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FRIDAY, OCTOUKIl, 20, 1833.
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, of HradforJ,
i on msTiuoT attornky.
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or m.ooM3iit;it(i.
of nt.ooMsmnui.
Tho Philadelphia 1'rcss has discov
ered tremendous "frauda'' in Ohio. So
there are John Sherman and Charlio
Foster. There are no biguor frauds
nnywhero in the country. "Tho l'rcss
has been slow to find them out. Jam
caster Intelligencer.
President Arthur lunched with Au
gust Uolmont nt Newport, recontly.
t I'olitleal ICxchanyc.
This is about as important news as
we over hear from the present incum
bent of tho Presidential chair. Ho has
cither just lunched, or gono fishing,
liko a baby or a school-boy. Thous
ands of dollars aro weekly expended
for wiro reports about Arthur's last
' "lunch" or string of b.ns. What does
this nation caro how many times tho
President cats botwcoa meals or how
many suckers ho units out of a mill
pond T Head the history of the
United StatoSj and you will find no
word of any lunching by Washington,
except when ho lunched oil tho British
soldiery at tho expense of Lord Corn
wallis. .Teffertfoii was rather moro re
nowned for statecraft than lunches.
The Adamses uV not nppear to havo
lunched all through tho dull season
preceding a political campaign. Abe
Lincoln had his hands so full of busi
ness that ho was satisfied to snatch a
cold bito anywhero ho could got it,
without refcrenco to tho fact in tho
howspapera. It was Grant who set tho
horriblo example of lunching to tho
click of tho telegraph key-board, and
Arthur lias lunched his way from Wash-
' ingt6n to tho Yellowstono and back,
'and is 'now fishing and lunching up and
down tho wholo Atlantic coast. And
tho Great American Freo Lunchor is a
candidate for another torm ! Turn tho
lunchers out! Texas Silinit.
'''' Do Not Porget These Pacts.
Tho ollicial figures of the Ohio dec
' tion aro not yet returned, but tho ag-
gregato voto is only about ten thous-
and short of tho largest ever polled in
tho State. Oa this great voto the De
mocrats havo beaten tho Republicans
by a majority of about 10,000.
lloretoforo it has always been claim
ed that with a full voto Ohio was a
surely Republican State Experience
may bo said to havo justified that
claim. But tho last trial of strength
has proved to bo an exception to the
' common rule, nnd has inspired tho Do
' ipocrats with confidenco in their ability
1 to repeat their triumph in 1884.
'' It is needless to talk any more about
tho different causes of Republican de
feat as alleged by a rival or by disap
pointed leaders of tho party. The
supremo causo they will not recognize.
The Republican party long ago fulfill
ed its mission. It would not bo in power
now but for flagrant fraud and scanda
lous corruption. The days of its
remaining existence are numbered.
Tho peoplo earnestly demand a
chango in tho administration of publio
affairs. They intend to havo glaring
abuses reformed and to havo economi
cal government instead of cxtrava
ganco and stealing. They will insist
that tho President and tho Cabinet who
are to succeed tho present incumbents
shall earn their salaries honestly, by re
maining nt tho seat of Government
and giviug proper attention to the peo
plo's business. Tho timo has gone by
when public servants can play the part
of masters, and draw full pay for con
tinuous mouths of idleness and of ab
' sence from duty, while appropriating
publio property to their personal use
' ' and pleasure.
That is tho political significance of
tho recent election in Ohio. Tho Re
publican party is going, and it is coinc
fast. JT. Y. Sun.
The Demooratio Oimpiign.
Tiro meetings held by tho Demo
cracy in different parts of the state dur
ing tho past weeks havo been remar
kably well attended. Tho enthusiasm
is unprecedented for an off year, and tho
demand for meetings inDemocratio
counties is increasing. Tho Republi
cans, meanwhile, havo had listless
gatherings, and the party seems to bo
depressed over the Ohio election. Fol
lowing aro somo of tho details of the
meetings and visitations already ap
poiuted for tho next week or ten days,
thoso in italics not yot positively ttx
ed. Friday, Oct. 20. Phillipsburg. A. G,
Curtin, R. Jones Monaghau, 11. F. Da
vis, W, U. Ilensol.
Saturday, Oct. 20, Iloritioultural
hall, Philadelphia, Hons. L. C. Uassldy,
S. J. Randall, J, G. Gordon and Gen.
George R. Snowden.
' Saturday, October 27, Gettysburg, R.
Jones Monaghan, 11. F. Davis. Frank
Geiee, W. U. Hansel.
Tuesday, Oct. 30, York, Hon. W. A.
Wallace, k li Wright, ir.
Wednesday, Oct. 21, U'iiUamutort,
Hon. S. J. Randall, R. E. Wright, jr.,
Hon. Jos. Konucdy, W. U. Hence,
Thursday, Nov. 1, lllentoicn, Hon.
L. O. Oassfdy, Hon W. S. Stenger.
Thursday, Nov. 1, Frio, Hon. J. P.
Keuucdy, W. U. Hensel, Prof J. liel
. lain.
,. Friday, Nov. 2, Horticultural Hall,
Philadelphia. Speakers to be announc
ed. Saturday, Nov. 3. Danville. Speak
ers to bonnnounccd.
Saturday, Nov. 3, Pittsburg. Speak
ers to bo nuiiotincod.
Saturday, Nov. 3, Lancaster, Hon. S.
J. Randall, Malcolm Hay, James M.
Heck and W. U. Hensel.
Other meetings in Western, Central
and Noithwestern Pennsylvania, will
soon bo fixed.
(htneron Still the Issue.
At n democratic mass meeting ut Yoi k
on .Monday night Lieutenant Governor
Black thus spoko of tho one issue in
this (ntnii.iimi.
It is said by tho Republican leadors
that Mr. Cameron is not in this conical,
that the boss has been banished nnd
hlsslaves aro emancipated. But whoso or
der is it that paralyzes tho Constitution
of this freo Commonwealth t By whoso
mandate and in whose interest do
thirty Senators rcfuso to apportion the
C.... 1 .,..!!.... ' I.l.
ukiuu nun iieuimu even 10 eoiuer wmi
the nearer representatives of tho people'
Tho truth Is, Mr. Cameion is liliiUcli
tho main struggle nt Hamsbtirgt nnd
If you sustain his Senatorial body
guard by your ballots you will insure
his return ti tho United States Senate,
tho solo oliject of their contumacy. Tho
boss banished I Banished when his
personal interests aro placed above tho
right of nearly live millions of peoplo
to jnsi representation i jjaniaiiou wnen
bis command, uttered from boyond
seas, suspends your supremo law I Ban.
ished when oven tho law which inter
feres with tho old management of the
l rcasnry is treated with moro contempt
nun in flagrant violation of tho statute,
great treasury balances still lie at usury
lor tho benefit of tho pampered favor
ites of tho ring I Ah, no 1 Tho boss
will go only when tho Federalist-Republican
party has gone : when you
havo wrested the Statu Treasury from
his grasp ; when next fall you drive
his majority from tho State Sanate ,
when youe'lect a Demooratio Presidout,
who, ltku Thomas Jefferson, the first
Democratic President, will concur in
the abolition of the needless internal system and tho reduction of
that army of useless ollice-holders who,
appointed by the boss, maintain tho
The PeophVs Eights.
Tho rlijlit of 'equal representation' is
tho right preservative of all rights in a
lreo government.
To deny it is revolution, and subver
sive of Republican institutions.
luxation without Kcproscntulion
was what our fore-fathers of 1770 pro
tested against and tho rights of peo-
;ilo of all liarties to bo represented fair
y is n right not to be measured ,by
the Pennsylvania Democrats claim
this right, for themselves andcoucedo it
to others.
The Pennsylvania' Republicans tldnv
Iu 1830 tho Republicans polled ill,
701 votes in Pennsylvania.
Tho Democrats polled 107,423 votes'.
Pennsylvania elects 28 Congress
30,433 votes is the quota for dnu
member. '
Tho Republicans aro entitled to'l t
iho Democrats aro entitled to 13
Iho excess represents tho additional
J? air apportionment would civo the
Republicans lfi members, at most.
1' air apportionment would mvo (ho
Democrats 13 members, at least.
Alio Democrats offer tho Republicans
17 CoiiKressmen and claim 11.
Tho .Republicans offer tho Denioomts
0 and claim for themselves 19.
Tho Democrats whilo contcndiuc for
Equal Representation havo neverthe
less shown a willingness to comprom
ise, in order that tho Legislature might,
perforin its constitutional duty and ad
journ., On the other baud the Repub
licans havo not only soouted tho idea of
initial ltcpreseutntion but refuso to ac
cept the liberal Democratic offer of a
compromise, nudj havo. imposed upon
tho state a cost of upwards of half a
million dollars.
The Ohio Election. i
Secretary Newman furnishes tho fol
lowing totals of the vote for governor
as a result of tho elections : Forakcr,
3I7.0G1 i Hoadly, ll,')9,593 ; Schumack
er, 8,301 Jenkins, 2,783 ; total vote,
721,401 ; Iloadloy's majority overall,
1,383. The majority for tho judicial
amendment is 39,413. Tho second
amendment fell short of a majority of
39,o 13. The regulation amendment
receive, OS.OoO votes.
An explosion occurred at tho Excel
sior Gas Squib factory at Kingston on
Tuesday, just a littlo past 1 o'clock.
The last employee had just entered
tho building when tho accident occur
red. Tho factory employed eight
hands, in ages ranging from 11 to 1 5.
All were injured nnd it is possiblo for
only three of them to recover. Tho
factory manufactured squibs for uso in
Defying the Law.
Attornoy General Cassidy appeared in
theDaupluu County Court Tuesday and
asked for a writ of mandamus on tho
Sinking Fund Commissioners on ac
count of their failure to invest inll (ho
available surplus iu tho Stato Treasury
in United States or Stato bonds. Mr.
Cassidy said tho purpose of, tho Writ
was to compel this board to invest, as
required by tho recent act of Assembly
known ns the Humes act, tho large
sums of money uow deposited, without
interest to the State, with various banks
and individuals, and that in presentjng
it now ho Bimply desired to get a re
turn day and trusted that Saturday
next would bo an aeceptnblo time. Mr.
Weiss said that, as his firm would pro
bably represent some of tho defen
dants, he desired to say that the return
day ought to be fixed at, say, sixty
days. The caso was a grave one and
would take time for preparation. Jlr.Cas
sidy pretested against such delay, and
after somo further argument the Judgq
said : "It does not seem to us that
fixing Saturday next is giving reason
able time. Tho usual time is ten days. Let
this writ issue retuniablo on Monday,
November 5, at 10 o'clock.'1
The effort of tho counsel for the re
publican Sinking Fund Commissioners,
to stavo off the return of
tho writ of mtuuliumw asked for by
the attornoy general to compel them
to obey tho law which commands them
to invest tho 1,000,000 of surplus in
tho Sinking Fund in stato or Unjted
States bonds, raises a now issue In tho
present political canvass. One of tho
best known iinancinlmen of Ilnnisburg,
says :
"The law is nn eminently proper one
and just what tho honest peoplo of
both parties have demanded and hoped
for these many years. Had it been
enacted twenty years ago the saving in
interest to the stato would havo beon
sufficient by this time to have enabled
the legislature to wipo out all the sato
tax on personal property. Tho people
would thus havo been relieved jo a
largo extent of their burdens, Now
when the law so long waited for has
been enacted the auditor general and
state treasurer refuso to execute it and
when the attornoy general undertakes
to ooinpol thorn he is met by an Attempt
at dilatory proceedings. Tho people
will certainly not rest quiet under such
a scheme to deny them tho benefit of
tho law."
Pension Frauds.
The alloiilioii of Postmaster General
Gipshairt Iim been called to the pen-
rmm iiifuiib swjiiuiurn will) nro laKlllg
from'tho poor of tho country thousands
'of dollars ycArly by misrepresentations.
In reply General Gresham says : "I
havo ilo doubt of tho truth about these
operations, but I do not sco how I can
help It. To begin with, tho mails nro
for tho uso of all persons. Then tho
statutes speclty certain classes of indi
viduals to whom registered letters nnd
money orders may be denied Unless
the statutes plainly cover n case, such
as that of lottery companies, tho Post
tna9ler is powerless, for ho obviously
has no authority to make laws, but to
oxecuto such as ho finds'. I do not
think 1 can do anything to stop this
wholesalu pension swindling. If a
caso were bronuU before mo than 1
could Investigate it nnd sco if tho
statutes cover it." The statute by nu
thority of (which Genoral Gresham has
Stopped tho mnil of tho Louisiana Lot
tery Company is ns foll6ws i "Section
it. a, jno letter or circular con
cerning illegal lotteries, so called gift
uuniA-iis ui uiui'i enterprises oi
fering prizes or concerning schemes
doVisod nnd intended to deceive- nnd
defraud the publio for tho purposo of
obtaining monoy under false pretenses
snail uo carried in tno mail.' In sever
al instances General Grcshnm's prede
cessors have denied tho use of tho mails
to various swiiidhntr firms encaccd in
delraudiiiK tho publio under this section
under tho power conveyed In tho phrase.
"or concerning schemes devised nnd
tntenileil to deceive and defraud tho
public," There seems to bo littlo doubt
that Judge Gresham will tako up tho
matter if recipients of these claim
iuiii. win SL-im nun ;i sampio
of them.
... . i i .
Lidge Forakor, had n superstitious
dread of tho 9th day of October. Ho
told a friend that ho had crrcat faith
and believed ho would bo elected but
for the fact that tho election camo on
tho 9th of Ootober. On this day, wheu
a child he fell from a walnut treo and
broke his shoulder blade . on tho
same dato whilo a ybung man, ho lost
5iuu on tnreo card monte ; on tho 9th
of October, .whilo in tho nrmv, ho fell
off a horso and had to go to tho hospi
tal for a month, and on tho 9th of Oc
tober, 1870, he lost an important law
suit, which had changed tho course of
his life ever since.
Jefferson Monument.
The Thomas Jefferson monument at
Montecil'.o, Va., is completed. Tho
monument consists, first, of two foun
dation courses, the lower twelvo feet
square and tho next eight feet square
ana oacn nine luetics in liemht, which
cover1 tho graves of Jefferson and four
ot lus kindred who aro buried at bis
head and feet and on either Bide. Theso
foundation stones are surmount
ed by a die four feet squaro at the
base and threo feet seven inches in
height and this by a granito obelisk
three feet twoinchessqunre at the base
and twelve feet cloven inches high.
Tho total height of tho monument
above tho ground is therefore eighteen
feet. The inscription, composed by
Jefferson, and in accordance 'with bis
directions placed on tho obelisk, is as
tollows :
"Hero was liuricil
Thomas JclTcrsou,
Author ot the Declaration of American In-
dependence, of the Statute of Virginia
HeliglQus Freedom, and
Father of the
University of Virginia."
And upon the die :
"Horn April 2, A. D., 1743.
Died July 4. 1820.1'
On the upper surfaces of tho four
sides of the lower foundation steps aro
inscriptions marking tho four graves
above mentioued ns surrounding that
of Mr. Jefferson, viz. : Tho gravo of
iMaitha Jefferson, his wife; those of
Maltha J. Randolph and Mariu J. Ep
pas, his daughters, and of Governor
ihomasAl. Itandolph, lus sou-m-law.
Tho total expenditure for tho work was
Albert II. Disston the financial part
ner of the great saw house of Philadel
phia died on Sunday morning. Ho
was but 34 yearj of age.
The Pint Electric Telegraph.
Tho idea of the practical application
of tho electric telegraph to the trans
mission of messages was first suggest
ed uy an anonymous correspondent of
tho Scots Magazine, in a letter dated
Renfrew. February 1, 1053, signed by
C. M.. and entitled "An Expeditious
Method of Conveying Intelligence.''
After very considerable trouble Sir
David Brewster indentified the writer
as Charles Morrison, a native of Green
ock, who was bred a surgeon, and ex
pcrimented bo largely in scienco that
he was regarded in Renfrew as a wiz.
aid, and eventually found it convenient
to leave that town nnd settle iu Vir
ginia, where he died. Mr. Morrison
sent an account of experiments to Sir
Hans Sloane, tho President of tho Roy
al Society, in addition to publishing
them anonymously, as stated above.
The letter set for a sohemo by which n
number of wires, equal to tho letters
of the alphabet, should bo extended
horizontally, parallel to one another,
nnd about one inch apart, between two
places. At every twenty yards they
were to bo carried on glass supports,
and at each end thoy were to project
six inches boyond tho last support,
and have sufficient strength nnd elasti
oily to reoovor their situntion after
having been brought into contact with
an electric gun-barrel placed at right
angles to their length about an inch
below them. Close by tho last sup
porting glass a ball was to bo suspend
ed from each wire, and at about a sixth
or nn eighth of nn inch below tho balls
the letters of tho alphabet wero to bo
plaoed on bits ol paper, or any sub
stance lighteiiough to raise to tho elec
trified ball, and to continued that each
might retuuio its proper plnco when
dropped. With an apparatus thus con
structed tho conversation with tho dis
tant end of the wires was carried on by
depressing successively the ends of tho
wires corresponding to tho letters of
the words, until thoy mado contact with
tho electric gun barrel, when inimo
dintely tho same oharactirs would rise
to the electrified balls at the four sta
tions. Another method consisted in
the substitution of bells in place of the
letters j these were souuded by the
electric spark breaking against them.
According to another plan the wires
could bo kept constantly charged nnd
the signal seut by discharging thorn.
Mr. Monieou's experiments did not ex
tend over circuits longer than forty
yards, but ho had every confidence that
the range of action could bo greatly
lengthened if due caro woro given to
tho Insulation of tho wires. lYoin J2n-glnttrlny.
Absolutely Pure.
strength and wholoaomencfl. More economical
u uiuium j k ii'in, unu lUllUiil. vt3 801.1 111
competition wltn tho muititudo or low tost, Biiort
Wplirht. fllllm ftp nhncnhnla n M ,..... il . .
In cans. Hoyai IWkin.i powder Co . io,i Wall-St..
N.V. aurlUtv.
Aro generally Induced
by JndlcoKllon, Foul
Stomach, CotttvcnoM,
DrCtlent Circulation,
or eonio Donuiccnient
or tho r.Ucr mul rlCritlo System.
8uflcrcr will find rollcf by tho uso of
Ayer's Pills
lo ttlmulato tLo stomach ami prwluco n regu
lar dally movomcut of tho bocls. lly thel
action on theiio organs, Avnu's Pills divert
tho blood from Iho brain, and relievo and
euro nil forms of Congestive and Nervous
Ilenitaehe, llllloun Ilendnelie, and Sick
IlenilAchol nnd by keeping tho bowels free,
and preserving tho system In a healthful
condition, thoy lnsuro Immunity from future
attacks. Try
Ayer's Pills.
rnsrAnED nr
Sold by all Druggists.
In the Cutawis3;i Viillov near
Giranl Manor composed of
twenty acres cleared and partly
cultivated and eighty acres iu
sprout and young timber.
For a desirable tenant a house
and barn will be built.
Full name of applicant is re
quested with post oflice address
and names of two references.
Hebcr S. Thompson,
Engincor Girard Estate l'ottsville, Pa.
Oct. so-tw
unrrons notice.
And now SentemberKtli 1883 on notttlon of Hen.
ry UelchmlUer a ton nnd heir ot Mid deceased and
by agreement of all parties In Interest, C (I. Uartc
Icy, Is appointed auditor to make dWrlbu.
tlon of said estate to nnd amongst tho parties
legally entitled thereto.
Cert ined from tho Itecorda this 9th Car ofocto-
Der lbs-j.
In rmrsuanco ot said nnnolntment tho undersign
ed will sit at his otnee In Ilrower's building,
Illoomsbunr. l"o.. on Tuesday. November a). in3.
At ten o'clock In tho forenoon, when nnd where nil
parties Interested must appearand present their
claims, or oe. loruver uuDrreu irom uny sn.ire 01
said fund.
Oct., S6-4W Auditor.
Letters testamentary In tho estate ot Elizabeth
DeLout'. deceased. Into or oransre totvnsuln Colum
bia county. Pa., havo been irranted by the liegl-iter
of said county to Thomas -Mcllenry. All persons
Having cuims ugainsi ineesuiieoi saui ucceuueui.
aro requested to present them for settlement, anil
thoso Indebted to the estate to make payment to
uio uuucrsigucu wmi out ueiay.
Orangevllle, CoL county, l'a. Executor.
Oct. SO
A popiil .riu'i-uuiittirthe llerurs
HI AiLi-litULTH, ulia ly tlirlr
V.ilormiJ-Witr-crrtft lt tw Ic
tin M igt fn-iii tho liurilerii nf
livilimtlonnli 1
ilsie tilt. Alur.
H-un fotreti t
Iho plow and
iii ifLi.
vrith an Intro
liictinbrUr J.aiar.iuTii
Uidr-p. luinmcmacrnt
lllUlt'K. Spvhmn pp.
fri-o. Aarsrs W.sti i.
f uiicm Ilro. .V Co.,
oct. ii tin
Near L & B Dap:t, Bhomsburg Pa.
Manufacturer of First class ranees In
ill lie rent styles, cook stoves, parlor stoves
ami stoves for lientiin; houses,
churches fee. Lnrge stock of tinwnro anil
stove repairs, such as gintes, lire brick, lids,
centres Ac.
Oct 20 If
UTTRTf! without a ti;aciii;ki
Al,,y oiusopei-g instantaneous imute to keys of
jyilUno ami Organ. Price Jl. Will teach any tier
son to Play Mileeeii ornmlninniirti!.iv. Vnn
eouldnt le unit from a teacher In a month for fi.
Tvy Itondbo conwnced. Sample copy win be
mailed to any address on receipt ot! cents In
stamps by HKAltNK & CO., Publishers, 1 o. Ilox
S'cw York.
uctooer is iw a
the BOOKS.
500,000 volumes tho choicest literature of tho
world, loti.pago catalogue free. Ixmest prices
ever known, t sold by dealers. Sent for exami
nation UToro payment on evidence of good faith.
JOimi A1.UM, 1-ubllsher, 18 Vesey t,(., N. v. i.
ivt'ober ltMw d
The undersigned offers to sell
on ensv term1?,
of lund lyin iu Dloomsburg ad
joining on tho south, lands of
D, W, Armstrong, on the east
by lands of Mrs. Jano Richie,
on tho north by lands of Ma
tbiaa Shall'er and on tho west by
other lands of tho soller.
Apply to
Jolin G. Freeze,
ocutut Bloomsturg, Pa.
I, JOHN MOinthl, mgii HherllT of l'o
liimbliinoiinly, Commonwealth nf ivninylvanla,
t o hereby mako known and proclaim to tho quail.
Hod cleoluni nt Columbia county that n general
eleel Ion will bo held on
Tuesday, November 6, 1883.
iH-Ing tho Tuesday noxl following Iho llrst Mon
day of said month) for tho purpose of electing tho
Ono person for Treasurer of Pennavlvntiln
Ono crson for Auditor (Icncrnl of roansil
vanla. Ono person fjr District Attornoy of Columbia
ono p.-rson for County Hurvejor.
I also hereby in lkokn-iwn nnd civo notice that
,'iuw o ... ,,'jiuiiiK mo Hiiirv-nam election in ma
soveral wards, boroughs, fllitricw and townships
Wlllllfl flu. ..Itn.t. nf 1 1..l...n..t. ..I..
Ileavcr township, nt tho publio houso of roller
llenton township, nt tho public nouso of lllram
I ... ...u 1,11 u. I.V111U1I
East Iiloom, nt tho Court House, In llloomsburg.
West llloom. nt tho Court llnusn. I
nr w t it, e v , 'a Vesl 1,l,lrlct; ot tho orttec
. ... -..uu...u.s..B.
ii liorMh ot0cntralla "t tho public housoof Wll
llrlarcreck townshln. nt irt tioimni i.miud
A. YPtlPP r' ruu huhso un,
C7Af.nwlq.4fi tnwnohln nt mti.iu i.n.. ..?.
(Vlltrnliiwntliln ill Hi.ionl.u.l .......
North coiiynjfhfim District, nttlio Bchool house
....... nuiuiiiuj wi ttuim .im'.TNUn X J04
Nntllh I VifivtifflintM I tlaf !,. i . .
t'!!)FF.,v.Kl towmhlp, at tho school houso near
U. II. Wll I til s.
luJunkUn '"wnhlp, nt mo Lnwrcnco school
(jreenwood township, nt tho housoof U. 1).
ilemlnet tiwnaliln .lilintiiivii. i....n n.
it. in,. Tr, I,. , i" , ""Y' V""" Ui VUIU
... .w.vv,. mi uiu nj n ui iiun, iiui ii
v viu iiwino ui I'.Lt'nl 'I VUIU. NumctiiA.
Minim towiHiiip, at tho public housoof Aaron
Infersoywn nSUlPl nt tUo pubUc 8Chol "owso
Mt. l'hMsaut township, at tho Mtllcrtown school
11 t iiVi-nA nt liit J puuuu UUUSU UI
Mnnfinr tnwnslitti nt i.n ..nkiu i .
Aituu luwusiup, ui mo puuuc nouso ot Jcrcm ah
E. Ijouffcuborgcr.
f'oariuffcrw!K township, at tho houso of Samuel
rto SnS " '","'
)rilti(Tf tnwnsMn nt tln itni.llt usti.nAi t..
r. . vnmu tliiwui IIUU3L".
IMtin tnvvnshln nt tin Puntu,. a.ti.t u
Pnln "uuou ui iiuiuiuu
rrli-l i'wwuw uuusu ui i-. v. riuu
t .KS?16 ,townshlp, at tho publio houso of
Jacob Miller, in Kspjr.
At all elections hereafter held under tho laws of
ii4ia viiuiiiuunL-mui, II1U UitTllDIl POHS HllftU DO
opened ut seven o'clock- In tho furenoon. and
shall continue open without Interruption or ud
Journmcut until seven o'clock la tho evening when
i.uu j-vitj nut w tiuatui
That every person excepting Justices of tho
reacts nnd Aldermen. Noturti- Pnhiin nn,i i...
sons in tho militia service of tho Htate. wlio
shall hold or shall within twomonth-j havo held
1 "viiuiiiuireui. ui proui, or trust unuur
theuri'ed Stau-s. orot tlili stiiie. nn.i rm-n
..inini-L, iiwiiwr n eumniisMoneit
olllccr or otncrwlse, n suboidlnato olllcer or nirent
who It or shall bo employed under tho
ture, Executive or Judiciary Department of this
oui.u, ui ui uuy uuy ur ui uny incorpornteu ttls
trlct, and also, that cery member of Conyres's
nnd ot tho htato URlslature, nnd of tho select
or common council uf any city, ur commissioners
of any Incorporated district, nro by law Incapable
of holdlnff or cxcrclslnir nt the same time the
OltlCO Or UDDOlnttnent of .llldire. insnoelirnpr-lori-
of any election of thU Cominonwealth, an 1 tnat
uuiuaiicvwi,duu(,-u uruiuur umcer oi sucn elec-
iiuu siiiui uu eiiiuie 10 ue tiien vuiea tor.
Tho Inspectors an 1 Judge ot tho elections shall
meet nt tho respective places appointed for
holding tho election In tho district tu which thoy
respectively belong, before seven o'clock In the
morning, and each of said Inspectors shall ap
point ono clerk, who Khali tin n nujnrind vM,.ni uiau ill.
Tho nualllled voters nf thn siu-nt-iii iiictH.tB in
this county nt all general, township borough nnd
special elections, are Hereby hereafter author
ized and required to voto by tickets printed or
written, or partly printed and partly written,
severally classlded us follows: Ono ticket shall
cmbraca tho names of all Judges of Courts voted
for, and labeUed, outside, "Judiciary;" ono
ticket shall embraco tho names of nil tho State
uiua-ia ivioi lurauuiuuo lauenea "state, ' one
ui-iii-b Dunn cuiurucu iuu names oi an county
and .Members of Assembrv. if voted for. nn
lembers of Coucrress. if vofnit fnr. nmi iv iniui.
led "County :" one ticket shall embraco tho names
ui uu luniisiupuiiicers voted ror, ana Do labelled
"rownsUlD!" one ticket shall emninen tho nn..
of all borough ollla'rs otcd for, and be labelled
hfiiint iu,v. t,-fi. ;t;:..v..'"'
And each clais shall bo rtpnnsifri in Bnntmit.
'l't- hherirf.
lutiirntous with TfM
f Vfl'ti COIDIN 101
V brunt you la MUSI MONll in On. MunUithiii any.
tlUtu ebw in America. AbaolaUilfertAlutv, tlthor
lw.ocapUal.x Yomwa7SUrnwlcliit.N.loifc
oct 10.1m aid.
.nab wui
Wo asl; the attention of pur
chasers to the Importations of
Fine Diamonds now arriving.
To meet the demands of the
most critical, and consequently
the mo Jt prudent, we confine our
selves entirely to the sale of such
diamonds as may be pronounced
strictly fust-class in quality.
Rucogn'zing the fact that in
ferior stones have little intrinsic
value, it has been our business
aim to offer only such Diamonds
as we can unhesitatingly recom
mend as a judicious money in
vestment. In Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires,
Cat's Eyes, and Rare colored
Gems of all kinds, we have been
fortunate in securing many beau
tiful specimens.
We desire to extend a most
cordial invitation to our custo
mers and other:! ia thisclty to visit
our store, now rendered addition
ally attractive, by reason of the
many elegant goods of all kinds
constantly arriving from abroad.
J. E. Caldwell & Co.,
902 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
ott(Of oeoesi
The undersigned auditor appointed by tho Or-
1'iiiiu a ..uuib ui 1.-UIU111U1.1 county lomaiio uistri
lutlon ot the balance In the lands of the admlnls
trator to and amom? the n.irtlt- pmltltM thproin
win sit at his oniee in llloomsburg on r-aturday,
November 17, lssa at 11) o'clock a. m. when and
wl-e"c all parties Interested In said estate must np
tiear nnd present their claims or bo thereafter de-
uarrui troui any suare 01 said lunil.
U & WlN'mtsTKEN,
Public $ulc2
Real Estate
The undersigned will offer at public sale- on the
premises on
Commencing at ono o'clock p. m., of said day, the
following described property to wit t all that lot
of ground situate In the Milage of Kipy, In Scott
township, Columbia county, I'd., fronting on tho
public road leading from Kspy to ltertvlck, adjoin.
Ing au alley on the east, an alley on tho north and
lot ot Jacob Hess on the west, said lot being about
TO feel la w Idtti and 177 feet In depth. Whereon are
erected a large two-story
under tin roof, and veranda outha east side and
front, with two-story frame kitchen attached vitth
larch cistern on said porch, u good well of
water with pump, a good suminer-Michen, and
coal house on alley. A Kood largo fraaia stable
with carriage house.
Votisejslon will be given on tho ut diy of April
nwi, or the purchaser may lake constructive pos
sesslon and collect the nuts from Not ember 1, 'da.
icnus maae auuwu on uay 01 sale,
E. 11. 1IALDV,
Ilyhli Attorney In fact, M. V. Ejerly.
oot S-U llloomsbutv, Oct. 8, list
1.50 A YEAR.
Kcal slsiic!
lly virtue of nn order Issued out nt iho Orphans'
court of Columbl.i rotinty tho tinilerslgncd ndmln.
inrntor or Mlllon Mnsteller, (leeoa.nilr will cxikx
to sale on tho premises on
Saturday, October 27th, '83.
At 10 o'clock, n. m., tho following tract of land t
sltualo In llrlarcreck tnwiwhln. mtiimtiin mnniv.
Ixiunded and described ns follows, to-wlti On tho
i-nov uj inuii ui u, iv, nowmnn, on tho southby tho
ruim icauuig trom ncrwick to liltlcnhouso's mill,
on uiu noriii uy roan leaning to llerwlck, contain,
on which nro erected ft
ond outbuildings.
TKIIMH OP Ten nereent. nf nnikfiuirtl.
of tho purchase) money to be paid nt tho striking
uuwn oi ine property! tno one-fourth less tho ten
percent, at tho connrmatlon of sale s nnd tho ro
malnlng three-fourths In ono year thereafter, with
Interest from confirmation nlsL
A. II. (JllOOP,
oct 3 Administrator.
Alexander & Bro.
full lit, n nf 1'nnlfV.llnnn.i. I.. .tin m
nrs. Tobaccos, lines, Christmas tree trimmings,
and a largo stock of Sugar Toys for tho Holidays,
rWJtotcisatc and $ctitlt.
Meerschaum l'lpes, cigar Holders, cigar Cases.
Tobacco Pouches and other goods suitable for tho
Christmas trade, county dealers should consult
our prices betore purchasing elsewhere.
Ttrsext to court House.
ScpU S8-3m
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans' court
of Columbia County l'enn'a tho undersigned ail-
minisirator of William Ivcy, deceased will sell at
public salo on tho premises on
Saturday, October 27th. 1883
at 10 o'clock In tho forenoon of said day tho follow.
ing described valuablo real estate, to-wlt :
A tract or messuage tenement and lot nf inmi
sltuato In Hemlock township, Columbia county,
i-a., uouncteu ana described as follows, to-wlt : lie
ginning nt a btono corner, thence by lnnds of John
tlruber.fcouth two degrees West, eighty-two and
rSHr:tcn,h lurches to n stone ; thence by land of
JMlllam Kmest, south scventy-elght and one-
...... ... whiu., i-ai, uiiivitx-ii unu niur-ieniii
nerehe-i tn n ulnnn . rtmnnn ti.n nn.n -v-n.,.
. .. ukv.,u , .u.ihv UJ.1IIU N1UV, Ullll IUI-
...... ... 0 . l,. ,rvo., ..1,1 . . -IIIUO UUU L.TU-lClllll
tourth degrees Hast, seventy-seven nnd tlvctcnth
and 51 perches strict measure.
Auo another messuaee or tract, of tnnii mimin.
ing tho above described land, In said township,
boVinded and described as follows, to-wlt Begin,
pint- at a po,t In lino of lteuben Ilomboy, thence by
land of Philip A. stroun, South eighteen degrees
West, forty-seven perches to a hickory tree; theueo
uJ .....Maui .u. yu oiim.-iuiuvcr, f?uuiu lurij -luree 110
gtves Last, n!nety-elgla perches: thence by land
grees Last, Ufty-slx perches to a stone: thence.
. . . ... va M...ini..uu I lunula iu 11 SVUUD
thence, horth two degrees West, sixteen perches
to a stono by land ot ileorgo winner ; thencu bv
the same, North twenty degrees Kast, forty-six
perches to a chestnut : thence. North nnd
. .. ... .iijuuu wvii,u m u mime ; iiieiieu
by land of John s. Hartman, South twenty-four
degrees West, blx perches to a stake ; thence by
two perches to a stone ; thence, North ten nnd n mjiiua 1..131, im.v llCltlll-S IUU SIUI1U I llieilCU
by land of lteuben Ilomboy, North elghty-four de
grees West, thirteen nnd two-tenth perches to thn
place of beginning, containing
and is perches of land strict measure.
AI.SO another messunco nr tr.iet. nf lnml aituntn
In Hemlock township lying alongside and adjoin.
Ing the above described tract ot land bounded and
described as follows, to-wlt Beginning at a stone
.uiu luuiuiiK iiu-iieu vy miiusoi i-niiip a. ftroup,
Nortli two deirrees iiasr Kltt'-twnnepehfa tn
stone: thence by tho same. North fortv.thren iin.
grees West, slxty-nvo perches and one-tenth to a
none; thence by the same, North forty degrees
iwai, i in 1 1 j -unu iit-ixii-s auu six-ieutus to a post ;
thencoby laiulsoiM. o. Shoemaker, south forty
three degrees Iiist, nlnety-clght perches nnd two
tenths to a stake : and thence, south fnrti- 1a.
grees West, seventy-six perches nnd eight-tenths
iv, mo iu.ivu u. m-mmiiug, euuuiining acres
and 3 perches strict measure be tho same more or
less. Altogether h; acres and ttt tierches, on which
are erected a good two-st ry
Frame Dwelling House,
out-kltchen, bank barn and other outbuildings.
also a goou wen or water at the houso and ono at
tho barn, as also two never-falling springs of
water near the buildings. There is also an npplo
orchard on tho premises composed of young thrifty
trees, good beating, and ot choice grafted fruit.
TEILMS OP SALR Ten per cent, ot tho one-
fourth of tho pur:hose money lo bo paid at tho
striking down of the property ; tho one-fourth less
the ten per cent, nt the confirmation of salo ; and
the remaining three-fourths In one year thereafter,
with Interest from connrmatlon nlsL
Purchaser to pay for deed.
sept, ss-ts Admrs.
TllO UnderslL-neil nnitlfrir nnrmlntivl Yi- lin rim
phans' Court of Columbia eouutv. "to mike illtri.
button of the balance In the hands of John Moure y,
trustee, to sell real estate," win sit at his omee In
moomsuurg, on r rw.iy. November 9th, 1SS3, at 10
o clock a. m., when nnd where all parties interesu
......iii uiuuo. irrvai .uiu pirm-uv claims,
or be forever debarred from any share ot said es
tate, ir V. WHITE.
oct 13-ta Auditor.
The UndeMtrned auillter nnnnlnte.1 hv tliA.v.
phausT'ourt of Columbia county touuko dlstrlbu.
tlon of the balance in hands of the administrator,
to and amom- tlm n.iritr. pntuimi ,titip..tA .l.ih Li.
athlsomceln llloomsbutv, on Thursday, Novem
ber nth, ism, at 10 o'clock a. m when and where
all parties Interested In said estato muit appear
and present their claims, or be forever debarred
from any share of said fund.
oct 13-ta Auditor.
Letters tcstamentnrv In thn ptntn nf iha!i...i
Kile, deccasol, late of Suirarloaf township, colum-
ui.i euuniy, renn., nave oeen crantea by the Ite.
Klster ot said county to Zephanlih 1. Kile and Ka-
iuiuu a. iniiniiiii. au persons naviui; claims
atrallist the estate of said decedent
to present them lor settlement, and those ludebted
to tho estate to moke payment to the undersigned
without delay.
. ... KATUltAU A. 1IKIU.IN(1EH,
October 13-w Kxecutora.
lursuant to an order of the Ornh-ins. fnmi n.
Columbia county will lie bold at Public Sale on tho
premises in Minna township lu said county on
Wednesday, A'ov. 7tli '83,
Rt tWO O'ClOClt In thU afternnnn thn InllAuHn..
described real estate late of William Kelchner,
uivcok-u, iu mi i a larra aujotniaj lands of law
ltros.4: Co., on the wutu by lands of Samuel
Dresher, Ceortre Vilder and others, on the west
by lauds ol (leorve I'edder, conlalttlnjf
more or less, whereon aro erected a two story lot?
andoutbulldlun. also a iraod well ntwntor .ri
apple orchard.
TKUMS or' 8AU1 Tvn per cent, of the one
fourth of tho purchase monev to lu m ti.
rtrlklns down of the property Ihe one-fourth less
... u t7i vcui. uv me connrmatlon w sate and
the remalnlns three-fourths lo one )ear thereafter,
nt... .uiviv0v iiuui vuuiiruiaiion uisi.
Our Full Importations luivo now arrived of tlio cclobi'ntcd innko of
Ir. fifty similes, 18 mid 20 Inches wltlc,
At 75 conta and $1 por yard.
Wo lmvo
20, 21 mid 22 inches wltlo,
At $1.25, $1.50 anil $2 00 per yard.
' Wo luivo n Rilunt1i(l lino of
. , . Tim now texture for ladies' tailor-made garments.
Prices $1.75 to $3.00 per yard.
Wo havo n wonderful Block of
Such ns
in both Satin and Ottoman Grounds, to match tho now shades
of plain silks.
Prices: $1.25
Eighth Street.
Market Strett.
I Ml
siirns ana at, lower nrir timn i. -
K. .in h, -SL .. ui vuri'is over
"TvrmSHJnVln" .. J",'?,i"".','. ." ",V
line 6 Su'rw 'different .at Wher makes of llody llrussels. A full
l)xlyandT,ipestrynruls,TlallandStal" prlcM ftway dow"- A "' "no of
TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, as low as 70 & 75c.
ing carpeta cruuVl clot lu i and fuSli nnS 2S,
m w KS3 U
of ALI, IM, Tp. fur A I.l.
ATI i. 1 11 , re Wj!.onn,i ;'1r;uei:ViVri?' lu,alo "J ot .no, mil.
tllltT'S tltDS
Ordinary Stock, In Hurw of 8 JO Men, In The London
ad WwtmlnitMlnTetmnit Cotnpny of Ontario,
ornnlud to conduct Tery proflUble Inreitment
bailneu In tbo Unlte4 Bt4tM and Cnl. I. oBer8j
TU next luue wUI U nuda at conildtrablo prem.
lam. BhrMmy,atopttonofiubritr,Urldup
In full at onc or ty lntUmLti. Addrew at
one, for full partlculara. tbe Managing Plrvctor.
October lK-lw
andCaniulas tolarKedby the publisher to 6lS
pagea. I t contain over 8,000 household recelpes
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clety. a wonderful boolc and abouihold necS.
r,Jl.8el.Ua.t,Jnt- "reatest inducement eve
onered tobooit agvata. Sample copies seni by
mall. 1-ostpali forn,oa Exclusive terrllorj-Klven.
Atrenu more than double their money. Address
iiti'4 tiU!Ma ,,rtuun nn ItefSor
to $1.50 per yard.
Filbert Street.
off (Qpetg9
. .
'r; .iihiiiiihw ineiatestue-
life1 che".'' ana f&rtMe, used for co er-
in, .i, iirr .11,1.
111 Dill,
ilia ticnt M-nt out
& CfV rtrhK. uv ru m
' ' " u,""6ui
Itt.eJs0'a'lmlulilratl0lln the estate of Jacob
lions late of Minitn township, Columbia county l'a.
tteeeased, have been granted by the ltcglstcr of
said county to (lea. K. Hons, admlnUtrator. All
,!f.rviniullrtDfclal,usll8llhistsaid estate are re
luested to present them (urbettlement, and those
indebted to tho some to make payment totheun.
Uerslsued administrator without delay.
. , . (1KO. A. llON'a
Sept, Sl-ow Administrator.
Cures quleklr and easily nrd and 8ofl Corns, Cal
louses, Warts, Moles, tc
no H! no coition I no cure, no pay !
Price Only 15 Gts.
OTIS BROTHERS' Chemists, Bingham-
Aug. 314a). ' m