The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 13, 1884, Image 4

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Sound Doottlne for all Times.
11IOM THE INAtJ&Ult.u'. ADDttfcsS 01' THOM
INOTOnVn KNTEltlNa UPON 1118 ,
MAltCH 4, 1805.
Hanoi: ra Poultiiv. The l'oultry , thoiimimhih
Vorld saVs tlifit whether fowls form a t, , , .
part of tl.o farm stock or nro raised for afi?.
plcasuio or tiedunmry lntere'st1, thoy can madoVby sdfno largely nti
nick up a eooct sliaro of their living if rmteht mc(H61n6 lias lioatc
World says i thhf whether fowls form a ..,,,,. . "U. writ.,.,, I vtvl.1
sumo nuracuioiu cures
ly ptiiTcd up doctor or
hastened thousands to
"L l. , . I T !!....( 1 I their rsrriviYa. i linllntoltiff lh thmr Alinnat In.
iiii'v ttiivu n irm iinmci jiiuciit uiiu i nv-.-r- . . . .
' ,t,w ,M ln,innl mnMn.-r no raitujiiat liiti snmo m rftclo w l bo
I1""v-X"Y" , , . V i ! pcrrormcu on tnem, nmi timttiicso tcatimo-
fowls nldrd prolltablo to their owners. nat mai0 ti,0 cures, wldlo tlio so called
TluVVilktV to enjoy ntuiilo rango among mcdlduc Is nil tlio time linMcnlnir thorn to
s,and M
to tltelrl" J779 Juno 1 I'M Jno, Duganlrv
I lior
" BSlJuno H'M I'at'k McAn
drniT inlinr
DHlJimo M '81 Christ, Coil,
dlngton labor
ssjJuno HtciJns. Daltonla-
avoided imbllslilnir
not'tnnkc tlio cures,
t,i.rfli(Vtl.a'fin,rii.1ilj. unrnlithlnir lii-ru their craves. Wo linvo
At homo, felloe olttzdnR. yorr best nhWJrt)Amnnir leaves, half hurvliitr testimonials', its tliey do
know whether wo hnvd .lone Well or ill. 'tficWsfclsMb.saiiil and loam, and elms- wo "ftT0
i no suppression ot mincCessary omcca, ng it,80ta alll.y long. Thus they thousands urox thousands
J S i.S ??A Z TZI TOWS1 JS-fCRS'. i 1.7 f lf,e"'. ai wonderful cures, vol-
enabled us to discontinue our internal looking hvhti nnd eliJofeAW healthy ,mtrily sent us. U k "r mcdlcliiu, Hop
vtA.o A U(.9ti WfUi iiiu " iuita uiv" 1 I'lUruiBH WI11UI1 U1UUU KIVVB SlttlUIIIU iM I llllltTB ilUIL JllllKl'S IIIU CUrUR. XL I1US UUVUi
thO fftVoraulo 'V!X"u1fr,uiiy uucnw nmir iu
iih' count UDoti I ..i..i.i..,..- ... .i.... i. ..... .. ,.i..i,i.n.i.,i i..
entered, is scarcely to bo restrained their Value iby" tlio n limber of eggs mid h,p known world hut cm gliow Us cures
irom reacmng, successively, overy nru- cliioka they produce, it is remarKauio uy imp piuci,
clo of property nnu produce, it, among tho amount of good a flock ot fowls
theso taxes, somo minor ones fall, which wlll do In an 6rchard. Thoy will keep
down weeds, oat tlio worms and cur-
culio that como In their reach, nnd im
provo tho growth of thotreis by scratch
II 1 C'urraii
"ft W Tlioa. Ixxltlt-
uiuuvis, urn, uiiuuiug uui uuun w men nni aincft9,nni lncrensvs
intrusions, had already begun that pro- Few'uomfryrtioti look-'oii
cess of domioillarv vocation whioh.once Htdoof their lfvW arid'oi
A' prominent pWslcl&n of nuM)Uit Rail to a
ng null maduripg" h9, they ko along
in small runs' Or inolosilres (fowls do
lot liko to scratch. There they Stand,
luiy puwnt-whowiiMcomiilMntnsof lifrcontimiod
aim, ana a, nil luauiui
e uncst and u
111 health, and ol till inability to cure her. Inklnzlt-
saiai "iry lion imiersi" inq may looKiiin
used tbo Hitters from which sho nb
lion mtteral" Tho lady took It In
tnlned fnnanent hi'alth. She how nt tho
doctor tor hlijoke, but ho Is not no well pleased
with It, as It cost 111 in n ooJ patient.
'1 lie fee ot doctors Is an Hem that
had not bocn inconvonienl, it was bo
cause their amount would not hv6
paid tho oilloers who collected them,
and bccau'ao, if they had any merit, tho
Stato authorities might adopt them in
stead ot others less approved. not
Tho remaining revenue, on consump- moping, dull nnd inactlvi1, knowing
tlon of foroicrn articles. Is natd chiellv full wll it. U nt no iihu to exnciid
by thoso who chh afford to add foreign fori-o in Kcrnlchliiir in tho uaVd soil, I many person are Intertsted In. We lie.
luxuries to domestic comforts. Buinc fntl.l uitl, nwn uxoroinont. which Uuvu Hie schedule for visits Is $3.03. 'which
collected on our seaboard and hontiers contaminates every monel of fMd SAHlTSiS,1?
only, and incorporated with tho trans- given them and in which a worm or $1,000 n year for medlcnt nttundanconloncl
actions of our mercantile) citizens, it bUg has not been seen for months, and And ono lni?lo bottln of Hop Hitters taken
may bo tho pleasure and prjdo of an are thit9 deprived of the most natural In time would save the $1,000 nnd nil tho
Anierloah to ask: What farmer, what f00d which they like, nnd would do years sickness,
mechanic, what laborer ever sees a tax, them much good, if thoy had n ohanco a lady'i wish.
gatherer of tho United States! These t0 at will nnd search for tlieso hmv , ,,0 wWl, skn WM clMr and
contributions enable us to support tho orccious morsels at their leisure. Out soft as yours," said a ladr to her friend. "You can
current, qxpensra ofrtho Government i ,f.tlodra reerCatidrrScrVes-tnionblo pur- fSnmm
to fulfill contracts Willi foreign nfttioiiB; J08C.. tho fowls find tnticli food daily l?SoucotacrTe -nnd toloom,nf
to extinguish tho native right of soil and net onoiich of pure air and exercise p '
wuiiiu our iiuiua; to uxiuuu nioau to tnako tnem iieaiiny.
limits ! and to npply such a surplus to rT '"Is It possible that Mr.' Godfrey Is up
ounpublio debts ns plates at a shdrt y Ya'i.ur 6k Wood- Asin-is. -Oalnis ana nil work, nntl i cured by' so simple
(Tny their final redemption. point' tho Southern Livo Stock'Tournal nomeilyr
' !. i.- . nit i..... !.. .norTnt "I nssuro vou It is truotliat he Is entirely
uiliuu, UIIU' null IIU. 11111 UMl liup 1.U.CID,
and only ten days ni?d the doctors isuvu
l)lm up nnd biiUI Im must dlo, from Kidney
nnd Liver trouble I"
280 Juno 11
S8T.IUHO 11 W.Ins.
awJunoHW (loo. II.
DUI Jitnn 1
eoat Mnlthlnif
siiuuly 11 'SI Thos. flcrmty
SMI July II W MIJi. ltakey
hoi July M ta Kuber Valant
auJuly 11'M I-ctcr Bradley
nm.luly 11 Win' Curry la
bor oi.Ttily It "81 Dul. CalAlian
aw July II WPafk. Lmiron
labor . ,
nii7 July n '81 Pat 1c Kellcy
labor . ...
307 Ju!y 1 1 '3.1 Jas.'on la
bor .. ..
moJuly 14 'si Thos. Kellcy
311 July 1 1 'S1 .Mich. O'Connor
I4 July II 'SI Jno. O'Connor
.ID July ll 'SI Owen Kaiio la
bor 8U July 11 S3 Jno Nlcewlntcr
lalxir .
1 3iHJuly ll 'S1 I'at'k. I.incli
1 3) June 11 'M I) K curry la
1 ail June 11 ) J 1 W llltcy
' 3Ji July ll 'S1SM Itlley map
nnu grades
A Large Eel Fond.
In tho cheapest form, tho manorial ele
ments contained m iuu tiounas oi or-
Tho greatest eel pond in tho country' dlnary wood ashes," the cost 'would bo
is on tho farm of Mr. Wells, of Kivcr- $1.16, or about SS520 per ton.' Even
had, L. I. The pond covers five acres, after loarching to tho very last degree,
Two years ago Mr. Wells put into tho when every soluble thing has been
pond two thousand dozen eels, with no washed away, the phosphato and car
intention of'disturbing tliera for five boiiato of lima and magnesia remain,
years. They have increased wonder- and th6y are' worth 34 "cents per hun
fully, milliqns iboiug in tho pond, and dred weight, orjSff.Hft per loh. A1.
it Is thought there will bo qiiadrilliohs dant ihs'taricts arogiv'cri' where cbmmon
before Mr. Wells gets ready to market leached ashes applied to soil have come
.i .i -. i . i r . . - .i . t , . i i 1 1 I ' i r.A ..f......
iiil'iii, uuu iiiai ue uus nioriuneiii mem uacK witu uuuuiuicyiujiuuuu iuiucji m
Tho eels arieil jre'gtilirlyovcry threo b.ayr!afid!more'abijnUantjcrof)8.'A far
days on w;bat is known as '"horso feet," mer's soil is the most grateful thing ho
a sea, product, with meat inside a shell can find. Whatever hepiytfijiutd'Mt
which faVce, the shao of a horse's hoof, will &ttrelyvc6rao back e Very lime.''
and it is doubtless from that that it de-
rives its namo. Tho eels seeiTi toknov Tho method by which stumps aro
when thoy are to bo fed, for when Mr. removed by petroleum consists in al
Wells beats upon tho side of his wagon lowing tho stump to bo completely sat
with the butt-end of his whip, thoy "rated with petroleum, and then set
swarm towards him. Any other per. ting them on fire. Tho method by
son' mar beat and bang for hours with- ua'mg saltpeter consists in boring holes
l . 1tL.... t nf flin ohimn nut, lilltlinff
out causing uiu BiigQicst commotion " .- " t.-...t,
among thorn. Hundreds of people go into each one onco of saltpeter, and
to see them' fed. Mr. Wells, to satisfy after having it to become wet and pene-
the. visitor's curiosity, will hold a "horso trato the substance of the stump, tho
fooC in the water for a minute or two, latter is, sot on fire, .when it will bo
and then withdraw it with numerous completely consumed.
eels clinging to the contents, or the rn , , , 'tT ",'.f"i. :
shell. Tho largest eel ever taken Irom , f 0 go oneyrlendstl ing,
the pond in thil way weighed fivo and ,but t0 be fo.rc?d t0 ,that PPTi
three-quarter pounds, but there are, it let you Sj Vind way,,and that
: .i.n.?i.f o.ii i rp. ., ' vou cannot think quite as well of them
io bituuuuu Dim luilia Uliun. 1.1IUV i;uil- I , . . , .
some seven hundred and fifty "horse ?8 v.on us.e1 10 do 18 anoll,er and rauSh
days. It would seem im- naruer lnah
S 07
S 1)7
0 00
1 61
4 69
40 00
11 07
0 3.1
0 67
13 M
IS 00
4 00
5 67
8 07
1 31
1 113
1 33
1 00
5 00
S C7
it! 13
0 0)
40 00
18 (X)
13 3'1
18 00
0 00
SO 00
10 07
0 3)
7 SO
4 CO
5 33
1 33
a 81
Used In tho principal Churches for Communion.
mccllcnt for Females, Weakly Persons and tho
co&x,sasiN& waxiki nr. or.
im students from Pennsylvania In ifw.1. Mors
ruKiMuusKnuiuaii'H man auomer sonoois eom
blncd. r.lro Kchoiarshlp, Jia. Wrllo for circulars. l'Al.Ms, Proprietors.
Junol3-4w r
at Tins ovihek '
tho borough of Cc'ntralia ior tho year endlnff
Aprlll, lffji.
TliomasVireifif, colloo'tor, ln nccount wlthocn
tralla ltorough.
bit. ,
To amount of duplicate - w; 23
f 3279 S3
' ' Clt.
Dy amount paid .Treasurer 1874 sa
" s per cent com; on H874.3J ta 71
" unseated land returned to
, , com. i . i ,63 M
amount of exonerations 41 78
balinco due borough ma St
IS379 S3
l)a,yjd Wtlsh, collector for 188-i, In account with
dentralla Doroiigh.
To balance on duplicate f or1 tfee' vu 45
$9S2 45
IIt, amount .paid o U milliard,
, Treasuter.,,, ( ., 43 9l
,f '6 per' ceht tiih. ori sj sm
" errors and exonerations 2 03
"- balance duo (borough. 477 CO
$ 932 42
O. II. Millard. Treasurer. In account with Cen-
tralla.Boruuuh. 1
feet"-in three days
possible to furnish so many, but the
number does not betin to detail tho ex-
tent of tho catch. Millions of them are
nnniially fed to swine and poultry, and
somo make a business ot catching them.
Sales have been made of , hemlock
bark at $ll).a cord on tho caraiia'iBos-
On Juno 15, after a storm, Captain ton.
To amount ree'dfrom TUregg
To amount rco'd) from D Walsh
COlfor W . , ,.; . ...
To amount ree'd from D P curry
on balanoo due disc asTreas
for '.'8 and 'si) . il
Tobilance due OB Millard
403 00
14 00
vm 76
Downs, with n trap of his own inven
tion, caught ono thousand "feet, and
between the 15th of July and April his
aggregate eaten was nineteen thousand.
The Cultivation of Boots.
,Th"o. Western Jlural says it has fre
quctly remarked in answer to corres
pondents with reference to feeding an
imals, "feed roots if you havo them."
Wb havo felt tho necessity of adding,
"if you have them," for wo know to
what a largo, extent the culture of
roots is neglected; Indeed, in the Vast
majority of cases we feel that it is use;
less to make tho recommendation, for
we aro very suro that tho farmer has
no roots. It'Js' a neglect which should
.. t. - i '"mi! 1 .i
iiul uu bu iiiuvaiuiiu
Skimmed juilk is excellent for young,
and growing animals.
Soapsuds is a valuable fcrtilizer'for
small fruits.
TJso a soft sponge iu bathing your
i i t. i .i
nurses snouuieru. - . jt
"Bntterflies' aro said to his 'disappear
ing from England.
Thoro is land in the city of New
I York wprth $10,000,000 an' acre.
Kerosend is solidified in Russia and
,madu into candles., ; ."
For the promotion of the milk yield,
oat middlliiK&'aru considered ond' of
. ' CK.
By a'mt. ot int. warrants redeem.
od ' ,
Uy anit. ot State tax' oh bonds
" " ; orders reileemcd as
i follows :; ,
,Nb837i'ebl1-7tl'ElUuck nails
i tee
iNo 001 Sent SilOlVra Hlneslabor
i" 75 Deo 17 '81 Hurry Stroud "
i" 105 Mar 15 "bS Chas Straussor
i labor
Ko 115 Aug 14 'il Jas Cannon la-
Ebor ,
0127 Aug is uailarry Stroud
' labor
.;o 131 Aug 18 '83 Wm Ulncs la
. I . bor . J ,
0141 AuglS'Ja Jas Oannonla-
No 151 Aug J8 ms 'l'iVX Durrah
No 103 Aug 18 "83 Mlcli Brcnaan
3io 183 Jan St '83 Wm nines labor '
oi;i.Mar,l0'W James Caliban
. labor
No 814 Mnr 10 83 James Calahan"
703 40
47 88
3 CO
5 IX)
7 15
'S 50
1 23
2 60
1 85
S 50
81 mly 14 '83 I'at'k Lynch li-
" 33.1 Aug D "83 Jas. Calalmn la
bor " KM Aug 9 "8 1 Jas. McDonnell
' 337 Aug 9 WMIclu Ilakeyla.
" 83D Aug 9 'SI Itlch. Moran la
bor " &li Aug 9 '83 1)K curry haul.
" an Aug 9 "8.1 Thos. Kellcy la
bor " 3i.1 Aug 9 '1 Mich. O'Connor
" 3)1 Aug 9 '81 Jno. O'Connor ta
bor, . .
" mAugO'S.IOwenKnneJrla-
" 3)0 Aug 9 '83 Jno. Sprtns la-
t"or . .
" ssr Aug fl Dul. Darrah la
bor " 3. Aug 9 '83 Thoi O'lirlen la
bor " sii Aug o '83 Theo. Kvans la
bor " 3 13 Au? 9 '81 Itlch. Meek talKjr
" 843 Aug ll "HI owen Kane lalxir
" 3ll Aug 9 '81 Christ. O'Connor
" 317 Aui9 '81 Christ. Ernstber-
per labor 2 (17
" E 18 Aug 9 K3 Tlios. Fern labor 0 0)
" 350 Aug 9 '81 Jno.Nurtney H-
bor 2 51
" 353 Aug 9 '8.1 1. A ltllcy SCO.
plunk and work 141 68
" S34 Aug 9 '8) Andrew Kano
labor 3 75
" ,355 septeo '81 Jas. CalaUanla-
bor 6 07
" 50 Sept SO '81 Jno. McDonald
labor 4 ai
" avj sept 20 't3 D V Curry la
bor 2 50
" 300 sept 20 '83 Mich, llakey la-
Dor i
3 13 Sept 2 ) '83 Theo. Kvans la
bor 5 00
3C3 Sept SO '8.1 Chas. Strausser
labor 4 60
3i5bcpt20 '83 Jas. Culahan
rem. nuUanco 2 35
808 Oct 12 '83 Dut. Hughes la
bor 1 31
3i'9 Oct is 'si Owen Kano
work and lumber 1 81
371 oct IS '81 Thos. Johnson
labor 35 53
372 Oct 12 '83 Jno. Conrey la-
bor 4 00
37J NOV 9) DC Black bal
nnco on settlement of 18H2 7 11
1 375 Dee 14 'K) 1) F curry labor 2 50
1 319 Dec 1483 Itobt. Little cost
on Crawford McOuIro cawj 7 2)
' SHI Dec 1 1 '81 J. T. Mllllngton
wltnessfces and assets 7 50
1 383 Deo 1 1'Sl Wm. Petrferla-
bor 17 25
I 314 Dec 1 1 '81 Jas. Colahan la.
bor 0 30
' 87 Deo 14 'SI " " la-
bor 3 70
' 221 Apr 12 W.Ias. Dyke cost
as committee to A 1' litackes-
leo 2 00
pnenas . . 30
' 38'J.lanlt '84 Thos. Ledllcoat
smithing 9 10
' 3'JOJttllll 8t " "
labor 5 80
II Sl.Marl4 TM A B Fortner
nails e 8 08
" 33 Mar 14 '81 Jas. Calahan
rem. nuisance 4 50
" 39) Mar 14 -84 Pat'k. Barren
labor 4 00
" 397 .Mar 14 VI Jas. Calahan
labor 4 07
" 398 Tnos. Gregg constablo s so
" 3'J9 Mar 27 '64 Jos. II. Thomas
bervlng notices 5 20
" 401 Mar 37 '84 Jno. McDonald
libor 3 00
" 403 Apr 4 '81 n F Curry taking
, prisoners to Bloom 14 00
" 405 Apr 4 '84 OB Millard pow
der AO 55
By balance duo o B Millard on
settlement for iwj 4 oa
" 2 per cent commtislon on
15392 33 45 85
iSpcor's Port Grnpo rino
milts CKI.HIlltATKI) WINRls the lillre lulco of
I tho dead rlno onorto tlrane. raised In Sneer's
vincyarus. lis invaiuauie,
Tonl: anl Stren;thonlsg Properties
are unsurpassed bv nny oilier Wine. Belnir nro-
I duced under Mr. wneer'H own nerMOnalsui,erlslon.
its purity and genuineness, nre guaranteed uy the
principal llospftaUand lloanlsot HcaUhwholiavo
uxuuiuii iu l nu ynuiiKmi, cuuii may puritiM; ui
It. and tlio weakeHt lnvnl d sa It In ndvantafrc.
Itlstiartlcularlr benenctal to tho aired nnd
debilitated, nnd sulul to tho varlousallmentsthat
anect I ho weaker sex.
it is in every respect A wine to bi. belied ox.
Speer's Unfermented Qraps Juiop-
Istholulceof tho Onorto (Iranos nrescrved In
Its natural, fresh, sweet stato aslt runs Iron thfl
uresn uy iumii(nuon, inereoy U'.'siroying mo exci
Icr ot ferinentailon. it li perfectly pure, t req
Livia njui us uuu wiii Keep iu uny cuinaie.
Sneer's Burgundy.
Is n dark rich medium Dry Wlno used by the
wealthy classes na a Tablp or Dinner Wine, and by
pnysicians incases wnero a ury wino instead oi a
i swevi. puri, is uesireu.
Speor'a (Saoialite) Olaret.
Is held In high estimation for Its richness as
DryTablO Wine especially suited for dinner use,.
Speer's P. J. Sherry.
Is a wlno of Sunorlor Character and nartakes 0
the rich qualities of the grapo from which It'll
1UUUC. '
Speer's P- Brandy.
IS A PUltU distillation from thelrraoe. and
stands unrivalled in this Country for medicinal
' It has a peculiar flavor, similar to that of tho
grapes f romwhich it Is dlstuied,
Seo that the signature ot ALFIini) SPEKIt, Pas
saic N. J Is over tho cork of each bottle.
Sep. S8-'83lyr.
for the working class. Send 10 cents for
ipohiage, nnu wo will mail youiee, n ruyui
Jvaluablebox of samnlo goods that will .put,
vnu in tho wnv ot m.ikiii" more money In a
few days than you over thought' possible at any
business. Capital not requlicd. We wlll start
you. You cuu work all tho time or In (spare time
only. Tho work Is universally adapteU ,to both
sexes, young and old. You can easily cam from
50 cents to J5 every evening. That all V'ho wnnt.
may icst mo ousincss, wo mai;e uus uiiparma'ti
oner i to nil that are not well satisfied wo will tend
tl to pay for the troublo of writing us. Full parti
culars, directions, etc., hentfrec. Fortunes will bO
made by those who give tncir wnoio time to me
work, ilreat success absolutely-sure Don't delay,
start now. Address STrvtON Co., Portland,
Maine. Dec
J3393 70
2 5)
,5 CO
tho bust, of rations.
. i - . ...
Tl,i Tirinemlpickspiiti.'ils tti success in .si"i:. .. -.....-.. t
Tlie1 demand V duck and geese 'raising aro plenty of So ffiffiag&ltP J6 'J .
stock feeding to-day is raoro for roots om water a,ld pasture,
than any Other ono thing. Almost ov. wm who h'avo'.tried it.say-thata
ery-farm-has all that it needs of other ood cr0p 0f cabbaKe
kinds , of fwd , but while tb? flesh- growing a ,few'.t6bal;od ,plantJamong.
formtriglfodds coritain inore moisture tllem
than the fat-fprming, and therefore are " , , . ,
moro liko roots in nlinr.intPr. tW full Corn roots run shallow, which ao-
far, tshnrt. Thorn U Snlhinrr tn tnlrn COlintS for tllO fact that hilled COm
the placo of roots except ensilaco. and blows down more easily than
we'arp not quito ready to believe that
eyim that ciin'. At all events ensilage
costs tho most, and if wo allow it all
tho advantages over roots that its war
mest admirer would claim, tho differ-
ehco in tho con would still, wo think,
S'o 830, May 10 "83JtIch. Orant
aabar,j'j fr,
KoHsa, Way lO.'-Js.l! Hungarians
No 139, May 10 't3 Jno. McAn
: drew, labor,
No 146, May lu 'SI Pat'Ck Lan
, gou, labor, .
NofWSOt'Junfl '83 Wm. prnnt,
Np'siftyluialiS'&l Mich. Barrett,
25,1, Juno 14 '83 Mich. Barrett,
234, Ju'ijd''&l' fcilch. Barrett,'i
if level
culturo is used.
Two slaves, formerly owned by Jeff No5o jrunc, 14 -si, DuLcaianan,
D,ar8' .,!nl8naUtaUOn, fr rat?cXangon
An Australian ram was sold in that
0 33
4 3
I uii 1
'10 to
To amount of orders outstanding
last repx
auiount of orders Issued dur
ing year
By amt. of orders redeemed
ouistanuing ior
amt. " ' " from
previous years
Amount of bonded debt
"coupons outstanding
' " nrilprs '
iBalunco dua o B illllaid
Pairview Elsslptliic InsUs, '
The houso Is specially nttedupfortho comfort
of Invalids whodeMrea pleasant and Christian
home, stands on high ground with plenty of
hhaile. Personal attention given to every patient."
Electricity nnd llalvaulsiii In their different inodl
ilcatlons a spi-clallty. l'rof. Mills has given many
years of htudyund practice to H1L1 branch, and
hundreds will testify to his skill.
send for circular, stating what paper yousaw
-ilia. rr..,vu .iii,ih,
Lock Box 97. lllngliamton, N. Y.
Sept. 7 '8.1-ly.
S463 29
$3550 Of
1193 10
1140 60
931 .15
$3550 07
13G00 01
53 tti
8043 91
Pat'k Laniron 1 8 33 )
oU Jumi.u IB-JaaarauHa- - '
Amount due by Jno, Moran treas
for'io so 11
Amount duo by D F Curry treas.
ior '&u 0.
Amount due by D Walsh col for
TO 477 00
Amount duo by Thos. Gi egg col.
. iort .1031
Liabilities moro than assets 13J41 29
uuvu it wtu wit truuiu Dtlll, wu Ilium, - , . . i.,nA
niako roots preferable. Why cannot !untry he ,ar8 Bum. &l'9'
wa inaugurate a reform in this matter, Tho wool taken from s fleece, was
and those of us who havo never given over four inches iu length.
attention to root crops begin now to
do so t The mangel wurtzel is not I with phosphorio painti so as
mously, tnougu there aro those who A rolatnrn mftn r ,.f
la.uu r ksT.i- T li'i'
sirablo However mangels are good - . ou
enpttgh. It would bo well if wo grow , nnn. fnr . hiink p-i.uV
root crops just as wo grow other orops, " . ,
with tho object of raising tho largest Mrs. Susan Canfield, of Ifashua. 'N.
ouantity, that coulil bo produced oon- H., bas a raatib for cbUejitiiig buttons
ststent-with quality; That Is the wav of odd pattorns. Sho has.llGO buttons
to grow,anything. It does not pay to of different kinds on otifl'string.. r
grow unit a crop, if n thing is worth Stratford (Coirn.)omaWiirtamcd
sho saw her husband kissinff,;ti-Tieitrh
bor's wife. She awbkeWd'StruoK'hira
in tho face, breaking his n6se.
15. i, liuticr s nouse in l.iivvieiieo :h
a largo plain building with a flag staff,
cultivating at all, it is worth cultiva
ting well. But it is better to grow
Halt a crop ot roots than none. It is a
very careless operation to cultivate
roots upon badly prepared or poor land,
for it costs just as much to grow an
aero of roots on poor laud as it does' V" viuyuicu b'uu ' '
upon rich, and it costs no moro to Cd with handsome, substantial furni
grow them on land that la in proper ture'
condition than it does on land that is An Alabama colored woman shot a
lumpy, trashy, etc, If the planting is an for snatching a book, ifrpnj her,. A
properly done in rows, and tne plants man who would snatch a book awayi
nro mnue 10 bijiuo. in line in 1110 row, jrom a poor, Ignorant neKress'onciil to
bor 1 00
0 272 Juno 14 V3 Mich Hannon
laoor . 2 or
0275 Juno 11 'Si John Navln
labor 14 00
0 270 June H .'83 Jno. Clarko la.
nor 3 si
02.10 June 14 -83 Leddlcoat la- ,
bor-.j I : I ; J . 7.15
O290 Jdly 11 '83 JaS. Calahan
laoor . - 20 of
aoo July 11 '83 Mich. Barrett
an Aug 0 '81 Win, Orantlabor
813 'Aug 9 '83 Win. Dalloy U
. bor
sm Aug 9 '83 I'at'k Curran la
bor ,1U Aug 9 83 L A Blley 4: Co.
. plant aud work ,
337bept, so ftl 'l'aVk; Lynch
, labor
'SU1 Sept ,20 '83 Thos. Fern Jr.
383 Deo H -S3 Thos, Gerraty
2 Feb 18 "81 Barron i: Hart
man order book
133 Aug is '83 Jno .Hanley,
hauUng ,
ltu Autf is ha Jii Cannon U
178 Nov n vs O it Millard kun-drlcs
i,u nov u 'bj win. nryson
salary 50 00
187 Jansi i avr Michaels
labor l 00
luajansi'SI Henry Constan.
tlal labor
19J Janai -83 Geo Wills labor
Hw.uur lu'sj.w-
$14717 93
We. tho auditors 'for tho BorouBh of Centralla.
havo examined the nbovo accounts and nnd theiu
u uo correct as btated.
J. 1". W. 1I1LEY, Auditors.
B. L CUltltAN. J
11 07
10 01
0 07
4 00
100 00
1 07
14 83
S3 00
6 00
1 23
2 20
1 :
the cultivation may ho dono by horse
power, and tnus save tlio greatest ex
pense of cultivating roots hand culti
vation. Unless this is dono the land
should bo inado scrupulously clean of
weeds before planting, for every weed
adds to tno expense unless it is permit-
...J 1 I.. !. ...!,,
bo killed.
Ruilroads occasionally go into the
Ijauds df a Receiver, but old maids
don't. Thoy can t get any receivers.
Tho evil that men ' do lives after
tiem. Sumo people write poetry that
7 oo
s no
H, Mll in'MH.YUill llAcltnin I
M iu.
i 49
3 20
231 Apr 13 '83 Wm Krtckbaum
assignments to treasuri'rj
233 Apr 12 '81 Jas. 'Calahan
rem. nuisance
221 May iu 3 Jas. Calahan lu- ,
bor ... 1 .it I i i93J t
220 Matf o MJos. Huglurflay ltl , .
led .(p grow unmolested, and it will I is noi published until after their death.
add to tno expense men in tno snapa
of a diminished crop. When there is
a very larue acreage, largo franc imldo-
mcntB nro used, by whioh two or threo
rows arc cultivated at a time. It it
better lu root cultivation to plow In
tho fall, nnd to replow iu tho spring.
Then level and thoroughly pulverize,
nnd tho sol is ready, .so far as thy pie
chanical'work is concerned.
Now that he is married, Oscar Wilde
will havo to dron knee breeches or bo
accused of wearing his wife's stock-,!,'
It may seem singular, but it ia nev
ertheless true, that a womrtil call stand
squarely in Pcnunsylvania and yet be
in rrinewj'Jerev"-" - " ' JWI:!
V.,. An 3 ,h tlotwl nt.l '1 .i
tH"-' mw m -vv -..-.I . moor fo.
out it. Tho best Vav s to'havo the " . A' M Mich. Troyan
v . .. . ... - . . i, i laoor'
257 June ll '81 Thos. Kelly la
bor I
238 MaV io -si jno.'Han'ey la.
8 May 10 '8.1 Thos. Kellcy la
bor 231 May 10 '81 Mich. Barrett
2J0 May 10 'til Mich.1 Troyan la
bor Hi
218 May 10 m B J Dvko labor
wo May io '81 Thos. Gerraty
10 '83 Jno. McDonald
213 May 10 -a.'! Jno, Itinea la-,
bor . ,,A
211 May 10 'Sl Jno. Dalley la.
SllJlayjlO'SIMIch. O'Connor
labor m
245 May! 10 '83 Jno. O'Connor
lnhnr .1
"! 2:i8juna It W Jas. Calahan
S 00
5 31
5 81
2 60
6 00
1 j
(CVmffnurttro'nt last ictit.)
How Watch Cases are Made.
Imitation always follows a successful
article, and Imitation is ono of the be&t
proofs of real honcbt merit; and thus it is
that tlio Junto Host' Cold W'aicli Case has
its imitators. Huycrs run always tell the
genuine by the truite-mark of a erou-n, from
which is suspended a pair f
tcales. llo tiiroiiOTH croini and &
teaks aro stamped in tlio rap of tlio watch
cate. Jewelers uio very cautious about en
dorsing nu article unless the not only Anoto
that it is good, but that the character of
tho manufacturers is such that the quality
of the goods will be kept fully up to iltmdard,
Willi iMronT, Pa.. I'eli. IS, 18S3.
Tha JimlM Bou' oolil Watch Cuua ptt tllu hot
cike. Jtb out I veil ae)UmfU:r, Don't umiI
to recoiiimend Ibemi tliey Aell tieuiMlut. One of
xuy cUBtotnera tiaAhadAjAiiiun lttW Gold Watch Caho
lauwiforao yi'r.,n,llllxidAtJer. Wiuitlili
catw I do not htwlUlti to kivo uy uu gUAXUitn, Ok
rulally with the uwaii,1 tmnroied cunt, which
wxiiawbc tvtrlAUng. Jmt X, Dxiut, J.u.Ur,
TlilA iroM rant), No. em. kuowil att the Jamea lUmf
Gold WalchCaito.caiua luw my iKMUteaalou about IKS,
ihu tn lu una tluca that Minn, and la attu lu rood
condition. Tlio mo euient If ttiaona wlikh aalu tha
caaa wlifn I bouvlit It, audita condltloit auowa tbat
i the cane haa ruuly out-woru tha nioveuiut, which la
,1'kjedout. Uaiitin A, Howkll,
U Board a lllrutni JV. K. II. it IWntA? Ck. I ti.i alkap l.ttj.Ut,. tfil.k Taw rutarln, ralla.
l,blB, ra., lor.U.., llW.trat.4 1'aataU.I ,kila itw
'Stmit Vim Aa4 ki;.UtM Tltli Imm .r, Mt4.
(lb U Cur.'Mued.) t
sn m mi a
r & 4ft j
rn.lnnr, l.ttcto f n tt nl.l Inilxr nnur a l0 lit
iilnety-four year old, who used to sit iu reporter writout ug In the. WPSjPr
Georyo WnshhiLrton's lan. It is com- fr yQU.
forting to know that, oven if George A olVk'Urthq" JMffgohllQ'lJs-; ga)3
couhlii'ttelj ajje, Iiq used to havp some; Tjibrary vas ,ic i'eijry' ioAertjiJ in au- i
fuu with' the girls. ' tk'rShs tha bft cu tfio.yigna.liirea. pi I
. etninont n onPnVllft' bld'ilocumonlB1 '
"I don't think tntioh of that," said a
waiter scornfully, as ho picked up
a two cent pieco given him by a custo
mer. "Neither do I," replied tho cus
tomer, 'otherwise I shouldn't havo giv
en it to you I'1
etninont non ftpmllA' ' bid ijoei
! : n ,1 1. 1 1 i n . 1 1 A . . t.'. (1 . d i
tAnnLlewollynnyWli, W Al
Wooden Men. iier jntu. nusuauu.iutu
opo. Her oldesj, sou topk ,no to the
gravo with bitu. Her.otherJiboysraBd.
oily child is stubbing nround on one.
26.1 Juno It tl Jno. McDonald
21IJUHO il '83 Jno. nines la
203 June 11 '83 Jno. Dalley la.
2WJunBlf83 Midi. O'Connorl .1
207 June 14 "83 Jno. O'Connor
U'il tnn.ll IU4 1'tnr ItrnllAV
270lJuer4,8l Wm lilnL'la. "
bor 3J
2ti June 11 '83 Jno. Bryson la-
bor , . 8 75
2:s Juno 11 '83 MlcU. Jlakey
labor 23 1
ai 31
i 91
li J3
$ 07
5 83
2 07
0 81
6 81
Till) unit.'rsl'.'ned offers advantageous InrtiiRn
meuts In tho purch iso ot the following specialties
Tho Perry Spring Tooth Harrow, the best
In luo .Market.
'All kinds and irrades of Phosnhato bv thn M AltY
l,v.ii rr,iiui.i.iau uim ,-uuui g., uo.
ESPY Columbia Co,, Pa.
May 2-3 mos.
' Mayso-lwd
J. E.
Sole Agents in America for the
Ekegren Watch,
Universally conceded to be the best
high-grade Watch In
A splendid assortment in all the
varieties of Chronographs, Calen
dars, Repeaters and Plain Timers.
Purchasers contemplating ,the se
lection or a fine Watch, Bhould in
vestigate the' merits of this 'superb
Inquiries by mall will receive iprompt
and careful attention.
902 Chestnut Street,'
l'or tin1
Celebrate d-ClilcUcrlnif, lvers
1'nliil, nnd V04eAi Bon I'iiinos.- Worhl-ra
nowiiiM Ksltyiarif us, Vlollnsi AcCor(lcpns
nn.l Hl.i'vt Music lVlel'rtvd While, New,
lllyii Arm Davis, .New Wj'V pV,
Join,, 'mid I.lul.t ItuiiiilnglVriiest d Sewhifel
Mnolilnes. Nttdles, oil hnil rittaehmetltH
fnr nil makes of Sowing Mnchlnes.
- 1 1
1 1
11. , ."jvl'f '
'1 -. '
. tti.
' 4
,)l .1
n ' 1 f J
lWl'T ' . lf' r&.Vf 1 ' N
Pennsylvania Hailrold.
WWFtb n ar nH
-HHullll 1 I 11- J J
1 lenrdlA'M Sleeper undisturbed until
1 .
1 1, ll
I'.J.'JU. i
,ll "I l, ,
., -,M,i'-
,1 H'iltfrj'
''flfl ,'l!i null
, !, ,1! 1 '
H ui','
I il, . ,' nil '1
.bill I'.
hilaclqfpliia.,&. Erio R. R., (Divis
ion, and' Northern L-entral
' 'Ra'jlway,
. ,. W '
In t nut May 12th. lSSl.i Tl'otnj, leaw bun-
bury. ' , ...
lii.m.. Sea Shoro Kxiiress (dallr excent
Sunday), for HarilsburK and Intermediate btntlons,
arriVini; UL 1 Ulliiuctj,maa.iu ,. tit., tiut. iuiiv,
0.20 1). 111. t llalllmoie, 0.10 p. in. ; Wnshtngtnn,
G.iiO 11. 111., conned UM at PUIladelphla for nil eu
fhoro points. Through passenger coach to
i'tmi: Mi'i.tln.ive.tme.y 'Iddilvl. Tor hitrilsbure
nnd Intermediate statioiis,nriHliiK at, Philadelphia
u. m. : now 101K, iu,su p. 111.: iiaiMinore.
7.sopi in,; .iWnfelilnttton, aiapnu Piirior ear
llirUllUll V" J llll.iuuii'uttv itjlVA itspviiwt Luaviiva
llirlmghtoPhlladeitiiiuttml ll.litlif.ore.
8,20 p. in. ,Wlll:unh!ioil ArooulinOdatlnnXdaily)
for llariliburrf nnd all Intennodlato stations, urrlv-
ln(ratil'liiiaqe)pniaa,an.'m. aew iorK ciuir. 111.
Mt'euUut cur uccoinuiodatlons can. bo secured ut
lihiiiBiiiiriHnrPlilliidcltfifanndNewTurK. On. sun-
days athrouKli blceplnir car will be 11111; on this
tram irom iiiuuii;
, 2.8O a. nv-rrirle Hall (dallK.racqpt, .r Monday)
for" HarrlsWe and lntemiedlaW stntlous,
nirlvlng nt Philadelphia 7.50 n. m. New,VotK,
11.20 a. tn. i Baltimore 7.40 a. in. ; Washington, 8.50
n. in., Ahrouglt Pullman MeWln'.corslirutruh 011
this train to I'hlladelplila, Jlaltlnipro and V ashing
ton, nnd through pusWiigof I couctiWS 10 ITilladol
phlanndBaltUnorc. , . , ., ,
r, ,n . r. sviisiH'lfib; 1 V
R.iMi.ifn'.!tRrf!ilill 'fdalfr'eitednS Runiiay). Mr
.Krlouud all 4iitermodlatobtatloiisiWltili through
'Pullman l'Slace7 car and tlirtnignpAbsrnger
coaches w WIC, lino .mrougw A'uiunaa i-uiacu
carsto BulTalo via Kmporlum. on Sundays .this
train runs to Henovo, lth Pullman rniacecar'lb
Wllllamsport and passenger coachestq itenovo.
lifer iuaictndnlgua ana Inttfmiodluto 'ktiittons,
liocncsier, iiunaiouiiuniuguiiiraiis, uiui uawiii.
Sundays) ulth through l-ullmaul'alaco caraiid
passenger coaches to itochesler.i ' , ,
LockilItvcn and intprmodUtto stattoOS. .1 0" Sun
days this train runs out,' to Wllllainsport. , ,
, 1,10p.m. Klagara lttprcss (dally oxaJpe. Sun
day) lor, ,Knnufu!ul lutii mediate statloua.
througiipassengercoachlstO K? tv. lw Canitrf-
uaigua nun principal iiiieraamaii .sumi'iia,
llocliester, Bullulo nnd Nlaguui rails tutli
Uirougli paSHonger .coaohe.3.tuiiochttt)r; audTar-
lorcuriu HuiKins. ,. . ,
' '8.'23 p. til. I'ait Line (dally1 except! sun'dlryifor'llf
novo and Intermediate MaitouH,,uinl illluilia,-WtiV
klnsaud Intel mediate stations, with, through pas
benger coaches to lienuvo and Watklis.
, pAST.Ap SOUTH, ,.r , . ,
.News Kxprebs .leaves,, Philadelphia, 4.30 a.m.!
llnrrliburg, j;ip A.'in! clalty, univlug nt sunbury
WAS. -ft ' ic lr
Niagara Lxpress leaves
Philadelphia, 7.40 a. m. ; Baltimore 7.80 it. w: fanliy
except huuday), nrrhlng ut bunbury, 1.10 p.., 111.,
with . through Parlor car iroirv Philadelphia
and through pabseiiger- couches ,f itiiu 1'hlliuiel
phld and Baltimore.- ' " L
, Vast Una leuves New.Yorlc SCO ,n. in. j.Philadol
plila.ll.ioa. ui. j Washington, ..o a. 111T; KjlU
inore, 10.00 ajni., (dally except Huday)'lirrllng U
bunbury, 6.20 . in., with, thiough pabseugor
coacues irom I'luiaucipiiiiiuuu iiitiumoie.
.iltl -
Krla MuU leavesew: toiKHOpp. ni( j; l'hlladol-
i.; Washington, taiop. m. ;
luauy; nirniugui. unuury f.iu
Pullinau Sleenliig
1 iiamiiiore nua
bhlll, 11.20 p. ill.
mure. 11, im i. In.,
a. m.. . with tluuuirli
from l'hllddcliililii. Washington und'i
tUiougli iiabacnger coaches Irom l'idliuleluhla.
Sleeper from Wushlilglou 1 uus dally except Sun
MINIHUtY, lIA.l.liTON W 1 1 . 1 v U-1 1 , K 1 1 K
IIKAMill llA'lllw'AV'.' '
(Dally ox'cent Sunday.)
Wllk'csb.lrl-n Alnll luiiM'S Slinburv 10.IU) :l. m..
arriving nt Bloom reirj- li.27'u.m.,
to p. in. ,, ,
Ilxnress Bast leaves Sunbury S.S3 u. m..,arrlvliur
at i!ioomteiryr.3un.ih., wukos-baire s.0ip. 111.
sunUui y Jlull leai is Ukeobarru 10,8,1 u. in. an IV.
Ing ut lllooin terry la.ul p. 111., hUubury 12.53 p. 111.
t.Ai'ivra ttiai. nans tttii. i. ill., ui-
1MIW at Bloom i'tny 4.15 p.iu:, ailnbiuy p.
M i
(I "ilT
ui, 1 1 il
Basy Ttirins. sjiiliiractlon CaiiaranVeeil.
,: TUArNb.
, , ( ,Mayl9 1884 . ,
I (HOarTiD.
I'or New York.l'h!ladelnbla.I!ladlng.Pottaville
Tamaqua, Ac, H',fO a. m
Iforjcautwlso;.!), 0a m.ii.ia aad 10'S p.iuil'
rat wuuauwpori,o(sj 11.43 a. m, aud ,oa,p. iu
ror Lew lsbiirt' aiid iu'gburi , 4.00 p! m.
TKllKri run SUI'tilAI 1.BAVA' AO ruLUJrtb,' (SLiiPA I
monrTKO.); i
Luarv New York, via, J'aui..iua o,oo u. ta. and
vla.;liouuq Irook Koutu ",il a,ta.
Leave Phljaaelphla, )i,&a, oi. J
ui&vu ucuaing, 11,00 i. ai., j'muviiiu, ii,d p, ut
and Tamaqua, 1,83 p. ta.
Leave C&tawtsui. c.SO 11.15 a. m. and j.oj d. in.
Leaviwiinatniipt)rt,.4ia.m14.i5p.'m. tVitSeAi j!. m
" 1'l!en1jburg 4.41 p.m. ' ,
Paisenjers'lb ani'froi'WIa'lelphra go thf 6'uh
uuiiT bU n
'olnR to tlis grrat
bo i out oner two
f .iltCT.I Kl out brain U'wdrualnl.Sbklltinll! Mat 1.1, AOj lb, man
taia'iiiMnpau, cootlaltJ lo oiln ) W lollli,.(itlilJ.iil ,imult c
1 atKita
:i.y iNt;iiKASKi .lii liens ok,
rcquftti of bfnoni
ui lh lailt.l IUU of 'J frcui IU. kiln. conirltli,i Iba orJ I
r rqutti or tif rioni
' llin I Mill, r rilll riHIlU. t.lCU. liiuv urnuimi i.
'rAINWHiailT & CO.,
Pmi.ADEi.ruiA '
HICK, 3PIm3,lllCAKB80DA,:C.,C.
N. R. comer second and Arott stroma,
nrurders will recelvo prompt attentln
wanted forTiia Lives of all tho PhhI"
dents ottna u. . me largest,
soinest. nesv hook over swiu tor 101 man
twlco our nrtco. Tho fastest selling
book In Amorlua. Iininenso nrollts to agents. All
intelligent peoplo want it Any ono 0 iu become ft
successful agent. Terms tree, iui.i.btt hook ,
l-ortlandj ilalno. Deo 2.y
9th St. south of Chestnut, 0110 squaro south of
the N'uw Oiuce, one half square d'oin Walnut
Ht. Theatre und iu tho very biwnoss centie of tho
city. 011 tha Ameiloan uiul Buropean plans flood
rooms from 500 to AO) iter day, Heiuodelled uud
newly furnished.
W. Payne, M.
nov so-i y Owner H. Proprietor.
TXTn-nlnA Caiivassors In erery county tn tills
vv ailbcu btato to tauo orders mr nursery
Stock. Stmtlu "'id ueslraiiui rinpioyineiu ill
)I WAIiliH, Experience, in tno busi
ness not required. Kursorle widely amt lavorr
ablv knowu. Vur termu address f'
Thi 0. L. Van Dussn Nureary Co ,
Van Duien Nurw rles (istablUUo! 1633.
Also stock at wholesale,
April 4.i3too w r
inn RoxEsl,v ;: a VoTOrr"1 special premium w
yl At ot.tttt ll.t .lA'mcil, pu,J.4 lb. Ilti im half ibe uumlrti tl 4 it lliu eoauflMr. l..lua t""""l' P"1"" AuSim.i ai iIaiala' J ao li!l t,ai I'll at AAmaiwIllai.i
J"'"'. f .f:.i!5 .T;:..t'v,,I.J ...I nal.a.terli'l.-. ttw . od.ra
lb. 1
! an;
5ii,ih: fluiAla ol all atniliua tawpt Hoftartlo A aaaira, awit.ol
r II. ut . .. ... - . a I It 1 1 N I I.. V
Bliin. aii i... -f ' , .,.,,' tJ.h.l.t.eit lllllol wurd.l
.1.1. Diltt OQ b. Mat lu nil, HI t " !'"
I.l n4lotrll,tt aHpar taiata. BO
Itacat.or oil.twl.a not aJuilll.d.
,4lo I'HK I4Y'H SOAP q.M..
t Ibroan out,
Utt. HUtb,
..ItblU. L.1
at.Ut'lAt'l,,. lMl.ltlt,llU'ni'.. 1T60 'llaVAT'l 8trtel.
tli .!!..) if. .,h. a!J Mai" It .oJ,a,l(.4 fjoalatlltl',aln lb... I.e. rli" re.l,.d
f. hS nha! illlr laaawlf bll J.Iiii l "I ' Jl"l In Hl't. tat aVai
mdb'w a ll I. latt hWl aid tl Ii ali f Ji d.tlrt. li.l a.ol..lal. .Ill a .t.lf .fori W iaia ini 1 rot.
!I.J itSa! b'al li . lb.V alU iwi.raa.FilU, an laaalpllt 11 W, for.arJ la ajr I "''; OlllttlUaUi, a.( of
ttt..l ,ifi ,"r..afiall"l(rattl,lchllaillitMMaar ll.aalllullj I'lcluri C.rji.
t, .Wa vi 'fill AI 1. Iba pulllt an I bl oai mad.. IK 111 u.a ju b... no Halllai, Iwatllot. or Hard ttubblni.
,, ..V.. lit f?L aU aliVai' Vi . II f 'rfrll Ivajlt It. HA 'f HI A I .... Ml do all-. .1.1.1 bf It II aa-d a. lb. f
It llttt ''"'""'J??, r.V.nin. Ilaaallrullf Ko,bi.d 1' oir. C.rd. ol m.n? dultb. lit. a, U.ooU.'lur.J b
"uli i! Hilt K. 1 III! .13. 1I4. IIW i l, How... b?. 1143, HJJ, llil, IIU 1161 St.. l'a..,rA.
DWOilSBUltCl, PA",
i ovi'osrrB'cooBT douse.
k iir.n nnd convenient a unplo room!. Bath rooms
iSt".m?t eou 1 walir, and all nyxlom couveulences ,
B Birwielis EoM
OPPOSITI! I- tl li DllPOT,
Fred Bocr, Prrtp.
BEtwick P.
Klwft ho nbovo ildestalillslied lUepsed house,
v lilidt bo lias rt'oently flttiil Up nllrtt oIuW stylo
iiid bo offers ua'Oiniiiodatlons equal to iinyt
The bar is suppUed with thochulcoot ales, wines,
liquors aud clgaiu.
flood Stabling Accommodations.
Alt' a 9m
The most popular rosort ontho susquennnno
lUver Is tha Wapwailoiien Valley Hotel, WapwM
lopen, LUiernoCo, 1'a. .
5, W. MM, Proprietor.
This lioueo has been tnorougnly renovaleil and
M lilted uii with evcrv oonvcnleiices for Ira.
(vekrs, tourists, hunting and nshlng partlon, Ut H
ueugniiuiiy bituateu luiue iniusi out ueauuiui
eelTau ot river and mountain souuery lu clue
ity Aliiiti, uy iuuhiuuv)i
Council Cup
lind special Inducomonts aro otTerod to all who
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iwiimodatlonti. Tho bar bupplledpnly with tho
thoicest wines and Unuors, excellent Btablo ac
tqntmodauans, boats to Hire so,
'flo ExTOrTIOllr7E tXE
April ss-om
send six rents for postago, and
cclvu free, a coatiy box ot goods which
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'away than, anything elte lu this worh
All, ot either sev. luocucd from first hour; The
Lioadroad to fortune oivens before tho workers
absolutely suit). At onco address, Tt4b Is Co,, Au)
BUSia, jiatue,
Ji It. wooir,
MM l'ai4iiger ' Agent.
Ithoutchaugool cars, i
' ' 1 J. B. WOOTTBN,
Generavl'assengef had Ttcliet'Age'nt. '
Jan. 10, 1881 rr.
'M'E8TEllJI It.VlLItOAD. ' '
to.irt.1 p.m. a.m.
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(4 1 25
,41 1 lid
10 1 M
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27 1 00
22,12 55
lt'12 61
12 12 48
OH 12 II
OH 12 41
III 12 !!'.!
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51 12 1)0
50 12 20
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tO 12 08
18 11 M
11 11 50
05 11 41
58 11 kil
51 11 111
il). 11 80
t 11 1M
.lJIUHCV uu, , , ,
. Lackawanna,)
50 '11 13 '
miu on
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55,111 11
"40 10 80
iii. a.m.
0 l'J
11 (III
8 50 Piltbton.
8 M..WesfPittston.
8 'W,.,.Viomlng...-.
Sill.' . ..Maltby"...-.
Hai .,:.Klngiton..'.,i(ings't6ii.. .
s 00,1'iyiuoutli June
, ...riyiiioiiiu....
i.MvondatOi .
liiinlock's crecli
)Nit shinny. t
Hick's reny,.
i.Ile.ioli Haven1, ,
.Ilrlar Creek..
.... tiuiiuro,...,
CdtawtM 'Bridge
,. .aianvuio..,,
...i L'ainoroQ....
8 21
8 17
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7 47
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a. in.
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5 55 U l i 2 25
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11,00,057 2,08
O'lt'lO 012 40
0 2.1 10 00 2 51
0 28,10 ItiO
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0 50 10 20 I) 11
U 55 10 a.) 3,15
T (fi 10,41'a 21,
"7 12 10 48'3 32'
T 21 10 tV U 45,
7 47 11 10 a 57,
' T'M li 1'4 0.1'
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am u o4'4r'
H 55 12,20 6 Ml
U 04 l-.'-3J 0,101
U 20 11 50 SjifO
a.m. p.m. p. in
tuptilntcmlont's omoit
MifrOru'illoHi'Vfklst, :
-. il'.' I J
u.MIn at his old
Ui CEL. and haa
tlAItllBKSlini'. He
stand tinder BXCIIANCiKi
as usual a I'fUST.CLASS
respectfully solicits tho
patronage ,(fhs old oujtwoefi ad of I lie puoUo
tenerally, ulyi,'fo-tt
Amy iti-iw
Extract ol Annnllq. .
Kature'i awn Color.' Erlrhttit
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