The Columbian. (Bloomsburg, Pa.) 1866-1910, August 16, 1867, Image 3

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u (Columbian.
IIMIO.imil'lttl, RIUDAV, Aflli 10, lHflT.
.Mm' in the llcmfiirmi went to press
lis iiiui-maly heavy limit nf imtlness
broke llic iniirliliii'. l'.vcn n ('iuiiilicll
jiiiwi-r pp. could not ftitnil It,
I'. .lolIN kIvos us tliu iiuinlicr of lil.s
ndicrllnTn In Cutawlssiutnd liurwlulc.
Wo would rr.-pcctfully ink for tliu INt
nt t ho otlior oIHcm In tlio County, If he
itdir ihr them.
It Is MiiKiilur wnut u Inrjjn nnmlior of
Ik'iiioi'riitlci'orri'Hpnndeiits 1', .tubulin.
It Is also HtnuiKo tlml they all tiliiiso tliu
Coi.i'.miua.v, Ciulil'nt that (jlrtoil li-lter
writer (jive their nanie.s'.'
W'r. are liifonued that tliu contaact
ItirtlioruiiMructlfin of tlioentlre,len(tth
of the new railroad I'nini Stinbiiry to
Wllke.-harre, a illsliuiiv of llfty.elnlit
miles, Ims been awiuded to Mc-srs He
witt A Co., of Danville.
Kvr.ltv i-emlble, reasoning man should
read the addressof the Democratic Statu
Central Committee, which we publish
to-day. Its pregnant truths, and .stir
rlii,' words will llnd a resjion-eln thousand-,
of hearts In thu old KeystoiieState.
Tii-.MuiiiKiw theri! will heaUnion Sun
day School celebration In Mllllln, near
,Schweppenh(;iei'shtore. will
be delivered by Mers. Ikulur, l'reezu,
and IliocUway. The Orantjovlllc llr.i-w
Hand, we are Informed has been cnaed
for occasion. A liiruu turn out and a
pleasant time Is anticipated.
Vi:.seo It stated that thu Pennsylva
nia Hall Ito.ul Company has bought a
eontiollnj; interest in thu I.ui'kiiwiiiiiiii
A HloouisburK Kail Ito.ul, This va-t
monopoly buvlii"; bought the Legisla
ture, N now eiiK.ied In "(jobbling"
smaller "corporations," until llnally it
will have complete control of the
How the copperheads continue to
prate about the Constitution. -'eixtj-limn.
It Is very well that some persons con
tiiiuu to prate about the Constitution,
and endeavor to keep Its provisions be
fore thu people j seeing that thu Itadl
cals are contlnuint,' their best endeavors
to destroy Hand render it obsolete.
A iici'out reaches u that n .vomit;
j;irl about seven years of no was found
In thu huckleberry woods, near l.acka
wa.Nen, on Sunday last dead. Shu bad
Kimii out on Saturday beforo to net ber
ries, i:nd not returniiit; at nljjlit earch
was Instituted. When found thu body
was terribly bloated, and bad marks of
seventeen slings of rattle-nakes.
Kxri.u-ioN. It is reported here that
tlvoof thu powder mills at Wapwal
lopen blew tip last week, killing three
men engaged at the works. The watch
man on duty fell asleep, and during
this time tliu explosion-occurred, ltlch
aid Ashworth, ono of the unfortunate
men, hnd been engaged in the mills
there seven years, and during that
time no accident of a serious naturu
ever occurred.-- Hi cunt of tin Time.
Tins week has been iiitilo a round of
festivities among the young folks, of this
place. On Wednesday the Hpiscopal
Sunday School hold a celebration In
Snyder's (irove, and on Thur-day the
Methodist School was to have held a
similar celebration, and to-day the Bap
tlstsare to hold ono at thu same place,
The scholars of thu dllfurent schools
look forward to thesu reunions with
much Interest, and they olfera strong
inducement to attend the schools,
'I'm'. tt'iiMinm does not deny our
chargu that the Radicals haveabollshed
the L'nlon and thu Constitution but
tlaim-as a sutt-oirthat they have thu
abolMicd "Slavery, the ltebellion, and
the Democracy." We think tho people
are becoming convinced that In abolish
ing the Democracy, they destroyed tho
l'nlon, for which even four millions of
freedinen.mllllousupon millions otdebt
anil the slaughter of thousands of our
countrymen, Is not nulllcleiit recom
pence. Tin: School Directors, of Illoom Town
ship havo selected teachers for tho ensu
ing term, which Is to begin on tho llr-t
.Monday In September, and continue
seven months.
Thu following aru thu names and In
cations of tliu teachers :
1'. M. Hates, (irad. School nt Academy,
.lennlu lirecce, Assistant.
MlssT. A. Vanatta, Academy.
.loscpu (iarrisou,
MissC. ."ree.e.
Scott Town
I'ort Noble
.Miss Wile Vance,
A. Moiii-oo,
1,. D. Kase,
C, Mauhart,
.1. II. Vandersllce,
M'Kelvy's Fernace.
i:ast Hloonisburg.
Welsb Hill.
Tin: storm of wind, rain and hall on
last Saturday, between liloouisburgnnd
Danville, wiu tho fovurcst over known
in this nelghliorhood. The oats remain
Ing uncut was llattcned as If a roller
had hern passed over it, and thu corn
unless very large and thick, was almost
In the same condition. Where it was
at all small ami light, it was beaten to
thu earth.
Tim little streams were ilowlng wide
ly over their banks, collars were tilled
with water, ami In places where the
rain could not readily run oil', the water
stood In t lie road leaving of the fence,
only the top tail nnd part of thu fecund
vl-lblu, Tliu hall also was large and
destructive, and wo heard many per
.sous say tho btonu exceeded any thing
they had ever witnessed.
On tho Lackawanna A llloouisburg
Railroad, at ono point the Immense
volume of water rolling from thu hill,
had carried uway thu bridge over the
public road, and the road Itself, and
precipitated tho whole over the track
of tho railroad Into tho North Ilranch
C.imiKso that boats below that point
v cro absolutely stranded. Still further
up, near the dry saw-ndll, another
bridgo with tho public road wero
wa-slii-d a way, and hundreds of tons of
earth and stones deposited on thu rail
road track'.
When thoslxo'clock train (up) reached
that point, wu found -Mr., the very
elllclent Track Master, tit work with
all available hands removing thu ob
struction. Hut tho train could not
for hour. A telegram had been sent
from Danville, and when wu reached
thusllde, an Improvised train was wait
ing us iibovothu point, Wu tramferrod
ourselves, baggagu and all, to tho trucks
and baggage ears provided for us, and
with lint llttledeluy reached home.
"A JiiA, of bliy'ltf!s
lln IHiolimli.iiis una (la vitsl cniirenui."
Tin: Isthmus of Panama, or," as It Is
sometimes i'4illud,DarIen,connccts North
mill Sinnlll Amnrlm ntwt la ihn i.rniit
tlloroilLdifai-uoftVnvel bntweeii tbi.'Al. I
Inntlc and 1'iu'Mo Oceuns. Htcalnshlp
lines center herefrom nit parfs of the
world, mid almost all tho exports of
California, tho western coast of South
America, thu Sandwich Islands, nttd a
large amount from thu eastern coast of
Asia, as well as supplies lo tbmu coun
tries, cross at this point Instead of tak
ing thu tedious and dangerous voyagu
mound Cape Horn.
The Isthmus ucqultcd historical Im
portant soon after Its discovery at tliu
close of the fifteenth ceiitury,anil though
the Atlantic coast Is now n solitary
waste, when Columbus visited It there
Weru thou-ands of people Inhabiting
that region. Thu discovery of tliu I'a
cllle Ocean, thu large ipiantltlus of gold
found, as well as the inoxhaiwtlhlo
wealth of Peru, early attracted atten
tion to theplace; and thu Immense travel
over It may bo Imagined when I state
that according to the best estimate from
.'IIUIIHI to I0.IMHI neonle have iierNhed in
I the transit.
The discovery of gold In California
called trcsh attention to the Importance
of thu route, and proved the necessity of
better means of transportation. Indeed,
tho subject of an lutci'-oceaiilc canal
has been mooted since 1 . I S ; but al
though Hie feasibility of the project has
been demonstrated by the numerous
surveys, yet the Iiumeii-e cost of the
scheme, as well a- the danger of a rival
route through Central America, has pre
yclited the accomplishment of anything
practical hi tho way of u ship canal. In
lsl7 tliu New tiianadlan (ioverument
granted a charter for a railway to some
I'renchmeii, but falling to execute their
contract, it was transferred to a compa
ny of Americans, who after unparallel
ed dllllcultles, thesacrillce of thousands
of lives and the expenditure of millions
of money conducted the enterprise to
u successful Isaiiu. It Is stated that as
many lives were lost in the undertak
ing as there are sills In the road.
Although It is only . forty-seven
miles long, its construction and tho
erection of appropriate depots and1 ma
chine shops cost at least twelve millions
of dollars. Notwithstanding this im
mense outlay the stock of the road is so
valuable, that none of It is In the mar
ket. The value of tho road may be
judged from the fact that initially Its
average of passengers is:!I,liiio; of treas
ure $.i5,(iui,()iH); and or freight iKI.nwi
tuns. Kach passenger pays $-.00 for a
ride of forty-seven miles, and ten cents
a pound on all baggage over llfty
pounds. The road earns about $1,000,-
non a year over and above all expendi
tures. According to treaty stipulations
New Granada receives three per cent of
the net revenue of the road, and $Iii,ikmi
per milium as compensation for the tree
transit of foreign mails, and in return
protects the road, and mantaiiis order.
Alter the lap-e of a certain number of
years -he can take po-sosslon of It by
paylngallxed sum ofm oney. Of cociso
I'rauce or Kngl.ind would gladly ad-
vanco thu amount In orderto secure the
control of the Mhmtis.uutl be-ldes there
i strong element in New Granada,
opposed to granting Americans further
privileges. The itiiotlon promises to be
one of tliu serious dllliculty In tho fu
ture, although the construction of the
Pacllle ltallroad will lessen the import
ance of the Isthmus to us.
splnwall received its name from
Win. II, Aspinwall,a leading New York
merchant, and one of the projectors of
the Panama Railroad. The New Ciiii-
nadians, howevei, persist ill calling It
Colon, t lie Spani-h name for ( oliiiubiH.
The place Is built upon an i-land called
Mamtanilla, which is entirely of coral
formation, anil rises only a lew inches
above the level of the sea. In fact, dur
ing the prevalence of a storm from the
north I havo seen tho waves roll into
the street, anil feared that tho frail ten
ements would be engulfed. It is the
eastern tcrmlmis of thu Panama Rail
road and owes Its origin to that enter
prise. It consists of a few hundred
buildings, the most of them being de
pots, warehouses, residences for tliu em
ployees of tlio Company, and n few
Hotels for tht accomodation of travel
lers. Thuextreiuuunliealtlilness of the
place, caiistii by the surrounding
swamps and the frequent rains, will
ever prevent It from outgrowing its
present limit. lie-Ides, no fresh water
can he found In tho vicinity, and
thu people aru obliged to uu rain water
altogether, which Is caught in huge Iron
tanks durlnp the ralily cuoii. Their
food Is brought mainly from the I'ldted
States, although tropical fruit and some
llh are broujht In by natives from the
nelghborliiicoa'ts and front the Interi
or. Ordinarily the place is extremely
dull, hut upon the arrival of a utoamer
It Isthronged with Indians and Negroes
for it is theji they reap their harvest.
Tho exciteiiient does not last long, how
over, for thptr.dii soon takes the passau
ger.s on acro-s the Ishiuus.
It ras about two o'clock In tin' Alter-
noon when we left for Panama. At Hist
our route led through lowsw-uinps, from
which arise the dreadful malaria, w idt h
causes the well known Isthmus fever.
The water lias a deep black color, and
Is covered with a green scum, which
hides from sight many a hideous rep
tile. This pit 1 1 of the road was the most
dllllcult to build, bettiuso piles had tirst
to be driven deep into the moras, and
then the bid or tupiirtructuro built up
uu that. It wasu blngulut'scii-atiou for
onejiist frcm the woods of Pennsylva
nia, to rldf at the rate of thirty miles
an hour though u jungle otherwise iin-
i it'i it' 1 1 ablt . comtiooeil of trees of tron
in I tiiiilnrf-riiu'l Ii u.ii'li n I tin inn tii'fm'ii .
imihotjauy, and paint, while screainlnc
ti-irvulu niwl idiutt tw ii rr iiiniil.'iit'k titwl
AriU of ujxinhtccut )!tiniaKi', gavo U-j
vorplty tijlht'M'tHH'. i
.Soon afji-r Inivliifr AHplnw'till a lii'avy '
rain K't Id, ami from that nuio Mprtuij;
'a lirootlbf troutilLs," Jiocaust wxin tho
li'iidor wm thrown otr tho track hy a
t,laml!ltK'.M After half an hiairV tlo-
lay woailn Kt lu inutloii, hut afU'r
procvrtllp howral ntlle.s were again
y another hlltlo iiiikIi morn o than tho other ,mnl in whh-h
tluM'nt;! oalmo.-t Ijurlwl Hwlf. Upun
liispcoth t wu found that tho routt was
nivprt'd ir flftyyanU, and In homo pla
ccntt'n ft 'tdcop. Aro worotortalnly inn
lIx'Mini Itheoamoa heriotis question
ih loourtettiiih'anyhupper or breakfast.
Sount In vove.r, tho earn wor bunouinU
od hy tl i natives, aud though tho food
and wn t theytfavo us was of rather u
uucstlonablo (uallty,lnour hungry con
dition wo could do no better than shut
our eyes and eat. Wo had baiiannas,
oranges, cocoa-nuts' lemonade, colfee,
chocnlote, etc., In nbttiidrtnce, though
the prices were somewhat steep lo a
person Just from tho United States.
Thu standard prlco for a cracker was
five cents' a cup of rain water was a
dime, and one lucky Individual pur
These I
Ited III- 1
chased n chicken for two dollars
articles weru sold us by hnlfnal.
dlaiis to whom thu accident was a liar
vest. Thu males wero armed with
knives, much to the terror of thu, ladles
who remembered the riots and outrages
coninilttid but u short time before at
Panama. The natives called the place nnd U muUivtl of ll fiV !ui(4
I tti I I I s,(1c u..t. lulu t1i.
mult ol liumlton canos Mtuck into tin.'
j.iriti nnd (nn-i'thcr u'lillt the '
roof was ilmtcluMl with ilatittlu leaves
.... . . t t i . i. i. 1
'i nure wn-- nut one room in im-n inu,i"
(Iio center of which the Hre was huilt,
thu Miioke inuktn eresi through
the Interstice ut thu fMes Mint and
nith were prevalliiiK features in the
U't t.i-titf l.i.lnu n h'Hf-r to tht! SliW
i a 'mil "v,v - -
York Ifvrahlt written iy iru i i
n i ,1 r.iri', evnosltion ,
II... II. ...I .. ...wl ,l.,,r,.rj I,M,I It 11
JkiiuiCit. m vi. ...s...-, -- - ,
a KhiKiilar tiling that Mr. Harris eould
not, mm the eoure events weretiuiinj:,
when Democrat were IiwMIiik that
..I ,i ..i ttt.t .-i.'
negro oonueai ruie nun i-!uiuu .-iv,-
thc object of Steven-, Sumner v i o.
Wo tru-t tr. Harris1 warning volie
h.w not heen niUod too late, multhat ho
,-i ii 1n olili. t i turn (lie eves of
may jet HO linie tt) optn III u
hnne.t. hut ueluded JtepuimeaiH untie
(hint'tT-i of their eonr.-O.
ShW YoitK, Auj(ilt 7, W.i.
Tfi'i'ifp t'lii-rntw ol' Til ll I nilA 11
10 Illl. l.uiniK-oi iin, iit.iwi.i
I t.i'inL vmi fnr vi)tir iiianlvaniiouiH'O -
,..,., !,, ,,ifti.itiiif' Ilrt'uld hi this
nil'Ilt III this moriUML J;"f"(' , ,n
lU'tlelo hciltled uThe0V( riIs." imr
vlntfu Iii hut tirl i'lf firn mi Wlioie.-onie
,1. ..I ', i i, ,,, it... ,.(,, UiIj iiwirn.
intr. belnir tninsli'iitly licto, without
livurih.. nr. (rrill IH. I !l-sssll It- YOU.
sir, tluit tin1 prc-put ntti'inpt of jiarty
K'llllors io si'cnro IIOIlllCllI jhiwit uy ,im
klntf tlio Sontborn Stntos ni'fjro Stittos
Is inoit ulariiilnt;, unil tlio puoploof tlio
North nuiat notullow Itssnm-s, If tnw
Viiluo lliclr own frcodoni nml prosperi
ty. If tlio pi-oplc stoji to think, thoy
will spurn siii'h nn attempt with IihIIr-
nation: iiothlntr but fal-o Isui'S nm
Hi6lblV IllloW stllll ll rillllOUs project to
MlLfioii. To choat till' pisiplc, tho ndvo -
eaie oi iius neiartous H'nemu win kvi j
beforo them thu Idea of martyrdom nnd
all that sort of thine; Init tho true is
sue should bo over present to our minds,
.mil nmrtvrs rewnr.Ie.l at i less expense
than till' overthrow of Olir institutions.
Now, Mr, I havo done my hum we part
nl ... .iin mip fur lln. lTnln,,. Tu'fl llf
mv soil's havo fallen under tho Union
"iisii'i". i.iiii 11 ...
llil, .1.11, ,.1 '.11I.IIU7 m II. v......
tloni, and not In tlie reception of a pen
nv's profit durlnsthestrire. Hut never
Imvo I wlihed nnvthltiK lut restored
Union. For this, and this alone, 1 have
suerilked, and not for tlio elevation ot
tho ne'ro nor tlio dlsfranelii-ement of
tho people of tho Southern States. If
tin. Denote, of the South arc not to be
restored to the l nlon, then inooui eop- erv that thu Colon eould not
I . f, , ,i,.,l riMii. tiln.i '
liu restored byarnis Is verilled. Jhelilen
that tlio South must bo AfricaniiCil be-1
(iii-i. Ila intiic nn. ollnweil to return isi
lore its hlate tiro num. ui to ri uini ia i
an ailnii' urn that tliu war has neen a
wlekc.l rtllor.i nml has been waired for .
1CMU l.uiuiL, anil lias oit s. '
thu destruction ol tho republie. It Is I
not a debatable iiue-tion. W e did not I
.nml IIMM.IHI. In .11.. fur tlx. ereettoll ol
M'llil oui son;, to uie lor me i niuo
netrro Stales in the South. I appeal to
, l... ..,...1 t. ..-.,,. In ilin Viirtlt ii'lin s.n
. ..r,-.. I...' ........I..... lw.l f .li.l nml
KonerotMy poured out their blooil nnd
treasure In tho eonlllct. If this wastnelr
iililniir Air l-Mltnr vim l.'ivn lilt ll tell- '
onjei t. Mr. Minor, on i.tM nn a it i
iler chord in your remarks this morn-1
In;,', and will, I know, awAken thu 1
sks.'plnj; sense' of the people on tills ,
erl-is. I have purchased a plantation
in Alabama and contemplatu removal ,
I... I I .. ..tin, ci llii
"".'. "V" ..''"""'-",. ""'V:.
Stall' is to bo ll ni'L'ro Stiiti", fnruwoll lo
my iiiiivlin,,... Tho rua-ons.irool.vlons
l-':itl:it IcS ItlllV not M'l) tllClll. lltlt 1 1 1 0 1 1 l)f
common senVo .an. I tlmnk yii. inraln,
Iron) my lii'iirt. I HA J.. IIAltlt.
Tm: oli'i'tion In 'IVniii'sNee is a stun-
nor to tlio I'oiiiii'iiio.ii Is. Itfutttitimn.
.... V, ,
Why yos, rathiT ! When tho H'oile
.f,n ,,.ii.' lo iIiihs ot tii-iri. ciirrv an
sum p.uij llllllllli in iiuiti, l.iri".
oli'i'tion nt the point of tlio onyonnt,ill
fr.iiielil-lnfr whito men anil ilrlvlnj;
thi'in from tliu poll-, anil voting igno
rant il.irkk's nnilt'i- thu miiig prot'i-s, il
Imi stininor. On this siilijcut tho .Vow
York Time I Iti'piiljlli'iin) sa :
"If tin; mi-i-lon of tho Hepulilimn
party woro to Invust tho Aituro of tin-
oouui Willi ui i kut inn iiiii i;iiii.v, ims
ri'lolrinc would lio intolllKlhlu anil jtist.
It tho ulin woro to hnllil tin it black
iartv In tliu Southern Stall's as thoonly
.. ..... .... . ill
nroiier nllv of tlio .Vorthi'rn lti'imlill
l.llis loilllt'lllliu llio ri'lll lliuioriiy ui
rosiilcnt whiti'S and torco thiun Into a
iiisilion ofiioriiiani'iit ho-tillty noth
in could bo moro natl-fai'tory than tlio
yonlli't ot Tonnussuc. Or It' incnrablo
ri'liclllon wore assiiiiii'd to bo tlio lot of
fniir.lll'tlisor tin, wliltps. nml tinwrli,.
lion and insult tho only treatment tiny
aro i.'iitltlcd to, wo could nndorntand thu
vi-(lom of hol(llii;iipToniK's.n'u tactics
Tin; ))i(rv (!) unil ili tl!) oilltors
of tho t oiii'M m an call ns n "black
Hiuird," As their sayint: so didn't
miiku iii nu.ltijitttjliciiii.
Nor would our Miylntf ho was a de
cent and resptrtaJilomnn make him so.
Tho notorious character ho su'-tnins In
tills community, he hax earned fur hint
Takinii inodlclnu tocurc diseases oc
casioned by a dellclency of 'oil in the
Illniiei, without rentorlntfit to tho sys-1
tern, Is llko trying to repair u liulldliiK
when tliu foundation Is tfouc. The To- J
ruplan Syrup (a protoxide of iron) sup
plies tills dt'llcleuey and builds up uu j
Irnu constitution.
" 'I'n liii i,'. il,;.JZ',l mi- twit Id I liii
lo 1)0 liell III meil or not, thai IS Hie
iiuestlon " Whether It Is better to rim
HUisiiou. iiiiuir ii is utiu r io urn
throuirh tho streets exposm to tlio uti.ti
.. ., , ,., , ,,,
111 the people With ill-nttillK and III-
,11'wln i.lillil.iii U n (il'lf i,,iis.IIii,, .
in.liie cioiiiiu', is ii sLiious nucrtionj
especially when O.iviil I ,o won berg's
Clothing Store is in full blast, nnd his
minnlii nn.l ulii.K',.- Illl, -I will. tin.
""''" ........ tiu
hti niul numi fnsliiniiiililP irootU. Now.
- "
it urmerrf, mivini; wnien hi your intr -
' .. . i .
1, call upon Mr. I, and t't incaMurtHt
I N Oft
) f'r a nood suit of clothing,
I'll J At hi rosldoiico lu IhU place, on I'rlduy, ulloi u protim tod 11 Incus Cnu Try, hkoiJ
7 otirt, 1 mouth umliM d i)n,
I yiiH Fry Win u joiim; iiuiu, v Lnouti to nil
our c 1 1 loiu ; und no iiuiu ocr Npoko of him ox-
ropt lu lot ill of U'SjHU't mid pluUo, lln uih u
t hrUllnn unil a p-utlcnum. II W louit lllnobn su
homo with mcikiitsi and icKUnittlon, und ho
Ii.i pussott to hi lost. May wo all fin with an
tsputl tvrtnlnl), mounioil hj us ntriiiv Irionds
m it h an ttlticvi o, fori'im .
;n In Otuusoon tho H'lh Imtt., Mr. Huin Hull, ;, II month luid lldnj-.
rA'WA'WW-On Hntunhiy, tho 10th limt., imir
,M k II UU I ill, l ll Kill m, rii'WUlU ru nvr, IUIIOI'1
of thU, Mtfoil iilimf.-JjiurM.
Mr HtetluT wtvt u )iMiiujiutiii of moral worth,
a,l UU ;l,.all,ni I- Uim-uM l.y UU '"
IrlfiuU. HNiiimiinHUtu'hftlthUplucoon Wod.
nchjii) owulnif, niul the funt'int ooromony will
tiilio oIumi to-dnv
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nt manly to Wlti.T. Hliimyui. All nt
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T W.M. f. MllUMA.N,
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S(ttt luuutlili. Mild county. All im imomh iiuv In
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JOHN' UltoW. Ailm'i
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fl(lt(l to Mild c tit ale. Will pU'MMi itiuko iui tui-iit
tiitioor to tiicm, nmi iinnu imvin ciniiusnni.'
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nut ieiny. i i. ii. iMin i'.iucii.
Mmtfuir Ijn, July .", N,7, AtltiihiKiiutir,
J: ir.rv. nr twtrt. si'w, nt.ri:A-i.n
Uttrrn if adinlliMrntioti to the vUif nt J mii
U Xu-i. lute of Mnitirlou iiklihi. I'nlninlilii rf.un
t ,tti'winil, htm1 lifrii Kiuntfti by tliu Ki'KlHtt-r
of Id t'oimty to Nullum .Millar, All ihthouh
!'.VK V"h ir lU'iiiuiKJt wliint tliu . Mat.- of
line iin oim, an ii-uucntM ut irr8t'nr incm io
tti MlmlnUt mtor It limit il lay, and nit Ih'ikoim
lll'l'imu tur ri''ut'Mi'(i iiiMHt' ii) infill.
, j.,,KlU.r i.nnot;vAiui -.i;sTvn: or rotmtnx
ntiut r 'iwifif, n:
, . Tin- I'ntiimimu-cnltlt of l'i'iitityUaiil.i
I,. I.. tv.(-r lkru!n, ;lrti Kt'kmtU.
' ' l.ticy uti2itscr, .loscpu -'ckrnth, nntt
wliHof lliniin IU.'krutht(iiaim". unLiiowii.)
aivtitiu, , mi a'i'1 rndi of yon an- lnrrhy rtidl
:uid iimmulid il to hi unit uihmi.ii' in our tirnoi r
I !'" onlwtis' Court, to l- hoidcn nt i
iunimri;, iiiaml lor.ii.U'ouiity.uu thu lltst I
M.mi.iy i M-ininnH'r in-xr, turn unci inw
Ithittli wil Mihmimi IVkrotli. liit
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t,.,Bi.llili .11 ... I 1 j,u1 ,.r . ..H,.l.,
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1" Utorier ty arllcU- ot uKiviintiit In willing, nnd ronvoyilu!
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1 "Urn Atnl tlu-rnsliowpnuvMliy thctuM rmirl
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snldotitru.ltoth.-lnH'Inii'nt andni.'iminutli.Ti'.
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cno "tin- iifonalil (h-nrm' Hpadf, of tlu (atd
llt Ilisi-H in U i' hliiiph'.
i j samit.i, h.vyiiiih, hiutiii.
Hlotii'-huu. Auut !', Im.T.
1 V K .
sl'ICl H' I'l ttlnilMAN'c l: I.ST.UKOF IAMI.S ll(.
ln.S. III. I'lsl ll.
Ojfntji'iit ISmntil, us
,, 'I ll.' I'lilllhliillMi'i.tlll .if IVnusylunilu
'. I..h I t(i III. 1. llillstoii. Joliu llltlsliili. Atini-i.
's--' isil.rtliirtM'. W. II lluuiiikT, Kniinliim
of Jal .'s. I hin.tM l'.t 1 .1 vim itml L'hurl.'S lCalstim,
inliidtrliliMri'ii nr uoiuti llnMnn.ilor n.,,
Iill-lt4 l,StH.lll All1ifitt,.t.llllll.lU-iJll-lllilHI.liisl.,i
I lUlsl..: n. K nl II. li-,lst,.ii;
tltvi ItiL', yon nnd I'ticli of you nrc heri'hy citi'd
aial toiiiuuiilfd to In' aud ai'iir In our proper
tr-oi iu tin urpinihs- rmnt, i in tiindcii ul
Moiido ot ptt-mhi-r ni'xt. ih.-n nnd'.to
tin. I,, illl, xi ..r it i' iiniih.,11, L.,ttiir
qiiouri;, in unii ior Mini i ouiuy, on Hit,' ur-i
di. ot I'lttt'liihi-r next, lln'ii nnd tli. n tn
utiwe tho piiUlmi of 11. I llnttintin, Mttln
ttirtii i ui on1 aui .mint tt mminii, dtiti m-170i1oI
rountj nml nml with jour I'llloni r l.y
rtiuiri'.tt est. nr in i-.ti-n liiiKUiisrxHE.i'niiiiaiiia
'XVS n ' .I'laV 'nS," , m, y '1
1.1 ..I ..i.'..'ii..
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. nun' Olllii' m.M nil.lriu't iiiriinlhii! In 1 1..' Iru."
intttit aid lih-anlti'j Hanoi, nnd that a cnini'V-
iini-t' biiadf iindt'r Mild th-fU'o to the ulon-xnld
.Nrlsiijid CnrtN, ni tin- vti.i itri'TiiNi-H In it'Dhim
pi.-. ' sami'i:i, sNvin:it,iuTiti,
lIl(K)ihuru, Uiiiifai', lVi",
sri.i i it 1-1 loiut't im'i' l sr.m;
u KKorll, 1IH FASt II.
tihtnbi f.iiili.v,
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i. i I'.i'T i:rotii, uiifu ilikiwii, imvia
1 KOI I. .IO I I 1.1 urn. I, I.IH'y .sillUPS-,i,1 .m..ih,iiii.i m tin- hvii m liinua
i:ikii.tUii.ii... sunioi.iwn.)
Un-i'tlK. ou nlnl .'mil ol you nm Ihti Ij citul
,.,;,;!,.,, , , , uj,,,Mr tn vur ,,.r
.!(. t m. oiiiiumv iimn tola- imiiun nt
iHinmitinr, lit nml lor snM county, on tho ilrst
j,,in,Ul,r mhl.r n,.xt ih.n i.n.l thii,. io
.. ..MH ,,i Aiimlmm Hi'im,.,,,,,.,,!,, !.
mt, m-iiik loril. tlml Hu-miM siiiiiii lkUroih,
l.iloot Jlllhi tovlislilitliiMililrouiilv,ilPiva.pil,
b . , r .i.i,. i .mhiii., iu.
iii. nml I muiuv. nml nnsii win. our mil.
Iil), liiiiili-nuiuy, nari'i il wltli mnr lull-
1 Hiiiiit lliittlrlo ol uifit.'tiii'iit 111 writ nir. In wll
I UU1 1 . olfl'V III Killlll. lo tlio wild .Illl'Oli hihwrli-
I ,.i.i, i,i, h. irs ..s.iuus. Ami to .how
1 muir wi-ih.'n.iiii'ouii nI.ii i.t iini.-.. ih-in.-
rl,i pi'nnn..nrii til Ihn halil l-ontnu't lUTiilillnn
,,;, ,r,.n.Mi,m,i ninininBiiioi.-of, nml Uu.i
,t r.,i,M,.v, i uinii rint.1 .io, i.i-iii .Io.mIi
Miii-njiiiiuU.r, or tin. s.ii.i iK'tW''i, h.,l"'
I) IXIt.TMIt'S NDTlCi:, Xhtici; is
1 J 111 1J.V (ill t.N ll, Illl ll'lMtt'l'H. I'lt'lUttllS. ami
' oilr.4filnl...,t.,l In ll... .M'nl.s .'inc
llxdiU-i'udeutx und minors, tluit the lollow
i Imjii.lmiisiijitlnn kiuhIIiiii uni
ItfW SI!
'ouiitit hiiM
of Columbia
, iindttlt'iWriei in tlie urolmiiV Couit. lo u held
t.r.. . ml. ..I l..p nml ikiiiI i.ii
m lniil;;;!',
; i mmffnit in,,niiui miMiI.ij.
! I, Si't",n niul Ilnnl luciiiint or .lnhn siinrnless,
Kxis-uinijimiu-y MmKimim.rii itita ikw, iW'.i,
'-, i"W,t r Jiuii...M-Ainim' nml Wm l.niu-
, i-nt.i'ri;,'rJKi-i'.itorii,il (ii-or';ii l..ini:i nlii'ici r, lull-
1 m .Mulmiiwnsiiii., iirivui.
'l. I iiMli'i'iinnt iirs,mt:i.lSiii.Tiui.l .MMia.l
, Hi i-v ii, A(ln Inlsirntm s nt Mnllluiv llinn, l.iti1
if mimIii tMn iiip, ii,- usi-ii.
1 J-;'" 1::?,;"! "L,!V,''l?,h'i,v,h.'i's.JV!','.',
nl llillnl,.r .im'iI.
i. i'-.,nt nl Allrisl T. l iijm Mn :, mlnilnlstrn
tnr i if l',i ul i. 1 1, ss, liii nf l-'.hlncri'.'lc tiiv.'if
ship, ilis i-t.
Yu'mui nl I41I l'.uUi'l, nilinlnlstratnr of
ll.ivSil 111 Mim, Intl. nf JiirllMtl. t.iwlisliip, ilis.'il,
7, rirsl'liil iltuil ncrniint nf Alirain Vninii;,
ailtnlllislmiir nf Will, i:. Unliirts, lali' nf .lark-
kiiii nnsi.siit, ui'i. ,!.
, .Tiiii,,f Mnrv
! , Min i,mt ii,.uf Kisiiinsm-, kii.nsi,ip,
i ii'di.-.'i. 1
1 ''. m.ufcf Duiia miii.t, n.iinii.isiri.tnr nf
f lirlstiiiiluv. k i,ii. Mi- 1. itn nl llrlnriTi ik tiiwn.
Inf l).i M MIII.T, nilmlnlstmtnr nf
tli-lly, l.lti- "I 111 l.lliT.'.'k Invuishlp,
ll'l'I'llS. il.
il Ilnnl ai'i'iinnl nf (Iciiru,- HtiilhO'i,
.lnhn hhataliis ami lilnyil 1'iiMim, uillillnlblni.
tnrs ill Jn.
i I'nxlon, hiti1 of CntaulsH.i, ilcc'tl,
11 Al
uinir U, 1.. I Collo-, inlminlsti.itor of
I J I-iIimii
ijati of licnlou township, ihs: d.
ii .Iiihi'iih llnrliiiiiii. ndiiiliiihtr.ttor
j ,i.ivn,"i.
i n. (-uniui
1 ''.'..''""".'i 'il
Jiiiiiiiitn, l.iluol rrunklltt township,
kid till ll account of (limine nml John
at ninth of 'I hointti ('inmcr, lute of
Hi ll. (ll't'l'llSI (1,
IV Hunlh.litunlof biimtiid Ku"lt-r,
ol llt-ury .i'ih, ot .MiiIiik iottnhlj.
It:, Kti st itil Ilnnl necttuut ofhunuifl ICnlcr,
Kii.iitUnn ot rinrh-nJ. Nus, l.U'jot Mulnt) low n
sbi, dt't'tMd
IT Virst -d lout iit'cuutkt ol Jatut'H V.m Iloili.
udmlntititi?rit hiinuol Vnu Hoin.hitiMit (lict'ii-,
MMld tOMItilcultJ.
!. KIit aiiilualim'oiiut of (h ort A. Iloumun,
i m tutor a to ui Ucj iioltls, htti ol Mi llllu lowt
fhlp, th'tTMi.
J'J. Acctmlitl Anit Ci Ok and ChuiU-H Mcuk(Ji,
ndmluUti tvi ol Ahrnhiiin .Mi-umIi, t.itt' ol
nmirlMKOi fl tiwimhlp, thcciusptl,
Jft. .Niriiufct of Jumi'S JlnsttTi. ndmlnUtrntor of
John llrnit'tf.litcof 11 m- towunhlji, dtvt-ajod,
Jl. Accontt f.f H, y, Ilm I muu, niluilnlfitrntor of ILhLcm, hit- ot Illoom township, ih-oM.
2;'. I'iunliicrouut of nnnft'l ltN nnd Humutl
lliiudiiuill, I'Xivutorittif Jiunci 1J lloiidlil'ill, late
'A Vfcoiintof WtllliiiuChtriitman.iulmliiHtru.
lot ot Nutlniriu-f, of heat t Township, dee'd,
SI. Aei'oiuit'ufbolouiuu lliis1), udmtulstiutor of
John I't'iiht.liitt'ot l'tKlilmsfrilt Tow nhlptlft'M,
JOHN ti. rilKKi:, ItcKicUT.
IllooiiuhilrHj Aim. 117,
I Wlll lll. l, Umllnn. William i:im II, 1'm.lili lit
.jKo u,r Cuuil nt IIjit nml IVrinlinr unil
'i"nil Jll IKflimry, I'.m.t oi liu.irii-i nhih
n ivncn mia c Wi t nt fominnn I'l.-.i .mil or-
plum'" I'mnt nriim j.iii .i.uiiiiiii nisuii i, inm-
piimilnl tliu.Hiuiit It'i, nl tlunililti, hullliiin ami
Wnmlni;, ini'llli-JInn. IramliiTi ami 1'ilirK.
Il'r"' ''., ,nurim,i .iuuiiik ni (.iiiun.nm ,'niimy
,,u, isnni tiioiruniipl, iwuriiu .ut.- ib .wh
ilnv nf Miirch. IL Ilin ii'iir nl nnr l,nul. nni'
tl!iillsui)i!,i'lgtit llitliilrt'irunil 1.1x1 -ioi'll, ami tn
lni'inri'i-lisi ini ikiIii neat 'mirl nltli i-raiul liTln
' ' V,."1 V'VV ' .'.'.'V ':.'..' , ' ' ' 1 1 A''.1 r. r
n'tniK'UNKI ll IVUI't'.ltUIIIIIOII I ll'ttn HUH I'l HI-
, '.ll''4.1'ur''l? 11 hM'h!rtl m. '"i'y "r
uinioi't, uu mo u in Momu , im'IUK ui .tl mi)
' ,i,l' mw hwcomuiiH iH
.Noltco I" lioriliy Bii'ii, to tt
.iusiicok or tt iw ami tim i
Dill Ul4 k
tho Cortmt'r. to tht
'omttsiibh'K or tho
uld nullity ni lVi)umljit tlml th- lt thru and
tin io lu ihi'lt iiibi r HThon ut tm o i hu k In thu
forenoon ot iid 4nj- sith tn'ir ni-ordii, tuquItU
tlmit ami otln r riiinemhriiuttt' to do thyM thiiiici
i litt-h lo th' lr oJtUt iippi-rtiiiu lo W iiuo And
thi iho that nit- ImjuilI iy ri'ttuiilAiim'o, to pioit
ctito ituulnst tin' prltouuu (hut nr or imiy ho in
thojioi oi iiii'wu) diuniy ot rommmit iotn nmi
und tht-ro to proNiirutothi'iii ut hlmll ho jiM. Jit
rorMaio loipit'Miti i mm puiit'iuiii in ini-ir auouu
t , unco, nRfMuhly to Ihotr iioili'i'M. Put ml
l,.h, ul UliHimminitf, tho it It dn.v or .luh,
I ' k In tho tr ut tmr Jidt ouo IIioiih
mid oiuht huiuUttd itml nlxU -som-u, und In tho
nitn lltrlh our or Vn- Indi-i tidi iuvot tho irullod
Stntot of A mo Met,, tdon hAr. tiik Cohon.
ui.l.lll.l HAMl'r.l.NNV)i:it(.Su7'.
ItliHiiiihhtnu, Aumt 7, Ihio
III ooM-Wlll. Hl.Hl W, J. .1. Hiohi ( S HI, M'lh Il0.
umt'. Hkhwh k -j, it. Hudson
I'rttl UK - III rliHRt'r
Pummiiiam lit r liny it
Kihiimi Cuki k Houty lMJtltm.-,
1 JiK i'lif.i. T"i"n' UU'hl'wil.uii ,M,
iumiook- Imiko uuoll,
MAiSfc-rKriuu-jii 1 miM:, Julm I" bliumuii,
I Miiho.v Ctmrl. TrnuHii.
I On stih- Hrtiiiu! V noiiWh.
t iiuahiish i r ikiiu i (wuiu,
, Hisil'T ll, W.riDMliuii, Win. Ilnmr, Ji.hl. NVy
Hll.lAKI.UAl-ItuuJ. f'oln, hUcaJrllk 11 vmi,
' ' l oll HKITIiMllKIl TllltM, lt;,
HUmM Mlrlmrl WnlU-r, Wm llolillrliiitti.
In- iviaiW'iti Mli-luH'l, lului l,iiK.'nlHTK r, ir.,
John stimnnn.
ltitiAurioK--.t I'Slilllll.
ll-Nli,s-.,lnhll .1 M'llfUr.
I'CMntAMA I10l(.-s)usl-ltl M t'rri'l.i
ru.wsiolAM l'hlllp llriwtl.
Vn nkmn r.llm W't'inrr .IfM'I'rr
I FrsiiiMi cm m-Dllhstsoirki'i.
(l ? " ,V1M " "" l, r'
V-lom.. I Hl. rmmi, .')
I liliriCH fil('i, II,
Diiuli i llllll. John
"iij ui'i , ji.'mj, t Jiuoi r, Ion ii Wlntitrxlrrn, I'hhuiiM Smith,
ittiiiii'l Ntist, I'lilllp Cri'tiy, Siiniin-l frcmy,
John It Volte,
Mt. l'i.KAfM.Iohn Wiinli h, (ilni y Mclkk.
MAniios-I'i-tiT Woiflntfih N Utrion,
MoNTfifH .furknon liclhv,
M mm- W Iitmi iihrritiT.
l'iM,-Illihard W. Lyon-.
KuAiitvo Ckkkk lintiif I Jturiir, Iiiitiicl (liurhurl
Amzl I'rultf,
" J ATHi;i'ii:Miu:it TimM, hc.
1. Kit Jones n. Mllrn ( AhlKitf. i-t. nl.
2. Vrlhl HnuhrN . lutfr Mlllfr.
:t. Jntinthiiii Knlttli'VH, Wrlylit lUmhcH.
I. Mary II. (Iirctt , lloht rt H. Howell, t, ai.
ft. Itiivld YtMittcr m. I'ltntun lvwllt, rl. al,
fl. !nld Try . Duld Hlnihiaii.
7, Oi-oim In tun n, Ihiute Y'lti r.
m, i;ilii4 Krum nti I'linii'l KrinitVitilrnr'n.
i. Willlnin A. Mitrr f. Jtiiiii'H lHUo.
I", 'UioiniiMj, Vundi-rnUro . Atuos On slier,
11, slvi"tr Ji I'unx . William V, tlrcrn'H ntl
12. JucithH, i:iiimn. Wm. r.flrci'n's mlinrV.
H. Jom'oIi I.lllry . IVtrr Mi-Ulfk.
ll. .1 will i A.NwKhcr n, Uk-hard W, Lyntu,
1 1. JiimiiOnrmau . Mlclmcl t'ri'attc, t t, n.1,
la. (l.ti(p Hi own h. Lt-oiutnt Stlni man.
17, tluw. W.CuiiiKIl i l. nl., vi. HukIi O. Mc
Ui iioUKt-t. ul,
I. i 1 cstir .1, l'uii . John ltnlilnm,
11', Tillman tuu vn. Syht-slcr J. l'liux,
IV. .lohti Tn inhly ittul vij.St iryi;.(lri H i t.ul.
2 Tliirk Hti-warLt ttiil., V4 Klllali ( fliiivci.
1".'. Mchorah Oi tiU i. ilwin 1. fi an,
't. I'nuikltn Viicutti Win. T. Khuiiiitti,
IMwtxrd M'l'.ill 1 1. nl.; vt. Jf.hh snpnrv.
'ii. Wvt Ilr.inrh iriunmi'tM'n. f. M. iVKhiw.
S't. John 1C lrhmr , Jrn'iiiluh K. Hpsh' adtnri,
J7, Milton 'InniKli im vk, l'hilln Moye r H. rl.
tN, .li'SMUtohl'iiwund wil'i' w. Win. K A wlfp,
llol'i-rt M.vonVadinrn. v. Wi"hLjon.
f ImiifH M'Vh-ker N, I.. Catin.iifll.
.11. (.'has, M, Mlth'r V. tlui tnwmhip or IMootn.
Jl-si; l 01.1 .MAN, l'rothoimtaiy,
IllooniHlmrfrt Am:, 2, inc.
virtue ut mi tut rr writn of VrntlUumi J,'Lo.
iiutnlid .1. Vemtltl&nt Ermnm. Wstinl out of iho
t 'unit tf O minion I'l wis of L'liltimhlal'otmiy, nttd
tlhfi tt-d to nn, will hi- imposed to putiUfhult' at
tin- Court ItoiiM-, tn lUrviiiishurtr, oil Moiulny, till'
Sfcotvl itav of Si-ptfrnhtT, N,7, nt'oni' o't-h k In
thu ultci in Mill, thr lollou Ins H )l ft.ttc to u it:
A i iTtaln I nu't f Innd ultnuti. In FNhlu( rt-i k
tounMilp. t'oltimhla ftMitiOtVonlnliiiiii om hun
dit'd artiM, iiioio or h M,l'omid d on tJic south hy
lands of Jiuiili luihiich, on Uu1 wt hv la in It of
Jtdm llrkht, on tin' north hv hunts of J,Kani,
niidon (hi rant h l.mdHof.Iohn IVaUr, on width
Is iTi't'lt'd n fraint' dwfllliiu hoiuu utitt a ham,
with tin1 ntipuitttiaiiM-s. ScImI, taken In eeru
t Ion nnd to he wild uh thu piopwty of t'ilt,Ltr
IValet. jf-ij
Atthi'innio tltnn und plrtrt. u portnln lotW
nlLtoot uroitnd, sitn.ito In th' (own of Hlooinv
luirif, t'ol iinhl.i itaintv. U'lmr two InuuIrM fi-i-t
tlrepund forty feet In width, lnunti'tl on thu
we'd hy lion .Htu-i't,oti the nort by lot nf K. If,
Uttlf, n the eat hy uti ullt'j, nnd ml tic1 mtth
tiylotof Miti. Harris, lu'ti'on U rrt'i'tt'd a two
stnry triimo ilw-llliu hotioulththr1 nppnrtcninc
Two loU. thoono lii'ltm lift v ft't'lln width nnd
four htmdtiHl fi-et ilti'p, tho otln-i til ty fi-et widn
"'d Rt'pntv-!Ko f- tiliHp.nitjolnlnK, Kmn.Ietl on
t 1ii noilh nml cust hv ItLitds of Julo J'lvrr. on
the ui Hi nml east hv lands of Jacob Kyer. on
the ttt'-l hy hindM tt Miehuel Uawy nnd an alley,
and on the south hy Ihlnl Street, whereon Is
ens ted two frame tlwollhiic liou.eft( wlthtientt
urten.inres. Nt ied, taken tn erecutlon nml to
he told as tho in opi rty of John Howell, Wm, K,
Jotu', lohu Wllltumsiunl Mery Wllllamv.
, i
At the Hume tlniK and phu-e, a iviluln lot or
nieiroi irround, hiiuitui In tho town of lilooms
ouru, t'olumijla county, helnn tuu htuidi'ed fmt
tlei p and imty f i t whle, hountU-d on tint wett hy 1
Iron strtL't.on the north hylol ol' U. II, Mttle. on
(he ottxt hy nnnllfy, and rm ihe ninth hy n lot fif
Mr-. 1 1 Arris, wlieceonls erfetetl n tuustorytrnnle
tiwidliu houir, with th" u'puTtelllu,.
Two other hds, theoue hi'lni! titty f. ct In width
ami tour hundred ti-'t deep, the othei filly wvi
it tde nnd Mintllvrfctt deep, jutjolnlnj Imiuii
tied on tho north and easthvlandH of Jmnh Ever,
on the went by lfttnls of Mlcluol Cuey nnd an
alh j, tmtl on (hp Kouth by Firnt Ktteet, whet eon
nre t reeled two frnmo tlwellliiK lioute with tho
appurtennnres, Heltfituki-n In execution und
to tie sold uh tho propel ty of John Howell,
tthe nnif time nnd rtlnre, n lot nf ground fit
tiatn in the llonmh of Cent rutin, Coluinlilti c.un
i , hetiis lltty font front nnd out. hundred nnd
flirty feet deep, heitiK two iMimUffh lots, bounded
on tin north hv Int ol -- KeiiMtcnmeher. mi the
st by nn ulle , on the Miuth by lot ot willinm
u liox-c.'n Is rmtnl a tivu ktnry Iritux- ilMi llhnt
Itiium u III, uu npi-iill. nunrfH. r.i.iiii, uiki I. in
t Xl'dltlnll tlltil In III' i-nlit lis lll.i nrniTty nl K. 1
llliiiinistiulK, Allllllsl I', 1Ni7, ,
u:ntiu: twi. iiopnty it'.n'd
At'iiiTDitis tati:mi:nt.
Sin.i. N'i:i iiakii, rnlli'iinrnf ll-iinity Tat,
li 11.
Ti.ainnnlit nn piipHi'ati'
llv nish palit Jnhn III1I, Trctt'iiriT
ill.lTl. 71
$:i,sr.' ft!
L-il i.i
" t'Miiniraiiuiis
" piTli'lltiiiJO
' !,17!I7I
("has M,, I'nllcdnr nr llnnnty Tnv,
'I'n lunntml m. linplli'.tt,.
'. I'nsh pa ll .lnhn IIULTrfiiHur, i
" ii'iliu'licll nl Tn!! lax
7,1" 12
5l,t.i I.'
1,::i."i in
Mil 12
7"il ll
II ilnliri. nn Ilupllcati.
InllN Illl. I., Tll'llslll'IT,
Tn iiiniinnl trull, l'lrst National 1 1., I , U nl
l..uMlli',iinli' In llnnk) $ln,'. 0
Ily itlsi-iiunt ai.,1 stuiiipsini llrsl itfsi'iinnt tl (17
" anrt nl .12 Miluntt'iTn at i bl cat I. wo Ivl
prnsi s inaiim Miiiinii'i'rs in i rny
niul their MihsNtnn't
3IT to
pt'ici'iitnyt- on KV"
ll.ihimv In lnvor of 'I if.nun-r
To uinoutiL on I'M'.il suIim-i Ipliou
Ily iiiu't n ,12 nt it n toot h omt s I'M it icr
I lul .i nco tluo John 1 1 Ut, Tr. nsui or
Tomsh trom H. NV tmtit, Cothrtor
c. Jl. liii ttorli-h, ColUctot,
" " " I.. Alkmnn hit on hi tn
for ono oui
II W i!7
C A',
Jtv oiusli pit Id on note
ul I'lJ-t NiUhmnl
tmiiK oi iiiuiuo
Mv 1'iirili until dl-ciMlllllti
ltt,(hlO ui)
llnliincc iliic Tot, nhtp
To rush tm I Mint Knmut'l Cn'flin
" M Miitirniot AlJtmmi
" 1.1-Nt
" ' ' Joi, ltitjcciilun Ji
SX 10
IV) i3
;-ii) on
imIi l'.dd on houdt iik per lot o Ipt
il l IM . 'IV,...
ll oi
Ui dlNC4iuut on ftfOi, uoto In Iauilh
National ItiuiL
" rah paid Crus Crooliutf, oxptiiM-
to IIuiiIkI'UIi;
"dixit p.. Id I., ., 'Into, pi I nt lie;
' " C. 11. llalMoV. Utt'J foo
70 ()0
II u
ifi t
' " H hiiudr horson-iUH por lucoiptH :ti 17
MptiPfntaKoonlll.llri 3f Ni
tI,W Ci I
llaliimo In luvui ! 'lriauioi jvt ei
Ci-NTitt: Tow.nsiiii, .'.
To Mnrarot Ailiiuun on ImiihI effrt (0
" J. l. I TOIl1 " l"
M .1. V, Ilairtnhiu-h uul hil. 'mi ti
H II. C Uitrton " " i W
M him'l Cioi linn " " "Al w
M.w t isi;.
Si tho imdi'ruluod And I toil of (Vnlro low n
hhlp, Colli Itlhlii CoiuiU, I'll., di I horoh ivltlt thai
wo hao cuii'lull) t'iiiiiilioil tlio foiiuolm; no
xiu nin nml rim I liii'lii lo In col root.
w;vi a. licrciiioN,
Uii. lt.7. Audlloih.
Nil. N".
i 1 1 it k lit. i iiii I i t v h 11)1 I.
JJIlll44tM4lt OKI I 1 4 IV I 14 I
JlAll.ltDAD.-Thtx uroal lino truveiKi-s tho I
nm I hern and notlhwont cmiutiiHt.f uu, Uimia
to tho i lt ol Krlo, on Utko Mric. It lm Itoeu
leiiM'd atid it operated h Iho ,
ri:..s l ASIA It MI.ltOAD COMPANY. '
Tlutoiif I'ttthi liver Tiuliu at Noithuinhi i hind ;
1,1 am. i:.Krw,itt, i:rlo MailTialn, Ih'idi'.M., '
Krlc j:pichi. '1 ratn, i-ui a.m.; Chiiiru Mall Tmlu, '
Ut-li) v.m,; IK-k lliitcii ActuniiiiodiiUuu Tido, 1
Ij'vk vni).nio .Mall Train. it a.v, 1
i:rlo r.xprofTriiln,i;:l( p. m. ; i:imira Mail Tram
I Hi'iM.; Hull, ih Kv. pr km, ti ul a.m.
I'lixitoimoi larHruu Ihrouuhon tho Dilo Mall and
KsproK--, Train without change both wtin ho-j
tWeetl 1'lilhulelphla lllld Tlio.
.NhW iiw CoNNMiio,-Uao Now Voi k at
a.m.. arrlo at Kilo al lO.uu a.m. t 1mjio Ni w oiU i
at MR) i-.m.: I,cuo Crloat TkUI uirhe at New !
Wirk at o.m.; 1'iiM-j;rio at lU.UTiA.M., aruvo .
at New York at H:10 a.ii.
KhKiint hUvpiiitf all hluht traiiiH,
l'oi Information ionhooiIiiu meiiLEi-r buslniM
atiply ut tho ooiitoi ut 'llditieth ami Muiket
hllti U. nuiatlelplilii
ami fur lii'liiht luiilni'ssnl
tho Coin i mil ' luionlH.
t. ii. iiinustuii. jr., .in hit nri'ut'iiiii ami M
Mr.s'ls, I'lilhiiltlplilnl J. W.lli imilik, Kriu Wll
1 1 it Til III own, Aliilil N.l.ll.H., Iliillllniiii-,
hi, li. Kiiiyhiou.jr.tit)iucrot'j wi'llthuiid M iii.t t
Jl. II, lllll'MIU.-V
Oii.i'ial 1'1,'lght Aui'i.l, riillinli'lphl.i,
lli'llullilTll llil Am nl, 1' Iphla
A. I.. Tl I.I It,
ll.'lii'lul (super nli'iii t'lll, WDIIalnspinl
Mny lu, linn, i
ji:v srocu oir'C'IAynnNr.
I'M'kI. nl
I .W.I, AMI WINIT.II lll.'llw.
I'.wtii i.ovi:snr,ii(i
IllVlllSkltllltloll til l.lK Kl.K'k Ir
nt I.Ir Htnro nn
Mi.lns1,..,n,,i,,r,il,lAm( fi,,,,, ulu
lliH,insl,jiiu, I'ji ,
whi'i.. he Ims Just rurlwl rinn. .Ninv Ynrt nml
I'hlli.'li Ipliluu mil uHuitl,iri,t ul
MKN AMI lltlYH' CliOTIM-Mlrf
lhclu.llh Uu. most fiiihlntiohl, rliilul,!,.,' nml
conMsthiK of
of "ill orts, hlcos, and vaUtn. Up Una nKo rvplwi
Nhotl hlsnlteady latKf m:iiIc of
I iM.M'hl.lll Jlll.t pt, iilA lJM(
Hf Iiim tontaiitly on luiiul a Itirno tmd
ItrtM nimortiiiftit of
ci.oriiHA.Nh vr-sri.s'cw,
Mliluli ho Is prepared to maki- to order Into any
kltutof clothlncon wry short notlci', mid In tin
hcht maiititfr. All his clothhiK in .mlM toumr,
nml most of it It if home m-iimtartuu'.
fif pvoiy ih'MTlptloti, flti nml rJicup, HIsciiM'of
Jewelry Is not Mirim-sed In this phiep. Call nnd
examine his m nrnil nsorttiunt nf
The niidrriltttii'd reipootfully niiiiounpfH to hi
many friends thit he has opened a new Hothlmi
and Gentlemen's Furnishing storo, In the lower
room of the lUrtmnn liulldlmr, w.uthwtst rorm r '
of Main and M irkit Mtret, Illoomsburtf, I'a. !
HiivlnJuit if luiiieil from l'ldUdclphU with
Larue stock of
KAI.l. A.I) WINTKi: CUnillNii
(h:.tu:m:.vs rruxisiiiNdoooiis, c,t ac
he Hatter hlm-elf that he tun plejine nil. Ills
stork eomprlvH
Jir.NS, JlOs'.ANtl YOUritS' fl.OTHINO,
such tus
NT.fK rir.s,,
tlMllltKM.As, ,lr
ntiil In Tact c-itTj llilujj In (In ctotlilnKnr I'm
nlshlni. 11m at . ry lw ihIock.
It. iiillltliin In tin" uljove lie Ijhh an ,-U'ant in.
Miiti.U'iit nf
CI.W1W, CAsslJltniKM, AND Vl,TlN(i-,
rl,OI'IIIN(l MA1IK TO llltlli:it AT THK
Miomixr Norici:.
I 'nil .mil scf bi-furi' 1 iiri'liiislu tlsfwlu-ir, mni
SllerilK (lltKAT HAltn MNH.
nelb-l .1. V. CHKJli:ill.AI.N.
L'K.NMTl'Iii:! ITllMTriti:!!
sr.w rt'iiN'rifiti: w.Mii:nooM,
wui) i. i:s. 1. 1: a xi) liirr.i ;.,
IllHiMS nVl.ll .Mll.I.Ht'S srnllF,
m,oo.iJsi)fiui, i'.
WiiKUf in.i In' fiiunit tlio iiiu'st ni
l-' c it n i t i: u !:
'. r nlliTPit til Ha" pi'npli' if this si-rt l,ill, .'iinslst.
PAItLOll, Kill lll:. ASK l',KI)-ltOOM It'll.
nl nil Ulli'ls, sli's, si U'w, ili'Krilptlnn tunl prli'i's.
Kill lii'li, I.lnlnt.', lul 1c ir nml siltlirj Itninn rlailrs,
nXTKNSION TAIII.KS,'aKf..l T.ilili's, ll.llll.l! 'I'al.lis,, Klti'ln!. T.llil(,
l.llii'ary uli'l OntrnTulilis.
s i ii i: ii o a n n s .
Chi tstnut, Wahiul, niul Chi hliiul-walmit 'l.lln.
niul, l.liiHiTi's-n l.irj;i asMirtlni'iil nn luiiul,
ivi'll mailt- anil nli-i ly lliilslnsl.
Hall Wl. .ml-. ll.ittrit'Hiinil ISruI: 'In, , i'ry arl
1 1 unit thil-li,
s i n i .v ti it k D s.
'I In, In si I'VIT nlli'li-1 In 111., plllilli-.
I'KTl'Iti: l-'lt AM KS,
Ami In t.u-l .'ii-ry tlilni; In In fnunil In a I'lty
Warn Itninn ian 1m h.ut In our rnnins, ami at thn
. ly louit pili'i's, I Iwvu I'nlalillsln'il lln'
ItKAIlV I'AY AM O.Ni: I'lllt'i: KVMT.M,
Ami ual rant nnr imiiIh as rrpres ntisl,
llliHimsliiiri;, May 31, WIT,
q"(T. V K 0 Ti (fx !: K Y,
l-'lluiT, . i;t, .t'., iir.
JAIOIU wiiimviii:,
SI M Al'li;illill.s,
Wlioli siiln niul Hi lull Ik'iili'rs In
INI. l'Fll.1 IIS IN
Dxi'lianw Illiiill, IIInuuishiirK, l'a.
UllAMir.-', l.i:.M(.NK, UAIsLNS, I'lllU'.NS,
It O C K C A X I) V ,
si MitX-v, ItA-INS, K.lsls, (ritllAMs.
1'ITIIO.V, l iii-, IKII.I.S, Al' ,
It It 10 A I) AX I) OA K KM,
nf all Minis.
KNlrt JAfollV.
UU.I). li W tllMVKIl.
Illnnlslitiu, Apill ImTT.
L AMI 1 MllK.-W,' lln im'i'lHln.ii'il illlins
nl Ciilulnlil.l tiiuntj wllni'v-isl lln nl li.iv
InrkN nn lln- iHim nl Mi. l'lnscl, in Mi-mliM'k
I'iiv. u.lilp, nn Moiulny, May 7, In. I, Is'tuci-ii tl.n
Amriii'ttu Hu Kulli unit 1 ink in.inutAi'turid l,y
W.llT.It, WAI.I-H, MIllINi:!! A I'n., nf Iwlii.
Iniri!. I'll.,' niul tlio KuniM I'litint Hay Honk,
'llie Amirliuii 1'i.rk Ull.d muni liny In nun
ilrauulit Mini, the Uunil. l In Uiri'ii. Wo am wills
lliul 11 ulll hike in. inui-ll lull Int.. Hit' lanwaH tun
f;,nHl liiirmK ran itraw. lnalsn m.w It Oltllluil
utv, ainl tlilnk It t'aiinut In' la'at us u luiy knll,.,
anil rtii'i'!ft!! li'i-umini ml It an tliu In-.l liny Inilt
ami kntfn in Ii.nn t',-i m en.
I'. HllTIM.hM.PII, I IK. 1'. '. IUIIIIIS.IN,
W. II. Knnss, .liillM IKIAK,
Inns'K, I.AMKi, Nnvi.a,
II. Dllll.l.MII.I.I.K, SU.M-.sruil I'l'll-KI,,
MnilAH. II :.!. it. John Wni.r.
Tlii'j alwi .ii.iiiiiliirtur,' Ihn t'l'li'liniu-il Ilui'l.pu
It.sipiT ami .MiiMi i', niul other .siriculliiml lu.pli-.
n It I V A T i; S A U K
' Tin: unileihiiMH-d would aimounco to the public
tluit ho wl he loilluooat prlvalonalo of 1'W O
T I M II II It li A N I),
, ultuato lu rishtiiucrci k towiMilo, Coluhihla co.,
1 bouudotl l laioU of Donrir M'lli-m, loxeph
' Coh man, hatuuel Coleiiuiu aud otheii, The tini
1 her U prliielpallv white pine, tdlow pine, rook
' link and chcxtiuit. Two hundti d aen ate Hourly
1 lei 1, und alt could bo eanll. f.iriind, Atopic
time kUou, out uoou n'ctirttv I unicoii.
micu i:i. i.KMtiN,
Jtinoii, N!7. ColuiubU county, l'a.
o t i c i-: .
UlbllK Ul Illl. lIUsjMnlll I.I) l.lll.lulO I
iMirnrn., Jiny I, isiit. i
Wu, iholiillwiKiif Tniniis's, ci.rlll
til ,t tin' innitll Inns ltsin whli'li llm lint .nWiTlp.
linns tn Ihn Hlm'l; uf hall llillllltf hk intuli.
havi' In en roi.ipllisl will.u
I.. II. Ut'l'KHT. I'nl.l,'nl.
Attel. V. I".,Mi'i,lKi).
Thn -iiilisi'illMTn In I hi Htm'k.if llipalsi..ianii'.l
1 111 It in. will iilt'iisn niy Hit- urn! Iiisiitllnii'iit, in
wilt Dnn.tnniil. ul Ihi'lrMtlii.rllplliil. ivs lnTalil
f-in.illlliit., In Wll.l.lAM HM km:, T rensuier,
I.. II, lll'l'llltr, l'n nl.
Inly .I, in.7.
TVu. nuhaiii ScIiihiI DUtrlt t wuiitHlhi'iuuleiuid .
one It liinle ltat)ui lorthot'iuiuiiiKjoai, All ap
pi leant iuiii.1 uudtntcuauoxiiiiiluailuubejuro the ,
louni) hiiperlnteiiih nt on Iho jjth daj ol Au
HUt next or alter, al C utraha, Iho w huolH w 111
npvn on tlie b.t day nt Hoph mber, and continue
lull nmiilhh, It nu all tii Dolt ale liiiub huioalter
ll) older oi liiolloaltt.
h a, wai.r ani He- y
l.iicit Dal UC .1, MI7
1 he ubHrrlhT Im-Just ti (ttrjiftl from Iheflllcs
ullli niifilhi Murine uini t led nMirhiKtit of
pitnh.trl in Nvw oik und I'hll.tiUIl.hla at Hiq
Mi-t nmirr, nun wruc n ne is (icierniimn to fen
on ut infidel-Mo terms ns rati ! prfH tniil eNe.
w !o re In ItloomfcbntK. Ills utor k tsmiprlMH 1
I.Altn;M' IHtlSM OOOIW (
of ther hnlenst Myles nnd latest fithhlmit, together
w Ith u Uro;aorttnenl ot Dry 'loods nnd Jni
rerlex,f mislMluifof the folhiwIiiKiirtlelfni
on cloths, '
Cu-snlmclet, v
White OosKln,
(lueensware, Ilurdwro
lioots Olid Hhoen,
flntM nml Caps,
Hoop Net,
Co the,
Aiitpiiv, y
.OInel fn
i Cinnamon;
' t r NnlnKn1,
In Rlimt, fvpiythlni; usnahy kept In country
Mores, In which ne imltrs the nt knt Ion of the
public generally. The highest prlrewlll he paid
for 'tiuntry piniluen in exchange for Rood.
Arcade llulltliiiRs, Iltointhburtf, l'a.
1 1 1 EAT
iu:nrcTioN ix pricks
AT I'UTl'.It
IN 1,1(1 HT HTttr.r.T,
u y
TIIK KUlisrrllur lias Just recrlU'il anil tins nn ut U nlit htatnl III Unlit Htri'Pt, n larco nml
M'll ct
ptiri'll.isi'il at tin' lnwrst flmilf, ftlnl whli h In-Is
ili'ti'rmliHsl lu snllnii ns iniMlrnite ti nni iiKran
In. priM'uu-it I'lsi'whi'ii' In LUhl Hlri'ft,
ton f.i.s ui: iDiwriiY I'ltunrrr.
Ills hlni'k ninsl... if
liADlliS' ll'...S.S GOODS,
cluilcpsl htyli niul lntosl ra.shlnnt
Callis.i'S, Mll.lins,
tlhulmtus, rtiililn!ii,
Hnsliry, rnrpptu,
Silks, Miawls,
satin, tts, I'jsslnii'rs,
I'litlniiaili's, K. iilucky Ji-ans,
At'., AC, AC.
Qtlt'iitiswai,', Ci'ilarum-i1, HarttMart', Mi'iilcllii-s,
lluus.olls, l'alnls, Ai.
In shurl rierjthliiii irsually ki-pt In a innutry
Inro. Tin- pnlmiiasi" nf hlsnM tYli-mls nml the
pulilk'Ri'tit'raHy, U ri"iptriilly.nliiltpil.
Thn hlyhcst malki't pili-n palit !nr country pin.
iinci'. i;nt,
UllhtSlri'Pt, May3, N".
in on anu i:yi iii.r., pa.,
The Milneriher hio. ju-t i oci'I ih! mid lm on hand
ut hisKton in Ornnt't Illo, u Ioiro and udoot
juirch.wtil nt tlio lowci-t Htnuo, und which ho In
ilotoiiiilncd to si-H on iw motlorato tonm usi-un
ho pirnurod tlM-hoio In )nino Wt
hun caii on twNTitY iMtourci:.
H U vtoik oiui'iUtM of
hA 1)1 KS' DUKSK 1)S,
(itouir nnt.M anu r,Ari.-r famiion-,
Cutioos-s, Muslin-, lilnuluunt, 1'l.innoW, llosh ly ,
CAltl'lirs, HltAWI.t,
Nitiiii'l-i, C.t'isliuor',
Cottomulos, Kontiu-lty .Icnni,
tiunonswaio, ivdarwato, llanfwaro, Mullclnon,
in:t(j, otii, i-tsTs .ir.
In rdiort ovorjthlnu: usually Icipt in tipounto
storo, Tho jiiittomiKo t h in old frloniU and tho
puhlio (;onoiull, I ro-itoctfullv Milioitod.
Tho hlalu-st inarki t prlco paid fur country pro
diito, li. K. .SI.OA.V.
oraimtvillo, Muj Jl, n.
J J. II U O W K H(
N now' olicrln,; to tho pit hi It his stiK'k ot
a p n A' ( a o o n s
coiUtin in pan of a full lino of
C A It 1 V. T S,
Pino flutliH nntl tai.-lmcro lor Ijidlps',
UAXlHOMi: Dlii:SS 0001),
oi ull pattctiHnndfiiialitloi, IuIuMh nnd I'lluti
ot vailouh quatltloH niul prices,
iii.kaciu:i AND JIIIOW.V MI'KM.Nm,
IjA OIK'S IMtKXCH oksi:ts,
A A l
tfiHiil llulllUI'nl ol
la D 1 1 if ii cilll.lni.. :s ii a ii mis ,i imois.
Kn sh tins eili s ami hplet-s. New nssoitlm lit uf
lil.Aho AND ifi:i:N.s-VAr.i:,
I '' X - iV 0 . 1 MACK K H V. 1.
In tau'-hiilt and ono'lMiilh ImrioU,
Sow U tho IJiuo to m.iko our MlootiouH, us I
tun oin-rlnK ttiU at wry low juIcoh, and our
mottn ffi fair ttoittfnu to nil, and not to ho under
sold l; nn. J. J. IIUOU'IIK.
litoouuthuiK. April 1'J, W7.
!; U (MI A X O I S li,
notici: is jii;iii:iiy oxvi:n
'loiny fnond-tand the imMfo couonill, liuit nil
aie toiitttuntly on lirtiul und for hiMo
Ill.OoMHllt'KU, 11V
jamiw k. i:vi;h.
Uit'AlU hole Am lit lot Ki.l.ts' 1 lioM UATKOt
1 Wl . 1-uino lot (onMlilitl) f ti tulid, Ittt'C
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on and tutor April ls7, (ruin will have iw
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ropt .Moiula.M'i.hioppliimit nrluclpul station
airivlnu ut WIlllaiiniMiU T.lUa, in.. Iliintiu
12.W iiiNin, CatiandnUuii .' p, m., ltiH-he-i.
tor 4. i p. in,, lluthiiDti.lii,
in., and Niagara
ruIMVUUn. 111.
I 1.11 P. l, I.IC.M 1' .SlUiTllI'MliKllUANIi iliillt it'K
. ,vpl rllliilnm,Mipll,K at all .liitluiis; nr
rlilnunt W lllliiiniirt U.15 p. m., niniia ni
I ll.u! p. in.
U.ll'l A, M , I.ISiUI'' Nlllinil'MI.KIII.lM. lIUl),
sluiiplnij al prliu'liHil stutlom,; arrlvltual
HiiriMi.iri: s.'n.a in., lUHImuiv !.'.) p. ni.,
I Wiuhliniiiiii .'.!. p. in., .,ml I'lill.iJi-liJil.i i..
II 10A. N, I.hAVH N'ounil kllll.ll! i.N , iliilly ,K.
ivplriiinila., airlvlini nt H.irrUl.urii Mi
p, in., Hi, llln ion' il, U) p. in.. WnMilnulol. h',10
p, in,, mnl I'htlA'li'lpriUii.iii p. in,
5.1 I'. M, I.Kll k Nolillll'vlit III. A Mnl illy r,'j
ci'pt Htimla),, .tiippini; only ul .irlnrliml
.lull. nisi ill-Hum ut Harrlsliuni H.'H p, in.,
I'hlUll'IpliM 1 Wl n. in,, uml lUltllilulu 7,1V
a. I...
II.3U 1'
IU I'. M, l.KAM. NoUtlll.'WUI.IU.-lM'. ftoppllU
at prlnciHil Mutloii inn i. limut Hurri-.fiur
i. iu., Ihiltlnuiri'7.00it, lu., rtilliwlelphlu
p, iu., ami Wa-hliiKtnn t.iai u, hi.
i.D. s. vncvti.
It-li'l lnK(-naer Ajfent,
i-oit .nm:at a nii ciiiwM'. '"''""'''Ni.VriViu'iv..
.JCli llt I TO'PI K?n liil.lli.h'ri Mini ili'iiJiTH In MuU, ami miuiutiu
i ii i ,. , ,,:., : ,:.:,:,
LAM. Al fJlh C01.UMIUAN Ol'l'R'l:
HUnsclHtTIO.V ONI! IKiMiAlt.
rifio,ooo f 1
t'ltHHIINTH To HrilHCUIu'lMt,
onc Vi ritr.sf xt or lo.oii,
ONH t'A!! I'ltf-SNT OF 'M,MK
ost: cAnlt imtKNT.of tlftrn.
TWO f ASH I'ltKShNMOF &2H.l(Ut
Ayititf S A''f(i(f f lrfacnt rVtyiv.
liif h rerl Ideate of Htm k Is nefsiiniiiiilt lth a
liiiAiiriKru sti:ki,.m(atij KNtiitAViNij,
worth lnoicntn lult lhaii the wl ut CertlflVo'te,
nnt) nNo insures tolhe boMt-r n Present IntJu
Orent iKNtrlbutlt.n. '
Lsrh'irteNil by the Slate of IVnh UanUi, und
ortt.uilrett In ntd or the
H I V ll It S I I) K INHTlTt'T K
Wil.DlI.lLH' AMI HAtbOlU OKt ltMS.
Ineorporuteil by (hefitnteof -V. J.,A'ilI 17.
nni iiiyniisnir. iNHTiTtTr:,
sllunlu m llhiisiil,., llurlliiulni. rnuiity, New
JiTsi.y. I, lnumUil turthuptir.N. of
I'llucatlucthn nns nl thvcasi'il SoMlrn. ili'tStfu.
in.'M or Ihy ti'lillislHtul.'S. .
1 In- lloaiil of Tnisl i'nnilsi i,r lh,',.ulnj
H.-ll'lcunun cltlzFlis or 1'rnnnylvaula niul .New
linn. Wm. II. Mulin, IHslrlil Allnrnrv, I'hllnrt.
i'll'la, l'iu
Hon. I,i.wl It, Ilrnlnnll, i:.f'hli'f t'olnrr V. s.
Mini, mnl ItwriliT nf Iksu, l'litlmldplilii,
linn. .Ittlnns M, Sio ol, Ni'W Jir-i'j .
Hon. y. V, Warn, New Jc tfi'V.
Ili'iiry llnrmiili, Ksij., Ak.'iiI 'Adams' KJipif--,
PhniitMpliht, l'a.
J. I.Cuv, ks'.,nf Joy, I'ui'i Co., l'hll ulilphla.
Tnr.isiisv ini AittMi.xT, WAsiiiximix, 1. i .
April H, ls7l7.-4)mci.of Inlrriinlltivriuifi-lluv-lliri'l(ilatlsf.ictnry
.m,li niv that thnt rii-ri-iiiN
nf thy mUTprlsu comlucnsl liy tlie Wivih
Innlnn Ml.rary I'niiipaii), will 1m diAolnl In
charitable usos, permission U hereliy Kriilin-l I',
mlil Company tn eotnlui 1 sneh eiitcrprl-ecxi'mpt
from nil eharge, wlKther fnn npis-lat tax nr
li. A. IIOI.I.IN--, (Vinimli.i.lniii'1.
nn: WAsiiiNirrnN i,inr..tity oimi-anv.
In onkr that Ihn heurvolrnt objiet set fnrthlt,
Ihls i lri'uliir may ln hiiiTessrully nceuliiiilliihisl,
ha,' IskUeil live nerles of
jihkli an. mt nu subscription ut prices much li"
low Ihi'lrn tall Millie.
ri rlllkali.Hnf Minkliilhc WasliliiL'tnn I.lbrarv
tiilnimnywlllhelssueil, mnmpi-il with the nil
nf lln. i on. pany, ami ltmsl by the hn-ruturv.
None others m nulne.
Any persnii wnilliiitns One Iiotlnr, or pajlni;
the Milne In our li".l auellls, will receive llullle
illat. Iv a line-,!,., i l'lalei iicmvlinr.atcholcefrolii
thelnllnwlm: Ilsl.aml onei erllllenleiif lnck, In-Mll'lln-ime
present lu our pllMlshoil Mhcsll.le.
On Engmviniji.
No. 1 "Mv rliiMI MyllilM!'. Nn. '.'-"Thry're
MUeil! They'rn Mneilt" No.3 "Olil Seu-utJ.
Klxi or the Karly Ilavs of the llevnlntluii."
Any person rmylnu two dollars will recelvo
either nt the rllimlnx line sleet plat. ,at choice,
ami Iwcorlltlcatesnf Bloik, thus heeomlnsen
lllle't to two plesents.
7'i'n lh,tUir i:nrjmvlnqi.
No. I "Va.shlniiton'i Court ship." No.S-"Wanh-liMtnn's
Last lutcrvlow iWthhls Muthir."
'yVtrie JkAhtr A'tifrntfaiv.
Any person pnjlnic throe ilnllnrs will recel.e
the lieaullliiUieelphiienl "Hoinnlriim the War,"
ami three cerllrloales of stock, boconilnn entltlisl
to three presents,
l'ouv lloll(trrnrailngi.
Any person pa.ilni; four ilulhirs shall iceelve
Ihe hiran nml lieaulllul steel plnle or "I'he 1'erllK
nr Our Knrelatliers,"anil liiurcurtlllcaloHnf stuck
eulllllni! them to four presents.
'ne thillur yMjmviio.
1 I'lllisKNTS ID Till. HJ1 HI.HOI.n:KS,
On U'rtlneatluy, September iVA 1S07,
11 T Till! INMTITUTK, 111 VKIIH1DR, N, 3.
.Schedule of 7Vi tent;
I Cu-di I'rohcnt
1 Cath Trot-cut
I ca.h l'rcsont. .,
1 Cash I'n m nt . .
-' Cash l'ri'M'iitK ot K'.Vmrnch....
. frll.HI)
.. ai.tujn
.. JU.tJOO
.. -Voi
6,1 MJJ.
i jiuuuMMiio ooiimry rofliuoni1
L'roundt,.sc. (o.'nii.tntown.l'hilitdoiihlft 1S.0O0
1 noiihlf rihld- ntv, thiot-htoiv brick, lu
Camden, N..T. iti
l ( mil Depot, oUU'on, hhotln, L'lound, w ith
I hi 1 Host o-tatilMitt, Nn, .ut Wanhlnu-
ton AM inio, I'hilatlflphia.
I Countr rtKidfiH'i',',.S.J.,with
LTouud, ti tilth, Ac . . w ii im
1 Thr story iotiui', Iut,Ao O.iiio
'J.I iilu.lhlt huitillu loti, UIflHldP, i-ini
, V'.V'11
1 l.lofiint turnout fmilly cnrrnmo, t-im
nf hoisi-h, harness, Ac, coiuijIoIo r,Ai
ID ahmblfhulldlnK lotH, UlNendde, $.'luu
, " ;t(in
1 hiMiitliiil hlhi r-nr.ij hoiM', lV-2 luiud-t
hli;h, vltttl hy tho tvlchnit.-tl hnpoittd
Arahlah HnlM) "CJlllph:" also, u lh;hL
roiulwairtin weight 110 poiuuN, wltlrt
of superior Kini;lo harm"-, ttc, maklim
a tlrst-cl.isH Htubli'-huu'nt . iVftn
2U I'lunoM, $jH0oach iu,(tti
-""t Molodoons 3JL."i ouch,, jd
.1 Hosew'fmd hewJli" Jilliclllni M, t.1l raell . l,lll
Vi ranillj M-wliiy laachtiu s. flwifiidi. . i.nti
ftt Finotriild watt lies Ji'ic:ich ItjiiM
in oil p ilntlnjis. Ly loading artUt-ti!irf.
-iti value lOon
:i CaiHolV hair Khawtii, eat h ., ;iiui
- Camel-! hair Mii.wlf, S.!.il each tumn
:i HimihointT Iju-o hhawW, i ach 7JU
lu Ctthhlilcro sh.iwlh, oai h .'in
31 llk ilreni pattonih, tTjo.ich lt
.') City huildiui; Intc.,l"ioach 7iu
The ii in.ilndor will wmM of MHor
waro, mu-'lcul imxtH, ojiera alat',
pocktt hihlcs tuid Uitlolent artlcltt
ot ornament and uno, aiuoiinthiK to . sjm
AM tho propoitlo
ieit char ol luciinitiranct-..
VI.VCiS. SindorderK to ns hy mall, inclrwdtu; trom $1 to
$Jii, either by Tost OtlUo ordi mor luu tesWtereil
Utter, ut our ilik. I.irncr uiMtmntf .hould Ui
soul hy tlralt nr oxpro.-.
lOhharotiMiiii KiiKnnlnn, .. iurii
UihlmioA with Kiiiirailnjxs with Kmrutwims . .. . j(i.."iii
TJfliaioh with rnraiin;s, i
hhiut with rimiavhiKh,
lrni-al A0M.V1S WANTKlMhj-oimhoutllio i'ul
ttnl State.
Tin Ah-siii'lallon hau npimiiitt'i! u Hi'ivlv ers.
MrMirit. llMilair. A. fiiOKh IV., vlu.. well
kniittu Inti Krlly ami laislnt'-s 1'XKrlt'lii'i. will bo
n suillcli'iit mmrantti'tliat Uu, innney lntiiulisl
In thi'lit is 111 Ui piumptl) appll.Ht li, thu purpoM'
l'llii.ADi i.riti ., 1'a., Mny N,7.
7'n tin izHcerx tonf .Vrni&rr of th Wmhlnqton J,
t,-uw ( ., A". S, UEA , iNrtri t'irv,
(itutloiueu: On receipt ol your lnor of the
Utli Ihbt., not If) In tin of ouruppuiutiutnl us Ht
leiuiH tor our Coiujmui, we took Iho Uhcrt) to
Mihmltii copy of our Charter, whh a plan of
joureiiti rprlM', to tho hfehoitt logul authority or
tho Matt, and htiiikr roii-hod hU laoriihlo
opinion in roput to iU loKillty, aud ) ihiuUi1a
iim with the bcneuilcnt object orour AshocIq
tion.vixi tho education and lnalnteuauroof th
orphan children of pur KOldlt-r h and wiilorN ut thu
UlverhldoDiitlluto, wuhavo concluded to accent
tho truwt, and to tine Utr Im-mI ellortM to proinoto
hti worthy tin object.
Ite-leelIulJy, un, Ac,
uiAi. a. cooki: i- ca
Adtlrt'M, all lei torn and order- u
UW), A. mKK A C0..1UNKKIW.
IHouth Third Htrwei, Hilladelphla, l'a,
liooeJvorii lor thu W'anhln.'toii Library Cu.
Jul -'i, l-r-tn.
HA KS 1 N I ' S
IN I-tlKM OK HiJl.l'OliOtoS (ol'.HnPltAMtnit MK'i)
hoi'KNon (iiit-.i,iMi vrin t Mri'idt-h
Trt ACgt'lllH TIIK AIlT OV KtNdlNO,
' Thi-Mt ooi clki v ei o on a i it mm h1 io bu ,iiu.
ultanouul with hli ff stint. 'Thk Akt ov
SiMMNti,' or with an) other method for the cub
tlvatlwi ot tlio win, and will lako tho plueoot
CtmiNiiie'it soMiuuioi, ln-inu mote melollt'tii
tUid liottt'l lul tptc-t torteiu'lilliK,
sniiieol t hone o.ereiii. aro hiH-olally l autinil
um well u.4 uetul,ii nillllfliiu of tho t'uft rtvttU,
whh It Kcouii-ft tholtilereottvi wvll iin tholmprtm"
ment ot tht studem, Thiiiiliu-41) odcfloi-otl
lu tht'Nt' enenlxi under Uiem iuvaluahlo lu an
Oslueatlonal p-ilut oi' vl-'W, us Day toml to m
Imiko tho IntcJIltfi ucoiin 1 I he nppieclatlou, and
at the wiine time lonil tho t.-wttc ut tho pupil,
'I hoy mtid Im htudloil enretully with refui noo to
the luiiuiueiable in irk ot okpnlon and intuit
(l oriiiimontatlou. l'm tho minute uectinu-y
with whhh Hii-M' aio io'ctnnilWicd ih'ii tid tho
not mil htorlhuj Hdvatici-metit ol Ihe pupil; any
I'uodnn or iluirltn: lu thM ro!eei ibtluio una
l Unit. Utleilt. wiiktett. while, on the olhi r liutiit. u
cliMst' ;ui I iiiitlout lmcilKutlnti,niid a tulthtul ox
ivutjou of tin nt, will ule unci ptct el jmiwit and
i.tciiity, aiut on ti to tlie Miaieni tlio mo.tiii and
renur(en by whirl i meat urtlaU oiiklui their
inoHt brilliant and pmtoaud circcW Watmn's
Hire tnoh, lu Unurd Itolnll t Uf
no. uti, in cioin, iu nm nt
Mtuiple itipy Hcntl) mail, lMMi-i.itid, on reccji.t
i if Vi holiMile Cilti, frii.
mimm nuifK, iiii, rLwoitu, A.'., ac, ,vo sc.
Knil lot mluluKtte ;f m. (jlHV