The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, March 19, 1875, Image 2

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    ULOOMSmJllO, PA.
T ! i d a y, March 10. 18 7 D.
Crrjit. Jolm C. Hcnuinoiit, son of tho Into
Hon. Andrew Ronuiwiiit, by nil uct of tlio
lau- I'cngrcn wns lentoreil lo Ills 1'iriner I "
fit niii in tlie-Xnvy, mid hni siiuo lieeii 8
j. ' CoinniO'Ure.
len. Hiiller proposes to carpet-kip; Into
tlio First MfiMnchtwctts District, wlit-re
thcro is a vnc.uicv, for tlio purpose nf getting
back Into Congress. Ho lunl better not ilu
it. Tlio majority thcro Is only f,7"t!, too
Bmall u margin for lSenjumln to go n i,
Grant It taking good caro of lilt l.ivor Us
nmong tlio CongtCMincn who have lieen re
pudiated by their constituents. Fire or six
of thorn liavo already been appointed tu of
fire, among them the author of the itifit
inuut Force, bill.
The riiiladclpbia 77mm, In !i liberal
revliw of tho retiring Congressmen from
this tatc, says of one of tlio mitligrMiif.i of
tho Fishing Creek invasion : ".Mr. Albright
was an accident of the demoralized politiutl
pAtch-work of 1S72, and render hit chief
service to the country by retiring. l.itlie
gull, let him rest!
Archbishop McClmlcey, of New York, hut
been appointed Cardinal by the Pope of
Home. This it the first nppointmiiit to that
high distinction ever nindo in America. The
now Cardinal it a native of New York,
n'ul one of it i ablet preacher. Tho Catho
lic church in tho United States, it it stated,
numbers from coven to eight millions of
I. l llackenberg, Ksq., hat become edi
tor and proprietor of tlio Jfiltonhn, published
nt Milton, Pa., which wo bolicvo it tho old
est paper in tho interior of tlio State. It
was established by tlen. Henry Frick, who
edited it for a very long time, and it it now
In itt fifty-ninth year. It wat originally a
Democratic paper, wielding a largo influ
ence, but oppoted tho removal of tho depos
its from the old U. S. IS.uik by Gen. Jack
hoii, mid after tho triumph of the latter be
camo a. Whig organ, than Know Nothing,
nnd fin'illy Republican. It has always been
moro than ordinarily well edited, nnd wo
believe it the firit paper wo ever read. The
now editor hat much improved its spirit but
uot its politiet.
Wo recently gave publicity to a lalso ru
mor that O. I. I. Painter hat been elected
President of tho Lycoming Insurance Co. It
should have been hit brother Win. L. I.
Painter. Alto to the effect that a lady was
nomiiiMiioneil for Muncv Station and Mr.
Painter continues to serve tho good people of
Mutiev in a very acceptable manner. Mon
tour Antrrican.
In this attempted correction there) aro
about its many crrort at a blunderer could
well get into tho sanio space. Wm. P. I.
Painter wat elected President of tlio Lycom
ing Insurance company, G. L. I. Painter U
postmaster atMuncy, and "continuet to serve
tho gOv-d people of Muucy in that position
in a very acceptable manner," and a woman
wat appointed postmistress atMuncy Station.
Try agrtin, Mr. -Imenea,i, you may for once
get right and intelligible by repeated effort.
Hon. John Scott, tho retiring Republican
United States Senator from this State,
though a madman in some of hit latter-day
politics, was nn honest man of more than
the average ability of Senators at thnt body
hat for a few years past been constituted.
Ilccauao of his pride of character at a man
of conscientious action, lie wat repudiated
by the Radical ring of this State, who cast
tho empty volo of their party for some ob
scure politician as n rebuke to Senator Scott
for refusing tho dictation of men far below
him in either character, ability or motive.
Mr. Scott was the most respectable Senator
tho Radicals have nt any timo had in that
body from this State, and bo retires with the
good opinion of all fair-minded men who
have closely watched hit coutfe. Wc never
thought ho could feel exactly at homo in the
nest lie found himself with a party ruled
by medium intellects and iirst-class plunder
crsand we see no very good reaton why he
should not spend tho remainder of his days
with the party of hit early manhood.
The Franking Privilege.
Tho receipt of a bound volumo of the
President's Message with tho accompanying
documents, under tho frank of Hon. W. A.
Wallace, remind ut that the latu Congress
partially restored tho franking privilege.
How Congressmen ever got it into their
head that tho franking privilege was un
popular nnd ought therefore to bo repealed,
we never could imagine. Wo know tho city
papers paid so, but certainly no Congressman
is so t-tupid us to suppose, it possible, for a
city paper to represent public opinion, unless
it bo alter It Is formally expressed. Wo are
rather of tho opinion in factdecidedly so
that Congress abolihed the privllego at an
excuse for tho members not troubling them
selves with keeping their con-titucuts well
informed as to their personal action la that
body, upon topics of discussion before it,
and for not communicating other valuable
Information'. The truth is that tho abolition
of tho franking privilege cut offuearly nil
communication between Congressmen and
their constituents, Tho averago member
was as completely isolated from bis constit
uents, hi neighbors, acquaintances, frieudt
nnd supporters, as though he had been ban
ished to Kamschntkii, nnd hit constituents
knew a littlo of hi course as they do of the
morals of tlio man in tho moon. Wo heard
of lien IJutlcr, nnd of Garfield, and I.amar
and John Young Drown, and perhaps of
half a dozen others, ami of those ambitious
gabby gentlemen who would put their
hands in their pockets and pay a reporter
handsomely for putting them in the papers,
especially a antagonizing crack orators like
tho latter two named, and that wat about
tho end of any body's knowledgo about
Congressmen. That was tho result of the
abolition of tho franking privilege. There
wna no saving to the government. Stamps
furnished to members and express charges
far over-ran any saving in postage, as tho
government accounts show,
Llko every Congressional privilege, that
relating to fiauking was abused. Hut that
Avas no more a reason for its total abolition,
than that you should cut off a horse's head
toprovciit him from kicking. It was said
members sent and received their washing
and clothiug, tons of books, and stealings
mid provender generally by this means, but
all that could readily be prevented by limit
ing tho weight that might be franked say
something less than nn ordinary shirt weight.
Tills limitation would still leave tho Con
gressman without excuse for not keeping
his Immediate- coiiatitucuU thoroughly port
ed as to his actions and doings. It Is hoped
tlio coming Congress will have tho manhood
to restore the franking privllego so far as let
tors and light documents are concerned, and
that it will aUohavo tho wunbood todUcard
uwr fustian tuid buukuut.
(.'numlallvo nnd Limited Voting.
An islitor who Is so utterly Ignorant as to
speak of tho "cumulntivo or limited vote"
nt boiug one and the same plan, hud better
ho nt wimcthlnireUotlian trying to enlighten
people. The two plain are opposite, the
former giving tho elector nt many
votes, to ho disposed of as ho pleases, nt
there nre placet to bo filled, whilo the latter
limits him to voting for a lest number of
candidates than are to bo elected. Tho
former system It ndinlrablo nt least In the
selection of officers of corporations, whcte
eveiy pecuniary Interest ought to be repre
sented, in In partnerships, and nt a pre
entlvo of a majority of stock robbing tho
balance, by giving contracts to favorites or
to selves, or In malapproprlation, fit. Tho
latter has worked well and mot satisfactory
in tho choo'lng of election otllcers. For
thirty-five years past it hat thin been in
oper.ttton in this State without an objector,
which Is n sufficient vindication as far as It
How far cither plan may bo successful on
a moro extended scale, it yet unsettled.
Thcro nro draw-backs, nnd our own judg
ment is decidedly ndverso to the limited
votc.nt throwing all power into the hands of
political conventions, too often controlled
by unwi'o and unworthy men, and inspired
by unpatriotic influences.
Since thee plans have been partially put
In practice, however, It would seem to be
tho part of prudence to give them a fair
trial and allow them to bo judged by results.
It Is scarcely worth tho space, but tho
statement that John Stuart Mill, a prolific
and somewhat fanciful English writer on
political economy of the shallow Henry C.
Carey school, it tho originator of one or
botli thesti plans, may ai well be corrected.
Ho to soma extent discussed thein, but wo
do not think ho ever originated any thing
and was rather :i logician by trado than a
g.-nius, who followed up new notions ns n
more promising ciop than would bo afforded
by old and approved seeds.
Wo hear of no serious complaint of tho
working of tho cumulative plan of voting
for members of the popular Houso of tho
Legislature of Illinois, and wo believe it
would work well in the election of Congress
men, breaking up tho outrageously unjust
nnd infamous business of gerrymandering.
7 he Time!, Col. McClure's new Phila
delphia daily, has made itt appearance.
Tho typography is rather neat, though the
typo (except tho editorials) aro too small,
especially for broad columns nnd the press
work is not welt done. In tho salutatory"
wo have tint declaration of principles, after
some parlavcr about 'Independence," viz :
Thn Tinxci will earnestly resist the rapid
tendency toward centralization of political
power, and it will battle manfully against
all political creeds which tolerate it, nnd
against the promotion of all men who advo
cate or iiccopt it. It will maintain the riirhts
of all tho people of the States, regardless of
""'W, wiMUtwuil, Ul J.tll, A1 rJlClil, klltir
own governments, in obwlieuce to the Con
stitution and the laws, without 'he arbitrary
interiKisition of national authority. or tho
employment of the laws and agencies of
war in time of peace. It will insist thai
elections belong to tho people; that they
shall be the honest expressions of the popu
lar will, alike in Pennsylvania and in Louis
iana, and not the playthings of military
commanders, or of capricious executives, or
of revolutionary leagues, or of debauched
manipulators ot'ro.urnsj and when the peo
ple havodeclarcd their wishes in tho election
of their rulers, great or small, that there
shall bo obedience to the judgment of tho
ballot-box by all parties. It will demand
economy and fidelity in every department of
umnuruy, ciiy, ouue, ami national, and will
fearlessly arraign those who abuse public
tru.-t, without stopping to inquire what po
litical party is to answer for having clothed
them with unmerited honors. It will discuss
public isu;s, public events and public msn
witli that mea-ure of freedom that is dictated
by truth, but with that dignity and courtesy
which should ever characterize the presi of
the most enlightened nation of the world.
It will seek to deserve tho respect and gen
erous good will of all honorable cotcinpo
raries, anil will leave iiersonal wariire to
such as may choose thus to disgrace a most
elevated and useful profession.
A pretty substantial Democratic platform,
upon which we would like to see our Demo
cratic representatives, State and Federal,
plant themselves so firmly that earthquakes
could not shake them, but about which we
hear much more than wo see practical. The
paper is "newsy," spiced a little, and alto
gether creditable to itt editor, nnd publisher.
It has room yet to come up to the point of a
great pajf r, and for that it must have time
for complete organization. Wo hopo it may
succeed in its aim of giving a higher tone to
Philadelphia journalism.
I!y the way, who is meant by "rulers" in
tho above quotation ? It must bo either tho
ollice-liohlcn. or tho tmall politicians who
make so many of them. "The most enlight
ened nation of the world" is good for an
extra "independent" paper I
Who Pay Uie Tax cm ?
In speaking of a recent salary grab that
passed the Stato Senate, tho Clearfield lie
HWiVaiiiemarks: "This isa handsome increase, but as their
pay comes chieliy lrom corporations, we
shall file no objections at this time."
Wo nre aware that the revenues of the
Stato are derived chiefly from taxes on cor
porations, but does anybody suppose that
these, in turn, do not levy them upon the
people, with a very largo addition for collec
tion? When coal is taxed, ns now, four
cents per ton, nre not several cents added to
tho price to meet tho taxation? So with
transportation. Kvery thing that the farm
er or manufacturer produces und sells is
taxed by tho corporations if it it carried
over railroads or canals, and so is everything
that people buy, if brought from a distance,
However taxes may be imposed they are
finally collected from tho people. A direct
tax it least expensive and burdensome to
them, because it costs less to collect, nnd
being directly assessed and applied, can
readily bo accounted for. But who can now
tell how much State tax he annually pays in
settling bis coaf bills, his storo purchases,
or how much less ho receives for his pro
duce and manufactures because of theso
taxes levied in the first instanco upon corpo
rations? If our Clearfield cotcmporary im
agines that ho does not pay his full share of
salary grabs ho Is hallucluated,
fAti-a Sossion of tho U. S. Senate.
This body has been spending most of its
timo in discussing Pinclibnck On Tuesday
they again laid him on the table until De
cember, by a voto ol 113 to CO. We infer that
this was dono by his friends, to brldgo over
tho fall elections, mid that when a direct
voto Is taken he will bo rejected.
Later information affirms our conviction
that Pinekback'a enso was postponed nt tho
instanco of his friends. Certain that he
would bo njected ou a direct vote, West of
Louisiana moved to postpone to December,
in which he mis wpK)rttd by the cxtreino
Radicals and a few other Republicans who
desired to dodgo the issue nt this time,
Cameron wa compelled to violate a pair a
gross breach of honor to carry tho motion,
Tlio Democrats protested against tho post
ponement, but in vain.
G'eii. Edw in ti. Osborne has boon re-ap-
ixiliite'l ami confirmed m Mnjor (kueral of
tli is Military dUtf
LesMnlho I'rooopillngs.
Tho Houso has passed nil tho npproptla-
tiou bills, and hat unfortunately been In
duced to grind through a largo amount of
additional legislation, much of It in den
nnee of tho provision of the Coliltltlltlon
which requires all bills to bo read nt length.
On Friday night tlio House remained in
session all night and from nil accounts tho
scones of the occasion were most disgraceful,
Tho bill to reduce Room charges lrom $1.23
to DO cents passed by a votcof 113 to 48. It
was at once scut to the Senate, where a "set
up" committee promptly reported It with a
negative recommendation, which kills it for
tho session.
The new county bill has passed both
Houses, but In a shapo to send it to a con
ference committee Tho desires of those fa
vorable to new counties will probably pre
vail. Tho general appropriation bill will bo
passed by tho Senalo as It came from the
House, though a majority of Senators desire
to amend it, lest tho House might rcfuso to
pass it and thus compel a continuance of
tho session, to which the Republicans seem
to bo opposed for political reasons.
Tho State Treasurer nsscrts that the aggre
gate of the House appropriations will tx
cced the revenues of tlio State that may bo
applied to their payment by moro than a
million of dollars. Tlio Democrats of the
House deny this, and assert that tho Treasu
rer wants tho ndditionnl million for privato
speculation and to cover default in the
Treasury. The House, therefore, sternly re
fuses to permit any of tlio Sinking fund
revenues to bo diverted to other purposes.
Hut the partisans of the Treasurer in tho
Senate propose to meet tlio difficulty by re
fusing to pass sundry of tho charitable and
miscellaneous appropriation bills passed by
the House. If the latter body is possessed
of manly firmness wc suspect tho Senate will
yield. If not, tho people will profit by the
Tlio Local Option repeal bill passed the
Senate ou second reading by a vote of 2!) to
17, so amended at to include a stringent li
cense law, fixing licenses at trom 100 to
$1000 per year. Tho repealing bill will
probably fail for want of agreement between
the two Houses.
When the Senate judicial salary bill came
up in thcllou'c, on Monday evening, a mo
tion win made to reduce the salaries of
county judges froniSO.OOO per year to $ 1.003.
Not agreed to, yens GO, nays 1112. Messrs.
McIIenry and Ryan voted no. Tho bill
then passed second reading. As the people
both pay the salaries und elect the member
who make them, wc suppose we are bound
to infer that this is their will. When once
fixed, Balarie-s cannot be changed du
ring tho terms of the Judges now in ollice.
The high figures established will induce a
flood of bills nt tho next session f r addi
tional Judgeship", nil of whichjtlirough com
binations, will no doubt pass, and tho cost
of tho Judiciary in the end must become
enormous, and itt quality will be corres
pondingly decreased.
Tlio Local Option bill is nowbefore a con
ference committee of the two Houses. Re
sult uncertain.
The Iloom bill, after being reported nega
tively wat referred to another committee and
reported affirmatively on Tuesday. It can
scarcely bo pa-ed after the lato day it wat
reported even it a majority favor it.
The new county bill goes to a committee
of conference. Largo numbers of bills nre
being ground through both houses after a
Legislative diarrhea fashion. Most fortun
ately tho day of adjournment arrived yes
terday. P. S. Tho bill repealing the Local Op
tion law and adopting a stringent license
law has passed both Holies.
i'liilailelp'iians in the Legislature.
The character of Hie delegation sent to tho
Legislature by Philadelphia is an insult to
all tho State They are ignorant, rude,
ill-bred nnd boisterous, and aro constantly
guilty of want of decent respect for authori
ty or for the body of which they are mem
bers. There may be some who aro a partial
exception to this general description of them,
but such is the character of tho delegation.
Tiiey would like to b dictatorial if they
knew enough, but, failing in that for want of
brains, they attempt to substituto impudence
and blackguardism as a means to rule. No
wonder, therefore, that the county members
so often act at a unit against Philadelphia
interests, and no wonder that what ought to
bo the great Centennial commands no inter
est and scarcely respect from tho people of
the Suite.
Once all this was different. Although
some men of indifferent character then crept
into the Legislature from Phihidelphia,
both tho old city and county wcresuro to
send somo first class men to rule tticir dete
ctions. Now the associate)) and equals of
the "flying dntchman," of "Slippery Jim," of
tho "educated hog," &c, give character to
and perhaps compose tho delegation. Ought
tho people of the Stato to regard thi con
duct of Philadelphia ntherwiso than a an
Insult to them? They at least try to Bend
decent men, who have regard for good names,
and who behave in public nt any rate with
ordinary propriety, but Philadelphia leav
ens tho whole with her educated hogs edu
cated in vulgarity if uot in letters and thus
brings tho whole body into disreputo and
contempt. Tho country does right in resenting
this state of affairs, and it will be to its own
interest nnd credit if it cultivates ha
tred for n city thnt acts thus towards it.
New IlaTpsli'ra election.
Tho result of tho New Hampshire election
is ns near as may be a tie between tho Dem
ocratic nnd Republican candidates for Gov
ernor, a few hundred vote for a Temper
ance candldato prevniting the election of
either. Tho Senato is a tlo and the Repub
licans claim a baro majority in tho House.
Tho Democrat elect a majority of Council
lors, and two out of thrco Congressmen,
which is n gain of one.
The result for Governor nnd a number of
Assemblymen was produced by the Repub
licans who havo heretofore supported tho
Temperance candidates secretly voting for
the Republican nominees, leaving the Dem
ocratic Temperance men to throw nway
their votes on the candidates of that organi
zation, A smart yaukeo trick but ono that
will return to plague Its perpetrators. Thero
has been no Republican gain in New Hamp
shire, even over last spring, but tho Democ
racy aro tho gaining party there, tho Stato
having formerly given fi.000 to 10,000 Re
publican majority and sent a full delegation
of Republicans to Congress.
If there wa any doubt in Grant's, mind
about the people of Arkansas being banditti
it was dispelled by tho proclamation of Gov.
Garland setting apart the 20th of March, ns
a day of Thanksgiving for the Poland reso
lution. It Is officially denied that General Hchenck
has resigned his position as minister to ling
land ; it is not, however, denied that he
ought to do so.
Tho legislature, or liulluna lias repealed
tbo strlugcut llrjuor ,aw of that BtaU, and
us4d a liveeiw law ia lb nUxuX.
Tho Radical papers havo been regaling
their readers lately with what purported to
bo a speech of Gen. Fori est nt Muldcn, Ten
nessee, but which they manufactured them,
selves, to tbo effect that another war was
Inevitable, that the carpet-baggers ought to
bo nsasslnated,&o Gcn.Forrcst's attention
having been called to tho fraud ho declares
that ho knows of no such place in Muldcn
nnd that there certainly is, iiouo in Tennes
see, thnt he never uttered or held such senti
ments nnd that he has notmiulanspiechaii
where In two years. The forgery was gotten
up for uso In tho New Hampshire election,
ns was also ono in denunciation of tho Dem
ocratic party nscrlbcd to ex-President Johnson.
Fi reign Xnvs.
Tho French have been in a stato of effer
vescence for two weeks past, about a Cabinet.
President McMahau finally grew rough on
their hand and selected ono to suit himself,
inado up of moderate men so far nt a
Frcnc1itnn.ii can nttaln that point, nnd reject
ing tho candidates put forward by tho fac
tions. Upon the whole, tho result It a llona
partist victory, for whilo that party is not
directly represented and did notdeslro to be,
all the candidates opposed by It were reject
ed. Revolution is probably postponed until
tho llonnpartists cheoso to make it.
Tlio war in Spain is characterised by In
different results, nnd tho other countries of
Europe nre quiet
Wlioatper tuMiel
i 1.4
Com "
o.its " ,
I'lour per barrel
1 allow
PrlcU pii!es
Il.vns '.
siaet K Hliouliiers
Un pur pound
Timothy Heed
No. I on Wharf
No.r, " "
No.0" "
Ilt.uksmltir.s t.mnp on wharf ,
" Pltumliious "
1 4,0'iperTon
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4,00 " "
S 0.09 ' "
mvN'DUJC NOTK.S lust printed and for sal.
cheap nt ttie Colcubiav ufllee.
" J.II ."STEC KEit'iS
iiLooMsmino, i'A.
Krcamer's old stand on Iron Street, between Second
anil Third.
All kind! of grain taken in exchange for coal.
Mar. 10-tf niooinsbura
W. P. JONE3 hits just opened
500 yards Iliimlnu'g Edgings and
This is tho largest and most com
plete assortment ever opened in
this place. And the present
aftbi'ds it good opportunity
to procure rare and de
sirable patterns which
can not be had
later in theeeason.
Our arrangemcnta aro such that we shall
Keep n
And our
TO be ns Low
W. P. Jones,
Corner -1Iin stud Tlilril Streets,
March 19, ls;s.
cjniiraiXA in divorce.
O in tha court of Common Pleas of Columbia
i uuniy ,-o. 1a DeoemtxT Term, ihu;
-M.iry D. I elbv, by her next friend, lieuben rahrlngcr
a Joseph I'. Lelby.
The underslgnprt iiwln? icen nppnlnted Cominls.
slowr to tnku lieposlthms In ihu almve raw, mil
moot, Mr Uin purpose of his npi' ritintnt, at, tlia
uauvtnr vtuil.irn iviitit, in rail v, on Thursday,
ai l o'clock A. .., April iOtn, is"5.
.1. If. .IMIM,
CeutralU, March 19, 19Ji-lt CornmtsM mcr.
rMIE Fiilnrillier nfler at priv.iln H ile, nn fa
jLvurablo terms, tho foUonlns described proper-
tti of land, mors or Ifss, Mtti.itcd In Jit Ploas
Ijs nnt township about two miles north of
!!! WonnHburt,', on the pulillo road lending from
.1 Light Ktti-i't to liucklioni. adlnlug lands
or Lllas lloutll on the uoM, Win. How ell cud .lames
Urltnes on thn Miutli, Sumuel Hartzell on the
east, and Joseph (illbcrt und Win. How (Hon tin,
north, all cleared oxerpt nliout is acres which Is well
tlmlK'ied, on wh'ch lire erected u Log und Uig
Hum, out-bulldlngs, Ac. Also n variety of choice
fruit in buurlng.
fcltuate In Mt. I Ioasant township, on tho public road
leading from Light Mrcct to Jerwjj town, about four
Wilts from lilixjinsburg, all cleared, whereon aro
erectod n Tito Mory Pit A Ml! lloixi: and Kitchen, a
Ni:w HANK HAltN, and out-bulldlngs. 'Iherolsn
VOPNd OltCHAIIDof rtiotco Fruit of aUklnclsJiwt
coming Into hearing on thcf.n premises. Al-on good
Hnrlng of soft water at tho door. For ternm, ., ap
ply, on tho latter promises to fllto. w. jacoiiy
Home-Mafle Fertilizers Tlie Bsst-
UPON rtrclpt of tfn rents to jmy printing,
poftagonnd proixirtlon of exponas of this n.
vertttcment, thn (imv'B Ferry i heinlcal Worlo,
inmufiicturcrto' Oil Vllrol, (iroun l Hoi es und otm r
fertilizing materials, will tend tn any fuinur or
other person, n receipt) for making a llomo inadu
Ferllllztrfiom luinesund other chemicals ntui'Lit
of about twentv dollars per ton, without trouble, up
paratusor machinery, pronounced by hundmUwho
nave ue d It to bo equal It not su rrlor to any buper
I'liOMitate of Minn purchased In tlio market. Ad.
dress, OltAVrtFIJI.KVi'HKMK'ALWOltKS. omca
lea jiouth Front Mrttt, l'liUadeipbia. 19-lm
NTS. Cliang Chung sell nt fluid.
V. Net
Nccssar as Koan. fluids freo. Chang Chung
Manufacturing Company. Ilohtou.
17RKK HAMI'MB to AgeTils. Ladles' Com
1 blnall 'ii Kcedlo-book nllU Chromos Kind
bUiuip. F 1', (ILl'CK New lledford,Musiuchusetts
AO KNT8 WANTED for the (Vtest nelliiig
book ecr pub Isdiod Hcnd for circular and
our cunt terms to Agents. NATIONAL 1'L'IU.ISII
l.Nll CO , l'Ulllel liU, I'll.
$1,000 Tor a raw nf Antlimu, Cnuglis, or (Villi
rinr Tvcure I.ihob liovri.ka Hi cents. John.
U ULlU.slo.N, HOLLO Wi. V UX, ApjuVkl'UlUdU-
IFM nnd explorations of Dr.
J IVINOSTONK (ililiKf ft rloiirnnil authentic
luAount oi ino great exp orcr trom cniiuuoou jo
death. New hnog lust out, blowing now he spent .' i
our "Family HtbW nrn iinciiimlcd fur styles nnd
prices. A (I UN It WWNTHIiiid'livsint once for ItOef
nl terms. (JUAKKR CITY l'l III.M1INM CO., I'ldla
ilclplil i, r,l.
) WAI.KLIi A.H. II. A MilclldM MllslO Hook
Upon n Nl'AV, Natural and KASY sjstom, by which
nn ono may leurn tu id inxslcnnd mug In one
fourth tho timo reipilred b) old inclhodi. lleslued
fvr choirs, flnirlng schools and .Musical Socleilos.
liberal Inducements to.Mii'.lo Teachers, fpoclmen
pages mailed freo MII.I.WI'S 111111.11 AMI I'l'll
I.IsillNCI IIOU8I;, 1103 nnd nwsansom Street, l'hll
ndclphlji, l'n.
And all Throat Diseases,
a Titu;i au stmi: iumikdv.
For (talc by Druggists generally, nnd JOHNSTON
IIOLLOWAY JC0 , Philadelphia, Fa.
ilend Every Word.
In tho next three months to keep you a. year, any un
emp!ocd person bctneca tho ages ot lit and CO
hlii.uld t.ik( nniiL'encvfnrTHK Ii.t.vnrnTEDVKifKl.y.
a large, t-parkllng, literary nnd family paper, f i a
jcar) pure, Instructive, nnd amusing; half of Its
Img"i,imm oe.iiiiuui piuiurcn. inu inner tuiu euii
alnlng tlio choicest reading matter. Jamks Paiiton
eonllllutlng editor. I.Ike t tint great KnullMi paper,
tho 'lmdo Illustrated News," It Is highly morn,
but entirely and non-nolttlcnl. liurliiir
n year It IurnWhesocr l.lonptetures, nnd the equal
of ;p largo octavo voiutir"5 of reading matter. IT
(HVI'.s AWAY-, cvtra each neck, n largo engraving,
( v In a scar), sljo 1T.24 Inches These aro oxnulsltu
facsimiles or inn nnest btcci engtnMngs, on ncjvy
tinted paper, with margins wiltiiblo for framing, nnd
nro trulv u one art cillery every icnr. Ilesldcs each
Miliscrlbcrlsprc'eniod ultlitlieohromo, "(lold FlMi,
Fruits nnd Fmcrs," plo 2.js, feet, In 2" oil co ors,
p.dnlcd by ltam- -, Not only thn largest nnd llnest
iircmium over irhen.but Ihu most wonderfully beau
tiful eliromo Pier produced. It Is Just tho paper for
which over) buils has been walling- larger and liner
than any other, uth.ilf (ha usual cost. Its succets
(nearly i uu suo'cnner n nay iieing reeciveiu proves
this. So complcle, M pregnane, so full of umciuI
as well as entertaining ms tcr Is this paper, that wo
vcntuiolo assert that to every thinking, observant,
American, a's Milwerlpllon (costs fMi Is, in
actual, usefu' value, worth lltty dollars AdfiNTH.
i nn comoiniiion is iincipiuucu. ui'un uisuin,
Lincoln and nronounced auccehs. V. ery good Aincr
lc.m takes nt least ono paper, of courw. He takes
this paper because (I) It Is the nicest newest nnd
best: (2) it k tho cheiipcH'-glvtng u great bargain
and thin Milts the bard times. It sells Itself, lie
quick, It vnu want nn ngencv Tills time of the year
any ugcni can mane ir.nn ui 10 per nay re,ni
three ttamps for specimens and teims. Willi
rcnorls from ue-ent.s. huberll,ers. nnd rrcs notices :
or letter jet, to sale time, hend it mi nt once for a
coinpieie omul, ana ui.iko n u wiiuu jou winiei
oth'swlso be waiting. You nro miro to take hold
nil) how. Money n funded If not perfectly witlsned,
or If the tcnltory 50ii want Is ulreadv occupied.
Addre-s nil iiideis for bp. elmens, subscilptlons, or
oiniiisto r. I.. .iiLiuitt.. I'uousncr "ino uiusiruieu
v.ecKi; , r. ii. i.ox .M.-,u no. ll iiey tl., a. i. 4w,
this dl-ease. ileanh.iMI, be excclle i cun In
old nn 1 obstinate cases, i liu rc let Is so prompt
that no one who has eer incu it win no wun
nor ir..
Oil VI'i'Ll) 1IAM1S AND r.OK.-I'cnd's Extract
hhotildbn In ivcry fainll nils rougu weainrr.
It relii'ives too sorene-s ami roiiguuess unit boii
f nmmit Iw.nU tin. skin nrr.mtitlv.
inir.i'MATisM liurliiir ,ovcie and chnngcabla
weather no mo hubjec. lo lihcunintlo pains
sliouul oo one uay wuuout i oiiuh i'.Mr.u.i,uiLu
nlivii. s I I'lieves.
SOlil! t.r.NliS.O .NSl'MPI'IO.V, COUdllS, COI.IW.
Ihlseoiil weather tries inu i.ungssoiciv. iiaio
Pond h Fxtrnct iui hand itlwajh. It lelleies tho
pain unu cures i no ui.-ease.
(im ill. Ms ni be lin.inmli' relieved and ultl
m.itciv cuieil bv bathing the nnilctcd parts
with Pond's llttract.
FROM HI) LIMP'S. Pond's Extract Invariably rc-.
Holes the pain and dually cures.
,vr ,,it,..cuf'i' .irnnmtti. dim. I liv Ilu.
iiCn of I'nnii'K Kxtr.ict. It neierfa'lls.
POND'S LXTIt.M.T.- Pamphlet, history and uses
with each bottle, nnd mulled free on nppllcotlon
to j our druggist, orjtous, .Maiucn uiue, .-m. i.
Sold byilruggiats.
This Fitted author linvlnir froo nccess to thn tier
sonnl wiltlngsct l.lilugslone, unfolds clearly the
grimileur of bis chaructcr.magnltude of lilsllle-work
nndtlhi Perils llio 'lhrllling Adven
tures ho met, the (irnnd Aildeicintnts be won.ns
ntsotbo curiosities, Wondcis nnd Wealth of that
.Malicious Counlry.lts Vigo at Ion, Minerals, lup
ines, limits, savages, etc. W do Awake Agen s
ii allien i.veij win re ui unco lor ino oiuv ine.ii,i;uiii
nletewml: llVI.'HSe imires.lui Slicuilld UlllstM-
lions, a superb Map, (Includes his "I list Journals."
Prlcu inly f.i. o. will sell Immensely Millions
wun I It. lor particular, addicts Ill'liliAIil)
11LOS., Publblwrs, 123, t-ansom striet, Plilladelplda
vmi tm nil
Of M anil pvTTklnil. Rnd ItunD
uiruminHiu, tMTTUuunoB, r.
lot r.iduui. .,1.1,... UfMl IVa.l.rn Cn
flnnrrnn I Or, Wounded In tbo Ilouso of n
DRUgei. I Friend, "ll.e ( rowntflg Work of this
veteran of Amirlcun I llcratuic, has for Us topic a
f ublu t am cling tl.cS ilnl I lteofour WIllM.L' I'KO-PI.1-,
and irl ib n Urilble view of tl.i ivll it exposes.
I'Xtieuiely l'ascli'utlng tititl Hiisutlomil, It will be
rend with nMdlt by nil. lllusiraltd niid liuutlful
ly bound. We aio deteunlriid to lulioduii' It Into
ei ery family In tho land, nnd orur unpuinlclled
ItiUuciueiiis to lualc and ftmalu (unMissers. We
want ht,ei,icver.iwhcie, will icndfiie cunppllcv
liuu. ii iiiin (ill,, i , ri, ,'.,' viii uj.'i rtjxj
DAlil' 4; Co., ia, chebtnul Micit, l'hlladolphU.
Aro you so I-inguld that any exertion i cqulres moro
ot nil euort yo i leei c.ipuoiu oi iiiuj.iiii i
Then trv Jiirubeba. tho wondeiful tonic and In
vlgorntor, which in Is to bcnelli tally on tho recutlio
oigsns ns 10 unpin .igor iiuiii ino inai loicu.s,
11 Is no alcoholic iippcllor, which stpnulatcs for n
short time, only to let tho rlilTeier fall tonlowii
iieptn ot misery, oat it is a icgciuonj loiuu ucung
dlrecllf on the liver and spleen.
It legulntes tho lluwels, quiets tho nerves, and
dies such u healthy tone to tint whole bjbtem ns to
on iiniKe tho Invalid feel like u now person.
Its epilation Is in t violent, but Is ilrcd by gentlcno-s; Ihc pntlint ixperkuicsnoMnlden
I'luinge, no markod it'snlts, but gradually his troubles
'Told their tints, like tho Anas,
And silently steal away."
'I his Ii n) new nnd untiled dbcoiery, but has
been Ijng mod with results, nnd
Is tmiuouticeil by the highest medical nuthoiltlts,
"the most pimi rtul 1 nlo and .dtcrullui kuonu."
I: our ilrugglsl for It.
For sale bv JOVNSTON, IIOLLOWAY i Co.,
P.illadclpht.1, Pa.
I INO." How cither box may f.isclnatu nnd
imlii tlio lovo and nnectlons of any pcrs n they
choose Instantly. I'hls sbniile, menial acquirement
nil can tioss'ss, free, bv mail, for'.'.v cents, togither
wltn u Marriage liulde, rgyntlan Oracle, Dreams
Hints to Mdles. Wedding Night hhlit. Ac. A nucer
book. AddiessT. vai x c puus. rniui.
, .oooaciiEH Nenrmllrctid I ini ton healthy
. ...I lit, U j,II,,l.,V
1 1I le uuu jiuuiloa iti.c. iiii'u,, nvivtM.j
Dcntou, .Marjlai.d.
MONEY easily mailo liy peltini; TEAM at
I.MP01tTi:iisrPltICi:s, or getting up clubs Ii),
tuwusand country for tl.o oldest 'Uu Company tn
America uriulesl inuui iiiikiis. renuinr circular,
OVN ION TLA CO., Hs Clumbers St., N. Y.
PUI1LIO SALE. There will bo mid" at
Public Halo on
FRIDAY, MARCH 20th, 1875,
at T o'clock, p. in., VI VK HIIAUHH OF BTOCK.Intho
i atawLssa Mutual lnitldlng und baling Fund Associ
ation, belonging to tbo isintoof .linns
ceusi d, at tho oillcu of thf nbovo AssKlatlon In Cat-uwt-ssn.
'Kims made known ut the tlmu of t-ale.
J 11. Kt-hTKK,
March c, 75-sw Administrator.
Coughs CoM, Ilron
01111111, Sore Throat, In
fluenta, Croup, Whoop
iwi; Co igh, Hoarfcness
LlverCoui'laltit, I'ulm
or iSonm'H In the
Chest or Side, IHeodlug
nt the Lung?, nnd every
nfTerlloii i.i n ihroat, Lungs and chest, ures ccd.
II iliredbv llioll.Miof Db. Witii' lUmtM Of Wll n
CiitniiY, which dues not dry up a cmkIi und leave
thee u-e behind, us Is thn cuso with most remedies,
but loosens It, cleanses the Hunts und nllajs lrrltu
Ion, tlnii romivlng tho causo ut tho complaint.
Consumption can be cured
bvn time ly ronort to this standard remedy, as Is
proven ny nuuureas ot icsuinoiiiMi u nas rociiieu,
Nono genuine unless tlgned "I. llt'TTS' nnthe
wrapper, Wceutsundtl ahottln; largo Ixitll'H
much tho cheaper. HKI'll W. FOWI.K & HONH,
lYonitctors, lloatou, Mass, Hold by do lersgen
eralli. Jan.2i,
'T7'fA'l, ' know uLout Apent', or lion lo
i it i r in Ii f'K Jii if 1 1 Hi iill rc l iincp.
Stu null Ii i'i vi- pi nil luits. A iJy.klM.uw
,-, t-,-. rt n t-, i c r rmirv t-v Tl
' ll 'l' I J A I ("fJ'J V I V 1 IJ ll'
NKXr 110 II 10
11ns Just oponcd wltk n New, Fresh Stock of
YEGIiTAllLLl, ic, ,t0,
Fruitfl. Nulfl und Confcctlonarics.
Our goods havo been bouiht nt 110TTOM Plttcn-i,
nnd will he sold nt tin Vl'KY LOIVGST 1'OSSIIILK
jPOIR cash,
or exchanged for prlmo articles ot
roil YOL'llSF.LYr.3.
We keep no book alt purchases CASH at tho time
ot sale, liy lids strict cash system a
Saving of 10 to 20 per cent, is assured to
Our Customers.
A share of public patronngo H rcspoclfuil) solic
Hlor,nsbarg, March 18, 1s;s-j-
tn cnpacity on I cxoi-llenM hj nny other. Awarded
VIENNA, 1873; PARIS, 1867.
nSJI V Amfricnn OrtrniM cvrr awnrdrd nny incdil
UIlL In KnruNor which irrernt fuch rstrnordi
nary fxcellenoa as to commainl u wide fule thrrc.
Al WAV? htehct-t rrTinimn rt Irt(1r-
HLrf n I U triul r.xioitluns In Amertrnai mcHh
Kurope. Outof huiHrcil-4 Ihrri' liavo not bft-n nx In
ftll wlitre Miy othtT or'ai- huvo been itrtftrrtd.
prOT l)oc'rcc1 by Wcinincnt MiMchnu, in both
DLu I bemWitrnN to bu mirUnlctl. BfO
TKHTIMONIAIj ClllCUr Alt, Willi oi.iiiiym of nitrt
thui One TlioiiHattil (wnt frit-).
IMCICT on nRTlnff n MnKin k KftniL'n. ,X)o not
IllOlO I take nny other. Peuler Qtt unurn com
intwioNH f'-r einj inferior organ, and for tKit
rtuzon vun try peri Acini to ttlt toinethtng else,
fJCUi CTVI CC ithmofrt imiwrtrnt ImrroTc
IlLll pi ILLo tnents rer made. New
Nolo &nT Com hlnntlnii Mop. Nupcrb
UlaitTcro an-i otlur Cunch of new dcnluiift.
qnlidtn romblnntlon of ttuw InfftrniniRtn.
LAO I rfll lYlCIl I O. for monthly or quartnly
pajroenta; or rented until rnt payn fr the orgun.
P1TAI flPIICP nnd Clrmlars. 1th fnllrnrtlo
lUHIHLUUUCO nlnrn.frce. A,drfiMABON fi
HAMLIN OHCUN CO., 1SI Tlrment fctrcrt. BOS
TON; S5 Union Hqnaro, NEW XOllK; orUtei
Adiimbt., OU1CAUO.
Marcli l,T5-y
No. 1" Centre Sit ect.
YMn Gas anil Steam Tito
JIANUl'AOTritF.liS or
Wire TrcllUiH, Sec. Dealew in Stoves, R,ing-
es, ! iinmces, lialtininro Heaters, inv noun
urates, Alantels, I'UM iv, Weatlier stri b.
ic. Also
of tbe latest doMsn. Special nttcrthn paid to 'n-
I'uitiu nt'ivin .Macuiucsi 1 cirry ucMullillnil i uics,
locks. I., 11 lluiicluj. Kiv lllllmr. Jli. Pitiiili. l'.,-l
Ucnccii Heated byMcainut unu.ill crt al.oin Hot
rtir, j cu. xj, ,. ii,
PInnite, Gas and M Gilt
liLooMsnuno. pa..
PI ii in hin r !inil fins; lOiHiiur
IIIIIIU, O ll"'. .V'J A llilllQj
In whlcli they liavo had many yean of esiicrlenco,
All Mori: ot this kind warranted to bo of tlio
licst dcscilptlon and eiccutodln tho
moat woikinanllkft inanuer.
Gas Piiio 1-tiid at 12 Cents Por
Foot !
Steam Engines and Boilers,
Steam nnd Hand Pumps,
Pipe and Fittings.
A Pplendid Assortment of Chun
delicrs, Brackets, Lamps, Similes,
Bronze Ornaments, &c.
iiucKirrs, hasixs, howls, &c, &c.
More Hooin In IHonmbhurir, on Main Ktroet, oppo
hllo tit. Paul's Episcopal Church, tilio them a call!
I. lti i!! of Administration on tha cutoof Peter
Hlltncr, lr.. latu of Uii.t township, county of tlol.
uinbt.i. htuto of Pennsylvania il'ccasil. him
itranlud to Michael rtllniiuiidlanls lludv,ot iwuit
tuwushlp, Pa to'whom all iktsoih Ind 'Mid tonal l
tbt.itouro ri'ipic .toil to inako pas mimt, and tlua
havlns ilalnn or dcinniiiU Hill nuko Luuuu tho
tsuuiv iwiuout noniv
.MIi'lIMII.HTINi:,) .,,
Pcb. lUS-aw
1 Notice U hereby clirn of the Intention of thn
undersigned Trin-tccs of "I ho Urne llld m Mi t.'iodut
i piwtojiai i iiurcii " nuiuicii near i emii-uuc lu l eu
Iru tonn'lili) i oluintl.i eouutv toupply for n char,
ter pwcuIjIo to thu rules und form of dlsclpllno ut
tl,o MetliodUil Kl bconul Chuicli of ll.n I nlti d tnten
of Amtrlcu. I,, W. M I.OiV
i u i-iiiv
$ pa lm AMttq uiffjlS MEnuTj yEnjr'i
State Normal School.
millH Institution nnimlsUiftiidcntsprcpannif
Odl ot iniriiiuu.,n.
Fprtlip.acco.nmoaiit.ono an ' f0'n, f,f
nrauon ror Lonege,. ,i ';:.,nieil. which
Koch courso of study is cornpicio in unv...
snnerlor advantages nro offered for Instruction In
Fall session commences Wednesday, August tun
1,'aII Nesslon C 010S Tlicsuay, iiw i i"";-'
ftsnfing .session commences w cuncsiiay, nre..Uiu.
Spring IKUS WlllU4Vlivv
immn. including Fuel and Washing, rocnDou
uns per ween.
TUlllOll OSB D0I.I.AB per WCCK. in JIUUCI nuuuw
orty to sixty cents per week.
.. .... itm. nnd to and
Hll'lll HI tl I CI III, Ul I. Ol
Menu tor u uniaioguu.
Applications for admission may bo addressed to
Hit. T. L. ('HISW'OLD, ,
COL. J. (1. ntr.Kzn,
Aug. lt.'74-ly
Valuable Town Property
nnd Farm at Priiato
Sals !
r-lITt.' .....lnnJt,.,.,.,1 r,C lUn Vr.iPiitiira n
I iii;iikiii; WIi. ISIl, ucce.l-ie.l. oueri iii, prn.m:
sai.', the lullov.ii.!? uluublo propnty, to wit:
ritJi i.'itJviii.iin'i nnl lit nttichol. slt'.utod on
Main Mieet. HliMiiis1iurn', P.i. '1 hl.s Iiouu ll sullablo
ror f.yu i,iun:ijs.
At.. o - ni l tw.i s'jir i ilirellln: h)'Hu. ivltl:
o'lt-liulldliis'M, fiaino'.talle unil ('"oil lotaitacneii.
I Ids provrty H opposite the lveUi-'Ucv of tlio lato
)r. Yost, ono tivi story fr.tms d ellln? houso with
.table out-buildings and lot nlt-whed tltuat d on
(tick Mivcl, l.lwiin.i.ui;. ra. v.icmt hits Mtu.itcd on ronrtltstrect,
I so. ii v.ilu lMi- farm ,llu iti'd one-hall mllo Ifoni
the tuivn of M'r.wiiisvlll.', Pa. Slid farm Cunlalns US
u res 1 1 lend,
for terms i f sal nppl- to
. i.ii,,,,' ll" i ,,l,,l-l I Pnni,A
F b. 12, T5-f!lil.
l.lotinsbuie;, Pa,
Ij proved CUCUM11KK
.tut) ) Pl'MP Is tho nc
knoivlcdi;ed standard of
ao iii.uKi't, pspui.i
v, rdlet. the tiosl nnniii f.'
the loast money Attentk
''i Inu i in r.lafliliM 's Imnrnvcd Hr.ick
t, the limp cle ck valve, whlcli can bo
lYitnuraivn wiiuoui uisiuiiuaiiiu jjini
and tlio com!r c!i.i:niier which nev.
cracks, scales is- ru ts and wl l last n lite
time. Pur site h dealois und the trade
jP'iK'rullv. In older toliosuro th.itou
yet lllatchley'd Pui' careful und sco
in... i , .ismvtr.ldo rnirkns above. If ouilonot
ktiovv.vlicro to tin v, descrlpllin circulars, toi'ther
with the name nnd address i f the nsrent nearest ou
m uu luiuiiiieu liy .nnirehhllll Willi Kl.lllip,
UIIAS. il. Itl.ATiSlll.nv, .Manut.icliircr,
W f, commerce st , Philadelphia,
March r. ,;s-5m
In tho nialler of tho parlltl n of tho real cstato of
inu iuu . v, apies, laiu or mou towiisiiip, d 'CCiscd
lo Susanna wnples widow, nni Uurton (1. Waplc
Aim Kllzabeth Wan IjhiKa unnin M.,r,
s Waplcs. .lohn s Waples husannali W aplcs and
I.....,.,.,. u,(.i-ujMT.ut-un una leLrauepresciiv
utiles of the said llurtun W. Waples, deceased :
Xollci! Is hereby clien tn the nboie parlies thnt by
Vlrltll.rtr fl ,(tl, nt ..or, Itt.... 1....
iii.iiis i ouri m i oiuiiiuia county, nn impiest w 111 1
held and tak"ii upon the nrenilses ther, in iiescrthni
. . ". " ," it, raiini .mi in luuiir
-Itu.ileln Scott tuwiishlp. In the county nforcsald,
and III tho HomilL'h ol lljlilllle. In thn einmlv r,i
Montour, on Prulaj imd.Situnla,tliesli.teenthund
uieiiieeiiui u.iys vi April I10M, at V II CIO K A. M,
fur the purpose 1 1 pai mien or nluatlon nn
aidir. r-mt'llt Of tho Sllldleal esrute. In lm.,,1,
rlt required, nt w Idch line and place the said par
tics can attend It thej think pi oner
auiii.u.i. ui,ovi;u,
Ploom-buri;,, isivet Micrlir.
For Information call at onics.or send for Cou.soi
ADvoiTiRKR, JuneM-Tj
is hie narATK or UAVin m. kestek, peceaseii
'I ho iwdciMituccl, apiiclnted by tho on han's Court,
of ctiluinbla counti , auditor to inn! o Gtarlbutlon of
limns in ino nanus of a j Albcrtson, ndinlnlstra
ur of DaildM. Kester, ilcciiiMd, will r.ttend to tho
amies oi las nppginirncnt at thu on te o lirockwny
. ....'..ii. iii i.iuuiur i'uik, uu i iiuiiMiay, ino vaiuuav
of .March, IHft, nt lo o'clock, a. m. All pcrsonH
haling c alms niruln-t saM inulo nie reindred to at
lind fir lin ,l,.hiir,l ,i,,, ,,.,,...........
aam iiiuu. IJI.llltlii, j:. kia ! I.I..
. . wi.t.iij. in ii,, ,4 P11U1U ji
leb.'-'O, ; -,v. Auditor
Ilfil.m nl. ,,r 1.1,1 l.r. iw.l i.. ...'. "...
l.ettl l'S Of AltnillilHlr.ltli.n (lt uli. ... rnt...
. . V iiv.i. i,,i;rii!iT, uiuiimi,!
i ounty, decease?, halo Teen grunted by the KckLs.
J i'i t.-.a mi.iiij lu ..nil niUR i.osit.n, ICW I 'oltllll-
biij-, MizeriiH i-oe.iili, and 0. L. Ll.aiin, llavld-on,
V . . .hi i-i-uu- iiawuit callus
S.iliist the osiato i f ihn ileudent, ar reiiuestcil lo
nlli"ii' in. lunl III wj II.U'' ItrU IO
the i stale tu make pajmciil lo the uimerslgnul ud
mlnlstraui's without d.l.ii .
-MA Tl 1IIAS ntisjiii.v, llavldi-on,
1 1 I1AI.S, .Ntw coh lulus,
,,,, Auiiilulstrators.
t T)f IXlslTI! 'rnp vn riM.'
letters if uiiilnMrii,,neii tho estate if Martha
dee, ii-eil, luve 1 ecu grunted h ho hivNter nf suiii
iii.l.l.iuil 1 t, oil,ln,,,v,M,ip, OHIUllll.l ClllllltV,
uiiiij i" 1. 11111 ri IUU llll. ,11 (, SliSM nm. Al
lierHtins liuitiii' rl. t,, ,,,.ii,.t ,,............ 1.... JT
.Vii.M.t n,;vv,n...i;i v.; ;.'s.""'v 7 ' r
. ,,,, trtiVrt ,, i ,, i ,,,,,, ""im' pa.Miicnt to,h.Uuuuiii.ii lu, l.lljiuill uiiav.
. . . . I-.n.l.l 1.1, IIAlil.MA.N,
Jan.6,-w Administrator.
hhlckshlnny, I ucc rno count j , Pa
uiuii.Miiiui neeiieu. .Money silled, and
I Tils sharp, l or Illustrated Urcular
... ....... Vw u,iuuu.uui, jiuuruu 1.0 ra,
R A!.l!i!.'I,,.N '? . A l-0J1 1'l-KTK OUTFIT
r' " x , " ruiiiiuiu prron la
CtTV n lL'lll OlliLfill tn t il.-1. nuli.isu , .,,"
!J ,K?ta.7 V! ".' T1 '.n cc'ntt"l use und w ear. '1 hu
n, 'X ''. ' '"" "'A""'."''". lcs over half a
P.VAv'i'' f0. r,'k "tiu go tn Miukwu will
cn ,i.T,..V, ,V, V"u .i,,?,'r4"u.-"no iffomplcs and a
i. it ,'r .. i i"' " v"" "n sriini'T,
It X' f I1IMSTI IV n Inrtrn II. - . .
T I ' V r.'il3'n "V w " uc ffiiSBv1 7s
iiteircwrjwhu,:. 'l,B,o.n KK'ahl I ll"3
M ANN A: tVT. V ,VVr.u. '",.m"" . .V.
' - ' """'Mi'imi, i)uiiuuoru,lU
f'?n!!,'iT'.v7 'l'!l'HIT-At Mneimif rrrc
w lib fl i iii ii i ,i,,i ,'. . . I: ncilt-
Ni y v. i.vrr, lini'fUkLlltg
Nc! fwond Hand, of First class mak
i o, i,iuu Kminiuwir ITKIU flT 1'l.fll. Or fin In
fnn1,,.,,,,'i", Si .Vi', ,:ru"''.!'..n .'!.". oVctrydurlns
.TsundKoiI 'is iiriSdi 7y Tl'irU'orToia
in New York. Aw nts waiitc i lo bill wi tus' NW
ho.ilu Plinm. niiifconrcitiiOrKunsr Illustrated Cau
aliuuos tialled. tireat lmtms?m"n t j 0 liu Trile
At xixji OoLuiiui a v
V.. A. 11 KUIt ISM
7) l.SIMX'TrUMA" flmimiiicin to tlio pnllla
XV that no hot reopencu
(iildKtnnd) tiloomihurif, l'n., nttho
hirksof tho lispy mid I Itrht Ktrcct
rond, where till description cf
hnttier will tic made In the most
uhstantlal and woikumtillko manner, nniUold at
,ri.'"t"?iilt tlWllm. I'lio hl"ot price In cash
111 nt uu nines uu p""'
a it kun ii in us
of every description tn the country. Tlio public pat.
SI UK UNDKKS11A1'.1, Al'l'Ul.Ml'.U 111
tlio orphan's Court ot Columbia county,
isteeto Kclllho real estate of .Mnry lloflochcr'
latOOt .SUIUlIl lOllllIlir. in nim, ium,i , .,nii-u
iilllcxiiosotosaloby publle outcry upon ttioiircm
hc on
Sftturilny, Jlntcli 20tli, I87i,
nt 1(1 o'clock a. in tlio f ollon lnc valuable real ostat,
Mtuatoln tho township ot .Mlillln, In sal; comity,
bounded on tl.u norlh and oast by lands of Cornelius
Klki'iidall, on the south by Abraliam Masteller and
antlioiu'bt byUonnrd Klkchd.dl, and containing
on which are erected n .
Frame Banlc Barn and Iwo
Snnul Honse-i.
ThfTK Is a flood orchard on tho premises and flood
Water oIomi to tho house ......
nrilMM OF nl,r,.-oncfntirth of this purchase
money to be paid ut th') ulrlklni? down of tho proier
ti, arid tho remaining thrcc-tourtlis In ono ietr
thcrcnfler with Inlcreit from tho nrt day of April,
ossscs'ion to be glicn on the first day of Aprll.A.
l'CU, 11 1, 1STO. nmmc.
IN Till, hr.ltn On, Cl.t.Ml fcf.O. KtCKKTTS, lito of
iii lowiHldn of orange. In tau Couuly ot Columbia,
'IhlMlllllcrMKncu ll.llinB nccn niiiiuiuieu nj vi wi
iilnns' Court of Mid county, auditor to illslrl
,.,H,.n i, ,. in inn hands of l.ruatiucl
Arlmlnl.lrnlnr. rrw TK.STAMF.NTO. ANNF.XO. AC, Of
sildCicni'lcl ll. lllcketts. del eased, to tho lyatccs
imdolher.ienlltltd tn tho fundtn hand, will meet
allparlliw interested In said state nt the umceof
reive s i.iiriy. in inn inu,, . , . .... v..
ri.,,.u.liv I,... Ol, ,1nv of Anrll ncr.t. at 0 O VlOCk 111
tho forenoon cf said dni , nt v. I Ich tttno and plnco nil
pirtlcs luteri'sted vftll nttctd and presisit thttr
i lalrns, or bo forever debarred from coiulnj tn for a
distributive shnro In said eotai". ,.0
.11. Jl. dlll.U',U.l,
licrwlck, March , 'is ivr. ' Auditor.
i i,, iin.tnrsii.neil.nnnolnted V tho Orphans' Court
ot Columbia county, nmlltor t m.iku dlstrlbutlun of
Illlldt 111 1110 nanilrt l'l ino uuiu insir .'tl m ..iniiiiiiiu
ouii'J, decexicd, will ntletiU to tho duties of Ids
opiwtntincnt at his ollice. In l.luoiusburL', on Mlur
il'i , tho I tn div ot Apill, 17. nt lo i, clock a. in.
All persons limine; claims ajf.itnst said estato mo
rcuulied tu attend or bo Uebai milium comlni In for
a shal l) of nald fund.
1.1IAIU.US li. li.i ii i l.r. i
March 12 la'r,-tt Auditor.
K.sriTB oe iwoaos KitM.Rn, nucr.Asiti).
Iho under.-Unod, nulltor nplsilnted liy tho Or
lihair.sCiiiirtof Colmnbl.i Countvto tnaku dMrllju
IliiKf thi'lialinenlnthohsnd'Of Keller ex
ecutrix of Ocorj' Keller, lato of Rild county, de
eo iseil. as iHTiiecouut cmilrmod, to nnd nmoiij; par
IIjs entitled t'i the same, will attend to tho dalles of
his appointment nt the Shcrlll's ollice. In I'dooms
bunr. on I'ucMl iv, tho 13lh day ot April, ism, ntio
o'clnrk, In the forenoon, when nud where nl persons
h.i In,' claims on I he fund aro reipilred to present
them or bo debarred from comlnit In for a slmru of
the same. WESI.KV WIHT.
IlloomsDurj, March tl, 1ST5 wr. Auditor.
J. if tiik fsta rs or rmiir ni-cKA.'un.
The undersigned hailns bcn appointed by tho Or
pk ms' court of Coliimbl.i county. Auditor to malio
d strlbutlon of tlio funds In tho hands of tho Admln
Istiutnr of said Philip Klstlcr, deceased, to and
ninotn; tho parties cnlllled thereto, will meet all rur
tlusluierestcil In sail estate at the, olllco of It. 1'
.1. i'. Clark, In thn town of liloomsbiu.'. P.i., on
Wodne-day, the nthday if pill noxt at'J o'clock In
the forenoon of s.Uitd.iv, at which timo and place all
paitles Intciested will attend and present their
ilalnis, orbofjrcvcrdi'birridfrom comtntf Infjrn
distributive shaie Insaldestate.
Illoo.nsburff, March 0,'15-lt Auditor.
A' "udTtor'.s not icic!
Ill tho Orphans' Court for tho County of Columbia!
Tho Auditor appointed b. tho Court to distribute tho
fund In tho nands of Itlchnrd Hess, Administrator,
with tho wlllanncxidof tho estato ot Andrew lless.
deceased, nm"ii the heirs nnd leijateea who may bo
entitled tu the same under the will of deccden , will
meet Ihu parties Interested lor thojiurposu of his ap
pointment on Tnursdaj tho lMhday April IMS. at
In o'c ock, ii. in., nt hlsnlliee In IdounisburK, at which
lime and place all parlies lutwested wilt intend mid
present their claims, or lm former debarred trom
comliik' In tor u dutrlbutlvo share In said estate.
March 12, ISTO-lt Audttir.
Statkmi:nt op tiik accounts oi'
iiui'iius ok tiii; town or nujoMsiii'iia, ton tub
MiAll 1874-li.
W. ll. Koons, Treasurer. In account with the Town of
ot llloomsburi;, fur tho 1SI4.
To am't. of assessment roll for 1974, 7,l!s 45
" recilndof II. 11. I'.lilleman, col-
lect'ir, on duplicate of isia. 7B3 2S
" reeel i d of M. W.inkoop, collec
tor on dupllcito of is;i, 1,'jso T3
" Market street contributions, col
lected by i:. II. liHlenian ti 01
" centre street euntilturions, col.
letted bvM Wvnkoip 203 to
" ree'drf c. o. ltnrklej.l'sq., belnir
proceeds of lud,'menlH Nos. si.s.1,
und si.of iVbruarv Term. 1S"4,
lnCiimmonPlcasoquoluinblaco. 127 V
" ree'd ot M. Wynkoon. collected
by him on accounts di' town, 19 93
" llcenes nnd lines collected by
tho President of Council, 41 as
1 11, its St.
M 49
Iii.eoi es
Balance duo Treasurer,
By balance duo Treasurer nt l.i"t settle
ment, " mm. of duplicate of 1S74 placed in
hands of M, wynkoop, collector, bilng
tax uncollect! d by Treasurer.
" nm t. orders cashed duimir the year,
" commlsun on js,s9o no, at 2 per ct,
i 21
2.1 9 33
S.9V) f,3
1T7 SO
til CUl S3
Itecclptsamt cxpenilliuresot tin TJwnof Illoomv
bur,: for tho year ls!l.
t'ncollectcd on duplicate of H72,
Amount of taxes levied rorltfl,
ssi 61
7,12s 40
41 cs
"IIS 00
2ni Oil
127 25
i I iceiisesiind Hues iliir,j,'llio liar,
.ii art i:l siivet coiitlliiiillons,
cenlro staet coiitributlons,
Juil;;mcnts collected b c. ii. Pa 'Jnv, Ban,
I'rom btuidrv iien,iinsiin bonk v 'imnteiil
lected bv ll. II llldlcman. 27 M
Same.c il'ected bv M iV nkoop, u ii
Cic-h In hands Of I.'. II. PI lleinnu irlnelml-
nincof Market fclivct contrlt, Ions eol-
lei ted In lsf. 55 ,fl
Ui cut on P.ul: erounds. nnd 'old to M.; (letticd iu road aecoii I.) Is 52
J9.1I9 71
Ain't, paid on road account lo wl. :
Labor, Miijrh stuue, ,tc.t $2,711 M
A. .laeob.v. ll ii; stone, v.',r M
lac.iby, stieet (vmniKsloner, ' S.0S Hi
Am i. i aiaucesdiioonro.i,l.,ccountu! IS73,
to wit:
Uiw Pros, 14 co
L. t ll. It. It. Co., 10 to
Am.t, to sundry persons ou book account,
belnir b ihmces duo from 1S7J I
II. ! idcffeub.ich, pilutlns', r
K .M. Wardlu, prliitm;, jo 7
Mojer Urns., oil for Kho Co., 1 70
W. Irt, M croinry, i r.u
A. 1). Webb, htallonery, I o
.Tolmiilbbs.hornohlrur.jrw-ntercointnltttH?, a f.0
lilooui .schwd DMrlct, btovo for lock up, 6 0
Am t, pi tutor's ill s, co on
" surveior unil nHsUtantu, u 75
" rent llro ennlne house, n o
if !' l11'".'"" "', Illjih constablo, los 2d
h. ll. llldleinau, i oininlsslou on col
lections of contributions, 4,0. ej 13
" Police force, 44 10
" Polleo b.iduos, i ia
" lent of pound, 1101)
" Budltom, 1S73, is co
" A. W.l-Ty, t w Second Wn et, 6 0)
flojcr Pros., lantern und oil, 1 90
" . Wirt, Si'sTcliiry, im 00
)). jy.'rt.eDpslniruHsessmcnt, is w
. w.,rt' Prep-ulufr Htna-mcnl under
Actof th A pi II, l74, u;
liioombclioi.iiibt. movo for lock up, r ou
W. II. Jacoby. ucordlnBiiBrcement, 2W
iitcrestloli.Wroup, on "old dibt," 11193
Interest on bonds, ; sos 1, j und 4, 90 uu
" ilainaues to. Murtha Wills, a.wiu 00
' dainaue.s to 11 o, llower i.o 0 01
Inteiutt on sivro to II. c. Ilowor, IT M
1 C. o. llarkley, solicitor to council, 299 21
" I). Mroup, duo lu excess cf bunts Is-
sued to him, 6 60
Add tho follow Inu to bo classed with
tS,343 72
Ilalaiico duo 'I reus, as per annual
B..., 111.-11, , 1.21
CoinmlsMons uliowi d Tieas. this year 177 su
. .. ... 11 . . . v iiiiiiciiiaii
wm uuiiiu.,ia; ui is, , tj
21 7S
Iticcssot reco'pts over eiiwndlturts
IS.nM 47
l,",5 11
Am't. of receipts durtne tho year, not
Disbursement dimnstho j ear, of
i..?',,".l;lV.VIr'? '?iw 10 Martha Wiiiu tl 000 10
Paid to ll. o. llower, 1,0.000
... onuup, 6 SO 30ti
Ileal disbursements for the year, $.1,337 9A
. I'.tTIU i-uii r.. lll.KH,
Wmlkt Wiht, Secretary. Prt bldciir,
111 i,;,: ,?!, , vrVsnf,1' nudllors ot tho Town of
,ii,.v... . . V v. u"swiu niticnienisoi eipi'n
dllures, and ulso tha uccuunt of W, II. Koons, Trcas-
, y mwu i.i,,t rUllCU.
Iilooiutbitrff, ttb. w, i!,. it