The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 15, 1885, Image 2

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The Columbian.
0. E. XlwtU, iii.T.
J. K.BltUnbn4or.,f
FitlDAY, MAY, 15, 1885.
Tho Legislature passed tho Soldiers'
burial bill over tho Governor's veto on
Tuesday, by ft vote of 159 to 10.
Tho appropriation bill beforo tho
legislature will include a million dollar
more than tho tevenucs of 1895 will
amount to, if pawed in their present
form. This is republican tconomy.
Tho name of Hon. 0. 11. Buckalew
has been mentioned in connection with
tho position of Collector of tho Port
of Philadelphia, a plaeo now held by
Gen. Hartranft, Mr. Buckalew is not
an applicant for tho position, and it is
not likely that any change will bo
inado until the expiration of tho com
mission of tho present incumbent,
lint if for any reason the President
should see (it to remove Oen. Hart
ranft, tho appointment of Mr. Back
alow would bo a most excellent one, if
he could be induced to accept.
A letter describing tho markets of
Now Orleans says everything is sold
by tho eye, and there is no standard of
measure. Kino-tenths of tbo hundreds
who sell in tho noted French markets
of tho city do not know what a bushel
or a peck is. They buy their vegetables
by the lot, and place them in little
piles on tables. Theso piles aro of dif
ferent sizes and prices. The buyer
looks at the piles and buys that which
bo thinks is biggest and "best. Some
times buckets and boxe are used to
measure, but they are of all kinds and
Secretary Manning has directed that
tho issuo of $1 and $2 notes be discon
tinued for the present. It is said by
non-officials that this action has been
taken for the purpose of forcing the
subsidiary coins into circulation, but
this is denied at tho Treasury Depart
ment. It is stated that the discontin
uance becamo necessary by reason of
tho oxecssivo issuo of theso notes of
late, and because they are coming back
to tho Treasury for redemption in about
as good condition as when first issued,
which adds a very considerable item
to the expenso account of the depart
Secretary Chamlieriin of the Stato
Board of Agriculture places tho wheat
area in Ohio at 03 per cent and the
condition of the crop at 59 per cent,
ar.d says that, with good weather, the
yield will bo 22,871,530 bushels, as
compared with a five years' average of
41,005,247 bushels. From official and
other telegrams and letters from twen
ty other States he estimates tho short
aero of the wheat cron at 150.211.019
bushels, as compared with the five
years' average of 412,355,699 bushels,
or of over 200,000.000 bushels as com
pared with last year's full crop, of over busnels. "it seems, he
adds, "that this year's crop is to be tLe
most disastrous iailure tor ten years
If, as the Jiepublican savs, Lieut
Itobison was murdered in 1864, and
tho editor of that paper knows who
tho murderers are, but will not tell, ho
is an accessory after the fact and ought
to be indicted. Any one who knows
tbo perpetrators of a crime, and will
fully conceals their names, ought not
to prate bo loudly about the negligence
ot democratio district attorneys who
nave been unable to discover who shot
Itobison. Has the Jiepublican over
beforo urged the "prosecuting author
ities" to make any arrests in Ibis mat
ter 1 Has it ever given any informa
tion to tho proper officers, that would
lead to tho arrest and conviction of
theso murderers ! If so, the publio is
ignorant of the fact. Tho truth of the
matter is that all the circumstances of
that unfortunate affair were such that
it would havo been impossible to con
vict anyono of murder at any timo
sinco the passions of the war snbsid-
With the controversy between our
correspondent "Democrat," and the
Jiepublican wo have nothing to do, but
tho unfounded and unjust charges
against publio' officials of their neglect
of duty in a case of allowed murder,
cannot be permitted to pass unnoticed.
The "investigation" alluded to by the
Jiepublican seems to have been a slow
one, as it has taken twenty-one years
to gel it in motion, yet during all that
time the countiy has had a republican
administration, and the shooting is al
leged to havo been done in resistance
to United States authorities. If mur
der was committed and suffered to go
unpunished, tho republican party is re
sponsible for it.
The Indigent Soldiers Burial Bill Returned
Without Approval.
A messago was received in the
House from the Governor on Friday
of last week, returning without his ap
proval tho bill requiring' the commis
sioners of each county to appoint per
sons to bury and provide a headstone
for the body of every honorably dis.
charged soldier who shall die in the
county having insufiiuieot means to de
fiaj the necessary builal expenses.
Tho Governor, among other things,
pays :
"This bill Is a remarkable exhibition
of tho unwarranted and preposterous
extent to which a most laudable aud
patriotic sentiment may bo carried.
That principle which induces govern
ments to pension and urovldo for in.
jurcd and destitute soldiers is founded
in wise policy ns well as dictated by
the rpirit of a liberal humanity. The
tinned States and our own (Joruraon-
wealth havo carried this principle into
their laws with no niggard baud.
Thoughtful patriots have not hesitated to
say that nil lias been done in this direct
ion that tho most generous and gratetul
of governments ought to do consistently
with common prudence and wise publio
policy, and the limit uas been reached
beyond which liberality will become
oxtravagenco and benovelence breed
nbuec. Jiy this bill any man who
fought in the United States army in
liny war, and who dies in any courty
of tho State without leaving sufficient
means for his burial, immediately
becomes a cliargo upon tho county for
His burial to the amount ot ou. lie
may never havo had a residence in tho
uiunty: he may even never havo been a
citizen of tho State; ho may not havo
been wounded or become diseased or
disabled in the publio service) ho may
dio ai the result of lU vices or bis
crime?, by accident or by bis own band
lie irny have enjoyed and wasted the
bounty of tho Federal Government or
of the Stato for yoargf ho may dio in
the perpetration ot a iciony or no a
criminal llccing the justice oi another
jurisdiction but, no matter who ho is
or what clso ho has been, if ho served
In tho atmy or navy of tho United
Stales in any war and dies destitute in
any county, that county must bury mm
at nn expenso of $35 and erect n
hcadstono over his grave at a cost of
.115. A destitute soldier of tho Mex
ican war, who enlisted from New
Jersey, and who all his lilo has been a
resident ot that state, may go into
Philadelphia aud die there, or one
from tho Stato of Hew York may
wander into and dio in any county on
our Northern border, and in each ca3o
tho county in which the soldier dies
becomes ltablo for an expenditure, of
$50 for his burial. And so of desti
tute soldiers coming into our Common
wealth from any oilier state no mat
ter how they como or what caused
their destitution, so that they get into
our Stato and dio there, this bill oper
ates to charge tho counties which may
bo so unfortunate as to be tho places
of their death with tho cost of their
"Could any bill be more void of
intelligent principle or based upon so
little reason! No guard of any kind
is provided to protect the counties
from imposition, and no account what
ever is taken of any of the many cir
cumstances that, in tho most liberal
pension laws that wcro over enacted,
are always made an indispensablo con
dition for tho employment of their
Trom our Regular correspondent.)
Wasiiinoton, May 11, 1885.
Tho suspension last week of Beveral
postmasters for offensive partizanship
shows that the administration if slow
is at least sure. But tho continued ill
ness of First Assistant Postmaster Gen
eral Hay is a serious misfortune. It is
not improbable that tbo failuao to dis
charge the partisan cross roads post
masters in Illinois has had much to do
with tho democratio disaster in that
Btate. It may have been tho cause of
tho surprising apathy among tbo Dem
ocrats, rank and file, which gave to
Senator Lrgan's candidate for tho
Stato Senate a majority of several hun
dreds in a district that last November
gavo Cleveland a plurality of nearly
2500. Apropos of tho Illinois election
I heard a lively little argument be
tween two prominent Democratic so
journers in the public room of their
hotel last week. Don, M. Dickinson,
the Michigan member of tho Demo
cratio National Committee, ran against
John H. Oberly, chairman of the Illinois
Democratio Slate Committee.
How do you pronounce tho name of
the man who goes to Russia, inquired
Mr. Oberly, sarcastically, Lathrop or
Mr. Dickinson did not reply.
They say ho hadn't voted a Demo
cratic ticket in fivo years this from
Mr. Oberly again.
You will learn more of Michigan
men and how to pronounce their names
it you livo longer, was Mr. Dickinson's
quiet reply.
Y-a-a-s, drawled Oberly, but who
are the Democratio Senators from Mich
igan, any way !
Thirty thousand Democratio majority
in Republican Michigan is our Senator
and our "God bless you'1 to ,be Pres
ident, said Mr. Dickinson warmly.
When wo have an election in Michigan
our committeemen are found in the
state and not in Washington. When
an election is to bo held in Michigan,
and when the administration needs tho
support aud faithful work of all good
men to bear np its hands the humblest
committeemen we have would be asham
ed to bo down here on a hunt for office
for himself while it was pending, more
especially so if on tho result depended
ma eiecuuu or ueieat oi an uuuiiuiairu
tion Senator. He would cousider such
conduct on his Dart a shame and a
disgrace to himself and his parly.
Mr. Uberly walked away and has not
inquired further concerning the pro
nunciation of the Russian Minister's
So long as tho memory of most
Democrats now living extends tbo cry
of their party when out of power has
always been for retraochment in public
expenditures; and its practice, when in
power, has for tho most part been .in
tho lino of its professions. Now it
has been discovered by Mr. Manning
and others high in authority, and will
continue to be discovered the more
they investigate tho matter, that the
working force of some of tho depart
ments is capable of considerable re
duction; that the pay rolls aro too large,
and that much money has annually
been expended over sinco the Repub
lican party first came into power, for
which no adequate service has been
returned. Extensive reductions will
soon take place
The Cabinet ladies have discontinued
their reception for the season, and
havo followed the example of Miss.
Cleveland and Mrs. Hendricks in tak
ing needed rest. Mrs. Whitney and
Mrs1 Manning are in New York, Mrs.
Vilas is still in Wisconsin, and Mis.
Bayaul is making arrangements to
leave Washington tor a summer s rest
in Delaware at the Secretary's county
seat. When tho Secretaries' families
are settled hero next season there will
be a good deal of youth and beauty in
tbo cabinet circle.
It will include Miss. Kndicott,
daughter of the secretary ot war, Miss,
Vilas, Misj Lamar, tho two youngest
daughters of the secretary of state,
Misses Nannie and Florence Bayard,
and Miss Manning, daughter of tho
secretary ot tho treasury, unly two
of these young ladies aro formally in
Bociety, but they will lorra a very
attractive group noxt winter.
Social dissipation promises to bo
very dull for the next few weeks ood
tho devotees of fashion are giving them
selves up to relaxation from the
arduous duties of the gay season.
Ten Bnned Miners.
A letter just received last week at
(Jliioago, gives tho lull story ot tho dis
astrous snow-slides in the Tennessee
Pass, between Leadvillo and Red Cliff,
"About six miles wost of Denver,'1 it
says, "is a lofty range ol mountains;
which rises many hundred feet abovo
the line of arborcscence. Up in this
j .i. ..!, i - i.
range aim uu mo eiue ui a uigii pcax
known a? tho "Ilomestako Peak,' is lo
cated tho 'I fouies taW Silver Mine,
About December laU a party of ten
young men procured a lease on this
mine aud moved in cupplics to last
them through the winter, A few days
ago some frieuds ct theso men whoj
live in Lcadville began to think that a
considerable lime had elapsed sinco
any of the boys at Ilomestako bad been
In town. So two of them concluded
to go out the next day (Friday, April Si)
and cairy their mail. They arrived
about noon at tho spot where they sup
posed tho mino to be located and find
ing no habitation or signs of lifo
thought they must havo missed their.
way. ilotuming thoy slopped at tho
first houn'o on their way to Leadvillo
and Inforraod tho proprietor ' thoro thai
they had falledjo find tho mino. This
proprietor, bowovo'r, hnna .well ndj
qtialntcd with the locus of tho mino
anil buildings connected therewith,
was quite sure from tho description
gtycii that tho, searchers had been at
tho spot wlieio tho habitations should
bo found. Ho at onco oamo to tho
conclusion that tho buildings at tho
mino had been swept away by a snow
slide and nil tho parties living there
killed and determined to go early next
morning and scu for himself.
"Ho started at about 5 A. M. from
his place, which is eight miles from tho
mine, and arriving two hours later,
whero ho knew the house should be, ho
could sco no vestigo of it. Returning
to his homo he came to town imme
diately and telegraphed to Leadvillo
tho result of his seaich and asked that
men bo sent next day with tools to dig
in tho deep snow for tho missing min
ers. The evening of tho day that it be
came known that theso wcro missing I
'sent out four men to make a search for
them, tbinking that they might only
havo been entombed a few days beforo
and that possibly some of them might
bo found alive. " The party arrived at
tho place whero they knew tho houso
should bo found at 10 P. M., but could
not find traces of the houso or its in
habitants. They found tho ore houso
intact, but its doorways wcro so filled
with snow that they could not gain an
entrnnco through them. Thoy succeed
ed in affecting an entrance by breaking
a window and wero satisfied that no
work had been done there for many
"Tho satno evening a largo rescuing
party was organized in Leadvillo, at
whoso disposal tho railroad superin
tendent placed n special train. Tho
party was joined at places along tho
road by quite a number of men, and
about ono hundred in all went to tho
scene. Ono member of tho party know
tho exaot spot where the houso should
be and they commenced digging in the
deep snow immediately on their nrri
val. When they had dug dowii some
twelve feet thpy camo to tho roof of
tho house, which had fallen in and kill
ed all tho inmates. From tho ruins
they exhumed ten bodies, all in nn ad
vanced state of decomposition. As tho.
dead miners were all in their night
clothes it was evident tho calamity
overtook them when wrapped in slum
ber. "A sealed letter was found on tho
table in the room in which tho bodies
wero discovered, addressed to a girl of
Ohio, a cousin of the writer. This let
ter was dated February 20, and states
that the writer had commenced it the
evening beforo closing it. This fact
goes to prove that tho unfortunate
miners had been entombed mora
than two months beforo they we'io
What the Doctors Say of Crrant.
The Medical Record publishes the
following opinions of the doctors of the
condition of General Grant :
During tho past week Gen. Grant's
bodily health has much improved, and
ho has been enabled to enjoy short
drives in Central Park, to walk short
distances out of doors, and to do a
considerable amount of literary work
on his forthcoming memoirs. His np-
.....! : 1 . - . l. . i . T ' i r i I
pebiiu ja ueucr, no nun reiiau ior U18
food, and his swallowing is not attend
ed with much pain.
Locally, his disease shows a slight
tendenoy to progress. The sloughy
exudation has disappeared, exposing
exuberant fungoid granulations in its
place. This condition still involves
tho right and posterior parts of tho
pharynx, tbo right tonsillar region, and
tho right side of the base of thotoimue.
The palatal curtain is still considerably
innuraieu, nunougn an signs ot acute
inflammatory troublo have disappear
ed. At the base of tbo uvu'a. on the
right side, a small fungoid excrescence
has developed, which has Bhown a din
position to extend.
On the free margin of the palatal
curtain, midway between the uvula
aud right tonsillar region, a similar
growth of very small sizo has also ap
peared. Tho ulceration at tho base of
tho right nnterior faucial pillar, and
alongside of the tongue, presents a
worm-eaten surface, indicating an ex
tension of tho destructive process. The
breathing is freo and the voice is clear,
but tbo movements of tho tooguo are
somewhat restricted, affecting articula-
.; , 1 m , . . ,
iiou acuoruingiy. ine enlarged glands
under and aroutid tho right angle of
the lower jaw are somewhat harder,
and, in consequence, of surrounding in
flammatory infiltration, are quite firm
ly fixed. Thero is, however, less pain
in the (Incised parts than formerly,
and the secretion of mucus is less abun
dant. The patient obtains a full night's
sleep with a minimum amount of mor
phine, and awakes in tho morning feel
ing much refreshed. Despito tho favo
rable general condition, thero havo
been, unfortunately, no changes in
tho looal disease to warrant any modi
fication of the original diagnosis by
the members of the medical staff.
The PitUburghTrnnb Tragedy.
Tho body of the man shipped from
Chicago to Pittsburg in a trunk last
week was exumed last week and
positively identified oy Francesco
Caruso as the remains of his brother
Lillipo. 1 rancesco is of tho opinion
that Fillipo was murdered by a conn-
trymaii named Augusta Gilardo, who
was preparing to go to Italy. Gilardo
knew that Fillipo had money arid
frequently importuuod him for a suffi
cient amount to pay his passage over.
Fillipo was last seen in tho company of
Gilardo and Raso, and Francesco
thinks that ho was chloroformed and
then strangled by hand.
Gilardo was arrested at 145 Woos
ter street by Detectives Perazzo and
Pesnight, on a description telegraphed
to Inspector Byrnes by Chief Doylo of
me iwncago ponce. The baggageman
at the Chicago depot who checked the
trunk containing the body to Pitts
burgh arrived and at once Identified
Gilardo ns the man who had the trunk
checked. The prisoner was taken back
to Chicago. Ho U 81 years old and
Hays no is a peuuier.
roil siiKiiin'.
1011 SIlKIIU'l'.
Subject to the nilesoflhenemocrallo party,
Kx-Governor McLane, tho new
United States minister to Franco ai riv
ed lu Paris on Friday of last week,
Whcnt ptrbushct..!rH . $.03 1 08
Ityo " r 00
Corn " " 60
Oats 11 " 40
Flour bcr barrel SAfiM
Cloferocec1.imi(i.r.....,ir...Tii...i..;r.Th. 8 Ou
lluttcr S3
Egg , 13
Tallow..'. i..... 00
Potatoes new... 40
Dried Apples...1: m 03
Hams 15
Sides and shoulders 0
Chickens 10
Turkeys '. 13
Lard per pound... 10
Hny per ton 10 00
Beeswax 37
Hides per lb 5 to C
Veal skins per lb 03
Wool per lb OS
Philadelphia Markets.
corrected" weekly.
FKED- Western winter bran, srot, 19 0 1T.50
jted mlfilllnira 17 18.50
VUiUlt, Western extra's 3.M 3 3.87! renn'a
famllr, 4.(10 a 4.S3 Ohio clear, 4.5 1 9 5.00; winter
patent &.ST M .).
WHEAT I'ennsjflvania red, No. 1, Ml
COHK. 47 84.
OATS. No. a white a 41 No. 2, 45
HAY AND HTKAW Timothy choice Western
and New York, lie. fair to good Western and
New York, SI. (a a; medium Western and New
York, 10. A It ; Cut har 03 to quality IV 17.U).
llyo straw so (A 21, Wheat straw, v. a to. oat
sirnvr ii.
KOOS. Pennsylvania, ISJt-! western IS (18 X
H UTTER l-ennsvlvanla creamery prints iS 30
Western extra sir 22
LIVE roULTUY. Fowls IS, mixed lots 13X9
4, roosters old 7 to 8.
Absolutely Pure.
t piwt crnsver varies. A marvel ot purity
trengthand wholesomeness. More economical
ban tho ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In
competition with the multitude or low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Hold only
In cans. Koval Bikino powdir Co , 106 Va!l-St.,
N. Y. auell-ly.
ThU medicine, comWntnj Iron with pure
Tegetable tonln, milckljr and completely
Cures Ursprpdla, indlceatlon, WrakneM,
Impure tllood, 0IajBTia,Chllls uid FTn,
ana NeuraJrla
It Is an unfilliritr remedy for Diseases of tho
Kidney and I.lrrr.
It li Invaluable for CIscatcs peculiar to
Women, and all who lead sedentary lives.
It does not Injure the teeth, cause headacbe.or
produce constipation oA- Iron midteines do.
It enriches and purifies the blood, stimulates
the appetite, aids the assimilation of food, re
lieves Heartburn and belching, and strength
en the muscles and nerves.
For Intermittent Fevers, Lassitude, Lack of
Energy, &c., It has no equal,
Mir The genuine has above trade mark and
crossed red lines on wrapper. Take no other.
ml, h; SBO" CBII1C1L CO, CiLTiaOIS, ID.
Words Fail.
Words fall to
express my eratt
tude," sas Air.
Stun- CAitTF.n, of Nashville, Tenn., for
the benefits derived from
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Having been afflicted ull my'lifa with Scrof.
ula, my s) stem seemnl saturated Ith It. It
came out lu llloU'lir, tllu-m, and Mattery
Sores, all over my body." Mr. Carter states
that be was entirely cured by the use of
Avuu's SAkiiU'.vitiLLA, and since discon
tinuing its uef eight months ago, he has had
no return of tho scrufulo-s symptoms.
All baneful Infections of the blood are
promptly removed by this unequalled altera
tive. piiErAnr.n nv
Dr.J.C.Aycr&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all UruggUtt) SI, six bottles for 3.
KVEItY ONE Wl own. a WAOOM W.,..
f'AVni'V ini void uo
like an umbrellas. Weighs
leis thin l lbs. Can be
takeuofTor putoulnU mln
Met. Mule In tUes to fit
buitoeia wacom, pleasure
t agona and buffstea. tiend
for 111 uitraled circular and
price Hit. Ageuti wanted
.eYtrywherc BUta where
1 Tooaawtlili. K.U.liEKUN
CO.ratUitcaaJM.iuurrfc baud Uvyk-, Ovum.
may 15-4 w
Intelligent SOLICITOUS WANTED for the
His own account of on eventful life, Including the
thrilling bcenes of the greatest military struggle
of modern times. For particulars, address HUB
IIAUU llltoa., rub's., rsi Chestnut l'hlla., ID,
may 15-lw a
List of J)ealcrs in Columbia county.
I hereby certify that the following Hit of dealers
taken, returned and classified by me In accordance
with the several Acts ot Assembly in and for the
yenr inn, u curnxv vo mc uesv oi my Knowledge
Aaiiic J; Huriiusi Claw, Tax,
a V Drlcsbacn store 14 7 00
liLblngley do 14 7 00
Munson Kline do 14 7(0
J 1 Smith hotel .5 50 00
Daniel itamer hotel ' 5 to 03
Levi .Michael store 14 T 10
TJhhuman do 14 7 00
J V Smith bottler - s no uu
Hiram Hess hotel s
II K Kverett ttore u
JJMcllenry do 14
A & II Mcllenry store ' 14'
Mcllenryfi Carey furnltuie .11
J E Edson store 1 1
Rohr Mcllenry store . 11
Lemuel Drake hotel 5
M T o Mcllenry drugs 11'
do do hardware . . 11
Sam'l Krlckbaum furniture 1 1
Jacob Klsherbllllarttables' 1 's
Y L DUtlehuret furniture 1 1
1IH Keay drugs 14
11 Iiurger bottler 5
do do restaurant r
C W llrukaVcr hardware 1 1
It II bwayze Co store 14
J V Keller bottler s
II M lloclfinan confectionary 14
J K Yanaita Jewelry 14
Freas Uros store 11
K K Adams do 13
It (1 Crispin do 11
II It Dower do 13
freaa Uroa lumber 14
u Y Drtesbach organs and machines 14
Haml K Heller 1 ool table H
JocVtoa a Woodln M f g Co store u
7 tJ
7 10
7 (JO
7 (O
7 00
1U 10
w 00
' 7 00
7 00
7 (0
41 (0
7 00
7 03
M 00
M 00
7 (0
7 00
(0 00
7 00
7 CM
13 10
10 00
7 10
7 00
no no
HI 00
7 CO
Ml 0)
7 00
7 UO
7 U)
7 00
SO 00
VI 10
7 rt)
7 (0
7 (O
7 10
I 10
tl ot
t OJ
11 a uuciungnam ogt stoves ami paper H
Frederick Dover hotel
. 5
Theodore F lierger shoes
M Levy clothing
II M runups groceries
M U Margerum stationery
lien Nponenburg restaurant
M A MarUo do
Crlsman & Son stoio
11 A iilcuael furniture
A It Young sloi es and tinware
A Miller store
Isaiah Bower store
(I W Klase hotel
Stiles llros drug's
MA Unt stoves
-w ll l-l aaaa n
Ash lira distillery
Ylngor & Albertson store
13 01)
.1 1, (ilrton ir tfattrant 3
I W McKelvy store 1
I V llarlman & son store 10
3 U Ildr Co carpets and boots 1 i
Singer Mfg Co Rowing machines 14
W J Corrcll & CO furniture 13
J K Kyer store 14
Wm ltabb grocery 14
L K Whary stoves 1 1
J saltier, organs, etc 1 1
(1 V liertsch gents furnishings II
F tl Dentlcr boots and shoes 13
V 0 McKlnncy 8 billiard tables 8
JarnM Itellly 1 billiard and 1 pool table
(leo A Clark book store 13
W.llTubbs hotel 5
II Stohner restaurant ft
Blllmcycr Co groceries 13
cooallgnan stoves and tlnwaio 14
II 3 Clark & Son store 1 a
J 8 l'lillllps confectionery 1 4
Louis lieinhard Jewelry 14
David Lowcnbcrg 11
E K cadman furniture 14
3 11 Schuyler Co hardware 11
Chas Wltunyan do 13
S A Wilson groceries 14
J D Wilson Leather and shoe findings II
Joseph Deckerconfcctlonery 14
ooJusrr store 14
Kvans Eyer clothing 14
J A Hess boots and shoes 14
D A Creasy store 14
Andrew Solleder boot and shoe flndl ngs 11
Jl " , analta agt wall paper 11
I K Miller store it
Mrs w 11 Allen storo 11
K 11 Iirower stoves 11
reople-B drag store drags 11
W 0 nlchart flour, feed and groccites 11
Henry Klelm groceries 14
a M and J K Lockard coal 14
Wm (Slger hotel a
o W Neal & lira coal 14
Harman llasscrt coal 11
O A Jacoby liquor store 11
do do coal 11
Farmers rroduco Exchange store 10
. do do do coal 11
Jane E Brown hotel s
Peter Oross bottler 8
Simon o Shtves ag'l Implements 1 1
Illoomsbnrg Am A Iron W ks ngM Imp's 14
Bloomsbuiy iron Co store 1 1
40 00
so 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
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7 00
I to
10 00
40 00
40 00
10 00
0 0)
10 00
i So
7 00
7 00
10 00
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19 01)
10 00
7 00
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7 (0
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T 0
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7 00
SO 00
7 Oil
7 00
S3 00
7 0)
7 00
60 00
W 00
7 00
7 00
13 00
S3 01)
SO 00
SO 00
M 00
40 00
10 00
10 00
7 (O
7 00
7 00
7 00
SO 00
40 00
15 00
7 0)
7 00
c li llobblns liquor store 11
F M (itlmore restouront s
11 Miimore ao 5
do bottler n
do 1 hllllftrrl nn,1 1 ru fn1.t u
O li t J K Lockard gen store l.i
11 t, niounurygooasanar-otions 13
N J Ilendcrshott drugs 14
Louis dross clothing 14
J F Caldwell confectioner,- 11
J J Brewer carpets 1 4
Jacob Keller notions 10
Moycr Bros wholesale drag store 7
Alexander Bros Co tobacco 1 1
OA Klelm drags 14
W II Yctter sewing machines 14
II V White Cn crrnln deftlera 11
7 00
S 00
7 Ot)
7 00
7 CO
7 00
7 00
7 (0
7 00
7 00
J K Ever auctioneer 1
cnas Krug lumber, coal and slate 14
8 o Creasy lumber dealer 14
II W Vandersllco flour and feed 14
o M Blttenbendcr flour and feed 11
W E Knorr tobacco 1 1
o w Brown grocery 14
Lewis Bros fruits and confectionery II
1F WebTsngllmp ' 14
M A Swank storo 14
W II Barwlck clothing and shoes 1 1
I n Seesholti storo 13
7 00
7 00
10 00
SO 0.)
50 00
7 00
7 00
13 00
10 01)
10 00
10 00
7 01
S3 00
10 00
7 on
7 00
12 SO
7 CO
navia iioinngshead restaurant r
Hester Klstler hotel 3
O W Kostenbauder clnthtntr nnd Klinta li
S II llbawn stores and tinware 1 1
Stephen Baldy storo 11
Jno It Diemer do n
Uco Manhart do is
A H Truckcnmlller organs and machines 13
T 1 Bennlnger furniture 11
J K Sharpless & son store u
T K Harder furniture 13
r u jirwin confectionery 1 4
Wm John stoves nml tlnwnre 1 1
J M Smith drugs and hardware 12
s D lttnard store 14
o w llelfnyder storo 13
Albert Yettcr 1 billiard and 1 pool tab'c 8
C U Wllllts drug storo 13
O C Mendenhall stoves and tinware 1 4
10 00
40 on
10 on
7 00
7 00
7 0)
00 00
41 00
7 00
uavia uimn coal 14
mas Culnn tobacco & confectionery 14
Llord Yeaccr hotel s
A Truckenmlller 1 billiard 1 pool table 8
J D Fisher confectionery 1 1
Simon itaup coal 14
W A Yetter Hotel 3
H P Helwlg drugs 14
Joseph A uulterman store 14
U L Faust 1 billiard 1 pool table 8
do tobacco 14
Clark F Harder lumber 1 1
J H Blbbj-, liquor store 13
C W Harder lumber 11
7 on
co 00
7 00
7 00
40 00
7 10
7 00
s.- 00
7 09
D V Curry hotel
3 60 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 IS 60
14 7 00
1.1 10 00
13 S3 00
8 50 00
8 30 00
8 60 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
5 an 00
;i ion 00
5 so 00
14 7 0)
14 7 00
8 SO 00
14 7 0)
5 SO 00
5 SI) 00
V so 00
11 7 00
5 SO 00
14 7 00
5 20 00
8 20 00
5 SO 00
13 85 00
14 1 00
8 30 00
Joseph staudenmler confectionery
J P Melllngton drugs
Adam K Mensch Jewelry
O B Millard store
A B Fortner stoves and tinware
lrvln Bros' store
Johanna O'Conner Honor Rtnm
James Goldswortby hotel
uo ao j pool taoie
wm Filer hotel
David u Black grocery
Andrew Lenaban do
o w Davis drugs
C O Murnhv store
Thomas Collins restaurant
1. a ltuey & co storo
Edward McFadden restaurant
Jones Bros tea dealers
Patrick J Dunn boots arid Bhocj
James McBrearty restaurant
L Fetterman store
A Itooncy restaurant
w j aweeney ao
do 1 dooI table
John Moran boots nnd shoes
Kooen rarreu restaurant
II C Michael furniture
Chas Fetterman rcstiurant
James Haggerty do
Thomas Boran do
Geo Maley do
Jno Nertney liquor store
, cujfiu-iuinKhi bioru
Edward .MCFodden 1 billiard table
1 A?Jl-HBSj
Fino Carnages, Buggies aud Yagons. At this Repository may be seen n large nnd
varied selection of
from the best Manufactories. Purchasers arc invited to cull nnd Inspect the goods, or to
UCgWrite for Information and Prices.
apr. 3, '83-ly
Now is the time to buy your carpets. I have tho largest stock
over brought to Bloomsburg and they are very much
than last spring.
Very handsome "Wilton Velvets, Body Brussels of beautiful
designs and some as cheap as Tapestry Brussels.
A very kirgc stock of
at prices lower than ever wero known.
Yard wide Ingrains as low as 20o Rag Carpets at 05, 43 and 50
cents ("Wool Stripe.)
A large stock of
Cocoa Rugs, Cocoa Matting all widths, Floor, Tablo and Stair
oil cloths of all grades,
in largo quantities, also Nickel end and
best make,
lirower'H Ilullclluir, next to Court House, JUOOMBBUHU,
Carpet Itogj taken In exchange for fc'rpet. FtblUmo
Low Bros Co store
tl R Sponslcr do
.1 8 Marn hotel
Thomas Brobst grocery
ZT Fowler grain '
J L Wolverton storo
Jacob Itccse coal
Ilezcklah Boono flour'
lio: Marti storo
Mm Mary Monroe restaurant
W m Herbert store
A II Church do
J L Kline hotel
O iv luiiman do
J M Ainmerman storo
w N Hosier do
J 11 Huff do
fl M Howell no
M Mcllenry & Bro do
n V Edgar, auctioneer
J V Mcllenry store
Whltenlght Bros store
A T Charm furniture
Jones Davis store
Alfred Gibbon do
7 00
7 00
7 00
10 00
7 00
7 13
7 00
7 on
7 00
11 80
60 00
60 U)
I ro
7 U)
7 00
7 00
7 00
3 on
T 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
L Bucher store
A Hughes do
A J Dcrr store
P II Black do
sills Eves it Pro storo
Masters Co do
v p Eves Henry furniture
O W Kves store
Wilson M Eves store
.T IS M-eMlc... ri.
r 00
10 00
13 00
1S 60
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
Samuel llailedine hotel
Jacob ltanti store
J I.John do
C II Dlettcrlch hotel
II N J F, White store
o M Terwllligcr ft Co do
60 00
7 ID
7 00
D II Stevens storo
7 00
7 OJ
11 11 cole do
Yocum Bros store
7 00
so 00
7 00
I 00
7 00
50 00
60 00
7 00
7 CO
8 00
Aaron Yoder restaurant
Daniel F Knlttle store
M Seaborn do
I. II Daniels do
Nathan Knorr hotel
ltobert Watklns auctioneer
Wellington Yeager hotel
Jacob Ycagcr store
E II Whltner do
0 8 Hower auctioneer
wnvaer uros storo
7 00
Wm Adams do
7 00
Wm OInglos storo
Kramer t Son do
A K smith hotel
13 10 00
13 10 00
3 60 00
J E IllshOD store
7 00
60 CO
7 10
7 00
60 00
7 00
61) on
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
7 00
B It Yetter hotel
II J Campbell agt store
W M Longenberger do
J E Longenberger hotel
A W Snyder store
A W Hess hotel
do coal
N B creasy store
A o Millard stoves and tinware
It J Bernlngor furniture
II J aearhart store
Schwcppcnhelser S Snyder store
(1 B Hostler storo
W o Holmes hotel
raxton 4: Harman mdse
Clinton M llecco grocer'
Michael lieesc coal
Sands Eves store
DeLong Bros stoves Si tinware
Geo Heckman hotel
G r stlner store
o s Fleckstlne store
G N Smith stoves
White Conner agl Imp
A B Stewart store
W II Ilagenbuch hotel
Mrs L Lllley storo
II B Low lumber
T W Conner furniture
Wm Fieekenstlne buggies
A M Dewitt store
James B Harman furniture
Mrs L Lllley 1 pool table
11 7 00
3 so 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
II 7 00
11 7 00
14 7 on
3 60 00
14 7 CO
14 7 00
14 7 0)
14 7 00
13 10 00
5 SO 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 ro
14 7 00
14 7 00
8 30 00
K W Lyons store 14 700
JHFowlerdlstillery 9 1300
C it Parker store 14 700
J A Howard auctioneer 1 s 00
O W Chcrington store 14 7 00
8 Lelby restaurant 5 si 00
Moorehead 4 Kline store . 13 10 00
Jacob Blosser hotel 5 60 00
N lt'chart grocery 14 700
W E Dletterlch store 14 7 co
Theodore Heck do 14 7 00
8 A Worman do 14 7 00
John Groh do 14 7 00
J D Workhelser do 14 7 00
S,wre5eUnS do 13 10 w
silos Young dj 13 10 CO
Itecse M Fatrman hotel s 60 00
A P Howel store 14 700
A B White do 14 7(0
J L Crawford grocery 14 7 eu
Weidenhammer&McKamey grocery 14 7 00
xt T. . 00 al 14 7 00
Jacob Mliler grain 14 700
Norman Cole stoves 14 700
Chas W Cole store ,4 700
A Laubach son storo u 7 00
J W Perry hotel 3 53 OJ
n.AI,pe!3 W"L he4rd at the Commissioners' of
fiS21?L1"oom3bur8rontbeth day of June A. D.,
1883, between tho hours of u a. ni. and 4 p. m.I
where you can attend If you think proper.
May 13, 1884. K.LOW,
Mercantile Appraiser.
Stcre and Wartrooms, No. 128
Franklin Avenue-
Also Warerooms 111 Franklin Ave. and ltw Cen
ter Street.
All) thing to make up anew wagon
or repair an old, in stock.
IJar Iron, and Steel Bolts, Holt
Kntls, Lag Screws, Turnlmcklc'i
Hoi so Shoes, aud all Blacksmith
f . F. muiT,
320 & 322 Pen 11 Avenue.
The scleral styles of CurilnircH, BtiprirlrH nnd A ajj4ins shown lit these
columns and ninny othcimiot hero rcnrt'scntctl niny
ho fount! nt tho Repository of
T. F. HUNT, Scrantcm, Pa.
Parties wishing to puichaso nro Invited to call ami oxntnino llio slock, or to
I'Uno lTodr Elliptic Spring, Top flaggy.
Ti P. 11 UN I',
320 anil 322 Penn Avenue, amnion, l'
Spindle Bodr Side bar, Open Wagon.
320 and 322 1'enn Avenue, Scranton, l'a
Corning Body Open Cart
320 iinl 322 l'enn Avenue, Scranton, l'a.
Corning Bdy Brewster Spring, Top Buggy.
320 nnd 322 l'enn Avenue, Scranton, l'a.
Democra' 3 Kllipt'c Springs, 2 Scats.
320 an! 322 l'.ti i Aiouuf, Scranton, l'n.
I'iano Ilody SlJe bar, two Seats.
320 anil 322 l'cnn Avenue, Scranton, l'a.
Il'i'iii'i'l IIiiVii'iiluLiiiu;
l'haeton Canopy Top.
320 and 322 l'enn Avenue, Scranton, l'a,
Depot Wagon Standing Top, two Seats..
320 and 322 l'enn Avenue, Scranton, l'a.
rhaetou Exteneion Top, two Seats.
320 and 322 l'enn Avenn-, Fcrantra, Pu.
Lumber Wagon Choice of Axels.
320 and 32J l'enn Avenue, Scranton, Fa.
Express Panel Body, three Spring
320 and 321 l'enn Avenue, Scranton, Pa.
Surrey- Canopy Top,
320 end 322 l'cnn Avenue, Scranton, l'a.
V.-K l iv .1 1 w . 3 -V.
F II nt Speeding Sulkor.
20 and 322 l'cnn Avnuo, Scranton, Pa. 120 i Sit l'enn,' Bc'r.utop,
"risers-.?:,;.', f
Bearli Wagon Kxtenslon Top. 3 Spring.
320 and 322 l'cnn Avenue, Scranton, 1'n.
Piano Body- Hrcwster Spring, Open Huge-,
T. V. HUNT, '
320 and 322 1'enn Acuue, t'oranton, l'
Side Spilng Open Concord Bcgey.
320 and 322 l'cnn Avenue, Scranton, I'.i.
Surrey Brewster Sprir-ll-
T. f HUNT,
220 and 322 l'cun Avenue, Scianton, l'a.
Butcher Wagon.
320 and 322 l'cnn Avenue, Scranton, I'd.
Lawrence Extension Top, 3-Spring.
320 and 322 1'eun Avenue, Scranton, I
Saxony Canopy Top, 3-Spring.
T. i. HUNT.
320 and 322 l'enn Avenue, Scranton, Pa
Platform Spriug Wagon 2.Scat.
320 and 322 Pcnu Avenue, Scranton, Pa.
Phaeton Three Springs, LanipB and Fenders.
320 and 322 l'enn Avenue, Scranton, Pa,
Democrat Three Elliptic Springs, 3-Scats,
320 aud 322 Penu Avenue, Scranton, Pa,
Plalfortn Express Various Sites,
.120 and 322 Penn Ave., Scranton, Pa.
mvm'm- .'
3 -ZZ3EgZZ?i