The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, July 16, 1880, Image 3

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ntiHiiiinitiiii, numv, .iiii.v ni,t-
(( irg! A. Holy, mlintiiNlrntur of Henry
K ,i-lHiry,'il, will oiler toil c,tntu fur
ll0 in llonlon oil y.Uiinlay Augmt 7tli ivt 10
n, w.
Killer ol' llio Doniocrutiu purly
nf (Joliiinliiii county, collnlud siml
jiriuU'il at thuCoMJMm.vv olllco in
;im1ili!t Conn, now rawly.
cry Doiiinenitic voter should huvc
u copy. ollt' poM111"' to 1I11V IU'
on rcct'ipt of ton cunU. inon
i'V or postage stamps. Address
iiircot.i'MiiiA.v JJIoonisliurg Pa.,
A II. Whi'icw hm boon n. prislmas
( hi Itncktioiii.
Tli.' Cm .I'iriim of 1 lie S'clmol lmri
, o piiii'.cil nt this onicc ami nrn rculy for
, inbuilt. n on nt'pUtniinn lo llic l'riiiciptil.
.1 nnips HcMy luis ulurr.cj lo I'liKiinsliiirK
niup mil a IlniLiT simp 111 the! JxiliartRi'
I'.loite. llu tmileri-Uiiila Ms liiiaineiM In all it-.
lliliis firrlinu, enumerator nf MiulWon toten
li!i repor s 1 1 lUatlm for llit icnni yinr, ."(I
.!r "Is mtmliP", .met UU'J dwelling hwi"i'.
Tlure! is only ntireit Ino-thlrtls iwiiikIi Inr
vi in" iiincMnrry in Cilifornh to pulicr llio
pp ii nt crop, ami dinners are in tlefp-iir.
I!. ITarri" nml llusli ISiiclcliiglmin lire our
i, iili .r tei fnlicllnrs fn. mi w piili-iTilvrn. Wo
li ik our Minil-i in llio tlltloretit lownsliipn in
hivlor tliein all llio rwhtnnew pe.milile in pla
lintrtlie! Coi.VMliMJf in lliel'Hti'l' of evtiy
IV'innrrat ill llio county.
A Intel fostivril will lio liol.l at Aficn en
l'i ulav, ami Saturday evening, July 2;lnl mid
tilth. S ipper will lio nerveel from 5 to I) p.
in. Icecream and oilier refre-linietits will lie
erveil. JIusic ly dlU'enint kiml. All ate
c.rilially inviieil. I'roceeila for the licnilil of
Afton Cornet Hand.
Kinf.s' l)i:NTr:iiv CoMi'Ni'.vn There ate
noili-cascs that will fo ipiickly hring ineielctiH
ol a pernor' pill life and make liiiu think of
homo and Ida mother at Cholera, Cholera Mor
Iiim, Dysentery, Cramps, Colic and all llieir
kitulreel eliacnsce. And lo be without Mne'H
Dymnteiy Coiiipoini 1 when overtaken by tlio
above disease H to liu almont w ithout Iioj'O.
July 2 lui
Tlio Scott townsliip enumerntor, J. K. r.iehi
in in, has handed us the following; nt.itii-tit'p:
InhaliitantJ, while, 1,311
" black, 0
Total, l,.".l
IVuln during tlie cciihh year, IU
llirlli.s " "
Mirried " " S
Kiinil, 1
.Manufacturing establishments, III
lie returns thinks fir tlio ourMici shown
liim while in tho perfji'iinni'i! of liis duties.
Kiulidiuicn formerly Kiipposed lliat Ameri'
cm running homi were very inferior lo theirs
but during tlio lil two years Parol?, WW leu-sit-in
and other IVt ones that were f-cut from
this country to ICugkiud, have won hundreds
of tliuti--ntils of doihrp, for sndi Anicrie.u.s
as the Messrs. I.orilliril, James CloriUn lKn
licit, o. Tlio JZniilif-linicu have iiivestigalul
llio le isoiks. fur the great success of theAmeiii
oiii horn's, and find tiiat they are i.ept in such
line condition by the const mt usu of M. 1.
1 1' ili e 1 1 my Horse Powders. July 2m
A NliW lttisi; COMPANY,
A tneelirg was lid 1 at the othVe. of Knotr e
Wii.tirstien on Motility evining, for the pur
pose ol organizing an inde'Ciident hose com
pany. About lif y young men were pre-ent.
K'ibiTt I! nkiugiiiiiu was ileeted chairnnn ai.d
Arthur A. Clark and W. Clark Shun, ferrei-i-rios.
The name of Win ma lloe :nloiiH.l
A ninnlur of eonituiitees ifere appointed and
tlio meeting adjourned until m t Mon biy
niglo I-'rom present appearance! tliis organ
i..iuun wi.l uc -it line u any in the State, com
posed as 't is, of the het yotins men in the
lottn. Wo liope our ci iem will contribute
liberally to tho purihaso of the nercs-ary cijulp
Tho Sevenlb Annual Tri State Picnic of the
Patrons of hinliandry and farmers of Siuthern
Peniisvlv.ini i. Mirvland. West Virginia, and
adjoining States will he held at Williams'
drove, Mechanicsburg, Pa Align"' 21lli, Sltli,
2i!lli and 27th, 1SS0. Connocted with the pic
nic thsro will bo an exhibition of
and products, farm Implements
and michiiiery- A course of agricultural lec
tuiei will be delivered by Prof. S- 11. Heigcs
The Uiimlwrlind Valley Klitorial Association
will hold a metttng on tho grounds on I-riday,
August 27th, at 10 o'clock n. in., and at 1
o'clock p' in., nn address will bo delivered by
fiovemor Hamilton, of Maryland. Other cine
nent gen ibm'.-n will deliver addresses during
tlio exhibition.
COl'.NCII. PltOe,Ei:UlNGb.
M RIiNUSsniY jui.v 7xii .
Council mot in regular monthly meeting,
present Mtsns. Hnbb, Kvans.Sharpless, Thom
as. Tlio president being absent, on motion ad
journed lo meet July H, 18S0, nt 7J o'clock.
July 8, lfcSO, Council met pursuant toad
J mrnmcut.
Present, tlm nrnsiibiit. (I. A. Herring, nnd
Messrs. Kharidess, Kahb, Holmes and Kvnns,
Hook ci Ladder conipiny mado japplication
for a hose carriage for sale by Edwin I.iverick
of Xew York City for 5-300, Tho secretary
was instrncteil lo correspond with Mr. I.iverick, I
On motion, the president was instructed to
ascertain tho amount ol hose i.codeel, tho stcie
tary lo correspond with different parties lo as
certain epinlily and piices. Petition was pre
sented signed by sundry persons of said town,
rei'ucsting council lo open Centre street from
Itblge allay to Front ing Ihe Unformed
and Lutheran burying ground. Petition re eel veil
and ordered filed. On motion, a committee of
two, viiti Messrs. Hnbb and F.vnns weie ap
pointed to confer with the trustees of llio He
formed and Lutheran congregations and report
at next meeting. On motion it was resolved
anel thottrect commissioner so inslruc ed that
nil side walks which were not put in good re
pair within fivo days shall bo put In repair by
the town authorities nml the usual 20 per cent,
added to the actual cost thereof.
On motion tlio following hills were read and
approved and the secretary authorized to draw
orders for tho same-.
Hetiirn of labor done by II. H.
Street Commissioner fur the month
ofJunelSSO, $HM
John J. Toner for two police badges 5 ''0
Jilooinsburc Gas ro. for tho month of
June - "OO
II. 1 Ian is, serving apprul notices 10 00
" police duty July 3rd 1 no
C. M. Vnndersllie. lililltlllL' tax liolicea 3 00
I. H. Kuhn, one year's rent, engine house
M. C. Woodward, services as Town con
stable J). Laycock, police senico night of June
20, 'SO
Sieietary's salary for June, ISbO
II. U, IVeas for Ullii'.g nlut and burying
2i 00
8 33
1 (HI
15 00
Toll). 9W 08
Jnc, K. fliioTX.Sc'y.
THK V(.I,TAI01IKt,TUa, MAtlsllAU., .MICH. "
Hells In M !"' nt','' .C0l l,r i:il.o-Vollalc
sMi, ",c 'l"lc,lr'1 ""on ' Spcidy
mrs Ku irntneed. Thry ,0 wnt ,,
nle to Ihem wilhoiil dclsy. Nut. 21- ly.
M,I!ic1,': ))V-"r,'f'lic Danville llefont, and
.is iioncii mule us a verv i, . it
Saturday morning, In our unncttitii,
'liorgel.ayrock,nf the Wilke.harro Ilecnl
iinpfi'iling a fnrdays hi i0wn.
Otant llirrins nnd Siinpon l'erree nre
linmo from ( olleKe ., omltnit Hie yacallon.
.Mr. Old, of Yotk, p.,., 9 ,,,nK
llie ltev. W. W. Pvins.
Mi-s Kannlo Seule Is il. Kuut of Mis, An-
in Moan.
I.. P. Apptcm in, !,)., of Eslon, is fpcd.
ing I' e puiumer at his fnhoi's.
.lames II. Xeal returned fioui a trip to (he
Wlillo Mniintniin l.nt week,
Hon. C. 11. lluckalcw Is rimttcatlng at Long
Col. A. 1). Suley nnd l' S. Hunt, of
llernick rptnt .tt Sundiy i lown .;,),
Custr.mor 'Why are Mall llllleta so noou-
lir?'' "llrecjist 'Ibcain.e as.i I'nnd !r.,1l,i
liny inridi the blood, hunbn ll.e lnunles.oiili
it the nerves and pi rbcl (ligation." july2-lw
MIl.TuN (KI.Ii:r I't Nil.
O. 1!. Xagle, J ;-., Chief I'lireem of Millon,
was in town nn Mouliy, for Ihe pnro-eof
pre entln ihe f.dliwing Utter, width cxplilns
Mll.TON, P.t. July lutli, ISM),
To Hon, Wm. lii.n it.t :
Ittitr Sir : At a meeting of tho male nnd fei
m il.-suHeurs, held in Milton, on Fitd ly eve
ning July 'Jib, liSO, lo eleitii (oniiniilee, for
the puiHise of devising a just i ml C .ital le
method of di-ti Hulling the funds snkindly con-
tribiilid fjr the reliil of said sulhrers, the fol
lowing ic'olulii us were in nt,inu,mlv adoi tub
lu Win, '1 li it Judges Cummin, Klui'll ami
llocki filler, be Khctnl as a committee to di-
be a inilhod of ditrihiiting ihe Kelii f I'uml:
Ihtit in tlitm asimiiiint jurists we base the
most implicit confhhtKe, tint whatever method
they niiynlopt will be honoiablc, just and
piitnble, and we will abide, by Ihiir de-
!rultcit, Thai O. I!. Xn;le, Chief T.urgess of
Milton, bo a committee lo call upon snid judg
es and notify liicm of the action of our people,
and earnestly urge tluir nss'i.-tance In this im
portant inieigniiey
In compliance with the above resolutions, I
in behalf of cur suffering people, earnestly re-
piest that yon. accept tiie trust, bdieving that
by o doing you will render, not only to the
oiHereis by our late lire, lint to thegenerius
lonorsnbo, a mot valuable porvico.
1 remain very truly yours,
0. 1!. Xior.i:,
Chief Ilitrgess.
M. I!- Itoberts' Poultry Powders will cure the
wort cass ot t-liolera or iiapcs. nun .i. i.
Hoberts' Poultry Powder you can increase the
number of eggs ."0 per cent. Sold everywhere
at 23 cents per iiaikago. july 2-1 m
It has been determined by the nllie ial tncni
hfisoftho M. K. diutcli to hold a festival at
Ashury cliurdi on Siturday afternoon and eve
ning of ihe 2-"ilb of Ibis month, the proceeds to
go for ihe repairs to ho nude on llio chinch.
Como one and all and get some good ice cream
and refiishinetits.
Kev. Williams, of Orange ville, who wasli-
cen-ed at tlio hist ipiaiterly conference lo
pr.ndi, had an at this place cn
Kiblntli la--l hut did not appear for tcasnns
unknown to us. There were a gnat many co
pie di-appoint. d.
Our Summer schools hive all clo'el for (hi
lime b"ing.
Mr. Janiei M. Kiitz nlh-d to s n u I.u'
week. He his jn-t iitumed from
College nml U now vi.iiii g bis many friends at
this pl.ic.' and elsewhere. He proposes teach-0
ing a select sdi.iol at this pi ice to crmmi'iice
on the lUth of this month. James is an ex
cellent liii"her.
Ihe oiri.ii' s'ono ol In i M. i.. church wa
hid tut Sih'iith n S'illwilcr. The sermon
waspnadiid by .1. I-'. P.rown.
Our firiners have their harvests off and gen
erally in Ihe barns, for whiih they are abiind
anly lliaiikful to ihe ( liver of all god. and
we are also thankful fir the n imitation of (leu
end Hancock for our next Pre-idi nt. We will
roll up a large vole fir him in l'ishingcreek:
depend on it, Republicans.
A cauipmccling ill lie hold by the F.vangel
calihuri'h in Mr. Culp's woods, on the public
load leading from I.ighlslreet to,cnmracn
cirg August 6th. Tents can he rented at $2.50
for the term by applying on or befoic the
2oth int to Hev. S. K. Davis, iv-py, Pa. All
are cordially invited.
i.UEOK(.r.Ni:r.Ar. wisi'Iei-d pcott HANCOCK.
Weaio glad to know that the well known
puhlishlns house of Hubbard Hros., of Phila
delphia, have in preparation and will soon is
sue tho "Life of Hancock," written by
bis old-time friend, Hon. John W- Forney.
The career of the brilliant soldier who Is soon
lube transferred to the White House fuinbhes
nub rial for a volumo which, in deep and
thrilling interest, bin rarely been coualtel in
the nunals of American biography. It is fortu
nate that its preparation has bean nrshjued lo
Colonel Forney, who for twenty fno yuirs his
been known as ono of the ablest editors and
most brilliant writers in America. His known
ability, and his personal intimacy with (ieie
Hancock, nre a sulhcient guaranty nisi me
book will be full, complete anel autnoriiauve
volume i I' pcrmmcnl value, and in this re
spect widely ilillerei.t irnin oruinary c.nupaiK"
lilcnture. It will he sulil only uy suu-cripiiuu
and must meet with avery large sale.
Xo more sick Chickens. Saye your poulliy
and cure them ol disease, by u-ing l.oberts
Poulliy Powibr. it has never hilled locuie
Cholera nnd all dl-eaes lo which town nresuu-
i. . !..l. .1
jeit. Price 2 cenis per paesngu jui.-iiu
jfSB i:ATin:it.
Tho following is a inelcoroh'glcal summary
recorded' llio weather at Catawlssa, during
the month of June, 1SS0, compiled by Win. O.
Yetter from observations mado by W. Pruett.
Hiromelrio pnssuie corrected for tempera
ture and elevation uigutsi picnum
l'Jth, 30,333 inchesi lowest on tlie 13th,
incites; monthly range 0.703.
Temperature of Iho nlr Highest lempeia
turoon tho 25th, 00J ilegtees; lowest in Iho
3rd, do degrees; average timeraluro for the,70 elegreotj average of same month du
rbiL' nrevlous year (187U)liS degrees; monthly
raogo I5J degrees; grentesl daily range on the
23th, 29J eltgrees; and leai-t daily range, 6J de-
grcoi on the loth.
Moisture Number ol elays on width rain
fell. Hil total iiinouiitnf ralu fall 3.00 inchesi
rainfall during the same month In previous (1870) 3.18 Inilies.
Wiwl The highest hourly vo'oclty of Ihe
wind during tlm month was 5S miles per hour,
nrcmnnanvlni! a thunder storm Iron, the sonin
west on the 13th ImU Tho force of the wind
during Iho lorni excites) a pressure of 17
pounds l!r fiuare foot ot ciposcn eurtac.
Till) I'AMt'AKlN I'.ll HMI1I1M
Only "A (ents lor sit mnntlis, or Sl.fil a yfnr
Hi advance, (letup club, and .end in you
Th .re orelwo arbitni'i mm n if,,.,!.,
In tho grind. liryroo.n. Vn .o, I v. I.. I ..
nnd one in dipt, llroekn.iy's uilicc, (Irim &
io. v, "Mcvcuson,
A meeting of tho Dimncncv m h.l.l In
Milnvllleon Ihe isil, lut, for the imn.ose of
forming a rbib, The ineetitn' w.n nrvmiiid
by the tbcllon of the Irillowing rdllcrs:
Prc.hlenl, John M. Xu-s: Vico Prod ler,t,
Xiithnn Miller, Henry It Inleiliieri Secretiry,
1'. I. dm i CorMsiininlimr Seereltrv. J. II Tre.imrsr, W. II I'Mit.
A motion was carried tint tho od'uvrs an
point nil nico-siry (ounulttees and that the
i meit weikly. Aildreraea ttere lundo bv
I. M.i C. Ilmck, K.,., and Ikrvev H. Sniiih.
I!i I'liirlv n amis wuc iilncid m on the roll
book of Ihe dub.
TheCcnau IJnuiiieratorsof Columbii oiiuntv.
Pa., met in emir' Minn on Jul. 10. 1SS0 and
elected tlen. C. M. llliker, Chalrninn and Pe
ter A llvnns aed I' M. llatttnan, Secretaries.
.itnong the Inisinen 'rmsiet-d, the followirg
res .liit:on was in ed.
lltvilml, That Ihe thmiW rf llu- Census Ijim-
inn ilort i f the county are hereby tendered to
the Hon. I'runeis A. Walker, Census Superin In tlie II Pe'cr P. Smilli, Cen
sus ttiheivi-nr of Ihe ,'itli ppn.iia ,1,.ir;. r
Piiii.'jlninl.i fir II eir kinlness ami coutteniis
assi-l mce given us in taking the ccr.pns of ibl,
comity mid we tru-t thai lln ir nnd oiirltlior
ill be duly appierinteil-
iiia. .u. ni.AKiat. chairman.
l'lll- ti II. llMiTJI IN, 1 ., ,
PiMtatA. Kv.x.s, 'ii
Twnbo' Mexican
Hcil.iibue Hitlers, iimd m,. f Invpopsii and
1-iv.T (Vmpliinl of t u years s'linding, 0.1).
Honel, He.iid's I.m.ling, Kcnlucky.
A large anil inihiiMiFtie me-iling of the De-
nioir.iey was held nt Xiiimidia on last
Silurilay evining. Speedus for Ibiiuod: cod
Kngli-h were iiinde by J. JI. C llanck, i:si ,
mid llertey 1.. Sniiih, H ,. ()vcr tl,ri.(. bun-
Ired voters were pnmit anil one life-lone lie-
puhlieati announi-td his intenlion nt the elo-e
of the meeting to vole for Hancock next fall.
The meeting was called lo order by Ceri Hew
er anil Ilinrv (H.hle was elerlod President,
Christian Small Vice President and Adam
Kline, Stcretary.
At ll.o pre sent lime when there nre fo many
worthless liniminls in the market, it would he
well to irnpiiie which is Ihe best tins will ho
found in M. 1! Hoberts' ci-lebtatnl Kmhroci-
turn. It is a panacea fur nil ailment that re
ipiire liih'.iii.g eithii an man or bcasl. For sale
by all eliuggists. july a-lm
The school h-jard metal the office of H. F.
Zarron Friday evi nil g, all the members be
ing present. It was dtttrniined to appoint but
one principal fir the schools for the ensuing
year, with a salary of f 113 per month. The sal
ary of the Irucl er in loom Xo. 1 was fixed at
&I5 per month and ihe princi) ill's a-.i-l.inl at
10. The salaries of the rispeillve rooms are
Ihe same as lat jcar, S"5 ati'J SCO per month
The teacher of the Wr!h Hill sehcoj receives
S3" a mcnlh. The following Ichiheis were se
lected :
Principal '.. Schonnoer, Assistant II.
W. Hnckinghiin.
ltooin Xo. 1 T. 11. Millet.
HI I Ull -1KK1.T nl'U.llINfl.
1 loom Xo. 2 A mcli i Atm-ttong, Kva Ku-
Iloom Xo. 311. P. Vanu.ttia, Kalo A
l'ooin Xo. 1 Florence Wirt, Sadie Van-
11 i-t ii -Titi:irr
Koom Xo. 2 Win, Chri-tm m, M iry M
Thont is.
Iloom Xo. u Mary lTuingsl, Ida Tutnhich
llooin X'o. 1 C. II. Welliver, l.cna F.iulds,
Welsh Ilill-Ci.W. Sterner.
Ilidiard h.U'ards nnd S niiiud Ycftor wen
elected jauilors at a-n'aryof ?2"i a inoiiih
Th" t.M' hiirs a v M h ' alio red the limn ibey
attend the Co inly Institute. Tho tenn will
open on the llist Mond iy of Sepleuiher, vata
lion of one week during the holid iys. The'
board adjourned to meet em Saturday eviniti;
the 17th at S o'doik.
Pnysicinns freely pie-crihe the new Fooi
Medicine, "Alalt Hitters," because moie nour'
isbing, strengthening and purifving than all
iher fnruu ofmilt or medicine, while fice
ofrom the ohjections urged against malt liquors
Inhahiiaiits white: i
(An Increase of 8 since 1S70)
Deaths iluruiL' Ihe Iat eeiisiisyear I.i
X'o. of persons horn during census year
Xo. ofbliiid persons
Manufacturing establishments producing
J500 nnnuallv
Siw mills iiroducirji.' S500 nnnuallv .
t arms i -
IHespeclfiillv, J. L. Giumf.s.
Mothers, before giving your litllebibe cougl
or croup medicines, remember that Sines' Syr
up of Tar, Ilo.irhound and Wild Cherry, is ihe
only preparation that contains no opium, mor
phine, or any other narcotic. july 2-lui
Hi-CKitonN, July 12, ISsO.
Xolhlng of interest having occurred in our
ijuiet vtll.igo since Jmy last, and being absent a
part of the lime, I will notice u few of the oc
currences of the trip. Arriving at Hamburg
oa Fihlay afternoon, wo were soon the gue.-ts
of Dr. William Harris. Hamburg is a lown of
2,000 inhabitants, composed principally of
Hermans, is beautifully located, ipnto a mantl
facturing plnce, and Lelng as it li in Herks
county, Democracy is supreme. W e look occa
sloti to visit the churches on sabbath, A grand
feature of St. John's Sunday school Is the mu
sle which was led bv an oieheslra ol eight pie
ces. This with the eiig.iii ai.d singing fiuu
lo fay the least. In ihe evening we viaitid the
M. II. ehurih. It being the lib of July, wo
notiied a line eompary of fully eipiipied sol
diers in the front pews and was grutilicd with
the sermon, On Monday the eelthrated Ham
burg cornet band, composed of 23 luiuibtrs.
and conducted I y Dr 1 1. m is, tlailed to fid an
engagement at Litlz, Laocasier county, and he
ing somewhat accustomed to the use of hand in
slrutnenls, we donned a uniform and born and
took a hand in the game. We eb not liodtal
to say lhat this i one of tho l est bands In ihe
Slate. Litlz Is a beautiful plnce ir.eleed, anel
with its line ehiirches, academies, holeb, and
last but not bast, the Litlz Springs and grand
nark, make it unites summer lesort. Trout
by the Ihotnund here abound and nro carefully
watched and cared for. We will not speak of
the ceb bralion more than to mention lint il.ero
was ipiilo a parade, a gcod oration nnd fire
woiks or display in llio evening to tho amount
of f500. 00. I
Mi'lll.Niiv Al Slillveiiier e li the I'.'ih In-t
Darey S. Infant son of Sirwart nnel Annie I
Mcllctiry, ageil il years, C months ami "fl elays
"Kalr lleclinz comfi rt of an hour,
flow soon wu'rucalleel to pail."
IUnnisox In I'islilrgcreek township, from
injuries receivcJ from the Lil of a In rse, on
the ISllt Inst., Mr, Jartd.IIariison, hkc-J 71
.Sunday School Hymns and Music
It seems to Its high lli.-.p that tho ol
llio Siliidiiy school, III" pm r mrntlii,; niu'
the regular cluiruh teen b. nbl h,cf
inoro closely allied in . . e titer, t ai
whllo tho latter shall be nulo ttnre hearty
nnel earnest, thu two former shall be lets
nwnrthy of a place In tlio mlml and heril
with the grand truths uul inagulflueiit liter
altiro of the llibie.
roo much coiinltMi.mcn lias hrritofoio
betitglycn In the Pu inlay chool lo "liyiiins"
Ithout rrnson, wllli hero and thero ailash
of scntltiirntitllsm in plnco of vigorous
tliotight lllpparit In stylo and Irreverent in
expression, and set to tunes ol'llltlo merit.
lttv, I)r. C'lnrles 8. lt'.binson, the author
of '.Sengs fur the Sanctuary,' remit ml a v..
uable service to tlio churches when he added
In bis later woik, 'SpliUu.ii S.ingi for the
Church and Choir,' u tnnl excellent edition
ailed spiritual Songs fe.S -clul W'cirshlii' :
anil now a continuition of tho "cries is to to
Ua,irilttal Sqiiyior Ihe Sumlvj tehool.'
by the name tec impllshed nulhnr, who has
-rr. nsli il in the wrk by Mr. W, V,
herwln, the well known musical conductor,
conip. aor ntnl gehciiil Sunda fchool workvr.
The title of the book Is hupi lully suggest-
e, and the iiatueol Dr. lt.ibiti"Oti Mn
S give mcli pmiiibc of Ihorotighly
scii'ible and nttraelive work that tho event
of tiie new volume will .i watched willi
eager Inter a, as one likely lo meet lnrs'
happily the prtsMit ntnl, The b ink will lc
puliltsbeil by Stribucr ec Lo.
Ail oi iKitis I'lii'iils.
It b.'H lii'i'iiino hnrnuiinnn to writo llio
1 lojii u liti lt id nil cli'irutit. inlcivMinj nr
tiede nml linn run into isuitie nilvcitic;
ineut that l iiMiiil nil titdi clieut.s tuul
simjilv cull Kile iitiuli Id tlie merits of
Mop hitters III us plnni, lioncM Iciius ;is
poi-slIiU', lei ilnllie'i' it.eiik' lei rio llii'in
emu lriat, :is tin niiuwlm kiniws llteir
llllo will tier use nil) tliinj; ede.
CliNSIi'S I!K1TI..S.
Tho following returns of tho population
ave been made by the enumerators' of the
several townships, to tho Prothonotary's
J'optitttlion, lUrms.
Heaver, 1221
Hentoti, loiil! 157
Herwick, 200 1
Hlooiuslnirg, !!70l
Hriar Creek, 117.1 111
Cittawi a, Intl.",
Center, 12.'i0 1112
Centralia. 13011
Conynighaiii, 21(51!
Fishing Creek, 1 1 II) 21.r
Franklin, VIS
(ireemvuod, 170" I'd"
Hemlock, UNO -
Jackson, , (127
Locust, 2117' 203
MailL-on, 1077 ltil
Maine, (2(i
Mitllin, 10,'iS IIS
Montour, Mil 73
Mt. Pieasant, 7I"
Orange, 001
Pino, 01 1
Until iii Creek, r,.","
Sect!, 1317 152
Sugarloaf, Si!S
Total, 32, 13S
Il should bo tho aim of every owner of
IIor-es.L'owSj&cto tnaki! Ihem as band-omo
line) it-cful as possible". The German Iloiso
and Cow Powder helps to develop all the
powers of the animal. It improves its beau
ly and increa-js its usefulness. It makes
milk, mucle and fat. Hv u-ing it a liorso
will elo more work and a cow give more intlk
ami be in better condition with less feed
Sohl only by wi ight nt 15 cults a pound by
C. A. Kleiin, Hiuom-burg.
Dec 12, '70-1 y
Business iNoticus
Good Cloyef-eeel and Tituolhyseeil, Lots
ol it lor sale by Silas Voiine- nt Lieht
Street inly 2-2iv
Hoots and Shoes cheap i.t McKi.ine'.'.
Shetland SJiiwls at Clark & Son'.
Tlie public nre hereby informed that
splendid suits nro now made from the late-
styles ol spring Goods on the lollowiu;
terms.- J.mcnt iVias, JMfcst 1'nrcs, Jhsl Mt
hr'tal, Jtcst Wwl.muMltiji, and Jkut 1U at
tlie Popular store ol
i;.ivm i.owenuerj
Hon. Georee X. Corson, Xorri-towii.says
Tho Pliienix Pectoral Is iudispensablo in my
t.imllv. It acts like a ciiurm in curing
couclis and colds with tho children.tiud 1
always uso it when adtlre-sing a jury. Price
25 cents. 0. A. Kleini.Hloomsburg. nprlC-ly
AdmUsion free at McKinncy's.
Another ease of Kino Itcndy Made Cloth
ing just received nt O. Lowenberg's.
-1,000 pounds nice drieel raspberries, -1,000
pounil.s.niceelrieelpitted cherries wauled tlii.
i.ill by Silas Young, Light ritreet.july 2-liui
Call at McKlnney'a (or Shoes,
I'or Nobby Hats,
I'or Latest Styles,
l'or Lowest Prices,
(io to Davie) Lowenberg's.
Call nml see the llest am) Cheapest .Slim
mer Suit for jii.UO at 1). Lowcnbcrg1!!.
11 ibbers atMclCinney's.
Tho Clolliint; Store of D.ivhl Loiveiiberj;
is well slocked willi nil tlie latest stvles ol
Clothing lor Men, Youth and Children.
Call and examine,
lioot headquarters at McKiuney's.
Hariitt A. XewMrt, of Salem, says; 1 was
cured of tetter in my hand by three applica
tions of Camphor Milk. My husband was
cureel of old running sores by usinit it. It
cured my son ol a sprained ankle, Priei1
cents. Sold by 0'. A, Klciut, Illoomsbiirg.
apiil lli, '
Letters of Administration on ihe estate o Daniel
. Itobbliis. lain of the town of Plooinsburg.e'oluin
bj co,, elec'd, bale been ginnli d bi Iho lleglatcrcr
said cutiniy lo the' unditslgned udinlnlstralor. Ah
persons hue Ing claims ugnlu.t lui' estalo nre m
qunstnj to present Ihern for settle nient and those
Indebted to make pa) mint wlihout elelay lu
vomer, n. itoiuiiNS
J.ino 11 'su-ilw p. o. liloomsbtirg, Columbia co, l'a.
NK W FIRM! WHITE, IMoprlelor of Iho
OIlANHIiVH.l.i: AcitilCUUTUltAl. WOKliS,
has sold a halt imeiesiln the samo toJ. W. Conner.
'Ihe company hale repahed Iho woiks, anu are pre.
parcel louecoiiiiuodate ull who want ui.jllilng In the
hue of Itup'ureiiis. 'Ihey hau Just
completed a hew li rt hand w hlto plow,whtihlf pos
sible, will boat I he I lirht hand. Also surface plows
or Joliiiera for ihe samo. A new Hireshi rand Clean
er with ccctio shako of ildaio shoe, cjlttel Ihe
WliMei Tlirchhci' iiuil ( leaner,
Willi both Ii eer and latlway powerson a greallv
linpiOM'd plan. We oianur.u l uro I Mi lliii.l.Ki.s
Willi ensllron heads, corn Plows, eloiible und slnirle
Cultivators side hill plows, Mill Castings, Tuinlni'
of every di si rlpitou done wltu pioniptiuss. tn
Kniii c instantly on hand a large iisnorluii nt or flow
Share's for our ownund luauy other plows that ure
used In the country. Wu will not hu undersold In
work or mate rial ct tho some iiualll). All our hi. rk
Is warranied In glee snll-f leiVm, or thu money re
luuihd. WKDEKY COMI'IiMTleiN. l annirs'neiel
i un pui'uu iu ki iinui uie iiiue-bie ei eu Cliuauu I'V
ainUio before puirlmslng i-lsewhere.
inn, !, fo-ly CUANOi;VlUJt,l'A.
GET almost
Do you know how to get
in the easiest way and to best
advantage what you waitt for
dress and house-furnishing?
First, how: Write for a
catalogue ; see what you can
learn from it about the things
you want. If samples can be
useful to you, ask for them
and state your wants so
plainly that exactly the right
samples can bo sent.
Second, where : The place
where goods arc kept in tho
greatest variety ; where they
arc sold for what they really
are in respect to quality ;
where prices are lowest;
where most care is taken
to serve customers accept
ably; and where you have
the right to return whatever
Is not satisfactory.
There no matter where
you are if you make your
wants known and avail your
self of your privileges, you
will get the best things in
the best way, promptly and
without trouble or risk;
sometimes by mail, some
times by express, almost
always at less cost for car
riage than the money you
save in the price. ,
John Wanamakcr,
Philadelphia, Pa.
Chestnut, Thirteenth, Market and Juniper,
Y DMINlsl'llA'lOIt'S M TI 0 E.
Letters of on Iho rslnIA nr Itnnn.lli
I. a i mm, I.i to et nii.ircicek township, Columbia co.,
l'enir.l.. lleee'.iseil. lnve been erranieil hv tlm ln-iMs.
ter ot said comity to c. 11. Jackson, miner., lier-
wick, ru ,u persons naunirciniins againsi me es
late of the ile'e eilent ate reipiestcil to present ihem
for set I lenient anel those Imlctitcil to tliuestnto to
make payment to llio unUerslgiieil Administrator
1, IlllUILl. Ull Ij .
I. II. .i-iuii-su,
Juno Is, j.n..jw lierwlek, I'.u
I ).M IX 1 S Til A T 1 1 1 X XOT I CE.
I STATU 01- ISIlAtX B0I.1.IIT, 1'tCE.ISKn.
IX'ttets of Ailiiilnlstintlon on llie'ealateof Israel
r.u"rt, tale ot e,ieenwoo.l township, e ulunioia co
I'elnrii.. ilis-etseel. hale lieen cram eel liv the lietrls
ti'l-ofsalit the ilnderslniil Administratrix.
All itei-sons ha tier claims iilmIiisI the esla'e of the
deccileni are iciiuusteil to pr-'scnt them torsettlo-
iiii-iii, itiiii i nose inoe nie-il in inn e-siaie lo niaso ii.ij
inent lo Ihe undoi signed Admluuir.itor without
sus. iaieii:ici.
C. W. Muiiit, Airy. Administratrix.
June it, vi-eiw
To Man U Miller, i-arali A. Miller, now residing In
Washington, I), ej.: Mury I., l'touts, ot tihtto iln
ien. r.i.. nr. it. I.. I'rejs. or iicruuk. l'a..
ot e-harli'S i:. DoiNon i nil I.iein Dodson, minor
clillilie'ii of .lulla Iiods'iu,, and .lulla Keats
uaiiiuir 1 1 Mi.-vtn Mnlin. nee it ,ot ruuaaeu ma. ra.
Yuu in e here b rioltlli-it ttial In with a
wilt Issued out ol Ihe Olphans' e'ouit of Columbia ni.ii in uie uui lieu, I w in 00111 an imi'iesi on
ei rtutn lands situ ite In llerwiek. ru.. deeiitu-d In
said writ tu tu.ike ...rililon of the said picnitscs lo,
mid atii'ini: tin- liiiili-s lntt-ie-tid. If sueli paititlun
i. in bi- in iili- without prcJU'JUe lo or spolilliir the
whole, nnel iffiiii h pjrtltliiii eahliut be mide then to
e.ilne nn lapprnlM-tlie tame. r.ild !hiUesl wllll-io
UL-Kl .ei lii'iwieli, lu , on
at 1 o'elck, p. tn.
Mii'llO's otll-e,
Mly list li. ls-n If
Aflil'sT "til, tssii,
, II. r.NT,
1 iit-4 jut unc 'uMitL' tortuies fiom lnior
ii 1 lili-iulUiv, IXlcrrul uml Itching Piles 'ihr;aln
fiiilcavors to obtain ftu p trtlal kIIi t Jui ilivuur
au'edtlic inllttoiis whusulTLT, iml the 1jihu
llielr aL'on In slU in r. llilnkln-' flii-tv wan no hums
dr pioi-pt-'f L of .i cure. Notw lihlanilhitf tho total
ralluif of tin- manj ivini'dls In rMnroro ofTcreil fur
tne t'UTv cr piles, nuu in- piauro or agony listing
till IIIU 1 AW Vi I HUM' 1IU lldil) lllfU IUL' UI Hlii 1 L'lH
edle-i but in nln Mt cairt-rh suuLiit for and uu-
loui-I trU. aiijilifiif,' th it piomlus tlio k-at relief
until their r(uraro hasloiui slucu gHcn place to do
spoinlt'Dt j, U't thorn clict'i' up, allow tho smiles of
hipplnt'ss to lltuniltiuto tlio li.ijrtfatd countenance,
and the duties of life will heptTloriiieL) wlthadcKree
oi uiUMiiueuii anu iwasun' utikiiowii lor 1 1 ki
suit of unct'iV-lnj; stuiTyand experimenting, the ne
piuHUurior muaicai heieoee, unu in every recpeci
iin Ki'ieiiiiuu anu reiiaoitJior inucuri.' ui piie in
erj form, inijrss' remedies are sold by c. A, Klelm,
uiouiii-jouik-, l'a.
Pry Dr. HrluK' lliiuloti IliiUntii.
$1,000 REWARD
i.llAiiiiu is mu niui uuiii-i a.ii nuu uisin-ssiug
disease or ine present oay.unii eno scores or won
deirul renicdles olTereel for thu cure of this distrust
Ing ellspiw, which uro worse than worlldess. has
illseournge-d Iho millions who suiter and halo HI. d
In all. for relief nnd cure until their courage is gone
anel Iho ileum still burfers In doubt. Hemweare
with Dr. Jostah Itrlggs catarrh speelllcs Nos 1 and
'i, and how shall wo proceed to cumlneo that wo
naee- tueoest auoencapese reineoies Known, ist-we
will furnish them to responsible narllis on condi
tion "no cviik no ru." vnd Will payfioeifora
ca?o they WM not cure, ardMll pav lion for their
eeiu il as a cme. sin win pa f.sou it anuung poi.
sunoiisordi'Ielerloils Is found In Ihetr eoinoosllfon
:.iu- win pay fi.iMsi ir in any particular nr. aosian
Itrlgu's Catarili Specltlcs me found ditlerent front
repit-sentalion. arninte-d lo Instantly relti-veand
radically e'uro Acute, chronic, rieentlliu or Dry ca
tarrh, e old In the Head, and all alTe'Ctlons ottho
eaiitiis or tho head and Ihroat. Two bottles In one
no. i.tmitest sueeess or the age. sola by !'. A
iiiiun, inooinsuurg, ra.
Tr Dr, llrluu C'ltlnrrli pee-ltles.
Inmlons. Corns and oilier a Imontsof thnfef tciwi
much Mitferlus unions ull natkm by whom hhoes
uro w orn. There Is mi i o t han Pio.nit w 01 1 U or iHiots
.i tul siiiR-H deMro.u'd annunlli In tno I nlted Males
id) the lest of tho world moro than f l.O'm.ihtu) cut-
iiii, it ii i it- in n i ui uum if oli, iu uiaKt' loom lor Utllll1
fill liiibtoiis nriis.lN'rt.wlneiial s. soio (nst iw. wc.
Ik'sld'-i tills iireat frjcntli there W pjld iu New
York to hiropudlMs about favtii) annu.vlli : lu New
Kmrland states about fvmu : In the w-hiirn ntnl
foutliern about jt),tMi; and In the to-t ot tho woild
uLoul fJ'tujiMf: beMl(ithl-i1her IS i' .r iitnn.
nunlli fur eausi! other worthless eomiKjunds
f'ir the i me if Itiinlons, t'orns, Sore liibtens. under
i-eei. fie. I o uoni iiieso irreai tosses uini uxwiuii-
luie-., ue Or. .ioah Hils,'' liunlon ltaUam and
Mu o Corn tutv, which U tho only iireparallon
eurers hind, bortlanil ulctruted llunlons hard, snit
und fettTed emu-,, a-seular e.veiesenees, callosities
large and small, &on insteps' hllsteud heels, tet der
nn, (ukiummik nawa, i ii- uuoui eausmc or ieav'
In if mi) pain or soreness. Wa minted bato and suie
ruiu ai ftieun, liioomiiour, ra.
Tl Dr. Illluut.1 I ilpuratU led Pile Uciiic.l).
Read and Kcllcct.
Loeal and ionsiltutlonal treatment fnr nil nn
tanhal alf etlons. Vf Joslah HrljnrV Catarrh Siw
elllt s uro ottered to tnoso alllleted wlih aeute.chrun-
if. ua-t-taitL' in ui j rauuiii, loiu lit I I1U IlCUd, llUV
fecr, relaxed palate, sore throat, hoarsem-hs, los
cf voice, nml ull anV tlom cf tho nasal ealtlesand
tuiuitW nun iigiidiaut t. iuul iiir iiioeueaiH'r, Del-
ter, moreeitlea-ious. curlim uuleker. with m i-r..r.
taluty, uufl more u'rieable to usa than any remedy
et dlseovtred. 'lo bottles In ono box, ono of
wioiu ruuueeu nuu wuier mahea til ouriees for uso,
I'rlcu f l.iu in-r pat Kate, furnished to resnonMble
pailles oncondlUons; Nocuiu no pay Dealers
uiu iiuiuomi'u iu reiunu mu money it pur
elii.sen are not sitUlled. ThoM clil.-s aro cnii-nm.
tlonalas well us loeul. fli'U wlUbe paid If the fall
to cure win n tiv J as diiffled. f .oh ir tht ireuu d
as a eure. "im u m, ,uum iKjlsonousor deleterious
Is found in thi Ir lonmo-iltloii. it .ono iuiii ti. ,..m
iflti aitjr nsiMit Dr. liilyu's' Catanh speelilri ate
found (limit nt troiu lepresentalion. IU le h, nn o-
ivjitunlty for ihoso dl-eoiiratfed by repeated fall
urtH lu ir ui;alu ona K'iaiunted(ire, Ami tut
tlml.l who lear diei ptlon may iitiure to tn lht -.i
sixh?11Uh wlthoui luinu' lhat they are to Ui hum
buifiretl. as t here Is no i i-k to run. Wurracted f he ai
fht, lHibl und most liu'teeuble. If not fotiQd nailer ie
tory demand our money and It wlitte returned,
ji. .y w, mviui, jiiutniiauniK I N
Uli. J, iiliiiir,n4co..
Neittuik, ew Jerwy.
uprll S3, "so-ly
Nf-Ktly ane) cbea(ily txecukd t Uie
Uy ilrtuo o' mmitrr wrltslssiieil out o( the Court
oft iniiion I'leiia of t ui 'iiihl.i co mi .', nn I tome ill will In expiisi'.! In o'll.lle -He ill III' CiillH
'ioiHe In ttie t nvn of II suiiiMtrir. il ioil.ik.i.
tialiiriliiy, July '2 , 1680.
All the rlirhtlltloatil Inlcrostot tho defendants
In that eertsln tract or piece of land situate In Den
ton township, Columbia county, I'cunsjlianlii,
tioundi'd ami descllbedaa follows, to-wlt I On the
north by land o( Solomon liarls and Hiram Ash, on
Iho east lis' lanJ ot Siinuel Kllni, on tlio soiilliby
latiilot William AMi, nnd on the weit by land of t he
I l.j ii 1 1 ui Mutuil HiUn:,' ln nil and Loan Assoclatlun,
conlftlnliigono hundred acreainore cr less,on which
nro creeled two two-story framo dwelling houses
barn and out-liul'dlnjs.
Sclreil,. taken In eteeutlun and to bo boM ns tlio
projurlyof Thoiuus I.. Iiaila and Hcuben.t, I).nls.
Knoiiii .t I'iiitz, Attorney. sundry Writs.
All that certain 'met or tlece of land situate In
.Montour township, coIuiLbta county nnd state ot
I'ennsjlvanla. bounded and elescilbeel us follows to
wit! on Ihe north by Undot ltcuben emu's, on the
south by land ot Frank Uvans,niid on tho wist by
land of Walter estate, cotitnlnlnir tw o acres inoroor
less on which nno erecte'd n two stoi) frame tin ill
ln house, barn tint outbullllnirs.a iroo-1 applo orch
ard nnd other lrutt tre'es on tho piemtses.
One other Iracl of land (lluitcln Mual.iur town
ship, Columba county, I'rntisilinnl.i, bonneted on
th ' noith by land I ile of h'ni Wellleer, on ttie east
by land of Kcubeu (lullJs, ar.don 1 lie south aret wefct
by 1 ind ef the Walter estate eontalntr.jf rour eieics
ni ue or leas.
Ml lhateeitiitn totcrpteceot k ound slluate In
the town ot llle.onul'iirk', Celumbla ceaint), I enn
ilv.'h it, hounded and der,tlbed as, to-w.t:
in ln a lot cf ground with .he lulldttiirsanj appur
tenancs situate on Main Etreetof said toevn, and
bounded on the lent li b .Main or Second streit, on
theeast tiy llanou's Alle,on IhoRoiilh by I'lne Al
ley and on Iho west by a lot formerly owned by
Itt'.jti.'ii K lvalue r,oon i tin Itur I.i fiotit on Main stri 1 1
twenty four reet and nine lochia, runtilnir lliune
tuek to I'lne Alle two huiidred nnel fjlirleen fee t
atetsU liuhi'i, on which me inettil a Iwesslor)
friiiiu etwel.tfikMiotise iindout-ttirillni,.
one other lot situate In the lown of Iili ontsbuiir,
ulinnl la county, pitnisj Ivanla, bouinlod ntnl de-
seilbid as lol'.ows, leswlt: Pckdniiln,; ataposlcor-
ner In line of land foitnerly owned by .lacob t:jer
and an alley twentv fiel wide laid out by I'r. John
Ilsiiit'i,y. and I iinnln thence along satd al'ey norlh
Iwerity-iijrlit and threc-touitli decrees, west one
hundred und fourteen feet lo a post la ttie line of a
sel thtity-ltiree feet wtde, laid out by Ihe said
John iTxsey, utoiii; said street south slxty-
onuaud one-fourtluleyrees, west two hundre-d and
flfty-nloo feet lo a post, Ihenco tiy land ot tlie heirs
ot Wm. M right, deceased, south twenty-eight and
three-fourth degrees, cast one huuelrcd and .seventy-three
feet to ti post In the lino of land formerly
owned by Daniel snjeler, thence by the same north and one-fourth di'grces,east one hundrin
and one feet to u hlckory.anet thence by land form
erly owned by Jacob i:jer, north thlrtj-ono and
three-fourth degrees, east ono hundred and nlnely
three feet to the place of beginning, containing one
acre .strict the same moio or less, on
which are erected a dwelling hou-e nnd out-bulld-Ings.
belied, taken In execution at the suit ot Daniel
Try against Jackson Waller and to bo bold as ttio
property of Jackson Walter.
Kami, Attorney. Vend. Ex.
Ml that ccitaln three-fourth Interest In a tract or
piece of timber land situate In Iirlarcreek and flsti
tngcreek townships, Columbia county, nnd btato of
I'ennsjlvanta.bourided and described as follows, to
wlt : lieglnnlog at a stone, formerly black
being an original corner of a survey In Iho warran
tee name of Nathan Peach, and another tn the name
ot Daniel 1'. seybcrt, tnenco along snld Ilcach sur
ey south ilghty-ono degrees, west four hundiul
and tlfty-threepct-ches to a stone foimeily a chest
nut oak; thence by tto same south nine degrees
east llfty-two perches to Etones, thence by the same
south eighty-one degrees w est si jty-tw o perches lo
stones, theneo by survey In llio warrantee nameot
Samuel .1. l'ealcr norlh twenty degrees ono hundred
twenty-six perches to stones, theneo by land In Iho
warrantee name of John Allegar, thence by the
samo norlh seventy-two degrees, cast three hun
dred and -.0 perches ton black oak, thence by land
waiiantcedto I'ciry lluckalcw north ictcnty-Ihu
legree'3, east ono hundred nnd thlily-two perches
to a post, thence north elghty-slxanet a half degrees
e.Vst llfty-one perches to a chestnut oak, theneo
norlh sixty-two degrees east eighty-tour perches to
a post, thence south two degrees west one
hundred and tltty-otght perches to tho placo of be
ginning, containing four hundred acres sulci meas
ure, 11 being tho sama prenils"s which Dr, John
Kindt and sally Ann his wife by th-lr Indenture
bearlugdate herewith diet grant and cotitlrmunto
th? said AngeUno llol n.
seized, taken tie evcuiluii at tluisultof M. A.
Ammeiinaji against flunk's Vnangst cxeeiitor ot
Dr. John Kindt, deeeased.ind to be sold r.s the pi op-
erty of Ch.'iiles l'naugst.e.ecutor of IsrT. John Kind ,
llnociiwAV, Attorney. Vend Kx.
All that rertaln tract of land sttuato In Pine
township, Columbli teiintj nnd siateof l'ennsylvie-
nla, bounded and deseilbtd us follows, t.i-wf: em
the north by land ot Philip shoeiniker, on tlneasi
by Und of Hiram Sliultz, on tho south by 'and cr
rarvln lives, anil on ttie west byltndot Abraham
Tltman, containing about tony acres more or less,
on which are erected a two-story tramo house.largo
bank barn and out-bulldlngs.
hcleel, taken In exccutl 'n at tho suit of Joseph
Cole, Jr., useof A. V. Heller, administrator of lienja
lnln Ei es.deeeasd against Jacob Colo and to bo sold
as the properly of Jacob cole.
A. 0, & II. E. smith, Attorneys. Vend. Ex.
Terms cash on day sr sale.
u. ii. i:st.
July 2, 'sO-ti
i iiniTnii's xoTir:K
Tho undersigned auditor nnrwilnted bv tho Court
to distribute lne moneys in the hands of William 11,
Clark, trustee nppnlnttd to make sole of tho real es
tate of Mary (Jorrell, lata of Cf ntiulla borough, de
eeasrd, will sit at hlaonice In Hlonmsburfj on i-atur
day, Ilulyaist. i&hi, ntten o'clock in thu foienoon
of said day for tho purpose of his appoint mem. All
persons nation oiaiins uffuu sl kiiiu wiuio win up
rear and rrefeent them at lhat time, or be fureu-r
debarred from recdvlut any share of said fund.
July2,lo-iw Auditor.
Tho Commonwealth of lvnnsj ivar.La to Mary Ann
(ilnes, widow, usan Ann Heller, isaruli (Jingles,
Harriet (iluKles, imnlap, Morris county, Kansas,
Maty Wlllhims, Knowiiie, Mnrion county, towy, anl
.ii.u unt, r-uuuimi, nueai uesis-uoauiH or Anurcw
tdnirtea. deceased, and to nil other nersons interest
ed, tltet tint;: You and each of oti are hereby cited
io on ,mu appear ucioro ire juuires n our unmans
Court atan uriihans: t?oi it, tn ho lipid nr. Iilooins.
burg on tho iirst Monday of SepternUr next, then
and there to acceept orrttiw to tak the real es
tate or said Audiow Clnicles, dt'Cea."ed, at the ap
praised valuation puv upon It by the inquest duly
awarded by tho said Court, and reluruel by the
hherllT, or show causo wh it shall not lw sold. And
hereof fall not.
Witness the Honorablo William Dwell. President
of our said court ul lllocmsburt', the l'Jth day of
July V, isso-jw clerk o. e:.
Estate or m ili um mckklvy, hkkiseu.
The uiuleislk'iieel Auditor uppoluted liy tlio Or
rliaus' 1'ourl e.f Culumlil.L e'ounlv to make dNlrl-
bm l-.ii t.t tlm liuLineoln iho IihiiiU ef tno exeeutora
ofsield esUie. us Mioun by llielr uceouut tu nnd
uinmik' llie imriles enlliled then to. will meet tlm
I'lirtles lutetehied lit liU ollliu In lilooiasbui jf on
iiiuueMi,iv. me sin uay in .mii;iisi uexi at Itn
o'eliHktn llie loiti.eon of t-alet e1.iy lo pe-rfonn llie
dtitliH of lilsaiiiKjliilitietilMtien uielulieru ull per
sons Interested urn t eiue Med to pres-eni ilietreLilms
to said mini nr le foieier eieoarred tmn coiiuiil-io
lui u Miaiu II Bum luuil.
It. FItANK H1(,
July 0, VM iy Auditor.
Tlie tmel.Tstuned auditor appointed bv tlio Or.
plunv I'ourt or Coluuitila eountv in si.itie m..i n.i.
)uit lliel.ifoiesald i stiite, to liiursluil iLsnetH and make
eiiiiieiuui.u ui uiu iiaiaui'e in ino iiaiuH or.iolm Ap
nil man. exeeutcr e.f llantiali Aimiemnn. .i .111...1
ussliountiy Ids Ural ami partial aeeounr. tn nml
umuntf llie parlies entitled tlieriHo, lll sit nt the
uillee ot e . 1.. liaikley tsi.. In thu ton of IUooids-luirk-
on nid.iy. AUk'Usti.ih, issu, nt'Jo'eluf k In the
forenoon In pi 1 furm Ihe duties of his appointment
All peisous haMinr elalms atralnst suld esiatei Mill
upiieiir und present mem at that time, or lui loiever
uiu.iueu Hum reeimug; uuy 01 said rulld.
, , , , , W. 11. H1IAWV,
July a, 'sO-tw Auditor.
llrst elcais'St, tiest, and only uuilieutt.i loee
jui. 1-1 iiuiiji isjii.aiuui niu III' '1 111.
A COlllliletO lee'llld e 1 tlm enrle nr ,1 iiiill.nrL.liln ...
MaJ. lieiierul, 1 1 a murk, u I h 11 lii'l und
1,-rjplileaeeoiiiitot Urn piueei-dliiirs, Itielelents nml
hid 1 niu Hat llioe lncliinalU'(iiieull(.D,lullieiilul.
turui, taliln cr lunula nnd lelleneciaceeriuiieevelih
thu llfultW. 11 Kll-ll-h. Illehlv iinls'llKI V111,
numerous urt'stlilliei.sirailotiH. and nti iiuiiu,nr. I
entrem-d Tftraltaiti-aeUcanuldato. S.uro auceeaa
lo all who take tiold; UI iioslllrely outitllall Looka.
ehin lui luiuiaia auu CAlftl UTIUS.
AdelrtM. II.W.KEliKVSai..
1 Htyt.-mwur ItlssauiieiriiMnitt.rukiaolrliU
(auccisasoR. so . w. noPBiNS,) DSAiiiis. iiv
I I ue Itr.inille'H, At lilslilc ., (.Ill's, (tiinis, ami all Minis ol fVltiCN cuii-
lllllllt Ull tlllllll.
UirOltTHI) AI-l'S AXI) l'UllTlvllS IN 1MTTM.S i!V TIIH DUZK.V.
Landlords tin otijt outt'ic county will find it to tlicir udvanliigo to
call and exainino my stcch before mil. lu'Mng cleewliere,
Main Street, 2nd Door below Iron.
July n; 'rto-iy
U "I I'pietofwiiS A' "I
In the manufacture of Organs U rcsuUiii; in the production and Fain
of cheap goodd, made from inferior
i .... ii... .,i: it
uuiis vigiius iiiiic .ue; wuiiuiuiiiii niyi nun exltflCllCl', WltllOUt
any merit whatcvur, except to lie oll'ered elienp and then wlieii purchus
ed fuund to 1)0 dear at any price. Will ymi noi, ilicn, reader,
II Sfou GoritciTipIate
consider it your only safeguard to select an instnuneiit hearing tho
named of first class, wholly responsible makers. A good ti.-yortinrnt of
styles of the celebrated hVtey Organs can now be seen at tlie new roonw
ot tlie Only .mithorizsa .ageni foi the Satcy Organg iu
Oolumbin County. A guarantee for live years from the maim-'
factureis accompanied every Kstey Organ.
June 25,MMf
TO fr,iH( YKAH, or 'o a
ri'i In journMi laratlt. . tn 1;
Women do as well n? i.i Munv
make inorehan tie! ai mnt.-L.a--ed
abot no one ran fu.i 'o mol:
mone.v fast. Anyone -n do tb
work. You can make fiom 5 cents to $i au Lour t v i
devotlnyourevenlTissutidspnetimeio th? bus!- i
ness. It costs nothl'tUtrj the bu-li e--'. No'htni; 1
like It for money nuklntrevr oiried b f-.rc. Htisl
ness pleasant and Mrlclly honoral le. l i "d. r. If o .
want to know all about the lest Ti i.Mntr b'. ibifss be 1
fore the public, send ua your address nnl we vlll
semi ou full partlculais und private teims frte
samples worth f.' ulso free ; jeucan then nke up
your mind foryourstlf Addrebs fiKOKfn; vriNo-N
a Co., rot tiand, Maine. oct , ';y-ly
ilvorwaro. Watches. Jowclry.Clceki
All klmls of Vuu.-tu"e. e'loi'k uuJ Juwelrv
ly repaired an.l wai mhied.
Diay ii, is ii
Manufacturera of
Carriages, BtiSgics, Phuotons,
FlrBt-elasa work always on hand.
Prleeia redmvd In suit the tlmen.
J. CLUMIIN'T SMITH, til listicet, Wnslilrgt. n
I).C Attorr.ey lit Lnw and Solicitor of Pit. i.ts
Survivor of eillinore, M11IU1 4: Co., and chltniaii
llosmer.v Co, semi postage tj'nmps foi CUcuUir j;t-
Inff fees, ic.
une . lssn-ir
A W KKk in our own mwn, ana no cap
ital rlsKetl. You can tflto the buslr.'s a
trial wlihout expvnsv. The best opp'-rtu-nlt
etr offered for iho,-e willluv: to
ork. ou should tn nothing eui nntt:
ou hit tor uurtt If what sou tun do at
the business we offer. No room to expldn hero
Voucaude ita all your t'mo or oiiJ.v our spic
time tothe bulneH-s, ucd make t,'reat j- tire ry
hour that ,ou oik Women in'ike an ni'i- h m u
send for special private bums and p,utlcul'H.l.l' h
wo mall f to f 5 outfit fiee Don't complali of nid
times while jou havt sin h a ebanee. Addnsall.
UAi.LKiT .vcu , rortiahd name
oct 3. "7i iv
If iou are too fat or too leen and wuLt know
howtoehani;i our condition, tend for. op of
tltewoik. Kat and U an. It eitittalms n''te 111
iflenl'-, !! ti-tle and Therapn,"f Ini t.tlons ibfct
wuien.ion itu one 10 retitit int'ii ne-n uio.puii in
or lnre i-c it if Pinjetatt ,. n N wrttt.-n In a L .u
jet comprehenbUe hth i.nd its dirt etion i'.n be
easily undt rstmHl. it Mimild U read In eeij t.t or
leau iktnju. elt for ten it.reo er,t hump. S AN
uti.i k ni., o ,nn i , mw j (tic.
April 1, cm. aiiiVC
nr t X rej "'oJiKi-Aiisiiiein iirar-i "urf.
I 1 A lM i'-oldat hole sale rue n. r ill s
111 nesi iieiueira ui iiiiiiiiiihi c iliu'i. 1 . ailiu'i-
stuk'a scale fur l-'ifuaie 1. raids. Iliest 1 y"-In
.linerieu ri.niii 111 us-. 1 aiaii'Kue ui s-- iu isiu-e
Jl'llll.Ki: tlltHANS.the lest in llie vor.d .Mi sn- n
orpaw onlj i5; u stops, ttf'i'tictilor rri- Al .eiii
oms daya;hr tree If tinsalf r . i-m to.
rv 51lli bluet und lutli Aienui'. M.l.r.l Ml sle
at , prlee. Catalui;uo ot s.iihi 1 1 1 i ' 4.
eholco pleceasent lor be st-mp.t MV 1"
,lliiri'a! .iiiiiir.i.?fteiiri l 1 m-u 1.11., iux vua .
uprll, s.tsi sm leo
Plumber. Qas Fitter, Tin and Shoot Iron Woxksr,
Shop iu Opera Houm-, (itli door Pt:i 's0 ,!r
Ptf StSiftH
HS'FJ ra I
SSlSS V '.
1 in SJ, 1 Jy,
'3. 1
1 .:-sa um m v
.rzt w ti p-iDk m mi
materia 's. I refer paiticuitirlv to
!....:.... , .
Buying b.k Organ
J. SiMaTSDIB, Agent,
Tul. Pi.
July .o 4w
AT T fireit cli r.fetomikmon
v 1 i It 1 ei Uo i.ctd a person In ev-
A I 1 I I ir; townio take suts.Tlp--
n msforllh: larpest, chvap-
t. ' n.d bol Ii U-rOtd h nils publication In tio
w.iilt e - i.e'ean Ueioie ifcUcjcsstu a.-cnt.
ff-a.iit works ol urt j.hen ine ms'io-aiu- r. 'Iho
piMvstt l.u ttat nlu.tis cvtr,bo1y MiU'rlbe.
on- ko 1 r polls taiitj: t ti fipismwrstna diy.
U''i mi' a up.its maklDi:! r cl -nr pit lit in
''lull)!-. l' vho et 'ajo labke m-trey f'st. Vol
can 1 j ;H, . rpj. t une only jour
epiit tttiu nt . nn' tn ftom
MC'd. wtr. lull w Has O'he-s lull dlter
n .uul tfl 1:1 t t : I ,. t at d t'prphlH otflli;
r e ir.M-i v. i ru, u iiMr rk t usii.urad-
iru:i , to rs iu ou.iat" s.
. h 1 rt . Tal o i.mVh 1, ttat pay,
st.rvi.-K'- iv-s. i. .i Co. i ti Ui d, Main
f, t - f n.
e 01 o'.r d-l'l l-riots -IOKv
i i 5 1 iu
IMI tNiiiJt si f-r.L It !e I I f.
o, te 1 rif.f'liic Hi' fted In'u
.t t it 4 11 d M eh s His
't 1 .
- - li !'(. 1 i inf 1.:. r , tt, h e 10 ac riw m
I d tl n.. it ' . urt-l oc rd tioui ih."t 11, te
iu k" roU it' " I ' 1 1'C" pviTLH ! 11 1 KM
t.h hum !,: a mi d r ti t v Uli leull
iis. free. A(!ilst.). a. JtjSEv, M jlm'n ton,
11 J d) M, VO-i.v
l l
At.KNT W Ti:D to sell the LIKE OF
ts UN r mrrde In -nms .u'd ir-onnl TrVnil, Civx.
.t I!k!miis. an a'.'ibor of wld) celebr'tv. 'Ihla
woik N ef.mi'i't''. lUnh' life lnw prtetsl. Kt it.v II.
'.i -tiuthi i'f-iu.ti the 1 tst and rheap'st bttf.k.
;.'iu.' o'lrr iflleoi. --lid f1; at onu foriuiTit.
i-uU"tho b s ti-n-i-'. Kct qitie-f ned von can
tn moiiev. UUlir.Altl V.IiOS., I'ubs. "WChtRtnut
str.'t t, run,. d J i'y 10, 'su-4 v
17 STOP "ORG-ANS !&F.,f
1 -i. il an.'. Me. -1 .i'i.
f c. hi rr-'-iMd-ni in r i-n
ll'.Ll'. Jt.ATl"i. W'lkMi .
i: :s N'ew l'linc iw In
Hi std DAN
' ou. N-. J. el July 1 4W
turutH tViiuteil I r ni li s ltlble Dictionary nnel
Wnm f r' Ireulars, A. J. IIm'MaN Je CO, TUIla,
July 'i, "so -i.v d
1. ' 1 .. .1 !'!) 1 1 . In p ver'sl id
i. e ' d. I u i.v. Kldneia ane l r(uar eir
. ii lilt.' n. In it I..IU 11 Meiilal ntd 1'eel
hiu ti. 1.. 1 1 iu ai. Vn., ii,-, MiiHi.e M. ll.erK,
.. kll I 11 'Inn 1 .1 II I ill cf Ac'l', MAl.1 lll'l'-
Ti:tis an MirraM.
li e. Vli,.'l,'.n" 1 1 n 1
11 ! Ni iirMilec. MnnctUen.
1 1 li u I j ! an 11 r f iLelr rich
s-- In I.i' i' ile'i .e I u ..iii.-lr.Lr Vate rial than
.'lull if iiusiiii 1 i- 11. lilie.iehlle free turn
th .1 -1 1 ens itr 1 il ii. uui 1 mull riiuris Irepar
. d 1 1 ' ' . M 'I I'.l ' 1 1 1:- e 1 , in ui 111 1( line nled
in ' dliui- -.1 .1 .'MiMiheif. M1T lll'imis
t'. 1 .' ! 1". d JlllJK, IHW
' i I 1 ' M v 1 1 1,11 ' ""M' cured In In tn
' 'i I U .11 ''' N , iij tr.ciired Dr.. 1. stk
1 1 e 11 . 1.. 1 1 in nrrll i. 'Mi-iv
To " li ii puli. nt he hide v, u ursWe Kt-ialu
t I 1 y,nr l itin I- jiur Itl'e b'vh c lrj3T IJ
' ' ih w iiieui,.'ii r Hit'k lun i' p.-;r in yojr
1 ' , 1 '''' '""'l'l!' "li f "in li'UNKY, or
'l'l'.'' . 11' CI ,1 , ru -I , , , , . !,i , Wy, .
' ' " 1' ' ' rtali 11 eni.. 11 1 m',.." iljijI
I . I I'. I n le I ill ItnlBK .rnli, fl li Uy 1 j
'''' " ' O'W . . .1.. -- r .r si
r (it ' 11 1 11 1 1 in M ini ti pcnii''' i r w i5AM?
t . 1 ' ' i k, 1 nv i 1 11
iay Y,m:iY pad a. r.cmr (i::o
:!- ' in Jn le. lei l ldiieyl' n.
tOtoUtsiurg. l'a.