The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 03, 1876, Image 3

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m.ooitfiituiMi. KiiiDAT, nor. a, ism
Rail Komi Time Talile.
7.M A. M.
i.b V. M
11.63 A. M
Accommodation Train 8.45 A.M.
Mall Train WA.M
Express Train 1.49 1'. M.
B.84 P. M.
Accommodation Train c.29 A.M.
itoiitlar lSxprcss 4.(0 P. M.
Throturli cars on Kxpress train cither to New York
or Philadelphia. Accommodation train runs between
t!atawls4a anil Wllllamsport.
T.ST P. M.
11.33 A.M.
NotIcf. TO 1'osTMARTF.nq. Those jioidmas.
tern who hereafter return sulncrilers' npet to
this oflico pimply marked "refined," anil n-
nccompanieil by n lcttcr,as required hy lnw,will
ho cliarccd wltli tlio papers from the date of
audi Illegal in tlficatlou until notlco Is given In
n proper way. Wc have reached tho conclusion
that our lime is nbout ns vnluahlo as that of
postmasters generally, and wo do not propose
lifter this to spend half a morning hunting up a
name because a postmaster Is too laiy to fill out
n blank.
A patent wSs granted W. Ahboit p( Espjr, JaSl
week, for an ear mulll'r.
Can the reverend rioter who runs the Ilepub
licim remember who requested a rope to hang
William Eycr?
On Thursday, Iho 2Gllt day of October, Mr. I On Saturday, lasttho sad Intelligence reached
George K. Elwcll and Miss Mary A. McKel. us that Peter Knt was no more. He died that
vy were hound hy the silken cords of matrlmo- morning between the hours of nine ami ten
ny and embarked on the voyago of married llfo o'clock. Mr. Knt had been In 111 health for n
under the happiest auspices. If n fair begin- long time and his demise was not entirely mi
ning augurs future happiness, then may the expected. The immediate causo of death was
bride and groom look forward to as blissful an chronic bronchitis, but ho had Buffered from an
existence ns the warmest of their many friends nflecllon of the heart, which doubtless, had scr-
could wish them. Vrom the arrival of tho first rlotuly Impaired his health nnd conduced to
guest to the dinging of (he luck-glvlng shoe nf. Iho fatal result. Tlio funeral took placo on
tcr tho receding carrlngo nothing occurred to I Tuesday and was largoiy ntlcnded,
marr the lovousncss of the occasion. Peter Kdt was born In Koaring Creek Valley,
The ceremony took placo at life residence of Fetmary 2ilh 1811 and was therefore In tho
tho hrido's father. Mr. I. V. McKclvv. nnd the 0.itli ycarof his ago. He learned tho carpen
hllcf but solemn service of Iho Npiscopal tor's trade with George Mears and finished his
Clinrdi i rend liv Iter. A. A. Marnln nf trndo when about 21 years old. Ho marrlcil
Scranton. Tho bride was attired in it delicate Miss H.irah H. Myers, October 15tli 1833, by
ashes-of-roses silk nnd wore the orthodox bridal whom ho had five children. Of theso Welling-
veil and oranL-e' blossoms. The bridesmaids ton H. died in 1871 : William M. in 1809 and
were three In number! Miss Elwcll wore nn Usal H., Hubert S. and Oscar P. survive. In
ashes-of-roses silk waist and whllo organdio 183? or 1833 ho moved to Light Street where
skirt and light pink lea roses fo' ornaments! ho has since resided. Ho followed his trado
Miss Sloan woro a licht bluo silk waist, whllo until 1852, with great activity .erecting buildings
nrirnndlo skirt nnd eroam colored tea roses I I and bridees In all parlsof thocounty. Ill 1810
Miss Sanderson, of Lock Haven, woro a silk he was elected County Commissioner and scr
waist of delicate salmon color with white or- ved for three years. During his term of service
gandio skirt, with (lowers to match the waist. All tho County scat was removed fioni Danvllto to
three had on half veils of illusion. Tho grooms- Uloomsburg nnd tho present County buildings
men were P. D. Koons. W. C. McKlnney nnd I wcro erected. In December 181'.) he engaged
N. U. Funk. They were in full evening dress in tho mercantile business at Light Street and
as wcro also tho Invited guests, both ladles and 0011111111111 therein until 1853. In 18."3, '51 and
...... it,,.,,,.. .. 1..,.! - - l!.n allrll J5R lin was (!nllrtl",''A..'.ftll !."'
lOCaslV"tiierido and attendant maids wiirTven. In 1857 and '6S he served as lleprcscn-
look well it is an indipntablo fuel that the I tatlvc in the State Legislature fur the district
expectation on this occasion was amply fulfill-1 then composed of the counties of Columbia,
ed. Montour, Sullivan and Wyoming. In 180a he
After tho fateful wordi had been spoken entered into partnership with George Marti, in
which made tho young couple man nnd wife, "e '" manufacturing, milling ami inorcanuie
the clergyman turned to tho gues'ts and said I lusinciw, under ttio firm namo of Marti & lint.
GO TO THE POLLS EAItLY AND VOTE, 'hat, twenty five years before, he had married 1,1 tool lie bought JUnrtzs inlejcst nnu coiuin-
TIIKN GO AND SECUKE THE VOTES OF the father and mother of tho bride nnd that in ueu me inui anu sioro iiiiui icuo, wnen in cum-
YOUKTILDKN NEIGHIlOItS. renewal of the vows then spoken and ns a to- pany wuu ins son 11c again cmuarhcu 111 me
ken of their long nnd happy married llfo the muiitiiaciiire 01 iron unucr 1110 mm namo 01 re-
Send irf full returns on Tuesday nicht. Those bridegroom of the years gone by would place tcr hnt S Son, nnd continued until ISbS. In 1S71
from the diirerent Stales will he received at the another wedding ring upon the hand of htscon- he relinquished the mercantile business and un
Oncra Houso as rapidly as senl. xrt. This was done and the effect produced HI H'C end of his llfo gavo his attention to mil
I ,.. ,.. , l, . . . , I.HI . I nnnn. Turn u.m
I was uiui 01 a uuai weuuing, 10 1110 great uciiKiit 1 "!, ft.. (,.
Cottage prayer meetings havo become popu- I of all tho witnesses.
hr of late. One was held Inn dwelling on I A delicious supper (or dinner?) was then par-
Positive Kksui.ts. There nro numerous
remedies that cure sometimes and become trus
ted as useful, but none have ever proved so ef
fectual cured so many and such remarkable
cases as Dr. Ayer's medicines.
Tho Cherry Pcclorat lias restored great num
bers of patients who wcro believed to bo hope
lessly affected with consumption.
Aguo Cure breaks up chills nnd fever quick
ly nnd surcW.
Aycrs Compound Extract of S.irsapirllln
eradicates scrofula nnd Impurities of the blood,
cleanses tho system nnd restores It to vigorous
health. Hy Its timely use mnny Iroublcsomo
Unorders that causo a decllno of health aro ex
pelled or cured.
Ayer's Pills and effects nre loo well known
everywhere to rcqulro any commendation from
us here. Smtnton I'd) Uitnei.
Nov. 1 111.
From Mr. James Grimes, of Mt. Pleasant,
Columbia county, Fit.
"About threo'yenrs ngo, our daughter now
nlmiit Iwi'lvn vears tif nirc. wns severely af
flicted with Croup. A cencrni Irritation of
tlio linn's followed. Drodnclnca hectic rough
which became, almost constant. Swelling of
the temples and other indications ol (Jon
Hiimntlnii. worn "nlsn nminrent and her 11 lb
was despaired of by her phyticinn. At this
critical moment wo were induced toirive I'r,
U'Uinr's llnWui nf Wild t'licrrv a trial ami
after alio had tnken one bottle wo found her
mnrh VpfinV.T,.'r 'V? discontinued its
. Since that time wo have used tho Hal-
sani In our family in cases of Coughs ami
Colds and belicvo it to bo a superior remedy
r nil diseases ot the lungs.'
00 cents nnd $1 a bottle. Sold by all
Business Notices
If von want a first class Cook or Heating
Stovo at bottom prices go to Hariimn and
Oct. 27-4w.
Hut Hock street last Tuesday evening, which I taken of, and when justice had been dono to the
was very successful . I viands, the bride and groom took leave of their
I friends and proceeded to the railroad station
liets are offired Hint neither Tilden nor I f00wetl bv bucIi warm and earnest wishes for fu-
Mr. Enl's llfo lias been one of unceasing bus
iness activity. He was known throughout tho
country nnd universally respected for his many
personal virtues, his honesty and his energy.
His influence in tho community was very large
and was never exorted for other than good enU
"Domestic" Paper Fashions at 1. W. Hart
Clark ft Wolf havo a large assortment of
Dress Goods and a great variety 01 fancy
Hayes will be inaugurated on the 4th of March I ture welfare as but ncldom fall to the lot of His friends could bo numbered by scores and
Don't take them. Any almanac will tell you I the newly wedded. When tho bridal party had there will begenuino sorrow in every part of the
why not. disapiicarcd from view, dancing was inatnrura- county when this report of his dcatli is read.
At n ripe age, after an active and useful life,
thespirit of a good man has passed to Him who
beautiful, gave it, and lie we trust is now enjoying that
ted ami "nil went merrv" ns tlinnft minted
A dispatch from Centralia announces the ar-1 ,s i,n
rest 01 Anthony J.auy, 01 uiai piacc, cnargci T, . rccelei
with complicity in the Langdon murder, t I cnlbracltur articles both ienil nnd ornamental
Audcnrcid. Ihulcton Sentinel,
15. II. Ikeler Esq. with his family has moved
into the house on Market Street adjoining
William Neat's. Mr. Ikeler proposes to build
11 dwelling in the Spring.
of beautiful designs and great value, and com
prising silver-ware, china, glass ware, paintings,
books &c.
In addition to tlio many residents of town the
following persons, from other places were pre-
perfect rcet which follows a career on
characterised by charity and beneficence.
sent: .T. W. Chemberlin and wife of Plymouth, SUBSTITUTE THE I II OWN, KNOWINO
Tho Montour American says Simon Cameron G. A. Yorks nnd wife nnd C. G. Yorks and
passed through Danville on Friday last, and Dr. wife of D.invillc, Hev. A. A. Marplc and wife,
llrower withdraws ns the greenback candidate 31ns 31ary 3Iarpfe, Clark 31arplc, Will 31ar-
for Assembly. Queer, isn't it? pie, George Sanderson and Anna S.inderson, of
Scranton, 3Irs. J. 1. kirby of Towanda, C. .
An exchange says that black bass nre plenti- Mclvelvy and wife and Judgo M. G. Hughes of
fill in tho Susquehanna river,
.he in this vicinity fur tin
.them that come out of it.
They ought to I Citawissa, E. W. Fullon and wife, Lloyd Pax-
1... :.. .i.t, t: ,!, . .1,..-.. ,M. W nf ton. Mr. nnd lUrs.J. II. Hnrmnn nf Hunerl. Sliss J"craiic turnings win ue ueu. 111 in.icuni.
.m- ill .ma tiuin.ij .w. ...w.u ....u.faJV w. . , - 1 , i0 iow:
... .... I w t 1 f m:... 11 1 t:.
Woodwartl of Reading, Miss Brown nnd Miss
Charles of Angelica, N. Y.
Taking all things into consideration wc do
not remember to have ever been present at a
Heckley was over at Centralia the other day.
Wonder if ho told the boys, Hayes was a mem-
her of the American Alliance, alias a Know more pleasant or thoroughly enjoyable wedding.
Nothing? We are sure that wo express the general opin
ion when we prophesy that illoonnburg will
The printers of the Cor.UMitlAX oflice desire I contain no happier or more esteemed husband
lo return' their thanks for a liberal supply of and wife than George E. Elwell and his bride.
wedding cake and fruit nnd wish Mr. Elwcll
nnd his bride a long lease of life and happiness
without stint.
Wo are pleased to hear that our friend Silas
McIIenry, of Stillwater, who has been danger
..iiqIv 111 la ulna-lv ?irnrPNim. Wo linnn fnr
hi. n.,lv relnrn to health ns-tho community connexions and a few friends. The wedding
Pine Summit, Friday evening Nov. 3d.
Jersey Town, Friday evening Nov. 3d.
Cntawissa, Ft iduv evening Nov. 3d.
NJnckson Union Church, Saturday evening
ov. 4th.
Centralia, Saturday evening Nov. 4th.
Berwick .Monday evening Nov. Clli.
Each and every Democrat in tlio county
should from this time to the closing of tho polls
Mr. F. D. Koons. son of our townsman W. on election day work with a will to secure Hie
B. Koons Esq. was married on Tuesday last to largest majority possible. This election is one
Miss Jo FephineChasc.dnughtero! Joseph Chafe of vilnl importance and no true lover of hi
Esq. of Scranton. Tho ceremony was perform- country shiuld fail to cast his ballot on Isovem
cd bv Hev. Dr. Locan at the house of the bride's bcr 7th for Tilden and Reform nor should he
father. Invitations bad been extended to fami- fail !o fee to it that his neighbor does like
Men's Kin Hoots at Hard Timo Prices at
A full stock of Under Wear for Men and
Bays' nt 1). Lowcnberg s.
A full lino of Tobacco and Cigars, whole
sale nnd retail, nt Kusjel's.
M. 51. ltussell kee"s tho 5Iacio Glycerine
Soap, something ncv and first class.
Seven cases of Men's Hoots just received
at IJ. 31. Jvnorr s.
David Lowcnberg would inform his
friends nnd tho public that his stock is now
replete nnd with all tho novelties for Fall
and Winter wear.
In the Merchant, Tailoring Department
gentlemen will find nil (he newest and latest
styles in Suitings.
Uvcr Coating iVc, ol tlio lmest qualities
and latest designs, any of which ho is pro-
pared to mako up 111 City btyle.
Ladies, if vou want .1 'readv-made Beaver
Cloth Coat Chirk & Wolfs, they have
them at 5--'.oU and upwards.
25 nieces of Ginghams at I. W. Ilartman's
from 9 to 25 cents.
Fine Calf Boots at McKinney's.
If you want a nice largo Iron Kettle go to
Hnrnian and Hassert. ., '
Oct. 27-1
cannot spare such "good men and true" as he.
Tho unusual itidunient is that Col. C. G. Jack
son has made t lie great speech of the campaign.
Wherein our'neighbor differs from the toiiai
judgment of every body else.
presents were many and valuable. Our best
wishes go with the happy coiipioand our thanks
are due and hereby returned for a bountiful sup
ply of wedding cake.
Examine closely your ticktts before voting,
anil sec that the names correspond with Ihoso
ill tho Coi.umiiian. The Radicals in their des
peration will hire ns many rotten Democrats ns
Nervousness nnd Drowsiness. Thesu sad nf
fliclions so destructive both to business nnd 'W cil to Hdlc out spurious tickets,
pleasure, nriso from that morbid condition of
tho body which is relieved hy an occasional
dose of Dr. Hull's Vegetablo Pills. Try them,
they will do you good
Tlio members of the Hook & Ladder Co ,
took their apparatus out 011 Tuesday evening
and practised iho art of cutting ladders, carry
ing buckets &c. A good idea, which thould be
Tho Jhpublican, after abusing the "Fishing
creik Confederacy" without itiut,now coaxing-
ly snys :
"Tlio beautiful Valley of tlio Fishlngcreek
by menus of a railroad would become one of
the richest lu thin country.
Tho milk in this cocoa-nut means a hid fo
Democratic votes for Wnller. rather un
fortunnte for Mr. Wnller, who is nn cstimabl
gentleman, that his chief backer is Mr. Beck
ley, who has hiaped more foul nhiiso upon th
Democracy than tiny blackguard wu hn
Boysl we must havo 2500 majority for Til
den in Columbia county next Tuesday. Wi
havo the stufi'oiily get out tho voters. Think
what a splendid record Columbia county will
malto for Reform and Peaco hy TWENTY
On the 20th day of July last a quarrel arose
repeated ns olltn as possible. Discipline nt between James Stout and James Archie,
fires is indispensable.
The energies of the youth of Uloomsburg
wcro largely expended in the hurling of cab
bages nnd the scattering of corn last Tuesday
night the same being Hallow E'en. The
E'en has been very infrequently observed of
late years.
Baltzer Leacoek, who is widely known as the
Col. C, G. Jackson, of Berwick, read that
speech of his again, last Monday night, in the
Opera House. Tho audience was large much
larger man 111c speech. e can unuersianu now mosl BllcceMflll F,)orl?ma i jsloo.nsburg, shot
wny ,ur, iKienaiew snrTivcu aner 11s urn rcn- ., U't, hicsdav morn lie hist eleven nartridires.
lTi It !!- T .!!.! 1 "
union 111 i.eiwicK. 11 was uiapiianous very. nr vijj. :,, mi .rnn,im.i. a,
no time was he distant from town over a milu
Bradley of the .Ifunotir Mina-iean' says he nnd a half.
w fome Ayrshire ducks at the Danville Fair. I
Wonder if lliey had any Devon geese or Cols-
worlil J iirkeys. Jiloomhburii Journal.
No, but there una tome half breeds i.fthe
tqiilnlne species tluit would havo been an lin
provement upon some editors. Montour American.
The question now arises, what sort of a spe
cies is the ' equinuiL'?" Tho American does not
seem to bo more happy in its zoological than in
Us ornithological nllusions,
The farmers nre the leal proprietors of the
United States. Will they vole to Increase Iho
value nf their lands and crops hy decreasing
taxation, or to mortgage (heir farms and waste
their profits by continuing high taxes for the
benefit of riiiL's?
courso of which Archie was stabbed in nine
places and seriously injured. Stout fled and
was not arrested until tlio 30th of October, at
which date he returned to town. On tho ful
lowing day ho was committed, in default of
S500 bail, by J. J. llrower Esq. to answer th
charge of aggravated assault and battery. Ar,
chie was held lo $200 to answer n charge
of assault and balleiy on Stout. Rev. Jol
Thomas entered into recognizance for Ihu nj
pearance of Archie at Court.
i very sauaiaciory jveinocriiua meeting w,i
held in Light Street last Fiiday evening. A
imperfect notice preventid a largo ntlendaiice
Hon, C. It. Bnekah'w nddressul the nieeliii;
ineiowasa jcuiocraiic nictuiiL' 111 rsusar
lo if.Ott 23. William Smith of Benton deli
end un able address, which was received with
hearty applause.
A tine Dunocratic nulling was held in ll
hall ol the Knights of Pylhias nt MillHti Cn
If the Republicans have detected Dr. Trim
mer 111 issuing iraiiiliileiit naliiraliz iUon papers, Hoaifs on 1 ueni.iy cvmiiig. 11,11. Little nil
w iv luve t lev not arrested him ? T lev eonld T .1, (1 '-ni,l..r.l:,... .1 ...l.l.. . . . .
'Pl. 111. !ln.l. .!..!. w: ..Ml 1.... I . . ' I v .i.i.ii in-in,
"l" -:". -i"""y .um.iins tlicn have an opporluiiity lo prove tlio charge
nnd thus defeat him. "Too ihin," Col Jackson.
It will do on the stump, where a man bus no
regard as to tho tiutli of the matter alleged.
n highly sensational article, dunging that mm
iv was paid In the Mollio Mngiiires lose
cine their support for llaitra ft, in 1875. Tho
wholu thing is u imlilieiil lie, intended lo duiu
age tho Republican ticket next month. ,1i7o-
Well, if it is u "political lie" your Republl-
The house of II. Frank on Eut Street
was entered bv u thief on I ridnv iiiiiht who
r. 1 -, r.1 p . . . . ..... i I . - "
ran ineimueii. nigirnn miisi no a "1'oiuicai htolo several arlieles of clothing, Louis Bern
liar," for ho acknowledges that Iho money was
paid to Slatlery. Of course no on i is expected
to believe the stalemeiil that nothing was to be
returned as nn equivalent for tho money,
People In these hard times don't pay such men
ns Klattery and his fi lends S2000 without
valuable consideration, Tho JiVfomaitcau per'
Imps settle tho mailer with Sigfncd,
hard's dwelling on Fifth Slreet was ulsu entered
the saint) night and pair of boots and u new
hut carried away. In both houses articles of was a lino hickory 102 feet high.
great value exposed Id tlio vUwof the thief wero
lefl untouched.
Col. J. G. Freeze nnd B. F. Zur E-q. ml
dressed a hiro inciting nt Oniiijjuwlluun Tues
day evening.
There was a Democratic ineeling innl
nil-lug in Alton last Tuesday evening. Al
though iu extended milieu had been given,
very large crowd gathered unit as tlm S.hool
llnusu Hould mil hold halfoflliiKu imt'iiiblcl
tlio meeting was held In the open air. Tim po
dipt Brock
Horn i tliU f Mr. Beclley, Post Muster and
Editorofthe Hepublican, in diieet violation of
law, hns smuggled into his paper n vile cnni-
At the Democratic meeting last Saturday pnign sheet puUiskd ubnxul, brimful of lies,
evening the Opera House was filled to overflow- which did not daroseo the light of day until
ing. Hon. O. R. Biickalew mido a brief but just beforotho election. When a Hwoni otlieer
way delivered an address, At a uci lit Repu
Iiiiui meeting hi the same locality uu ilillieulty
was expeiieneed lu accommodating all pre-sei
in the ncliool Home,
E. E. Oi vis E-q, addressed a large and nt
teiilive audience at Espy a-t Tuesd.iy cvenlii;
Wo expect n good report from Scott on ll;
1 hero wero llireo Democratic: meetings held
on ednesday night last j ouo at Rupert whit
was addressed by Capt. Broekway and R, H,
Little lq.j ono tit Biiekhorn where E. E. Oivl:
Esq. nnd 1. .Tell. Vnndersllco lq. delivend
addresses and ono nt Bcndeilown which wi
addressed by Co. Freeze nnd CO. B.irkl
KOLI, Oi' llO.NUlt.
Tlllllll HTllKkT inuiiniisriiooi.
A eoiresiionilent in Constantino Michigan, Iho following named pupils wero neither
writes very hopefully concerning the chances of absent nor lardy during tho month closing Oct
Tilden and Jleudrlcks in (hat State nnd thinks M, Ib7U,
the election of a Democratic Governor assured. lioom Xo. 1 Georco Hinder. Muv Hark,
Tho Reverend Daniel A. Heck ley! an ex. We trust these predictions may be fulfilled and ley, Herbert Grotx, Laura Crater. Hannah Al
fllethodlst preacher, and one of the editors of believe with our correspondent that the chances I legar, Ella Fox, Maiy McKclvv.
the Itepuhliean, Issues an Illegal supplement for Democratic success are greatly enhanced hy I Jiooin JVo 2 Bruce Birch, Edward Relswiek
Willi llie last number of his paper, tho leading the speeches of lilalue of Maine. Howard Bidlcmaii Frank Sloan. Wlnilimn
nrticio in which is a speech of Hob Ingersoll, Hryfojle. Marl ha Drinker. Wlllln Tlrhdur
.1 .1.-1... IT . w ... . T T .... n..,. n 1 .-..I. ..I I .... . ' .
us uiiieisi. uero uru some ol Jinrersou s opto-1 wmiiii iiiiiiik muiuivi iuu& iimeu aiiiiio l oi. liarrv Slnver. Hnllin Mnl.Vlov
!..... ,.,... . " . l.,........ . !.. r i .i.i.. ... . . ' . ' vi
uu-. mimj vtuii ur ireaeuer 10 etiuorso . ..." ...v.. ui, iiuuibhiiiii-, uu audio uoiiarmel.
very happy speech which was received with
enthusiasm. J. O. Parker E-q of Willinim
port followed In a logical and eloquent address
and Hon. R. P. Allen, Senator from this dis
trict, addroiscd tho audieuco In a very happy
vein of humor and sound sense and was loudly
applauded. Tho Drum Corps and the Glej
Uub wero both present. Tho Club sang sovir-
al pieces in good style pnd it Is a matter
of regret that their organization had not been
effected earlier in tho campaign.
Mexsers. Allen and Parker Hpoke nt Benton
on .Saturday afternoon to a largo und apprecia
tive audience.
thus deliberately iolales the law, peoplu know
how much f.ntli to put in his utterances.
Mrs. McCruu, wife of Hev. Dr. JleCron, of
tho Lutheran church of this town, with u
severe and probably fatal nccidout on Thurs
day of last week. In somo manner not known
sho fell down tho stairs leading to the cellar of
her residence, cutting a frightful gaah in the
sculp mid bruising her body. At this writing
she lies in a very precarious condition.
' Jo bo convinced that Hie Bible is simply tlio borders ot this county, und subsequently Hoom Xo. 3 Freddie Holmes Laura Phil
d purely a barbarian invcntlon-rcad it." onu of tho party, named John Hoshcii was lips, Frank ReUwIck, DoVa Hlnglcr. 'Arthur
"For more lhan fiflv irenernltiins th r'l.nrrl, w.1,.1,1 ulw.t ilmiil Tl. I ......l.i:.. c.t.i. . i. i . . . .. V B . """ur
curried Iho black 'ihS. V U T. "? , A ,. "" ". "'"". "'ngier, Jennie itotiarmel.
he ha. hales!: will, the "'"wwnnMnumutxi as iho Jioom Xo. 4-Frank Rcelarmel, Ada Cox,
... I.-- i '..!. .i ; . I tmiriUrpra. rl fin tnurdor. it ij till, una mm. I ll- t.l Tt..l.,i , . ....
, - ' I " J ... A WU, UOIIII. jjizziu iiriu.H i.itxin II..rll Kcu n
I, tl
,vw rim nan uiiimiui : wiiii mil inula u .iM.n....
the has devound ; pillUks as famine, merciless mltted lu this couuty,teu feet inside of the lino,
lire, with theeoiiscience of a scriienti idi hut whether the trial will take place hero wq
is the history of l(ie Chaiclieflod,'' mm.otiiiv
Holmes, Mary Barrett, Jessie Meyers, Ell
i Hit- oi f
I. JC. SiJioojioyer, I'rlntlpaL.
The undersigned Auditor appointed hylhC eJourt
otcomtnonlTeasof ColutDbla Kiinlr tojiwtrtbi ate
iiin tuna trlslne from Bherlff ssaloot reaiesiateoi
Vhoinas W. Mgar.of Kcott mwnsliln. will meet tho
iaXslii Interest for the purpose ot Lis appointment
nt hlselnco In llloomsburg o!i rrtrtay, uvember M,
Vbto at is o'clock n. in., when and wtiero nil persons
interested nro requlrci to present their claims or bo
ueuorreu iroui eu.m..H ... ,,,,ljMKTKK.
To which wt Invito tha Inltretted Attention and Careful Scrutiny ol
P8TATK Or BKUltRPi rAiininwrY
T. livo hut Ono IMco for All..
K rccelvo Cash rnyment from All...
ll glvo a Ouarantoo protecting All....
15 itclurn Money when wo catinot
tun ah
WK hur our Roods nt flrt hands, In
liumonso quantities, end nt tho
low est prices for Cosh..- -
WK inntiufacturo with cxtrcmo earo
every garment wo sell
Wr. lnrrwct every yard of rooJi ttiat
IK Into our garments
WK put a ticket n every Mttnent,
shos lug plainly Its quality and
WK cut oft" every Item of tlnneewlrJ"
ONT. rrlco me sns of necessity tho low
est l'rlcc
CABII taves c sneno of collections and
loucs from had duhls -
Till: Ounrantco protcrts tlio buyer who
may not bo n Judgo of goods
Wo rely on immeno fnles nnd aro rsnt
isflcd with n very ranll perccnt
ngo ot protlt.
IT lscasj- to buy of te, ttneo tiTJ nro treated
alike, no ono getting lavors that
nrodcnlodto others -
DICKtltlKO and dehato nro dono awny
by us.cverrbody gctsourlKitw llli
out having to ast ior It -
f CU lsnro e Jtverlenee, capital and fncll-,
vy Hies ww use mr uie iievpie nruciib
.. L .7i...irc.,ill,.n nn tlin nstAta Ot UCUbOIl
Pnlirtnirer. late ot IsKiist township, .Columbia cotiii-
ham esiaio an- 'i"v;,"''.;: iutnniit
nicnt, anu tnuno iimevieu iaj u ii)""."
ueisy. iittnMii? VAltRlKdRII.
Ocl57,'i4-ow Administrators,
employ flr-t-clnM workmen
every department.
! n low crl ng prices.. .
VV parts of th
fved by mall from all
ttol BtAU'i. Ytrua
glvo satisfaetlnn to overy iurchascr
or return tho money,
for particulars. . . .. S-
NOT a particle rf rM: run In buying of
us. A child may buy us iJiMni'y
TJD1T011'8 NOT1CH.
Danchy & Go's. Advt'n.
nf VAyW CAItllM It styles with name . letj
5jt)post paid. J. II. llusted, Nassau, liens. Co, H.T.
UctJf, "i.-tw d .
rXTuN with fruit and improvements i ow"
MIMH gFophto ItltistrHtlpns. tclllni all bont
Alt.MH Maryland and Delaware, sent Ireo. J. if.
It sells faster than any other booje. one , nti soJJ
: copies In one day. Hcnd for our exua terms w
agent. Address alIonal iuuhsuuir w,
3III.TON HIM JimilliltV.
We will send yon on receipt of firiy .ernis one wir
e dTiTKor joiiMKNimitPiCp,
Tho underslimed Auditor to make distribution of
.. "I.J n, ,l,nlnllrnlnr lit the
iSt.te M iohn KnTttJe0. deceased, will .ttend; U
" .V..1V,1 i ilL,B6hiirtf ' mi HfttlirdflV. NOV. lbtll.
lAlnir CU tn against 'the said estate, nro required
W pKt the Mia.) before tho Auditor, or "be de-
ban ed from coming in ior a nun ui m
t!. II. II1IUUK Al
-t m. Auditor,
t.RVI E- WAt.UtU.
In addition to ourlmmen) Ptock of ltcadjr-Mado Clothing, wo haio a Magnificent Lino
of Men's and Hoy's Vurnlshlng Goods, Bhltti (of our own make) and Underwear, all at the
Very Lowest Prices.
WW1 Alttffl rffi0,Mta?olo1
wKibcth bevan. deceased, will attend lo tho duties
n.m. whcn nn.1 where all persons haling claim,
nSutlhotudd estate, aro required to present bo
liune before Iho Audltor.or bo debarred from coming
in tor a EJiare oi saia mnu.
Oct. to, W76.-1W.
l.n nnln nt mnl rwtfttn tit AUCTUS'
w Krctind, the' un.lorslgned nppolntrd Auditor by
r reiuiu, i.virMtPd lo tuake distribution
ncaWlY-v :! sold Bale to nnd ninong the
of money arising -i "- the pnrtieslnte-
festi'il for the purpose of his aupouitn. I Will"
llcoot ilrocku) fc Ulwell In IlloomrturgoLWlfC
day, h'ovember )SUi, IbJS, al i') o ciuck, a. u.
til.U. U. J.I.I..
Oct. 13, 16Ti!-IW Am'lior.
Corner Main and Market Street
i Kh'j-
The uiKicrsighed liaving been engageil in the
Httids. one Collar itution. ono oeuuuiui , . i 7.
1'lnVone oents' Watch Chain, andpne i hoary NV cddiW
.!.. A lirtPn lot. 1IMHI lO TeiAll lUr n.f.w - --J
wlllTio sent, liostpalrt. oil receipt of I .no.
rtreular free. Address w. w. ueu
Oct. J1-4W a
11 co., Phlla,
With f ac Mmlle loiters nnd Illustrations. Outsells WI
other booki. Onongenttoolt to orders In ono day,
Terms liberal. Address.
.TOUH K. POTTEIt 5 CO., muusiierB, . ma.
Havo been unanimously assigned tho
of micli IiiHtrumcnlK,
inrt .rnthn onlvon?fi nntiicer for us.
nctt'niglrl'aoo'ili'Killi' windows excludes
pects ouly, but In nil important rnianiiea oi
ran. A medal and aipioma nao u V,
them, hut medals ol V(iual value w ere awarded all
nikers cat advcrllse T -Orst medals'' or "highest
"l."?!'" in hns been deUr-
i.umuiii uti.u n.nifc . avv.. . . ... . .
... 1... n. M,.ntnn. twn . fill.. C 11.. QCCeikgCU I .j' ... li.H.nol D.nnTlD nlnn. Ill 1AK3
111-.11V1, wiu - -,,u. -, . . minrii u ino uuuko ii.i-. - . . . .
.. I... flin lfm.lufpr Or Rlilfl COUDIV LU 1 '"Z .. ll .nt nnntllmollir nSKIKUlM
Uil.U l'll Ki.ivu r V.l..Tl.ln .T.,n,v' I .MBSUI1 tt lIUIllllll "i b"'. v " ..,;:;B.TMaw
tames i". .iiceiuro oi samo iu., vuiumui, ,ii ..fill; niist hank iniiioboriuie-iiuiaio w -"--v
Aiuur.. to Miiumuu injiBum ,UUL M ... . I Instruments, ana arc io uuij uun "oa,.u- -
ed to make poyment, and tnosu naying ciaima oi i k t Judges lleports. Tnisrcsmi
Kuui.ii w .'"""-yr.YiJ 'i. m-i.i iih. 1 nignef,i uwu ... """r,rnr.f. v.rt.
AdmmisTrawr. w,?r Tx.nlUm YsTi; Phlladeljhli 1H. :
rv 1t'ilii I .... nisrnriliMi M fTtlPftf. I tOtinrS Rl CTOrY
Jfj!.Z. "i iVi::r.,SS';Ihirt, rHvhaBeomDeeed.antt
A DiilNISTUATOU'S ROTOt. teinR the onU Ainericah organs whichever obtained
r MiAihu ituwnu inii.ii.Bi vv- - I nnvniVura in Europe. , ,
Matters of Administration with tho will ew eg, wtti, improvements exhibited t'he
na uuuuij., i run ., i.ricc'8 very lowewi cousisiuui. "ii" v"0;" . ..
iv Uie lleglster.otsaia WOrkmanshlD. Orgaus sold for cosa or mtuuiu mo
cnuntv to Win. -Martz, ol uauwtssa, uauuiiu i or rented until rent pars, r.very usu """"
ers ot Administration on the ustato of Catharine
icl, lato of Montour twp., Col., Co., deceased
county. Pennsylvania. All twrsons having claims w gne elMte Rattstactlon to every reasonable 1 pir
inCt ino estate of tho decedent nro rcnuestcd to rhuVr m the money returned. Illustrated Cato-
wct.entthemfe.r settlement, and those Indebted t0 free ,
Xdyn!strotor1Viu,Surd,e .Sontd r,S3i s.-uaVe; New Vorl:: sjand
Hoys' Kip Hoots for
i.OO nt Be M.
Hats, Huts, lints.
Cups, Caps, Cans.
Latest Stylo.
Lowest Prices nt 1). Ijwenlmrg'g.
Go to K. M. Knorr's for vour fall Hoots
nnd Shoes.
Clark & Wolfcall tlio 'Attention of Ladies'
to their new line of IluMJesiiml Corsets.
met i.
Chiltlrcn's Shoes in "rent variety nt MiV
30 pieces of Wool Flannels at I. W. Hart-
man s, "u to o; oent-s.
bus iness for the past eight years would call the attention of 'Cormtry
dealers to their large and varied stock.
"They defy competition by any house in or out of the large cities.
Tlieis? siotsXs consists of Faints, Oils,
G-Lass, Putiy, F. atcsit BSedicisies, Spices,
I "Wliore may be found a large stock of Surgical Instrurjiients,
Sponges, Chamois, Colognes, Perfumery and in fact everything: kept
in a well regulated .retail Drug Store.
They itro also Sole Manufacturers of the celchrat e
lt. in 'Is-ow. Admlnlstmtur.
Tutp'ion'fi SOT.ICE.
On motion of. O. Ilarkley, Ibiliert It. Little was
ntmolnte'd Audltot to make distribution or too lu iu
Wo will start ou In a business you can
mnke tvi a week without capital easy
itn vT 1,1 Valid rcsnecu'ilB ror eiinersei.
i) ) l Yi l tttiTLV eo.. wll Bowery, New iork.
Oct. 13-lw d
uu V.. n.(iuiredtoureEenttheir.elalinsorbo debar- N.. wu ,
n il i-reini eomlnL- lu upon eald tuad,
llOIIT. li. LITTI.K.
it 12 1S7C-4W - Auditor.
A D.UI.eiiJl'"""" t"''" " .. .. ... , . ...nnin .OH.Iil.
KsTin. IH' MARV ANN 11PKH1MIBK, lM.A. 1'ulteilIH nimi oil J, .-p.". -
feters of' Administration on the estate of .Mary. D A atlKHMAN'S fcuccessful treatment, of
A. r-tajilmjer, lattioi ino Tvp. "VT'V,., I ltUDturohas Induced unpriiicipieu iierwiua i"""'"
cmi.lardecease.hhaveb(.en feJi'i n tlS?tU T elastic trussesas ii certalu cure. Knowim
rH?woiiaainBciaiiiwuiiuiun.. ":r.-:--, I victims are eo-usy j"s
Lent nr reuuusted to resent . them for settlement (!eluon
II 11 IS W orn .USUI, uiuuuu mu uwy ,
th" muscles, interrupts the circulation and piedl
any thosJ Indented to the estate W make payment
to mo uiweibiBueu .i..jj r,y, jj,,E1,;
Oct. c, at.70.-ow.
Jutt received a full lino of Cloths. Cassi
meres und fcttitinj'a lor lall and Winter
wear, nil at tlio lowest prices at i). Lowcn
A full lino of Cirocn and Ilia eV Tens, cf
an quinines aim prices at Ktissf ll'a.
Tho best Hoots in town at H. M. Knnrr'i'
and prices to hint the times. ,
Applcton "A" Jluslin SJ (cts. cash and 0
eas, in uuuer aim rrRs ati. v. ilartman's,
Itubber Clothinj,
Water Proof Coats, '
Water I'roofl'uiitH. Caps, Blanlicls,
c,,jii!i rcceivt'u at u. Jjt.iwcuuerj; s.
lust recciveil. a lareo h took of Itenilv
.uauo ;iouiun; at too lowest, prices aim la
tent stylo at 1). Lowenberg'a."
Old Kbtnbllslieil Coal Yard.
O. W. Nkai. & Uno.. Whul esale & Itctall
Dealers in nil mzes ol the bt st qualities nl
Kcd and Wliitei Ash Coal, at tl o verv lowest
uiarkitratcs. Iline'cointnntlv on hantl bir-'o
nci;s Ol
Itlucks-iiilth's Ai.tlir.icit
and Liinebii 'iier'n Coal alteiilion given to tl io prepara
tion ut Km leavaigmir vai ds. lirain
and Lumber laircn in nxclianyis I'cr coal.
Coal ilclivi'ied lo anvjurt of tli 5 town at
short notice. Ordrs iftat I. W. 3 rflCf Ivv's
Way l, ;.-.
Mirssasav'.n'nu! ciri5isrTCAL .paint
painting, and get. a paint
fist twice as 1'mjr us any other
Ualnt. IS proparuu reaujr 1U1 u.s III nmiuui ,ui iuiui mmiu, lauuiuuu, uiuusuiiuaui iiiuiuiuM.liUIIUIUK
In tho couiitrv, many or which hao b"en panned sltjeius. and now look as well as whenllrst painted,
'l his Oil K.M1CA1. 1AINT has taken Flrt I'reinliiins at tw enty of the Male I'ulrs ot the l'nlon. Kamplocanl
or colore sent free. Address N. y. KN'AJIUL t'AINT OO., HO Chauibeis bticel, S. i'., or JllI.IiKlt
nil OS., li'J Water street, Cleveland, Ohio. .May IV, 'To -ly.
Dealer in Law Blanks, Sunday School Libraries, Depositary of tho
Pennsylvania Bible Society,
Books and supplies not on hand can be furnished
On Short Notice at tho Most Ilea son able Hates.
Store in Exchange Hotel Building, Dloomshurg, Pa.
Oct. S, 1S75
nndsaio oncthlid tlu cost of riiMlM'TP A f PA I 'T u!'"!!r.- "P l. 'u."!' '.!"lt
yl I IJili I' .1 11 Jill' I ii. i wiri5 ii unit, as mil mil'
w Inn nf.'e -r m. o.i:.TU"M!en. is en in.inv inoi
lore, or at tmr ouctvivill reivivti ii onipt ui
teiition. Ullice and Ynrdn at Willi jn Ncal
,t Suns' Furnace, fint liliwimsburg Your
patniimgo rcstitetfullv aolicitctl.
Worthy nf KeiiieyiliraiHe.
Why will jun mfl'ur violent pain, or bo i:u!e
unciiiiifi.rlalile.ilirilrciMil in liiiiul or lsly,wlien
you can bo iu-.lii.itly iclieved nud iiuiildy -i:ml
by liensun's t'apclnu l'orous l'lusur 'jCIip m
dlnary 1'yruu? Placer is an nci5tl c-. merit,
ytt lis nclioii is too klnw, riipiir'mj- it lys nnd
weeks of conliniioiH ear to iflWt. a nuv. IKn
son's Oaneino l'orous I'lafler, bi injj ureal iin
provement over tlicni, relievi.-n you Iiislnutly
and cures you (juicker than any known plaster,
liniment or compound.
Their action in moro powerful than electi icily
nnd moro ferlain; They aro. imrcly vegttable
conlalu no mineral or metallic jiuImihs. Their
composlllon and properllcs are fcimiKil upon
true medical skill, and aio 1 n no henso u natcnt
medicine. They nro ender nil by Ihoiisaiids of
I'hyslcians and Dniggl.ts of iin!inahablo
repulatlon, as bcitiB an url'iclo of f;enuiiio merit
and worthy of public confidence. Try them
and be convinced, lrlco. 2.1 cenls.
RHA Ill'Itv.intiNKrtv
rilAllMACI 1UIIC1I. ClllUISTS, N. T.
May 10, '70 ly.
lli n.un, CmiriiiK l'u run. I' r.-.IImr Mini
lun r ru,i, suy
u ZSSuJ c!,'ca,':s, twifest, and surest remedy of
fereilaii liitelllirent, iifoii e." "An arllelo or irieat
rel'iW tlnio be founa in Mry
. "leyr.mall that Ihe inatiuractuieiw
claim tor them, who a nemo alone is u suntclciit en
ilorhcinont of their Btuulnumeilts." iho Ixast
m'n'il'.l'"0".1.1 , a" "teilttl dinieulileaor lucal
iiisiui iu 111 es." 'j h jy are i luorous, n ino luir ulmut.
luslantly ilu most v 01. nt pain und eiumrliit' a bi
Uycurn." ''Icousluerlhem a meat and nit-eled lui
liroKuicntcnerall olhtrporous nlakters. they irtio
IT.T.l'i,i'.lk7. ".Ii." cure 'lulelvly;' they are 1.1-13 la
hlyU iim racy urn now prefernsl ourall oth
V;J.WfVro, hero other j.oraus iiloste- Huiply
relieve." "Alien buffer iug try Iheui anaiou.vUllut,
WidlsapTOlnusl. 1-rtoeoenUi. 1
Maj,H I'-ly SlCAIIUItV & JOirNiiON.
riiartuaceuucat Cliemlt U, N.V.
Is much lumilM,i.ii'r nnd "111
n.ilnt. Is ineiuii-il rendi loriiw
In 1 Iir i-riiit,t f n n nv nf l.'li h,i i I, VI.
1 1, I fnncvii'' t. pain e imx iniriiti Kn err
i,f ivilnm l-i. i, t. tu.. Altdl'
M',i;n)ii:i. i aint l'u, in-y
ucuxi-: r.vciAs to iui.viuiK kimj. i-
O taii:.
lol.U.MIHA rof.'.TV, Wi
'1 tut foeiluiHix.e.ilIll 1 1'enlHl Iv.illl.l to thi ?).'!'
ltf ot t.'(.iiiuliia mtit. , (jii'i-ilnj:
When al, , ZluiiiMTini'ii, li..liiilir l.itrlj in our
I'.iUll. of I oliilh'iu 1 (i 'ii.s lor lun i miiiiI i null ilil. i (
ruioil.j ju.h!p,or tiii H'lld l;ln iiili la,
'U-n L . I 111 III" 1.1 .'in. , ..w -J, u.
inirliru Mi ilniiiiiid el 'l.t liuihii',0 nd w i i.ij-
il,h 111. jiiuMii,'iit "I tlihjjti i on, l, el f rl ii'iniirl
i m'ii -a l'.. lift-, huitnniM ratdi 1 1 .mm inn, '
I' iy.tsul. i'.('it'r.( in ieli uieiit.du .lel-i 1 1 1, li n- I
ty.l ii.ii!.-h nnd Ihutv-H nv lents. i.s ni l, tin i '
Unliurs inui url.-luurrentHlorlU'i iotsiiiider.iit,ris , Sli-MihUtlllt'lL 10 IMl'ISluliil IP. Ul 11)111 fill i,t , Hi li ulioiei.f the sail iichnUnar Isunvlc',
.Veils, inipt'.ii's ot'. 'And waensiK Hilla i rii..ui H no Hi oca so . r.nd 1. K ritliiu' '
Utile urtinlnlsliator. And wher. us ihn.-i.ihl .1 .tin f
I'll ii.-. illnil i-ii-si'ii it ical i-Aiau li. 1 1..- nulil riiiii.t . i,i t
Oi ltiiul't.1, as we h.tvi' been jjiie-ii in iini.t is .unl; .
Mhn h deCfnde'.l ami la.iuita ll r. 1 ieu, u.mUI
ir.iti.r i t .Iohn Treas, ileeuasi'd. nnd II. i". 1'ici.s, II-1
ll.un s. i'li.v-i, i.tvli'.' ll. l''l,.i-. Iilruin I. I'n I
John . I'lcii i. Ileriiii1 l'l.'ii.-, '.-jl.ili 11. Via. Hnllin
Ann lukiiii. riled ultli h'li.itlMii .. LrK niiil Nuiu'.i 1
liili iniai'i Ifil v llie l',en)Miilu II'Cks, tho -Irani Ihu
;KuM Julin I'liMS, ileei-iiM'd. ,'a l luitln i . Ili.i haU
I. a. iiiieiee. iKiiiuuinLriiiui-oi iiuiu ..uuineiinuii,
ik'ei'iiM'il, has ulvi iiun lu under .luiid Oi" s.iid
JudKiiieiit, with tlu laui. -.1 mill rust . iln ii on, if.
mill! wholly tliii.ild and luwitlilk J, nnd hns be.
souulit us to prnlde for him a iirii n nieily In his
behalf! und wn belni wllilii that what Is Justly
ueted in our said court, should he Uouuhl to ih.o i .
i'eiitl(ti neioi'illn to the Iniiui'f Ui'j net i r tsseitiblv
In such eases iiuulo mill pruMdi d, iiiiiiinuuil inn ihut
j ml nuke known 10 tho said li.c. liens, Atliuliils-
lr-.ill,. Ill .Iflllll 1'1I.1. lli'l'l'lixi'll. Hint II. 1'. I'l'l'llM. It II.
Il.iln I.. I'reiibi, Ceoico 11. I'li ii.t, lliraui II. 1'ieus,
.loilll A. 1'it'UH, iiuitut- i it'itt. inumii it. i ii,a.-t, name
Ann lnlerinurt leil Willi Jonathan V. Kek'.nlKl Nitiipv
luHriiiarrli'd with llenjaiuln lilcks, Ihut the) bu and
upinur liefino our .liiilk'es ut lllooinsbiirt; ut our
euiiiity court of Common Hens iheru tu Isi held on
tho III si .moiiuuj'oi in e, iie.i, in snow cause, u any
isainNiir thiflincst bni'jlih.. h
lllUI'll''.. Hlld '"lit I'Mik IIS ellllS It lift) Ul'.l pi'lllll'll.
i mi nut ul ttti'Ull 1 1 MK ii' I'nji's of tin' I nluii. Sjiujih ''aid
1 .11 I . 1, 1. I. l.ltW.-. t itll'l til I ei
l .1111. MIL 1. ItO.', t"U iili-rtilei l U ulitgd, ihl,i,
is miv i V V VS '
.nn i'Bw,.i.nt. imitf iMi'tlAltT. DEC'n.
Tiie uiiderst'e'rit'd Auditor to make distribution of
the' of the funds In Jjii0',..1!. iJiS
nii rettS uiu attend to tTie duties or his npnolntinent )
at Id's ohlco on Main street liloumsburir. ,' ennn,. o
.Vividayilie Pd day of NoM-mber lsio, when and
0 1 f "..f !'! i.n.Hnn. .intina ntnilnst. tll Said 1
Sob I ot trusses with their grlplnit preOTff vjpon be
spine, abdomen, ami delicate parts'at to 1 WJ.
V Ore. sooner or later cause kidney and bladdef affjt-
" . .j.,ii .w...a iinvini. riitiiTia neniinsL tiie euiti
wne'e " !;.''"....", ,",,t,,,,t ,,,, Snm twrnre tho
L?.Si,un. l) debarred from ccuntiiB.ltWr a share of
said fund.
oct. TO-OW
ii.fl; tiAiiKiiiiy.
' Pimirn. LATKlOK MiUI-
sn Tnwwiiii. ...-,... r.f
Tho,1 And in i 'J1"".'.v "
tne iiinain tno nnnus or tlio Adni. .i uu,tnd to the
tale of VlllLimlHirlier, deceased, 'Hi iilooms
duties of his appointment, uthls oflit , Vulaok a.
uuiv.on, .Nov. 4th, is;n, at u i mmis
in., wneu unci wiiero all persons hailn Vflo the I said estate, nre required toprest.
s.uiie hf ture tho Auditor, or bo doburred from e
Iuk In for a share ot bald fund.
I.- 1 llTr T fl-vt?l
Sen. 29-iw AUlJ,tor,
Tl.f umlervlizlied (Andllnr nnnnlntcil bv thn Cnnrr.
of cnmirton 1' ens of Columbia county to mako hi
trlbuttonof tiwundsln the hands rf Admlnlstra
Inis iiinnne; parties entllled Ihetito will meet all pur
lins iititiisifii tur um piirjiusu oi ins uppoimiuc in at
lflo'cIocKn. ia on Wednesday. November I. at his
oillte on Main Hreet, ltioomshure; when nnd whero
nd pi runs IuvUuk claims aculnst the sold estate nro
leiiiilietl toprisent the same or be debarred from
coming In for it stale of said fund.
Oct. C, lKC-Ow
retteisot Admlnl' bonis nouofMamucl
K. Benton twp, Columbia County.dec'd.
have been granted hy tho lietfstcr of said eountv to
E 11 On Is, of Hluomsbiirjr. Columbia Co., Pa.,
to whom all persons Indebted to said Ksiatearoie
iUfsli.U In intiku payuteut, and those hatlni; claims
ualns the i,ald ustate n 111 make them l.non n to tho
suld iidinlnUlrutui ittihuut delay,
K. K. Oltflf,
r-ept. fi.-ctr. Aduiiulstmlor.
1ST! I K 111' lilA 1 KS tiVEl'. lirrE tFKll.
"uiu tiiidtTslmied. Auditor to mako ditttlbutltn of
tho balance of the muds union;; Ihe liclitor (.iiailcs
li.M-i, l.iio of oirlnireivek tmtushln.-i1ee.-asi-il, mil
utt'iid lo I I.e. iipimliitineni at Ihe (.liici-U M.I, Ki r
It, In e'ntattlssiii on Nul urday, I lie eit-venlli du if
Ihiit'inher. A.l. ls;r.. at in ii'clnck a in., when un.l
where nil pel sons huviiii; chilum iik'idnst n,n suld
(Stale alel" nllli',1 t pl'l'Slilt til'' Wl.llo LiTiirn ll,
Aiinhor iir Lo d Ii it red tr ,ni eon liufln Ii.tu kiiate
of Mild lui d.
jdiin v. it. ni:
S It 3-t' ' AUUllul.
I 111 (in- Cilllt
Mit (' i. IU 111 II 11
thliu: they know or say why tho wild judgment wi
leeoieieti iiuiiisi tun sum u. t-. i mis, iiuutinistra
torof thubuld John l'rcus, deceused, shull not bo
lolled und paid out of tho suld leal estate! of whluh
tho suld John 1'ieas, tUeeusea, died beU-d nsuforo-
i.l.l .,,l llntV lll'SI'l'tllll'll llllll (.mill. In tlw.ln nu I., I p.
und but ii j oil then und thtiothls wilt.
U' lis ism the Houorublo Williuui Elitell, l'rrsldent t
.1iii1l.ii nf oursuld Court, ut llloomsbuii... tnu ivin 1
day of bcplciuUr, A. 1). 1ID,
11. HMMti-AI 11.
Bep,w-CT I'roihoiioiuiy.
A N l
i .)ni: (iitNiuNi: winiouT
Our Grt'fjtls can Ik lmd in oyery
town in tlio County. t
"WillianispoTt, Pa.
nepi. uu, iu uiu.
l i-'llOH'S MT1
' V.liil.m KHoklni'iiij .
i.'n itu-s Mam er s lle:ii-e M iuniv I linnt.rt il in,.
Hi i, 'iim.'. i int. Mptiiiiur 'lnu lVe. H.I.I.,
'i, 'i r li i.ih i T, ri.i, ;r..
' ii i n . 'i pi in. I.n " it.'i ,.,n vt,i , i Mlier.
i'. l.i ::.iitii(Tihio;i.-:itil.rii'ili. i Jnt-i.n.1 'Ifii
l.l mm- .-I. ,!"'! I '. . ll In t li I I 1 .
Uiu.-, ' . ''iii 111. I' f i!Mil t, h.i. 1 1 s n,i lu.tu
i. -.tiiiit'ui nt iiiiti t ur,
ll. I',8!"',
l'. 111 He ii-'-nli!, 1 1 ot l.S .
Nt reel, htii l glv I. tlwl'tlx uii.Vrsl.'i.ed will
itin ill 10 ilttniivr-t.i l.i.- itiip'iiniiii'iii nl. . in,'.
I. Uiu li sn'liy on iVti'Iiii-Inj It... It u.t.V . I . t'-mi.
Ii r, is. i, .it u u'i i.s k, ii. in , vtiien .mil tt h. rt.ull lie
.in .t ill lie leu .1 i.i I'j I mke ti fir elitl ,p ii, I,
b.HI' tl Until Uvllilllj III UOI, .s.i'i.Mn J. ,
' ' K, 11, 1.U- I.F.
(i. t. U, HTIl-llf A'l III ,r.
lure. Soulier ur iuw. i t-uiiot. -..."v j . . j
,,ni - Xtirnv miiniiood. maklne the younc old, ajfid
the old useless, until life pules Into fearf ul apatw.
The aruicieti siiouiu iiiihk wrnuu.-,j .
and act to accordance with the dictates 01 leason.
1)11. SI1UK:tI4N'S
Treatment In l'ractlcaI,KallonaI
and r.conomlcal ; Its object Is Immediate relief an
eventual cure. It Is based upon scientific, prtntl
Plcs imd easily demonstrated to the comprehensions
If cVery intelligent icrson. Thoutrli he does not
use a truis he uses a bupiiort milnltc .superior
which keeps eurythlr.c In ptoper position whllo
tie Curatli e Comiwlind applied dally by tho PJent, .
Soi-s healthy action, ndhes on and cure. Beside.
Try. ram i moderAW. dependini: upon the i eat,
l-ersons trom tliccotlutry can lve treatment an
k-ai e tor hon.0 on tile snmc day.' send ij anu w.
ur Hiennun's Uof.k with Ikewiss of badcases before
jl 1 a f lS euro, ltcferenccs (Jlven to KetMW'nyb
IS e been cured. QnicO No. I.A??'','',.
Wilv llewure or me ieuutv uituius .'i.w.
VoJ,i,lcarftnd uslai; lir Stenhan'a hulne lu hlS
e . &W decoy tho l" Vil-
adieu. -St.
4 UiiNtratcd.
Ur-scrlhiMl at. 'Vtlts JIiMKy, Grand
A Oiuruic li:s I'lCTVHK AV.l?3S?7,'.J I
Iliilldhik'S, Wonderful Exhlblu, '3'i9rSU;'viXj
t. -a ..... ...... ........ ii,... .uninciu
ular 'aud'VKIty CIIKAP. Must's.
l.imo AllKNTS WANTKl). Send for IL. JP CM
This will be the chanco of loo yeu. a......
Jioney Fast. Oet the Only llellable lllstoi. wS'
lll'llliAltl) lllios , Publishers, ;s Sausom .
f'oiiKnn l'' Not Deceived bylTcmnture Beoku,
UitUL.'Ull aMuniliig. tobo "oniclal," andlelllat
what will happen lu August and beptember.
Oct. n-iw a
J. Weaver & Go's. Adv'tH,
Hotel Directory
'I'lioii-nnrts i.f our n udein w 111 v Kit the (frand Con.
Kiii'inl limn ut riill.i'lelphlu. Thi'V will wat
In stup ar huii-li winiu Hit m coinmodutloiis are
1-ninl nnil the ur' l wfioiiuble. To lu Ml tliay
hiiul iti.tke u'l iiii'tl j,iiut-i.ti In fnre stiiitluir. Thin
cm Iv (hi. ii- hy i','ir.'-,ii,ifi,'i tilth il.u riij rlotora.
I'M-, tllrt't Lu wll U fiiiiml hiieh ui me fully up to
tlt'iw i-O'Pilr. meuis.
2SXm Hvcrzue KEotcl,
1,M.M AVl.M'K AND r Il'l Y-I'IHST
't r 1 1 1 1 1 . i
i t ' ' "I .trc 'tin vvy Hull
o O O 11 .. O JvL .
1 ii
;ii 1 1 il. I i n j ( r ih y.
i tr.l H's. I M.i fetor,
tt i i ?pt I'di'i in
Hi: A I. -...
1 1' 1 1 IT
O ijis, Caprs & Torches
I.1U ANU I llicit LIST.
C't'NMNllllAM & 1III.L,
M A N U K A C T V It E 11 S ,
No. 04 Cliurch Street
JOll 1'iUNTlNO "
At the Oolumhuh OfvicsL
Balock &JWyeth's Ads
Is taken internally, and I'nsltlwiy cun-s Ilheuma.
Whnletuiln'unUItutull Uiuiru'Uns t)Cfyniiere, bend
lui ttlt-uttti iu.
" Druffelsts; Washlnetoa, 1). o.
u.-i, u, in,- ly, u & w
V A T E K T h"
lVTOjnsilCblilni;llotiiktout patents, or desiring
Information from Uiu United ntatoa I'atent (mice
UiouldoonuUl'A. UtllUANN, fyliiitor of Auurl
can and Koieifu ratents, Wothluuion, 1). C, Ex
emlnutlpiuirreo. HO l'ATKNT NO 1'AV, fjendlor
oct. , ic 11 Js w
C't'lHI': I'AflArf Tl) UllAiUil
K 1 I t I
eioi.r.MUiA cur.s'iy, s-j:
iii" l otiiiiioiit.i alin ut l'eiii:s;4t.iiila tuiln
1 1 i utmiliiu eiiniit , i-r tsiiin i
Mil1 ii'.i., IjuU iiiiiiiei-iii in, Uilr.Uil l.ittu la uu
Putm i.T i't.iiib!..u I' t-a. iur iii.t I'uii.-.tvur.jiTKi.i, t.
(ore if Judsnsu! Ihus.iid (nuit, ui luoCnitbui r,
.-a t, i iu mo nnu nr -t-jti. iuIm-i- (Mi it) th il.u
s ...ti ut OUI'Liid in .' lin twipil ch-iit hiiiiUietl iiiul
K'tiiill-Di'ee u; Um jidi;iiitiil M Ihe udd cmul did
l. i utti .i.iuiii ii. e. i riM, 4itiniii.itititi el .leim
1 ii us, dectused, itetii.ii.iit, us it tit j. iiitulu Ui b of
Uie himdied und lllt.i-sln dolluisuiul hit .tuiiti iiis,
loaUu li.ntteii diilfars ror Iur ul and li.ul;ti
which 'i.n sustained b uivaMi.ti cf llittiitittiiluii li
that (l(i I whtieof I lie suld di tendant Is com ki, Ac.
n upptursol li cord, ao And wheleus, Uiu biild
l.jili.t liuiiiennuii Is now deufl, us litis txni suj;.
trestetlolreeoid, und that I, K lllldlno, Ihoadnilli.
Uiniloi.hasbt-ciisiiliMllutisI as the planum. A l-i I
whett'its thM said John Freas died M-ited ut real its
I. ito in the said county of CuliiiublJ, as uc have born
Klten tu.undersuiud, w hleh descended and carao to
II, c, lieaa, William L. l'reas, (leonro 11. Kn as, 111.
ram II. .'reus. John A. I reus, lloraiu l'reus, Isitlah
It. 1'rea-", faille Ami Intermaiited with Jonsihun w,
IVk, and Kancy lulermurrled with llenjaiuln Micks,
Ihu heirs ot Uiusuhl John I'rcus, deceasud. And lui
t tier, tlio said I. K. lllldlno. udntlnistrutnror t.titn.
.luiuitiinuii, dcceu&od, hasslvt u us to undeiituiid
that tlieeuld )udb-uient,wliii tho interest und the
ousts thereon, remains wholly unpaid and unsatls-
. Hit II - i i . Ul'K'K Hill BL,, ON i UK KU.
i.ui 1. 1 i ri,A
?im Ave , ts i ; r-nt.i-Eeccn S
,lli. i' i. .11' .Ni .11. I Mil 11 li in hiiiiiy. An.
. I'll. Ill nl lit, 1 I '.i.', kis.l. iimiUKtw
10. .il, HI I.1.1; P-ir It. 'lll.ll ON litll.l AJJ
I'r'i: DAY, 1'. until .eniimi.t nnd lv. -oimlifo
.)niii. , 11. M.. 4 to., Ihllinleiihlii.
w Tn; 1 .
lied, and has bchouirlit us 10 nrowde for Ittm a im,
remedy lu thUbehulfi ndwo belnu'wUlltii; that
whul Is Justly acted In our said court should bo
l ruuj;li 1 1 0 due execution, nccordlnc to the fotuiof
Assembly In such case made and provided, coiiunuiiil
tun that. nil ntnl'it etirttvntit Ihntal.l ll ., t......
. .... .... . . . ...v p.,. ...v, i.vtia.
Wllllsm U Frcas. Ueort-e 11. Freus, Hiram ll. Vreits,
Johti.A. Ileus, IlorucoTrcus, Isulah Ik liens, sulllo
Aim im t itititiiit-u i it,, Muuutuitu ti . Mit, aiMirtiuiev
liitcruiaiilfd with liculainlu nicks, and to II. c.
Hcas, administrator of John Kress,- deceased, that
they bu beforu our Judircs at liloumsbutir, ut our
tho lldrd lilday of iiocemtier next, to show eituse. II
any thliiB they know or say, why the suld ludiruu ut
so recorded tiralnsl the said 11. 0. Frcas, atlvilul.u li
ter ot t ho said John Freas, dctased, shull not bo lev.
led und paid out of the bald real ebiato of which the
bald John 1 reus died neised as uloresuld und uuw de
scended and I'uuiu lo them us heirs.
MiTKLsathu llonoiablo Wlllisui Klwell, 1'resldent
Judte of our bald Court at lilooinsbunr U10 tweillh
day of beplember, A, 1. IHO.
Hop..9ew. 1'rvUionottery,
n day at homo, a cents wanted. Outnt and
te.rtns rnw. littlli. xi AiilmisLi. u hIiib.
aivii lu, i-ly.
Tlio lniisi e. inplele li.Mltuikui In Ihe I IdtcdSliilOf
Icr li e th'.ituiKh I rueiltul t-duuiiliui tl inuuiraoit
IUllldle.ltyt'd Hit 11.
.r"riiiili uu vt'i'i'iii'd nl any iIhii'..a
Addiess, (or circulars crniialiiltit; lull' paillculars,
J. c, t MU H, A. M., I'rlbClraU
"C.-4in, w eo
This llin clory Is compiled liy
.1. WEAVER & CO..
IVi'viiiii('r' ii vcrtlhlntr .tKcuti,
rivresni'iio, pa.
llranch oruce, 1313 Market street, I'hlla.
,) yfi:t fay
,,..,, tyAUfi
Printed ut this Oflico