The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, March 26, 1875, Image 3

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nj, o o Jt sn i! u o, fii i u a v, a iicii c j, u;z
Roll Road Tlmo"TnMei
Mall Train 10.(6 a. m v. m
Kpres9 Train Ml 1'. M, h.jj I', i
Accommodation Trnln B.w A. M, 7,iT I M,
... . aoinii. BOCtll
Accommodation Trnln A. M, t,3j I', jt,
l!cfillar Kpress 3,M 1'. M, 11.33 A. 11,
Through tars on I'.xpreis trnln cither to New York
or l'htl idelphU. Accommodation train runs between
C'.it uvli-u nnd Wtlllatnsport,
The project to bttllil n liriilgo acro'it the river
nt Illcomsburg Is ngiln licinjf aqilatcil,
It Is reported" from tlio Fishing Creek Valley
that Ihc maple mt-ar crop vvlll he a failure.
The roail h.ivo lir-en bnilly washed In several
parts of the county by the leant thaw, ami the
worst Is yet to come.
The 1'itMon triilges p.isscil away on TtiiFtl.iy
night ami on Wciliicsilny a ferry win erected.
The fair for a foot pnciiirer was unly $1.00.
The Colttmbli county Orange Convention
will meet in liloorasburg, on l'riilay, April IM.
Tliero arc at present about fifteen granges In the
The entertainment nt the Normal Hall on
Monday evening last wan very fairly attended,
The students acquitted themselves very credit-ahlv.
The snow crust nfibrded rare facilities to the
girls and boys for coasting, with the necessary
accompaniment of sundry bruises and hlnody
August is to have two moon', they say, which
h.n not occurred fur many years. The eircum
ftnice is sugncstivo of various sign', ihu oiilv one iimongst which is ill it people should
pay the printer bolire. tiia: dale.
One who pays h is a widiwer without ehil
c'm, and ,i tr.idumvn witli an inti r st in a
furin, writes us th-i he wints a housekeeper to
whom he will psy f.onil waes, fsrtiv idu her with
a good home, and "use lur like a ladv," but
ilislres in not to m ike a local of it, W'c can
not servo him a id altogether legard his riipust.
Our correspondent would prnbibly liud it insier
to get it wife than any oilier form of housekeeper,
nnd we BOggest that course to him. If any widow
sir maid desires either position she may impure I
at this office for fuither information.
THE Bl'ltlNO nilKAK-tlP.
Fortunate It Is, Indeed, that the Spring break
up has thus far been mi gradual. Only a few
days of modcrato warmth nbout two weeks, ago,
carried oil many ol the briiig. s on the North
limned nnd destroyed much other valuable
property. Hut for the sudden frceilng that oc
curred the. destruction would have been terrible.
As It was, t,o bridges at l'illslon, Kingston,
Nanlieoko, Catawissa, D.tiivlllo and Northum
berland were swept iiway.ninl lhoo that remain
are slill lit great danger from the melting of llio
Immense body of snow ytt remaining nnd the
tremendous Ice gdrgts nt Wllkes-Ilarro nnd
Nanttcoke. As yet the melting of llio mow Is
Utile more than perceptible. In the mountains
nnd northern hlll-sdes it is m yCt scarcely
diminished, Now late In March the thaw that
is to como will probably bo sudden and rapid.
The consequences must bo most destructive
along t'lOKtre.tms, large nnd small,
On the West Ilranch there has been no thaw
of any account, and as that stream did not riso
much It Is evident that there lias ns yet been no
material melting of snow In tho Alleglienles.
There are gorges at Milton nnd west of Lock
Haven nnd every thing wears n Ihtcatcniiig
attitude. At Wllllamsport nnd Lock Haven
meetings nre held to devise wnys nnd means of
guarding the coinupieiiceH of tin unusial llood,
nnd the railroad tititlioiitlin nrc prepared to
load their bridges with nil t lie cars the,, can
crowd on them freighted with stone.
Along other large streams there is also tho
gravest apprehension nnd pieparallon for the
worst. Kvcn along the smaller streams it would
bj prudint to look to poisible.conscquenccs nnd
be ready for them.
Whatever may be done to avert danger should
be promptly lesortul to. Imperially should
people be pn pared to leinove promptly nnd nt
short warning I loin daiigetoiH Kstdciicc. The
bieaklng of gorges may suddenly precipitate
lal lloo Is ol water and ice upon the line of the
rivers and iill'ecl points dial hale herelolore
be n ngarded its s tic. Fortunately gorges usu
ally remain until they are melted out, nut the
water may loree Ihein mddiiily and tlis.i-iiuiisl .
In any ea-e, prudence and e.ire will he woilh
the tio.ililc and on the side of
Mr?, H. W. Wynkoop will, njrnin open
licr School on lliofltli of April, 1870. ilt-i)
Tun l'oi'in.Ait Ci.oTittNd Srortt:. A full
lino of clcgntit Goods: for Hprlng and Sum
mer wear just received, consisting of Cloth
nnd Ciissemercs. Hciidy-mndo Clothing for
Men, Youth nnil Hoys' wear, nit or tho Litest
stylo ami nt iirices to suit tho times, at D.
D.rNltll, Vof:if.M lint removed his Clothing
.Store to Henry Hnrttiiiiu'i) building, In the
room occupied ns a Carpet Store, whero ho
now has n full supply of goods, Cull ami
kco. Jiui2Utr
Selling at reduced pi Ices nt H.M. lvNoitll's
In order tn tnnko room for Spring Goods,
Go to llussiJMs for your Extra Mnplo
Syrup clear ns crystal. Only One Dollar
per Gallon.
Itoni:tvr Koan ttiiikcs 1'lctitro Frames to
C. V. NiiAt. & Uno,, sparo no expense to
end out nice) coal. tllO
To Tin: Puiimo. Go to W. II. llitowx
nnd get ot.u pound ti,t Ten in market, put
tip In a beautiful Japanned Gilt Cmmister,
lor one dollnr.
Our own make of Calf Uoot.s, sewed, for
SS.0O, :it U. M. Kaolin's.
All Conl Mated nnd fcrcencd before leav
ing the old established coal varil of C. V.
NlUl, Si Uno. " Soil'
Don't, le worrieil nnd annoved with not
only n poor quality of Coal liut dirty and
Blaty beside, hut buy of C. V. Ni:ai,& Ulto.
who deal only in tho host qualities. i&tf
The Centennial Dramatic Association, recently
organized in Illooiusbnrg, will give an uilrr
tiinment in the Iiloomsbuig Opera House-, on
Friday evening, April IM, 187fi. It con-ists of
T. H. Arthur's popular temperance drama of
"Ten Niglits in a HirIJooni,"nnd the laugliable
farce entitled "The Man Fish." The pioeecds
to bo donated to the poor of this place. The
Opera Douse should be well-filled on this occa
sion. Admission 3j, 1' and 15 cents. Tickets
for saio at the Honk storo of Oeo, A. Clark.
Look out for tho programme containing full
Tho ground-hog, coon or bear, to whichever
the honor liny belong, was a success as a prophet
on Candlemas day, February 2d. He saw his
-hndow clearly all day and six weeks of .Siber
ian winter followed. For the weather since the
six weeks are np he is not responsible and his
prognosii was confined to Ilicsix weeks iiiimcdi
nteiy follow log the date mentioned. He did
mot intimate that there, would be summer
'Weather within six weeks from the '.M of Fibril
lary, but only that - would be nonsense fur any
mail to venture to poke; his nose out of the
lliouso before tho expiration of that time, per
imitting people to exercise their own dUcrctinn
rafter that.
That wise saying about March going out like
a lamb ii it comes in like a lion, is yet lo be ful
filled. So far, lionizing has characterized all the
month, tho few sum -what mild days being ren
dered turbulent ami destructive by the- llnd
and consequent disaster they produced. Only a
few diys re-in.tiu in which to vindicate the wis.
dom and accuracy of the adage.
Do jnti Maul Cheap Groceriis'.'
D.iyou want Cheap Dty (.inoiN?
CiuloC (J M.wtu'n Cheap Stores
Go to W, II. Illiow.v for fine Ironstone
Chum Ware. Ask lor ,1. Wedgood's ware,
it will not blister and is the best in market.
Tea Sets f-l.,10, Dinner Sets Mild at bottom
figures. Those that are iu want of Wnro
will liml it to their interest to go to W. 11.
Fine Furnishing Goods,
Fine l)ie-s Shirts,
Linen Handkerchiefs,
Scarfs, Hows and Neck-Tics,
While Gloves in Kid and Thread,
Linen Cud's and Collars,
all of the latest Ktyle aud lowest prices, at
The first to buy at lv. M.'s will get
the best choice and best bargains up till
April 1st.
Nr.W Goods for Spring Trade have mado
their appearance at K. M. Knoku'h.
A House to rent in a desirable) part of tho
(own. Apply to I'lvrr.K A Kvaxs, or at the
Coi.u.MMtAx'oince. Mar. 20-tf
If yon want it good Ham,
If you want cheap and good Ten,
If you want Coll'ec Java or Klo,
If you want good Canned Fruit,
If you want the best Mackerel,
If you want Sugar for the least money,
If you want the bet Syrups in town,"
1 f you want good Cigars,
If you want good Tobacco.
If ou want anything: in the Groccrv and
Provision line, go to Uussci.ih, Main street.
Two Oii-ls Wanted to learn tho Tailoring;
business. Apply to W.M, Moiii'is, over
Schuyler's Ilatdwnre store. 10-iIt
Hnr.MNS it IIoi.mim have removed to No
17 Centre Street, he low Main.
W. If. Ili'.owx has Salt by the barrel and
by the sack. Flour, Fe-jd imd New Unci.
wheat for sale wdolcnte nnd retail. Country
Product) taken iu exchange lor Good'.
. & r- .
Town orders taken by C. W Nr.At. & IJp.o.
in exchange for coal. i"ti
Look at tliu Make Organ,
lead, at I. IC JI I I.I. nit's.
It takes the
Hurt's Fine Shoes at McKinsey's onlv.
People will get bargains by buyiiiT their
Shoes nnd Hoots within this month at E M.
Kxoi'.k'h. Call and sec.
Foil ID'.XT a large room, suitable either
for ollice or hop, over tho Mammoth Gro
cery. The room is now occupied by N. S
Tiiigley, Merchant Tailor. For fuither par
ticulars inquiic of ' H, M.uzi:.
Spring Styles of Shoes at McKixxp.t's.
-. 0
it I. W. ILuit-
Choico Timotliy
Ll't it Sloan's Illustrated Catalogue of
Mine. Deinotesi's I lit l'aper patterns lor
Spring and Summer are now ready and will
be scut Ik-c lo all ap lieaiits
Tliu long dreid d lluoil hat einne, bat at a
time win n le.i-t txpeete-il. At tl iybr--.ik the
strict were frozen quite h nd, and no one en
lert.iined the idea tint we had crossed the
bridge for the last time, llrtweeii 7 and S
o'clock a, m. the announcement was made th it
the ice had begun lo move, and iu a short time
.the whole community tloekid to the bridge lo
witness 'he awful rpietacle whi-h every moment
inereisul in grandeur. A channel wis ii it
Mo.-nted on the left 'i.ttik while th icj upon the
rright remained stationery, but it was not long
, ere lite whole body bigan to move witli inenn
totdvahle force down the river. At lids point
tthe scene beggars discripliou. The miring and
lushing of the wat. r, the grinding and tipheav
ioj til? ice mad.' ll .1 sight as was never wit
nessei iiefore. Tho river eomimncisl rising
very r.ipVJIy , and die ice canto willi such fone
and velocity that tlio iee breaker which covered
tne sccmid pier was wrenched front its place and
nhoved against the side of tho bridge, as though
it was merely an ordinary board, About i)
o'clock n, in. the ice Hopped Honing and was
piled in hugh quantities n feet over
the whole width of the river, utt iee dam having
been formed uho'it a mile below. It remaned
in this condition nnil ah mi l'J.uO p. in., h n
the dam below having hiokeii, it iiain io.ii
menceil 1 1, tilling with gieater velocity and loitv
than ever, an, I it Mas app.iunt to all that the
bridge iniisi go. The rucr tosu so i-ttdtluily
that several wire obliged to wade through the
water in order to efhet the if iccap.-. At 1-M
1 . m. a treat noiso was heard, caused liy the
.ciatking of Uie limbers, and the necoud hpan of
&i) bridge was lilted fiom the pier utid went
-spending down Ihu river. Olio i-pan followed
.iiueilU-r, anil at '1 o'clock p. in. there was notli
ilng left but the la-t span which is n-sting upon
: tliu ice waiting until the water rises and then
itlio lat vestige of the Catawissa bridge will be
.removed from our night. This is a loss tint can
scarcely be ehtiuiatid. Kvm if the biidge is
irebtiilt, which undoubtedly it will be, it will
irequ'ro somo lime, and the public will Miner
(grei. tttcoiiveiiL'iice for want of it. Many fam
ilies residing on Water Mrect were obligul to
vacate their hou-is and owing to llio rapidity
with which the water raised they eflected very
natron CK'.tpes, the water 111 i-everal hou'es
. being iwo and three feet deep. At Ihe time of
this writing, March 18, -1 p. in., tliu surroundings
ptesvnt a very de)latu appearance, Hugo
quantities of leu are piled upon eitlttr side of
the liver o the height of i-everal feel. An iie
gorge has been formed about two miles below at
win, It place the ice is idled twenty feel high,
and hi all conceivable positions, tears are en
tcrlaitud lliat it may cause a great amount oi
danngi lo our town. The Catawis-a creek has
also contributed its phare towards making the
d image as great as possible. The wati r was
high that tho paper mill was Hooded
iieciHil.itid it ctihiHiislop of their business,
A taint ide-.i mav be had of the force and
weight of the ite fiom the fact that largo trees,
measuring fctt in diaineter.growing upon the
Island, wiro brokin oh" like iceds, Titily the
damage done to Cotnwi-i.a is very gt eat, and it
will riquhe years of labor in.d thousands of
dollars lo repair the injury that was done in an
haur'ii time. ItooitTh'ii.
CAlil'i:rs S. 11. Mli.ixu & Sox have
the largiat and best as-nrtuietits ol Carpets
iu the county.
W. H, llitowx keeps the most complete
and finest assortment ol Groceries that can
be pitrclin-cd in market. J 1 is Groceries are
fresh and are selected Ircim first importers'
hands. His piice-s are low, as he has purchas
ed his goods at bottom figures to unit the
E. 31. Kxokii'h price list of work mado to
French Calf stitched Donts - - - 11 00
" " " " footed - 7 .10
American Calf sewed Hoots ... 0 00
" " " " footed - ( 00
Oh! Kstnlilislicil Coal laril.
C. W. Ni:ai, & Uno., Wholesale it Itetail
Dealers in all sizes of the best qualities of
lied and White Ash Coal, at the very lowest
market rate-s. Have constantly on hand large
stocks of
Hlacksmith'H Anthracite,
mid Liniebuiner's Coal.
Especial attention given to tho prepara
tion of coal before leaving our yards. Grain
and Lumber taken in evehango for coal.
Coal delivered to anv part of the town at
short notice. Onbrsfcltat 1. W. McKelvy's
store, or at our ollie-e, will receive prompt at
tention. Ollice and Yards at William Ncal
A Sons' Furnace, Fast Itloomsbitrg. Yoni
iiutrotia-'e lesiiectfnUv solieitctl,
COAL. 7-tf-.-l COAL
Those who buy early
will save money.
at K. 31 Kxomi'rf
Tiy the Philadelphia
Shoemaker at
Fakmi'.ii.s, Atitxhon. ltui-sr.t.t, takes
lltttter, lOjtgs and Produce in exchange lot
goods. Laytox Uuxyox ec Co , are now receiv
ing direct liom iiitiiiii'actttrers, n large ac-ce-sion
to their irese. t slock ol Hardware,
consisting in part of II-u.-e-luiilding 31ttte
rial, Farming nnd .Mechanic's Toolsitiid Iiu
pluueiits ol nil grad s, together with all the
latest styles to suit thc-wis-lies of all ptttchas
crs. These goods have been bought at very
low figures uutU r the t-rescnt pros-uro of tho
money market and will be sold I Oil CASH
at figures so low that all who may look will
see that expcrlent is worth money io tho
purchaser, as well as tho consumer. Ho
rn tuber, tlte Hardware Store ol L.VYTOV
Kl'XYON & Co.
"The 'ce'Gotge id pa-.-iiig awav," so is
I LuWl.Mil.r.ii'ii 'iMig htyle "I Uelll's ll.its,
tlio iieali -l, tewi- t, nnU nicest Hats lur
Sirio wear. C.ul ;.nd exaliiiue, tee lor
. M
Great rise in t.iu waters, lint noi so witli I.
W. U.WU'JIA.n'h Sugars,, Ao.
S. H Mti.i.i.n & Sox have jtttt opened a
few itioiu pii eis of cat pet.
Ladies' Cougrors Lasting Fancy Style just
leceneil at 1-;. ,U KNoltlt .s
Go to Rl'Ssr.Li.'ri for your Groceries.
selis lor cash and will not he undersold.
5-l.fiO aud?l.7.i per set lor Nice White
Dihes, at 1. . llAltrMAN's.
Seeds from six dill'erent hotnes for sale at
31tl.l.i;ii & Sox'h
IlAl'.OAIKS, IlAltOAISS. K. 31. K.N'Olttt
will m-11 winter slock at cost until the lir-stot
Another niece ol that Hi cent cat pi tor-
deretl and will be hem tu-d.iy, nl S, 11 Mil.-
Lun a fcos'rt
When you go to Philadelphia stop at
tlte Allegheny liJtisC, 3u, Hl ami Bl-I .Mar
ket street; Imvlng been recently lenovnled
Puce only i'Ji per day A, HlXK,
AIn re i IO'
I 'J
I toprietor.
W. II. Hliowx keeps a flue assoitmcnt ol
Canned Fruits itntl condensed goods. Also,
a full assortment ol Nuts and French Cainlj
and Oranges and Lemons,
(leorgo H. Hoik, proprietor of llio Wapwal
loptii Vulliy House, nlll still coiilhiuc lo pro
jtlde ovir that hotel, In place of nUrliigns has
Ix.ti slalid, Willi nildilloital f.tcillths, he pin-j
1kih lo uiuko ids place mi (Xiilhlit n-ott for'
Hiiintr ixcmsli id'ls, I'l.ith r:tti f. iU
Ladies! prokct ottr hands nnd faces
from chapping in theso cold 3Iarch Hinds
by Inlying a caku of that cheap but elegant
Toilet Soap, ju-t opened at 3Ioyi:u Hito'n
Drug Kniporiiitn,
You can buy calico already cut up in
squares for patch woikat I, W. llJUl'ilAN'rt
lor io cents per poitim,
3Iercliuiits going to the city Mill do well
to call on W. 11. llli.Mi:il. who is eneu'-ed
witli the old mid ri liable firm o I Ykaoi'.u
it Hi:iiki:nmcck, lor Hals, Cap-, Nraw
(io(id-,.'.f , li7 North Thitil strict, Phil.i
delidila. 'larch PJ,'7a-:iut
MisYi'.K Piii'h. Iiim ju-t "piiiid n hirr'c
ui i wtlt seiind slut ol 'liitl S'Hs,
l, ,ll il 15 Mil- I III III I! ll- tl I Irudf. I'll Hi 10 ik-lpii, Ki ,. f. l i llil bir t r nit ii,lnlrili7al,t fur n
CuuLcil Cup lias bUiuwer will U jifloidvd lira-1 to -0 per celll. Inww tltuu they huvo ever I tbttlo ct litiikil's Wvru t-jiep, it never falls
i-.., ..uktfr.iiy v suld Li this market. ' i-rtieti. '
Scn rises .' o'clock til minute i-scts o o'clock fs
Moon rl;e.s 10 o'clock 9 minutes, n. m.
(Sin n Is now nmtftl at n preni'ntn of nlivtt ll't tu
oth'-r w orJs ift-eeii btcks nro ir, p;r cent, hel iw par.
lit.iNK riciiiw, on ParcluiH-nt anil linen paper, com-
mnn and fur Ailinlnlstrators, i:eiutors ami Trustees,
f jr sale eheaii nt tlio u oilian ollice.
Pal-rat liens Just reeelrcil anil for sale at tluCo-
I.l'MtUAN orilcc.
a witoxti ci'sToTi comti:oTi:i).
It Is mute ginerally the custom to take stror.:
lIverKlnnilniils for the ctuo of liter c. toiil.tliit, ami
Loth the aiiiHegetaUlu Muyiloius h.iu belli
dlllSi'iilly seau-lieil lo procure thu must drastic ami
pjlsoiioits purgatives, in orJer to prouui-ea powerful
effect upon the lifer, and arouso tho lagging and en
feebled organ. 'IhH 8 stem of treatment Hon tliu
saiuu pitiielplo 33 that of i;l lug a weak and debilita
ted man laiso porllonsef brandy to enablo lilm to
do a certain amount of work When the stimulant
Is within Id, tho organ, llkelho sjstem, gnuluully
relators Into a mere ton Id or sluel-li mid muk
rnej condition thatilift re. What I hen Is v.-nntedv
.Mi'itldni!, which, while they etui o the lite to iIjiv
frei-l from the liter ns that orh'.eti Is toned Into nc
Hon, will v.'A uveiwt.r!. iiti.l thin del llltutH It, but
will, when tlietr Use Is itts - nt limed, 1. aie th llr
-tiiuaih n-d and ludi n. "-a..a rem,-al, found
In Dr. 1 i' -'s i,l lei. .M- ilJ.U Id ejien and 1'aiatt-
llve Pell, t.s.
a cciiu or t tvra: ntsi Asi:
Husk, To..u, May 10. 1SI3
Dr. I!. V. ricice, lliiffalo, X. Y.t
Pear Mr Mi wife list learnt Hit. ttiiw was con
Hned to her bed wli'i chrutde llvi-r lihcnsi . 1 hui
out) of thobi-bl dxtui's to seo her and ho irae her u
to dli', h.'n I caiiu iijiuii S'jino of , our iikiII, lue. 1
bjiulitoii'i boillo uii-l iMiiiiiieneeU gliluglt. "-he
tlien welglied ii po nil, in-wsii eUM. Ho i.'i'unis
and Is rotust nod heart . she has tukcu i lnrlit bet
ties In nil, w oa io I am au aorate ferjuur mi"d
lclues. WII.IJAM Mi:vZi:i
1'ltOM TIIK NOTCU FCOIT, "til I l-'AI 0 I II U '
Holland lloitso, KOeUfoid Ml , Afrit -.''i, IsTl
Hr. It. V. Wei, o, Murrain, N, V.s -lr 1 havo now
tal ell lour bottles of your tlold.-n Me Ileal lilv'overy
111 coniieelljn with jour elkls, i lid luti-t si in
nothing I hmocu-r taken fur iny hu-i li.u d mo n
so much itoud. I feel 1II.Q a new man. Thanks lo
your woudi-riui inedlclne.
W. T. CODY, f'lltin ilo VMV1
Thlstruly valuiiblutoiilo lias been so iliorotulili
tesled by nil cusses of l ie coininuiilt it fs now
tleeiued ludU,)eniilie as a tout: ni'dlclite, It costs
h it little, pt'illlis thu Wood elves tun . lo the
stoamch, lilwVutei tile sjotein ui.d piu'.eus life
l.vei; ljil j bliuiilit hi o It,
For tho ctuo 1 1 weak siomaclii, goirral dt-i'hpy
lndleestl jii, dlsuatui tf tho stetaaeli and Iu.- all cases
roimhliu-a toule.
'I hi i luo Include tlio most asuereMe and ofncleiil
Halt of Iron wo possass -t'lfato of Maen -Ho u.tlde,
eninblned ullli thu unit eiv-TjJlIu of vjjetablo ton-
Ics-Yelluv, Permian llatk,
Do you want soinelhlti0' to ktienstheii jo'i:
IU j oa naul a i;eod uppetltoV
Ihijoti want log.'lrldof noi-veusneiT
Do you want eiwitry J
Do ) oa waul to sleep wi 11 f
Da j on want to build up it constltutUti J
Do ) oil want to feel well 1
Do )ou want a bilsk aud ilicrous reeling T
If you do try Kr.NMX'SMTTtU WINKO.' ll!OX.
1 only . a.u Ulalcf dill valuubl" toldo I
Ilc-wuro of eoiiulerfolts, us Kunkcl's Hitter Wluo of
Iron Is tho only sure and eifi-ctiial rented) in tie)
known world for tho petmatent cittoof Djspepsla
mid Deblllt), ami ni thpru ate a number of Imita
tions ortcrod to the public, I Mould emit Ion the ei ni.
inunll)' to pui'huse ntno U.tlho Keiiiilneiiitlole,
manufactured b II. 1', IUuKel, and liavliiK Idi
hiampon llio itrkof eiery bo'llo, Tlio vuy fait
that others are nttenipllni; to Imitate tbli valuable
teincdy pioM-slts weitlt iiudsixaks olumes In Us
favor, till the uenuliie.
Fold only In tl hallos bold by DrutriiUtu and
dealers ever) he re-,
wj ta i: woiiii iikjiovei) tt
HeiilmU nil cui'ilili In two l.cun, Xo fi-e till
lic-i d inut Hit I i) ltd Miir.uh Wtrins io-
U'OMdb r Hilil, u, yutli Xluth M., PhUa-
Ii las k Mor.nii'jKS for said cheap nt, tlio OonAitiDt
A ltOYAh (inOAX.
Tho etoma'-h has been well named ft "royalltirffon,"
since It sways ami controls tlio ontlro system, every
frlatul, tlssuo and nerve sympathizing Willi It as the
servants of a prince syinpjtliUo wltu their master,
llaeli ono of tliein ts fed and sustained by It-ovon
tho bruin Itseir, tho eentro of sensation, Is absolute
ly dependent upon It for sustenance. Consequently,
when the stomach falls to perform Its nil-Import ml
onlco, tho mhtirdlnato omani also falter tn their
duty. The reason why llostett-r's Momiett lilt-
tcrs havo such a wondrouily ht-tii'llrlal elfect upon
tho ifcncrnl lisnltli nnd aro such a reliable prevent
ative tf dlseaso, Ii that tlio ppcollly overcomo
woakness or disorders of llio stomach, and thus In
sure complete noutlshmeiit of Ihocntlre system and
healthful periormonco of Us larlous functions.
t'nllke thmo stlmulatiti whose alcoholic principle Is
unmotllncd by Judicious medication, tlio spltltuotts
basis of Uieso t-Itlers, w hlch Is of tlio purost descrip
tion holdi lit solution herbal alteratives nndlnilffo
rants to which a forcmoslrank has been ivssliined In
materia nictllca Hut Ills not nlonotho tact that
these sovtrt Ign lta&lccleinptits enter Into tho com
position of the Mttcrs that constitutes them such n
benign tonlo nn,t corrtctlve, tittt also that, t hot nro
so happily combined thnt the full ctTrct of each Is
exerted tipnti ihe tll'ordered or debilitated s)6tcm.
Tho dljfrstlru and fcecrrtlie orgnn8 aro tho first to
experience their beneficent operation, which extends
bv sypatnt'iy, to tho bruin, t lie nerves nnd tho circu
lation, 'ihu Influence thus exetled Is fruitful of
hose great sanitary It stills which have built up tlio
reputation ct this truly nalloinl taodlcliie,
If a man wants a bottle of whiskey, let, lilm buy It
nnd take It homo like n man, nnd not sneak homo
with ft bottle of "Ititters'cr "Cordhl," nod pretend
that Ills medicine. If he wants a tonic that Is some
thing better than a temporary stimulant, ho should
get n bottle of Peruvian H.trup, (an Iron Tonic,) that
will vitalize tho blood and giro durable strength to
tho S) stem,
Milton OK YOUTH.
A (tetillcman who surfcied for) ears from Xcnous
Debility, Pivniatiit o Decay, and all tho effects of
youthful Incttscruitun will, for the suVo of suffering
iiuimuilt), send free to all who need It, thenolpo
nnd direction for making tlio simple remedy by uhlcli
ho was cured. KUffereig ulsldng to profit by the ad
vertiser's pioilence can do so by addressing In per
fect eonUdetiee,
IOIIX 11. Otlltr.N-, Ai Cedar st , Xcw Yoit.
thl; iin.;'- imiixtiso oitici:.
Thi present Is ft giHid opportunity to rrti.tiid tho
fileiid'iet the paper. id tliu public genet ally, that
the I'OLtruaiAu Jo') l'i..t, nso on ice lias no sitpeilor
In this section, nnd, In somo respects, Is nllhoiit nn
ontinl. During the hist year wo haio compli-tcly re
turned our I) es and ininli) huge additions, and It 1'
no Mid boast to fi) Unit w hate now tho Post
Pres-es, the Host Assortment of Tyi tho Pes!
f lock nt IMpsr. Cards, Ac., and the llcst Worktnw In
the eounty, (lur workmen are spei Lilly nilaptod for
Heir places, uud wo make it a pilot to -olutiiU give
our eu- turners n lient, roue t tind Mitl-f.i( tol) l'b.
We do nut ehilin lo do ,rl; t,r t. s than others, tut!
Ill ti'iuiMiit It lot e iei i heap us can be dom- i.ny-
li te and h 1'! a di u' i r-111 . Ml who nrc 1.1 need I
of .li b I i-lntltig of iiii ktud-l'hdn or In Culois mil !
nnd It to their liikist louvo the imu-iiius' OfUcn Wo biiM'on i.aud eu-r) lycf Csids
Piipir. Ink, Knieliu es, Tugs, e., that Is likely lobe
ailed fur, andean furnish any quantity cr style of
woikon slioitiutlcc. l!ln, Hug to eder. tf
A.T.Stewart says the best ndieill-lng msdlums
he has i ver found "are the old estahllf lied organs of
the two political pi.itlen, al the several county sats
llii-ou,'houl tl,o fnloti." "," ho s.i)s "reach
every family of the least account In their several
counties, and tire more carefully tend Hum any cthir
class of Journals." If .Mr. Stewart's Judgment Is of
value, theie Is no dlfilculty In deciding whlih paper
It Hfor the fLteicst of business men to ailveitlso
lit. 'Iho Colcmmi Dkmocuat, upon which tliLs
p.ipjr Is pal t tally founded, was established
In ls.;c, and tho Colcmdian now erjoys a
wider ctrculattjn mid greater prospetlty than It ever
did. It goes regulai ly Into two thousand families In
Columbia and adjoining counties, nnd by mo.stof
theia Is read from the first to the l.ut line. It Is tho
only recognised exponent of near tHu thousand
Demoetatlc voters In Ihc county. It gives ndvi-itlso-ments
t tasty display, that makes them uttractlw
to Its patrons, thus ensuring greater cu utility that
tliy miu periise tliem. Wl.Uo Its circulation U un-
doabtedly much tlio largest In t he county, the ad-
vei Using tides of the Cou'jintAS are no higher tlittn
those tf other papers with barely hull mid several
not one-fourth the number cf subscriber?. Pacts
like theses eak for themselves. Xo shrewd business
man will neglect lo Insert his advei tUciner.t In the
COI CUD! in. tf
jionntx womex.
It Is a sad commentary upon our boasted eh liga
tion that tho v,onien ot our times have depeneraud
In hea th and physl'iuo until tie y are literally a r.ico
of, feeble and back-aehj, with wily
Item and there a few noble exceptions In tho persons
1 Hie robust, buxom la lies ch traclerUtle of th" s-s
In da) s gone by, liy a very Luge ixpcrli-n e, coi.i-In-,'
a peilod of years an I etubr.ieliig Hi tieatra-nt
f mail) thoiisinds.of eases of those iiduii tits peeu- to v. omen. Dr. l'li-rce, of the World's Dispei st-
ry, llitlT.ilo, X. Y has petfected, by the combination
of certain vegetable extracts, u natural speeUle,
which h" din': not extnl as a cure-nil, but one which
ad.utr.ibl) MlllUs a tlir-lenetsct purpose, being a
tnoit positive uud ivlluble reu.etlj vreal;
nesiusnnd complaints that allllcl the wouien ot the, '1 Ids natural hpeelile coaipouud lieall
l)r. l'leieu's l'avoiite Pru-iilptlan. 'Iho folloalng
nro among tho-o illseuses in vihlchtbl, wimlirfm
medl' lnu has worked cures as II by iiingle ami f, Ith a
cirt.ibitv never Ii turoatt.iliu 1 b) any medicines:
Weak bai-l;, nir ous mul general deblilt), ta lleg
nn 1 other ill -placements of Internal organs, result
ing Irani debility anil lack ot strength III natural
suuiwrt, L.tiiiiid lev -r, congestion, Inllainatloii and
ti',eentti,.n and ver.. in m oilier chronic diseases In
ctdint to women, not proeer to mention hire, lu
i.t,leh, in well as In til" thai have been enum
erated, the I'avorlte Prescription effects cuivs-tho
marvel of th' woild. It win tiutd) liuriu In any
s'.dj or condition of tho system, and by ado; ling lis
tl -e the Invi'lld l.nly imiyiivil 1 that stvuvst of ordo
uW tli c.jii stiltlntr uf af.ur.lly pli)tlchm. ruvirlle
Prescription Is ould by dealers lu uedhlnos gen ral
'I he advertiser, hav lug been permanently cured ot
tint dread disease. Consumption, byasluiple rt-uiiily
Is niixl jus lu make knoivu to his fellow bu'iereis tho
lueatiiotcuro 'lu ullwbo desholt, lio will send a
eopi of the preset Ipt loll used, (t to of charge,) with
tlio directions for pi paring and uslnr tiu same,
which they will llnd nouas cent; tor Cossciti rio:,',
Abiiniv, l,ito.,uiiius.,tc.
l'aitli. i wi p.g tliopi'euiiptton 'V 111 please adores
1.0V. t. A. .. I SON,
is, i'ciuifct., vlUIarasburli, Xew York,
o -
AMEiticiKSAKiiA xvno.i ov Dv.s.-Ei'noa Wo live
t.tst, dlselpato un.l till tally graves. o ditnU all
hlndj of alcohollo spltlt", and swallow, without mas
tication, pork, gteaso and every Mud iflife-dostto.,'-
Ing, sy.stem-clogslug, ludlgistlve I,.od. Dlt, Wai.:;
tu's Vkomabik Vi:,'i:unt PfiTSKS will remove tlio
evil eli, tl., uud the reivwrcdnati -i.t, Willi pure, VI-
t dled eleettleal blooj lloufng thn.iig his Vilns
v.lll have ,i cle'.ter head ,.nd ,i Ciwler Judineiil,
which .aided 1 1 expeilelice, will tattio Mul to lib
slain lu tha itutire. c-iw
In ornngevllle, on March ttlli, by itn ,x. sponr,
Sir, HASIUIlf. Jolixsox, of f.igiit, utrcet, to iKi
fltANv-K'S A. Plllcl!, cf lorwlck.
At tho Cvangc'lcol IMrsonnjje, In Xew Columbti',
on llarch sail, Hi , by Kev. .1. M, lirndtr Mr. HAM
DIIIISOX 1. WI'.A Villi, of I.merno Co., IM to ilL)
BAItAII t). KIltl-'ilH, ot ColtttnlU dot, I'a.
laPlootnsbiirg.on tlio suit Inst., Jlrs, It II. II EX
A'tll, wlfeot lilchard Jienngh", ogod M years, It
months and lo da) s.
In niooinsbtirg. on tlio ltlh Inst, UotiA P., Infant
daughter ot loionnrd and Jnno Uomboy, aged a weeks
and s da) S.
Dear llttlo Xora of our licnrl.s,
How soon thy Ufa has nod,
How soon hast thou been callod away,
And numbered with tho dead.
In Jackson township, on Thursday, March tl, 187
an Infant son of Abraham and Amanda Kline, nged
nbout s months.
In licnrlck on Saturday evening, Mnrch 13, Jit?,
MAltflAllKT DOAX, In her TCth ) car.
In llervvlck, on Tuesday evening, Mnrcli Kth,
Iti:m:cCA DAI.UY, In her Kth year.
In llspy, on tho lllliot .March, Jlrs. MAllTIlA 11.,
wife of Hamucl Mcl'amey, aged 43 jears, 1 month
and 1 day,
In locust lovvtiihlp, on tho lOlli lust., SA11A1I,
lUughtcrof Gecrijeatid llanuahtiiiytUr.ngedl jct.r
Paints, Oils, Cilitss, I'titly,
Drugs, nS'ijieea, Patent iMedi
cincs, ttc, &c.
rOUI,0 iull Hie intention of tho imhlic to
tholr veiy largo and wel selected stock of
gMs which thoyoticriit ths
SCO boxes Wind jvv t;l.tss all s!?es and mtalltlei.
tilass for rt.'tnra rrnmus a specialty
U'liilc Lciul,
Itt-d Lend,
Li tli urge,
Yellows, ilry and in Oil.
General Agents for
Ki TON lltJtitOX.
keeps constantly on hnntl a Full nnd Complete Stock of
which vro will cell lo tho Public nt Tried co Iivv ns to defy competition.
of nil Grades nntl Latest Improvements,
Burden's Horse and Mule liocs. Ilorsc Nuiln, &c.
SpoSics, Hoavy and Light, Carringc Mallobcls,
Axlea, Spring, Gum ami Oil Cloths, Valentinea Varnislits, Spirits
nnd n Rcneral Stock of
Building Materials, such as BUNCANNON NAILS, Lewis' Lead,
Best Ctilorft, Pure Oils, &c, ua low as the' can be bought in tho county.
TnsTitncnrtt.i!tneirirtR Rtcniru Artvrtnx
wicrr or tits towv or tu-ooMH-iio, for tnr
W. Ii. Koons, Trensurcr. In acfftiint vtiifi tlio Torn of
ot Wooiasuurg, for Uio jinr UU.
To am't. of semfnt roll for 18T4,
" reoeltcitof 11. 1). liltllamnn, col-
loctor, on iliinlleitta tl I sin.
reeciirdrf 51, w nloop, collec
tor on (Innllfata of 18K,
llitrketctrcct contributions, col
iPCtct! by 11. II. llldli'irinn,
pentrn tl rn t conl ritiutlunj, col
lected liy JI U'ynknnn
roc'it cf ('. ii. Imrklfy.l.vr)., vinqr
proccciucf jtiit(rmoniiNo.e2,w,
unit n,ct ivhritiirf term. iu,
In (VmnrKin iwb of Colunihln co.
rMVrt cf Jt. Wjnlawn, collcctsit
liy htm on nfcounts uiin town,
itcctiM nnil Hups collcttcil by
ttio iTcsMenl of cotuicll,
linlanco rtno Tronsurcr,
T ta
t.o) M
m co
ttr to
41 (6
?I!,8M Sil
til 49
(11,691 es
iimlds, Chilis, Tvvctst.n.I'lhrs
'ots aii.l Kutlhs, 1'iitis atul I'riurs !.M55lS
Keep on Hantl the
1 All thitics for till M)rts of Imvcr.s. fl5S k
In tho County.
Tin: contusion ok tvn invalid.
Vcr,i.isiini as i vvinMsn unci for tlio lX'U"flt i f
VocsuMEXAynoTiiKiiavvlioBinrer frotn NUitvot'S
UKIIILITV, lOSSOI'MAMIOOD, etc., sui1,lvli,t-t!.B
rceaiiactwlf-cur,'. Written by ono wliocure.l lum
twit nflcr nnitcrsuliiff cousIiScimLIb tuuu'kory, tuul
hcttt frcu on tccclviiii; a poat-imM illicit e,l envelopo,
hutlcrcis tiro luvltcl to nudi-cm tlio utttlior,
AT It A M U I. i I A V r A 1 1 1
Mar, 0, T4-Ciu llox 1 3, IirooMyn, X. V,
MANHOOD !:nSTO!li:i.-.v victim of youthful t n
I'ttiiltiw, laiuwn- pcrnurtuo ilccny, nervous ,i, tit
It',' etc., I)atiij tiieii in viiliicveiy known romouy
Imn fiiittitl .t Wmiil'i self-care, which lie will u, nJ free
tu al , full ur-sunVrcis. A'Uroaa J. II, liccvc,
N.i..i'1 M., N'otv VorU.
.ii.ij :,'T4-tin ' ,
CASTOR, nntl other OILS
from the best Jlniiufsctorles.
1v lr stock cf
) i- x G -j fE
exccWauy in thli stctlon ot the State.
Agents for Dr. BICKLEY'S
Fa M 1 LY M E D I C 1 N ES..
in nctal lep.,t i f h'lpnllcs fur Dr. ,1. C. Aycr's
rorn.Aii :,n:nicixFr-.
The I'twilpllon pejitit t i:at H unJcrilio cl iirgy
of cuniiH'ti-nt I'li'inn.ii'i utlst-.
IMiysiciiui' Pi'escriptioas
ClW Sparkling Ma Water.
Tho utti-nttun rrcomitryilC'alore.csrw.'laUj' Uncalled
to our Mofk tl
Pr.tsnt and Proprietary Mcdicinss it:.
Our vvaitnn will continue m rnrraerly to c like Its
usual lilps to supply cu t .
' 6'olds,
an lliteniat .mil KvtcniH icm y vvhow licnl'ng vlr
turn an- :ttt?tf ljy ttiousnin't? tn tr.1 mul niU,lnliic
rouniloH H m.tnir.icturtia by tliom nn.l supllt-l
p nmi'-to.l cltuer tlUiftly tr tlirousli tbiilr lutmtr.
Prieo 50 Contt Per Pottle,
(mo (,'ciiuIiip ltnlc It bears tho trcclo tntrk i'ti,l
.uio if M051T uro'ii tlti'vvcirJi "osinf oiailtie
lown lu tho Kl.iim'uil llio iljii.tttiri) cf ilojir liro'ri
on thu vr.ipjHir.
Itiive iiUo ntldeil to our .Stock
In all its Branches, Carefully Selected nnd l'tircliawl low for Cash giving us
Advantage for SellittK which can not be excelled by any other
Hardware tore in the Country.
Wo GUAltAXTHB both in 1T.ICE and QUALITY of our Goods.
The Largest Store in the Country.
nylialnnco duo Treasurer nt lust ecttlo-
mem, y t
" ara t, of duplteiilo cf 1674 placed In
lianrt? of M, wynkoop, collector, tctnff
tax tincollccted liy 1 ruasutor. M M
" ain't, ortlcm cashed durlne tho year, Mm m
" com 011100 on nfivi us, at s perct, 1TI w
in.eoi o
Ilecelptaand expenditures ot tlio Town of lllooms,
hiirafor tho j ear is;i,
Uricolfcted on tlupllcato cf 1S?3, t.t 63
Amount of taxoa lovled for 18JI, 7,4m 48
Ucenva and lines during tlio year, 41 w
Market Street contribution, "95 00
fentro Mrecl contrlbuilonB, kui 00
luiltrmontx eolleeted by c tl, Tlarklcy, Tan, 1 J7 '-f
IT0111 sundry persons on tiwik t.ccuunt col
lected liy I:, II. llldleman, S7 si
f-nrae, collected tiy M. Wv nkoop, m v
CilsIi in lmiids cf '.. 11. Illdloman, Uunjbril
aneonf .Market bti-eet contributions col
liTledlU isri. 83 10
Hay cut on I'ark trrotmdK, and sold to M.
lltipcrf! (settled in road account.) la M
19,570 71 '
Am't, paid on road account to vvlti
labor, routrh stone, &c tJ,"H M
A . Jacoby, Uas ntone, Ki at
Jitcotiy, street Cotiitiit.tonor, t lil
A tn't. tialanccs duo on road account of 183,
to wit 1
Low Hros, 14 00
I.. All. It, It. Co., 10 1
Atn.t. to sundry persons on took account,
1 eintr tiiilnncrs due from 137J t
It. 1,. oleneiiliaeli, prluilnif, SI t!1
ll Jt, Wardln, nrlntlnir, M I
.Mojer ltros., ollfor FlioCo., 1 73
IV. Wirt, Secretory, II w
A. ll. Webb, statlouery, IM
.lolin t,ll)ts, lior'c hire for water coraralttco, si w
n;o nn scnijol Dlst rlct, stov 0 for lock up, 0 0 )
A nit. printer's Mi's, co 00
" surveyor nnd assistants, 70 &
" rent tlni enirliie house. biio
li. 11. nidleniaii, HlKh Oontabl, IM W
K. It. lUdlcinau, eommtsiilon oa cul-
lecllons of cotitrlbuUoUH, so. M is
l'ollco force, 10
I'olloe lndgiw, H M
rout of I'ottDd, lo W
auditors, 178, 10 00
A. W'.Krj.vl vv second Street, r, tsj
Mojer 1110a., latitern ondoll, 1 a
v. Irt, fietrctary, IM M
VV. v n t, copjlni; asseasment, 1.1 00
W. Wirt, preparing tatement under
Act ot 4 th April, 1874, SKI
Itluotn sc.iiiui ntst. stovo for lock up, a i
W. II. Jacoby, recordlus mn-eement, a M
Interest lo p.Mroup, 011 "ulddebt," 111 vi
lutiTcston boiels, .sua 1,5 and 4, tioro
damaRTO to .Martha Welts, 2.000 00
il.inui.'i's to II v. itovtcr. 1,0000
Interest on s.i-r to II. t'. Ilovter, 77 M
tt. tl. Harkley, solicitor ts) council, sw 81
H. stroup, duo lu excess cf bonds is-
s'f'J to lilm, 6 60
H-S.313 ia
Add llio fullowlnjf to bo classtsl with
tusoiiiiM.'int-nis, vtr. :
llalaiicc duo Tieas as per annual
statement of 1st:, $5 n
comiiils.syus allowed Treas. this year 177 )
Ilxoncm Ions 11) lowed 11. 1). Illdloman
on duplicate ot 1ST t, 274 sto Ta
Total. fAKU 47
Hxcossot reeoipts over ovpendltures I,0tt3(i
Am't. of receipts durlns tlio jear, not
allovvlutr for exonerations. c.) 9.57a 7t
Illsburaenients during; ttio jour, of
which was paid to .viarttia wens fjoooto
I'aldtoIi.U. Hovver, 1,0X) W
' 1). Stroup, 0 SO $3003 80
Ileal disbursements for tho j ear, t3,S37 D3
Wkslkv Wiut, Secretary. l'resldeut.
We, tlie undersigned, auditors of tho Town ot
riooinsburir. do hereby certify that wo have exam
ined Uio above and foresotnt; statements ot e-pen-dltures,
and also the account of W. 11. noons, Treas
urer ,and approve tho same as nuovo suited.
Ja SCHUYLER & SON, Bloorasburg, Pa.
s,ES3ycinsr g-to int.
JV BSI'ATISOf.VSllllIlM' 1IK1S, I'ltcnVSCI),
In tho tiinlitiiis' Court for the Count v of colnmbla
'iho .MiulturupJt4uli dh tliiiCotitliO(llti1iuteUio
luiiu 111 mo iiiiiius iu i.ioiiiiit.1 nenH, auuiiDtfii uii'i
ultli the will atniexiili I llio oli'tf r Ai.dii-u lies
it,'U, unvr.K tie In Usual len.dna tvhiituuj lo
iiniiieci tu tne mine ui.iier tlie villi er ,1, udeu .nil
inrii iiih imriiis, iiiieivsieti lur tu, pnrri ullltiui
iiDliitimni on Inur da. 1110 it.itiiluv ami is.;.. 1.
lun'e ck a tn., at liliuitlec lu lilmiiiiKbiiii.', nl n
time ami nl.ico nil tuilles lnt,"e-ti'd will utteii.i nnil
i iiwiil Hielr clnlins.iir t runner ilvtwirul Irom
cuiiiiu 111 lur a uKtiiuutivi) tuuiu tu miu tH ite.
A. C.nMi I'll.
Jlareli 12, lT5-st Audl'or.
. 1'llU jtUMUUUVlhtflVIA.
Ij To sell lilt. CIIAHl'S i:i;ctlui: Oil lNl'til
M v I'lON' I'Hlt lA'KltVlltiUY. In overv iSmnlv in tl
frilled Mules uud Ca11.1d.1s',n I by tnu put
nailer to bis imKU', 11 ouuiuiiis .'.11 0 liuiiaeh,
leetiHSi. and Isyiiltad loa 1 elaAs.'rianil -nri. nitons
his-'lelv. A vvonilerful book and 11 IniiiseiioM
felt . It tell nt tight, toeiitiw Induivim til ever
oiiiiua 11 ooi.k age 1 1 a. alllple corlug mmh br in ni
piuu, ini i. i,riina leiiuui viiiien,
uiuie 111,111 uuiinuf nieii inoiiuy. .vi 'ress,
till. I'll.VSll'.S bTlUSl ritl.N1 IM! IHHWK,
Nov. V). '71 -am ANN A1.11 ill, Mll'll.
I rsi'vt : iik I'KiKit aiTtNiu. ju.. ii,a Kttat-ii.
M'tb ra uf viliiiiiiisti'.itlun on tun eii. iie of ivu r
Hilt tar, Jr., Hit" if I wu-t liivviiKiiip. ciuuv ufi,l
uuiiili. Malo it ivinisviiuuij, ni'iwu'fd, Uno burn
ur.iiiiuJ tu lllih.uii Mmt iiiiii A. is inidy,r Mcusl
low u-lil , I'll , tu vvli uu all narius Hid I'letlUi-ill
uhUilsiuti) roiiuarUHl to maku tu.t niuiit, an I 111'
ilk' Clautid
'j t-lluotit
'. dulav
Jlllllt lil STINT, l
1U. li-TS-f '
i he IlrsusoTON SnwiKQ Ma-
cihsb Has spruns rapidly into
favoraspcsscsslns the best coy.
iii.'.vuo; cf good finalities,
namely i Llsht runiiliig.smooth,
Noiseless, Uapld, Durnble, v.llh
perfect Loskfctlti It.
It Is a Sltuttlo JlticUne. Willi
Automatic Drop l'cfd. Drslsn
bcatitltul and construction tho
very best.
W.M. KIIICKIHtJ', V Auditors.
llloomabur?, Feb. 20, 1973.
HAVE JUST KECKIVF.D and arc.ofTcrin(t
for Bali at very low prices ono of the best o
surtments of CAIll'iri'S ever offered for ealo of
the town of Iiloerasburtr. Tlmy aro all new and tn
the very latest styles, l'rlce.s vary from w cents to
ILftOporyard. Call and ecu them.
Oct. 23, 7l-tf.
KEvii.scirox No. 1 llatlilno fo
family use. In ti.e Tutan vein
a moro nvnu iscmkasi: of katio
TnR HA 11 KET.
Itr.vnsiii'ON No. 2 llachlno for and f cuiUy tif e,
(rea-ly for delivery only blnce
June, l74), for range, perfec
tion, and v a r 1 c t y of vv 0 r k, Is
without n rival In farallyor
Keiiiiilo:! Mm Mm Company, llion, 1 Y.
nt.c:3i otTiiius or ui'WB.-vrjTo.v t oM'vixir.s).
OlX C'.Vt I an,l tho X.
u I tin- l lw.iry
Y. ts.ittirlii1' .loitinnl.
lecl;t if v'mTlrti, f .r
l r. , r t 1 1 , r t'.ii' s'lhs'i'iptl j,, ',lj r-s-
In r paid. V I,'. : SViin-s ent'ii-1 Iin; ut'iii is i -
'elfC'l atm t'lvii iioiinrs eimn m-iii hi unee ii,i'ii)
Itftll 'inn rtljiT Cl,ib.s i f f.v ( t n t-ui-li) ni.ij n
tali! tlnvIS Tills Is i,'IT "l-lll UO' ll C'lbll tueii.luui
Of V t , ''M'l tlttll "llll-i'llld I' ! Mi'tll'ii li'lln,' isa
n till 'lent iru ', f ( nr.iess u'.d tulttlluii iu sen. I
l,i ti ovrt'"t i-'r't i,'tt ii niMni. ,v ahvim.
I'l.i'llstll-I-S. JS l!i;.l'II lltl'I. , A luik. lC i.'-''-ll.
Wyoming Monthly
. Ili iitiitpilari & Son?,
Ileiniii'-lflii SrwiiiR M. to.,
llt'V.iinpitiiii Ag'l t'u.,
jllilON, X. Y.
!SI ,": Ss.t P.roadvvav.'New York, Arms.
Madison hnunre, New York, seivintr MaelilntH.
Chleajco, '.'37 Male ht., stvvlns Marhlues and Amis.
Iioston, 33) Washlns-ton M., Mevvlnc viachlnin.
cii-.t'lnnatl. isl vobl4tli Ht., i-owing vtnclilues.
I'llni 1411!. liMnn St Int. V nplitmio
Atlanta, Oa., DeUtvo's opera flotLse, Mat tettu strift,
Se'vlni: Machines.
Washington, D. C, m Seventh St., Bjwlng Muchlnns.
K5- a tU) Q cf'ftH V Smith's Illustrated Pattern Bazaar
B iMWlnl U ft'KtJ'U? B Tlveonly
SILLS PnttinvT of tliam
Inr.ailno that I MP OUTS STYLES unit
Only 31.10 n yoar,vUi tromlum Sen Qelowll (ottMM)
Ver fiviii i.
in v if'' I'mirri t,
timi M
s'nroi. Lnntes
Coughs Coltls, Uron
chitis, Sore Throat, In
Utienza, Croup, AVhoop
ing Cough, Hoarseness
I.ivcrComplnint, Pains
or Soreness in tlm
C licst or Bitle, Blcevlirg
at the iAings, nntl every
affection n iltroat, I.ttnirs and Cln-st, aros ishI
ll.v cured bv the use ot 1)H. W'tsTVit's IIalsam ok V.'iui
Ciikbiiv, vvliUlid ies not dry up a cough and leavo
the cause behind, as Is the caso with most remedies,
out loosens ii, cieausi's inn lungs anaatiayairriia-
lon, inus reraovtnp uui cause oi uio compi.imt.
Consumption can be cured
livn timely resort to this standard remedy, asts
proven by hundreds of tesumoniMis it lias received.
None senulno unless H?ned "I. IlUTTS" on tho
vvrapiier. M cents and tl a twttln ; lartre liottles
niticli tho cheaper. SKTII W. FOVVLiy SONS,
l'mnrtetors. ltoston. Mass, sold by de dcrs iren-
jTlin. 533-15;
AuniTons soTicn.
Tlio undi rsl-rned liavlne bven arnolnted bv the Or.
lilians' Coutl ot Columlln county. Auditor to mnko
distribution of the fumVH In the hands of tho Admln-
Usttator of said 1'tilllp hlstler, deceased, to ontl
imontr the parties entitled thereto, will meet nil nar
lles In. crcsteit In said estate at the oniccof It. f' A:
I. vi . t ur :. in llm town ot ltloonvsinucr. rn.. on
Wednesday. thel4tlidavof nrllnextatsioVloeKlu
the forenoon ot said d ty, nt which time and p'.nco all
parties Interested win nttend and present their
i lulins, or bo forever debarred from coming In for a
iiiMnuuiivv siuiiu insaiaesiiiie.
I'lonmOiur'- Mnreh e.'-.s-jt Ai'dtlnr.
'1.... null ii it.ivijA VA ii.i.)j
X. k-vinn News, .Markets, stories, Metures. and
ini i.iiiii'rrus ut i,xn u j ear, i'OMitt:opaiu, lias
vucli' d l.Miiii ilrculutlon In tlireo vears. Send fur
e siiniplo ( npy.
No I !;n-lvmltlis npfilpil. Mrnov pavpJ. nntl
itk-t .nlviHPhari1. For lUustriiU-a circular
lift J AMTh V-'O MlUUUiUUIt;, ."ilC-lirOO 10 I'd.
rinf-Y. it' KInttY - I
In w-' I luen o i.i-iiry ctMUl
r-iTnet' httr I'm 1 r Tn-ct 9 U
, . in. (4'( 2 r in,
vi-r ei nil nt."
rvilrtn Willi fM
Mlna'fi Waist piln u.i.mer
fiinr lihi npita for Ijnitdiliiir.
t:titn x. h Ckir.ittftn u(l!i CUI
1 1 W.I Cirti 3txnirl. t rvM-i.
.u. porlrrl CLOTJl IIVVXlt win wry l"."'. A "
Any Pnttern on thli pnpto mnlled on reclptcf mukeU price
Ht,'e "l-Miiii rwti flpv-.tcr.- I 4tns3 R 9 rtt"BVS B whneTid i toA. ?mlrtto
im n
i-inr I'nrE o n
.iV-Ckc'IIu ft VHtoi," rr.all&tl to ths'm FREE
nmltb Cm Yeir'h BMtvrivtl"n
Will krvt i iioiir'i
n THKIJfc PltyKlUWt OR
on lie
C v.mi i,i:s and a coMPurn: outfit
iTt SKN1' 1'1'LI:. We vi ant n suitnbln urson In
even nek-libni! i nd to take etdtra rnd I'fllvir RocsH
ua eiu-iMjuit n,ii i-. i. ii, ads ti i.taiuc iiiniiauu
r, '; ),N ,: nil H' its tn e t.'-tsat use atid wear. Iho
din i . u. l. l,,un' in vti.irleu, Salts over half n
nil! V.n lu lr. I. Lji. t: Caii Pay to the rlibt i erwn.
v i i'ii 1 1 li.iiu'o f r til I . lnalet) femole. at vourhc-Liirt
r tr iiflti K, Nu il-k. no tu vwikvve will
,enu i ii tn e tii.u i o-i-pRin n uno ti mnifies una u
.oini'iete outlil. .'.UUeM ol tml tirine your
t-ri it. iv. II. .1. U.vl.1. 4. CO., C, N, llowAit'i bTityf.T,
B-dtttn.Te, MO,
xiiluoi at any time.
GET -f!. OX.XTX3 :
Wo eholl Rlvo nway S2,l33.0O
Xw'i , Authority eamutot'n Ltsitlatur.
Tickets SI each, or 6 for25.
Onovhaiito in every tilno,
Diiwioa lh lilt tek-Jiy cf cich and cyrry month,
rifth Extrasrdlniry Dri-vinu,
i Cinli 1'ita or
i cusii i-i i.o or 00,000
I Cnsli Prize of 25,000
1 Ciuh Prize of BO.OOO
1 'iuli Prize ni' 15,000
1 Unli Prlac r fj,000
In all Sl.O'l Catli l'ries aniount'nB ! ".09
TlM UMUitrlArtln.ry Prsvttnf itiid,l 0?v Sf Out.
r&Ulel, l'r,'l d UowJ v) Ira.U Ilia vend lr Uo.ttuaf
Jtuia. ThIIJ,4bf m ConiuJIU cf TI.Ul llvUcn Tit
flwTUib Jul ltl1(ll t'rvi'tcflli SeaM
Agvu'a wiumJ Ubtrsl r Vuc full iwnluuloa, muJ fo
rtrvuWi. Aillrs., I'm, Uutf.F.
J. M. PATTI U, L.ii.unle City, WvnmlnK.
U U Luab.l Cllr ll on !) t'uWu CkuIIIu t!akr A. l
Ti ll. !M-4t.
"Vro.Nl'Vltril, ts.(irt Mipikirter nr' l.a.l'u.'
ll tlunient Sitsn, niter. att,iho,l toeni in' lilm
iMi'll skins 111 li eld, iMustlueted uii'la iilival')-
1'illleill pi 111. 1 1 1 s lii li,,; ti,r Us ullii iieitltli,aliileonv
Tin: p,it,'ilted M.iv i, . s.iiiiim's In nail a it.-.
11I.1.IS M'l'U, CO., Walt turn. Jla-.s. Al
i untliti, a inn
v piitN', nil I ll tl lei
ii..i.r 'tifnl- ii
, ji- .i it i. t i" I
.ki,.,..m....i:-iitn,iRnB n riiiMi
i I ntilviut im the Mroufcl
ttriirf'it trot.t - ii Haves piOO.OOi v-;ti;:'v0!
i ii -nf trom one lirtM-t m ouoiuit.
1 .40-miU. ."i
YlOri OOtl'X, crTP-cruU
Adiire... vonr Pmm. A UUHDETTK 3M6TH,
Ol-t Dronrlwr.Vi Hew York City,
,iauothcr, I sazaaii. iv'th is i mt f)i.""'n -. Qr.'." i?.Lv,
' p.ittti.iti ooov malted for in cento, "" urUTrva irj-i.n.u-
P,-P:.-?::?i-V-- ii, ,
C X 'l' f 20 tier il iv. AftenU vv intnl. All
J i ivii s . r vvuil ini rcopliu.f both o.-A,. vouni;
iifiWd, tiniku moro liiuneyutwuik tor uslii tin trovvit
I,., nliti, s, ilurlni,' 'heir inuini tils, ir ull tlu;
liiie. II, ,n nt Jin thlnireise. Wo oiler eunilrtl l.ient
Cu.t wl.l im li.ii.d-. uu i) f r every hour's work.
'u.l luilhiilair, kin,.-,. ,,'., i.s.iouraddrt-is at
,.n. i. iiim.'I delaj. Mm Is Hi" lime, lion t look
..r vv. rk .r l.usHlUi'folsuvUieie, iintll'oith.iV,' learn
'dv. Iiet v-i'iili.-i. i. hiissos i.Co.,rotlljtid, llulni),
Juii. l.'i iriy.
'I P V nilllsTm a Inriro live, family rnpor, of eto
I l I rtenuid sijJ rcadhii:, No bs:tai1anlm, po-
I 11 V I '1"" "ur tidi.TiM'ment.s. Duly To
I IvTiCts. n e;r. Send 10 cents li.rBpineii.s
v vim nr' t it t spier.uu Jiap rrt tututu. .irecta
led evmli. ri. CoinmLssli ns iml.l I it. i
IUsiisok. K-s Vii.U-ttilou fcutit, Itostoa, Alnis., Co
,i 'listie.1. l'Uru.,1'.. '
: BUSINESS rer Kfllii
stoic, cte. ri.rv.blc. wo etioranteo cunvtu-xrs
success. Atuuh wanted, Aildteta nvm'r. s. s.
MA.n.N i'co, N. liovvard street, Daltlmert.HtL
Of Vnlunlilo
10TT lxr!U3im-At Mire Valo tr To
Vjuule, !Wa wtik vnihcun. Ko cspltu ii't.tiUid
fartleuiars ii a van tlie uir-,cfmiiio. Aut'itts
ith 6 lentutt-in ttin,p, C. I.oss, llilt wtr
R E A L ES T A T E. 300 .ffiS2S
Provid tin Lifo 2t Truiv-c Co.,
OP P(lfii.lDl-i:i,PtIIA.
Ilicoriiirtiti. Jiil tiinntb, U2il iin),
Owil links of anv elaim vjllclteil. a very nUsblu
iiu.i loinuar ui'Uip.iiiv, ana eas. t.i solicit tur. Atipiv
iu-uinpiijr v) ieiii,t io uv uuAir. ni i icb-, nun
' 4SUT. I
Tl'.W YiHIK TIlllU'M:. "I'llK l.KAD-
IMi A'inilCAN Nl'.vV Sr V t 1 Hi.
.viiVl'.ulliv Mi .vihiiiiAi. inuiy, tiuajcur. rtim-
p. -ii i-i-o.' tu the NubBirilier, Hisslnwn Cupids
.ui,. .uUiitl-lic; llutis Hie. Wivklv, liiilulwuf in
or mull only tl, jiostHK.) luld. Adiltesii TilKTnt
nisr , N. V. -Mil fslr-ll.
Ai)Vi:HTISINli: C'liKtii: tioml: Svncniii-tic-
All reiu'iui wlmconoemplatemaklntrc'iii-i.n.mviltliiii-iispi.ixis
tor llio lUMitl ti bfad ir
iImiii. tits, slmiil.l m I, a vr, rents tu tleo. I'. Ikmul K
io., Jt l utk Huvv, . eiv .ik. fur llulrrxMI'IIUlT
I'.ttili oiliiic-wvuilh eillilonl eent.iltdnjr luitsof
over aeeu in vvspaiH.rH and eMlinnles, sIiuwIiik the
cost. Advullnini.iiU takin tun.liiiiUiirf puiK-ntln
i.iiuiv Hani, ft a ti.i". id t'S icduilluti join pub
itkUra' i..ti. t i.niii: liooi. Jut ia'la-iy.
On iw and ntaM iiorular Isxkk bv cue i f tlie lartr.
eit hi in. lu tlie uuuntry, wliuoksfor
Su cenf a t U looks for fi.', sc. NouumbtiiT. Send
i (.' rlti iilum ami kte. Addrtks, l'. o. Uu LTJ llari
tid, run.
"J K puttiiiatiej of au order oi tint Orphmk' Comt
i. ui lANuiuuni couuiy, iTiiiu ivaiti.i, ou
SATUUIUY, 2IAUCII 20th, li75,
at to o'elotk a. in., Iaae. K, Krl kbautn, U-:ei'titir of
..uiiil mule, tutu i'i iH-niuil lUvu.Miip. ill sili.l esllllliy,
d-ceasesl. villi enioho vo salo by publto rendu.) en tliu
pivini.'s, u iei miu ii.iei it lot ui lllliu t'OLiauilIl
strict lueasmc.liCtindisUiyland.scf llif i,ins(,llKuh I
and riaiuiali ll. bllnoVsiil.t t mcl cou a na s ,
TY-I IVK ACIII'.S Cl.flAltlll) LAND, and tin) lulmcu ,ru i tft,. I.S'a ' ,, i tl' T 'A, U5i,.'.'?!''.w 1,111
l trst rlnss m, v
em, lu be m id al tower I'rleui for i u m
stallments, erfurrrnt, In my .ditiuu
these 41 urd'lluit- mt the Holidays, l v lliiaid Wul
era and Sun, 4-t Drundwny, tin n ever uf on i ferid
In New YoiK. AKilita wuutiUtosill Wut.w fiev
scale riuiius. nnil ixineertnoranns. lllu-tiuteii cm.
Hln -.tes Mailed. Uieiil lQiliuenients to lu. 'ITade.
Ainco lUscouutli Teachers. lllLlsterd. Chureh,.
Lodges, hclllKJls, i ic.
iV. rsrilKOt JOIIK 10S10N, DKOkASKB.
ti Iters ot AdnitrLNtrntlen on thi, Ktnin r.f M.r.
lioton, tuo of vuiiiiv crttk luwinhip. (.liimb a
u ulltluilieriHt wttti Whlio rtno anil Wliliu not
1 hero are erected lUeroon
2 Dwellirg IkmiU a Frame Bam
There ts also n Rood bearlntr Apple Ottliavd audva
rlousi olUer l iull Tieos ou th n titUses.
fitvcclal terms will Isimado Known at salo.
Late, the cistatA cf said iWroa'isl, Uliuta In the
Bu,w, muiiiii, ii.v ni'irebikiti
I. U. Kit CKllATM.
cnton i rD, VJ, lT5-ts Cvtuutor.
i;i s lain nn., und 1). I, Cliepln, i vli in.
siilllvnn ciiimy, I'a. All r'ruons lmvtr caltim
aifidnsitlietslateil the dictdtnt, me reiiiilsted to
,v. m i, uui, ,H, nun in hl, inuet'citio
lliHrstiitetpuiakepanutilto Iho tUsdsruL-nt pit
mlliWralor'H vvltliuiit iMiiy.
I', I . II.MN, .Ncvv Columbus?
janwt. Admlnutrtcrs.
EIiANK NOTFis.wllIi or wliliis eanui tiut
Ir tain ut thu Cuhuwaw cwiHT
Xr'XT$)-BiM, molo ami female, to
.J ...itiln,.lur'H "-ylU'i-o. Fourtisii thousand
retntleil by rne. Anntliar n-rii.w, n
j "Ji0 ro'jW 'n thlitiUtsr than I can i.n u Il0,im
- , U,1I1 , ,.,
Mrn kii.ctcn.