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Friday September I, 1871
TitH Democratic conferee! of Nor
thumberland nntl Montour unanimous
ly nomluntod Ehen a. Scott, of Han
bury, for President Judgo of Hint Judi
cial district. Mr. Scott la n young mnn
of lino legal nblllty nnd gencrnl attain
ments, and ofsound and discriminating
Judgment, unblemished reputation nnd
of moro than common natural ability.
Objection Is inado to hint that ho Is too
young. Thoso making It do not seem
to rellect that In nil countries havlog a
history, tho lawyers who wero callod to
the bench whon still young becatno tho
must distinguished, most profound nud
boat Judges. In our national history
wo need only refer to Judgo Srouv ns
ltu example, nnd In tho recent history
of our Stato to tho two Woodwards,
Judgos Black, Thompson, GiutSR.nnd
uiaiiy others. Of tho Judges now on
tho bench who nro acquitting thorn
solves with mostcrcdlt wo can confident
ly point to tho young men amongst
them, or whom Mayer of Clinton,
Boss of Bucks, Williams of Tioga,
und others, aro bright examples,
Blpa and maturo JudguionWmd nbun-
daut expericueo nro to bo respected, but
for hard nnd constant work tho vigor
of youth Is demanded. Young men
havo' a reputation to acquire, thoir na
tural and proper ambition leads them
to mako ovory effjrt to acquit them
selves with proflcloncy and honor to
excel in discharging particular duties,
or at least to rank with tho bost of their
cjtemporarlcs or predecessors nnd if
men of ordinary advantages they
usually succeed. In tho selection of
Judges It Is therefore peculiarly proper
that young men should bo taken. They
seldom err materially as to tho law, and
when thoy do thcro Is little difficulty in
correcting them by appeal to tho Su
premo Court. Thoir energy leads thorn
to disposo of tho ordinary business of
tho Courts with much moro rapidity
than old stagers can bo got to do It, and
altogether thoy aro tho most proQtablo
and satisfactory Judges. Thoy have
moro humanity, uro less givon to old
saws and old absurdities, and to worn
out nud useless theories, than old inon,
nud moro thoroughly partako of tho
spirit of tho ago they aro called on to
Judgo than old stags just ready to shuf
lio off tho mortal coll- Youth,vlgor and
energy, combined with learning and in
tegrity, aro tho elements that mako up
intellectual powcr,and aro the very forco
necessary to mako a good Judgo. Mr,
Scott Alls tho" requirement and wo
liopo to seo him elected.
The I'rolilullloiilsls.
Tho loading spirits ot thu Prohibition
canto nro much divided and exercised
Just now becamo of tho iiniiiluitlnn or
strnlghmit candidates by their p iny ior
Stato ollVcrs. Heretofore whatever lius
been dona by them In a political way
was Intended directly to bcncllt tho op
ponents of tho Democracy. Their lead
ers seem to think that such will not bo
tho result now. A portion of them
never had nny other purposo than to
mako n diversion that would abstract
votes from Democratic candidates.
Among theso aro men Hkb "llov.'1
Pennel Coomde, who to other motives
add tho lnccnllvo of fat nnd easy living
at tho expense of their moro sincere
brethren. Coomhe Is n bitter Badical
and can seo no virtue In nny schcrao of
Prohibition or other form of organized
tomporanco movement that docs not
tond directly to glvo aid to tho llndlcal
party, nnd thcro Is n consldorablo class
of which ho Is a typo.
nut lucre aro sincere ami earnest pro
hibitionists. That legislation attempt
ing to control men's nppotltcs will re
ceivo no favor at tho hands of tho Dem
ocratic party Is vory sure, for that party
holds all such legislation ns being for
eign to tho lcgttlmato purposes of gov
ernment, nnd tho cxperlenco of two
thousand years has proved It vain.
That tho Bopubllcaus uso It only nsa
political foot-ball Is rendered clear by
tho fact that although that party has
controlled all our legislation for tho last
ten years, It ha douo nothing In tho
way of prohibitory liquor legislation,
and It does not daro to do bo, oven if it
had such desires, which It has not. If
men want prohibition, therefore, and
are In earnest in attempts to establish
It, thoy havo no other rccourso than to
form a party of their own and noun
nato and voto for their own candidates.
This Is so clear that neither argument
or Illustration is required to demon
strate Its exact truth. Tho present
movement, then, is n touchstone to bo
applied to all professors of prohibition
to test their slncorlty. Truo, advocates
of tho doctrlno may esteem other Issues
of superior Importnnco and therefore
support candidates with referenco to
thoso issues, to tho exclusion and con
tempt of prohibition. Hut thoso who
profess to think that prohibition is most
important of nil Issues now pending
havo no other course to tako than to
support tho candidates nominated by
that party. Not to do this will prove
Insincerity and hypocrlcy in them.
Tlio Democratic Stato Executive- Committee.
Tho complaint is general that tho
DotnocratlcState Executive Committoo
is inefflciont. Of courso tho direct re
sponsibility rests upon tho chairman (
but wherever it rests, moro efficient ac
tion is domanded. Information should
bo laid before tho public of tho immonso
quantities of public lands that aro voted
to railroad companies by tho Badical
Congresses, o'f thoir division afterwards
among the members who voto for tho
schemes; of tho immenso fortunes ac
quired in brief periods by Badical Con
gressmen and offlco-noiuers j 01 tne
amount of oxtravagant and injustlfla
blo appropriations made by Congress ;
of tho amount of Federal defalcations
and extravagant fees and salaries that
aro paid; tho amount of money annu
ally received by tho government that is
unaccounted for or squandered ; an ox
position of tho number and cost of use
less offlco-holders ; of tho amounts ab-
' etracted from the people through the
National Banks; tho amounts paid
ttnanclal agents for negotiating loans,
bo entirely unnecessary ; of tho value
of presents received publicly by tho
President and tho valuo of tho favors
ho bestowed upon tho donatory there
for; and numerous other abuses perpe
trated by tho Federal administration
uot necessary for us to enumerate.
Nor should tho corruptions of tho
Federal courts bo loft to ba only talked
of occasionally by acountry nowspapor,
but their doings should be carefully
looked Into and fully exposed.
State affalrsshould also bo thoroughly
sifted nnd exposed to public view, even
if an occasional Democrat got a bloody
noso in tho operation.
Fact3 susceptlblo of proof in regard
to theso things and other enormities is
what is wanted. Neither editors or
political speakers can obtain them short
of an cxponso thoy cannot afford, but a
State committee can.
Nervous appeals and spasmodic ox
posurcsof single frauds, woll enough in
their way, aro not efficient. Tho Dona
ocrutic party is a party of reason and
tobcr rcflection,and it is only from such
people that It can obtain converts and
theso need facts. Tho fanatical, or per
tons moved by sudden oxcltemcnt
naturally belong to tho other sldo, and
will generally remain there.
We appeal to the committco to goto
work nt substantial facts. Tho com
plaint wo mako lias been repeated to us
by prominent men from different parts
of tho Stato, nnd must bo hcedod if wi
would obtain certain victory. Tho fate
of tho Nation is at stako and no stone
should bo left unturned nud especially
the huge rock that would arrest tho
Bndlcal career.
The l'lnlge.
Tho following persDns havo becu
named for nomination by tho noxt
Democratic County Convention. All
who are announced In this list aro pledg
ed to abido by the decision of the Dem
ocratic Convention. ,4
This pledge was subscribed to by C.
B. Brockway, 13. J. M'Honry, Stephen
Polio, Jacob S. Evans, Wm. Shaffer, S.
C. Shlve, John K. Grotz, James Lake,
David Demott, Irani Derr, William
Lamon, Illram F. Evcrltt nnd James
Brysou, all of whom wero candidates
for nomination before tho lato Demo
cratic county convention. In giving
publicity to this plcdgo nnd presenting
It to tho Democracy of Columbia county
as a genulnoand rellablo document, tho
editor of tho Columbian becamo a par
The Hi an IlniboM-lrmont.
Tho Evans embezzlement Is not n
thing to bo charged only to tho Blnglo
KPoiiudrel who Is directly responsible
for tho theft. It was Gov. Geary's
duty totseo that ho.mndo.lils reports ns
required by tho agreement; it was mo
duty of Auditor Goncinl IIAUtiiani't
and Treasurer Maukk to hnvo tho
money promptly paid Into tho Treasury
when collected, nnd of Attorney Gen
eral Brewster to prosecute if this was
not done. Tho wholo fratornity of Stale
officials aro therefore culpablo and leave
themselves open to tho suspicion of be
ing concerned In tho frnud, .
And further, It Is believed that tho
wholo claim of thrco millions, or very
nearly tho wholo, against tho Federal
Government was groundless or fraudu
lent, and was allowed only becauso of n
resort todlrectandunmltlgated bribery.
Tho Badical officers nt Washington,
tlierefore,nronlsocrlmlnally Implicated.
Tho claim could not bo nllowed thcro
without tho knowlcdgo or Senators
Cameron and Scott, and by their
direct approbation. Everybody familiar
with tho filching propensities of tho
former well knows that ho could uot
permit such a hugo robbery to go on
without cither himself or his tools hav
ing n hand In It and sharing tho profits.
Tho wholo batch of Badical officials In
this Stnto, therefore, nro as directly re
sponsible and culpablo as Evans him
self. It Is by such means as this that tho
Badlcals ralso such Immenso sums to
carry elections, to mako converts by
bribery, nnd to create divisions and dis
tractions In tho Democratic party by
purchasing apostates to opposo nomina
tions. Wo do not-sny that all tho lead
ers who nro caught lu this trap are so
purchased, but slitfply that It is n com
mon trick for Badical leadors to do that
thing. This Evans embezzlement, and
similar transactions, show how they
obtain tho money to do It. The pletho
ric rogues do not supply tho money
from their own pockets but they steal
It from thopcoio, nnd it is dono lu
order to enablo them to steal moro.
Will not tho people nrouso and put n
stop to this wholesalo robbery '.' Tho
way to do It Is to voto tho Democratic
ticket, and especially to elect n Demo
cratic Auditor General to watch tho
Badical Treasurer. Tho facts of tho caso
show that all tho prominent Badical
offlco-holders in tho Stato nro directly
or indirectly responsible for tho theft.
And this caso Is only one of many cases.
County Commissioner.
William Siiai-'fer enjoys tho dis
tinction of being thocandldato that is
to bo libelled. Lamon is objected to
bceauso ho had but a small majority of
delegates but In Shaffer's caso tho
tables aro turned and ho is to bo con
demned for having n largo majority 1
Llko tho school-master that Hogged
every pupil In 1:1s school so as to bo sure
to punlh tho right one, our radical
friends object to ono candldnto becauso
ho had a small majority, to nnothor bo
causo ho had a largo ono, and to nil for
being successful, nnd thoy therefore ex
pect to lilt upon some objection that will
aid them. Ono defeated candidato (and
now a volunteer) says Mr. Shaffer
takes schnapps too often, but does not
glvo tho standard of what is "Just
about enough." whilo another Is ob
ty to and endorser of tho pledge. In
taking part In tho delegato elections jectcd to becauso ho don't " treat."
nnd in tho convention afterwards, those never inmilred of Mr. S. whether ho
Democrats who participated also becamo I took schnapps or not, nor do wo know
parties to tho pledge. It was an uncon- how many cither ho or his opponent
dltlonal and voluntary plodgo of honor esteems tho healthy aud moral quanti
each man gavo to his party brethren ty, ns it Is no part of tho duty of a coun
that ho wouldabldo by tho action of the ty Commissioner to swallow schnapps
Convention, whatever that might be. or to tako special cognizanco or thoso
Now can any party to thl3 voluntary who do attend to that business. That
and proper promise violate it without
gross treachery to tho friends who
accepted his word and therefore entered
into n frlondly contest for tho prefer
ence or their fellow-citizens . Can a
man who violates such a plodgo bo be
lieved, now or hereafter, in anything
ho may promise or utter
motto is in point: "If a
thee onco, it is his fault ; if ho deceive ing, placed himself in comfortablo clr
theo twice, it is thino own fault ." cumstnnces yet not so rich as to cna
Tho Convention has acted. Its do- able him to buy delegates for an offico
cision has eono forth and is irreversible that scarcely nays expenses, which is
except by a defeat of tho party itself, absurdly charged against him. Theso
If a nomination Is not binding now it two charges constituto tho present slang
will not bo hereafter. Bepeated oppo- about him, but what moro may bo coin-
sitlon to nominees will finally produce cd wo do not know. It Is evident that
so many factions that tho cntlro Dem- Mr. Shaffer is tobo bespattered nndlt
ocratic majority of the county may bo is well to bo prepared for that result,
dwindled away, or at least so divided whatever shape it may como in. Mr,
up that tho united Badical party will Shaffer is a sturdy specimen of liu
constantly triumph over it by coalescing mnulty and has merit enough to stand
with somo of its wings. Thcro is no it philosophically.
is emphatically a matter of taste, aud
wo aro disposed to regard it as ono of
thoso trilling refuges taken by slander
ers who can Invent no formldablo ob
jection. That Mr. Shaffer Is a fru
gal and careful man Is cslablislied by
tho fact that, commencing tho world
Tho Quaker poor, ho has by Industry, hard work
man deceive and .Intelligent, management at iarm
Tlio Itcpiilillonii's Itrllicry Slander.
In Its Hist Issuo after tho Dcmocrntlc
convention, tho Bloomsburg llepubll
can gavo currency to an absurd false
hood to tho effect that Mr. Shaffer,
tho Domocrnllc nomlnco for Commis
sioner, had bribed dolegatcs to voto for
him, nnd 11 Insinuated tiiai it linn proof
oftho chargo. Upon authority of Mr.
Shaffer himself wo promptly denied
tho nssortion nnd called for tho proof.
Now tho llepubilcan attempts to escapo
from Its libel by saying that No. 1 had
told No. 2, who told the editor that
somebody hnd said that such an offer
had been mado or would bo accepted I
Verily, on old wives talol
Tho matter now plainly stands thus s
tho llepubilcan gavo currency to tho
libel! It Is branded as false; tlio editor
said ho could glvo proof; ho Is chal
lenged to produce it. Then ho must
cither substantiate tho chargo, retract
tho slander upon an honest man, or
stand before tho public n branded cal-
umnlalor. Knowing tho chargo to bo
false, wo look to him to sustain tho dig
nity of tlio press and an honornblo man
hood and frankly retract it.
Wo tnko this occasion to say that any
such charge, usalnst any candidate or
delegate, is falsi:. Jf any man makes
such assertion, wo chnllcngo him to
tho proof, with tho nssuranco that if
any candidato can bo proven guiny ms
namo will bo promptly taken from tho
ticket. Of lato years It has becomo so
common to utter this libel with Impu
nity that It Is high tlmo n stop was put
to It, or Its authors bo hold to both mor
al and legal responsibility.
Wo aro rather fond of honorablo po
litical warfare, but spurn tho low and
dirty practlco of giving currency to per
sonal libels or falsehoods, and wo always
feel humiliated to bo compelled to an
swer them. Wo shall therefore meet,
them In a very peremptory manner.
Tin: European powers aro playing an
Immenso game, to preserve an equilib
rium of power. An alliance between
Franco and Bussla is said to bo on tho
carpet, if nny authority lu I rauco could
bo depended upon. In any caso it
would resemblo an nlllanco between nn
clciihant and n vanquished tiger. An
nlllanco between united Germany and
Austria nnd Italy is formally announc
ed. Tho latter could probably hold all
Europo nt bay.
Franco Is yet a slumbering volcano.
Thiers and tho Assembly will cither
fall through their own divisions and
excltablo factiousness or will eooii ba
flying for their lives. Tho former now
wants to bo mado President for thrco
years by the Assembly, but Its power Is
dcnlod. When loo lato his wishes will
probably bo ' complied with. Tho
friends of tho Empire demand a popu
lar election.
The cholera prevails In many parts of
Secretary Boutwell's " Syndicato "
of European Bankers havo nt length,
and after enormous expense, suc
ceeded in placing about $70,000,000 of
tho United States flvo per cent. loan.
Tho lour nnd four nnd n half per cent,
loans were with drawn, there being no
takers. Nearly nil tho European coun
tries borrow any amount of money they
want at from threo to four per cent.,
without extra expenditure, nnd even
tho loan of revolutionary nnd crushed
Franco is readily taken at six per ccntj
Tho Immenso cost of negotiating our
loan exceeds tho annual interest pnld
by England on a similar amount. Tho
Badical bunglers at Washington pay
the bankers a largo bonus for taking tlio
loan at the rates named, after feather
ing their own nests atn princely rato.
The Democrats or Montour and
Northumberland counties havo nomi
nated Thomas Chalfant of tho for
mer, nnd A. J. Gallagher, of tho
latter for Assembly. Tho district is
strongly Democratic and will' no doubt
elect tho nominees by largo majorities,
notwithstanding somo local disaffection
that is spoken of as to tho latter. If
there over was a timo when all Demo
crats should unlto upon their nominees
and present a tolid wall to their politi
cal foes it is now. Tho struggle for su
premacy nover wa3 so important aud
every division weakens us. Union,
harmouy and victory every thing for
the cause should bo tho motto of every
safety but in union and a firm deter
mination to support tho wholo ticket.
Evans, tlio Defaulter.
Tho war claim agent of Gov. Geary
still retains over $800,000 of tho Stato's
Comity Treasurer.
No paity over presented a moro fit
man for an office than tho Democrats of
Columbia when they named William
Lamon for Treasurer. Ho enjoys tho
money In his hands. That this fact lespetu w un..uu.0
stamps him as a Badical scoundrel or acquaintances, is upright, moral, and
tim nr nno.1 i.n ...i ii over read v to dischargo ids duty ns a
aro Gov. Geauv. Auditor n'nnornl neighbor and citizen, a good farmer,
iiaiitiuipt nn.i Ktotr. rprw-- industrious and frugal, a correct and
intelligent business man, and a iirm
Tlio Importance of tlio 'oxt Election,
.Nover was an election held that was
moro important than that which is ap
preaching. Tho result In Pcnnsylvn
nla this fall will go far towards dotcr
milling tho Presidential election of noxt
year. Then Jet overy Democrat mako
his utmost effort to gain a victory this
fall. Columbia ought to glvo tho Dcm
ocratlo Stnto candidates 2000 majority,
as thcro ore fully that many moro Dem
ocrats than Bepubllcans In tho county.
But tho candidacy of volunteers will
probably considerably reduco this ma
jority, as tiiat Is always tho effect of di
vision, but this should servo ns nn ad
ditional incentive to effort, Thcro is
no possibility of making tho majority
too large but thcro Is great danger of Its
being too small.
Then, Democrats, shoulders to tho
wheel I Heal up divisions, If possiblo
discourage volunteers remember that
your true interests nro to maintain uni
ty of action mako all honorablo effort
to increaso your voto, and mako euro
ttnt overy Democratic voto is polled.
Seo that all your neighbors aro nllvo to
tholmportanco of tho result aud that
none are misled by falsehood und de
ception, Eucrgetlo action always wins.
Mackev, all loyal Badlcals, any bet
ter? Tho monoy was collected sovcral
years ago, and Evans ha3 retained this
balanco over sluc-j. That ho held it
could not but bo known to the officials
named. His bond required him to re
port annually. If ho reported, thoy
had official information if ho did not
report, it was their duty to seo that ho
did. In either caso thoy are culpable.
Nor Is this all!
Tho fact that tho wholoail'ilr has bocn
oxposod by tho newspapers for several
weeks past nnd no bult or prosecution
lias yet been commenced, looks strong.
ly as though our Stato officials did not
dare to proceed 1 It creates tho suspi
cion that thoy nro parties to tho fraud.
And from this suspicion thoy can only
vindlcato themselves by pursuing Ev,
Democrat- Ho served tho public for
ono term as County CommUsIoner to
tho satisfaction or all was an obliging,
correct, careful and uttentlvo officer,
In all tlio relations of life ho discharges
his duties as Is becoming a proper nwn,
Although modest nnd courteous ho Is a
firm and rellablo man under nil elrcum
stances. Kind hearted and generous,
few men enjoy tho esteem and confi
dence of their neighbors moro highly.
Under theso circumstances it is some
what surprising that ho should bo at
tacked with so much vlrulonc3. But as
tho best applo trco Is tho most clubbed,
40 It is with men. Tho best are most
virulently nttneked becauso most In tlio
way of tho depraved.and most disliked
by tho envious. But notwithstanding
A Badical paper says " President
Grant has appointed only forty-ono of
his relations to office 1" "Only forty
ono " i3 cool ! How many has he, who
can Improve their fortunes by dropping
their ordinary means of livelihood to
nssuino offico '.' Wo can well remember
tho timo when tho appointment of oven
ono relative was looked upon as a gross
indelicacy that could not bo justified
but now to bo a relativo of Grant or
wife insures an office, whether malo or
female, rebel or loyalist, or whatever
may stand In tho way 1
ans by all tho means and vigor left I tho bitterness with which hols nssalled,
opon to them by the law. not a word Is uttered against his up-
xuat omciais nt Wellington most rlsihtncss as a. man. his business duallll.
noble Badlcals I) were bribed, there Is cations, his faithfulness as n Democrat,
no reasonnblo doubt. But if Evans or his unexceptionable moral character,
spent tho money in that way ho must His cunning opponents know better,
bo forced to tell who received It. for such attacks would onlv recoil unon
Wo don't want to bcliovo, and ex- themselves with damau-lnir effect. Thov
trcmely regret to bo compelled to bo
llovo, that our Stato authorities aro
guilty parties to tills fraud. But how
can such belief bo warded off when they
therefore impugn tho fairness of his
nomination, about which thoy can hig-
glo tlmply becauso ho had but n small
majority oi ueicgaies. isut wncro a
aro so slow and apparently so unwilling pcoplo aro governed by majorities thoy
luiiiuKuusooimo menus niiowcu tuem must yield to thorn whether largo or
by law to oxposo tho tliiovesnnd lr nos- umall. A llttlo moro effort on his nart
biuio compel tnem todlsgorgothOBtoleu would havo mado his majority In con
motic-y ventlon overwhelming, but tho mod
iliis wiioio matter forcibly illustrates n9i(i,,.t ,irrnfn,i i,t,,, trnm mnldnn.
uiu imperious necessity of electing a jt l3 rntlior to bo commended . than
The Badlcals put Mr. Hiram F. Ev
uritt into Fort Milllln during tho war
becauso (in their ostlmatlon) ho was not
sufficiently patriotic and loyal. How
changed tho scene I Now Mr. E. pro
poses to servo theso vory men by becom
Ing a candidato for them and thoy, In
turn, aro to voto for him notwlthstnud
Ing his want of Lincoln loyalty I oven
though his treason was so palpable that
Imprisonment was necessary! Pretty
bed-fellows, Indeod loyalist and cop
per.iead 1
Tlio Treasurer Nomination.
To tiik Editor or the Colum
iiians Your energetic support of the
Democratic; candidates in this county
deserves a hearty approval from overy
slncoro member of our party, without
regard to what Ills preferenco wero
among candidates before tlio nomina
tions wero mndo. Although my sym
pathies wore In favor of somo of tho
candidates who wero not nominated, I
acknowledge tho duty of supporting
nominations nnd bcliovo It to bo wrong
in prlnclplo for n man who has submit
ted Ids namo to n convention to run
against tho ticket, Tiio caso must bo
very extraordinary Indeed, which will
Justify or exctiso such conduct.
In this frame of mind I do notrecolvo
with any favor tt circular which has
been sent to mo .by a volunteer candi
dato for tho olllco of County Treasurer,
in which ho complains that ho was not
nominated instead of Mr. Lamon, nnd
says that ho will run against tho ticket,
which means that ho will beat It If ho
can with tlio help of Bcpubllcan votes.
And what Is his excuse for taking this
courso? His namo was published as n
candldnto for nomination under n
plcdgo that he would nbldo by tho do
clslon of the convention, nnd his friends
supported him nt tlio delegato elections
In view of that plcdgo and without nny
expectation that ho would break It.
They may well bo surprised If not In
dignant that ho puts them ns well as
himself Into a falso position in tills
matter, aud certainly fair play to all
parties concerned requires that ho
should keep his word.
But ho says in his circular that cer
tain delegates in Convention ought to
havo voted for him and did not do it,
which would bo bad enough if it wore
truo but still would not Justify him In
breaking his word. But It Is not true,
and In order that all fair, honest citizens
may understand how falso It Is, I shall
stato tho facts. I bellos'o firmly in tho
disposition of tlio great mass of tho
pcoplo to do right, that is to act Justly,
and In tho policy of full und careful
explanation of tho truth to them In
times or contest.
Tho following was tho result of tho
delegato elections, so far as districts,
considered as such, wero concerned :
For Lamon: Borwlck, Brlarceeok,
Centre, Scott, East Bloomsburg, West
Uloomsburg, Mt. Pleasant, Madison,
Montour, Franklin, Boaringcrcek, N'
Conyngham, S. Conyngliam and Con
For Everitt: Sugarloaf, Benton,
Jackson, Greenwood, Pino, Hemlock,
Orange, Milllln, Beaver, Main, Cain
wlssa and Locust 12.
Fishing Creek was tt tic, each candi
dato receiving 103 votcson instructions
Thcro can bo no question as to a sin
glo ono of tho nbovo districts unless It
bo Mndi&on nnd there on Instructions
voted, Lamon had 10 nud Everitt 0.
In any caso it is undcniablo that La
mon carried tho county by districts.
It is nlso truo that ho had a clear ma
jority upon tho popular voto in tho
county taking all tho instructions ro
ported and tho voto for delegates in
Berwick nud soveral other districts
from which instructions woro not ro
ported. Lastly, In Convention ho had
tho votes of 3"i delegates to 32 for his
opponent so that in fact he hail
majority of delegates, a majority ojmlis
tricts and a majority of the popular vote,
and his nomination stands sanctioned
by overy test that can bo applied to It.
But besides this, on looking nt tho
Everitt circular it will bo seen that by
his own showing wo inu3t como to tho
samo conclusion ns to tho nomination.
Ho claims that ho should havo received
tho votes of thrco unlnstructed dele
gates from Locust and ono from Pino
becauso ho had tho most votes in thoso
districts, But this plan of correcting
tho Convention voto will not answer
his purposo. For if it is used to glvo
urn four delegato votes In Locust and
Bine it must nlso bo used to tnko away
from him thrco votes In Madison and
Centre, and ho is still left in a minority
on tho Convention voto. Lamon had
CI votes in Centre, and Everitt but
20, yet ono of tho Centre delegates vot
ed for Everitt. In Madison also La
mon had tho mo3t votes on instructions
yet two of tlio Madison delegates voted
for Everitt, a3 thoy had a right to do
because they were not Instructed by a
majority of the voters icho elected them
On exactly that very samo ground tho
Locust nnd Pino lelegato3 nbovo mon
tioncd had a right to voto for Lamon,
whilo tho McIIenry delegato from
Centro also voted right becauso a ma
jority oi tho voters who elected ifi
wero for Everitt, though a mroorlty
of tho township was tho other way.
All tho dolegatcs from thoso four town
ships had a perfect right to voto as
they did In Convention, under tlio
fifteenth rulo of nomination, nud nono
of them should bo cansurod, but if their
votes nro to bo up30t or changed about,
It will mako no dlfforenco In tho gener
al result. Lamon would still havo a
majority, to wit, 31 votes In Conven
tion. , ,
Mr. Lamon was therefore regularly
and fairly nominated under any prln
clplo that may bo applied, and Is en
titled to tho support of overy Demo
crat. Contests about nominations
should bo fought out before tho Con
vention Is hold and Its decision should
necessarily bo final. That is tho only
doctrlno which conduces tosnfotyund
peace. J, M. O,
The clap-trap saying that EvEiirrr
had a mnjorlty of tho wholu popular
voto at tho lato delegato election has no
foundation In fact, nnd is arrived nt by
omitting Lamon's voto lu such dls
tricts as Berwick and others where tho
Democrats wero unanimously for him
and no formal voto was reported. A
correspondent discusses this subject fill
ly lu another column.
llnlogy on Surgeon Stanton.
Tho cclobrnlcd wit, Hon. J. Proctor
Knott, of Kentucky, has been making
speech descrlptlvo of n Badical can
didato in Hint State, which was surely
Intended for our Dr. Stanton tho
hero who nover saw Hcrvlco who Is
now tho Badical candidato for Auditor
Clcnornl of Pennsylvania. Wo there
fore correct somo extracts from the
speech to suit tho caso of Dr. Stanton,
ns will bo found below. Our reason for
being so particular In giving tho public
somo lnformatloii In regard to tho his
tory of tho Badical candidate, Is that
his supporters rofu30 to do it. Tho
public want light, and light thoy shall
What deeds ot nrowess Dr. Stanton
might hnvo won upon tho gory field,
wnnt neeatomus oi s hue lierou reuuis
might havo cono down beneath tho
biting edgo of his trenchant blado, had
hn ever suerccdod In mcclinir his coun
try's foes "upon tlio perilous ridgo of
uattio," tlio pon oi History win nover
Inll. for nrn tin bad nn onnnrtunltv to
quench his blazing brain In tho blood of
traitors, no wascaueu irom mo pain oi
mnrtin !?iorv to tno moro arduous uu-
ties of n contract Surgeon. Now wo
much needed his services in tho hospit
al. I om willing Jo ndmlt that thoro
was not nnothor doctor In nil the length
and breadth of tlio Commonwealth,
from Point Breezo to Erlo who was ca-
pablo or discharging tlio distinguished
functions or contract Surceon. yet 1 can
not but denloro tho inexorable necessi
ty which compelled nun to quit mo
tented Held nnd bid farewell forever to
" all tho pomp and circumstances of glo
rious war.'' In fact I consider thonb-
senco of Dr. Stanton from tho nrmy as
tlio direst calamity mat couiu havo ho-
fallen our beloved couutry under tho
circumstances, for I nm satisfied that
had tho Confederate leaders been con
vinced that there was no other moans
of escaping a direct conflict with Dr.
Stanton upon thoopen field, they would
Mavo laid down their arms nt once.
Hut when Leo, Johnson, and Boauro
card ascertained that ho was not with
tho Federal forces they plucked up
ircsh courago nnd ucieruuneu to proso
cuto tho war to tho bitter end.
It can. however, bo said of Dr. Stan
ton, as it can of but fuw military heroes
of equal prowcs-satid renown, that when
his tcar-dlmmcd oyo rested upon tho
war-worn forms oi our soldiers, no nan
tho proud satisfaction or knowing that
ho never led them Into danger In his
life. But whilo I could dwell forever
with Increaslnir ranturos unon this do-
llgiittul theme, I could not withhold n
fitting tribute to his equally brilliant
mul extraordinary caroor ns a poiui
clan. Endowed by nature with a so
nius capablo of embracing In a slnglo
grasp every theory oi governmental
wiener!. Ids nubile life has been a per
fect political Kaleidoscope, exninmng
every conccivnblo variety or comblna-
I nn. cverv nn ncimo anu tenet oi every
nartv that has had an cxistenco on tho
continent, except tho Democratic party,
from tho hourot his mrtn to mo prosem
moment. Far back In tho days or his
collego youth ho was a moro brilliant
exemplification or tho old. lino Whig
party that cither tho godliko Webster
or tho immortal Clay. In 1850 tlio in
strument revolved, and behold all tho
resplendent glories or Know-Nothing-Ism
In nil tho gorgeous sheen of a thous
and glittering spangles. In 1800 It re
volved again ; and lo I the simple but
comprehensive creed of the Abolition
disunionlsts found in him n noisy friend.
In 1 SCO tho machlno turned again, and
tho dim outimo ot tho liiuncai party
fell feoblv unon his vision. In 180S oc
curred another revolution of tlio pro-
tean table, and thoro wero all tho mul
tiplied horrors or Jtauicailsm in nil tno
intrlcato mazes of chaotic confusion.
What shall mincar when it shall mako
another revolution is boyond tho pow
er oi my feebloimaglnatlon to conceive
remaps tno instrument win expiouo
llkon tremendous meteoric corruscatlon,
when millions of many colored sparks
will llnser a moment on tho midnight
sky, nnd thou leavo tho unlverso in to
tal anu eierntu uarimcss.
That Dr. Stanton over meant to kill
oven n rebel, nobody nssqrts, and It
would bo difficult to provo that ho ever
cured anv body. Ills main business
was that of a contractor and loplolly.
Tho tltlo of Colonel which tho Bcpubll
can papers bestow on him, wa3 derived
merely from tho fact that ho draw tho
pay of a Colonel as compensation for
his services as medical contractor.
Quakers need not fear to voto for him
on account of his military tltlo for ho
never performed military services I
Whilo McCandles was battering away
in all tho severe engagements of tlio
Pennsylvania Bosorves, Stanton moro
wisely kept at a safe distanco in an Ohio
hospital. Though there wero no dan
ceroid rebels there good living was
plenty, and shouting loyalty there was
a much lovelier business than lighting
rebels at Gettysburg. But tho rest of
tho history of Dr. Stanton must bo re
served for a future occasion.
To Honest Itepiilillenns. I
Wo elln tho following curliest nppcnl from tlio
Koutllnt (latctlc. His worthy llioefticfnl thought
of overy ruAiU-rt
Party fealty Is n powerful agent, rum
in no party that over existed uro tho
cords restraining thoso who show n
tendency to "bolt" moro tightly drawn
than lu tho so-called "Bepubllcaii" par
ty of thu present day. Honest itciiuu
Means who bcliovo their party to hnvo
been In tho right lu tho past, but who
do not llko to follow lis prosont loaders
Into tho dark ahyss or crimo ami cor
ruption, Into which tho party Is dally
Plunging deeper, nro neturreu irom
abandoning their support of n dolcstod
policy tliroiign icnr oi neing uonouncru
iw "traitors" to tho tmrtv. But tho
discipline must bo indeed strict which
ran keen Biicniiiiononesi. masses oi mo
Benubllcan party to-day. Tho dread of
political ostracism must Indeed bo great
u'lilrh will rvttmn nn honest man to con
tinue his support of tho candidates of
mat party now. wosayiu uu u
nnd right-minded Bepubllcans-men
who wish well to their country nnd her
cltlzons-how can you any longer sup
lilntra of tho Badical liar-
ty ? Aro thoy not undeniably guilty or
tho most outrageous rounery oi inupuu
11c treasury? Is not Secretary Bout
well, tho man for whoso sake Presi
dent Grant removed tlio honest official,
fleneml Pleasontou a defaulter to tho
amount of two and n hnlf millions or
dollars? Is not Treasurer Spinnor re
sponsible for threo nnd u quarter mil
lions, ot which thoro Is no record savo
tlio backs ol destroyed ledgers nnd nc
count books? Is not tho prosont Bcpub
llcan Stnto Government responsible for
the "loss" or hundreds of thousands of
dollars or your money tho money or
tho pcoplo? Has not President Grant
the man for whom you must voto if
you ndlicro to tho Bcpubllcan party
becomo rich by receiving presents of
houses, horses and other valuable gifts,
In return for which ho has bestowed
upon tho donors offices with Immenso
salaries, paid with your money. In
other words, has ho not sold offices to
unworthy men for presents, knowing
at tho samo timo that In receiving such
gifts ho was violating tho laws of tho
land, his own oath of offico, nnd all pre
cedent? Has not Detectlvo Wood, nn
official who stood high In thoconlldonco
of tho government, declared, over his
own signature, that threo million dol
lars of government treasure wero stolen,
with the co.mlvanee of the Grant admin
istration, fromavossol purposely wreck
ed, nnd that tho principal In this crime
was rewarded by receiving n nomina
tion for n high position from President
Grant? Is there not an unexplained
deficiency or nineteen millions In tho
Post Olllco Department ntono? Has not
thoincomoor tlio government, slnco tho
war, averaged moro than four hundred
millions a year, out of which Immonso
sum only about ono hundred millions a
year has been applied to tho payment
hundred and threo hundred millions a
year unaccounted for? Every ono who
rends tho papers knows that such is tho
lact i
Jloncst Bepubllcans, will you not aid
tho Domocracy to cast out theso treas
ury robbers, who aro growing rich,
bloated nnd insolent on tho money they
steal from you. Simon Cameron who
nover worked for anything but his own
advantage Is tho Master ot tlio Stanton-
lleatli party, xnoy mi woric logeiuer,
rrom Grant aud Cameron down toStan-
ton and Bcath. to Dimmer tho people
to rob you. Will you lend your aid to
retain such mon in oiuco v
Answer nt tlio polls!
Itndlcal Mornllly.
Tho correspondent of tho Chicago
Tribune, In n recent loiter, commenting
upon tho exposure of tho frnltd and
embezzlement connected with tho war
claim, says t
Tho probabilities aro that sovcral of
tho leading Htntn functionaries hnvo
been using this money for purposes of
speculation. Tho- discovery will ser
iously Impair tho probabilities of a
Bcpubllcan victory In tho October elec
tion, and It Is said to bo tho precursor
of two othor gigantic frauds soon lo bo
mado knowtHn tho Tariff Stnto. Tho
Bcpubllcan ticket nominated In Phila
delphia is one of tho most corrupt nnd
mendacious over put forward by cllhor
party; yet It Is supported by two-thirds
or tho presses which began by denounc
ing it.
The Oameron Bino. Tho slruglo
nt tho coming election, In this State, Is
betweon tho Cameron ring on tho ono
hand and tho pcoplo on tho othor. Tho
ring hns now full possession of tho Statu
Treasury. To got it thoy havo Bpent
many thousands of dollars. They now
mean to relmburso thomsolvos, nnd In
order to do this without detection thoy
have forcod upon tho Bcpubllcan party
tho nomination of a tool of theirs In tho
norson of Dr. David Stanton, oriJoaver.
(or rather, wo might say of Ohio.) ror
tho offico of Auditor Goncral. With
Stanton In that offico thoy expect to
cover up thoir tracks so that thoy will
never uo lounit out. uot tno pcopio no
on their guard. Carlisle Volunteer.
After Grant's'soldlcrs pureed tho
Convention nt Now Orleans or all his
opponents, tho business or tho body was
opened with prayor, in which tho col
ored chaplain prayed fervently for a
biosslug upon tho Convention and " tho
success of tho Bcpubllcan party In Lou
isiana," nnd tno ro-oieciion oi
Grant. Tho connection botweon bayo.
nets and piety. In this c.isa. was closj
and edifying.
It is galling to tho Bidical papers to
say that their ior Auditor
General is only "a paper Colonel," but
it is truo, novortneiess, nnu tno truiii
must bo told though tho Hoavons fall.
Syndicate !
Secretary Boutweli. has established
a combination of Bankers In Europo, to
tnko chargo of tho U. S. loan, which Is
called Syndicato. Tho terra is applied
In Franco to a sort or officer who takes
charco or tho affairs or bankrupts. Put
that and that together 1
Democratic Auditor General, If tho peo
plo dcslro to protect thoir Treasury
from robbery. As If Is, tho wholo mon
etary affairs of tlioStatoarelnthohands
of a political ring, Put In n Democrat.
so as to break that ring, and all steal
ing will necessarily stop. Tho pcoplo
will gain thousands annually by such
condemned. Ho Is nn honest and com
petent man und faithful Democrat, nnd
therefore deserves tho unanimous sup
port or his party.
Demociiath or Pennsylvania, re
member Hint u full voto at tho October
election will Insurous u glorious victory,
and remember how much Is to bo gain
ed by such n victory,
Tin: Democratic county ticket is
composod of good men nnd truo: men
who nro known as oxcollent cltlzons,
amply competent to transact tlio busi
ness of tho sovernl offices for which
thoy ore candidates, with honor to
themselvos and profit to their constitu
ents. As such thoy doscrvo tho support
of all thoso who desire to seo efficiency
nnu honesty in olllco.
Ankiohuorino oxclmugcsays that
ono of tho fashions or this season is to
read overall tho advortlsomonts In tho
paper, nnd see If nil the stores nro hoop
ing up wltli tho season and stylos. If
you miss any familiar nama from tho
list of buslnosi mon, you can know thnt
thoy nro not koaplng up with thu times,
und are keeplngout of sight on this account.
A largo number of Democratic county
conventions in this Stato havo already
declared for Gen. Hancock for tho
Presidency noarly oil that elected del
egates. Thoro ore so many that it is
quito unnecessary to contlnuo to namo
them. Tho galianiuonernii.soviiicnuy
tho noarly utianimous cholco of tho
Democracy of this State.
The Honorable C. O. Bowen, ti Bad
teal M. C. from South Carolina, lately
convicted In Washington city of having
more wives than tho lnw ollows to ono
man, nnd who was pardoned by i'rosi
lent Grant. Is n candidato for Govcr
nor of South Carolina nnd expects to bo
successful, as " tho administration nnu
all tho negroes ore for him 1"
THE fellow who got au offico In tho
rovenuo service in Illinois, undor tho
supposition that Ills iinmo was Deut,
when it was Bent, luw been removed as
nn impostor,
In ISO" a ring of officials obtained au
thority from tho legislature for tho ap
pointment of a special agent to collect
duo tho Stato from tho General Govern-
Governor Geary at once appointed
(1. O. Evans lo do tho work.
Within rortv i in vs no received i.iw;i.-
000 that belonged to tho State. If ho
oould accomplish this so easily, why
could not tlio Stato Treasurer do tho
At subsequent dales ho received other
bums, unlit tno wuoio amounted lo
nearly w.uuiyiou.
This money was paid mainly ny
drafts, paynbto to the order of John W.
Qeauv, Governor.
Of this vast bum wU3.u23.S, has
nover reached tho treasury of tho State,
nnd is now lu tho possession of Geouoi:
O. Evans nnd tho corrupt ring of Stato
officials who run tlio Government and
administer tho finances of tho Stato,
nnd other prominent Bepubllcm poli
Tho nro ect was framoJ by tho men
who control tlio Bcpubllcan party of
Thoy nro tho men who havo robbed
tho treasury and tho pcoplo.
wny urn moy notexnoio tins cmucz-
zlcmoiit Iodl' siuco?
Why did tho treasury officials fail to
collect mis money ior neariy-iour years:
wny no tney neglect now to proso-
cuto tho offenders If they are not their
Whv no tney seei; to romovo irom
his offico tlio man who has exposed tlio
lraud r
Why aro thoy so anxious to elect an
auditor irenoral who will bo their own
creature? Ktehungt,
Jefferson died poor, and Monroo
was Indebted to charity for the stono
that bore his cnltniih. To think of our
President dying poor I Let tho admirers
of (i runt rust n-simul that no huell cal-
nmllywails his final exit, if it can bo
overtoil by tho laying in o: a largo sup
ply of lands, tenement houses, bonds,
utnr-l.-j nintn. hnr-iiM. carriages, anil
other valuables, thu gifts of gratoful
nnw.n.linlilnr.. mill of lHIIILTV UXhCCtalltS
who nwoit his re-olcctlon to thrust thoir
vllo hands Into tno treasury,
Tim Phlladeliilila fiinulrcr. a Bopub
llcan imnor. shvb: "There Is reason to dine a lame tier cent, of thu tax Im
posed upon thu manufacture nnd fculo
of cigars will fall in reaching tho United
States Troasury." " Thoro Is reason to
fnnr " that tho samo rulo applies to all
the taxos Imposed upon thu Industry of
tho country, tiio goou om unys wncii
Federal offico holders retired poor are
out of fashion slnco tho Bopubllcau
party caino lino power, Opinions of nomocracy.
Tho following opinions of thostrcngth
of tho Democratic party are from high
Badical authority. They show that tho
opposition are gelling ready for a con
test with a party over which they do
not expect to obtain an easy victory.
Let Democrats closo up tho column and
movo forward unitedly to the conflict :
Tlio Democratic party to-day is
stronger than it over was in Its history.
It means now to win, and I do not
say that it cannot win. Horace Greely
in Vicksburg.
You mako lightof thoDomncracy.but
to-day In tho Stato ot New York, there
Is a clean Democratic mnjorlty of ninety
thousand. Wo nover did have the Ir
ish, and now wo nro losing nil the Ger
mans. Kew York Times, (lladiad.)
Grant with his Ku-Klux bill thinks
liocau kill tho Democracy. It will tako
more men by n million than ho had at
Appoinatox. Xcia York fiun,(Jladical.)
A great doal has boon said nbout tho
dead Democracy. Thoso who think It
is dead surely nover road tho story of
tho resurrection. Thoro will boslgns in
tho heavens and on tho oartli in lb7i:,
when this Democratic party gots its
soldiers In tho field. SprinyJield(.Vass.)
llepubilcan, ( lladical.)
Ho is a fool or a traitor who expects
to win an easy victory over tho Demo
cratic party in 1S72. arant cm nover
do It with tho bayonet. Xcw York
Keening 1'ost, Kailical.)
They may say what thoy pleaso, but
those who aro tho most confident do
not know thoso Democrats. They aro
tho most dangerous when thoy beom
tho most whipped. Do not put nny
faith In them aud do not trust them. In
retreat they aro treacherous and often
fatal. Louisville Commercial, Radical. )
suitvKYou araniAL,
Columbia Couuty Democratic Ticket
JAM 153 BltYSON, Jr.
New Advertisements.
lty using this nrllrlo Liulies ami Oontleiiit-u
ran hi-nutlfy tlieniHPtvri a thousand Told. ThN
Is the only nrllcle thai will curl Htralxtit hair,
nnU at tho samo tlmo glvo to It. a boaiitirul np
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MUUlclowii. Ailnms Co,, I'a.
A I'lio hi ilic Hear!
Tho Democrats of Northampton coun
ty, at a lato mooting, passed tho fol
lowing :
llcsotccd. That whilo tho indefatiga
ble attention of tho President of tho
United Status to horses, dogs, brother-ln-lnws.
cousins, and to his domestic
nnlumls and family In troncrnl. is wor
thy of tho warmest gratlttuio irom meso
lucicy recipients oi nis uouuiy, yei ma
gross neglect of all public busines,mer-
its at mo samo nine, mo snarpesi rep
robation of tho masses who committed
the control of tho government Into his
hands, uot for tho bouellt of his family
and live stock, but as n trust for tho
whole people, and that an Exeeutlvo
who oniv visits tno seal oi coveriimeut.
when called there by sickness In his
stnblo is not nccueu at tno scat oi gov
ernment at all. Ami so we mean to put
him out.
Evans savs ho wanted to settle.
nidn't hn setllo V He settled that his
compensation which "nhall not exceed
ten per centum," snouiii no oxacuy tun
por centum, Ho settled that ho might
as well ns uot havo ten por contum on
ono million, nlno hundred nud ten
thousand dollars that had been poiu
liefnrn ho whs ntinolntcd ncout. Ho
settled about ono hundred and ninety,
ono thousand dollars, besides another
hundred thousand aim iniuresi, m u
pocket whonco the Stato Is not likely to
get it. llo settled that tno Htato m gut
havo his ten thousand dollars ba 1 for
satisfaction. And ho has settled down
to enjoy lire wuu wiu mil " u
consciousness that loyalty, rationally
porsovcrcd in, is a cnpiiai lump jus
next settlement should bo in that old
and settled Institution nt Philadelphia,
known as the Eastern Penitentiary,
llo owes thoStatosomo 6orvlco. 1'otts
ville standard.
Tho uudurKlguod has on liana, direct fiom
Michigan, ovei yiW htlHhcls of 'lreadwcll Hei'd
Wheal, which ho wilt dlKpo.oof at 1 per husht I.
It 1h a whltn wheat that will yield Mivon to eight
bushelH to Iho hundred Hhcavoi. with nbout tho
tmuio quantity of straw lo tho ncro ns other
wheat, does not fait nenr ko readily ns tho Ijiin-c-LsUjr
wheat, aud has tlio peculiarity of hearing
holh smoothn nuil hoarded hoads. It does not
winterkill, I have tested tho wheat for two
years and can recommend itlrora experience.
It is recommoudo I to 1,3 weevil proof nud has
not been directed by It with me. Heads lar;:o
aud full. SYLVESTER l'URSEL.
Bloomsuurc 1. O,
liucltliorn, Kept, 1. is.i-3t
Evuiikkan r IlKAi.Tit 1-i n blessing vouchsafed
to few. Even those who havo been favored by
nature with f-trong constitutions nud vigorous
Iramesnre apt to neglect tho precautious noces
sary to preservo these precious endowment.
Indeed, as n rule, tho moro healthy and robust a
man is, tho mom llbeltlcs ho is Inclined to tnko
with hi, own physique. It Is some consolation
to tho nnturnlly weak nnd feoblo to know that
they can bo so Invigorated and built up, lty a
proper uso of tho means which science has plac
ed nt their disposal, ns to havo n much better
chance of long llfo, nnd oxemptlons ftom dls
easn nnd pain, than tho most nlhlctlc of their
fellows who nro loollsu enough tosuppoao them
belves Invulnerable, nnd net nccordlngly,
It Is nottoo much to saytlinl moro than luilf
tho people of tho civilized world need nu oica
slonal tonle, to enablo them lo support tho Hi rata
upon their bodies nnd minds, which the fast life
of this restless ngo occasions. In lact, n putc,
wholesome, unexciting Ionic Is tho grand desUl
crntumoftho busy mllllous. nud they liao Iho
nrtlclo lu Hosteller's IStoinacli lllttors. It Is n
stnmlunl modlclne, 1. e, It Imparts permanent
strength to weak systems nud Invigorate, Jell
c.iteeonstltullons. its reputation nnd ltssiles
havo stendity Increased. Competitive prepara
tions havo becu Introduced act libitum, nud, ns
far ns tho public Is concerned, (id nauteum, In tho
liopo ofilvJllug It; but they havo all either ut
Ished In tho attempt, or been left far In tho real
It has been tho great medical success oftho pus
cut century, nnd It Is qulto ccrtnln that nu pro
prietary medlclno In this country Is as widely
known, or as generally used.
Ten lightning presses, ruuulcg Incessantly
(Sundays excepted,) tho wholo yoar thruugh,
barely supply tho demand ror the Illustrated Al
manac, lu wlilth tho nnluro and uses ol Iho
pieparatlou aro set forth, tho circulation now
being over eight millions a year.
llKN-roN-Siimuel Rhone, Emiuuol Liub.uh.
IIkhwick John Eekort. , m,
IlujoM-Wllllam OirrUjn, Caspar J. Tlnmi.
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Wi: bellovo every Bopubllcau In tho
country not in n government olllco
heartily despises Grant, is nsliamcd of
his Administration and would ruthor
not havo hi in as a candidato for another
term. Let them remomber that ho
despises them nnd looks onlv to tho
olllco holders and tho military for his
nomination. Tho only way to drlvo
him from tho hold is to dofeat tho Bad
ical candidates this fall. If Stanton
and lleatli aro oloctod It will bo taken
as nn endorsoraont of Grant, the
thieving lobs.mllltnryintorferonco with
elections, selling oillcos for money,
hriLorv. iimnnstv to thlovcs. double
salaries to olllco holders, stock gumbllng
by tho President's family, subsidies to
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Shore Herald,
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