of abovo described tracts will bo fur
nlshed on day ot salo for tho inspection of parties
desiring to purchase, clvlwr me! es nnd lvnmrta nn.t
the exact acreage ot each farm.
TEHMS OF SALE: Ten per cent, of ono-fouith
of tho purchaso money to bo paid at tho sulking
"""u property, tne one-fourth les tho ten
percent, nt tho conllrmatlon absoluto and tho re
maining mrco-fourths In 010 year theieafler
With Interest from conflrmntlnn nlcl n..--
chascra to pay for deeds. Purchasers requhed
tu aWru)L-u security lor tno faithful payment
of purchase monoy, aocording to tho above terms.
aPP".cd ,(? "'0 soil, repays its cost many times over. Try it, and bo
y.'Sfdl convinced, ramnhlcts. u-iih tntilmnia i r. r.. ic
"'e 13 no local agent in your vicinity, address
Bloomsburg, Pa.
Sub Agents C CREASY, ILitnc Ridisc, Fa.
' SntS H. II. BROWN, Liglit Street, Pa.
Sept. 4 2m
Allaur'Btibscriboiu lvho aYJ1 pay their subacrintion hccoiuiIh (o
tins paper 111 lull to date, anil one year in ad
vance, will bo presented with ono
1 1
THE "MUtf mm
Wav. 6 T, ilfnn Jbg.uJnc, publiHl, by K. A. llackctt, at J''ort
offiral ) I 0h U raI,ltly taking rank aii ono of tho loaning Agri
of 'r tem 'K n 1 C"ivr 11 is ,'ovoto,1 oxol.mively to tlio iiTtcmti
Sorv Bi Slo o f L ,C0 ''' Daf71?''..G'-'loner, au.l their liousclioUl, ami
thrworT hoFa that great portion of tho pcoplo of
Far men cl mlU,' """I'tion prico is ONk'dOLLAII l'JCll VkAK.
SI 'S H ft fWiS hml 11 l,,lls no' lc "'to their mind,
hamiv - thu v , flu1 nnnrw;rt,J l't to then.selvec It makes tho homo
OTotfflSSJt ecr-dohtonfed, tho downcast happy,
BAfri.ta io - III .' n. . .
" " 'y "UU1( owv ami Bhoiiltl ho taken atlvantago of.
lllwdll & IBiiitilBiiAeii-lw,
I'OU SlIEltll'I',
V, l niLLMHVKIt,
roit .tunv cojuiissioNEit,
a. W. DEUH,
I'OIl OOltONElt,
flrkET FEpOrTS.
Wlicat per bushel $ 85 oo
Ilyo " " co
Corn ". " Co
O.ils " " 02
Flour per liatrcl 5 00 is 0 00
Ilutlcr 20
sg9 10
Tailotv ... oi
Potatoes new. 40
Dried Apples 01
Hams if
Sides and shoulders (13
Clilckcna 10
Turkeys , 12
Lard per pound 10
Hay per ton moo
llceswax , , 25
Hides per lb C to 7
Veal skins per lb 07
Wool per lb rj-,
Tho followlb? Wldow'n appraisement's will lio
presented to tho Orphans' Court ot Columbia
county on the fourth Monday ot September, A. I)
1883, and conllrmed nisi, and unless exception? aio
tiled within four days thereafter will bo confirmed
absoluto i
John Kelchnor estate, decctsed, Centre, realty,
JUehael stlno estate, deceased, Locust, person
Frederick lf. Kambecl: deceased, Jackson, per
Bonalty, taoo.oo. "
)manuel Savage, deceased, Jackson, rcreonalty,
Thomas J. Hutchison deceased, Flshlngcrcek,
personalty, f.moo. '
JJ.'F9 J' mnX ilecctscd, Locti3t, personalty,
f-.UU.UU. 1
John Yohe, Jr., deceased, Miniln, realty. fMl.55.
personalty, J9J.73. -".,
O. M. JOICK, VH. 11. SNVDEll,
Deputy. clerk, o. c.
Clcik's ofllce, liloomsburg, Fa., Sept. 1st, 18S5.
WHEREAS, tluiHom Wii.liam Ei.wei.i.
President Judgo ot tho Court of Oyer and
TcrmlucrandtJencralJail Delivery .'.CourtofQuar
tor Sessions of tho Poaco nnd tho Court of Common
Picas and Orphans' court in tho 2Gth Judicial Dis
trict, composed of the counties of Columbia; and
Montour, und tho Hons. James Lako and F. L
Shuman, Assoclato Judges of Columbia county
havo issued their prccept,bearlng dato tho 10th day
of .May In tho year of our Lord ono thousand eight
hundred and clghty-llvc, and to mo directed for
holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer and Ucncra!
Quarter Sessions of tho Peace, Court of Common
Pleas and Orphans' Court, In liloomsburg, In tho
county of Columbia, on tho lomth Monday.bclng
tho SMh day of Sept. noit, to continue for two
Notlco Is hereby give n to tho tho Jus
tices of the Peace, and tho Constables of tho said
County of Columfcia.thnt they bo then nnd therein
their proper person at lo o'clock in tho forenoon
said sath day of Sept. with their rocord3 inqul
sltlons and other rcmombranec.l,to do thoso things
which to their onices appertain to be done. And
thoso that aro bound by recognlzanco to proscauto
against tho prisoners that aro or may bo in tho Jail
ot tho said county of Columbia.tobo then and thero
to prosecuto them as shall bo )ust. Jurors aro re
quested to bo punctual in their attendance,
agreeably to their notices. Dated at Bloomsburg
f. ' ,1 the 10th day of August In tho year ot our
-j L. S-Lord ono thousand eight hundred nnd
l" ) eighty-live, and In thu ono hundred nnd
ninth joar of tho Independence ot tho United
btates of America.
SherlU'sonice, JOHN .MOUREY,
Notlco Is hereby given that au application will
bo made In tho Couit ot common Pleas ot Colum
blt county, on Saturday, tho Srd day of October,
1885, at two o'clock p. m, under tlio Act of Assem
bly ot tho commonwealth of I'enna., entitled,
"An act to pro ldo for tho Incorporation and regu
lation of ceitaln corporations" approved April 1,
1874, and the supplements thereto for tho charter
ot an Intended corporation to bo called, "Tho
Denton Agricultural Association," tho character
and objeet ot which Is tho malntalnanco of facili
ties for holding of fairs or exhibitions ot agricul
tural nnd horticultural products with tho light tn
lent, purchaso and holdroal cstato necessary for
theso purposes and to have, possess and enjoy all
tho rights; bench ts and prlv lieges conferred by tho
said Act of Assembly and Its supplements.
7 Percent, secured by FIltST Mohtoaoes.
EJU Interest to Investors safo as ooviihN.MENT
211 IIONUS. lntcre&t paynblo semi-annually, at
ollico or bank of mortgagee, la years' ev
peilenec, and nccr lost a dollar for any customer.
Host of references given ns to ability, Integrity
nnd financial standing. Wiltousfor circular giv
ing reference and particulars. LE1IOLI), FISIIEK
s CO., Dauuers and Loau Agents, Abilene, Kan.
This old and reliable Fertiliz:r, which has been on the market for
SI Vim ZuH' is.uln.surPasse(i for use on Farm, Hnrtlr-n, Lawn,
or t lojrcr lied. It is a complete manure, rich in all the necessary
!w!"n' . ?ar,me who I,fanl5 his croPs' looking o "e -7
they will return, finds that every dollar's worth of
Ocu'l Selllnir Agents. Boaton. 3Ins
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