The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, July 09, 1875, Image 3

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II I, (I O 31 H II U 11 (I, pit 111 AY, JILT u, 1ST.-.
ltnll llond Tlmo TaMe.
Accommodation Train....... 6.45 A.M. T.36 A. M.
Mull Train T.M A. M r.i 8 1'. M
Express Train 1.4(1 1. M. 1I.MA. M
4 6.BI 1', M.
north, isorrit
Accommodation Trnln 0,2s A. M. 7,ao l M.
ltegular Kvpress 3,M 1'. M. 11,33 A. M.
Through cars on Express train cither lo New York
or Philadelphia. Accommodation train runs between
Catawissa and Wllllamsport.
Mr. 11. 1.. Myrfis, collector Tor tho Colt-wit ah, will
wait upon tlidsu Indebted to thtsofilco tor tlio pur
poseof receiving tho amounts duo. Wo trust tint
those Indebted will bo prepared to pay what they
own when ho calls, but It not, they will again bo
called upon. II will scarcely bo demanded ot us to
orter an apology tor making collections but for tho
satisfaction ot thoso desiring It wo will Just say that
M wo havo to pay cash for every thing as wo go our
ptirso Is not long or deep enough to hold out unless
It is replenished with somo degrco of promptness.
An nlamilancc of rain tlio past week.
No more legal holidays until Thanksgiving.
Clrnin fiehls on Ihc south-side hills aro being
Nearly every farm wagon coming to town is
laden with cherries.
New potatoes, pea-", beans, beet, Ac, nro all
the rago for dinner just now.
llcechcr is sixty-two years of ago and ho looks
like sixty, too, the papers pay.
Tlio hanks and n majority of tho stores In
Illoomsbiirg were closed on Monday lust.
During tlio pat month Chief of Police Wood
ward undo -1 arrests for drunkenness ahd 0 on
Tlio "glorious Fourth" is over for 1S75. Now
save up your spare "chink" for the
next year.
Dr. J. C. Ilulter and L. N. Moycr, of lllooms
burg, together with their wives, drove from lh!n
placo to Unrrisbrrg a few d.iys since fur a pleas
ure trip.
Nobody cares to purchase properly in a coun
try where tho fences are covered over with ad
vertisements of "aguo cure," "remedies for rheu
matism," "liver pilU," &a
"Tho lopo ferry now in use at Danville, wo are
Informed, will soon be removed to Catawissa,
which will ho a improvement on the one
now in use at Hie latter place.
Correspondents niu-t bear with us. It has
bn too sweltering hot for well fattened and
caw-luring editors to pour over manuscripts
with a view to criticism nod necessary corric
tion. o
Nearly all the country papers in the Slate
omit an issue on the week of the llh of .Inly,
by which they patriotically make from thirty to
fifty dollars! The Woom-bur; papers are a
rare exception.
Tlio cutting down of Market street where it is
cros-ed by fith Avenue has made a Igrcat im
provement in the appearance of the residmces
in the locality. When completed the improve
ment will he still more decided,
Messrs. A. V. Ilitchler and Win. Kilter, of
Wilkes-ll.irre, were in Wonm-burg catling on
their many frie.ids on Tuesday last. These gen
tlemen look very heaity and repoit a big time
in W.-K. on la-t Mondav the olh.
Milton Charles will sell I lie household goods
and oilier fixtures of the Turks hotel at auction
on the 1 Itii iiist. It is Imped the building will
be speedily torn down and the '-(reel graded to
the Normal buildings. This will be a very
great improvement to the town.
On Friday or Saturday la-t, cither while pass
ing from Eycr's (Jrove to Jcrscytown, or from
the former place to Wa-hingtonville, Mrs. II.
J. .lohn-on, of liver's drove, losta roll of money
amounting to $17"). The finder will receive a
reward of $1") by rittirning it to the owner.
Whilst hitching up the express team of Moy
cr Itiotbeison la-t 1'rid.iy morning, preparato
ry lo making their Catawissa trip, the horses be
came frightened and ran out of the wagon shed,
running over Mr. Win. Coll'maii and hinting
him considerably. No other damago was done
except ii slight break lo the wagon.
Many farmers' good wives who make good
butter do not exactly relish the idea of selling
it at twenty cents a pound, but if the same
dames had been oU'ered that sum twenty years
ago fur their butter they would have hesitated
to contract lest the prolleror bo deemed insane.
Times have (hanged and so have pric(S.
One of the huge plats glass windows in Mr.
David Lnwenberg's store was broken lat Tues
day evening by a young biy who was swinging
on the rope u-ed to hoist the awning. lie caught
huld of tho rope and swung out over the pave
ment, and as ho Hew back toward the building
lie ciiino in contact with the glass, breaking it in
more than a dozen, Tlio gla-s co-t $0,
Kev. Dr. McCron will preach in tho Luther
an cliiireh, ISIoouisbiirg, on .Sunday the 13th, at
which time there will be an election for pastor.
A general invitation is extended to the public.
Dr. MeCrou is one) of the ablc-t clergymen in
the country, and we understand has signified bis
willingness to accept a call to the church of this
town, which will no doubt bo unanimously ex
tended. Tho address of Mrs. Walker, printed on tho
first page, Is well worthy of attention. It rea
sons concisely and intelligently upon a subject
as to which there may hu much reform without
riik of useless expeiiment or injury lo anybody.
The course of female education suggested would
no doubt bo of eminent advantage, intellectual
ly us well as practically.
If any body wants this weather hotter than
"n. is let him try a bake oven. If that don't suit
pfiliaps there is but ono other experiment to
try. Hut the delightful showers and hot sun
will bring blessings in tho way of increased veg
etation, and if peoplo are careful they will suller
no Injury from the heat. He careful of animals
in uso and give them plenty of fresh clear water
at frequent intervals, Half a day is too long
for hard working horse's to wait In hot weather,
If it can possibly be avoided.
Mr. John Laycock, proprietor of tlio Central
Hotel, met with rather a serious accident on last
Thursday, lie was in the tloroof C. C. Kob
bins, walking about In the rear cud, where it
was quite dark, and stepped Into the entrance lo
tho cellar that Is usually covered by a trap dour,
but just then happened lo bu open. Mr. Lay
cock sustained several biulscs.whleli havo con
fined him tu Ids room ever since1. It is tu he
hoped ho will bo upon ihe streets again hi a few
Certain facts wero demonstrated the other day
by an eminent professor of this town, to wit i
that a butcher' spring .wiigon, with short body
and closed top, Is not a good Intitiit ioti upon
which lo haul long scanning; that It Is not well
under such circumstances to extend the load
pirtly over the horse's back, that lo Jerk a lino
suddenly fiom under Iho lull of a homo may
produce violent results, nud tint it Is sonietlmcs
for the best that fliialo lieis thoiild break. We
havo not heard thu piofesor .lecture on the sul
ject but wo witnessed tlio demonstrations, whlel
Wiro'condiicttd In nclcarly Illustrative manner.
Mr, Andrew Wolcott. of Northumberland,
whilst adjusting tho breaks on a freight train, at
Kuperl, last Monday, was suddenly thrown to
tho ground. Tho engine was Immediately df
latched from tho train and dispatched lo llloom
burg for a physician but beforo his arrival at
'Kupert tho unfortunate, man had died, having
broken his neck by tho fall.
Somebody tried to get lip n mlniatitro Tllton
Kessio Turner raso at n point on Market street,
Illoomsbiirg, on Tuesday night. I he neighbor
hood was nroused by fcmlnino scrccchc3 of n
terrific character, which, however, quickly sub
sided on tlio approach of outsiders. Wo can
not stoop to giving particulars and have not
cared to Inquire whether It was a caso of wild
Imagination or one Induced by excess In the 110
of grasshopper juice. Lovers of scandal can in
quire for themselves, If interested, In scandal
Attached to the notico of tho death of a child
of scarlet fever, published In a contemporary Is
the following significant warning. "In consC'
quenco of tlio nature of thciliscaso the funeral scp
vice will bo pilvate, and, therefore, hour and
place are not given" This evidenco of good senso
and of feeling for others on tlio part of ihe be,
rcaved parents Bliould entitle them to tho Increas'
cd lovo of their friends, diseases are
being continually spread by contact at funerals
simply from the fact that Invitations nre extend
ed to the services to old and young without In
timatiou being given as to the cause of death.
A careless and next lo inexcusablo runaway
occurred in tho west Court House alley on Mon
day. A wagon was lop loaded with tho roof
and other debris of an old building, and then n
small boy perched on top of it lo drive down n
descending grade. The horse becamo frightened
and ran, but the lad preserved his coolness and
kept him in the best course, making the turn In
Main street quite scientifically but loo rapidly
for the light load, which rolled oil) carrying the
hoy with it. He instantly jumped up, and
crawling out from the debris, exclaimed : "I'm
not burl," as cooly as though it had been a
common and voluntary occurrence. Wo ad
miied the self-possessisn and courage of the lad,
somewhat more than the discretion of the men
who placed him in danger rather than ri"k it
ni.ooMsiitnto school?.
The board of Directors of Illoomsbiirg district
met on the 2d inst., and selected the following
Teachers, viz:
J'ith tlral Scltnol Konm No. 1. Ocorgoli.
Wilbur, Principal; Miss Agnes Uuckingham,
.Koom No. 'J. C, 11. Welliver, Principal;
Miss Martha J. lidgar, As-i-tant.
Koom No. 3. Jo-eph Garrison, Principal ;
lid win Witman, Assistant.
Koom No. I. Miss Florence Wirt, Principal;
Mi-s Lena Fanlds, Assistant.
Third trat k'rhool Prof. I. Ii. S'clioonover,
Principal; Mrs. I. Ii. Heiioonover, Assistant.
Koom No. 'J. Miss Amelia Armstrong, Prin
cipal ; Miss Hattio Vander.-liee, Assistant.
Koom No. !i. M, M, (icnsel, Principal ; Miss
M. M. Unangsl, Assistant.
Koom No. 1. Mrs. F. Ii. (lebler, Principal ;
Miss Kale 1 lower, Assistant.
Welsh Hill II. W. Uuckingham, Teacher.
celeiiiiatiuN ot- tiii: rouimi.
The -lib of July was not formally celebrated
in lilnonisburg. On Saturday and Monday nu
merous pie nic parlies were out, and the weather
being for the mo-t put favorable', they enjoyed
themselves unusiinlly well. On Monday morn
ing (lie Silver Cornet Hand, followed by a large
number of per.-ons (u hundred or more) dressed
in what were supposed to bo Indian co-tumes,
left Ihe depot for Wilkes-I! irre where they gave
a tableaux of William Peim treating with Ihe
Indians, (cheating them,) A. C. Smith, lisq.,
personating Penn. eare informed they had
a good lime of it. Aside from a di-play of fire
works by a gentleman on 5th street, there was
untiling done in the evening by way of giving
vent to an exuberance of patriotism.
Catawissa celebrated on Saturday, under the
ui-pices of the Sons of America, although the
business places were not closed until Monday,
that being by law Ihe legal holiday. After in
dulging in a parade on Saturdav, composed of
the Calawi.ssa I'.rass Hand, Ihe several secret or
ders of the place anil other citizens, a grand pic
nie was held near Iho paper mill where several
addresses were delivered and a sumptuous din
ner pai taken of which was prepared by the fair
ladies of the town, making it in all a very picas-
ant affair. About -I o'clock Monday morning,
the Hand paraded around the town serenading,
ind occasionally the firing of cannon helped to
aroii-e the slumberer and reminded him that
thepatriotism had not all been spent on Satur
day. A huge number of people from the coun
try were in town on Monday, although no par
ticular demonstration was had. In tho evening
an out-door "hop" was to have been given by
the Hand on the bank of the river, w here a suit
able platform had been creeled for tho occasion,
and where ice cream, cakes and oilier refresh
ments were to have been served up, hut owing
to n very heavy shower, the large crowd was dis
persed ere they had an opportunity to "trip the
light fantastic toe." Thus ended ihe "glorious
Fourth" in Catawi-sa.
At Orangeville the day was celebrated willi
considerable spirit. About HI o'clock tho order
of Old Fellows proceeded to Megirgcll's woods,
when-, after organization and somo line singing
aci'uinpauied by liiu-io, the oration of the day
was pronounced by Ilcrvoy Ii. Smith, V.., of
Iilooiii-burg, to a large audience. The Festival
for the benefit of the Methodist chinch was then
pirtakcn of. Much ta-te and commendable
skill were exhibited in gelling up tho Fe.-tival.
Is was largely and generously patronized and
yielded considerable profit to tho purpose of the
projectors, and gave the fullest satisfaction to
those who partook of it. Kevs, Creever and
liritlaiu delivered eloquent addresses in the af
ternoon. In tho evening tho ladies of the Moth-odl-t
church gave an lee cream festival, which
was abo well patronized. Later, the youngsters
had a hop at Snyder's hotel, which of course
was not under tho patrouago of our Methodist
friends, hut added largely to Iho enjoyments of
tlio day.
The day was celebrated in Kenton on Satur
day tlio 3d, by a Union .Sunday School picnic
in Master's (irovo on the bank of Fishingcreek,
Five Sunday Schools united in tlio celebration
two from Kenton, two from Jackson ami one
fiom Stillwater. Tho procession was formed in
front of the M. Ii. Church at about 11 o'clock,
a, in., ami inareneii, aueiiueii ny martial music,
and with banners and National Hags, to the
grove. Tho inciting was called to order by W.
H. Smith, lisq., and after a few- remarks was
opened by prayer by Kev. Mr. Sipe. Tlio Dec
laration of Independence was then read by .Mr.
Fritz. Then followed a short address by Ii. ii.
Orvls, lisq., when there was a short adjournment
for dinner. Tho dinner, of which each school
brought an abundant supply of a superior
pialily, was discussed with a relish by both old
and young. In tho afternoon addresses were de
livered by Mr, C, ,S, Long nud Mr. Keiiscotcr.
The proceedings wero Interspersed with martial
uiiislu and were concluded by singing several
appropriate pieces. At tho conclusion it was de
termined by unanimous vote to meet ntthosauiu
place for n similar pie nie on the lth of July
187l). Tho wholo passed oil' pleasantly, without
anything to mar the pleasure of iho occasion,
and all prevent seemed greatly to enjoy Ihciu
Aside fiom pic nlos and Sunday school turn
outs wo have no infoiuialiou of celebrations at
oilier points in tin renmty, TIiojo at Wilkes-
Kirre and New t'olanihiis. Luzeriio county, at
traded the attention and concurrence of many
people of this county, and no doubt prevented
local celebrations at soiuu towns that have not
held them,
Princeton, New Jersey, has discovered a way
to get rlil of tho great nuisance, (amps, Tho
Mayor Issued a liollco requesting tho citizens to
cease giving money, food or clothing to tho class
named, lie stated In addition that arrangements
had been mado to givo nil applicants a meal or
lodging provided they would work for It; If they
refused to work then Iho meal or lodging was
refused, Tho result was Princeton was soon
clear of tramps, showing conclusively that work
and the tramp cannot get along together.
Tho alumni oration nt Dickinson Seminary,
Willlamsport, delivered by Col. 0. 0. Jackson,
of Ilerwick, has rccicved unusual commciida
lion. Tho Gaxtk&llutlctln gives tho following
"The Alumni oraton was delivered by Col
C. G. Jackson, of Ilerwick. This gentleman at
once secured ihc attention of his audience, which
ho held until tho close. His remarks were terse,
original and spicy, and wero frequently rccicved
with roars of laughter, ills speech bristled with
humorous and original points, and was superior
to that of many professionals. Mr. Jackson is a
member of tho class of 18M, At the close of his
address ho very feelingly alluded to the tad f.tto
of his classmate, limery Poisll, who was acclden-
tly drowned while bathing In the river on the
day ho was to have graduated, He also referred
lo Iho dcalli of General Wellington 11. lint,
another classmate, who had more recently been
called home, after winning golden laurels on
many hard fought battlo fields of tho rebellion.
The speaker had assisted In paying tho last Bad
rites lo hsl honored classmate and friend.
This address was probably one of the best, in
all rcpects, tint has ever been listened to with
in tho walls of old Dickinson. Mr. Jaekon
was highly complimented by a host of admiring
fricndi, who surrounded him nt the close of ex-
iMMr.Nii: Adveiitisino. A. T. Stewart it-
Co., of New York-, advertised lo the extent of
?S50.000 l.vt year, nearly ono per cent of the
tolal amount of their sales. Mr. Stewart, tho
head of the firm, is regarded as one of tho
shrewdest men in tlio United States, and his
method of doing business is universally conceded
to bo par ticcllmee, tho standard for merchants
to follow. And yet there are hundreds of mer
chants and tradesmen who would bold up their
hands in horror if it were proposed to them to
inve-t a fraction of ono per cent, in advertising.
They cannot bo persuaded that what Mr, Stew
art finds profitable they would also, if they
would but try it. It needs a little pluck, but,
unfortunately for most mediocre business men,
they lack that essential ingredient to success.
Advertise and grow wealthy, is a inolto that tho
mo-t prosperous business men have followed to
their greatest advantage. Go thou and do like
lint A. T. Stewart advertises in tho pipers
that are read and circulated among Iho people
from whom he expects to draw his custom. Ho
is not so foolish as to advertise in a paper that
ho knows has but a small or limited circulation
among the people whose custom ho solicits, or
that is not generally read ; nor does he adver
tise in directories, on business cards, or sheets
printed for gratuitous circulation, or in any
other absurd way. As he himself announces he
advertises only in tlio papers of the largest cir
culation in the localities from which he expects
to obtain trade. All other advertising is dis
carded by him as utterly worthless.
Insinuations having been made that John
Snyder, li-q., County Treasurer, or his Deputy,
was using county funds for private purposes, we
present the following statement, which will be
verified on oath if necessary, showing that Ihc
Treasurer lias not only paid out all the funds
that he has received, but that his Deputy has
actually advanced Iho countv tho sum of
Keeeints and di-lmr-cmcnts hv the Treasurer
of Columbia county from January 1st to June
III), 1S-): 1)1(.
lo cash from collectors, county tax,
(log tax,
To ain't, on hand at la-t settlement,
Tavern Iiccu-es collected,
" Liquor store licences eoliietcil,
" Kiting liou-e licenses collected,
" Store licenes collected,
" Fees on same',
" liedcniptioii in baud,
" Matting, lamps, i(v., sold,
" To Montour co., on jury trial,
" Note discounted,
" Plank sold,
lax on laud ri turned,
1 l.tKI
" Cash advanced by W. Krickbaum, .'I'J-J.o'i
I!y County orders paid,
1 150.08
Nicep orders paid,
" Hills paid on account and vouch-
e rs on hand,
" Cash on band,
" Tavern licenses paid to State
Treasii rcr,
" Liq. license paid toSlateTrcas.,
" I' II " " "
" Store' " " "
" ain't. last settlement
on account,
1'or.IOIIN SNYDIiii, Tick.
The foregoing statement is required by law to
bo furnished to the county Commissioners, but
its publication is not enjoined. It is voluntarily
published now by the ollicers concerned to vin
dicate thcm-elves from unjust asper-ion.
In this connection it may as well bo stated
that last Spring, the board of Kevenue Com
missioners al HarrUbiirg fixed Iho Slate tax for
this county at an enormously high figure, but
by ihe cllbrts of Win. Krickbaiini, lisq., the
amount was reduced nearly four thousand dol
lars, and that much money saved to tho people
of Columbia county, which would come diie'ctly
ou t of the county taxes. So much for efficient
iir.oo.Msnnti! and its nohmal school.
The Harrisburg 1'ntrwl sent a reporter to the
recent Normal school commencement at this
place. Holhus gives hIslinpresionsof Illooms
biirg and of tlio School, in his introductory:
Among the educational enterprisesof this nat
urally be-autiful town is tho State Normal School
of the sixth district, located on nil eminence
which commands a lino view of the magnifi
cent mountain, river and valley scenery for
which this portion of (lie great State of Penn
sylvania is so remarkable'. From the elevated
site, undulating fields -vavlng with golden grain
or beautiful in other proluets, inlerspeiscd with
woodland, regale tho eye in all directions. The
romantic and beautiful North Hranih of tho
Susquehanna also stretches out beforo the en
raptured vision, as do many other objects o'
genuine attraction. In a word Hloonisburg Is
one of tho garden spots of the Keystone and her
State Noinial School oneoflts model institutions.
It is not only so hi locatioiibut in (he educational
good the school has accomplished nud is accom
plishing. The buildings ono used for school
purposes proper and tho other for chapped ex
cicUcs mid accommodating boaulcrs willi meals
and sleeping rooms were built In ISliS at an ex"
penseof over $11)0,000. 1 hey are located in n
leu acre Inclouro and tlio Immediate surround
ings nro of the most beautiful descriptoii just
such a place as school students heartily enjoy
and appreciate. In 1SC9 Iho school was re
organized by Iho Stale supeilutendcnt ns one of
the Normal schools of tlio St-ite'. l or the hrt
few years the euteipiMng and energetic trustees
of tho institution weio beset with dillieiiltles
which sometimes seemed Irreparable, but they
surmounted all the obstacles interposed to the
financial and educational pro-pcrity ol'lheliislitu
lion, and to-day the school Lnotonly intellectu
ally sound but iho debt which was' necessarily
Incurred by Iho purchasing of the land and the
irecllon of Iho necessary buildings Is gradually
being extinguished. After years of patient
search a faculty bus been obtained which pos
sesses both Iho intellectual and administrative
capacity so essential to Iho success of enterprises
of thts character, Prof, Qrlsvold,tho principal,
Is eminently qualified for tho position which ho
has ndorncd tho past twoyearsandlsnbly assist
ed by a talented and skillful corps of tcachcrs)
who command tho uniform esteem of tho pupils.
Tho State, trustees and faculty havo abundant
reason for gratification at tho splendid pondltlon
of tho school.
NoTlcn. Tho Wyoming Insuranco Company
having discontinued business has had Its out
standing policies rc-lnsurcd in tho "Commer
cial Union A-siiranco Company" of London,
which has a capital of Jo.000.000, ono of the
oldest and strongest In tho cnuntry. All notices
of loss occurring after 12 o'clock, M. of July
1st, mnt bo sent to Messrs. AllcgorKros., Iiquit
ablo Kullding, New York city or to' Freas
llrown, Agent, Illoomsbiirg, Pa.
Arrow, Anchor, Arlington and Troy Fine
Shirts nt McKiniiey's.
Ladies' llcadv-mado Linen Suits at cost,
to close, nt Clark & Wolf's.
Kusscl has just received a fresh supply of
Apples, llananas, Oranges, Lemons, Pino Ap
ples, Ac. Examine his stock.
Clark & Wolf aro now odering great bar
pains in all kinds of goods in order to re
duce stock.
Headquarters for Hoots and Shoes Custom
work n specialty at li. M. Knorr's,
Just received, n fresh invoice of latest styles
Children's Summer Suits at I). Yocum's. Also
Men's and Hoys' Clothing, all of which ho is
selling cheap.
Pewter Sand for salo at KusailL'B.
Ladle, Clark & Wolf havo now n full
line of Neck Tics and Hibbons nt very low
Custom work a specialty at McKiniiey's.
Fly-nets, Fly-sheets, liar-bobs, Lip-robes,
Duters, Whips, Trunks, Cabbas, &o., for salo at
C. S. Furinan s.
Kargains in Dress Goods at Clark & Wolfs.
Tobacco and Confectioneries, wholcsalo and
retail bv M. M. Kusscl.
A full stock of all kinds of Domestic Dry
Goods at Clark e: Wolf's, at tho lowest prices.
A new Cabinet Iimpiro Sewing Machine, n
beautiful article of furniture, for sale very cheap
if called for soon nt Cad man's.
Go tn Ktrs.sin.i.'sj for your Groceries. IIo
sells for cash and will not bo undersold.
Hoots and Shoes cheap for cash only at li. M.
A full stock of Ladies Shoes, very cheap,
at Clark & Wolfs.
FAnMnns,Arn:s no:;. Ki-ssnr, takes Hotter,
liggs, Lard and Produce in exchango for goods.
A new lot of Hmnburir lidgings, fcc., nt
Clark oi Wolf's.
Gent's Serge Opera Hoots at li. M. Knorr's.
Granulated Sugar for sale nt Kusski.'h.
Sash ltlhhons from 25 cts. upwards, at
Clark & Wolfs.
Piolcction toe Shoes never wear out. Fur sale
at McKiniiey's,
Genuine Mason Fruit Jars for sale at M. M.
Heriianis nud Grenadines very cheap, at
Clark (c Wolf's.
Oat Meal for sale at Kusscl's. Call and try it.
Kid Gloves at Clark & Wolf's.
Norwich celebrated Fine Shoe nt McKiniiey's,
Fans at Clark ec Wolfs.
Men's Hiitton (tailors, hand-made equal lo
Hurt's shoes, at Knorr's.
A full stock of nil kinds of Notions nt
Clark- ci Wolfs.
If you want a first class Faim Wagon,
If you want a Platform Pleasure Wagon,
If you want mi liliptic Spring Wagon,
If you want a Pleasure Wagon,
If you want your Wagon put in good trim,
If yon want repairs done irood with short
notice', tlo to J. K. Fats.
A full slock of White Goods, both plain
and striped, at Clark & Wolfs.
Cheese! Cbee-e! Cheese!
Fine assortment
of Cheese at KiKsd's.
, ill II .!. H'F ... I II I l.l'lll J, Hit. r-,w-
the Allegheny 11-Mi-e, No. 812 ami SI 1 Mar
H'l... 1 1I. 11. ..1. .,,!,:., Linn nt
ket street; Having nccii recently renovaicii.
Prico only 52 per day. . A. Kmc,
March l!),'7u-ly Proprietor.
Mcichants goins to tlio city will do well
lo call on W. If. HtJ.N-n:n, who is engaged
with tho old and reliable firm of Yt:A(ii:it
it lti:i!Ki:s-s,i(icK, for Hats, Caps, Straw
UooiKito. 2o7 North Third street, Phila
delphia. March ll),7fl-3ni
Old lMahlislii'il Coal Yard.
C. W. Ni:.U, it lino., "Wholesale it Kctail
Dealers in all sizes of the best qualities ol
Kcd and White Ash Coal, nt tho very lowest
market rates. Haveicoustantly on hand largo
slocks of
Iflacksniith's Anthracite,
nud Limeburner's Coal.
Kspocial attention given to the prepara
tion of coal beforo leaving our yards, Grain
and Lumber taken in exchange for coal.
Coal delivered tn any part of tho town nt
short notice. Orders felt nt I. W. McICelvy's
store, or at our ollice, will receive prompt at
tention. Ollico mid Yards at William Neal
it Sons' Furnace, Fast Hloonisburg. Your
patronage respectfully solicited.
COAL. 7 tf 251 COAL
If you want a good Hani,
if you want cheap and good Tea,
If you want Colli-u Java or Kio,
If you want good Gunned Fruit,
If you want tlio best Mackerel,
If you want Sugar for tho least money,
It' you want the best Syrups in town,
If you want good Cigars,
If you want good Tobacco.
If you want anything in tho Grocery and
Provision line, go to Kussi:i,i,'sj, Main street.
Sex rises i o'clock sti mluutes-bcts 7 o'clock si
Moov sets lliSO o'clock . ni.
(ioi.ii Is now quoted at a premium of aliout US tn
oilier wonts green backs me about li) percent, Klow
. o
Hunk deeds, on Parchment and linen paper, com
rami and for Administrators', i:eeutorauiiUTruslees,
for salo cheap at tlio lo runuN ofilce.
Have j on a cough, cold, pain In tliocticsl, or brim
cliltuv In fact, haojuu tho premonitory tjmp
toius ot the "Insatiate archer," consumption 1 Know
that ilell. fls nthand In Wlstar's liaUimof wild
I'herry. M cents and ft a bollle, largo bottled mm h
the cheaper.
Sciienck's Ski Wkkii Tosic In iho ntmospheio
expeitenced here diiilngthu summer mouths, tlio
lethargy produced by Iho heat takes away thu desire
for wholesome food, mid frequently iiersplralliuis ie
duco bodily energy, particularly those sulleilng
from the effects ct deblllatlug ilucases, In order
to ke'epa naliiral h?allh(ul ncthltyof Iho s)Meiii,
wo must lesoit tu artificial means, l'or lh!spurpu.o
sicncncK's M'n eeu Tome is cry ciicctuul. A few
dusi a will create on appetite and tivoafreshvu-ur
lo luo enervated Iwdy. 1 or djspepsta, It Is Invalua
ble. .Many eminent plij slcl.uis u doubted w heth-
er dj spepsla can be isriuanently cured by the drmrs
which are gem rail) eniplojed for thai purpose. Tho
Sea WeeM Tonte In its nature Is totally illlterenl
fiom such dri'k's. It conf&liisi nocoireisltemliieraU
or mills ; Intact Itusslalsthe regular operatluiis e(
lialilie, uud supplies her ilellcicneles, The toiile In
pts nature so mucin cscmblcs tho gastric Jutco that
It Isalmoit Identical with thatlluld. The gastilo
julcols the natural solum which, Inn healthy con
dition of Iho body, cans-s tho food Ubo UU' t.'ili
ami when this Julco Is not excieted In biinkictil
quantities, Indigestion, with allllsdlstiessliigssmii
loins, follows, iho t-'ca Weed Tonic peifiriim the
duty of the giu.tilc Juice when the latter Is dellclent
bcheuek'u Sea Weiel Toulo bold by all Drugtkts.
Tho great success and delight ot the peoplo. In
fact, nothing of tho kind has ever been offered to tlio
American peoplo which has so quickly found Its way
Into their Rood favor and hearty approval ns 13. F,
Kunkel's Hitter Wlno of Iron. It docs nil It proposes,
and thus gives universal satisfaction. HtSRuaran
toed to euro tho worst cases ot dyspcpMi or Indi
gestion, kidney or liver dlscaso, weakness, nertous
iicss, constipation, acidity ot tho stomach, AO. Oct
tho genuine. Only sold In II bottles. Depot and
Oftlce, J-9 North Ninth St., Philadelphia. Ask for
Kunklo's, and take no other. Hold by all drugitists., lirsrsrsu. Dtsrsi'sii.
13. 1'. Kunkel's Hitter Wlno of Iron, a suro euro for
this disease, it has been prescribed dally for ninny
years in tho practice of cmlnont phjslclans with un
paralleled success, fj inptoms aro loss of appetite
wind and rising food, dryness In mouth, headache,
dizziness, sleeplessness Mid low spirits, (let tho
genuine. Not sold In bulk, only in il bottles, sm
North Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Soldby all drug
gists. Ask for 11. r. Kunklo's Hitter Wlno of Iron
and take, no other.
251 Tapk Worm. 159
llntlrely removed with purely cgetablo medicine,
passing from tlio system nllvo. No feo unless tho
head passes. Coino and refer lo patients treated.
Dr. 13. F. Kunklc, No. t North Ninth St., Philadel
phia. Advice f rco. Seat, lin and stomach Worms
also removed, neier falls, l'or removing nil kinds
but,Tapo Worm, the piedlcliio can ho had of jour drug
gist. Ask far Kunkel's Worm syrup. Price tl. l'or
Tapo Worm, tho patient must corns on and h&vo It
A M.OO HOOK FOIl 11.60.
Tho Poopto's Common Senso Medical Adttscr, In
plain Kngllsh, or itedlctno Stinplltlcd: lly It. V.
Pierce, JI. 1)., counsclor-ln-cldef of tlio Hoard ot Phy
sicians and Surgeons, nt tho World's Dispensary,
Ilurfalo, N. Y. 'nie above work-a book with wood
engravings and colored plates, and well and strong
ly bound will l,o sent, rost, paid, to any address, for
one dollnrnnd llft ceats-ms.klng tho cheapest book
CTcr offer'! to tho American People, other books
treating ot i tncjtlc medicine, ot ltko slzo and stylo
of Madia, s.nd not nearly as well Illustrated, with
no colored plates, and somo ot them containing no
prescriptions and making known no means ot bclf
curo fur the diseases which they discuss, bell for
from three dollars and a halt to mo dollars. Wero
Dr. licrcu's w ork not published by tho author, print
ed mid buund with lit own machinery, mid were It
sold through agents, as oilier like works aro, tho
prlcoot It w ould have to bo not Imri than four dol
lars, l'or when tlio publisher pays tho author a fatr
price for his production, then adds a profit to his In
vestment largo enough to satisfy himself and com
pensate him, not only for his labor, but also fur the
risk of pecunlaiy which he assumes in taklug
the chances of the enterprise proving n success, and
when tho State, County and canvassing agent has
each received Ids proilt, they have added to tho ox
peusobt n book, that originally cost about J 1.15, bo
much that the people have lo pay not less than I l.eo
for It. 'Iho Pcoplo'H Medical Advertiser, on the con
trary, Is placed within Uio pecuniary reach of all
classes' by thu author, who adopts tho planof tho
(Ir.uigers, dispensing with middle men and giving
the benellt eif their profits lo the people, offering his
book at a price little costcf publica
tion. '1 hat those desiring tho book may run no risk
ot luslng tLelr money In sending It through tho
malls, the author advertises thai money addressed
to him at HufTalo, N. v., aiivl Inclosed In registered
letters, may be nt ids risk ot loss. Tho author's
large eorresponienco with the peoplo upon medical
matters, w ldeh v o are credibly Informed, freiiuentl
exceeds three hundrud letters a day, und requires
several trained uud skillful medical nssltauts and
short-hand importers to enable lilni to entertain and
answer thorn, as well m Ids largo dally dealings
Willi dlseasoat tho World's Dispensary, appear to
have peeullaily iittcd him for willing thu Works, by
rendering hhn very familiar with tho every day
medical needs ot the people, lie endeavors In this
Work to answer all thu numerous questions relating
to health and disease that have been addressed tu
htm by tho peoplo from all parts uf tho land, and hence
11 contains Important Infurmatloii fur thojoungaud
old, male and female, single and married, nowhere
else to bu found. At the must prevalent diseases cf
both sexes are alio plainly and fully cunsldered and
means of self-cure made known. I'ntlko other works
on Domestic Medicine, It Includes tho subjects of
Hlulogy, Cerebral lirj biology, Hygiene, Tempera
ments, Marriage itcproduciluii, etc., all of which are
Heated In all original audliiterestlag manner. It is
n compendium ot Anatomical, Physiological and
Medical sc'.eiwe, and embodies the latest disco vcilcs
In each depaitmeut,
I'll t: cosriDEXcn wni.i, ii..ii3i.
Although Iho wuild has be.n seeking spccllles for
disease forminy centui les tew Indeed havo been
found. Pruiulnent among these few Is Hosteller's
Stomach Hitters, which j ears ago received tlio en
durscinenl of the medical profession, and was hailed
by press nud public as tlio great renov ant unJ pre
venllveef thea,'e. And with good rinson, slme to
tho weakened .stomach It glv es strength, to the lur
id liver activity, to tho disunions! bowels le-gularl-
ly.nndto theslnken nervous sj stem llriniicss and
t Jiie. Tn !er Its benignant liillueiici- healthful vigor
returns to the debilitated and wasted tram", the
llui-ei I muscles beiomes compact, the wan aspect uf
111 health Is replaced by a luuk of (hi-ertiiliu-is, the
mind OMscs tu despond, and llesh Is developed upon
the atli-ini ited frame. There Is no exaggeration III
this stab meut. ltlsas tineas that the sjstemls
s'lbj.-et lo dbc.ibe. Weie proofs required lo sub
stantiate the reality uf the cuinprcheuslio cfTeets of
tlio Hitters, there 1 rohably nul In existence a
medicine In favur uf which such a Inassot euneiureiil
tesllinony, from the must respectable sources, could
be adduced. Hut Ihe ellloaey of the nation's allira
tlveand Invlguraiit has lx-en a luatterof universal
know ledge too lung lo i.eed any suehcurroburatlun,
ihe fail that It has the largestsates ltithoso por
tions uf ihc Noiih and south Amcilea I'unlliients,
Mexico, and the West indies, In which atmospheric
Inilueiices to health exists proves what
coiilldenci' Is felt In Its remedial and protective vir
tues. In localities where fevers of an Intermittent
type prevail, especially, It has coin'o tu bo regarded as
an Indispensable necessity.'KG school dihtkict, roit
Xj the jear cudln'.'.Iiuic, ls;,i:
..I, V. III'UI'.I.IIII'I lUlllttUt,
To amount of duplicate fur 1S7I... S9,73l i
Hy amount of exonerations and
lly amount paid Treasurer s,4:.r. 4 1
aoau-iueiiis t n-j
' a percent. ( cllecl Inn on f v-
Wl ill S,77fi 30
Amount duo District Vis 11
JAMUsi K. r.YHIi, Treasurer.
To amount fruin former Treasur
er I,SI3 St
To amount from former collector, s.i.ia ni
" oi Mute appropriation,
" for rent old ncid.-my .
" borrowed fium H. !'.
f. ou
r,oo no
To amount boirowed from 1'reas
To amount raised onbuiidfiom C.
W. Miller
To amount for uld stuv cs
41)11 0)
to oo f i;m us
Hv nmouutof ord'rs iedeoiiied...flS.SM BO
i rciaur.-r s commissluu i u.i is, rjo n.i
Amount In ha-ad
0 1!
Auditors liavln? examined
Wis Ihe undci-sUned,
the vouchors nud slali incui presented lo us, hv the
Ireastirer of lUouiusbiirg school lUsirict, iinu i no
same e nrecl.
Wltliesb our llntilK W. KKICKIIAI M,!
T i- iiii-i'iiv itt.ntiira
I. w.
,IX(I. K.dltOlY.
Hloomsbiirg, Juno si, ".vst
Has a eomplelo stock uf pure and tellable
Ditrrts, MiiniiiNKs (iiii:micai.s, dvi;s, acids,
i:s, pi:itrt'Mi:nv,.vc.,
Country Produce taken tu exchange for Dings,
Medicine's, Djes, Sx.
Have a carefully w-lecled stuck of chutco
H.U'tTS, liSII, HAMS, CANNTD lillii'H,
Fruits, 2sTuls and Confuctionarics,
ull at iho lowest possible prices.
:-'"l3iiutry Produc taken In exchange. jm
llloomshurg, March 19, isjs-y
A TTOKNKY'S I1L NKS. Common ami
t Judcineiit Honels. In-.t iirlnti il ml fur saliiut
the Coit'xiiuN Ollli-e. All kinds of Attorney's blanks
iiwiii mi'.vu mini, vi j'liuivu euviuvi.
HEUKAN1KS Wo 1..1T0 a very cliolco
stock of tliosn very destrablo goods, plain and
siripeil nt is, so, 4.1, cs (o 75 cents per yard. Tho
nbovo goods nro fully 113 per cent, lower than Inst
car's prices.
W. !. JONK1 & CO.
Cntaw Issa, Pa.
"TTIIITK 0001)9 KverytliliiR desirable in
. V Pintles from is to r,o cents per yard, victoria
Ijiw ns Is, sn to 40 cents per yard, Ijvco stripes as, 4n,
and M. cents iier yard, plain and checked Nalusooks,
French Tucking, c.
W. P. .TON13M ,t CO.
Catawissa, P.I.
MIUKKtSir TOWKLIN'O, Krencli floods and
,1. White Mntalassn Cloth tor ladlef mid children's
Cloaks, saccpies, Ac. floods not to bo had elsowhcro.
W. P. JONT.S (10.
Cutaw Issa, Pab
"YyillTK QUILTO, Extra LarKo Honey
. T comb Lai wltti fringe, still better ones
Lis, 2.W ami a.7.1, very ilnest iy frlngo on threo
sides M.'. These prices all worthy of your atten
tion. w.r.joNnsAco.
Catawissa, Pa.
fi OODS FOK MOUKN'IXO Wo pay great
T attention to this branch of our business. You
will nlways find our stock full and complete In Dress
floods, lllack Trench Merinos, Ilia U Cashmere, Al
pacas. Ac. lllack I'rapo Veils from li'.uo to 4.iv, HlacK
silk Veils from upwards, lllack Kid and .-Ilk
Woven. Mourning Handkerchiefs, Collarsand Cuffs,
lllack Jpvvclery, AC, lllack Thlbbet shawls, single at
J3.2.1, 3,75, 4.5U In CM. Double ihlblM t Shawls f7.oa,
lo.oo to our prices on these goods aro tho very
lowest und tho iiuallty tho highest,
W. P. .10X13 Jfc CO.
CatavvLsa, Pa.
m-I)UCTlON',SWo liave m.ulo
errcat ri-dtiettoiis In slum Is nn,t iitp(i,ir,iu tn
close them uut. Mcu l-dijiIs nt'il iiml-A-v i--nM ti-
W. P. joxns ,t co.
Catawissa, Pa.
J Corsets nt 50.
different stvles and prices,
"scents, ft.iio, 1.5.1, 1.50to2.25.
Miul.nne l'oy's, 1 as.
Corsets, extra large sizes up to.U inches.
l no eeieuraieu uouuieu stccicu
Ono 00
tcni. v-urset a marvel oi cuenpnoss.
w, p..ioni:s ,V CO.
Catawissa, Pa
. largo assortment Neckties, every color, nt 15,
i -, :uv, and Mi cent to each. Hue-lies, 4, 5, H) to
as cents Job lol collars nil linen, r, cents.
Catawissa, Pa.
IV e'oats' best Spool Cotton 0 cents, sktit
I raid s cents, sp,d s.ik o, s and 13 cents, best
Needles 8 cents per paper.
W. P. .10NKS k CO.
Cataw Issa, Pa.
') EMEMKEIt, that wo keep .i full lino of the
.1 1, best brands nf Muslins, Prints, 'lickings, nnd
sell them at bottom prices.
W. P. JONT.S ,t CO.
Cutaw issa, I'a.
QI'ACi: WILL NOT I'EKMITus tocontlnue
J but we want every ono to bear these facts In ic
liiemberance. 1st. That we sell thebe-t irunlltvot
everything. Sit. That wo pay the cash forourgo'uds
and make all discounts, ail. We sell only for cash
mid guarantee the lowest prices. Call and see for
j uurself the gre'.it advantages to be obtained at
Till: POli'l.Alt CASH Sl'OItll 01'
V. P. JOiXES & CO.
Corner Main ami Third Streets,
Catawissv, Pa.
iJSidOvdi' Old .llctliods found
to tc l'a n lly, or ohjfction
alile, discarded!
At their Works in Blooinshurg,
l'nimerlv Hloomsbuter Iron and Manufacturlnir
cuinpnu) ), w here will bo kept constantly on hand a
1.111' .i-ssoi inn in ui
White and lied Anthracite
nt prices to suit Hie trade. All Coal specially pre
pared before leav lug Hie Yard. Also
Plows and Threshing Headlines,
and all kinds ot
Casting and Machine Work.
11I:P1IIIN(1 nromnllv nttendi-d to. Thev would
lespectfully solicit the Patronage uf the Public.
it. .vi. a, j, i. i.we-iv.Miii,
Jan. s, '15 ly Hluomsburg, Pa,
HAVING resumcil the business of Merchan
dising at Ids old istorc, on
m:ai.v theet, uloomsiiukg,
Desires to call tho attention of his l'rlends and tho
ublic generauy,o nis
And solicits asharo of public patrouago
niiocintius, .
HOOTS & .SllOI'.sl,
n.Ot,'lt AND PEED.
In connection with hu stock ot Mcrcnandtso he
constantly keeps on hand In his yard.
Dressed aud Uaflressei Liliei
AND SIllNHI.llS 01' HIS M ANUl'AOTUlti:.
Dill Lumber nittdo a spcciulity.
AuniToit's xotici:.
fit ttu' Ornfiau' (illrt uf (tumhiti (iuntit.
Tlie undersigned, Auditor to dlstilbute tlio fund In
Hie hands of sj iv'citiT J, I'ov, Adinliilsirator of said
estate, wilt attend tu tlio dimes of disappointment
at Uio siieilll s omce, In lilnonisburg, ou'l uesilay,
Jlllv 20ttl. Is75. at 111 o'eluek. u. in . when und wIiitii
nil liersous having claims ngalnst Uio saldestaluaru
I eiiulrod lo present lliubamo U-torutliu Audllnrorl
uoueoanou u oiu coining in for a snuro or said runu.
Dloomiburg, Juno ictli, IMO.-lt,
Vll-lUlil Willi',
keeps constantly on lmnel n Full nnd Complete Stock of
which ro will soli to tho Public nt Prices so Low ns to defy competition.
of nil Grades nnd Latest Improvements,
Burden's Horso and Mulo lioc3; Horso Nails, &o,
Spokes, Heavy and Light, Carriage Mallebcls,
Axles, Springs, Gum and Oil Cloths, Valentines Varnishes, Spirits
nnd n general Stock of
Bui'lding Materials, such ns DUNCANNON NAILS, Lewis' Lead,
Best COlors, Pure Oils, etc., as low as they can bo bought in tho county.
?; Giinlcts, aouges, Tweezers, I'licM, jlflrwB'r
wl'iitu and Kctllw, Puns ami Krier.-,
jLAll Uiiiigs fur nil sorta of buyer.''. "JP
Wo have nlso added to our Stock
In nil its llranches, Carefully Selected and Purchased low for Cash giving in
Advantages for Selling which can not be excelled by any other
Hardware Store in the Cbuntry.
Wo GUA11AKTEK both in PRICK and QUALITY of our Good.
The Largest Store in the Country.
M.,m,iv;-y J- SCHUYLER & SON, Bloomslrarg, Pa.
CHINE liaa sprung rarlilly into
favor as pos,scfcslnB tUebest com-
bisatiox ot good (Hialltles,
namely; Uflit runnlnif.Smootli,
Kolsclcss, ltapl'l, Durable, wlUi
rerfect Lock htltcli.
It Is a Miuttlo Machine, with
Autninatlc Drop fecU. Deslfe-a
beautiful ana construction tlio
very bet t.
Reiuiiton Sevingc
ituANc:n ornci:s of itnanxcrox co.-ipa.mi:s.
K. ltomiiifjloii & Sonx,
ItcuiliiKliiii Sewinj; M. Co.,
ltemiiigtuu Ag'l Co.,
1 1 LION, X. Y.
Mays, '75-!m
rOKTL'XK IX IT. Kvirv family Imivm it.
...... i... .i.i..,s ! c
"0OK AG1C.NTS wanted to fell "The Peo
ples I'oir.mon sense Jieuicai nuv eruser," ny n.
lrrin. M. II. The most ready telllii'j lionl; out.
i:cluslvelerrJtory and liberal teims. Address the
.vutiwrat nuuaiu, ,
Men or women, it a w eel:.
Vniof f uriilfhed.llusliien pleaa-
imt ami uonoramo " nw i
A 10 naco circular and v alualilo
lres im pii'tal rant. Dou t d
1'. Jl. ItEEP.Slll 8T.,EW vor.K.
WlIKItKVl'.li IT HAS IlKKX TltlKl)
has estalilished itself as a perfect regulator and btiro
reuieily for ituonlers of the svstem arising from tin
nruiK'r action of tlie Liver and llovvels,
IT is NOT A l'livsic, but, by sttmulatlng tho fc
cretlvo organs, gently and sr.idu.ill removes all lm-
purmes, nuu regulates ine eiuirewsicui.
IT IS NOT A DOCTOHUD III ii'Ells, but Is a
which assists digestion, and thus stimulates tlio ni
ni.nti. r,ir fouil nceessiirv tu Invhrurato tho weakuess
nr Inaci Iv o organs, and gives fctiougtli to all hu vital
rorees .
tlio largo and rapidly Increasing sales testify, l'rlco
lino Dollar a bottle. Ask jour druggist for It. JOHN
SI'ON, 1IOI.1.0WAY & Co., l'hil.idelphl.i, l'a. Wholc
salo Agents, 4vv.
Coughs C'oliliv llron
chills Sore Throat, In
lluenza, Croup, Whoop,
ing Cough, Hoarseness
Liver Complaint, Pains
or Soreness in 'iho
Chest or Side, Weeding
at the Lung'', andeveiy
affection of tno Throat, Lungs and Chest, ares- eed
ll cured bv tho usu of liu, istvk's1Hijvioi' Vv'ii.u
CiiEimv, wlilelidoes not dry up a cough and leave
tlw caiiso belilnd, as Is tlio case w lth most remedies,
tint loosens , cleanses Iho lungs aud allajs irrlta
ton, tints removing tlio causo ot tho complaint.
Consumption can be cured
by a timely resort to thts btandard remedy, as Is
proved by hundreds ot testimonials It has received.
Nouo gcuulno unless signed "LIU'TIS" on tho
w rapper, to rents and II a tmttlo largo bottles
much tho c)io.ier. Hirrn w.,
Proprietors, Uoslon, Mass. bold by doJleM gen
erally. Jaii.W, I5-1y
CI. VI? HON. A Isoto dated on or about Juno
,l7r, was given bymo tu lllram Karns. I
hereby caution every person not to puri base tlu
baine, as I have not received value for It, und will uut
pay It unless coinptlled by law.
Elshlngcreek, July 1, l 15 it
I , . vir tnilTf! m' f,irU..ln,.l,no.. i i
I I ";," .u. Mll v..vj. ... i.iv
CI1AI1L133 V. llt'NYOK.
Keep on Hand tho
In tho County.
ltc-jisaTOs Ko. 1 Machine for
family use, in tt.o tuikd yeiu
OF ITS EXISTENCE, h.1S met Wltll
a more it.u-in iNciiEAb'E of katio
RKiiiXGTON No. 2 Machine for
MASCFACTrmsa and totally uso
(ready for delivery only tlace
June, 1ST4), for range, perfec
tion, and variety of wort, 13
wllhoutarlval In famllyor
Macliiue Cngany, Dion, 1 Y.
S'l A; s3 1'.roailvvny.'Ncw Vork, Anns,
laillson Miuare, New York, Scvvinir Machines,
i hleaKo, 3T Mato St., hevving Machines and Aims.
Huston, 332 WiishliiKton St., sevvlnir Mai'lilncs.
Clnrlniiatl, 1!I Wcht 4tli St., sewinj; Miichlims.
t'tlra, liw (ienesee, St., ScvvIhl' Miuhliics.
Atlanta, (la., DeUlvu s orora lloiisc, MailettaStrekt,
Sewinir Mndilius,
Wnshlnctdii, 1), c.,t.2t S('VciitliSt.,selni:Maililiics.
liulsvllle. Ky., West .IeHers.011 St .Sevvlnj; Machined,
l'lilladclpla. bio I'henmit sirctt, Sevvlngllaihlnes.
St. liiits, WW N, fourth Street, " '
Hitioll, HU Wooilvviuil Avi inie, " "
Inilluiiupulls til Market Strict, " "
Ualtlmore, 47 N. Charles Street, " '
Valuable Town Property
and Farm at Private
rpillv, unilerslgncil, one of tlio Kxccutors nf
L (lEOIidi: WIIAVElt. deceased, offers at irlvato
sale, tlio following vuluable property, to wit:
with out-bullrtliigs and lot attnelied, sltuatfd'on
Main street, Hluomsburg, l'a. 'llils house Is bullablo
lor two f.iiullles.
AIXi ono two-story frame dwelling house, with
out-buildings, frame stable and good lot nttaclud.
'I his property Is opposite the residence of the law
Dr. Yost.
ALSO, ono tvvo-btory franio dwelling house with
stublo, (mt-bulldliigs uud lot attached bltuated on
Hock street, Hloonisburg, l'a.
ALSO, six vacant lots situated on Fourth Street,
ALSO, a valuablo farm situated one-half mile tfom
tho town ot M'Evveusvlllc, l'a, bald furm contains W
acres of laud,
l'or terms of salo apply to
(lEOlilllJ V. COIlVELL, Executor,
Tob. 15, '75-010, Ulooinbburg, I'a.
BY virtue of an order of the Orphan's Court
ot Columbia county, Iho undersigned, Admin,
tsirator ot Solomon lltiss, lute of flshlngerei k town,
ship, In said county, deceased, wilt expose tu l ublto
bale on tho pi dulses, on
SATURDAY, JULY 10, 1875,
At 10 o'clock, a. m tlio following valuable real
estate, to wit ;
A certain lot of ground sltuatu In l'lshlngcreek
township, iKiuiided ou I lie north hv John Wi nner, on
tlio east by William ltolilus und Ellas Header, on Iho
south and west by lillain lAJiiderbach, containing
on which nro erected a ono nnd-a-lmlt story framo
house, n framo btable, a good well of waur and
sumo fruit trees, Tho laud Is In u good statu of cul
tivation, Also, at thosaino llmo and place, c III bo
sold a lol of Ikiics, barrels, Li-Uio uud a lot ot house
hold furnttuie,
THIIMS til' HAI.E.-fine-fourtli ot Iho purrlmto
money to liu ,'ald ul tho stilklHg down of the proiHT
ty, nud tho leuiututug IhrceHoiirllis In one vcur
thereafter. JOHN WENNLIt,
June n-tt. AduilnUlrsUor,
Jobbers of
Notions, Hosiery, Fancy Qocdo, &c,
Correiru Dulldltig, Main Stnel, tclovv Market,
il&rch So, 167-iu