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    Ixtf t &MrtMw.
Issued weoicly, every Friday morning, at
two dolhiw por year, ptiraiwn In ailvnnco,
Ih. tU. 8K.
,$1.00 IJ.W MOO If JO
. ..a i il IM R IWt
Two iiollbs por year, p-.iyawo in auvnnco.or
dtirldir tun your. AUerllio oitplratlon ot the year will be ciiarireil. To subHCrtbcrs out ot the
oouutr tlie tornu are fa per year, trlclly lit advance
-H ji it nut n ltd in advance and f s.ou II payment be
leuynd bu ouil llin year,
So lupor iHicoiiilnuoii, except at tho option o( tho
imblllsuers, UDtii all arrearages are paid, but lone
suntlnud eredlti after tlie expiration of tho nrsl
year will not bo given
All papers neiit out ot thoHtato or to distant post
orr.ces must bo paid for In advanco, unless a respon
sible person In Columbia county assumes to pay the
subscription duo on demand.
l'OSTAH K is no longer exacted from subscribers In
tho county.
The Jobblnir liepartmcntof tho Colembun Is very
complete, and our. I b ranting will compare favora
bls with that oftho largo cities. All work donoon
dumand.noatly and nt moderato prices.
One Inch...
... lilt
tin T.eo
T.oe .oo h.oki
quarter column...... o.ow
llalf column... 10-00
s.oo lo.oo
1 1 nn i s aa
(inn column. uo.oo
SS.00 80.00
Yearly aaverusfmems paju'j;i"'"V.:. "iiut
slcnt advertisements must be paid for before Inserwu
except where parties navo accounts.
... .. . ... rrr.fl-
lgal advertisements two aouarypcr men tf'
Insertions, an it that rato tor additional Insertions
without relereaee to longUu
Executor's, Administrator's and Auditors notuts
three dollars. Must bo paid for when inserted.
. t.nAi ,Mln. twptitv rents alias.
regular advertisements hall rates.
Si 1".!SST' SiltortwarroptleUrs.
Cards In the "Business Directory" column, one
dollar per year for each line.
BUM cnttgnt.lnlTKn.V
Columbia County Official Directory.
President Judge William Elwcll.
Assocl.tto Judgcs-l. K Krlckbaum, F. t HUuman.
Vrothonotarv, tc II. Frank Zarr.
Court stcnoffrapltcr s. N. Walker.
twister Uccordcr Williamson II. Jacoby,
District, Attorney .John M. Clark.
Slicrm John vv. llonman.
surva or Isaac Dowltt. ,
Treasurer-Ur 11. W. Mcllejrnolds.
Oj nmtsslonors .lohn llerncr, S. W. Mcllcnry,
Joseph sands.
Commissioners' Clerk William Krlckbaum.
Audltora-M. V. 11. Kllno, 1. 11. Casoy, E. U. Urown.
Coroner Charles O..Murph .
Jury Cominlssloncrs-Jacob II. Fritz, William II.
Countv Superintendent William II. Snyder.
liloom l'oor l)istrlct-l)lrcctora-o. 1". Ent, Scolt,
vVm. Kramer, Uloomsburg and Thomas lteccc,
teoit, o. r. lint, Secretary.
JU. J. 0. ltUTTlSn,
omce, North Market street,
Bloomsburg, Fa.
Orangoville Academy.
William P. Shcliells's Record.
REV. 0. S. CANFIELD.A. M.,Principal. A wouiilNaMAN'3 candidate I
E. E-
onvis, '
Iloom No. 1, "Columbian" Building.
Bloomsburg Official Directory.
President ot Town Councll-D. LoHenbcrg.
Clerk -W.Witt.
Chief or I'ollco M. C. Woodward
President ot Has Company 3. Knorr.
Sccretary-C. W. Miller.
moii nsourg llanktnir companv John . Funslon,
Prncl.tun . tl. II. Urn 7. Cashier.
Firs .v.v lonal Hank Charles It. I'axi on, "resident
f. 1". Tustln, cashier.
Columbia Coiiuu Mutual Raving Fund and Loan
VssoeK lon-E. II. Lille, President, C. W. -Miller,
secretary. , , .
Hloomsourg liulldln? undsavtntr Fund Association
-Win. roacock. President, .1.11. ItoMson, secretary.
moomsourg .Mit'uat navtnir t- una assouiu iuu o.
I Brower, Preslden , C. (1. liarkley, Sccreinry.
itev. J. P. Tus In, (Supply.)
Sunday Services-! a a m. and OX p.m.
Sun la school 9 a. m. ...
I'ravor Meeting-r.vcry Wcdnesda' evening at
"x s'treo. Tho public are lnvl ed to at tend.
Minister Itcv.. I. -'eCron.
iitit lay servtees Invj u. m. and OMp. m.
sund.iv chool-lin.m. ,,
i'ra er Meo lag i:ery Wednesday evening a'
heats free. No pews ren'ed. All aro wclcomo.
Mlnls'cr-ltev. Stuart MP-hell.
Sunday Services lux a. m. and Otf p. m.
Sunday School-0 n. m.
l'r.vcr Meo lug l'.very Wedncsda evening a' 0)4
rlock. ,
Sea 8 free. No pews rented. Strangers welcome
Presiding I'.lder-ltev. N. S. Ilucklnham.
Mlnlsier Key. M. L. smjser. ,
Sunday Services 1 X mid p. m.
sunda- school p. m. . ,...
Ulblo class-Cver Monday evening a' OJi o clock.
Voting Men's I'm er Men lng-Every Tuesday
enlnira flttf o'clock. . ,
(lenorul I'ruycr .Meetlng-Every Thursday evening
7 o'clock.
Corner ot Third and Iron strceu.
t'astor-Itey. (1. n. Hurley.
ttesldence-Centrol Hotel.
Sunday SerUccs I0f a. m. and T p. m.
Sunday school a a. in.
l'raycr Mceiing saturuar, i p. m
Sept. 18,1810.
omco. Hartmnn's Block, corner Main and Market 1
If you want to patronlro a
glvo us a trial.
Next term begins
For Information or catalogue apply to
July 27, '77-1y Orangevllle, Pa.
N. v. FUNK.
u . wALtin.
AS! Farther RefiuGtion in tliB
Atto noys-at Lnw,
oraco In CottMBUN Beam. Jan. l, '7T-ly
I. L. IiAIiD,
opposlto Episcopal Church,
Main street
burir, I'a.
trr Teeth extracted without pain.
CottsiBiAN Bcildino, Bloomsburg, Fa.
Members of tho United Stales Lnw Association.
'ollectlons made In any part of America or Europe
p P. A W'.J.llUCKALEW,
Bloomsburg, Fa.
onico on M aln s-t ree t, n rst door below Court Uouso
Bloomsburg, Fa.
omco in Ent s Building.
All aro Invited
There Is always room.
lector Itev L. Zahner.
Sunday Services hin a. m., la p. m.
Sunday School a. in.
First Sunday In the month, Holy Communion.
Services preparatory to Communion on irlday
ivcnlng bcloro I ho kt Sunday In each month.
Fows rented ; but everybody welcome.
Presiding Elder-ltcv. A. L. Hccser.
Minister Kov. J. A. Irvine. .
Sunday Service 8 p. m., In the Iron Street Church.
I'ra er Mectlng-Every sabbath at 4 p. m.
All aro Invited. All are welcome.
Meets In "the llttlo Brick Church on tho hill,"
known as tho Welsh Baptist Church-on nock street
CaKCBUlar0meetlng for worship, every Lord's day at-
"eats tree fand Uie' public are cordially Invited to
Office Adjoining C. n. & w. J. Buckolew.
Bloomsburg, ra.
H.&R. R. LITTLE, '
Bloomsburg, Fa.
tir-nulness before the U. 8. ratent onice attended
to. onire in the Columbian nuliaintr. ra i
A 1 lUHiNtil-A
Office In A. J. Evan's New Bcildino,
Member of Commercial Law and Bank Collection As.
sedation. ucv. is, n-u
If j on trmit (o Hitvf! from 10 to
icr cent
In the cost ot r.MNTINO, send for our prices ot the
following :
Strictly FUltE WHITE .BAD,
Mxsr.i:i on. & chalk putty.
Best Paint Brtinhea,
Furniture Yarnisli.
Orders and inquiries by mall will rerelvo prompt
attention. samDlo cards andcrlo ellst turulsnea
without charge.
Rupert, Fa.
Ccntralia, Pa.
ays. "76.-1.
Tub 18, '70.
Important to Lawyers
.Tnctlrva nf llin 1pnfiv Cnnstjlbles. ExCCUtOrS, Ad" I ,,a
mintstrators. duardlan. Township offlccrs, and bus! I ' '
ncss men generally.
William F. Schell, tho Democratic can
didate for Auditor General of Pennsylvania,
during six years ecrvlco In tho Senate and
House of Representatives of your State, in
variably voted for Internal improvements,
such as Turnpitc, Coal, Iron and Railroad
companies and for Steamship companies.
Ho Invariably voted against legis
lation lu favor of close corporations.
He recorded his vote against 273 Ranks,
Savings Institutions and Insurance Compa
nies, the whole number asking to bo crea
ted during his term oi service.
Head the record and see If ho is not a fit
man to bo intrusted with tho people's inter
csts iu the office he s eeks nt your hands.
Among the most prominent nets support
ed by him we find
House Journal of 1852, page C78, a reco
mendatlon to Congress to construct a canal
around tho falls of Ohio at Louisville. Vo'
ted aye.
House Journal 1852, page 039, an act to
encouraeo tho development of mineral
wealth iu western Pennsylvania. Voted
Houso Journal 1852, page 411, a recom
mendation to Congress to establish a navy
yard and dry dock on tho lake frontier.
Voted aye.
House Journal 1852, page G55, an act to
secure more effectually thoj payment ot tho
wages of labor. Voted aye.
Senate Journal 1853, page 178, an act to
tnako better provision for the punishment
of frauds committed by bankers, trustees,
and other persons intrusted with property.
Voted aye.
Senate Journal 1858, pago 853, voted for
an act for the better seeming to the com
monwealth the payment of taxes due from
incorporated companies.
Senate Journal 1858, page G25, an act to
encourace the mauufacturo of iron with
coke or mineral coal. Voted aye.
Senato Journal 1858, page 803, an act for
tho better protection of labor. Mr. Schell
moved to proceed to the consideration of
the bill, and voted aye.
Senate Journal 185S, page 721, au act
to encourago tho manufacture of paper. Vo
the revenue by tho Imposition of duties, but
afford nmplo encouragement to all tho inter
ests nf tho country, injured by tho produc
tion of cheap labor of other nations, but
moro especially to urge an increase of duties
on coal and iroti, In which a portion of our
people nro deeply interested, Ac
Mr. Gazzam called up Senato bill No. 425,
to regulate tho charges of railroad compa
nies. Ho moved to strike out all after tho
enacting clauso and insert a now bill pro
hibiting discrimination against local freights.
Mr. Harris moved to postpone the bill
yeas 0, nays 20, (Mr. Schell among them.)
On tha motion to suspend the rule and
read tho bill a third time it was lost yeas
(among them Mr. Schell) nays 12. Two
thirds necessary, so the bill was laid over.
Legislative Record 1858, pago 479.
In October, 18CG, Mr, Schell published a
card in the Bedford "Gazette" declaring
himself in favor of the passago of a law pro
hibiting railroad companies from discrimi
nating against local freights and in favor of
though freights.
Legislative Record 18G7, page 4G, Mr.
Schell ofibred a supplement to nn act, cnti
tltled an act to exempt property of the val
uo of $300 from levy and salo in execution
and distress for rent.
Legislative Record 18G7, page 331, he vo
ted for an act for the better protection of the
wages of Mechanics, Miners, Laborers and
Legislative Record 1SG7, pago 1073 he'vo
tcd for "an act for the more economical col
lection of State taxes on banks.
Legislative Record 18G7, pago 571, he vo
ted for tho bill "to purchaso school books
out of tho district school funds, and to pre
vent tho frequent chango of school books.
Legislative Record 18G7, pago 451, ho vo
ted for an act providing tho mean3 for se
curing the health and safety of persons em
ployed in tho bituminous mines of Pennsyl
vanla (commonly called the Ventilation
Legislative Record, page 734, bill No. 272
making an appropriation to a Colored Sol
diers Orphans' school was under considcra-
omco in "Est Bcildino,'
Court House.
aug. io,'.7-ir
'Bloomsburg, Fa., near
,rf ttnni. miTiU'.llS. Llnnk. ittst minted and
3 neatly bound In small books, on hand and
'lor saio at. uiu LULunoun v.tnw
rLANK DliKDS, on 1'archr.K'iitnnd Linen
l' II..., nmmnnnnrtrnr Adrnlnls'rators. Execu-
lurs and trustees, for sale cheap at the Columbian
isTr AT! I! I AOR (1EUTIPICATES lust printed
VI nnrttnraulo at UlO COLUMBIAN OHICO. JllnlS-
ttr'sof tho (lospel and Justices should surplythem
selvos with these neccsjsaryju-tlcles.
TUSTIOESand Constables' Fee-Kills for sale
..I r..n..n..u nmrm Thpv enntflln tho cor-
Tecfd fees as established by the last Act of the Leg
i. Biiwnnt Kverv Justice and Con-
TimilllD Uimu iu.
utablo should havo one.
omco In Brower's building, Becond floor, room No.
1, Bloomsburg, Fa.
"TfENDUE NOTES just printed and for sale
V cheap at tuo Columbian oiucu,
-y II 0 W E L L,
1J lii In J. i I .
onico In llartman's Block, second floor, corner
Main and Market Streets,
Mayan ly.
Wo havo on hand a lareo assortment of legal
blanks for the use of Attorneys, Justices and con
stable's blanks of all kinds, Note and Receipt books
for Administrators c.
fill UK L. 1ST.
rrcclpo for summons.
nulo to take Depositions.
" choose Arbitrators.
! cents apiece, or $1.15 per hundred.
Petition tor Appointment ot Guardian.
" cuaiinn
Rule to tako Depositions.
Narr in Debt, with Confession,
" Assumpsit.
Mechanics Lien.
4 cents each or $3.50 per hundred.
Petition for saieor tieai lisiaie s cents cuul
Subnoenas. summons. Warrants, Executions, 80 ro
I 25 cents each. .
leases . ucuio tvu
Blue Deeds 10 "
Parchment Deeds - 15
1 12. SAVAGE. Dealer in Clocks, Watches
V; . and Jewelry, Main St., Just below the Central
urpnnn s ". ourt faies , m,
uunsiauie pules..- .. u v
Mortpugo and Bond 12 "
All kinds of Notes - 1 " '
Receipts, Notes, nchool Orders, Poor Orders, Store
Orders, neatly bound, constantly on hand, or made
to order on bhort notlco.
woaie prepared to ao neater juuuiKiuauuj
Sewing Machines and Machinery ot all kinds re
paired. Opeba IIocsk Building, BloomeDurg, ra.
('.. HAUKLEf. Attorney-at-Law. Office
In Brower's building, 2nd story, Rooms 4 & 5.
int. M. REHKR. Surceon and Physi
cian, Omco S. E. corner kock anajiarnei
slice ts.
t i i.rAxra r n c..M.ann nuil Pliml
. clan, (OMco and Residence On Third street.
corner jeuerson.
T 11 M-LrrcT.VY. M. D..Runreon and Pliy-
.J . slclan. north side Main street, below Market.
. . rrt m T T" S T"
corner of Main and West Hretts, three doors below
J. K. Ej er's store, Bloomsburg, Pa.
All orders Dromntly attended to and satisfaction
other omce In this county.
Senate Journal 1858, pago 924, an act se
curing to mechanics aud others payments
for their labors and materials in erecting
houses, &c. Voted aye,
Senate Journal 1858, an act to incorpo
rate the Pennsylvania ' mining beneficial
company. Voted aye.
Senate Journal 185S, page 884, an. act to
provide for the incorporation and regula
tion of insurance companies. Voted no,
Senate Journal 1853, pago 111, voted
against tho circulation of wild cat money
Senate Journal 1853, pago 90G, voted for
resolutions relative to a line of steamship
between Philadelphia, Il-azil and the West
Senato Journal 185S, page 878, an act to
incorporate the American Tanning Comp a
nies. Voted aye,
Senate Journal 1858, pago 568, presented
remonstrance of citizens against tbo repeal
of the tonnngo tax, and praying for the pas
saga of tho law to prevent the Pennsylvania
The House had previously pass;d quite a
number of appropriations to white soldiers
orphans' schools, without any opposition.
When the bill was called up, it was violent
ly opposed by somo members who had just
voted for the other bill.
This manifest injustice roused the indig
nation of Mr. Schell, who arose, and vehe
mently declared that "it would bo a blister
ing shame for the House to vote down this
small appropriation to the colored school,
after the largo appropriations to tho white
The remarks of Mr. Schell stopped
further opposition and tho bill passed.
Autnmnal Tints.
Tho Indian Ilasket Trick.
Ever since tho capture of tho strange em
pire of India by tho English, or for more
than a hundred years, tho civilized peoples
have been hearing of the marvelous feats
performed by the natlvo jugglers. Natural
ly, Houdin's announcement of tho Indian
basket trick made a great sensation. The
curtain arose and disclosed a wicker basket
of oblong shape standing upon what appear
ed to be a light table, without any cloth
cover upon It. The juggler entered, dragging
a beautiful youth,dressed as an Indian prince
wearing a robe of whlto cashmere embroid
ered with gold, while upon his head waved
a peacock's plume held by a diamond
"Mercy I mercy I" cried the child.
"No no mercy. You aro an Indian and
a prince, and must die," was the savage re
sponse. "I am only a child," cried tho innocent
"That will not provent my killing
With piercing shrieks tho child broke
away and rushed to the side wing,only to be
seized there by his executioner, who, lifted
him in his arms, plunged h;m Into tho bask
et, which ho closed, strapping down the cov
er. Then ho drew his sword, and having
tested its sharpness by striking It In the
floor, ho thrust it lu the basket again and
again, white the victim inside gave the most
heartrending cries of pain and agony. Each
time the sword was pulled out it was seen to
bo covered with blood, while tho sobs
and groans from tho Inside of the basket
grew fainter and fainter, till at length they
ceased, and a ghostly silenco eusued. Dur
ing this scene tho excitement among the
audience was intense. Ladies hid their faces
behind their fans ; some wept aloud ; men
shouted hoarsely, "Enough I" The smiling
juggler bowed, and proceeded to unstrap tho
basket, which lie turned, mouth upward, to
the audience, showing it to be entirely
empty. In the midst of the applause which
followed from the amused and relieved audi
ence, the liltb Indian prince was seen to bo
seated in a box in the centre of tho auditori
um, kissing his tiny hand to those about him
as well as to his frieud the executioner on
the stage.
This trick was performed with the aid of
looking-glasses inserted between the table
legs a contrivance now commonly used in
pantomimes and other show pieces upon our
stage. Hut it was a new thing then,and the
scene was remarkably well played by Houd-
in and the child. As soon as the hoy got in
tho basket he opened a trap-door in the bot
tom of it, whicli was placed over a corres
ponding opening in the table. Hidden by
thelooking-glassjhe crouched below between
the table legs, and shrieked and sobbed un
til tho proper moment camo for him to de
scend through a trap in the stage, and pass
around to tho box in the front of tho theatre.
A sponge full of a red liquid was placed at
Congress is again in session, and now tho
two hardest-worked classes of men In Wash
ington are phonographers and barkeepers.
In 1SG3 the Republicans carried Ohio by
one hundred thousand majority. Vere I eh
dat majority now?
It is said by a recent decision of the Re
publican state committee of Georgia the
Republican party in that state la virtually
dissolved. But few members of the family
aro left to attend the funeral.
Mr. Darlington,a resident of rerry county
bas lost twenty-seven hogs by a disease
which is carrying off large numbers of
The passenger platforms at the Union de
pot at Pittsburgh aro to bo covered with
glass set in iron frames, and supported by
Iron columns.
The jailor at Kltlanning, Armstrong
county, was overpowered, a few days ago,
by four prisoners, and knocked senseless.
They then made their escape.
The tiimino in India, which is now believ
ed to have passed its crisis, is regarded by
competent judges as one of the most terrible
visitations ever inflicted on the race. Over
500,000 victims have yielded to tho dread
Wade Hampton's son and namesake is
running for a seat in tho Mississippi Assem
bly. He served in tho war on Jon John
son's staff with distinction. His brother
Preston, it may be remembered, was killed
on the battle-field within sight of their
Martin V. Turner, who was recently con
victed, in Clearfield county, of tbo murder I
of a woman, has been sentenced to be bang
ed, the court having refused to grant a new
trial. When asked whether he had any
thing to say why sentence of death should
not be imposed upon him, the prisoner re
plied that he was convicted by the perjury
of personal enemies, and that he is an in
nocent man.
The Government has cancelled the pres
ent issue of the bills of the Tamaqna Na
tional Rank, in consequence of theit having
been counterfeited.
Electric candles are the sensation in Far-
is. They emit no heat or smoke whatever, I
while in brilliancy they hold the same ratio I
to gas and oil lamps as sun to moonlight,
and they cost only one-fifteenth as much as
gas. It is hailed as one of the greatest dis-1
covenes of the century.
Tired I well, what of than
Didst fancy life was spent on beds ot ease.
Fluttering tho roso leaves scattered by the breeio
Come, rouse thee I work while It Is called to-day I
Coward, arise I go forth upon thy way I
I onely t And what of that t
Some most bo lonely I 'Us not given to alt
To feel a hoart responsive rise and (all,
Ta blend another life Into Its own-
Work may be done In loneliness. Work on.
Dark I Well, and wh&t ot that t
Didst fondly dream the son would never set T
Dost fear to loso thy way 7 Take courage yet i
Learn thou to wal k by faith and not. by sight,
Tby steps will guided be, and guided light
Hard I Weu, what ot that
Didst fancy life one Bummer holiday.
With lessons none to learn, and naught but play 1
oo, get thee to thy task I Conquer or die I
It must be learned I Iearn It then, patiently,
No help ? Nay, 'tis not so I
Though human help be far, thy Ood Is ntgh,
Who feeds tho ravens, hears His children's cry,
He's sear thee, whereso'cr thy footsteps roam ;
And He will golds thee, light thee, help thee home.
Phrenological Journal.
Editors and Proprietors
Bloomsburg, Pa
It is very curious to observe the regulari
ty with which we aro told in the autumn
that "the frost will chango the color of the
leaves," whereas tho frost bas nothing to do
with tlie change. It has, indeed, sometimes
happened in New England that tho foliage
has changed, as if by magic in a single, night,
so that by looking out of tho window in the
morning, the eye was surprised with tin
world wellnigh on fire ; and since the trans
formation took place In connection with
tho mercury at n low point, tho wholo af
fair is rrferred to tho agency of Jack Frost.
Rut why not refer to this prestidigitator tho
acertain spot Inside the basket, and tho I Dr. W. N. Hutchinson.of Oxford. Pa.,wos
sword, passing through this, seemed to be drowned in a small creek, near that place, in
irippiug witn bloou. it was imperative mat the Btorm the other night. The bridge was
The Seaside Library.
fi-ti i rt r.n.. .I!.n.:.ninnt:nff !..
IVaiiruaU VyUIlltiUlllCS Hum uni.Liiuiii.niu m . , . - ., ,, i
, . , r i 7 glowing tints of the apple, tho rich crimson
thlr nlinrirptt nirnuittt citizens of Pennsvlva- .
Legislative Record 1858, page 008, oppos-
pfau liHftll'Vfl INSURANCE AGEN- choice books no longer for Hie few only. Thobest
UhAb llilUVt lf V.""1.' 'J.. tinniLird novel within tho reach ot ct cry one,
11. ROI1ISON, Attorney-at-Law.
In llartman's buUdlng.Maln street.
V CY, Exchango Hotel, Bloomsburg, Pa,
:tna, Ins Co., of Hartford, Connecticut.., ,w,ooo
Liverpool. London and Olobo X"?X'25
itoyalof Liverpool
Lancashire 'S'SlMi
Fire Association, Philadelphia 3"MS
.il..n,llrirnnl .. fleO.OOU
Karmers .Mutual or uunvuuj "Sr'SQ;
Danville Mutual
Home. New York .M1..0?
commercial Union -
es the repeal of the law prohibiting usury.
Legislative Record 1859, page 2G, oppos-
Handurd novels within tho reach ot every one ei usete83 expenditure ot public money in
Books usually sold iromfi to $3 given (unchanged I w . , 1 .
and unnbrldecd) tor 10 and SO cents.
1. EisrLYMiE, By Mrs. Henry vv oouoouuie no. aw
3. Jane Kvbb, by Charlotte Brouto (double no.) !0c
- unuiuiiiT,ii rhnripR Kendo's new novel 9c
o. the black Iknits, Jules Verne's latebt ice
c. Last Days op I'oiirtu, byllulwcr Joe
7. adam iiicdf., by (leorge Elliott, (double no.) sec
s. Tn akundel Motto, by Mary i ecu Hay loo
o.oid vinDLETON'sMo.Ev,by Mary cecli Hayloe
ROSENSTOCK, Photographer,
, Clark Wolfs btore, Main street.
.0. Tns Woman in White, by Vi tlkle Collins 200
11. the m ill on toe Fi ow, by (Itorgo Eriott see
printing documents.
Legislative Record 1859, page 41, report
ed an act to prohibit the issuing a circula
tion of bank notes of less than 20.
Legislative Record 1859, page 42, opposes
tho franking privilege and moves to abolish
the same.
of the velvet peach, and the purple of the
plum ? Many years ago this error was
pointed out by an eminent botanist, who
showed that tho gorgeous color of tho au
tumnal leaf came in the regular process of
ripening ; and, though botany is generally
the juggler should not pass in front of the
table, else his legs would havo been reflected
there, and that would have disclosed the en
tire secret. Houdin became dissatisfied with
this trick, and made many improvements in
it, which tho jugglers of our day have still
further perfected. It is palpable that this
can not be tho way in which Indian jugglers
perform the trick in the market-places or
other public squares in broad daylight. They
have nolookiug-glass table,uo traps through
tho earth.
Houdin's theory concerning them was
that their basket bad an opening in it either
at its front or its back.and that, while buck
ling and strapping down the cover, with the
knee lifted up and pressed on the basket as
if to tighten the leather strap more securely
the child crept out under the bent knee, and
hid beneath" the voluminous robes of the
washed away; and It is supposed he drove
into the creek and was swept down by tho
current, His body was found next morning.
His two horses were also drowned.
Sweet baby eyes,
That look around with such a grave surprise,
What do you see 7
A strange new world where simplest things
Engender wild Imaginings
And fancies troo T
A restlng-placo that is not home,
A paradise wherein to roam
For years may bo 7
Ah, placid, wandering baby eyes,
The mystery that In you lies
Oft puzzles me.
Clear, boyish eyes.
Whoso fearless glance unconsciously defies
Trouble and care ;
When babyhood Is past and gone,
What Is It that you gaze upon 7
A land most ratr ;
A sunny Bboro with pleasttro rife ;
And that great, glorious gift ot lite
Tls bliss to share.
O, happy, trustful, boyish eyes,
Let sagos envy, fools desolso
Tho faith you wear.
Tho anxious eyes
Of manhood, slowly piercing earth's disguise,
Discover what 7
That life at best Is quickly done,
That hopes fulfilled and wishes won
Aro dearly got :
That shadows chased in headlong haste.
And golden fruit he strove to taste
Delight him 'not.
Oh, restless, doubting, troubled eyes,
To learn In sorrow to bo wlso
Is manhood's lot.
Dim, aged eyes.
Gazing across the wreck ot broken ties,
What do you see?
Behind-dead leaves that withered fall;
A fading wilderness v hero all 1
Is vanity ;
Before to gladden weary sight,
A glimpse, a promise ot the bright
Oh, dim and tearful, aged eyes,
It waiting tui that dawn shall rise,
Blessed aro ye I
Zebure Hour.
The best advice on the art of being happy
Is about as easy to follow as advice to be
well when one is sick.
studied in schools, the old notion comes back juggler. Then, while the sword is piercing
' It.. 1, !.. I1, i.:t,t nl,o . ,.t
March ss,"7I-y
1I9,S8,000 1 u. TnK AMEBicANt-KNATOH, by Anuiony Trollopoc
IS. A 1'RINCESS or J JllLE, 1'J iiiiuui uinvi
with the beavers every year, showing that
error, in common with truth, especially when
supported by thet'ojrpoput, will "rise again"
however deservedly crushed to earth.
Leaves find their parallel in man, as al
ready observed, and, like the human species
AVID LOWENISERG, Merchant Tailor
Main St., above Central Hotel.
8. KUIIN, dealer in Meat, Tallow, etc.,
. Centre Btreet, between Beconu ana 'i nira.
Flie Columbian Law Docket.
a complete record for the use of attorneys. Con-
venisnttv nrrantrcd for tho docketing of all cases
Mintntninir tea naires. with double Index. This Is
the most complete book for lawyers that Is pub.
1. rtv n,iii hppw. bv w llkle Collins
la' Homola, by George ill'lott, (double no.
of Ice, In one book by Jules Vtrne
II. HinoEN PKKiis, by Mary Cecil nay
PAKA'H IIISTOKY, UJ Allien., u. tuniim
ia a i KHRir.t.c Temptation, by CharlesUieado
so. old CI'kiositt Hiior, by rharles Dickens
si. Poul Play, by Charles Iteado
n. it... . ... tt.iu .v I'L'ln fnlllna
the basket, and tho child's sobs aro most
heart-rending, the crowd gathers in a com
pact mass about it, and into the crowd the
child easily escapes without being seen, and
runs away. At tho proper moment he comes
running back as if from a distance, and of
course the astonishment of tho crowd is
unparalleled, lor the basket has in tho mean
time been opened and shown to be empty.
Harper1! Magatint.
Judge (undecidedly) : "Humph ! the
Court must be clear on the point, Brother
Jenkins." Anxious Usher: "Clear the
Court t" (Is reprimanded for ezsess of
It is dangerous to have" paper pasted over zeal.)
pipe holes In the' upper rooms of a house.
Tho residence of Mr. Jas. Hossler, of Bed- The most recent cose of absence of mind
ford county, was nearly destroyed by fire ono I is that of an editor who copied from a hos
nlght rcceutly by this means. A fire had tile journal one of his own articles, and bead-
been started in a stove on the lower floor , "A Wretched Attempt at Wit'"
and the paper pasted over a pipe hole above I - m '
took fire and diopping down on a bed the Aaa" renew uucsier uuugm u mmo
clothes took fire and in a very few minutes by auction for $140. After trying for three
the whole room was in a blaze. day9 to Put iu harness on from a second
story window, the owner resold it for f 14,
nn Inner limn, and tinder Ihn tltlft nf Rftr
.titkuruiug iu iua ajuuuuh engineer, tt new 1 nfi TTIih Kti-Vor "
1 1. -I I . I "
uittucu ui iiiuusiry uas sprung up ana prom
ises conquerable advantage. A contractor Customer (to a vendor of watermelons)
lias come forward and agreed to purchase at wt ft dollar rather & nr nrlrw fYr wt.
a good price all the old "cotton waste," a ermclon ?" Vender "You wouldn't think
material which, after being used to clean 80i mister, ef vou'd sot on ton of a hieh
01 tuv k.if-iBV'H I rmrr. bv Murv Cecil liav
S4lTisNi:viiKT00LATis to mend," by Charles SOC
M. II. AUROTT, Attorney-at-Law, Main
PBICE, $S.50.
. . - . n 1 It Til 11 2". ACKORA rLOTD. VJ JIN l. I.. Jiiuuuuu.
Published by Brockway & Elwell . nLV&
9 I.aiiv ADELAIDE'S OiTH. by HfS. II. W'OOd,
W. Ackoba Klotd, by MIb m, k. uraaaon.
t atin
ss! noma's I.ov-1! Tkst, by Jlary Cecil Hoy. 100
Uditors and Proprietors of tho Colombian, I"1 lyciftyWo "biiiou. he construction of rail roads.
Legislative Record, lBo'J, page o-7U, nn
Catawlssa, Pa.
'' tvniiecMoM nroiLDtly mado and remitted, omce
MnnosiLB catawlssa Deposit Bank. m-3S
Knuli, FrjiiiU-rdi Edwards,
(Successors to Benedict Horsey & Eons, 2S Market
Imnortcrs and dealers In
osa Market btreet, PhUadclphla.
TI7"T;i l7"n 1 matl one and one-nai; aozcu
WE W J I i J j, the mou beautuul new
.V 'U.D! "i'.Y.'K tft enamel and Old
tot cents. Vend 19 cents tor crand Illustrated cat
alogue with (liromoof loonirKbt mtheYWBt,OT
so cents tor two lnnObCarc-s and calls Lilies on
Firt'C'V menu, aiBco. ,iiu...... -
KnirravlBira and Art A 1 N H.
June s, tc june rrj.iiuii.ii w.v-.
Si. tuk (jusiiN or UEABTs, by W llkle Collins. 10c
rr cnin hr nit itnnkftpllers and Newsdealers, or
, . I sent pobtace prepaid, on receipt of price.
-halt dozen iviki HEO,M,K jfuNut,, publisher.
P. o. Box K5T. si, ss and 85, vanaewater sr., N. y.
uagv, it -in
Legislative Record 185U, page iU, sup
10c ports a tariff resolution, which recommends they may ripen suddenly. If, however, any
SOC I :nii.. -t.H :n.nAQnr ,lni!..nn CVal nn.l ntifl plionxeit in mnkn n mvatprv nf tltn inffin
csuetinilY ma juueaauu. uwuvowm ... - j j
Iron and proposes to foster home manuiac- unj ni tue autumnal colors, mere suouia De
tures as against ihe cheap labor of other na- no great difficulty in explaining the 'variety,
tions. Indeed, the apparent superiority over the
Legislative Record 1859, page 8C, was in strength of color in tho foliago on the Con
20c I r..n. r VAnf.nlln ilni.ViirtAr nP nil I tlnent nf Eurnno mav bn attributed chiefly
. , I ... I Ul UI Vlll IVtMHUh VV - u. - , , y . I .... , , ... 1,1
SOC I r I . .. . . . a . , I 1 harA In ft mn llttln mililtf. nnimpA wh!ih
wild-cat banks. to tuts variety, in ureat iintain tne climate l w . . ,', -i- -
Legislative Record 1859, page 1C4, In or- is evidently unfavorable to the production of oa uu, l"ul ul"",uo ' auu trout
der to stimulate industries, "ho had made bright forest-tones, but In parts of Germany
it a general rule to vote for the unrestricted tho brilliancy of certain kinds of leaves is
quite equal to that of the corresponding
varieties in North America. At tho same
time tho greens of Europe are quite different
machinery, has hitherto been burnt as val
ueless, aud it is thought that the plan will
prove of great convenience to the Govern
ment works and other large factories. The
method pursued ia this case is. to wash the
waste in some chemical solution, which en
tirely cleanses the cotton of grease and oth
er impurities, and, when dried, it is again as
fit for use as when It first left the cotton
fence with a shot gun every night for three
weeks a watching the patch."
It is easy to run a Republican paper ia
France. For instance, you write an able
article against the administration, and then
you don't write any more for several weeks.
.Nassau Darkies Mying for Pennies. aud the refuse ja soU to ,Ue oap maker3
Amateur sportsman returns in triumph
The grease is clarified with fine oil, from a day's shooting with a splendid hare,
and says to his wife :
"There, you said I couldn't shoot. You
didn't expect to see me bring this home?"
"Yes, I did; the servant next door saw
you buying It round the corner."
act for the better securing the payment of
n Scl
Two men wero riding in the cars on the
Danbury railway the other morning, when
Administrator's Salo
n nrnt r tinnm to make money. If vou
l A I I nd eel B'd v ou can get (rrcen
I jj backs. We ncedapcrwin every
wh to t1a- subscriptions 10 the largest, cheapest
11. "Ua 6UCU6srulaE-nt. Tho most
Any one can beep. , ,e t0 8,lt)Pcr ni. 'I be
ortce is so low tht "" eve W
price is bo low int -t.n nvcriuilna upek. A
liny an t renSruf kL "W 5r 400 ""a" ten
lady agent reports lakL -,..u moneylatt. toucan
uajs. ah woo rnsuge i tuci,,..;, nr cnlvvour
oevote lt your time lo u .aaav tom home over
epara time. Vou need not . Kere FiSfDartlo
nlgbt You can do It as wel. kmi and eS
ulaVs. directions and urns f.. h'ADii.
penfcive ouini tree. 11 uu wi u cnkti noLhlncr to
enrfusjouraddiees at oneo . U.tim?k5
By vlrtuo ot an Order ot tho Orphan's Court ot Co
lumbla county, the undersigned, Aotninisiruiur u
thnestjitn of Hiram Lunirer. aeceascu m cpoo
to publlo sale, on the premises, In Sugarloaf town
ship olumbla county, Pennsylvania on
at lo o iler V a. m..the undivided one half Interest In
lunula real estate situate In Sugarloaf township In
said county of Columbia, bounded and described as
follows : Beginning at a white oak corner ol Hester's
land thenco by other land of said Joshua Brthk, N.
so decrees, w. lUK perches to a post thence by said
m. in ri.-i-iwi w. u nerches to a chestnut
tree tlienoo N. to agrees, V 70 perches to a post gp'ees of all kinds, GlaSS & QuoenSWOTe,
. .. . . ox., rinla U 0 1 ilnvrM.. I - '
tnenco uy lanu oc hiuuikuuww w. vS.vwV,
W. 6'i perches lo a post tuence oy ianu oi ouiu vusu-
V7eat7arA?drcssUV K. ii perches to a post
land, Maine. ' thenco by said land, ts. U degrees, W. 8S perches to a
VV11UUBA1.U uuvn.jiaio,
N. E. Corner Second and Arch Streets,
Dealers la
itrnrders will receive prompt attention.
-Vrom this date the Bloomsburg Oas Companj ' vrtU
put in tervlce pipes at nret cost and furnish and set
a ho company nave on ban a lot of gas tar suited
or painting roots, and posts or other timbers placed
iwcfio cents per gallon or lira per barrel.
OC.1VIB. 0. W. M1LLWJ.
post thonco by said land. S MV degrees, E. el per-1
ches to a pott by a pubUo road thence, 8. 70 degrees,
E. oa w nerches to a post thenco oy lana pi vv uu
ji'cKelvy.N. 61X, E.M perches lo the place of be-
glnldg, containing
espcrchei.on whlcn Is erected a A FllAMEDWEL
UNO IIOUSB nd BiKN and out buildings. There
aro also a good orchard and good water,
TiHuaor SALi.-Tea per cent, of Ui one-fourth
of the purchaso money to bo paid at tho BtrUlng
aov'nofths property ths one-tourfn less the ten
Dcr cnt M U" conllrmallon of saloj and the re
malning" three-fourth mono year tbereatur, with
interest lTum cxnuu nw"
LANK irORTGAQES forleciptth
Foreign and Domestio Fruits,
Family Provisions
itustcirs Old stand,
cth door below Market street, Blocmtburg, ra.
gar Goods delivered to all part of the town
Mayor Moore, of Cincinnati, has gotten
the puhliu hullding, where ara tho court- UP a scheme to eclipse the Centennial itself,
houses, houo of assembly. Rant, and other and succeeds will beat Barnum too
similar places of reBort. Whenever wo oon aer DlS election to the highest post
would co on a pleasant morninc. afternoon tion ln tnB Queen city, he conceived tho
f a. .1 .. 1 lilan nf , n wl M .1 !..LII 1 lOTO
or sit oytue stone Ju"e " one asked the other If he had a pleasant
wages of labor in Schuylkill county, Bom- from thoso of our own land, where, begin- "r " , ' , ,,!,. " " ' ,' , tt Place of Mence. "Yes," was the reply ;
. . . ' .. ... . ,.. i . , ., n...., 1 view the, lovely wntnr wllli it nlinmrlnwliiip lar everytnlnc coes on swimmlnirlv. lie I .. . . . ' r '
ersct and Huntiucaon counties ana Jir. ning vvitu a ournt green in tuo oouw, we . . . " -', , r"' n I we nave Beven ni;e large rooms over a
Schell moved to include Northumberland, pass northward along tho Atlantic seaboard, 01 Breeni us yacnts, itssnips, anu an its Dusy : " , Jjll , V V "tore." "Over a store? I shouldn't think
Luzerne and Redford.voted aye and said reaching the true green of the greatest of "S lb .T. .7 . ttiat quiet place." "Ob it ia
he was in favor of the bill If any class of the
people.deserve or require protection,itis that I Maine.
l- i 1.1-1. .1.- t,t.. f kill I i..t,i
..i. i .i .... i bJ,i.j Jdozen little black boys with the entreaty : would have the President and his cabinet
dlGUUUU. uh.vm.vo j.m.v D.A'klllt, ill, T1I 1 it V.. onrl llin rni-n p .. . r, . ln.
t , ,..!. T. i mm i . t.. ic .1. -f t- I a cease, uoss. cive us a small aive." i i kuiciuuhui mi iud ouura unu xer
A.egisiaiive necoru aooj. nu avi cu tjroveui. iiiiiii3-B'u iu iuo ouuui ui i.u6uiuu ouu i , , , , -it.ri , .,.i , ( , i
frauds by bank officers, voted aye. In France-only to change to an ashen-green "1" "I C .... t ih7 i Z Z?
r aIl0t TiarA t,a(Aafl4 in n. ii nrniflnv. mill a RftmhrA n va In 1 ia kU ovw DViUO iuuuv huh m iuu waicr. i uui ' vt " l"v J,cu
utiDiaitiu w ' o -j i . I 1 1 i i it , , I nnnn fnr iha shAtv nn.l t l
crease tho nav of the Sunremo Court Judees. Italian States. "y. u" u I-ocset, anu instantly every -,, repot,.
- w I Ahnn a.t., nTU T J . I 1.1 . I P(1 Lfl fin fill I in MnntvltirlA nr hla final tAmA
Voted no. Hut wo wero remarking upon the variety "'",",JW"UU"""BU"U "'"" ' " "v,
Legislative Record 1859. pace 374. on the of the autumnal tints in our own country. lUD '"B m'iireu l0 unuress iu nassau.
bill to exempt property to the value of 300 This U explained by the fact that, while in ln? ve mlIe 0D" we" on'y a Bma11 shirt Gov. Hendricks, just returned from Eu.
frnn. nuvr fr Re id so ,1 li ni nleaa. ! UrOtlB tliero nr nnlv fnrtir Irooii that at. " """" "' lucio is uui ml t0 IB. D SPeSKlne 01 the idm nihil nn came up to his Idea tain to a height of thirty feet, in North muc" mualm m tills snirt, but they are at. HVesident Hayes, said that It was difficult Mme 10 laco lne 0tue41 or u evening per-
nf .I..I t!,o lnlmiil,l .In In nrntort . !, Amer ca thern nrn nn I (linn nno htinriF-Mi "y imiiivuiar io uavo K come uovvn low lor mm to lmac lue where that irntl.m i luiuiwiw.
poor man. Und forty henco our forests Hash like the eD0USh to cover the breast bone. If I find would eventually land his party. He
1 . . ... I n tisnnv I Iai. It Inln llianln. .! .1 1. . 1 ..... I
Senate Journal 1859, page 592, voted for plane-tree that "tlie l'erslan adorned with 7 'V""J " " tuougnt, uowever, mat those who seemed to
nnact to equalize taxation upon corpora- his mantles and jewels.,' .every uaraoy uoy, in notumg nut uis suppose mat the administration would "cap-
tions. . ' ' pn imiiwi., .mii8n iuuiuh, ouuio- lure'- tue Democratic party would find them-
t .t.i.t,i insri k7.q niwi PAinivriOv-p WIlHnm T. f!nli.mnn nf a pry lime leilow catcnes ihecoin ne- selves mistaken. It wils hU nninlnn hn,..
i. ,t, .-' " r li 1....1.- i... ....ii. i. .. ... .. ' . ""-""" I wnu ..ii
against n bill "to confer on certain assoc - San Francisco was talklnpt the other day of u' " """" er, mat tue uemocratio party would do bv '""'", very me
ations of the citizens of this Commonwealth his old partner. Edward Mott Rbblnson. of lonS ueloro 80me le"ow comM UP wuu tue Jlr. Hayes as they did by Andrew Johnson 'i w6 wy tall." ruck.
i r t. i i l.i. ii. r ii i i .... - -i .
the powers and linmunltieaof corporations I New BeufonJ. whose tQuriousnesa waa a I
and bodies oolitic In law. and to confirm matter of common talk.
I I i nivn t It fii itIi ll,A ii oa tcotAC nnri oaa tlxtx I r n . . '
charters heretofore granted "Ho was a good fellow in the main," said "' .. " T ' , T uceu ugming lor tne principle of local self out for a ride, and he made Tit a nln, ,v
v TTo....i ioro r.TDJ i i-i. i.i . . i - 11 t 1 juuuk rascals uiuviiik meir ices uuu arms i irovernment n m Rnnth rn. j i 1 . ... ,
ivrHi.iwm iitw.u uiu-. ,u- wr uuieiuaii, uuiub exceeueu any man i . . , - .,, , . ,. I" r ... ,, j suu m 0r a uoc o animal. While Um hnnu In
1 .nmnl .ri.ln rilrn.l nnmnmil.i in . 1 1 1.....-V. about dovv 11 at the bottom like a lot of brown I so far as the President rarrlnl m.'f n.i.,1. . uiuiw. wniie me norse In
hlnethe true creen of the neatest nf mM" nlffwith delight the cool ""S, wl Save 4)0,000 Union and Confed- .,.,. . n ,,.. nv, u
hay-produclng States, the State of "aH breeze tha blows so gayly over the nar- IBP7;7, aa en: quiet enough. The folks don't adve-t W -
io. Every one has noticed the unparal- row back of .Hog Island, there would cer- .A lE"?. "Ah! I see "said his friend, In a ton, of
1 green of the "Emerald Isle," which thinly couie running to us two, three or a V of all tho military will ho held. He M-Danbun, New,.
" . - ' .irvron llttlo l.lool. k. .t,l, it,. , ,.. . WOUld havn thn Prealilnnf inn M. nhinot
The cleverest of commedlans, Florence,
made his debut in the humble capacity of
a watch do?. He bad to bark from' behind
the Bcenes. At rehearsal he put so innch
realistic art In his impersonation that ho got
Into difficulty with the prompter's bull terri
er. Rut the manager was doubtful of the
Europe thero are only forty trees that at- aml a "traw hat Souotlmes there is not so rope, in speaking of the administration of Presenco of min" f the novice when he
"Won't you be afraid t" ho demanded.
"Mebbe," said Billy.
"Suppose you get so scared that vou can't
bark, what will you do ?"
There was a moment's pause, and then
ueekly :
I M .. ... I 1.1. M..,1. t-' ,1 1. .1 .... I
uiuucr iu um luuuiu. ouweuuira nueu sustain U m SO far OS tl.ev thnnnhl Inn ... it . . . .
coin Is not readily found, it Iscurious to look right. Tho Democratic nartv hasald "ha,! i. . v . . ""roller called at a
d?w through theclearivate
J!, Stockton, in Scribner for JVo-
" yvamoci ouiinisuoc- tended for him was being hitched up she
Stokm Sioks.-11's a sign of a storm to ,,.., , , ,, . . , ou newn t be a bit afraid of her. She'd
tread on anybody's toes who has corn,. ? . . ?".?ea m..: . "e .
If. a. Ign of a norm If you wake the baby :,,. "h; T- ' fVJ" " ,m0 ,Ue .""
dav. ., ' . . owiies soi- wmneu arouna tne corner, ana nothlncrmore
diers. was recoirn il n Willi. iv. r I ii.. .. . .6 .
It'saslgnof a storm to call a baby ugly erly ,f lolUvi lt' rA:!
fore, Xemhed, by.the Senate and Houte.of told them the Democrats would oxpeot $500 'a I'restnc ol its mother, , wfe, formerly tv Mrs. Jacobs who had "That horse was a little off wasn't she f"
Representatives of tho Commonwealth of from you, and wat going to pair off I So It's a sign of a storm to spit on the parlor married Potts, but left him on finding that "Yes," '
Pennsylvania in general assembly met. m,id you stick to that arrangement. It wrpet when your wife sees it. he had a wife lu Pennsylvania, Potu had "Well she kept growlne ofltr and off r
That our Senators In Congress be instructed will be all the same to both parties, and It H' tt ''go of a storm to speak ill of your long been a wanderer and a supposed horse till I ooncluded to cet out and then the w
and our Representatives requested, to labor won'tcost either of us a cent.'" EJitor't wife's relations, nd cattle tliiel lu Texas and the Indian ter- she not off altoether !.,! ,! .iV
forthe passage (at the present session) of Drawer in Ilarper't Alagaiint for ta It's a slcn of a storm to tell vour wife sha "wry, and was leading rjaember of Collln It...... n ...a i . .v.. t. ..7..
uh au act a. will not only teud to Incrtas I looks horrid iu the last new tv-asi. I . of lobbvrt. ' " K "uu we "
ted to compel certain railroad companies (Q
fence their roads,
Senate Journal 1800, page 748 joint res'
Iolutiou on tbo subject of the tariff. Voted
ayo (these resolutions were offered by him)
Whereas, tho citizens and labors Iu many
departments of trade are compelled to aban
don their accustomed pursuits, especially do
our own coal and Iron interest suffer ; there
ever kuew lu ingenious expedients for saving
a dollrr, lu thoso days I was a Democrat
and ho was a Republican. Quo day be
he said, 'Coleman have your committee been
after you "'Not yet,' I replied. 'Well,
mine have been after me,' he said, 'and they
wanted me to subscribe (500, and I told
them I would.' I looked at him with abso
lute amazement. Then ho added I 'Yes, I