The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 01, 1884, Image 1

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    le dolunli)ii.
tjsueit Weekly, eyery I'rl.lny .Horning, nt
jit two KOI.Mna per year. To mibicrllxra out of
llifHmntytlio terms am strictly In advance.
..'STiH.MPJf Ilseontlnuea oxcept at tiio option
of tho imbllshers, until nil nrreurag nro paid, but
.ilhil- eiinllmiffl prn, lift, urllt t,,7i ...... 1 uui
1jes op DvcrTisiriq.
I) no
no no
Ono Inch 3O0
Two Inches
23 0)
11 HO
is in
23 00
if) no
SO 00
KM 00
Three Indies..... 4 mi
Kourlnchrs B(
Quarter column., em
Half column
SO 00
All pa pen sunt out of tho Htato or to u'l
Yearlr artverllwmeiit, natablnnuarterlr. lian.
ilent advertisement must bo nald for beforo Infer I-
nmem must bo paid for In ailvnnce. unless a ronnn.
distant post
stoio person in Columbia county aiumea to Day
cd oxcept whero parties have account
If gal ndvertlwmcntJi two dollarH per Inrli foi
three Insertions, and at that rato for additional
Insertions w IlliouU-cferenco to length.
rui hub 13 no longer
the county.
exacted from subscribers
Kxeeulor'a.Admlnlstrator'a. and Auditors nollcei
three dollars. Must be paid for when nsertcd.
? hWwi'.?; JVilV?;10? 1,rlnlln!f will compare favor
a.bI?,liH lhftt uf.iM0 laJK elUM- A work dono on
short notice, noatly and at moderate prices,
Transient or Local notices, ten eonts a line, tf ru-
0, E.ELWEIiL, ,,.,.,
lar advertisements bait rates.
carda In the Business Directory" column, one
dollar a year tor each line.
omco over 1st. National Umk.
llloomaburif, Pa.
0 ilc.i In (tufa llutlJInif.
u. uoKAr,uv, ;
O.llco over 1st National Hank.
nmca over Moycr Bros. Drug Store
omco In Drawer's bulldlng.socond Uoor.roam No. 1
Uloomsburg, Pa.
Uloomsburg, Pa.
omco cornor of ccntro and Mala Streets. Clark i
Can bo consulted In German.
Q.EO. E,
Niw Coujmbuh Building, uloomsburg;, Pa-
Member ot tho United States Law Association,
collections mado in any pare oi America or jtu
rops. pAUL E. "WIRT,
omco In Columbian buildim, Itoom No. s, second
A ttornoy s-at-Law.
nmna tn int. National nank hulldtntr. second lloor,
first door to tho left. Comoro! Main and Market
Btrccts nioomsourtr, ra.
t& Pensions and Bounties Oollecttd.
omco In Malzo's building, over Blllmeyer's grocery.
Olllco in his building opuosuu.Court House,
2nd lloor, Uloomsburg, Pa. npr 13 '83
omco In Nmva Iteh building, Main street.
Membor of tho American Attorneys' Associa
tion. Collections mado In any part ot America.
Jncksou Building, Rooms 4 nnd 5.
omco, corner ot .Third and Main streets.
Attorney-atLnw, Berwick. Pa.
C'in bo Consulted in Qorman.
WOillco first door below the post olllce.
CD, B.VRKLEY, Atlorney-al-Law
, olllco In Urower's building, ?nd story.Uooias
x 6
" II. MoKELVV, M. D.,8urgeon and Phy
. ilclan, north sldo Main Btrcec.bolow Market
A Ij. PKITZ, Attorney-at-Lnw. OtTice
l , la Comjuuian Building,
e-viug Machines and Maohlnory of all kinds. re
al red. Oram llousi Building, Uloomsburg, Pa.
R. J. 0. RUTTER,
PHYSICIAN SU)t(BON,, North Market street,
Hloomsburr, Pa
M. REBER, Surgeon nnd
onlce corner of Hock and Market
f R. EVANS, M. D., Surgeon and
(J . Phyalomu, lonico and Kosldeucti on Third
IJi.ooMsiiuuo, Columbia County, Pa.
All styles ot work done In a superior manner, work
wuriunicu ua repruuuuiuu. iibtii aitkivt
ko wiTiiocT Pain by tho uso of oaa, and
free of charge whenartlnclal teeth
are Inserted.
Olllco In Columbian building, 2nd floor.
'Jo be open at all hours during the day
WTheso old conroiiATiONg aro well seasonod by
ago and fikk tiswu and havo never yet had a
loss settled by nnv court ot law. Their iuuptn nrn
all Invested in souu uucuBiTiKa nro tlablo lo tho
auzuru ui iiiik ouiy.
Loaaea rK0Mni.v and iiovestlv adjusted and
paid as soon aa determined bv Cukistian v.
Tho people of Columbia county should patron
io tho agency where looealt auy ara uettlod and
mid by one ot their own citizens.
pitoMiTNLsss, utuirr, paiu de.lino.
.il I'My fur Alrnil..
mu. in ml I. M-lllnv oui'.Jriuiil New ill. lor:
SIOO In 'J00 irr ..rci.i.r HalUr.orCutt
rUo to J, C. Mel'urtly A ; t'lillultlvblt, Pa,
mar-W-ly aid
L, i ffiffljjj, V. 1
Medical Suporlntandonl of th thnltarium
Invalid's Homo.
Bloomsburg, Pa.,
Devotes special n.tuntlon to Epilepsy,
Nervons Affections, nnd Diseases of Women.
Patients received nt tho SnnUnrlum on
rcnsonnblo terms for bonrd nnd treatment.
P. S. No clmrgo for first consultation,
npr 27. '83
3BE, Q, Bsh,toan,
number and gas fitter, liear of Schuyler's hard-
waru sioru.
Uloomsburg, Pa.
All klndsof llttlnirs for steam. c.s and water
pipes constantly on hand.
Koollncand snoutlnif attended to nt short no
Tlnwaro of every description mado to order.
Orders left at Hchuvlcr&Co's.. hardwaio store
will bo promptly lined.
Sneclal attention plven to hpntlny lir ntenm nnd
hot water.
jiij Sir
m w a a m m
AVho always gives you tho latest
styles, and cuts your clothing to fit
you. Having had tho experienco lor a
number oi years in tiio Tailoring Busi
ness, lias learned what material will
givo his customers tho best satisfaction
for wear and stylo and will try to
nleaso all who cive him a call. Also
on hand
Gents' Finishing Goods
Alwnvs of tlie latest stvlcs. Call nnd ex.
amino his stock before purchasing else
Corner Main & Market Sts.
ThoSoienceofLife. Only$l
Exhausted Vitality. Nervous and Physical Debil
ity, Premature Deolmo In JIan. Errors ol Youth,
and tho untold miseries resulting from Indiscre
tion ot excesses. A book for every man. younsr.
middle-aged and old. It contains 125 prescriptions
for nil acuta and chronic diseases, each ono of
which Is'lnvaluable. so found bv tho Author, whoso
experience for si years Ls such as probably never
ueioro leu to inu lot, or any puysician. ;ha pages
bound in beautiful French muslin, emuossei
covera. full cut. Guaranteed to bo a nner work In
every bcnsc mechanical, literary and professional
than any other work sold in this country for fv.W.
or tiio money will bo refundeU In every Instance.
Prlco only $1.00 by mall post-paid. Illustratlvo
xamnlo B cents. Send now. Gold medal awarded
luu auiuur uy muuiiuuui muuicui A&biA;iuituu, iu
tho onicers ot which ho refers
Tho Science of Ltfo should bo read by tho younrf
for Instruction, and by tho anilcted tor relief. It
will benellt all London lancet.
Tlierots no member ot society to whom Tho
outruutj oj uiu wm iiui, uu useiui, ueiuer juuui,
paivnu guaruiau, lusirucior or cicrgymau. ar
W. 11. Parker, No. 4 Bulflnch street, Boston, Mass.,
Anuress inu l'eauoay icuicai institute, ur
who may bo consulted on all diseases requiring
skill and experience. Chronic and obstlnato diseas
es and that have tunica tho
ii n i r
skill ot
another physicians a sno H Hi Jl J clalty.
such treated successful run irtini lv
wlthoutan Instance of I JLx X OJ jIji; fall
ure. Mention tins paper.
3uiyS5-lw d
North American ot Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania, " "
York, of Pennsylvania.
oueens, ot London.
North British, ot London.
Office on Market Street, No,
uuuuver, ui r.. x.
s, Bloomsburg.
UCb, '44, v-iy
The undersigned haviuL- nut his PJanlnr Mil
on itauroaa street, in nrsi-ciass conauiou, is pre'
paroa to ao an Kinas oi wuric m uis uuu.
furnisnod at reasonable pneos. All lumber used
ls woll seasoned and nouo but sklltud workmen
are employed.
furnished on application. Plana and spocinca
lions prepared oy an oxpenenccacrauguisman
UloouiHburfr, Pu
tor tho wailing class. Send 10 cents for
postage, ano wo win man you Trie, a royal
vuiuuuiuuux oi buuuiiu uuousmni win .nut
f ow days than you ever thought posslblo at any
business. Capital not required. Wo will start
you. You can work all tho Lima or In spare" time
you iu tuu way ui lumaii uiuiQ money in
oniy. 'mo work is universally adapted' to both
sexes, young and old. You can caifly earn from
W cents to every evening. That, all who want
may icsimo business, wo maxeiim unparauou
often to all that are not well satlsnod wo will He ml
fl toparfor tho tioublo ot writing us. Full parti.
cuiuin, uitwiiuus, tau., Bcubiruv. 1'un.unua win uq
mado by thoso vhoglvo their whoetbuo to Ilia
start now,
M alno.
briNtoN s: Co.,
Pre 1-1
AUKNUY. Mover's
Mover's now bulldlne. Main
bireet, uioomsDurg, pa.
.t!tna Insurance Co., of Hartford, Conn, T,o:e,2!0
itoyal of Liverpool , .....
Lancashlro , lu.uio.oo?
Flro Association, Philadelphia .ies,Tio
Phuinlx, ot Loudon t.'im.ilt
lndon & Lancashire, of England , 1,1U,10
llartroM ot Hartford a.'jm.oio
sprlngneld Fire and Marine a,uSi,sw
As the agoaclea are direct, policies are written
for the Insured without any delay In tho
onice at uioomsourg, Oct. us, '8i
Blooiiiskirg, Pa.
Qreai Medical Work on Manhood
$300 a month for agents now
D I A f XT I? n'"1 L'OAN.o o m p 1 o t e.
0 1 1 V I IS VJ Official, illustrated Life of
tho ltepubllcan's rholco by Judgo llucl, assisted by
tho Editor of tho Krnnetjn' Journal and lllnlri'J's
Private Bocrot iyij,iN,,," ' '', .""J'
CI ylS V El ji N lmnkllrtpietuSiir books
aro beyond all eom)Ollllon In Authorship, Illustra
tion"!, ranerand lilnilln.r. Prospectus free to actu
al Canvassers. Special term's lo thoso ordering
from a distance. Also ready tho .hltof tho year,
with 115 emrravlnirs. by Wlllllams. irNo moro
dull times! Write for clrcuurs now. W. II.
Thompson, Pub., 401 Arch St. I'hlla., Pa.
juiyii.iw u
To SMOKERS of Blackwcll's
Genuine Bull Durham
Smoking Tobacco.
This Pitclal DcihmU Is to gnarantco th
ryineiit of the 'St premiums fully described
n our former nmiouuccmcnK
The premiums will be paid, no matter how
mall the mtmler of bags returned may be.
Oftt 1Uarwtrt Ihirham Ttfnrfn Co.,
"irAnm, .V. C, Hay 10, 13M. 1
P. A. Wl LET, Em.
Onftlfr tin nf Hurtiim, DHrJiim, JV. r.
Dkab Him We Inrlfwe yon tll.Koon. whlrh
FltAfO place nn Special Prinwlt to pay premium!
nr our rnipty tobacco lm to U. reiurneit lux,
Uth. Yotiri truly, J. S. OAltll. PruMenL
OJit ! IA ft lurftnm.l
1. s. CAnn, Fjiq
j'urAan, ,v. c, Kay Vi, IBM.)
DrAn Sir: I laic to nckncmtoitre rcrripi of
Sll.ttoi.i from yniL wlilch o have placitl ui-on
peclal Dcplt inr the nltl mi ftAte.
None prnuUic without pictaro of BULL on th
trSM our other announowiiwiH.
March Sl-tt
Health and Jappiness.
Aro your Kidneys disordered?
"KUncy U'oit biunitlit mo from my rtt, aiUQ
rre, Rf ter I had licrn kItc n un 1t 13 l-cit cloctor? m P
Livtrolt." M W. Puwruux, Mechanic, Ionia, MJcli.
Aro your norvos "weak?
Ac.iifli r I m.t i-ijXHtod tollvtV'-Mrs M. M. II.
Uo.awin. J:1. Vh rt it ian Monitor CltiTcl&iitl, O.
hHavo you BrighVs Disease?
IJ "liliiey Unit mmt mo when my water was Just
H like challc an. I tlien Ilk. blond.-
naiiK iikou, foauooy, Haas.
Suffering from
I la jy-Wort U tho moat euci
l Diabetes?
over ujed.
teuet osnfulrciuottT I liare
UItcn almoH Imrrivllnto ri-llrf."
Dr. l'hillljiC. Uullou, Monkton, Vt.
Liver Comolaint?
after 1 prayi'd to ille."
oit cured mo of chronic Liter Diseases
nry Ward, l.U Col. C?th Nat. Guard, N, V
Jt your Back lame and aching?
' Kl.lnry-Wort.ll bottle) cuictl iuo whtu 1 wubso
Im'j.o I had to roll out of lcd."
O. M Tttllmaffe.Mllwaakce, Wl.
llr-vo you Kidney Disease?
"ivIdm-yVort made mo sound lnllrer ajid kidneys
rtir years of unsuccessful doctoring. Its worth
t.ualjux." Satn'l llodffos, Willlnuitown, West Va,
! Aro you Constipated?
I ''Ifldncy-Wort rauxon easy ovacuationi nnd cured
, iuo after Id) cars uo ot other medicines."
Ni-Uon KutrchUd, bt. Albans. A t.
Havo you Malaria?
'Klduey-Wort has done better than any titer
i i:avu eer ii'rt in my nrnctifo,"
ur, ii. JV, viarK. ouuiu iiero, i.
Aro vou Bilious?
. "TlllneyVort li.m done me muro tfuod than any
oilier remedy I haro erer taken,"
m Ur. J. T. Uallonay, Klk Flat, Oregon.
Are you tormented "with Piles?
"Kidney-Wort ivrmanentty rrtrM mo of Moedlng
pllei. Ur. w, ( Kline reeoiniritnd'-1 U to me."
Geo. II. Hurst. Cohier M. IUa, Myerstown, Pa.
Aro you Rhoumatism racked?
"Uldniy-Wort cuurt mo. after 1 m uitcn up to
die by uiiyslclaiiv and I had ufTrri'd thirty ) enm."
Ubri J6-e Malcolm. West Uath, Maine.
Ladies, aro vou suffering?
"KMirt-y-Wort cured mo of iieculUr truiiblfs -f
et'raiycari standing. Jlany friends uto nnd yialoi
If you would Banish Disease I
i and cam Health, Tako
(CbnlinMedro'rt tif utel.)
How Watch Cases are Made.
It ia a fact not generally known tliat tiio
James i'oss' Gold Watch Gucs ruilly con
tain moro pure gold than many "boliil"
gold cases Tho demand for theso watih
cases has led to tho manufacture of a vciy
poor grado of Bolld gold watch cases
low in quality, nnd deficient in quantity.
These cascsaromado from 43 to 10 karats
and a 5 or 0 karat case is often hold for 12
or 11 karats. It is not economy to buy a
watch case so poor in quality that it ill
toon loso Its color, or one so soft that it will
lose its shape and fail to shut thjht, tlu.s
letting in dust and damnginj,' tho works, or
ono so thin that a slight blow will break
the crystal, and perhaps tho movement.
It IS economy to buy n Janus Josa' CioM
11'afcA Case, in'which soxu of thc.o things
ever occur. This wuteli cv.o is nof ai t'jwrt
ment it has been mado nearly thirty ijeart.
Hazleton. Va., Oct !l, isi
I .old two Jamen Oomh Oold Watch Tikc tlility
ytan ago", uhen they tint caino out, ami thty are in
good condition yet Ouo of tlieiu li civrrt'-d by a
carivuter, Mr, L. W. Urtko, of lUzlttou, and duly
rliowatbewcarln ono or two placcst tho other by
Mr. Bowman, of CunnluKhaui, l'.; aud I cau vro
duco ouo or both of thufeu cam; at any time.
S..J S ...t .l.up to K..t.,.. lUltb Cm. F.rlurlr., I'hil.
i.lphlkl'a furfcud..alll..trtrd I'.w bt.l .kuwlei, fcuw
SimH BtM.' aatl k.y.U.. t .ItS lM. ar. Mkd..
(IV l Cvntinu&t.) t
Infants nnd Children
Wiat rItc s our Children roy cheeks.
What cures their fevers, makes them sletp;
en Babies fret, nnd cry by turns,
What cures their colic, kills their worms,
What nulcklv euren Constipation,
Bour Blomucli, Colds, Indigestion :
Farewell then to Morphine Syrups,
Castor Oil and l'arefc'oric, and
"Caitorla li to well adapted to Children
that I recommend It si lupctlor to any medi
cine known to mo." II. A. Aicaia, M.D.,
111 So. Oxford St., Drooklyn, N.Y.
Au nbsolnto euro for IUiou'
matlun, Sprains, Palu in tho
Baolt, liarus, GaUs,fto. Aula
stftutauooos Paiu- rollover.
It wns six o'clock of n crisp October
liiroiiing, nnd Joiiii Hoyii, n lnvmcr,
rousing fiotn liis soniitl nijjlit'u Bleep,
iprang out of bed with tiio nlurt rend
iiess of it man who knows, tiro vnltio of
iu fiist liours of day. It was a tavern
bed from which ho jumped i homo nnd
h carca wero miles away ; nut a long
lo lay bcloro linn, nud no washed
and dressed briskly, as ono In liasto,
humming a cheerful nir, meanwhile, as
became a man who felt himself in
good spirits nnd had amplo lenRon for
beiiic so. For, bo it known, this year
had proved the best to farmers since
John had boon his own master. Har
vests had boon large, prices high, nnd
John, on his way back from the an
nual matkot, carried a sense of freedom
nnd liberation at his heart from the
final extinguishment of n mortgage on
his farm a mortgngo which had press
ed as heavily on his conscieiico as did
tho burden of a Clnistiau on his shoul
ders. Tho burden was lifted now, and
ftnther tli an that, John carried in his
fat, red wallet, S'-'OO over and above,
toward tho expenses of tho next year.
Uo had never been so "Dotorcliand'
before, and tho sensation was a joyful
"My neck is out of tho collar now,".
ho muttered to himself as ho brushed
his thick, brown hair. "I should bo a
fool indeed if I put it in again. No
moro mortgages for mo 1"
Then, his toilet completed, ho ran
down stairs, two steps at a time.
Farmer-like, his first visit was to his
horses. They wero munching their
corn very satisfactorily, and after a
look or two aud a pat, John returned
to tho inn, where a jingling boll an
nounced a breakfast. It was smoking
on the table a substantial meal of tho
kind universal in taverns thirty years
ogo, and John Hoyd, whoso nppolito
was of tiio kind proverbially said to
accompany a cood conscience, was
iloinc it amplo iustice, when a sudden
instinct led him to thrust his hand into
tho. inner pocket, which held two hun
dred dollars. Tho wallet was gono.
In tho suddenness of the shock John
felt himself turn palo and then Hush
painfully as ho confusedly tried to re
member if ho had taken out tiio wallet
aud when. Under his pillow there it
was ! IIo recollected distinctly, or so
it seemed, putting it thcro for security's
sake when ho went to bed the night
before. With a muttered excuse ho
left tho tnblo and hurried up stairs.
The door of his room stood open, aud
tho maid servant was putting fresh
sheets on his bed, and tho soiled linen
was lying in a heap on the floor.
Toward tno heap John hurried and
began turning it over.
'Have you lost something, sir 7'
iskt'd tiio maid.
John straightened himself to answer.
IIo had not noticed tho maid before,
though sho had waited upon tho table
at supper. JNow he observed that she
was young and rather pretty fair,
with a trim, slender figure, beautiful
glossy hair, neatly dressed and braided,
and a pair of sweet, apprchensivo bluo
eyes. Her voice was soft, too, and
she had a shy, modest manner, which
suggested an idea ot relinement. All
these things Farmer Boyd observed in
a flash, and instinctively noting, weigh
ing, estimating by that wonderfully
rapid progress of wliioh tho human mind
is capable, while yet his thoughts wero
lull ot Ins money nud Ins loss.
"ie9,i am looking lor my wallet,
which f left under my pillow. Did
you find it ?''
i ho girl s laeo blanched to a deadly
whiteness and her eyes dilated as with
sudden terror.
"No, sir," sho said, her voice tremb
ling and sinking away as sho spoke.
"1 didn t seo any wallet.
John looked at her distrustlully ;
but thero was something in tho pale
face that disarmed suspicion.
"I d like to search the bed, lio said.
"It may havo slipped under tho mat
tress. Together they turned the mattress,
but no wallet was visible.
"That off horso of yours lias got his
shoo loose, somehow,'1 announced Mr.
Nash, tho landlord, suddenly appearing
at tho door. "I thought I'd better tell
you, so that you can stop at tho black
smith's as you pass and get him to put
in a cotiplo ol nails. Why, what's tho
matter !''
John explained.
Tho landlord looked very grave. IIo
whistled softly to himself a minute,
with his eyes fixed on tho tumbled bed
ding j then ho wont to tho head of tho
staii saud called his wife. Presently
they carao in together, nnd tho land
lady's fnco looked very red and trou
"Such a tiling never happened in my
house before," sho protested. "Hut
there's only ono person that lias been in
your room since you came, besido your
self, and sho's the person you must
reckon with," pointing to tho maid,
who, with white cheeks and downcast
oyei, leaned agaiint tno wall as it
awaiting Hcntenee.
"Oil, indeed, indeed, I didn't tako ill
I never saw any wallet," sho said ; but
her voico wiw drowned in Mrs Nash's
louder tones.
"And pray who olso took it, do you
suppose? Who elso had tho chancel
Answer mo that 1 It serves mo just
right for taking in a girl with no reo
ommend a girl I don't know nothing
about, not so much as hor name, or
wliero sho catuo from, or where her
folks aro. Five- week's ago to-morrow,
that's all tho timo sho's been in tho
house, sir, but this is tho end of it. It's
tho last timo I'll over havo a help I
don't know tho long and short of, bo
you needn't bo afraid to stop ,vith us
again, no, nouo of your friends, eithor ;
as for her, out sho packs this very
"I'd better go for tho constable,
hadn't I, if you're suro it was under tho
pillow you put it 1" said tho landlord.
"Oh, don't, please, don't 1" pleaded
tho girl, weeping bitterly.
"Givo tho gontleman his wallet baok,
then, nnd perhaps ho II lot, you go.'
"I can't. I haven't got it I Oh,
pleasu bclievo me 1 Don t send mo to
iail 1" sho urged.
The landlady ouiy answered by an
expression of tlisgust. And, throwing
her apron over her ucad, tho poor gir
went iu silence, saying no moro.
John had hold his penco during this
nltorcation, sharply oyeiug tho persons
concerned iu it meanwhile, Tho
Nushcs ho know something about.
Thoy wero of good reputation as far as
ho was nwarc. The maid wns a stran
ger to them, as to him i but, in spito of
circumstance, and her manner, which
was hardly less suspicious, ho could
not bring himself to bclievo her guilty.
IIo was not a hasty man, and ho wns a
iust one. with a kind heart to back his
temperato judgments ; and niter a low
minutes' reflection ho mado up his
: a . I
mind what to do.
I can't swear that I put tho wallet
under my pillow, or nnVwhero else,"
ho said. "I'm pretty suro that I did,
but my thoughts about it aro confused,
somehow, and It may bo I left It nt
Holton, whero I slept 'lucsday night.
I don't wont no injustice dono on my
account. "Don t cry like that ad
dressing himself to tho girl -"I'll tell
on what I'll do. Will you get tho
bay maro shod during the day 7"
. . . " . S" ... I
"and if vou'll end mo a saddlo I'll
rido back to Bolton and mako inquiry
there. If I find tho money, well and I
good ; if I don't it will bo timo enough
to talk further about it to-morrow."
"I'm suro it's good of you to tnko so
much trouble," declared the landlady.
"But whether or no, tho girl don't slay
here. I'll havo no suspected thief in
my house 1"
"There'll bo nothing to suspect her
of, if I find tho wallet," rejoined John,
uryiy. "uon l give me poor ming a I
bad name- till you know that sho do-
servos it." Thnn lin lnfr. tho rnran. nn.
mindful of tho look of gratitudo which
shono upon him from tho bluo eyes of
the girl, who had dropped her apron,
nml sl,n rrnnl nftnr liim (ill lio mi mil
of sight.
His reflections were not agreeable, as
hd retraced his footsteps over the dusty
highway, traveled but yesterday with
so light a heart. Tho loss of his mon-
ey meant a good deal to John Boyd,
'1 ho pressure of anxiety seemed to sot-
tlo again upon his shoulders, ns ho
thought over tho probabilities of its
nonrecovery. "But 1 won t givo in
without a "fight for it," ho thought,
grimly, as ho urged his horso for
Miles seem doubly long when meas
ured by a heavy heart, what with dust,
heat and tho continual eltect to clear
his mental confusion as to when and
whero ho had last seen tho wallet, tho
young farmer was fagged and dispirit
ed enough, before noon was fairly
Ho stopped to dioo nt a little tavern
attached to a toll-gate, and with some
vaguo nope mat, tno money migui nave
been picked up on tho road by Bomo
i ., : . . , i
one, mentioned his loss. I ho toll-
Keeper shook ins iteau.
"Bolton's your only choice," ho
said. "If it was on tho road you
dropped it there's no likelihood that
you 11 over hear of it again. The dust
is eight inches deep, I should say, and
there's been thrco big droves ot sheep
and one of bullocks along since yester
day, so if your wallet was lying thero
they have trampled it under pretty
thoroughly. It is bunod deep enough
you may bo sure, unless, which is just
as likely to happen, somo ono has pick'
ed it up and mado olt with it. l our
chance is a slim one, I reckon.''
Void comtort this : but John was
forced to agrco with his opinion. De
spondingly ho rodo through the after
noon, scanning tho way as ho wont,
for despito tho toll-keeper, a faint hope
still lingered in his heart, though tho
ivrtrr lnnii in 1m of nml e ii i.nn1 ntirl
trampled by tho crowded droves, pre-
ar.ntnA o ...... fil,1 fn I I.nnn I
Ho had gained the top of a long hill
from which Bolton was dimly visible,
when a moving object f nr ahead caught
Ins eyes and he roso in his stiriups in
order to seo moro clearly. As ho did
so his horso made a false stop, stum
bled nnd threw him forward in tho sad
dlo so that his head grazed tho horso's
neck. ft was in this position that a
tiny object, a patch ot red, caught Ins
eye. His heart gave a little leap, then
he called himself a fool, but all the
same ho dismounted to examine.
Already a random hoof-stroko had
burned tho red patch from sight, but
Jonn recollected tho spot, and stooping,
dug and Bcooped till it again became
visible, llis fingers rccoguized a solid
substance. Trembliug with excite
ment, ho continued to dig : another
second and tho object was uncovered,
lifted out, and will a wild, incredulous
whoop of joy, John Boyd held in his
i.i, ,i. j t... .i.
hand his wallet, buriod deep by tho
hurrviiiL' herds nnd uncovered for ono
.... mm ,i vto .,o .:!,,
reit niton t ind no o her Excent for
ETcky suunble he would Co
ridden over tho lost treasure, nnd
. . -
never dreamed what lay beneath his
horse's feet.
"And some folks sny thero ain't no
Godl" was his mental comment,
spoken half-aloud. Then for John'
Boyd s religion, though a homely, was
a true ono ho bi nt his head, and said
a few words of thanksgiving ; after
which, jumping on his horse, ho took
tho backward route, eager to toll his
good fortune, and oxoncrato tho Door
girl, who, as ho now remembered with
self-reproach, must havo passed a pain-
fill day under tho stigma of undeserved
Tho heat wns yielding to evenipg
breeze-, and ho urged his horse, Im
patient to set matters straight, but
with his best endeavor it was eleven
o clook before ho at last drew rein in
front of Nash s hotel. Ho was ex
pected i that was evident, for lights
wero burning and ISash and his wife
hurried out to meet him, wearing faces
oi itigiiborious length, winch only in
part changed to cheerfulness when
they heard of tho recovery of tho wnl
"There, what did I tell vou 1" cried
tho husband. "Haven't I boon a say
ing and a saying all day that likely as
not this scaro wouldn't turn out all for
nothing And you would not listen
to a word, but just kept on to that
poor thing insido thero, and she noth
ing to blame all tho timo. I doclaro
its too bad tho way women actio
each other and folks calling thorn the
'softer sex 1' A man would be asham
ed to act so. Well, do toll I And so
tho monoy wns a lying thero nil tho
lime Iu tho dust I Well, I'm mighty
glad, for your sako aud ours too. Go
right in, sir, nnd wifo will givo you
somo supper. I'll sto to tho horso.'
Mrs. Nash waited on tho meal in
grim silenco. Sho Boomed only half
rejoicod at tho dououeuient.
"Its mighty queer," bIio rqinarkod,
as sho sat tho last dish on tho table.
"I don t feel as if wo had got to hot
lorn of it yet. Why didn't Luoy deny
moro positive V
"Hut sho did,"
snld John, between
"sho said she hadn't
two moiithfuls i
got it.''
"Why, of course, sho said as much
as that. You didn't expect her to say
that sho'd got it, did you t" rejoined
tho landlady, with lino scorn. "Hut
sno ciiun i spoaK up vioitni ami now,
as you'd expect an innocent girl
t 1 I. 1. t . II I
"But slio was innocent nil tho time
you know.
"I ain't so over suro about, that,"
replied Mrs. Nash, with a shako of her
head. "It's a queer business."
"Now, look here," shouted John,
rousod by this persistent injustice,
'what is there queer about it, I should
liko to know t Hero's my wnllet"
slapping his pocketbook "and I told
you wnoro i lounu ii. ynu you Know
1 TH-t. a . t
as well us I do that I never put it tin-
der tho pillow, nnd that girl of yours
had no more to do with it than a babe
uuborn. It's her pardon that I ought
to beg, and you, too. So I hope,
madam, you'll drop tho subject and
just make it up to the poor thing by
being extra kind, as it were, for the
bad day wo mado her spend."
Mrs. Nam seemed by no means
mollified by this not over judicious ap
peal, and as socn as her duties as hoa
less wouiu permit, ion iuo room mm,-1
tering under her breath something that
John did not catoh. IIo was too
tess would nermit. loft tho room mut-
sleepy to caro particularly nbout tho
matter, and presently went to bed,
when dreamloss slumber drew hor veil
nvnr ttm llnv'tt vtnUaif tlrlon.
Hurrying out to the barn the next
morning in tho best of spirits, a low,
sobbing sigh called his attention to a
bench outside tho kitchen door, whore
sat a fignro crumpled up into a forlorn
little heap, in which he recognized tho
pretty maid of tho day bofore. Sho
wore her bonnet, and a bundle lay bo-
sido her. Her face was hidden on hor
arms, which wcio crossed on tho back
i . ,
of tho bench.
"Why, what's tho matter 1" said
John, turning back.
Tho girl looked up with n stait. "I
bog your pardon," sho faltered : "I'm
just going.
1 didn t mean to stay so
"Uoing! Whero'
"I don't know where," sho said, do-
jectcdly. "I'd try for another place,
only thcro doesn t seem much chance
of getting ono without a recommend."
"Do vou moan to sav that thov aro
.. - . . ...
Bonding you away from here 7'
But in tho name of goodness, why?"
"1 don t know. Mrs. JNasIl says sho
don't liko to have servants about who
aro susDeoted of steallntr." Tho blue
0yes filled again as she spoke, and sho
hid her face.
"By Georgo ! I never heard of such
mjustico in my life, ' shouted John,
"JNow, Lucy, it that s vour name, you
just sit still whero you are. Don't you
stir or move till I como back. I'll see
Mrs. Nash, I'll put things right."
To put things right seemed easily
enough to a strong, hearty man, with
iustico and argument on his side, but
that is becauso ho docs not calculate
properly on thoso queer hitches and
crochets of human nature, especially
woman nature, which havo no relation
to justico and fair dealing, and aro un
affected by argument. Mrs. Nash
Droved impervious to John's choicest
llin t
Her mind was made up ; she
want to near no moro on tho
subject; finally her temper rising,
"what business was it ot his, sue de
manded, "what help sho kept, or if she
kept any at all t Ho'd got his pocket-
book back ; accounts were square be
tween them ; thero was no further call,
so far as she could see, why ho should
meddle in her concerns. This upshot
ot the interview was that John tlew
out of the kitchen with his face as red
as fire, tackled his horse, threw valise
and feed bags into tho wagon, mini
tho amount of his reckoning on tho
table, and addressed Luoy, who, pale
and terrified, stood bundlo in hand,
prepared for flight, calling out :
"XSow, then, my good girl, you've
lost one place by my' fault, and 1 m
darned if I don t offer vou another.
Will you jump iuto "my wagon and go
homo with met My old woman's
ue ""V 7
Siting a smart girl to help her along
when she s aid up with rheumatics ;
so you re lust tho ono wo want. Shell
been talking this long pieco back of
vou re lust the ono we want. She 11
lrual you ,umf u"ouK 1 " uu uuunu
a 1 L. T'l 1 1. 1 - .1
and you sunn have wiiatover you wero
Scing here. And if you behave your-
6e'f; J011!1 bo ll uset1' "?l tu,od !lt
I iii finnrtt wir inn iiinir ii iifr:itra in
..WW.M U. "VII.MJj - O V
that: it isn't tho way up in our parts,"
with u Tindictivo look at tho landlady,
who stood rigidly planted in tho door-
way. "Wo don't sot up to be extra
Christians, but there's a littlo honesty
nnd decency left among us, which is
more than can bo said for nil places.
Woll, what do vou Bay T Yes or no.
There's my hand on it, if it's yes."
lio held out his broad palm. Luoy
hesitated, but tor a moment only.
"es, I will, she said. "I've no-
whero elso to go, nud you seem kind.
dr: vln off toeother down tho manlo-
Another moment aud limy wero
shaded road, whoso vellow and crira-,
son boughs danced overhead ngalnst
"October's bright bluo weather." Thero
was penco and calm iu tho froslt still
ness ot tho early day. uraauaiiy a
little color stolo into Lucy's pale
checks, and John's hot mood gavo
placo to ins wonted good humor nud
"You've had no broakfast, I'll bet,"
no saui with a smile. "Aim no moro
have I. I was so mad with that wo
man that I couldn't swallow a mouth
ful, but now I bogin to feel sharp
enough. Wo'll stop at tho next lav
ern, Southwiok, isn't it 1 Five miles
nud a half. Can you hold out till
then 1"
'Oh, yes, indeed," with a grateful
look out ot the blue eyes.
Johns tone grew mnro and more
"Wo'll have something hot and hear
ty there." ho said. "You look polo. I
guess you didn t sleep any too muuh
last night. '
"Oh, 1 couldn't sleep at all. Mrs.
Nnsh told mo that I must go tho first
thing iu tho morning, and I felt so
"I shouldn t think you would wnnt
stay with a womnn liko her."
"But its so dreadful to have no-
whero to go and, besides "
tsno stopped abruptly, with a look
liko terror in her eyes.
"Havo you no friend then '" asked
1 John.
The tone Was very reserved ( but ro
serve could hardly fait to melt under
so sunshiny a presenco ns John Boyd's,
and before tho long doy's rido was
done he had won from her tho main
facte of her story.
Lucy Dill was her nnino. Her moth
er hnd married the second timo when
Lucy was 12 yeais old, and thrco years
ago, when the girl was baroly 1C, had
tiled, leaving her to the protection of
her stepfather.
"She didn't know what kind of a
innn ha was," said Lucy. "And he
wain t that kind of a man when sho
wns alive. I was too young to no
tice much, and mother always put her
self between him and mo when thiugs
went wrong. After sho died it wns
dreadful. Elkins that was his son
came homo to live. Ho never lived
thoro before, and he "
"Wanted to marry you V
"Yes: and his father said I must.
But I was afraid of him of them
both. And pcoplo began to come to
tho house bad people, no good and
I began to suspeot things."
"What kind ot things
It was not easy to get an answer lo
this question. In fact, the terrified
nnd inexperienced girl had hardly dar
. -." ..v-, n,.. mi. i
Jonn gathered the idea that coining,
or SOtno Other unlawful practice were
cd to lormulato her own fears ; but
Kn? 0,1 n'i I'cy only half comprc-
hooding, had tindcistood enough to
startle and frignlen her into making
her C8Ca)0. SllO ll,1(l effected tll'lS bV
"'B1' six wcel8 before, and hor great
drcau was of being discovered and
forced to go baok. John reassured her
118 fts ho could,
. "You N uo j"t as safo at tho farm as
In an iron safe, he protested.
Bnt, in spito of his assui
i assurance, the
lurking terror never loft Lucy's eyes
though weeks sped safely by and noth-
n. , ,
mg occurred to alarm her. Every sud
den noiso made her start j tho sight of
a strango figure on the road blanchod
the roses to paleness. Except for this
fcarfulncss, sho proved an excellent
"help" in all ways quick, neat finger
ed, sweet-tempered. Old Barbara won
dered how tho farm had ever got along
without her, and John in his secret
heart wondered also. It never should
bo without her again, on that ho was
firmly resolved.
"Luoy," ho said ono day. three
months after sho became his inmate,
"Im tired of seeing you jump and quiv
er, and scuttlo up-3tairs whenever tho
pedler or the ragmau comes along, it's
bad for you, and it worries mo almost
to death. Now there's just ono way
that'll make all safe, and set your mind
at ease, and that is that you should
marry mo out of hand, and give mo
tho right to protect you. Ouce my
wife, I shouldn t caro if your stepfath
er and all tho gang carao after you ;
let thorn lay a finger on you at their
peril, while I'm alive and have a right
to interfere. Will you Lucy 1 It's tho
best thing to be dono, trust my word
for it. I don't mean to pretend that
I'm doing it for your sako entirely,"'
added John with a broad smile, "for I
ain't, I want you for my own sako
tho worst way, but both ways will bo a
gain ; so, unless you havo something
against mo say 'yes,' Lucy, and wo
will have thu parson over to-morrow,
aud mako all safe. Will vou, Lucy ?"
"Oh, how could I have anything
against you V replied Lucy with tho
sweetest blush.
"Well," declared John, a moment
after, as ho raised his head from his
first long lover s kiss, "now I forgive
Mrs. IN ash
What Young Lovers Should Look at Be
fore Going to the Alter.
So long ns the cat is left iu company
with the cream jug tho cream will bo
"absorbed, ' aud so long as young peo
plo of both sexes aro allowed to meet
freely in Bocial intercourse thero will
be moro or less marryiug and giving in
It is greatly to bo feared that with
the proverbial thoughtlessness of youth,
the young peopio will not stop to con
sider the question of wavs and means,
nor calmly calculate whether they shall
bo able to gather sticks in sufficient
quantity to keep tho matrimonial pot
boiling. Tom, with a lover's ardor,
win prooauiy jorget, io inquire, oeioro
will probably lorgct to inquire, before
I moprinnn niltnllinn Tsimitvtrt to .nnnlil.
"......., i1""
marriage, whether Jemima, is capablo
oi oooKiug uiuuer, wuno jemima, on
ot cooking dinner, whilo Jemima, on
ir part, is just as like y to bo left in
T 'CS,,S"1!! Tr Jf"
I ... ... ' , ---rff
i u.iu rw ai,uuuiii. uulbiuu ui his auim v.
which win ensure- mero ucmg a aiuner
to cook as well as a kitohen wliorem to
cook it.
It is all a mistake to say that two
ueouie can live ns cueapiy as ono ; lor
proof controvertivo you havo ouiy to
osk lor rates at any boarding-house
ior example, John inanagos to
support life quite endurably on his sal
nry ot iu or $ir per wcck ; perhaps
even maintains, a certain position in
society thereon, but no would novor
dream of asking Jemima to sharo it.
if ho did, Jemima, with her worldly
wisdom, would think him demented or
tipsy, bix dollars a weok pays for his
bedroom on tho fourth lloor of the re
spectablo boarding houso which ho
patronizes, or, perhaps, ho rents a small
turnlshed room, and, trusting to occa
sional invitations to dinner, etc., takes
his meals on tho huropean plan. Tho
rest of his salary, with economy, keeps
him in clothes, gloves and cigars, with
nu occasional thentra ticket and ad
mission to tho opera on gala nights,
llis well-kent dress suitdoes not often
need renewal, nnd dancing men aro al
ways in request at parties
lsut what on earth could ho do with
a wifo 1 Angels ami ministers of grace
delciul us. Whero aro her dresses to
come from T How is oven tho board
bill for two, instead of ono to be paid 1
liow could thoy expect "pcoplo to
visit thorn t So ho danoes on, hoping
vainly to tind a rich wifo, while she, on
her part, knows that her duty to herself
requires that her husband shall bo nblo
to give her nt least tno mxurios to
which slio has been accustomed and
keeps detrimentals at n safe dis
Whilo an Idaho girl wns sitting un-
dor a trco a grizzly bear came al
nnd, nppronohiug from behind, b
to hug her. But sho thought it
i uu her. nut sue thought it was
Tom, and sho leaned back and enjoyed
it heartily, and murmured "tighter,"
nnd it broko tho bear all tin. nnd ho
wont nwny and hid in tho forest for
' Uireo days to get over his shame.
How the World is Tilled with Mado-Oyer
"Wanted A girl lo make over."
Tho above appeared in the 'advertis
ing column of n city paper. It Is so
indefinito that the reader is left lo ima
gination as to wheth6r tho girl is want
ed to mako over as a wife, or a scam
ter, or merely to servo as a model for
somo one whoso training, prejudices,
bigotries aud ambitions nro seeking for
an educational outlet.
Every day somo young man is look
ing for a girl to mako over. Whilo
sho is his sweetheart sho is simply per
fect, but as soon as the honeymoon is
ended for tho making over process be
gins. It has its regular formulae, ono
of which is liko this :
"Did you make thoso biscuits, Hel
en 7"
"Yes, dear I thoy'ro not quilo right,
but I nm going to improvo on thorn.1'
"I supposed you know how to make
bread when I married you."
"Why, Chariiol didn't I want to
wait a year on purposo to learn how to
cook, and you said you novcr cared
what you eat, and didn't want to marry
a cook, and all that 1"
"Pshaw I novcr said such a word.
Givo theso bullets to the cat and kill
her. I'd give anything for ono of my
mother's tea-rolls."
"Woll, dear, I will write to her for
recipe. I-I--11 try hard to learn..''
But a man who finds fault with ono
thing will find fault with another.- It
does not, occur to tho young husband
and that liis mother is 50 years old and a
farmer's daughter and that ho married
a school girl who is as different from
tho mother-stripe as he is from the
father-pattern. He is just capablo of
expecting her to mako sausage and soft
soap as mother' did. Eventually ho
makes her over into a nondescript that
is neither a companionable wilo nor a
comfortable housekeeper. And his
highest praiso is the omission of fault
finding. David Copporfield tried the making
over process on sweet, sunny littlo
Dora, liis child-wife. Sho tried to livo
up to his kitchen and market require
ments, but was glad to dio and end a
condition so unsatisfactory.
Ulnldrcn aro perpetually required to
make over. An original child is run
in a groove, fitted to another soul. It
is dwarted and expanded at tno arbi
trary will of parents, until it becomes
an epitome of its father, mother, undo
or cousin. These Gadgrinds of learn
ing incline tho twig in their way, givo
it their limited sky to reach, and when
it is no longer a living branch of air
and sunshine nnd riotous life, point to
it as tho dry stock of their grafting.
The world is lull ot made-over peo
ple. A great number went early to
their graves, discouraged with the
demands mado upon them.
"What shall I do to cure my young
daughter of laughing and looking in
the glass ?" wroto a mother to a
celebrated divine. And the answer
camo :
"Let her alone. Time and sorrow will
cure her of both, all too somi.''
A popular novelist has depicted a
scene between a husband and witc,
where wife wishes to take a journey
for her health.
"You don't want to travel," says the
considerate husband. "It will disagree
with you ; traveling always disagrees
with me."
She urpes a sea-voyage.
"You will bo sea-sick a voyage al
ways makes me sick.' iac., etc.,
Made-over people, liko made-over
clothes, are weak and urelinble. It is
no sign becauso John s fnthcr is a shoe-
makeror a farmer that John, will be. Ho
might do worse, but ho may do better.
At any rato ho has a right to asotrtain
his own valuo and do that bst fitted
for him. "Blessed, thrico blessed, is
the man who has found his work," says
Unrlj le. "Let mm sei.'k no other bless
ednoss. It is a responsibility the thoughtful,
capable soul will shrink from, that of
making a human life. But the narrow,
unwise, bigoted theorist is ntways will
ing to try his hand, on the principle
that "fools ruh in whero angels fear to
Lost By aT.
It would hardly bo supposed that a
sine o ettor of tho alphabet could havo
1.1 rT , f ' I I 1
uio euect oi cuauging ino wuoio coursu
0f a man s lite, but it did in my case.
Some twenty years ago, when I had
mo.r? l'1!m 1 liave now' 1 w,na in
ita timnwi ohm urna in onri'nonniinnrinn
with a gentleman in Michigan m refer
8nco to the purchaso of a largo sawmill
I and an cxtensivo tract of heavily tim-
bored land. I mado nrrangemonts to
ment him in Saginaw and perfect tho
trade, and sent him a telegram saying,
I will meet you there. I immediately
started on my journey to Saginaw, and
whon I arrived thero i tound the gon
tleman whom I had gone to seo had
started tho same day I did for Balti
more, On reaching that city ho found
that I had gono Wost, but no ono knew
whither so he returned home, in the
mean tune I had started on my return
trip from Saginaw lo Baltimore to
meet him there. When he go: homo
ho found another purchaser for tho
property, to whom ho sold it nnd re
ceived tho money for it. The purchas
er lias since, out of that very property,
become one of tho wealthiest men in tho
Northwest, while I am poor. Tho
whole trouble resulted in tho message
beiug transmitted. 'I will meet you
here," instead of, 'I will moot you
there.' I am now Btruggliag for a
living in Lendville, when if it had not
been for that unfortunate 't,' I would
in all pipbability to day be a milliona
lio. LeadoilltJ)cmocrut.
Vandal's at Juiteuson's Tomh.
Great indignation prevails iu Alber
marlo county over tho desecration of
tho tomb of Thomas Jeffoisou by roliu
hunteis. Recently apaityof Noith-
em excurttonists visited tho burial
place of the great Democratlo states
man, at Monticollo, and defaced and
carried off tho lock and a largo portion
ot the ornamentations ot the iron rail
ing nround tho tomb. Tho base and
other portions of the monument havo
nlso been chipped oil aud injured.
Thero is no guard or keeper to prevent
tho depredations, and if they ure al
lowed to continue tho eutiro tomb will
soou be spirited away iu the pockets of
Northern relic hunters.
The Vussar
girl's favorite lloninn
kcro Marius.