The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, July 30, 1875, Image 2

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Friday, Jul y 0, 187 0.
At n meeting of tlio Democratic State
Committee, In llnrrlsbtirg, March 4, 1875,
the following resolution wai adopted, viz. :
Thattho nott Democratic Stato Convention, for
tho purposoot nominating candidate; for Oovpinor
nnd fcbuo Troisuivr, bo held at tlio city of l-.rlo, on
Wednesday, tho MU "lay of September, 1575, at noon.
Tho Convention will consist of the usual
number of delegates, viz: ono delegate, for
each member of tho Senato mid Home of
Kcproscntativcs. JOHN JIIIjLKU,
Yellow fever prevails In towns along the
coast of Florida.
Tlio Democrats of Maryland havo mini!
iialcd John Leo Carroll, a great grand son of
"Charles Carroll of Carrollton" for Governor
of that folate.
The temperance party havo put in tho
field a full county ticket in Lu.crno county,
nnd pledged themselves to tho support of
llrown and l'cnnypackcr.
It is supposed tho Ashland Havings hank
will loso about $10,(1110 by its defaulting
cashier. His whereabouts are still unknown.
Tho stockholders, it is slated, will pay all
In Montour county there aro eight broth
cm whoso aggregate height is forty-nine foel
nine Indies nnd a half. D.uiphiu can beat
that for high. A family of eight in East
Hanover township average six feet and
half. I'llriot.
Duncan. Sherman & Co.. a heavy firm of
New York brokers, have failed. Liabilities
about six millions of dollars. This failure
is second in importance only to that of Jay
Cooko & Co. in September, 1874, and will no
doubt drag down many other firms and in
terests with it.
Park, Democrat, was declared elected to
tlio Legislature in Venango county last fall
by amnjorityjof one. His election was contest
ed in court by his opponent. After ntcui
oils nnd expensive investigation tho court
has decided Park elected by a majority of
They had a boat race on a small lake
near Minueoua a few days ago. I'eter Her
die, Senator Davis, and Editor Dealy of tho
Philadelphia Chronicle, were tho champions.
Ilerdic came out first nnd tho editor last.
Tlio race was awarded to the hindmost, it
having been ascertained that his boat had
been blocked.
Our readers wcro no doubt impressed by
tho beauty of the introductory chapter of tho
original allegory published by us last win
ter, under tho titlo of "Angel Sleep and
Angel Death." It is now continued and will
bo for several issues. It will grow in inter
est as it proceeds, and is of a class of read'
ing that will commend itself to thinkers.
Tho Federal Attorney General has given
an opinion in tho famous Chorpening caso to
the effect that tho Postmaster General is not
authorized to pay any money on tho claim,
that Chorpening may bring suit beforo tlio
Court of Claims but that tho statute of limi
tation intervenes, and that ho can only get
the money from the Treasury by an act of
Congress. The amount of tho claim is stat
ed at fll5.010.C0.
A number of Mormons aro now on trial
for tho murder of a largo party of emigrants
in 1857. Tho evidence against them appears
to bo overwhelming. Tho murder was
cold blooded and most shocking affair.
Men, women and children wcro shot down
in cold blood after surrendering. Of tho
children those that wcro too young to tell
tho talo were spared, and theso wero divided
among tho Mormons. They probably do not
now know their own origin. Lee, tho leader
of tho murderers, now on trial, attempted to
turn Statc8 evidence, and thus escape pun
iahmcnt, but his tale was refujed.
A party capable of holding to its princi
pics, and of persistently resisting to tho ex
tent of its ability tho encroachment of an
unscrupulous governmental majority, mtox
icated with power, and reckless of tiio public
good, must command tho respect of man
kind, even if it should err; but when obvi
ously striving only for the right, and to fee
euro to tho masses tho solid advantages of
proper government, it impels the admiration
even of many of its political opponents,
This is tho position which tho Democratic
party of tho United States now occupies.
Isaac M. Singer, tho inventor of tho Singer
sewing machine, died in London, on the 23d
inst., aged 64 years. Although said to be
the inventor, his machine was only an im
provctnent upon tho Howe. Having failed
in early life as an actor and theatrical man'
ager, ho turned his attention to invention.
His first effort resulted in the production of i
a carving machine, which does not appear to
have been n success. While visiting a me
chanic's shop to contract for tho construction
of this machine, his attention was called to
certain defects in the Howe sewing machine,
being constructed there, and ho at onco set
to work to remedy them. In a week or two
ho succeeded. As soon as his machines
wero put in tho market, Howo brough suit
against him for infringement. During the
pendency of tho legal proceedings, it was
discovered that it would bo shown on trial
that the most important principle in tho
sewing machine had been patented loug bo
foro either Howo or Singer's invention, by
gome obscure (perhaps dead) and unsuccess
ful inventor. Howe, Singer and other pat
entees and manufacturers of other machines
then combined, dropped their suits, and
over afterwards had an inserest in each
other's machines and sales. Up to that time
they had iiot acquired wide or general pop
ularity. Singer commenced an energetic
ttystcm of advertising, which acquainted tho
public with their merits and brought them
info general use. Tho profits of tho soveral
patentees rolled up into millions, and it was
hut recently that Mr. Singer gavo a newly
married daughter u million of dollars as her
marriage portion. For somo years past ho
has been rosldimr in different European
cities, his changed niodu of life consequent
upon his largo fortuno having entailed bad
health and finally brought early death upon
In bono respects tho sewing machine has
been of immense public advantage Tho
great draw back upon it is that it has so
largely added to tho extravagance of female
attire, and given riso to Mich distorted forms
of dreos as to excite general ridlculo and somo
The Stato Treasury.
As n part of tho history of tho times wo
lint tho opinion of tho Attorney (leneral
of tho State, showing that tho Hadleats havo
so legislated that tho Stato Treasurer Is no
onger required to mako a monthly ulato-
mentof tho condition of tho Sinking I'liuil
:md where it isdepodtcd, as had formerly
iceii rendered necessary by a wholesome and
honest law, nnd that tho Auditor Octicra! Is
ibuMUtely debarred by law from inquiring
into ill Tho legislation to shield tho fund
from examination was enacted at tho session
of 1874, by the most corrupt and base LeyMa
live body that ever assembled in thi Common-
wealth, or in any other, unless, possibly, it is
equaled or exceeded by somo of tlio negro'
carpet-bag Legislatures of tho Southern
States. Under tho existing laws, therefore,
and by the connivance of Got; Jlartranft,
over two millions of dollars of tho peoplo's
money paid by hard taxation is locked
up in tho brcceliM pocket of Mr. Hob.
Mackcy, upon which ho may nnd no doubt
docs draw interest to his personal advantage,
whilo tho Stato bonds (which this money
should promptly redeem) aro left to draw
interest which must bo paid by tho people.
Outrage is a mild term for this Kail leal buc
caneering transaction it is a gross fraud
upon tho people, perpetrated over tho signa
ture of John Hartranft direct robbery 1
Is there no remedy ? Auditor General
Temple is yet Commissioner of tho Sinking
I'timl. When tho board again mccta (in a
few davs now) let him demand that every
lollar in tho Sinking Fund shall bo at once
used in redeeming Stato bonds. Ho can
make the demand let tlio twodtadical Com
missioners refuso or neglect if they dare.
Tliero will be timo between this and tho
election to expoo them and to fix the prop-
r responsibility upon Gov. Hartranft.
Under these circumstances it is not at all
singular that Treasurer Mackcy publishes
monthly statements, over his alhdavit, that
there aro millions in tho Sinking Fund, but
only contemptible sums ranging from less
than two to thirty dollars in the Stato Treas
ury applicable to tho payment of current ex
penses and appropriations. Hut why aretho
millions kept in tlio Sinking Fund, if there,
instead of redeeming interest-hearing bonds
with them ? No earthly reason can be as
signed for such action other than tho per
sonal purpose or profit of tho Stato Treasur
er I And it was to enable him, his partners
nnd'his party, to profit by tlio interest on
millions of the pcoplo s money that Ciov.
Hartranft approved tho legislation dctai led
by tho Attorney General 1
Spccio Payments, lirokors, anil Subsidized
City Organs.
The efforts of tho broker-subsidized city
press to mako a political touch-stono out of
the financial muddle are absurd and must ut
terly fail. Hut for tho good sense and integ
rity of tlio pcoplo theso metropolitan dicta
torial broker-organs would havo produced
repudiation long ago by their iusancdemauds.
Every body is in favor of specie payments
and resumption will be effected when honest
and economical administration enables the
government to receive greenbacks in pay
ment of duties upon imports and to pay its
current expenses in coin, or its equivalent,
and not before. The idea of gold or silver
circulating as currency whilo tho country is
flooded with millions upon millions of irrc-
dccmablo government notes, or notes secured
by government bonds and not redeemable in
cash, is simply an extremo absurdity.
No matter what opinions any body' holds
about the ability to resume, the propriety, or
timo or manner of resumption, it is quito
sure it cannot occur umil tho government
passes into tho hands of honest and ccononi'
ical agents, who will not permit tho expend!
lure of ono dollar except for necessary pur
poses, who will promptly and honestly collect
all the revenue and apply it to its proper pur
poses, and who will reduce Stato and Feder
al expenditure fully one-half, and will h
restrain municipal expenditure and taxation
as to relieve tlio private citizen of tlio great
burdens that now rest upon every one. Ai
to a statesman's opinion whether spccio pay.
mcnt can ho reached in 1S7!), or a year ear
lier or somewhat later, affecting his party
standing, it is sheer nonsense, scarcely less
lacking in senso than that a mild contraction
of non-interest bearing currency will effect
or a prodigious expansion of bank issues
will promote it.
From Washington.
Attorney General Picrrepouthas at length
succeeded in compelling Judge Fisher, tho
district attorney for tlio capital, and hisdepu
ties, tovacato their offices. Tlio Itadicals call
tills compulsion resignation making tlio
form contradict the facts. Rascally practices
and incompetency are tho principal causes,
General Grant has long been trying to
drive tlio Secretary of tho Interior, Colum
bus Delano, into a resignation, without ex
posing tho fact to tho public, but Delano
"sticks," begging and cringing spaniel like
and will scarcely go until literally kicked out
Grant don't read Delano's letters and tho lat
ter thoreforo resorts to telegraphic do, patches
in tho papers to get his pleas beforo tlio
President. Ilo is a low dog, too fawning to
bo kicked with satisfaction.
Secretary Hristow is literally filling tlio
dockets of western Federal courts witli in
dictmcnts against distillers, rectifiers and
other dealers in whisky, and revenuo collec
tors, assessors, guagcrs, deputies, clerks an
other officials who conspired with thorn to
defraud tho Kovemment Ho refuses all
compromises and declares that tlio prosecu
tions must bo carried on to tho end. If so.
there will be a hopeful set of Itadicals in tl
penitentiaries before tho next Presidential
A movement is on foot to invite tho cyan
gelists Moody and Sankey to Washington
A cood idace for evangelists to flourish if
clootio has not too securo a hold.
liViuli Law in Sullivan.
Wo learn from tlio Sullivan county papers
that a caso of lynching occurred at Onshore
on Saturday night of hist week. H. S. Su
dam, a merchant, was accused of making
improper ndvanccs to young girls who visit
ed his store, but ho was otherwise an inoffen
sive man. He had been ordered to leavo tho
nlaco by a notico pasted on tho door of his
store, and verbally. On Saturday night ho
was engaged until lato packing his goodi
Whilo proceeding to tho hotel where he
boarded, ho was knocked down, beaten and
thrown into I.oyalsock creek. Tho water
was not dcen enough to drown him. mid ills
groans attracting; attention, ho was rescued
Ho was still alive at last accounts, but could
glvo little account of tho occurrence. Ho
was from Hlnghainton, New York, and about
50 years of age, Tho lynchers aro wippo
cd to bo known.
ThoKrio Observer states that Mr, Ilawle,
tho Uadical nominee for Stato Treasurer,
confidentially assures Democrats that ho
"not much of n Republican," That may bo,
as ho was not known to bo n Republican at
all until tho Treasury ring took him up as
their candidate for Treasurer. When ho
was n chain carrier on tlioSunbury and Erlo
railroad ho was a Democrat, professedly at
least. His Republicanism certainly dates
sluco tho war.
A "flood dovernor."
Gov, Hartranft, his political supporters
ay, inn mado a "good Governor." Let us
seo what constitutes a "good Governor," ac
cording to tho notion of theso Radical poli
ticians. When Hartranft wis elected thcro was a
oud cry about llin "Evan's loal." A large
sum of money dun to tho Stato from tlio
'Vderal government had been collected and
pocketed by an nppoiuteo of Governor
Geary and his cimfeiloiiiles. What has
Hartranft done towards tho recovery of this
ill-gotten plunder? Poor Evans was hunted
own to tho grave, hut thoso who used him
as their tool aro Mill at largo enjoying in
perfect security tho fruits of their consplra-
So far as tho public havo any means of
knowing, Gov. Hartranft has never troubled
himself to make an effort to bring them to
usticc. Tho loss to tho Slate by this one
transaction is over two hundred thousand
If Hartranft has made a "good Governor,"
hy is it that ho lias done nothing in behalf
f tho peoplo in regard to tho management
f tho Stato Treasury? Everybody who is
conversant with tho affairs of Pennsylvania
awaro that for many years rumors have
been alloat of illegal transactions in the
I'reatury Department. Tho sudden growth
u wealth of nil who have been elected to
the charge is widely known. Tho truth of
icso reports is so well established that no
person in tlio Stato pretends to deny them.
riieso practices havo gono on and are going
on daily right under tho nmo of tho Oovcni-
Ilashoevcr tried to stop them? Has
id ever sent a mcssngo to tho Legislature
ailing its attention to them ? Has he ever
roposcd an investigation, or used Ills power
chief Executive to inquire into theso
In the Governor's last message ho very ap
propriately referred to tho panic and the
Bufferings of the people in consequence. We
believe ho did, also, havo something to say
iliout tho virtues of public and private econ
omy. Precept is good, nut practice is belter.
ho records will bear us out in the assertion
that Gov. HartranlVs administration has
been coity in the history of the Mate,
and a largo sharo of tho extra expense is in
that department of the Government which
falls under his iniincdiato control. Whore
is tho evidence that he has mado any earnest
effort to reduce tho cost of governing the
Stato to a figure corresponding with tho less
ened ability of tho pcoplo to pay taxes ? His
pretended sympathy with tlio misfortunes of
is fellow citizens lias never taken tho shape
f an offer to throw oil' a portion of his sal
ary, which is nearly treble that of any pro-
ious Governor.
Serious as these indictments are, all three
f them combined aro trifling as compared
with Gov. Hartranft's cottrso rclativo to the
new Constitution. The whole public are fa-
liliar with tho looseness nnd corruption
which prevailed in tho Legislature a few
ears ago. They became so glaring and
dious that tho people roso with ono accord
and demanded their suppression. Tlio evil
was cured as far as legal measures can effect
thy the adoption of the new Constitution
an instrument which coincided so fully with
tho wishes of tlio people that they endorsed
by a voto which amounted to practical
unanimity. Where did Governor Hartranft
tand in tho struggle which ended m tho
adoption of tlio Constitution ? His personal
acts and influence tho labors and influence
f his creatures and political associates
was against this great measure of reform,
which the people wcro nearly a unit in favor
of. The new Constitution lias dono much
towards purifying tho atmosphere around
Harrisburg, but no thanks to Gov. Hart
A "good Governor!" Pshaw! In what
espect, pray tell us? What great measure
of reform has ho effected ? What rings has
ho broken what corruption checked? What
has lie dono towards bringing matters back
to the economical standard of years ago ?
Where is there a measure of his Administra
tion that rises abovo tlio dead level of medi
ocrity? Going into tho ollico under a heavy
cloud, he has not dono quite as bad as lie
might havo dono and (hat is about all that
can bo said for him. Eric Observer.
The gravo question now being discussed
by tho sensational press of the cities is
whether Gen. Grant's grand-son born July
11, can ever become President, as the Con
stitution prohibits any but nativo born citi
zens from being elected to that elevated po
sition. The urchin in question was born in
New Jersey but his father is a biibjcct of
Great Hritam and his mother was sojourning
temporarily in tho United .Stales. Wo do
not think it necessary for tlio public i be
much exercised about tho question just
If city editorial brains can do nothing
better than grind out flatulent diatribes about
Gcu, Grant taking an airing at a pleasant
sea shore, instead of roasting alivo among
the musquitocs nnd malarious atmosphere- of
Washington city, or getting off stupid wit
about him being raised to tho not uncommon
dignity of a grandfather, they would servo
their readers by drying up. About here, at
least, grand fathers aro a very common af
fair and babies aro too plentiful for tiny to
become subjects of interesting newspaper
discussion. They aro all nlco little feuckcrs
but too common to command remarkable
public attention.
Ex-Senator James A. liayard, of Dela
ware, thinks "tliero is no question as worthy
of the attention of tho public mind lu-day as
tho question of corruption. It must-be met,
and met speedily, too, if wo aro at all deter
mined to preserve the institutions founded by
our fathers." In regard to tho third term,
tho Ex-Senator declares that everything de
pends upon tlio fall elections of this year,
"Should they go against tho administration,"
ho says, "you will hear no more of tho Third
Term j but if they should go othcrwiso, take
my word for it General Grant will lose no
opportunity in drawing comfort from it, and
you will seo him tho Republican candidate
for tho Presidency next year.
Russel Errett has been appointed chief or
ganizer in this State. Wo notice that tho
radical Stato and sub-commlttccs aro mado
up almost exclusively of thoso who opposei
tho adoption of tho new constitution. Tho
peoplo of Pennsylvania should remember
that these men have pledged themselves to
cmasculata and destroy tho instrument at
tlio first opportunity and restore tlio old re
gimo of tho ring. If they would havo protec
tion against this ring they must vote against
it this m.J'itMiiry VW.
Tiik Statu Sr.NATi:. Eleven Stato Senat
ors go out this year, and tliero is also a va
cancy in tho Clearfield district, caused by
tlio resignation of Hon, Win. A. Wallace
Of these twelve places tho Republicans held
eight and the Democrats four. Democrats
will beyond doubt bo elected to fill thoDcm
ocrallc vacancies, and there is a strong pro-.-
pect of electing u Democrat in tho Clarion
district, to succeed Senator McClay, and
ono in tlu) Cambria and Hlalr District, to
succeed Senator Lemon. A gain of four
mora districts will glvo tho control of tho
Senate to tho Democrat. Jut,
Tho Andtlor not AnllmrNr-ri to lie-
. qui ro a Statement of tlio Sinking l'liiul.
AiintTon OnNr.uAL'fl Omen. ItAiiuis-
mind, Juno 20, 1875. lion, titmutl E. Dim
mick, Attorney General rf Pennsylvania
Dr.Aii Him Tho 10th section of mi act en
titled an act supplementary to tho sctcrnl
acts rclativo to tho Stato Treasurer ami to
the commissioners of tho Hinklng fund, np-
roved At.r 1.1. 1870. (seo P. h. n. 07) de-
lares "that It shall ho tho duty of tho State
Treasurer,o;i the first Monday vit every month,
to mako a report to tho Auditor General,
giving in detail the different sums which go
to make up tlio grand total oi mo amount
that day In tho Stato Treasury, includina the
amount in the tinting fund as well as moneys
not applicable to that fund, nnd giving too
amount deposited with each banker, etc.,
which statement shall ho mado under oath
or affirmation and shall bo recorded In a book
opt for that purpose in tho Auditor Gener
al's ofiico and shall bo open for inspection
ot tlio Uoveriinr, Heads ol departments,
members of the Legislature, or any citizen
of tho State deslrinir to inspect tho same."
Tho 8th section of an act supplementary to
tho several acts t dating to tho Stato Treasu
rer and to the commissioners of tho sinking
fund, npproed May !', laid, (I'. L. JSi) rc-
ptlres mat "tlio iatc Treasurer on inoyi
'intinrti day of each mouth shall render a
statement of account to the Auditor General,
giving in detail the amount on that day in
the elate l reastirv, ccciurtve oj moneys ap-
iroiiriittcd to the sintiny fund, the said state
ment to givo names of hanks or persona
with whom the nioiicysaro deposited, and to
bo recorded and open for inspection as in the
caso of the report required by act of April
13, 1S70. Tho act of 1S74 contains no re-
icallng claiifo whatever, and tlio question
winch 1 desire to submit to your considera
tion is this: Docs tlto 8th section of tho
act of 1874 repeal tho 10th section of tho
act of 1870, or ought I to require from tlio
Stato Treasurer on tho first Monday of every
month a report of the moneys In the Treas
ury, includinythc amount in the sintiny fund t
Hy giving mo your opinion upon this point
you will confer a favor on you rs very respect-
lullv, .1. J'. Tr.Mi'l.r:,
Aiidilor uenerai.
Commonwealth or 1', Of
ficii op Ati-oiinky tii:.s-i:iiAi,, IIAUKIS-
ninui, July 10, 1875. To lion. .. F. 'leniplc,
luililor General bin : In answer to your
nquiry in regard to tlio duty of tint Stato
freasiiier to make report to tho Auditor
General of tho investment of moneys he-
onging to tho sinking und, I respccttully
uli in i L the following opinion :
Section IV of articlo XI, of tho Constitu
tion of 1838 created a sinking fund for the
redemption of the public debt, did not namo
the depositary of tlio fund, nor provide for
statements of its amounts or tho places of
ts deposit or ol the manner oy wlncli it was
secured. Various acts ot Assembly prior to
13th April, 1870, provided that the Stato
Treasurer. Auditor General and Secretary of
tlio Commonwealth should reeeivo the reve
nues designated therein and with them re
deem tho evidences of Stato indebtedness.
They wcro tho custodians of this portion of
tho public money, and charged with the
duty of making proper reports to tho Legis
lature, and of keeping records for inspection.
The act of 13th April, 1S70, changed their
relationship to the fund. It directed tlio
State Treasurer to give security to the. Com
monwealth in the sum of 500.000, and re
quired him to keep two ledgers, called re
spectively tho "General Revenue Ledger"
and tlio "sinning j-unu j.cugcr, ami "to
causo all moneys received from revenues be
longing to the sinking fund to bo credited on
tho day of their receipt to the commissioners
of the sinking fund, in tlio said sinking
fund ledccr." and upon tho first business
day of each month, to mako and deliver to
tho commissioners ol the sinking lunda ccr-
ificato under his hand and teal of ollicc.
showing the balance duo them on b.iid sink-
nir fund ledirer for tho preceding month.
Tno commissioners of tlio sinking fund are
still charged with tho duty of a faithful ap
propriation ol the mud, ol Keeping public
records ot the condition ot mat portion oi
tho money of tho Commonwealth and of
making reports to tho Legislature. They
were no loncer tho recipients of tlio revenuo
set asido for tho redemption of tlio State
debt. TliCfC wero directed to bo paid into
tho Stato Treasury. Iho 10th section of tho
ict of 1870 provided inter alia that "it shall
bo tho the duty of tlio Stato Treasurer on
tho first Monday of each month, to make a
report to tho Auditor General giving in de-
ul the different sums which jro to mako up
the grand total of tho amount on that day
in the Stato Treasury, including the amount
n tlio sinking lund,and giving tno amount
leposited with each bank or other corpora
tion, firm or individual, or in tho vault, giv
ing tho name of Mich bank or other corpora
tion, firm or individual," etc. liio present
Constitution came next in order ot time, it
provided lor tlio inviolability of tho sinking
fund, directed that all moneys over and above
tho necessary reserve should bo Used to pay
tlio Stato debt cither directly or through the
sinkine fund, and that they should never be
invested in or loaned upon tlio t-ccurity oi
.i.i i .1., ..I' .1.., 1T..!,.1
vuviuiiiu c.xccpi luu uuimi ui uiu uiuitu
States or of thisState. Section lii of articlo
IX. dec arcs that ' tho moneys held as neces
sary reserve shall bo limited by law to tho
amount lequireu lor current expenses, ami
shall bo secured and kept as may ho provided
by law. Monthly statements shall bo pub
lished, showing tho amount of such moneys,
where tho same are deposited, and how se
cured." It is clear that these "monthly
statements" embraco merely tho "necessary
reserve," and do not extend to and liieiudo
tho moneys bclonginc to tlio Kinking fund.
On tho 0th of May, 1S74, tho Legislature
passed an act entitled' an act supplementary
to tho seveial acts relating to tho Stato
Treasury and to tho commissioner of the
sinking luiui," Aitiiougii tins act uicki
repealing claiuo vet a comparison of it with
tho act of ll!th April, 1870, will show that
in many respects, which need not uo in
stanced, tho earlier act is supplied and su
perseded. It will, however, bo observed,
that the act of 1870 designated tho "first
Monday of every month" as tho timo when
tho Stato Treasurer should mako his reports
to the Auditor uenerai, hut that tho act ot
1874 mado a change in this respect, and di
rected that tho report should be mado on
tho "first business day of eaeli month." It
is trim thcro can never bo a wide dillereuco
in point of time between these periods, but
it is eouallv tiuo that an alteration in tills
respect was lntenucu by tno Legislature, a
chango has also been mado by the General
Assembly in tlio reports that tho State lieas
iircr is compelled to mako to tno Auditor
General. Tho act of 13th April, 1870, re
quired that his report to yourself should in-
elm o tho amount in no sinking num. ccc
tiou eight of act of Utli -May, 1874, directed
that his statement of account to yourself
should be "exelusivo of moneys appropria
ted to the sinking fund." This latter sec
tion repeats, except in that respect, tho lan
guage of tho act of 1870, and by tlio fullness
mm extent oi tin provisions suunn unit u.s
difference from the act of 1870 was inten
tional and with tho purpose of introducing
a new rule upon this subject, The 8th bec-
.! P .1., ..... ..c sr.... , OS" 1 ,1.
iiou ui iuu act ui iiJ, ion, uiuiuiuii:, iu
peals, In my judgment, that portion of sec
tion ten of act of 13th of April, 1870, which
requires the Stato Treasurer to report to tho
Auditor General tlio amount of money 111
the sinking fund and tlio method of Its in
vestment. You aro therefore respectfully advised
that, in my opinion, tlio Stato Treasurer is
not compelled to mako such report to your
self, and that you are nut authorised to re
quire it.
Very respectfully your obedient servant,
Samuix E. Dimmick, Attorney Gcii'I.
Tall SirriuiPi of hying
In criticising an address just issued by
Mr, Chairman lloyt of tho Republican Stato
committee, tho Harrisburg J'alriol says "ho
overstates tlio Stato debt in 1801 hy moro
than thirteen millions of dollars, and ho ov
erstates tho reduction accomplished by Rad
ical fiiiaucicilng by five .millions of dollars.
Mr. Hoytl Mr. Iloyt I this is n bail com
mencement. Tlio Stato debt lu 1800 was on
ly 37,,JGD18 17.50 and there was in tho sink
Ing fund 10,981,000, which leaves a total
01-0,088,817.60. Where certainty is mi
well assured and so easy of access it is best
to bo accurate, An official address to three
millions of pcoplo ought not to be disfigured
by palpable misrepresentation. A tacit ad
mission that tho truth Is to bo discarded at
tho outset of a campaign is equivalent to an
acknowledgment of deserved defeat."
Tin: CAMi'AioN in oino
Speci lii's of (lovcrnor Allen nnd (I. II.
Gai.upomm, Ohio, July 21. Tho first
meeting of tlio campaign was held hero to-
lay. A number of speakers wcro present.
Governor Allen said:
Tlio Ik-publican party ts responsible for
tho currency now in circulation. As It has
been issued by that parly It dmin not now be
come Republicans to call It "rag money" or
to call lor contraction. They tiro clamoring
now for speelo payments J but a plccoof gold
or n plccu of metal docs not bceoino money
until tho public authority lias stamped It as
money nud dcclnred it to bo money. So tho
government of tho United Stales, being a
rovernmeiit ol good standing and sound ere
llt, might just as well stamp a plcco of pn
icr for money, nnd said paper Is then, to all
Intents and purposes, cntiivalcnt to a silver
If specie payments aro a cood tiling, tho
Republicans arc responsible for their post
ponement. They put them oil, hecausothey
knew a presidential election would havo to
occur before four years, and they knew if
tltey undertook to lorco spccio payments bo
foro that election, fhoy would bo utterly ru
ined with tho American people. They
knew that an attempt to force that act would
spread bankruptcy and ruin throughout the
land, l Hero is a great ileal ol money locked
up, and not borrowed and put into use, for
men havo the threat of tho specie payment
act right beforo them, and will not borrow
money worth only 80 cents on tho dollar,
with tlio prospect of having to repay it in a
year or two at tho rate of 100 cents on the
lollar. That would have tho effect to break
down every business man who borrows mon
ey. Tlio resumption of specie payments by
a retrospective act that would embrace all
existing contracts would bo an outrnge, an
infamy, and an absoluto impossibility short
of a revolution.
Mr. Pendleton discussed tho platform con-
orally: upon tho financial plank ho said it
had been misrepresented. It called for a
currency equal to tho wants of trade, and
that ho claimed, was n fitting measure for
tho voliimo of currency. Every issue of gov
ernment paper, whether legal tender or not,;
every restricted banking system, has been
an effort to mako and keep a currency equal,
according to the judgment of tho govern
ment, to the wants of the trade. So with
every free banking system. Tlio Democrats
do not favor a depreciated currency. Ho
thought ho interpreted tiio opinion "of tho
party and tho platform when ho declared
they wero in favor of coin as tho basis of
currency; that a paper currency should bo
1'onvcrtiblo into coin at par; that tho paity
desire a return to spccio payments as speedi
ly as tho interests of labor and business will
permit; that wo would bo glad to return im
mediately ll honor and good laith and jus
tice would permit and it wero possible.
Tlio Democratic party is not now, and nev
er has been, in favor ol repudiation in any
lorm. Wo do believe it our highest duty to
fulfill all our country's obligations accord
ing to tho spirit and letter of our promise.
Wo are not now and never have been in fa
vor of a volume ot currency, changing, fluc
tuating according to tho whims of parties or
the intcrevts of bankers or tho demands of
reckless speculators; but sullicient for tho
easy, active, economical and profitable inter
change of commodities and as fixed and sta
ble as tho nature of tho caso will allow, and
so long as we must have a government pa
per currency wo prefer greenbacks, which
are sound and cheap and good, to tho na
tional bank notes, which at tho outset cost
the people six per cent and aro at last only
redeemable in greenbacks, jiq conlessed
there were defects and dangers in this coin
basis system ; that the superstructure of pa
per was larger than tho foundation of coin
nnd that as the superstructure grows higher
it grows wider and larger, lint ho would
not discuss to-day tlio merits of various kinds
of currency. The present necessities de
mand relief that should bo promptly furnish
ed. Ho repeated that he was a hard money
man, that a return to spccio payments should
bo kept steadily in view in legislation and
action, and that wise statesmanship will
seek the means of reconciling such return
wan tlio true interests ol labor ami business
and j ustico to the debtor. Resumption can
not bo forced. It must bo tho proper out
growth of surrounding healthy conditions or
it will be neither beneficial nor permanent.
When in Congress ho voted against tho le
gal tender act, believing the law unconstitu
tional and the policy unwise. As tlio poli
cy had bceoino interwoven with our system
of finance and trade ho would seek all the
good ho could find in it. Ho would not
abandon specie payments, hut he would not
rush ruthlessly back to specie payments over
tho prostration of all business and tho ruin
of the debtor.
Tho Democrats established the sub-treasury
system, and tlio government, in lSlil,
paid nothing but gold and silver. A Repub
lican congress passed the bond act, tho legal
tender act, and the national bank act; gold
and silver ceased to circulate, and in 1S05
tho various issues of paper money had reach
ed an enormous sum. Then commenced tho
Republican system of finance contract tlio
currency, and, if necessary to this end, in
crcaso tho interest paying debt and con
traction has been steadily going on. With
the decrcaso in tho currency there has been
a decline in tho prosperity and happiness of
the country, until now wo aro confronted
witli a condition of allairs which all feel too
keenly to make description necessary.
To-day tliero is more property for sale on
execution by the sheriffs of Ohio Hum over
before. Gold and paper stand to-day at a
dillereuco of fourteen per cent ; a year ago
tlio difference was ten per cent. Republi
cans claim contraction as a remedy for these
tilings. Congress has passed a law declar
ing that resumption shall take place in Jan
uary, 1870, and tip) treasury is preparing
for this by buying gold and silver, Every
dollar of gold purchased with bonds for tho
redemption of greenbacks adds to the annu
al interest. It is tho old story of funding a
debt which pays no interest. Tlio Demo
cratic party points to a middle path as tho
way to safety. Abandon this policy of con
traction, stop tinkering with tlio currency,
stoi) this effort at forcing resumption, givo
stahilhy for a time, givo business a moment
to revive, promote industry and production,
stimulato enterprise by the prospect of gain ;
labor more and spend less. Tho great want
of tlio country is an entire freedom for labor.
a removal of every obstacle, tho presence of
every aid.
Now that nothing more i-i to bo accomplish
ed by soliciting the aid of tlio prohibitionists
tlio republican journals havo adopted asud-
den conservatism ot sentiment as to tho en
forcement of sumptuary laws which is in sin
gular contrast with their tone beforo tlio tem-
peranco Stato Ticket was nominated. Whilo
the prohibitionists were willing to voto tlio
republican ticket, on the hazardous chnnco of
republican good faith in forwarding their
views, temperance legislation was considered
practicable, but now they will havo nono
of it. Tho Lancaster Examiner holds forth
in this extraordinary stylo toward its lato nl
Tlio personal right to drink or not to drink
and what? has never been separated, by
even tho shrewdest economists, moralists or
statesmen, from tho identical right locator
not to eat, and wdint? tho right to bcliovo
or not to believe, and what? Until such sep
aration bo made, until attack" upon tno per
sonal rlidit to drink can ho mado without
impairment of other personal rights, and
without doing vlolenco to ourentiro personal
liberty code, it is purely farcical to suppose
that prohibition can bceoino tho basin of n
siicci'Hslul movement. www
Tho man w ho attempts to shoot a thousand
vai-ils with il nnii.L'ini or to ride to the moon
on u spider web. has as clear u notion of
agents fur a purpose, and means for an end,
as ho who hecks to prescrlbo what shall bo
drum: by an act ol legislation.
Tho fornildahlo character of tho prohibi
tion movement this year hius proved an cyo
opener for more than tho Lancaster Jicamln
tr,J'atriot, During tho last year it cost $10,000 less to
run tho wholo Legislature than it did any
year for tho last ten, And this great saving
was effected notwithstanding tho number of
members to tho Legislature is dotiblo what
It was under tho cxtravagaiico of uncon
trolled Republican rule. If Mich a saving
has been effected by a Democratic House
what will it bo when tlioSemito also becomes
Democratic? Gtttysburg Ciimiiler,
Fncts Worth Ueniemlicrlng.
Wo tako from tho Pali hi tho following In
tercstlngand Important facts showing tho ex.
travag.tnco of Radical rule In this Slate, to
which tho attention of tax-payers Is Invited,
The following is a list of expenses for 1873,
when tho Radicals ruled tho entire roast:
i'IitK nti.l asutslnnt t'Utks
Trntin-ilhlnij cli-rks ;
tiirjcciint.nt.nrms.iloorkcoper, and I"'
wuirers "
I 'an cis nnd folilfrs -
itonliiilJcntexpoVsesV'VtnVnticry fuel, i.i-
lmr, cts-
Mlwllnneotis expenses iltirlritf recess
clone to Hpe.iltcr
( lork lo Commutes of Wajs anil Mentis....
Assistant Insl master
sinvrlnteiutcntKOt rofit. rooms
Marshal of rolumm
Fireman, ciik'lnocr and jaullor
. V!
s,wi II l
Tor tho same expenses In 1874, as is
shown by the Auditor General's report for
that year, tho Stato paid $07,503.50.
l'or tlio sanio expenses in 1875, the ac
counts in the Auditor General's otlico show
the Stale paid $45,531.73.
Tlicso comparative expenditures were pub
lished in order to acquaint the pcoplo of the
State with tlio fact that notwithstanding tho
increased number of tlio members of the
lower branch of tho Legislature, thcro had
been a decrease in running expenses of $40,
000 r.s compared with 1873, and $20,000 as
compared with 1S74.
The Harrisburg Tdeyraph, with a dishon
esty and audacity which exceeds belief, at
tempts to parry tlio effects of theso truthful
figures by parading statements which cover
the partial expenses of both houses but
entirely omit tlio item of salaries paid to cm
ployces. And it has succeeded in palming
its figures off upon several Radical newspa
It will be observed that our statement is
confined to those matters wherein tho Houso
could institute economy. There aro other
directions whero tho pruning knife will fall
with still greater advantage to tho people of
Pennsylvania, when tho Democratio House
is reinforced with a Democratic Senate and
Executive. In tlio last year of Democratic
administration in this State $150,000 was
appropriated to pay tho expenses of the Leg
islaturc, Including "tlio pay and mileage of
the members, clerks and officers, and the
amount authorized hy law for stationery,
newspapers and lights." In 1S73 Republi
can rapacity had run thotst of legislation
up to $389,820.23, and in 1874 it leached
$435,092.S!! Tlio sum that in 1830 was suf
ficient to pay members, clerks and ollicers,
and furnish them witli stationery, newspa
pcrs and lsgbts, in 18711 would hardly mora
than pay clerk biro and stationery bills I
If it wasn't for tho fact that somebody
elso than murderers aro always sufferers,
it wouldn't be a bad thing to havo hangings
of such pcoplo every year. It is a rare
thing to hear of a hanging tho subject of
which does not express entire faitli in tho
idea that he will bo carried straight away to
the happy land. If thoso same fellows wcro
allowed to die a natural death, it is moro
than probable that not ouo in a score would
strike out for tho golden shore with tho
slightest hopes of reaching it. Tlio halter is
a wonderful persuader to repentance. 1 1
brings its victims to contrition at once, and
sends them off rejoicing. Whether this re-
pentanco is genuine or assumed, wdio shall
say? Somo havo faith in it, somo havo not
A man who was about to bo flanged in
Alabama sang, as he stood with tlio noose
about his neck, "Oh, tlio bright angels are
waiting for me." Whereupon tlio local edi
tor fiendishly wrote, "And then tho angels
stirred up tlio firo and looked brighter.
That editor had not faith equal to
grain of mustard seed. Ei:
Excerpts and News items from Kxclianges,
Was tliero ever a more outrageous assumption
than the pesent position of the Stale Trea-tirc
tiiat the people who pay their money into 111
Treasury shall not know where it is deposited
With a constant surplus in the Treasury i
over ono million dollars for twelve years, there
is no credit to the Stale for a dollar of inter
What greater right kis the Stale TieaMircr to
appropriate interest accruing on moneys in the
sinking fund than interest on the railroad bond
belonging to the sanio fund?
The Labor Reformers of Ohio will vote for
Allen and Carey. Their organs advise lliem to
do so, as no good for the country is to bo ex
pected from tho Republican party, demoralized
and played out as it is.
Gov. Allen, of Ohio, in a letter to a gentleman
of Louisiana, says: "We aro making the pre
liminary fight in this Stato against most power
ful combinations, hut we will triumph in Octo
ber as we will in the Pieiduiitial race of next
The last Congress, with a Republican majority
of nearly two-thirds In each house, created om
hundred and fifty new offices, ami appropriate
over ono hundred and seventy-nine millions ci
dollars. These figures seem almost incredible,
yet they are strictly true. Could prodigality am:
extravagance go further ?
In Texas, tlio Legislature at its last session
passed a license law forall trades or occupations
which makes it a penal ofieiico for any one to pur
sue any occupation, calling or profession, will
out having first obtained a license. The object
is partly for tho public protection and partly to
raise a revenue. Gamblers, lottery agents, pro
fessional politicians and pickpockets will havi
reason to complain of this statute, or to resort to
tho disguise of rcpectab!o occupations in order
to covertly carry on their real ones.
Tliero is no belter sign that the leaders of tli
radical party aro verging upon despair tlia
when tliey begin to remove their female clerk
from ofiico at Washington.
The Wyoming Democrat suggests to tliccrus.ul
crs that Ihe best way lo diminish tbu eoiisuiiqi
lion oi ueer is to invent a belter and eneapei
drink. Can it be done?
An unsuccessful candidate as ho walked awa
fromo the last Republican State Convention
cynically remarked, "Tho more I see of mm
the heller I like dogs."
liulcs oT Nomination.
As Adopted by Ihe Convention, JKc. 2fl(A, 1870.
I, Tho Annual County Convention shall lw held
at Iho Court llouso lu Hloomsbuig, on tho becond
Tuesday of August, at ono oelock, p. m., aud tho
Helegatu flections shall bo held on tho Saturday be
fore, nt tho plnco of holding tho general elections In
tho several election districts, between tho hours of
threu und seven o'clock lu tho afternoon,
II, Tho repieseutntlon of districts In County Con
vention bhall bo lu proportion lo tho Pcmocrntlo voto
of each as cast at tho most recent election fur (lov
crnor, but tho whole number of delegates shall not
exceed bctcnty nor bo less than fifty-four, nnd no
district shall bo allowed less than two nor moro than
III, Until tho next election for Oovernor delegates
shall bo allowed to districts iitn-n n ratio ot sixty
vuters for u delegato, allowauce being mado for tho
largest fractions of ratio,
IV, Tho Standing Commltteo shall, whenever nec
essary mako an apportionment of delegates to tho
several dlstrlils under theso rules and publish II,
with t'10 ruU's as amended, In Iho Democratic news
papers of tho county, at l-'ast two wecksbeforo each
annual contention.
V, voters nt Delegato elections may glvo their
votos to i smaller number of candidates than tho
w holo number to bo elected, In tho manner protlded
In Iho fourth section of tho lllooinsburg act of Ith
of .March, IsTO,
VI, Tho delegato eloctlons shall bo by ballot and
fchall I ui held and conducted by a J udgu and clerk, to
bo selected by tho Democrats In allendaucc, and tho
saldofllcers shall keep a list of tok-rs and tally of
votes counted, to bo sent by lliem to tho Contention
w lib their certlllcato of tho result of tlio eloctton.
VII, All cases ot disputes) boats la Convention
bhall bo dlsposod of openly by a voto after hearing
III respcctlt 0 claimants and their evidence. 1
. ... u .,lalrl.ld
they represent. In caso of an nnsent "i
may .Icrmto another. If ho fnlllo rto so Ms colleiwies
in idtemlanco may substitute for Mm. In o her
cose, tlio convention may nu iipinerei u .......v..
fromthoclllonsof tiioiiistriciuinueu.i.unu.
IX Tlio voting In conventions shall lio open, ana
any two membra may rcqulro tho yeas and nays on
any quest ton i rending. ,.
,rv. i,v thoHtRtitllne Commute, tlio proceed-
lugs ot which shall conform lo theso rules.
A I. All comity nominations and all nppotntmrnM
of'coatcreoa ami ot delegates to stato Conventions,
shall bu mailo In County Conventions.
XII. Tho stnnillng Comma too snan oiasn
,,i.P tr-m,, r,nrh election district, who shall bo
locteil by tho pcoplo nt tho dclcgato elections, who
Blinll cliouio their own chairman ! ami nnj mum
theinMittUuoiiuiioriim.wiiei.caiiciiioKBuiei u,
Chairman. " ,, ,
XIII. No member of tho Legislature nhall bo
chosen by this comity no a Delegate to a Stato con
entton during his term or omco.
vii- irwi.niinii a innlority of all tho votes
untimin.n necessary to a nomination, and no
person named fchall bo peremptorily Btrtirk from Ihe
list ot candidates until utter tho fourth voto, when
tho lowest namo shall bo RtniCK on ana
ach successive Voto until a nomination tunui
fleeted. ,
XV. Del.-gnles Instructed by tlio voters who au-
lectthem shall obey their Instructions lncomeu-
tlon,aiidoU'SgUen by tliem in uoiauoum ...v..
Instructions shall bo disallowed by tho Convent Ion.
All Instructions shall bo reported by tho election
onlccrs.J This rule is repealed and suprlted by rulo
XVI. Conventions shall bo caneu louiwi iy
Chairman of tho Standing Commtltce, oriniusnn
unmiirpntnoMkr member thereof, who shall en
tcrtalanmlimtbnoto motions for tho election ot a
resident and two Secretaries for purposes oi iem nnrfint-1tlnn.
vvti. No nersnu shall bo cltglblo to a nomination
by a Convention who has opposed tho Democratic
ticket at the next preceding election ; but this rulo
shall apply oidy to cases ot opposition to tickets here
after formed.
XVIII. it shall bo n good caino or cnauengo
nmlnst anv lwrson orrcruig 10 iouiuhuij ui-iugu"'
Pieetinnthathohas voted against Democrat lo can-
mantes nt l-'cderal or Ktato elections wiintn two
years, or has opposed tho Democratio ticket at tho
last nrecedlne election, or lias una-ii ur
i.iko monev or other valuablothliig.ornny pecuniary
advantage, 03 a consideration for his voto at such
delegate election, or has corrupted or attempted to
eormtit nnvtoter of tlio district with reference to
tho samo i but this rulo shall apply only to causes ot
challenge arising subsequent to Its nuopiion.
XIX. If It shall bo in.ulo lo appear to tho satis,
rneiinnot amalorlty ot a Comcntlon that any can
didal beforo It for nomination to nny omco shall
h.uo ottered or paid any money or valuable i lung,
or mado any promise of money or aluab!o thing lo
tnka effect lit future, as nn hidiieemont to any dcl
cgato to voto for him; or tunny oilier person wnu uiu
Mew of Inducing or securing Hie unesoi m-icgaio;
or It tho samo shall bo done by any other lierson
with the knoHledgo and approbation ot such can
(Uil.ile. tho namo of sin-h candidate shall bo Im
mediately struck from tho list of candidates ; or It
such fact lw ascei tallied alter ins liominaiiou iu unj
nniee iiTid before llin llnal adjournment, the nomi
nation shalllM struck from tho ticket anil tno vacan
cy supplied by a new nomination i and In either case
such person shall bo lnellgliae to any iioiiiiii.muii oy
a Com enlloii.or to election as a delegate.for a period
of two years.
XX. If any delegato shall reeeivo nny money or
other valuable thing, or accept tno promise m mon
ey or other valuable Ihlng. or nny pecuniary advan
tage to bo paid, delhered or secured In future, eith
er to himself or to nny other person fur him, from
any candidate or oilier person forsueh candidate, as
nn Inducement for ids vote, or under nny other pre
text upon proof of tlio tact to tho satisfaction of a
majority of tho Convention, such delegato shall bo
forthwith expelled and shall not 1 received as a
delegato to any future convention for a period of
two years, and dining thai timo snauniso nu inengi
blo for any party nomination. Cases arising under
this ami tho next preceding rulo shall have pre
eedence over nil other business In Contention until
XXI. Nono of these lilies shall Ik) altered or re
scinded at a regular annual Cnmcnllnn, unless by
voto of two thirds of all tho ilclegnles present.
XXII. Candidates for nomination may bo voted
for directly, nl Iho delegate elections, and shall re
celvo delegato or district votes hi Convention In pro
portion to their popular voto hi tlio several districts,
upon tlio samo principle on which delegates aro
electablo under the Mb rule.
XXIII. No delegato to nny Convention hereafter
shall bo entitled to a seat unless blseiedentlalsshow
that ho Is luslruetcd for somo candidate fur tho va
rious ofllces to bo Idled, as set out lu tho call for tho
We are authorised to announce tho follow
ing candidates for tlio offices named, subject
to Democratic rules :
associate .iudoi:.
O KO 110 13 SCOTT, Catawissa,
ISAAC S. MOXROI3, Catawissa.
viionioN'or.uiY, .u
1!. PRANK ZARR, lllooinsburg.
ni:aisTi:it and ni:conii:it.
W. 1L.TACOI1V, Itloomsburg,
CYRUS ROISHIN'S, Kisliingcrcck,
MORl)i:OAI .MILLARD, Centre,
LI30XARI) KLINI3, Oreeuwood,
v WU1T13 X. HOSTLER, l'ishingercek.
II. W. JIoRKYXOLDS, Hemlock,
H. A. SWI31THXHISI3K, Centre.
.I01IX LKGOOTT, Greenwood.
1II3XRY OAItLK, Locust,
SILAS W. MclIKXRY, Jackson,
.1011X EXT, Scott.
runny K. Jenkins by
her no.t friend
William T. Slnunan
John S. Jenkins.
In Hie Court ot
Common Pleas of
Cuhuntila county.
Alias hiibpicua lu lit
torco. To John S. Jenkins, Kcspondcnl :
You will nleaso lako potlco that tlio Court lias or.
dered publication lo bo made on yon to show eauso
why a divorce, n tluculo matrimonii should not 1hi
decreed In tlio nboto case. Writ rctiiiiKiblo on tho
ursi .tionuay or sepieuiuer, A. u isjs.
Personal sort leu hating failed because of your nb.
senco. JllCHAr.b (lltoVuit.
lllooinsburg, Aug. l.TSt blierim
A Fortune For $1.
Tho Wyoming Slnslo Number Lottery draws on
t o l.'.th of each iiioiuh, nud tm.iHiu In cash Is paid
In full lo ticket holders, Capital Piliolsu.iinii, second
1'rlo WO.OO0, Third 1'rlio f.'i.'oo. fourth, tir.oua,
mm, ci".'"', riiii, f.iw.i, i-iu,clllll, Jl.u-J", J.llllll,
fo.UiA', besides 00.220 smaller prUes.
Tin: vintiiMi couniN'criov
CVifcit'iiMtei ) Iittery draws on thusothof each
month. Capital P1I.0 1V1.U11. Second l'rliu silium).
Third, $20 mm, Fourth, tin.nn, be.siiles7750 smaller
pnes, mo tuiuiu amounting m fnuxHS Paul oul
ri'L'tilnr V nt each dniwlior. Tills Instltiiilnu
tered by bpccljl Act of iho U-glslnture, and super
tlsed by tbu legal authorities at each drawing. 011I
clal List of drawn numlx-rs sent by mall to ticket
nomeis us siiuu us piuillMlcil, I ickcis ior i-iuier 1110
t each, six fur ts. 20 for $jo circulars sent free 10
uteri body, cualidnhig full particulars. Tickets sold
up 10 uiu noiir or drawing.
AM.L'N CO., 7'J Nassau St., Nkw Voiik,
July 30,-3111
rpiIE sulisciilicr idlers for salo Iho following
iii-iuiiii-ii u-iii i-suiiu siiuuiu 111 jmmiouriowu
Slilll. CulUlllbla count v. l'a.. onu niltn rrinu l-tituu lsii.
threo miles from lllooinsburg and beten miles from
j'.umuv , uuu iraci cumitimug
adjoining lauds of Lewis Koth, heirs of Win. 0M
llurloy, other lands described below, Andrews,
Clark nod others, on which aro erected a tlood House,
Darn and other out-bulldlngs, In good condition anu
repair. Also ono other tract adjoining tho uboto do
scribed tract. Wm. lioberts, Joserh Pry, Daniel Le
van and others, containing
Also ono tract of wood land containing POUTV
ACItl.s, adjoining tho nbovo iiescrllied trai ls, U-wls
Koth, John tt euter und William Huberts. 'Uiu above
described properties will 1.0 boldhpu.ratolyasobotu
desirllR'd, or Ihu whole lu 0110 tract If desired. It
tho abot 0 property or uny pai t thereof bhall remain
unsold until
Thursday, September 9th, 1875,
It will on that day bo put up nt publlohalo on tho
Kuulses at 12 o'clock in. '1 ho abovo properties will
bold on tho follow lug coiullltuns, cither ut private
ur public balu Ten percent. ol Ihopuichaso monev
in Iki paid nu tho day of bale, balanco of cno-lhlrU
of tbu purchase money on tho llrst day of April A.
D., 1S70, when possession will bu glten, Iho rimalu
ing two-ihlrdsot thu purchase money tobobeciutd
hy Iwnd nnd uioitcagu on Iho properly.
ITU; Ttto-TIIIKlMfct iho puiihaso money bo sc.
cured may, nt tho option of tho put chaser, remain
liilhopiopertyfiouilhrcotublx tears. Inieieston
bauiu to bo paid annually, W.M, NP.AL.
Jamu K. IIveh, Auctioneer.
Hloumsburg, July so, '76-ow
A N Open lluggy, good ui new, will lio sold
j.x. i ncap ior cusa. impure or
W. II. l'OI'ST.
jmy 10-iit,'
in .-
Agent at Depot,
ON I', I lay 1 Sailer, Rood us new, l'or Palo hy
(1. M. IIAKIUf. Tiill nrnililri.tiu Mm nt '
I ur address him at lfyiy,
OUiy IO-4V"
Via, All delegates init3t resiuo m uiu ,..-
1 hntnlhls day withdrawn from the nrm
horn under tlio firm nnmo of tsllAI-l i-n n,,!?
TIT, in Iho town of Lspy, l'a., nnd tho fal.lnrm ,
hercbi dissolved. . , WILLIAM H1IA1TI It
i:spy,ra.,.lii!,ls75. "4'J'
KsrATK oi' i'Stkti untiittART, i.atr or urivpK
j I ., , ui.i-Jiiii. s . , it..
In the Orphan's Omit of IMtmlna 0,u'y,
Tho undersigned, Auditor to distribute tho tuna i.
lln. immls of Allen Mann. Adln n itrmnr .,,
Raid estate, will ntlcndto Iho appointment ntliu (7
lleo, In lllooinsburg. on Friday, August 27, is,,-,,
o'clock, a. m , when anil whero nil persm,. imH
claims ngalnst Iho said estntonro required to t.r, v ;J
tho samo before tho Auditor, or bu debarnd hum
comlug In tor n slmro ot snld fund. 1
C. W.JIlt.l.KIt,
lilnft.nalmrr? .Till v Ilft.'TK.JI . 1.
A KflfATK OI' I'MHl It. WMSNKll, m ililM,.
Jn the Orphanif Oiurt of Oitumbin Oitnty.
ThA miit!rRli?ni'd. AudltM to iltstrlhufn ii, .....
in Iho hands ot Ijifayctto creasy and Itt-nry siinrrrr
Administrator ot I'elcr II. tVennrr, late of In SI;
creek tw 'p.. Columbia ci demise 1, will al tend lo t ,o
duttesof hi appointment at Ids oniee, In likmni.
burg, on Saturday, August S"lli,isTr,,nt, lu o'dc i;
n. in., tvnrn mm ncru nn pcrs-uin jiatnig claims
ugnlr.H Iho said estate uru lequlrod to pre ell?
I ho samo beforo tho Auditor, or bo from
coming In for n sharo ot said fund. wm
lllooinsburg, July so, lSTi5.-4t. Auditor.
ESTATE 0f 11. t KOclAllT, HKCKlsKll.
iters of Administration on tho ctM-. r,f
Columbia, state of I'emnjivnida, detensc-l, i;,uo
uecn graiucu 01 .s.uhul-i iiukiui, ui irerniwoil
township, l'a., lo whom all persons Indebted
estatoiuo requested lo mako payment, and thoso
hat 10'f claims or demands will mike known iim
SaillU WII1UUIj UClllJ. OJUH I.I, IMfl,Ml-t
jiuy u-ow .tnmuiMrnlor,
i Mnriln 1'iirccll. Treasurer and Collector in nn.
count w Ith con) tiglmm Tow nshlp School District fur
UIU ,Clll I'lliiuiU until-, uiu.
To amount of duplicate 110,1 30 TO
iinseaieu lami ine.s roe, u. ... l.u'ii wi
State appropriation S91M f 13,04 91
lit- unseated land tax returned
for colli ct Ion t 9 0(50
lly errors and exonerations id
lowed 81T 00
lly collector's com. nto per cent. -115 91
nmounioi uiasiuuuuiKuiucis
nf '7.1 mid 00
lly Secretary's salary and sta
tionery Ill IX)
lly District Supcrlntcndcntssal-
nry -
lly amount Teachers' salaty. . . .
' fuel, contingencies and clean
12.1 00
i,74H O)
109 92
4.1 S5
0.VI ll
471 23
212 75
2,001 M
2'H 43
lly Insurance
- jiancroii. a v o.
' Attoruev'sfees, cost and ex
pense of lawsuit
I)y books fiirnlturo nnd miscel
laneous etpenso
lly materials, labor, lepalrlng
and painting
lit- amount ot Treasurer's com .
by balanco duo district..
J 12.11 97
We, tho undersigned, Auditors of
township, for Iho year IST.t, havo earetiilly ouimlimi
ii. ,1
inonnotu account, unu mm ii. eoiiiTLiLsauut
Jiilj 10-st.
untVAitn nn.iiiH
HEUXANIES We have a very choice
stock of these ery deslrablo goods, plain .ml
siipicd at is, ail, 4.'., 05 to 75 cents per sard, 'lln
nboto goods aro fully as per cent, lower than last
j car's prices.
Cataw lss.i, l'.i.
"WrillTE HOODS Everything desirable in
1'Iipie.s fi uiii IS to l cents per yard Victoria
lawns is, 2.1 In in cents per yard, liee !irli'S2.'i, 4i.
and M. cents iior yard, plain and cheeked Nalnsoul;.-,
l'reiich Tucking, rc.
W. P. JON ins co.
ralal.-.i. l'a.
HJRKISII TOWEL1NO, f-'mieh Oooils ami
Cloaks, Saeipics, Arc. Hoods mil to ho had elsewlu n
Whlto l'rcncli Mellno.
Catawissa, Pa,
YITH1TE QUILTS, Extra Eargc Ifonev
ciimh 1.2f Willi fringe, still belter ones ".,
1.70, 2.2.1 and 2.70, tery lincst lif fringe on mm
sides J.2.1. Theso prices all worthy uf your alt-u-ttun.
W. P. .TONUS ,t CO.
Cntawisaj, l'a.
-OOIS I'OIl JlOITItN'INC!-We pay gnat
T attention to this branch of our business, t"ii
will nhvays ttnd our stock full and complete!! biis
(iuods, black l-'rench Merinos, niivk cashmere. Al
pacas Ac, black Crapo Veils from $2.oo lo 4.oo, ni.u i.
silk Veils from fl.vr. upwards, niack Kid and Ok
(doves. Mourning Handkerchiefs, Collarsniid UU)
black Jeivelery, Ac., Illack Thlbbet Shawls, single m
f.1.20, 3,70, 4..MI lo il.o i. Double Thlbbet shawls f7.un
moo to l.i.eo. our prices un tlicso guotls aro me u-ri
lowest and the, quality Iho highest.
! w. p. joni:s & co.
Catawissa, l'a.
IIEIHJCTIONS iVe have in.nle
creat reductions in Shawls and Dresailooils
Clusii tliem out.
Nlco goods nt2J unit as cents ur
W. P.
catawissa, ra.
r tonsETS-i2
Corscls at M,
lillerent stvles anil pricm.
r.eent.s. h.i'ki. i.2.i. l m to2.':.i. I-'ov'h. 1 20. Tbu celi'braled iluiiblcd stielid
Corsets, extra largo slcs up to S3 Inches. One '
cent Corat-t a marvel uf cheapness.
Catawissa, l'a.
LV largo assortment Neckties, ctery color, at i.i,
2.1, 37J.J and AoceniH tu Jl.inic.icli. Pitches, 4, 0, 10 lo
23 eenls, Jub lot collars all linen, oieuts.
W. P. JON US. t CO.
Catawissa, l'a.
THE I'EN'NIES-C'Iark's &
best Snout I 'fit tun r. cents. SMrt
V Coats'
Ilrald s eenls, Spuol silk 0, 8 and 12 cents, best
Needles b icnls per paper.
Catawissa, l'a.
JLV best I
hell t ln.-m ut
MIlEli, that wohiep a full line of tin
bniiidsuf VilsIIiih. Pilots. Tickings. jii-I
ut bottom pilecs.
Catutt Issa, l'a.
QU'AC'E WILT, NOT I'EItMITus toconiin
IJ ma tvo w
tint etery onotobearlhesu facts In n
everything. 2d. That wu pay tlio cash forourgooiH
nud make nil discounts, lid. Wo bell only for
and guarantee tho lowest prices, call and see lur
yourself tho great advantages to bo obtained at
Tin: roruLAK cash stohk or
Corner Main ami Third Streets,
Catawissa, I'l,
isi. mat. uu sen inuiiesi ipi.uuj
irp ami Over mil MHIhhIn fbiiml
tu iio limlly, or objection
able, lls ai'ilcil!
At their AVoi'l;s in Bloonislnirg,
Formerly lllooinsburg Iron nnd Manufacturing
company), whero will bo kept constantly uuhandu
largo assortment ot
Whilo ami IIcmI Ash Anthracite
at prices to suit Iho trado. All Coal specially pre
pared befuroleat Ing tho Yard. Also
Plows and Threshing Machinos,
and all khuU of
Canting nnd Machine Work,
ItnPAlIllNarrcmptly attended to. Tlcy wonUl
rcepcctiuuy toiitiitno ratroLogo ut the l uuiu.
Ik I
(I. il, & J, K. J.OCKAIIP,
Hlocnitturg, I'd.
Jan. 8, 'Tt jy