The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 15, 1884, Image 3

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The Columbian.
1W1DAY, AUGUST 15, 1881.
Correct Itiillroiul Time Tahiti,
Tnilm on tho Piui.xlclphla A 11 It. loavo Itupcrt
as follow t
6:30 a. m. 11:5.1 ru m.
4:0fl p. in. 6:13 p. in.
Tmltuon tho It. t k W. It. It, Icavo Illoomsburit
uu follows I
7:03 a.m. 8:23 a. in. 11:5.1 a. m.
0:3(1 p. in. 4:30 p. in.
TUB 838 a. in. train connects at Northumberland
with t ho :33 train on Pennsylvania road, reaching
Philadelphia at 3:13 p. m.
Tho 11:53 train connects with Philadelphia and
Uoadlnjr road at ltupert reaching Philadel
phia at 0:00 p. m.
Tho 11:63 train connects with Pennsylvania road
ut Northumberland at 1:50, reaching Philadelphia
nt7:sp. in.
Tho 4-M p, m. train connocts with IMnnsrlvanla
road nt Northumberland at SM p. in., and reaches
Philadelphia nt 3:u5 a. m.
Trains nn tho N. AW. 11. Hallway pa33 llloom
Perry as follows I
11:27 a. in. 13:01 p. m.
B.3U p. Hi. 4:16 p. m.
Hobcrt Cathcart Is seriously 111.
J. II, Hurmau still continues In a condi
tion that causes somu alarm to his friends.
Mr. anil Sirs. Stephen Dresltcr of Still
water wero In town on Tuesday.
Mrs. H. 0. Neat and Miss Mary Clark nrc
visiting In Townnda.
Mrs. James Bruglcr, and two children,
of Missouri nro visiting at J. J. Browcr's.
Mrs. Peter Bruglcr was tho recipient of a
handsome silver tea-set on tho return of her
husband and daughter from tho west.
Dr. J. K. Itoblns of Catawlssa, was In
town on Tuesday, having been called here
to vlst some patients.
Clarence Keller and W. 13. Edgar, both
typos of Scranton wero In town on Wed
nesday visiting friends.
V. P. DUlmcycr, Esq., has a larger fam
ily, by two, than ho had o week ago. Doth
Col. A. D. Secley, Major Haulcy, A. O.
Klmberly, Julius Holt, "W. T. Bnydcr, and
sovcral others of Berwick came down to
Bloomsburg on a llttlo steamer on tho ca
nal to get tho election returns.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Elwcll started on a
western trip on Wednesday. They will
visit relatives in Wisconsin, and will bo ab
sent about a month.
J. C. Fltzpatrlck Is assisting in tho man
agement of tho ExcknngcHotcl,duringMr.
Tubbs' illness. The latter Is not improv
ing much.
Howard Masters, who resided .here some
years ago, is visiting relatives in the coun
ty. Col. J. 0. Frcczo is having a neat vcrar
da built on tho northeast side of his dwell
ing on Ccntro street.
Tho Prohibitionists will hold their coun
ty convention at Millvlllc, Saturday, Au
gust 23, 1884.
Miss Enola Qulc of Catawlssa has been
chosen teacher of elocution In tho Normal
Prof. Johnson, bettor known as Blind
Charlie, will givo a concert in tho Mlllville
school building on Friday evening, An.
gust 22nd.
Tho Friendship Firo Company will give
a festival in Browcr's Hall on Friday and
Saturday evenings, August 22nd and 23rd.
The public aro cordially Invited to attend.
Tho total receipts of tho festival given
by the M. E. Church of Jerseytown on Sat
urday, August 2nd, was 137. After pay.
ing all expenses there was remaining $110.
Festival. Thcro will be a picnic and
festival held at Tine Grove, Saturday and
Saturday evening, Aug. 15. Proceeds for
the benefit of tho Sunday School.
A gamo of baso ball was played on Wed.
nesday afternoon at "the fair grounds be
twecn tho Lcwlstown club and tho nlno of
Bloomsburg, resulting in a scoro of 10 to 1
In favor of tho former.
An clght-ycar-old son of Michael Tracy
fell from a horse on Sunday evening, and
In falling struck his head against a post,
fracturing his skull. Ho Is at present ly
ing in a critical condition.
Peter M. Traugh, near Minneapolis,
KniiBas, died August Gth. Ho was former,
ly a resident of Berwick. His son Milton
was District Attorney of this county sov
cral years ngo.
The corner stono of tho M. E. church nt
Itupcrt will be laid on Wednesday, August
20th, at 4 o'clock p. m. Dra. D. S. Mon
roo nnd W. W. Evans and Hcvs. M. L.
Bmyscr, It, E. Wilson and G. W. Stevens
aro expected to take part In tho ceremony.
Thu Republicans will hold their delegato
election on Saturday afternoon, and the
convention on Monday. They will nomi
nate a County Commissioner and an audi
tor, both of whom will be elected, under
tho law of minority representation. Thcro
is a strong light for tho nomination for
Commissioner between Joshua Fcttcrman
and Ell Mendcnhall, and the chances aro
said to bo In favor of tho latter.
Slnco the domocratlc convention of Tucs.
day tho republicans have been circulating
that tho nominations will bo tho causo of
great disaffection in tho democratic party,
and that a great many democrats will voto
tho republican ticket. Had tho other can
didates been successful tho samo story
would have been told. Tlicso aro only
campaign stories and arc Intended to draw
voters awny from tho party.
Tho light for tho Prothonotaryshlp was
ouo of tho most bitter ever waged in this
county over a political olllco. Every In
llucnco was brought to bear on each side,
and tho Interest became so Intenso that all
thu other candidates complained Unit no
attention was paid to them, nil eyes being
centered on Bnyder and Krickbaiim. All
day Sunday It looked as though there
would bo a lie vote, but on Monduy morn
log this was changed by tho report that
Krlckbaum had two delegates hi Sugar
loaf. Later lu tho day Snyder's friends
did tho smiling when it was found that ho
had ouo delegato in Sugarloaf, and ouo iu
Bouth Conyugham, giving him two major.
Mr. P. E. Bomboy of Espy is a skillful
and ingenious mechanic. Ho has taken
out several patents. In horso-shoclng he
cannot bo excelled, having mado a special
study of tho structure of tho foot und its
diseases. Ho has a hoof of a horso that was
drowned iu tho river at that place, which
ho has cleaned und polished, and shod, and
will oxhlbit It at tho Berwick falrncxt month.
It is tin excellent piece of work. Mr Bom
boy says that nine-tenths of tho horses that
aro spavlucd, aro mado bo by being shod
with n short faced hammer. Tho foot Is
bruised at tho top of tho hoof by strokes
from tho bundle, and results lu spavin. Ho
uses a loiig-Iucvd hummer of his own
make, und claims that It is tho only proper
tool to shoo a horse with. Those for whom
he does work say it Is first class.
Tho Catawlssa Baso Ball Association
played with tho Danvlllo Club on the
grounds of tho laltcr on Saturday Inst,
which resulted In a scoro of 20 to 1 lu fu
vorot Danvlllo. Only six Innings wero
Tho Catawlssa nnd Dlooindbtiru Base
Ball Associations nro nhnul p.tnulnir nr.
rangemcnts for a scries of tlirco games.
They aro now disputing over which ground
snail iio used for playing tho two games.
Tho Bloomsburg Baso Ball Association
Will play this (Friday) afternoon at 2
o'clock with tho "Keystones" of Wilkes-
Barrc, and to-morrow (Saturdny) afternoon
at 1 o'clock (sharp) with the Northumber
land Club.
Nathan Bomboy, an need citizen of this
place, while vlsttlng his daughter lit Dan
vlllo on Monday, was stricken with para
lysis of tho heart and died In n few mln-
utcs. For tho last fow v cars Mr. Bomboy
has been carrying on tho butchcrnlg busi
ness here. Ho was burled In lloscmont
Cemetery Thursdny afternoon and was
nbout 75 years of age.
David Stroup died at his homo on Main
street, Bloomsburg, Pa., on Friday, morn
ing of last week, after an Illness of less
than a week. Tho funeral was on Sunday
afternoon. Sermon preached In tho Luth
eran Church to a largo crowd of people. Ho
was sevcnty-flvo yenrs and twenty days
old, nnd had accumulated quite a fortuno
during his life. His wlfo nlono survives
him. Mr. Stroup was quite an invalid for
a number of years past, but was not con
fined to tho house.
Elinlra, wife of Jas. K. Eycr, died on
Sunday morning last nftcr an Illness of
about two years. For many years sho was
a confirmed Invalid. In early years sho
united with thoM. E. church, and has
lived n consistent christian lite. Her neo
was about 04 years. Sue leaves her bus
band one sou and two daughters. Tho
funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon.
Ilcv. Dr. Monroo conducting tho ceremon
ies. l'aclllticM for RcncliluO tlie Ben
nliorc. There never lias been a tlmu when the
numberless resorts of tho Now Jersey coast
weio so easy of nccess to tho people of tho
adjacent States as tho present. From Now
York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Mary,
land, tho lines of tho Pennsylvania system
connect closely at Philadelphia orelso
whero with tho seashore roads, making It
possible forresldcuts of tho sections named
to reach tho Atlantic with, In most cases, a
single change of cars. From Philadelphia,
nine express trains leavo every week-day,
two additional on Saturdny and four on
Sunday, for Atlantic City j tlirco for Capo
May on week-days, one on Sunday ; and
seven on week-days, ono addlonhl on Sat
urday and two on Sunday, for Long
Branch, and the long list of resorts on tho
upper coast. Thcso trains run at hours
best suited to tho needs of tho travelers,
and reach, direct or by connection, every
point of interest from Capo May Point to
Sandy Hook.
An equal number of trains run from the
coast to the Interior. Besides these, thcro
arc dally excursion trains from Philadel
phia to Atlantic City, Capo May, and con
tiguous resorts, while Long Branch and
Ocean Grove arc accessible by cheap ex
curslons every day except Saturday and
Sunday. To caso of transportation, cheap
ness Is added, making tho traveling ex
pense of n summer tour an Inconsiderable
Item. Tho comprehensive system of ex
curslon tickets afforded by tho Pennsylva
nia Hallroad covers almost every point In
the territory referred to herein, Such fa
cilities places a trip to tho seaside within
the reach of every class of persons.
An RnrtUqunlcc Slioclc.
Ou Sunday afternoon about half-past
two, many pcoplo in different parts of tho
town wero startled by a rumbling sound.
Windows were shaken, door bells rung,
and dishes on the tables rattled, while
chandeliers trembled as though some
heavy piece of furniture wero being movca
overhead. Tho nolso continued for several
seconds. That It was an earthquake shock
cannot be doubted, ns tho samo disturb
anco was observed in many places. It ex
tended throughout this State. It was also
felt in New York State, and extended up
tho Now England coast as far ns Maine
and west as far as Cleveland. Much ox
cltcmcnt wa caused in tho cities. At Sea
Bright, N. Y., tho depot was shifted to
ono side, and at Hartford plaster was sha
ken from tho ceilings. No serious damage
was done.
Tho following despatches seem to show
that a second and lighter shock was felt In
a part of the region shaken by Sunday's
carthauakc :
Fak Rockaway, Aug. 11. Anothor
shock of earthquake was felt in the vil
lages along tho south sldo of Long Island
this afternoon. It was not so heavy as
yesterday, but was siilllcicnt, together with
tho rumbling which accompanied it, to
crcuto au excitement. Tho Court House
hero was shaken for several seconds. Tho
glasses and crockery on tho hotel tables
rattled, and some fell over, causing tho
guests to start from their scats. Tho
shock was felt here about 12:80 p. m. A
few minutes later tho big hotel at Ilocka
way Beach wus shaken, tho doors and
windows rattling loud enough to bo heard
at a considerable distance. Open doors In
other buildings wero closed by tho shock.
Keports from Hempstead, South Oyster
Bay, Long Beach, Woodbury and other
places relate similar occurrences.
Hun Bask, Aug. 11. A largo number of
persons in this vicinity assert that addition
al slight shocks of carthquako havo been
felt hero to-day. Bo fur as can bo ascer
tained thcro was a rumbling sound heard
about 9 o'clock this morning. Accounts
differ ns to tho severity of the shock.
Matawan, N. J., Aug, 11. Another
slight shock of earthquake was felt hero
to-day at a fow minutes past 1 o'clock. It
lasted about five seconds. In several
places tho chandeliers vibrated. Tho
shock wus most notlccablo In wooden
Haverhill. Mass., Aug. 11. A shock of
carthquako wr-s distinctly felt this morn,
ing at Mt. Washington. Tho shock jingled
chandelier pendants, opened blluds, and
awakened pcoplo from slumber, It was
uot noticed in tho ccntro of tho city, but
was felt Iu Georgetown.
IlAitTi'oitD, Aug. 11. llcports from Nor
folk, in Latchfleld county, say that a sec
oiid shock of an carthquako was noticed at
sovcral places In that town at 11 o'clock ou
Sunday night. It was much lighter than
tho ono in tho afternoon.
iMHInitclplila : Ucmllnir U. U,
Train leaves Rupert 0.30 A. M., aud re
turning leaves Wuyno at 8.00 P, M., dally
Suiiduy Included, No transfer will bo re
quired nt tho grounds. Rata from Rupert
$2.87, Tickets good to return until Au
gust 21th, 1831. 0. G, Hancock,
lw Geul. Pass & Ticket Agt.
A letter from Tlllln, Ohio, makes tho tot
announcement i
Died In Adams township lu l,uiia county
Ohio, on July 7lh, 1881, Mrs, Elizabeth
Ottlsbcrt, (eldest daughter of Samuel
Whltcman), aged seventy-two years, 2
months, nnd twcnly-two days.
Also on tho 27th of July, 1831, In Adams
township In said county, Abraham Ittno
aged 81 years 2 months nnd 28 days. Both
of tho nbovo wero born In Columbia coun
ty, Pa., and lived near whero Benton now
Is. 8lxty.flvo yenrs ago they emigrated
to Ohio.
To tlic Ucmocrnllc VoterH or Cot-
iitulilii County.
Fm.i.ow Citizens t
Permit mo to acknowledge the kindliest
of my many friends In tho county, who In
spite of mlsrcpicscntntlon, nnd systcmntlo
methods of abuse, havo stood by mo In tho
present campaign. It Is a source of grati
fication to mo to know, that with all tho
combination of my personal enemies, who
havo not hesitated to uso means which
have disgusted hundreds of democrats nnd
republicans alike, I nevertheless received a
popular majority of 175 votes.
To thoso kind and loyal friends who
have stood by mo through this contest, I
doslro to extend my sincere and hearty ap
preciation, nor will thoso grateful feelings
bo obliterated through life.
Respectfully yours,
NliiKiirn I'ntiH nnd WntlcliiH.
The excursion to Niagara Falls and Wat-
kins Glen on tho 19th Inst promises to bo a
grand success. Tho rates offered aro ex
tremely low, only $7.05 for railroad faro
from Bloom Ferry. Tickets good for ten
days and tho small sum of $10.25 tor all
expenses of n tlirco days' trip, Including
railroad fare, liotol bill nt Watklns nnd nd
mission to tho Glen ; hotel bill nt Niagara
Fulls, admission to all places of Interest
and carrlngo hire, with tho privilege of re
duced rates for parties desiring to remain
at Watklns or Niagara Falls for a longer
time. Tho accommodations for tho excur
sion will bo nmplo and of first clnss order.
Tho Pennsylvania Railroad Company's el
cgant Eastlako coaches will lw furnished
for tho excursion, to bo run through to
Niagara Falls and return. Remember tho
train leaves Bloom Ferry 0.05 n. m., Tues
day, August 18th. For tickets und nil In
formation apply to W. C. McKinncy, tick
ct agent, Bloomsburg.
Tile Tlilrcl Term.
Euitoiis Colummah :
Futo is written over tho third term. Let
all politicians and ofllcc-scckcrs beware,
and take warning from this oft-repeated
rebuke. Whenever any official has served
his tenure with credit to himself, nnd satis
faction to the people whom they delighted
to honor then let him willingly step to
one sldo and leave the field for another,
not moro worthy or deserving, perhaps,
but according to party custom and rule,
and good will to all concerned. No ono
man has ever captured tho sovereign will
of the people of any free nnd enlightened
country, or any part o f it however small,
and never will. Hence nil ambitious men
can save themselves the humiliating ex
perience of being finally rejected, and
thrust to one side by tho people or party
whom they aro led to regard as tho ser
vants, nnd not the masters, of the sltua
atlon. Let them uot bo mistaken of this
ono fact, viz s a person, however influen
tial, or however many friends, a llttlo im
prudence now and then, and a llttlo over
done exertion iu a cause not well taken
nor approved by the masses, soon renders
himself obnoxious, and sooner or later dis
covers that patio nee with the people ecus
eth to be a virtue. Y.
Tho camp-tlro wo mentioned in last
week's Issuo was a complcto success. Tho
attendance on Saturday evening was very
large, aud the Ice cream and bean soup
was in great demand j and, by tho way,
that samo bean soup was a very palatablo
dish. If Uncle Sam provided as good a
dish for our boys In blue during tbo war,
they certainly had good things to cat
I don't supposo that public feeling over
ran so high at a delegate election as It did
on Saturday last. Thcro was scarcely any
work done In the township, and long be
fore the time for organizing the meeting
nearly every voter In tho township was on
hand. Votes were challongcd without re
gard to Individuals, aud all sorts of mcth.
ods used to gain votes.
Tho result of tbo voto shows that tho
pcoplo of Columbia county do not iuteud
to let money and whiskey rule tho elec
Hons in the future.
Some evil disposed persons aro circula
ting a story that Mr. II. Huttcnstlnc In
tends discontinuing tho butchering busi
ness in our town, nnd that ho is drinking
so hard it unfits him for work. Thcso
Btorlcs aro untrue, as Mr. II. very rarely
takes a drink of liquor, and has not tho
least intention of giving up his profitable
business. Harmau sells better meat than
has over been sold In town.
McIIonry's church Sunday school In
tends holding a festival in tho grove Satur
day afternoon nnd ovoning, August 23rd.
Young folks, attend, nnd you will have a
Jolly time.
Wo have heard a report hero that four
of tho lato candidates for nomination had
pooled $10,000 to secure their nomination
and had used tho monoy; nnd only ono of
those named was nominated. What a vie
tory it is for Snyder, Fritz and others who
wont ou I heir merits, that they were sue
ccssful in defeating such methods.
In thu Prothonotury fight on Saturday
the friends of both aspirants presented
bold fronts, and tho victory was undecisive
and In doubt until tho smoke cleared nwny,
when It was seen that Snyder gained tho
Mr. Samuel ICaso was burled "on Tues
day. Ho died on Saturday evening pre.
Tho festival ut Hnmlln Church, for tho
boneflt of tho P. 8. was a success, last Sat
urday evening, a largo crowd was present.
Tho Benton Band entertained tho occasion
with excellent music, nnd thoycan play
too, don't you forget It. Tho lee cream
was delicious, tho young ladles wero gay,
and tho young men happy. Of course
beauty reigned all around. But somo
things were seen that wero not at all in
Oats harvest is getting along slowly. It
Is a right fair crop.
Doc. Tommy's largo nnd uew hardware
and drugstore is a decided Improvement to
tho town of Benton.
Bruce Caroy and Ira Mcllonry aro In tho
furnlturo business, and obliging business
men they aro too. Como ye, that want
furniture, give them a call.
Rohr McIIcnry'a lumberyard keeps re
plenished all tho tlnio, but where docs It
como from.
John J, keeps his lumber yard hid, and
does uot advertise lumber for sale neither.
but somo how or other tho people find It
We bet Benton has moro pretty girls
mini uuy lunu ui ua mm vuu cuiiui name.
In If .1... I ,ll 41. .'...I. '
mui 19 11 mu uuya ivii mu irutu.
If Mr. llawkoyc of Ccntro wilt bo so
kind ns to tell what part of Mount Pleasant'
ho would like to hear from, no doubt thcro
would bo somo ono lo respond.
No Sunday School on Sundny on nccount
of rain.
Mr. ond Mrs. Graham of Wllllainspott, H
visiting his brother Mr. Harry Graham and
Rev, Chllcoat experts to hold n Centen
nial Tabcrnaclo meeting In tho grovo by
Mr, Tliomns Mcllcnrlcs. Ho will pitch thu
tent Thursday. Atigust 14th, and continue
tho meeting over Sunday. Tho invitation
Is given to nil to nttond tho services Sun
dny morning and to bring their dinner nnd
remain for tho afternoon and evening ex
ercises. A good time Is expected.
Our township Sunday School Conven
tion will bo held the 80th of August In the
MUlertown Church at Canby, wo would
like to have it held In the church at this
place, but wo should not be selfish for It
was hero last year. Anon.
The farmers say tho com crop Is going to
bo an entire failure.
Quito a number of the young people are
talking of atteudtng tho camp meeting at
Union next Sabbath all expect a nice
Miss Rose Stadon of this place left last
Monday a week for the purpose of teach
ing school at Waller.
Silas Albcrtson has been homo for a few
weeks with the rheumatism but ho Is get
ting better and will soon be ublo to work.
A number of the people attended the
G. A. R. at Orangcvllle on Saturday night.
They report having a nice time.
Rov. Grnham from Espy held a meeting
In Wm. Robblns' grove during Saturday
evening, Sunday and Sunday evening of
last week. Ou nccount of his having a
very bad headache ho was usslstcd by Rov.
Masscngcr on Sunkay evening. Quito a
largo crowd was present.
Mr. Elijah Lemon who has been work
ing iu Hazlcton for sovcral weeks has been
homo n few days but expects to return
again to his work.
A plcnlo will be held at Pine Grove near
the school house, on Saturday afternoon
and n festival In the evening. Prepara
tions nro being made with the expectation
of n large crowd.
Htuiidlnir Committee.
The following persons were elected mem
bcrs of the Democratic Stmding Commit'
tec nt tho delegato election held last Sat
urday i
Beaver. J. Rittcnhousc.
Berwick. Isaiah Bower, G. A. Carey.
Benton. G. W. Hlrlcman.
Bloom, E. David Lowcnberg.
Bloom, W.-Gco. E. El well.
Brlarcreek, M. L. Housknccht.
Catawlssa. W. T. Creasy.
Centralla. D. F. Curry.
Centre. Samuel Hldloy.
Conyngham, N. None elected.
Conyngham, S. John Monroe,
Fishlngcrcek. L. M. Crovcllng.
Franklin. Daniel Lorcman.
Greenwood. I. D. Patton.
Hemlock. James Harris,
Jackson. S. W. Mcllcnry.
Locust. J. Snyder.
Madison. Miles Smith.
Main. J. W. Kelchner.
Mlfilin. D. H. Montgomery.
Montour. O. A. Stongc.
Mt. Pleasant. Jacob Gilbert.
Orange. C. W. Ammcrman.
Pine. G. H. Gordncr.
Roaringcreck. James Knlttle.
Scott West. G. P. Rcighard.
Scott East. D. Geisinger.
Sugarloaf. W. B. Petcrman.
The members of the committee met at
tho Opera House nt the adjournment of tho
convention, nnd elected David Lowcnberg
chairman, and Geo. E. Elwcll secretary.
The chairman requests each member of tho
committee to report to him tho names and
post ofilco nddrcss of thrco active persons
In his district to serve ns a vigilance com
Miss Jennie Sheep has returned from her
visit at Tamaqua, nnd Miss Delia Wagner
from a visit at Derry.
Miss Alice Brockway of Bloomsburg, Is
visiting nt Dr. Swisher's.
Mr. A. S. Allen of Milton, has been visit
ing his brother and many friends hero.
Mrs. C. Kreamcr of this place, In com.
pany 'with Mrs. William Kreamcr of
Bloomsburg, nro visiting at Willinmsport.
Messrs. Churlcs M. Smith, R. M. Butler,
G. Runynn aud Samuel Farnsworth wero
In town last week.
Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Stout, Mr. and Mrs,
James Hartmau and Miss Mcrtle Drcls
bach attended Mountain Grovo camp
Among tho visitors noticed hero ou Sun.
day wero Mr. nnd Mrs. H. Smith of Dcrrs,
and Mr. Elmer McBrido of White Hall.
Mr. Charles Fruit wears the nobby
Cleveland and Hendricks badge.
Capt. Joseph Wagner has been 1m-
proving his residence by having erected a
neat veranda.
Did you go to the show ? It was im
mense I Nothing wus wanting to have
made It entirely successful nnd satisfactory
but a white elephant.
Last Sunday evening the pulpit of the
Methodist church was occupied by Her
Murr of Lowlsburg, Tho church was well
filled i so much so that It was difficult for
thoso who camo In late to secure scats.
An able and eloquent sermon was preach,
cd from St. John, v lit. Rev. Marr Is sur.
passed by few In tho clearness of concep
tion of tho Truths which ho presents, and
In the happy, effective and eloquent man
ncr of presenting those truths.
A number of candidates were around
last week putting forth tho last powerful
efforts before the delegate election.
Last Saturday was somewhat rainy, yet
about ono o'clock In tho afternoon tbo
good yeomanry might bo seen dlrectiug
their course toward town to attend tho
election. Now and then a wagon from n
distant part of tho township would drive
In, having on board eight or ten pleasant
votc-as-you-pleuse looking men. As deep
an intorcst was taken lu this delegate elec
tion, and us much excitement prevailed
during the entire day, perhaps, us have
ever been manifested at such an election
at this place. A Jtvcly, exciting and fear
ful contest wus kept continually raging
by tho friends und supporters of tho differ.
cut cundldatcs. Tho fight was mainly for
Prothonotury. Persons who had novor
before taken much Interest In politics,
wero out working zealously for their fa
vorlte candidates. Many who electioneer
cd in trying to sccuro tho desired end
thought llttlo of the means employed.
Ever and anon a llttlo rain fell. Truly
that rain fell ullko on the unjust aud ou
tho corrupt as well us on tho Incorrupt.
Mr, Miles Smith was elected Stuudlng
Committeeman, Messrs. O. Krcamor,
acorgo Whltcnlght nnd William R. Do.
mott wero tho delegates lor Madison.
L. Y,
Tho Harvest Homo Reunion of tho St.
James Zlon, Orangcvllle, nnd Hldlay con
grcgatlons will bo held In the grovo ut
Orangcvllle on next Thursday, August 21.
The object Is to celebrate tho harvest nnd
tho fifteenth anniversary of tho present
pastorate. An Interesting progrnmino has
been prepared for tho occasion. Tho fol.
lowing ministers .will bo present 1 Revs.
Goodrich, Meckel, Kohlcr, Strunk, Dcch
nnt, Land nnd Houtz. The services will
commence nt 10 o'clock, n. 111. The open
ing sermon will bo delivered by tho Rov.
W. Goodrich. All nro cordially Invited to
attend and participate In tho anticipated
good time. It is strictly forbidden to tlo
horses to any tree except largo plno trees.
No confectionery stand will ho allowed on
the grounds at that time. Tho dinner wilt
bo In tho form of n basket picnic.
Let oach ono deal fair.
And prepare more than ids share
That none who nro there
Shall go away in despair. A. 11.
A terrible accident occurred nt Connor's
Patch a few miles from here, on Friday
last, In which five persons lost their lives.
They wero returning from a funeral at Gl
rardvlllo and when crossing tho railroad at
Connor's breaker tho horses of the car
riage they were lu hecamo unmanageable
as n train of cars passed, and dashed for
an open spuco between tho cars nnd a
crlbblug near the road ; as tho opening
was very narrow tho cars caught tho horses
and carrlngo aud tore them with tho un
fortunnte occupants, to pieces. Tho re
mains of thrco of tho dead wore brought to
Ashland on Sunday, and was tho largest
funeral ever witnessed In this section. Six.
teen oar loads of people accompanied tho
remains from Lost Creek.
John Golden, employed as bottom-man
at Logan colliery, had his hand broken
on Thursday by being struck with a bar.
Joseph Paddcn, employed nt the same
mine, had his legs badly squeezed by being
caught between loaded mluo cars.
Tho election of delegates on Saturday
made qulto a stir Iu town, and created con-
sidcrablc bad feclhiK among tiio younger
clement of the party. There was more in
terest manifested in their election than
tbcro will be iu electing tho presidential
candidates. There must bo a ''bonanza"
In going to the convention, or wo would
not have so manv candidates.
The last victim of the small-pox has re
covered, and the Board of Health removed flag from tho building last week.
Tho people who wero not nllowcd to lenvo
the house since the disease first mado Its
appearance, were freed from their confine
ment, for which thoy must have been very
thankful, after having been locked up the
the last four months.
St. Ignatius' church Is undergoing re
pairs. The walls aro being frescoed, and
the wood work re-palntcd. Tho addition
which had been partly built to tho paro-
chlal residence somo time ngo, has been
torn down ; tho brick used was of tho
poorest kind, and had commenced to
crumble away. Tbo work was done by nn
Ashland party.
The Lehigh Valley R. R. Co., have erect
ed safety gates at tho crossing on Centre
street, which aro very useful and at tho
same time ornamental. Before the gates
close a bell is sounded to warn pcoplo of
tho approaching train. Mr. Kelly will
take charge of the gates.
Big Mine Run colliery was idle on Mon
day, on nccount of not having enough coal
to supply the breaker.
Tho Houstcn electric light was Ut for the
first time iu Ashland on Saturday night.
Tho streets were bright as day, and were
fairly packed with people. Any person
who grumbles ubout bumping I1I9 toes iu
Asiuanti now must be a regular "sore
A picnic will be held by the citizens of
Ashland to-day (Friday). The proceeds
of which will be presented as a testimo
nial of the peoples gratitude to the Sisters
of Charity, who so cheerfully gave a help
ing hand during the lato small-pox cpldcm-
A Cleveland and Hendricks club has
started In Ashland, with over one hundred
and fifty members. This is n splendid
showing for Ashland, but wo can beat It if
our young men will tako an Interest in It,
and organize. Will somo ono make tho
tart ?
A cave-ln occurred at Urowusvllle on
Monday, which took down nluiost an acre
of ground. It is very near tho L. V. R. R.
and fears wero entertulncd of its bringing
the truck with It. Fortunately it has set-
tied without damaging tho railroad.
Lizzie crby, who has spent the past
month In town, went lo Mauch Chunk on
Miss Jeffreys of Manchester, Md., is the
guest of Rev. G. M. Lamed.
Mrs. Jas. Pierce and son left Wednesday
for Wntsontown to visit her parents.
Miss Lizzie Eaton is homo on a visit nnd
will return to Montrose next week.
Four gentleman on a canoe tour from
New York city, passed through hero 011
their homo trip, having been out fivo
Miss Lizzie Hanlcy nnd Maud Eaton left
Monday for ?hlckshinny whero thoy will
meet Miss Florence Search and start for
Stackhouso pond to cunip out a few days,
Jno. Hcrrlltt'u father died Sunday after
noon nnd wns buried Mcdncsday. Aged
Miss Anna Furmun's Sunday School class
had n picnic In Sponenburg's woods Wed-
nesday afternoon.
Tho P. O. S. of A. crossed bats with the
Odd Fellows Tuesday, and met ugaln In
deudly combat with tho S. of Y. yestcr.
day. Nothing but ball now lu this place.
rront street was ihe only place where
tho earthquake shock was noticed, and was
distinctly felt by a largo number.
The commercials of Bloomsburg played
the commercials of this place, und after uu
Interesting game como out victorious by a
score of 15 to 11. The return game will bo
played to-day,
There was lots of ciihip meeting dust
leading from Berwick, which accounts for
the slim streets.
Largo numbers of pcoplo visit the fair
grounds to see Fred Hurst practice. He
runs against of for $1000
at Hazlcton on 23d Inst.
Tho large fairground posters aro out and
look very neat.
Every body is anxiously waiting to see
tho ruins caused by tho lato lire replaced by
u new brick.
A balnou ascension took place Saturday
evening, but owing to tho heavy utmos
pherc, only reached a few hundred feet und
then camo down. Was rescued within
fifty feet from whero It was scut up.
Tho 1 , M. R, 0. docs not seem to make
much headway with their business. More
enthusiasm Is positively necessary.
Thu Evangelical denomination is holding
u ciijiip meeting lu Moycrs woods.
Tho game Saturday between Espy and
the club of this placu turned out to be very
uninteresting and was carried by tho Ber
wick boys by a scoro of 20 to 0, X
Ilcinocrntlc County Convention.
Pursuant to the call of the chairman of
the county committee, tho convention nr
scmblcd in the opera hotisa nn Tuesday
morning at 11 o'clock, and was called to
order by Chairman Clark. On motion of
Major 8. P. Hanlcy O. B. Jackson Esq , of
Berwick, wni elected chairman of tho con
vention. On taking tho chair Mr, Jack
son mado a few remarks, which wero re
ceived with applause. John U. Wcnucr of
Benton nnd J, B. Knlttle of Catawlssa
were elected secretaries nnd F. P. BUI.
moycr rending clerk. After reading tho
voles of tho several townships, nnd the list
of delegates the convention adjourned at
half past twelve o'clock.
At half past one o'clock the convention
reassembled. Tho opera house was pack
ed from stage to gallery. Very fow con-
vcntlons in tho history of this county have
called together so largo n crowd, owing to
the Interest created by the great struggle
for the prothonotaryshlp. Tho list of del-
gates wns called, nnd showed every town-
ship with a full representation. Tho fol
lowing were tho delegates 1
Beaver. Thomas Downs, Win. H.
Rhodes, Daniel Slngley.
Uehwick, E. S. P. Hanlcy, A. D. See-
Beiiwiok, W.-O. 11. Jackson, F. P. Hill.
Benton. John 0. Wenncr, John R.
Kcclcr, Jacob S. Knrns.
Bloom, E. Peter Jones, John W. Fry,
Patrick McFaddon, W. Kreamcr.
B1.00M, W. J. G. Freeze, C. G. Barklcy.
BiiiAiiciiEEk-. Levi Shaffer, Samuel 81t-
Catawissa. Pierce Klefer, Jacob Kline-
aman, J, B. Knlttle.
CentkIma. Patrick Currati, James Hof-
Ckntiik. Joseph Weiss, A. D. Brnder,
Wm. Beck.
Conynoiiam, N. John McCloskey, Rob
ert Can field.
Conynoiiam, S. --Patrick McDonald,
Thomas Casey.
I isiiiNanREKt. John Sutton, O. M. How.
ell, William Long, E. Kuukcl.
FitANRXiN. Jesse John, John Artloy.
Greenwood. A. J. Dcrr, Hiram Dcmott.
Hemlock, Hugh D. McBrlde, John
Jackson. Moses Savage, J.Wilson Kitch
Locust. Clinton Howcr, Chus. Beaver,
David Hclwlg, Jeremiah Snyder.
Madison. 0. Kreamcr, W. R. Demolt,
Geo. Whiteuitrht.
Main. Georgo Fisher, Chas. T. Shuman.
Mifflin. Henry Hctlcr, Samuel Nuss,
Stephen Gcnrhart.
Montouu. Ed. Whoeler, B. K. Rhodes.
Mr. Pleasant. Peter Jncoby, Joseph
Okanub. Thomus McIIenry, C. W. Am
Pise. Thomas Gordner, Joseph Swee
RoAiiiNaciiKEK. Peter Howcr, Uriah
Scott W. J. H. helm, J. B. Ammcr
Fcott E. George Kelchner, Peter
SnoAHLoiF. Clinton Cole, Aaron Fritz,
The vote for congress was rend us fol
lows :
Mcgargell, 51$.
Hanck, 18$.
Dr. 0. A. Mtgargcll was declared tho
nominee of the county.
Dr. C. W. Ammcrman offered ihe follow.
ing resolution :
Resolved. That C. G. Barklcv. Joscnh
Knlttle and Dr. John C. Fruit are herobv
appointed conterccs to meet conferees
iroru oilier counties or this congressional
uisinci to nominate a canuidalo to lie sup.
ported by the Democratic party for Con.
The instructed voto for Assembly was
then read, with the following result :
Fritz, 63. Tewksbury, 11 J
Bryson, 34 Adams, 0
Lockard, 24 Knorr, 11.
Mr. Fritz was declared ono of the nomi.
noes, having rccolved more than one-third
of tho convention vote.
1 he nomination of Fritz left 34 votes to
bo cast by the several delegations. Tho re.
suit was as follows : Beaver cast 3 for
Bryson ; Benton two-thlrds for Bryson,
one-third for Tewksbury: Bloom East 1 to
Bryson and 1 to Lockard : Bloom West 1
to Bryson j Catawissa two-thirds to Tewks
bury, one-thlrd to Bryson j Centre one-
third to Tewksbury, two-thlrds to Bryson :
Fishlngcrcek one-half to Bryson, one-halt
to Tewksbury ; Frauklln 1 to Tewksbury ;
Greenwood 1 to Lockard ; Hemlock 1 to
Bryson ; Jackson 1 to Bryson j Locust 1 to
Knorr ; Madison 2 for Bryson ; Main 1 to
Tewksbury ; Mltllin one-thlrd to Bryson,
two-thlrds to Lockard ; Montour 1 to Bry.
son j Mt. Pleasant 1 to Bryson ; Orange 1
to ilrysou, 1 to Tewksbury ; Pine 1 to
Tewksbury ; Roaringcreck 1 to Bryson ;
acott West 2 to Bryson j Scott East 1 to
Bryson ; Sugnrloaf 2 for Bryson, resulting
us tollows :
Bryson 43 1-3 Knorr 3
Tewksbury 11J Adums 2
Lockard 10 1-0
Sir. Bryson was declared nominated,
ly 30 being necessary for a choice.
The instructed vols for Prothonotnry
was thcu announced as follows 1
Snyder 36. Krlckbaum 34
'1 ho chair announced tho result in favor
of Snyder, and it was received with much
applause, and culls for "Snyder," who
showed his good sens by keeping his seat.
So tho smoke of the battle cleared awny,
leavlne the wounded on tho field of battle,
while tho victors had tho magnanimity to
say nothing of tho fallen foes. When thu
result for Prothonotury wus announced,
about one-thlrd of thosu present left the
The instructed vote for register and ro-
order was us follows :
Sterner, 40 Ent, 41
Campbell. 23 Kycrly, 2
G. W. Sterner wus declared the nominee.
Tho Instructed voto for treasurer wns us
follows 1
Evans, 31 Croup, 12
Herring, 24
There being no nomination thu numo of
A. B. Croop was dropped under tho rules.
A second ballot was taken with the follow
ing result 1
Tho twelve votes of Croop were cast by
mo delegations ns follows 1
lierwicK east 1 to Kvans, Berwick west
1 to Evans, Benton, 1 to Evans, Brlarcreek
2 to Evans, Oentie, to Evans, to Her-
ring, Fishlngercok, 3 to Evans, Jackson, 1
to j-.vnns, ureenwood, 1 to Eynns, Main, 1
to Evans, MllHIn, 1 to Evans, making tho
voto stand
Evoiib, 45, Herring, 24J
The chair announced the result In favpr
of P. A. Evans.
Thu first ballot for commissioner
stood ns follows t
Polio, 40 Edgur, 25
Parr, 27 Fisher, 11
Glrton, 21 Relchart, 0
Bhumau, 4
There was no nomination.
Bhuman's name wus dropped.
Hliiiinaii'g four votes were castas follows :
Catawlssa, 1 to Pntr, Centre, 1 to Fisher,
S. Conynghaiii, 1 to Purr, Fishlngcrcek, 1
to Parr, Thu voto then stood ns follows 1
Pohe, 40 Edgar, 25
Parr, 30 Fisher, 12
Glrton, 24 Relchnrt, II
No niimlnntlon.
Relchart having the lowest number of
votes, his name was dropped, nnd his nine
votes nnd Bhumati's four wero cast by tho
delegations. Beaver gavo 1 to Parr and 1
to Pohe. llcnlnn, 1 to Parr, Bloom cast, I
lo Purr, Brlarcreek, i to Fisher, Catawlssa,
1 to Parr, Centralla, 1 to Fishor, Conyng.
hum South, 2 to Parr, Fishlngcrcek, 1 to
Purr. Mnln, 1 to Fisher, Scott west, 2 lo
Pohe, 41 Edgar, 25
Parr, 35 Fisher, 14
Glrton, 25
No nomination Edgar was dropped.
There wero 27 loose votes cast as follows.
Beaver, 2 to Parr, Benton, 1 to Purr, Bloom
east, 1 to Parr, Brlarcreek, 2 to Parr, Cat
awlssa, 1 to Parr, Centre, 1 to Parr und 1
to Glrton, Conyngham south, 2 to Parr
Fishlngcrcek, 2 to Parr, Greenwood, 1 to
Pohe, Main, 2 to Purr, Mlfilin, 1 to Parr,
Mt. Pleasant, 1 to Parr, Orange, 1 to Parr,
Pine, 3 to Parr, Scott W. 1 to Glrton, 1 lo
Parr, Sugarloaf, 1 to Parr.
Pohe, 41 Glrton, 20
Parr, 45 Edgar, 35
No nomination, Edgar was dropped.
Beaver gave 1 to Parr and 1 to Pohe,
Berwick East 3 to Purr, Berwick West 3 to
Parr, Benton 2 to Parr and 3 to Pohe,
Bloom cast 2 to Glrton, Brlarcreek 2 to
Glrton nnd 1 to Parr, Catawlssa 1 to Parr,
Ccntro 1 to Parr nnd 1 to Glrton, Conyng-
hnm N. 1 to Pohe, Conyngham S. 2 to
Parr, 1 to Pohe, Fishlngcrcek 2 to Pohe,
3 to Glrton and 2 to Parr, Greenwood 1 to
Pohe, 1 to Glrton, Jackson 2 to Glrton,
Locust 1 to Glrton, Madison 1 to Parr,
Main 2 to Parr, 1 to Pohe, Mlfilin 1 to Parr,
Mt. Pleasant 1 to Glrton, Orange 1 to Parr, 1
to Pohe, Pino 2 to Parr, Roaringcreck 1 to
Pohe, Scott W. 1 to Parr, 1 to Glrton, Sa
garloaf 1 to Glrton, J to Parr and 1 to Pohe
making tho voto stand
Poho 53 Oirton 33
Parr 4U
Poho and Purr were declared the nomi
C. G. Brklcy nominated for county au
ditor, Jacob E. Welllver, of Greenwood,
Col Freeze named E. M. Tewksbury, of
Catawissa and J. B. Knlttlo named Ell
Robblns of Fishlngcrcek. There was no
nomination, aud Mr. Welllver's namo was
withdrawn and II10 nomination of Tewks
bury and Robblns was mado unanimous.
On motion of Col. Freeze. Geo. E. Elwcll
was re-elected a member of the State Com-
mlttcc. J. B. Knlttlo offered the following
resolution, which was adopted
Iksolml, That Charles G. Barkley, John
v. locum, a. : rruit, isoiau uower and
Rohr Mcllcnry ho nnd the samo arc hereby
constituted and appointed n commlttco to
revise "Tho rules of nomination of tbo
Democratic Party of Columbia County
Pennsylvania" and that they report 10 tho
chairman of the Standing Committee ou
or uciorc me nrsi day or April A. u. 188.'
and that the said chairman call n special
convention on or beforo tho first Tuesday
of Juno A. D. 1885 for the purpose of tak-
ing sucu action upon the report of said
committee as mny then bo deemed expedi.
lent and proper.
Col. Frcczo offered tho following resolu
tion, which was adopted unanimously :
JlcioUcd, That Rule 1st of Chapter 1st bo
so amciiucci as 10 read as louows :
'Ihe unuuul county conventions be held
in Bloomsburg nt tho Opera House, on tho
idi 1 m;lflj ill UU1V, Ui. 11 U C1UCK A. Jll.
and the Delegate elections shall bo held on
tho Saturday before, at the places of hold-
Inc tho ircncral elections in the several
election districts, between the hours of
three and seven o'clock In tho afternoon,
The convention thcu adjourned.
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can't bay enough.
"I cannot sneak too hltrhlv of Burdock
Blood Bitters : they have been a cr ent
blessing to me. Cured mo of biliousness
and dyspepsia from which I had suffered
lor ycais," fllr. J, Marsli, Bank of Toron
to, Ont.
Wheat per bushel $ 1)0
Rye " " 70
Corn " " 05
Oats " " 40
Flour her barrel 0 00
Cloversced 8 0
Butter 20
Eecs 15
Tallow 0(1
Potatoes now 50
Dried Apples 00
Hums , 14
Sides and shoulders 10
Chickens 13
Turkeys 12
wird per pound 13
uoy per ton 11 1X1
Beeswax. , 25
Buckwheat flour per hundred B 00
Hides per lb 5 to 7
Veal skins per lb 08
Sheep pelts, each 75
wool per lb 80
Philadelphia Markets.
VMUP Western winter brtui, spot, Q16.37V.
MACKEltKU Extra mess SSo. large iua aoe.
extra hliorei's 25 oiic.
I'UlUlt. Wcbtcrn extra's aw 3.M', lvnn'a.
family, 4.85 4.M Ohio clear. 4.75 i &.: wint,.;
patent &.W6.5. ' i-i'uiiayiYuma roa, now. IM
COUN, Mixed lots, 61 5 Mt.
OATH. No. 8 white G4 41 No. . 41.
HAY AND HT1CAW 'lllnotlivChnl.-u llwi,...,.
and Now York, f HL fair In l-ivhI uxinn,
?iu,lf.X?,rlt!. .- , w"um Western and New
oiK 10. hi IS. ; Cut hay as to quality 10. (4 moo.
straw 11 ia 111, . ui
w vino, iTiiusj ivama ana wen Virginia.
Kleece WaBhcdV XX anil above, sj a sin , Vil S
8-io 1 common w a ttia. Texas, spring cUp Ouo soS
2S, medium so 14 S4 coarbc, 10 c 17. w
.?ui"jTl'l'nu8y,vaul11 wtra,9 wcttern
cxuUa1Mli.rCnn9,rlTanla?Xtra'S1 Wcbtcrn
,.HVE..1'ol;LTUV;rroiv,s' l7iuUed lots
15, (s 16 roosters old M 100 j bprluc chickens as
to tlto ami nuallty 15(418.
muaap PoUUiiv.-nitckens extra 17 a
Hrt'w 8 chickens as to weight uiiatiuullly
10TATOES,-Por bushel T5 y ui j per barrel 1.-6
Cu0HS?ISJa"ia'ld m bUm'1 SM a "l
.!&2!lTrrtrleb4o,2,J? 8 ,W
t ft
j-miwiu- ) , . , m .1 . )m