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Ttin COLUMBIAN hu tli. Largest
oirculntlon of any putter published In
Northern rcimiyl vanls, uid Is Kilo
Cmueh' larger shsst than ur Itseotem
porarlesf and Is therefore ilia best medlnin
for advertising In this section oftha state
Xho If ow Tear.
In entering upon our Fourth Volume
wo cannot refrain from thanking our
renders ntul patrons for their generous
support anil continued patronage. Vo
bollovo that wo have redeemed our
plodgo to establish In this County n
flrst-clnss family newspaper ono that
would lio supported at home, and re
spected nhroad. Money has been lav
ls)ily expended to mako tho ofllco tho
most completg in tho Stato in overy re
Bpeot, and wo. bcllcvo that wo Imve 8tir
jtccdcil in'maklng it tho most thorough'
ly equipped printing eitiililtalimentout
side Of Philadelphia.
In buying tho Columbia Democrat and
consolidating It with This Columbian
wo not only added to our patronage, but
rollovcd tho pirty from the support' of
two newspapers aftho County scat, and
removed what had heretofore been
source of discord in ourmtdst. Our en
tcrpriso has been Justified; for what
ever division of .sentiment there may
have, been among our people as to local
candidates last fall, all will admit that
as between them The Columbian pre-
served a strict impartiality. As a re
sult, peace and harni&uy exist in our
ranks, old divisions aro forgotten, and
we trust nover will bo revived.
In the future, as In tho past, we shall
bestow a largo amount of editorial labor
upon tho paper. All subjects of Inter-
ost will bo fully and fairly treated.
is neither our expectation nor purposo
to "please all men." In an age llko
this, when every man reads more- or
less; it would ba impossible to give opin
ions which would coincide with tho
viows'of all, but while speaking freely
on tho topics of 'the day, wo shall do so
with a duo regard to tho opinions of
Our Court, General and Local new
columns will be as full as usual.
fact, wo shall endeavor to make Tub
Columbian an epitome of tho week;
proceedings, and vnluablp for referenco
as" well as for Us news t'nd general liter
Those of our friends who do not get
n county paper should subscribe at once.
Not only'should it bo taken for its genv
oral and local h'ews.-but. to aid In clrcu
latlng nnd building up'tho principles
wo nil profess. Do'not bo content with
takjnga copy, yourself, but get your
neighbor to subscribe, and thus you will
do him good,- and render a sdrvice'to
tho party and to us.
Hoping (hat 1870 will witness the rp-
turn of the Democracy to power, tho
ro-dstabllshmcnt.prtlioUnloiiiand pros
pcrity throughout our entire land, wo
wish pur patrons one and all "A IlAr
pv New Year."
Xho Columbia County Invasion.
Radical Fraud.
In aiiothcrcoluinn woprlutan articiel
from a well known Radical newspaper
ijf, Philadelphia", The Sunday J)Upatch,
relative, to the frauds perpetrated in the
Tlrsi reaiiltMl
iu tho ccrllftcateof election being giv
en to watt, iiepuhllcEn, la utter tils
regard of the legal election of Diamond
We ask for this' article, a careful and
"tamest perusal. Tho subject Is one of
Uib utmost Importance, dndcalls for
prompt and decisive condemnation by
tho people. It has Keen tho policyof
the Radicals In Congress to1 award con
tested seats tovriiemborfl' of their own
party in defiance of the requirements
pfjustlco and right.and .the, outrage 'will
doubtless bo attempted In our Btato
No tampering with tho purity of the
ballot box should be. allowed, and no
freo men who will tamely submit to the
Infamous transaction are worthy of
mat. name.
" Judge A-UIson (Radical) declares the
return to ue a laiso ono, out that ho can
afford no remedy as tho caso has gone
beyond hisjurlsdlction. Tliero can bo
no doubt that'.th'o so-called election of
Wutt is a fraud and an outrage, when
both prominent men and Journals of
the Republican party unite In con
clcmnlng it.
Mb. Boutwell aays wo must fund,
and letspeclo payments bide their time.
But taxation must not bo relaxed, nor
.must a dollar come off tho revenues. In
this immense financial view tho PresI
dent tractably concurs. But there must
bo a natural order about these matters,
i Is funding tho public debt of thojlrit
.importance? And, In any caso, can it
boaccompllsh'ed before wo havo resuuip
tlgn? Of course not. And resumption,
wished for by all, because it will mako
present incomes go from twenty to for
ty, per cent, further: Is out of tho iiues
tloil'feo'loiigas theso manacles aro kopt
on eutorprlsoan-J Industry by excess! vo
taxation. Our very first want, then, is
to'get.relieffroui this oppressive burden
of taxes. It is a cantor, eating our lives
out. After tho worklngmen havo paid
ovcr'fiucli a por cent, of their earnings
for tho necessaries of life, and such an
additional per cent, for taxes, for It is
to bo remembered that labor finally pays
tho taxes, very lltllo, If anything, Is
r lert to apply to tho higher social needs,
- saying nothing of encouragement to a
spirit of enterprise. Our first point In
finance, then, is to securo a very largo
and permanent reduction of the taxes,
which were- laid on n war basis, and
havo no business to Intrude Into a tlmo
of peace.
. j'j '
Gen. Deduce 1J. JIcCLEr.i.AN called,
on the 31st ult,, on tho President, Secre
tary of War, and GencralShermun, and
was cordlallyrecelvod by each of t hem.
He was accompanied by his' father-in-law,
General Murey,
One of tho principal charges made
against our citizens in tho trials at liar
rlshurg, was that they had organized a
secret organization or society to resist
tho draft. This chargo (which was en
tirely falto) nppeared In nil tho cases
irieu anu was continued in mo printed
form of accusation used by tho Judge
Advocate. 'Namps and dates wero filled
In tho printed form, in each case, 'but
tho substatico of tho accusation was tho
samo In all tho cases, and convictious
upon it were had. The form of tho ac
cusation as It appeared In tho charges
and specifications against Stott E. Col
Ioy, ono of tho prisoners, was literally
as follows:
Specification: "In this, that ho tho
said Stott E. Colley, a citizen of Colum
bia county, Pennsylvania, did unlto
confederato and combine with John
Rantz, Rohr M'Hcnry and many other
disloyal persons whoso names aro un
known, and form or unlto with a soci
ety or organization commonly known
and called by thonnmoof tho "Knights
of tho Golden Circle," tho object of
which society or organization was and
Is" to resist the execution of tho draft,
and provcut persons who havo been
drafted under tho provisions of tho said
act of Congress, approved March 3d,
1863, and tho several supplements
thereto, from entering tho military ser
vice of the United States. This done
at or near Benton township, Columbia
county, Pennsylvania, on or about Au
gust nth, lSGi, and at divers times and
places before nnd after said mentioned
There aro three averments In denial
of this chargo which were established
beyond dispute by tho evldenco and
which wo shall now state nnd sustain
1. That ibo (so-called) 'secret meet
ings,' referred to In this charge, wero
held In the spring of 1603 and nono
later than about tho month of May of
that year ; consequently that thoy wero
held nearly one year and a half before
the arrests wero made at tho end of
August 1801.
2. That they wero political clubs
simply, and had nd unlawful or im
proper object; and particularly that
they were not Intended, nor organized
and conducted, to oppose tho conscrip
tion laws of the United States.
3. That they wero not called or
known, during their cxistcuco by tho
namo of "Knights of the Golden Circle,"
nor was any such name ever assigned to
them in any quarter until the tlmo of
the trials or shortly before.
Reserving tho main body of the evi
dence in support' of these points until
our next number, wo will now only
cite the testimony of threo witnesses
examined in tho Rantz trial.
David Savage, sworn: I am a mern-
bor of thoso secret Associations. Tho
only secret about them was tho pass
word. Ve wero sworn to support tho
constitution of tho United States and of
Pennsylvania, and the' laws. There
was no organization to resist the draft.
Almost all the persons belonging to
this Association subscribed money to
pay bounties, Ac. Tho Associations
wero purely political. Rantz said to mo
ho had been In to see tho soldiers, and
told thorn thoy could hunt up all tho
drafted men und arrest them, and thoy
would not bo disturbed.
Nicholas Kindt, sworn: J. was a
member of theso Associations. They
ceased last May a year I think. Tho
password was the only secretin It. Tho
obligation was to support tho constitu
tion of tho United States nnd ot Penn
sylvania and tho laws according thereto.
Thero was no organization to resist tho
Martin Ammerman, sworn: I was a
member of theso Associations. They
ceased last spring a year. The oath was
as stated by the last witness. There
was no organization to resist tho draft.
Tho only secret was the sign of recog
nition. Never heard theso organiza
tions called Knights of tho Golden Cir
cle, till lately, and that by outsiders.
Not until wo had frccdracu was it
ever thought of that poor men could
walk up to tho Treasury and take out a
hundred dollars apleco" to help them
along in the world. That is tho propo
sition now boforo Congress. Thelandless
people of the South aro to havo two
millions of dollars set apart for them, to
assist them in purchasing and stocking
small farms, and getting together need
ful agricultural implements'. Allow
ing ono hundred dollars apleco, that
sum, will Just go around among twen
ty thousand persons. What is that out
of a population of say cloven millions
of souls? The very proposal suggests
Jobbery on Its face. Tho men who take
one hundred dollars this year would bo
sure to want another hundred next
year, and wo should bo brocdlng,
through tho Treasury', a race of publio
paupers. Not after this .fashion did our
sturdy white pioneers go out Into tho
wilderness of tho West with their fam
ilies, to encounter untold hardships in
subduing it, Cau thero bo any reason
why Government should sot up ono
class or men as farmers moro than
another? or bo moro" tender of tho
sufferings of ono class of poor men than
another? It Is enough that all who are
willing to work can conquer fortune
for themselves If the real Btulf Is in
them. If it is not, ono hundred dollars
Is not enough money to put it there.
Trumbull's Judiciary Bill. .
Tho.blll reported in the United States'
Senato on Thursday, by Judgo Triim-
uiiii,tjrinirrrmn or tho Jndlclary Com
mittee, defining tho Jurisdiction of the
Courts oftho United Btntes, strikes us
as a very strango document for hlrri to
present, or for tho Scunto seriously to
consider. It declares that "no civil
State Government exists in Virginia or
lexas, and no so-called civil StrCo Gov
ernment In ollhorofsald States shall bo
recognized ns a valid or legal Stalo
Government, either by tho Exocutlvo
or thojudlclal power nnd authority of
tho United States, until Congress shall
provide." etc.; and it declares that "tho
act of Congress, entitled 'an act to pro
vide for tho moro efficient government
oftho Robot States,' passed March 2,
1807, and tho several acts supplemen
tary thereto, aro political In their char
acter, tho proprioty or validity of which
no Judicial tribunal Is competent to
question, nnd tho Supremo Court of tho
United States Is. hereby prohibited from
entertaining Jurisdiction of any caso
growing out of tho oxccutlon of said
acts, In cither of said' States, until tho
Senators and Representatives from such
States shall bo admitted into tho Con
gress of tho United States, or Congress
shall rccognizo such State Government
as valid; and, meanwhile, all acts or
parts of acts authorizing an appeal,
writ of error, habeas corpus, or othor
proceeding to bring beforesaid Supremo
Court for review, any case, civil or crlm
inal, or other proceeding arising out of
tho execution of said act, and tho acts
supplementary thereto, or which au
thorlzo nn appeal In any caso from tho
Judgment of tho Circuit Court of tho
United States in a habeas corpus case
or proceedlng,bo and the samo aro here
by suspended," "and the Presi
dent is hereby directed to hold and pro
ceed with all the prisoners held in said
States by military authority without re
gard to any civil proceeding or authori
ty whatsoever t"
These words havo a strango sound In
tlmo of peace. This act, If it become a
law, will blot out civil law In tho States
named, and placo all power in the
hands of the military; unless, by Im
plication, It permits tho Circuit Courts
ofthoUnitid States to oxerclso juris
diction therein. But, if this is allowed,
no appeal can be taken to tho Supremo
Court, to which thoy nro subordinate,
If It permits Circuit Courts to settle
anything, as would seem to bo its In
tent, it makes their decision final, by
preventing an appeal. At all
annihilates thcjurlsdlctlon of tho Su
premo Court oftho United States so far
as Virginia and Texas aro concerned
(why Mississippi is not. included wo
cannot imagine,) and glve3 tho military
full sway, If wo may take tho conclud
ing words of tho bill as declaratory ol
Its meaning and character. "The Pros
Identls hereby directed to hold, and
proceed with all prisoners held in said
States, by military authority, without
regard to aijr, civil proceeding or au
thorlty whatsoever."
This bill places Virginia and Texas
even below tho-Terrltories, for in the
latter tho civil power rule; aud the
people havo tho privilege of appealing
to the United States Supremo Court.
Why tho civil power should thus bo
placed in such completo subordination
to tho military in Virginia and Texas,
wo cannot determine' We had suppos
ed that tho war was over, and that it
was not deemed necessary nor expedi
ent to suspend tho privllego of habeas
corpus in time of peace, especially to appeal to the Supremo Court
of tho United States. If this bill aimed
at the. Courts oftho States named, wo
could understand, and perhaps approvo
it; but wo cannot understand why tho
legitimate Jurisdiction of the United
States Supreme Court-over territory
subject to .the aovemraontof the Unit
ed States should bo curtailed as this
bill contemplates.. Is that Court tho
highest judicial tribunal in tho land
no longer worthy of confidence? Is it
necessary to.blot out ono oftho three
branches of the Federal Government in
order to preserve order and administer
Justice in any part of the territory of
tho United States?
Prothonotary's office, and, by3j most
rcmarkablo fatality, Ma.rcturh had
been tampered with ftnd tho figures al
tered tho in'nocentjroturu Judgo not
being awaro of tho romarkablo changb
in thO result, which elected a candidato
whom ho must havo known was defeat
ed ; and, being unnb'u to notice tho
palpablo alteration in tho figures, ho
copied off tho mutilated return as ho
found it. Tho result would havo been
to certify that Mr. Gcisz, Republican,
was elected to tho Legislature Instead
of Mr. Forsyth, who had tho mnjorlty.
No one with common senso willbellevo
that tho election officer was Ignorant of
tho fact that Gcisz was defeated. In
that case, by prompt action, the fraud
was prevented, nnd Mr. Forsyth receiv
ed his certificate. Ono of tho effects of
tho Registry lawj wo wero told, would
bo to create on honest class of election
officers, nppolnted by tho Board of Al
dermen. In no caso heretofore in this
city havo thero boon such glaring at
tempts at fraud as havo been mado In
tho hopo of unseating Diamond and
Forsyth. If theso aro tho blessings of
tho now system, tho sooner wo return
to tho old plan tho better. "Sunday
Dispatch," (Radical.)
The Columbian. Each mail brings
us flattering letters from subscribers at
home or abroad. Wo bcldora print
these, but cannot rerrain from giving
an old subscriber in Bradford County:
"The Columbian Is nn old and well
tried friend. Its weekly- visits havo
ueen iookcu lor with great anxiety, an
ticlpatlncr tho pleasure It would afford
us. I havo found many agreeablo ac-
uuaiuiauces in uioomsuurg, anu When
I received tho Columbian I almost In
variably, through that, heard from
somo of thoso frlonds. Tho people of
Columbia Countv should feel nrnutl of
. r . . . . '
so reiiauio au nuvocato. All lovers of
truth, or country, and of good sound
Democratic nrlnclnles. will admlrn tlm
Columbian. Long may it wave.
Most respectfully yours,
ft ir. AMES.
The Mobile Weekly Reqistek
a very largo journal of twelve pages,
wen anu careiuuy edited, nas been re
ceived by us, and offers satisfactory
evldenco of tho ability of tho South to
publish a first-class newspaper.
The Jlegistef Is not a now paper, but
has been published for many years, and
its continued existence proves that it
meets with a generous support.
Leraysville, Pa.
Dec. 2id, 180Q. J
Deaii Editou. Tho good people of
Bradford aro now rejoicing In soino
very flno jlclghlng and tho prospect
8cem3 to bs that tho old will do-
part amid tho morry chlmo of sleigh
bells. This afternoon, being seated by
a grato of glowing nuthraclto with tho
last Columbian and a choice cigar for
companions, I fool soclablo and would
fain havo n talk with you, as I silently
watch the cloud wrcatli3 which curl so
gracefully upward and form fantastic
shapes nnd figures around my head.
As I sit here,meuiory,tlmt over, present
talisman carries ono back to tho begin
ning of the year and tho many familiar
faces which greeted me then, slnuo
"gono to that bourne from whejico
no traveler returns." Wo shall son
bid tho swift waning year u long fare
well and bury it in tho dead p.'st, but
yet It will contain a history for each of
tho many who havo boon actors on tho
stage during its eventful march. How
many fortunes havo been mado nnd
lost, how much ofjoy and grief, happi
ness and ml3ery,havo been crowded in
to tho short space of onoyear! Soon will
the old year dio. Lit m profit by tho
experience wo havo gained, and resolve
as we continue tho now year and tho
new decado to cultivate that good feel
ing so essential to Happiness and poace.
Tho last ten years havo been, in this
country, devoted to strife and turmoil.
let us hopo that the succeeding ten may
bo given to repairing our wasted oner
gles nud restoring tho country ti her full
measure of power and greatness.
Items of moment hero are somewhat
scarco and nearly all tho Interest seems
to bo centered in Iho action of Congress
concerning tho resumption of specie
payment, and tho currency. Tho new
Rail Road is in full and successful op
eration, and our merchants aro daily
receiving, and forwarding a large
amount of goods ami produce, over tho
much needed Improvement. The Con
gresslonal campaign of 1870 is oven now
being discussed somewhat and ehanes:
of candidate upon both sides arc freely
canvassed by both parties. From any
standpoint,knowing tho bravery and
pluck of old Columbia, I should say
tho Democracy have a good prospect of
success before them.Radicalism in Brad
ford is very evidently on tho wane and
nothing but tho offices to be got from
tho Administration and tho county
omce hunters hold thoconcern together.
Wishing tho many readers of your
paper a "Merry Christmas" and "nap
py JNew Year,''
I am Yours,
S. W.
Wo shall look with somo anxiety and
curiosity to tho action of tho Senato on
thU remarkable bill, and for Judge
Trumbull's explanation of tho object of
tho Judiciary Commltteo in reporting
It. At present wo confess to our ignore
anco of any good reason for tho passage
of such ablll. It is plainly Inconsistent
with tho President's position in his
Messago relative to Virginia. Svhy
pass such a law for that State, if Con
gross intend to net favorably on' tho
President's retommondation and fe-ad-mlt
Virginia within a fow days, as It Is
hoped and believed thoy will? Uhe
Frauds among the Return Judges.
It can senrcely bo questioned, by nny
ono who looks carefully at the returns
.oftho election last week, that fraud has
,been resorted ton tho Board of Return
Judges in order to glvo tho certificate
of election, to tho Senato from tho First
dlstrictto Wm. W. Watt.The district is
composed of )lio First, Second, Third,
I'ourtn, Beventn, eighth, and Twenty
sixth wards. Tho return is: For Watt,
Republican, 13,010; for Diamond, Dem
ocrat, 12,810. In the same wards Geary
had 12,723 votes or 293 lees than aro
given to Watt; while Packer had 13,217,
or -107 moro than aro awarded to Dla-
mond. Williams had 12,831 votes, or
182 less than aro given to Wutt ; whilst
Pershing had 13,113, or 303 moro than
aro given to Diamond. Now, is thero
any reason why Watt should be more
popular than Geary or Williams, or
that Diamond should bo more unpopu
lar than Packer or Pershing? Tho pro-
sumption Isthutthovotoof neither of
these Senatorial candidates was govern
ed by personal considerations, but was
purely political. Thero is no reason
why Mr. Watt should run ahead of his
ticket, nor that Mr. (Diamond should
lag behind. Tho whole thing litis a sus
picious look, and Justifies the belief
that tho return Is a gross fraud,
A similar outrago was attempted In
tho legislative return for tho Thirteenth
district. Tho return Judge, who must
havo profited by thoknowlcdgoof the
means by which tho Byorly frauds wero
perpetrated somo years pgo, took his
returns to his resldeuco and placed them
in a book-caso, from which' they mys
teriously disappeared before tho next
morning. Officers of election usually
havo good memories as to tho very fow
figures required In a general return, but
this ouo had not. With his certificate
ho lost his recollection. Ho was com
pelled lo resort to tho return filed In the
Pennsylvania Legislature.
llABUisnunfJ, January 2. An Infor
mal caucus oHtho Republican members
oflho llouso was .lipid at 0 o'clock yes
terday afternoon, dt'whlch forty-ono of
tho sixty Republicans were present,
Mr. Ames, of Crawford, presided, and
Mr. Bonn, of Philadelphia, was secro
A committeo of soven, with Mr.
Adalre, of Philadelphia, ns chairman,
was; appointed to' prepare a. list of offi
cers for tho House, In accordance with
tho law of 1808, which reduces tho
number to thirty-four. Tho list, when
prepared, will bo submitted to n formal
caucus, to bu held on Monday afternoon.
On motion of Mr. Hong.-of Philadel
phia, Hon. B. F. Strang, of Tioga, was
chosen ns tho candidato for Speaker,
and ns more than two-thirds of tho Re
publican members were In tho caucus
which mado this nomination, It may
bo regarded as concluslvo that ho wilt
bo elected.
Tho contest for Stato Treasurer has
grown more animated, from tho report
that ono candidato (Mr. Mackey) Is
supported by tho friends of a promi
nent banking Interest, nnd that tho
other (Mr. Irwin) is favored by fccvcral
of tho largest mercantile and oil inter
ests in tho western part of tho State.
Tho reports derivo color from tho pres
ence nt Hnrrisuurg oi bankers, mer
chants and oil operators. Tho caucus
nomination for Stato Treasurer Is usu
ally made tho samo week as tho organ
Col. D. B. McCreary has resigned tho
position of Adjulnnt Goneral ot Penn
sylvania to take his scat ns a Represen
tative In tho Legislature from Eric.
Col. A. L. Russell will probably bo ap
pointed Adjutant General.
IlAitRisuuiiu, Jan. -nil.
Senate. At threo p. m. tho Senato
met and was called to order by Speaker
Stlnson, nfter which a resolution was
adopted referring to n commltteo tho
claims of tho contestants for the seat
from tho Twentieth district. Chas. II
Stlnson was then elected Speaker, nnd
Georgo Hammorsly chief clerk. Tho
Democrats voted for Wm. M. Randall,
of Schuylkill, except Senator Brown,
who was Randall's caucus opponent for
Speaker, and Buckalew, who voted for
Brown of Northampton. Ho stated
that ho did so by instruction of his dis
trict conference.
Mr. Randall, tho Democratic candi
dato for Speaker, said that ho had not
expected to recoivo tho voto of Mr,
Buckalow; ho had not looked for tho
voto of any renegade.
Mr. Buckalow said that It was unnec
essary to respond to such an observation
coming from such a source.
A petition was presented contesting
tho seat of Watt. A resolution amend
ing the Stato constitution by making
tho Stato Treasurer clcctivo by tho qual
ified voters was offered by Mr. Bucka
low, was laid on the table.
House The llouso met at noon, and
was called to order by tho chief clerk,
Selfridgo. Tho returns of tho election
of members were thou presented and
read, after which' B. B. Strang was
elected Speaker, and General Selfridgo
re-elected chief clerk. Petitions wero
then presented, contesting tho seats of
John F.Mooney;nnd John Forsyth. Ad
Tho loss of frozen npplcs In Michi
gan, durlnc tliO recent coin weauier,
estimated at 1.000,000 bushels.
Collcgo students havo a legond of a
mechanical and perhaps sleepy ,'Pr?pn!
at morning prayers, who prayed that
"tho Inefficient may bo mndo efficient,
tho Intotnperato temperate, and tho In
dustrious dustrIou3."
Every carpet-bagger who Is obliged
to fieofi om tho South to escape tho peni
tentiary for somo such crlnio as theft or
rapo, comes North with a story that ho
was driven away from tho South by the
Danvillo hivs a $10,000 steam ham
mei . Its machinery is so nicely adjusted
thai -nt can bocracked nnd tho kernel
I. ut whole, or a, solid cannon ball
ci 1 1- i rushcdwlthablowofsixty tons.
n Omaha husband rcvonscd him
self upon tho man who stolo his wife's
UliCCllOllS uy geiiniu a uivuruu uuu
compelling tho lover to marry tho wo
man at tho muzzlo of a pistol. Verdict
"Served him right."
lly vlrliio of sundry wrlt of emmioiil -.x-
1L III HID IjtllirL (II l'MIIIIUNl " V V .
comity ami lo mo directed will he "P"',1?1, ,i?
xiin lit- niiblln vendue, or outcry nt the Court
llouso In llloomilmrtr, nl ono o'clock in tiio niier.
noon of Mumlny Tob. fill IS7U, tho following re.ll
All that cerium Imcl or Lnna mtiiato in ino
ownstilp of l-'Uhlnucreelc, Columbia e"'"''!.
... r..ii.,?... n .lt . fin in nnrl I III tntld-t Of
M. Ilutnii.'nn tlio onit nnd noulh lie lnnjlj of
....... n.t.i A., tlm u-f-Kt. Iiv lnliilM of Wllllnm
Menri' wlioreon Is ereeted-n iwo-tory 1'"".?,
liwclllimlioinonndnture.lwol-riimo llama Willi
ui,n,l tnlifn inoTociit oilandlouonild M Iho
propeny oi jinnt ii. .ohm.
Atthosnmo tlmo find plivcf.nU that certain
.... .- r . im.ib, in u e nfiant towns d
;,.'.i;....i.iA l.nnn.ln.l nn flintlOrLll iV lMUl
T Win. liters nun iiouert nowu. u
innd or 1;. a. Bimrrous ou nn.-
ii... nn.t 1fiinin Tlinma nml ntl tllO north
by 'latum or Wm. Vnndernllce containing Thirty
Acres, moro or les-i, whereon Is erected n frame
Hel7dl, taken In execution nml to be oUl as tho
properly oi nnmn a, .iiuruim.
At tliosnmo tlmo and pUcc, n certain lot of
Coxynciiiam Tvi Jan. 1, 1870.
Editor CoLUMniAN Dear Sir
Your readers no doubt aro anxious to
know tho result of our Fair here for tho
benefit of .the It. C. Church under tho
auspices of our exemplary, talented
and energetic. Pastor tho Rev. D, J.
Tho Gold Headed Cano contested so
warmly by Esquires Thornton of Dark
Corner and Kealey of Ccntralia was
awarded to tho former by a majority of
4so votes, tho whole voto being 12801. It
realized $710. This. ' contest created
quiton sensation iu tho neighborhood,
tho friends of both being earnestly ut
work. Tho Caned Justlca of the Dark
Corner labored' under tho disadvantage
of being lu ill health at tho beginning
oi tlio canvass, yet ho returned $11-1
more than his opponent.
Tho mysterious Clock second only to
that far-famed ono In Strasburg on tho
Ithlno contested by Messrs. Gorrell,
uoodrlrtgo and Freck, was given to Mr.
Oorrell by a majority of COO votos.
Tho next articlo canvassed for, was
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, by
tho teachers of tho parish. Mr. Joro
mliih O'Connor, tho donor, was tho hap
py recipient by a majority of 179 votes.
A splendid French Gold-burulshed
China tea set donated by Esquire Thorn
ton was won by Mm. Thomas Geraty, al
though sho had flvo prominent oppon
ents, but llko all good workers you
must ilsocarly and work latoto beat
It was twenty.ilvo cents u voto for
each of tho nbovo articles oxcept tho
Dictionary which was ten cents. Among
tho many articles drawn by chances,
Mr. Patrick Kennedy drew a gold
watch und chain and Miss Cook a largo
Tlio proceeds of tho Fair havo not yet
boon ascertained but will probably
reach $3500 clear of expenses, so you seo
it was quito a success.
Our gratltudo and heart-felt thanks
are duo to tho other Religious Denomi
nations for their liberal contributions
on this as well as other occasions for
the erection of this edifice. May tho
Dispenser of all good reward them, is
tho prayer of
Yours Respectfully,
R. C.
Wo adviso girls to go West If thoy
want husbands. Tho excess of men In
Ohio Is 10,000; lit-Michigan, -10,000; In
Kansas, 15,000; in Missouri, 12,000. and
In California, 113,000, On tho contrary,
there aro 60,000; moro women than men
in Now Euglaud, and nearly tho samo
excess of females in Pennsylvania, Now
York nnd Now Jersey,
Fields, tho Wllllamsport murderer
took a dose of vinegar nnd molasses to
cure a soro throat half un hour before
he was hanged,
PAUKUII-9TADON At tho Utchiingo Hotel,
IMn.,..,inrr. n. :ll)Ml.lHII. bv itav. J. r.TuHtln.
Mr. John C. Parker, to Mlas IlarrUt A.Htadon,
bouiol urecuwooa. rn.
(IDSS-nAItn-Nonr Union Corner, ath nit., by
Uov. II. H. Mcndenhall, Mr. John Hon to Mlis
Margaret llareill of Northumberland (Jo.
IlnACOCK-I.AHNTON'-Al tho resl.lenco oriho
bildo's father, on tho KM til'., by KlJer .1. .1.
llarver. Mr.Joshih Ueacoclc,nnd Miss Hannah
U. I.ariuon, uoiu oi ureemvoua.
1'IIICB PKHI.rilt Attliercslilonceof the bride's
rallier.on ino -,111 llll.,uy ivev. .1. roanm wriwn,
Mr. I larenco rnco 01 uauviiu, uuuium iiiuo
Peeler, 01 Asoury, uoi. cu.
AMMEKMAN COLEMAN At Mood's hotel. In
Orangevilte, on 1110 ouiu uiu. uv uib h-uhl-, .hi,
Chns. W. Ammerman and Mini M, AUco Colo
mau, all of Asbury,
w.vnvr.Ti HiiiTr.TZ-In FUhlni'.-rcelc. on Dec.
Jackson, to Miss ltoietta J. Hliultz, of fishing-.
nirs rniTZ AttlinniiTKonaire. in Ornn-revlllo
on Dec. so, by the Mime, jir. i;inanuei iiess, 01
ttllgnnoni, 10 .miss uoziua r rnz, 01 wiimu juat-u
rni.RsTr.PHKN'S On 1st Inst, hv J.imes. W
Kltclien. l-.m.. Mr. joiiu i;oiu i- .mss lvruuiu
Stephens, all uf Sugarloar, U 1' Co.
IIKUI.UY lirjSS-On 10th of Oct., IMP, by tho
Hitnie.Mr. i;manueinemiey 01 jacitson iwp. 10
.Miss 31. uess 01 gug.irio.u.
FnrrKltMAN WITNUtl-AI Nutncdl.i, oil 2nd
n.i in. ivrnr wivunir. r. I :iriiei ill- r ol-
termnn of l,ocmt iwp. to tfl-sMury WUnerof
tot. township, Columbia
ynia Aim l,nn,;f -"IS
rlckbautn, Ml
ijround sltuatod In the borough of lientralia, Co- Uourl ofUoIumblaeoiititv nn?i1.0' "i5f
futnbli county, hounded nnd described ns fol- tboeslato f lillzabeth Lutw.1.
yot, may attend U yoaYhlnk'pJS.Mi S
IWining Dangers.
i-tiY.MouTii, uec. ai. Tliero was
nearly a repetition of tlio Avondalo
horror at this placo .yesterday, At
about 10:30 a. m. tho breaker of tho
Nottingham miue.sltuated at thesouth
erii end of the town, was discovered to
do on lire. There were fifty.flvo men
In tho mlno at tho time, which Is one
of tho man-traps, like tho Avondalo
ono with but ono outlet vet. nutwith
standing this, no notice was uiven to
tho mou below that tho building nbovo
was 011 fire. Fortunately, it was dis
covered soon after it broko out, and,
witii great oxort Ion,. wns not only pre
vented from spreading, but was- extin
guished, tlio men below remaining all
tho whlloln ignornnco of their danger,
Tho fire was the result of gross careless
ness on tho part oftho company work
ing it. It appears that two stoves wero
kept in tho breaker to give heat to tho
boys employed thero to pick out tho
slato from tho' coal as It goes in tho
breaker, and iho pipes from theso stoves
were run directly through, tho wood
work of tho building, without any pro
tectlon. Tho result was what any sano
man might havo expected. Tho wood
work heated until it became of tho con-
slstcncy of tinder, and then ignited. At
noon somo of tho men camo up to din
ner, and, although overy oxcrtion was
mado to koep tho ilrofrom thqlr knowl
edge, tho fact leaked out and they bo
camo aware for tho first timo of tho tor-
ritilo fato they had escaped. When
thoy went down again thoy informed
tho rest of tho men in tho mine, nnd
tney at onco got tocethcr and hold nn
indignation meeting, and resolved at
oneo to go up oufof tho mine. When
they got up they assembled tho rest of
tnomen belonging to tho mine in nil
about fcoventy.five and held anothor
meeting, resolving that thoy would uot
again go down Into tho mlno until tliero
wero built two brick chimneys for tho
stovepipes, n watchman placed in tho
building night and day, and a bell at
1110 Dottom of tho shaft, so that thev
should have a signal when thero was
danger at tho surface Slncothat tlmo
tho mlno has not been worked, and tho
in en sun remain lirm. Tho proprietors
Messrs. Thomas Urodrlck & Co., not
being ablo to get any men to supply
tho places of their old hands.havo yield
ed to tholr demonds so far as tho two
cnimnoys nro concerned, nnd their con
st ruction has commenced; but they
think ono watchman in tlio uight is suffi-
lont, una uecllno to placo ono tliero In
tho day tlmo. Tho men say that this
only shows n willingness to protect
their own property, and ns their Jives
aro exposed In the tlay tlmo thoy say
tiioy snail insist on tho two watchmen
and also on tho alarm bell.
STitENcmr op SwdehSihc It may
surprise somo or our readers to learn
that whllo a bar of iron, one inch in ill
amctcr, will sustain twerity-oight tons,
and a bar of Bteel.of tho samo size, will
sustain fifty tons, u bar of spider's silk
of tho samo dimensions, will sustoln
seventy-four tons. This Is based unon
n calculation that u fibre of silk ono
lour thousandth of un inch in diameter,
will sustain fifty-four grains.
Moscow lias tho largest bells In tho
world-one weighing two hundred and
fifty tons; tho other one hundred and
forty-ono thousand pounds.
FOUMVALD-Oh Sunday mornlnt,', .Inn, M, IS70,
Jennie i'.,iauKiutroruiin.s.(imiiAiiiM l orn
waul, ngeu d yen fa, u tnuutlis mil a tuyH,
KASE Of bcnrlet lever, tnllloomslmrg.on Kim
iitivniorn nir. Dec. 'JO. SRW e mm.
of J. lJ.,mi(l Kute w. Uitiio, nsea i yetir, 1U
months ana ltJ uuys.
tllult1I sj,. 1 s I 1 - ... vr.,,,. ,,, ti.,
iWh lVi'J, Mr. Ann KliziiWli, win of U'
lusiiei, n&eu VJ years, a mouins auu z unys,
it tlio Omhsm's t'miit of ('nlumbtii rmmtv
the Auditor nppointeil by tliu I' limlco
distribution of tlio balance In the hands of the
Administrator oftho estate of I'll. Up Vo-st, de
ceased, among creditors nud heirs wal meet tho
parties inipresieti lor me purpose oi ms npi oini
jucm.ui j 113 omt'Bin jiioomsounr on intKuay
the 1st day ot l ebrunrv. IsTO ut lit o clock a. m
All persons Interested or having claims against
t he salit estate nieremiested to attend, or ho de
barred from com 1 111; In lor p.nt ot tlm said
fund. C. W.MHAiKIL
lan.VTlMl. Auditor.
The undersigned, appointed by tho Orphan'
Court of Columbia county, an Auditor to make
distribution ol the balance In the hands of the
Administrator, of tho estate of John Yost, Ue-
ceiiseu,iiinoiiK creuuors mm neirs, v. in meet mo
panics luiercsicu ior me purpose oi appoint
ment nt Ills olllre. in lll(inint.liiirir. rm Tnpudnv
the 1st day of February. 1871). at ll o'clock, n. in.
All parties Interested or having claims against
me bum esiaio nro rcnuesieu 10 uticnu. or bu de
barred Irom coining lu for n part of the uald
Jan. 7,'70-U
Tlio followlnir nDurnl&emcnls of renl nml pr.
soual property Bet apart to widows of decedents.
jiave ueeu nieu iu 1110 oinco Ol tlio lteglslcr u
Columbia couuty, under the llules or Court, am
win no prehemeu ior nusonuo continuation,
the Orphans' Court to lie held in lllooitibburg,
and for said conuty.on WcdncNdajUhemh.da
I'cb. 1870 ot two o'clock i". m., ofald day, unless
exceptions to Mich continuations are pievlously
tiled, of which all persons Interested lu said
oitates will tako notice :
1. Widow of Jos, W. ICcster, laic of lllooni
nioomsburgjuno 7,'70. Hi-glili-
p It I V A T H S A li K
vaIjUAuli: uuai, i:stati;i
'Iho undersigned win dispute nt plivato sale
situate In Madison townkbin in mnnii.
bounded by lands of Abram Moie, Jacob (Jelsur
.uii-uu vvmmioie, nua jacon Jieclitel, on which
A n.onk Barn, and tho usual ouluulldlncs.
well of water Is nt the door. Terms reasonable,
Jan. .,',0-lm. Jersey town, Col. Co,
Nn 11 Tnss.,..Tr:
Thoiin.1(.f...H .
v..iiiiVV, I 111 YD flllln.. I .
; np iis -nundcriiniidMnVi,i-H'toeii. I
o.tuiury ijcrelororo occupM i i V ll. SI
.The books of tha TMtt 'WRVK I
;. 11. IK er. In Muim . 1""' win .-;
nnnlv. ' I'ersons ln,l..:"l J
ilUiomfiburg Juno n m. , M
1 l.r.iL.rnmi. " I
r. . . K-STATW OP III ,u " "OTICf.
lAjiiers otnuminis ration on '!.".
rnmCool,orUo.irlnKcroeli iSV!". '"latiM1
ilee'il., Imvo bceu Krint,i ilp,'Mnw'
count!', to n. ai . K..lSA',lhliI2'Mr
ileceileut lira requested t..m.S;nlnIi'
vuosq inuoujcu to mako pn7?7t'm.T:
i .n ...I. . fin f lin nnrlh l.V lnLnf .lolin l-'etcr-
olf. on the cast by locust Avenue, on tho south
by lot ot llanitl Wertman on tho west by nn
Alley ou which Is erected two Frame Dwell ing
nouses wiin low Mi.iuiii.'...i-". "
twcnty-llvo feet front by one hundred nnd forty
M.i7nii. tnlrcn In execution ami to bo bold ns
tlio propel ly 01 joiiu niguugv.i
AHhflcntnAllmfl nml tilaco. tllofollowiUK de
scribed lot of ground Bltu y ted ill Ciuiwlssa town
ship, Columbia county, bounded nnd doscrlbed
m follow., to wit: On the north, south and oast
by lands or Hoiotuon neiwig couuuihuh
...... n A..n. mnrn nr less nil Wil Cll IS
erected n two story l-'rame Dwelling llouso
frame slable with the nppurtenanccs.
Kelzcil, taitc.i in execuiiim hiiu iu uv .... -,
tlio properly of Jacob iiower.
Atilm ei.tnnflmn nml iilnco. nil that certain liinil Rlllinteil 111 l-lStlini2CrOC!C lOWUSIlin
and bounded ns follows: lk-glnnlng at n post
and stones, n corner of John Al'Mlcnaers lands,
llienco by llif same sotiin sixiyiwo uujtres,
west elglity-elKht and three-tenths perches to a
iv.1 ihaiTnn lit- lnn,U uf lien aiulll Uoldeu.
north twenty-live nnd ouc-hnlf decrees west ouo
nuuiireu anu nuy-inu peii.-in.-a iu'; -w.
uinnn ihnnM Iiv binds i.l Ueese I. Millard nnd
Mi.iirno Alden, north sl.tty.two degrees, east
clBlily-clght nnd live-eighths perches lo n post,
theni-ei.y lands of It. nnd 11. Itess, south twenty-
?es, oisiono uuuurcu nuu
) placo of lteglnnlng, con-
iKitlers ill Administration on TV?1' caiKi I
Hngcnlmch, lato of Orange" tffn'6 "tail
deceased, havo been granted i i',,wnibi 1
Columbia couuty. to Ml
mui-ii-eii u.wnsmp, Adluln!.r.rt. ul-tt,ffM
mtntn annczo. All t.ers or . . .'.K1 "o il
demands against tlioi-smi,. , , "!. rhtta
rcnuested to make them iTuuwn ...tMw
dobted to mako payment. ' m "ml
ileo. l7,VJ0v,
live and one-half deree.s. c ist ono liuudrcd and
firii'.tU'A itnrlin4 In tho itliifn nf Itprrlmilni'. COll
talnlntz eWhty-llvo aens and one Timulrcd anil
tliriJCi ti(iiilin.
Hnivitil. in lit n (n eKeritlloii and to bo sold
tlio property of Wm. Suuara, with notice to Par
vlu Kline,
At tlm Kruno time and ntaco.tlint certain build-
In z located in tho town of Foundry villi'. Colum-
i tin rnnni v I'puiin.. on a lot of eround adlolnlnu
Solomon iiower,oiomou AUiem nnu a. w. isai-
nn ana me roan ruuniou uirmmn liic uiwu iiuti
Is a one story framo Cliurch building thirty-two
feet front by forty feet deep.
HClCU, laiiCU in CAeeuiiuu nun iu un hiiu 111
Iho projierty of Chester Cope, 1'eter Keck and I.
ltottt'r. TriiHtecsof the Uvantiulical Association
oi i oniKirj vine.
At. ic hamn tlmo nnd nl.ioo.that certain build-
ln located on a lot or piece of ground MUiated
in tlio iowii m liioomsourR in ino county oi to
liimliln lionndril nnd doserlhed ai follows, tn
wit: Krontlntfon Second or Main Htreet of bald
town, ndjolntug a lot of ground of Jlrs, Caleb
mrtonon iub east, n 101 oi Krounu oi i&aao n.
Kiuiti on ino west, auu au auey on mo norm,
Thn bnilitlnif N a iwntorv frame bnlldln?. twon
ivfcetTn iront ou Main street and thirty feet
rseizcu, laikCu i'i CTecniion anu 10 ue koiu a1
the property of u. w. tJiiamer.
A I, R o i
At the Mimo time and tdace. tho surfaco of nil
that certain pleeo or parcel of ground lu tho town
of Ccntralia In Conyngliam townRlilp, Columbia
couuiy i eimii, uouuuuu uuu ueaciiuuu as iuiiown,
lleirluulnir ataKtakent tho Intersection of Lo
cust avenue and l'all Hoad Htreet thenco north
thrt-0 decrees west llfty feet, thenco north clchty
seven decrees cast ouo huudred and forl feet
10 au aiiey.iucncesouiu mreo uegrecs, easi nny
K'ei 10 ituii ito.ia aireei iiieuce aiong saiu nireet
boulh elglity-bevcn degreeH, went ono hundred
nml fnrtv fnit. tn I lift nlui-o nf lipirhuilri'r. thr Mild
lot numbers eleven aud twelve lu Block thirty
In said town.
tielzed, taken In execution aud to bo Bold ns
the property oriVter flower with uotlco toTuos.
At the Fame tlmo and olace. bv vhtur of a Fl.
ra.t a tertaln tract of loud Mtuatoln Urlarcreek
twp,, Columbia county bomuktl on the north by
lands of John (1. Jacoby and llannub. Hnonen-
bercer. on tho east bv lands of Ktenhen Tlinmn
aud Jacoby, on tlio south by public road leading
from Uerwlelc to liloomstmrs, on the west by tho
Itrlar Creek, on which U erected n frame pri-it
mm, pmster mm ami saw mm a frame Uwelllmr
house, tramo stable with the appurtenances.
A lso at the mime t line about three nrroH nr L'rnimrl
situate in same twp.. and couuty ndjolnliur land
or J.H. Jacoby, Daulel nainbacliund thoNoitU
Jlranch Canal.
Helzed, taken In execution nnd to bo Bold ns
i uu property oi josinu mqmas,
Jau.7,'70-tf. hherlif.
ehilmsnBalnstthoestateorort'o.?.1 M
them to tho Kinr-umr i,, "uesltOtes
i nose inuented to the estni
nient, inoriKiiKo or book uccoum
payment to tlio lixuculor wSEj",,1
.Inn .! !!.... 'l Lit ii.LI)V I,
..... : .".'iiiuiMrjuioii on tiip..t.t. rf
orld eountV i I'aul rrF'Sl 'Jlffil
! P county nforesal'il. All uSSii
cinuiin Kainsi,inoesl4iteortho(l-edfS
'.'"e.8 t:,i'.". Rr!'". H'm lor iuK.fl
r J iiiiiei.iEii in me cstn oto imkfMti.1
tho uiidcrslgncd ndmlnuirator vrnffigl
uy yltluoofnwrltof AllnsVrail.Enxa
(1 out of Urn Court ol I'oiiunoa l''eioin
da county, tested nt llli.oiii-.l,i.rVi,,ii i,
icccmber IhG-l.wllI banxi.. !S V5? '
i pienuses oii Malurd.iy, Jmiuarj- jK
ovli lu thaullernoi.i., the UliCu J
uo In tho lollinvlng tract ot i!
ed t
December 1
tho i
o'clock 1
unto in llnluo towiiilil.., CelumWiSI
bounded nnd dmcrlbed as lollows. i ii. . I
norm oy uuu or Henry deed a
cast by land or llenjamlu Niki iWd'i
sputli by land of Henry lion-wan, dni'd
tho woslby luud of John (Icurlutt mS
iiiiy-inrco ncrcs uioicorli si.
Seized, taken In execution, rind to bir
tlio llfo culnto OfMorv Kline.
dec. iilOU-tf.
Ill I 10 DmiiailS' tlillirt t.f Tn nml.l.i I.B
.vuuiiuruiiiiuiuieu uy me uillll, to mattCi
mil euiiocic twp,. in the county nf Coiti
ucuu, tviiiiiieei. uiu iiariies luiercstM, k
nurposoof his niHiliitiH-nt)iis.ilurJn,
unv of Jnuuarv next, at 2n'i-lnLir p. v .1
uiuceoi u. ii nrociiway m lilootmitmrfcli
couuty. All parties InteruUd nre rwns-.
attend, nr bo debarred finm
of thosald fund.
dec. 21,'CIKilv. Aj
iu tlio Orphans' Court o, the i-ountjrofCil
bia. Tho Auditor appointed to tll.u-.tst I
balanco in tho bauds ot the adm'r. ami
creditors, hereby gives uo.i'-e iba I
will meet the ..irlle4 Intt-rulti, III
l.urnosoof ills iii.tioluliuent ou'lliurwaitl
day of Janutiiy isTOai tea o'dutltA, ml
otllco lu llloouisbuig, lu s.ild ruUQl)-, AEpI
lnicre.steu nro rcquehiuu iu Hit4rtio, or oe
reu iroin coining in jor u part in ilb h
..i. n ii
dec. 21,'oll-lt.
whereas, thcIIoii.WllMamElwcll, President
Judge of th Coiut of Oyer nnd Terminer nnd
Ueneral Jail Delivery, Court of (Juorler Sessions
... uiu caw uuu ujuu ui uouunou fleas nud or.
I.han's Court in the 2Glb Jmllelnl l.iutr...t Mrn.
iKi-ed of tho counties of Columbia, Hulllvau and (leorgo
JJyomlng, and tho Hon. Irani Derrnnd Charles man, J
;-..iaiiu AssiKinio juugesot Columbia county
havu Issued lliclr precept, bearing data the luth
day of Deo. lu the year of our Lord, one
iiioiisanu.eigni hundred and slxty-nlne, and to
tnedliected lor lioldlngnCourtof Oyer nnd Ter-
IWP. UOI.UM11IA COl.Ml uuwat
To beth 11. llou-mau, Thoaias UnrnmEl
uowmun wosiey jiuiviuun, ii.rani uhm
jinwiuaii, jiuuj i..,
tniner nnd aeneral (Juarter Hcsslons of Iho l'eace.
Cilllrl nl l-..mmn.. llnnu ...... t
..I... ui iiiiuii h uuri, in
winly of Coluinbln, on the
tho Vtli day ol l-'eb. next, to
KiiUJOiiili-n INUttL'Ji;. JN'OTICU IS
hereby given to all legatees, cieditors and
other persons Interested In the estates of the re-
inrciivuuewucuui una minors, uuu tho follow,
liu. ndlnln stratlon mid ( nwlniiniu ......
been tiled lu tho olllco ot tho Ueglster or colum
blacounty, nud will bo presented for contli-mn.
tion and ullowaueo in the Orphans' Court, to bo
of Ueb.,ls.0,nt two o'clovKiln the alternoou ol
1. Account of William I.ulz, Kxecutor of tlio
last will and testament of l'eter Luti, deo'd and
ndm'r of the estate of Catharlno I.ulz, into of
Columbia county, dee'd,
s:,4t'e.ou"t.or I'ctcrK. Herbeln.lato Guardian
of lirltniu M. llodlue, mluor.ns riled by Kolandus
lierbuiu, adin'r of f'cter K. Herbeln, latool Lo
cust twp. Columbia co. deo'd.
. Kiifct and Ilnal necouut or, Kllngermati.
ndm'r of Kt o (lenscl. lato of Minim twp., dce'd.
ii-J W "T."-',",1 ,of "If""1 Hm, ndm'r of John
Hess, late of 1- Ihlngcreek twp. deo'd.
5. Hist undpnrtlil account of Samuel Ney
hard, l.xeeutor of l'hiiip aalzlg, lato of Centre
twp. Columbia co. deo'd.
0. l-'irstiicci.untori.evl Iiidlnvnnd l'rederlelt
Ceulretw".'.',iU.u'edUtUr'' f UC0' !""' ! of
7. First und Ilun'l nccount of Chailes 11. Ilroclc.
twp., t olumbla county, dec d.
ffc.i i.B.cooun.t .of '"r'"1 l'almer, ndm'r of
w...v a a.ii.i;i, mm oi JJloom IW1. dec ll.
Dloomsburg, jau. 7,70. Ueglster.
man, John liowiuan, and IniermamnJ'
I'hlMn Mnwpn-. Pftiiitii Hinltli.
nlnuwuo luteiniaiilcil with Joau-u
Henry llowmau, Andrew ItomuiDsu I kniiM i.f l!l.rlslt.nhi-r F.ltuWUllt.l
l.'clcsiin lutermariletl with William Milel
llltla intcrinnrrled Willi wiiiuiui.iuw
luterinarrled with Thoinas t'olicr, JIjtj I
man, nnd Joseph V. llovwtiau ctilMaai'l
nf. A. Ili.wii.nt.ilen'il . tl.u KSld JiallUb-l
being n minor who has hoinmonVrkl
ennrdl.-l... tnlrn l.nllpntl.itt ill rursQllDnU'l
ot partition nud valuation oi iho WJW7I
estate town; ouo piece or iarcrii)i.ii
lu tho township of Mllllln nioraM,-
nne... ...... .... .....1.. ......I l.n.linv flOtl
lu tlio county of Columbia on tho second Monday Illu toilcujatnlnyolia st.utliw.trJI) li)l!'l
uen g 1110 um uay 01 i-cbruary next, and to Yobo, svcsiwardly by lielrs of luur I
of tlio town nr Mini In, contusing M.'f'l
or tliereubouts, ulso the itndnUeJ il
liouso and lot situated lu MUlllm UUBWf.-J
main st, uy an alley, lot 01 uumwi
Htreet Klxtv f,..t fr.n.f .uiiri. nr rbi.
two bundled teet deep, IinniobullJinf am
me; will bo held on tho priiiusf.tinr:-
Utl. ilnv or .lii.iniirv IsTO. nt w tlcaUl
placo you may ulleiul If sou think wt
MOltDUt'AI Jlltilll
doc. 17.l.l..kl
llrst Monday, belnj
eoutllllio (int. weolr.
AND WIIKItllAH Alfl Iho mmn .Ti.,ln.
issued their piccept bearing dato tho 1Mb dav of
a'v. ..n.. v. ouo iiiousauii eigiu nunured and sixty
nine und to mo directed for lioldlniran nrniimn.
Court und Court of Common lMessin llloatuabnrir
coiitiuuo ouo weeU.
nnAND junons.
SS KltnnUAItV TEltM, 1S70.
Uloom-Thos. Illckey, Michael Tracy, David
Itrobst, Chas. W. Muyuer,
Urlarcreek William Lamon.
Ccntrnlla-Janies Dvke, William Snyder.
Conyngliam John l'rlce.
I 'atawUsa Holomou Hhuman.
l'nuiltllii .Tames r, Ilnaglaml.
llcmloclc-James 1). I'ursell, Theodoro Dent.
I.ticubt Illnun (J. Hower.
Montour-l-htllp Foust, Isaac Mown.
Malno-Nalhan Miller,
Ml. l'leasant Joint Mordan, sr,
l'ine David Sanders.
Hcolt-Joliii Y. Keller. Samuel 11. Kline.
Charles Lee, Joint Ammerman, I'raiiklln 1'.
rlltST WEEK,
Uloom-A. Wltman, U. It. Drinker, A. Bollo.
der, Jacob Kvans, J.Troup, A. .McDonald.
lleutou lteuben Davis,
Catawisja-li. l'fabier. IienJ. Miller, Joseph
Martz, 8. 1). lllnard, B. llawn. J, II. Kuitlle , L.
Itrclgh. '
Ccntro-Jolm Ustcr, Jacob Pponsler. Henry
Sli.iller, Jr. 4 '
Hemlock Aaron Bmltli.John Betz, Dauld
rursol, A. .1. lCnimelt.
locust Win. Krwlu, Joiiu lllrd, John Hor
ner. Malne-C. Haman, N. II. W. Drown, J, It.
Madison Louis Bcliuyler. J. Cosper.
.Mllllin-i:. ll. llrnwn, A, .1. liuckulew.
, Hcptt-ll. J. Millard, M. McCollum, J, McCon.
dy, I, Hons.
liloom-Tlios. Oorey, Tctcr llrptitcl, Ciiavles
llerwlck-It. II. JJaton,
llentou Wpi, Aupleman, Wm. Bmltb.
1 leaver A, 11. Johnson, J. Ilredbender,
Uriarcreek-II. Donk, 1), Miller, D, Martz, It.
llowou. '
liUuwlssft Walter Scott.
C'eutro Wm, Bcott.
('eutralla 11, James.
l-'lshlngereek I), l'ealer.
I-'rauklin-M. Hower, Joel Ztr, J. Soloman,
llctnlock-Ueo. Iivey, J. It, Miller.
.....vv wuiiu l.lll.K. I... liwutl
Maine John lletz.Wm, Fisher,
eo (lolly, J, Yeager.
Millllll J. (1. WintH.-ulen.
Mt. i'lensunt-W. K. Bunds,
riue Bolomon Dark,
itourlngorcok John I). Houck.- .
Nutarlour John K linger.
Scott Asa Everett, Tlios. Trouch,
Oman, I). Mowry.
11. r
I O K.
j.n, strayeu or stolen rrom Ihojireinlses of J,
T.. (ilrtnil Ol.f.r liltfll.l. IIP.. Mill ninnnulinrn
Veljcw ltut Terrier. A liberal'reward -will VS
pad for the recovery of said dog ua
Notice is hereby given, to the Coroner, to the
justices 01 inel'ence, nnd the Constables or the
n.wi. ..yum . . uiuiuuut, mat. tuey no then and
thero In their proper person at to o'clock in tho
forenoon of said 7lli day ot Feb,, with Ibclrlrec
ords, Inquisitions and other remembruucesV to
. ..."au nnugs 10 tueir outces appertain
to bo done. Aud thoso that uro bound by
recognizance, to prosecute ugalust tho prls.
oueis that nro or may bo In tlio Jail of the
said county of Columbia, to bo then and jiiu.rn.iu tiicm nn H111UI DO JUSl. JU-
rors uro lequcstcd to bo punctual In their attend
auce. agreeably to their notices, t in,,,,.-
" ii iJuru, the Sd day or Jan., In tho year
( us. V of our Lord, ono thousand eight iiun-
i,u?Tt. Clil'.,a s,cventy, and In tho ninety,
third year of tho Independence of the United
Sti tea or Amerleu. MoitDlX'AI MILLAltl)
Hloomsburg, Jan,7. 1S70. BlierlU"i
.No liUMiiua, It Iminminfnl lo cure lost or
Impalrwl Taste, Smell or Hearing, Watcrlug of
nrt'!S,,'?.l;s1'.","e,""y'J.l"eilt". tilceratoti Throat
'"''. I'nln una 1'iessureln tho Head nud
ouei ih-'f.T?3'" rausud-M 1,11 rre.
queutir nro by tv.o ravages of Catarrh. It la
l;ulMl",.", V' u"e' "'"tains 1. strong
Action aMi A'"-"'rb! itowiS cannJture1.1"'11 fr ft " f Catarrh
l'.'HCE Only 60 Cents.
If your Druggist lias not yet got It on sale
don't be put oir with soma worse tbau wortlfle,M
strong stuir, "fumlgator," or poisonous ca ill?,
luste d of curing it, but send sixty ceiits bi .?
K.',"!0nrrnu'lly "'l'-each you by5 icVurn iuall
ff l"'-"l!. 1-osl paid, fi.00, one lo"e!i lor
J!a2.-M. u-"-vW:-.
ra lonal luodo ol procedure lu cases of general
deblll y and nervous prostration? Dois not ren.
son tell us that Judicious stimulation is required.
To result to violent purgation lu such a caso Is
ns absurd ns It would be to bleed a starving man.
. .. dono every day. .Yes, this stupid nnd
inphilosoplilcnl practice Is continued lu the
n ",e " that pliyslcal weakness
with oil (lie nervous disturbances that accom.
puny'more cortnluly and rapidly relieved
by Hosumcr's Stomach Hitters tlmn by nny otU.
or medlclnoat present known. It is Into that
general debility i often attended with torpidity
or lm gularlty of the bowels, and that tills symp.
torn must not bo pvc.lookod. Ilut wnlle lis
ei'm"0, U'lmU) ",llllor "Mho .,5 stem Is
tu'I n ,. plated, Us tlgor rnwf b, rtcruitcd.
1 10 "I er do both, 'l'i.ey combine aperient
and lum.biliou, properties, with oxtraoidluary
from ?" W""B K,nVl"S Obstruction,
from the bowels, ihoy tone and Invigorate thoso
irgaus. 1'hruugli tlio stomach, upou wliiclt tho
gleat vegetable speclflo acts dliectly, It gives a
healthy uud permanent Impetus tu every en.
fieblod function. Dlgosllon Is facilitated, the
faltering clrculallou regulated, tlio blood rein-
nrnu ,tt,,eW afe"",0"uf 1,10 l'mentary
prluclplo tho nerves braced, and all tlio dormant
power, of the Hystcm roused Into healthy action'
not spasmodtoully, as would be the case 1 "i
mete stlmutaut cro ndmlnlstered, but for u
con n Is In lids way that such extra"
old nary changes are wrought lu the coadltiou
of the feeble, emaciated nnd nervous Invalids
by tho use of this wouderlul corrective, altera"
live and touic. Let lommon sense delcde be.
tweeu such u preparation and a prostrating
cathartla supplemented bvu poisonous nstrlnir.
t-nt llko itrychulno or (luiulu.
Neatly exeo utod at this Office-
Real Estate.
... l.n... ... ...... i.t..
couplings nutl lunglngi cuiniileie. 'll
uiu 100 iigni. ior our wont. B,.r',;u I
shafting &lu. and 2 in. tiunw U 'Jff I
lings nmlud1iiHi!ii.lali.i.ii!crs.
Also ouu'tlirusUiuisMui'hlue. JfJ
uec, 17, oa-tr,
17 O 11 SAL li.
The undersigned oll'dtti t j Jlpo.cofi!ll
saio, on reasonable terms tuu 1
nt L'ght Stieet, Columbia coiuily. f-'!
tho "Walnut Hotel," und mnvoccufiHlI
uel Kline. . ..i
it is l.tvumblv Infilled lor t0 US"?!
bu.lness, nu4 it properly kept, no""-1" 1
return Hlisudsome income, .!
Questions as to title, poes.lon,r)n-
satisfactorily answered by Bi;0..'S"l
A .... on .,-n .. ' ' 1I
Puhlio SALU
. .-.-.nfthll
In pursuance of a coiitluueo ow"-.
nns' Court of Columbia couniy. iJ
dated December lUllilWi'J.on -''u'S.i'
15th, 11.70, at 2 o'clock lu t lie, llt,rS'l
Neyliaid, iidmlnlstrator of tin) ,
Nagle, Into of Centre townsli P. S,!Zii
deo'd., will expose to sale, by 1'uW
the premises 11 certain ,
n n it fi v. A K D I'0'
kltusts lu Cenlro t o w 11 sli I p. a nd """' I
said, containing about t flVim Wl
auddescrioed as follows, l.V Vt Ml
by land of I'hlllp Miller, on f ''"ort'1 1
1. n. L.auipueu,on iuouiiu..v :--.iin(tJ
Cuual, and on the west by laud Jfua I
on which Is erected u two story j'Jz I
i.u.iMe, n siauie, 1. weiio ,.h...
' T.n-p nif KltUIT THEHi
ou the premises; lulo tlio c'1'110."',,"!
smiuui ju vue U.WU.111M i."-; r 7 i':;t.i
wl.L.l.luv- -- ,.nLl
uii 1
.... .1 .;,.'".'. ..V. '." '....'. on... conn" K7i I
. Wlvii ubi. JSHS?
dec. iiloD-iw,
pUllLlC B Mi"
Tn- a L KH'.'I
f A li U A 1UJ - " I
lu ltoallugereek twp.. IUif 'H V',!
naiuruay, January i, "'! 7 ( t-M
ri-ilu.,1 r..Al..Lli.ln tn Will Atr"'.'l Jt
ed by lauds of Itlchaid rl
nud Thomas Uoncli, aud IH Vm I
mining ...nvvi
uwirpxTriiv. 1,-nnn A'l
u ....... . - . ,lj I
more or lossi r,hoHtslxlyacrcs,lll,tf,il
cdand uuder good .-ullivnllon. I
incuts are uiwusiory ,tnf.l
ll"' I
n bank born nnd ont hiilUlngJ'Aia
apple orchard and other "'.' i .iAoi
ot water running Ibiough Uw l "10i
Tl-iitMM Ol-'H-iLi::- l',11. '1 l,e i"ial
of the purcunse iuouty '"'".ff.'inrl
lug down ofthu proi'trlji J" " ll0'
tho ten per cent ut the cor U u ,
uud the reinalulug ll.ii-o foil'" ,
tbereulter. Willi Interest m.iii cjjl
uoc,u,w-n. J.KOIHTON,
Ufn. .11 'C1.41V. A