The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, November 26, 1875, Image 3

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il I, (I 0 M S III! It (I, I' II I II IT, MIT. SO, 1ST5
Hail Time Tulilc".
S-nilTlt. tjfiltril
Accommodation Train, c.4i A. M. 7.M A. M.
Mull Train J.tioA.M n. a 1. M
lispross Train 1,10 p, M, U.t4 A. At
" " f..8l 1'. At.
NDIIl II. Rrtl'Ttt
vceommoit mon Train A. At. p. At.
i- ,' liiiri'si .v I'. At. it.M A. At.
Through 'Mis on Dxr-reBS irnln cither to New York
i'UII'Mihl.i. Accommodation tialn runs between
At iw.sanii'l Wlllhimsport.
.ocsi;, Di'XK.Mliioitn.
Meek, of tlio M'atehiMii, nlliiilcs tn 1 1 trtriin ft
. a "ill- excellency." Yi u thought V. Cirnv
iiunvo i" i eh lo.iilvi.m
Dr. C'lrwen, Superintendent tiC llie State
u.itio II I'pital, is of tlie npiniun tint no child
ii i.lit sixteen years slinulil lie requite! to Hpeiul
:n ire Hi in six hours n d.iy over its lcs-on-.
Ann (llvi.ii wa placid in J ill Inst Titcsil.iv ou
uie en iri,c in inuiiiiriiig ner cniiu. Mie sicun
if iu li.loi),' in llio ( peasant el.i, audi'
iitoilgjit liy miiiim tu bo weak minded. The pun
i liiii.nt nlioii d dine upon the man who be
,m ia'eil Inr.
l'lie lin'c tannery, lour miles from
I.ipurte Siillivnii county, contains "00, and
the Lipurte tannery vats." They aio buth
i iiiniii;; oil full timu on Spanl-li note leather,
ml employ 100 liuiuls. Tliit cumpiny owns
) i.OOO acres ol bark lands.
(.hailcs K:iry, an Irishman, about twenty-si
can of ngu, rather above the medium lieiglit,
y 1 ft liis home at Willu's-ISureem the 2j11i ol Oo
l toher to aiu-iul a miners' parade or meeting a1
i lytic Park, sine1 which limu nothing Inn been
ml of ii : ill Any inform itinu cimecrmnjr him
. il h" m "t thankfully received by Ills wife in
.ll.e-U i re, or lii- hitter, at the lmue of R L.
.1 1 iiii-.n.
Tut; Catawi-sA I'iiiikii: was opened for
travel on Monday last, and a number of free
illcs woie taken. Under the agreement the
euiitrac or.s will receive the lull for about three
weeks, ipmo an item. We congratulate our
fitter town on the completion of thit important
wo.'k, A Iniilgo at that point is alike a necessl-
iy and a convenience.
- -
Tomorrow I Saturday ) afternoon, at one o'clock,
('barbs lux will walk a rope from StohncrV
iimcl A Wolf's building, Mr. Vox is
an expel ii-nccil rope valker, aud performs ma
ny difficult feu's during Ids perfoiniancc. Lust
wick be walked the wire ferry rope, at C'atawis
sa, vvheio alargecioMil wiiiicsse-il the daring
tin lortaking. Tho-e who are fond of such
fights fltouhl not fail to he picscnt. In.
The 'rui works of Ilarmaii and I Insert be
gan operations on Tue.-d.iy hist. This establish
mint is liicjared to do all kinds of work in their
line, and as the proprietors ate both experienced
ni'dianics, they deserve a liberal patronage.
Enterprises of this character should be cucour
a,cd, as th y extend the bu-incss and add to tin
lo.-pciily of the community. Patrons of llar
n evi & llasse'il may be Hire of getting the best
of work.
I ojk oit run "Tun Thhsi-iass" on the
evening of Fi iday, JJicitnlier "d. Their hill-ar-
up, and a gieat treat may beexpected. The
jy Tainme will consist of the play ol "William
Teli," an exciling drama, and the farce entitled
" V ( onvenient Distunoi''with a few varieties in
the sliapj of i-ongs, dancing, Sx. Kvery liody
wi.l be there, of course, as the performance is for
the benefit of the Norm il School, Seats can be
Rcured at tico. A. Clark's book store.
M. C. Sloan A !ro. have ju-t completed the
fill' .st piece of work, in the shapo of a two
id' igh, ever made in this part of the country.
It it intended for Mr. (leorgu Cieisingir, of Dan
ville. This firm enjo,s an inviable reputation,
in 'I only at home, but thiuugh the State, a flit
which is clearly shown by the large number ol
rs received bv them fioni a distance. Tbev
are now employed iu turning out a stock of idn
gle flcighs for the waiter's trade, which cannot
be surpassed, f heir work can bo feen at any
timu at their waie-rooms.
'I ho Williaiu-poit Him makes extracts from
(J i. Henry Prick's Milloniun, published in
Among them we find the following:
Tie ro it :ui account of the tiial of (Jen. Win.
Ii k, a Whig, for caning George M. Hnllcnback
at Willics-llarre, at the election. The (Jen. was
tin d S100. Ilolknback was a son of one of tin
Airoeiate .ludgis, (itncral Hops was then 70
eir, old, and Ilollcidi.ick iand the ltcpulili
cm PriM thought it an outrago tliat the Uener
al -hjiilil have been iiiulctcd po severe, though
wi recollect, now, that he rather took pride in
1 yuig for his punch at young Ilollenb.iek's
i.vvs op GitAcr. AKilNTnni:r. P.eing
i:A'riig.itcd as to whether a party, a bank
or otherwise, has a right to demand interest
o. the thre days graco on a note luade
p vamV'with interest," tho Journal n Con
M' "r-e answers that "the days of gravetipim a
promiajory imto, for the purposes of reekon
IiiS interest, are as much a part of tlio run
ning time as if embodied in tho document
iL If the maker of. i note promises to
a ' a gien sum 'six months troiii date, with
huerest,' this promise is interpreted to mum
' a' ho wdl pay a siinicnual to the piint'ip.ii
and mteicst on tlie same lor ix months and
tarcodayt, file general lawful reckoning
would be to calculate upon thei said priuci
p.i the tut uett for six-twelfths and one
tenth of out-twelltli of tho interest for one
year. Any other calculation is illegal. Il
the maker icfused to pay the principal mid
lii Jrest thus reckoned in lawful money, the
uutomay bo iirotcsted, no matter who iuiKN
On last Monday Mr. JackMin Leidv of the
linn of l.eidy Urn. & Co. had Ids nght arm tak
en iff at the elbow. Tlie circumftaiieet areas
fOTTuivs. On ihi'Kioml lleor of thu fiirnituie
laeteiry Hands a uiiivuiil wood-worker on which
is ll flnall ntancr. u hi, Ii u lii n In imilWin ittiiL.'w
dine thou-anil revoliuious per minute. The
fj rider uinvcs'lKUcalh the tabic, near which is
null luiuneting with tho ficd lollcr. This
btiUaniv oil imil Mr. l.eidy alliinptid to put it
en walnut stopping the machine', mid iu this
o'iratii.n ihiew his elbow up m that il came iu
ei nuiitwilh the cylinder ot the planer, niieh
t'Kjk oil tho elbow joint liistnnlly, leaving but a
juilo kin em thefiont toconntit die upper and
laur part or the aim. It wns dune o suddenly
a a Air. Leidy icalli'.ed no pain whatever anil
II" llOt kilOW thill I, is mm .,- rll' llltlll tlH til
irtt il .t. itlUlu, 1. i,ircehid that the
'."4 us iltuigling mid the blood How ing fro Iv.
il- at oiiio cdiitl m Mr. Cottonlicld, who was In
i ' room, w, lu .A ..u...,,,... u.i K1A,l
He Mump, gripping it as tlghtlv as pussihlu to
'vVeiit tb, jmv f ,1J()ll willoMr. L., the vie-
V,.,,tarr.'ul ,l,u ''and nnd amputaled aim iu Ids
'viiunij, uiiil ,u, ,1 ,W(1 Vl, ., ,uwll
ijl.euol about two hiindi.d yards, while llie
Weitl Il,nu,l (i piGii-ly. icniaikable
"reui,il picsiiicoof mind. ArrlvniL- at the
leafiirgion mis luiiuidhitclv called iu and
... .'i'l'l"'1' 'Hi" unfuitiiiinio nun was
V i lulli boiifo of Ids brother, Mr.
- ,,.111 Leaiy, wl.cie ho has i-ince Ueii. As
ai titto-a,t, 1UWI11 as iimputatid mid
y -'I. Ilels.lolug wdl i lint likely to
' hh any ,iffit,y ,!, ,U,,M .,
',u'l".Ul"e iiiiiniju(nt lolhc woniid. Ilseims
, bin Jlr. I kis that he has experienced
v ill n ii t l'a"i iroin the wound. It is n veiv
r i rilli,Ir Ui,Iy i nboiit fully ycuis old,
r ; , " "i mat nine in mo to pari witn a
--Witmui.-Ctiiliuyc JWM.
, 'lr' LtWy had Jun returned home fioiu a vis-
,' 'hi. cnunty to intend thu funeral of Ids
r Lie million with all Iih frlemU wu
' ' i L t Ids accident.
llLll 3.
Jtr.?iit3. KniTon i The llepnbUenn seems
elated tiver the H'ptilillcan vote of Heaver
Township, mid also bo.tsU that wi money
was. spent to influence votes; but It dues not
inform llio public what other Influences
were used to increase this vote.
A certain Individual who employs a mini
her of men, -distributed ltepubllcati tickets
iind -aid you can vote this 'jr quit work. It
was one of the most disgraceful acts that a
patty can bo guilty of mid leaves very little
room fur boasting 11i:avi!U.
ItAwvKtis in Luzcusi: County. Ily refer
ence to the new rules of Court, prepared by (Ico.
P. Knlp, Km., It will ho seen that there arc one
hundred an l eight-six lawyers resident in Lu
zernu county. Of the?e, ninety-six reside in
Wilkes-llarrep fifty-six in Scratiton j seven Iu
Cathotidaloj six lu I'itt'ton; four in Ilailctonj
four In Plymouth; two in Shickshinny ; while
Sugar Xotch, Ashley, Js'anticoke, Wyoming,
Dunmiire and Waverly Iiavc one each.
Plynioutli has the oldest iind also the young
est lawyc" in the county. James A. (lordon ad
milted August 7, 1S'J2, and Henry C. Magee ad
milted October 'Jl, 187o.
OiilTUAnv. Krederick I!. Swaliy died at the
resilience of his son, Frederick J. Swahy,in ibis
vill.ige, on Friday I.i't, having attained the ripe
age of 85 yens, Mr. Swaby was born in the is
land of Jamaica, iu the year 1701. lie was ed
ucated iu F.ngland, and during the years ISOo
and 1S00 was a scholar at the school near lin
net Castle, iu Yorkshire, which lias since been
rendered celebrated by being described in a vein
of very broad but caricature by Dick
ens iu Ids novel "Nicholas Nickleby," mi lcr the
name of "Dotheboys hall," mid Mr. Swaby is
perhaps (lie la-t survivor of that institution, lie
came to this country with his family in company
with his falhcr-in-law, Capt. John Ilaigb ol the,
UritiHi army, iu 1821, and settled at the village
of Kspy, Columbia county, Pa., wbcie he resid
el until 1810, surioiindi'd by many warm
friends, for whom lie to the last cherished the
kindest riTollcclion and regard. In that year
be removed to Seneca FalN, where he has since
resided willi his fons. His father, Joseph Swa
by, diul iu Jamaica In the year 1811; he was
turn in 1727; the lives of the father and son
consequently extended through a period of MS
years. During the ncai ly thirty years residence
of Mr. Swaby in Seneca Falls, ho has been little
in public life, being rather retiring in disposi
tion, hut In the homo circle and among those
whose acquaintance witli him became intiiu lie,
he was highly He possessed the keciies1
sen-eof hono-, which was always manifest in
his intercourse with the world, and tho probity
of his character was ever conspicuous. He was
a eoininunicitit iu llie church of Kngland, anil
always maintained llie highest standard of a de
vout Christain. His genial and cheerful tem
perament rendered him peculiarly a favorite
aiming the young. It was while participating
with them iu their innocent amusements, some
live mouths since, that he received injuries from
a fall, which hastened his death. His memory
will rimain as a precious legacy to those to
whom he has been a loved companion for years,
.mil toward them the sympathies of all will be
extended. His funeral was attended on Monday
it the Kpiscopal church, Kev. Dr. Onion oflici
aling. (biin'rr,
The AfhrrliferH (hzctte, a weekly journal de
voted to the interest of advertisers, published in
New York, publishes the following excellent
'hoiights on the above subject:
'1 here seem to bo a great many different ways
f defining and understanding the phrase "news-
paper patronage, ami as a party interested in
i correct definition of the same, we give the fol
lowing di-ipii-itioti on the subject by one who
knows whereof bo speaks. It may serve per
haps as a mirror in which ceitain parties may
be able to 'Vee thcni-clvcs as others see them."
"Many long and dreary years iu the pnulish
iug business has forced the conviction upon us
ihat newspaper patriinago is a wind of many def
initions, and that a great majority of mankind
are cither ignorant of the correct definition, or
are dihuncit in a strict llililical fcii'e of the
word. Newspaper palionage has as many col
ors as the rainbow, and is as changeable as the
"One man comes in, subscribes for a paper,
pays for it in advance, and goes homo and reads
it witli a proud satisfaction that it is his. He
hands in his advciti-cinent, and reaps the ad
vantages thereof. This is pationagi'.
"Another man a-ks you to send him the pa
per, and goes oil' without saying a word about
llie pay. Time Hies on; you are in need of
money, and ask him to pay llie sum ho owes
von. Ho Hies into a passion, perhaps pays, per
haps not, ami ordcis his paper stopped. This is
died patronage.
"One man brings in a fifty cent advertisement
mil wants a two dollar pull' thrown in, and
when you decline ho goes oil' mad. Even this
is called p.itronnge.
"One man don't take your paper. It is too
high priced, but ho boriows and reads It regu
larly. And that could be called newspaper pat
ronage. "One man likes your paper, ho takes a copy,
pays fur il, and gels his friends to do tho same ;
he it not always grumbling to you or others, but
hat a Iricndlj word. If an accident occurs in
his taction ho informs tho editor. This is news
paper palroiuge.
"One hands you a marriage or other notice,
ind a-ks for extra copies containing it ; and
when you al: him to pay lor the papers he
looks surpriscil : "You surely don't ask pay for
such small matUrs?" This is called newspaper
"One (it is goo 1 to see sitcls) comes iu aud
.iy: "Tho year for which I paid is about to ex
pire1, 1 want to pay for another." lie does so
ind retires. This is newspaper patroi.age."
Il Will bo seen from the above that while cer
tain kinds of patronage arc the very life of the
iiew-papur, there are other kinds more lata! to
its health ami circulation than the culls of a hot
constrictor are to tho luckless prey hu patron-
Daring Kuhlirry ul Asliluiul.
On Friday night of hist week, a most dar
ing robbery occure d at tho house of Solomon
SiMniati, Ashland. All the circumstances
cunnected with tho case arc of an exceed
ingly curious character, mid are as follows:
Mr, .Silliuiau is an engineer at the Locust
K ii ii colliery, where his lather fills tho posi
tion of superintendent. On last Wednesday,
Mr. Silliuiau went to the First National
Hank ol Ashland, anil drew therefrom the
stun of fCbO, wliich he inlenlid to deposit
in tho Safe Deposit Hank of l'oltsville, on
Monday, November 10th, but for the time
being he locked it in the upper drawer of a
bureau which stood in his bed room, ul'ter
which he put tho key in what he considered
u vale place. Nothing declined to disturb
the tccurity cither ol the money or the fam
ily, until Friday morning, when, in Mr.
Silllniaii was about to arise from his slum
bers, ho was stopped bv his wife who said,
"wait a inonii'iit, Solomon, until 1 tell you
of a strange dream I had hist night."
.M!. SlI.I.IAUN'is DltCAAI.
Last night I dreamt that 1 saw two men,
with iiuisks upon their faces, enter our room
with n light and piocecd towards the bureau
where the money was. I then thought that
I awoke itiiiHaid'wIiatiircjoudulnghereif"
when one of the i -cn (the tallest of tho Uo)
tauio towuids me mid putting n pistol to my
head, said that if I mado any uoiso that he
wotiul bl(iw my linliis out. I knudgcil you
and tiled to muLooii, but it wiuoi no iuot
Then one of tho nicu tried to open tho bureau
drawer, In which tho money was, but tho
key wouldn't fit nnd ho said "this Is not tho
right key," whereupon tho other man said
"well we nro bound t'i get tho right ono out
of n dozen." Taklue; up tho hunch of keys
that ncro lying ou tho tublolhcy opened the
drawer and seelnrr tho package of money,
one of tho inett grabbed It and put It In bis
breast. They als'i took two suits of your
clothes out of ntiotlicr drawer nnd having
looked around the room and at me, they
wont up stairs. I heard them como down
stairs again and say "lie thought that silver
and money was pretty safe, and will blame
it on some of Ills friends, but be will bo
fooled." Tho last thin? that I remember
was lioiring them go down stairs.
Although this was a most extraordinary
dream, Mr. Sllllman did not pay much
attention toll, but beforodrcsslng ho thought
that he would look nt tho money to satisfy
himself that it was safe, lie rcc ived a
shock upon discovering that tho drawer In
which ho had placed the money was open,
but his feelings altogether ovcrcaino him
when lie saw tho money was gone. Ilo
searched wildly in every corner of the-bureau
and room mid tried to persuade himself that
he had placed the money in some other place
but it was all of no use. Tho money was
gone. Mr. Silliuiau then rushinl downstairs
and noticed that the kitchen door was wnlo
open and that the two suits of clothes of
which his wife bad made mention in her
dream wcro lying upon tho kitchen table.
Thcso facts satisfying liim that thieves had
indeed broken iu and stole he ran up stairs
and told his wife that hcrilreatn was too true
Hcmeinbering that he had left his watch
upon a small table near the head of tho bed,
lie lifted tho over which was thrown upon it
in a carelcs manner and found that the
watcli was safe, also another watch w Inch
was hanging against the wall. Jift then
thinking of the silver which was iu another
bureau up stairs, ho went and searched for
that and IbtiiL.tlial it also had been taken,
l'ho silver was composed of a lot of old coins
which had been brought Irom England by
'his grandfather, who had mado him a pres
ent of it and of which ho was very careful.
bhenandoah Herald.
Death of William 1!. Astor.
Nr.v Yor.ic, November 24. William 15.
Astor died this morning in the eighty-fourth
year of liis age. Ho had been iu ill health
for a long time, nnd the event was not, there
fore, unexpected.
Murder or Suicide? A Sthujlkill County
PorTsviM.n, Pa, November 23. Tho re
mains of a human body were found on the
mountain near Mount Carbon, yesterday.
Near by was found a revolver, with one
empty chamber, and a slouch hat, coat and
a Hebrew book. The body which has not
yet been indciitified, appears to have been
lying iu the woods fur ecveral months.
The fact that Jefferson Davis is not a citi
zen of Missis-ippi, and has not been a resi
dent of the State fur seven years, will ma
terially interfere with the dan of sending
him to tho United State Senate, in accord
ance witli the little programme telegraphed
all over the country by tho Republican
alarmists. Tell another before that gets
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Provision line, go to ltussut.l.'s, 5Iaiu street.
I.a u-nrriixl fim! ntiOVPil Wltb Hot OllK' a
,.,,. ..ntliti. ntCvA Intl ilirrv 5i ml sbttv besitlt's.
but buy of "C. W. Nk.u. it Ilito. who deal only
In the Lest qualities. 32lf
Tics. Fichu Canes, Aprons, itc., jut
opened at Clerk it W oil's.
2.00 btivs a irood pair of Ladies Shoes at
5IcKiuiiey's. Call ami examine.
llnt.i" tosiothi:iis NunsiN'n I.ntants
It is a. conceded tact that mothers who have
tho care, anxictv and draught of nursing in
fants are weak and need the aid of some
tregthening tonic to make up the nour
ishment required for the growth ol tire
chihl. Ale, porter.and lager beer have often
been recommended. Of late, since physicians
have become aware that Port Cuape me
iroilncpil bv Allrctl Sneer, of Pa-saic, N. J.,
is strictly Vttre thav have prescribed it in
stead of ale anil porter. This wine is prin
cipally sough for by mothers who have nur
sing nilatiis as uie nc-i supply mciiiuui iiom
found. The wine is rich in body and not in
toxicating but gently stimulating. Druggists
eener.illy keep it, and sell it for a dollar a
bottle. I:nijnim:
C. W. Ni:ai, it-I'no., spare no expense to send
out nice Coal. 3'Jlf
Clark it Wolf are offering some of their
Dress Goods at cost and below.
Wyoming Seminary and Commercial College,
KitiL'ston. Luzerne county, Pa., lias accommo
dations for 173 boarders and 20,0 day scholars.
Students received at any time and charged for
boanl from the tune ot ailmis-ion. Muuenis
prepared fur college, teaibing and business.
Coinineicial course anil telegraphy nnsiirpa-ed.
Common Kngli-li studies thoroughly taught.
College preparator. course equal to that of any
other school. Send for a catalogue and a t'oni-
mcieial Journal to Key. I). Copelaml, I'll. 1).
Commercial students address Prot. L. L.
If you want a firt cla-s Farm Wagon,
If you want a Platform Pleasure Wagon,
If you want an Kliptic H;ring Wagon,
If you want a Pleasure Wagon,
If you want your Wagon put in good tiim,
If 'vou want reoairs done cood with short
notice', Go to J. 1!, Fals.
FOll 1U:NT. "Centennial Hall. 1 to 10
years lease. Call ou I. W. Hart man.
Farmers in want of first class articles of
Thrc-hirs and Cleaners; aNo, one and two
hoiso 1 nail rowers, call ou or ailttress .1. Al,
Iliil-hizer, Light Street, Columbia County, Pa
Old IMalilhlicd Coal Yard.
C. W. Ni:ai. it I!i;o., Wholesale it lletail
Dealers in all sizes of the best qualities ol
Wed ami White- Ash Coal, at the very lowest
market rates. Haveeonstitntlyonliaiid large
stocks ot
dipt da,
lllacksmith's Anthracite,
and Limeburncr's Coal
Kspccial attention given to the prepara-
tion of coal before leaving our yards. Grain
and Lumber taken in exchange lor coal.
Coal delivered to any part ol the town at
short notice. (Inters lelt at I. W. AlcKelyy'i
(.tore, or nt our office, will receive liionitit at
tention. (Jllico ana ants ut w illlam -seal
it Sons' Furnace, Fast llloonisburg. lour
patronage respectfully solicited.
COAL. L7-tf-251 COAL
K vil;ni'8s ul llio ttomitcli la nlluweil to ticeomo
cliruulr, tho fotluulni; nils unnerve-no illgi'Mlon la
IHTiiiiine'iitly linpulrnl, ilm a.fiti'm l-iwy Imper
fectly iioui Islii'd, thotiluuit becomes lliln wulwiit
ery, ami llio lillo, betinr tmemplo.iecl lcr 01,'psltvo
mm ovacuatlvo purposes, rntcii the ( treiil.illuii
tliroiii'li tliu thoracic Uiictiiml InJecH ltscilf lutotlio U'Iih, KlMtig to tlio hUln anil thoHliltea
ot tlio ejes tlio Hitlroiuinse Indicative of lilllnusiiehs.
Ile.idaclio. nausea constipation, p.ilns In tlm hide1,
luuriuurn, and many ollur dWie-tUng lomptoma
wlileluiei'ompaiiy lie- luteiiul dcr.inui incut ulxo
described, u lileli, If uucliecHed, la btuo lo be follow
ed by Heilotis dbcase, us tlio iMns of the Mm by Its
Ktllni;. U U uunltist, thcrifori', that un Inability
ot tho stomach lo net upon llie fnoil hhouKt lu ertc'r
roiiw without delay 'Hie lnlKor.itliii; Inllueiico mi
tlio btumucli of llobtetter'ii Momach Hitters Is speed
ily fell In the dlsappoar.ii.eoef all the ilKii;reenLlo
s) niptoiiih alluded to. 'I lie presci Ibeul iidnerid rem
I'dles fur general debility usually full to ucliloe any
Lulhii,' rosult because lliey do 110V llio
stomach' Hosteller's llltt-ra ilnys sucteed for
that Is their pilnul effect, 'llio eery facl that they
nro such an excellent stomaehlo constitutes them
one of the bent general tonics In existence. Tore
btwo digestion Is llio tlnal step towuids the iccou-ry
of health, tt hen linpahed by any et tho multlt.iiluiis
complaints ttiilili tprlnj; from d spc-iMa, and that
will bo found to havo been taken hy tlio lin.illd i'm
has mulled Idiuielf ot this taiuous aiill-dyipeptlo
Tin; iu:st imiotix'tion.
Iho list siitcBiiaids agulnst epidemic dlseani nro
tloiutigliilltinlon nndiliiii iimrf). Ills bie'iniso
lliey nt mo tlio n itutar ixiformanco ot iho dlsioslUo
proeeet. uud InMxoiuto tlio nervous sslem that
llostitlei'HMimueli i:ittirs uio such a hotenlgu
liliiticllic pgaliikt tlio liillucnees whlehluK't Inler
liiltlint inaluilles nnd tlioso which Ulieell) uiticllho
ttenuieli mid towels. If thoneieesuio he.ilt'itully
truniUll llionsslintlalleii et foid they
aiusure-tu bouiulir llieliilli'dicu if this standard
touHe!.dnciWiie, inulurla innj In) elt Ill-el; and If, In
tho iiUcmcc: tl.o mitt nllablo ot incdlciil mfo
nuuii', ihes.Mtinilu sfiillen n piey loillteafcootnn
lull I ii.ll Ii i,l ir nullum I mo. 1110 11111(111 will, it
Hitltttd lu, iiadlctile nil) esllsocf Iho inalndy,
IHlli.uiiitiMiisiliatlin.iiid Uj'iipla jlildwlili
t-eiual it to ILe, ej eiollen el lids poleu. M'KC
blu MiUuUi .
Who said that you would liko
rcopie wear, rather than the "Wholesale goods com
monly sold? This will tell you how to do it.
The very large Increase of our business nltows us to make
You Can Save Enough
In buying a Suit at Oak Hall
from anywhere In this County to the City of Philadelphia,
and have a day of flight-seeing besides. WanamaUer &
lirown stand by this Statement, and so will
you alter one trial.
'"IO be tut
I poods
can be relied
Character of
tho Good wo sell!
For Men & Doys.
in lire present
a r th net ivhottsaU, but confine ourselves to
retail, We bear no ill-will to any one, and state this only because some
dealer Sell poor c d a coming from our house. '1 o each of our custom
tn we nrc responsible for articles bought of us. Ily our plan of Ticketing
th-: right H,mtt ut the matcnaU on our goods, no one can be misled as to
WanamakcrA Brown
treat their
rTHI; price
:io. Wcivcn.that
anywhere, and
alio, that the money will be paid back
"isiics, lur tmy itusuii, iu iciuru mc guuus, unworn. Q
I "I"MIIS Is Important indeed. became. unprincipled
Cxaclly I people having stores in Philadelphia, vn-
whrfl tha Slrm Ii tfteit our signs, cards, advertKenients, and
wnere me aicro is. stop strangers on the street, nvUhahe dtncthnt
about where the store Is. so that they may sell their
counterfeit good. There Is bnt one Oak Hall In
Philadelphia, it is a large building, the size of four ordinary store, and is
n the bouiheast orner of falXl JIS 1X111 SIXTH SIXTH
SIXTH-SIXTH and Market Streets.
those Mho cannot
. to tho City.
V send
wrfiiitu, anu jincc ueirca 1'aymeni can oe maae
to the Lxpress Co on receipt of goodi, and the privilege of examining them
is allowed before paying Where good do not please, we will return the
money and pay thu oiprcssige back to Philadelphia
J ffu thouU It ttire to ue our name on the Building and oxer the door
at you enter
Dealer in Law Blanks, Sunday School Libraries, Depository of the
Pennsylvania Bible Society,
Books and supplies not
On Short Notice at the
Store in Exchange Hotel
Oct. s,i;s-
n. p. KfNKni.'.s nirTHii wini: o iiiov.
It lias ncr been knowi to fall In the dire e f
weakness attended with symptoms, Indisposition ti
exertion, lost of mcmury, dnilcully of breathing,
weakness, horror of disease, night sw s, cold feet,
dimness of Mslon. languor, unlersjl 1 lasltudo of the
muscular sj stem, enormous appetite, with dispep-
110 symptoms, not hands iiusmn or the body, drv
nessof the face, pain lu the back, heaviness ot the
eyelids, frequent black spots flj lug beforo the eyes,
with suffusion nnd loss of sight, want of attention.
etc. Sold only In 1 bottles, (let the genuine. Do-
pot and onice, SW Xorlh .slntti street, l'litl.ulelphta.
.dtcefree. Ask for i:. 1". Kunkers llllter Wine of
Iron, uud take no other, lieuulno sold only tn Jl
lie-blltty, a depressed, Irrttahlo state ot mind, a
weak, nenous, exhausted foclln ', no energy or ani
mation, confused head, weak memory, the conse
quences of excesses, mental over ork. This nervous
debility lli.ds a socre1,'U cure lu C. r. Kunkel's lilt-
terWli.eot Iron, it tones the sjstem, dl.spels tho
mental gloom anil despunclency, and lejuvcna'.estho
entlro sjsti-m. Sold only In 1 bott ci. llexthegen-
iilno onii-e, North Ninth strert, I'hUaitclphli, I'a.
Sold by all druggists. Ask for K. 1'. Kunkel's Utter
Wine of Iron, and take no other. Genuine sold only
In 11 bottler.
llemoved altie, with head complete, In from two
to three hours. Nofeotlll reinoted, by Dr. Kuukel,
aw North Ninth sn-eet, Philadelphia, Seat, pin and
stomach worms nl-o removed. Call nnd see. Ad.
vice free, send for clreu'ar, or a-sk your druggist
fur Kunkel's Wonn'.jrup. TrlcoSI. It neter falls'
schenck's Pulmonic syrup, fcr the cure of consump
tion, coughs and colds.
Tho great Urine of this medicine Is that ttilpens
ho matter and throws 11 out of tlio sjstem, purities
tin- blood, nnd thus elfeets a cure,
schenck's Sea eed route, for tho etireot dyspepsia,
Indigestion, Ac.
The Tonic pralines a healthy action of tlio stom
ach, creating an appetite, forming chyle, nnd curing
the most ohstlnnte i nes of Indigestion.
Schenck's Mandrake l'llls, for tho euro of liver com
plaint, kc.
These pills are alter.itUe, and produce a healthy
action of tho lUer without tlio least danger, as they
are free from calomel, and jet more cflleacloua In
restoring a hinlili) action of the Hut.
These remedies are a certain euro f r consumption
as tho pulmonic rup ripens the matter and purl lies
the blood. Tho mandrake pills act upon the liter,
crea'e a healthy Mle, and remove all disises of tlu
liver, often acaiisoof cinsuinptlon. Tho seaweed
tonic glve.s tone and strength to thu sto:ii.ieh,mik-s
il goon digestion, and enables the organs to form
good blood, and thus creates a healthy circulation ot
healthy blood. 'Iho combined acllon of theo medi
cines, as thus explained, w III cure eery ease ot con
sumption, If taken Intlino ami the use of tlio medi
cines persc-M red in.
Dr. Sclu-nek Is professionally nt his principal ofilcc,
eornir Sl.xlh nnd Aichsts, Philadelphia, ever Mon
day, w hire all letters for adUee muat hv addressed.
Tako A j cr's Pills for nil tho purposes of a purga
tive, ror constipation, tndlgosilon, headache, nnd liv
er complaint Ily universal uccord they are tho best
of all purgatives for family use.
it Is no winder lint Invulldsloe faith In unci tries
when so rnnu wnlhless nudlelnes nie ndveitt ed
for tho cure ot vailius mseafes, butwhleh, wlun
tried lire "fourd wnutlng." We hate to tho tlrst failure cf 1)1. WMnr's Iialsauiof
Wild Cherry locuro eoughs, cold-, nnd pulmonary
disease. M cents and ;i n bottle, lari-o bottles much
tho cheaper.
Tho present la a good opportunity to remind the
filendsof thoiuper, nnd llio public genculli, that
tlio Cm.i'MiiiAN Jon Piii.MiMi oi i in: has no supeiloi
In Hits seitton, ni.d, In rime respects. Is without nn
equal. Huilcg llie last year wo hate eompli li 1 le
nened our Ijpi sniid Hind largo oddlllons, and It Is
no Idle bout-t lo say Unit we luto now il.e Ili-t
Presses, the I'est Asu.ilment of Tjiv, the rot
Slock of paper, ( aids, ,c and Il.e ltest W01I.11..11 In
Iho e'uuntiy . Our wi ikincn uie t celallj uoupluirnr
their, plircti, ui.d wo u.ake It ape-lnt touIwajsgHe
our tustimi-iKa ileal, ettieit and inll-failorj Jeb.
We du not i lnliu to do woil. lor Itm Hum eiil.n, but
will warrant It to bens eheapns umbo doiionnj
whero nnd jlelduilieei.t I'lellt. All w home In need
of Job l'lli.tlngienj'laln r In i o!ois-wlll
Iind It lo il.elrli.tiiiHtii gUcil.ecut'iiMNOfllce
a tilal, v hn on hand rwiy vmlilj if Cards,
1'uier, II I , 1 melons, Tags, 4c, that Is llkilv tube
ciilltd for, uud cun luinl'linny qiianllly irttlonf
work on thort uoilie. lilndli g to order. tf.
wiii:iii: io .i)Vi:i:iisn.
A. T. Hcwnit fajs tho lest ndmtMlig medium ,
ho has evir found "uie the old ei-laUb-hod orgiins of
Ihu two pollllu.l I allies, at Il.e seurul eount si uts
throughout the I'ntcn. Ihcse,'1 lie ni.s "letch
every lainlly ot Iho least aicoui.t In llulr sound
counties, nnd ure more emetully read thuu unj other
clasiiol Joninuls." It Sir. siewuit's Judgimnt Isof
vulue, tlu ie Is no ilinicully In duldlng will, h paper
It Is fur the Interest of bu-liu ss nan to ndu'111-.c In
Tho Coi.tiiiu liKMii'iUT, uui which lids .itil.i
pal I lally founded, wasebtabltslud liilSM, imdim
Coi.i'miua:. now t'lijojs a wl.ler clr. ulnttnn and
graiti r losU'illy than It iur did. 11 yvm legul r
ly lutotwo IhoinniKt fiiinlllen lu I'olumll-i and ad-1
Joining count lev, and by n-ostof Iheiil Is ii .d from i
III lo uio lasi line, lint uieuiiij inegui- u
eipeiieul i f niuily llo lliousaud Hen nr.ile t,ut rs
lullio county. Itglus adiutli ta tj i'is.
play, that mrkvn them ntir.ielln- lo lu i atron-.tluis
ensuring si-euter ecrtululy Hut iluj will p. in. n
till in. While tuclrculul foil Is uuduuLlcdlJ I..U -li 1 In
lar.ckt In ihe county, the ..duulsing rales of the
coi.vuniAN me no higher iin.ui I it her pafir.
Willi li.uili hull lul sou ral not oue-foui Hi ihe Lum
ber of bubsei loci a. TuelK like Ihi no s( uul; for Ihem
sell en, No shrew d but-lnca luuii w 111 ueglect lo In
seit hlsuduill-en.eiitslu the Ci iuiuun tf.
A TTOIINl'Y'H II MH, (miiiiioii uud
t Jin cii.iiit Lends. Just Mli.teil Ml for b.ili ul
tin. Cm L-u r ian dhii-ei. Ail Kit .1: ot Altoruui's UlaiifcH
either kepi eiu luend or l ilulcJ lu older.
io get such Clothing as City
e of hat w e stll we manufacture our
mp of them In our own building,
nrc well cut.icwcd and finished, 'Ihey
uton Sionktepcrs out of the city
w when they say ihey sell our goods,
In plain figures .ind nothing rjf The
rricc to acnuatntances and strangers.
To city people and country people equal
advantage. With each article sold, a Guarantee
the Price Is n-t Iowa It can liehrtnoht
that the quality Is as tt presented
In full, if purchaser within 10 das
patterns of material and price by
wnen requested, rcrsons can nae
-n ti rood tent hv Knrp. hv send.
Ing their measure (wc lurnish easy directions that
any one can measure by,) and describing color
I I'll ,- f ,, -v
fcsfi1 Mtti b?i-
on band can be furnished
Most licasonublc liaics.
Buildiii"-, .Bloonislmrsi;,
Healer In
All kinds of
Dried Fruits,
Canned Fruits,
Fresli Fisli, Mackersl and Coil Fish,
And tho Largest
General Assortment of Groceries
At tho
Cor. Main ami Center cts., Hlnoinsbnrg, Pa.
O". S, lsf
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
For tho relief nnl
mil; of all dt rano
menU ia the f-toin-acti,
liter, aiul low
tli. ThcY are a uulil
aperient, ami nu
excellent puigMUe.
llL-ins uiely vejftf'
t a lile, they eontalu
ral vhQtcii' Mmii
serious iicUir5 uui
ol hv uicir tiiiHlv
ut; nnil overy fimllyfhouUl hate themou hatul
fur tlieir piotection a,tnl relief, uhcii rciuiieit.
IjOujj uxpeneiue had provetl thru) to he llie t-nf
c.t, Murcst, ;uul c-l of all tho w iUi w hh h
tho miirkn uboitiKU. Ily their occaaioml ut-f,
Ihu Llood in tiuiiileil, thu coiuiptlons of tlifl m'i
tcm cxpelleJ, uhbLruetioiiii iemoTel. nitit tho
ltlioU iimchmei-y of lile icUoreil to iu henlUiy
activity tntoinal oignns which become clonic J
and sliiffUli are clennsod by Autr' I'iU, nnd
fctimulaieit Inlo action. Thus incipient ctUoase
1h elKineil intu licnlUi, the rMue of u Inch chanctf,
uhen l uekoncd on Uiu vnst nmltitiulco v ho enjoy
It, ran hardly ho coiuuteil. 'Iheir tiifrarcu:itin
inaKci them pleasant to taLc.nnd nreyei ve.- Uieir
vutued itninipaiied for any length of lime, so
that they mo ever fteth, aud perfectly icliahle.
Although eearehinpr, thpy are mild, and nuerato
iihoul dutut h.mee to thu constitution, oi diet, or
I'liil durctioiiH nro Riren on the wrapper to
ea.'h hox, hoiv to uo Ihem ,ut a Family rliytlc,
nnd for the foltonin coniplamU, which Uie&o
I'itl r.npldl tno
Tor ifla or Biiillrtlon, I.Utlont
n Iiiiiruir uud I.utut of Aiii'lit,thcy
should ho taken moderately I0fthnulale thotLom
ach, and ietiio iti healthy tone uud action.
l'ir IJ (Nttit (il 4i lit i aud its vniioiut xymn
tOllli, llltllMIN BIUlllt( liC, Ml k llt'dll
lu lus .taiimlli-i or Jrrn Hit Uurm, Bill
liiiiMi'ulU' and Ullfou IV en, they thould
lio JmUtirtuIy taLen for each ea-o, W -'ourct tho
diMM-"ed action oriemovo tho ohitiuetloni uhlch
cjuho it.
Tor ljrnlrrr or lltanliwrf, but ono
mild do.e it Koneralty ifnuued.
For ltlit'iittiiitiui. -'out, f.) ravel, Ial
iitintluii of IIih llrailt K'.Hn In tho
hlilr, llacL and l.if nt they t-hould Lf contin
uously taUen(ai lecpiired, tn change the diseased
ftcthm of tho ey Klein. With ouch change thoe
For lriiiijr And lrapienl Wrlltnjr,
they should be taken in largo and froipieut doetd
to prod iu o the cdod of a diaetio lungo.
For Miipprrotitoii. a latco dote fliiild lo
taken nsU proilucui tho UcMied cflett hy fcyin
As n fnfr Villi tM.n one or two VUU to
prttm-'te difTetlnn nnd ivlune tho atmiMch,
An occasional dose stimulates thu im:nch ft nil
bowel, ictore Iho appetite, and iu uorate tho
r.atcm. Hence It h olleii advanla-,'eom whei-u
no "I'ruHH dcranneinent exUlfl. One ho fecli
tnlerahlv uelt. often llmU that ft doe of ther a
I'UIh make him feel decidedly bettec, from their
eleanfinjr and lonovnting eiToct tm the Uigcdivo
2r,J.C A r;;.C VO Vrnctlcal C!umt$t,
(VmgliH t'o!i!, ISion
oliltl-", Korc '1 lmint, In
fltnnzn, I'roiiji, linn
ing (.'oiijjli, Hoar-rniw
I.lvi'rCoiiiiiluint, I'aiiii
or Run-noss in tin
t'hest or Siilc, Uluilini;
ut tlie LunKi1, nn 1 every
i i-r t. I.umra -.nil ( 'lam. nres eed
I i t I K. Wit i 'HU llll-AHOI- Wan
dots in dry up a cous;li ulul leiiio
o ii. i-i HI I. IS' miii 11.1 M II llll-lUl-O,
lis, s mo iv uet. iir.u iir.eis iiina-
u Ii c ii i; Hu. luux'Ct llu emu; 'ulnt.
Oonsuxuution can bo cured
by lll.iely i to this Hand.uil rin.idv, nuls
) 1 ix i a l In. I on i. s el iittlu.ebt Is II l.uMteee-it
pri'in lives
l OH Ml 15
i,,, -I ,n ,
j .1.1 ,i 1 1'
l 111 III V. Il
III. I ll I
1 I ' I , s .1
ll II, I.
rti Atk or .I'liiM vEMrtr. DT.ri?Arn.
tt'Tf t' t.'uri.tiiv on tho cfclatpof Jnhn VM-
I k.t.Tfiif ''utt t lUf.ddp Ittmbli comity, deceit
r t, iinp n n 'r ndfd iy the Il'tfhtpr of mldcoun
i ' Ai, . . nniicK, cr wranion, r Kxecuior, to
vh u ,u l "tmn Indebted nro !iiiiicded to inakn
p.t m nt, and thow hnvin? rlntm fr demands
nj l it tli'aldtt do ulllinako them known to tl.o
ui j j-xicumr wnuouiueiay,
r. M.C.ItWCK,
Hi' VPiri K OV SI'NllilV WI1IT1 lud nut
' ul i" ' -'mr' hi i iniin in nrwiir ro i tut. i rutin v.
iti'li -i t ri-cii'd will li 1 Ptpnspd tn snl-) nn tie
, ( i rri liis f .U-.-SI- 1). ltlof.ln H.-ott lowualitp at 1
!U L 1 . IX. . III, ,1,1
Tt JXHAV, XoVniDKR no, 187.-,
nil t riTtnln iitnllililcil of n lot ot lanrt
" i t"in r it timns-hlp, t'lilinniili nmntv, l'n , ins,
wi- i i.iiii.-si in,. wiinir.v, ii'Muini'ii nn iiic rose iiv
qu i r;.' I it tit MarpV K l'ur'l. nn the inrili bv lahil
if mi tlnnnp, un thi wst hv
ot .1 ssf II liio. kri'iwn in tli3 llri'ti nmrrv Int.
tr in? luti'li ot Aaron lioono ntul oilier lahflsof
.hi., li. Ha on which nrc iTi'Ctcit two iluHlInt:
n mi i nun iimi-u1. si tine, niuce', nnv Fr.ii nun l-u
llini- kllni. ix'lni? the- umlM'Inl onf-liAlf ot tho rnirtr
rvlnt ti'ir.'lifl-'il liyj. l). ltlco ot t'harlM k-c nub
eue- unnuncu:iiceis.
11m ot'inr un llvlilmi otip-lnlt ot tin nunrrv lot
ntmv I wrll I. Ii'lnjr t'io nn-llvhl-il niu'-half of
nil 1 n'l rry hit tmre'lin soil liv tho'l !. I), ltlco from
1'etcr Shu;;, with tho nppurtciunccs.
one nthrr plco of loml In nll townhlp tiotinrtml
liv liintsnt la,io Whim n than ml Ii, on I tie rait by
l.unH ot tho Fipv I.lmo nn-1 foment e'n , ami othnri
on tlio north In laml-ief Xut li.itite-1 II. rninnbrll nnd
f,n tin' nost livlniiil of I'nr.-tcl X Wnplvi ntnl Ihp
ipi.irr. lotiutiovo (I'-icrlbtxl, containing nbout four
line wlnrf lot, sllmtH on tlio Vnrth llr.inrh Onnnl
111 Mil tiiAllh'.hlOf -lOOtt, lHJUIlll.-il bv l.llllU Ot Clipt.
Hu-'ms :, i n'M'lln ninl othiTs, rontnlr.lnv ono
ipi irl. r ot ntmi'iv. Innro or hv, be'lhL wharf lot pur-
his ,t of (ionr:v lllill.ij '4 executors by tho salil.Ies
i' 1). Met'.
Th i thorwhnrflot.'isltuitcon tho North Iiranch
i-.ui i in ilil t'p..nilotrl!ir lnn-ls rf ('apt. Waplcs
ab'jui, on hall .nro.
nun; . .'i-ji.i. mm uinuri, eunuunin;
Ml Hi it tract of lanil snutn In Mmllmn township,
olutni li county, lu., himmleil nnd d"scrlbi-d iw fol
low : I'.iylniilnn at a pool un tho Illack linn
h Hu; :oroj,nvn to (r.itigi Witr, In llnoof
no if ivm (, thenco ny the Mine north
furl i. Mao ili'j.-ri'1's cast torty-twi) nnd Fcrcn-tcntli
I' -ri-u--, to u po'.r. t'icni " liy th" same Aast nttv-nnc
P'lCi- ui.iii'juk, thence north ten deKrees
t b L.tilsofSiinue! ilcr.-ill'h i-lthty.slt perches
I j .i p 'st, theinu liv same north thlrlt-two d.'rees
ist s uti-two pcn-h-M ton post, tlitte'e by lands of
i' till i n Niclll'ir '.eventv-slt il.-irie.-s mt nttv
i I. , relii-Hio .' inni. thence bv lati-l-i et lunlel
.'Ilil -1 .Ultli t. urle'-n il"l.Tees west seenlv-sK
Ii" ' -1" .1 p isi. 'Ii -iieo liv ri, si'ne south sixtv.
IV . o 1 IV.-,' el hlv.tlv,' p. '.-ties to. I post fll
t , r, s ii. ro.,-t. th ui iii sii.i mid ,nth twenty
i - 'i--rit' ou Ii s t,. tlv-Mae of bivlnnlne'.
i 'h'Mif'i-r .ill-.o-ies nnd ti" hundred and se.
!l ' I il. i ., 'I't .1 u i-.l lllii-e. wlii'ri'on In i.recleil n" il..elh:i. ...jtis . ir-r.- barn and ouibullUlne-a
Another tract of land nfllotnlnrr the ltist nlmm rte-
ficrlbed traet of land, on tho north, .Meredith on tho
east nnd other lands of Welllier on tho south, belnif
1 indi puichase-il of W. Welllier, containing about 41
hclzed. taken into execution, nnd tn he sold .is tin
prope-ity ot Jcssu I). Itlcc.
, , ., 3IICIIAEL OltOVF.n.
f-henn'somce, t-licrirr.
ijiouuisuur, lice, x -'.ls.o.
X Till-: MATTUIi OK Till-: 11KAI, ICS-
tilto nf lllirton W e',,nlrta tn it s.n,n
(uivnshlii, Columbia county, deceased.
title nn Heirs to accept or refuse the Ileal
tarr al tin valuation or show cause why the
same should not be told.
The Commonwealth of tn Rnsnnnnh
Waples, (widoii), liurton (i. Wnrdcs, Ann Kllznticth
Wnples, Sarah Louisa Waplcs, Mary . I W'aples, Mi
p.umali Wnples and llanna'i Wallace Wnples, heirs
of lllirtotl W. Wnnles. ilecenBCfl. Yon nnd each nf
j ou nro hereby commanded to he and appear lieforo
Hit. firnlimi'a I'n.irt nni.n... tn l.n l.n1 .
Illoonisburj;. on the tlrst MONDAY of DKCKMnKIt
het, V II. istfi, then and there toacceptorreruse to
t-il;e the real estate of said Ilurton W. Waplcs, de
ileeeacd. at the appraised vnluo or show cause why
iho saino shoul-1 not bo sold.
ltv the Court.
n, FItANK ZAItn,
Hloorasburir, Nov. 5, ims.
HOW e-ltlier SOX lull- f.isrtnutn mill rnn tlin
luie and nnvctl,nsot any person they choose Instant
ly. This simple acquirement all can possess, free, by
mall, fur '.wc, together with a mnrrlitLU Kutdo, E?iiv, oracle, dn-atns, hints tn lailles, weddlns-nlt'lit
-uiu, .vi-. . tuee-r ne'UK. Auu.css, i . M uuatn lo,
tius., i una.
W A ""rPI?r Ajjents for the best selilnt;
V i I i'j I I l'llze I'.ick.-IL'., In tlinwnrlil.
It contains 15 sheets paper, 15 envelopes, (tolden pew,
penholder, penell.lpatenl j aril measure, nnd a piece
of J-w elry. hlu,d, package w 1th elegant
pald, 2'. cents, circular free.
iiiiiuu s co., ica nroadivay. N. Y.
flood, r.nuiBi.ESir.N ash women to solicit orders In
1 tUST-C!.eS Having business. (Mil established ntid
reliable house. UxdUsliu territory. In-
h.cein' nts oiler -d and constant einnlovment irtven.
Id ferences its to character renulreil. Knr full
in dial a tin .use 1 1.1.-111 suiiuii nun iniiu ess
lIII.llltllTll, YllfNO ,t Co..
Nov. 12, Jiv L'nlon city, L'rto Co., I'a.
WIFE NO. 19.
Jlri'lhinn Voumi's rebellious wife
Tho nilyconi'.lcto expose ot all tho secrets of
uiuiHM'.i Hem 11 evir written. Horn In Mormon-
lu. an'n iuizi mm exposes to the world, na no oth-
r woui.iue.iti, !'..' sie'UETii, uvsmiiRs nnd cuimrs
f the hoirlbjo sisteniof pol.iuram, from tlio er.v
Iie,'lnuinK. Ncniy ano Ultistnitlons lieuutlfy the
work. Il Is tin I est sellliiR book published. lO.wo
lunre men nnd i.eimn can have t-inplojiuent, nnd
make from f.'i b :i dally, au. un: Aoems nro wrlt
Inj; for Illustrated elreulars Willi LAiiuii teiuis. scut
tree. Lo hoi d 1 1. , but address
uts'. irv, (human .v co , Hartford ct.
C-n " A HAY guaranteed using our WEI.I. AUOEI1
OrC'J and Hltll.iS JluO u month paid to good
Aci-nts Auger book rree. juz Auger co., St. Louis,
Dlpk'inas awarded tor DOLMAN'S NEW
":t join vi, ttuci.cs
:00 1 llii' tratluns. Address for new circulars. A. J.
DOLMAN a. Co., OJO, Arch street Philadelphia.
THE $50,000 BONANZA- "
S5.G0 to $50 OOjyM,5
un .
bull paitieutirs sent free. Address EN 1)1. E
. liEAl), OS all stree-l New York.
I UN ,
IO lloIIUl'N tU .'lOO (lollill'H.
lxnlan itorv 1'ireulir howllii to llinvestcd In
ftoi-u Privileges) has paid and Kill pay Lnrgo Protlls.
inter, sts'pe no'r'eent nllowod on deilosl.s subj"et to'
sight e'rutt. lloi'KvvAi.Thit 'o. bankers nnil brokers,
iuu siroe-i. -ew luri.. 1: 11. nux, sli.
7i.imcn.i; Sitrects I 40,000 of the Genuine
already sulil. 'Ihe tl. rilling story of the nobla Ufa In
the wilil laud (if Iho Mlo uij stery, Ophlr's gold, the
ions- u r, nun nuiuons oi sunerstuiuus oe-ins
iranhlo descrlntlous. tnteudld illustrations Mil
iums want It. we want agents nu ck v, protlls nto.
"cun ror terms, hhjhaku nuus)., puus., at, niui
so.ii st , phua., ra,
555.00 TO 8.10,000
I'asbccn Invested In sioikrrlvlllges-and paid
900 per cent, profit.
How lo do It " A book on Wall Sstreet sent free
nil MliltlDiii: .V co.. bankers ana brokers, a Wall
si reel, new iori;.
1 riKN'Tsi "n (in. pminMns! .im..,,i,i
2i. lzo for f 1. Noveltlos and Chromos of
i-i'i-i-v ilescrliillon. National CI11011.0 Comtianv. Phil.
llUl'11'Ul.l, i-.i.
rAPi'iseTios.fiu'i. ciiAiiviMi unsMEKisu.nnd
,'u e.ulde, slunv lug how either sex may fascl -
jiiaulae'u (.uldc. slunv hu: how either sex ltiav fasci
nate and gtiln the love and ntTecllon of nn.v tieT'on
tlu e-hooso lnsl.iutl, .no pages bv mall to cents.
iiuui fi lo , idv bouiu .en siieei, i-iuiaucipuia, i'a,
Sinin Qr.fw 1 in wan !-ireet otten ieana to a ror-
ll' V""1' tune. A 72 page liool: entitled:
Men and Idioms et Wall street. ' ixnlulnlm: eve-rv
sJ 1,' V 'I' I.' I I,1 Iv1 John 11 icsi inu a. co. l ankers
iU I 1 JAUii' und brokers, ,1 nroadivay,
isew ioik
'OF the U.S.
The mil rest In iho I lit 111 tner history of. our
count tj innkes lids the fastest si illng book ever puli-
iisueu. iLi-uuiaiiis uii-r " uui' i isioinui i-ei.i,
ln.'s. nndf) n-ii:es.wltli iifu'l i.cenunt (f the an-
lillilli lung gr.inu it-inei un'.i 1 1'li'iir.iiinii. reim 101 .1
liesiripiun ami e.u a lei ins io hi;i-iiis.
NATIONAL I'ellll.l-SHIMI CO., Phlla., I'a.
inu 1 it Ae-cnts vvnnted. (lood ehanco for niak.
I !,Ai, Ingnioney, to p; rtlcs whodevolii wliole
or pari or nine in selling our ie.' i. i.ux-r.ii i-oiiiuus-stons
send for terms. P. ei. box MilJ.
Great American Tea Cuiupanj , : 1 .u Vcsey St, N.Y.
Published asa wm iiIuu an, I for llieleiietltof .vounir
menuiid 01 beiii who si.r.ei limn Nirvom Dobllliv
Lo.s of Wiii-ianlio,,d, (tc, giving his lules of siji",
cine, ufii 1 i.i iiii going li nen tuliet Ing uml expense.
ami luaueii iree in u-tuviui; 11 ri.' i-riuu uui-eiou
envelois'. Address Naiumel Maviaiii, P. (. Ilox
1M, liioukl 11, N. 1 . jutj K.T.vcm
Fer itilciu.tlH-iictlUt Oiuev.or send torcoun
Auvn.Tii. Juuv'lWy
IHts ot Admlnlstrntlnn cnlliocstatn of Mat
KBitt curry, latent cenlrnll Iwirouffh county u
(loliunlil.i, stnte ot I'limsilianla, deceased, lat
vn irninteil to Daniel I-', curry. tt ontrnlla
horntixh, I'n., lo whom all persons Indebted to said
I'ftatenie n quested lo Inakn t.ij ment. and thoso
hallux: claims or demands will inakn known the
sum" w llliotit delay. llANIKI, V. CUHItY,
Oct 2D ew Administrator,
The iindcrslirncil. Ailinlnlstrntora of llio estntett
.toliu Menscli, lute ot Franklin township column!.,
county, decerthed, will expose to 111111111? sale on
Wi:i)NKS!)AY, DKl'KM Iir.U Ctli, 187f
In the rrenilvs In I'ratiklln township ntoresald
tract of hind Mtuate In l'rnnkllnteiwniln,iidjilnlnir
oinds of .Michael Menseh. Ilenjimln Ford, Jonathan
I.olirman and others, contiilriln
of cood qinlllv r,f land In irood state ot cultivation,
011 w hlch Is erected a law and commodious
oulhotises, bank barn, fIiciIj, tc.
nalo to coininence nt 10 o'clock n. m. of said day,
when conditions ot sale will In-made known,
Franklin twp., Nov. Stli-ltv. Administrators.
Juries for Sept. Term, 1S75.
Hloom M. Wjnkoop, Daniel liowuinn.
lieiiton-lllram Ash, .Michael llartman.
lkrwlck-A. S. 1-nLllps.
Oeiitre Lufaycttn Creasy, Samuel Crevellns.
CaUwtssa-.T. I shuinan, Daniel (loarhart.
Fishing Creek Isaac Labour, .tohn Wcnner.
Franklin Montgomery Iteexler.
(Ireenwood EIIJ1I1 Klsner.
Ilcmlock-KU Old, Hamuel Ala
Iwust Joseph Sanders.
Minilu-Joseph O. Swank, Samuel Snyder, W. V.
1'lne William Karshner, Asher Fullmer.
. bcolt-J. K, Fouler, V. I'. Kelley, Clurlea lirown.
rinsT WEEK.
Hloom A. SIcDowell, J. 1'. Wldeman, CM. lirown
II. F. llartman,;s C. lirown, John Leacocki
(leorgo Corrcll, S. II. Miller
Ueuton Karl Huston. John O. Dlldlnc, S. r. Karnes,
William Appleman
llerwlck Henry llowcr, Alfred Doner,
llrlarcriek Henry Donk, William L. Frcas, DavU
MuifTer Jr., Frcas Fowler.
catnw Issa 11 1'. Fort ner
Cei.trnlUi .lames Dike.
Flslilugcreek Aaron lies', ncnjamln Colder, Jo
nas Doty, Joslah ltc-s, Jncub o. Wilson.
Franklin John Koup.
(ireenwood James L. l'reslon, John Patterson,
Henry lletz.
llcinlock-Mathta Whltenl-ht
Jacksou Uenjamln Savage, Augustus Evcrhart
Locust Henry Heaver
Mimin-ll. F. Workhclscr
Montour William M. Quick
Madison George lleaglu
Mt. l'leasant Mathlos Kindt
orange (leorgo M. Smith, silaa shuman, Samuel
Hageiibuch, Michael C. Vance.
Fine John U C'otner
lloarlngcreek Henry Hoffman
Scott Jonali Townsend, James Klce, Itobert Ent,
Henry Croveltng, II. C. Kelchncr
Bloom Joslah Italston, James Hcnwood
Ilenton Charles Kccfer, William Holmes
Heaver Moses Kchllcher
Ilrlarcrcel: Abraham Jackson, Joseph Lamon, M.
II. lilttcnhouse, John II Suit
Cataw Issa-Chas Ki elgh, 1. II. Seesholti, H. F. ClarS
Centre Isaac Crj dcr
Conyngham Martin Laughltn
Franklin Michael Manhart, Andrew- Lohrman
Greenwood Theodore Lemon, M. M. Applemnn,
Richard J-. Eves.Dlemer Davis, John Leggott, John O
Hemlock John Miller, 1'eter S. Hruglcr, Mathlas
Mt. Pleasant .Tacob Mt-Uclc
Madison A. J. Carr
Main John Harmony, Dojd Tetter
Orange Samuel Henry, Moses Everett
Scott J. J. Keller, Huston Hoblson
Sugarloief H. Kile.
"Unquestionably the best sustained Korkof the kind
in 1,'ic II orw. '
Xbticct of the JVcss.
The ever-Increasing circulation ot this excellent
monthly proves Us adaptation to popular desires
and needs. Indeed when wu think luto how many
homes It penetrates every month, we consider It as
ono of the educators as well as entertainers; of thn
public mind. "Hoston (Hobo '
Tho character which this magazine possesses for
variety, enterprise, artistic wealth, nnd literary cul
ture which It lias kept pace with, lf It has not led tho
times-, should cause Its conductors 10 tvirard It with
Justlilable complacence 'Iho nngazlue litis dono
good imil not evil all the days of Its lite. "Hrooklyn
sninoof the most nonu nrof modern novels Have
tlrst appeared as serials lu this magazine. In nil re
? 'I .V"'"'
lu lutce'ss. 1 linaueipiihi
spects It Is an excellent perlodlenl, and tuUy deserves
Postage free to all Subscribers In tho United Statso.
II iui'Ku's M en 171SE. eno N ear. f l.uo
M Includes tirenavnunt ot United States postaco
by the publisher.
subset unions tn Haiu'EU's Mahazine. Weekly, nnd
liAAK, to one nddrcsstor ono je-ar, f lu: or, two of
Harper': pel lodlcals, to one address for oao year, 7;
postage free.
All exir.l eopv 01 cmior me .uagiizme', iicckij. ur
Haar will be sunnlled "ratls toreverv clubof llvo
subscrli ers nt i each, lu ono remittance; or, six
copies for f 2n w ltl.oul an extra copy : postage tree.
liae'K numners can uo suppueii ui nny lime.
.-v coiunleto set of llnrners MaL-azlne. now com-
prl-lng fci voluuies, in neat cluih binding, will tie
sent by 1 xpiess, freight at expense ot purchaser, for
1! vr, per volume, single volume's by mnll, postpaid,
S.I ciuiu cases, f jr binding, ta cents, by mall, post
A complete analytical Index to the first fifty vol
umes ot llariie'r'H magazine has Just been published,
rendering available for reference the vast andvarle'l
wealth ot Information which constitutes this period
ical a perfcit Illustrated liter iry eyclopadla. svo,
clotli, f J; hull calf. 25. M-nt postugo prepaU.
A series it papers under thu title of 'The First
Century if the llepublle," contributed by the most
t-mini'iii .viufric.iii I'uuneisis, is now iw-iii iiuuusn
ed In Harper's Mug-ulna This series et over twenty
papers Uve.s 11 comprehensive review ot progress
during Hie centurj now closlug,tu every department
ot out life.
Newspiners are mt to copy this advertisement
lthout iho express orai-rot Harper .t Hrot hers.
HAKl'Elt & DUO I'tlKUS, .New York.
1 RfiTJT'K'NF'R 'S MONTHLY for 1876
"u-aiDw-a 0 lu.UeMlT.ux IUi iuiu
The not. Ushers Invite attention 10 the following list
of some of the nitrai 'lve articles secured rort.crtb-
ners M uitiili, I ir tu 1 coming year, in eue 11cm vi
llctloti, o. sides numeious noveleties and shorter sto
ries, inert will bo
Tws EsnorkaUs Serial Stori3
The first of these, now complete tn our hands,
liyllltET. IIAHTB,
begins In the November number,
and will run for tweivo months.
v e su.ul also begin in me January numoer.
or, Sliow Your Tassports,"
The s.'i-ue .,t tl.s torv Is laid In the snutnivestern
terrlti i... now foi uilng tlio states of lnilstanr. uud
exiis. altne tinieol Aaron wirrs irensou inu
char.i' ti 1 - ll.i d In a siTtloti vvhteu was now Amerl-
au. now i-i, ueii, now i-panisi, anuinis rccoru in
ihi ir iuiu 1 1 in mi . lives ma 1,1 s u stur ot Intense and
linU.i.'.-l.i - tlitt-IVst IhruUL'hoUt.
. ' .
1 Sl'.LO.M) t l',H ft tAUA llUA.
1 '
by col. (,KO. 1:. wAi.isu, Jr,
rr.i WnrliifMs now In F.urone. vlslllntr. In a row.
boat tide ot two hundred uud fifty miles, one of llio
most ferine una interesting 01 mo vmu. growing vai-
, .,,... This seesd series ot naners nroin
ltf, , t, ;.e0n more inter, sting than that with
w htcU our readers are ulrcadj familiar.
edited by JOHN V. CIIFAY.
A rare collection of ltevolut lonarv Letters, milnly
from stores lu the hinds of the desoeuJi'tils of col.
Joseph Ward. They are full of Interest, and will no
read with .1 rare retlsli lu e nuu'iilou with llio Ccn-
leiuilai ceicuraeioii uiumj ear.
V.r'dliandi) lllut,.thd Artielcs on
Wrtitvii rosivctUtly Uy tueir frletuW, W aiieor
luuii;; 1110 jar.
r.le.-anllv Illustrated articles on Old New York, by
John 1'. Mini s. w III appear at once, and w 1 1 at trait
ill - ..tieiiilnnnt nil, In elly or country, who mark
'Mih tub rest ihe deie-ie'inii mt ot the great inelropo-
.ls. and! Iv remember tho uualnt nccuUur.
Itles ol Its olden time.
i:v rv number Is profusely Illustrated, Htm cnn.
ollug us 10 give t'lour (I, si nptl' e and narrative nrll-''.,-.,
un interest utnl in'iinai.ent valuo never uttnliied
la u 11 'ii-lllustrated perlosll-al.
Tlio r.ilitnrial Di'partmenti
occupy ove- twenty p iges ot each number, nil I con
lain Ur Holland's vlgurunsuh l timely editorials, us
wi-11 asrevitiwHui inu lau'sv wuii.a 111 ah, eaivra
turu, und MKiice.
I-i u Year, In ndvnuce ; u I'et.ts a number.
The 10 vols. ( oiunlele, Nov. IstP, lo Oct. 1T5,
ueMilia 111 ii.iux.s'il 1 lent inii.mi
do, Uo. iKitiud lu half wot 0000, 90.00
Vols. lLMn lii Novetiiter timl Vsy. aiiv ot tho
eanli-r voluui.-s,! to ipi Ui tupi'llvd lepAraUly
io parties wu 1 lUaii iinmio evinpiile Mis. al this
rule, 1. c.. elotti, ' ; liulf uioroeeo, j.
liueksi Her .ui ik st uiusli r vv ill le suiipllesl at
rates Hint wl I euaVIe tw in tu till uny ot the ubovo
Mibscilters will n', ase remit in P. (I. money or
ders, or lu Uuik clinks, or by regbtered tellers.
tuuvv iu it-uvo uuv ,t sisvvixu, 1.1 K-nuw lisi..
kC'lUllNEU i CO., Tit ViuudMi', Ken Ttei'k.