Bellefonte patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1818-1838, May 05, 1821, Image 3

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2 Enolan 1
3% Y xy as SO! M
‘delaying iis xec
i Hves of a few madmen, Who
t ‘gkeck it.
3] ! ©! ithe m whe
ak alone: Ww estrain them 3 &
: 5 forme osition from
i Rener te kings sitnation stil
| persons wlio can
Associate Judges.
#8: 2 Court of Common Pleas for the
a case was stated for the
:, being a question of
ing jpn wipally upon the
i He Cary Jamison’s Will. It
ad the ju 1 res dif
ay 3 the two 2850ctale “judges
, favor of the plaidtill, and the Pres
f the conrt in favor ef the defendants.
ont thus given by a majority
th; WIT in favor of the pi laintiff, the de-
fodants took a writ of error to. the Su-
and what is worst of all, has himee!f an 3 a
conquerable rephghance for the insthtions
which his people ask of him I lear that
troubles await him.”
Stray Horse.
irayed away fi ‘om the subscriber, live
ing in Bellefonte, on Friday the 30th ult.
a BAY HORSE near 16 hands high, anc
about 13 years old, large joints and” feet,
attalli aining.
Battallion Ty 8 high in the withers, some saddle Erk,
The first Battalion of the 12th Reg’t.lone ortwo white feet, and a switch tail.—
P. M.
Weaver, in Walker township, on Satur-
‘will meet at the house of Andrew Whoever will return the above described
duy the 19th day of May inst. at the hour shall be liberally rewarded. ‘
proms: Cent of Pennsylvania where the
case w2s recenly argtied by counsel, and
the judges of tie Su; areme Court unani
mousy onfirmed Lh ¢ opinion given by the
Bic | Judges ol “Bucks county.
r A. 3 owney for thé plamtiff.
It appears from cert ain official docu:
ments which have been - pubjis} wcd- by the
executive of Georoia that General 0. B.
Micrel late Am ic in agent with the
Creek tbe of Ine . was dismissed {rom
office : by the Presid i ont Eo being concerned
in the Wigit introdu oi aon of African slaves
int 0 that state, and for sffording facilities
to their transportation int€ Alabama. The
sident has done himself honorgand
1 16 accordance with the sentiment s of if
merican people generally] in thus decis-
jvely setting the mark of his rep vobation
of ten o'clock in the morning, completely
Robert D, Machride
-quipt for service. Belleforite, April 4, 1821. :
The tine and. place of
appeals will be made koown on
the day of trai ning.
May 1, 1821.
iCentre and Kishacoquillas
Tarnpike road Company.
Notice is hereby given, that in pursu-
ance of an act of the legislature of this
Battallion Training. oe willbe opened for receiving
subscriptions of stock
: to the Centre and
The 2nd Battallion of he. 32nd Reg’ t |Kishucoquitlas Turnpike road comyany,
P. M. wili méet at the house of Chris-jat the following places, on Wednesday
well \ hitehill, on Friday the 18th duy of{the 28th of Muy next, that is to say :—
May. ist, at the hour of ten o'clock in the! At the house of Mis. Jacohs, in the bor
- . . | ' . .. .
morning, completely equipt for service.lough of Lewistown ; at the house of
vpon 3 pubiic officer implicated in counten-
ancing and abetiing the nefarious practice
of introducing Africans as slaves into the
county in defiance clits laws and of every
‘other law huinan and divine. Gaz.
Extract of a letter froma ge ntleman in Rio
kb. de Janeiro, 10 his friend in Washington
Fok “City, dal ed
: 4 Bia de
« M. F.
Ao sc send his
ti ee
Janeiro, Feb. 18, 1821.
¢aty has at last decided
ot dedt soit Portugal, with the
and full power to grant
amnesty ‘and re-¢st
Cthoriiy. Chis determination. was made
known on the 6th inst, to the anigisters o if |
Ansivta, Prussia and Russia,
Gsot Ri hete, with the exception of |
France. higlt Allie ed Powers, and having
been mare of (CSS ¢ A gedin producing il
fierwapds iuformed, that.the
“Prince oid feave this as S00a as Poss ible
after the confiff@ment of the Princess
which was expected to take place on the
18th, an 4 ray now be looked fore every d ay.
In asking whether she Fouid. ace alg: fig
er in fsband. I was answercd, that Lhe
LF insisted ppon it, the king would not opp
der wighess bot thay he wor Id retain bh
| ehildien, as pledg es to this country or t
i pgrmancnoy of the throne am! wi e
“What gflect however the revolution at
hia, of wi hich we have just Heard, may have
npon these dete mination y 15 DOL KNOW.
AS the king has adop ted the measure
Auctantlyy be may Seize ihe first pretext £ rT
Mion, a and thus thwart all
which Count Palmela ex-
pected from it. Suchmy friends is the Id=|
#neniable state ol things here. As carly as)
the beginning of Dece smber it was % own |
kere ih at Bahia hung upon a thre d, and
Hathiog has been done siice that iend 10
gthen the bo nds whieh’ unite the dif
ferent parts of «his country. “Lhe
que ce is, that Bahia shook off these lec ble
bends on: the 8th instant, and is now under
a provisiopal government, wi hich proposes
to recognize no other power buthat ol the
= eustitios which 1s tobe framed for Por-
KY ere
od tugmese
the adval MAZES
evolution wes brought about by the
reotments, and pnly cost thie
endeavored to
Kin Count
2 810 nas, Was called to preside over the new-
bi formed gavernmant, but declined, on the
ground of the oo th which he had taken to
Er § Maj SY. +g e other meer of ¢
OTe IDG nt Ww reg it 18 said
od men koown for their talents,
Since hearing oldthia Revolution a
Vhe o's AxOvei nor,
ablish the royal au-|
as t
will meet for the same at the Wm
town of Clearfield, in the county of Clear. |
purpose, Thompsons in Kishacoquilias val.
lev; at the store of James Potter; and
the house of George Weaver,
The time and place of holding appeals | valley
field, on Saturday the 19th inst. in Penns-
and at the house of Evan Miles in
. x : ‘ } % :
will be made known on the day of train- the Uorough of Bellefonte 3 at which plas
ces one or more of the undersigned com-
| missioners, will attend to receive
Wn. MURRAY, Colonel. | os
May 1, 1821. 3
{SCF iptions. ’
(for six hours in each day, from the 28th
+ To Bridge Builders.
Notice is hereby given, that the under
of May until the evening of the second of
.' June next.
Jos. KYLL,. ;
Wm. BROWN, Ir.
ves H EED; 4
Wm. W. I'ER,
April 18th 1821.
\signed - Commissioners appointed by ap
{act of the general assembly, for building a
bridge over the West branch of the Sus-
quehanna river, near the mouth of Ander-
lsons's creek, where the turnpike crosses’
the same, will attend at the house of Wil-
Tam Packer, in Clearfield county, on Wed-
{nesday the 9th day of May next, and re-
celve the said
“The suid bridge is to be con-
- opeaala. far hat ling
BE ted with good and substantial mates
ifs, with stone abutments and pers
cessary) of a sufficient width, well com]
Harse, ot give information where he is,
The 1st Baftallion of said Re gimen'’ ‘Georg ge Sidman, near Brown’s mills; at]
The books will be kept open
Twenty dollars Reward.
THE subscriber was met on‘ the evens
ing of the 16th instant on the road loading
fifrom Bellefonte to the end of Nittany,
| mountains about three miles from the fornia
ler place
i Bant k
y and robbed of forty five dollars in
notes of the following Pescription see
3 ten doliar notes on the bank of the United
States—2 five dollar notes a bank in
Wheeling, and one three, and two one
dollar notes on the bank of
The robbery was perpc
trailed by (vo BIEN,
armed with two pistols one large and one
small one, and a dirk with an ivory handic.
One of the men was of a sandy complexion
sandy whiskers, extending under Lis ching
about 5 fect 9 or 10 inches high, wore a
straight bodied bottle green coat-—dark
coloured pantzloons with a broad fall down,
and one or two bulict bultons on cach side,
his 1ight eye was marked with a small
white spot on the ball.
tbout five fect five inches high, of a pale
complexionyblack hairyand wore a coarse ¢
blue cloth coat with short skirts, and the
The other was a=
very farapart on the henches. I hig
little man was remarkably {erocious in hig
As the good of society indispensably ge=
quires that those two marauders should ba
apprehended and brought to justice, the
subscriber will give the above reward for
thesr apprehension and conviction,
Charles M’Gavern.
Bellefonte, April 17, 1821.
Brigade Orders.
The ensuing Battalion trainings of the
2nd Brigade, 10th Division, P. M.
held in the following order, viz
The 2nd bat. 62nd fegt, commanded by
Major Shave will meet on, Mouiddy the 14th
of May.
The 1st
Major Raymond, will meet on T uesday the
15th of May 3
The 1st. bat. 29th regt.
Major-D niinger, will
will be
bat. of said regt commanded by —
commanded by!
In el on Wey sib]
the 16th of May. 4
The 2nd bat. of said regt. commanded b $
Turnpike Election.
D: «cled together with lime and sand mor-
tar above low water-mark ; well floored
{with oak plank, and covered with pine
shingles. The contractor will receive the’ holders of the Belicfonte & Philipsburg
| Governors draft on the State Treasury Turnpike road Company, that an Elec
for ene meiety ‘of his contract as soon as ‘tion will be held on Monday the fourth
e piers and. abutments are erected, and day: of June next, at the house of Evun
‘when the Commissioners certify to the lect by ballot, to be delivered in person,
Governor that the werk is completed.
e vara se will be pald in like manner Miles in the borough of Bellefonte, to e-
A or by proxy duly authorized, One Presi-
detailed plen of the berdge ang work will dent, twelve Managers end” a Treasurer,
be expected with the propusals.
April 2, 1821. |
to conduct the ousiaess of the said com-
(pany for one year; and until such other
officers shall ‘be chosen
¢ By order of the Board,
Bellefonte, April 26th 1821.
Six Cents Reward.
Runaway fiom the
subscriber living in
: . +. Haines township, Centre county, ¢ >.
Between Robinson’s tavern in Fergus Bpine Spy h-Enlie Cpon'yy @h .ap
B icrable anxiety beins to mani fos st
ere-=but apathy has Become. so
sate, that the King wil
fer himself to be surprise d here, as he has
ey en elst aywhe Ce
We have thrée regiments of Portuguese
in garrison at his porL, who ate known to!
genterta in sentiments similar to those of their |
brethren at Bahia, The government isi
$justly afraid 0 f them, and has either not the |
ameans or courage to send them away. Aj
quiddle corse was taken which Was to. a sk A
ther they wavled (o rewirn to
rideal ; and és they aimost unanip ously |,
Rotéssod that wish, and no preparations are |
p33 Lo § satisfy it, they @re move uncasy i’
pet for revolt thay they were betore.
hatiye troops which are ifecrior to
in pumber and die! pling, would not
sd they do not look
which, like
yabitual aj
the mili tia, gC
e interested in a change. To
Il more alarm-
posed of three
nothing ; 1s
msel’ yes are
oT eeu po! n
ing he has a ml
by sycopha nts, who ‘arg
even, Wise ¥ nough to he alfa
raelf1O0 township, Centre county, and the Ivs-|
Rn 8 pp osed suf-lyounta iin, Huntingdon county, a
l, and show it ; {shortest notice, at this offices
‘prentice 10 the Blacksmith trade, named
{ ot : 114
idence of Mp. Maffet at the foot of Tussty yi: James Collier,
ie ‘.
Vk bout 18 years old, five feet two or thre
inches highy dark hairs The sbove rc
ward will be given, but no charges, 1
ut of fair leatheryc ontaining a quan: brought home.
Pocket Book,
| IM ade
tity of .money ‘in Bank note s, with papers
Daniel Stam)
of considerable; value Haines township, April 26th 1821,
to the owner. Any
person finding the came and returning it
with its contents to the owner, shall be
Dissolution of Partnership
i 'he Parinership of ARMOR & CAL:
+ LAGHEN, Tailors, Belleionte, i
dissolved by mutual consent.
wandsomely rewardeds The above was|
fost on Monday the 19th inst.
Wm. Robinson.
Bellefonte, March 21, 1821,
bills, Cards, Magistrates’ Blanks
Deeds, Bonds, &c. neatly printed, at the
s this day
The busi-
ness will hereafter be carried on by Charles
Callaghen for himself, and Wm. Armos
for himself, in the same shop where they
now WOrk.
: Wx. ARMOR,
Bellefonte, April 25, 1821.
NOTICE is hereby given to the Stock.
Major Caldwell, wili meet on Thursday
the 17th of Muy,
The 2nd bat. 320d regt. commanded by
Mzjor Hasson, will meet on Fiidiy the
the 18ih of May. dey df
The 1st bat. of said regt, communded by
Major Ogden, will moh on Saturday the
19th of May, SORE
J Inspector, 2nd B. 10 DD: P, M:|
April 10, 1821, \
: OO) NE VER %
The Stockholders of the B llcfonte
Philipsburg Turrpike Company, are ree
quested to pay an instalment of two dols
tars on each share of stock, on or before
the 2nd day of April next, and
instalment of four dellars
a further
on each share on
or, before the first day of June next.
W. BRINDLE, Zreasurer.
Bellsfonte, February 27, 1821.
FROM Bellefont te, informs the publis
that he has taken that well known
Tavern Stand
t Mill Hall, Centre county. .He hopes
by an assiduous attention, to business to
merit a share of the public patronage.
He keeps on hand a constant supply of
very thing necessary for the accommor
jation of travellers.
THE subgeriber cau tions all persons
wgainst teking,an assignment of bis note
o James Gallaher, for ninety dollars, dat=
edin April 1819: he
amount to Gallaher.
1891, :
hiving paid the
Af ril 8th,