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Itlttf (5 b r f r i].
The truest nobleman of earth,
18 lie who loves to lie
The first companion of the good,
The hero of the free.
Who works undaunted for the poor,
Who sees no rank in names ;
Whose hopes ascend to heaven in crowds,
As-sparks fly up from flames!
Give me the nobleman of mind,
Who loves a noble cause ;
The right of labor's sturdy sons;
An i Freedom's righteous laws !
The hater of each evil scheme
A tyraut may advance;
A giant's strength about his heart,
Thoughts brilliant in his glance !
I love the noble man of earth.
Who strives to bless the age ;
And leaves a glory that is caught
On historj's faithful page!
4 hose name the millions love to lisp,
Truth's sure unflinching guest;
Who shines in luvo as does the sun
In palace of the west!
lie's deathless as the mighty skies,
When jewel d through with stars ;
Could feel God's beauty in a blaze
Burst through his prison bars !
Mo maudate lrotu the tyrant breaks
His spirit's upward bound ;
While high on every liberal creed
His nam.: is blazoned round !
And perjured kings may pass from earth,
Th ir pomp and lustre t*. Ie ;
But nature's nobleman uuel isps
The cruel laws they've made.
His worshipped monarch is his God,
He leaves a nsrae behind , ,
Flushed with effulgence tlmt reflects
His majesty of mind!
Hooper, the editor of an Alabama journal,
■whose uame we now forget, but which has al
ways something in it to make us laugh, tells
the following yaru :
Shall 1 tell you a bit of a story, having no
connection with politics, this hot dry, weather ?
By permission
Old Col. D , of the Mobile district, was
oDe of the most singular characters ever kuown
in Alabama. He was testy and eccen'ric, but
possessed many file qualities which were fully
appreciated by the people of the district. Many
of his freaks are yet fresh iu tba memory of
the "old sins" of Mobile. And all will tell
that ttie Col., though hard to beat, was ence
tercible taken in by a couple of legal tyros
Geo. Woodward, 1 believe, tells the story, but
however that may be, it is in keeping with the
others related of the old genleuiati.
It seems that Col. D bad a misunder
standing with the two gentlemen alluded to
and was not ou speakiug terms with them ; al
though all three of them were professionally
ridiug the same circuit pretty much together. 1
The young ones, being well aware of the Col.'s*
irascible nature, determined when they left one
of the courts for another, to have some fun by '
the way at his expense. They accordingly got
about half an hour's start in leaving, and pre
sently they arrived at a dark, broad stream that
looked as though it might be a dozen feet deep, ;
bu: was iu reality, not more than as many in- <
ches. Crossing it, they alighted, and pulling i
ff their coats and boots, sat quietly dowu to
watch for the old "Tartar."
Jogging along, at length came the old fellow, j
lie looked first at the youngsters, who were
gravely drawiug on their boots and coats, as if
tbey had just had a swim, and then looked at
the broad creek which rolled before him like j
a translucent star. The Col. was awfully puz- i
"Is this ereek swimming?" he growled, af
ter a pause of some moments.
No reply was made—the young men simply ;
?uounled their horses and rode off some dis
tance and stopped to watch our hero.
Tho Col. slowly divested himself of coat, ;
boots, pantaloons and drawers. These ho i
nicely tied up in his handkerchief aud hung j
them on the horn of his saddle, then lie re
mounted, and as he was a short, fat man, with
a paunch of rather inordinate size, rather in
adequate logs, a faoe like a withered apple, and
a brown wig, there is no doubt be made an in- j
tcresting picture as he bestrode his steed, with :
the broeze holding gentle dallianee with the ex- i
trcmity of his only garment.
Slowly and cautiously the old gentleman
took the creok. Half a length and the water j
was only fetlock deep. Hera his horse stopped ■
to drink. A length and a half, and the stream
was no deeper. Thirty foet farther and a de
cided shoaliDg !
Here oI.C I> reiued r.
"There must," said he, "be ad—l of a deep
channel between this and the bauk —see how it
runs. We'll dash through here."
A sharp lash made the liorso spring tho wat
ery waste, and another carried horse and rider
to the opposite bank.
The creek was nowhere more than a foot
A wild yell from the young uns' announced
A Weekly Paper, Devoted to Literature, Politics, the Arts, Sciences, Agriculture, &c., &c—Terms: One Dollar and Fifty Cents in Advance.
their uppiobation of the sport as they galloped j
"I'li catch you, you rascals," was
ground between Col. D 's teeth, and away
he galloped fn hot pursuit, muttering ven
geance agaiust his foes.
Ou they sped pursuer and pursued. The
youngsters laughed, and the Ooi. damning
with mighty emphasis, while his shiit fluttered
and cracked in the breeze like a loose flying
Ou, on, aud the pursued reached faituhouse
on tiie roadside. Their passage started a flock
of geese from a fence eorner, with outspread
wings, e!"Ugatod necks and hisses dire. His
horse swei'Vpd suddenly, . aa d the Col. was on
the ground in a most unroiuantic heap, "A! 1 " hi s
brown wig lying by his side, aud the bundle of
clothes sputtered all around.
The white headed children of the house
came out first, took a distant view of the mon
ster as it seemed to them, and theu returnod to
report progress. After a little the father of
the family came, aud the affiir beiug explained,
assisted the Col. iti making his toilet—the Col.
swearing, aud the countryman laughing all the
Dressed aud mounted, oar hero started off
with a woful phiz, aud was very soon out of
Frazer's Uiver Gold Diggings.
Much excitement lias been created in Cali
fornia, and has cxteuded in some degree to
other parts of the world, by representations of
great gold discoveries about Frazer River.—
Thousands of people are rushing to this new
autifeious region, intent cu making great for
tunes. That our readers may have some idea
of the country, we copy the following arti
cle from the N. Y. Tribune :
Fraxcr lliver, to the bank? of which the mi
ners of California are now flocking, in hopes to
find a new El Dorado, rises in the Rocky
Mountains, between the fifty-fiitb aud fifty
sixth degrees of north near the
source of the Oanoe River, the northernmost
\ tributary of the Columbia. It runs to the
northwest for about eighty miles, and then
turns to the south, in which general direction
lit continues, receiving the waters* of several
tributaries, till near the foity-ninth degree of
' north latitude, where it breaks through the cas
cade range of mountaiusiu a sueccssion of falls
and rapids Hence it runs westward for sev
i enty or eighty miles, till just north of Fuget
Sound, it eaters the G.iif of Georgia, which
separated Vancouver's lslu,J trom !h<> min
land. The whole course of the river is about
' four bundled miles.
■ The line between tbe Territory of Washing
ton and the British Possessions has never yet
been run. The work was commenced a year
ago by a joint commission, but as yet little
progress has beeu made. The authorities of
the Hud.-ou's Bay company claim the mouth of
the river us within their limits, though possibly
the final survey may biing it, and even soma
part of the lower course of the river, within
our terrirory. In a book published iu 1844,
b,- Mr. Duun, an oi l servant of tbe Hudson's
Bay Company, long resident iu those regions,
the country along the lower sectiou of tho liver
west of the Cascade Mountains, is described as
billy and covered with forestsof white pine,ce
dar and other evergreens, tho soil generally
well fitted for pasturage, and iu many places
for tillage. East of the Cascade Mountains,
where alone the gold is found, the soil is a yel
low and barren sand, with little vegetatiuu, and
the country rises iu abrupt uiouutains, cut op
by ravines and torreuts, and interspersed with
lakes and marshes. The climate is described
jas very variable. The pieasantest season is
i from April to June. In the latter month there
1 are a'mest incessant raius, drifted furiously
-I along by strong sou-herly wipds. In July and
August the beat is intense, and the ground,
i previously saturated with moisture, produces
1 myriads of annoying iusects. Iu September
there are fogs so thics as to turn noonday into
■ midnight. In November tbe wiuter sets in,
! freezing up tbe lakes and rivers, though not
■ reaching so severe a degree of cold as might be
1 expected from the latitude.
To this country, hitherto visited only by lu
i dians aud a few uatives aud a few hunters and
j far traders in the employ of tbe Hudson's Bay
I Company, there is just now a tremendous rush
of immigration, on the strength of highly ex
; cited anticipations of its productiveness iu gold.
The only diggings yet known are on tbe bars
in the river, commencing some eighty miles
from its mouth, noar Fort Hope, an old trading
station of the Hudson's Bay Company. To
that point the river is uavigtble for steamboats,
j It is said, indeed, that vessels drawiug twenty
• feet cau ascend thirty miles, though, according
jto Mr. Dunn, twelve foet is the limit. Victo
ria, which is tho seat of government of the
i Hudson's Bay Company's settlement on Van
j couver's Island, nearly opposite the mouth of
the river, and where all the miuers are obliged
to stop in order to obtain licenses to dig, has,
since the discovery of these diggings, sprung
, idlb sudden importance. A river steamer
| which formerly ran ou the Sacramento river has
; beeu placod on the Frazer, aud now runs regu
: iarly between Victoria and Fort Hope. Great
j .-(peculation is going on in city lots at Victoria.
Several of tbe colored men, who, disgusted by
i the acts of tho California Legislature, lately
; removed thither from Bau Frauciseo, are likely, '
it is said, to make fortunes by the ri9o iu the
value of tbe lots which they purchased there. —
A newspaper establishment had gone out entire
from San Francisco, and The jYorth American, I
the first newspaper, was advertised to rnako its '
appearanoe at Victoria ou the 16th of June.—
1 . fact, ths time is already anticipated when
Victoria will rival San Francisco.
All these grand anticipations seem to rest at
present on a rathor small basis of faots. The
gold ou the bars of Frazer River appears to
have been discovered a few months since by an
old uiiucr named Adams, who took the Liut.
It is but a few years since tho volcanoes of
llecla in Iceland, Etna in Sicily and Vesuvius
in Italy, were in active operation at the same
time. The altitude of Ueela and Vesuvius are
nearly equal, but that of Etna is about teD
thousand feet above the sea, or neatly double
that of Hecla and Vesuvius.
On tbe 14-fi Jauuary, 1848, when the fiery
eruptions of llecla were subsiding, the ashes
began to usct ud from tbe crater, and were
thrown to such a height in the atmosphere as to
fall on the Faro Islands, three hundred and j
sixty miles distant.
Osouoro, Aconcagua an d Couseguiug, three j
volcanoes iu the Cordilleras, S. A., extending/
T" * ffiW of tvro thousand seven hundred miles, j
were nil convulsed-at the .ame time.
The volcanoes pf Matin- 5 - Lou and Lvilauoa, j
Sandwich LLnds, open in i.hc atmosphere ftt j
the respective heights of ten and fifteen tnou-i* j
and feet above the sea level. These volcanoes j
are the largest yet discovered in our earth, and j
during one of the eruptions one of these vol- \
canoes discharged a river of lava seventy miles
in length, five miles in breadth, and of unmeas
ured depth, in the short period of about seventy
Tiie Azore Islands, in one of which famine
is now doing the work of death, have beneath
them and beneath the sea that surrounds them
volcanic fires of great energy, that even tiie
ocean, w:th all its mighty power, is uuable to
drown or extinguish.
• Ou the 18th of October, 1848, one of the
volcanoes iu the New Z-aland Islands was
aroused from a long slumber, and about a
thousand shocks of earthquake attended its
convulsions. The Aurora Australis kindled up
its ligh', and terrific thunder, and j
fierce lightning united iu the wonderful demoG- f
stration of the majesty and sublimity of the j
great phenomena of nature. It was then that j
shocks of earthquake were felt simultaneously j
on the opposite side of the globe, it was then j
ihat the Aurora Borealis aud Aurora Ausiralis/
united, and a bright band encircled tbe whole:
When Hetlr, iu Iceland, was convulsed, the j
eruption produced a pestilence that destroyed A
both man and beast. The black-tongue dis-|
ease there resulted from a volcano eruption,!
ud so fearfully malignant was that pestilence,T
that iu mmy eases the tongue-t fell from tbe 1
mouth of the victim before life was cx'.iuct. J
A voloauo capable of discharging a river ot |
innlien lava seventy miles long aud five miles j
wide, is capable of affecting :he atmosphei • of*
the earth over an immense surface, and docs j
affect it, as our voluminous records of natu- j
ral phenomena compared with cur meteorologi
cal records show.
Africa has not, as far as 1 am aware, a vol
cano on its continent; but there ure volcanoes
cm the very borders of that continent. I
In my geological researches ou the American
continent, i have formed the opinion that tho
great American lakes, which describe a curve
on tbe sphere of the earth, have resulted from
volcanic action; and Ontario, a deep lake, now
reposes in the crater of a volcano, and its oc- '
casionai tidal flows and fitful ebullitions uo j
doubt result from volcanic action deep iu the ,
bowels of the earth.
The immense misses of metallic copper found
filling the rock fissures in the vicinity of Lake
Superior, and the agates found in that vicinity
have no doubt resulted from volcanic ac
tion. E. M.
[Journal of Commerce.
One of the early Kings of Egypt being de
sirous to secure his riches, commanded a treas
ure house to be built; but the architect, intend
ing to have some share of the treasure, instead
of finishing the building completely, placed
one of the stones iu so artful a manner that it
could fe taken out aud put in again by one
mm. As be was prevented by death from ac
complishing his designs, on his deathbed he
g ivo full instructions to his two sons how to
execu'e it. After they had often plunder
ed the King, who observed tho gradual dimi
nution of his wealth without being able to dis
cover how the thieves had access to it, finding
his seal upon the door always whole, ordered
several strong traps to be left in tbe treasury.
By this means, one of the brothers was at last
taken; hut finding it impossible to escape, ho
pressed his brother to cut off' his head, and re
tire with it to prevent discovery.
The next morning, examining the success of
his project, upon finding a man without a head
in tiie snare, he hastened home in the greatest
alarm aud confusion, but recovering himself,
he ordered the body to be exposed on the out
side of the wall of the building to the public
view, charging the guards placed around it to
observe the countenances of the spectators and
to seize those who appeared sorrowful. The
surviving brother, urged by his mother's en
treaties aud threats of exposure, formed the
design of carrying off his brother's body. Ac
cordingly, driving his asoes thither, laden
with skins of wine, ha found means, by the
stratagem of letting his wine run out, to intox
icate an! stupefy the guards. While they
were in a deep sleep, ho shaved the right cheek
of each of them byway of derision, and in the
middle of tiie night cunied off the body on one
of the asses.
This action still more astonished tho King,
who being now more earnest to discover the
thief, ordered bis daughter to receive tbe ad
•lrosscs of all suitors promiscuously, on condi
tion that each should previously confess to her
tba.xuost ingenious action ho had ever commit
ted. The young man, resolving agaiu to per
plex the King, went to the palace to bis daugh
ter, and confessed to her that ho had out off
his brother's head, and afterwards carried off
the body. Whed she then offered to luy hold
of him lie stretched out. to her tbe jrm uJ
dead man, which be had carried iu undef 0 ,;
cloak (suspecting the inteutioas of '
and while she supposed she had detained the j
culprit, he made his escape. The King's re
sentment being now converted into admiration,
be pgionised a pardon and reward to the person
who robbed the treasury, if he would discover
himself. The young man, upon this proclama
tion, immediately made himself known, and
the King thereupon accounting hiui superior iu
dexterity to any man then living, gave him his
daughter in marriage.
Twc Bojs Murdered by their Father.
(From the Binghampton Rcpublicen.)
A most skoekiog affair occured iu Maine vil
lage, in this couuty, about 16 miles from Bing
hampton, on Friday afternoon, the 16th iustaut
Owgc-r Howard, a man about 30 years old, j
murdered two of his children by cutting their
throats with a razor. The circumstances of
• Jamcatable occurrence, cs near as we cau
learn, ar6 a? follows: Oliver Howard, the
mm deter, lives in the village of —has a
wife and four children—two girls and two boys, j
liis Wile's mother had beeu staying a few days
ai bis house, and the day previous to the mur
d&G his wife and wife's mother went on a visit
to the house of the latter, taking with them the
ico youngest children, the girls; leaving the I
tMo boys, one aged six, the other four at
About 4 o'clock ou Friday afternoou Ilovf
**-d left the tannery of Mr. Sauford, where lie
Worked, went to his house, and ieturncd soon
after to the tannery. Not long ufler it was
•useovered that the two little boys h.d beeu
murdered—their throats being cut with a razor.
Howard was immediately airested and taken
before N. W. Eastman, Eq., a .Justice of tho
Peace in that town, tor examination. The pris
admitte l that be committed the double
murder, aud waived au examination. Tho mur
derer was brought to Biogbampton list *iday
(light, and lodged in jail.
No reasou was assigned by the prisoner, we
ire informed, for the act, wnen he was arrested.
'.Sow that he is in jail for the horrid crime, ho
says that he was in fear of the Lord, aud
thought that he was commanded by the Lord to
kill his two boys. We thiuk that this is a mere
dodge to escape punishment on the ground of
jhsamly, and that instead of having any co'n
jßuuication i'rom the Lord , he was iustigated
H'v the Devil and Us own bid passion* tj com
mit this mo d devilish crime,
r Howard formerly tended French's Mill on
H'astie Creek, and Hpregue's Mill near Port
Crane. Ho also worked at Col. Lewis" Mill, in
f fiirgbamptoa, some seven yeais ago.
"Tell tne where the Bible is, and where it is
uot," observes an Ameiicati clergyman, who
has returned from a tour on tho Continent,
I "and 1 will write a tn-Tal geography of the
world, I will show in all particulars, the phys
sieal condition of the peopu. One glance of
your eye will inform you where it is not. Go
to Italy; decay, degredatiou an! suffering,
moot you on every side. Commerce droop.-,
j agriculture sickens, the useful arts languish.—
; There is a hcaviuess in the air; you feel cramp
ed by some invisible power, the people dare
not speak aloud; they walk slowly; the ariued
police takes from the stranger his Bible; in the
book stores it is not there, or iu a form so ex
pensive as to be beyond the reaclt of the com
mon people. Tiie preacher takes r.o text from
the Bible. Eater the Vatican, and inquire for
a Bible, and you will be pointed to some ease,
where it reposes among prohibited works ot
D'derot, Rousseau ai d Yoitaire. But pass over
the Alps into Switzerland, and down the Rhine
into llollnud, and over the channel into Eng
land and Scotland, and what au amazing con
trast meets the eye! Men look with an air of
independence, tliero are industry, ueatness, in
struction for children. Why itiis difference?—
There is no brighter sky—there are uo fairer
scenes of nature —but they have tue Bible;
ami happy are tiie people who are iu such a
case, for it is righteousness that exultoth a na
tion. *'
I As a peasant-girl named Melaine Robert, duugb
; terof a small farmer neat Corbeil, France, was
i proceeding to Essoanes, lately, a man aimed
with a thick stick suddenly presented himself
| and summoned her to give up her money. Pre
; tending to be greatly alarmed, she hastily
: searched her pocket, and collect' g some small
; pieces of coin, hold them out to tho man, who,
i without distrust, approached to take them; but
the moment he took tbe money, Melaine made
j a sudden snatch at the stick, aud wresting it
I from his hand, dealt him so violeut a blow with
Jit across the head that she felled him to the
ground. She then gave him a sound thrashing,
; and in spite of his resistance, forced hiui to ac
company her to the Commissary of Polieo.
If all the ladies would act as spiritedly as
Miss Melaine, they might safely walk alone at
night, ana not compel ungallant grumblers to
; escort them. We don't Know however, that it
is not better there are not many Miss Melaines.
j Husbands would have a bard time of it; tbe
; wives who now only use the tongue would use
i the broomstick, and those who now flourish the
: broomstick would get bolder and take to the
! tongs.
Horace Walpolc tells a story of a Lord
Mayor of London in his time, who, having
j heard that a friend had had the small-pox
I twice, and died of it, inquired if he died tho
first time or the seoond.
A young gentleman who has just
! little beauty, says 'she would bsi'aferials that
but she is made oLauch P 1 ""
| Nature couldn't
. ourn Budget thinks there h9 been ■
t Jfilierable "wire pulling" lately between |
Englaud and the United Stutod." I
Never defend an error, because you once
(bought it to be the truth.
Why is petticoat government stronger than
formerly? Because it's hooped.
A border, at a hotel iu Chicago, missed SSO.
A servant, named Abraham, was arrested on
suspicion. The money was found iu Abraham's
bosom. *
Kit North says that it is no wonder that
women love cats, for both arc graceful and
both domestic—not to mention that loth
One of our finest writers says that the (light
ly dues come dowu upon us like blessings.—
Ilow very differently tbe daily clues comedown
iu thc-sc hard times.
Suit Lake, iu Utah, is saltcr than the sea.—
Two quarts of its water will make a pint of
salt. Rock salt exists iu large quantities in
Jjio neighboring hills.
What belter proff cm we give of wisdom
and goodness, than to be content with the
station iu which Providence ha 3 placed us.
A contemporary, noticiug the appointment of
a postmaster, says :
"If he attends to the snails as well as he
docs to the females, he will make a very at
tentive and efficient officer."
A Person in passing a conceited fellow, hap
pened to strike his foot with a cane. "Yon
had better knock my brains out. and finish me,"
said the dandy. "1 was trying to do it, was
the rejoinder.
The young lady who burst into tears has
been put together agaiu, and is now wearing
hoops to preveut a recurrence of tho accident.
If Girls would have roses for their cheeks,
they must do as roses do—go to sleep with the
lilies, and get up with the morning glories.—
But then we should not like them to sleep iu
quite such dirty bods.
'How old are you V Said a magistrate to a
German arraigned before Liiu.
'I am dirty.'
'Aud bow old is your wife v
'Mine wife is dirty-t .fo.'
'Then, sir, you are a very filthy couple aud
1 wish to Lave nothing further to do with either
of you.'
It is not high crimes, such as robbery and
murder, which dp.stroys th ■ peace of societv.
Tbe village gossip, jeatau i s fatrdv quarrels,
and bickerings between neighbors, roedtlle
sonruess and tattling, are the worms that eat
into all social happiness.
It is an actual foot, that a man in our State,
who attempted to bug a beautiful y n ung wo
man, Miss Lemon, has sued her for striking
him in the eye. Why should a feiluw squeeze
a Lemon unless ha wants a punch ?
'I, mother.' said a petted little girl
in a pettish little way, ''tis too bad, mother;
you always send me to bed when I am not
sleepy, md you always make me get up when I
am sleepy.'
Some genius has conceived the brilliant idea
to press all the lawyers and physicians into
military service, in case of war—because their
'charges' are so great that no one could stand
'Read the biographies of our great good
men and women,' says an exchange, 'not one
of them nad a fashionable inoth^ 1 . They near
ly all sprung from plain strong-minded women,
who had about as little to do with fashions as
with changing clouds.'
There is a baby in Cincinnati, the child of a
Mr. Cannon, which weighs ill -pounds at eleven
months of age.— Exchange.
He must be at the H"e of twenty-sod-one
A dangerous piece it's remarkably clear
When the young Cyclopean son of a gun,
Is a 24-pounder the very first yar!
A lady wrote upon a window some verse
iutimatiog her design of never marrying.—
A gentleman wrote the following lines uuder
The lady whose resolve these words betoken.
Wrote them on glass, to show it may be broken.
A westein exchange says : "Two ladies
were travelling in the cars last week, when one
said to the other :
"I was married, but I heard that uiy Bus
baud was killed in Pittsburg, and I tm going
there to ascertain if the report be true."
"Well, I've got a dead sure thing on my
husband," remarked tho other, "for I saw him
buried five weeks ago."
Do not teacli your daughters French before
they can weed a flower bed at sunrise, or wsik
a mile to get up an appetite for Jireakfast.—
Remember that red cheeks and a vigorou*
frame are preferrable to a simpering tongue
and fashionable accomplishments.
'You have a considerable Hon ting population
in this village, havn't you ? asked a stranger
of ono of the citizens of a village on the
Mississippi. "Well—ahem yes, rather so,'
! repled the latter, 'abcut hall the year tho **"■
; ter is up to the second window.'
. , ,o ody a shilling's
"Mr. —,l w"'
worth of b*.Y/ can have it. Is it for your
i f ""No, 'taint. It's for the boss. Dad don't
cat hay."
"Bill, spell cat, rat, hat, bat, with only one
lotter fur each word."
"It can't he did 1"
"What ! you just ready to report verbation
phonetically, and eau't do that ? Just look
here ! o 80 cat, r 80 rat, h 80 hat, b 80 bat."
VOL 31, ISO. 31.
I have never known a j. >or unn to obtain a
premium at a fair, where there was a rich man
to coiupele with him.
1 have never known a Minister of tLe Gos
pel to be CulLd from a higher to a lower sala
-1 have never known a poor man to be res
pected because he was poor.
1 have never known a merchant to coutinuo
his conversation with a poor man wheu a rich
one enters bis store.
1 have never known h white-beadei office
hunter to be very conversant with a poor man
after the election.
I have never known any man to aduiit uny
man better than himself.
1 have never knogn a rich uiau but what
was respected for bis riches.
I have never known a mau to be better
than he should be.
I have never known a fashion too ridiculous
to be followed.
i have never known a system of religion too
absurd to find followers.
I have never koown the order of nature re
versed to please any aiaa.
With, a view of oombatfrng certain silly su
perstitions which still exist, a number of gen
tlemen of Bordeaux hatrawesoiveJ to fori, them
selves into a society, which shall be called the
"Society of Thirteen," and which shall have
banquets to be attended by thirteen persnue,
such banquets always to be on a Friday, and a
peculiarly grand one to come off on the 13th
Friday of each year. The members, moreover,
will at each banquet upset the salt, which is
deemed unlucky and have undertaken to com
mence all their important operations on a Fri
day. In addition to ail ibis, they offer to re
ceive as members of their society persons sup
posed to be afflicted with what is Called along
the coast of the Mediteraneau the "evil" and
wlto are generally shunued because it is suppo
sed that they do great harm to the persons
with whom they speak, unless the laiter preseDt
i to them each hand with th 6 two middle fingers
and the thumb turned down.
A FEMALE POISONER.— Caroline Erode: ica
Kathrioa Schwartz has been arrested at OLiea
go, charged with poisoning her paramour at
Buffalo, some time since. She is a woman of
good education, and s'at s that her father held
a rank of Major Geucral under the Duke ot
Bidet; Baden, that for years she rode by his
side, arrayed in warlike habiliments of tbeodi
i er sex, in which unwomanly character she vis
ited liusiia, Algiers, and many other places,
m J terminated her cuioer of soldier by getting
married and coming to America ten years ago.
She lived with her husband Scbwarts, at Dan
ville, N. 1., for seven years, whoa a woman
from Europe, with three children, made her
appearance and set up a prior claim to the
husbaud. The claim appearing to be well
founded, Caroline left him, went to New York,
and made arrangements ot convenience with
another mm, with whom she started for Chi
cago. At Buffalo, it is allcdged, she poisoned
him to obtain §(i00 in money which he had
with him.
AN ALLEQOUT.— A veueiablo man ? :'ed
through the burden aud heat or the day ,n cul
tivating his field with his own hand, uuc in
strewing with his wu hand the promising seeds
into the fruitful lap of yielding earth. Sud
d<uly there stood before liiuj, under the shade
of a huge linden tree, a divine visiou. The old
man was struck with amazement. "I am Solo
mon," spoke the phantom iu a friendly voice,
"what are you doing here, old tutu:?" "If you
arc Solomon," replied the venerable Lborer,
"Low can you ask this? lu my \ „u.u you sent
me to the ant: I saw its occupation, and learned
from thai insect to be industrious and to gath
er. What 1 then learned lam following to
this hour." '-You have only learned half your
lesson," responded the spirit-, "go again to the
ant and learn from that insect to rest in the
winter of your life, aud enjoy what you havo
gathered up."
INGTON.— On Saturday night iast, a young man
named Fuucetf, was married on Maty laud Av
enue, and while the occasion was being cele
brated by a few gathered friends, some ton or
twclva gentlemen came in, uninvited, and with
characteristic play fulness struck the grontuover
the head with a slang shot, and blowing out the
lights, proceeded to makelnorrv after their own
fashion, by breaking the furniture and fright
euing the ladies present. After remaining a*
long as they choose, they retired outside, where
they remained until abuUt '1 o'clock, A. M.,
throwing occasional stoues and brickbats at the
house. It is said that the groom knons lire
captain (?) of this pleasant
due regard for his life in his new
latioD, refuses to TOf
. j. flower under a Humboldt
iv. w"°' ul<,re affected by it because it grew
the stiff and cold bosom of the ice,
than ho would have beeu by the most gorgeous
gardeu bloom. So some single struggling
grace in the heart of one far removed truii dt
viue influences, tuny he dearer to G>d than a
whole catalogue of virtues in the life ot one
more favored of Heaven.— Beecfor.
A COOL CASS.—A newly arrived .John Cbi
iihau.a, iu Shasta, California, purchased scum
iua receiuly, and finding it very wet, lu i v out
to dry in the sun. On going to Lok tor it
again lie fuuul that it had dtMippeari-d, anu.
forthwith accused the whole Cbin<-o oeigbb.'i*-
bood of larceny. A general row was the
consequence. I