The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 14, 1875, Image 2

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Ifif ilitliuuImsiL.
Friday, May 1-1.. 18V 5.
Judge l'enr.son lmi reversed hU own de
cisi nnd now hold? tlmt the tux on coal U
constitutional. Tlio enso goes to the Su
premo court.
Out of forty-six delegates elected In the.
Republican Stato Convention from Phila-
ilplidiln. fnrtv-Ava aro office holders I Tlmt
other chap no doubt expects nn oll'iee.
A southern correspondent begins ono of
his letters with this statement: "Arkansas
U to-dny ns peaceable a Stato as New York
or Massachusetts, and far moro peaceable
than Pennsylvania."
Last week the Commissioner of Internal
Revenue, a Mr. Douglass, of this State, was
suddenly removed from office, and cx-bena
tor Pratt, of Indiana, appointed in his place
Causo of removal unknown and so faruiisus
pectcd. Mysterious.
Wo obscrvo that at a political conference
held at Williamsport, on the 8th Inst. 1). A
Reckley, Esq.. " wich is postmaster, " was
unanimously elected Senatorial delegate to
thn lionublican Stato convention, without
instructions. How docs ho relish the Ly
coming anti-third term instructions?
Ilfalli of Hon. tlco. W. Woodward.
A cahlo dispatch to his son brings tlio In
formation that Hon. Geo. W. Woodward, of
this State, died at tho city of Rome, Italy,
on tho 10th Inst., of pneumonia, aged about
1 years.
Jttdgo Woodward was ono of tho ablest
and purest public men this Stato ever pro-
roduccd, but was both moro successful ami
llstlngulshcd In the legal profession than
i a statesman. Ho served n ten year
rni al a Common Pleas Judge In tho dis
trict composed of tho counties ol Ullnton,
Centre and Clearfield, and ono of fifteen
ars upon tho Supremo bendh of tho State,
three yearn of which time ho was Chief Jus
tice. When vet riulto a young man, in 1837
was elected u member nf tho Constitution-
1 Convention that assembled in tho ensuing
ear. In that body ono of tho gravest sub
loots presented was tho limitation of tlio llfo
tenure of tho Judges of tho Commonwealth.
Tho organization of tho convention was in
tlio hands of thoso hostile to tho proposed
reform, and the majority of tho committee
on Judiciarv was composed of tho nulcst op
ncnts of tho measure to bo found in tho con
ventlon. with the venerable Francis Hopkiu
son, author of "Hall Columbia," at its head
It wa3 determined to make tho minority as
weak as possible, and to this end young
Woodward, then unknown, was placed first
on tho list of tho minority. Roth divisions
of tlio committee made reports, aud it was
not until after this was done that Mr. Wood
ward became aware that this entailed upon
him, by parliamentary custom, tho duty not
only of leading in tho defence of tho ramor
ity position, but also of replying to tho ma
jority report and to its distinguished author.
Tho battlo was a strwrtrle of uiftnts, and a
Whisky King Frauds.
When whisky is sold in tho opon market
for less than tho government taxes upon It,
It is pretty evident that somebody la doing
l'olltlrs on the bench.
Tho "Southern outrago" mill has been of
ficially closed. Tho turning out of Attorney
General Williams andappointment of Pierre
pout meant just that and nothing more.
batch of underlings, employed to manuf.ic
turo "outrages" upon paper, have also been
A steamship from Xew York bound to
Hamburg, Germany, was wrecked oil tho
Scillv islands, on tho 8th inst. Of near
400 persons on board about 350 were
drowned. The vessel, with cargo, was
valued at $700,000, besides $300,000 in gol
carried down. Ono woman was washed
ashoro with her child in her arms.
ludng business, and If long continued
raises n strong suspicion that there is cheat'
ng going on. So well convinced, at least,
was Secretary Urlstow that there was fraud
suramin cotrnT.
A Washington despatch to tho Now York
World says:
A scene of a somewhat remarkable char
acter occurred in tlio United States Supremo
cine committed bv tho whisky rius that Court to-day. For onco tho political feeling
ho removed Commissioner Douglass from o( certain member of tho court, which is
offlco for having failed to detect it. Ho late- usually confined to tho council room, broko
ly set Investigations on foot himself which out in pumic, and sharp worm wcro cx
demonstrated tho following facts : changed on tho bench, which created some-
"A careful estimate, based on data, ob- thing lino a sensation among tho spectators.
tallied by tho Solicitor of tho Treasury, cs- Tho occasion of this unusal ebullition of
tablishcs clearly that at least six thousand I feeling was tho delivery of tho opinion of
barrels of whisky had been manufactured In tho majority of tho court by Justlco Strong,
St. Louis alono, on which not ono cent of in tho c.iso of tho Union bank of Now Or-
tax has been paid to tho Government. Tho leans vs. tho Mechanics' and Traders' bank.
examinations in Chicago and Milwaukee aro Tho former institution loaned tho latter
not so far completed as to enable tho Solici-1 largo sums of Confederate money about tho
tor to mako an exact statement in regard to timo that General llutler took command, In
the operations of tho ring in these two cities 1802. A few days nfter.tho transaction l!ut
but ho Is confident that tho proofs now In ler Issued a proclamation forbidding tho dr
ills possession will demonstrate that at least culatlon of tho Confederate money on and
twclvo thousand barrels of illicit whisky after tho 2.r)th of M.iy. Tho borrowing bank
has been manufactured nnd disposed of at tendered payment in Confederate notes, and
these two points sluco tho first of January tho Union bank refused to rcccivo them, de
last. Theso aro startling figures, but as tho manding United States money. Hutlcr had
details hereafter to bo given will show they issued an order establishing a provost court,
aro based upon documentary evidence which of which ono Major Hell was tho presiding
cannot bo assailed. If in less than four officer. Suit was brought in this court, and
months tho Government has been defrauded the case was dismissed. Two ortlircodaysaftcr
out of nearly $900,000 of taxes by tho whis- its dismissal IJutlcr ordered tho provost court
ky ring operating in St. Louts, Chicago and to re-liear the c.iso, and, in effect, to decide
Milwaukee, it is quito safe to say that moro In favor of tho plaintiff. When tho defend-
than $3,000,000 has been annually lost ant attempted to cite tho law in obstruction
through tho inefficiency of tho Commission- of this process, Iiutler's judge informed them
er of Internal Revenue and tho corrup-I that it was no uso to read tho law to him as ho
tion of his subordinates." I was acting under orders from his superior.
Such facts aro in possession of Secretary I Tho decision of tlio case by tho majority
Tho Coal Strike.
In Luzerne tho excitement has simmered
down, tho troops have been withdrawn from
Itazlcton and disbanded, nnd a few of tho
miners liavo gonu to work,
In the Schuylkill region there Is still
great excitement and some violence uml law
lessness, Tho Lehigh region is compara
tively quiet but tho strlko continues.
In tho bituminous regions tho strlko Is a
fatluro as hundreds of men aro ready and
anxious to go to wo,rk at tho wages offered.
I ho beginning ot tho cud of tho strlko Is
probably reached, though It will bo somo
tltno before tho works aro fully started again.
European Affairs .
So far as public action is concerned thcro
is nothing Important from Europe. It is
stated that thorn is a strong party in Ger
many determined upon another war with
Prance, and that uch an event is imminent.
Hut oven though there be danger of it, tho
other European powers will no doubt pre-
vent it,
Tlio religious civil struggle in Germany
goes on and all tho laws enabling llismark to
crush tho power of tho Popo and tho priest
hood in that country aro being rapidly
Tho Emperor of Russia is on a visit to tho
Emperor of Germany. Tho latter w uncle
to tho former
A Kolicl Sympathizer.
Vice-President Wllw.i, lait week, paid a
visit to ex-Vlco President John O.
llreekenridge, at his home In Lexington,
Kentucky. Wilson, at tho beginning of tho
war, raised a regiment and threatened to
meet Hrcckcnridgo "on tlio field of bloody
strife." Hut Hull Run No. 1 scared Wilson
back Into the Senate, whero ho divested him-
Belt of his bluo uniform and fought Hrcck
cnridgo and his rebels from that safe cham
ber. Ho never again deigned to cross tho
Potomac until ho stnrtcd out to restore his
health a few years ago. Grant has always,
for somo causo or other, mado It too warm
for tho Vico President to remain in Wash
ington. Hcnco ho strolls around over tho
country, and to-day prefers tho association
of Hrcckcnridgo to Grant. Exchange.
True as Gospel
Tho St. Louis Republican, in alluding to
another rebellion, says, "when you find a
southerner who talks about a new rebellion
it is tolerably safo to assumo that ho did
llttlo or no fighting for tlio old one. Tho
most earnest rebels during tho war aro now
tho most consistently nnd thoroughly loyal.
Yes, and whenever you hear a northerner
dilating about rebels nnd another war, set
him down as ono who never saw the Confed
erate Gray or tho Federal llltio, either j only
when n neighbor returned homo on furlough
to have a wound healed. The North and
tho South aro pestered with this class of
patriotic vermin, and will probably never
Goiko to Coi,okai)o. Tho retiring Audi
tor General of this State, Harrison Allen, is.
going to Colorado, lie lias been elected
presldent.of tho Colorado Alining ami i.auu
Company nnd resident manager of tho same,
to rcsldo at Denver. Maybo ho don't want,
to bo too near when tho Investigation be
Wo aro authorised to announce tho follow
ing candidates for tho offices named, subject
to Democratic rules!
GEORGE SCOTl1, Catawissa,
ISAAC S. MONROE, Catawissa.
15. FRANK ZARR, Hloomsburg.
itr.orsTKH and ni:coni)i:n.
W. H. JACOHY, Hloomsburg,
CYRUS ROHHIN'S, FIshliiKcrcek,
LEONARD KhINU. Greenwood,
WHITEN. HOSTLER, Fishingcreck,
ISAIAH POWER, lienvick,
JOHN LEGGOTT, Greenwood.
JOHN It URN Kit, Locust,
JOHN KNT, Scott.
Tho Political, Personal nml Properly
JRights l Citizen,!
i 1. 1 in imh iii mi in n I ll I ll ll 1 1 iiriT-
ot tho United States-llowto verclso nnil how to
preserve mom. llj Theophlllus I 'arsons, ".,
Containing a commentary mi tho federal nnd stnlo
Constitutions, gtvlnir their history nnd origin, nnd a
tall explanation ot their Principles, P'lrnosoj iim
provisions s tho powers and initios ot public on leers j
Ilia rights ot tho people, nnd the obligations Incurred
In every relation of lltoj also, pnrllimcntary lutes
... .i:.,r!,n-,ii,', i,n,tina mi mil directions nnd legal
forms for nil business transactions, ns in iking Ills,
Heeds, Mortgages, leases, Notes, llr.infts, Contracts,
etc. A Law Library in n single voltims. 1 meets
May W-4t
l,u e o
Tlio Grain Prospects.
Tho Philadelphia Press contains despatch
es from a largo number of localities from all get entirely rid of them unless tho true union
parts of this Saato purporting to givo tho element is allowed to kill them off, as tho
present condition of the crops nt those points, laboring bees do tho drones. Clea rficld Re
One reads thus : publican.
Hloomsuuiig. May 10. Tho present pros-
nert nf thn wheat i:mn fs unf.ivorahlo ill this
... . , 1 n . ... , . , . . . i I . . i .. . ,i. . . .. .i . I 1 L
desperato ono, out young woouwaru jiruveu iiristow as wiucuauio mm to convict n niru i turiicu not upon mo question oi me payment county.
himself fully equal to tho occasion, an over- number of rovemto officers of tho grossest of tho money, but upon the legality of tho If tho others aro no more reliable than that
match for his venerable and distinguished frauds, probably including tho wholo do- action of this trumped-up tribunal, which one the readers of tho Press have gained no
opponent, and he came out of tho contest partmcnt of tho Commissioner of internal Justice Strong sustained in nn clnborato information from all tho despatches. During
distinguished and crowned with laurels, and revcuuc. Several millions of dollars worth opinion, declaring that Hutlcr acted as the tho court we have carefully inquired of
a victorious cause. The struggle of the of whisky has been and will bo seized and I representative of the bederal administration,! farmersand others from nil parts of tho cotin-
Judgrs tor life tenure was then fiercer even confiscated by the government. Hristow s I and that his right tto establish such a court ty nnd their uniform testimony is that tho
nnd more unanimous and determined than efforts to break up thesa frauds were defeat- followed from tho right of conquest. The crops look well. Of course they are back-
decision is an ultra partisan attempt to sus- warj but that does not affect tho prospect of
tain Hutler's action in New Orleans. n good yield. Tho idea that prices may be
When Justice Strong finished, Justice stiffened or enhanced by raising reports of
Field followed with along and most ably partial failures is an absurd one, as spocula-
their present ono for enormous nnd bur
thehsome salaries, yet, with all their person
al prestige and deserved influence, they wero
made to yield to tho now proposition, but
cd by tho influence of the whisky ring upon
Grant, but latcrly even ho has been com
pelled to yield by his honest Secretary.
An order has been issued dismissing all
Labor Reform linn Mail.
Ni:w Yoitic, May 10. Tho American La
bor-Roform Convention closed its sessions to
night. Taken as a whole, tho proceedings
might be styled somewhat erratic, though
they were doubtless satisfactory to thoso indi
viduals who took part. How much good
nicy aro iik-ciy to accomplish may per
haps be judged from the following resolu
Hon, whoso sweeping demands arc equalled
by several others ill the same batch
Resolved. That acccntinir nothinir short of
ino enure reconstruction ot bociety on me.
over after maintained a hostilo nltitudo to- .,,, ntlj storekeepers employed in written distention opinion, which ho read tors who base their operations on crop pros- basis of natural equity, wo demand tlio abo
...... ... i.... T...1 wj. . .ru? . . 1 , ...... .i... .i i , ., litioii of property in the land with its km.
Wo observe by the Harrisburg papers that
Louis Do Carlton is dead. Peace to his ashes.
Louis was oaco tho victim of confidence that
so excited his iro that ho may never have rc
CJvered from tho shock. His wife died and
four weeks thereafter ho married another.
He trusted a friend to select the groomsmen.
That friend selected tho pall bearers of the
dead wife. Louis did not discover tho point
until after tho ceremony was over. He said
ho did not relish the joke I
wards its loading advocates. Judgo Wood
ward suffered from this causo whenever he
was brought forward for public position, and
it was this, mainly, that enabled his ene
mies to defeat his confirmation when ho was
afterwads nominated for Judgo of tho Su
preme court of the United States.
In 1815, yet very young, ho was the Dem
ocratic nominee for U. S. Senator, but was
defeated by two votes (wo think) by a coali
tion of a handful of bribed bolters and the
Whigs. This was about tho first positive
personal corruption practised in the Legis
lature, and wos the forerunner of tho series
of infamies that followed in later years.
After retiring to the bar at the end of his
term as a Common Pleas Judge, Judgo
Woodward was soon appointed to the
the districts whero tho frauds have been dis-1 with vigor, manifesting very strong feeling pects do not depend upon common report,
mrereil. It is believed that nearly every by tho nervousness of his manner. Ho show- but upon tho observations of agents cm-
official under tho treasury and tlio depart- cd clearly that Bntlcr had not tho shadow of ployed for tho purpose, who rarely givo tho
mentof justico located in tho revenue dis- a right to establish anything more than a public the benefit of correct information,
tricts where seizures Jiavo been mado are common ponco court, aim mat mo oruers oi
tters testamentary on tho ostuo ot John Heath,
iio nf .luekson towns i In. Columbl.i county, deceit
.....ii. f i iwtiAm nil tini-ii'tm nd hli
nml thoso liavln? cUIiih or tlomind iw.ilif. tho
salit csuto will m ko tbcin kjowu to tho V.'!IyxuC
utor without delay. UKOHOL I), llh. U
Miiy t-oi.. '
?ttcra Testamentary upon tlio est.ito of v,
MeiCnlvv. Into of lllooinsburir, IM , (leceasen, naunt;
been duly granted to tho undershriied, nil persons in-
lientetl lOS.UU USUlbU UIW lUH'iu-.,,-.-.. in .......v. I
nnd those liaMni? claims or denunds ugiilnst tho
same will present them without delay.
1 ISMAlt V. MelvKI.VY, lltoomslHirff. J, II. 11A1IMAN, unpen, i.xeuuturs.
moro or less implicated.
Timely Suggestions,
importance of next
paign is fully appreciated by the Democrats
President Lincoln nnd the previous decis
ions of tlio Supremo Court mado it unques
tionable that this was tho oxtremo junsdic-
lladkal Consistency.
After all their harping and howling about
homo protection, tho radical party has gono
drcd natural resources; tlio repudiation of
all debts the principal whereof has been paid
in me form ot interest, and the abatement ot
mat greatest obstacle to honesty and BCll
goveriimcnt, the State.
Every timo that a vacancy has occurred in
Grant's Cabinet, and indeed every time that
rumor lias proposed a change, wo have had
In ncrwlck, on Siturd.iy, May 1st, Mrs. ANN1I3
SIIANNOK.vtlfoof C. W. Shannon, agcu m years,
months nnd 81 dajs.
n Berwick, on Monday, May 3d, a child ot William
Elms, nged 1 j oar, 7 monttis and 21 days.
In Drlarcrcck, on l'rld.iy, April 80th, ANNIK, wlfo
ot John Yost, In her TOth year.
In MadLsou township, this county, on tho oth Inst.,
Mr. JESSE DEKKS, aged ,0 years, 8 months and w
In Montour township, on tho oth last., Mr. IIUOII
DAVIS, aged ti years, 7 months and 14 days.
In Jackson township, on Thursday, April 2Sth, 187r,
HANNAH C wlfo of Jacob lllrloyman, nsedS2ycarr,
6 months and S7 days.
In Jackson township, on Thursday, May 2d) 197t,
MAltY A., wife ot Emanuel Savage, aged 26 jears, U
months nnd 4 days.
In orangevllle, on Wednesday, March 2lth, lsIB,
ItACllEI, wlfo of David Savage, aged 3'J years and 15
da s.
In Centrnlla, May 4th, 1S7. OSCAIt V. MIM.IAKD,
son ot 0. 11. nml A. M. Milliard, nged 1 j car, s months
and 21 dajs.
Hut though earth's fairest blossom die,
And all beneath the skies Is vain,
Tlicro Is a brighter world on high,
Beyond the reach of care and piln. I
rf.i .i,.i.innnlipi nn thn i',jf A nf hilil.l Ami
llupert, latoot tho town ot nlooinshurg, Columbia
county, deceased, have been granted by tho Register
of said county to I,conard II. import of tho said town,
Columbia county, l'a. Executor, lo whom all per
sons Indebted to s ltd ostato aro requested to mako
nayment, and thoso hiving clilnu or deminds
against tho said estate v. Ill uuko them known to tho
said Etecutor without delay.
10-ot, LEONARD 11. UUPKUT, Executor.
t t?.TiTR nv Illlflll Mlf.l.. IIRCKISEU.
--i-..-.. , iditii ,hrt .ivl.itni.f ITrlnli
Mills, lato of Madison township, Columbia county,
deceased, hao been granted by tho Register of
saldcountv to Jacob shoemikcr. All persons tin lug
calms against the cstato of tho decedent, aro re-
(lUeRted 10 present infill ttuiucinvui, iwm ill bu
Indebted to tho citato to nuko payment to tho un
dersigned nunumsmuurv iuiuu , .
I .. - . .... . ... 1 - - ... .1 I 1 " - o- "
That the importance of next fall's cam- tion ol tho military in dealing witii civil oi- squaro back on its prolcssions, mid the order tho stereotyped announcement that Edwards
s i ieuuera uurnig ino war. juuyu riuiu uuuu- i 0i mooiiiciais oi mat orgauizanoii is uow lierropont was to bo the successor. Now
Snnrnmp. hench of the State, by Gov. Biclcr.
Tho Springfield Republican, a prominent tH f.,i . vacanCT. nnd at tho ensuing election
hypocritical paper of New England, has re- was cij0Scn for a full term byanoverwhclm-
cently been convicted upon ono of its gross ig majorjty. Declining a re-olection he
libels, but the editors and their friends try returncd to the bar, but while on a visit to
to create the impression that tho jury did not Eurono wa8 nominated and elected to Con-
verdict says, because only f nn uncertaiu district by a very
largo majority. Ho was successively re
elected once or twice, but at length yield
ed to the absurd rotation rule,
of the State is every day mado moro appa
rent by the many suggestions and editorials
of the Democratic press on the subject.
In former years, by this stage of the can
vass, nearly every paper and politician was
committed to one or the other of tho aspi
rants for nomination. This ycal- scarcely
any thing of the kind is seen. Tlio papers
that have preterenees express them with un
usual modesty and caution. There is a gen
eral conviction that the occasion is too im
portant for hasto or wrangling. The ensu
ing campaign is everywhere regarded as deci
cd to uutler m terms ol sharp sarcasm nnu being filled in Loudon lor $IUU,uuu worm oi we lllV0 j,;,,, nn,noj again, fortho twentieth
declared that ho well knew that ho had no carpets fortho departmcnt;of Stato at Wash- tm n, iii-niv tn .mwn.i ',111.!
- I , - J - . J4..,:l
such authority as ho then assumed and as the
majority of tho court now sanctioned. Jus
tico Field has dissented from the opinion of
tho majority in several cases in which they
have previously mado decisions sbowing po
litical bias in favor of radical rule, but ho
never arraigned' their action so sharply as today.
While he was reading his opinion all the
Carpet manufactured by Americans was
not good enough for tho loyal feet of loyal
clerks about Washington to tread n.
American carpets aro not brilliant or costly
enough for tho nabobs of tho State depart
ment, and the very men who have cried the
louuest auuut protecting iLiucnuiiii luuusuy,
who have persistently pretended to bo par-
justices turned toward him to listen, and Jus- cxcellenco tho friends of tho laboring classes
tico Strong grew very red in tho face. At 0r tliis country, and the first to slap thorn in
Williams. As Mr. Pierrcpont publicly con
tributed $20,000 to help Grant's election, ho
has probably dreamed of a Cabinet place as
tho logical fruits of his ostentatious libcrnli
ty to tho Republican cause, but so far, ho has
been taught practically that political grati
tude is often a livoly appreciation of favors
to conic. "With any other Administration
tlio country ever has had, or over will have,
the fact of such public contribution to a po
litical campaign would exclude tho giver
mean what its
ono hundred dollars damages wero allowed.
Considering that the piper is very poor au
thority for any thing and thai tho proprie
tors arc bankrupts, that amount of damages
no doubt has as much significance as can
well be put into .1 verdict.
sivc, to a certain extent, of tho Presidential I the end Mr. Field announced that Justice tho mouth nnd say your work does not equal from any place of unusual dignity. Phila.
Er. U. S. Senator John Scott will remove
to Pittsburgh to practice his profession. He
is a solicitor of the Pennsylvania railroad, it
is stated, at a salary of $15 000 per year. It
is further stated that ho intends to give spe
cial attention to somo of tho Republican
leaders who treated him so shabbily and who
lie thinks need reconstruction. Mr. Scott is
a most worthy as well as a very able man,
nnd will be felt wherever he resides. Pcr-
contcst in 1870. All true Democrats feel in I Bradley desired him to say that he was not the work made by European lobor.
their hearts that wo cannot ayora to maw a present, and did not near mo argument in me Tll-9 .g tho con3istcncy 0f radicalism. It
mistake. case. Justico Strong replied with much j3 tho manner jn wi,!ch they carry out their
A . Minli nn rrn. nrineinles are evervtlnnc 1 asneritv that Mr. Urad ev did not dissent 1 c,:., t.
, .. ! 1 1 I - - v , i ---..1.- . promises u u iiiu.uaniuua. lb .1.11 o,iiii,iu
in icuo no wb vua uc........ personai ljkes and dislikes noming. ricn iroin mo opinion oi mo majority, to wnicu , T! fa:rne8S ad radical honor. .Er.
lor uovernor, ami was no uuuu. citu, , ,, f lwimwn rr;Rn,i4ar neighbors wliom I Mr. f ield mado a lurther remark: totto voce.
was dclrauueu out, 01 mo position uy i.usi. wouij iik0 to see honorcctfbiit wo have which was not heard by the bar. Minors' Oatr.i"es
fnlun .nnnllnr. nf thn lllptnlinn I .... . 1. i-l ,! I ... . ..... I
iciuun uuu iHwuwuh)- nn . irlit. tn rjirrv nilr lllUlVlUUai ICeililUS ku I Tin ,ln.,j,n,. nf, in tnninritt. ir. will hp ni. I . .. .... .1 rnnftft.i JL! ,
f o T,L.,l,ulminiKtratinn that was enabled " "b " . "i-'T'. !?.., . V "J "vf.".' . T . 7 Amongst moro mau 00,000 striding miners
.. vv.' - 1 run nxtent 01 leooaruiaiu tuu ian.v ,.....v. uprvnii. nut nniv noiinrins iiuiier s riff it to 1 iL i.i i 1 tp
. 1 , ,H,; H,mw thn immpnxn - . . . ' . ' - ' . 1,:., . ' . ' ---- - - " ... It wouiu uo BirilliBo n.uiu nuiu nut oumu
l" "'V' I J? Z It a the duty ot every democrat i . establish a court to take cognizance ot civil rooh a,i desperadoes. Theso commit out
standing armies ot the time. attachment to men. and think only of tho CiWC8 jjUt to reVerse tho decision of his own ,i .,, ,i, ,i i,,i i,i ,1
T-!.1.. Ll!.. .1 .1. .'. .... , , ..... . 1 I O .111. fct.w , j j u(,i.,vt.
triumpnoi ins party. UBi...-w court uy a military oruer wiicn 11 um not q thls point tho Harrisburg Patriot re
tion 111 ono caso nor lumnu iiirjuuiui ' , nappen to sun nun.
Ho was a member of tho late Constitu
tional convention, in which he took an ac
tive part in favor of all proper and import
ant reforms. For some timo past ho has
been traveling in Europe for the benefit of
his health, but yieled his life to an ephemer
al disease that onght to bo within the con-
other should bo allowed to interfere with the
brightening prospects for the success of our
cause. We cm not care who the canaulates are,
nor from what portion of the Stale they may
What Kellcy Saw.
The Washington correspondent of theA'ciu
York Tribune, under date of April 20, says:
Circumstances alter cases. George III
onco prcsentod John Hancock, of Rcvolu
tionary memory, with a handsome coronet
signet ring ns a token of his high apprecia
tion of Hancock's estimable qualities. Sub
sequently tho samo Monarch offered a re
ward of $50,000 for tho head of tho samo
Hancock. Happily tho Monarch's big re
ward was not a sufficient temptation to the
sturdy patriots of tho Revolution, and Han
cock's name stands boldly identified with all
that is grand and ennobling in our early his
tory. Tho ring presented by Georgo is still
in existence and would have formed a part
of the Revolutionary relics exhibited at Lex-
Apr in,'7s-ct Administrator.
nf Aiimini-iiriitlnn on the esta1
ino'n lluss, late ot I'lshlngcrecS township, county of
Wheat per bushel t J.W
(loluinbl.i, stato ot IViinsjIvanla, deceased, haci
been granted to .tolm Meaner, ot l'lihlnyereelc
township, l'a., to wnom an persons iiiih-uiuj ij i-un.
ostutonro requested to mako payment, and tlioso
hailng claims or demands will mako known tlio
samo without delay. ,wm WVSSm.
April 0.75-Cw Administrator.
KSTiTsnpoiTiuiusr. (inAUii hit, nrcnAir.n.
1 ..iierj nf Aitminlitmilnn nn tho estnlo ot Catha
rine (ic.irhart, late ol Miniln township. Columbia
county, deegased, have been granted by iho lieglMer
ot Slid county to James Kleter, ot Main township.
All persons having claims against the estnto of thn
decedent, nrerequcsUxl to present them for settle,
ment, and thosolu Ijhted to llu estate to m iko p iv-
lay, JAMf.S Kii:i'i:u,
Apr, 30,',5-Ct- Ainninisiraior.
Com "
Oats "
Flour per barrel
Pried Apples
sides & Shoulders
I.nrd per pound
nay pur tuu
Timothy Seed
No. 4 on Whart 4,00 per Ton
No.s " ' 3,in " '
NO. G " ,.' " "
Blacksmith's Lump on wharl $4,00 " '
lntuminous " wuu "
At Iic INipular nsli Store of
sonally honest ho could not be used by the trol of medical science. He passes from
rogues ot Ins party while in the senate, and
consequently they revenged themselves by
refusing him a renomination.
earth without a stain upon his character and
with a most honorable and elevated reputation.
There is somo complaint in the Hunting
don district that tho judgo is too much ad-
Magnanimity In Polities.
The new Democratic Auditor General and
dieted to making tho law instead of admin- secretary of the Interior havo each filled
istering it as it is written. There is nothing a the places In their Departments with
moro dangerous than this uiscretion 01 a comi)(tcnt and active Democrats,
Our Re-
come, to that they are lionat. ana true men Ju( Wm D KeU of pcnnsyivnnja rc
tnen wUo will win and deserve to win. turned from a six weeks' tour in the south
The policy of tho convention, as it .j alld j,cara most emphatic testimony
strikes us, is to come together absolutely un- ngaJlla't tho gouthern policy of his own party
pledged, and with no entangling alliances Jn t,10 lajt congrc3:Ji When asked to-night
that may defeat its freedom of action. By wJjat llQ til0Ugilt 0f tho political condition
meeting: in this spirit, and taking ample time souti, i,0 u,ed theso words : ' The
lor their deliberations, tho delegates can have yoto j mlut regret juring my fourteen years'
no trouble in agreeing upon a iicuct nuu uu- gcrvjuo ! congress, is that which I cast last
nouncing a platform that will hardly fail to wjutcr ; favor 0f t1B forco bill.' Ho further
secure the endorsement of tho peoplo
meet uia uwu Ubiicon exchanges taiic as mougu uiey ,.,,! :a ,i,n i,rlv . . , . . , ,
notions, and there aro more districts than ;vould haT0 preferred that tho ItopubllcH
, nfllicted with i..i K .,miffA, tr, rnma-m I No UU"J necessity lor mu usuoi ie.
1 rising uavi lbblt iv,. .....v... -
this judge-made law. Somo of the judges jubt 1 But why wero not Democratic clerks
are more anxious to legislate thau to admin- permitted to remain under Republican rule?
istcr tho law as they find it, and 0110 of gomc wcro while they could not do without
these fmo days they will be brought up with them, but not a moment longer, and for this
a round turn, which will enable them to no especial credit is deserved. We observe
appreciate tne uiiiereuce oetweentueir nine- a little growling, too, in somo localities mat
turns and thoso ot the legislature. ralriot. wero not favored, but this is only tho olu
Ex-Senator Nye, the wit of the Senate
chamber for a number of years, at Washing'
ton, is now a confirmed lunatic and the in
mate of an asylum. Jim was a genial, good
natured fellow, and it is a great pity that this
rnwfortuuo has overtaken him. It is a won'
der, however, that moro of his associates in
tho Scnato havo not become lunatics, too,
considering the iniquitous measures to which
they gave their assent at that timo. Nyo's
misfortune was that ho had brains and sen
timent, tiit lacked back-bono. His asso'
ciates had tho back-bone, but lacked the
brains. It is only finely organized men
who go crazy. Exchange.
said that so far as his observation went
there was no more
necessity for thousoot federal military lorco
with which they conduct their proceedings. ( ti ,1 ; :., iemviVama or Ohio. He
Many of tho delegates scarcely reach their talked with confederate soldiers, with north
destination 'till they becomo anxious to get om men ncgroert( carpet baggers, and
through with tho business and return homo, travelers, nnd that ho was surprised nt tlio
In this way our platforms are sent out in- good feeling existing. Ho said that ho
complete and inconsistent, and mistakes aro ai10ultl hereafter take little stock in southern
made that the delegates repent of at their outragcs, especially if they are reported as
leisure. Unlike tho Republican organiza- occuring in t10 sections ho visited. He gave
tion, the Democratic party U not a mere an exanlj,ie ()f tho feeling in tho south by
machine to bo wound up by a few men and reiating what he himself saw in Augusta, be
set running to any tuno they wish it to play. ing himself unknown. Ho happened to bo
ItH (vinvontions aro. as thev ought to be, i ,,nt eitv rm thn ilav chosen for decoratiuir
Some of tho Radical papers point to tho . rcnrescntativo assemblages j and those ti,n craves of tho confederate dead. Ho
contiuuanco of Mr. B. F. Chandler m the h assume the position of delegate should remained and observed closelv tho proceed-
mnrks in a very sensible way
Tho news from tho mining regions shows
that some desperato men aro doing their
best to bring discredit upon the wholo body
of miners by flagrant outrages upon persons ;ngton on the 19th, had it not been for the
anil property, iheso occurrences aro teic- ,)00r railway accommodations between lios-
graphed far and wide, and read by thous- ton and tho place whero the celebration came
anus ot persons who never givo a moment's fr, 2'hila. Chronicle.
consideration to tho fact that a patient and
cndtiriiiK army of fifty thousand men, who Col. Gconre W. Gavlc. tho man who
are out of employment, and somo of them offered $1,000,000 for tho assassination of
out of bread, take no part in theso vile I Abraham Lincoln, in 18Q1, through the
demonstrations, It is to bo hoped tho min- columns of tho Oihaba GajeffV.dicd in Sclma,
crs' organizations will do their utmost to de- Alabama, on tho 8th of April. Lincoln and
fend the reputation they havo obtained by Gaylo can now talk the matter over in a
their law-abiding conduct during the strike fricndlv wav, tho latter explaining that at
by assisting to bring all marauders to justice, the timo he made tlio offer of a million dol
lara ho was not worth that many farthings,
Wo linvn't tho least doubt but that Lincoln
will take it nil as a joke, and perhaps it will
" remind him of a little story," over which
they can both tako a cood laugh, in a
TN pursuance of an order of tho Orphan s
I Court ot Columbia county, tho undersigned, nct
fiig IiKccutor ot the hist Will and Testament or Adam
(table, late ot tho tonshlp ot Koarlngcreek, In bald
county, deceased, w 111 eipobo to public bale on tho
premlbes, on
SATURDAY, JUNK 5th, 1875.
commencing at lo o'clock In tho forenoon olbald day,
tne 10110N ing uescriucu le.u estate, 10 w it :
All that certain niece, n.ircel or trart or land .situ
ate, lilng and belli.' In tho townshlnot Koarlngcreek.
In said county, bounded nnd described as follows, to
wit: Adjoining lanus 01 Solomon htrnuscr on 1110
west, lands of Nimuclllouck on the north, lands ct
John Hlce on the cast, and lands of John KUuo on tho
soutu, containing
moro or less, nearly all cleared land, whereon aro
erected a
TWo-sTOttY nt.Mii: dwelling nousn.
A Frame Hunk Ham and other out buildings. Tlicro
Is on the premises 11 good Annie orchard, and other
fruit Also, (,'ood water oil the premises. Possession
given ibLui apni, ism.
CONDITIONS Ol' KAI.L'. Ten per cent of one
fourth of the purchase money to b paid at Iho sti Ik
lnsr down of the proirrty. the one-fourth less the ten
per cent, at the continuation ot tho sale and the bal
ance In one J ear thereafter, lib Interebt from con
tinuation nisi, ui bum bale.
1.UUAH 1'AHJtI.NnWi,
May 11-st Acttni; Executor.
You arc respectfully invited to call nnd
examine tlio Largo and Beautiful Stock of
which wc offer at most Attractive Prices.
We know of nothing that would be likely
to bo moro repulsivo to an American than n
meal composed of mule or horso flesh. And
yet Frenchmen partake of that stylo of diet I spiritual way, of course. Rellefontc Watch
with as much gusto ns John Bull attacks a man.
story that when two men nuo a norso one
must ride behind. Kvery locality could not
be served, and bo far as tho placoa go the ap
pointments are fairly distributed.
Tho Chief of the Burenii Statistics pub
lishes a statement of tho principal articles of
British and Irish manufacture esported to
the United States during tlio first three
months of 1873, 1874 and 1875, respectively.
Most of theso exports show a continuous de
crease ; in Borne of them there Is a consider
able falling off, and in one of them un
wrought copper there is an absolute discon
tinuance. Tho decline is most marked in
lead, iron, Bilks, machinery, manufactures of
paper, hardware and cutlery, worsted stuffs,
carpets and cotton goods. There is an in
crease In the exportation of tin plates and
sheep and lamb's wool, and a slight revival
in that of salt, woolen cloths and spirits.
Tho new pardon board is now fully orga
nized and is doing a land oflice business at
Harrisburg. It is one of tho few humbugs
that cot into the new Constitution. It lias
resolved Itself into a little sort of court, with
a recorder, in which tlio judges are tho jury,
and it Is to hold sessions otico a month.
Tho Governor is reduced to a cypher as re
gards the pardoning power, and can only act
on cases wherein three of tho four members
of the board recommend pardon, 1 he cumf
lty of mercy U to be stralued mid hence de
utroyed, disppearing wholly from our gov
. eminent system. It may bo regarded as fur
tuuate, to say the least, that tho pardoning
power Jn tho world to como Is not within tho
reach of Legislatures or Constitutional con-
Yentious. and therefore that there mercy will
remain free and unrestrained. Pennsylvania
jiardona now will be based upon such tech
idealities as tho legal fraternity may bo nblo
to impreia upon tho dignified gentlemen who
ierro In the office of Lleutenuut aovcrnor(
Secretary of the Commonwealth, Attorney
cncrl and Secretary oj tlio interior,
office of the Secretary of tho Commonwealth,
as a proof of Republican magnanimity, but
we do not see that they havi more truo claim
in this regard than several other parties.
Mr. O. was appointed in 1813, when a mere
boy. Of course he had no politics then, and
wo are of opinion has not had much since,
beyond his own vote, and wo know him as
well as any. Shunk, the purest of Demo
crats, appointed him. Johnston, full-blood
ed Whig continued him ; so did Bigler, Dcin
crat j and Pollock, Whig and Know Noth
ing ; as did also Packer, Democrat, aud Our
leavo homo with tho resolve to givo all the jllgl)i i011g procession marched through
time that is necessary to a proper discharge the city with engines, civic organizations,
of their duties Erie Observer. c ;t beinti treated as a general holiday.
JiuIl'o Kellev observed tho significant fact
The Government Secret Detective Service that, while men mid women wcro gathered
It hannens now and then that tho people fur the nurnoso of nayine tributo to the
round of beef. They smack their lips over the
hipophagic viands, with all possible relish,
and wonder why it is that men of other na
tions aro so wanting in tasto us to have no
fondness for this their favorito dish. Well
there's no accounting for tastes. Johnny
Crapeau may, if lie will, revel in all thelux-
uries of horso flesh. Ho has our full consent
to do so. Wo shall not envy him tho delica
cy, nor do anything to interfcro with tho
gratification of his taste. But for ourselves
and wo think wo represent tho average
American wo beg to bo excused from in
dulging in any such barbarous delicacies.
' get an insight into tho workings of tho memory of tho dead confederate soldiers, the iIors0 may bo juicy, tender, well fla
' Federal Government's Secret Detective principal music on the occision was furnished vorcj ali n that, but none of it for us. It
Service. by the band belonging to a United States be'cf n mry dcsirablo qual.
It is an odious department odious to tho infantry regiment stationed in the vicinity.
popular instinct!, traditions, and feelings. There wero no taunts, no insults, no com
A secret dctoctiva ag jncy, supported by plaints, no 'appearance of ill feeling any
such a government as landau Williams whero visible. Whilo absent Judgo Kellcy
ity, but roast beef will answer our purposes
or tho present at least. Koast horso and
horse-ta'il soup, mule's liver and donkey
tin, Bepublican, War and Liberal ; Geary, di u ot bo permitted to exist pent from two days to a week in each of tho
............ IF..,.,, 1,11,1 nnil nrtDJ 1 1'lrtmnft. I D ' I . ... ... .
Excerpts nml News Items from Exchanges.
Thosouthern rnilroadsare now trying their
hand at cutting rates. The fares havo been
reduced between New Orleans and New York
nearly twenty per cent,
Five persons havo been recently indicted
by the grand jury in New Orleans for brib
iug members of tho legislature, and this has
not been considered a very good year for
that kind of business in tho legislature of
Our imported liquors cost tho consumers
$12,000,000 annually: our nativo liquors
$200,000,000; and our malt liquors $200,'
000,00.0 more, a total of over $100,000,000, or
$10 per head of the entire population,
Pinchback complains of lib treatment in
this country. In Europo ho says ho was
treated liko a gcntlemau hero, like a dog,
AMPLKS to Aircnts. Ladies' Com
bination Needle-book with Chromos. Send
bUimp. 1'. 1', CSLUCh.Ncw Hcdtord, Massachusetts,
; binatloi
for tno fastest Benin? book ever nuhllshrrt.
for clrcu'ars nnd ourestra urmt tn Airi'iitp.
A valuable mine for sale. Will pay v o per cent. In
icstlRntlon solli'lted l'or Information, nddress W.
II, .Moore, (leorgetown, Colorado, or J. ll. coizcn,
Newport, It. 1.
U "V iisr a-s to isr E'c
With Ills famous LAS'1'.I(1III1VAI.S nnu nvulvt Vmv
and authentic llfo and tlirllllni; adventures In Africa
ot the Kreat hero traveler end explorer. Profusely II-lustr.iu.-tl.
moo AtlUN'TM IVAN I'Eli quickly. Frefirht
prepaid. IT HELLS I Do you doubt? Then write for
extra terms nndprovo ft; or, It in Imstcto becln
work, send It for complete outllt, to LIVINGSTONE
And aU Throat Diseases,
Tor sale by Druggists generally, and JOHNSTON
HU1.I.OWAV & CO., Philadelphia, l'a.
pompous Itepublican, and now Hartranft
'trooly loll" Uopublican. .Mr. UHauuicr,
while not a politician, is a gentleman of very
for a day.
This branch of Federal power grew up out
of tho war. Spies and' informers hid from
following cities, stopping frequently at places
of less consequence, viz: Uichmond,
Charleston, Columbia, Savannah, Jackson
ville. Atlanta, and Aiken. The most of his
timo was spent in Florida,
as ho saw and ho went with his eyes and
. ..... ... t.
steals may no nice in tueir way, out uy a. Jut 1itich 8eelus to ,iko t,,0 (1 treatmcnt
,., . .... ., . .., . r.4 .... W'rt ...111 ,nA l "
WllllOUl II single unarm I'll us. ,iv "...
of them. Phila. Chronicle .
Please Don't Investigate!
rare qualifications and merits vote for hta ,,,,, on, to th(M0 itl
friends, ami a sort of living lexicon of the ey mUnA, free from all aocoui
Stato and Executive Departments. Tons of ..... ' , . ,. , . , ...,.
ndlrn'il Tinnf-M. often referred to. are on filo I . ... .pi ' .. il. ihrii,AT.n.J.ninr lw flummrmwnnltli. I iznd fisMnir lino.
-i i- - press tno weale and tne poor, too rccorus oi cars open tliere was no ieenng oi icar nuu wuim w , " ;
in thoso Department, and notwithstanding tuiAervicc, if there aro nny not burned in the distrust on tho part of tho colored people, in 18G9, ho was to all intents and purposes a It is mentioned
tho immensity of tho mass, Mr. C. can lay at t)o of Fua(.ral p0ivcri wouW ami ho couid not for tho llfo of him soi what bankrupt. Tho only thing he could call of China, that th
i -mo siiiui ip-ft-miri, -iiiivftwi .. w.
Ito says, so lar Jl.suo horses In wiiliiieipuu. fni.
When Stato Treasurer juaetey iook con-
best, clso ho would bundlo himself across the
water and stay there.
The signaturo of Spinner is fearful, but
that of his successor is said to bo fearfuller.
Ouo exchange compare! tho former's to a
bunch of eels nnd tho latter's to a tlemoral-
his hand upon any of mcin at any time, wnero weU ,nfllmlcs M tUo W0Mt jM)0t!sm
a less experiences! man nugni, nunvn ycar, wouUi ai,un. Hut thcro W now an ofT shoot
aud then perhaps In vain. Tho public inter- f . . detoctivo aKellCy which'ls still secret.
est, therefore, as well as tho credit and sale- NoboJy kll0Wll who nro cmpioyea by tho
ty of any administration demands his con- VeicaX auti,ority in this service. .Men as-
tluuauco in office. We know politicians 8crtthev ar0 8ecret government agents, but
havo grabbed greedily for his place, but wo Qn ,n jry n0 guch J)Crwn u fouml oa t)l0
have not yet known an administration that rMi of th(J department or if a0( unjer
...111!-.. i .n .uItlvniit liim llnAar ItiA .
wu wuiiiiB w u -v. 80me other namei
circumsunccs, Uierefore, more is no panicu-
lar magnanimity displayed in not removing
Democrats havo m good a right to enjoy
offices as Itepublicans, and as all cannot bo
It is open
to tho most terrible abuses, It is absolvod
from all accountability. It is managed by
persons who havo to much character that to
loso any of it would not hurt what was re-
.. . , .1 . . IOHO any Ol ll WOUIU IIUV null, nim, i,miu-
appointed, alt ought to rejoice that a few tho poislon of tho lo,er of
llavolje the part. Wo trust tho Democratic Congress
Some of our Democratic cotemporarlea will investigate this branch of Federal
speak as though thero wero a probability of power. It will discover, wo think, enough
a Greeleyito being nominated for Governor to excite the Ire of the people of tho country,
i.. .i.t u,t w .in nnr. think that such a Besides, it will save thousands of dollars to
thing is within range of the possibilities of the taxpayers, and the publio Interests will
the futuro of this campaign. There may be not be impaired. Destroy this appendage of
some vain ambition itruggllng that wuy, royai, iraperm., u,jluu v -
i. i . - tMiitnf Mttluir la. the country of spies and informers, who In
.rether enoueh Den)PCt In a State Oonvcn- Europe are regarded as about tho meanest of
tion who would hv the temerity or tool- wankind.-i'Afoi)Aia Ommonweauh.
i.. -it , . thon ft rn. The editor could havo stated with proprl
uounced Democrat wi a candidto for Oor- ety, that the stock has not been improved l
ernor in rewnylvftul-.-CWn DmnrolAM country, except in wiceanis,
as among tho advantages
thero aro no lightning rod
peddlers there. Wliother it would pay to go
there just on this account, however, is not so
Tho Ilritish visitors to Concord ami Lex
ington in 1774, wcro bled by tho Yankees of
that day. And singular enough tlio Ameri
can visitors to tho samo towns, n hundred
uso thero was for forco bills. Ho was very his own was a largo amount oi ueuw nnu a
glad to havo mado tho trip.for it has enabled reputation worthy a radical leader, tie 1ms
him to understand the condition or the soutli ucen maio .treasurer hvo je-i. t
better than ho has over understood It before, ho received a salary of $2,000 and for four
ir,.V'.!,l it was not tho kulklux that was years a salary per annum ot .,uuu maung
" i: .. .,i( itr.. ..1 1
r,.nninr iho south, nor was the r unhappy in all f ,uuu. uut oi mis sir. iuucn-y n..s
,ih!n ( l,n .iiirilnitml in llm hatred bv lived, and 11
tho southern pooplo of people of tho north, liberally towards the radical campaign funds; years afterwards, were "bled," too, by tho
"nor was any political question involved ; he has paid off all Ids old debts ; purchased a Yankees of this day.
thinks tho whole trouble In tho south arises nomination at tho hands ot ins party; man- iresmeut urant commenceu uusir.ess uy
from financial and indust rial causes, and ed to n banker in Philadelphia 1100,000, who distributing his Cabinet officers among tho
he believes that the south will not improve broko up and left him that much out; subscribers to tlio fund for his houso at
Uougllt !1U,UUU StOCIC 111 tno i'liisoiirgii towt- itibuiiibwh aim uu is going lo ugui ll out
mercial; paid for a brown stone front in ono on that lino till ho reaches tho last Biibscrlb-
of the fashionable thoroughfares of Philadel- er. Picrrepout, tho new Attorney General
nhliUBpentinonoylikenprincc.nndnowsporta gave $20,000.
a $1,800 spun of horses on llroad street and I Cardinal McCloskey starts out woll in ono
in the Park. Is It any wonder ho rofuses to brunch of busmen. Ho has had two high
lave tho books and accounts of tho Treasury Hfo marriages to perform since ho got his
Investigated? Relleonte Watchman. scarlet can. Peoplo who are anxious for dis
play ttiiii ins new title an easy way to noto
Grant has thrown away all chance of R riety for themselves.
third term endorsement in Pennsylvania. Iho new license law has received almost
and advanco until tho Forty-fourth congress
repeals tho financial legislation oftlio 1-orty-
third, until tlio Industries of tho country
aro revived, and wo aro forcod to livo with
in our income tlio south will grow worse in
stead of better.
Lot tho voter bo watchful not to bo preju
diced attainst any particular candidata with
out just causo, and let every candidate guard
himself well that ho says or does nothing
nreludiclal or dishonorable nuainst his
Taking another member of Ids Cabinet from as many different interpretations as there aro
brother candidate. If this is heeded wo will New York, and Blighting tho Stato which judges in tho Stato who havo considered it;
havo a convention and a ticket that will was carried for him by a most expensive and a fact which will be apt to ralso som,o doubts
command the respect of not ouly the wholo elaborate fraud In 1872, Is a measure of in- as to tho precision of tho Judges, or tho ca-
of our party, but also of tho best men in tho gratitude which the profoundest loyalty cn pacity of our legislators to glvo-legal cxprei,
onnoiltlon nnU.-xthmge, I not overlook. I dion w mcir mining
I1Y I 'M.tfAI.KItll A. II W11 '
A splendid MuMo Hook upon a new, natural nnd
easy system, by whleh anv one tnnv (cum t.. mii
iniule and lo Rlnfr In one-fourth tho time required by
tup old methods. Designed for Choirs, t-luelng
ru.-uuui- uhu .-Musn-ai aucioues. LIDcrai lndueeinents
to .MiMc Teachers. Specimen pai-es mailed free
and 1101 sausoin bU, 1'ldlaiklphta, l'a. npr.lilw
Chestnut st:
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Juiv L f W ',W .'??,Hr .wlu PoMUvely drawen
ti "J ik iS'.i ttl .,u ti"1' tloo.o-o: becond, VAOCii
I bird t ,00g Kourth 1 6 ,o,' smaller k'llta. tlio w hola
t'tT, !'rlf;i';,Wfl,'!v"H1' l'd'luVtlet'hmSerS
f,'l,lM,r.u.H",K- 11'tslni.lltul onlschartend byltm
KiW111 drawintMs HUiwrvlseifUy Uw
legal authorities. An oniclalllst of drnvvlcir uuiii.
llshed. I lckets for elttier niutUacu il lor 15. 8S lor
?. .'i,...i.nt w? W lliuilrated Times wnt free ti
I n infh,. il,. Jf'1,. ,K.,U" Piriieuiars, 'iickeiB soJ
MPloihollpurotiliaivme, Addrea-i,
May U Jia C0" Nias4u sr'' Nl!W Xwx
COItN in the ear received on subscriptions
In addition to our regular line of
Fancy Dry Goods,
Wo have added a Coinplcto Lino of
Bleached and Brown Muslins,
We shall
only tlio
hereafter keep a full supply of
And sell them nt Trices worthy of your examination,
rnHK siibscrllicrs offer at privato sale, on fa-
lorable terms, tho folloaln
described proper-
A 0 It E S
fii of land, more or less, situated Jn lit Pleas
iij ant toivnshlp about twu miles north ot
! Iiloomsburir, on the public lending from
.iJl Utfht street to liuehhorn, ndjulnlii!; lands
ot Kllas Howell on tho west, Win. Howell nnd .lames
(irlmes on tlio south, Samuel llnrticlt on Iho
east, and Joseph (illbert nnd Win. Howell on thu
north, all cleared except about llsacres which Is well
timbered, on which are erected a Ug Houu and lug
Iiarn, out-bulldlugs, &c. Also a variety of cholco
fruit in liearlni;.
Mtuato In Mt. Pleasant tow nshlp, on tho public road
leading rrom right street to Jcrscytown, about four
miles from llloomsbunr, nil cleared, whereon aru
i-ruetocl a Two suiry VltAMU lloi'SH nnd Kitchen, a
NI1W ll.NK 1IAUN, nuduut-hulldlugs. Thcro Is a
VDIING oitCUAItl) of cholco Fruit ot all kinds Just
comlns Into liearlng on theso premises. AUo a good
Spring of soft water at tho door. For terms, Ac., np
ply, on tho latter prembes to (ii:o. w. JACOllV
19-21H OlllHULLi: II. JACOllV.
Valuable Town Property
and Farm at Private
. (JOH'.ilM.I,, Kxecutor,
luuoinsburif, i-a,
pilh underngiied, one of the Kxcculors of
I (IKOIKII! Wi:AVi:it, deceased, offers at prUaW
side, tho follow lnjf valuable property, to wit :
with ouUbulldlnjrs anil lot attached, sltuated'on
Sluln street, UloomsUurt', l'a. This house Is bultablo
for two famines.
Akso-ono two-story framo dwelling house, with
put-bulldlugs, frumostublo nnd pood lot attached.
Ihls property Is opposite tho residence of tho latu
lir. Yost., ono two-story frame dwelling houso with
ftaldo, out-bulldlngs and lot nttaehed bltu.ited on
ltoclc Slreet, Hloomsburg, 1M.
ALSO, six vacant lots situated on Fourth Street,, a valuable farm situated onu-hatt mile Ifom
tho town ot M-Uvfeusvllk), l'a. Said farm contains vtl
acres of land.
t or terms of salo apply to
reo. ii, -ID-cm.
fflaiW: iw Lost How ResM!
TUST publislied a new edition of Dr. CVL-
M.UH celebrated essay on tho radical cure
(without medicine) of Spermatorrhoea
or Seminal Weakness, Involuntary sem
inal weakness, Iiniieteucy, Meutul and
tihvhlcal IllCuniU'llV. 1inn.,Hii,..,.tu lii
JIarrlJge, etc,! nko t'onsumptlon, Upllcpay, and 1'lts
Induced by selt-lndulgcneu or scxtual untravugauco
l'llcs, tiO.
'ice, in a settled envtlope, only sir cents.
The celebrated author, In this ndmlrablo essay
clearly demonstrates from a thirty yoars' succcssfu
practice, that tho alarming consequences of self,
abase may bo radically cured without the dangerous
uso of Internal medicine- or tho application of tho
knife j pointing out a modoot cuio nt onco simple
certain, and offocmal, by means of which every suf
ferer, no matter what tils condition may bo, may cur
hlinujltchoaply pjlvntcly, and radically.
This Lecture should te In tho hands of every
youlh and every man In the land,
Ment under seal, In a plain envelopo, to any ad
dress, poot-jiaid, cm receipt of blx cents, or two pot
Addrew the 1'ublUmcrs,
CHA8. J. 0. KI.INK Ic CO.,
lr Jiowery, Now VorW, I'oat Ofllco Box 4,640.
AprUlfl, 16-y
u vi:iiw