The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, February 21, 1879, Image 3

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, (, 7 ii 10 u ' i. ? f ii K II 11
1211 II 11 It'll' I IJ II IS IC 17 IH1
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J .1 ( S I. 7 f !' 4 f, . 7 ( 0
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'ii a i i, i 7 8fM- i 'v "a " ( ii
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2.1 21 a 20 27 is a 21 22 23 211'. 20 27,
In II . . , ? 20X
. I t ;i i r Ctt i s a 4
i 7 f uicll u nil i' io II
1111 13 in 17 I" 10 12 13 11 15 ir 17 l
2ii II J2 2.1 21 -li 10 20 '21 22 1.1 SI li
27 l" 2Wm . 211 27 2r JOJti 31 ...
i s 3 x.. . . :. I
4 A 0 l 10 5 3 16 17 8
II 12 II II 13 10 li I' 10 II 12 13 14 13
I- 10 20 21 K 21 21 in 17 ll 10 20-21 22
20 27 IS 21' 10 .11 23 '21 So '20 S7 SS 29
- - 30
l 2 3 4 f. f. J Pre-... inns
f mo nun il t p o io 1 1 12 i.i
13 in 17 1 10 20 21 II 15 in 17 I' 19 '20
22 21 2123 20 27 23 21 22 M 24 25 20 27
ii n .10 3i
Rati Road Time Table.
Iccommodatton Train, 0.E6 A.M. 8.00A.M.
latl Train 1,111,11 4.49 P. M
fcpress Train 1 J7 1'. M. 11.43 A. M
accommodation Train 6,83 A. M. T,80 p. M.
beular Expres 4.06 P. M. 11,41 A. M.
ITtirongh cars on Express train either to New York
r pmiadclphlr. Accommodation train runs between
fctawlssa and Wltllamsport.
m t . .... , . . .
tv-anesaay ana rnaay at. G:sua. m., arrive at
nioomsDurg oy maun, m. iaio-yv liiogmsnurg on
same nays uiu:r umva.1 ui i unaueipuia mail.
nootrsooad and lairosvillk, Lcavo Uilrdsvtue
TuesdKy. Tnursaav ana saiuraav at ran a. m.,
arriving at Bloomsburg by 'a m. Leavo Blooms
burg on same days after arrival or Pnrladelphla
man i no tuage nno terminates aL juiuviue.
Irnton and Bloomsburg. A dally stage lino leaving
nenton in me murning auu returning in mo eve
ning oi too Bame aay.
Iiim IIali. and Bloomsbcro. Leave White Ball
Tuosaay, i nursaay ana saiuraay aL e:30 a. m.,
arriving at Bloomsburg by 10 a, m. Leave UloomS'
burs on same days alter arrival ot Philadelphia
bntom and BLooMSBtrRfl. Leaves Benton Monday,
tveanesaay ana rnaay ais a. m., arriving at
Bloomsburg at s p. m. LcaveB Bloomsburg rues
day, Tnursday and Saturday at 8 a. m arriving
at Bsntonat Jp. m.
The date on the printed slip pasted on your
piper shown to what time the paper is paid for.
fli cue names and dates are printed on long
Beets, and cut off and pasted on with a mail-
g machine, each week. As. each subscriber
hys, the date is changed on the slip in pencil,
Id the corrections made monthly. It some-
nts happens therefore that the change does
it appear on the paper for two or three weeks
er payment, and we are often notified by sub
libers wfio think the omission to change at
ce is a mistake. This explanation is made
that all may understand why the change does
It appear Immediately. It is a good deal of
ouble to make the changes and much more
nvenientj) to tnake all the changes for the
bnth at one time, than to make each one as
fy occur. tf
II. A. Ammerman, Administrator of John
(eland will Bell real estate on the premises in
Ihingcreek township on Saturday March 15th
hwojo'clock p. m.
(Tolin Kltngaman, Executor of John Shuman,
Beaver township, will sell real estate on the.
Imlses on Saturday March, 8th at 10 o'clock
ont begins next Wednesday.
3o to tho Skating Rink to-night. Thcro
fill be music nnd fine skating.
It sno wed nearly all of Monday morning
the sun brightly shining.
t linv Jackson's Best Hived Navy Tobneca.
3ur soldiers should not forget the Convention
his place on. next Saturday.
There was quite a fall of snow on Monday
kht, which pal died up the Weighing again.
Wanted. 200 tons of good Uemlock Bark
Silas Young, Light Street. Feb. 21 4-w
Sine of the twelve blast furnaces in Pittsburg
i vicinity are in blast, producing about five
pusand tons of pig iron each weeek,
rhe lecture announced for Wednesday night
the Methodist church was postponed by the
ness of Dr. Das hi el.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Wolf celebrated the
enty fifth anniversary of their wedding last
rhe manufacture of powder kegs will be car-
I on at Kupert by W, M. Monroe as succes-
) I. S. Monroe & Son.
Charles Ilelwig, an employee at the Cata.
Isa paper mill, had three lingers mashed be
en the rollers last week Thursday.
Pur thanks are due Senator Jackson and
presentatives Vandarslice and Knittle for
ilional interesting public documents.
iir, E. P, Lutz, formerly of this place now re
ng at Bangor, Pa., spent a few days In town
I week.
the Berwick Car Works are filling a largo
ler. Uur sister town Is favoreu in naving
Ih a factory.
It is reported that the Irondalo Company
soon 6tart their second furnace. This
;j like business.
there is a good deal of sickness just now.
hiy c' lluren have had severe attacks of croup
some cases have resulted fatally,
township officers should not forget that the
I requires them to publish annual statements
llie newspaper.
the Court last weik, besides the usual rou-
f business, tried, or otherwise disposed of 31
fi.TliU la tl arp work.
I'ldge Ilardlog of Luzerue countv has insti-
1 proceedings against J. C. Coon, editor of
Sunday i'am Dealer, for libel.
al Tuesday was a uood Kul in dav. Ife
I noi see his shadow and will not go back for
r at least.
knly Treasurer Sweppenhlser has bem un
f for several weeks nast. Ila ffai In town nn
i, ,
poesuay, and is ilowly Improving, but is not
'"J wen yet.
J Powell will jell personal property at
r I"" """"'ng! Jiam street below Mark.
N Saturday, March 1st at two o'clock p
tonoihln cWil i
obtaineil a
'-owmbun office for 3 cent api
. Willi
r- " mill on rec nl of nrU r,
iitj . ... . . v -
' " " cenis ailulllonal to pay
Pff Hoffman went to Philadelphia on
rJithlnn.l, ...
Ii " , -r"un, vanuyae amutuut,
Th.e annual tattle for local officer! look place
on Tuemiay last. Oreat preparatloni were mad
by the party facetiously known as Ih Labor-Ke-formers,
for a clean sweep. On Saturday night
they held a caucus In the arbitration room at
the Court liouse.whlch was packed in the In
terest of ccrlaln parties. James Thomas, the
constable of last year, was ignored, and J. 0
Sterner nominated In Ms loce. The old mem
bers of the Council, viz. Herring, Uabb, Sharp
less and Evans, were renominated. On the oth
er hand no caucus was held, but the ticket was
quieuy made up on Monday. The old mem
bers of the council, Holmes and Drinker, were
put on the ticket, and O. M. Lockard was aub
stituted for Elwell who declined to serve anoth
n year. When Tuesday arrived the forces
gathered for the strnggle, and It soon became
apparent that the parly that had carried the
town last year, were now disorganized by inter,
nal diwenslons.and dissatisfaction with iK m
they elected. The result was defeat to themselves
and success to the business men.the men who pay
three-fourths of the town tates,, the genuine la.
ooring men. Dir. Herring made a good officer J
he Is a careful business man and has been niton.
live to his duties as President of the Town Coun
cil, lie made a mistake, however, In setting
himself ap against a large majority of nronertv
owners, turning loose upon the streets herds of
callle, and caused considerable dissatisfaction by ...Mt. '
aiivimiuciiui ranue last year. The re
sult of this election cannot be misunderstood. It
says that the elections in this town must be con
ducted on different principles herafter, anil that
when a citizen wants to keen himself at the head
of the council, he must run In the Interest of
the whole town, and not for any particular
The following is the result of the balloting.
rretident of Tom OmncU.
EastDisL WestDist. Total.
I. S. Kuhn, 185 151 33S.
0. A. Herring, 170 123 293
Kuhn's majority. 43
Memieri cf Council.
W. 0. Holmes,
' 625
' 142
E. It, Drinker,
G. M. Lockard,
B. F.Sharpless,
J. S. Evans,
M.C.Woodward,' 311 2H
Jas. Thomas 178 158
J. C. Sterner, , 120 112
John Penman, 88 51
School Dirutort,
B.F.Zarr, 217 110
O.T.Wilson, 151 209
V. 11. Freeze, 101 17
Thomas Webb, 109 80
Charles Krug, " 97 61
J. B. Graul, 11 5
D. Brifoglo 1
Assessor!. '
E. Mendenhall, 235 211
P. Billmyer, 171 133
C ILHousel ICO 85
K. Harris, 137 102
P. Freeze, 2 2
Attittanl Attettttrs.
P S. Ilarman, 450 307
W. Hartman, 237 232
Jiulge 0 Election East District.
Billmyer, 231
Caleb Barton, 101
Andrew Solleder, 120
Q. M. Lockard, 107
I. Hagenbuch, . 92
Judge of Election WttDutrict.
T. J. Morris, 105
J. M. Hower, 92
E. Furman, 67
J. K. Eyer,
E. B. Bidlcman,
E. M. Knorr,
The star marks those elected. It will be
observed that tho entire election board in tho
East District is composed of Democrats, while
the West District is all Itcpublican.
The total voto cast last year for President of
tho Town Council was 053, and Herring's ma
jority wus 51. The whole voto on Tuesday was
029 with 43 majority for Kuhn, making n dif
ference of 91 on last year's volo with 21 less
Vote for Council 1878.
Oscar Hagenbuch vs. Michael Graver's Ad
ministrators. Verdict for plaintiff.
And now Feb. 11, 1879, ordered that a venire
be issued In the Oyer and Terminer and Quar
ter be-stous for a Orand Jury for May Sessions
1879 ; also that venires be issued for forty-eight
.traverse Jurors in said courts for the 6rst week
of said May sessions one and the same panel ,to
be drawn and annexed to each of said venires :
also that a venire be issued for thirty-six Tra
verse J urors for the second week of said May
term in the Common Pleas.
Bv the Court.
Keport of sale in estate of Peter Hclwig, con
firmed nl si.
Report of sale of estate of Isaiah Yeager, con
firmed nfel,
License granted to Wm. Williams of Ber-
J. B. Scott vs. Bernard Stohner, verdict for
plaintiff for $119.
Gomer,Thomaa vs. Morris Mitchell, verdict io
favor of plaintiff for damages to the amount of
$21 80.
C. O. Murphy vs. Conyngham and Centralia
Poor District. Jury with drawn and judgment
by consent for $006 40.
Adam Will vs. Wellington Case, verdict for
plaintiff for the sum of $319 24,
C. 0. Murphy vs. Conyngham and Centralia
poor district. By permission of the Court plain
tiff was allowed to withdraw an irJer for $119
from his bill and by consent judgment was tak
en for balance $69.
J. A. Suhrcok vs. J. W. Hoff.nan et al on mo
tion of Counsel, Court directed a non-suit to be
Elizabeth Hartman vs. Benjamin ICrum, ver
dict for plainlifl for $780 02.
F. P. Drinker vs. J. B. Koblnson et al ver
dict for plaintiff for $527 91,
John lloston'B adni. vs. Wm. L. Parks ver
dict for plaintifffor land in question subject to
this condition : that if Die defendant pay In
$180 42 with interest by 15 day of January 18.
82, then the judgment to be set aside.
On motion of counstl for plaintiff a new trial
was granted.
February 20th, and March 29th, were fixed
for adjourned Court.
C'atawi88A Election. Tho result of the
election in Cntawlssa is at follows:
Justice of the Peace, Clinton Ellis.
Judge of Election C. E.llargerum.
Inspectors, Joseph Walter, Wil.iam Herner.
School Directors, J. B. Yettcr.'ll. It. Davjs,
Poor Overseers, Jesse Meusch, J". H. Geary,
Supervisors, William Sharpless, Daniel Gen
sel, Constable, Adam Mensch.
Assessor, Lewis Neyhard.
Aasietant Assessor, D. W. Walter.
Auditor, S, B. Diemer.
Clinton Ellis has been appointed Justice of
tho Peace by Governor Hyt, to fill the vacan
cy caused by resignation of Hon. J, II. Knittle
in Catawissa. Ho was also elected on Tuesday
for the tucccedidg term of five years.
A horse belonrlnc to Mr. Jnaonh tlr.l.t, of
near Catawissa, was last Saturday nlgnt taken
from the stable of Mrs. Mull on Main street,
where the animal had been left by a son of Mr
Hrelsh, who tame to town eatly In tieevenlng
The horse was missed when the vounir mm was
ready to start home. Thinking that wrhaps
some one had taken It home by way of a Joke
young llrelsli started homo on foot. Upon go
ing to the stable he did not find the horse.
Saddling up another animal In hot haste lie
rode tip the creek above Geary's mill to his bra
ider, whom he started in the direction of Main
villi to look for the thief, ileturning to town
and securing company, the vounit man Btarted
for Danville, taking the road on this side of the
river. Whei about three miles below town
they overtook the thief and his booty, but was
unable to catch tho man as he took to the woods
through the fields. It Is supposed that the
tblefwasatramp and unacquainted with tin
roads, as he certainly had started long enouiili
la advance of his pursuers to be farther away
than he was when overtaken. CutatriW Itcm,of
Ml veek
Berwick Election. The following borough
officers were elected at Berwick on Tuesday 1
ChiefJUurgcsi i A. I). Seely. 1
Assistant! Levi Bredbenner,
Town Council ! M. W Jackson, M. V. Pal
mer, David Dandier, Hudion Owen, J. H. Eis
ner. J. M, Moorehead.
School Directors s H. L. Freas, C. 0. Jack,
Justice of the Peace: Wm. J. Knorr.
Constable : John G. Jacoby.
Assessor : Alex Thompson.
Assistant Daniel Ileedy, Henry Wanlch.
Judge of elections : Wm. J. Garrand.
Inspectors: Wm. M, Bredbenner, Wm.
Poor Overseers : O. H. P. Kitchen, Reuben
High Constable: John Frantz.
Auditor : H. R. Bower.
The Boatmans' Association of the state of
Pennsylvania held their annual meeting a'
Eckert'e Hotel, Feb. 3d.
I' or the ensuing term Jeremiah Molfern, of
Espy, was elected President j Capt. Funk, of
Liverpool, Secretary, nnd Wm. H. Morgan, of
Northumberland, as Treasurer.
Captains Harrison Heavner, of Berwick, and
A. R Hunt, oi Northumberland, were appoint
ed a committee to confer with the officers of the
Susquehanna Coal Co., and present the claims
of the boatmen.ahd ask for a raise in the freight
on all points between Nantlcoke add New York'
of 5 cents a ton, and alw to try to arrange for a
demurrage to all boats detained in unloading
over four days. Itorthmbcrland Jlress.
Hot water is now claimed to be third might
iest the pen first, the sword second, ond then
not water. This scientific discovery has been
made by the Sivage Mining Company, near
Virgins City, and it is likely to early havs a
pract'eal lest applied to It. It'seeon a little un
pleasantness be'ween the above-named Company
and one known as Sullro, and the. litter have a
body of armed men In revliocss to defend their
rights, homes, altars, fires!de, etc., while the
Savage Company propose to tight their oppo.
nenls with a judicious distribution of hot water
forced by powerful pumps nnd engines. Who
dare say this is not an age of progress nnd civil-.
Ization ?
Instances of marriage resulting from corres
pondence between strangers are frequently
read of, but the Chicago 2K6une tells a differ
ent story about ft pair who, after exchanging
letters, met by appointment in that city. "The
surprise with which she discovered that he,
instead of being 27, tall, dark, and aristocratic,
was 40, stumpy, red headed, fat, and bow leg
ged, was only equalled by tho rapturous amaze
ment with which he discovered that she, in
stead of being willow ly of figure, just 18, with
warm golden hair an opalescent complexion,
nnd blue eyes like limpid lakes, was six feet
one, if she was an inch, 62 if she was a day,
weighing 300 pounds if she did an ounce, and
with no warm yellow or nny other hair of her
Mrs. Mix has the reputation of a miracle
worker in Litchfield County, Conn., nnd wond
erful stones of her powers are told. Sho is
said to cure by tho laying on of hands. Tho
strange thing is that sho will take no pay, bo
lieving that sho has been divinely appointed to
heal the sick, and that sho could effect nothing
if8ho had n merccmry motive. The physi
cians say that her influence is remnrkable, but
ascribe it to tho credulity of her patients. Her
success is usually confined to superstitious per
sons. The Legisliture of Nw Jersey is expected to
pass a bill providing that before justices of the
peace can be commissioned, they must submit
to a through examination, as to moral standing
and fitneai for the position, by a Judge of the
Supreme Court,when if the result is satisfactory,
the commission is issued otherwise it is with
held aod the vacancy duly filled. What a
change would need to come over the spirit of
the dreams of the average ward and township
caucus if such a bill were to pass our Legisla.
ture. Union Leader.
On Wednesday cveninc of lat week
George Hassert and wife celebrated their silver
wedding. Some 53 guests were in attendance
"and all went merry as a marriage bell." The
presents were numerous and appropriate. Mr,
Hassert has lived in our mid-t for a number of
years, and has earned a good reputation as a
mechanic and as a citizen. May he and his
excellent wife "liv long and prosper" is the
wish of teir many friends.
Factory Facts. Close confinement, care
ful attention fo all factory work, gives the oper
atives palid facen, poor appetite, languid, mis-
erable feelings, poor blood, Inactive liver, kid
neys and urinary troubles, and all tho physi
cians and medicine in the world cannot help
them unless they get out doors or use Hop Bit
ters, made of the purest aud best of remedies
and especially for such cases, having abundance
of health, sunshine nnd rosy cheeks In them.
None need suffer if they will use them freely.
They cost but a trifle. See ano'her column.
The protracted meetings which havo been
in progress for some weeks ut the Lutheran
church, clocd last week Thursday evening.
Much good was accomplished and many added
to the church.
An entertainment at the Normal Hall will
bo given by the Philologian Literary Society
on Saturday evening. There willbe a drama,
music, singing by the Bloomsburg Quartette,
Ac. Admission 25 cents, children 10 cents.
Mrs. Margaret Shaffer, wife of Samuel Shnf.
er 8r., died on the 10th inst., aged 73 years,
G months and 5 days. Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer
were married over fifiy years ngo, and had liv
ed here over twenty five years-
The greatest excitement prevails in Pittsburg
among llie cattlemen over the recent order of
the British government prohibiting the Impor
tation of cattle from America. Pittsburg ships
3,000 head of cattle to Europe a wetk.
Tho Williamsport lumbermen estimate that
they will get a hundred and seventy million
feet of logs into the boom this season, which
will exceed the amount for last season some fif
ty million.
Sheriff Hoffman went to WllIiamsiort lost
Saturday to serve the rules, on theTreasurer and
councils of that city, to sho-r cause why an at
tachmeut should not issue for non-compliance
with the order of the court in lheclty bond
The rule was returnable on Thursday,
After having rested for sevcrat day nnd on
tlrely recovered fjpm the uncomfortable cf-
iccis 01 111s icrriiiie voyage down the Alleghe
ny river, Cnptnin Paul lloyton announces his
intention of again entering tho water at the
junction of tho Monongahela and tho former
stream, thr point where ho left it on his nrrl
vnl nt Pittsburg, nnd of continuing hi Toyngo
down tbo Ohio river. His ultimate destination
Is nt present undecided, but tbo hardy voyager
says ho will float to Now OrleonJ, nnd perhaps
to tho Gulf of Mexico, unless the malar! il fe
vers, which frequently prevail nlone the Miss
issippi, should prevent Mm. To mnko this
journey ho will have to pass through innumcr-
able eddies and rapids, and Bhoot tho great
lolls nt Louisville. Nothing daunted, however
ho is making preparations for the trip, and In
tends to start on Thursday. People nlong tho
whole lino of tho river nro deeply interested in
tlio proposed feat, and many express tho opin
ion that Boyton can never reach New Orlcnns
nlivo. Wednesday nfternoon ho will try the
wntcr of tho Monongahela just above Brad
docks. A point nbovo twclvo miles from tho
Ohio is now full of floating ice, but it is espeo
ted that it will thin out beforo llie timo 'fixed
for tho start.
The person.or persons, who borrowed our 2nd
volume of Wright's Index, Binn's Jusllce, and
the two volumes of Sharswoods's lllackstone.
will please return them. The senior editor
would also request tho return of some borrowed
metallic cases, patent, capper Ac, belonging to
his Parker breech loading gun.
. Augustus Mason a well known citizen of this
place was buried on last Tuesday, aged about
CO years. We are Informed that he was a na
tive of this comity. Fur many years he follow"
ed his trade as n farmer, and was well known
throughout the county. Mr. Mason was never
A bill to perpiit the electors of tho city of
Philadelphia, and of eacli county in tho com
monwealth to voto every three years on the
question of granting licenses to sell intoxica
ting liquors, was introduced in tho House at
Harrisburg on first rending, on the 19th inst.
In the Senate, a joint resolution amending
tho constitution by abolishing the board of par
dons, passed first reading.
William Krickbaura and his counsel, Col. S .
Knorr, went to Harrisburg on Wednesday to
attend the hearing before the Attorney General
In the Prothonotary contest. Mr. liucknicw
and M, E. Jackson,nl-o counsel for Krickbaum,
were prevented from attending by lllne-s. Col.
Freeze and E. E. Orvis represented the other
side. W. II. Jacoby and C. B. Brockway are
al$o in Harrisburg as lookers-on.
Lloyd Paxton, infant son of E. W. Fulton Of
llupert, was buried in Kosemunt cemetery laS(
biinday afiernoon, having died on Friday from
croup. Mr. Fullon was tinalle to attend the, as he has been confined tt his bed for
some lime, and is still dangerously ill. Our
sympithies are v.ilh the lereocl parents.
We understand that James P, Ilerdic, late
National candidate for Senate in this District,
has offered $23 00 rewaid for the name of the
writer of an article in some ncwspiper charging
him with having fired the Hottl at Minntqua,
and S100 reward for any person who will swear
tliat he saw him nt Minnequa the evening of the
fire. As Jar.-s seems to be flui, some editor3
in this sccti, ' would be pleased if he would pay
their little bills for printing his tickets.'
'A friend in need is a friend indeed." Such
a friend is Dr. Bull's Cough Syrnp.which should
be m every family ; it only costs 25 cents a bot
tle and may savo a doctor bill.
The post-office department has ordered a new
postage stamp to bo me 1 on letters not prepaid.
The new stamp is put on the letter not prepaid
and Bent to the office of its destination, who is
charged with the amount due, and to col'ect tho
sama from the person on the delivery of the let
All the '-phones" of this phonetic age ore
Buspisaed in practical benefit to mankind, by
tho discovery of Allen's Anti-Fat, the great and
only known remedy for obesity, or corpulency.
It produces no weakness or any oilier unpleas
ant or injurious (ffect, its notion being simply
confined to reguhting digestion, and preventing
an undue assimilation of the carbonaceous, or
flesh-producing, elements of tho food Said by
Ellsworth, Kan., July 13th, 1878.
Botanic Medicine Co., Buffib, N. Y.:
Gentlemen Allen's Anti-Fat reduced me
seven pounds In one week.
Yours respectfully,
Mrs. Tayloii,
Tioiit Skiiits No Moue. Fashion articles
tell us that clinging dresses are going slowly,
but surely, out of fashion ; anil that' tied back
dresses have become things of the past. They
have recently earned a bad name from the f tct
that Invettigation has proved that ruiny of the'
women drowned at the wreck of the
Princess Alice owed their utter inabil
ity to help themselves when hflp was giv
en them, to the fact of their being encumbered
with the tight-clinging skirts, which held them
The Court has been making witresses and
jurors toe the mark this week with more than
usual promptitude. A jfror was fifteen or
twenty mlnutei late on Tuesday morning. The
Judge called him to account and fined him $10.
The same morning a witness was a little late and
an auacument went lor mm. lie was soon on
hand, gave his evidence,and was dlrectedto ny
costs of the attachment. ImIc Jlaven Democrat.
Medical men often puzzle themselves over the
large sale that Dr. Bull's Biby Syrup enjoys.
Its great popularity Is due only to tho excellent
qualitief poesesed by this householl medicine.
25 cents.
A Norwalk husband disiovered proof that n
neighbor was in lovo with his wife, and agreed
toktepthe 6ecret for $100; but the lover paid on
ly $50, whereupon tho husband divulged about
half of the truth.
I had twelve strokes of Paralysis. My leg,
arm and tongue were useless ; was obliged to
uie a;Calheter every day. Doctor Giles' Lini
ment Iodide Ammonia has cured uu. Will
nnswer any inquiries, so that nil afllicted may
know of It.
Jons ArrniL.
North Brannford, Conn,
Sold by all druggists. Send for pamphlet.
Dr. Giliu,
120 West Broadway, N, Y.
Trial size 25 cents.
An old physician, retired fenru practice, hav
ing had placed in his hands by an East India
missionary the formula of a simple vegetable
remedy, for the speedy and permanent cuie for
cousumption, bronchitis, catarrh, asthma, and
all throat and lung aflectlons, also a positive
and radical cure for nervous debility nnd ail
nervlous complaints, after having tested its won
derful curative jiowers iu thousands of cases,
has felt It his duty lo make it known to his suf
firing fellows. Actuated by tilts motive, and a
desire to relieve human suffering, I will send,
free of charge, to all.who desire it, this recipe,
with full directions for preparing and using, in
German, French, or English. Send by mall
addressing with stamp, naming this paper. W.
W. Shear, 149 lWia' Block, Itochest. r. New
York. Jan. 31 l.w
Whle Annko for March 1870.
Wideawake Is always nolablo forsoirio
one paper of permanent wiluo Uotli old
ami young J am! In tin March Wide Awake
his "star paper" is of special lnlfrst,"The
Vcikins Institution for the Blind,, with Its
dozen Illustrations? nnd its crayon portraits
of Dr. Howe and Laura Bridgmnn, Also
noticeable .la rfo.JU of tho American Ar
tists Series by 8. G. ,W. Benjamin, giving a
crayon portrait ot R. Swain OilTord sketch
ing out'Of-doors.wltli n finely engraved copy
of ouo of his latest paintings, '.'Little River,
Dartmouth, Mass." The boys will enjoy
tho funny story of "Why didn't He Catch n
Fox?" by J. R. Stewart, with its four funny
pictures by "Boz, and will laugh heartily
over the pictorial four-page poem of "John-
nv Sieve rmri What Purno nt lit. 11
rThere U n fine art poem bj Margaret J.
I'reslon ; "1 ho Child Unphael'nccompniiled
1y n lovely drnwlng.and Muurlco Thomson
has a Bear Hunting piece of verse. Tho little
boys' serial, "Don Quixote, Jr.," by John
Brownjolin, is. very amusing : whllo "St.
Olave'.s," the big boys' school serial, is of
breathless Iutcrest. "The Dogberry Bunch,"
the third serial, promises to be n very bright
story. There is another of tho truo "Pet
Stories" which have become n feature of
Wide Awake, this timo about "A Tame
Crow." Then there Is a largo Print story.
and puzzles and Music, nnd tho report of
what "Tho Wide Awake Helpers" (n socl ly
of the little readers of Wide Awake, with a
membership all over the United States) have
dono this year for the poor children of Bos
ton. Only $2. a year. Ella Farman, Editor.
D. LolhropA Co., Publishers, Boston. Now
is n good time to subscribe. Ask tho Pub.
lishersof your weekly paper to send for
Wlelo Awake for you.
Almost Unricil Alitt.
Tho Atchison Patriot of Kansas tells a rc
uiarkablo story concerning tho resurrection of
a woman who was about to bo buried. 'Pen
ny Dysart is tho wife of John Dysart, a col
ored man living in West Atchison. About
Christina timo Mrs. Dysart was obliged to
tako her bed on account of dropsy, anil at
about midnight on Tuesday of last week she
seemed todic. On Wednesday friends looked
at the body, condoled with tlio husband and
children and luado preparations for tho fu
neral. On Wednesday night watchers Eat by
the supposed corpse, and Thursday was fixed
a3 the day of burial. On Thursday (ho body
was robed for tho grave nnd placed in tho
coffin. Tho funeral was to tako place at three
o'clock, at which hour tho houso was well
filled with mourning friends. Tlio hcar'o was
waiting at tho door and llie body was soon to
bo borno to its hit resting place.
As tho lid of the cofliu was tlirowujback to
allow a farewell look at tlio body, one visitor
laid her band ou the forehead of tho supposed
dead woman, and, with 11 cry of astonishment
declared that tho body was warm. Physi
cians wcie sent for. They applied tho usual
tests, and said that life still remained. Tlio
bidy was taken from the coffin, remedies and
restoratives were adminisleicd.and tho patient
was soon conscious and sensible, and is in a
fair way of recovery.
Cyclopedia of Literature.
Tho new eight volume Acme Edition of
"Chamber's Cyclopedia of English Literature
is meeting with tho largest sale which has
probably aver been given to a work having
only high literary merit and nothing of the
sensational. A sceoml edition of 5.000 con
ies.of volunia 1 is announcol as ncarlv all
sold within 0110 month after issuo of the first
Volume 2, jut received, gives the history
and epitouio of our literature, from tho "gol
den ago" of Queen Elizabeth to 1700, giving
initsUG beautiful pages biographies of and
choice selections from tho writings of all no
ted authors ot that period, among which aio
Lord It icon, Sir Walter Raloigii, Uurlon,
Bishop Hall, John Knox, Miltn, Drydeu,
Jeremy laylor, and others. Tho work is of
such well known excellence that every person
of literary taste possesses ordesiies to posses
eouio edition of it. This edition is complete
in eight handy volumes, excellent in typogia-
l'hy. paper and bin ling, rovUed to date, and
sold nt pi iocs so low, th it a coniiiiou question
which tlio publishers havo to answer is,
"whether tho piico is for cacli volume or tho
cutiro work V It is sold only to subsciibetij
direct, tho largo discount usually given to
Uealcis and agents, being allowed to, the sub
scriber iu-tead. The publishers make special
iuduceuieuts to eaily purchasers, tho eight
volumes complete being sent prepaid, to thoso
who havu subscribed beforo Maich 15th, iu
paper for $2.50, in cloth, $3.50, or in half
morocco, gilt top, S5. Specimen pages aro
sent freo on request, or a specimen volumo
for exaniiuatiou, with privilege of purchaso of
the remainder, for nominal prices ; in paper,
20 cents ; cloth, 33 cents : half morocco, gilt
top, 50 couts. ''American Cook Excliauac."
55 Heckui an street, New York,
Mulcted fur Libel.
An award of $1,000 damages was rendered
Saturday agaiujt A. A. Chase, editor of the
.nutoii Daily limes, in behalf of W. W.
Scrautou, plaiutiff, The Timet had alleged
that .Mr. bcrautou, who led a body of vigi
lantes in 1877 against tho rioters of tlio city
of Scranton was a murderer. Thrco men
upon tho rioting side were killed iu tho melee
at that timo.
A Kailboad Tuack Sinks Thero was
a caving in of tho surface on tho Mine Hill
branch of tho Philadelphia nnd ltoading rail"
toad bunday morning, Three hundred feet
of tho track disappeared, without a moment's
warning, into tho workings of tlio Itichardson
colliery, near Glen Carbon. It will tako sev
eral months to fill the cavity and havo tho
road in order.
Two years ago Miss Minnie Lombard aetd
nineteen years, daughter of It. F. Lombard
living at No 711, Jefferson street, West
Chester, became blind after a severe attack
of typhoid fever. Ou Wednesday morning
of last week she awoke early complaluing of
a severe Headache, ller mother amilleil
warm water. She again went to sleep and
the a ecoad time found her bight fully ro-
- - . .
Mr, llnycs has signed tho bill permitting
women to practice in tho United State? su
preme court .
Lowk ItuoADES .At Calanlssa Feb. lttth
I... 1, r 1, r. 1 ... -.
uy aver, w, . jcuani, jsir, Jiarry Lowe, to
Sliss Mary Ann llhoads both of Montour town
'hip Columbia county Penn'a.
l,T'liV"Sl l''ci""fl"UnicailoiiiinincJy j
luon for tiiu ouw (Wsi. U I
"J"i ' Tinat ai lmt,'cmr, I
('bwliiciapierlwtiityjfani. TRY
. 1
Ac.l lartts Inttlri
Hi ;.,"il)i-. 111,1 HI.U
I. IS 111
dtcHi, Tj-Jm
Tne Clrt-nt Discovery.
E. P. KunkePs nttter Wind 6f Iron. For tho
euro ot Wf-sk stomach, genen.I,deblllly, In digestion,
disease 0! tho nervous jstem conittpntlon, acidity
ot thettomacli and all cases requiring a tonlo.
Tho wtoo Includes the most agreeable nnd efficient
Sail of Iron woptssess. titrate or .Mi.gni tli! Oilde,
combined with the most cncrgcllo cf igctable tonics-Yellow
I-cruilsn Hark.
Tlio enect In many cases of debility, loss of appc
tlio, and general prostration, of an efilclcnt Salt of
Iron combined wltu valuable) Nervo tonlo Is most
happy, it augments the appetite, raises the pulse,
t ikes on muscular flablncss, removes the pallor of
debility, nnd gives a II 01 Id vljfor to tlio counten anco.
Do j ou want something to strengten you ? Do you
want a good nppctlto Do you want to build up your
constitution t Do you want to feel wrllr Do you
want to get rid ot nervousness Do you want ener
gy f Do you want to sleep well T Do you want brisk
and vigorous feelings t If you do, try KuakcPs Wine
of Iron.
This truly valuabto toulc has been thoroughly test
ed by nil classes ot tho community, that It Is now
lndlspensibloasfttonlc medicine. It costs but lit.
tie, purines tho blood and gives tono to tho stomach,
renovates the system and prolongs life.
I now only nsk a trial of this valuable tonic," Piico
f I per bottle a P. Knnkel, Sole proprietor, Phila
delphia, l-a. Ask your Druggist for Kunkel's Bitter
Wlno ot Iron nnd tako no other make, sold only In
It bottles. All others aro counterfeit so beware of
them. Get.BlxlioltlesforfS.
E. P. Kunkcl'a Worm Sj rup never falls to destroy
Pin, scat, and Stomach Worms. Dr. Kunkel.Istho
only successful rhyslclan In this country for tho re
moval of worms. Ho removes Tnpo Worm with
head, And all comploto, dllvo In I 0 hours,and no leo
until removed. Stud for a circular or call on jour
drURflst and neta botlloot Kunkel's Worm Syrup,
prlco It. It never falls.
Now is tho time of yenrfor Pnenmonia.Lung
1'eyer, Ac. . Every family should hnve n bottle
of Boschee's Gcrinnn Syiup. Don't nllow for
one moment tM cough to tnko hold of your
child, your family or yourself. Consumption,
Asthma, Pneumonia, Croup, IIcmorrhnges,nnii
other fatnl diseases may set in. Although it is
true German Syrup Is curing thousands ol
theio drendcd diseases, yet it is much better to
havo it nt hand when three doses will cure you.
line bottlo will Inst your wholo family n winter
and keep you safe from danger. If you nro
consumptive, do not rest until vnn lmin imiwI
this remedy. Snmplo bottles 10 cents. Kegular
size 75 cents. Sold by your druggists. .
hit .111 'TK.lC 11
'ft- -vi ... j
No prepara'ion has ever nerformed such mar.
vellous cures, or maintained so wide n repmn
tion, us Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which is rec-
. . -vim o ii-uieuj' Kir mi ui&en&ea
of tho throat and lungs. Its lorg continued
sorbs of wonderful cures in nil climates has
made it universally known ns a safe nnd relia
ble ngent to employ. Against ordinary colds,
which nro tho forerunners of more serious dis
order, it nets speedily and surely, always re
lieving suffering, nnd often saving life. Tho
protection it nffords, by its timely use in tlio
throat nnd lunir disorders of children, mat it
nn invaluable remedy to be kept alwnvs on
hand in every home. No person can nfl'ord to
bo without it, nnd those who have once used it
never will, i romtlieir knowledge of its com
position and effects. Physicians uso tho Cherry
Pectoral extensively in their nractire. nml
Clergymen recommend it. It is nbsoluteiy ccr
tnin iu its remedial effects, nnd will always
euro where cures nro possible.
roil hAi.E nv am. dealers.
jl no 1.
Business Notices
Tho h!ghrt CASII PIUCE paid for Ranr
Furs, Slunk.Fox, Mukrat, Raccoon, &c , it
I). Lowcnberg's.
Clearing out at COST the surplus stock of
Winter Clothing, Caps, itc. Call and see
for yonrailves at tho old and reliable More
of 1). Low cut r .r.
Boot headquarters at JIcKinney's.
For 50 cents von can btiv a ten vnrd Cali
co Dress Pattern at Lutz & Sloan's.
House. '
Shoe Store, below Court
You can get good dark or light ca'icocs at
Lutz & Sloan's for 5 cents n yard.
Admission free nt McKinney's.
The prico of all Dree3 Goods reduced at
Lutz & Sloans.
Call at McKinney's for Shoes.
Moro new Dress Goods lo come in
week at Lutz & Sloans.
Rubbers at McKinney's.
A fine selection of Ladies' Gold Watches
and Chains, both American and imported
by tho best makers at L. Reruhard's Jenil-
ry Store.
Boots nnd Shoes cheap at McKinney's.
DO U I i I N 'S iril EOTRlcfSO A P.
Having obtained the agency of this
Cklehratkd Soap
for Bloomsburg and vicinity. I append the
opinion of some of our best people as to its
have used Dobbin's Electric Soap made
by I. L. .Crugiii & Co., Philadelphia, Pa.,
lor washing about ten vear.. and think it
superior to any other. Mrs. O. G. B.irkley."
wo have used Dobbin s Electric Snap and
fin;l it superior to any other or all others.
J!rs. W. II. Jacoby,
Mrs. B. II. Stohner.
I desire ail my friends and customers to
Gire this fidap ons Trial,
so that they may know just how good the
jiesi. cuiip in mo uuitcu ciuieb J,
J. II. Maize,
july 12, '78-ly Bloomsburg, Pa.
Remember that Lutz & Sloan .chare-n vnn
nnlv 7 cents a yard for Appletoh "A" -Muslin
by tho bolt.
atony-half Fokmkk Prices.
(ioou Uiii-ssEus (HHrKTS, 1M per yarl. Inoruks,
ntuui;. ..i i(i r.i i r.-, ll.lil.s, AAMI.NSTKIl,
PKTSatequillyln.v prices. niLCLOrilS. all widths
from 85o. per yard.
LAUKiTUTAINs, 1 00 per pal.-, to thonnest REAL
LACE Imported, it
189 and 191 Sixth Avcrrae,
Corror isth street, NEW YOU.
nov. si is-om
I will mail (I'Vcc) tlio recelp? for aslmrlr- Vkopta.
bik iiaim that Hill remoiH Tan. t'HSOHLIX l'IM.
I'LKSnnd lilotchcs leaving llie skin soft, clear and
beuutitut: oho Instnictlnus for producing a luxuri
ant croA in nt hair nn a bald iieuri iru,,,.,n, ,,.
dJr.-ss, li.e'iisms So Un P, Den Vniulrlt k Co., to
Tim advertiser hating Uenpermiaentlyeuredof
that diead dlbi-ase. CouMiuiptlnu, tiy aslinrle reme
dy lsannluusto mnko- known to his fellow kunei.
eiH tli i means of cure. To nU whodeslro It ha
will si'nd n copy of the prescription used, (free of
cliargn) with directions rnrpn-purlii?nim iiMnc the
samu tvnleli thoy v. Ill Und a euro euro tor Uo.mTcmi-.
Hon, AhtliLn, nronVliltls, Ac
Parties wishing tho Prescription, will please ad
dreu E.A, WILviN. nil l'enn bt w llllamsiburs, N,
1. aico jiov. tt, is-ciu
AOentikman whosuflered for years from Nervous
Ufbimtv PiiEiiATL-HK Dkcav , and all the enVcts
of joulhlullndlbcrctlOD, win for tlw sakoof suner
liig humanity, bend f leo to all who need It, tho reel
h iiiul dlncflon fur msklDgtho Umple remedy by
which hn wus cured, bufferira lsMnii torioatby
tliu autcrtlser-s eiirleuco cuu do to by nldresslnJ
In pu ff t cuurideui'e,
JOHN ii.tHU)LN,42Cedarst.,Ncw Yoik. .
nov. 89, is-nm atco
Dr. Fabsr's Celc'eratcd
Painless Remsiv is tho
He,St,eu'r,.'!,"own ,or V" Es ot cvtrJ' Kti" loedtU!f,
Itchlns, Wind, Inward. Ac.) und all du-a-sof tlio
llfcirTL'li. W Jt-ttiLT ri-IVIlf. nr Innr btnrwlln,, 1. ........
Instant relief andtHeitsn rudleal and ls-rinahcnt
Cure. It Is prebTlbed by ull ihjslclans whoaruac
mumtnl with It. t hrunlc cases n-udlly i k-ld tu It.
Stofcurtrlcnl ontratlou required. 'Irylt and rt-lleto
our tuirei lni;s, OM.YM cents for al akuk Pace
AiiK. t-i iit by mall on receipt uf price, lor sale by
aU I'muUlbla. Da. J. FAUKll A- ifll vn Am. tt V
uov. v, 'W-dra usco
Neatly and chuply eyecutnl at the
Oh.hmiiian (Mi..
.. "t r .
Wheaper bushel.,
Corn, new, "
oats, " ' ,.
Flour per barrel ,.
Tallow ; "
Dried Apples ,
Hams .."!!.!;;;;;;;..
Hides tt Shoulders , ,i......
lArd per pound ,
Hay per ton
ltccswax ,
Timothy seed
IjnilTATIfiVM vim iviir
9? Wharf ,no per 1 on
NO. B " " j'jj r ..
no." to
Blacksmith's Lntun on Wharf ............ t s.oo
" lutumlnous .,... 4 eo '
liytlrtuoof sundry writs Issued out of the Court
ot Comma - Pleas of Columbia com ty, and to mo
directed, will bo cvposed to publlo sate or out cry,
at tlio Court House la Wootnsburg at one o'clock, pi
m. on
SATURDAY, MARCH 8tb, 1879,
All that certain lot of eround sltuatoln Locust
township, Columbia county.I'ennsjlvanla, described
as ronows, to wit , Hounded on tho north by land
of Jacob stine, on the south by land of Jacob Sttne,
on tho ca,st by public road, and on the nest by land
ot Joseph Carl, containing ono bundled and sixteen
acrei moro or less, on which are erect id a frame
houw, bam and out-bulldtcgs.
bellied taken Into execution at the suit of Wm.
1'. I'fahlcr and Daniel Htlno, Administrator of Jacob
Ktlne, deceased atralnst Solomon Yeager and to be
sold as tho property ot Solomon Yeager.
Ktkklv, Attorney. Vend. Ex.
Alt that cortatu lot sovonty-ono Bltuato In tho
borough of llcrwlck, bounded and described as
follows! llcglnnlng at a corner of .Mrs. Nicely
lot on Front street running along said Front
street forty-ntno feet six Inches to corner of lot be
longing to John M vrt7, thencs'alotig satd MarU's to
Second street one hundred and eighty-one nnd a
half feet thenco nlong Second Mreet aforesaid forti
nlnoanda half feet 'to tho corner of lot of Mrs. F
Nicely ntoresald.lheoco along the same ono hundred
and clghty-ouo and n halt feet to tho placo of begin,
nlng, on which arj erected a two-story-frame dwel
ling, frame stalle and out-bu'.ldlngs.
Seized, taken In cxecutlou nt tho suit of Susan
Jtambach, Executrix of Daniel Hambaeh for u-e of
if. J. Knorr against l'btllpjl. Sonderllng tilth no
tlco to George Waller and Henrietta his wile and to
bo sold ns tho property or Thllip M. Scnderltngwlth
notice to Oeorgo Waller and Henrietta his ttlle.
Jacesox & Son, Attorneys, I cvarl Facias.
All that certain real estate sltuatoln the Town
of Illoomsburg, Columbia county) Pennsylvania!
bounded on tho nortli by public road, icadlug to Ks
py, east by lot of II. C. Woodward, south by an al
ley and west by l-oplir street, tthorcon aro erected
a log houo, a shop, and other out-bulldlngs.
Seized, taken In execution at tho suit of William
Krickbaum against Peter Jones and to be sold as the
property ot Peter Jones.
Fritz. Attorney. AI.1T Fa.
All that certain tract of land situate Inllonrlng.
creek township, bounded as fo'lots,to-wlt : llegin
nlng at a pot a corner of land belonging to the es
tate ct Wm. Yocum, lit noted; In lino of land of Eli
jah Horn and running trotn thenco by land ot satd
Elijah Horn, south twenty-one degrees, west one
hundred nud slxtj-seTcn nnd one-half perches to
aetonont tho public road called tho old Heading
road thenco by said road by land of Thomas Itoach,
north Hfty-tour degrees west eighty-two and two
tenths perches to nstono In the aforesaid road
thenco by satd road north eighty-one and a halt de
grees west threo and one-rourth perches, thence
north thrco and threo-tourths degrees east threo
and slx-teutlis porches to a stono In u Held ot
Michael Fedcrolf.and running by land belonging to
tho estate ot Michael Jtowrer north eighty Degrees
west twenty-four and six-tenths perches to an oak
stump Ih tho. public road near by and at the houso
nf John Wltchy thenco by tho publlo road called tho
.Ml i'Gap road running by other land ot said Michael
. . , .-rclf north eight and one-halt degrees west stx
ty perches ton stone In Bald road, thence by the
same north forty-one and a quarter degrees cast for
ty nine perches to s post, thence by tho same north
thirty-six and three-fourths degrees cast twenty
nice and six-tenths perches to a stonn Jn said road,
thence diverging from tho aforesaid road aud run
ning by landot said Michael Federolf south sixty
nine and one-half degrees east twenty-four and one
halt perches to a stone, thenco by the Bamo north
twenty-ono degrees ;ast twenty-two and eight-U-nths.perches
to a stone In line of land belonging t
the estate ot William Tocum, aforesaid, thenco by
said line southslxtj-nlne ondn halt decrees, east
t Ighty-scven perches to tho place of b-glnnlng, con
taining Wiys acres neat measure be the samo moro
or less, on which ora erected a dwelling house,
barn and other out-bulldlngs.
Seized, taken execution at the suit of William
Mahler, and Daniel stlne. Administrators of Jacob
SI tne, deceased who was Assignee of John It. Jones
ajttnst Willi i m Swisher and to bo sold as the prop
erty of Win. Swisher.
Eyerlt, Attorney. Levari Facia?.
All that certain tract of unseated mountain la-id
situate la .Mifflin tottnshlp, Columbia county, l'enn.
sylvanla, bounded by land ot Daniel Nungesser,"
Al ram S-httcprenhelser and others, containing two
hundred acres moro or less.
One lot ot ground sltuatoln tho town ot Mifflin
vllle, Columbia county, TennsjlvanU, bounded on
tin north by Second street, oast by lot of Joseph
Mastellcr, south by Third or Main street, west by
lot of A. J. lluckalew, wheroon are erected a frame
dwelling house, barn and other out-bulldlngs.
One lot cf ground situate In tho town ofMiniln
title, Columbia county, Pen- sjlvnnla, bounded on
the north by Socond st rect, ou t ho cast by street
on tho south by Thlrdor Main street, and on. tho
west by lot ot John Keller, being s!xty.lx feet front
ny two hundred nnd thirty feet deep.
All the defendant's title tu one lot of ground sttuato
la tno town of Miminvllle, Columbia county. Penn,
sylvanla, bounded on the north by Second street, ou
the east by lot of John Keller on tho south by Third
or Main street, and on tho west by lot of Theodoro
All the deton dant's title In four lots of croundsltu
nte In tho town ot Mira'.nvl'lc, Columbia county.
rennsyivauia, oounaeu ont no north by Thlrdor
Main btreet,east by strort, south by Fourth
street and west by lot of Michael Knittle coutclnltic
one ana a uair acres more or less.
Seized, taken Into ciecutlon at the suit ot A. W.
Creamer against John Ke'ler and to bo yildas the
lui-viijp ui uuuu iitrut'r.
Littles, Attorneys. Vend. E.
All that certain lot or pleco ot ground sltuato in
Locust township, colutnbu county, state ot Penn
silranra, bounded snd described as follows :
iracir.o.1. iieginning at a stone In line of land
of Kolb and Itaub, running thenco by land of Kolb!
ana nam), soum Ttf degrees, tast '8 perches to a
stone, taenco by the sams south ssjtf degrees wett
I f-10 rcrches to a stone thence by land of satd Is
aac Lewis north ;x degrees, west (0 perches to a
liosv luuno uy jana oi William Shultz north M.if de
greescost4i 3-10 perches to tho place otU-irlnnlnir.
contalaUngso acres and 113 perches.
i ract o.?. situate In Locust towashto.Columbla
county, Statoot Pennsylvania, bounded as follows
Adjoining other lands ot William Shutz tho execu.
Hon defendant and Henry Fisher and Iteutien Culn
and others, containing 10 acres rnoio cr less, where
on is erected a framo dwelling house, barn and othr
out ouiiuiogs.
St-Uod, taken Into execution and to bo sold as th
property ot WlllUm Shu Itz.
Abbott ti Kuawn, Attorneys. vend. Ex.
Atl that certain lot or pleco of ground situate In
tho town of catatt tssa, county of Columbia and state
of I'cnnsyluaula, bounded and described as follow i
On the east by an alley running parallel with Fourth
birei'tin said town of catawissa, on tbo west by
fourth st. in said tow n,on the north bjhouse ana 1 ot
ofjowen Kosteubauder, ou the south by land of Geo,
uuguei, tiuercouu erected a frame dwellluirhousu
and other out-Jiulldlugs, atw a v. ell ot water not In
coudltlou to bo used.
Seized, taken In execution and to bo Bold as the
property ot W. K. John.
Abbott 4: ltiuwx, Attorneys, Vtnd Ex.
All that certain piece or tract ot land Bltuato part
ly In Catawissa and partly In Locust tottnshlp, co
luinbu county, Pennsylvania, bounded by lauds of
John Fagtley, 1'hlllp Manhardt, Jehu Yeager an 1
William Hughes estilo, containing II acres and 11
ixrches, whereon Is erected a good saw mm, frame
uweiung nouse, Barn and other out-bulldlngs.
Seized, taken Into execution ond to be bold as the
property of David 8. llowcr,
ABtorrtltiiAwx, Atterneys. Fl Fa.
Terms cash ou the day ot sale.
iuua tt. uiwM AJ,
fCb. 14, JO-tB
From Feb. mis, 1ST Fek. 4th, UTS,
WM. Kimuiurt, taici ro Disinter.
To cosh received from Sngarloaf du-
" cash irrelredfrom" niwm'd'upl!
cat 1SJI ....
too M
1M 04
" cosh ifcclted from Foott dupll-
"CJSh received' from 'riiwnvrnod
W0 M
dlipllcalo HIT . . . ., SSI 041
" cwh rew lved from Sngarloaf du-
. plicate 1871 ......,.i... MIT
' cash received from Illoom dupli
cate isis 1SST ot
" cash received from Scott dtinll-
catfl H7i ...
SS 41
OS 00
" cash received from Ureenwocd
duplicate- isis ,, ,.
" cash received from Sngarloaf du
cati 1STS
"tash received from product of
farm 1878 .
" caMi received from Ilatleton Poor
04 It
li oo
M 10
1'isinci isis. .
" cash received from Commission
ers' Ofnce, unsealed lands
M,l I
Am-t of criers redeemed 1S7S $3,495 8
or commission on same U.S.... M B
duo Treasurer from lost settle
ment.. lis 41
In Treasurer's hands Feb. 4lh.
1870 10T 67
Directors of tho Poor In account with
liioom, seott. Greenwood and Su
garloaf townships.
AnYt of orders outstanding 1871...... 6TI 61
lssucaists ... BjUIS ss
t,S90 01
Ara't of orders redeemed 1878 S,49S 89
oustandlng Feb. 4th
1870 .-. 854 H
fl.HO 01
Til08tKKCE, D'rtttO"-
Examined bv us at thnmntip.tnf thn tllrectoninfl
found correct
c. M. VANiiKitsLlCE,- Auditor.
Toordersoutstandlnglsts .. . 894 11
Iloccltcd from Sugarloat dupllcaio
1S7S :..
Itocelved from Itloom dupllcatolST
Received from Scott dunilciLtn 1S7T
Itocelved from Greenwood dupli
cate IS77...
llee-lvcd from sjgurloaf duplicate
1877 u IT
Am i of liloom duplicate 178 3,6113 10
ui i-uir L uu'iutiaie ista hi in
otGireiiwood dapllcato 1878.. 778 14
Sugarloaf duplicate 1878 S37 SO
rcccli cd from products of form
1S7S b4 17
received from Hazlcton Poor
District isis u 00
n-celved Horn Comml'slnncra
ofllce I'jr unseated lauds 69 70
I'd ffrom last settlement s 89
Commission and exoneration on 8u-
ganoai uupiicaio isis 54 64
Commission and exoneration on
tuoorc nun lcato 1877 159 fij
Commission and exoneration on
hcouauri cale 1871 1147
Commission nnd exoneration on
uricnwoxi duplicate 1-77 419
Commission and exoneration on Su
gar oar duplicate 1S77 so 03
Treasur.-r'siominisslon 1S78 87 89
In Treosurtrs hones I-eb. 4, 1679... 107 01
Am'ltluu cn lliuom duplicators'
cAuui-ruuuu unu rommiss nisis sis iu
due on bcoitdupllcaioless ex
oneration und commiss'n 1818 .809 04
duo on Greenwood d ipllcate
less exon. und commiss'n 1878 073 14
due onsugurloar duplicate less
exon. ai.d cun.mtsH 11 ihtr ma is
Ara't paid fur oulduer relief S7.... io to
" Cnni 1878. 169 88
Poor House coal 1J,. 80 9-1
audPlmrls'S coo
tax on farm 1878 18 48
Attorney fees 1678. ... 1000
lumber for farm 1878 . II 74
blacksmltlilng 1878..,. SI OS
mcrcuants bilinlsis... 4S3 CO
drues. medlcliipit nnrl
10 00
making duplicate 1878
oociot t
r mils for pourh.
and out door roller -is 158 9 5
n-pairs fr r 1878 &s 49
orders rell.-f Issu'd '78 46 00
sutu Hospital at Dan
ville 1878 1C0 88
MmitiBiS 44 cs
manure 1878 14 ,u
Insurance 187S 89 00
conitis I818 w, 60
printing lb.S 45 (10
011 stev. arda Balary 18 S2S 00
Dlr.ctorsand Secreta-
rj '8 salary 800 CO
miscellaneous, beef.
buoe X harness inendg 04-70
Examined and certified,
Bloom, Ain't ot orders given sundry
.n.avuo. bv9 ls
Itloom, nin t given buudry persons
for coal inn
Bloom, am't paid Dr. J. B. JlcKclvy is 00
hcou, omx paia vr. w. a. case S3 (0
vr.u.r. Krens.... 10 60
" reran II. 11. Angel.. 10 00
" ' state hospital for G.
W Fox un fl.i
" ' sundry perans..... 54 81
Greenwood, am't paid Dr. II. W.Mc-
rejnolda 54 S5't pd sundry persona S3 60
137 73
11.079 S3
Value of real estate and personal property
uviuumug; w nui 1 maun;!, uy una anu
buildings VAlllRil nr ! aa em
Ily Catharine Long property. Bloom..'.'."', 'con (i
juuswciii un uuif-f ienuispropy juoom 110 00
' amount In Treasurers Punas 1W w
" " dueonliioom duplicate less ex
ouerallon und commission-....-... 016 10
" ' tlue on seott duplicate ksi exon
4 ration and commission SOS 64
" du'o uu i-reenw ood duniicate Icsb
exoneration andcomuilsblon.... C73 14
' " duo on scgarluat duplicate less
cxoneratlouandccmuls.sion .. 160 45
"18 acres wheat and rje la grounCisSlO
twr acre iso 00
wheat, rye, oats, corn, buckwheat, clo-
terseed and timothy 530 60
" potatoes, beans, rulubagos ond cabbage 71.60
" hay, straw and cornfoddt r ' 139 fco
" beef, pork, lard, butter, apples and elder 896 00
' horbes, cattle, hog j and chickens 6-0
" all farming luipleuicnts used ou r irra . . . "so 00
"all household furniture la ttcward'B
house Kj r
"alihtuseholdfurnlturelnpoorhouso.,.. isu 00
- 0 tons coal.. ,. 13 00
The above 13 a correct invoice ot the person- '
f! 441
t-. .J "Mil CU, iQ,19y,
Toa'mt of orders outstanding 894 it
iu laiurui tuu uisincb... nH.. 15,S93 30
118,069 4t
133bu$liclttheat(3tloo. 138 00
6J bushels ryo Q no. 81 &i
w) bushels buckwheat BO.. io o-
Ptlo bushels corn earscs 25 s s 60
sos bushels oats (S as. bias
160 bushels jiotaiues CO 83 eo
6 bushels onions (460. 860
a bushels cloverseed (3 $1 to 94 oo
S- bushels bcaosw Jsuo 5 00
6 buahel rutabagss (4 30,... 1 so
4 busbflsbeetst4S3 , 100
is bushels winter apples 60... 000
17 tons hay $s ' no c
2010 sheates corn fodder 3 i i
70 bundles rs 0 straw is sib
8750 lbs. pork DI 187 60
sl lbs. bee! til , E3 it
481 lbs. butting 18 J5 is
no heads cabbage 3 3 st 00
H barrels cider ($ ti ., .. u 00
27 head bhoats M 60
ahead calves oi $3.. ... io 00
8 head chickens (4 25 ..-, 15 00
168 dozen eggsii 15 ... ss so
I1.S4T 41
Nurbcr of Paupers remaining at last report U
" " admitted during year., ss
" ' discharged during jear 16
" " dlei during jear.... 4
remaining in tne poor
poor bouse 15
WM.KltL-AMKit,! Directors.
ailfjs.iiEfcci;, V ot the l-oor.
Il.S.ENf, f
Feb. 14.1STS. '
Important to Lawyers.
m unlives ui uio 1 caw, vuiibinuies, HieCULOra, Ad
mlnlstrators, Guardian, Township ofttcera, and but
uess men generally.
Wo have nn hand a Inrc-n nw,Hm..i nf ia.t
blanks for the use of ttorneys, Ju btlces and Con
stable's blanks ot all kinds, Note and Hecelnt books
for Administrators 4c
lltlOE LIST.
TroitNEry blanks.
Precipe for, Summons.
' ' Kl. Fa.
" ' Hulo to take Depositions.
" " " " choose Arbitrators.
8 cento apiece, or 11.75 per hundred.
Petition for Appointment of Guardian.
" " Cltultnn
Hole to tako Depositions.
Narr In Debt, with Conles3lon,
' " A&sumpblt.
Mechanics Lieu.
4 cents each or 3.50 per hundred.
PctlUou fur bale of Ileal Estate 8 cents each.
Bubpa-uas, bummons, Warrants, Eiecutlon. 50 f
K centa each.
Blue l)wlJ..,BH.,M.wlHW,B
Parchment Deeds
Agreements ....
Orphan's Court sales
Constable's bales .
Mortgage and Hond-.. ...
All kinds of Notes . ,
s cento cock
15 "
6 ..
so tor ll M
I cent eack
18 '
Ileadpts, xsotoH, school Orders, Poor Order?, 8tor
Orders, neatly bound, constantly on hand, oi made
U order on short notice.
Weaie pri-uiied,to do neater Job work tnao uur
other ufuco lu this county.
Editors and Froprletors
tiloomsburg, pa
1 ' ' ' p nl C fteutiiU EipetltloD for
1 " H ''(' f r l tTfM'tutM nui tWfii
" ' t e I A ff. Tit btit ioW
( i Inn!' -moiTk ( rlMiT
" ,r.r ; .th j