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tc flfoimnbuiu.
Friday, February 9, 187 &
Hasty Legislation.
Ono of tlto great and growing ovlla of
tho tlino la tho hosty manner In which
laws aro matlo. Tho conscquonco Is thnt
thpy nro criulo nntl Illy digested, In
many instances unconstitutional, nnd
frequently, In tho caso of local bills,
aro passed without consulting tho pco.
plo to bo affected by them.
Bo common is this that tho Legislature
has becomo n mero machlno to advance
tho Interests of n few Influential citi
zens, or of powerful corporations. Mem
bers are nro Induced to voto for meas
ures which thoy bcllovo to bo wrong,
through fear that, If thoy do not, their
own legislation will bo lmpcucu or no
fcated. A9 a conscnucnco, all matters,
however trifling, aro thrown Into tho
legislative hopper and an immense
amount of chaff, and cheat Is tho conso
quencc. Wo havosccn as many ns ono
hundred bills (many of them of tho
gravest Importance) passed In as many
minutes, tho subject matter of which
was known to only tho members who
presented them, and In many Instances
oven they did not know tho cousequenco
of what they wcro doing.
Tho record of last week's proceedings
lu both Senato and llouso fully bears out
this statement. Bank acts wcro pre
scnted practically severing tho.connec
tion between father and child husband
and wifo and contrary to tho entire
policy of tho law. During the debate
ou this subject, our Member, Mr. Brock
way said :
"I have noticed soveral bills with fua
tures similar to this : and although 1
think it is a foregone conclusion unit
they will pass for there aro few Instan
ces where corporations are refused what
thoy nsk in this body yet I wish to
point out briefly an objection that 1
havo to it, and to all bills of this class.
Section threo provides that "married
women and minors shall bo competent
to make such deposits with said torpor
ation,and their checUs.orders orreceipta
fur tho tuino shall be a sufficient dis
charge of tho said corporation, '' &c.
This enables minors to deposit money
subject to their own control, and there
is no provision that tho parent may
touch it. For that reason I think it Is
in conflict with tho entire policy of our
law. It changes all existing rules in
relation to married women, aud enables
them to make deposits whether thoy
aro of their own earnings or not and
keep them for their own separate uso.
The capital stock of theso corpora
tions is of such naturo that there is no
protection whatever. By a recent ex
amination of Fomo of theso savings
banks in New York, it was found that
they wero fraudulent: there was no,
security whatover for tho depositor.
It is truo that some bills passed last
year and years previously, containing
this section. Tho fuct is, this is au in
ducement for n man's wife to go through
his pockets at night and make a deposit
in the bank, and ho cannot reach it
afterwards. I think it would make
more business for tho Committee on
Divorces if this was passed.
Tho legal objections have not yet been
met so far as I can see. The parent or
husband now by law Is entitled to tho
wages of his son or daughter, and ho
should bo entitled to them, having
reared them up to tho ago when they
would bo useful to him. But suppose
tho bank refuses or declines to pay for
any reason whatover, tho married
woman cannot bring tho suit, nor can
the minor in his own name. It seems
to mo that is sufficient objection to tho
But theso Banks, not content with
obtaining this privilege, havo asked
to bo allowed to becomo executors, ad
ministrators, trustees, guardians, com
mittees of lunatics, receivers, Ac, with
out giving bond or security, &o.
This section was also opposed by Mr.
Brockway and on motion was stricken
out. Another class of objectionable
legislation Is granting charters of incor
poration where the Courts have power.
Dozens of such bills have been present
ed and will undoubtedly pass. Under
tho law tho Courts can grant charters to
loan associations and firo Insurance
companies, yet a largo number of theso
bills aro now on tho calendar and op
position to their passage seems to bo
Many hope and believe that tho com
ing constitutional convention will rem
wly all this. "Wo bcllovo not, becauso
thosauia class of men who manago the
Legislature will probably control the
Conventlbn. Even if wholesome ro
forms aro Incorporated In tho Constitu
tion, so long as Representatives aro
elected in tho present manner, they
will cvado or openly Ignore that instru
ment as they aro doing dally now. Tho
only plan is tho adoption of a system
which will enablo good men to repres
ent us, without being compelled to go
through forms In which a blackguard
or a scoundrel stands tho best chance of
Radical Reformers.
Tho opposition parly contains so
many of theso gentlemen, that occas
ionally It Is instructive to watch their
proceedings. Prominent among them
in this Stoto Is Deacon White, a mem
ber of tho House from Allegheny. Ills
speeches read well, but his votes do not
correspond. Men who introduce un
constitutional bills and advocato tho
exemption of railroad bonds from tax
ation are not such roformers as our pco
plo demand. Tho same may bo said of
Williams from Luzerno, a momber of
tho W. B. A., who has voted for every
corporation measuro proposed tills win
ter. Grant was elected asu "reformer;"
but tho fact is now patent that u moro
corrupt administration never disgraced
"Washington. Not only tho Chief, but
tho subordinates aro prostituting their
positions for power and for money.
Lust fall, the Republicans of Now
York affected horror at tho Tammany
frauds, shutting their eyes to U1030 that
existed in their own ranks. Tho leading
Democrats of tho Stato set at work at
onco to exposo them and punish the
guilty ,and nro doing so without fear or
favor. They oven aided tho Republic
ans In carrying tho Legislature, In tho
hopo that it would provo non-partisan ;
but liko all Radical Legislatures, It 1b
found to bo as corrupt as Its predeces
sor?. Speaking of it, tho New York
Tribune says :
But if, Instead of this, wo havo n
werk and corruptible Legislature If It
is composed in good part of men who
have achieved nominations aud elec
tions with intent to mako money tho
session will not only provo n failuro In
Iteelf, but will swamp tho parly which
tho peopio will Justly hold responsible
for its miscarriage.
What sort of a Legislature liavo wo
really elected?
It may bo too soon yet to Judge, but
tho Indications nro unpromising. Thoy
jusuiyn uoiii'i inuirt goon many mem
bora Imaclno they wero chosen to make
us much nolso as possible about Demo
cratic frauds, but roar you ircntl.v as a
sucking dovu when tho presumptive
rascals aro Hcpuoucans.
Wo would suggest to our oppoucuts,
that hereafter beforo thoy mako charges
against us, they should first seo that
their own skirts nro clear.
Nothing of interest was dono In tho
Senato on Wednesday of last week,
House. Tho prlvato calender was
tho order of tho day.
At half-past cloven tho Senate mot
tho Houso and counted tho returns of
tho lato election for auditor general,
nnd surveyor goneral, and on tho con
stitutional convention. Tho figures
stood :
For Auditor Qenernl Stanton, 231
097, McCandless, 200,512 ; Spanglcr,
For Surveyor General Beath, 237,'
015 ; Cooper, 200,735; Wheeler, 2,009.
Constitutional Convention For, 310,
007 ; against, 00,715.
In tho Senate, ou Thursday of last
week, tho following bills wcro reported.
With n negative recommendation, an
act to provldo offices for County Super
With amendments, an act fixing tho
salaries of County Superintendents.
With amendments, rt supplement to
an net providing for tho duo training of
common school teachers.
Tho f llowlng bills wero introduced
Mr. Dill read nu net relative toexecu
tors nnd administrators, extending the
net of 1831 to lunatics and habitual
drunkards. Also, an act for tho relief of
certain Judgesoftho Courts of Common
Fleas and District Courts.
An net relating to legal advertising In
tho several counties In this Common
wealth, wa3 called up by Mr. Petrlken,
considered In Commlttco of tho Whole,
nfter which Mr. White moved to post'
pono indefinitely.
Mr. Buckalow hoped tho bill would
rccelvo proper treatment, as It had been
presented in n proper manner nt the
Instance of tho printers of the Common
wealth. Ho was in favor of tho bill, be
cause it gavo tho minority tho benefit
of public Information. There ought to
bo a uniform rulo governing official
advertising; and this pUn of giving It
to tho paper of each pjrly having the
highest circulation, seemed tho be9t
that could bo adopted. Tho bill will
prevent abusea that now exist, and tho
only disadvantage wil bo to small news
Tho motion uas modified to postpono
for tho prebont.
Mr, Evans said this patronage was
generally in tho hands of competent
officers, and ho did not think tho bill
would work to tho advantage of either
tho newspapers or tho public. After
further discussion tho bill waspostpon
ed for the present. Yeas 1G. nays 12.
The first bill passed allows boroughs
to lay out streets fifty feet wide.
Tho act increasing tho number of
Judges of tho Supreme Court to seven,
was discussed nnd postponed.
Tho bill allowing tho Governor to ap
point threo members on tho Board of
Trustees for each Normal School, was
amended to two, and to apply only to
thoso districts which accept its provis
ions. Passed.
Just beforo flvo o'clock, the Secretary
of tho Commonwealth presonted tho
return of tho election in tho Fourth
Senatorial District, and certificate of
Harry W. Gray. Tho now Senator ap
peared, and was at onco sworn in, just
In tlmo to record his voto in favor of
tho indeflnlto postponement of tho
Druggists' bill.
In tho House n bill authorizing
assignees of insurnnco policies to suo in
their own nnmo passed.
Houso supplomeut relating to tho
Stato Treasurer and Commissioners of
the Sinking Fund, providing that tho
Sinking Fund Commissioners shall,
annually, commencing 1873, notify by
circulars Stato and Nationnl banks that
on tho second Monday of April they
will reccivo and open, in tho presenco
of tho Governor, proposals for becom
ing depositors of Stato funds, tho
deposits to bo given to thoso offering
tho greatest interest, thoy to pay on
demand, no bank to havo on hand
moro than half tho amount of its bonds
to tho State. They shall mako monthly
reports to tho Auditor-General, verified
by tho Stato Treasurer, or on oath of
tho President or Cashier, tho Stato
Treasurer to report monthly to tho
Tho bill passed yean C2,
nays 30.
Mr. Brockway reported as com ml ted
an net to relievo workingmen from tho
operation of tho conspiracy laws.
AI90, ho read in place a bill to pro
vent swino from running at largo In
Benton and Fishlngcrcck Townships,
and In LightStreet.
In tho Sonato on Friday last, tho
following bills weroroported from com
mittees as committed: An act relatlvo
to libel, allowing tho truth to bo given
in evidence.
Mr. Davis, of Philadelphia, reported
from tho Commltteo on Railroads an
act requiring corporations appropriating
property for corporato purposes to pay
for tho same, und providing tho modo
of assessment thereon.
In tho Houso among tho bills report
ed wero Senato bill authorizing tho re-
form system of voting in tho election of
School Directors, as committed ;
Mr. Berkholder For tho better pro
tection of tho wages or mechanics,
miners and laborers, giving omployoos
ofcompanIes,&c.,a preferred lien of not
moro than $200 of wages duo at Insol
vency of employers.
Nothing of importance took placo in
tho Sonato on Monday.
In tho Houso a potitbn from Luzerno
county for n prohibitory Hquorlaw was
Mr. Whlto offered tho following :
ltesolml, That tho committee on vico
and immorality bo discharged from tho
consideration of bill, entitled an act to
prohibit tho granting of any llcenfo to
sell Intoxicating liquors in any city,
borough or township, unless a majority
of tho voters In said city, borough or
township shall voto In favor or said
llcenso, and that said bill bo placed on
tho public calender for noxt Thursday.
Ho stated that this bill had been in
commlttco now over ten days.
Tho resolution was lost yeas 27, nays
47. A resolution to print 6000 additional
copies of Bates History was referred to
tho ways nnd means commltteo.
In tho Sonato on Tuesday Mr. Bucka
lew read in placo and presented to tho
chnlr, bill Intltlcd nn net to Incorporate
tho Sullivan nnthrnclto coal company.
A supplement to uu net for tho better
nnd moro Impartial selection of persons
to servo nsjuroH wan passed.
Iti tho Houso Mr. Whlto, from tho
commltteo on constitutional reform,
reportou nturmatlvely, with amend
ments, tho bill to provldo for tho call
ing of n convention for nmondlng tho
constitution, nnd 1,000 copies' wcro or
dered to bo printed for tho uso of tho
houso. Tho amendments provldo for
tho election on tho 11th of May, tho
convention to meet on tho second Tues
day of Juno. Tho minibir of members
Is fixed ut ninety. nine, sIxty-Mx to bo
elected ns stato senators nro elected, two
forcach senator, and thlrly-tlnco to bo
elected nt large, each elector to voto for
eighteen, no person to cast moro than
ono voto for each person. Ono-thlrd of
tho members may requlro nny amend
ment to bo submitted to tho people
separately. Pay for tho wholo term, ono
thousand dollars, with mileage.
llouso bill divorcing Mathias Kindt
and Tnuiar, his wife, of Columbia coun
ty, was submitted by Mr. Brockway,
and was opposed by Messrs. 31 Jiinkin,
Howltt, Gllflllan and Hancock. It was
finally defeated yeas 35, nays 51.
In tho U. S. Senato on Wednesday of
last week tho Amnesty bill was again
discussed, but without definite action.
A bill was Introduced establishing a
natlouitl shipping registry. In tho
House, tho bill Justifying Secretary
Boutwell in his negotiations with tho
Syndlcato was debated.
Tho United States Senato on Thurs
day of last week debated tho resolution
calling for a reconslderntion of tho voto
on tho Chicago Relief bill until the end
of tho morning hour, and tho Amnesty
bill from that tlmo until tho adjourn
ment. Tho llouso of Representatives, by a
strict party vote, passed the resolution
whitewashing Secretary Boutwell's Ille
gal syndlcato bargain, aud disposed of
thirty pagoj of tho Indian Appropria
tion bill.
Tho United Slates Senate was not In
session Friday. In tho House, tho In
dian Appropriation bill was passed. A
bill appropriating $C5,000to pay for tho
destruction of William and Mary VI r
glna, was reported nnd referred to the
Committee of tho Wholo ou tho private
calender. Various patent bills wero
passed. The Educational Fund bill was
considered, but not disposed of.
In tho Senato on Monday tho Amnes
ty bill was taken up, nnd n motion
made to lay tho pending bill on tho
tabiu nnd take up tho bill passed by tho
House, which was lost. Mr. Carpenter
then offered n substitute to Mr. Sum
mer's amendment, which elicited a
sharp debato between tho two gentle
men. In tho House, after tho introduction
of new bills, tho amnesty question came
up In tho shapo of a bill removing
political disabilities from many who
wero small officials in towns, villages,
mid counties at tho beginning of tho war,
which after a llttlo debato was passed.
Mr. Banks, from tho Commltteo on For
eign Relations, reported a bill to carry
into effect tho provisions of tho treaty
with Great Britan relating to tho fish
eries, nnd its consideration was assign
ed for tho third Tuesday in March.
Tho public debt of tho United States
has been reduced during tho past month
Gen. 31. W.Ransom has been elected
United StatosScnatorby tho Legislature
of North Carolina, Tho Republican
members generally took no part In tho
election, holding that tho Legislature
hasno right to choDsoaSanatornt this
Tho body of Richard A. Cook, who
has been missing sinco January 1, waa
found in Roaring Brook, Feb.l in
Scrantou. Thero is reason to bollovo
that ho met with foul play.
Dr. James S. Carpenter, of Pottsvlilo,
died on tho 31st, nfter a protractod illness
Ho was President of tho Pennsylvania
Stato Medical Society of 1855,and much
honored in his profession.
Professor Wilson, principal of tho
Union School, at Washington, Pa., was
shot and dangerously wounded Thurs
day of last week by Thomas McGiffen.
Tho professor had refusod to deliver a
note from McGiffen to ono of tho young
ladles, and on being ordered from tho
premises McGiffen shot him, tho ball
entering abovo tho hip. Mcaiffen Is
but 17 years of ago.
A frightful accident occurred on tho
Lehigh Valley Railroad, near Rockport,
Thursday morning. By thodlsp' iwmnt
of a rail tho Buffalo express tr i i was
thrown somo thirty feet (loan an
embankment. Tho cars wcro mnashed
and caught firo from tho stovo. vFour
passengers wcro instantly killed, and
four others havo slnco died from tho
effects of their injuries. Eighteen others
wero moro or lcs3 Injured.
Among tho killed was t!iovfo of
Professor Lowls Prntorius, of Wilkes
barro. Judgo Dann, of Wilkesbarro had
his arm and shoulder broken,
Tho following is a list of tho Injured:
Hon. E. L. Dana.Shorlff Whltnker, JIIss
Troxell, Miss Spayd, of Wilko3barre;
Goorgo Broder, and a man name I Wolf,
orWhlto naven; John Cox,of Bethlo
hem; Conductor Selgfrled, nnd brako
man, namo unknown. Miss Troxell
and "Messrs. Broder, Wolf, Cox, and tho
couductor aro considered seriously
ThoCornor'd Jury roturnod a vordict
umiiuoueccnscu passengers camo to their
deaths by an unavoidable and unforeseen
accident, caused by tho breaking of a
Flvo gunpowdor mills, situated on
ino .limo Miami Railroad, explodod
Monday, killing six men.
A terrlblo accident occurred on tho
Philadelphia and Erie It. R. on 3Ion
day night of last week threo mllea oast
of Lock Huven, which resulted In In.
Juries to nearly thirty passengers and
tho destruction of four cars. A broken
rail precipitated tho earn down an em
bankment of twenty feet to tho wn-
ter's edgo when they took firo nnd wero
entirely consumed.
Tho Sonato Investigating Commlttco
Into tho Now York Custom Houso
frauds havo decided to adjourn to mor
row, both Democratic Senators on tho
Commlttco voting nay. Enough has
been discovered, however, to provo tho
uttorly rotton condition of tho Cus
torn Houso managomont.
Tho Pass llook System.
Tho following important bill was lu.
traduced In the Sonato by 3lr. Petrlken
on Thursday of last week:
An net to ncoiirs the payment of tho w.igoi of In.
iiur in inwuu money nun loiiroiiiuit me pnsi
or order system,
Suction 1. Thnt It slmi! not lm Inw.
ful for nny incorporated company, asso
ciation, partnership or Individual en
gaged In mining, manufacturing or
transporting nny coal, iron, or other
manufacture of nroduet. to tiav tho wn.
gts or any omployco or laborer, who
may no linen or employed by him or
thoin, in nnvthltnr but lawful monov.
mid nny contract which shall bo mado
by any such Incorporated body, partner
ship, or Individual, to pay any laborer
or omployco In anything but lawful
monoy is nsrouy ticciareu void, any
law or usaco to tho contrary notwith
Sue. 2. That no incorporated body,
association, partnership or Individual
engaged In mining manufacturing or
transporting as aforesaid, or any officer,
manager, superintendent, or agent lu
his or their employ, shall mako, furnish,
deliver, Issue, or causo to bo mado, fur
nlshed, delivered or Issued, to bo used
us iibuliititutu for lawful money, or ns
it means of paying nny cmployeo or la
borer, any pass book, order, ticket or
engagement of credit, or nny other de
vice to ovado tho payment of tho wages
of labor in lawful monoy, under n pen
alty fifty dollars for each and every of
fetico, to bo recoverable in tho nnmo or
names of and by tho person or persons
suing for tho samo beforo any alderman
or Justice of tho peace of this Common
wealth as debts under ono hundred dol
lars aro now by law recoverable; nnd in
addition thereto nny person or persons
so offending shall bo guilty of n mlsdo
moanor, nnd upon conviction shall pay
a lino not exceeding onu hundred dol
lars, and suffernu imprisonment not ex
ceeding ono yor, or both, or cither, nt
tho discretion of the court.
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Tho Rprlntr Term will commence on Monday,
A pi It 1st, lHJi). Vacation from tho middle ot
June, to tho Sth of Auinist, when tho Full Term
will open. Eleven weeks make n quarter.
For ClrcularH, Hoarding, Terms, Tuition or
other particulars, l.ddrebs
fch0'72-2m Principal.
oi- THE
From January 1, 1871 to January 1, 1872.
DAVID LOWENIlEIta. Esq., Treasurer of Co.
lumhla county, In ncoonui with said county,
for county purposes, for 137 1,
Jan. To am't outstanding for 187J&1?. S11.C01 89
" " " ro-nuullors report of -70 M7 Hi
June " " county tax ass d. for '71 ilfiU 31
o a 5
j.uiue. umricis. rJ p g
? S P-
.3 a
M. Downs, Heaver &1 ...
J. Harrlger, 50 w) i.w a) ...
A. Colley, llenton 3.U1 2.01 1.09 ...
J, Hlne, Ceulralla 1.10
F. Wltchey, 65 1,51 1,10 a M
L. M, U. Ji I. Co. ls.33 1 ... "
D. Lenlhan, " m
KMoManarnon " 6)
O. J. Il iyer, Iwust to
H. II. Angle. MIUlIu 11 11 1J 7
1). Ueluboch, Montour (ft &i .. , ft)
It. Simons Pino so 00 40
J, Wltchey, 11. Creek .
j. watts, u, wooa 1.60 ,;;"
5:9.11 8.V7 1.15 3.61 5" 65
Making a total of jn oi
To Interest nnd cost, Jacob Bochtel. Oil-
lector Madison, lt8.
To Thomas Adams, P, O. llrlar Crosk
" J It. Moyer, webbing sold him.
"O.H. P. Kitchen, P. O. Ilorwlck for
keeping David Huyder In Count,- Jail,
To ThoinuK Adams, P. O. llrlar Creex.
" N. Mlller.uddUlounl Tax, Main, 1870.
" Wm, Neal, webbing sold hint,
JJ Thomas Adams, l'. O, Urlar Creek.
' Philip Kramer.clmidcllor snld(old one)
" Kii'n'l Hhoiie, old plank, llentou bridge,
" J. It. Yolie, old plank irom Yolie bridge
To Thomas Adams, P. O llrlar Creek,
' W. H. Hot's "Estate" Jury fees.
" Timothy Thomas, cost duo county, com.
caseo his.
To J K., old plnnk.
' Jas. McOinnlek, cost duu county, coti.
cue of his.
To John Culp, 071ft. plank from Shatter's
ToSaiuuol Shaffer, plauk from Shaffer's
To am'i, fjr assessing dog tax nnd fur
To utn i for assessing mtlllla fine and
managing fund.
To ain't lu excess or stale quota.
" Johnson lleasly tract Conyulian,
" Thomas Hutxulmer tract Oouynghnm,
" Amos Wlckeraham " "
" From Registered Taxes,
(31 IS
43 oo
63 60
1 4)
30 Iti
U 21
15 00
3 UU
1 00
41 US
ell UU
7 7S
1 01
7 0
1 60
100 CO
100 0)
VI 40
XII 41
111 41
151 67
J 7i
" ltedempllonof Y. It ltclmbold tots,
ft 01
(iMtid total
115,787 90
Ily amount outstanding taxes nnd commissions
nnd exonerations allowed collectors during the
1WI. 1S70.
Co. Co, Co. Co, Co.
due. com, ex. com, ex.
Heaver s", io a it 2.1 m 15 19
llenton 5S0 W 8 21 SI) 0.1 15 21
Berwick 8 60 11 113 W 711 S3 61
Bloom 870 85 210 27 41 17
II. Creek 6S7 SI f.'.' il :l 71
Cnmwlssn,... 07 91 89 03
i cntrniiii 2j0 fil jo 71 to 61
Ceutro Ris ot 71 si 91 ni
(JonytiRham 860 14 77 69 01 48 loo SI
F Creek 4 U 65 3 03 40 0,5 5 18
r iwjkllii..,.., 23 71 2 01 27 04 15 in
CI. Wood 410 70 49 1,1 15 77
Hemlock 181 13 (2 81 43 72 31 72
Jscksou 11 61 II 61
Locust SUM 41 45 2.1 0)
Madison 1st 22 0)4 40 65 1123
Mnlll 104 M 2 10 6 19 8 75
Mltlllll 410 (17 tfl 60 70 5 .11
Ml. Pleasant 11173 : 4S 8 18
Mnulnur 123 01 :nl 18 1.1 x.1
iirango 670 10 4 25 ,11 5.1 8 1)7
. 1,-, ci 1 im 13 10 0 01
It, Creek 110 71 9 r,l
Scott UVI M 0 32 70 43 18 DJ
S. Loaf iia 07 11 2J 0 80
0,730 SI $183 49 !.'41 15 (1,10.1 60 J311 13
The following Is amount dun for tllo nnd n rn-
vlous years, lo wit i
Centrnlln township county due, 8 121. 12,
The followlns Is commission nnd exoneration
nllowed for law una previous years t
Co. corn's, Co. cxnn's.
ill 30
S 2 Ml
37 00
51 63
81 79
31 T,
$211 00
1:1 w
10 Si
117 82
Totals duo
8U1 11
Co. due.
1871. fO,7JO 51
UW iC. 121 43
Co, or,
tlli 15
611 1.1
169 45
J915 73
(0,851 91
51,626 m
Ily am't tax outstanding In all,
" commission nllowed In all.
35,851 91
i,520 W
via 1 ,
" I county ordors redeemed, of 1871. 52,878 60
170. 20 U0
tsno. 4 mi
" ' " . ". " " 1808. 1 00
county orders rodesmod previ
ous to then. 3 00
Ily nm't Trea.commlsslon on (521077 7.11 dot 11
" balance duo and paid over. 2,073 01
35 787 0J
FOlt 1471.
To nm't nutstandlncntsettleinent,
" " tssessod for 1871.
" " due Treasurer.
$ 477 ZS
1,516 60
4S1 21
f,ifi 119
Dog Dog
due. com.
Dog Dog Dot
ex. com. ex.
II. Creek
I Creett
F uiiklln ....
(1. Wood
ML Pleasant
K. Creek
S. Loal
S 3 18
S 0 60 t 2 7S 5 9 50
19 5)
l w '1 UJ
t3 00
23 60
2) 00
6 CO
4 (XI
8 OJ
5t 60
18 61
53 00
12 (0
HI 00
1I fill
so w
5 70
3 30
3 07
3 05
1 110
3 10
6 10
1 60
15 00
4 50
12 60
2 (Hi
4 00
2 50
3 45
; to
11 6)
2 60
3 00
3 CO
4 00
2 UU
1 60
2 20
2 SO
3 03
3 73
5 12 6 61
3 78
2 60
2 02
2 25
1 80
3 6)
2 00
0 (10
3 00
1 60
1 60
3 00
1 (0
3 00
2 18
1 95
10 00
21 60
3 60
9107 O) il 'J2 (49 60 SH 31 330 0J
Ccntralla $3 00
Commission and exonerations nltowoJ fjr 1S0J
and previous yeara to wit:
I 05
7 60
1 51
8 50
8-1 43 SIS OJ
Do,! duo. Com. Ex.
407 UO 22 1)2 40 60
48 31 m 00
8 00 3 43 10 00
16 69.
3115 UO S71 71
Tlv nm'f l.v ni,l.a.llnr.
!151 SO
415 00
. 10.1 61
671 UJ
752 40
91 (10
74 71
151 60
10) 00
70 87
' " duo Treius. by auditors report '1
" " ordeis or 1871 rodeemod.
' 1870 "
" IbOO " I
" ooinmlsslou allowed collectors.
" ' exonerations "
" " paid nssessors, blanks Jfce.
" " i'reasuroi's commission.
82.122 1)9
Paid p. o. Btrkley, Teachers' County In
stitute. 1871, 69 29
I.ild C. B. Fnrman, 28 straps for flies pro-
thonolory'a offlce. 5 70
Paid Sharnless & Harman, 2 gals, varnish
( ourt Houso fence. 4 (10
Paid 11. 0. llower, bill rendered, 10 47
('has. Foster hauling coil ashesde.
from Court House. 100
Paid Lyco-iilng Insurance Co., Insurance
on Court Honss nnd Jail. 17102
Paid N. J. Hendershott, glass Ac. law 11-
brary. j, 7j
Paid Freeze and Buckalew, In tax cases,
x, 1V'JaJ'1.1'!!mm- 50 CO
Paid Levi Outright ct. nl. work state road
II. Creek. .-on -3
P.ld W. H. Ent.Prothonotory bill lor cost '
and fees. 6. ,e
raid Wm. M. Quick, bumping stone Court
Houso alley, 4 50
SG51 61
Paid Jurors during the year. 8 1 453 II
" Constables' returns to sessions. '281 H3
Tip smves and court crier. 2 ID 0.5
' Fireman L. E. Werts, Feb. term. 20 25
" " C. It. Housel, Dec. term. Is (10
" Jury commissioners expenses. 71 5'
" Anron bmith, sheriff, tervlug Jury
notice. 'n5 20
8J.209 to
Paid Com. vs. Creasy and Shaffer, 5 13 78
!.' !! &cih! f-Herbort, 23 p,
' Richard 'aimer, 21 71
William Htrnusscr 28 H!
" Calvin Jones, js 12
" " llradv 0 40
' " Mary M'Mahon 10 05
' " John Gunning - y 62
" " Ebeny Cook a?
" " A. W, Eaton 91 67
" " J, M, Mofton 273
!! !'. i.?1"1 ,mcl r, arctt, 12 w
gliomas M'Graw 10 00
; Pair ck Oarn 41 18
" " Lewis Kautuer 8 70
" A. C. lUbb 7 Ri
!' !! Walk r nuil Hogenbuch 4120
" " Hllas Powell 19 44
" " Pierco Whlto 25 m
' Cadman 4 Tlnglcy 6 70
" " Michael M'Mnhou 3 2'
" " Sarah Shlvely 2 20
" " Cadinnu Olrton 4 17
' George Snyder 21 61
8161 41
PaldThos. Davis, Henton, township, 8 10 00
Michael Watts. Greenwood 6000
Gideon Michael, llrlaroroek " lit) uj
" Henry Doak, " 215 00
" Wm. DcLonir, OraDgo " 5 0)
gobiilon llotiblns, llenilock " 175 00
" Eliiabeth Wldmaii, ' iJJ Si
" Abraham Hartimm, llenton" is 00
" J. F. Plaliloi-.i'ulawiss " 2M 00
" (leorgo Hughes " " t't no
.'! fi'f!ili'febb,f "'Mint 05 0)
! V i II-SharpIeBi, Illoom " 3.5H) 00
" John Wanted Mt Pleasant " 311 00
" Hcubmi Whson, Madison " 115 0O
'I J'l'-Vnndorsllco.Mt.Plea'nt " 75 00
" Wm.McKelvy, Illoom " 25 0)
; Wm.lkeler, Flshlngcrcek " 20 uo
. '' A, Jacoby, Illoom " 1000 to
" Suudry per.ons road Abridge vlowi 177 00
tG,157 "J
Paid County Auditors 8 71 CO
. JL'1iV,Ky"''"ll'll,u,rooPtu!liaoJC)unts.l) 01
(" William G, Quick, Commissioner 191 00
lioldln'g appeals" " mm
Paid Cyrus Robblns, Commissioner 3JI 00
,,, ,, , " " Expenses
holding npponli 23(0
7j , Reeder. Commlsslonor 302 OU
holding appeals Expenses
l William shafTir, commissioner 31 10
yK'!?u.rl'n'"Ho,18.0m's.Hoal,te. 11 65
J, H. Malie, do. brooms.Court Home 1 60
Isaiah llaeubuch, repairing, paint
r.a.n.a.4uilJlti!1B l.,ourt "onse troughs 0 73
iu' .M?' PalnMniti o., window
.llo'l''. Court Room ' w 00
1 f.H,1 1"ruu 0ldl, ropalrs Proth'y. onico 6 60
i fi , . ? faylortwu vault wiudows,
Prolhouotarys' Ofttco M 00
Paid PeUTjrnts, ot al. bill workauj ma-
Vi, ' Jl,l;uaum, 1'ierK cVJ (x)
teriai. I'rolliminljkrvu fmi... k m
' Court 7loue K UUU0', ""na
Paid Joieph Decker, work at Court House
yaril mid Jail,
P.jiU Saiiiuiil NcyharJ, taking lovel Court
0 65
6 00
jiouse eenar. 1 63
ruld A.M. Rupert, stovorcpalr 3 85
! A.D,Weib.wubblug,ito.,wlndowbllnds3 60
" H. II. Miller A sou, lauips.oll, ia.Court
Room aud house. 31 f5
Paid J. Cl, , Freeze, Alt'y., toCommlssIonera 75 Ou
Mrs. E. overdorf, tt. al, cleaning court
House, 29 CO
tUSl 82
,V.1.'V'.r'li,lamH'lyUer'l,uraP,ePalrJ411 I"
" Hendershott a Mason, coul. ' lo 00
.HSV.rgi8 u' 0roul.e'- m- bill repair and
material, y jj
t o. com,
5 11 41
l.lttl 60
211 00
Paid Mrs, llownian A llakcr, cloanlng nhd
whitewashing. 16 CI
Paid i". W. Neal A Urn., coal. 19 71
Daniel Miller, paint tpilntlng 8 18
" H. 11. Thomas, 1 npalr of locks. 1 1 M)
11 J, ('. Rutter, ineillcal bill, prisoners, V 0)
" H. II, Mlllor A Son, bill by Hheriir. 2 07
" Peter Jonos, ot. nl. work nnd mnternl 0
(nil bunks. 15 .19
Paid William Krlckbaum, bedding for Jail
lull tendered, 10 CO
Paid Anron Smith, RhcrlfT.ns follows!
Hoarding .lames tnir, rsinavs. iu iu
" Patrick GaM.WIilays. 4300
" Wm. Strusscr, 3) days, 19 60
" Mnrtln Column 5 days. 2 60
" Harvey Lamborsn.i, 10 days, 8 UU
" Charles Rupert, 2 daj-. 100
" (lcorg Snyder, 121 days. 01 o)
" Timothy Thomas, III dars. 47 no
" Gideon lllshllno, 1.5 days, 7 61
" John llreilbender, 1 day, M
" ClHrles llnrtnrd, 15 days. 7 60
Turnkey fees, I 51
" Sundries, nboat Jail. to 00
8118 71
Paid llradley A Gordon, prlntlnij. 6 75 50
" 11 ij. iiicueuuacu, " oil
" D. A. Ileckley, inningo and stamps, 0 00
" Miitlnnery to din'eruiit persons, for
Court House. 29 81
8050 08
Paid O. O. Murphy, body of A Lowel, Con.
vnnhntn. S10 R7
Paid C. O. Murphy, body of II. Lovell. Cou-
. .viiiiiinui. , jo
Paid C. O. Murphy, body or Wnllcr Wynll
Conyughnm, II 7
Paid James Kenly, body of Thomas Mur
phy, - 12 80
Paid J. J. Ilrowcr, body of John Lohrnian,
Illoom. It 87
Paid J. J. llrower body or Ed. Mulinunati. 27 08
V.U 0
Paid Weaver t UrtitlnoTOl 13-2) tonsclnder
double bridge, Illoom. 8293 18
Paid John Itouolns.plnclm: cinder, tlonblo
bridge, Illoom. J5 CO
Paid Evan Jones, placing cinder, doublo
brldm, Illoom, 11 20
l'nid James Masters, reintr near 2Iastcrs,
Little l ishlugcreek. 2 03
Paid H. G.Ort.clndcr.bolow Illoom.,5!tons. 21 2)
" Ilcnlamlii Cole, repilrnear Cole's mill 1J 00
iaiuei xiuwiiuiu, piauu rciair oeiow
Paid Judahllooue.wclghlng clndor.hrldge,
I'd Id Samuel McIIoury, repair at Patterson
Paid John Emery, repair l'lnocroelr.V'lsli
lngercek township
l'ald S. C. Search, 110 feet of plauk, Pino
creek, Hshlngcrcek lownshlp.
Paid John Uucher, repair near lister Fur
nace. Paid W. A. Kilo, repair nt Klmblo mill
Paid Peter Swank, cxteudlng wing walls,
Heaver bridge,
Paid J, W. Kck, WW feet plank nt i:ck'rf
llrhlge, Ilrlarcreek,
raid win, Holmes repair llent 'ii llrl Ige,
" W. N. Hosier, repair Piuccrcck, Fish-
1 00
41 OJ
1 53
1 0,1
1 80
8 OJ
S3 Cl
40 00
0 10
3J 00
1UKII l-tn ,(., un,,.
Paid John P.nicr, r
9 OJ
7 00
8 00
,1 00
10 00
10 00
172 10
25 00
22 03
repair nt fctlllwater,
l'ald Samuel Steltler, repalrat llarton and
hhatlcr bridges.
I'nld Samuel Stettler repair ntltoek bridge
T.ild Jnseph J. Fry, repair nt Unrton nnd
Shaffer bridges.
Tald Mimuel Stetller repair nt Illoom nnd
Mt. Pleasant.
Paid Isaao Kllnguman, repair llcavcr
bridge nbuttneiit.
Paid John R. Yohe, repair nt Yohc's miU,
rnlil Peter Healer, repair lluntln?crcck,
Paid I'eitr Healer, rciialr near Forks.FLsh-
raid 1). II. Cole, 1259 feet plauk nt Coin's
mill, llentou.
l'nid I. K. Mveppeuhlscr 900 ft., oak plank
Yohe's mill.
I'nld John Mordnu u'uitment repair near
R. WlUnn
l'ald J W, Keller, ropnlr at LightStreet
raid Wilson WanlcU repair near Shaffer,
Paid John Mordan nMUment repair Ed.
l'ald H. II. Klsner, 47 foot plauk, Mlllvllle
l'ald Jmnes Quick, Knilth bill bridges at
22 W
43 10
2 00
31 CO
2 00
10 ni
Paid J0I111 Illchart.repalr Rohrsbnrgh'lilgo (I 15
' John Shutnnn,repilr,Kspy stiinnlirld.-R CO DO
juuuiuum i-.uiersun, repair J'.lllcl'i-on s
Orange. 3 81
ram . n..ionnsou, nbutmentrepalr.Slab-
town bridge,
l'aid lliomas Oeddls. mcnsurlcir new
bridge at J. 11. Sands. 2 6)
l'ald Joserh Shoemsker repair at Shoe
maker's bridge, 11 uo. 23 53
Pal'' James dinner, rebuilding bridge,
Weslcrtekne.'ir llento.i, 107 01
i-aiu uauiei neiwig,e!.airepnlr at mouth
Catawlssa creek. 0 9)
Paid Clinton Cole, rep ilr nt I'. Colo Sugr-
loar. 7 CO
Paid Jacob Rostenhauder, dee'd. bridge
contract. Franklin. jssj 60
i-iuu ueorgo inn, wiion woru, bridge con
tract near J. li Hinds. 771 W
Paid Wm. Eycr, 2,oJj pr, stone, near J. II,
Sands. 727 Cl
i-.uu Aiexaniieruoss, oritigocontract,ucar
Jas Hess, dee'd, Jacxson. IJ1 0)
Paid Cllutou Colo, bridge contract Sutrar-
loaf, jb0 01
Paid Clinton Cole, ndlltional length nnd
work on said bridge, 311 (
i iiui iiiumas iiariinan, et, al., repair nl
Fincher's Furnace brldje, 8 2
8ii02 5 J
l'ald V.H. Penitentiary sunnoiiimr con
victs for 1370. 825171
xuiu i-eiiiiNYivaum n, 11. syium, uecp
lug Catharine suit.
Reaver, Allen Mann.
Henton, J. It Keeler.
llerwick, Alexander Thompson.
Illoom, Groiz v hhnrplihs.
Ilrliir,,,nitr i. T A.l
3 21
CUawlssa, G. W.Abbott'.
1 euiraua, naniel L.enliiau.
Centic, II.. I. Iiletturlck, I'otor I.uby.
Fishlngereck, J. c. Ruiiyan.
Franklin, Wm.Ti'ple.
Greenwoml W. II Ituu3.
llHmliilr ir 11 M'ltri.i.,
Jackson. John L. Hess.
15 I
20 I
21 '
."' '
Il :
13 1
21 I
11 1
21 i
13 I
1.0CUSI, jciiin Itclnbold.
Mndlson.J.H MIIN,
Maine, William T. Shaman.
MIIU111, A. W. Hess.
Montour, Noah Muti-er
Mt. Pleasant, Mathias Gilbctt.
Orange, 1). M Meargoll,
Pino, Josoph Shoemaker
lliUirllli,rrUulr t.V,,I.M, V,..,.,
Hcott, II. H n'rown.
nii'arioar, j. 11. iiesK.
"".' i'i,ii, it ii. iieisk. on henteimUl enlimcmf ion.
1670. 32
raid Gern, IIower.trlonnlalnsscssor.Locnst
1870, 30
l'ald Grot?. A Sharpies, triennial assessor
Illoom, 1S7U. 73
Paid Alex. Thompson, triennial nsscMor,
llerwick, 1370. 20
Paid William Goodman, assistant nssessor
Conyngham. 1870. 2
Paid assessors, for registering vo'04 and
clerk lor tiauscrlbing natues for tho
year. 317
Paid Sundry persons holding clsctlous. 5151 27
l'ald sundry persons during year. 853 00
Tax refunded to townships. $221 55
10 iiemiocit collector 01 iwj, uj 2;
8231 77
For Protlmnntarv, Ro order nnd U011
mUsloner.' olllce during year.
3131 21
Miscellaneous oxpenso. $
Courts, JurorK' pay, Coustablcs' lctum
t' Hesslons,
Oosta lu Comino.iwcalth oases.
Road mid hi blue vlnwcrs ro id damages
Coinmlisloners' otllcouud Ciurt Houso
Cjuiiiy Jail nnd prison requisitlo'is.
Printing, Huitlonery and PosUge.
IlridKOs, IhiUdlngnnd Repairs
PtiHientlsry and Asylum
Assessors' pay.
Election extieuses.
Fox nnd wl d cat scalps,
lllauk books,
Tjc refunded.
651 Cl
,'2U9 00
401 41
0 157 If
2,101 82
418 71
1.71 08
tl.31'2 5i
421 01
I.0.1I 5
451 27
6.1 U
181 21
234 77
Deduct tax remnded. 23177
And amount pild for keeping
Catharine Sull, which is re
funded to county by Ilrlar
creek. SUO CO
Gives tnoact'ial expenses dur
ing yiar. 401 07
322.373 3)
4)1 07
322,474 4
nenver. 8 5 (O Locnst. 8 12 (0
llenton. Wl 51 .Madison, 10 0)
Ilrlarcreek. 125 51 Main. 8 iu
Illoom. m m Mt. Pleasant, 05 50
catnwlssn. 32 110 Montour. n 00
Centre. 139 75 Orauae. 4100
Klshliucreek. 21 ) Vine. 43 611
(iruouwo'id. .11 mi Honit. i;i K
lli'inlock, KIM Sugirloaf. 152 00
Jackson. 11 71
Total, 8I.3J3 35
Orders uuptld for 1K67 8 0 10
IM) 21 .51
' 1870 02 611
" . " ' 171 717 35 $ 830 35
Amount over paiu uoi is I'.-j 21 423 21
ToUil debt. 1 ijjj) 60
Amount oiiisianuiug lax. ill ui
Probable Coin. Ex. off, 75 (ill 31)00
j'.xcess 01 uauiago over said ruud, 3 019 60
Tli statement nbovo shows tho loaalltles In
wiuuii uiu nitwit tiiiuige was sustained. A few
doi:s can do miicli harm mil win- iierM.itisiit.Mi.
Into to kill a kill shenp dug ts it quory. Wo urge
uimu i.ii kiuu iiiiiAouv, ,uu 'luiieui. nun uecessity
of lhe sheep luterixt 1111 1 Hut tliuv bring to duo
WAbbMh.UM Ml, Ull.UllUI. UI t!,U ,1. ,Y UKt j i Yf,
Duo from collectors, 8 0.851 01
I'rouainii unn . to o iiiscior s t axes j.jmj oi
Available tax due Irom cnlleclors, 5.051 01
Add uinouut lu hands of Treasurer, 2,673 61
rniai usseis. h.:ji 57
From thlswa might deduct. ittj) 00
rui uumko uuuiriKjv iu iiuiiw ti,,vtisui r,
eiilernlllitiiliil7l,anjvlilcli Is uljiit
completed, Dtulel Htlne. ooutrautur.
Real available fund then Is 87,235 67
The county lias no debts, substantially. The
orders aro all paid that wero issued lu l71,
67 per cent, of the county expenses, this year
have been for road damage nnu bridge building
aud repairs. Had tho bridge contract!! for 1 11
Locust township, been patd it would have takuii
62 per cent, of all money for Uio.o two Items. of course, must hn Itent In renalr nnd
Justice do nun Is new ones to be unlit where
none iiecu r'-ipiircs, miiuiiy 11111101 n,r iiiui
1. it., titni-ntt, nrn nulnii il I if lwln,l f,,r
and by vloweis granted that, wo think, amis-
llnnit tlnmnirr. Is ItAenittltitf nnltn noted, ntld WO
think that lewera snmctliiK's look nt tho wrong
hldn of the plcturo Iun'ssdn4 llisni. , .,
Wo tho iiilcrstisnril Audl'oi's of Columhla
eoiintv, being ilulv elei'to t In ndjitit nnd settle
llienwountsof His Tin isurer n'l 1 Com nlsslni
rrsof Colniiibla euuuty do her I'V certify lint
wo met nt tho omi' or tho Trensn er uiiiicun
lulsxloncrs, In llloomsbu g nnd e f fully exam
ined the necmints nnd vouchors of tho sinio
from thoflrst day of la uinry, A. 1). 1871, to tho
llrstdiyof January, 1872 nnd tin I th- m correct
In llm fun Lrrtlnir Klnlelneuls nnd wo find a bal
mice duo Cnlutiihla con lit ,011 county tax, twenty
SIX numireil nnd sevrniT-llirn uniinrs turn si-ty-threo
routs (8 073 a I. Irom David Loweuherg,
trensuier of s 1 il county nnd n lm nnco due the
Tren.uiei on Dog Tit x of tour liuu Ired twenty
iilnei ollars ntm twenty-oiio cents ISl.".) 2I)aiuf n
Imlaiiee duo thn lull tu fund by the Treasurer
ot Hire, hundred nnd twelve d Hum 11111I seventy
unveil c nts. (J! 277.) And we lutllior say that
upon nn examination 01 ino hccouuis n mo
lreasuier, Divld Loweiihorg, Kq , wo riis.d that
they have been kept 111 n inner aud carroct
manlier and lint 111 prompt nlllclil course has
Hilly roniiueuded Itn'IMo th" public, lhe nbovo
lialaneo nil paid over lo Mr. Wm Lamon ,Tress-
in cr elect. , , ,
Givin under nnr lian.H this sccoud day of
Jaunury, A. D. Mi , ,...,
IJ. It i,f,ui,( r , "iiiiuj
DANIEL LEE. Auditors ,
UREII of Colmiiihla couiilv. in nccount
with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for
the year A. P., 1 (71.
To nm't of stn'n quota for Columhla
hoard. Including 'mllltax. 82,003 31
Tax oil Hank Slock,
To nm't assessed nnd roturncJ for 1370 223 CO
Same In nccount with Millers License,
To nm't collected In 1371. 11)50
Snmo 111 nccount with E. llouso License,
Tonm'tcol cetcd In 1871. 2S0 00
Samo In nccount with liquor ntmo and
inveru license,
Toum'tollcctcd In 1871. 915 00
Snmo In nccount with retailers license,
To nm't collected In 1671. 1,353 10
due irom J7l'. w
Rv nm't due settlement Jan. 1871. 70 93
11 Mlnln rtTO'nts. "treasurer." 1.S09 01
" mm mission 11 lowed c ,1 cciors. ji.i t
" " co linilsslon allowed trensu'er. 19 03
llnm'l Wlnln Trnnsnrnr's recelnls. 211 01
" " coiiiiulsvlon nllnwed collection, ll 25
" . " Ticasurer. 2 11
ltv nm't Slate Treasurer receipts. 131 43
" " commission allowed Treasurer. 7 02
llv am't S'nto Treasurer receipts. 260 00
" " eommlssiim nlloncd Treasurer. 110
Ily am't over paid In 1870. V
' " sta o Treasurer's receipts, 957 1'
" ' commission allowed treasurer. 47 7;
Ily nm't Stato Treisurcr's r-eelpts. 1 209 02
" " printers' reet Ipts.iueic nitile list. 82 (0
" " v'otiinilsilon allowed Treasuur. 63 55
S1.353 17
Wo tho iniderslguc 1, Auditor of Columhla
county, In the statu of Pennsylvania, do hereby
certlly that we met at the Court Rouse, lu
liioomsiiurg, ou inu nrsi nnv o January, j, i.
is j, mm urn prni-eeu 10 ani 11111 seuinaiin nuiiis
tho heer.ll nccotltlts nbovo liuntlotled. us rc
quired of us bv law, ngrotably to the several
nets of nsseiuhly and stipileieiits therein nc
cording to the best or our Judgment nnd nidl'ly.
lu ti'stlinony wbereufwo have hereunto bet
our iiauus 1111s .u nay 111 .laiiuurv, a. if . 101.
U. ,1. 1 A.M I',
) Canity
J Auditors,
IJ.VaS 11. ll lil.l.,
tniJV'PCJ 5 NTt'D For our new Honk,
inuiv. ny a i.liv .llssionar . -iw i-ugravings.
Agmits sell IJ n day. E. 11. TRL VT, Publisher,
mu iiroauwuy, rs. 1 . mi
-1 Ily sending Ot) CENTS with
ni:e. height, cilor of eves nnd lm r. voll will re
celve bv reiurn mull, aeorreet nleture ot vour
futuro liiisbaud or wife, with nnmo and dato of
marrliige, Addi-'ss w.l'OA.P. U. Drawer. o.
Fultonville, N. Y'. 11I-4W
joutut cftuvftsslnt; liook of tho
Contaluin over 'tu) IUustraliom. With a Com-pri'huu-lVHCi'iiipptlia
vx1mi'ilory oi tlio Hcrip-
tUtTK, 111 KNCll.iHlt ANtUlF.ltMAN',
lil-lw W -I. FLINT & CU.,lMil!adelpUfat Pa.
tlio World Hciinwnetl Irnprovcti I(ucltuy Se'7
lug Marliloe, nt 11 IHmral salary or on Comm'M-
ion. a iioftiaiHt wnti'i given to ems. i-in
I'jirticutar-t fiirtilKtunl on Miinllcitlon. Allres
W. A. HKN'UnUSON' A CO., Cloucral Agfiits,
Clevcl 111 1, Ulilo, A.St. LouU, Mo. ul-lw
.1 V
1 I-'
It '.I I 4fU't tUI UI If Mt
(I tkr-i-
holu ly lrLi;:i:iriitj at MqU I
A cnmplelo History of his life nnd exploits from
a l'iMihir ltnv ton Kluiiinoinr Financiers. Ill-
irlnniphs and f.illuri-K. How ho lived nnd how
lioilieu. I iiir.ii.iiuu. i i,i-i, iiv iiiuii, , -i;iiii
Terms mural. Adores, ji. ri.i.vr ,v i.o,
Philadelphia, Pa. nl Iw
SOU more AKClits Walltld Ht Once t
For the most eumjiMe, re'me cmd splendidly
ttlUilnth il history of
Chicago as jjj-:sthuctox
To which Is n'hlo a thrilling nccount of seven,
ui Mm trrtiitf'Ht. lire Hat m, or Ul h;iH known: h
I'hitlliiK tho lato Korcht Fires of Wisconsin and
UCIll l-U, A IID'Ht III UL't'l)"it HIllTWl dim Run
lut; wiui wonuLTiui rap.tmy, ror cxira icui
ami I j oil IjuoU. aiiirei,
nunnAUi) ituos.f
n 11 w rubUihcr, 7I.-iuisoin St., rhllo.
"100 CIIOIOM iSHLKiTIONS. N"o. 1."
Is now lontty with Its precious K'oro of rooiI
thliiKsfor l'u bile ami I'urlor Uuiullns. helas a
happy blending of lilotiucnco, Humor. HvMil'-iiu-at,
l'alhos Hiid lturlfMjuu. Unl'orm lu btylc
with tho prcccdtiiK nmubeis. which have won
thtt mitltclu art. and thn crv Is ".MOKi:!" Cloth
b-mud, 75 cents; paper,.! I cents, or i coplPH for
51, Also, "l-xceisior iJiai03ins," revist'ii uu
nrinn S1.2'i. AhIc vour bookseller for thorn, or
KHiid prlcutnl. (lAltlUaT & CO., 70- CheHinut
Ht., rlilladtlplila, V.. ul-lw
AOUN1S WAMKI).-Thoto Bollint' other
uooits can ben meso oy tuousaiiiH.
I1KINU an i:Xl'0!sK of thn HKPUKT KITES nud
MYsn;itlKS nt .MOllJIONIHM,
With a fall and authentic lilstory ot Polyoamv,
oy j. ji. im,4iJLiVjt iuuor 01 iiiu nun luko nu
Agents aro meeting with unprecedented buo
cctVH. nnu rtMioris lhttHiibscrLbiir-i In four davs. air
ollur 71 lu two d.iyu He ml fir CtiuulurH ami see
wiuii ino ores Mtn ni mu worn, Mdi x.t?t ftj,
i'uui-.ibiii.NU tu, I'uuaaeipuu, iw, uimw
: :::jiWllflll
A new Hook of Abiding Value nud Heady Sale,
President U. (J. Kinney, of Oberlln (O.) College,
writL'H : "Tho tc ichtniM of thin w trie hhould be
coino iufitt-rs tti uuaeral knowlod'o. 1 bollovo
few will object to (1114 boolE except Ihosanlio aie
n'oiiueo iiv I'.iimi wan, im-reiore, imsi ifo 11
May iitid bUH hoih It anil ItH laUlitnl author.'
HkuimIo pnneK und cticulars sent free, C. V,
vt;.vr, I'uhiuner, as .Murray Ht., n, y. nt-jw
HJlt l UUIJUN LUliUM ,V 11UAJ1."51:,.N1'JSM.
ThcsnTahit'tspiesuiittho Acid In Comhliialton
wun omer euicieui remeaies, 111 a poouiar roriu
tortile ciirniiail TiiKUATiuid iitJ.Nd uiseases
lIUAItHK.VKHMUUU UlA'l'ilt.VTIUJi or tllu thrill'
nro Immedlatelv relievcst and htaleinents 111
constantly helm; sent lo tho propilelor of relief
Incases ot thro it dllllcmlles or yeais btaudlni;.
Cl IT'PIAV Don't lie deceived hy worlhls
UA U 1 LUA imitations, (let, only Wells'
l.'ariioilu 1 alilt I". Pi ice Tt cents per llox, JOHN
(I. KKliUJUU. HPIattHt.. N. V. Bend for Cir
cular. Sole Aiicni for tho U. H, nl-lw
j'tr RUBE15A.
It is not a physle II Is not what Is popularly
called n Hltteis. nor Is It Intended as such. It h
a Konlli Aineili'iiu plant that has heeu used ur
niauy years hy thn medical l.ieully nt those
cminti'U'.s with woiiderlul eilleney us a l'owciful
Alleratlvound Uniiiialed l'urlller or tho liluixJ
and Is a sure aud l'erfocl Ueinedy for nil Diseases
01 itiu
Ul'KltlSH.dlt AHDO.MINAI. (HtdANS, '
lliin ui' iiii'; i.ivi-.ii,
jaundici:. KRitoFuiiA. liYHpr.P3iA, Aaui;
AND l'lIS'Klt, (lit Til Kill CON.foil
MIl'ANTd. Dr. Wolls' Extract of Juruboba
lsoilered lo me publiuasa urint Iiivlnoralnrand
remedy for nil Impurities of the blood, or for
orKanlo weauuess with their atteudant evils.
Fur tho foregolmr complalu's
Is eonndenlly recommended lo every fsmlly as
II household reiiady, nud should lie freely taken
III all deriiihjemcnu of the kystem. It Blvcs
health, vUior mid Inuo to all thu vital forces.und
iinliualeH and fortifies all wealt nud ljmphatlu
JOuM tj, lCUI,l,O0O, U Plait St., Now Vnrlr,
L1..I.. a ...... t. . I... t I UI.. 10
Prlco !1 per liotile. Bend for Circular, uMw
SSU to 9100 per luontli, hy arlllit ;
Groat EOllTUNES !
Ami How Tiikt weiie Made: oh the wtkiki.
fllM ANilTUIUUIdls op ou MKLr-siADi: Mkn,
hyJ, U. ileCahe, Jr. Ily forty enilneutejiuiiiples,
11 teaches how to succeed lu Hie. und ut thu hamu
tlmo hfiueflt mankind. Fur nsrtlculdrs. notices
of tho press and extra terms, address.
ui-iir u.v, uauiir,aa , i uuiuuer, i uiiauei a.
tint iirnjirictor nl l)r utHM
1 -tttirrh Ki'iTiLilr Tur n ra-Grty
Court Aclvortisomonts.
nOUllT IMIOCLAJIATION.'llllnm Elwell. l'reslileni
Jiidnfldf tho (Totirl of Over and Terminer nn,i
General Jail Delivery, Court or Quarter Sessions
of tho Peaco ntld Court of Common Pleas nnd Or.
plum's cnurl 111 the 20111 judicial District, com.
imsed nrthe counties of Columbia, Sullivan and
Wyoming, nnd tho Hon, Irani Dcrrnnd Isaacs.
Monroe Assoclalo Judges of Columbia county
have Issued their precept, hearing clnto the lltli
lay 01 i-cpi-iiiuer, in 1110 year 01 our Jioru, ono
hnlisntid. eluht hundred nml snvrwit v.nnn. nn,l
moillrcelcd ror hoIdlngnCourtot Oj'cr nnd Ter
miner nnd General Quarter Sessions of the Poaro
Court of Common Pleas nnd Orphan's Court, In
llloomslmrg, In tho comity of Columbia, on tlis
nrsi iuonuay, oeuig 1110 oiu uay 01 eeuruari
hexLtocontlnuo two weeks.
Nolleo Is hereby ulven. to tho Coroner. In tlm
Justices or tho Peace, nnd tho Cnnstnhies of the
said county of Columbia, that they bo llrcn nnd
there In their pioner person nt lu o'clock in the
loreuooo 01 sniu 0111 nny ui reurimry wuu inelr
records, Inquisitions and other remembrances, to
101 uusu tilings which 111 muii umi-i-i, ii'ieriaiu
In lio dmiu. And those that nro bound ln-
recognl?.ance, to proseculo ngnlust the prls,
niters thill uro or may be In the Jail of the
said county of Columbia, to bo then and
there lo prosecute them as shall bo Just, Ju.
rors aro icqueste'l to lie punctual In their intend.
niicc,ngreealily tothelrnotlces, Haled nl lllouius.
- uurg, me -mill nay 01 i'cc.111 uioyear
I,, h. nr our Iiord, one tliousand eight nun
Is v ilred and seveiitv-oiioand In tluiiilneiv
fourtiiyrar of the ludeiieudcneo of thoUulUd
Slates of America. AARON bMlTR,
Diooiiisuiirg, Jan. n, mi. ncilir.
GiiAND Junons roil feuhu.
llenton Oco. II. Pont,,Tohn H. Kceler,
llloo.ii John Leacoclc, OoorBo W. Foster, J, V,
UerwIcK John Kckcrt, William Htephans, J, v.
Flshinnrroek Jonas Doty, Danlol Bmltu, I,ovl
t,. l.utnrci.
Oreennond Ira 1). Kline,
Locust lillas creasy, lipnraitn (Jrcuey.
Mlttllu Charles Mowry. John IIuIIihikIc.
Maiue Franklin Sliuman.
Orani;o Ilariiion .1, Couner.
ri.'e iiciiianun v, iuicisiecn,joun t,oro
Mcntt-J. U. ltlco.
IIHSI' lll.l.K,
Illoom Casper Krcssler, 'A, Wnrdln, Unulcl
Itowinttll, N, J. Hendershott, John Wolf,
llrlarcroek Francis Kvnus, J, C. .Myers,
llnrirlnlr llivlil llltlcllui.
Ccntralla A. II. Former, Wm. Torry.
Centre .Stephen McQuown, James Kocher.
Catawlssa Chas, H, llartniauolomonMliumau.
i ', 1 I'oler Ij ihv,
Oreenwoo.l Mathias Kramer, Jamos Pieslon,
Hemlock Uepuo Puricll, James Hoat, Amos
II irtiiuu
Jackson Wm. Youhk.
hocusl Adnm Jolinson, John Snyder.
Main ytacy John, Oeorgs Itullunhack,
Mllllln-Hnmuel snj der, Daulcl ilcllcr.
Madison Win. Johnson,
Montour Philip IX list, Kvan Welllvcr, Isaac
Itoarluiicrcek J. C Myers,
Mimarloaf-lI.O. Hess, Alex. ICIIngar, J, H. Cole.
Hcotl Isilili Hess.
HHCONI) wuci:.
Illoom David llrohst, Ucoriio Yost, Sylvester J,
Faux, Peter Jones, li.ivul Iletz,
P.rlarcreek Win. II. llurtmnu.
I eaver Ahrnham Hlce, ;iitliau Ilrcdhender Jr.
I'.erwlck Wm. 1". Hu,di, O. W. IluckliiBhain.
t'-MitnUIn Joseph Frock,
(.' ntre-.M, M. Hicks.
Krankllu Jonathan Freman.
(ir, enwood John (J. Iicmmon, Ocorgo Ulrton,
Hemlock Win. M. Michael, John llnrtmau,
John lletz, Amos Anpleiuau,
.l.'.ckson Theodore W. Knilth,
I lenst Daniel Stlne.Hr.
Mltlllll -Atiramtswcppeulio'ser.MichaelFederolt
'lonioiir ls.ieher Hvans W. if. vionroe.
Madison D. A. Watson, Jacoh llechtel, John M.
Mt. , leasant Josonh CrairforJJohn C. Mordau.
Maine J ihll ,M, N'uss,
Oramro Htnanuel Snyder.
Kcott WUIIIU Hartmaii, J. II. Townscnd.
riimurlour Alfred Harvey.
Tho followlni; nppralscmcnlR of real nud pcr
sonal properly set apart In widows of decedents
aavo been tiled lu tho otlleo of tho Iteglsterot
Columbia county, under tho Itules of Court, and
will be presented lor nbsoluto continuation, to
(he Orphans' Court to bo hold In lllooiusburi;. In
and for said county.on Wednesday, thu7lhdayof
February, 1S7A at 2 o'clock r. m., of said day, un
less exceptions to such continuations aro previ
ously tiled, of which all persons Interested In
said estates will take nottco:
1. Widow of Peter Miller, l.itool Locust town
ship, deceased.
'i. Widow ot Jcob Harris, lato of Hemlock
township, deceased.
3. Widow oi Abraham Vauhorn, lato of Hem
lock townsulp, deceased.
I. Widow nt Thomas U. llughc.s.lalo of Blooms
burn, deceased.
0. Widow of milder V. llownian, lato of Or
alltfo lowiishtii, deceased,
d. Widow of Frederick Shaffer, Into of Centre
township, deceased.
7. Widowol WelllngtouII.IJiit.lato of Illooms
burir. deo-ased.
. Widow jf Mosis Ilnrlman, lato of Cnlawlssa
towiistitp, deconsetl.
V. Widow of bphralui Kvans, lato or Hear Creek
township, dicuased.
V,'. II. JACOI1Y, Ucglster.
ItCKlster's OITlco, 1
IlIoomslUiK, Jan. 5, 1S72.J
REG 1ST ICR'S NOTIOES.-Notic'i: is
hereby u;lveu to all lei;atees, creditors and
oilier persons lnlerosted lu tho estates of thu re
spective decedents and minors, that tho fnllnw
iini administration and cu.irdlan accounts h ive
cell tiled 111 tho olllco ot tho Veiilstcr of Cnltitn
Ulacoiiuty.aud will bo presonted lor continua
tion and allowance In tho Orphans' Court, to Ijo
I'old In lllonuisiniri;,ou Wednesday, thu 7th day
ot Fooi uaiy, 1 jii, at a o'clock In tho iiltvruoon
ot said day :
1. 'llio account of Dnvld Vanhorn nnd John
II. Vauiior.i, KiirvivluK cxuciituM uf Cornelius
iiiihorn, late nf Huiiilnck township, deceiued.
I!. i he account of Uo ik Marklo Kuardluu of
person and estate nf Cch stla A, Markie,n minor
e illd of Jacob Murkle, lato of Flshlngcrcek town
ship, d ce ised.
,i. The Dual nccount of Daniel II. Hess, ndinlu
islrator.iedoiid iiim nl Hleazer II. Hess, lato of
uutru township, deceased
I. Tho acLount ol Jacoh Yenisei", administrator
Ac, of Abraliam Tioxel, lato of Locust town
hlli. deceased.
8. The Dual account of I'reas Ilrowii, guardian
of the person and estate of Maggie A, Creasy
minor child ot 11. W. Creasy, late ol Hcott town
si1. p deceased.
0, Tho account of II. Marvin Towkshnry, ad
ministrator ot the estate or Hiram Cool, late ot
Ciiluwisit township, deceased.
7. The accouutof Samuel Ulotterlch, adminis
trator ot Laviu.iHutchtsuu, latu of Scott town
ship, deceased.
s. The account of Jacob Wanlch, ndmlnlstrntor
of Ljdia Wauieh, lato or Ulonuisburir, deceased.
. Tho accouut of Stephen 11. Miller, guardian
of the person nnd estate of Harriet Wanlch, a
minor child of Samuel Wanlch, lalo of Hemlock
township, deceased.
10. The account of Jonathan Trnub. Adminis
trator of Jacob Traub, lalo of Illoom township,
I I. 'I lio first accouut of Hiram Ileeder, executor
of John Zelglnr. late ot Fraukltu township, deo'd.
12. Tlio mint accouut of diaries W. Snyder
aud William Neat, UxoculorH ot William Huy
ucr, late of Illoom township.
, . . .. W JACOBY, Ileglster.
Iteglster's Olllce. 1
llloomsbur;, Jau 5, 1S7 J
List of"15auses for TKIAL
AT FEimUAllY TKHM, lS7i.
toward Mct'all et. al. vs. John Sweeney,
(leorgo A. Frlck vs. Thomas tiack!iouse.
Willliiiu Iiongeiibcrger et. al, vs. Hujh .Mclioy-
holds et, al,
Michael Clrover'a nso vs. Sava?o & Bright.
Michael drover's mo vs. Havago it Bright.
Joseph Miller vs. X. L. Campbell.
Kiooiuhall & Co. vs. McNinch & Shuman,
Harvey C. Hess vh. Samuol Creasy ndm'r.
Shultz A Fuuston vs. All red Irwiue.
I'lemucl O, lllcketts' ndm'r vs. David Sweeuuy
et al.
TlioinasO'Counervs. Martin Gaughln.
Lewis J. Adams vh. Flshlngcreea School Dlstrkt.
Meolien Thomas vs. Caleb Creasoy & Co.
William A. Case vs. Illoom township.
. II. Mellck vs. John Ye.iger'H adm'r.
John Klli'o's use v. W. II Yocuin et nl,
L". atterthwaitH. Fred F. Meieeron,
UnuUllu towuslilp vh. John Mclteyuolds etal.
Daniel F, seybert vs. Kllnetnb .t Walton.
A, W. Kinmer vs. D. W. Hobblus.
Vaulali lleeco's adiu'r H. W. A. Kline.
Michael Malnto vs. Philadelphia A Heading
It ill lload Co.
Uo Igor Disoa vs. Philadelphia & ltoaJlng lla.ll
Huad Co.
Patrick Mnnaghau vs. Philadelphia .t Raadlng
Mih. Mary Couuclly vs. Philadelphia & Heading
Kail lload Co.
Solomon lllney vs. William Wulp.
.losepli fry vh, Sliium ileedy,
William T, Sliuiueu vs. Lacauivauna Si Blooms-
bmg llallioad Co.
Daniel Srvder's usuvs M. C, McCollum et al.
11, O, Hit ketts vs. Johu Sweeney et in.
Ueorgo K Hess vs.sosepu Welsoetal.
Knieline .MeuscU vs. Levi llrodbender et al.
Uncart 3 Kramer vs. Wililsm Barber.
Michael McMaaon vs. Nicholas Kludt.
A. W. Falun vs. John L. Hosslor utat.
A. W. 1-iton vs. B, F, Warner et al.
Joseph V. l'ausey vs, John Muiltgan.
Columbia Insurance Uu. vh. J, M. Fleck.
.. II. S'ewart et ui. vs Franco 11. July e. ill,
William Millies vs, Julias Doty.
Andiew (,'rovelliig vs. Thomas 1'ronch,
Screiuliih Hess' uso vs. John Hotriuuu el al,
Frank IX Brockway vs. Daniel F, Heybert.
I. P. Lluuel's ex'rs vs. Aarou W. Hess et til,
Ueorgo W. llakei" vh, T. J, L iw.Ul et al,
Ueoige Whluooyer'H ex'rs vs. John stluor.
A, Pardee A Co. vs. Hugh W. Mclteyuolds tt nl.
A. Paneo tt Co. vs. Uauvllle, iluiletou and
Wllkesharro Itullroad Uo.
Siisauuali Uilham vs. Martin M, Ilrobet.
Mary Lllweller vs. Aaron Smllh.
James Bi jiihi vs, ll.ouinsburg Iron Co,
lo ry Fry vs. Jacob DIelieui.ueli,
Mordlca .Mllluld vs. Hugh McKeyuolds.
Thomas WIiIiuiusvh, jonuCalii,
Dame Hover is. Welllnlon Yuaier.
William Williams vs. Cluirles D. Fowler,
lidward Tewkaberry et nl. vs. James O, Ileeder
et ux,
Wllliaiii II, Abbott vs, J: 8. llrohst.
Joh U. Jacoby vs. Wllliaui tlemu'is.
William CuleniHU vh. llowurd UriLies,
l.zru . I, oils vh. Solomon Disk,
Jacob llower vh, William Kviins.
J. W, Muslollcr vh. Wlllium Williams,
Wo will meet nt our olllce In Uloomauurg.
ou THU1WDAY. FKllttUAHY, 15, ls7.', ut I
o'clock, p. iu., lo let the bulldlugof uue bridge
ut Mlllvllle, over Little Flshtugcrcek, Wood
work lo be put upuouut same us ut old bridge.
Abutments tu be 8 feel tibove water, aud 3 led
thluk ut lop, and long enough to sullsunurstruc
luie, tfiug walls, Kast side to be 10 feet long
each. West side lu und 7 respectively. The
sluiio tu old ubutmcuu mid wiug wulls to bo
used by Ihn conliuelor. Such llmbur. In old
brldgo us we shall select to be put lu new bridge
ut a llxed price, und to be deducted fromuuiuuut
of contract. For further particulars apply ut
IhU olllce,
OYUUH I1011BIN3, ) Comm'rs.
H. J. IthlllJl.H. V of
WM, SHAFFKIt, j Col. Co.
CouMiasiONEJia Ounce. 1
llloiiuisburir. Jull.lM. l7l. I
AlteHti Wu. Kuickuaum, Clerk,
We now have on hand a lame neatly printed
assortment of JUSTICK'H aud CO.NnTAULtS
blamkb, lo which we invite the attention oi
nee oOlcen,