The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, June 13, 1884, Image 2

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I I, Hid!
O. Hi Blw:;i, ) -.11.,.
J. E. JJIUonbondor.,! E4ora'
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FHIDAY,.,TUNIU3, 1834,
Win ,
Hislion 1', J. Itynn of St. Louis litis
been ' apiioM . Arcl.bUi.op of Pliilrt-
dolphin (ty tho Pope. It is mA to bq
ft wise iiml J.ilily sAtisfnotory Htilco-
Snmufcl J. iildoi. hfis writlcti altllpf,
in which ho ulalnis tho right to rctird
from in.blio life. It is coiiclicJ in Bilcl.
terms as to mnko it almost certain that
ho wilt not , nccqpl a nomination for
President.. '
i mm m -1 . . .
Tho Now York Hun sayH that Til
don is out of tlio raco its a Presidential
candidate, as ho will not accent, and
aftor a discussion of tlio qnalillcatlrtns
mid avnilaiul.ty ot other prom
inent men, finally concludes that .Sena
tor Hayard of Delawaro is tho strong
est cantlttiato tlui Uelnocrats can
Tho republican party has nominated
its most brilliant ntld most valuable
moiubnr for Prosidont, of tho United
Statcsj With all tho doubtful points
in his record ngatnst him ho has proved
bo strong with his party that no consul
oration of prudence could avail against
his determination of oltmbltig lo tlo Us far nS posSiblo Concea the weakness and In
Presidency if republican votes, could1 congrtiity'or th6 result. A longer nnd inoro ver-
put htm there. Jvvery idoa ot foar of
tho people's L'ood iudement was cast
flmt !), Hnrv llli., .rmnt.l Imi'n
... ...-...-.j ... ......
bis way. Hero is magnotisnn indeed.
IIo has tho shout to-day ; will ho havo
tho vote in November 1 Oan hu citrry
ew xoric against jiiiiicn or oven
Cleveland T It is extremely doubtful.
Tho great chauoo of tho democratic
party has nrrived. Bostdn Jour
Harper's Weekly, tho Boston Ad
vertiser. Snrinrrfield Mass.! Hcimbli-
can, 'Worcester (JIass.j iSpy, Nqw York,
Times, No York J2venitg J'ost ,am
jirouKiyn i7iicii:irq among mo promi
nent 'republican journals wrioh havo
n'niirtnnnnil tltnlr nnclllilv tn 'llloltiA
rn. J ..." .. I
' nnan unnnra Biinnn.inii rt' .ahi.i. I .
...Y:.ii r. i.- it .i n...
van i;.iuuiviabu iiuiu j.' luuiuiii. lu UUI-
:Tl.e indcpeuilent journals of note
wbiohiopposed the .election ,of Blaine
are tlio tsostou
Jfetos, New
Morninn Journal,
Nevf lork Htaats Zcltung, I'uckAl
Til ti ..... T' t-i 1
fiiinfiitiTiiiifi iiiiifi I'liiioriiiiniiin 1 "7
. . l
Times ana Uhipagp, Times. Other in-
dcpcndcnt,journals deplore the action
i.A 1 rnn,,Mi',.Vn' ,..,n..f i m.i ,
in,r him tlm nominno. .'
' ' I
The Coming Issue.
Tariff for revenue, sufficient to' meet
the obligations of an economic, admin-
lBiration. inai win. op(tue doctrine oi
tho'democraoy in tho impending cam-
tiaicni 4 Tariff to build un inononolios
'and swell thtj' surplus in the. treasury
and oppress a tax-ridden, lH'onle. That,
...ill , . t . . . 1 '.r , . mi I
win bo mo renuoucan aoctrino. lnov
have' put it in their nlai'form. Tho neo- I'f
pie will decide which they will have.
iJTansas City Times. ' '
Boltinc: the Ticket.
l lie movement lor independent po-
litical action against Mr. Blaine has
taken organized form in Boston at tl.o
meeting of tho Massachusetts Reform
'Club last Saturday. Tho attendance
was large. Among thdse present were
James Freeman Clarke, John 0. Dodge,
Gen. G. D. Ayers, Richard nenrv
Dana, J. Russell Reed, and many oth?r
prominent men.
After dinner the secretarv of .tlio. I
club; Mr. Ji Carter, roiid a number,
of letters. Amcng'lhem was ono frim
Charles Frauds Adams', jr., regretting
his inability to bo pres.((nt.;
IV an . , 1. Dilnnl a I .... I I ..... .. II,.
, ubii inu aikuukiuii ll.lll iicuil IIIO- I
cussed at length the club put its'senti-
ments into deeds by'unanirh'ouslyridopt
ing tho following declaration of princi
.I!.... i , i I. I
ples :
Tho Massachusetts Iteform Club regard tho nom
ination ot Messrs. Blalno and "Logan by tho rcnub-
lican party as, a distinct nnd unqualified Irepudlo-
tlonof all its professions of reform, and nsnn In
sult to the conscience of tho conntry, The mem-
bers ot tho club will under no circumstances sub-
port mem.
it was resolved mat tho independent
voters inrouguout tne country bo re
quested to join with the members of
the club in active and immediate, efforts
to-secure tho nomination by the 'demo
cratic party of such men as can com
mand tho support of tho independents.
and that failing such nopiinatiou of in-
depondont men, without distinction of
party, a convention bo called at tho
earliest practicable div to nominate
candidates in full sympathy with tho
reiona sentiment 01 ino' country.
A committee wns appointed with full
power to tnko such steps by correspond-
encoor otherwise; as may bo deemed
best calculated to carry iuto effect tl.o
foregoing votes. Tho cotnmitteo' is
authorized t6 increase Ub numbers If
desired, and to co operate with organ-
izatious of independent republicans and
others to eecuro candidates pledged to
un motion ot uol. 1. V. lllgglnson,
the following resolution was passed :
-ii-'MMOfcfd, That tho foregoing commltteo bo" in-
''!KrSrSK:.U2; SLSSrJ
nominations, and to nrennre for riilnm n-llon
"." Telegrams wero receiycd from jead-
jug New York independents rcrjupsting
n'n;early.cou8ultation on decisive action
toward repudiating the Chicago noin-
jnation, and looking to sucn ftirtliQr
steps, as may bo deemed jiecessary.
'"' Tho National Republican Conven
tlon cbmpleted its labors last Friday
oy tno nomination ot James li. Ulaliio
of Maino for President, and John A
Logan of Illinois fpr Vice-President.
Blalno was chosen on tho 1th ballot,
receiving fill votes, only 110 being
necessary to a choice. Tho news was
received with enthusiasm in man)'
places, anil while it is generally con
sidered a strong ticket, it will be op
posed by somo influential elements in
tlio Republicnii party. Tho platform,
which wo publish in full, is a botch
patch intpmled to catch tho votes of
almost every trade, profession,! clatji
and condition. It makes the oanio old
promises, that l.ayo been .repeated yoar
after year with fulfillment, and oxpeolB
tlio people to bp deceived again witji
its threudbaro falsehoods. Wo givp
below soiuo press ppinions of the plat
form. Tho republican convention might liato made n
worse platform, fur ollthluirs are possible) under
Herald, JNow ILavcni Z, r"uo v"-""-"
York JferaM. Now York, , . . ,L'l.)rc'.8i0,J18 u,?.iaVV'r OI, WT
, New' York Truth., S?" P.ncipics ana purposes, oi repuu ti-
tho sun, lmt we do not son In Hint, was one rotiM
lin Iktii made much mon ililliulou.s than this.
If Mr. Mi Klnli-y nrold'i, and Mr. (luiles i:iniii
Hlllllll, Of IVIIIlKJlMHlIn, Ik', 111 I III' text of I he
fiinn Indicate, thcnulhorsof Mill pus lnusdi ii-
IihmiI, they nir nilllliil In (In rutin, nf pirnlm lug
a moro artistically absurd nnd Insincere tiii l
sonsclcss hodge-podgo than lias disgraced nn;
party. .veto 1'orfc fYmc. ;.'rj.
ThiMrpub'leati party Is a fraud, nml llio Mino
old platform Hps nrc Innilo to ttoscnlrongnln In
this J car of grnco and liopn. -Sew York Run,
ImUf " " "
Tho republican platform reminds us forcibly of.
tho, imnrrWal cngtrnt'ss of thb flWItfc when snVki lo
boasaltit, Tho declarations ttftlio bftAtitlftil In
tcotlons of the re publican
'pbrTftTfilflfthlful to read I or would bo It yo
could forget that, It Jus not availed Itself of t Ho
ntfun J.hl Opportunities It lias had In Its long leajo
of power to do any of theso beautiful things, it
S?" ?L Lr10
not for a tariff for rtWe.iuoony. lmt thd tttrtiT
which It conttssos should bo reformed Wan its own i
iwork n poui)p qt years alto j' find what reitjonablo1
rcuuncp can 11 xiccv ina pcopio in nayp upn, ji")
relornl crfort In tlds line, which weri so lately fu-.
tllot Hien It ISk6llifi't()rclorotl(6i(l(blltMatiills
which It has RnU.UMcrM, tli6utll It lia nMerl
midonn effort 111 that direction durlitg' th mahjt
years Mnco theso grants havo laiwod, nndU had u
chance to foibld theni, Uvqaster Mrniofnivr.
it Is Just not chough ot a protection platform to
show" that, widloin fplnt nnd prindlpt6 (ho tt.
publican party tliliRK vlth tho tamo tenacity nil
ever to tho poltcy of perpetuating the bur
dens ot a war tarltf, It dare not Hqtfaiolytnr'ct tho
Usuawlth.wlUchltBasnresslYely confronted by
tho national democracy.-fiuMngton lvst.
The tariff plank will attract attention by if as-on
of. Us Intimation of inc departure In the direc
tion of reform, tliuscntblltijitlio party,toteAl n
march, as It were upon tho democracy, nnd bent It
It It can upon Its own ground. UiWmorrtfwi.
n.o republican platform Is a mass of Klltterlng
generalities." Against the Clap trap of republican
professions tlio peoplo can placo the latncntAUlo
fact of republican practice. .Veto York. H'flrtd.
Tho ltcpiiblloan platform adopted at Chicago Is
tho mobt extraordinary combination of mcajiilg-
lfss platitude And rank demagogy w llh w hlch nny
rcspectnblo party c er e'ntb.vd tt national earn
palgn. It Is llko tiiid ot thosotnonnments to vhlch
eycrj body coritrlbutca a stono of his - own design-"
jlng and the fluty ot tho builders Is to cover the
wholo with such in abundance, of ptucco as filial.
bososctgf resolutions seldom has wen composed',
ncvcr ono.thntcmbo.lled to many direct bull for
votes of scf tlons; qn,d classos wltJi so llttlo of dotl,
nlto palitlcal prlnclple.-'fa Times.
-" 1 '
Not lor Blaine,
X i.f.AWN'ti- itr.riJiii.iCAN l'Ai'tnt r.urcsES
to sqrroiT; him.
Tl.o Now Yotk Times, ono of .the
ablest republican dailies (if this .coiiti
tryf has opposed tho nonuuat.oi) of
Blaino lrbm the start. , oinco his tipnii-
nation it has. published tho follownig
editorial :
It is best,, after all that James 6.'
Blaine .should ,bo the candidate of the
republican party. His nomination has
lmml i,,'0(1 ilmiIi no r in ml ifhuo nml ull
v.v.. i t-v v.iiiv.iiii. .m. ...,
ceritv bv a tnnioritv.of that nartv. aild
4 " . -i'.( i'
tno majority must rule in tins country
cvun whcn ,l ia...h'. U!? wron' X,
party now api.ea'ls to tho cpuntry. with'
- -
'W' f"uT n 1 1 urtf I .it mitiM'ial it nnnn
. 'T "f B x '', , v,1 "
rephblldans wll d9, nM.liko Jlr. ISlajno
resent wiin neai tins alienation inai a
man''Spoaker of Abe House ,f
Piitiwioniililitrna 1 o i I rn'i I lita iilnninl it
tluenco for'Hrivatoiirain, ,who ns Secrb
tarv of State made tho enforcement of
a swindlinc claim againktia disfressdd
andi pcrishinrr sister Rormblio the mhst
conspicuous leaiure oi nis ioreign ioi
cy, n man whb had no partnor-interest
ih tho work done1 in tho last tivo 'yenrs
toward, tho ),urlhcation of tho publji
service, is a fair typo and represonta
i ! .1 ' . 1 I .1 ,.1T l .
nvo oi ana party inni saveu un;; union,
reed, tho slave nnd restored the nation-.
al credit. Dublin soberness and truth,
good friends, is this not so ? Is it nit
the of Blaine that . tally stirs tlio
beartsjof the rei.ubliean mases ? lJid
I not liis devoted band of adherents,
without tho aid of thoi oflicef holders,
who in tho most States were enlistqd
under another Hag, not only without
favor from any deinrtmnnt of. the hoV
erument, but 'against theiiniluoucu if
all, so far as that iilfltu'iico was. (
cited, led to Chicago nu nrmy of dele
gates larger than that supporting any
other candidate 1
JJil not Ulaniiirf
name lead on the first ballon nnd in
crease ita lead bv mums to tho' last
when nearly ttvo-tliirds of'tho Cotiven
lion registered in tl.o, Blniuo col
umn ? If Mr. Dlainu is not. a fairtrep
resentativo of republican principles and
' . . T .. 1. 1 : .. 1. . . l .. .
lllll IIU3tS.' UL IUIIU IlllUilll I1UIIUI Ullll coil
.science as tlioy now tie, thou tho
... I. rr - . I. f- . . , -.-r
puuiicat.s ot inainc, xsow lorir, x;e
Jersey, -Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michiga
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa artil ' Kan
sas wero wilfully betrayed in thejr piji
tnaries, in their District anil State con
vention and at Chicago, and W6 Iiavo
nowhero read dr heard tliat republican
sentiment in these States, or in any
State was stilled or perverted in orde
1 to secure lilamo delegates. JN6r was
air. isiaino nominated in ignoranco
who and what ho was. The party had
its eyes-open, it has talitn this step,
not in the dnrK nut in broad daylight
It is much better, therefore, that ?liY
Blainp should ))Q tho enndidato than
that Mr. Arthur's Iriqnds should haV
I been successful in their purnoso
thrust him on the naitv ntrainst
will. "Ye havo clearly seen and plain
ly said that tl.o great majority,'6t tlje
republicans dtd not want Air. Artllii'
for their candidate. Had ho been Horn
inated hid defeat would Jia'vo' '6igni
fled n6thit)g it "regards' .the' htavt and
virtue of the' jlarty, nothing as tO' 'tjio
favor l(s principles and present pra'iitj-
ccs Ibid in tlio oyes of tho" Atrid'ric'a'n
pcdplc. There will bo ndtl.lng ainbigii
ons, about tho defeat of ft". Blain6. II
who.rtins may clearly read tho verdict
in advance: "A canditlatonnwprthy
ot conmicuco and a party too caroled
of. its horior to bo longer truscd will
tl.o nations s.
1 .. '''at dofvat will U the salvation of
Plu inlilioan party. It will orpuro
ItS torpid Conscience, it Will stir it tt)
self. purification, it will deppso tho. false
lenders who havo fastened themselves
uI,on lli il wl'l tCJI tho rogues to thu
background and will inaku tho; patty
onco morn worthy ot honor ami nf
power in thu lioptihhu it Inn no mbly
nerved. When thu purly has passed
through the fires (if defeat and' is well
rjd of its peccant .humors it will come
back in tl.o impregnable ground of
right it stood on when it beat down
treason and diiiuiou, lo a position in
which it shall embndv the liiirho.-t
and best, impulses of American life, to
a statu of heart and mind1 which shall
fit it to bo again the custodian of Hint
matchless trust, "government of the
people, by tho people and for the peo
ple. One H'ord ns tp the positipu .of tip
Times, It .will not support Mr. Blaine
for tho Prcsiilunoyj It williadvisauo
man to volu for him, and its reasons
for this (loiiieo am perfectly well iinderi
stood by everybody that 'has ever rend
it. Without tho. montion of uaines th 0
cpursaof tlio Utmes was JoreshatliwiK
in its issue of May !29, when it repHui
to thu (mention Of a corrcfiioudoutuii
theso words ;rr-..
If the nominee of the Chicago Itepubll,
enn Convention Is a man worthy to he I'ro
sldput of Hie United States the AVu York
Tiuu will give bin. a hearty and vlgornuf
support, Jf heshall bo if man unworthy to
hold that great olllce, u man Who, person,
ally und politically, In olllcyor out, rcpre-
hoilpr anil conscience as tlpy,npw
souls principles nml .iirnrllcf's which hj
tTilftf of ilrfsii ifsimnslbT.) filFStlrlL it
U ic.simnilblt) tilf sIIi'Il
I .heir luildltliili'Jlliilt Wri
l",V-.i M 4 "1
limitllmtloW to lllw
t!.1funA (5 tliftV of T hiend '"Suitl
pli VKifiiiu. It is nut with oynlcnl In
ilil.'eionoe, lmt willi iinsnoiikiililo nml-
less, that it sees tlio roiiiililiyai iai lVT
tor vet sMy s'U1 ifTTuee niTunntis nafli't,''
for it bus (b)iio some servieu to . ihu
:.ily, I'ut with iiatieneo niid withdit
and will, siueeilty labor to set tl;c
party .)ii,Hlt hjthlii, rttitl' Ulil-tf k ullall
havo hail its new birth to dratv ti) it
all tliat is ouiitlest( iiht ami "Worth
iest in thi' manhood iif'this' Iteinlblic.
Ul I, III tin l"
itxtrntiiH rrtiiilciiL' 'j'r.Vct'c'iiliijj'iOr
I I 1 .' CIKHHM.
'Oil Syeduesij evening fcWt, week,, tlio,
nsl Susuueliniiiia ('Inssls convenril In the
rtityrined elj.cli.tif tjtsp,Jnqe., yiq oppti-
ng scrniqn was. .prchclicd.liy the WUii'S
prcsti)((iit, ltuvA, ll.,l.i))tyn,stb)p,, f(lLT
Iviiip scrvlfx., a nuouiin ;bulit, presuiit,
.Cl.tspl? proej:t(viLto elqcj.Um, fJC,ts
nual ollicer?i ,wl)qli ,res()IlrIii.S v("HowSt
president,, ItoV'l .1. llnoktir; stiUviU'-lcrk,
0, t(. Sjruick .coriisppuiling' sccrulilry(,
lf,Y, IV 9.,I.utiil., (In 'IUvvtsilny morning
the vlialriimn iinnuiii.ccil (hi! various slnulU
ng, ivoiuiulttees, nnd th'un the reading 6t,
thu.pntoclilal rdprirts wasitiikcii up.. - 'Ihli
occupied mostly tbd forcnooii ami arter-'
noon sessions. ilh-'tlicl.e Voports' the pnsJ.
tori tecoimtcil tlio'evcnls, t(i'o'lint!lilngs,
the encouragements arid riiscritirngbmcfUs,
the rctrospict nml prospl-ct'Of'th't'lr1 nilec-'
live chhrcs-, ' The general tinor llrllicso
reports inlllcittcdHV heAltfiycollrlltlbn Df
the ii'nstnriil eliartres." 'Tlio alrAlsiicrti'rc'.
port ot Claris f6r tills' tlAlcal iJe'ar'U hs'
follows i ministers 28, congregations 82,'
mcntllrrr Sl,7(0, hapllsnis' OTlj ctihTirmU:
tloHr,7(1. imVifHllwAln DAl. 'eoiitrllntllonJ
f6r,lidiieV61i'ucc4:),18(, rnlbilfor corij(ri'.
gatlofinl'purposc'sSai.Oai. ;'
The business sessions of Friday ilml Sat
urday' wero mostly occupied lu hearing
therepdtts rtf stAndina comln'ttlccs. 'Thu
rcelmstnlctliSn of charges seemed some-
kviiiit ' diirjcujl, ami elicited conslilerahlc
.ItscusstPn. ' (In Fildav nflcrnoon thu IlcV.
Dri Slohroe of Hie t. E. Church occupied1
the lloor1 of ClnssIsV short time In behnlf
of a contemplated Uniformity In marrinfee
aw. In reply, ClassU.nppplnled am..
iH'fcp'to diaw Yp a' .preamble nnij reolii
oii, iWliVcj. jSycrq aiipptcd Jiy action bf
The cpnujiittcfl pn Ilenlelary(i:(lucatidn
rcnorivd Uyf),c,anplilau'Si I(or tlio ministry.
After due examination they, wcro ruoclvdd
and placed upder thq care of,Classls.1
In one of the parochial reports, a rcqucbt
Was.raado that Cl9sg shotld give .a'dellv-,
erance upon the propriety of liolilhigifestl
yals as a ineails to rfilsoffunds for Sunday
school ninl,t;HnicIi purposes ; .aiid.also Hip.
on the propriety of opening our churches
for holding secular meotlngs. In reply fo
this request the following wusi offered and
adoplpd,; , i i i
To the East S t)ilb i4 i i'XV na ' t? 'a ? i !j' i "
Your1'ommitlee,td''.w'hiifn' word' referred
the itetnJ referring to fitivaW ft? a mentis
of rnlslns funds for Sabbath school nmd
church) purposes, and the ppquluz: itif oilr
uiiiirciicH .in scuuuir uicuiiiig avoiuu report
as louows c
1. RWi,l. .It iVllin inn'm nf thla
Classls tiilit rnislric money by .festivals fcjr
Sunday school nnd elmrch'pul'poscs' IS'lm
propor aud not in harmony with the true
spirit of icliarlly. dint If it U.decmt'il nec
essary or expedient to hohljcslival, under
no, consideration should any game of
cllaiicoljc resorted to. '
i ....
Inasmuch as tho church. Is dedicated
to tliC 'worslilp of Dlvlno Uod and U his
sacred dwclllm? nlacO'ainon!rlh i'udonle'on
earth, thtreforc JiWreJ that It isithu sense
of this (lassis that l)ic churell should not
du sccuinrjzcd by giitierings pt a purely
.U,(L(I V.1I4I4 ItUli;! lllll. llll.V tltl UIIUI1L.11 IAJ
gainerings wnose Object is closely assocm
icu wiin ine causo ot unrisuanity. '
Hcspectf.lly Submitted, ' 1
A. llonrz, i
A. 51. JIasosiiimkiiji ;
1', I'KTUlts,
'S!ha .ek'vllon of delegates to tho Synod
Whiob, meets in Trinity. Reformed church
in l'ottstowu,.on tlio 8th of October,' are as
follows: Itevs. Strunclc, Millet, "Honti,
Sulmcfdr and Meckel) Elders' Dressier,
liisenhart, I'etcrs, Kclley and Winner. ' 1
On Monday morning, it being tho order
ofthu,'day,iFathcriI)'uailgcr, Who now in
thei fiftieth' year of'hli mliilstrv. cnvo i
very interestirig hnd touclilng'renilnlscendi
of lils-exnerlciicofln the mlnistrv. This ex
perie.ico wtisi l idh'hs ' well 'as clujcUcrcd.
Lvt one momSut lJi3 narrdtive' provoked
laughter, at another it stinted the 'sympji.
thetic tear. For forty-dVe niimitcs lie hejd
the'PWs'est at ciilibn ot his nudibnee.
Tl'i6 evenlilg sessions wtjrd'jjcvotc'd to re
llglous services In eonncctlori with whlc'l
n'yernlon', or1 address, oil sdmo specilc
cliurch topic was delivered. The attend
anco upon these services was good, aiyl
tho discourses highly appreciated. During
Sabbath several of tho pulpits In town'
wcrb occupied by ministers att9mliijg
Oji Monday, at noon the Classls adjourn
,qd,to meet ou the Irpf Vednesday bqfpre
'I'lnlly.iiuiulay ItjM u ChrIst)clmpliI.FAy
otto, fceneca county, N. Y, This is tho
.most rcpiotu paslprid chargo,in this Clossis
About thuyear 1839 Claspls met In thiit
place. The, brethren concentrated at Wll
jiauisporv ,an,u lijnn ijnero proceeded on
hprscrlmek through tlib partial wilderness
jljt.tpok themAwo daysita tmvel the dls
tnr.cp.. ThiS trip wns somewhat romantic,
but ejidcedingly iinjoyablow It U proposed
that next springiwo will not 'do as our
fathers; did lu this particular, but take tie
cars. A. H.
Cures Scrotals
Vim n los nwl
Blotches, Dolls,
tor, Humorsi Salt Uluiu ii (
"calil Uotul. Soros, Morcuriu:
Bfsaases, Fomula Wonknow
Mid Irroanlarltics, Dizziness,
Loss of Appotltd, JuanOlco,
Affrl'Hort ot the IIIvot, Intli
fcaat'Jati, Biliousness, Jiyspcp
sito a-icl General Debility.
At n...(liuiit'fk JiU 'l lilllfn II Hlbfr Ik,
ni'AI . 1) l'..l m..t 11 uihti Deitf,! h r, .1 1' uu
caiili HI y n li. I l'li, cvrtv I141.
Pilkll..ii-ilMYfii laitliv-K l-klft,, '
F03TU1, Hlt?UN4tC.,
Ptop'i, Bulf.'o, N.Y.
1 ' " I 11 '
Notice Is h
fcSSvatb wi
ary lit lbKL fl'liulmoka are in tlmhim.l nr a.-ii
iun.,iui U) III U! 1111 1 IUI1SI 111. Ullllli
Jli'rilqg to hoiu all iwxouuta should ,U) paid, Alt
clalmisettled Byldm. ' .Tt i
A. li.' UEHWNt.
HOOK A J7rV'ICSnr0 trfaUdMtha
hiirmlai)-3'-r-l. f Otlmt it, unexam5
liUsl in what Is how for tlio lltt tlpie orrertid them
"If 117. T :'JtfAuv IlltVoi.lJTION!
m drill, lupirbly lllusttathl, rlehly bound, retnlleil
utuiuue traction ot forinurvrlied. I(; 1MH
coillV.'Hntidexi'lusive territory I) given
l'oki uwiiri, iw-iiaKucmuiiiiriiuirt'e. wmonmcx,
Jons 11. .M.bKN, Publisher, M 1'earl st,, Neiy ork(
Juneuiw d
i IvfiTTvS it uim ith nriniiiuMMl hu r.tti-
illditflis lltTtliU wiliinn, titA Hpccl(il tiinbliln bft
thOhclliiiibf llii1)nmo(allc rutint) I'oiivcniionY
iq lichdid on Tdwd ly, auju4 uih m.
IjSVrli.'OfurftriStini'lSj ii.iraes In this culumn
IslVod for "nny oifM", and mut. lio i il.l pnsiihcly
In ndvniKV.
,! i I fTir iiftMfttjunim. ' s '
ftm ;,yyN rv,iti:it.
; tu,-V. Aj-EViANd,
' ' ' ot' MdN-'rotiii townsiiii.
'i'dit' OoiiNTi-'TiiliAstJiiKn',
, . 0. A I1EBRIN0,
w.. 1
'or- ui.oo.MSiitJitfi.
. . i j 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1
roll' lUtoT.i'mtforAn'v' vni cixitic or 'i'iii:
. sv'ivkii.u. cotntrs
.', '...KitlblCllAUM , ,
ot' lii.ooMsnuiui i ,
W. ,11. snVdicb,
OI'OltAStlKi. i
t'OU lil-.tllSTKil & lll'.OOltliKll.
i, .C. II. 'cAMI'BULTi,
'oil UKiiiirun & itucoltmn't.
'.Ill ...
'MOI' llt.O0.MSllUtt(l. "
.ii m
'l !
I ,' I. 1 I . '
iiV itt-.tilsrEit'it itictj6ittl:it.
,1 , lll 1
U, ,11.-
lyu niiisrmt &ui:coitii:u.
A "' M. F. EYEltLY,
11 '' oi1 lit.oo.Msnnnd.
, , .1 I 01;' I'KANKl.lN.
1 1 1 1 hi i- i .in, i . ,
, i o ! li liNTt: i'.. tov.ns 1 1 1 r.
, I. 1.
VM. (',. GIRTON,
in w m.oo.Msnutto.
I"- "15: F: EDGAR,
ii id ill fir
-I . i rt
OI' KOAlllNdCItl'.LK.
1 1011 '.COUNTY1'' COMMISSfON'lilt.
1 t 11- 1:
' , ' , or main.j
I will not make a personal canvass of thecounty
to solicit votes, but, t elected, I plcdgo myoelt to
Oonduct the onlce In tho best Interests of tho pco-
ii hi 1
l'oll iii:rr.i:s'l:N'rATivi:.
- oi ni.ooMsiiuitd.
roil nnritr.Sr.NTATivE,
' or ci;.vritAi.iA.
roit itr.riti:si'.N t'ATt vi:.
.' 'A. L. FRITZ,
or ni.oo.MsiiuiKi.
1 . .'I'oiiitKi'ititsr.NTATivi:.
. e:;i.' TUWKSBUItY,
or 0ATAW1S3A.
. I will not travel the county to solicit votes, but
will cheerfully vMt all publicly, to discuss the Is
sues before the people, If desired,
01' HRlAltOltF.KIC.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A, marvel of purity
strength pod wboieaoraoness. More economical
tUintbB ordinary kinds; and cannot bo sold in
conip"tltlon with tho multitude of low (est, short
welifht.i alum or phosphate powders. Hold only
tno ins, lwvAt..UiiNu I'owput Co , 100 Wall-Bt;,
N. . augll-iT.
' i '
Tho undurslgniid Auilltor1 appointed by tho or,
phans' C'oyrt ot Columbia county by agreement of
hurtles, to make' dlktrlbutlou of tho tunils In the
hands ot thu admUiVitrutor to and among tho par
tli-s entitled thereto. wllUlt at Ids oiilco in
uiiKiirisburg on Saturday, July isth issi, ut ten
malms against said rstato muit appear and prova
thelr,clalm yr bo debarred from auy sliaro of said
0K0. li KLWEI.I,
Juno 13
Caution to Farmors Si Doalerc.
l'or Safotr in nrocurliiL' vnnr
tried ouly. thoso having Ihereou an
thereby savo Intrlngeuient fees.
. tiata'Oiriin L.lvllR- r,.ll.,lili.lnrnrmn-
tlon furnlslied fn by Mf gn und Props.,
A. J. NKIXIS COMPANY, I'lttsburg, 1'a.
Also, Jlt'Ks Nellls'. Mounted 4; l'loatlng HariOws,
Agt'suiels,) m fl I'uucing, ItOid (irodeni, &c.
Jdnoa,iw r
H ' ' 1
A IlVUltTlHIiUS by tuldrostlng (1E0. I'. 110WEU.
" K .Oo,, )ii siyuca bt. New York, can learn tho'
exact ftfct of auy proposed lino of APVKHTISINO
In American Newspapers, tirioo page Pamphlet,
ni?I?rr!lT!R S 0( th" 'ato war who wero refused
JL J. lUJjn,01Mly Ior nl0 Uln0 i.weun uato of
oommlsklon andoiliclal muster, will find It to their
luterest to couimiinHate prouiiitly. and wltth imr
ciir', with M J.NlilI.r. & llliicl, Attorneys and
touctiors, uruwcrJUT, wusiuugion, l). o. No fees
l i uuiun , uuuuiuuiniivuiuigi niguiut rcioreii.
tec, Juno im w d
lliil lM7 fill' Aunila. HI00 lo StOO rr
niu.iuuilHM'llliitr iiu JiiiiiiI .Ni i liuiorr,
f uiuuuamiil llrrll IliiltlraurilivtVurlil
Will Id J.C. Jlfluiiy A t i,., t'litliiilcliiUa.l'ii.
mar ss-iy m
. AWnihATKc; k
The UhiVnJirniHl nniioluteil iiihlini'o oil". II.
llroclvtvfty, of jjlopmsburir Columbia county, I'enn.
SMf.inl.t Hill offer nl pilbllo B.ilc, nl I lie Ciiurl,
Siitunliiv, .Juno 12Hlli, 1H8-1.
-Rctomrnvrx. si) n.o foiisjrWvXTTiiij tkt
,IUSI'.-.Vthfc6 storl- lia-I lmlUlMim''t'timt
lluliio nlloyt lio.if thtfCourt'lfouW nnd attadhod
to tho Dro or.UullilhiK lu. the rariiial for law
oniees Ac, aril formerly known in tho Colum
bian IlillldliiL' l611itl.wlIiiiill4lW way on
tho north'.
SKCON'P. A two an IV slo y brlcK houw on
third Street adjoining lot ot lVt'r, liruglcr on tho
cast nnd n vacant lot ot U. II. IImjIcw.iv on thu
west, containing a front of llfty-two foot, and n
depth ot about St I fect,-tho said houw bolus fur-
nmieii in nil us rooms with g.nllxtuross also
water, a bath.ruom, lialtlmoro heater, He. 1co
Isnlwonllio prumUosn good Hablo, and btlr
out building!. , mi. .'
Ill I It I ). A vaaint lot ndlolnlns tho above, and
bounded on tho west by property ot M, 1 Lutz
being foi(,y fot In fruut, nnd about el t fret n
depth. ., i
Kori!. Any. of thonbovo premises can beck-
nmlned nt nn'jf reilsonablo time, by persons wuli
lngtoilo5,"n'nll' c.illlngupjn ettlier to.!', nib,
nsslgnee, or 0. II. lirockwny. !
rot'ltril. Atr.ict of tlmlior land in Hc.ivtr
township, firmcrly known rts charlM II. 'lrdy
tract, liotindcd by lands ut Aaron .tchnn, Thoi i
ns Downs, Kmc P.ivls, Wnrr.tniee, COto lands
nnd othcra cnntnlnlnqr 1M nercs mbru or less.
I'll' I'll. Throo building lots In (Hen L'llr, Jle.l
ver township, formerly In tlio lame ot Charles It.
names. . ,
SIXTH. A tract of timber land In 1!o.ivt
township containing 7!) acres, more or loss.
H KVI'.NTI I, A tract of timber land I nsairio towh
ship containing lis acres moro or less.
MIOIITII. A tract ot tlmberlind In salno low n-;
ship containing 61 acres 1110113 or less.
NINTH. A tract ottlinbeHandin Samutown.
ship, containing .' acres hwro qr)ess. .
NOTII-Tracts a, r, 8, i) art edhtljuous, bouiit
cd by tho Hchuylklll county llhe, lto.iHngcreijk
township line, ,tc., ou Trtl.uri 'Stewart. J.mik
McNcal, Henry !Noar, and other warrants, nnd we 0
commonly known as the Vandtlcenl, tillllman.t do
Ti:.NTH.-A tract ot tlnilierlaiid In IleaUTtowji
Hhlp containing S-laciesot lnul nuiro or, lli-
tersectcd by tho 1'. ft 1L It. li. Co., tlio CatnHlsl.i
civek, adjolulng Aaron .lohiibon.r Schell, mid
others, , I
TIlIliTFllNTH.-A tr.ictof timber lnnd In ll
cust township In tho waiTCiitoa of John
Kverhart, containing 4 10 acres moro or leis. 1
l-ouitTKL'.NTJl.-Nuio-tourttcthi ot a tract (it
timber land sltuato In Jackson and Sugarlot
lownynps, uoundcd by tho Sullivan .county Hue,
lands ot t-amucl Yorks, Jciso an ! Manilas ltlionc.
.John Kile, David Ootdcn, ltobett Jlbntgomqry and,
othcRscoutalnlngTOi) acres, moro or lcs, tho ic-
mninucr ueuig owned by c. W. JUUcr.,
l'Tin-KEN'rjl.-A tract of timber land In lto.uln.
creek nnd locust township, In tho warrantijo
naino 011 nomM-liarnei, jr.; containing 00 acref,
moroorl. , ,
Ji0..u. ySlH 10tSIn.Montann.UItyConyiijrham
township, lu Ulock "0," being No's 1, s, :i, 4, 5, aiid
NO. l", Tliro .lot Ih'saml ptiodj In mock "c,
being No's 2, 3 nnd I.
NO. is. Throo lots In sarnu plac?, lu Ulok "J,
being No's 1,14 nnd 3. ,
NO. 1?. Jilcrcnlotslusaiuo placo, inhiopk "I;;"
no's 1 ti ll inclusive. ' ,
N0TI1 Any person deslrtn'' to' soo th6 toAi
plot of said Jlontnna City, as to tho lociltlon of tile
nbovo named lots, or their sLtc, or who wishes to
seolho tljlo thereto, can gut tho Information by
calllne oil 0. 11. Urockwnv nrlnr tn iln- nriin I
The' above properties will bo sold In tho ordr
named, thoas'Ignco rchervlngtha jibw'iJrtO ad
journ tho sale ffom tlmo to time; ns circumstances
iuu',i;uiiiro. 1 1 , Ten per.fentof (ouo-fomOi
of tiro purehaso money tobopiild at tho sinking
uuwuoi ino propeny j 1110 on
one-halt less llio titn
percent, fit tho confirmation ot the'sale : hnd tli.
remaining lu threo months' tliea'attcj-,
lui.iuiuivnt iiuui uuuiiniiiiuou mm.
,V. P. lUTf,
Junefi . Assignee.
silEft'ii. Sale.
By virtue of sundry writs Issued out of tho Court
of Common Pleas of 6luihbia cOunty, anil to mo
directed w 111 bo exposed to public dalo'at tho Court
Houso,lnllloomburg, li, on
Siitunliiy, .Juno 28, 1881,
at 3 o'clock p; m., nil that certain lot Oi-'Wecoof
grounu fcituaui in tno norough of Centrall.i, Pa.,
uounueaaimiiepciU'edns tullows: On tlio hoith
by lot otAlexander lilack, on the cast bran nUey,
ontliowcstbylflciHt Avenue, and on thof-outh
by lot of p.ivld c. niack, being lot or li in block 7-1,
whereon Is erected a two-stdry frame dwelling
house and other out-bulldlngs.
se7cd, taken In execution at tho suit of P.w
C. lilaek nganst VpLam II. James and to bQtioiil
as tno property or Wll lam II. James,
11. P. fill. Ally's. ' "l.isa.,
Tho following real estate sltuato In tlie'Tllln'go
.litpy, Scott townslilp,i Columbia county, linn1
boupdod , )inrl .deirjbed as follou-M., itQAVltti J
ginning rilcornpr of lot, number (0, lu plansaid
vllfngo'of Kspy, bdlonglug to Cyrus Harton, tlienjo
eastward bf .Mala street elghtyijwo and oiifc-balt
reel to corner.ot lot number 18 belonging to Jshao
.Mcuamie.iinenccsouthwnrd by. tho samo oneliult
drcdandRqventy,thfeq and one-fourth, tt-ot to an
alley, thence by samo clglity-twp and ono-halt et
10 Oorner of lot number 16 afoies.ild,.tlience'b,v fho
samo northward ono hundred and jtcvcuty-thrfo
and one-rourtu feet tothe placo ot bo,'lnnlugJ lm
lng lot number 17 in bald plau. i
11 ucscnpqu as touows i liegmnlugat a coin-
erou tho north tldo of .dalusticct lu lino of lot bt
Jacob NOsS, formerly W. Ituckle, thence ft long said
street south sixty-six nnd one-fourtli- degrees Hvct
sixty tict.thonjo by lot ot (Icorgo Itucklo' north
twenty-threo and three-fourth degioes west, ono
huudrcd and feet to
alley No.,1, t,l)cnco by said alley north slxty-tjx
arid one-fdurtii degrees west sixty feet to co'rnfr
of said lot of Jacob Hess, theuco by said lot soiith
tweaty-thrco and three-fotirtii degrees ulst onu
hundred and sOMinty-tlueo.aiul. onivruurlli feet to
place of beginning, contnlnlug 10,3Xi bquaiofeot
whereon IS greeted a two story framo dwe.ll):
hou$o and out-bulldlniil '
Selzeil, laken In execution and to bo so'l'd as tlio
property of (ieorgo M. llaker ut tlio bull' of ItA,
llakor, i
K. Si W, Att'ys. ,'i..:i, .Al-l'L'a.
1 jphs ,moUu:y,
Juno 0, tf. Mierirr.
uy vlrtuo of a writ of Ven(!. v.. , Issued
out of the Court 'of Colnmon 1'leas of Columbia
county nnd to bit directed, will bo' expose 1 tdpuS
pqsale at tuo.Comt Houno hililoom.sbiiiutou
Saturday, July 5th, 1881,,
at s o'clock p;tn. Alltliat eerthlti'lotpr V'"1)'
land situate In Mllllln townshliu Coliimblli coun
ty, lVnnsjlvpla, bomidiiitpid, fleiilbifdiis lU'
lovs, ln-wll j On thd uoith bJIAawaAmlfews. on
tho bouth by lands ot baniuel snyder, outho.iM'yt
by lands of Nathan Creasy, and' On tho west by
lamis ui ovojiiimi ucuruari. lumninwig nveu
Acres inoruor less, without, buildings..
.Seized, pud taken Info execution utthpi (jyltuf,
John' Hhid'orlUer andSarali. A. Jlluilqrmcir, his
wlto In right of said wife, vs. btepnen W'olf; aiid
to lw sold as tho property ot tlio said tfiophcn
Wolf. "
, JOHN NDCltiiY,
K. W. Att,y,'s ' , bherllt.'
t Juno 13 , , i
"li" si'uwi'ic .iifv'niciNi:.
1,1311 IIKK1IT. 11 ,$t$.
Beinlhal W'oak.
ness, Hpermator
iliaia, Impoit'iicy,
laid nil Phcascs
that follow as n
si'iueneo of self
Abuho t as loss ot
Mi'innr. tlnli'itr.
TAKfllQ.sal Ijissltudrt,ftniR TAKIIfJ.
thu ll.ick. I) mnuss of Vis on. 1'ihii atuio
I'alalli tho Uaek, Plmnuss of
Old A'e. nnd lntinv other dlsca
old Ageainl many other diseased that led to Jaw-
nit v or Consunipilon und a Itvmaturo Oravo,
ifEWAHK ot ni'vcrlMments w leflinil money,
when druggists from whom tho medicine Is tougfil
do rruwl, but releryou toi thptnaiiuraotur
e;s, anatho renulrwucnU nro tuob that, they
tiro ewom, (ftei', coiniiiied with, T,eo ineir wilt,
ten gunrantec, A .trUlofwie tJligln p,icj:age of
dray's Spueltlo w 111 com luco 1110 mo-t hkcptie,il (U
Its real mults. ' y
on u -count of counterfeits, we havo adopted tlio
Yellow Wrapper ; the only genulno. ,
rfMUli particulars In ourpsniphlet. whlt'h wo
doslro tOM'nd rreo by maU to uvrry omv, 8Tho
Speclilo 'Mpdlclno is sold byW druggists at tl
tier package or I) packaes for ti, or will to hunt lie 0
by tnaU ou tho tecelpt ot llw money, by addrvwlng
' THK OKAY .MElliciNl! CO., llufTalJ.K ,
fujltlln lijoou)sb(in; by ql drmtglils,
A(insrrt wA.NTico vim tuu i.ivhs ojv
Dy col. Tnos W. Knok. Outsells all u'ther nl to 1,
Authentli',, (uiiiplele, thu Jimi aud
per eeui. 10 -wins, uuini. ivw. I'l-vl'jhlt
wm mild.
.TOiiTinuiwi'iiig iniiiiiirii run li, li inn
Hartford, Conn.
tnmu 101 w,
r n
41. b
s. I j
' - 'irK.u.Rn -
Ml kinds of work in Sheet Iron, Roof
I nig aud Spiriting promptly
I iilteiitlotf Id.-J
Htrlct aitenlliihilyeno healing by steam.
'wiiorot Main' it Eas
V - N , - 'V "Tt" I I
oirvXi.V.MW,K J !
at4ol Ilea
TJ(tindi'ilinMndmllstrtitoVoltii.sin llumbel
avertownslilp, decc.isi'dMlll expose to
on the premis.'s lu Itoartir tnwnstiln.
lliuibl i County l'.u, on
1II,B Mill..
nts o'clock I. M., tho followlug described real es-tatcto-wits
A tot Mtu.uo In Bild Heaver town
ship adjoining land.ot Charles Shunlin,rMar.tln
Johnson and otliors, whereon nro creeled a two
story , '"" "
Fraiiiu Dwelling Houst!
nhd out llulldlug. ..
, nSHMS dp HAI.Ii Ten wr' cent, of one.fmirth
irtiiOpurehasomoiieyth.illbo paid nt tho ttrik-
...4..y,. .....t I'luiuj. iinu-iuuriu i5ss 1 lie ten
percent, attlieco.illrinat on nlis.iint i,i,.i iim1,
iii.ilnlngthiee fourlhslu ono yvsr from enriiirnn.
ion nisi with interest from that date.
1.UV1 jiichai:i,
"lno Administrator.
The undersigned onnolntfit mtriitnp in
Rail decadent, wilt meet, thu nartiou ii.,.u,...i
titv u ti.t in - iu nit, hi i, mini, niiiniuiki r ,., nr
nt tlio oniens or ll.irkley X llucklngliam on .Monday
ot ,1""' ""j "i.mij, ,1. j. iroi, in ten ociock
n tn. when an 1 where all parties li.ivlnv claims
niriinsi said esiatn niiMiinmur m,.i n,n
siine or lie foreyor ilebancd from coinlmr'ln for a
share of said estate.
June 1.1
litters of ndinlnlstrnllmi III! till, rttntf. nflilimln.
llayfs deceased, l.ilo of cntiwlssa, ColumbUi
county, Pennsylvania, deceased havo been grant
od by tho liegtstcr ot said county to tho under
signed Admluwrator. All persons bavin? claims
Mi,w..,..iiiv t.',nu ui uiu ueuenseil lira lvnut'Steil
totirCMMlltliem forottlAmnnr iiiwl 11, f...ini...
cd to tho ostato to mako payment to tho undcr-
n14nt.11 iitiiiiiui,ii,iiui- i iiuuui uri.iy. l
Hhawn A- llobblns Atty's ''LI AdnijiaJtnitor,
Juno 10 Ow ,
ino unncrsigncd, Treasurer of tho town of
niooinsburg . heteby gives notice thai ho la pio.
pared to rcoc vo tho tmvn tam nr t. i.t 1, .j.
I 'Pl'l H I ni.ll tftf Ihntm.lLJI .... ...1 n ri... mi..... .'i.V..
Juiio u, iS.l, ntlilsomc.oln.M.ile's building, co'r'
nnd all tax.p.iyers aw liereby reii'ulred In pay llio
days from tho s.lld isih day of June, shall bo paid
with tlvo per centum upon tho amount ndded
thereto. HUNK 1". UILLMKYKlt,
Town Trciaurer.
Juno l.l lw
Letters testamentary la tho estatoof Samuel
lllmby I.1I0 ot Jladlsou townshlnl Columbia coun.
ty, P.i., deceased having b(cn granted by tho re
gister of said county tn tho undersigned executor.
All persons having claims ngalnst thoestato ot
mini utjjuiii;iii, uru miu-jsu-u vt piesuni t,no samo
tar settlement and those Indebted to tho estate to
iiiunu iniymeni wiinour. aeiav.
ashlngtom lle, Monfour county, J'a,
'f'.Iunosi&Sl. Junel3-0w
' III.OO.Mf lll'KIl, 1'A. I
itjio underslgnoil audiinr annolnted bv Itlfo or.
Iflilns' court of Columbia county, to tiutiihuc
Hinds In tho hands of Hvecutor In the cstaio of
.rii-4-pli Weaver,' lata ot Jllonmsburg, didelisedl
win Mt at his omccln lilooniobuiir. 011 1s.1t 11M.1v.
Jiily, Mb issi at uiwclnck', a. m., when ana where
allJiaith'S Interested In sidd p.-'tatc, must japnear
iihuf present their claims or bo dob,irred fin5 any
Mi.111 ui n.1111 1111111, 1 1
I (June 13 Auditor.
5000!! Agents wanted!! SVu'Vj
ip ;seii 1110 nisi Aiiiiui'iiu wogrnpuics 0:
liv I the eminent scholars, II. J. ItAMSPELU anil
linff l'KItl.KY rooitu. Tlio people demand! tuts
work because the most reliable, complete,, Inter
tittugand ilchly llluotralflil. It contains' nearly)
llll ..r. . fit... ,IMl ...... ...1... t. .11 .... - .1
tn. ' ll. , lllltl OH 11 I'UlllilltS. 1,111 1U ll(SIUUI,
till rn-iti'.-t. und pay blircost nrotlts. llowaroo
i(aieliable, eatclipeimy books. .Wrltqat onco to
Hubbard -Brcs,, 723Chostnut St.. Phila
1 j. S. outllts aro ready. Send 5De. for Ono and savi
1 one.
, JUU013-4V.' d
Is hereby given that nppllcatlon Svlll bo mado
onor about iliojst day ol July, A. I)., ISSI, tothn
(oeinor .of tho Cominonwpalth ot Pennsylvania
InnccordancovlUi thoiuiulremcntsot nnncl of
tho'iieucral Abscmbly of tno commonwealth, en-
imi, ".An'Acito provioo tor mo incorporation
nun rt'Kuiauuu 01 certain corporations tor prom."
Second class, nmnoved tiioautli dav of April. A. 1),
1874, lor a perpetual charti-rot Incorporation and,
t iat letters p.uent mayKsuoto llvoormoro per-
twiiis iu ij uuiieu "iaujsiiy imiuuiaeiuniii; cum.
bark und manufacturing specialties from woo3
una metal nlKpy, Columbia county I'.i. i
1! . . r r. it. iki:li:h. I
.1 AtUy for tho subscribers ot ' 1
i intended corporation,
llloornsbui-g, l'a., Juno 4 ISSI.
' Jiini);iiaw . '
The undersigned auditor appointed by the Or
Ghnns' court ot Columbia county to dlstrlbuto tho
ulanrtvUi thuliandsof tho executor In thoestato
of Alex. Colley, dece iswl will sit ut his o.'Uco In
liloomsbmg, ou Friday thoSTth diy ot Juno A. 1).
ISSI, at leu oVlock lu tho foienoon, when and
w Hero all luiues inierehteii 111 S.1I1I estalo must
nppoarund pivsent tlulri'lalms and those indebted
111 uic uuu to
lylthoS. delay,
tliojcuuo 10 mako payment to tho undersigned
Juno 1) la
Suitable for
Cemetery Lots
ami u
Public Grounds.
Tho follottlng shows the Picket Gothic, one of
the several bo.iutirul styles of l'encoiiiunuf.iclured
by tjio utuh'rslgiied.
Vor lioautv and Durability they aro unsurpass
ed. SctupbyuxpoiliuuvU hands und uai.uulod
to givu baiuincuuu, ,4 1
1 1 ' !
Prices nnd spcejincns- gf'otliorilaj
siyus sen! to nny ailuress,
Aildrtstf !
May l-tf
A NliW",'.
I lie u. H. Teh phiiiii) Is llm latest Inventloii In Telephones, nnd stands w
4,.ll I. II... ...I.. 1lllllill,, ,1,1,1, ... ....... , ..... ..
,,, , nu in tuu imiiv lYwm in juYAj,oi 1110 lieu iciepuonc,' tinu is tno only
nf thpklntl;ever hcMrorrered to Iho public. It Is the only non.elertrln
,.,..,,""'".M'itl1 11 Telephone Heppnlor, or that will work on OKOOKKI). .
i. f,it,..AM lines, or 1111 11 line Having auu n. uu itiuill AXUllilib.
A(iu ri'i
Nild outright for $10,00 no exliorl
llioy aro the only Telephones Imvlt
iro thu only Telephones that nro prole
nru thu only Ic'lephoiies that nro protected by nu outdoor Uffhtnlnj; Arrester. All
sounds nro delivered Ih clear and natural tones. Tllfcy tire the heatesl, most tlurnblo
nml rcqulro less attention and repairs than nny other Telephone mndo. Send for our
lllustiiitetl circular. Agents wanted.
irHrBirr.di'tTELEFHcojcsrB oo.
N03. 40 AND'fil WEST STREET,
, , jMfiyiS'.'linos
HATS, UAl'S, iTI.MJNK.S, ' ' '
oiiXTS' rmixisiiiNas,
"f felfYA(& GO'S
Bpneatli the countcra, inVav
every inch of space in our extensive shelving accommodations,
our :oods are
PfflMSIlM i?ffJ&ffllS iifflI9J
Wfi olfei lictter goods tit less prices than evtir witli 1'ilost Kt.vloa
in all patterns. Call and judge
times sustain our well Known motive.
nrr 20-3m
-Wo take .1
tJ:"l. MBBII
r,M r,!Hi.1,?,?'"'cd, Vy br. J. A. HHIiUMAN'S method, without operation or tho Injury
m,?,1!!,1.1,1 TIrS ;':b.or' "na vltH securltyrrotu u. strunjfulatloa ot wnicli nccoraiajr to
rVnhiliSi, --Vs 1 ,mJ". 0 0 le u H'uo w" "Js a rupturo nnd depends upon a
health moro tnan'ngr
kl.i?fit?. '"i? )ro,'ul c',ni a;ct',vu t''t'!nt and leave tor home la no day. kk, with pPhou1.
1 ,la..',,ke,li!a!? 0( cases before and nttur cure, und endorsonu'tits by pbyslclauin crcliants nnd
u. lurs, 'ho liavo bi'en cured, mailed for lOets.1 1' oilleo S.M ilruadwW, N. cti?i?or ronsima-
ODIco aud salesroom,
The celebrated ClIICKBUINa and ivhw MSlljlwceB-.tal ESTliV QUM OllQANS
Now High Ann P.uls. Neiv Ainei1:an No. 7; Whltf',' Domostlc, Household, Now Home' New Howe r.utsor.
everything lu the. lino ot. BCwlng Tbottoin pHeci U an
Qrgans and Sowing Machines! Sold on Monthly Payments.
Liberal Discount made for Cash.
. ' Agent for tho Old Staten Island Dyeing Establishment
1 i -
,. j iiirrr.iRioK, domkstio & universal pkupegt
TicSAU Orders received, promptly attended to.-SiJl
npri'Min '
Itliout n rl
uu 11
nn Alltom.HlC'Iilno WlroTlirhltier nml tl...,.
P.O. BOX, 28,
above tlie coiintorH nnd fillinrr
lor yourselves, if wo do not at all
pleasuro iu waiting on our customers.
trusses Inflict,
statistics, ovor
truss : both aro
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