The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 04, 1876, Image 1

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jstiod weekly, every Friday morning, ixt
Tiro dollars per year, payable la ndvnnco, or
mlng tho) tar. After Ilia oxplratlon ot th.iyear
i.M will he uiiargud. To subjcrlbors otil of tlm
county tlio terms are 1 1 per ) ear. strictly In udvniii o
-f j i If nut paid in advance anil f 3.00 If puj mciit ho
elated bdiond tho year.
No tupor discontinued, except nt tlio opllim of tlm
publlfshers, until nil arrearages lire paid, but lonir
continued credits nftor tho expiration of tlio tire"
j our UI nut be (If en
Atl.papcrssentoiitot tlio state or to distant post
filtlces mint lie paid for In advance, unless a respon
sible person lu Columbia county assumes to iui tlio
hiibscrlittoii ilitu on demand.
pot 1'Atlu Is no longer eiucted from subscribers In
tlio county.
Tho Depart ment of tho Cot.eunuN Is very
complete, and our .1 b 1'rlntlnsr will compare favoru
ly wltli lliatot the large cities. All work donoon
demand, neatly and at, moderate prices.
Ono Inch, (twelve lines or Its Mtilralf nt .In Nonpj
rell type) one or two Insertions ll.5fl three Insti
tlons, I
18, tJ.W.
One Incli . . .
Two Intliis
I III CI' lllllll'S
Four Inches
(unrlcr column
llitlf rmtlilnli
. 7.1k!
r.. o
i ii
1 SIM)
?.t mi
If. 01
to I'll
Ono column
:!.ajiO 8f.!liO 4H.0U 00.00 lUO.t
... . . - nimrtfirl 1. Trull.
stent advertisement nmiiUie paid for before Inbcrted
except where parties have accounts.
U'gal ndte rtlsemcnts two dollars perlncli forthrw
insertions, and at that rats for additional Insertions
without reference to length. ...
Buecuuir's, Administrator's and Auditor s notices
tUTranstenjr Local notices, twenty cents aline,
regular advertisements li.ilf runs.
cards In the "lluslnoss Dhcctory" column, one
dollar per year for each lino.
QCllOOL ORDERS, Mank, iust printed anil
for sale at the Coi.uitntAN onice.
j neaiiy oounu in Bmnu .oooks, on nana
Fob. I,
BIjANK DEEDS, on Parclini.-nt anil Linen
Paper, common and for Administrators, lliccu
turn and trustees, for sale cheap nt tho Coi.ihman
and for salo at the Coi.uuiuix oilleo. Mlnli.
teriof the (losncl and .loitlcos should suonlv them
helves with these necessary articles.
USTICUS mill UtitflbTcHrKee-llit Is for'wiTe
nt tlio Coi.vmiiian ofilec. They contain I ho cor
rected fees as established by tho last Act of tlm Leir
il.itiiro upon tlio subject. Every Justice and Con
stiiblo should liavo one.
iNPUK XOTKS jiit iirlntcd and for Palo
ciieap ai mo i;oi.uHttiAN ujiice.
Q II. JIILIiKIl t SON, dealers In
IO Hoods, groceries, queenswaro, flour,
Kiuiun, notions, etc., tlaln street.
T II. MA1Z1'., Jlamniotli Oroccrv, (me (Iro
t) , icrlcs, fruits, Nuts, Provisions, lc, Main and
Ocntio streets.
I.'VIIV l.'ll.'lM M...,r....i,,H.,, n.,,l ,l.,.,l,.f
1 JV.1 1, j JV J,, .1 ,11, lil.MKM.ll li.l ni.n
1 In liinila fiiwl Rlinnw i rrtif M liS. el il.. Inlll Kl...
.ial Illoomfcburg.
M. KNOIlll, Dealer in liools and Slioe,
lit . latest mid best styles, csrner.Maln nndMmkct
Mn els, In tho old post otlice.
clocks, WATcims, .c
llottL "
K. SAVAdK, Dealer in blocks, "Wntclies
and Jewelry, Stain St., Just below the Central
,1 15. IKKLKH, Attorney nt I,aw. llooins in
il llxcliango Iilock, 2d floor, llloomsburir, l'a. e9
(I. HAHKLEY, Office
j , In llroner's bulldlne, 2nd story, Itooms 4 J: 6.
Oct. 1C, '75.
TU. WM. Jt. KKHKH, SiirL-eon and l'liysi
J clan, onice H. U. comer llock and Market
Tit. KVANS, M. D., SuiKeonnud l'liysi
. clan, (Offlco und Itesldenco on Third street,
cornor Jefferson.
jTjIcKKLVY, M. D., Surgeon and I'hy
. klclan, north sldo Ham btreet, below Matkct.
11, liOWSON,
'. In Ilartraan's building, Main street.
AMUKI, JAC0I5Y, Marble and T.rown
Stone works, isast uioomsourg, uern its ruau.
ltOSKNSTOUK, Photographer,
, Clark & Wolf's hlore, Main btreet.
K. II. C. 1I0WKK, Surgeon Denllst, Main
AVID LOWENHKHO, Merchant Tailor
Main St., above central noiei.
S. KUIIN, dealer in Meat, Tallow, etc.,
. Centre street, tetween Second and Third.
riMIOMAS WKltli, Confectionery and lUkcr'
wholesale and retail, Exchange llloclt.
W. COIUCLIj, Furniture loom, thrce
, htory brick, Main blroct, west of Market st.
A 11. HEHUINO, Carpenter and builder,
Main btreet below Pino.
I Tt tV 11 OUUi.UAl KJk) 1 fit I ci Jll
r p. tir it c;ifnvr T'rn t t :..
M. II. AllIiOTT,, Main
BE. DAM-MAN, Mer.liant Tailor, Second
, btreit, Itiilililns' bullillng.
"V-M. 1,. KYURLY,
Catawlssa, Pa.
onllecllons proinplly inailo and reiulllcd. onieo
oopojtto Catawl&sa Deposit Hank. tiin-UH
I rom this date the llloonisburg Oas Company will
mt. in f en Ice pipes at llrst cost aud turnlili and bet
un to s lit tour ilc.ll.ira each.
'I he company nave on I. ami n lot or gus tar suited
or iulutliiif roufs, anil jiosts or other tlu'bers placed
under ground.
Price lo cents per gallon or 12.50 per barrel.
Oc. 13,15- 0. W. MlLLEIt,
Tho Cook's Companion,
Improved Kitchen Slicing Utensil.
A novel Household Artlclufur slicing Ilittin, Mnv,
Sai'sioi!, Nooui.ts, S'tOKrim.rx, Kkciis, Canui, Ac.,
Tho Machine Is easylo regulate, and veryMinplu
to use. It takes up but Utile room lu tho kitchen.
(liincKas, UriciiKus. lloltL KEtl'lllis and Lvliiy
Family should have one,
I'tlcu 11, and cheap at that.
Call aud see thorn work ut Hie l'uinlture store of
Sole Agent Cor Columbia county.
May 20 3m lliooinsburg, l'a.
O "llJ or IU0 prr nrtk.
"The tier rtattg ami ntw out of orJer."
l'or Domestlo I'te.
With Tablo and Fixtures Comnloto,
only $21).
A perfect and uiifipulli'il, large, strong and dura
ble uiai hi lie, cunst i illicit rlcgaiil anil snliil, fiumllie
U'al uiaUilal lih liiatheui.itical preiistun, furcoii
btaut family use or iiumir.ict .ring purimses. Al
wus ready nt a iiioiiii'iit's notice to do lu day's
wuik, lii'tiroutof order, and ill last u griirratlun
Willi inoileratn cure; easy lu uiulersluuil and nun
ngo; light, bruootn, and birt runnli.g, like iliu nrll
li gul.iled luuMiiieul of a lino wulih; btuiple com
pact, enielent und rcllaijio.wlthalttheliui ruieiiiFnis
In be found lu tlio hlglwst pi Iced uiachlnes.warraut
oil to do Hie same Murk, the saiue way, and as rapid
unit Hiiioolli as u $7S iiiaclilun. Aiini'LiiOMliHlgi'dtrl
uiiipli of liigeiiloiis skill, i sM-nilally th
uirklug omuu's friend, and tar In advance uf all
i. miliary ma'iilues fur absolute stieugth, reliabllllv
und general usefulness; will hem, fell, tuck, beam',
t,ulll, bind, braid, cord, gather, rurttu, bhlrr, plall,
Iuld, hcallop, roll, einbroluf r, runup breadths, Ac.,
Willi wonderful rapidity, neatness und case.sews the
hirougebt lasilng billch eciuully II do unu biuooili
through all Muds or goods, from
tlikknesMH of Ijio.iiI.-IuI u nr leather, lth nno or
riiaiso 1'nitou, linen, bilk or twine, lilies jierfct
tallbfacil'iii. will earn Its cost several times oier lu
a beasou lu tho woi k It does, or make n gnod living
or anv mail or wouiuu wlui do .lies lo lire It for tlni
purpusti; woiksso tallhtul and easy the imji units
or ililldreu i'uii usv It n II liyill daiuage, Pi leu ot ma
chine Willi li.'ht table, full) ciUIirsl forfun.lly woik
in Half case, cuer,ile duwers aud cabinet styles
i-acu in ciiiii bnuioingii i'iiv raies. hale uediery
iruaiunti cd. fu-e troui damage. Kxti'at uturv oam-
phliU lllUbtlulid with eiigiavliigs of tlio hovtial
hiyie.s m laaeniiie.s ii'ieii'iu-es, uutiy in si'wing.Ac
lualled Inc. louilileiillal terms wllh liberal Induce
mollis lochtilpilidiigllergyiueu, Icudieis, biiblnehs
men, traielllig orlucal atcnls, AC, who desire ox
ilusiie uuencles, fuiiiUhril mi application, Addrosa
tjuiiu ii. neuuuu a. v-u., i,ju muaunuv, isew lum,
May Vfi-Hni.
T 3cr !DT A ixr
nt tho new tobacco btoio on Main Mreet, below
M urket, for good 'I obaceu und Segars, wheru (icorko
OS .,ril.M i. n ii l.rli.L-
u gainst poor itD(k and high lultta, TLubo who buy
In grealost roinfort cnjojlng I ho flagrant wend
roinfort inlojlng lh m
A bitting
thoutfearot bitting
J UliO S'.', IC.-Slll.
Tho Ml Street Indicator.
contains rictoi la) Illustrations of nulls and Hears,
Also, full andicuipli-te Instructing now to oiwrate
lu MuVu und stuk ITlilleers. Caoltal Liu aud
nH'ctnluii.i. Alio, a list cf VluLH I'lfuiluuns lo
viui s. "iriia ror it.- . . ...
Ill CK WAI.1 Kl! i. CO , Uthktr Hid BKikPI.
.K Ovllu if.
m ii ki.,fttv vbik city,
QIl. A. I,. TUltNEH,
licsidciico on Sltirliflt Plrcctono door below
1). .1. Waller's.
Onlen river IvtiOtiiifl llrmf Klnfri. nmen hnnrs frnm
1 to 4 p. in. for treatment of diseases of tho Eye, Ear
and Throat.
All calls night or day promptly attended to.
onice, North Market btreet,
Mar.7,'74 y Moomsburg, Ta.
(mice abovo J.Schuylcr i Son's Hardwaro Store.
A T T O 11 X E Y-A T-L A AV,
Ome. Ilartmnn'B lltoek. cornet Mnln und Market
nuvi'ia oei, s. 'ia
e. onvis,
Ot KicB-Hooin No. 1, "Columbian" llutldlng.
Sepl. IS.1S70.
1 W.MILLKlt,
Onieo In llrower's building, second floor, room No.
1. lliooinsburg, Pa. tllyl,73 y
llloomsburg, Tj.
Oftlco on Main street, first door below Court House
Mar.c,'7i y
E. .t J. M. CLAKIC,
nioomsburg, Pa.
April 10,'71-y
Ofllco in Knt a llutldlng.
Hloomsburg, Pa.
rr-All business entrusted to our caro will redeye.
prompt attention. Julyl,'73 y
OrncE Adjoining C. H. & W. J. Huckalew.
llloomsburg, Pa.
Apr. 14,'76-ly.
K. II. I.11TI.K.
Jg II. & 11. 11. LITTLE,
Al lUltilil-A l-i-AW ,
Hloomsburg, l'a.
lamuHlncss before tho U. S. Patent OIDce attended
to, Ofllco In the Columbian llulldlng. ly 33
Coti'uniAM lii'ii.tiiMi, llloomsburg, Pa.
Members of the United States Law Association.
Collections liunle In nny pint of America.
Agents or I'ontmeutai i.tre insurance company or
Nework. Assets nearly 7,noo,ooo. Tho best In the
country. Send for dcscrlptue pamrhlet. tf
Centralia, l'a.
Feb 19, '7S-1.V.
Kant .Street, boloAV Eail Roiul,
We res)ieet fully call punlle atl
g facts thai : They inanufaci
enllon to tho follow-
iciuie first class
and all kinds of Coal Breaker Castings. They also
make all kinds of Car, Machine, lirldge and other
eastings used by coutruciois generally. They.also
nnd ure prepared lo furnish till kinds of repairs, such
us Urates, I Ms, l'lin llilck. Mrelcliers, Ac. They
keep cuuslanlly on hand
Larce Iron Kettles. Parmerx Helta. Sled Soles. Wac-
on lliixes. Cellar Urates, Ac, '1 hey are also prepared
to furnish
Saw and Grist Mill Machinery)
bhaftlug, Pulley's, Ac. They.poy special attention to
Repairing Threshing Machines
Heapers, Ac.
Tho ITonrletors are both practical mechanics. Try
Dec. 3,l875-m
IIii.voiir Co.. hiicieksors to ChlMoan. . I:
Co., Millcliors. Patents piocured lu ml euuiiutis.
NO KKES IN AUVANCK. NocllSlgO UllU'SHtllO pillCIlt
Is grunted. No rei s for lunklng prellinlnury exam
Illations. No additional fees lur obtulntiitrandcon-
iliiclliiga relieailng, 11 u recent iJiilsluti or the
Couimls.sioner ai.i. rejected utipllcutlniis mav bo re
vived. SHdal ntleulLin glleu lo liiU'iru'i-liie luses
tM'foro the Patent Olltce, extensions lietoie Congress,
Infiliigi uieiit suns In illllrreiit states, and all Iltlgu
tlou tippcilaliilng to luii'iitlons or iiatents. Send
stump to llllmoio Si Co. for pamphlet of iUI luges.
enntested land cases nrosecuted before tho U. H.
ceneial Land onice and Iicp.uluient of I he Interior
piliulu laud clnlius, mining mid pre-emptliiii clatms,
and houiestoad east s attended lo, laind berlp lu 4(1,
so and Hie acre pieces for bale. ThU berlp Is assigna
ble, anu can ne locuieu in me name oi me purchaser
upon uuy Don rnini'iit land bublect tu private entrv,
al il V.i )ieruciu, Itlsof v.iluowlth bounty
land Wurnints. Send btauip lo UlliuuroiS: Co. for
pamphlet of luslrucllons.
Olllcers, soldiers and bailors of the lato war, or
their heir, in ti Hi many cases enllUed to money Hum
the government of which they haveno knowledge.
v I lie full hlsloryof seivue, und blulu amouiitnf
puy and tmunly leeelied. btu iiptolilluioiu
A Co., and u lull reply, alter examination, will be
All officers, soldiers ond sailors wounded,ru)tured
or lujured Hi the late wur, huvreier slightly, can ob
tain u iienblnii by addruMng Olliuore A Co
cabes prosecuted by liliuioru Co. U-tuio the su
pi erne court of the United MuU'S.lliucouit ot claims,
and the southern claims commission.
liuih depailinenl of our business Is conducted la a
sBiiarute bmeau. under charge of Uiusame uinvil-
enced niriles i inp'oyed by the old lino. Prompt aU
tvntlon to all business entrusted lo MILAIOIIK t CO,
Is thus betuied. Uo deslielo win kuocess byde
bervlug It. Address,
CM V street, Washington, U. O.
Jau Jl,'7t-tf.
cv, lucnaugo Hotel, Lioomsourg, l'a.
itna, Ins Co., of Hartford, Connecticut,,, n,50o,ou(l
1.1 e rpool. Loudoii and Ulobt ,.,,,.,, Wi,ui o,v. v
lloyalof Llvorpool , , ltMO.ouo
Uuicdualilro 10,000, ou
Vin Association. Philadelphia ,,,,,,
Aiuerlcauof 1'hlludiilplila,,,,. .. 1,100 ouo
Alius uf Hartford..
Wyoming, of Wllkou Uarre..... ,,,,,,,,,,
Karnieia Mutual ot Uauvlll , ,
luntllle Mutual
Iloiuo, New York , ...
Counueiclkl union
ESfECTEULLY nnnoiinces to the public
Hint tin l,a '
"'ui"o tta I i(fi;m i
(old stand) Ulnomshurg, l'a., nttlin
l'orks of llio lispy and Light street
roads, whero all descriptions of
leatlier will be tiisiln In tlm tnfist.
substantial and workmanlike manner, and sold nt
prices to suit tho times. Tho highest price In cash
will at all times bo paid for
of every description In ih country. Tlio publlcpat
ronage Is ress'et fully solicited,
llloomsburg, Oct. 1, 1675-
AA'E on lianil and for sale at tlte most
reasonable rules a splendid stock of
CAiiiti.ittrs, ntrrsair.s,
and ovcry description of Wagons both PLAIN and
Warranted to be mndo of the best nnd most durable
inaeerlals, nnd by tho most experienced workmen.
Ail work sent out. from tho establishment will bo
round to be of tho hlchest class and sure to L'lve tur
fed satisfaction. They have alsoatluuassortmentof
of nil the newest nnd most fashtnnablo styles well
and carefully made and of the best material.
An Inspection of their work Is asked as Itlsbe-
lleied that none superior can bo found In the coun
try. Oct. 8, 1375 tf.
OROWN'S HOTEL, l!looinl.urg, l'a., li.
Mohncr, Proprietor. Accommodations llrsU
s. tl.25 to SI.M per day. ltestauruut attached.
Octobers, '75-tf
Oct. 8,'751y JOHN LAYCOCK, l'rop'r.
The ui derslened has onenod n llrst-class Kallntr
House In t lie Kxchango ltloek, formerly occupied by
11. Stohner. where his customers will find eierv
thing In his line.
JUliyiUn CllAlll-ii9.
Feb 18-3m.
bus removed his Hoot and Shoe Store from Hrown's
Hotel to 1st door above Witconi-eller mid Minrtiless'.
Tow nnda Hoots u specialty, itepalrlngdone at short
bowing Machines and Machinery cf all kinds re
paired. Oi'fua llovsK llulldlng, Hloombbuig, Pa.
OiiiiohMc tlic Court IIoiinc,
The Laiioest andllnsT In all respects In tlio county
Oct. 8,'75-ly Proprietor.
"y II O AV E L L,
3") E NT1S T.
Ojllce In Ilurlman's Llock, M-conil floor, corner
Mnln and Mniket Streets,
r.I.OOMSlll'KO, PA,
May 8-1y
l, would uuiiounie tothe clllensof Hlooms
liui gund vicinity Hint lie has Just received a full and
Cuuiplete ussurtmeiit of
nnciiE), coriis, tasskls,
and all other goods In Ids line of business All tlio
newest unit most approved patterns of thedav ure
alwujs to be found lu his establishment, Main street,
lieluw Market. oct. 8.'76
.u.ui.n 1 will ((annul r,ouoi,ommerc. St.iFlnla.
Jlarch 31 Urn.
makes tho treatment of
Diseases of the Ear & Eyo
and linsopenid lit Wllllamf poll, Pa. nn Institution
tor the lie.'ilmciit und emu of patients sutlerlng
Imin such diseases,
oniiii lluitrs.-t mil 8a. in., 1 to 3, und 0 to 8 p. m,
Call on or address
ii. C. JSl'lli:il.1IOTT, ,11, l,,
73 Hdwln St., Wllllatnsport, IM.
April ss-cm.
llll'i'i'l friiiM Chliiu mid Jhiiuii.
litl.IVLULIl ut Yoi'UOWN ImhiII, fivsh from tho
(lAllliLNS of tli.-lr liUOWTil.
Imported direct by
'M l'lillnii Street, N. Y.
The difficulty of geltliig puro Teus i freillynne
iiualll Hi the Pulled stales, litis Induced Tuu (m.ij
'1 kA Co., lo blilp their 'I eus In sealed packages dli ect
from the gardens In which they me gruim, and us a
tuilhcrguaranti'i! of lliclr bilug ilillvcied Inthelr
geiitiliie stale, they iiitrust the sale nf Ihi in only lo
IrlluhloAgiuts the Hume of Iho lit airsl Agent to
souls prliitid at llioliiot of llilsiidU'itlH'incht-so tlio tfus pass tluough none but lospuiislble
hands, and will be lie I u n il at jour own door us
Iieslius when they left the gardens of china and
.luiau;tho pilieiilols tiilnted on each package, su
Hi it no i rriirean iscur,
Lver) b jdy buys Tea.
i:crjbouy wishes lobuvlt uttlrbt liands-tho best
ipiallltes at thu Jiiwebt prices.
Lierjlmdy debit eswhi nlliey find liTca bultablu
to tin Ii taMo-tu bo certain of getting tliesnmu
art (ileal mi s,
You can have ull llieso advantages by biijlng of
llvcnusc they Import their own teas, and sell them
at wholesale prices without tho six orclsiil luter
mediate proms usually charged.
Hi-cause tho quullti U better ut Iho pilce than Ii
sold by uny ulher house.
Peeauhu their long i In China und Japan
cnubles Ihein lo make bellvr bi-lectlons than ordi
nary I 'ealcrs-aud to lntHjrt them wltngrealcrud
vantages Heoiiuso they absolutely iiimranteo theipialltyof
nli:ilielr g(Kls-fti.d kupthiiii to one luvailablu
standard, so that yuu can ulwai s rely on tliciu.
Hisiauso they ilu business for cah only unu thero
fotoinukeno extra proilt from good customers to
cover losses bv bad debts.
llecause their agenU uro responsible and reliable
men who Uillur Teas prcdnoly us recoil edirom
tint Company,
llecause liavlug onco tried these 'l eas, you will not
need to go elsow here hereafter.
WANT til A Druggist, or o'lier flrht-clahs mer
chant, lu every town and city In the Tutted states,
to whom will bo given the hOLK AOUNUY lor that
Address, for terms aud full particulars,
P.O. Hor4M0, KOI Kulton Street, N.Y.
July si, 7e.-jin.
ThoJLatest and Best.
"I.xt Mr Naui i Kikplt KioAkN,"a beautlfu
sotigoml chorus by II. 1', Duiks. Mailed Ixutpild
(or M csuti by
Uuilo 1'uUulcrj tibd ixultrt.
3lllittl. lift, 11M I'lufktliUl lit, I'lilUdiiliiLUJ
r.tuu!,kj', .Si.nLM ruamb.r .uj Or.rK.n r.'. Puirl . wllh
-'l'.r linin;, 1. ... ,!, ,j , ,,, fcta , ,,,
-"."n'Ji"1'"'' ""IO..rt..ll.lnrMl.ii,k n t,i ,11,11 ul
LA no IS, ITI... SMALL. I l.l,-,. h. ",V" "
.."i ;V!-' """ ln '"""" ,l"w' r
Utiles of Nomination.
Al Adopted ly the Convention, Dec, 20, 180.
I. The annual County Convention shall bo held at
tho Court House In llloomsburg, on tho secondTucs
day of August, at oo o'clock p. m., and the Uetegato
Klectlons shall bo held on Iho Saturday before, nt
tho plaiesof holding the general elections lntliesev
crnl election districts, between the hours of thrco
and seven o'clock In the afternoon,
II. The representation of districts In County Con
vention shall bo In proportion to the Democratic veto
of each as cast at the most I went election for llor
ernor, but thewholo number of delegates bhatl not
exceed seventy nor be less than flftvfour, and no
district snail be allowed less than two nor more than
four delegates.
III. Until the nextelectlonforOovcriiordclegates
shall bo allowid to districts upon a ratio of sixty
voters for a delegate, allowance being made for tho
largest fractlunn of a ratio.
IV. iliu standing Committee shnll, whenever
necessary, mako an npiiortlonmentot delegates to
tho scleral districts under thesu rules and publish it,
with the rules as amended, In the Democratic news
pa pels of the County, at least tw o weeks beforo each
annual convention.
V. Voters nt Delegate Klectlons may give their
Miles to n smaller number ot candidates than tho
whole number to be elected, lu Iho m.iiniet provided
In the fouith bectlun of tnu llloomsburg act of 4tli of
Mnuli, lstO.
VI. 'I he delegate elections shnll bo by ballot nnd
shall bo held and conducted by a .fudge und cleik, tu
be hi'lecled by the Democruts In attendance, and the
said utllcers shall keep u list of voters aim tally of
V otis counted, to tie bentjby them to the Convt ntlou
with their certltlcnto of Hie result of the eleclloii.
VII. All eases ot disputed bents ln Contention
shall bo disposed ot openly by a vote after hearing
the respective claimants and their evidence.
VIII. All delegutes must reside in tin districts
they represent. In case of an absent delegutulie
may depute another, If he fall to do so his colleagues
In attendance may substitute for him. In ulher
cases tlio Convention may till up the leoresentatlon
from the cltleus of tho district In attendance.
IX. '1 he voting in Conventions shall be open, and
any two members may require the eas and naj s on
nnv question pending.
X. special Conventions maybe called when nec
essary, )iy tho standing Committee, the proceedings
of w hlch shall conform tu these rules.
XI. All county nominations and all nrpolntmcnts
of confeiees nnd of delegates to stale Conventions,
shall be made lu Count) conventions.
XII. '1 he Manning Committee i hull consist of one
number from each election district, who shall bo
elided bv the people al tho delegate elections, who
shall choose their own Chilrmau; and any nveof
thiiii shall be u quorum, when called together by tho
XIII. .No member ot tho Legislature shall be
chosen bj this County as a Delegate to a stale Con
vention dui lug his term uf office.
XIV. In Convention a majority of ntl tho votes
Elven shall bo necessary to u nomination, and no
pertou named shall be iereinptorlly struck from the
list ot candidates until utter the fourth vote, when
the lowest namo shall bo struck oft and so on nteach
successive vole until n nomination shall boelTccted.
XV. (Delegates Instructed by the voters who se
lect them bhall obey their Instructions ln Conven
tion, and votes gli en by them In violation of thctr
Instructions shall be disallowed by tho Convention
All lustructlons shall be reported by the eicctlou
ornccrs.) Tills rule Is repealed aud supplied by rule
XVI. Conventions shall bo called to order by tho
Chairman of the standing Commit lee, orlu lilsulj
bence by bonio oilier Member thereof, w ho bhall en
tertain and put to vote motions for tho election of a
President and two Secretaries for purposes ot tem
porary organization.
XVII. Nu person shall be eligible to n nomination
by u com enllon who has opposed tho Democratic
ticket at the next pieccdlng election j but this rule
shall apply only to cases ot opiwsltlon to tickets here
after formed.
XVIII. It shall bo n good cause ot challenge
against any person offering to vote at any delegate
election that, ho has voted against Democratic can
didates ut Federal or state elections within two
scars, or has opposed the Democratic ticket at tho
last preceding election, or has taken or agreed to
take money or other valuable thlng.or any pecuniary
udvantuge, as a consideration for his vole at sncti
delegate election, or corrupting or attempted to cor
rupt any voter of the district with reference lo tho
same ; but this rule shall apply only to cnubes of
challenge arising subsequent lo lis adoption.
XIX. , ,11 It shall bo made to appear to the satisfac
tion of a majority ot a Convention that any candidate
before It for nomination to any office bhall have of
fered or paid any money or valuable thing, or made
any promise or money or valuable thing to take ef
fect In future, ns au Inducement to anj delegate to
vote for Ulm ; or to uny other persou with iho view
ot Inducing or sccurlDg the votes ot delegutes ; or It
tho bame shall be done by any other person with the
knowledge and approbation of such candidate, tho
namo ot such candidate bhall uo Immediately struck
from the list cf candidates; or it such fact bo uscer
talned after his uondnatlon to any office and before
the final adjournment. the nomination shall bo struck
from the ticket aud tno vacancy supplied by a new
nomination; and ln either case such person shall be
Ineligible to any nomination by a Convention, or to
elect Ion as u delegate, for a period of tw o j ears
XX. If anv delegate shall receive any money or
other valuable thing, or accept the promise of mon
ey or other valuable thing, or any pecuniar advan
tage to bo paid, delivered or secured In future, el
llier to himself or to any other person for him, from
uny candidate or other person for such candidate, as
tin Inducement for Ids vote, or under any other pro
text upon proof of the fact to tho satisfaction of a
majority of tho contention, such delegate bhall be
forthwith expelled and shall not be received ns a
delcgalo lo uny future Convention for a porlod of
tw o ) cars, and during that time shall also be Inellgl
hie for any paity nomination, cases arising under
this nud the next pnccdlng rule shall haio prece
dence over all other business ln Convention unill de
termined. XXI. Noneof these rules shnll bo altered one
sclinteit at a regular annual convention, unless by a
tote of iwo-thlids of ull the deli gates present,
XXII. Caiidlilutis fur noinlmitlon may bo toted
for directly, nl the delegate elections, and shall re
n it ii delegate nr dlstilcl ot s lu contention lu pn.
poitlon to lliclr pupulur vote In the several dlsttfcts.
upon Iho Millie pilnilple on which delegutes are
eli el.iLle under tho.Mh rule.
XXIII. Niidelegatu It uny convention hereafter
shall be entitled to u seal unless his credentials show
that he Is Instructed fur some candidate for Iho va
I tuns ( fllces to be filled, as but out lu the call for thu
Coin cultoii.
Proniwil Itulcs.
Chapter I.
Or tiii: Klixiion or IJtLtunts.
I. Itcmalus unchanged.
II. Hemalus unchanged.
III. Ill-mains unchanged.
IV. The delegate elections bhall bo by ballot and
shall bo held and conducted bv u .ludge and clerk, lo
bo selected by Iho Democrats In atlendance, and Iho
said officers shall di-terHilim all questions of the
right to vote, keep a list of voters and tally of votes
counted, to lie sent by them to the Convention wllh
their certificate of llm result ot the election, which
ceitiricale shall bo pilm.1 facie evidence of the per
sons tin riln named hating a right tobeatsln Iho
V. All delegates must reside In tho districts they
represent ; and In ease any delegate shall bo uiublu
to attend ho shall be allotted to depute another citi
zen of the district. Hut no other deputation or rep
resentation shall bo allow ed.
V. same ns eighteen In old rules.
VII, Voters nt delegate elections may cast as
many totes ns there are delegates to be elected and
mat' oust Ihern all for one delegate, or maydltlde
tin in umong the delegutes as tliej bee til : And lu
tho ease of a tie vot between delegates, tho question
bnall be decided by di aw lug lots :
Chapter II.
Ok tiik Convention.
I. Sauie as sixteen ln old rules.
II . Same as set en In old rules.
III. Sumo as nine In old rules.
IV. in Convention a majority of all the votes glv-enhliall-be
neocssurv to u nomination, nud no person
named bhall be pcreiui'tnrllt btruck from the list of
candidates until idler the second vote, when the
lowest u une bhall be btruck off and so on at each
suicesMve second vote until a nomination shup be
effected. I'rm tiled that In the cuso ot a nomination
of two candidates for the bame onice nt Iho bame
time, It shall Im necessary lo a nomination that iho
eanilldatii shull receive more than ono third of the
vtholo cent enllon vote.
V. All county nominations for officers to bo
elected by the people bhull Isi inailo In and by the
County conventions, except us licieln otherwise pio-
VI. Insliuelluiis shall bo required upon liomln.v
lions fundi Coimtv unices extcpt forcorouir.Mn
tejor und Auditors, and shun be ulluwed upon oilier
Humiliations, und candidates htill nielvo Com en
llon voles lu propoitlou to their vote lu the respect.
VII. In cases where Instructions are not required
bv the foiegolng rule It shall bo necessary to the
Ultlng of Instructions that ut least, one-half tho
voteis piesent ut the election shall take part In tho
pioecedliiguf voting thereon.
VIII. VotOKOf Inslructlonsforcaiidldatesbliallbo
refolded and counted lu Convention: and voles lu
violation of instructions shtll bo disallowed.
IX. In case of a tie vote In convention made by
Inkliucllons, the candidate who luus received tho
highest popular v otu bhall bo dcclui ed nominated i
Chapter III.
I, sameasiilniloeu In old rules.
II, Same as twenty In old rules.
III. No ierson shull bo eligible to a nomination
bv u Convention who has opiiosed the Deiuoirutle
thkU ut Iho hoxt piectdlngi licllou.
IV. iiiuii as llili teen lu old rules.
Chapter IV,
I. Same as twelv o lu old rules.
II. Humo as fourln old rules.
III. In case of the deuth, declination orrcmoval
of uuyciiudldatuputlu uilulnulluii by Iho Couven.
tloo.b'fuie I he ilcaioiij u new nomination of a
candidate bhull bo made by the standing Committee
called together for that purpose by u publlo notlou.
from umong citizens eligible uiidcriui-bo rules.
IV. If a State Convention bhall happen ut n sea.
mn of iheyeur pi ev luus lo the legular meeting of
the counly Noiiiliialliig Convention ; then und lu
that caso lie StuudlngCoiuinltU'e called lugi ther fur
that purpose, by puuio notice shall elect the repn.
benUitlvo delegates lor the Counly.uud hball unuolut
bciiatoilal cohioncs from umong citizens eligible
uiuli r these rules, tu select bcwitorlal delegate!.
., v...'l',".' chairman bhall call a upoelal meeting of
the standing committee, upon request in writing of
any live members i and lu the cull he shall state the
business or purpose ot the meeting; au,i uu business
shall be transacted other than thut mentioned In the
VI. Special Conventions may b callod when
npcessary. by the suuidlug Couiuiltloo, the proceed
ings of which ahull conform to those rules.
Chapter. V.
Or Tin Item.
Ir These rules or any ono or more of theintnay
bo ltcred, tunesded or rescinded at any regular
convention by a Yutt, or two-thirds U lit wholt
liuiiibu uf deltgatei to tin OourenUon,
SuUcrlle for tliti OsiufOilgn Coi.tMfcUN,
nr ii. it. sTonnAHii.
Welcome, n thousand welcomes I Our emotion
Demands a speech wo have not i It demands
The unutterable largeness of tho ocean,
The Immeusurablo broadness of the lands
That owns us musters. Who la ho shall hpcalc
ThU langunge for us 1 from what mountain peak 1
And In tho rhythms ot whut epic song,
At onco serene and strong?
Welcomes, ten thousand welcomes I II Is much,
O sisters I o have done In coming here ;
l'or from tho hour ye touch
Our peaceful shores, ye arc peaceful, equal, dear!
Not with exultations,
O Sister, Mother nations 1
Do wo recelre your coming! for morn than many seo
Cornea it Ith ye i do e see It t It Is w hat Is to bo
Sotnodny among jour mtrlads, who will nomoro
But, iieaeeablo or 'warring, will then llnd out tho
Themselves to govern i if they tolerate
Kaisers, and Kings, and Princelings, as to-day,
It will be becauso they pity and arc too good to hate.
Th New World Is teaching tho Old World to bo
free :
This, her acknowledgement from these, Is more
Thau all that went before.
Henceforth, America, Man looks up to thee,
Not down at tho dead Itepubllcs I Ilise, arise I
That all men may behold thoc. Ho not proud j
Ho humble und bo vt I so :
And let thy head be bowed
To tho I'nknown, Supremo One, who on high
Has willed thee not to die I
lie grateful, watchful, brave ;
See that among thy children none shall plundor,
Nor rend asunder
Swift to detect and punish, and strong to shield and
8.110 I
Shall the drums beat, trumpets sound,
And tho cannon thunder round?
No, llieso aro warlike noises, and must cease;
Not thus, while the wholo world from battle rests,
Tho Commonwealth receives her honored guests
She celebrates no triumphs but of l'eaco.
ironi "llospes CivitatU ;" Scribncr for Awjtut.
Tlio civil war between the. Cavaliers and
Puritans, which was then desolating tho
land, had taken Landleigh Castlo iti its de
structive course, and that onco lordly pile
was now a ruin. An ancient well stood near
its blackened walls, with a square coping of
old, gray, mossy stones, into which flowed a
translucent btream. At the back of this well
was an antique recess of stone, from the
centre of which the water took its course.
The beams of early sunlight glittered on
the water as a young cavalier approached the
well. If there bo a spell called "sweet
memories" which, they say, binds the heart
to certain places, and it the loveliness of
tho scenes in which one's childhood has
been passed, serves to renew tho guileless
joys of infancy, then, indeed, might Denzil
Norman attribute to their influenco his in
creasing reluctance to depart and rejoin his
regimeut. Hut no; ho knew the spell that
bound him to that spot was the charm of a
simplo village maiden. Yes, from the mo.
ment he had beheld tho lovely and gcutlo
Alice lirooke, ho felt that his destiny was
He knew the legend of the old well. Its
waters were said to bo guarded by the fairy
of the castle. She harmed but the wicked.
Those who had ever beheld her, (which he
never had,) said that her smilo was so sweet
it made everybody who was fortunate enough
to encounter it.gniul looking and happy.
"Ah I famous fairy nf this well," he cried,
apostrophizing it -"if indeed, such spirits
exist between heaven and man how glad
ly would I importune you to award me the
allectiiiii of a village maiden. Then (ar
far from the kingly courts and the hostile
dins of warfare "
He paused abruptly, for it appeared to
him as if a voice answered him from the
well. He listened intentlyand heard a sweet
silvery voice mingling with the rippling of
tlio waves, which chanted these words:
Deuzll Norman I Dcnzll Norman I
List tho Kalry of tho Well ;
l'ocs aro coming-foes tire coining,
Hero no longer thou must dwell.
Happier days may on thee wait I
Ply from lovo uud fij from fato !
Dcnzll was filled with amazement. The
voico sounded to his car liko the wreathed
choir of unseen spirits. Could it be posxiblo
ho asked himself, that thero were such be
ings as fairies, who watch our actions, uud
know our inmost thoughts ?
Tlio voice had ceased, but now another
sound broke upon his ear a distant hum as
of troops upon the murch. Tho warning
was true, then he was in peril. The Round'
heads were near. If detected, he knew he
should be denounced as a spy.nml shot with
out delay. Yet still he would not fly until
ho had exchanged a few farewell words with
the lovely Alice.
Ho hastened back to the house ot Dr.
lirooke, the village physician and the father
of his love. Tho worthy doctor was sur
prised at his return.
"Rash youth!" ho exclaimed, "were you
not admonished on your way hither to lly
at once from Landleigh 1"
"How know you that?" answered Dcnzll,
in iiumzeinent. "Yes, I was admonished
but 1 had not said farewell to Alice.
"This is absolute inaduew," said Dr.
lirooke. "Roy, boy,areyoti aware that faro'
well may cost you your life?"
"Not so,worthy host; I wear n good sword
and possess a strong arm to back it," re
plied Deuzil with tho confidence of youth.
"Where is Alice?"
"She is absent, but will shortly return j
und when sho does I will send her In you,"
said the doctor, and left the room,
As Dcnzll gazed listlessly from the win
dow, a panel in the wall glided noiselessly
to one side and through the aperture can o u
lovely girl, boine eighteen years of age, clad
in tho plain but becoming costume of a
village maid. Slio closed the panel quietly,
advnuceil to Deuzil's bide, aud laid her.hand
upon his shoulder. He started up in joyful
"Ah, sweet Alico !" he exclaimed,
"Deuzil, Denzlll" she answered Im
patiently ; "why do you tarry here when
every moment adds to tlio peril of your
sulety 1"
''Chide ino not," ho returned, "since I
tarried but to ask you if you will love mu
when 1 am gone, us I shall continue tu love
you 1"
"Oh. Denzll, Dctizlll" sho responded,
plaintively, "Is R generous to leave this
Impression on the heart of a poor maiden,
whoso last hope could be to unlto herself In
wedlock with one of noble dctccnt like yours?
I do love you nor blush to acknowledge
that which is oi dear to me as the love of
llfolUcIt, Rut, alas I hare heard it tald
Vour liiuid tUvMisl 16 Miottitr.'
"Another I AVhat other?" demanded
Dcnzll, In surprise.
Tho daughter of your father's friend,
Lord Eustace Illount, nnd the proprietor of
yonder ruined castle," answered Alice.
"Lord Eustaco perished nt the battlo of
Worce.ter," said Denzll ; "his daughter fled
or wni lost In the conflict. Tlio heart and
hand of IVnzil Norman aro free, Alice, and
to you they will he true."
Mtco made no further remonstrance, but
she presently inquired : "You remember,
then, the Lord I'Ustaco und his young,
motherless daughter ?"
"Alice, I do," ho unswered : "who over
forgets tho companions of earliest years?
Jle was my guardian she the playful com
panion of my summer walks. All aro gone 1
Rut tho Influence of thcirgood wishes seems
still to direct my destiny."
l'hey were now disturbed by the abrupt
entrance of a servant, who informed them
that tho house was surrounded by l'uritans.
and that they had evidently come in search
of Deuzil Norman. Alice showed Dcnzil
the secret panel and urged him to conceal
himself. He did so with reluctance, and
tUice awaited the coming of tho Roundhead
soldiers with n fluttering heart.
Iho Roundheads wtro uuder the com
mand of the stem Colonel Ireton. Ho was
much incensed when he found that Denzll
had escaped him, nnd ordered his soldiers to
seize upon the doctor and Alice, nnd bear
them away prisoners. Dcnzil, who had
lingered behind tho panel, fearing some
such result, now made his appearance and
gave himself up, to prcservo his friends.
Alico cast a reproachful glance upon
him as tho Roundheads marched him
A brief trial was allotted to the young
cavalier. He was adjudged a spy, and
sentenced to be shot. Ho was placed for
safe keeping in the chapel of tho ruined
Castle of Landleigh, aud a guard kept vigi
laut watch over him.
It was night. A lamp burned dimly at
the foot of a pedestal supporting the statue
of a warrior beneath the shadow of whose
shield Dcnzil Xormau sat immersed in
gloomy thought. His dream of life ap
peared to have reached its end. In half an
hour, in that chapel, at the foot of his great
ancestor, whoso battle axe did such marvels
in Palestine over tho infidels, he, the last of
his proud race, was about to sink ; and it
must be without a struggle, ignobly, igno-
miniously. Suddenly a voice of sweetest
melody broke through the gloomy still
ness :
Dcnzll Norman Denzll Norman I
List tho Fairy of the Well ;
I am near theo Denzll hear me,
Here shalt thou no longer dwelL
lluppy days for theo await,
Fly from love, and fly from fato 1
Denzil took up tho lamp to see from
whence tho voice proceeded, but a sudden
gii9t of wind extinguished it. Rut nt that
moment the moonlight falling with radiant
brilliancy on tho broken window of the
gallery, disclosed to him the form of the
fairy standing on the base of a lofty column.
Neither form nor feature were visible, how
ever, and a large white veil completely en
veloped her person. She looked like the
marble image of some sculptured saint.
"DenziI,"sho said, in a voice that sounded
strangely familiar to his ears, "the Fairy of
theWell is the friend of true lovers and would
have these live. Therefore take thou heart;
the fairy is here to secure your flight. The
King hath landed on his native shore."
'tlod save King Charles !'' cried Denzil
"Amen !" responded the fuirv; "thou shalt
join him soon. Touch the right knee of the
statue press hard and a door will open in
the pedestal; through it you will find liberty.
! reed from this chapel, seek tho old her-
initugo at the depth of the glen. A friend
awaiteth thee there the fairy's friend. Pro
nounce in his ear tho name of Alice Urooke;
he will recognize nnd conduct thee to the
feet of thy triumphant sovereign. Denzll
farewell !"
The moon-beams were suddenly obscured
by a passing cloud; and when her light shone
forth again, tho fairy had disappeared,
Denzil hastened to obey her instructions.
He found the secret door, entered the sub
terranean passage to which it onducted
and speedily emerged into a wood beyond
the chapel wall. He" hastened lo the her
mitage; and there, to his great surprise and
joy, encountered his old friend and guardian
Lord Eustace Illount, who ho thought had
been untimely slain on AVurcester field.
Lord Eustace's story was soon told. Ho
had been Baved by tho Fairy of the Well.
Wounded nigh lo death, concealed in the
ruins of his own castle, she had been his
nurse. His life proscribed, slie was his
guardian angel, in she had been DenztPs.
Hisbtoiy told, he told Denzil to go with
him to tho King, assuring him that his
sovereignly had been proclaimed in Loudon
and that the fierce civil war was well nigh
over. Hut Denzil must btoii by tho wnv ut
i;octor lironfce's cotlago to exchange a few
words witli his loved Alice.
Tho doctor welcomed them both most joy-
"And Alice whero Is she ?" asked Deu
zil, anxiously.
"Whut Al'ice?" inquired Lord Kustaeo
"Sho to whom I am engaged, my Lord,"
answered Lenzii ; "one dearer to me, tar
dearer to me, fur dearer than life."
"Engaged, Denzll ?" cried Lord Eustace j
"you forget I have a daughter, named Kate,
to whom In early life you ivere betrothed."
"l'urdoii me.iioble Lurd, 1 was a boy
then," remarked Deuzil. "The heart will
not be commanded ; despite myself, I love
another ; uud surely you would not covet
tor your daughter the hand uf it mini who
could never bestow upon her his aflectlon.
Rut I cannot wed your daughter; my love
my vow is irrevokuble. "
'Nay, fctuy until you have seen Kate,'
urgtd Loid Eustaco; "let her plead for her
self. Doctor, bring her hither."
Dr. lirooke left tho room, but presently
returning, leading a female by the hand who
wore over head und pesson a flowiug white
"Here bho Is, Denzll," he said ; "you hove
met Jier before, 1 am told."
"The Fairy or tho Well I" cried Denzll
In astonishment
"Otherwise Kato Illount," replied Lord
Eustace, pleasantly ; "who, uuder that dls
guise (by various subterranean passages of
the castle,) for years saved tho life of her
proscribed father,"
"To such a daughter cau Denzll refuse his
hand ?" asked Doctor Itrooko,
"Doctor, do you, you, iny friend, urge me
lo Ihlt upotacy l"- crUd Dentil, reproach
VuMy Ho knelt Wore tlio fairy rtMly,
"Oh, lady, I must nppeal to you," ho con
tinued ; "you have proved my guardian
spirit. I loved ere 1 beheld you ; I cannot
glvo you tliAt which Is already given could
not, even were you the divinity you have
Tho fairy put back her veil and discovered
the features uf Alico ilrooke.
"Denzll dear, faithful Denzll," she ox-
claimed tenderly, "It is 1 1"
He started to his feet in fresh amazement,
crying out joyfully, "Alice 1"
"No, Kate, thy cousin," said the doctr r.
"She but passed as my daughter to escapo
the persecution of her father's foes. She is-
the daughter of tills noble lord ; her true
name, the Lady Catherine Illount. Say,
will you now refuse her hand ?"
Denzil eagerly grasped the hand which
his cousin extended to him.
"And now our mystery solves itself Into a
sweet reality, exclaimed Lord Eustace,
joyfully ; and lie joined their hands together
and blessed them.
AVhen Charles the Second, restored to the
throne of his ancestors, summoned his de
fenders around him to form his court, prin
cipal among them camo Denzil Norman,
Lord Eustace Illount and his daughter, then
Lady Denzil Norman.
The Prompt Juror.
Tho Augusta, Qa., Constitutionalist says
"Wo heard his Honor, Judge Gibson, on
Tuesday, tell an amusing story of the wayn
uror went for n conviction. He says ho
was trying a murder case a lew years
ago down In ono of the wire-grass counties,
and experienced great difficulty in getting a
jury; that eleven jurors uau been sworn in,
and in the next panel that was brought ill
was a small, lean, lank, cadaverous-looking
fellow who had on one shoe, his pants wero
nearly above his knees, his shirt open both
back and front, and the aforesaid trousers
were held up by a Blnglo suspender. Tho
solicitor proceeded to ask the usual ques
tions in such cases as follows :
"Have you, from having seen the crime:
committed, or heard of any of the testimo
ny delivered under oath, formed and ex
pressed any opinion as to the guilt or inno
cence of the prisoner at the bar?"
The "single gallus" fellow, in a clear and
distinct voice, answered : "Not any."
Second question "Uavo you any preju
dice or bias resting on your mind for or
against tho prisoner at the bar ?"
Answer "I hain't."
Third question "Is your mind perfectly
mpartial between the State aud the accus
ed ?"
Answer "Hit are.
Fourth question "Are you conscientious
ly opposed to capital punishment?"
Answer "I isn't."
The State did not like the juror much, but
it being late and jurors scarce, he was put
upon tho stand to look at the prisoner in
the usual manner, the solicitor saying :
"Juror look upon the prisoner." Tho juror
looked the prisoner firmly in the face, and
then turning to the Judge, said in a firm,
solemn voice : "Yes, Judge, I think he is
A Trip With a Whccl-barrow.
One afternoon about five o'clock a man
and boy apparently worn with travel, nnd
certainly bronzed by the sun und begrimed
wilii the dust of the road, were seen trudg
ing in AVest King, the man holding the han
dles of an oilillv constructed aud haudsome-
ly iiainted wheelbarrow,and the boy walking
by his side. The man proved to be Mr. J.
C. Temple, of tho town of Joplin, Jasper
county, Missouri, the buy being his son Otto,
aged 13 years. He said that he left Joplin
on the 2Stli of February, accompanied by
his son Otto, and an Englishman uamed
Wilson. Some time last winter he made a
proposition that if the Oronogo and Joplin
Mining Company, of Jasper county would
givi him fifty pounds of minerological spec-
metis from their mines, lie would wheel
them on a wheelbarrow all the way to the
Ce'ntennial. Some beautiful specimens of
ore were brought to him und he constructed
a wheelbarrow thut would bo particularly
suitable for so long a journey. The entire
weight of the burrow, baggage, and speci
mens of minerals is one hundred and fifty
pounds, and the cost of the entire outfit was
$125. The mineral; are specimens of zinc,
lead, blackjack, spar and garnet, all from
Oronogo and Joplin, Missouri mines.
Mr. Temple and his son have travelled
more than 1,-iOO miles. They have made as
high as 27 miles, though they frequently
stopped oft" at convenient points to recuper
ate, at one place resting as long as five days.
They camped out 27 nights, but generally
they were lurnished with good lodging and
hobpltably entertained along the route.
Monuili iMl'ULiK. Hut one of the most
singular things exists iu the case of a young
man who not long ago visited a largo iron
manufactory. He stood opposite a huge
hammer, und watched with great interest its
perfectly regular strokes, At first it was
beating iiumt iiKo lumps of crimson metal in
to thin, black sheets, but tho supply be-
coining exhausted, at last it only descended
on the polished anvil. Still tlio young man
gazed intently on its motion ; then he fol
lowed its stroke with a corresponding notion
of his head ; then his left arm moved to the
same tune ; aud finally he deliberately iJnc
nl his list upon the anvil, and in n second it
was smitten to u jelly. Tho only explana
tiou ho could afford was that he felt an im
pulse to do it, ii id that he knew, he should
be disabled ; that he saw the cnuscqwiiicu in
u misty kind of manner; but that ho still
felt u potter within, ubovo benso and reason
a morbid impulse, in fact, to which he
biiccumbed, and by which ho lost a good
right hand, This incident suifgests inanv
things besides proving the peculiar nature
uud power uf morbid impulses; such things;
for instance, as a law of sympathy on a scale
hitherto undreamt of, us well ns a musical
tune pervading all things. Chamber's Jour
IlosTON Poi.iTKNiHS. AVe "oxpeet" that
thero aro no people in the world an distin
guished for courtesy as the people of Huston,
A few days kinco a lady of that city, with
her child, entered a Deacon street car, and
mentioned to tho conductor that she desired
to get out near Arlington street. No doubt
astonished ut the variety of cars, ami the
many directions from which they came and
went, seemingly without regularity, she iu
uocently but iwlltely remarked to the con
doctor as he lauded her, " I'm very mucA
obliged to you, I'm lure; but I'm afraid I've
taken you out of your way 1" Kiuitiu':
Dr Atffcn, In HatfrnM or ilnputt,
(lor. Hendricks' Speech.
Called Out nv a Surknadk-A Tullino
At tho conclusion of the ratification meet
ing tho band, accompanied by on Immense
crowd, repaired to tho residence of his ex
cellency, Gov. Hendricks, for the purpose of
serenading him. In response to tho screnado
the Governor came to tho door, nnd wan
greeted with enthusiastic cheers. He said :
Till! OOVHRNOll's) ADDltFA-J.
My Fellow Citizens I thank you for this
expression of your respect. There is ono
question occupying tho public mind. It is
whether the Democratic party ought to bo
restored to power at this time. Many yearn
ago it was iu power for a long period. Dur
ing that time all concede that the laws wero
just and equal, fair to capital and just to labor.
Prolonged cheers.J The people were happy
and the country prosperous. For sixteen
years tke Republican party has been in pow
er. It is eleven years since tho close of the
war. Is the country, as any one patriotio
and true, desires it to be? Is capital sccuro
in its investment? Is labor blessed with re
munerative employment? Aro tho laws
equal ? Are they not partial ? During all
this period the Democratic party have not
had eontrol of any department or branch in
the public service. At this session of Con
gress our party has a decided majority in
tho House. fApplause.l
is it
is It ill for tho country that it Is so?
There may be much to criticise in what has
been said and done in the House, but this
stands prominently forth : That the Investi
gations which it has conducted have devel
oped a corruption in the public service hor
rible to contemplate; worse, perhaps, than
that which impaired the strength nud des
troyed tho fortunes of France under Louis
Napoleon before and during tho Prussian
war. It is now shown, so that everybody
knows it, that these corruptions and partiali
ties have prevailed for many years, but they
remained concealed liko a festering disease
at the bone, uutil a Democratic House ap
plied the knife. The result of all this was
that all tho people, shocked at what they
had supposed to exist, but which they now
see, are determined to restore good govern
ment. Tremendous applause. Daro any
frank and honest man say that in llieso in
vestigations the House has not done good
work for tho country ? AVhatevcr criticism
may be made upon what has been done in
the Houso this is conceded : That in the ap
propriation bill it has reduced the public
expenditures from $20,000,000 to !i0,000,-
000 1 To accomplish this retrenchment, it
has maintained n dreadful contest with tho
Senate, and its action was denounced as re-
olutionary. If, then, corruption be over
thrown and expenditures reduced from $20,
000,000 to f30.000.000, will any one question
thut it was well for the country that two
ears ago a Democratic House was chosen ?
Cheors. A distinguished citizen of tho
government of New York has been nomin
ated fur the Presidency. Is his election not
also in the Interest of the people? Ho does
not come with assurances upon the lips
alone, but tho
ltr.iui.Ti or Hid I AUOlt
Inth iu the city of New Yurk and as Gover
nor of the Slate, attest his purpose and his
ability to maintain a sticce-ful cmili'st with
partiality, iMrruiiti n ainl Irntid. Loud
cht'crii. Ptiliticai I'm' uud Irienil alike have
fallen under his blows. Cheers. Great
mproveuiHiit in Iho city nl New York has
been a partial result and a mlm-iinn of tlio
taxes of the State from $ 1 7,0i 10,000 to $8,-
000,000, lightens tho bunions of labor and
aud encourages tho iuvestinout of capital.
Applause. As to Gov. Hayes, the Repub
lican candidate, I would speak of him as
well as his most impartial friend, but his
election Is but a continuance in power of tho
men who have controlled the policies and
the appointments of Grant's administration.
If elected, can he disregard Guv. Morton's
power in Indiana; Cameron's sway in Penn
sylvania, or Conklin's lordship in New
York? " Cries of No 1 No!" They say
he is mi honest man ; was not the samo said
if Gen. Grant four years ago? In a speech
which I made in the Academy of Music, the
first in my canvass for Governor, 1 said that
l left alone Grant would have made a better
President, but the surroundings, tho influ
ence, and the political power that could con
trol his administration would bring upon tho
people tho ill which we now deplore.
At this lato hour you would not expect me
to say more. I have been Informed that
during the next week I will be formally no
tified ot my luniinatlou on the ticket at St.
Louis. 1 will then anunuiico my action aud
I trust it will bo satisfactory to tho Demo
cracy of Indiana, huthusiabtm and pro
longed cheering. Again, gentlemen, I
thank you for thu compliment. Loud
A Tradition of Sauatoua Laki:.
There U tin Indian super.-lltiuii attached to
this lake which probably hud its sourco in
its leinarkalilo hmclincBS and tranquility.
1 lie Mohawks believed that its stillness was
wicred to the Great Spirit, aud that if a hu
man voico uttered u sound upon its waters,
the canoe of the olleuder would instantly
sink. A story is told of an Englishwoman,
in the early dujsol tho settlers, who
hud feccaslon to cross this lake with a party
of Indians, who, before embarking, warned
her niiwt impressively of tho spell. It was a
silent, breathless day, tout the cauoo shot
over the surf ico nf tlm lake like an arrow.
About half u mile Irnm the shore, near tho
centre of the lake, thu woman, wishing to
convince the Indians nf thu erroueousnebs of
their superstition, uttered a loud cry. Tho
countenances ot thu Indians fell iiitautly to
the deepest gloom. Alter n minute's pause,
however, they redoubled their exertions anil
in frowning silence drove tho light baric
swiftly over tho waters They reached the
shore in safety, und drew up tho canoe,
when tho woman rallied the chief on his
credulity. "The (In at Pplrlt Is mercilul,"
answered the Kcuiufiil MuliHvik; "ho knows
that a white woman cannot hold her tongue!"
In Lo. Angeles, Cul., is a family with nine
varieties of children. The husband and wife
have each been married twice before and
hud one child nt.e.ach former marriage,
which makes four children, each one having
different parents. The present wife's former
husbands had each been married before,
leaving u child by their former vtivus, which
makes six children of different parents. The
present husband's two former wives had pre
viously married, leaving each une child,
making eight of different parents. Tho pre
nent hubaud aud wife by thlt marriage have
tmo child, making nine, all living, nud tiu
two laying the fcame 1'tirenta.