The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, April 01, 1881, Image 1

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    Vlie doltiii)li)ikn.
Imiicd Wettd, every VrUUr mornlne, nt
ULooMsnuita, comimiua county. pa .
when p.alrt In nclviuico. To ,mt r,i IiV.
,.,'" ui-wiivinuiii VAix'iii til mo ontinn r
All nnnnra nnt f tl.n 1,1 - - . ....
too rointy" U n l0nKCr cxactol ,rom wbscrtbcia In
u'i' "'P'ujnipnr. or urn cor.mtritAM li vprr
complete, unci our Job l'rlrftlnir will compare fit or?
bly with butt ol thn liuffe rllles. All wonc (lono on
demand, neatly ana at moderate prtces.
Columbian tlntmsn, Uioomsburg, Pa,
Member ot tho Unite! States Law Association.
Collections made in any part of America or Kuroro,
ocl, l, HJ.
once, Second door from 1st National llanlc.
UL00M3UUr.Q, TA.
ma. II. 1979
jyj U. FUNIC,
Attorney at-Law,
Office In Ent's Ilcn.niHJ.
Dloomsturg, ra.
omco on Main Direct, fl rat door below courtllouee
nioomsbnrff, Pa.
OMce over Schuyler's Hardware store.
Officb In Barman's Bulldlnir, Main Rtrcnt,
Bloomsburir, Fa.
X. n. tilTTLB. BOB'T. S. MITTS,
H. & R. K. LITTLE,
Bloomsburg, Fa,
oniceln Drawer's bulldlncsecond tloor.foom No,
1 . Bloomsbure, Fa.
A tlnrn nv-aW ,n,w.
omco corner ot Centra and Main Streets. Clark's
(Jan bn consulted in Gorman.
Jan. in, -S'l-tf
CotCMBiAK iicildino, llloomsburg, Fa.
Member ot tho United States Law Association.
Collections made in any part of America or Europe
oct. 1, 1379.
Notary Fubllc
Offlco In Hartman's Clock, Corner Main and Mar
ket streets, Bloomsburir, Fa.
JtSSrrcnnons and Bounties Collected,
omen In llrower's Block, one door below Columbian
July 10, S0 tl
omco In tho Columbian Building, second floor.
Oct. 8, "80.
E BUCKINGHAM, Altorncv-at-Law. Of
. llco. 11. J. Clark's Building, sdstorv rooms.
Iliouniaburg. may T, '80-t f
C(i. BARKLEY, Attorney-at-I-aw. Office
, In Brower's building, 2nd story, Rooms 4 4 e
1 B. ROBISON, Attorney-at-Law. Office
1 In Hartman's bulldlng.Malnstreet.
it. WM. M. REBER, Surgeon and Pliysi
cian. ooice Markot itrent. Noar depot.
JR. EVANS, M. D., Surgeon and I'liysi
. clan, (omco and Resldencu on Third street
T B. McKELVY, M: D Surgeon nnd Pliy
t) blclan.uorthsldoMaln street, below Market.
omcc, North Market street,
Oct. 1, 79. Bloomsburg, Fa.
R. I. L. RABB,
Main Street, oppostto Episcopal Church. Blooms
burg, Fa.
w Teeth oxtrncted without pain.
Oct. 1, 187D.
.CI AN and SUHOEON. special attention given
u the liisKASKs nnd dkfkuts ot tho Eyk Kau
TuitoAT andKUKOKitY In all Its varlovs branches.
CV Also catefully adjusts tho EYE with FROFKR
(8 10 a. m.
Hours 34:30 p. ra.
I 7 8 p. m.
Wllhi.bnrrr, I'm
July m, '?o-tf
Tonsorial Artist,
h aguln at his old stand under UXCnANOE HO
TEL, nnd has ai usutl a KIRST-OLASS BARUEH
Hlloi'. Ho respectfully solicits tho patronage of
his old customer and of tho public generally.
All stylos ot work dono In a superior manner, work
warranted as represented. Tkbtii Kxtkaot
Kn without Fain bv Ihu uso of (las, and
freoot charge vhen ni Uncial teeth
aro Inserted,
onico Corner Main and Iron streets.
In be open at all hours during the day.
Nov. i-ly
sowing Machines and Machinery ot all kinds re-
; dalred. OrKiti IIousk Building, Bloomsburg, Fa.
VVID LOWENBERO, Mercliant Tailor
Main St., nbovo Central Hotel.
T S. KUHN, dealer lu Meat, Tallow, etc.,
X Centra street, between second and Third.
Catawlssa, Fa.
collections promptly mado and romlttod. omco
oopoalto catawlssa Deposit Bank. tm-ss
Catawlssa, Fa.
onice, corner of Third and Main Streets.
I Ncrttt American of Ft idefpula, Fa
Lvenmtncr nt un rrv Piintiavltrarila
I rennsylvanla of "
I Fanners ot York, P.
Hanover of New Yortt,
V"' on HMicei olivet no, , Bioomainr, vt,
i na..- , . -L -iiMnmr - - .. ... . ( .ctrj
a. E.ELW2LL, . , .
T, ""'''"'', ll'ri(
I tabnrznmltml brfnrr lnii
?" " Tl'ls 11 ' '""
i f, l.Vll,f''r'mtMl'" retail for fso.
Jil.i,f,,,,n.. """"""I for iiirra
I. J.'.'v'W IHii'lrMfdcir.
culir !1 Triiiiiiuiini,, Adiircii
1'IUItl.CS A. Wtinil A CO.,
1? H. T.a'Ji EL, I'iiUdcljIiu, f.
Mv&f Mimwm
Any person to bo seriously III without a weak stom
ach or lmctlvo liver or kidnoyal And when theso
organ, aro In good condition no you nottlndtlielr
powssor cnjojlug good health? FakkrhM uikobii
Tonio always regulates llieso Important organs.and
never falls to mako tho blood rich t nd pure, nnd to
strengthen cycrv part of tho 'system. Hhas cured
hundreds of despairing Invalids, Ask your ncluh
bors about It. d march IMw
011(1 ANS, 1,1 Step'. .1 set ltceds
mm' ttV, Aflrliraa t,.,,tnl t, 11...
otty, Washington, N. J. march 11, l-iw d
Best In tho world. Lasts linger lhan any oilier.
Always In good condition, cure, sores cuts brumes
and corns. Costs but little more than the Imltattorts.
Lvery package ha, tho trade mark, call for tho gen
uine, and take no other.
March 11 4-w
AiiOliliimlTi lidltciiui'.j-. J.imonttlic M'onni
f if ff crc(i ).i I Hi itkcritlicMnlir Wu iinimilio
In virtue, Wu hat u hundred of Tcttlinonlals, ixil
If 'tod III tl0 la.t 1 1 yean, ).m lirj ( titirltilvi'lr llcr(
i' ill I. ' riiul In Dr. IlllUtllllMllk'H Wolm
Di'.li'Dyir 1 1 rctnnvi- tlio Wurm (nil klnd.i.'i iiik,
r'nif, on;, ami Viipei. that InTi'M Ihu human i,utim.
J'lvHiciiiaib ,n iindho them to thclr Millirlnc
uUii'lit. J',i(,e it un humbug or uunclm ubmit this
thori)U,'hly icllahlo medicine. Trice, 5i5c. per box.
A. W.WRIGHT ti CO., SVholesale Drurglsli,
Market anJ Front Streets, PhlladctpL'a.
fob-11, '81-sm
To Nervous Sufferers Tho
Croat European
Dr. J. B. Simpson's Speclllc Medicine Is n positive
curuforoNerworkcf body or brdln ori' ofnny
kind, such as weakness and all diseases resulting
from Nervous Debility, lrrltabllity.Mentnl Anxiety,
languor, Idultudo, Depression or Spirits nud func
tional doraugements of thn nervous system gen
erally, Pains In tho
jiuuiv ur riuu, ijs"
orsiemo-y, rrema
eases Unit lead ti
consinpilon, lnsanl
ty nn early grav,
or both. No matte
how shattered thi
synem may be from
cxcc&scs of a n 3
kind, a short eourfu ui urns inidiunu will ri'tlCTeTliu
lost functions ana procure health nnd happiness
wheru before was ilcspondencv and doom. , lie snn.
cine Meolclno Is being used with wonderful success.
Pamphlets sent free to all. Wrlto for them and
get full partrleuiar.
rnce, speemo ii.uu per package, or sit packages
for $5,i o. Will bo sent by mall on receipt of money.
Address all orders, J, 11. Simpson's MEDICINE (.O.
Nos. loi and li 0 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y.
1UJ. Il Bl-fl
AliE PAID every solJIcr dfiaMcd la
Mnc if ilu t rby accident orothcrwiio. A
XV OlI.Mt i.fnnr kind, logs of lliiKfr.luo
ur t jc, UUlTUIUif kut
casu wf IJUMBi)r V'urlcuHo VInphca
imuliiii, I utier nuw Un tlidtuainl-t uro
tiitttkd to on inercno of iHMirion.
t iJows, t.riiiant nnl ilipemknt fntlicra
vv motlifr of foldiiM uln (H. in tlta
fjriny jet a l'cnsion, IJOUNTV Iiis
(liarpi r-rouial, injuria a w rii)turo,
plU'afiilll aunty. !crilUitaiiiinif"rCf i-j
JVtisInn an I li.ninty iU!nn
. P. M..FJtzfsernlcl A Co., i iatm
(icntB. liuiiaiui'iilis, Ind. We rutrl
, .I'nvl. l'rci't InHInna Itnnklni
.. snd It. V. Kmiorlr. 1'
rcft't Ciittrnl
tvb4t ol-3m
llicso oLn conronATiONS are well seasoned by ago
and FiiiK tksted and have neer yet had n loss set
tled by any court of law. Their assets are all Invest
ed In SEccuiTir.sand aro liable to the hazard
or fiuk only. ......
Losses fkomttlt nnd noKKsn.T adjusted and paid
na noon as determined by CuKlsTIAN F. KNAl'F, Sl'EC-
'I ho people of Columbia county should patronize
tho agency whero losses It any aro settlod and paid
hr nnrt nf f.tiplrowncirt7ens.
- vtmimr
I'liumrinaoo, auiii
N,'V if. 'WJ.
rt -t r outfit furntthed lree, villi full instrue
U. I 1 1 lions for coiiducllng t'ie most prolltablo
.N I I f business that, any ono can engage In.
Vlv The business Is so easy to learn, and our
Instructions aro so Mmplo nud plain, that any ono
cau maku great rrollls from 1 1 every start. Noono
can fall who Is willing to wn k. Women aro as suc
cessful as men. Uo s and ulrlscnn cam largo sums.
Many have madu attho luilnefs pur ono hundred
dollars In a single week. Nothlngllku It ever knewn
Pefore. All wiio mgngo aro&urpilscd atthoeaso
and rapidity with which they aro nolo to mako
money. You can engage In this business during
your sparo tlment gr- nt prollt. You do not have to
Invest capital in It. Wo tuku all the risk. Thoso who
need ready raonoy, should wrlto to us nt once. All
furnished treo. Addicts Tkuk 4; Co., Augusta.Malne
oct. 18' "80-ly
cor. centre and Rail Road Sts near L. i: B. Depot.
Lowest Prices will net bj undersold.
Manufacturer of MINE CAR WHEELS, Coal Break
crandBrldgo castings, Water Pipes, Stoves, Tin
ware, now?, IRON FENCE, and all kinds of Iron and
Tho rt'filnal Montrose, Iron beam, right hand,
left hand, nnd Bldo hill Flows, tho best In tho mark
et, and all kinds of plow repairs.
cook Stoves, Room Stoves, and stoves for heating
stores, tchool houses, churches, &c. Alio tho larg
est stock of repairs for city stuves. wholesale- nnd
retail, such as l'lro liilck.oratcs, Ci063 ncccs, Lids
c. Ac., Stove Flpo, cook Boilers, suiuits, Cake-
Plates, large Iron Kettles, to gallons to 1tf Carrels)
Farm Bell,, Slid Soles, Wagon Boxes,
"Allentown Bono Manure"
Jan 9, '80-iy
C. 23. SAVAGE,
Gilverwaro. Watches.Jowolry.Clocks.&O'
All kinds of Watches, clocks and Jewtlry neat
ly repaired unu warraiiica,
may 17, '78-If
JBfiOOiMSIlVItn, P.i.
Manufacturers ot
Carriages, Bugglos, Phaetons, Slelghfl,
First-class work always on band.
Pi Ices reduced to salt tho tunes.
oALiiiasrca- cards
I . 1
Sail a manwhon wojbigoio countenance and
brokon diwd coaltltutlon slowed traojs ot disoaso
a sutferer with Ncrvoti, I)vsp3pila,ln whoso st im
nch tlw most detisato mor3d lay llko loid. Refresh
ing sloop and quiet nerves woro str.ingori D him,
nndliodoipxlrjdotovor bclo'j Well. Wo ndvliod
him to taVo
which ho did, and Inn short tlmo was not onlyra
llovod but cured,
Jtcaderj If J on aro surrerlng with liyspopsla or Liv
er Disease In any form dj not wait until tho dlaeaso
ha, taken n fast hold upon you, but uso tin liegula
tor when th symptimi llrst show thom30lvoi, It
has rcltovcd untold suffering. SIMMONS' LIVKIt
IlEOULATOIt lanot an ntcholiollo stimulant, but a
Purely Vegetable Remedy
that will euro whon everjthlng elso falls. It I, a
faultless family medicine Dots not disarrange Ihn
system. Is no vlolont drastlopurgo, but nature's
own remedy. Tho friend of everyone, and will not
dl9ppolnt you. A slnglo trUl will convlnco you
that It Is tho clwao ;st, purest and best Faintly Med-
cino in tho world.
ASK tho reoivorjd dyspeptics,
bilious sufforerj, lctlm ( of fovcr
nnd ague, the mercurial diseased
patient udw the recovered their
health, cheerful spirits and good
appetite they will tell you by ta
king Simmons' Liver ltegulator.
Liver Rogulator!
Original and genuine, prepared only by
.1. II. VI. I.IIN (V I'll.,
Frier tl.OO. Sold by all Druggists.
April io, so ly.
W If talnMAtittl
fn"ft tiio tli-ala of
jour t;ai.ti avoiu
dtl:nu':tinnd uso
tf ro hr.i.n hot vp rui'l
Mop Li(ttcrs
ill LTttlwii ir dltslpa
1 lfii or rlnnie. cM ur
poor LesItUcrlAii ruUb
wtuu, ue Hop U
vuffcrlne from hny In
tlom li yon nro mar
Intf un a Led of skit
Bitters .
1 whontcr you fid j
liiouwntnaip an
nually fro i.i homo
iivxi your nyirini j
i form of Kidney
fiL-wrifle that uilpl.t
lr.j or r-uinuia.iini,
without tt vi tenting,
iano nop
v r u ri a a r com- Jv
D. I. C.
Is nn absoluto
anil lri-ceinta
bio euro tor
uso of OI.IUK1,
tobaceuf or
of tlu fomtu'A,
lr.-c!t blao
iivr orjiciiejfi
You will bo!
tlop Dlttors
ty wonk and
it i it may
llfo. It has
saved hun
srUt S.udiur
Out. H
juiy io, 'bu u
$5 And Upwards. MV'if,1!
come Interested tn Mining enterprise,, nt bott m
figures, pleaso lead address for freo prospectus to
J03IA1I FLETCHER, 17 Broadwcy. N. Y.,City.
v. Hog been In constant
uso by tho puljllc
ror over twenty years.
anil Is tho best preparation
ever Invented for HKSTOl!
of Mass,
ns a
in medi
LIFI3. .
Tf eill.Tillna Hi. naliiMl
food nnd color to tho lialr
glands without etnlnlng tho
Bliln. It will lncrcaso nnd
thlchcn tho grovrth of tho
hair, provent Its blanching
nud falling off, nnd thus
A Vint T D.VilJNlCSS.
It cures Itching, Kmp-
tlons nnd n.indrutT. As n
desirable, giving tho lmlr a
Billion softness ,vliicli nil
ndinlro. It keepB tho head
clean, sweet nnd healthy.
will chnngo tho heard to n HIIOWN' or
1II.ACIC nt discretion, liclng in one
preparation it Is easily npplled, nnd
produces n permanent color that will
not wnsh off.
l'ltlll'Aliiai IIY
Sold by all Dealers In Medicine.
Tho undertlgred auditor appointed by lh. Or
iliacK' Court oll'oluinbia count v. to make dlstilbu
ton of thH balancd In tlin hanttu of ihu administra
tied thereto, will bit at his ofileoTii Bloomsburg on
SUuulay April 10, Isil at ten o'clock In the forenoon
of said day. when and whero all Persona liitenHted
tor of Bald decedent, to and ninnni: thn narllffi entl
nru ri-qiat-Uil to rreBent their claims upon Bald
lund or no lorever ueuarrcu irom u tuuru inereui.
inarch -1-lw Auditor.
Tho undersigned nudltor appointed by tho f r
iliAiis' t'fiui-t or L'nluml'ti eountv to uiRko dhttrlbu-
inn of t Im runes lu the lunula ot David Luweiiberg.
lulinlnlslnilfir it H.ild decedent, ti) aii't anion'' tho
paullcs nitltieii inereio, neriuy gnes nniicu uiat no
Will Ml ill I llu lllMliai &v ui luu lulling ui ,ua uji,iwiiiv.
llW'Iir. lit 1UH fllllllll 111 lllll LU1V1I UI DIL'UUIIIIUIU Ull
Wi iini'siliiv ilm eth dav (f Anvil. A. 1) . 1S1. at ten
o'clock In tho forenoon of said day. tit which tlmo
and all persons Interested In said fund uru
reiiuueu lu aiieuu ur uu tuiuver ueuurii-u iium uuj
iiuaiuui ino fcaiuu,
i,. a, M ini iiiin i u.iii.'i,
march 1-lw Aualtur,
Tho unders.Kned nudltor appointed by tho Or
phans' rouri ui uoiuiuuia eiiuuiy, iu uiMnuuiu uui
mice In hands of tho executor of Itaao llHgi'iibuch,
deceased, to and among Ihepartlns eutltlid there
in. will nt at i ho omco of i:. If. Ueli r in tho town ol
llloomsburg, onriauirday.tho beeond day of April
a. n.. Nil. nt ten o'clock- In tho furunoon to neiform
tho duties ot his appointment, when and whmi nil
persona iiiYii'gvuyciaiius upon bam iiinu wiiiuji
pear and prove thn samo or bo debarred from ro
ceiviug uuy buuru uieruui,
feb, ni-Jw Auditor,
Ainontrtho records and nroccedlnirs of tho Or
phans' Court In and for said county It U Inter alia
Iu the estate ot Mary Remley, deceased,
And now February 11th. 1S1. on motion or
Kliurr uiiti UKli-ciuciii. ui wuuutui, iiur .luuuuv,
I 'mi . is annolnted Auditor to dlstilQuto balancn In
hands tf Stephen lllll, administrator, by his tint
account among parties enuuca tntreio.
Certiaedfrom tho records.
a, M, (luicK, Clerk o, c.
In pur6Uano ot the forepolng appointment the
undersigned will meet the parttrs Interested at
V I, omco In llloomsburg on Tuesday thn lrth day ot
April 1'6I, at l'i o'clcxk a. in., nt which tlmnund
iilacoihey are ncreoy notified to appear or uo d0'
uarreu iiviu vuwiug tu uu oiuu iuiiu.
lb,SKw Auditor,
w Mm
ll II
111 'i::.;::., 1 , 1 .. , 1 , , 111 11 , , 1 ""' ,
When heaven was stormy, eaith was cold,
And sunlight shunned Iho world nnd wnv,?.
Thought burrowed In tho church yard mould,
Ann red on drcainj that haunt tho gravo.
But now that heaven Is freed from atrlft,
And earth's full h:art with rapture swells.
Thought soars through IloUs of endless Ufa
Abova tho ihlnlng asphodels.
Whit llowcr that drinks tho south wind's broitn,
What sparkling haf, what Hobo-morn,
But flouts tho sullen gray .beard Death,
Ana iauu3 our nrctio doubts to scorn?
Palo scientist, scant of healthful blood,
iour guastty tomss ono momontcloso t
luck froihnes, fromn spring tlmo bud,
rinj wi,d3m In tin ojcnlng roso.
Mark tho white llly;wh030 sweet coro
Hath many a wild bee-swarm enticed.
And flrow therefrom a honoyed loro
ruro as tho tender creed of ChrUtl
ea, cvon tho wcod, which upward hold.
its tiny car past bower nnd lawn,
A lovelier faith than jours unfolds,
Caught from tha far taint winds ot dawn.
Select Story.
It was a sli;in,fi'osty, Jiioonlicht liiclit
but the fresh waters of Green river had
not yet been chillet1,nntl they flowed rap
idly onward, with confused tnurmurinrrg,
as if itiinatienl to becomo a part of tho
great Olilo.
It was as lato as ten o clock when Rob
ert Craig, a young lawyer, came upon a
bridjjo that spanned n branch of tho
Green River in Central Kentucky. lie
was afoot, and he walked with a verv
litrht sten, because bis heart was litrlit.
lie had been successful in tho most im
portant suit ho had ever been engaged
n. He had pleaded his own case, and
the court that had pronounced judgment
in his favor was simply Miss Mary Lano
the handsomest girl in the neighborhood,
and as tfood as she was beautiful. She
i ad promised to bo his wife.
lint Kober (Jraig was destined to plead
another case that very night, and before
ess eminent court. Uo had no warn
mg ot tins, however, when bo stepped
upon the bridge and walked over the
clear water mutteriiig congratulations to
"Yes, I am the luckiest man livinrjr !"
ho soliloquized, as ho reached the middle
of the bridge.
Tho bridtre was not a covered one.and
lie stopped to lean over tho railing at one
side, and looked down iu tho sparkling
water that quivered in the bright moon-li-llit.
"Yes,T am tho luckiest man livimi!" he
repeated quite aloud,after bo had stood a
lull minute gazing upon the ilowmg
"Don't bo too sure of thai!" said a
voice behind him.
Robert Craij; turned with a start, and
saw a tall man standing at the opposite
hide of the bridge, leveling a ritle upon
hnn. J le seemed very cool and deliber
ate iu his iuanucr,and lie spoke in a tone
mat was nam anil icy.
At the first glance Robert Craig saw
his danger, for he recognized in the in
truder Ralph Moore, who, as ho was well
aware, regarded mm with the bitterest
hatretbfor the reason that both had been
suitors for tho had of Mary Lan, and
Ralph bad of course been rejected, He
was noted as a man of desperate character
although ho be'ongcdto a good family
and ho was moreover known to bo tho
best marksman in tho community. Rob
ert CraiK thought of theso facts as he
found himself standing there in the cold
moonlight with that unerring rifle point
ed at his breast.
IIo himself was unarmed: there was no
hope for succor on that lonely bildgo at
that time of night; retreat was impossible
as well as unmanly, resislanea was im
possible, was equally out of the question.
Ins enemy meant deliberately to take his
i to, and he had tho power to do it. Kob
ert Crai" realized all this, and felt that
certain death awaited him. Tho terrible
exigency tho very hopelessness of the
case made him calm.
"Ralph Moore," he Raid in a voice that
betrayed no einmotion "have you come
hero to waylay and murder me?"
"Itobert unmr. replied KaIph,coldlv,
still keeping tho deadly rillo at an aim,
"did you suppose you could trample over
mo and live?"
His linger was on tho trigger, and tho
fierce look on his face denoted that tho
life he held iu his hands was not worth
much now.
"Rut sttrelv," said Robert Craig "you
arc not wicked enough to commit such a
crinio as I sco you conteiuplato I am un
armed and nt your mercy. While l do
not like you, Ralph, I never thought you
capablo of a cowardly act. It would bo
cowardly to shoot down anjunarmed man
and you know it. You nro ugood marks
man, but I am willinjr. to liyht you fairly
if you think that a mortal enmity must
necssarily exist between us,
"Jlosli I Uo you think I am a tool t
Do you think I can bo cajoled by your
smooth talk? No, 1'vo got you Robert
Craig, and you shall never live to enjoy
your triumph over me. x on aro now
within iivo minutes of your destiny. I
will grant you that time to pray if you
want it. Nothing can savo you ! There
is not it soul within half a milo to hear
you if you should yell. You'll bolloating
, .V . fl..- .1.!.. 1...f
lowu lliu iivei miles ueiuw mis uuiuiu
"Jsut what do you say to being hanged
for murder!"
"There is no witness near. It can never
bo proved nirainst me."
Robert Craig was silent. His enemy
who plainly meant murder, stood like n
statue, with his rillo still pointing at his
head, and watching him liko a oat. There
was an expression of savago exultation in
his Itice.plainly vlsibio m tho mooniigni;
and Robert Craig saw thatitivas idle to
think of ask'nitr for mercy.
Yaiious ideas went whirling through
his brain. IIo thought of running away
and trusting to flight, but ho dismissed
tho thought, for ho could not escape tho
unerring aim of tho relentless man con-
froutinti him. llo thought ot rushing
upon Ralph, and engaging in a desper
ate BtrurKlo lor tho posession ot tho rillo
but ho knew that would bo hopeless. Ho
was twenty feet distant, and his enemy
could shoot him down before ho could
reach him.
As if divining his very thoughts Ralph
Haul, with a ucinomao laugh:
'(Jli, there is no chauco tor yout run
'which way you will, I can bring you
down before you go threo stops. Come,
to praycrl You have only thrco minutes
and n half yet 1"
Robert Craig (stood motionless, mid
with the B.imo coolness ho had displayed
from tho beginning, ho said!
"Ralph Moore, I see you aro in car
nest." "Cerlainly I am. Hal ha! You know
mo well enough to know that I do not
come here for nothing."
"Yet you will not kill mo," said Rob
ert Craig, in a quiet, linn tone. "I can
bring an argument to bear that will pro
vent you."
"Roohl" retorted Ralph, contempt
uously. I'd liko to know what it is?"
"Well, I have a letter in my pocket
hero "
'Stop!" exclaimed Ralph, fiercely
"Keep that hand away from your pocket.
I understand your game you havo a
pistol 1"
"No; upon my honor. If I had you
could shoot mo beforo I could use it. I
think you aro quick enough for that."
"I suppose I am."
"Well, will you allow ma to tako a
letter irom my pocKet, or aro
"Well, I
afraid 1"
"Shall I
pocket ?"
"Yes but
you. "
don't think I nm much
tako tho letter from my
no tricks ; my eyo is on
Robert Craig, with the calmness of a
man merely transacting some ordinary
business, drew a letter from his coat
pocket, and began deliberately to writo
on ono side of tho envelope with a pen
cil. "What aro you doing!" demanded
Ralph, eyeing him sharply.
"I am merely writing it secret here,
which, when you know what it is,will iu
duco you to change your mind."
"What is it I Why don't you tell
me?" J
"You will understand mo when you
hear mo read it."
"Some trick; but remember I am
watching you."
"While Ralph Moore losL noun of h'w
fierceness, ami did not waver iu his inur
deroin p:u pose, it was evident that his
curiosity wai aromoil, iiud hu watched
the young lawyer at lu wr.itu rapidly on
the envelopd by tlw light of tho jiiojii.
''Well, what straugo thing) have you
written 1" ho asked slieeriiigiyvn Robert
Craig finished.
"I will read it yon," replied Rjbert
Then ho held tin- euvelopo up so
that tho moonlight fell upon it, ami read
as ioiiows.
On- Wilson's 5itiini'.Gi!i;x Riv
iot.Griikx Itivnrt, "V
between 10 and v
c, 21, 1370. )
Thursday night bet
1 1 o clock, Dec.
If I am found murdered, lis it known
that Ralph Moore, of Upland,is the mur
derer. IIo stands before mo while I writo
tins pointing a rillo at tno,and declares ho
will shoot me because hois jealous of me.
I am unarmed,
RomiRr Cit.uts,
Attorney at Law
Ralph Moore uttered a disdainful
"Hal ha! What good will that scrib
ing do?" ho said. "I can destroy it while
you float down tho river. You don't sup
pose 1 would go and deliver it to the au
thorities for you even it it is your dying
request ha I ha 1 ha I
"You won't deliver it for mo?" asked
Robert Craig, calm as ever.
"Do you think I'm a fool? Come,your
time's about up,
"Won't you deliver this for me after I
am dead!"
"No, of course not."
"Then I know who will."
"Who?" asked Ralph, puzzled by this
strango conduct.
"Iho river!' and Robert Craig sent
the letter from tho bridge and it floated
away on tho bosom of tho rapid cur
"What does that mean?"
"It menus, Mr. Ralph Moorc,that you
may now murder me lust as soon as you
please. lamas well prepared to die as you
are, and havo fully mado up my mind
to die; but if I die you dio too. The
difl'eruuco will be this: I dio as a martyr,
and the man who will bo remembered
in this community as honored and loved;
while you go to the gallows a criminal,a
convict, covered with infamy, and are
there strangled liko a beast, and all who
know you, will in years to come, only re
member you and 'speak of you as the
cowardly assassin who shot down an uu
armed man. Now shoot, just as soon as
you please, and that letter floating down
tho river will tell on you and you will be
hunted down."
"Nonsense! Don't you suppose lean
ert't that letter insido of an hour?''
"How?" asked Robert Craig, very com
"1 can swim lor it it necessary.
Tho water would chill you to death in
ten minutes. 1 cm know very well there
i no boat within ten miles, except at tho
nearest terry, mid thcro ho oars are
locked and could not bo had beforo
morning. Uy thattituo tholetter will havo
floated away and probably havo been
picked up and handed to the authorities.
Oh! blaze away, I'd rather you would
now, biueo I havo made up my mind to
dio and havo you hanged.'
italpli jUooro stood lor halt a minute,
with the threatening rillo still at an aim,
apparently unable to make up his mind
whether to risk the gallows or not; then
ho said :
Rut if I sparo you, and that letter
is found what explanation can bo mado
of it?"
"I might say it was a joke, atuliti any
event, if I should bo still found alive, it
would bo easy to prove that you duln t
kill me."
Ralph Mooro placed his rillo upon his
shoulder and walked nway muttering
with an angry oath:
"l am a tool 1 1 ouglitto havodonotlio
work without giving him a chanco to
play such a lawyers trick I
itobert Uraig stood upon thu bridge
watching tho would-be assassin till hu was
out ot Hight then onco moro gazed down
upon tho clear, cold waters ot the river,
and said aloud :
"I am thu luckiest man living; uo float
ino- to-iiit'lit. thank von 1"
Tho next day Ralph Mooro abruptly
started on a trip to California, much to
tho surprise of tho community and ho
never returned to Kentucky.
Robert Craig! Ah,if I should give his
real name, tno render would know that
. it r f
it was tno iiio ot a since iniuous man
that was saved by nn argument on tho
John, my dear, said sho tenderly, if
yon do not buy a bottle of Dr. Hull's
Cough Syrup immediately, I will go
homo to my mother; I can't stand "this
coughing any longer. IIo bought a bottle.
WIlATIIKlt l'ROI'lll'.r.
"It's easy cnouirh to bo n weather
prophet. All yoti'vo got to do is to keep
your oyc on tho sky, and it will bo a very
sly storm indeed, that steals a march on
iho speaker was a trent eman livltif
on Columbia Heights, Urooklyn, who
has dono a good deal of sky gazing, but
M'lin aavej lit, linn tin 1nn!..A -...1.1!-
roputation as a weathcr-wlso man.
.. ..v un, a ..v 1,,.. uu iiuoiiu mi llllllilll
"l..ook out ot this south window. Do
you notice thoso long, narrow, misty
looking clouds in parallel rows tliat seem
to bo advancing upward from behind
Staten Island with tho precision and
steadiness of a lino of battle? They aro
tho advance guard of an approaching
storm. Tho barometer has not given tho
slightest sign, an ! it probably will not
until that skirmish lino has reached tho
zenith, which may tako hours, and yet I
am as certain that a storm is coming ns
though I saw tho rain falling."
-uo you mean mat you can foretell
a storm by tho clouds sooner than bv .i
nvbody can. Tho winter storms
cspccially,annoutico their npproach somo-
iimi-a uvu ur iineu uays in advance.
Whenever you seo thoso narallel strines
of cloud rising in tho southwest, and
moving in ranks slowly across tho sky,
you may bo sure that wet or snowy
weather is at hand. Why should not
tho clouds foretell tho weather? There
cannot bo a storm or any considerable
change of weather without clouds, and
thero is almost as much perccptiblo dif
ference in clouds as in faces, if people
would but notice them closely."
i;o cioutis always foretell storms!
"No, some ciouds givo assuranco of
fair weather. A very little practice will
enable anybody to read this language of
the clouds. It u linre like studying a
language than you would suppose. You
know itt Latin a change in the termina
tion of a word changes its meaning. Just
so a eh ingo in tho iorm of clou- s chan
ges their meaning. It is no mere chance
work, but a certain changj always means
tho s.inij thing. Jf 'cirri' turn into 'oir-ro-strati,'
every meteorologist knows
what that means just as well as the boy
tit the head of the Latin class knows tho
difference between 'Hie' and 'Ilujtis.' "
"Then the clouds aro not all of ono
"J5y uo means at all. About eighty
year.s ago, i.uko Howard, an Iinglish
.junker, whoso business required him to
take long walks in the open air, comple
ted a classification of clouds that has ev
er since been in general use. One ot
the most wonderful phenomena ever wit
nessed in the sky led Howard to study
tho clouds. This was tho great fog of
187o, that overspread the whole of liu
rope and part of Asia and Atnerica,reach
ing to the summits of the Alps and last
ing from ono to threo months, according
to tho locality. The greatest terror pre
vailed, and the end of tho world was
thought to be at hand.
"Howard noticed that there were three
principal kinds of clouds, which ho called
carrus, cumulus and stratus. Anybody
can seo the differonco between theso
clouds at n glance. Tho cirrus is the
highest of all clouds. You must have
often seen it in the form of white fila
ments, sometimes called 'mare's tails'
and 'eats tails.' Stretched across tho
blue sky liko delicate lace work, it is
very beautiful. Travelers say that on
the summit of lofty mountain peaks from
which they could look down upon tho
heavier clouds, they have seen the wispy
cirri floating overhead, apparently as
tar away as when seen irom tlio earth.
In calm summer evenings, long after
sundown, theso clouds may bo seen re
flecting tho most delicato tints of color
from tho last lays of sunlight that illu
minate tho higher regions of tho nttnos
"Iho cirri aro composed ot little crys
tals of ice. Theso clouds and their de
rivatives causo tho halos that aro some
times seen about tho sun and moon. It
was probably cirro strati that caused tho
rent display ot moon dogs and circles
recently nt Denver. Cirrus clouds
indicate both storms and clear weather,
according to tneir appearance. It thev
appear in their most delicato forms after
stormy weather, they aro a sign that
settled weather is at hand. When thev
show themselves in parallel streaks after
lair weather has lasted lor some time,
they aro tho first indication ot approach'
ing change. Cirri, when greatly tangled
and knotted, show stormy weather close
at hand. If their borders grow faint
ind indistinct, thero is rain coming.
"Cumulus clouds aro characteristic of
summer, i lie larmcrs call them thuu
der heads when they poke their smooth.
white rounded summits, glittering m the
sun like silver nbovo tho horizon, In
that form they aro tho forerunners of lo
cal thunderstorms. Theso mountainous
looking clouds sometimes actually exceed
the greatest peaks ot tho Andes or linn
alayas in size. When cumulus clouds
disappear iu a warm, pleasant day, not
very largo, distinct though son iu out
line and resembling cotton balls, they
indicate continued fair, dry weather.
On tho other hand, when they grow lar
ger, darker and more formidable lookiiu
they loretell storms. Just before a ram
they sometimes seem to throw off little
lleecv clouds around their edges, (ioetho
tho great German poet who was fond o
studying tho clouds, said that as long as
cuintilt have sharply denned borders am
a white color, a eonunuant'o of good
weather may bo expected. Cumulus
clouds often form soon after sunrise am
temper tho heat of a midsummer day. If
thev gradually .disnnnear toward evu
uing tlio weather will remain serene, but
it as thu sun goes down, they grow
darker and moro numerous, then look
out for rain. Tho cumuli aro the cap!
tills, or condensed summits of invisibh
columns of vapor rising from tho earth,
Tliey do not attain nearly so great a
i.,.!i,i no i, ,.!..,.; n ii r i
ii.iiii- io .uu i.ii 1 1. minium ttiu
ly from half a mile to two miles linrh
Cirri vary iu height from two or three
miles to six or eight.
"Tlio stratus is most common nt nigl
and in winter. Thoso long ranks c
clouds that I pointed out to you iu tho
southwest nud which show a coming
iiutiiieasi storm, uro a variety ot stratus,
ihey nlwnys appenr in tho form
stripes or broad, low curtains, covering
more or less oi ino suy. The night strat
us is lormetioi mists irom swainps.nver
and moist ground. It generally rises and
ennnges into smaii cumuli on summer
mornings. Mho other kind of stratus
appearing nt considerable heights iu the
full, winter, and curly iu spring, is, ns I
havo said, an invariable forerunner of
stormy weather.
"Theso thrco kinds of clouds do not
always appear iu their si in pi o forms.
They aro fretjticntly mingled together,
and four varieties of theso derivative
clouds havo been distinguished. Tho
cirro-cumulus consists of little roundish
white clouds, floating nt a high eleva
tion, nnd often resembling n tlock of
sheep resting upon tho bluo background
of the sky. In winter theso clouds fre
quently appear beforo a thaw. Between
summer showers they accompany in
creased heat. They aro common in dry
"Tho cirro-stratus commonly nppenrs
in shoals resembling fish in shape. Its
popular name is tho 'mackerel sky.' It
is almost a sure indication of npproach
ing stormy weather. When it settles
down into a thin veil, covering tho sky,
and making the sun and moon loot dim,
it is certain to bo followed by snow or
rain. You will seo it in that form fol
lowing thoso streaks that aro now rising
in tho southwest nud covering tho sky
beforo tho storm comes.
"Did you over see a bnttlo in the
clouds? The cirro-cumuli and cirro-strati
nre natural enemies. Tho first named is
a fair weather and tho last a foul-weath
er cloud. "When they meet as they somo
times do after a summer storm has par
tially cleared, there is a war in the sky.
Tho cloudy squadrons encounter in mid
heaven to settle tho question whether
sunshine or storm shall prevail. If the
cirro-cumuli succeed, tho weather will
clear; if the cirro-strati aro victorious,
there will be moro foul weather. It is a
war of destruction, and the battle usually
ends by tho total disappearance of one
or tho other of tho two kinds of cloud,
all assuming tho form of tho successful
"Cumulo stratus is tho grandest of all
clouds, and so it is tho appropriate lore
runner of great storms. It you ever hap
pened to go up hill to tho Hudson when
a thunder storm was gathering in the
Catskills you must havo seen this cloud
rapping on the mountain tops and hill
ing tho great peaks liko a vast curtain.
"Whenever you sec these clouds looming
ut), you may bo sure that a violent
chamre in tho ntmosnhero is close at
land. Hie cumn o stratus consists ot .1
aver or foundation of dark colored utrnt.
us cloud nearest the earth. Httrmntintrrl
bv bulky wiles of verv dense cumulus,
not white and smooth ko the fa r went 1-
- - . . 'l
er cumulus, but rough, dark and threat-
"One of the grandest sights in the
orld is tho maiestio march of tho cu-
mulo-stratus clouds across a hilly coun
try district in advance of a violent storm.
Animals, as well as men, are intimidated
by tho fearful appearance of tho heavens
and show their fear by trembling ami
lurrying to places of shelter. Theso
clouds commonly make their appearance
st in tho northwest, risint? black and
threatening above the horizon. Soon
tho rtimbliiiL' of boavv thunder is be.inl.
and as the clouds annroach tho zenith,
blotting out tho sun, fitful gusts of wind
niise, followed by periods of oppressive
calm. Sometimes a whirlincr motion is
seen in tho clouds. Then look out! If a
black funnel seems to dron from tho
clouds to tho earth, it is a tornado, and
nobody can tell what damago it may do.
Tho cumulo-strati foretell-a storm sever
al hours in advance. Tho longer they
linger near the horizon the more violeut
the storm is apt to be.
"iho last class or rather sub-class of
clouds is the nimbus or black rain cloud,
wmcn spreads over tho heavens just ns
ino storm begins. 11 is mado up ot a
mixture of all the other kinds, nnd ap
pears in every storm, but is seen in its
most characteristic form in a thunder
storm. Sometimes it approaches within
1 lew hundred feet (,t tho earth, and at
other times is 2,000 or 3,000 feet high
Whilo it always appears black or grav
from beneath it if, in fact.surmounted by
a snowy white cap of cirrus or cumulus,
I havo sometimes, in tho hills of central
New 1 ork, seen from an elevated sta
tion ino passago ot a storm through a
distant, vanoy. 1 110 glittering upper sur
face of the clouds then presents a beau
tiful appearance, whilo underneath they
arc dark and forbidding, and the pour-
tug nun nines, me lauuscape.
"on account ot the mixing together
of tho various classes of clouds, it is
sometimes dithcult to accurately distin
guish them apart. A littlo
m . ' i t i
uver, win euaotu any ouservani person
to detect tho prevailing characteristics.
indications vary slightly tor ditherent lo
calities, and somo knowledge of local
leculiarities is therefore neeessarv. Any
ono who waiciies the clouds can form
many weather rules for himself thnt ho
... n 1 . . . . .
win una at least ns trustworthy ns tho
prediction ot Old 1'iobabilities.
-jv. r.
now to oirr sick.
Exposo yourself day and too
much without exercise; work too hard
without rest; doctor all the time: take
all the vile nostrums advertised : and
then you will want to know
now to ui:t wti.r-
Inch is answered in two words Take
Iloti Hitters! See other column, Ex
Uarllehl'H Mother.
Of General Garfield's mother, the fol-
lowing incident is related bv ono of the
newspaper correspondents 011 tho special
train to Washington :
..... . . .. .
1 ho old lucly'is a tvpo of tho northern
OI110 pioneer mother, and has not vet
forgotten tho lessons of thrift and eeono-
my taught her in early life bv necessity,
t.. .1 i , 1 i . .
111 tnu iitirry ami inistie ot tiie morning,
tho porter forgot to extinguish tho lai
in the car, and they burned nt full h
long ufter dnylight. At last tho lighted
lamps attracted tho old lady s attention,
when sho said to tho President-elect,
"Jnmes putotit thoso lamps. It's no uso
wasting tho oil when its doing no good."
General Garfield called tlio nortor'a nt-
tention to tho matter, nnd the waste
111 !..-.! .1. 1 . i .
iiiuuuuaiiiig uiiiu was stopped tmme
The Dawn of Peace-
Now York World.
Whenevcra Southern Democrat in tho
House saw fit, under stalwnrt taunts, to
rotor to "tho lato unhappy contest' nnd
declined to make nn ''apology for tho part
... . - - -1
Inl-nii 11 " f 1I-...1 ,
m""' "1 vuiiyci null Jlllivicy WHO
sat dumb in their new Senatorial seats
while Mahono boasted himself to bo an
unrepentant rebel brigadierus-ed to foam
nt the mouth with patriotic froth. Wh
IV liv
illd not tho President rowai-d them win.
Sdvetf tiitig Sttejf.
ftnelneh.... tlu)
6. ()
7. m
Two Inches 3.nj
Thrco Indies, ...... 4.0.1
Four luetic.,.....,,. A.flO
ouarter column..,, tioi
Half column.'
Ono column..
tearly ndTCftlsoments p.iysblo quartfrly.
sient adrerUscmcntft must be paid tor before Inserted
except whero parties have accounts.
Lwral advertisements two dollars ncr Inch for throa
Inwrtlorn, nnd at that rata for additional Insertions
without rcfcrcnco to length.
Kxocutor'a. Administrator's, nnd Auditor's notices
three dollars. Must bo paid for when Inserted.
Transient or Icnt notices, ten cents a line, reirular
advertisements half ratca.
Cards In tho "Business Directory" column, ons
dollar per year for each line.
Curious lndnttrics.
The work of the staff of officers ap
pointed by tho Superintendent of tho
Census to collect statistics relating to tho
industries and manufactures of Now
York city is nov approaching completion
and will bIiow, in tho opinion of Mr.
Chnrlcs E. Hill, tho gentlemen in charge
of it, a very satisfactory growth b'uico
1870. In tho courso of tho Investigation
by Mr.llill's deputies somo singular in
dustries were brought to light. It was
found, for instance, that some uso was
mado of old shoes, but exactly what uso
whs hard to find out. Largo numbers of
old shoes were sold by rag pickers to cer
tain men,who disposed ot them nt a good
price. It is well Known 'that bits ot old
leather mako tho commercial articlo
known as Prussian blue, but only a few
firms manufacture it, nnd tho new call
for old shoes was evidently for some oth
er purpose. In New Yorkcitynnd Urook
lyn about three million pairs of old shoes
aro thrown away every year. Formerly
old shoes were plentiful 111 the neighbor
hood; now it appears that they aro sought
after as choice prizes in tho ragpiqker's
line. I5y dint of persvering inquiry it
was discovered that tho old shoes wore
used for threo purposes. First, all shoes
not completely worn out are patched,
greased, and after being otherwise re
generated, sold to men who deal in such
wares. Somo porsous wear 0110 shoo
much moro than tho other; these dealers
find mates for shoes whose original
mates are past hope. Secondly, tho shoes
not worth patching up arc cut into pieces'
tlio good bits aro used for patching oth
er shoes, nnd tho worthless bits, tho soles
and cracked uppers, aro converted into
.Inmaica rum by a process known only
to the manufacturers. It is said that
they aro boiled in pure spirits and allowed
to stand for a fow wecks,the product far
surpassing the Jamaica rum mado with
essonces, burnt sugar and spirits. A
gentleman who doubted the truth of this
story stopped recently at a low grogshop
in the neighborhood of tho factory spok
en of and inquired if they had any rum
from old shoes. "No," said the barkeep
er, "we don't keep it much now; tho
druggists, who want a pure article, all
sell it, nud the price has gono up. Hut
wo iiinemiu u, ununu ixiu 141:1, mi so:n
if you want it. How many old shoes
HO to a gallon of rum could not be as
T. l .11 ." .Tl 1 - .. . .
" nan oeeu uoiiceti oy some iicputtes
that while manufacturers aro quite will-
ing to put a valuation upon their manu
factured product, they hesitate about
stating the value of the raw material,and
even return the schedules with the spaca
lor tho value ot raw material left blank.
In one instance a manufacturer of toma
to catsup retuine J a report giving tho
value ot his manufactured product at
$18,000 and the vahio of his raw mater
ial as nothing. His explanation was as
follows : Every year in tin canning sea
8011 he sends to thu wholesale houses
which make a business ot canning to-
matocs clean tubs, with the understan
ing tll!lt tllc women who trim and peel
shall throw the skins and parings into
these tubs: every day the tubs are re-
moved, the stuff 111 them ground up, fer
mentcd, llavorecl and sold as tomato cat
sup to the extent of bl8,000. Another
singular and decidedly pernicious busi
ness is the manufacture on a largo scalo
of cheap candies from white earth or ter
ra alba, mixed with a little sugar and
glucose. Tho deputy who investigated
the confectionary business reports that
twenty-live per centum ot somo candies
is composed of these substances.tind such
candy, notably gum drops, contain Mill
less sugar. Iho euectot white enrth up
on the stomachs of tho unfortunate chil
dren who buy these candies is yet to bo
determined by future autopsies. "What
is called a hue brand ot caslilo soap has
been found to bo composed chiefly of
this white earth and grease, but the evil
effects of such tin imposture nre trilling
compared to the results of turning chil-
dren s stomachs into miniature pottery
works. Among the new industries which
have sprung into existence during the
last few years is the system of finishing
in this city foreign goods imported in an
11 ti finished condition. Foreign articles
composed of several paitsare now large
ly finished in that city, the parts calling
for hand labor being imported while
those calling for machine work are mado
here. In this way heavy duties aro saved
although the nrticlesarc sold as imported
Au Immense Engine.
Tlio Altoona Tribune speaks as fol
lows of the new fast locomotive built at
tlm Pennsylvania railroad shops at that
..1 1 !... 1 1 l. - M .
ami intended to make a mile a
minute between Philadelphia and New
York on tho Pennsylvania railroad:
Tho new fast locomotivo made its trial
trip on Tuesday ot last week. It was
taken to Huntingdon and then btarted
home. Tho distance !1 1 miles, was mado
in 41 minutes, but there was somu timo
lost by a "green block." One mile was
run iu .18 seconds nud another in ;"!) sec
onds, nnd throughout tho tiip tlio engine
behnved very well, ft is u tremendous
piece of mechanism nud although finish
ed very plainly is well proportioned and
pretty ns n picture. Thero nre many
changes from tho usunl engine in this
one. Thu endeavor has been to put all
weight us low down ns possible. Tho
whistle is 011 top of the cab, tho engine's
reverse lever is worked by Meant and
. I .1 1 1 !. . ... 1 f 1 . ..
lllu sauu uux insieau 01 neiug near tnu
dotno is in thu sheeting covering thu dri-
ving wheel, a nioiioo looks like a pig-
my alongside ot thu monster. It will bo
kept hero for n few days and run on reg'
"hir trains until its capacity is tested.
I 1 .! 1.1.. " r
a luuuuiutivu e.ip.iuiu m uu. lining a
f Titusville will attempt to throw even
that extraordinary pertorinance into tho
shade. There is now building for him at
Iho Baldwin works a locomotivo which is
designed to bu thu fastest iu tho world.
Tho builders anil thu owner will bo dis
of appointed if it doesn't mako a record of
I ..? .-1. 11... .... 1 1 , ,l . !1
- eiiiuvy mnra 1111 uuur, unu run iuu nines
without tnkiug on coal or water. It will
bo taken to Europe and tested on tho
railroads of England and tho Continent.
Pottsvillo's great fear heretofore has
been that the earth would cave under tho
thriving borough,. but now another peril
1 a n 1 .
threntens the plnce. Somebody out in
Winnmne, Indiana, claims to own tho
I . 1 1 r 1
sixteon hundred acres of land under nnd
surrounding the town.
An attempt has recently boen mado
to ektnblish 11 mormon settlement in New
Jersey, but tho authorities hnvo put a
stop to it.