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    EE ————————————— EEE EE EEE Ei
; | CAMPBELL.—Mrs. Edith Patton, HOY.—Miss Mary Wekerle Hoy
+ Campbell. wife of J. Milo Campbell, passed away at her home on north
of Fairbrook, passed away at 11.30 Spring street, at 4:30 o'clock on
afternoon, About fifteen
A sexaple copy of the ‘“Watchman'"
be sent without cost to applicants.
Items taken from the Watchman issue
of June 10, 1881.
—There were twenty delegates at
the “Temperance” convention held
in the court house yesterday. It
was called for the purpose of nomi-
nating a candidate for Associate
Judge. Nothing was done, however,
because no districts in the county
were represented but Bellefonte,
Milesburg and Unionville. If there
is enough demand the executive
committee of the Temperance party
was empowered to call another con-
vention to nominate a ticket.
—According to an ordinance just
passed by council and approved by
John Powers, chief burgess, it is
unlawful “for any non-resident per-
son or persons to expose to sale any
goods, wares or merchandise of
whatsoever kind, either at public
auction or outcry or at a fixed price
or in any other way, temporarily,
without first procuring a license
from the chief burgess.” The Ili-
cense fee was fixed by the ordinance
at $20.00,
—Dr. Coolidge, of Scranton, spent
a few days in town during the past
week. -
—June has been extremely wet
and cold so far, but everything
seems to be growing nicely.
—Beezer's distillery has closed |
for the present and operations will
not be resumed until next fall.
county and her death is
universal regret in her home lo-
| cality.
She is survived by her husband
and four children, Mrs. Mildred
Black, of Allentown; Charles Hen-
‘ry, Robert Paul and James Milo
Campbell Jr., all at home. She also
|leaves the following brothers and
sisters: Charles E. Patton, in China;
Mrs. Helen Hutchinson, of Blooms-
/R., in China; Mrs. Gertrude Geist,
of Juniata; and Miss Mary E. Pat-
‘ton, of Hollidaysburg.
Funeral services were held at her
late home, at 10 o'clock Saturday
‘morning, by her pastor, Rev. Charles
'W. Rishel, burial being made in the
| Fairbrook cemetery.
‘at her home in Milesburg, at six
o'clock on Sunday evening. Along
about the Holidays she suffered a
stroke of paralysis but had re-
covered sufficiently to be up and
around. Saturday evening she com-
plained of not feeling very well
‘and remained in bed on Sunday
morning. At noontime, however,
!she ate her dinner but shortly after
‘grew rapidly worse and sank grad-
‘ually until the end.
| She was a daughter of John and
| Caroline Delaney and was born at
| Curtin 77 years ago. The family
‘moved to Milesburg in 1877, and for
fifty-four years she had been a resi-
dent of that place. She wasa mem-
ber of the Catholic church and a
i Il
: DELANEY, — Miss Mary Anne De- |
'laney passed away, quite suddenly,
— Robert Doak went to Snow Splendid woman in every way. Her
r Bigg
| Academy. She was a life-long mem-
ber of the Presbyterian church and
the Woman's Missionary society and
‘always took an active interest in
the work of both until she was
‘stricken by illness. Her death
occurred just about two months
following that of her sister, Mrs. W.
Fred Reynolds.
Her only survivors are one sister
‘and two brothers, Miss Anna H.
‘Hoy, of Bellefonte; J. Harris, of
Chicago, and Randolph H. of Craf-
ton. The latter came to Bellefonte
for the funeral which was held at
two o'clock yesterday afternoon
{from her late home. Rev. W. C.
‘Thompson officiated and burial was
made in the Hoy lot in the Union
fi n
FOHRINGER.—Mrs, Eliza Fohr-
inger, widow of Robert Fohringer,
of Romola, died at the Lock Haven
(hospital, on Wednesday morning of
|last week. as the result of a broken
{hip sustained in a fall almost two
months ago.
| Her maiden name was Eliza Bow-
jer and she was born at Hublers-
burg on September 10th, 1846, hence
was in her 85th year. When she
was quite young her family moved
to Romola and that had been her
{home ever since. She was a mem-
ber of the Reformed church of that
place. Her husband died some
years ago but surviving her are the
following children: Mrs. Annie Fike,
of Mill Hall; Jerome Fohringer, of
| Johnsonburg; Mrs. Emma Houser,
‘of Snow Shoe; Mrs. Bessie Bowes.
‘time of the various events of Com-
mencement week at the Pennsylva-
Dr. Kurtz spent several days, last
week. in Philadelphia, ye
nia State College we publish the
complete program as follows:
7:45 p. m.—Musical Club's
cert— Auditorium
9:30 p, m—Fraternity Dances
9:00 a. m.—Alumni Golf Tourna-
ment—College Course
11:00 a. m.—Election of Trustees:
Delegates in Auditorium; Alumni in
Old Main
12:00 noon—Alumni Luncheon—
2:00 p. m.—Alumni Council Meet-
ing—Little Theatre, Old Main
2:00 p. m—Meeting of the Board
of Trustees—Board Room—Old
2:30 pp m .—Baseball--Temple
Univ. vs. Penn State—New Beaver
6:00 p. m.—"“Reely and Truly” by
the Penn State Thespians—Auditor-
9:30 p. m.—Fraternity Dances
9:30 a. m.—Alumni Breakfast
“The Nittany Lion"
4:00 p. m.—Baccalaureate Sermon,
“Finding Ourselves” by Dr. George
A. Butterick, Pastor of the Madison
Avenue Presbyterian church, Ncw
York City—Auditorium
7.00 p. m.—Concert by the Blue
Band and the Penn State Glee Club
—Old Main Terrace
9:00 a, m.——Senior Class Day Ex-
ercises— Auditorium
10:45 a. m.—School Receptions to
Seniors and Parents
12:15 p. m.—Senate Luncheon to
Trustees and Speakers of the Day
m—Commencement Pro-
3:15 p.
cession (Forms in front of College
Library and marches to Recreation
Hall led by College Band)
3:45 p. m.—Commencement Exer-
cises. Address “The Communication
of Ideas” by Dr. David A. Robert-
son. President of Goucher College,
Baltimore, Maryland
7:15 p. m.—“Broken Dishes” by
Shoe on Monday to paint, and
paper the offices of Berwind, White
& Co, in that place. When he is
through there he expects to go on
out into Burnside township to put
some fancy touches on Dr. Stewart's
handsome residence.
—Port Matilda residents are go-
A Ww.
thousand plants for himself and
neighbors. They say potato bugs
don’t bother the sweet potato vine.
—The Snow Shoe Coal Co's, big
steam saw mill, now operated by P.
B. Crider & Son, was totally de-
stroyed by fire last Sunday morn-
—The school board of Snow Shoe
township organized on Monday last
by electing W. F. Holt, president;
Abel Campbell, secretary, and Pat-
rick Kelley, treasurer.
Philip Teats, of Altoona, formerly
{only survivors are one sister, Miss
| Nancy, with whom she lived, and
(three nephews, Fred, Harry and
John Parks, all of Pittsburgh.
| Funeral services were held in St.
John's Catholic church, Bellefonte,
‘at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, by
Rev, W. E. Downes, burial being
il B
. PLETCHER.—Mrs, Susan Wyers
Pletcher, wife of Charles Pletcher,
‘died at her home in Howard town-
ship, on Monday of last week, fol-
‘lowing a lingering illness with tu-
the mountains of Berks county, but
failing to respond to the treatment
there. returned home and there, sur-
rounded by members of her family
and friends patiently awaited the
time at the Hamburg sanitorium, in
‘of Beech Creek; Robert, of Roches- the Penn State Players—Auditor-
(ter, N. Y,; George, of Danville, and ium.
Albert, of Orlando, Fla. She also 10:00 p. m. to 10:45 p. m—Com-
leaves two brothers and one sister, mencement Reception for Facuily,
Daniel Bower, of Hublersburg; John. Seniors, Juniors, Candidates for ad-
of Dunbar, Pa. and Mrs. Alice vanced Degrees and Guests-—Re-
Simanau, of Charlevoix, Mich. Her creation Hall
‘survivors also include 29 grand- 10:45 p. m. to 2:00 a, m.—Com-
children, 27 great grand-children mencement Dance—Recreation Hall.
and four great, great grand-chil-
Funeral services were held atthe
| Fike home, at Mill Hall, at9 o'clock
(on Sunday morning, after which
{burial was made at Romola.
: { n
ERTLEY,—George A. Ertley, well
(known farmer of Jacksonville,
|died last Friday morning, following
|an illness of some months with a
| complication of ailments.
He was a son of Enos and Mar.
The June meeting of the Garden
(club will be held at the home of
| Mrs. George Beezer, on Curtin St.
‘on Wednesday, June 10th, at 3 P.
M. If members have any extra
seedlings, they are asked to take
them for distribution; as well as cut
flowers for display and award of
prizes. If possible these flowers
of this place, and brother of Harry inevitable end, which came peace-
Teats, died on Wednesday last. His fully on the morning of May 25th.
remains were brought to Unionville
for interment yesterday,
~—Rain, rain, rain; nothing but
rain all week and only occasional
streaks of sunshine.
—The Legislature has dissolved
the old judicial district which com-
prised Clearfield. Centre and Clinton
counties and hereafter Centre and
Mifflin will form the district over
which Judge Orvis will preside.
—Howard Spangler and Mike
| Her maiden name was Susan
Wyers and she was born in Ohio
46 years ago. All her married life,
however. had been spent in Bald
Eagle valley. She is survived by
her husband, two daughters and
‘two sons, Miss Evelyn, Mrs. Norma
| Fetters, Melvin and Stewart Pletch-
‘er; also her mother, Mrs. Lydia
Wyers and two sisters. She wasa
member of the P. O. of A, which
garet Ertley and was born at
Jacksonville on June 17th, 1856
hence was almost 75 years old. He
followed blacksmithing for a long
time and for a number of yearshad
(charge of the shop at Scotia when
‘the ore mines there were in opera-
tion. When they closed he returned |
to Jacksonville. He married Miss
‘Jacksonville. He married Miss
Mary A. Kling who survives with
the following children: Guyer G.
should be at Mrs. Beezer's at one
Dr. W. J. Kurtz recent! pur-
chased a Buick coupe. y
Mrs. Briggs Kingsley is a surgi-
cal t in th
hospital. ®. Centrs...Couiiy
Miss Jennie Holter, of Williams-
port, spent the week-end here with
Mr. Chester Caseman, of Water-
ville, was a week-end guest of Miss
her and some friends on an
tomobile drive. In some way the
woman lost control of the!
car which crashed into a telephone
pole at the side of the road. The
did not upset but Mrs, Rees
was thrown violently against the
front of the car and sustained in-
juries which resulted in her death.
Miss Margaret was also injured, but
so far as can be learned, not seri-
Mrs. Rees was a daughter of Wil-
liam and Margaret Donley and was
born in Philipsburg about 45 years
ago. From Philipsburg the family
moved to Patton and it was there
she met and married William Rees,
son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Wash Rees,
of Bellefonte. Some twelve or more
years ago they moved to Indiana.
Pa., and that had been their home
since. Mrs, Rees was quite well
known in Bellefonte through her
frequent visits at the Rees home
Mr. and Mrs. Stutzman, of Wil-
liamsport, called on the latter's sis-
ter, Mrs. S. I. Reber.
Mrs. Nelle Watt, of Williamsport,
spent the week-end with her moth-
er, Mrs, Mary DeHaas.
Mr. and Mrs, Walter Holter, of
Lewisburg, were guests at the home
of P. C. and D. A. Holter.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Warg and
son Thurlow, of Philadelphia, visited
her mother, Mrs. Alice Smith.
Mrs. D. M, Waite and daughter
Caroline, of Tyrone. spent several
Jye with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Con-
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wagner, of
She is survived by her husband Ephrata, spent the week-end at the
and one daughter, Miss Margaret. home of Mr. Wagner's parents, Mr.
She was a member of the Catholic and Mrs, John Wagner.
church and funeral mass was held Dr. and Mrs. William Hensyl and
at Indiana, yesterday morning, af- family, of Berwick, are visiting the
ter which the remains were brought formers sisters, Mrs. W. J. Kurtz
to Bellefonte by auto hearse and rs. William Weber.
buried in the Rees lot, in the Union ne and ph
, ed e
Semetery, at two o'clock in the af | Johnson spent several days in Erie,
, the guests of Mrs. Ellen Rumberger.
. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bennett and
PHILIPSBURG MAN KILLED daughter: Romeo of melt. ane
IN FALL FROM TRUCK. spent several days with Mrs. Ben.
So — nett’s mother, Mrs, A. M. Butler.
Charles E. Squires, of North Phil-| The Senio :
\ipsburg, was fatally injured in a r class of the local High
| ‘school left, W
fal from a lumber truck, on Wed | pon for tars Snead Harris iy hd
nesday morning of last week, and adelphia, Baltimore, Washington and
died while being taken to the Philips- Gettysburg.
'burg State hospital. Squires, a Prof. Lloyd Kemp, who has been
(carpenter by occupation, had been assistant principal of the High
‘engaged in tearing down several School for the past two years, was
‘houses at New Liberty. Paul Mc- recently elected principal for the
Dowell. of Hawk Run, was hauling | :
'the lumber from New Liberty to!
Philipsburg. Unknown to McDow-
Barbara and Doris, of
| Clearfield.
(ell, Squires jumped on a load of home of Mrs TAY. Bl She
lumber for a ride to Philipsburg, A. M. Butler. :
He fell off and sustained a badly
Mr. and e
Heastured sical). Mrs. Herman Johnson
: and Mr, Hubert V
Squires was almost fifty years old mich. spent a, With ut
‘and unmarried. He is survived by Hubert Vonada and children, at the
‘his mother, Mrs. Catherine Squires, home of Mrs. Vonada's parents, Mr.
four brothers and three sisters. The and Mrs. Harry Butler.
funeral was held on Saturday after- Mrs. George Robb and Mrs. Clara
noon burial being made in the Phil- Hicks. of Altoona, and Prof. and
ipsburg cemetery. Mrs. Eugene Robb, of Bedford, call-
3 open Xi tne” Mn
'BIGLER CHILD FATALLY |W. K. McDowell, on Saturday. +
INJURED BY LOCOMOTIVE Miss Mary Weber, who taught in
the schools of Somerset the
Ethel Louise Washburn, two year year, spent Wednesday at her wd
‘old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. here, leaving Thursday morning for
Washburn, of Bigler, Clearfield coun- Peterboro. N. H., where she will
‘ty, while playing on the railroad teach in a summer camp during the
‘tracks near her home was struck month of June.
‘by the locomotive of a passenger _ Mrs, Clara Hicks and Mrs. Cora
train, at 10 o'clock Friday morning, Robb, of Altoona, Mrs. Isaac Corn-
thrown from the tracks and injured
so bady that she died while being
taken to a physician's office. The
little girl's brother, Earl Washburn,
attempted to rescue his sister as he
saw the train round a curve, He
‘caught her dress in an effort’
‘to pull her from the track but
Garden problems presented i n
query form are in order for the
Question Box.
At 4 P. M. Dr. J. J, Kilpatrick
will give an informal talk on his
own experiences in gardening. All
interested in joining the club are
invited to attend.
was unable to stop the train in the
short distance he had after round-
well and Miss Nellie Kline, of Wil-
liamsport; Mrs. Richard McNalley,
of Atco, N. J, and Mrs. H. T. Mc-
Dowell have recently had a mem-
orial stone placed on the family
plot, in the Methodist cemetery, for
their brother, Eugene Kline, who
was fatally injured in an automo-
bile accident near his home in Ne-
his hold slipped. The engineer b
~———Another restaurant is to be
Cooney are down on the Bald Eagle Organization had charge of the fu-
on Reine ow on th Before go- neral services held in the Baptist
ing they promised the writer a mess church, at Milesburg, last Thursday
of fish, so we are praying that good afternoon, interment being made in
luck will be their lot. the Schenck cemetery, at Howard.
—Chas. Brown has his vegetable i i
and fruit market in the old Linn [yMEL.
building, corner of High and Spring
streets, where Agnew’s tobacco shop
was recently located. The room in|
gusstiolis the i by Dr.
Linn as study there many a
good old orthodox Presbyterian aye of uraemic poisoning, following
mon was prepared. ‘about eighteen hour's illness.
—Miss Mame Tripple, daughter of She was a daughter of Mr. and
W. S. Tripple Esq., of Spring street, Mrs. Charles Weader and was born
is an accomplished pianist, and al- at Farmer's Mills 25 years ago. She
though quite young, has become a married Mr. Immel about five years
music teacher. She has quite 8 ago and since then had beeén a resi-
class under her instruction.
I roomas Hull of Aaronsbur. per of the Lutheran church at Cen-
fell the scaffold around the tre Hall. In addition to her husband
new Evangelical church there and
injured himself severely. she is survived by a three year old
i y son, Paul Jr, She also leaves her
—Geo. McG h : i
and WP. Dunes’ of Philipsburg, father, now living in Bellefonte. one
were in Bellefonte on Monday to in- brother and a sister, Joseph and
spect our water works. Philips- Virginia Weader, both of Linden
burg citizens have raised $30,000 Hall.
and are going to have a modern Funeral services will be held at
water supply. ‘her late home, in Bush's Addition,
—The long talked of wedding be- at one o'clock this (Friday) after-
tween is, Theodtie Gorden 5 und ‘noon, after which the remains will
ss Esther was celebrated ye taken to Fa Mills for bur-
at the residence of the bride's par- | jo | og eS ar x r
ents last Thursday evening, after| 3} in the cemetery at that place.
which the happy couple departed
for a honey moon at the seaside. | ol
—Montgomery Brewer was found | -'¢
dead in the hay mow of the Lloyd the Pennsylvania railroad between
house barn, in Philipsburg, last Bellefonte and Milesburg, died quite
Monday morning. He had been suddenly at his home in Milesburg,
Immel, wife of Paul R. Immel, of
Bellefonte, passed away at the Cen-
tre County hospital, at 5:25 o'clock
on Tuesday afternoon, as the result
—Mrs. Rosie Elizabeth
dent of Bellefonte, She was a mem-
il I
SHROYER.— William Shroyer,
known track walker on
drinking and it is supposed he
crawled up there to sleep it off, but
never wakened up.
——At the crippled children’s
clinic at the Philipsburg State hos-
pital, last Thursday. thirty-seven
children were given re-examinations,
seven new cases were examined,
three operations performed and six
cast cases given treatment. Most
of the cases were from Philipsburg,
Bellefonte and vicinities. Clearfield
county cases will be given attention
at the next clinic.
at 6 o'clock on Monday evening, as
the result of a heart attack.
He was a son of Emanuel and
Mary Shroyer and was born in
| Milesburg 63 years ago. He had
worked for the Pennsylvania Rail-
road company all his life.
He married Mrs. Catherine Emen-
hizer who survives with one broth-
er, Samuel Shroyer, in the South,
and three step-sons, Charles, Alfred
and Milton Emenhizer, all of Miles-
burg. Mr. r was affiliated
with the Methodist church and ‘was
a good etitizen in every way.
Ertley, of Jacksonville; Mrs. Walter TWO WEDDINGS HELD
Daley, of Altoona; Paul C. and IN THE COURT HOUSE.
Deemer P., at home. He also Eo
On Wednesday afternoon Orrin
leaves one brother and two. sisters, .., 3. "oq Miss Aline Huke,
Strunk Rey ud Mrg, both instructors at State College,
"Tate rtland Ohio ‘came to Bellefonte, took out a
Alwar » of Co y ¢ | marriage license, and going to the
He was a member of the Reform- | had
ed church. of Jacksonville, where ‘Prary the wedding ceremony
? performed by Rev. W. C. Thompson.
funeral services were held at 2.30 Geral Bilger aud
o'clock on Sunday afternoon, by Rev. | Misses dine Rowena
Harry Hartman, burial being made | Crawshaw were the official witness-
I Jo Jkaaviie oman. On Tuesday Harold A. Moyer and
FULTZ —Mrs. Annie Frances Miss Anne J. Stover, both of Wad-
[Fultz died at her home at Wood- dle, were married in the vault, at
‘ward, on Monday evening of last the register's office, by justice of
week. following a fortnight's illness the peace Charles Slack, of Centre
with complications resulting from Hall
an attack of grip.
She was a daughter of William Cooper—Furey—A fashionable
‘and Mary Emerick Smith and was event in Pittsburgh society was the
‘born at Farmers Mills on July 17th, Wedding, on Monday, of Miss Vir-
11881, making her age 49 years, 10 ginia English Furey, daughter of
‘months and 8 days. She is sur. Mr. and Mrs. William Morris Furey.
vived by her husband, one brother and David Alexander Cooper, of
and a sister, Albert H. Smith, of Philadelphia. The ceremony took
Williamsport, and Mrs. Edward J. place in the Shadyside
Morrison, of Cedar Run. ‘church and was performed by Rev.
She was a member of the Luth- Dr. Hugh Thomson Kerr. There
eran church and Rev. L. V, Lesher were sixteen attendants. including
‘had charge of the funeral services the matron of honor, maid of honor,
‘which were held in the Evangelical bridesmaids, best man and ushers.
| church, at Woodward, last Thursday |
| Woodward cemetery. After a wedding trip Mr. and Mrs.
it i | Cooper will be at home at Alden
| MEYERS.—Mrs. Jennie Margaret Park manor, Germantown,
| Meyers, wife of John J. Meyers,
|died at her home, at State College, The baby clinic, which has been
on Tuesday morning of last week, held in Bellefonte every Friday, has
following a lingering illness. Her been discontinued until further no-
maiden name was Jennie Probst and tice.
she was born at Jersey Shore over | SOHAL ahi member at
Sate by her Ho. SHO Ja" Sur | pleuro-pneumonia. He was a na-
A reception at the Longue Vue
morning, burial being made in the Country club followed the ceremony.
children, Earl E., Edna and Blanche, |
all of State College. She also
leaves one brother, L. E. Probst, of
Jersey Shore. Burial was made in |
the Pine Hall cemetery last Thurs- |
day afternoon. |
ACKER —Abner H, "Acker, of |
Boslsburg, died on Sunday, May
24th, as the result of an attack of
tive of Haines township and was 75
ing the curve. opened in the Crider Exchange
building, in the room formerly oc-
cupied by the Governor Cafe.
| Mrs. Elizabeth Pachipko, a crip-
pled woman of Clarence, was seri-
‘ously injured, on Monday evening,
‘a landing on the government emer- 10:30, Morning worship with ser-
gency field at Snow Shoe. She was mon, “Fruit Aid
‘struck on the back of the head by 6:45, Christian Endeavor.
|the lower wing of the plane, in 7:30. Ein ip with ser--
‘which her 18- -0ld son Philip mon, “Distur Dreams.”
wae 3 passengee P A. Ward Campbell, Minister.
| In making a landing Carrol Mc- gy jouN's EPISCOPAL CHURCH.
|Queigh, of Philadelphia, instructor ... poy Eucharist will be cele-
of aviation at State College, the , ,10q at 11 a. m., Sunday, by the
pilot, was forced to allow his plane poy Edward M, Frear, of State
to taxi toward a crowd standing on College. Church school will be
(the field. Mrs. Pachipko’'s infirm- held at 9.45 a. m. No other services.
‘ities prevented her from fleeing ADVENT CHURCH.
‘with the others.
|. The airplane - belonged to. Orvis | Rev. Ropert McCay and Rev.
Gillette, Snow Shoe, whom Mc- 'aggoner, missionaries
i ’ visi ’ will speak in the Advent church
'Queigh was visiting. Sunday morning, at eleven o'clock,
| It is said that the accident Was ang in the Dix Run Baptist church
unavoidable. The skillful piloting in the evening at 7:30. Everybody
by McQueigh, in attempting to di- invited and urged to share in the
vert the course of the plane from benefits of the services.
(the crowd, is reported by witnesses | — ,yu,.p ppETHREN CHURCH.
[io ave Pievented.. the’: injiry of | Sunday School at 9.30 a. m, R. R.
5Mrs, Pechioho was rushed to the Davison, Rap. 10 and 7.30
Philipsburg State hospital in an anal bw Bs :
automobile. Morning subject, “The Believers
Attaches at the hospital report Position in Christ.”
her condition as unfavorable. Itis Evening subject, “The Inscription
‘believed that she sustained a frac- of the Scriptures.”
tured skull, internal injuries and a Brotherhood Monday at 7.30.
tured lung. Prayer and Bible study Wednes-
we day evening at 7.30.
ller—Borches | Junior Endeavor Sat. at 3 o'clock.
Spi A wedding that | al music by the choir at all
9:15, Sunday school, Wm. M. Os-
© will be of interest to a number of preaching services.
Bellefonte people was that at Knox- The Men's chorus will sing at the
|ville, Tenn., on April 18th, of Mrs, Sunday evening service.
years old. He is survived by one Mary Jackson Borches and Frank
daughter, Mrs. Ray Strickler, who M. Spiller. Mrs, Borches was a half
made her home with him at Boals- sister of the late Mrs. Wilbur F.
burg. He also leaves one brother Reeder and for a number of years
and a sister. Howard E. Acker, of made her home with the Reeders, in
Aaronsburg, and Mrs. Emma Beav- |Bellefonte. It was at their home
er, of Williamsport, Burial was she was married to Joseph Borches,
made at Boalsburg on Wednesday of Knoxville, Tenn. Mr. Borches died |
morning of last week. several vears ago, i
Rev. G. E. Householder, Pastor.
9:30 A. M.,, Church school, Her-
man Hazel, superintendent.
10.45 A. M., Morning service; ser.
mon: “Self and Others.”
7:30 P. M., Vesper service; ser-
mon: “Afraid of God?”
Clarence E. Arnold, Pastor.