The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, May 12, 1871, Image 1

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    Sffw dpjortumfrhm
m published livcnr toiday moiuhnu
i.n tub coMfsinrArr noitniNO NEAnniK
coun-r hocsk, raooltsnuna, rA ny
KbtTon Ann rnorniKTon,
Terms-Two Dollars & Year payable la advance.
Otftlliloacrlptions executed with nefttness and
dispatch nt reasonable rates.
Patent Medicines.
n 12 1I i iv 12 it.
To Pobltttnted TeriouH.
To Iyneptir,
TaHufleruni from T,tvcr Corm-talM,
To thosctlmvlnst no Amtetlte.
TothoHQ with i llrokou llowu ConMltulloriK,
To Nervous 1'eoplo, '
To Children Wfutlnnnwnv,
To nny with leblllttott DlirpUtvo Orgnnff.
Or suffering with any of the following tmploni,
tchtch indicate Disordered Liver or JUtomaeht
Buehfis Con
st! pallonjnwart
rile, Fulness or
Mood to the Head, Acid
ity of tho Htotimeh, Knuion,
UcurLlnirn, blfguH for rood, Full,
ncss or Weight In tho Stomnch.Honr
Krucltntloni.Hlnklnsor Fluttering attlio
Pit of tho Btoinfich.Bwimmlnff of the Head,
Hurried mid Dimcult llrentlilug, riutterlnff
when In a laying Posture, U I inn ess ol Vision,
oUor WcbsbVore tho Bight, revernnd Dull
Pain In tho head, Deficiency or Perspiration,
Yellowness of tho Bkln nod I.yts, Pnln
in tlio Bide, Uncle, Chest, Limbs
Ac, Huddcu Hushes of Heat,
Hurtling In the Flesh.
Constant linntfliibiRi bf
Uvll, nnd Grout
Depression of
A bittern without Alcohol orBplrlts of nny kind,
IidlflVteiil from all olhcrfi. Hit composed of
the pure Juices, or Vital Phincii'm: op Hoot,
HFitns, and IUuks, (or n medicinally termed
J.xtracts,) the worthless or Insert portions of the
lusrcilieiits not talus used, Therefore In one
Iloltle or this Hitters thero is contained as much
medical virtue as will bo found In several Rrtfloin
of ordinary mixture. Tho Hoots, Ac., used In
tills Hitters aro grown in Germany, their vital
principles extracted In that country byasrion
tUIc Chemist, and forwarded to tho manufactory
in this city, where they aro compounded nnd
bottled. Containing no spirituous Ingredients,
bis Hitlers Is free from tho objections urged
yalnst all others; no desire for stimulants can be
induced from their use, they cannot make drunk,
arils, and cannot under any clicmnstnnccs, have
any but n beneficial cUVct.
Was com pounded for those not Inclined to ex
ttemo bllters, and Is Intended for u-ja In cases
when some alcoholic Rtlmutant Is required lu
connection with tho Tonic properties of tho
U liters. I'.acli boltlo of tho Tonic contains ouo
bottle of tho Hitters, combined with purcHANTA
CHUZ HUM, and llavorcd lu such a manner that
the extreme bitterness of the bllters Is overcome,
forming a preparation highly agrecablo nnd
pleasant to the palate, and containing tho mcdl
ctnal v I Hues of tbo Hitlers. Tho price of tho
Tonla Is $1.50 per Dottle, which many poisons
think too high. They must take Into considera
tion that the stimulant used Is guaranteed to bo
of a puro quality, A poor article cojuld bo fur
ulflied at a cheaper price, but Is It not belter to
pay a Ulllo moro a d have a good article? A
medicinal preparation should coutnlu none but
the best ingredients; nnd they who expect to
Main a cheaper compound, nnd be benefited by
it will most certainly bo cheated.
aicuMAN iuvfi:ns,
tV I T 1 1
They nro tbo G reatest
iiiiOou r u it i r i e n s
tlnown to tho Medical world, nnd will eradl
i.v.telllscascs arising from impure blood, Debility
lOf tlis Dlgestivo Orgms, or Diseased Liver, Hi n
tsluifker tlmo than any other known remedies.
m voioLEburiiEsin coukt of itnnsyi.vania
Who would able for more ilgnlfled and Stronger
Testimony ?
Hon. UEonaK W. VooiiWAitv, formerly Chief Jus
tice if t he Supreme Court of rciintylmuia, atprca
ent Member of Cvngrenfrom I'cnmylvanifi,VTifca:
PJULADM.I'IIIA, Mill I'll lUth, ISU7,
I find "IIooHand 's German Hitters' Is a good
tonic, useful In diseases of tbo digestive organs
and of gi eat benefit In cases of debility nnd want
of nervous action In tlio system. Your, truly,
Hon. Jabif.s Thompson, Chief Justice of the
j'lcme LXurtof J'ennvjlvnnxa.
Pl(ILAm:M'iiIA,Aprll3 18(7.
I consider "JToolland't. German Hitlers" a valua
ble medicine In cao of attacks of Iudlgestlon or
Dyfpep'sla. I can certify this from my expert
two of it. Yours, with renpect,
lion. Gi.oi.aK BnAswooi), Justice of the Sttjwemc
Otitrt of I'ennsilvnntft,
pjiiLAiinLVHiA, June 1, IHW.
I Ilavo found by experience that "Hoofland's
f vierman Hitters" is a very good tonic, relieving
Jyt.nei.ttc symptoms almost directly.
1 II nn. Wiiit I Hogers, Mayor of the City ofjluffato.
' Mayor's Offlce, BufTalo, June 22.
TlJ-iavo used "Hoolland's German Hitlers and
TlVwiV in my family Jmlng the past year, nnd
nHiirt"ommend them ns nu excellent tonic, lm
juirUnf; tone nnd vigor to tho system. Their use
lm jVen productive of decldeillv beneficial
Hon, Jah3 M, Wood, Ifr-Mayor of Wtllianisport,
j ft.
i take groat pleasuro In lecommendlug "Hoof-
land's German Toulc" to any one who may bo
pelleted with Dyspepsia. I had the Dyspepsia so
LuwIIy it was impossible to keen any food on my
iLutach, and Iibecomeko weak ns not to bo able
to wfcUc hall a mile, Two bottles of Tonlo eirectcd
(H fuet.curo. JAMU3 M. WOOD.
Will cure Ayerv Case or
Or Wostinw Rwnvnf tho Hod v.
Are tlio iiH'iltclues you require to purlly the
HIoihI, exoite the torpid Idver Ui healthy action,
and to tuable you to pau fcdfely through any
hardshlps-or exposure
T O D O 1' 11 Y h L I N,
BubttKnln for Mercnry Pills.
3Vi moit rowerul, Yet Innocmt, Vctffal.le OiAar.
f(0 A71QU7I.
H Is not necessary to take a handful of these
l'llls to produce the desired effect; two of them
act ijulcklyand lowerfully, cleansing the Liver,
Stomach ami lluwcls of all impurtlles. The prin
cipal lugredleutlsPodophyllln.or tho Alcoholic
Extract of Mandrake, which Is by mauy times
more powerful, acting and searchlug than tha
Mandrake Itself, Its picullar action is upon the
Liver, cleaning it speedily from all obstructions
with all the power ol Mercury, yet frco from the
Injurious results attached to the use or that
For nil disease, litsvhlcU Iho use of a cathartic
Is Indicated, thebo pills will give entire satisfac
tion In every case. They NKVL'H TAIL.
In cases of Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia and
extreme costlvcness, Br, Jloolland's German
Hitters or Tonic should ho used In connection
with tho Pills. Tho tonic eOcct of tho Hitlers or
Tonic builds up the system, TholilttursorTonlo
purifies the Ulood,streugthcns thoNerves.HEUU'
iI.atks the Liver, and gives strength, energy and
Keep your llowels active wIlU tla-'I'llls. and
tone upthe system with Hitters orTonlc, and no
diseases can retain the hold, or even assail you
llecollect that It Is 1)H. IIOOPLAND'B OEll-
MAN ICeraedlcs that aro soiinlvcrsallvusedan.i
highly recommended; and do not allow the
Druggist to luducoynu totako anythlngelse that
he may say Is Just us good, because lie makes a
largo profit on It. These llem'cdles will ho seut
hy Impress to any locality, upon application to
the 1'lllNClPAL OFFICE, at the OKHMAN
MP.DIC1NE BUOUE, 031 Arch 8t Philadelphia.
til AS. III. EVAKB, I'loiirlctor.
Vmmpilv (7. M. JAPURIV i'r
Iics JttvuMiiurc urkulclv Dmiivtot.Hon-
VOLUME V.---N0.19.
Columbia County Official Directory,
JftlMentJuitoe-YlLlAAU Klwkll. J
iieV. M Uk"11' i,aao s- it0'
Rlitrijr AA1UIN H.M1TH.
NirvcllorlfiAc 1)KW!TT.
Xmuurrr-DAViii I-owKNnnno.'iN:te17y:,Ist,i!,,.0- iiu,ck'
ammUttannf Cferfc-Wll.MAM KlltrKIMDM,
nMK". ' UAM1'""'''-.'' ' Al."S',
OironrriSun I). HnucK,
Count Siipertnlemlmt-CltAnua O. llAliKHr,
Hloom Jtal )MrM-l)lreetnr, H. II, MII.1.FH
V i m.i a m Kham Kit, lli.mnnbiirK, nnd JViii
lKEI.EU, UleenwouJ, CllAllI.l&351'u,Hioy.
Dloomsburg Official Directory,
HfaomUmi Hanking fb. John A. I'l'NsTciN
I'l;-!' ent. if. II. OlmVz, fl.shl,". ' '
t "'"i-L'llAS, It. l'AXTo.v.lWl.,
J r. 1 usriN, C'jiHliicr,
LUiinMit (;in,VH(jS,Wni timtaml Ijmn At.
nclntton-K. II. I.itti.e, 1'riVt., O. V. Mii.l.KK,
Hcioniiiirg IMMiwi ami Snitn, l,ml Aliona.
Ilon-lo TllnUAH. .1 H. lUimsci.N, H,c.
llloamtlmia Mutual Nmtng I'uml Aimrlatum
J. J. IIUUWKH, rresident, M, Wiiitmoyeh. Hcc'y.
Bloomabnrg Directory.
)Ai;i:HllAoa Jmt received nnd for wilo at tin
1 Coli'hiiian oillce.
lACOtl MIITK, dealer III Moves nnd tlnwmo
Main htreet.nhdVo con it houso.
DAV11I I.OWKNllKUd, Merchant Tnllor.MllIu
ht., 2d door nhovo American HoUHe.
WM. MOUIIIH, Merchant Tailor comer of Cm
tround Main t over Miller's store,
l)UUGS,""ciiKMICALS. Ac' '
V I,r'CKl'andAi)olhccury.Mnlnsl.
OYi:it HHOH., Drngglstn and Apothccurles,
MltYZllri'INfii:il. Watches. Hncctnchs ft:
.lowuiry eve., luaiumreei near vest hi.
n V HA VAOR, dealer In Clocks, Watches and
J Jewelry, Muln St., Just btlow tho American
f 001H llKIlNIIAItll, Walch and Cloclc maker.
IJ near southeast corner Main unit Iron sis.
RCATI IUAHT, Watch and Cloclc Maker.Mar
. ket street, below Main.
AVID UK'l'A, Hoot and Hhoemaker, Malnst.,
below ilartmiiu's store, west of Market.
HKNKY KLKIM, Manufacturer and dealer In
Hoots and Hhoes, Oroecrles, etc., Main stieet,
iist Ii loom? burg.
M. IIUOWN, Hoot nnd Hhocmaker, Main
street, under Ihowu's Hotel.
It. H. O. HOWKU, Burgeon Dentist, Main St.,
iiuovu i no uoun jioune.
It. WM. M. HK11KII, Rurueon nnd Physician,
fexcuauguuiocttovcr luu-nuook siore.
Dlt. II, K. KINNUY, Burgeon DentM.-Teeth
extiacteil wllhoutpalu: Main tt., utarly op
pobllu Kpibcopal Church,
OO. llAHKI.KV, Altomey-at-Law. Oillce, Id
. tloorlu Excliuugu Block, near the "Uiehnnt'o
11. McKllI.VY.M. I.,Hurgenn nnd Physician
north bide Main St., below Market.
T It. I'.VANS, M. I) Snigeon nnd Phyblclan,
Kouth side Main btreet. below Market.
T c. ItUTTlllt, M. I). Surueou nnd Physician
(J . Mai ket slleet, above Main.
11. ltOHISON, Attn! neynt-Law, OHlcoIlart
, uiau's building, Main street.
l'KTKHMAN, Millinery and Fancy Uoods,
, opposite Kplscopui Chinch, Main fat,
MIHS L17.IK HAHKLKV, Milliner, Hamsey
liulUllng Muln street,
IKS M. DKHHIUKSON, Millinery and Fancy
US. V KLINH, Millinery nnd runcy Uooda
Muln btieet below Market.
MUS. Jtll.IA A. A HAD I j HAHKDUY, Ladles'
(JU mlts and Dress l'alleriu, southeaht Lorner
M.Un and Wtst faU, 1
rpHi; MIHSHH HA11MAN Millinery and Fancy
I (Joods, Main St., below American Jloute,
130UKH IIOTia, by T, Kent. Taylor, e.ut tnd
1 ol Main street.
(1 C. MAHH, Dry Oooils nnd Notions, bouth-
v, est corner Main nnd Iroubts.
A, 11KCKLKV, Hoot and Hhoo store, books
, & stationery, Main ht., below Market.
1 JACOHS.Conlectiouery.gioceriesctc., Main
j, st., below Iron
1.10X WKHH, Conlectlonery ord Hakery,
I1 wholesale and retail, Kschnnge Hloek,
V U W .'.V, .tuintniti . "'W, uim.uufK,
, Main St., uhovu Court House.
T II. MA1C, Mnintnoth Orocery, lino (Irn.
eerier, ItiiIIm, 1,'uls, Provision, dc Main
nnd Iron Htrcets.
M'KHI.Vy, NIl.M. & CO., dealers In Dry (losls,
(lrocerlea,l'lour,l'Ved,H.ill, Klbh. lion, Nails,
etc,,N, K. cor. Main and Market sH.
S1I. MIU,i:it A SON, denlerk lu Pry Uoods,
, Groceries, tlueeniware, Plonr, halt, Hhoes,
Notions, etc.,Malu8t.
WNKTAHI.IM ULAN1C8 for bale at the Col.f a.
j iiian Oillce,
n M. CIIHIHT.MAN, Saddle, Trunk A Harness.
U. maker, Hhivo's lllock Main Street,
W. HOIUlINH.ltQurtrdealerBeconddoorlrom
northwest corner Main and Iron sta.
U J. TIIOHNTON, Wall Paper, Window Shades
U, and fixtures, ltupeit block, Main si,
W, CORKLL. Furniture Hooms, tlneo story
brick, Main Htreet, west of Market bt.
ItOHKNHTOCK ,1'hotographer, over Kobblua
& It er's Store, Main bt.
H. KU11N. dealer In Meat, Tallow, etc., Cheru-
bcrllu's alley, rear of American lluube.
II. UINOLKK, denier In pianos, organs and
uielodeons,at U, W, Corell'a furnllure rooms
1 AMtlKL JACOllY, Marble and Ilrown Stone
j works, r;asi jnoomsuurg.uerwicic roud,
WM. IIAI11I, dealer In furniture, trunks, ceder
willow ware, near the Forks Hotel.
n FOSTF.Il,01uo Maker, aud White and Fancy
, Tauner, bcotlown,
ljt 11. IHDI.F.MAN, Agent for Munsun's Copper
Tubular Lightning Hod.
TACOll l)Ii:i'FENHACH llroom Factory. Or
tj dcrsleltnt hlsreslder e orntMlller.l Sou's
tore promptly rilled. Utst gieen Wislern brush
fAMfat CADMAN, Cabinetmaker aud Chair,
I maker; rooms Main btreet bel, lion.
MOTE EOOKS. and blank NOTi:S.wllhorwllh
ly out exemption, for bale at the Cui.umsian
Light Street.
ni'i'.9HA?f Co-. Wheelwrights, first door
. above School IIoiiko.
Ji'oo,tsAau0dSSh,.f,nUUfaC,Ur" nna donler
I)ETEK ENT. dealer In Dry Uoods Groceries,
11 'fur. ' d, Salt, Fish, Iron, Nalls.eto., Main
H. ENT, dealer lu Stoves and Tin ware In
. Espy.
1 V. UEIUHAltD.ft lllt0..doaler lu Dry Uooda,
D1 Uroceilys, uudgeueialMeichaudlse,
i Proprietor, '
I I). WEHKHEISFlt, Hoot and Shoe Store and
posltu the Steam Mill.
- iimmiiuuiuiy, nuup
ou Main Street op.
m V. KDGAlt, Susquehanna 1'lanlng Mill
i llox Mauuluctoiy,
Orangoville Directory,
A !!' ?,l.Enn!"., nH0TIir.It,Carpcnters and
A. llullders, Main st below Plue.
HOWHIt ft IIRIIIUNU, dealer In Dry floods,
(Irocerlos, Lumber uud general Merchandise,
Malnst, '
ItICK HOTEL and refreshment Saloon, hy
ll. O. A.MEflAliaEL.rhyslclan nndBurgeou,
Main st,, next door to Good's Hotel,
DAVID IIKItlttKorPlnnr nnd OrlsTMHI, nnd
Dealer In grain, Mill street.
IL.EDWAltlW. Physician nnd Surgeon, Mnln
stilrsldoornbovoM'Heury's Hold.
I AMES 11. HAHMAN. Cabinet Maker and Un
I dertaker. Main St., below Pino.
T M. HAltMAN, Snddlo nml Harness maker,
J, Main bloppslto Frame Church,
SCIHIYLini ft CO., Iron ronnners.Mnchlnlsts,
nnd Mnnufnctuiersof plows, Mill St.
(JAMUEL SH Altl'LESS, Maker of the Hnyhurst
O Uialn Cradle. Main St.
WILLIAM 1)11 LONd Shoemakerati.t manufac
turer of Ilrlclc, Mill St., west of Pine
1 F. DA.LI.MAN,MerchantTallor,SecondBt.
. Itobhlus' Ilulldlng.
U.J. K. KOIUilNS, Hurgvou and riiyslclau
GIHHKUT A KMNK, dry (toods, groceries, and
general mercluuulKf, Main Htreet
r 11. KIHTLKU, 'TnttHwitFR House," North
' , Corner Main and Heeond Htreets.
KKII.UII, Hlllaid HuIcmui, Oysters, nnd Ico
J. Cream lu season MaluHl,
. Dry Goods, Oroecrles Ac.
SUSQUEHANNA or Hrlclc Hold, M, Konten
bauiler Proprlctor.soul li-easl corner Main und
He toud Htreet.
M. II, A11I10TT, Attorney at law, Main SI.
Buck Horn.
Mil. ft W. H. SlIOKMAKEIt, dealers In dry
, aootts, Kroe cries and general merchandise.
First store lu south end ot tow n.
Philadelphia Directory.
Iioiiakijson iTwiiiairr, JllT
Ian. r;t-ty
' jr. KEl'IIKAllT,
No. CM Market Street,
(Abovo Filth,)
N. E. Corner Second and Arch Streets,
Dealers lu
WOrderB will receive prompt attention,
may 10,67-tf.
Business Cards.
n. imocKWAY,
nrooMsuuuri, ia.
43" OlFirr Court House Alter. In Hip fo-
I.t)MUIAN hulldlug. IJauVt".
L. f URNElt
11LOOMS11UI10, PA.
Ori'lrr. OVtT r.lltr.'M IlriHHlorn tlnut.lnnn
Mni ket striU, 1st door below Itev. D. J, Waller.
Ollleo Court llonso Allev. below the Cor.irw-
dian Oillce. Ilouutles, Duck-Pay and Pensions
collected. llloombburg Fu. nep.a)'B7
tjOliEUT V.
Ofllco Main Street below tho Court House.
Dloomsburg Feuu'n.
Oillce Court-TIouan Allev. below tho Colum
iuan Oillce, Hloom&burg Ia.
17 M. KNORR,
j. Hnvlnt; purchased the stock of tho old Key
sttnieKlme More, nnd added thereto a laige and
well selected new htock is prepared to cihlbit
tbo best variety ot
everbrouybt to thU place. He in aUo jirenart'd
to make limits andSlioes toorderln th latest
and best styles. For cash only. In tho old Host
Olllie Imlldlnif. corner Mnluand Market Streets
iwoomhuurg, i'H, istpy Tu-iy,
would nnnouneoto the citizens of Hloomi
bitiif ami vlelult v. thai be bus lust received a full
and complete assortment of
FIXTlTltEH, I'OltfiH, TAbSKLfl,
and till other goodilu his lino or business. All
the newest and moot appio(d patterns of the
day aie always to be found In his rstabllshment.
Att, AC.
Neatly anil Cheaply Printed
From the Latest Styles of Tj at Ute
Castings and Flreltrlckforrepalringcltyfitc ves
All kinds of Hrass or Jrou casting made to order
upon snori noiiee.
Hloomsburg, l'u. l'roprie tora
A lull and rompteto nssortnient tt reaJy malo
boot h nnd hlme for liun.Momeit und chllilren
Jiuit ucelvtHl and for sale at returnable rates.
VarletlfH to bultall cIusih of customers. The
nest or work done at short notice, mi heretofore,
Utvo him ncall, (J.iu 171.
Main Street one door above E. Mendenbnll'a
A largo assortment of Stoves. Heaters and
Itanges constantly on hand, aud for salo at the
lowest rates.
Tinning In all Ita branches carertilly attended to,
and satisfaction guaranteed.
Tin work of all kinds wholcsalo and retail, A
ial Is requested,
Jan m
Tas underslaued resneclfullv Inform llm
citizens of IllcH)mshuig aud Columbia county,
that they keen all tho dltlerelit numbers olstote
coal and seltcted tump coal ror smithing purpo
ses, ou their wharf, adjotnlug M'Kelvy. Neat A
Co's Furnace; with u good j.alr of llniuin scales
on Iho whalf, lo Vtflgh coal, hay. and stratr
Likewise a horse and wagon, to deliver coat to
those who desire It, As they purchase a largo
amountof conl.they Intend tokefp a superior ar
tlcle.aud sell at the vory lowest prices, Pleaso
call aud examine for yourselves letore purchas
ing elsewhere. J. W. HENllEllhllOT,
THE umlcraltrni'il will titko in ox.
change for Ciuil autl Groceries, the following
uamett uttlcles l Wheat, llye. Corn, Oats, Pota
toes, Lard, llam,Hhoulder,aml side ineat,Dutter
Eggs, Hay, Ac, at the highest cash prices, at his
Grocery Store, adjoining their coal yard,
Hloomsburg Mar, 10,'liO-ly,
TO TIIK lIl.OOMsni lKI JUT OF 4th SI IMTf, t0.
Sr.cTioN 1. Ho It enacted Ac, that tlio
town council of lllooinsburg may from
(Imo (o (lino lovy nml lmposn upon nil
property nnd oljcets of taxation in said
town llablo to tnxation for town pur
pose?, all such taxes us shall bo neces
sary to pay tho debh nnd obligations of
tho township of Bloom Incurred or ex
isting beforo tho organization of said
town, but such taxes shall ho Imposed
nnd levied without regard to tho classi
fication of real estato or rules of taxa
tion thereon provided for In tho ninth
section ofthenct to which this supple
mcnt, ii ml tho enino shall ho collected In
Iho ramo manner ns other taxes of said
town. Tho said taxes Bhall ho separately
levied nt such rntes ns tho council in
their discretion shall fix, nnd soparato
nnd distinct nccounts thereof und of tho
nppllcntlon of tho samo shall bo kept
nnd published In tho annual statements
of tho town.
Section 2. That In municipal elec
tions in tho snitl town of Hloomsburg
eueh voter may distribute his votes un
equally among candidates In tho several
ensra mentioned In the fourth section of
tho act to which this Is n supplement
whenever such distribution shall bo
possible, nnd voles so cast shall bo
counted nnd allowed In tho returns.
Section 3. That tlio map of Fold town
of Hloomsburg now being inado by
Samuel Neyhard, under tho authority
of tho town council, exhibiting tlio
boundaries, streets, lanes und ulleys of
said town, shall when completed bo sub
mitted fur correction and npproval to
the court of quarter sessions of tho peace
of Columbia county nnd tho tame when
apptoved by siyjd court shall bo filed of
recoui nml tiierciipon nnu tiienceioriu
tho roads, street", lanes nnd nllcys set
foitlt on said map shall nccnrdlng to
their location thereon be held and taken
to bo public highways, subject however
to tho provisions of tho fourth section
' of this net. Tho said court Bhall hear
r,nd consider any complaint orobjcctlon
mulo to tt by any citizen of sild town
or owner oUreal estate therein, against
tho correctness of said map or tho loca
tion of tlto lines or p.trts thereof prior
lo tho approval of tho r-ame, nnd may
tnko such order thereon and mnke all
such decrees relating (hereto ns shall
pertain tojusticoaud to tho public inter
ests and convenience, nnd tho said court
when application shall bo tnado for Iho
approval of said map shall order public
notice thereof to bo given iu ut least ouo
newspaper of said towu for at least four
weeks prior to tho next fcuceeodlng term
of tho court nnd shall defer further action
upon such application until the said sue
cccding term, Tho said map atall times
after tlio npproval of tho samo by tho
court nnd any copy or duplicate thereof
whether upon the samo or upon n larger
or smaller scale duly certified to bo true
nnd correct by tho clerk of tho said court
anil verified by tho court seal, shall be
recoivablo lu ovidenco in any suit,
prosecution or proceeding whatsoever
in which tho giuno shall bo pertinent
and shall bo held as conclusivo ovidenco
of tho truo location of tho boundaries
and highways of said town as cstab
lished at tho ditto of Its approval and ns
prima facia evhlencoof thosltuation and
boundaries or limits of lots, out lots
farm lands, canal wharves, landings,
irallroad-i, buildings and structures of
itaid town ut Iho samo limoso far as tho
simiio shall bo pet forth, delineated or'
mentioned nil said Dial).
Suction I. All buildings heretofore
orocWd within tho lines of highways in
Hid Inwn or pi'Jecting thereon shall bo
iM-;ii.;tll to remain In their present
loe.uioiwuiitilthcs.imo tnnll bo rebuilt
i rconslructcd.abandonodor removed by
t, to owners llicteoi unless mo samu or
ni fieMry iiarls (hereof or tho spaces
oc !njiied thereby havo been or shall bo
tal. vje or public u' upon compensation
ma die accordlirg to law, hut no re-crcc
tion ir reconstruction of such buildings
shall iiio lawful which shall intrudo upon
or bo within tholimits of such highways
as fl: :ol by tho town map aforesaid or
heron Jtcr laid out ami estnbli iheil pursu
tint to- law, nor shall any lapse of tlmo
bo h iltl to confer upon any persons
whali iwcr any rlghtof occupancy or (itlo
(as at nitist tho public) to any ground
within tho limits of any highway as
nforesi exeent as nrovidod hv this act
HKCi "w.n o. 'ino corporate unicers oi
said to va shall havoall tho powerscon
ferret! u iwn boroughs or borough olllcers
by tho iifth and nixth articles of the
second section of tho act of third
April oi'to thousand eight hundred and
flfty-ono, regulating boroughs, In ro
gard to tlio Improvement of sido or foot
walks upon or along any highway
within tho built-up parts of said town
whenever a majority of tho owneis of
lots nloag such highway shall apply to
tho council for tho grading, curbing
paving, and guttering of tlio samo; but
such application shall bo in wilting duly
signed by said lot owners und bo re
corded in tho minutes of tbo council and
tiled uinomr their records.
The following nro tho Vth and Vlth
articles of tho L'd section of tho act of
1 KM. reforred to lu tho foreiroing. viz:
V. To requlro and direct tho grading.
curbing, paving, and guttering of tn
Bide or foot-walks, by tho owner or
own era of tho lots of ground respectively
finni imr thereon, in nccordaueo with
llm i', .moral retfiihttioiis proscribed.
VI. To causo tho samo to bo done oil
failure .of tho owners thereof, within tho
tlmo nA-eaerlbed by tho general regula
tlons, a od to collect tbo coH of tho work
und inn ilerlals wltfi twenty per centum
advance thereon from said owners, as
claims a 'ro by law recoverable under
tbo nrov iblons of tbo law relative to
mechanic! ' Hens, ami mo particulars m
such labor I und materials; tho namo or
names of t Iho actual or reputed owner or
owners, as a'o of tho occupier or occu
piers or tlio I premises for tho tlmo being,
shall bo set 1 forth In a statement to bo
filed within ( lUUIrty days after such ex
pense shall 'havo been Incurred.
It is said t ht Queen Victoria Intentlsi
to K Bido for a few weeks ovcry year ou
hw nowly J lurchased Irish estato lu
county Kilda ie, with tho hopoordlinln.
I lshlng, if po sslble, tlio liatreu ot tnu longr displayed by Iter Irish
ToBuccossfully delineate, tlio hackney
ed charms of Italy, Switzerland, nnd
rntico i to show us now scones, novel
ghts, and now actors on this oft-trod
den stago, or olso to throw tho novcr
now and fascinating drapery of pootry
and song over nn os'ordono and unpoot
io reality, requlrei tho genlm of n Trol-
lope, Ho Stnel, or Hans Andersen. Hut
luckily for tho traveler who finds him
self sometimes tbo victim of an attack
of cacoelhes icrilentliam what trav
eler does not'.' thero tiro localities that
aro yet comparatively unknown, where
tho tourist Is yet tho oxceptlon Instead
of being tho rule, and wliero tho rod
covered guide-books h.ivo not yet per-
moated and brought down to moro
matter-of-fact every Interesting hlstor-
cal relic or "magnificent view." Aud
among tbeso "by-pallis or Kuropo"
standi pro eminent ancient Norway.
entitled to tho first place, equally by
Its geographical position, tho unequall
ed boldness of Its scenery, and tho an-,
clent customs, and umong thorn, tho
hospitality of Its Inhabitants.
i snail never lorget inoirienuiinessanu
cordiality with which, upon a recent
vlilt to Norway, I was received and en
tertained in ovcry household through
out tho country where, for a longer or
shorter period, I was a guest and an in
mate. Nor can I easily forget tho many
awkward blundors I commlttod beforo
became initiated Into tho fashions nnd
manners of my kind hosts small sins,
through Ignorauco against tlio estab
lished and time-honored national code
of ceremony and behavior. "Do in
Homo ns Romans do" is a vory wiso
precept, but somewhat difficult to follqw
whon you don't know how tho Romans
do, but havo to wait and learn that first.
had, for Instance, no idea that it was
tlio custom In Norway as also In Den
mark aud Sweden to go round after
dinner and shako hands with every ono
present, ladies nnd gentlemen, finishing
off with tho host nnd hostess, nnd say-
ng to each tho Norwegian word, icet-
lelcomme, which is about equivalent to
may tho meal agreo with you I At a
largo dinner party of somo two or tbroo
hundred guests this hand shaking be
comes a serious business and it takes
some timo and muselo to go through
with, and ono almost gets hungry aud
lilrsty again by tlio tlmo it is over.
Llkewiso It is customary In every Nor
wegian family, in tlio cities as well as
u tho country, to say lakor ccte after
breakfast or lunch ; nnd tttkfor the after
supper, at which tea is always served.
iVll children, even grown-up ones with
children of their own, always say to tho
parents tab or mail (thanks for tho
meal) at every meal under tho parental
roof, or oven in their own homo if tho
parents nre present. In few countries
is filial affection carried to such an ox
tent as in Norway ; father aud mother
aro names thero only second to and held
in less roverenco than that of Qod.
Tho hospitality of tlto Norwegians is
proverbial, particularly in tho country
places, whoro tho traveller is an always
welcomo guest. No Norwegian peasant
or farmer ever thinks of locklnghlsdoor
at night j to do so would bo equivalent
lo showing distrust to ills neighbors, if
ho has any, nnd a useless precaution
where no human being, save tho-o of
his own family, Is within twenty or
thirty miles of his home. On entering
you nro immediately welcomed, no
matter how Inopportune tho hour may
be, aud you aro invited to sit down at
tho table, while tho twitmo'r, or lady
of tho house, serves up tho best that tlio
houso affords for your delectation. This
consists of somo loaves of jlaliiroil, or
flat cakes, mado of barley-meal, and
also a pleco of a kagebrotl, If such is in
tho house, which Is considered a deli
cacy, und mado of ryo Hour, milk, but
ter and goinmelost, or old cheese, uaab
Hum, to which is perhaps added a pleco
of reindeer venslon or a cholco cut of
smoked salmon, constltuto tho rest of
tho repast, for which no payment is
asked, though a couplo of 'slnU'mys aro
generally accepted, if tendered by tbo
traveler or tourist who has appeased Ids
appetite, if you remain over night,
tho best nnd most comfortablo bed will
bo offered to you, and clean sheets and
bedding put on ; but though soft and
warm enough, with its dozen of feather
pillows and bolsters and layers of heavy
home-mado blankets, I always found a
Norwegian bed extremely uncomforta
ble, owing to its shortness. Tho Nor
wegian peasants havo a habit of sleep
ing In nn nlniost sitting posture, nnd
therefore require but very short bed
steads, rendering it necessary for any
ono who desires to sleep in tho ordinary
civilized manner to doublo himself up
liks n preserved frog In a spirit-glass.
Hut however short, it is always sulll-
ciently wide, as Norwegian country
bedsoie, on tlio average, intention lor
from threo to flvo each. Sometimes n
Is thereforo expedient to placo oneself
crosswlso, instead of lengthwise, anil
alter tho position or tlio numerous pii,
lows or bolsters, or ilyner, as thoy aro
called, accordingly.
As a general thing tho Norwegian
peasants, both men and women, rotlro
to rest without undressing, merely m
moving their heavy wadmel, or shcop
skin Jackets, and sometimes tho woolon
worsted nightcap which forms tho usual
covering for tho head. I often entered
a Norwegian safer, or farm, In tho mid
dio of night, and tho occupants of tho
bed or tho best bed, if thero wcro sov
oral would Immediately vueuto It ond
offer It to thoguost, themselves retiring
to contlnuo their broken rest In tho barn
or on tho lloor. On entering a Norwo
glan country-houso tho visitor will ob
servo u number of wooden boxes, of all
sizes, placed all round tho room, and
serving, In many instances, also ns
tables, chairs, bofas, bedstead, etc. They
aro nil painted lu gray nnd glaring col
ors: a ml ground, with bluo and yel
tow strlpos-, and bouquots In green and
pin K.8CI in to uo uio iiivoruu uesigus.
On eacli Is painted, in largo letters, tlio
namo of the maker and proprietor, as
also tlio ditto and year of Its manufaC'
turo. This is Invariably the case, aud
from these dales It would seem that
most of these boxes nro very nuelent
nnd much valued heirlooms iu a Nor
wegian family, Tho oldest box 1 over
saw was a eater on Doorcfjold. It was
n f rnnlondmiafifTilr fullv (lirr-n f,i(. hv
six, and four feet hlirh in which tho J
- - .-j j i .
bulkier, or girl in chargo of tho later
kopt all" her Sunday wearing ap
parel, chango of linen, nnd Jlaltirotl,
fresh butter 'and old choose. It boro tho
Inscription, "aunbildo Olufs dottcr.
A. D. 1711," nnd was nccordlngly moro
than a contury nnd a half old, In thoso
boxes, which servo tho purposes of tho
bureaux and chlffonleres of less secluded
(though not by nny means moro civil
ized) countries, nro kopt tho holiday
dresses, tablo-llnen, cxtra-llnon nnd
honi09pun cloth, nnd also tho silver
spoons nnd savod-np "peeler"' of the
wholo family, nnd it must bo Indeed a
grand occasion when nny of their boxes
nro opened and their contents displayed.
Hardly n Norwegian farmhouso is
without an lmmenso old-fashioned loom,
upon which nil tlio cloth nnd linen used
in tlio family is woven. Tailors nnd
shoemakers aro unknown in rural Nor
way, every nrtlclo of wearing apparel
being mado nt home, from tho raising
of tho llax nnd clipping ot tbo sheep, to
tho last stitch of extra emboldery nnd
the finishing spanglo of n bridal outfit,
tn n corner of tbo shelf will bo Invaria
bly found tho tools and utensils for
shoemakitig, which aro in steady request
during tho long winter evenings when
now shoos nro mado for tho wholo house
hold, nnd tho old and worn-out ones re
paired. If thero is no moro of tills
work to bo done, carving in wood Is ro
sorted to to kill time, and in tills art tlio
Norwegians aro wonderfully proficient,
equaling tho peasantry of Tyrol and tho
Hlack Forest, whosocarvlngs aro known
and for salo all over the world. Every
man always carries a short knife in a
sheath attached to his bolt, and tho
wooden handle of his tolleknlc is often a
perfect specimen In tho art of beautiful
and original carving. 'Wooden spoons,
tankards, bowls, walking sticks and
boxcj of all kinds aro in tlds way man
ufactured, many of which aro bought
ns souvenirs by tho tourists or sports
men who visit tho country districts.
Tho national dress of tho Norwegians
Is very peculiar, but differs considerably
in tho various sogu or districts. 1'roba
bly tlio most plcturesquo Is that worn
In tho Hergen district, which consists,
for tho men, of a smart, short Jacket
mado of dark-bluo woolen stuff, or of
white wadmel, and is profusely adorned
in front with bright-silver buttons of
tho slzo and weight of a half-dollar
red or bluo waistcoat, dark kneo-breech
es, gaily colored woolen stockings, and
immense nnd clumsy shoes with sliver
or brass buckles; tho wholo person
finished off on top with a red worsted
night-cap, from which liangcs a bluo or
yellow tassel. Tho women wear a black
or pcppor-and salt colored woolen jack
ot, faced with it red and green binding
a bright-red boddlce, blue or scarlet
petticoat, and a small linen apron
bound with ribbon to match tho jacket,
ar-rings aro fccldom met with, but
largo silver fllagroo brooces and liugo
chains and medals of tho samo metal
aro always worn by tho women on fes
tlvo occasions. Loss tasteful is tho dross
worn in Guldbrandsdalen (ono of tho
largest and most fertile valleys In Nor
way), which consists of a swallow-tall
coat of dark stuff with gilt or brass but
tons, leather trousers and red night cap
for tho men ; and an ungainly robe, very
short in tho waist, for tho women, wb
cover tho head and their luxuriant gol-
en hair under a brlght-orango kerchief.
this forming tho only nttractlvo part of
their costume.
Norwegian peasants, with but row ex
ceptions, aro invcteratotalkers, tobacco
chowor's and expectorators j habits that,
in somo respects, are rather somowhat
of a drawback to their hospitality.
Your name, ago.blrthplace, destination,
object In visiting tho country, opinion
of It, calling, circumstances, nnd family
ties, seem nil to bo of special interest lo
your kind country best, anil nro mln-
tcly inquired into : bo-Ides which your
servant is interviewed and quizzed in
such u manner us only Norwegian coun
try-folks can do it. Hut In return you
aro offered n hearty welcomo, nnd every
facility during your bojourn among tho
mountains or JjcliU, and you will be
told without reserve whoro and how to
catch tho best trout, lystcr (or spear) tho
finest salmon, ghoot tho most delicious
rypcr (or mountain grouso), or pcrad-
cnturo fall In with n herd of tho much.
coveted reindeer. Shooting is frco to
nil in Norwny, tlio only restrictions
being In regard to tho seasons in which
game can bo killed, while fishing, on.
tho contrary, is private property,
though tho right to indulgo in this sport
is always and cheerfully granted to tho
foreign or natlvo sportsman who asks
During my travclsln Norway I never
camo ncross u man or woman, nowover
old or poor, thai could not rend, and
very fow that could not write, l-duct'
tion is compulsory, nml schoolmasters,
appointed and paid by tho government,
mako regular visits to uio distant and
out-of-the-way lying localities.and thero
set up school during n certain term of
tlio year. Though not strictly speaking
a church-going peoplo, (owing, perhaps,
to tho long ilistancos that often havo to
bo traversed in order to reaeli tho houso
of God,) tho Norwegians nro eminently
nn honest, religious people, of fow ap
pearances, but with n gieat deal of can
dor: who havo n helping hand for n
neighbor In troublo sooner than a pleco
of good ndvlco. And this bentlment
finds perhaps Its best expression In tbo
universal love to tho dumb creation of
tho Norwegian peasant, who would as
soon think of maltreating his own kith
nml kin ns ids nouies nnd cattle, which
leeiing or regard lor annuals, However
low and humble, Is perhaps again most
happily und appropriately illustrated
by tho national custom of the Jule-Neg
or Christmas Sheaf, tho best and weigh
tiest from tho barn, which Is on Christ
mas Kvo stuck upon a polo In front of
every Norwegian farmer's houso that
tho email birds may also paitlclpato in
tho abundance and Joy of tho nuulver
sary of tlio birth of Him who was eon
slderato, kind nnd loving towards all.
Louiss Uaoqe.
IMtorccd In Hie Desert
Ono of tbo pioneers in California em
igration, who went across tho plains In
iu, tons tins story mat, begins on ino
ourney nnd has Just ended In San Fran
cisco. While tho train of which tho nar
rator, now in Nevada, was a member,
wasenenmpod ata point on tbo Hum
boldt, whern tho Lessen train Intersects
tho Carson track of travel, ho visited tho
tent of a family consisting of an elderly
couplo nnd ono child, a daughter of It
or 10. The old lady was sitting on npllo
of blankets under tho canvass encourag
ing a most determined attack of tho
sulks," whllo tho mascullno head of
affairs had planted hlmsfllfoirtho wood
en tongue, and was sucking his plpo as
though ho expected to romiln there for-,
iV plngloglanco developed tho difficul
ty iu that little train of ono wagon and
thrco persons, and that It had attained
point of quiet desperation beyond
tboreach of peaceful adjustment. Thrco
days beforo thoy had pitched their tent
at tho forks of tho road, and as they
could not agreo upon tho routo by which
to enter California, there thoy had re.
mained. Tho husband bad expressed a
preference for tho Carson road, and tho
wife for tho Losson, and neither would
yield. Tho wlfo declared sho would re
main all winter I tho husband said ho
would bo pleased to prolong thosojourn
through tho summer following.
On tho morning ot tlio fourth day tho
wlfo broke a sullen silence of thlrty-slx
hours by proposing a division of tho
property, which consisted of two yoke
of oxen, ono wagon, camp furniture, a
small quantity of provisions and twelvo
dollars in silver. Tho proposal was ac-
cepted, and forthwith tho "plunder"
was divided, leaving tho wagou to tho
old man and tho daughter to tho mother.
Tho lattcrexchanged with a neighbor-
ng train tho cattle belonging tahor for
a pony and pack-saddlo nnd putting her
daughter and her portion of tho divided
spoils upon tbo animal, sho resolutely
started across tbo desert by tho Lessen
trail, whllo tho old man silently yokod
his cattlo and took tho other routo.
Of courso both partlos reached Cali
fornia In safety. Wo say of courso, for It
is scarcely possible that any obstacle,
death included, could havo interfered
witli stubbornness so sublime. Arriv
ing in Sacramento with her daughter,
tho old lady readily found employment
for womon wore less plentiful than
now and subsequently opened a board-
Ing-houso and In a few years amassed a
handsome fortune. Two years ago sho
went to San Francisco, nnd tho daughter
whoso education had not been neglected,
was married to ono of the most substant
ial citizens.
And what had become of tlio old man?
Tho wlfo had not seen or heard of htm
since they parted on tho Humboldt.
Thoy had lived happily together for
years, and sho sometimes reproached
herself for tho wilfulness which separated
them after solonga pllgrimago together.
Hut ho was not dead. Wo caunot trace
his courso in California, however. All
that wo know of him is, that fortuno had
not smiled upon him, and that, foryears
ho hail tolled without any hope. Finally,
feeling unablo longer to wield tho pick
nnd shovel, ho visited San Francisco, in
the hopoofobtainingemployment bctte
ad.ipted to his wasted strength.
For threo months ho remained idle
after arriving there, and then for want of
occupation, beeamo tho humble retailer
of peanuts nnd oranges, with his entire
traffic upon his arm. This was six
months ago. A taw weeks sltico In pass
'ing tho open door of n C ttago in tho city,
ho observed a lady In tho hall, and
stoppeil to offer his merchandise As ho
stepped upon tho threshold tho lady
approached, and the old man raised his
eyes and dropped his basked I and no
wonder, either, for sho was his "old
woman I She recognized him, and throw
ing up her arms in amazamont exclaim
ed :
"Great God I John Is that you ?" " All
that is left of me," replied tho old man.
with extended arms they approached.
Then tho old woman'scountenanee sud
denly changed, and sho stepped back.
'John," said she, with n look which
might bo construed Into earnestness,
'how did you find tho Carson road?"
'Miserable, Sukey, miserable," replied
tho old man : "full of s.tnd nnd alkali."
Then I was right, John ?" sho contin
ued, inquiringly. "You were Suekey."
'That's enough I" said she, throwing her
arms around tho old man's neck ; " that's
enough, John!" and the couple, str.tnglo-
ly sundered, woro reunited.
A Oiii'slloii.
Which will you do, smlio and raaka
others happy, or bo crabbed and mako
everybody around you miserable? You
can live among (lowers and singing
birds, or In tbo mire surrounded by
fogs, nnd frogs. Tho amount af hap
piness which you cau produce is incal
culable, if you will only show n smiling
race, a kind heart and speak pleasant
words. On tho other hand, by Bour
looks, cross words and a fretful disposi
tion, you cau mako others unhappy ni-
most boyond 'endurance. Which will
you do ? Wear a pleasant countenance;
lot joy and iovo beam in your cyo'
Thero is no Joy so great as that which
springs from a kind act or n pleasant
deed; nnd If you do a kind net during
tho dny whereby somo fellow mortal
has been mado happy, you will feel Its
glorious Influcnco nt night when you
rest, tho next morning when you rise,
nnd throughout tho day when about
your dally business.
The manufacture of garters and sus
penders Is a business of greater magni
tude than is generally supposed. Two
factories ouo at Wuterbury, Conn,, and
tho other nt Kast Hampton, Mass.
have each n capital of $300,000, and pro
duce about 2,000,000 each per aunuui.
Their tuspender production nlono Is five
huudrid dozens per day each, Thero
tiro nboutotiohumlrul similar manufac
tures of Euspeiiders.whosenvorugo dally
mako Is from twenty to ono hundred
dozens, Tlio rniiglt.g salo of suspenders
Is blxty cents per pair, and 'garters
clghty-flvo cents. Tho highest eost of
suspenders aro fifteen dollars per pair;
high cost garlers begin at fifteen dollars.
Tho lutut novelty In tho lino of ladies'
garters nro broad velvet hands, heavily
fringed and gilt mounted.
Cno Incli, (Iwclvo lines or
Nonpnrell typo) ono or two
ttirco Inottloni,l2,00.
lt.i cjutvalent In
Intertlons, M.60
One Inch..!.-..
Two laehcN
Three Inches..,
Pour Inchos...
3m, 3u. Cm, It,
13,00 (1,00 18,00 110,00
S,00 T,00 9,00 IS.00
7,00 j,00 15,00 18,00
8,00 11,00 17,00 M,00
18,00 11,00 50,30 80,00
18,00 2000 80,00 W,(0
80,00 10,00 00,00 100.C0
(Jaarlcr column,, 10,00
llnlf column....... 15,00
Exccntor'i or Admlntstrtor' Kottce, M.00)
Auditor's or Assignee's Noltce, llto.
Local notices, ten cents ft line.
Cords !nlho"n.utnessDlrcctorr"eol"ran,tS.C0
jier year for the first two lines, aud 11.00 for each
addlllonalllne. ,
(Jrnut, Hancock, and Iingstroct.
Tho following extract from n speech
delivered by Mr. Skinner, of Franklin
county, Pa, in tho House of Represen
tatives at HarrlBburg shows tho Injus
tice which has boon dono to our gallant
Hancock by Quant. In thocourso of
his roraarks Mr. Skinner said :
la this connection ho would draw n
parallel caso lllustrativo of tho kind of
Injustice that Grant sometimes deuli
out lo tho "nation's defenders." On
tho third day of tho battlo of Gettys
burg, tho fiorco conflict raging between
tho two armies had reached its height.
Tho fate of Pennsylvania nnd of tho na
tion hung trembling in thoscalo of bat
tlo. Loo was hurling his maddoned
and desporato forces In quick succession
against our lines, hoping to crush them
nt somo point and put our soldiers to
rout. Tho koy lo tho Union position
on that day was Cemetery Hill. That
point gained to tho cnomy, nil would
havo lieen lost to us. Leo knowing
this, placed his best corps In tho hands
of his ablest General arid directed hira
to carry It. Forming speedily tho long
deep grey lines began lo movo forward.
They wero nil men who had faced death
on many a bloody field. They know
tho Importance of tho work they had
boon sent lo perform, and they marched
up that Blopo with a firmness and stead
fastness which told plainly enough
that fear held no plaea In their ranks.
On tho summit of tho hill stood another
corps a corps of Union soldiers. If
there wero blanched faces and quiver
ing Hps among thoso It was only a moro
suro Indication that they had determin
ed to hold their position or go down to
death In tho ultcmpt. It takes moro
courage to meet a chargo than to make.
On camo tho deep gray lines. Tho first
well-directed volley, whllo It thinned
their ranks, staggered them not a sec
ond had no greater effect and thou they
camo together, thoso strong and bravo
men, In a fierco and bitter conflict that
lasted for hours. Never did men fight
with more determined valor. Tho com
mauders of each wero bravo and skill
ful. Tho commander of tlto Union
forces was tho idol of his men. Ho had
been selected on account of his superior
courage nnd skill to hold that position.
Right well too ho did It leading his
men in person and mingling in tho
thickest of tlto fray. After an exhibi
tion of valor rarely wltnossed, and after
n most fearful slaughter on both sides,
tbo Union forces wero victorious, and
tho Rebel forces Sent reeling back
mero bloody remnant of that strong
and compact body which had moved
up to tho attack. Hero on this spot was
victory won to our army. Hero was
Pennsylvania saved aud possibly tho
nation. At tho closo of tho contllct the
commander of tho Union forces was
borne from tho field wounded. His
namo was Hancock a namo dear to
millions of Democrats In tho land bo
cause ho has kept in poaco, as in war,
lils personal honor untarnished. Tho
namo of tho opposing General was
Longstreet. Whon Grant came to
Washington as President, one of tho
first acts of fits administration was to
nppolnt Lonsrstrect Collector of Customs
nt Now Orleans, with n salary of thirty
thousand dollars, and his second to ex
llo Hancock, tho man who had saved
tho day at Gettysburg, to tho wilds of
Daeotah. Surely Republics and Repub
lican Presidents aro ungrateful.
A (,'rletons Wrong.
Why Is it that thero Is such a repug
nance on tlio part of parents to putting
their sous to a trade. A skilled mechan
ic Is an independent man. Go whero ho
will his craft will bring nira support.
Ho need ask favors of none. Ho has
literally bis fortuno In his own hands.
Yet foolish parents ambitious that
their sons should "rise in tho world,"
as they say aro moro willing tiiat they
should study for n profession, with tho
chances for oven a moderato success
heavily against them, or run tho risk
of spending their manhood In tho ig
noble task of retailing dry goods, or, of
tolling at tbo accountant's desk, than
learn n trade which would bring them
manly strength, health nnd Independ
ence In point of fact, tho method they
chooso is tho ono least likely to achievo
llio advancement aimed at, for tho sup
ply of candidates for "errand boys,"
dry goods clerks, und kindred occupa
tions, is notorlou-dy overstocked; while,
on tho other hand, tho demand for real
ly skilled mechanics of overy descrip
tion Is as notoriously boyond tho sup
ply. Tbo crying need of Ibis country
to-day is for 6kllled labor; and that
father who neglects to prosddo for his
son a useful trade, and to seo that he
thoroughly masters It, does him a griev
ous wrong, nnd runs the risk of helping
by so much to Incrcaso tho stock of idlo
and dependent, if not vicious, members
of society. It Is Btated In tho report of
tho Prison Association, lately issued,
that of fourteon thousand five hundred
and ninety-six prisoners confined In tho
thirty States In 1SC7, soventy-soven per
cont, or over ten thousand of tbo num
ber hnd never learned a trado. The
fact conveys a lesson of profound Inter
est to thoso who havo in chargo tho
training of boys, and girls, too. for tho
nctlvo duties of llfo. Manufacturer ami
Tub Sovon Wondors of tho world
were: First, tho Egyptian pyramids:
tho largest of tlicso Is 693 foot square
and 400 feet high, and its baso covers
Hi acres of ground. Second, tho Man-
solus, erected to Mausolus, a king of
Carla, by his widow, Artemisia ; it was
03 feet long nnd 35 feet high. Third,
thoTemplo of Diana, at Ephcstis; this
was 025 feet tn length and 220 feet in
breadth. Fourth, tho walls and hang
lug gardens at Uabylon ; thoso walla nro
stated by Herodotus to havo been M
feet thick, 350 feet high, nnd to miles
in length, and tho statement Is dcemid
credible by modern antiquarians. Fifth,
tlio Colossus nt Rhodes: this wns a bra
zen statuo of Apollo, 105 feet Iu height.
Sixth, tho statuo of Jupiter Olympus.of
Atheus, which Was mado of ivory nnd
gold. Seventh, the Pharos of Ptolemy
Philadelphia: this was n llght-hoUMi
500 feet high. Tlio buven wonders of
tlio worhl now aro : tho art of printing,
optical liibtruinnitH, such'aB telescopes
und luiciotcopes; gunpowder, thosteuni
engine, labor-enving machinery, tho
electric telegraph, and tho photograph.