The Beaver Argus. (Beaver, Pa.) 1862-1873, October 15, 1862, Image 1

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class Jay, Iltb, 1862.
C. NICHOLSON &Co., Proprietors.
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: ■?■ •■; r -I lii-- arms , T'r ■ in an English■ -At the lati -tFSTieral Conferince of.
The' following somewhat remarka- ” 11111 8 n,,L > tb:l «?' i John j nMr^ Z,nC ® pleasant essay about ‘‘Be-,, the Methodist : Church in
hie narrative is related by a jwestorn , l ? d *b? |»od' Ends.’’ Hero |is bis. Canada, IPeteri Cartwright wild’.was*
i-lady. .ndw-nn a visit to this ei|y from fl (1 - a i- a, l' “'I I - I ? 4 *;*. description of aUfo-guimet: i , present us tllddelcente fhom ihc Meilr I
I »***-. v s, '° i‘ jrw«r*r^-: ;SoT ' : ,r if'““ a et»tr i
i-ije the, plgtns twice—. !; %of human life/ ebbing | almost visibly, e..,* i„ n.i> >,, . . -j
; first in 1849, dhnng Wlijlch her has- ■ ; ~~ ! ~T. away ■and yon couhLnl.t but thinko’f i®. ‘j f i | l \F.’ ful '“wing review of
i band perished—and is the first Aineri- 1 u Daring ' the*uh uot his last little spate !atmvo jl , ■ at!o, ‘ 9 18 eburch toslavei'y :
lean lady who returned to the east by , ; -aU :>l :,. \ the momitaiiis jor above the U-a.. 11 rWv liiive buti troubles anil condo,
r t * ie wn J- °f lb® Isthmijs of Panama.— I| -A correspondent ofthe Cincinnati two old gentlemen, great' vofsariesj resulting in divisions: Tin
| Sl >eis a genuine heroine—a fiipspeci-' f&ette relates the ftillowingjbbld ex-, ; trend*, bothi fln the extreme verge of givui; Miyisilinj was consummated in
i men of stout hearted Western woman- pint in front uf.Ghattanotigaf |lilo;;;Onls;wMvah<ive ninety; iheiolii-i 1845. It ha 1 been brewing for years.
! "Wttana.bct gdyentjiresmdi ie wilds j- )^ hc army ’washalited to r stand to ! a bov«* But their wits were ’ . Slavery was its sole cause;
i°C tbe unpeopled west havebben nu- | La c u <«> aVvcoiirioDan* - iii order lBod,,tf clcl ‘ r i t*nd, better still, (heir • and.biviljwar its bitter bousoquenees :
! nierojrS and exciting. Jf theigood poo. 1 the enemy’* po* iiA right. They hn.4sed ; jl thgt li.e preadiefs
1 1, • < W a, . ,, ? osa •®^ <s m f sse( *. a la<l y bonij strength 'This was u ver ' difficult! lhal tbcV-woreno; more than (strangers koirtb have gone More tor elds than all
rthiur Neighborhood,they are hereby ajis hnd dangerous matter; ownU|iotho A * ml P‘. I « ri Wi on ihe earth they de- the Southern demagogue*! and great
• pnse.,l that die is comfoitnbly located nature- of » ground. Sottjriil hn-i < i la^oU P ,a i ,l, y H*al they sought a conn- ■ men put together. I hm a Southern
i al ” IC boarding house’ of Mrs. Jvesbit, gheccssful atrenints Ind beci made to * t Ty f a y tt ' vli yi '' , bere most of those they , er by birtVandeduculibn; born iii Vir
on the ccigner of Montgomery and procure the much desiml infcfiation. I V ". re<l . we r e waiting feir fhern. ;is'niai tn Keritucky ;ii traveled
. butter streets,' and wtjl not return to when James ■btatieson' -‘WffTijcnt 1 ”- e w«»! very nearly|wofn twenty years in Slave States.l; I under-r
! lire mountains; until :Holmos |pf the .(j 0 q -B7th fndmna 1 vuliiiiteora pmlci o ” ls antfthougb the face of -each was stodjd the ipattprthoifough(y. Even j
Ifrazeue; ceaseslo harrow hearts. b old u. „ p to within sixty y«Wof the P 1^ 1 ' 1 «T Tbuk at - ' parolysis"bad as late thellbfenerali Conference
jof Mat iposa mothers by calling their bhemy l bolted surveyed oiTlds en j '.tgrasp.upoii the aged, machinery 1882] we hud ho, Metbbdisl preachers j
1 'p'Kl , i troncbnicnts, aecuraieiy his l ot } imb * n “ |n>uscfc which had played who {would jhie.ily avow-slaveiy to be j
| M ell. while the tram of which this krenglh in numbers and p«?it oiif as-i KO lo "p- a ,cw w «'eV,itp-' ngliU;, but (tn 1830, at Cinciimati, a
, lady , was a member \vas encamped at pertained the number of UdJ sleOo ! evening in the week and sit broilier Irom Squth Carolina inado a
. -i- i? mil the Ifumboldt, ;where the Ouns and field'artillery thert yheeldd 'V^ h ll '® n ‘ a'" l take tea. , They ul- M speech tb prove Slavery'of'Divine
phan s Court Sale of valuable ; Lesson trad intcrsc-ctsithe Carson track-horse and rode i.ffi'wuvliHr'Ls can-' va^' rt bad lea in large breakfast eupsj : appopitnienf, His f
Real Estate. jof tfavd, she visited the tcjit of a ’ iriainphanth 1 tbiongli a t! *, er - tu P« i-Would ’-notf bavo d6ne.’ I were ■lashamlfedlof it and hissed him.—!
)V virtue of an .order Of the Orphans!, | lumily. consisting of hn jeldci ly couple- pPowp',. 0 f balls hi.lilin.r ddfiuico to ,ei ' u 'nberbow thetwopiiiulylie hands; But ill the Balliinore General Confer-i
' W or l i ' he Can i 0" ***** e a '-bild-a <biiightfr of'fyurteen j the ~h ttlldpiHls Vf
ipiimNcs on P - y ’ ller swect ,Ua ?> ts 6ivs«g | "> - »i(.oe,n veare. • 1 he,old lady was Bit. L. llistlil .„ - lt] ~r olll><| | nnd ui> to 1 “.f . l . ea ’ , There.they .were, the two ces were ,mil|de toword justification of
Saturdav Col. 25th 18fi2 , Too near t« GoJ;for d.mUt pr /car,. > j ting on a pile of blankets, under can-1 the General; caiihlv and nUu-anilv - d M , ‘ lt,Kl "i ' t - hl *y • l “‘ a helm friends-. Slavery. id ’
;-*ei-K-k. jc t?ihe rolJowiug’reHi estate of ■ «•»« stares ilie, ctemafcttW; ' ] -j , v ; 18 ’ nc '‘4 u ,^ a «‘, lx determined i Pn iiliiig,. to give, his information. \ tb*':'boo'd, and tljey had 1 been 6vef ; .In j 1.844 w.e. bad the great battle, in '
ria-h-r (liht.. Meed;, shjiate-in , - ’ ... ■ , ... ’ j ll *i‘.S k ' w b lle j asked Dim How d.S-eseanedl H-Thh)’ ■f 1 •‘'gc.fber. You, not, ,New,|id.rk.; | Bishop Andrews, avery.;-
Uenvej- co., bounded on the North j s>ljc ,. llo ?s-'be seed lies safe, be.ow j.etil»_t»c bead of nflairs bad -planted j jh« mefev of God -ind vtTV'Wil rebel bave, logged, mV iriend, .but with r gdodtiriHii,- ,but the owner of slaves 1
iyi o! w-4 W - f‘ c ! rs -> n The fires |lmi Mas, a „d hum;, , j himself, on Ids ;wood,en tongile, and ; mar) .. ~ hi> nrom.dlvreolfed >ompwl,at the largo tea4'upa | was 'f|e)ecte<f .ak a : fair case' for a figlit.’i
•t-I{|4nrv laaeVailn-’w."? Vr i UUt i h “ U 1146 t ? a ”-- of - b,o<Ml ! re W ■ I '' !,s sucking his,jape us leisurely as; laiH.lVe-, ” 1 -fi P i ’;j shaking übt’iui, as the old i.nen with They then determined (liat We should ’
i s.'n darren: romnimng aho.u’: niriefvT She "“ i! r lhc r:clj re *"“-'l V. j though;- lie expected to, remain tf,cro (...- f bo wry lrue, l < | ,tt, . < ' U l r3 ' -‘ , ' Sull ll 1 ,c !" 1° tbeir lips.— ; | inako, it bare to ihe ministry or epis'.
--.1., ill. a.-res cleared and well oulti-, „. 'f,. ’'• [ ic ' er - A .'■ii'gh’ glance d e yflopc«l;,f or .; a b : f ,at th’reo '-liuildred-S'lni wore I’A.Vtl.ib’fre. was-a tliiiigtliatparticultmsA.fgpatf, would go-,out. . There
. a je---"d,hewed L-tg dwelling House’’ 1 c r . CJC ' an . our * . : the fact that tliere \vjis a difficultj* irf-.' fireil-dt bim ‘at tlie short distance' of b' Blrwfk me. There was u large old ; was ,a maj<j-ity iT-dm the. Free States
. ■ , r -. V \ •-•- ; . . .■; that,little train of bile ;and l sr V t y a ; a X t ! ( KSSk?i laAl.loned .watc.K, .alwWs ««■ a"| ! blip |{heyL4d'not' understahd . those
:;• i;; , mo "?- v •; 1 u , ca, . ts like her flowers, • ll.reg persons, and that it had attained ! Uo lj (i t||H ’ t t { J. I f, H MoMl ,aj d .jj-o 1 ’ ;.«land,on tlie lea table, tickingion and i Soutltern pA-achdrs. I comprehended i,
■■ ::: . And npen like her corn. , a lion. t of quiet desperation beyond j J b«s tn’Kl * •neasurin*’; the Lull 1 'jlTefrih, f
:■ ■-ur.pavui.wns d-.-m dite. whh ‘oh gire in in times like these ’ ' ‘ l - ' 01*1°, . " \ 1 1^ < ’^ 1 adjustment:-- j- lt jWuni versall V by all Who last m.nutes^r,.,, nine last, a;? (no w [ peril dps; jfi/Jait, or ought to-be);
. 1* c.ei'is. - ir-wiu ihe'siitue time. . , T I IC vi , ion of j ler eves- *f- - I , bcto !' e tl l c 3; *> ad Pl ,cl,w ! witnessed -this exploit. aiid'Ue ae- : .'; ay -. , lt al * a y'' »*o to look at„ tUu .euitOr pf, Me South.l Western
' UI T .'"Scrmation uu.u.rc of Duvid ; , ,•’ i " * g’, .A , i | tboir ten t at. the forks Ol the road ami ' q „ u i n t e d w i t i, ,m. circumstance . 1 lint la,I a, b <1 lK>ar 11 Only lor a few. weeks,. Chnsfm, 1 M’Ferrin, .
7" ,Amli make her fields an l trees cas thqycou.d not agree upon thb route : co’mpeu-s with ary even fin tlie an- i- di ,' 1 1 V ' B * l tl;osu old fronds; till, one di r ...if the jXlethiAlist Cdnlefctreo is, divided, :
-.V. «i.;Mci’R*E VltV . Oar go.dcu- prophecies ~. v-by which tet enter Calitorniaj there | la i B o - |,j 5101 ... ’ if <ed ; and the other Soon folloAved him, jit j Will be the entering Wedge to;,
• v.: r< Vrpt. ah’oV ' - ' ('ie’ik. ■ Oi, ' '-ivc to ns finer ear ' ■ theyba-1 rimiaiiiwll j The bbsband j : ' ' .-i 1 . l-wbere tlii-re are no palsied bands ;c|r ; disolaUoit |of tlie .Uiiion.f’He afi»\yfere<i,
■ -—-7 .. ,; .- , I ■ - ■ , expressed a preference for the Carson > X: " T rn - ..... i aged hearts,. Ko doubt, throjiglj''.a I| ‘\Und hruhtMt 'soon” v ‘
Notice in the Orphans’Court. -; ■ • *”' l . ',v mJ ( ‘ lll- j. : : mid—the wife for the I/essen—and j Anecdotes)or ; Sr;-.t\nn plraN;years the old-fashioned watch 1, bad I'. iioW sobii bis bitter spirit would '
eaA'oi* CoVifitVn «W*' n* t *° K U^ a f r I - Y c ecr 1 yield.[ ThepVwifo; dc-• A Is told of tlie Veteran : .about' in tii*v oi I 1 aat*nfi;c(.‘ Jimi-the Unio.n to’?
i . • y o peace am rec pm m , ; ciaml sho y^ould _ remain there nil- • I>.-dtt.h»| of Antietam.-^-r; pookrt. life■ hud been..db'biiwif ad really i ! I }I. tbirtyrci^ht
c.>univ'. l b”fwe.'«he"'ilonJ*l»lnicL ; ' ..».i ’ ’ • j winter, the liishand said be should bo- lhs m-n. y-iing Cap'nin gum it r. a Lin Jas fast as, then. ' And the ITJandsr Jpvrsiago ngiiinslt Slavery; tyas fined
■1 -lent'; ami |,i n of said i ... ' . n . ‘ 'i. .j p leased .to lengthen tlfo sojouf ii through ynnt!. of I vv,!t;iy.«»!fe.| was oiidiy staff. - wyi(e running as qmekly for me as lor) t'voior for it. p'readied
!. In iliemaitiVoi the iietiiion uf Arch- ” atchino Uxe.s >f LF.—•• \Vhen I. the summeryiollowing. » 1 ; The <\i lean Fa!iniyj stoud,.«niidsi a : llipi'nged pilgri But 1 hen with mp4gh iit. Til hi caiiiip; Jneqting)i when a r
Jojin-tun. Adiainistraiiir.of the estate of was a lin\, said an old man. •*,\ve had 1. On tlie moriHng of Uho fourth day, ■ s,tqnn <>f,shut and plceljs, a mi. Turned .it .wa»;.tli<puiud(e;laiid.ltblUem-it wits’ Meth4clist tutigistratefined Me S3-and«
M r 'V 10 . haJ^ a " °‘l a wife broke a sullen ’ silence of, tf> send im„ tl.Voitgb a , t 1.4 end, -And l alwals Uiv. ft-' verv..*cbsU»| 1 TwolsldveholilfeMpald thc s fi,ie :
.A '//‘f - K P“p i‘ la y (he , thirty si.v hour* by projjMsingNi dl- : fire, upon a, tni=. ioii of dug|. '.lie .'solemn.toj look ai the.i.wh old nien on an i ( kiid : “iLoad and 'liraA,again.” I ;
'Oiaii-fhi : Hoi>cwc|f: iow'aship, Eearer . ‘ f |V„—! V V*' f vl property; Which consist- might m-V it- see his hoy agjju£nut his : the ctinfinos'ol life, and at I the. watch have bcct-Mviud Mostr letters
Vl , ■ ’ ’ * b ,nu> t;l closer attention ; e<l of two yoke of cattle; one'wagon, I eo'antry d:innci|«kiML'Ute^tt^w»-.he! lwndlyjl.jckH»g otf ; ,their- lust lifnirs.--.; froifi Ssbit tliijm 'ministers ;*bufifihcv
v " : . J -« ,e «>« *'-«« ?rn,.i 3 «nr •hooks. .1 he tim qne ol you r camp . funiiliire, a small quantity oF looked upon; IfisyoiingJirow,he grarfp. i Pwc: -trr-ivvt kncwlhovalittle il,ev :
i' , ; a r a -' sT'))TT ,!C>lI ‘ l: ‘Oves another hoy idle. I aviiiu yon provfsions and iii- 'silver. !• The ■ed Ids liatid-fencircling j,iiii,iii his tini'i-. 5‘ OU bCU .the scUiiig sqn go doWn. .’ : would! rot wrifte anV’ more I itike it
- :“r s&ifiV wd! to the prophsttl was accepted, Mid-forthwith) and^' fo.nTly ;d<i-sod hMi. -Good ! ye. j : ■’ ) l—_.LL_L:_ . : I. as' an i lionp.4 jtiV} f 4 abused iby such
:* ,U: - J biimsre ti.rsiij. cr.v,wince nf t v *'Vg ,i n „ ,1 , r r ,' * " f,. ' , T lllu *ld n in ior ” was’ divided, leaving T&nimy.” "Gtrou Ue, ilathcr.” at d the' 'A;- Man Klueu bv tuh Elei'Hant ! dir ty 'scan ip’s.:, li wqiildyonsidcr .liiiy- 1
; estiite 5i. ..,.M net he ifa*. f:, ' -. 1 « 1 t" nit self.- there is the wagonT'oTTic old man. arid the-youth hiouiiiiug his lidrse. gtiilv i[\s\iu Al , Tiie Tiotoiiiius idenlinrT ; self udwoialivi of; Mvi ancestry v'mv
:; ? ? r “ nd 1 i h ;“ T 1‘ <l<»nVHk>. ill daughter; to the Mother. -Tltf! at ter op with. The. messagk; Ho rid tMinni; “tanMhill >’ boh.n'dh^ V
" u - 1 - --M em -cr, n -.- al " 11 1 l 2e !>"n look otl exchanged with a neighboring train, unharnijd. an.l again
| It the cuttle belonging 16 her. fora ponjri grasped with a connul -flow d|ye <lo. o us exploits, when 6nra-«-e«J haVe ftii-.' lion - l3lavei|y;|ik its •borio'anU:' siiig w.
Tm.n'.iii. . ,|c’i i!r bis book.-ami and pack saddle,and piling the .laugh-, baminy f” answercl jby ■ a ,.f r ,ishe<l so maiiv newspaimr pai-ind-aphs Tltere!| woul d l.itje been do diicil■■.war
_ ’ f,.,. 1 ' 1 ,nto;m ’-“ 1 1,10 schq6l ter ainl portion ;of the divided equal affection. ;•! he iseenc. wasfl'micli- j Ims.beeK.-Ahorn' as effectually as Vas d’ they did not Wanlto initi dualize Sla
■X ( Vi'TC'W '■ *J "“dndceif t,uf be ‘-, UIU . r: , upon the animal, she resdlutely ;mg to those aronmi. .‘ v- / fSa.npsdn, of his power «.f further inis- very- T !Vj : , ..; I 1 >
.'■.e V 4 -I V.^ : Jlj. ~ . •/V.* lv liott did you started across the desert hy the Les-; Burnside now stands as a getiM-td ot (.nief V'few weeks . siiiee at Cald 1 • U_la 1 '
'- i t ii-ui'i- criiCii ; t< v. Ji’nt-Win\-sii v‘ - ‘ l n,ni • ' • h -nevertheless truo.i It is iiinonjj ana rolls .like ajoliy iar as he iiurriiihiirvkeoner f rH ,)UK rLr u ;r ,-> i r" ] r c
as y.:U* M ■ * . 'Y a '. vaught, and savor watted , ,he many of life' stfanger and his soldiers w.llLin, Mhe oh! mat.” •; S c t«Si ftStT 'T ‘
l:,.. f y„,iu„ jl e;.vc ilsuie f.W ~.e L-r bile b.,vs agsiu. han ,;,tion. Of couWte ht.ti. ;T4foy adore him both .Mr his j{ad e r-f„ l in,7i|S upon T
•ii A i»hl f1i,.l M,v Taft". *a af.heshoc lit.-l f.uU wi h the L>dda of lil ,‘ :onrßC ’-:- , fr> . r 18 W C,y - P rfV ’‘-''f a "‘ l tt ' X,i blame was attached to the, keeptir,; Messages ifaf-sMittotf
1 Viia ,A. ache., ni . ' ' U ' U) c cm|dua of tha any obstacle, death ii.ejudcd, -,M : 'v«dij tinppnm. and the man departs u? ,|,e act ot the victim .waW as wm-i- f brtvl/..-ri.Blt %dfhi)anies
, .H'HN li. sici;i';s • i : = • 'could have seno.isly :.nlc r fe r cd | delighted at ;h.s riotice. OfhcvJ*s arc, dal as it bo; had thrown himself, under (over ln, thir bi.f bM
; bp i ,ro p: s - 9 . df ;stiibbf?rmics3 so anly |no JcSs under., the. influence ot Tits at-, , l, e Wheels of but, in i siuessi lor WbiciniieV receivd iso pi*-
lime Am vi ug -at Sacnimcnto - with I tractions, and he ti-mpers strict, t yuiie-, order ; ito prevent-P he., mischief ofiare not taxable • A"! .
her dauhghtef-, the: oW la'djf readily ; t.ons with a ( snnle. ‘."DM ymi bear M.y, further accidents PdnvP.e dangcr-!p jjUu^nti'.- Every 'paper is
found e;...p loyn.eut 7 -f t .r women were , wbat I have been saying / n-kyd- he ons fcpiper of tlje elepMuit, Mr. Tart ;equail4 valid januM-y
css plenty than now—nhd subsequent-; of b'* division .. erf !s as had i.isj4novmi,us;tdsk S saWn ‘ l.t; lifts. wiitiVoutij.e slampias /with
•bj 'Ojicnetl a •boarding and in ■ a., . h , d '^' n °^ rB f . OI ;' tl,e Jij-o.d • it;. -If unsFamjfcd Ids rumeot
feu , \ oars amassed; a|,.handsome for ; the battle of jAntAClam. - A es. • 1 hen miHcmgdnmAto; the p.ktud,. ofitMon- fshoulli hetncfe.led akeyjdefein court,
time. Two years, mgo , she | say it over.; And the g-ncra k ike comlmtant, hi the.lut.j|eA TIW- tusks Mho pdrtv usihg wMtld'be subjicted to
Nm ■I- rancisco, -and the daughter 1 school. Mys in a class, r. j cr.tcd their Awing the weapon<.offlensiv e : and do- 'an .-xpense of So 'i' I V < ‘
whoso education ted not bednl neg-; lessons;. /; ;y, ’ ; j fimsive, of the we may’ cx-.1-’ giVeireliof
; lected, vvas marl-ietj tocneof the most j■ ,• ■ £l . . ; jl,ear of) no)Mi-thef, instances .in : ’ 6-K ' ’
.substantial .cilizcns. j ,\! . \ T W Emix.isii U vrvest’-The of destructive operations upon tbe[ Thiji decision refers ti> the li.llfi seer
) Alld "'’blit lias beepme , 0 f the old df p n sneakinircif the hi. part ol vlns noted animal.j - ' ;; lion of the RevMuio Laiv. JtMs prop
inai.y The wife had not seen or lheard: oflS( ;., : sav s (he nUlts are —— : | ier fo aad ,here that penallfes Mill oW
,jr subscriber liarinc purchased lift E»-
1 ;';rbn;ei:i v - iI jcndeavor to kbep ’con
;r'v i>u band all articled usually found-in
. b;-je.-. " - r j . . ■
clr.f:-a d’li. r sic;u:i aid tlie public
■ ids keeping the PURIiST and
-T id'.rG.S. . -I .
other at!teles wiii/r/ca be ."found
r . -■'. I Ms e&iMisLineni: ' '
J ' ' Of - (joV/Lf, Sotip,
'PvYt ]iToi*iriS, ( 'o/Ufls. ‘
:,i. -!’.Tlf*LL. i v, FjoU -THE TQIJ.ET. | And still she walks !n goiden hours
:, / ; !i COTI O.N, LKADjPKXCILS, \ .Through.harvest-happy farms. ;
rPENSv HAIIi v— nt B,i, t sl)C 'soars her fruits and flowers
1 KSUES.TOOTII riPUSirES, i. her ahn». ! A
’ i l, 7^l'-^M^FO6I^ T ' ii'^ hat mfan ‘>p gladness of the plain, ,
CAP PAI’EE. ■«-Th?”-ih y .i Of .Tt ~,ri t 0r ? ' ’I
A ■ i mirth that t-balres the beard of grain
Pily.XfWijtS' ai»d- -yhnnneys.x And yellow locks of-corn? ' ! 4
-cure a few of tLe articles. 1 and onlv a
. iUinv* on hand. Call and sec. *
[io wiii try, by Hose attention and fair
e;p.!T. o<>' give satisfaction to all who may
l: i:A;s U itU tliQir- custom.- I - 4 '
• ' C. P, CUMMINS. M. I).
attention .will/be paid to
; ).-i uj» riiysitdans prescriptions. ‘[aug27
A. ti. .M'I.'T'.EARY, CI t,
t-i 4 i-iiy A£;wo. . : o- ’ .'|. ;
:f.v ]..,:u!.-<>s /'I lilt- ''.V.lla’N-DSome C«J>trtIMENT.-*|rh> f«ll-t
:..| . letter, addressed M’*
y^lir*5 -oIJ. sm-i nC1o1!;iM -to Gov; Curtin,, .Avjilhfto read
!f.ii(lc.s <•« bind «»-, pleasure bv everv feMii'ent in
:no oiiienimrk? inr-v. t r l ; - •• |
desire^. to come Hk*‘lvoystone SliltCj. It i.S (Jilted .fro^u’j
of Headquarters atr Sept.
° ac }; 1:7 tli : , r) : j
I ! ■ i i
• ) - (iovCRXOR :-4l begin avail | myself |
■-- ; o,'Lw;ia r.linis,Jp.,M.D4ooc’d.' a,nl<)st lllu iirst of i,ef»
; £i’ve,Pd.aiV'leUerkof :..l- : h:lV f !'h‘l --nncy the recent buttles. to;
jini’ Imv.e.lbeen .granted by the toniler V«« n»y thunks tin; ymit wise ;
[Kc., of tliecslmi y.of li’eavcr, and cneroctic action in culling; out:
-• ■'C.ribAyn. jJisis.'Jr. >!. !)..(iec‘<l., : t lie .miiitiu of Pennsylvania [for its
; . i- ? u t E .. jntsaid county, to |hcsub-I detohse. wheiV tllPealcrtcil 1)V u llulncr
in-the linroutfii of Leaver, -inr ... i » v • I
■ > wilt make payment, and ! ""*? I,ml . ' ar,n >' of thc.^iemv.
fNPTitijiieir'claims duly autheniica- ’ X*ireuiti'd;ineos 1 L'
iu!dvi>lgnodi ; ‘ ‘it- impossilde. for the...enemy to * sot
, t DANIEL AGN£ff, _ jjoot upon the soil of tVimsylyaiiia',
Administrator. i |j Ut t J, e mora l support rendereil; to .11,y
■ : lestamentary' on the estate ofai'inv hv vour UClioft vsjis none | the
■p ! ‘-h-HivNSA.. late of Chippewa,town- [ loss' mighty. In rif! mv
• 'fg:e are requested tq make imtmi- ; know Jot* A (Mil
“’jV '(it. and thqse having claims against ; pIH riotK* COtll **e; l hip in ;mtl or ill which
r w v 'h present [them t«tlicstibscriben* i the people of re-ponded
authenticated for srttlemenr |(p your CulPlind hastened to th'c do-
Jo-' U IIVNNt j fence of', no doubt oxer
■s-tf I ' ' Executors: ! eised a great 'influence ujipn the
, w ,.. U —; —' - - ! enemy.
y;‘Jv’ lt A TOK S iXOTICL | I aih, very respectfully and sincere
• dlit-KAS letters of administfation ,bn 'ly yours-,
:l ** * >:tito 'of-Michael Kambo, late off
:1 Jleaver country' de--* '
• ji\: !, t -en duly granted tojhe un- |
l \ ::| i indebted; to *:nd otutc
; I i‘> n.nke nnti edinte and
- !:iinis ugninst the .same willpre-
I! pbrly Authenticated fhr eettle
:‘-ut delay*
' ' JACoji FROXK. j can b« called “pood,”) in mriiilinjr in;
._2 • • Connecticut. lie enlisted jlifint thir-i
lesions i Experience of an Invalid, ty men. ip Hartford. sold, them to an-1
! | r ,iie ~<’ n ' e S' and « « warn ' other captain at 810 a head, pot his 1
rIV" ■ T " unfr ■*»■**• sul. | own pay %miihouhtv. ami then enlist- i
' n-.UN Deltjhiv,-Premature Dcc*t «ji 1 * » A AA -*' . • ?■<•**£> 1
a« the mikic time the ol f**’ ?. n H ,tnt * for ,
“f! nv ene w!i o -has'cured himsell 84pO: pot the Cash. W( nt into i camp, i,
■ ?ria ' tbrouph meJ-'run; the phard at. riipht. went; to hi*■
: h slj ll.v enclosing* own town, procured the town jbo'wntv-'!
;; i.a:/^ he en po. and then with a pocket ful!,
■i, .;:. E! ‘ , -‘-’ Kc ? lford < Kings C( J., .v Y, hof t'oeks, di-sappeared. . j
' ’~r~- — t\ ■' * . ■
' j t : .; | • Certainly . Xot I—The Adjutant
ji i -'I, 1 '"- ! rcmi,Cf< ’ of ihp subscriber'.: GonL ha» decided that students are not !
“*»«»« : of.’ July, exeilint from a draft. Wo never tho’t
"/V/ '~>SZ£. V were. Lo;,k at the Ibeer; they :
. . ; ’‘" I etc ewiy: otherwbeshe di-ink ! Look at their drafts upon
according to law.: /the • jSorcriwr’s • pockets. ' Exempt ,! ;
-m. Trips. MKIKLET. Wo sboulxj. think not'. ’// |
the battle autumn o
b t jobs a. witVtt i i B
The flags of war like storm-birds fly,
The charging trumpets blow;
A enrolls no fhunder 'in tie sky, T
\o earthquake strives below.
'f ;■, . ■ ' ' '
And; calm and patient, Nature kccps 1^
• Her ’ancienj/promise well, ;V-
Though q er her bloom and greenness sweeps
The battle's breath, of hell.
■ Ah ! eyes, may well be fuIl"of tears,
And hearts with bate arc hot; -
: But ever* paced come round the -years,
| j And Nature changes hot. ’
■ She meets with smiles our bitter grief,
J With songs our groans of pain;
■ She mocks with tint of flower and leaf
i The war-field's crimson stain. i
i -- 1 -
Geo. B. M'Clem.ajj,
Major General U. S. A
, A •‘Sharper.”—lt i = slated that aii
I officerof a company lately made a good
i financial speculation^(if a gross fraud
or h
o f .Ijim since they parted cyi the Hum- peetcdlr U is nol qu
;po dt. 1 hcv had Irred happily to-„ VCI . ago crop : bnr | t if i littlf
:ff as a fears. ■ or ; t!; ° mark [i W hat. (orei
f' d L rfeproachod hc^li. what ■ witl ,
im- the wiltuliiess thatyeptrated them : ri< . s ' hr „ K . will soo ! n h
alter Ho -umg a wlsrnnatfo-'tO{*; A l;!)m . sp , 6t - hiesame
th rou <rh this rough lift. But hq, was who ..cpivs.uis, himself to have 1:
not ileaj. W c cannot:trace h. s course over ; pUrt of- En
iu .California, howcvcA AH tWt vo : -thS wl.oat-W on will l.c
know ol linn ih t that lortuno had not li 1 ... ./ '
.... , •*"’ lOrtimo hau pj x to eight bushels below ah av<
sindctl -upon -Inm and that for years per cent!.and of a shfivelled .ai
.e bad toth-d'without hope. F.bally, }• ioE quality . tbe b j r r ov . Ai n-|. scarcfily able p longc* k.cld ; and 6^ s ,, V om fbur to six bnsbel
bo lock and shovel, bo visited. San , ow an t |,. lt winWn 1 !
1- raneiseo in the hopeof obtaining (whif!h Js an ; nlpoi . tal p „ irsE iJi. t rw;
employment better, adapted jto. hiB;> n England) are in many: cases
wasted strength. ' ■ . ' J ... 1 tnl failure,' and .spring *sowtl !
J-or three months be remained idle abou t ar. averhge .'rob Pof pegs
after arriving. boro, and ilor want of is a fail . c- n ip ; ..P Swedi>Dtl.
O'-enpalion became tbe humble retailer' whicb ire | ;ll^e ly do iended imp
ot peanuts', and oranges with his On- : fo( , (Ior onl abo ' t h .'i f u fl
tire lrafllc in a basket' jupon , m . vn . ol( j.,vu r t Z e, twujtbmls {.f t
Jus arm This was about six otat()l . s are ; from to ‘, tUti , lt
ago. A tew weeks smeopn pabsing £ (>nt ~ , M|VO the a ,4,. ;1 rc . n J
the open door of a, cottage in the hay i 9 abuiuJlint llMt ! bil 7llv seel
southern part,of the city, he observed , c . l()Vor b . aIIOVe an:av( . r -, e J
a lady in the hall and stopped to o ,„| quality, and the pastures/-
, offer 1.. s merchandise Ah ho.stepped bIU -p nor att(i W „
i "P’n the threshold, lhalady approach- flltte ' nin A < n ( . onsl
-ed and theold man raised Ins, eyes Kng ] an( i ‘-ill Vin the market
,and dropped tlvo/basket. and jno; won- , ar * e purchli^P , her ..pti.t
' der she was h.s ; w.fe-lus j ; m ( ima { ed at t111 .1. e hlin ., n ! < | ,
; -‘old woman ! She recognized him, I and bnßhcl(ln ~a v ltU)
.ami thnjw.ngup her arms. m amaze- ra!se . j n K ul -o I
;ment, exclaimed : “Great God ! John ... .. . t . 1
dsfthat you ?“ •-‘All liiatislettof me."'! ; ’i
'replied the old man. With extended) ' i — i — _ lj
I arms they approached.-. Suddenly the j ; ia-- o-ehi
I old .ladtfa countenance changed, and •these arol” e'ul
i bhe steppetLbacfc: .‘-John,’’ said she, | aro larger-now a-du khan they
with a look -which might have bech to bo; ten vear- a h-v wet
construed into earnestness ‘ how
you find the Carson road ? | y) _u No . x NUpp ni>! .
pie Suky—nnserable, I
man “full of-eand and alkali !>, “Then , Landlady looks a, , though she
Iwm right, John? the continued, I gjjp had boenmisunderstoSd.)
TD vrs
• \
■rT.'*t£-r--f-»<-1 r.ogSE/W
sr 7 y-- v -v4vrX- ■ *-v4’:rl? > s TtfcL
jfHTec chscaTr ii~ .motPti
i • i ' •: \h ■■■ . . ===
1 &S 2.
I V ■■ I
■I . i
1 ,.. ,r
■ 1 'I M’ \ ‘T’ — T~J/W
-‘fm ’' B " 'W v 'm 1 ’!• '■ Wi•
I >• a -v I B ■ .
-Jy\ -ll *J '■■ I J Ki / ’’ a .
T*- 1
% j.
. t
•' »• i, • *
»■ h*- 1 -.; ,
e. 1 4:
ile u n
n and
ftaft-“VVliy,is it, myison, that when
you .|ro|i your bread and.butter, it is;
always on the butter side J
•‘1 ’ don’t knowj It hadn’t orter
had It ? ‘The strongest side ;ought to
up, and this is the strofigest butler I
have ever seen.” | •• . -
’“Eiish up; it’s some o( j-oar aunt’s
ii full,
ray led t
eruj'e J
<1 in
) ten,j
Is : he-1
• bid she churn the great lazy
thing V’
“What, yjour aunt ?’’i ; >
■ “No,- this'lrere butter. To make the j
f>oor old woman churn it when it is|
'strong.enough tochurn itself." 3
“Hush, Zeb, I'ye 'eat < a great dealt
worse in the most aristocratic house.
t Well, people lof rhnk ought to eat
i . ,j ■/ ; : ■; ■ ■ I
“Why people of rank ?”
, “ ’(.'ahse it's rank butter.” ■
“Yoh eannint, jornil what makes
you talk no smart ?’"• I ' • -
. “ 'Cahsot the butter'has faken.lhe
skin off my tongue.’’ ,j 1
■ “Zeb, don't lie i I can’t throw away
t!ie butter.” ; s | ' *
.a to-■
n 1 for I
nil ol |
f l H ' r
UlloW ;
id of
nil Qf‘
It. ”
hyeryfl ;”1 U-telf you what-1 would do with
nonce, > l —:kee|i it to draw blisters’.,; Yon
L'as a. oufjliltoKce the flies keel .over its soon
hi 1 )<? $ as they touch it.”
hOlisHj ■ . 'I- '■ ' ’
lecatt . i ■■ l . ' ;
licloW; SINOT3r - AR Coixcir.F.xcE—lt is a en-j
nous- (•<)i i'iice 1 wojl Wort hy of re-1
: i murk,, that tile recent decisive battle]
i ’ hiiirfht- by, (leneral <ook,j
< ' ,n,l ’ ie 17th . of Septeh|iber-j-lhe ■
.•.kens.-- v,; 4v day h ll Wineji, seventy-live yjearsT
: u<l ~l ' -.v the Constitution l of the ./United j
n«»ih' />ni<e«i.waV signed -jihd adopted.' The?
ihoiit ‘iwas fouirhi on’ the one side lor:'
P>' ( ''*ervui ion of this invaluable hi J
,' e »_ i stnjrnent,; wliibh has conferred so ma
tbd’t n 3‘ lasting on the human race,
audjoo the other for its destruction.
'' -■ ■ ii■-* ; ■" ■ -vj
1 .■ | -'U* r. : r • ■
; ‘ ‘i
E^tab! ISI S.
be enfbrcedrmiddr' this litwr until, the
clamps are issued. . Vi’ !
■ 11, ]■•■ b
Napoleon on |
Napoleon' dec)areil, in his ;Council
[•■‘•l arn int-xbp:bfe-on jtbis subject of
iVrpliljtl fee cHtiiinaH^s
pjj r - : ..xulili n
liiow, (loin I roooneilc it to my con
science to expose the life of ope man
the advantageof. another j? -.1 do
pot think. 1 1 would exempt even my
own'sbn.T Thoi Conscription is the
everlasting rod,t>bf a natipii.Us moral
purificaliotu'the real foundation ofi its
habits. .Bjy meUns'pf the coiiscripllon,
the nation was classed accofdin;» -to
ills "iici 11 interests for. defense; abroad
and- trsnqiiility at .home. linked,•
built iip in this way. fliee,; French
people!'might bate defied the) ’wprl(i.
and might /with justice have Renewed
the’ isaying of thetprohd l fiaiils: ” "If
the skj should fall, we will prop it up
with otir hipces.’” Ut r;
,’V: •' I; L-L-- . ll i ■ " ,r.. :
v | ■ I*! * • •- |■. f * * ,,J '
The JR;e«ei.s at the Bottom of: It,—
The .Richmond Dispatch of! the 24th
.says.-: |.y ; (/ )■ r U l ! - Wj
. Yankees/ arb
nl)ou| to semi their army captured at
Harpeifs f'eriyi agaihst Uie Indians.
| Has ih i (iiiveriim'eiit/no tijAiiS! oi re-
I for such a breac&W faith.
[ ( If isi to *• breach the
fSiouy iif llinhesoja are alicSi of the
Ire be lb.] .|4re-’-thty.;?' A!rp,[tb4j recent
i bloody. hia-sacres in Minnesota to be
{liii< lift, iliodaoiH of the rebels. It is
j to be! bo. by many of the west*
j era people ? but wo should like to
' know fpt a cortaTnty. y':;'4.v
' %- >
v Nofnc
teats per hip
cents. A
A sJ)S :e cqi
measure J as
■ • f ■
Special not
ular, rates.
|susrhcEB. <
and other No
:f 3E(
Owing to
craPy coni
spring".* tha
itirmcrs \v(
unlit then,
tit cm.”, |
Thtr mail
hut if 3<4pf
;o their ket
when tirev
'' Some {tiik
venf them
very _ prbca
cause of°th
1 will -1
freezing wi
~i.n the t iiavi
age. 1 Jiur
them; it in.
too suddbn
patch aud
they, will I
freezings a
•If kept.ii
_n .tight box'
always be
If while
cellar they
for them to
straw,, old
let. them 1
they will oo
: ; 'This will
other, foot,
kecpttlu-in i
vide drains
from I the he
■ roemcjfy of
heonco rim
i.v gave I
proof: j
••When w
campaign,” i
ing able to f
or rather n
speech with
ted it to mt
Ken first, hit
a'very nunu
ed that lie s
to n.:y utter
Ofy word ol
ing very sli<
suit his, own
awkward i
speak 'came.
—su-leic—a. ;
'vilhont :i ■iv
■ -‘fTo,
if be b:
5 !L tllOi
V. Lint a'II i
j BoStoi.l Dojft
f ■ JvA-rY'ifpi
| my dm r- nibs
j cover up 11 it
| It is/seiddm
"Si ere. in th
i the Wounds
j er \v.a,v to s;
'it remains ti
j tiltli and ind;
iehurges till !
.nnlolerabic f
.of its work
■B@u l ‘There
said Pati to 1
ing andjwail
me two tliui
up. two linn
twenty yea'i
itwenty dolh
dfed years!—
CfIANOK of-Xam
j poured. forth her Tiiy
jiy fo'r; the su] L ipoi tin
j her soubriiu et has
| general! eoiisptVt froii
i to llic.Sueeaf slate.-
t ■, i • . ■
fiSjrOuf eu
the ruts i.n r<
settle ;intp til
through the
onucir trouble
j Tho . v
■most dreadl'u
! cejjt the the
i indifferently
I does more d;
lithe other.
;; SffluFor tin
fire, under: t
hut seven' el
world <! ' Poi
hlamoLhim i
constitution i
, tSTA, hurg
put of hisjsch
sweet eiinplic
who, puttftig
diit of. this! i
aw»y ! ain't y
the army ns a
nil rauksi to
General Iveni
Point gradual
my as ajvolnn
I Humanity or-a R
' Wihen Cion;. Loo evac
• he abandoned| all his
| the- hospital iivhere
I e\*er, and carried, av
I tal furniture and on
TO 7
DVEBTjSEnb. ft
ted at !]’ o rat c of stt
ipnts insci
liberal d
subsequent insertion
“Count matte to yearly
labto. rwi
,TB lines of-tbis typi
a - square.
. .qpfcj'Eojpc
:r cent. addition to rcg- ;
cc-nts* a, line, jer year
il t. lUj'{ iii.*,. Tolilica
public nature, free:
aids, j? 5
aud Icr
Liccs .of fl.
Potatoes. :
; that potatoes geni
bcf!*•!• priee iu tho
a thjll, nianj of our
i'cr _'jk«'.epj ng them
•.trouble of kctjping
the fac
lift it it. a'
i iin th
•iihl ])!•<
jut for ‘
'is of their rdttingp ;
f ifi hot jchafgaat'lo
a- the rot is i|i iheutM
10. jmtclii . •
dfy (hit
ping, ft
leave tl
great to paw •
ironr freezing, and- these .
.ii ions ara too 'often thy
iii- dcstyijction. ■ ■.
I akaVd tljcr assertjpn Unit
J snot injure potatoes. Xti ’’
ling which; does the datn
vili gfailutil '' thawing:liiu-D
inly- When the thawing is -
that they are injured,
may bej heaped up in the
covered with two or three ■;
irt well'.packed and
keep in spile of a dozen
lid ■'lhaijmigs, if kept dry.
h the cellar it iu
witli a lid, that they inay
in the. dark, to prevent
the: po
th.Ww, b
c'ot livk
ijlatoes 'are in the i';
freeze.; do. not* aviii t. ’
tint coyer theni with
f~pr eawdtjst-., and'
ry; gradually, .and
•rood. ' y y : ; ‘
m w ve:
me out
apply •
as wel
o IjiiMips dr .any '
asfilto apples and ,■
im ' kern in tV> . 1
Iliiii-ieii to pro-
v trie \vatrtt* Y
}itoie,i-Td. 1
; The
■ 11V
!ry," an
'.o' earn-
ip.-s Ol
Crq.ckc thad a wdndeifill
which Col. =—■ whom
against for Congress,late
e .following .SaahctUtc in .
.' & . J . *
3 began on v; electioneering
■aid : po.i. ,A-|p ——, dot be
pt'ali very well extempore, .
<>t at all; IjiAvi'oto out a
great' earefj a|id commit
noVy. . I hiui always spo'
Lilt the iduiftH, whioh was
iiioiis 1 onjb,
itp.ii Id t ;ikp|tlie Icjjd. Ho,
moan staritl, and,
recited. pV-
?if(i tfoii vc or two to
I felt; inoi-et
ife. | turn to
—aii« j iefl
' : p|~. V
iiioi'ijtyeution the
iiist I- j |;w3|'k;ng n 4)
1 ’ rivy,f"Hj
if'x'y aj l
i my 1
and' rny
! rd ifp
•ord'io *
|ete my
ijie. the V
was el
Mia'tfV-- A l ' ivi;i|er fiii the
says bf ij lit;—l-.y - '
at solltvt-1 tins' ar
il's only use is Ip
rsuit bud ■- vi-v..
1 blundc
the best slu goons
isou lu
it is eii'nv.l ,p into.
VV.b u‘k l 10 V,- | ,‘(i O ill
r arniy
iy ■ men
>■[>■ ItL'lli
ill it It
in liftgeyajvi tlicro
■comes -tilled: wit li-
lt ret »1111 S 'Tu IO : ■' l' l jy
.rily, aiidiproduoo
TJio ‘tor; it i iia tion
boy jni
tvi-h or. ii -o na-
is' the
doing it'”; ’
as [he stood mus.
it jobs '"ii i save
ojlars; I iiutst lay ;
jltars a I year dor
i.'g Wo ■
ing fo r
sand d<
■s,- or-, i
rs a y
no v iv I
can put away
■ar for two bun
icti shall Ido <*
e. —Since Illinois
riads so glpriou's
the Union cause,
been (-luinydt by
i t bySm ker stale
-£ : iv
d habits arc Jikc
'he wheels, of life"
id jog afodig
icoause . il isj too?
riuU tif -tlu m. i :
Horn at
ads' 'J
>l(3lf!} \
mirej J
■to get
ir is one] of the V
I animal
Is i'n_ lu.tivrc^ex
hio, whoso nuni,o
:in<l \yliosQ toi)f;ufe
linn the tu>-ks oi’
*'' IL 'S-" j ?
mage 1
i uf Wales'tin io ■
ish t'oijslifiuion, -
rides in all the
V; ii O one could i
iQ-old smash the *'
n.oh, tbo by-laws !i
1,0 Bril
<;'ible I
T 1 lello'
‘ ii e • s
ntl iro, :
6iK'o'f'H<jh toned
rotrjjory by' th e
.solitary spinier;
>;hl;.ciri])ped Lead
exclaimed,’ ‘-Go
mod ]”
of was
emo ot
ity of a
her ni
au (ish:
d Snmner'eiitered i
. and, rose thro’ ' ,
Thte late : '
ias not ; a ' West
; altered the ar- A
■ncy as
o. ■' He
;bel Gene4ai..—
uated Frederick,-
sick; lie visited
they were, how
ay ull the hioepi
pfies. ;
i’ -i